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today's straight pride parade

Well, I've survived another wreck

Justices Breyer and Ginsberg at The Oresteia Mock Trial TONIGHT, 8:02 PM ON CSPAN 350, 1 HR 4 MIN

Hurricane Dorian expected to hit Bahamas as 'devastating' storm, then shift toward Carolinas

NYT : At Least 10 Shot at Alabama High School Football Game, Police Say

Andrew McCabe just now on CNN

Photo: Backstage as Bernie speaks at #isnacon2019

Very classy Naomi - Coco's crying, Naomi crying

Please!! Jesus Christ! ...Please..

Black is the colour - Christy Moore

Indigenous Australian literature panel featured at the 2019 National Book Festival in Washington, DC

According to the pool report, Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA.

REVEALED: New documents show the Federalist Society has lied about its mission -- and could blow up

Donald Trump: Full up to the eyeballs with hate. He won on that once, and hopes to do it again

Ammon Bundy vows to obtain an assault rifle -- after failing federal background check

The DU has now raised OVER $30,000 to defeat Trump in 2020

Rolla City Councilman Resigns Over Marijuana Conviction

Seventeen-month old child among Midland/Odessa casualties.

ICE rule change on U visas sparks outrage

ICE rule change on U visas sparks outrage

Builders swap cement for hemp to cut pollution

Citizenship Change Will Affect a Handful, but the Backlash Is Fierce

By the way, there was a mass shooting last night in Alabama.

Spare a thought for the folks in the Northern Bahamas

Presidential debate program announced in Argentina

Two-Thirds of Young Republicans Fear for Environment Amid Large Surge in GOP Climate Change Concern:

How a Trump Tax Break to Help Poor Communities Became a Bonanza for the Rich

The Last 14 Loa Water Frogs Had to Be Rescued From Their Natural Habitat

CNN interview with Randy Rainbow

'I Am on My Way to Being Very Well,' Justice Ginsburg Tells Thousands of Fans

'It's Really Close': How the Amazon Rainforest Could Self-Destruct

The Tea Party Didn't Get What It Wanted, but It Did Unleash the Politics of Anger

A Warming Climate Threatens Archaeological Sites in Greenland

Warning ...

N.Korea says Pompeo's remarks make talks with U.S. more difficult

World War II and the Ingredients of Slaughter

Bernie Sanders proposes canceling $81 bln U.S. medical debt

He is Our President, and we should support Him!

Uber and Lyft pledge $60 million to ballot measure in fight to keep drivers' classification as contr

Hurricane Dorian barrels toward Southeast U.S. as likelihood of direct hit on Florida decreases

For the departed and wounded in Texas

Mesoamerican Sculptures Reveal Early Knowledge of Magnetism

Washington cancels Wolf Plan meetings due to facebook threats

Your consumer behavior based on CEO Statements

When the friggin hell are these authorities who speak to the media after a mass shooting

Mesoamerican Sculptures Reveal Early Knowledge of Magnetism

With Hurricane On Its Way, Trump's Move To Shift Funds Puts Priorities In Question

Elizabeth Warren demands action from McConnell

Boston 'straight pride' parade dwarfed by large counter-protest

Like my good friend told me

NRA Trophy Room

2020 US Presidential and US Senate Election- How Democrats can regain control ?

NH Sec of State says if Iowa changes from caucuses to primary, NH primary could be in December

Brazil consulting with U.S., Ecuador, Chile and Israel regarding Amazon fires

Beto O'Rourke: "We don't know how many have been killed. But here's what we do know..."

You know there are places that need guns,right?

The Troubling Relationships Between Bolsonaro and Dictatorships

The Troubling Relationships Between Bolsonaro and Dictatorships

I'm ashamed of myself for how I feel about all the shootings

Now here's a wonderful idea, a coffee house that lets people snuggle cats!

'Surreal' video captures gunfire in Odessa, Texas

Beto O'Rourke on the Odessa shooting

Where are all the "good guys w/ a gun," in Texas ?

Julian Castro says Texas shooting is 'tremendously heartbreaking'

"Our entire government is infested with Russians..."

China Says Trump Is LYING About Restarting Trade Talks

At midnight tonight in Texas....

What happened when Trump visited the African American History Museum

2020 VA US Senate Election- if Warner-D decided to retire, who would succeed him?

☦️Orthodox: 'O, Lord of Hosts Be With Us'/'Agni Parthene-Virgin Most Pure' in English

I've chosen my candidate, although I still feel good about

Tweet of the night:

Boiling point: in Tucson, not everyone is equal in the face of heat Environment As summers get mor

The things one uncovers when digging through boxes of family documents.

I was at a rather crowded Starbucks when I saw the news of the Odessa shooting.

George Takei: "Dear Trump defenders anxious to claim that Obama..."

Oh, cry harder, you soft bitch.

At times news broadcasts contain enlightening and interesting segments in the midst of tragedies and

Stop selling certain types of bullets.

2020 Electoral Map Could Be Smallest In Years

"The Epidemic of Male Fragility" - Great read!



Call me crazy, call me nuts, but....

8 new Texas laws that loosen gun restrictions, starting Sept. 1

Don't worry Odessa, GOP thoughts and prayers are on the way....

Pink Floyd - Mother


Only have basic fiber tv and there's still crapola on Saturday nites until the fall.

Hurricane Dorian putting on a lightning show tonight. Spectacular imagery.

Question for religious DUers: do you believe prayers help after these mass shootings?

Be gentle with one another

Saturday Night. How is everyone doing?...

Election 2019: Democrats look to flip Virginia state legislature narrowly controlled by Republicans

Democrats' focus on the White House may be crowding out the statehouse -- and it might cost them big

Democrats' focus on the White House may be crowding out the statehouse -- and it might cost them big

Hong Kong police storm metro system after protests

Toon: [Re-mass shootings] Mama, I don't want to wear all of this to the mall

big thief - paul (studio-2016) i'll be your real tough cookie with the whiskey breath

'I don't know why you're freaking out,' a 911 dispatcher told a woman minutes before she drowned

More Tariffs on China; No Deal in Sight

An Odessa doctor is on cnn saying every American needs to learn how to compress a gunshot wound

Orthodox Christian cheerleading for Andy Stanley's 'Your Move'.

Easy Star All-Stars -- Dub Side of the Moon (LIVE!)

Animal Planet-- "Big, Small, and Deadly-- Rise of the Jellyfish"

Over 250 Archaeologists Show Evidence Humans 'Transformed' Earth Long Before 1900s

Thom Hartmann talks Democratic Politics with PDR at Netroots Nation 2019 in Philly

just want to share one

I went to my favorite diner a few days ago.

World leaders mark 80th anniversary of start of World War II

LGBTQ High School Club Harassed by Students Holding Hands and MAGA Flags While Yelling 'This Is What

"Destructive propaganda machine": How current and former staffers have ripped into Fox News

Kansas Democrat would be first Hindu in U.S. Senate if she wins 2020 race

***Summer Seasonal Contest Discussion Thread***

***Summer Seasonal Contest is Now OPEN for Submissions***

Is Joe Biden the new Ed Muskie? ...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Farewell Awwgust Edition

Here are 14 reasons I'll vote for any Democrat over Trump

The lines are wet we're fishing although we ran into shelob the spider from lord of the rings

Yet another Mass Shooting. I am sure they are very proud...

Yet another case of two simultaneous mass shootings, one of which gets ignored

A legal notice

New video: kids in Odessa during the shootout

The idea that Democrats should make it their priority to get us back to "normal" is worse than naive

September 1 - Happy Birthday Rep. Al Green (D) TX-9th

What's up with The Star Ledger these days?

🐦 SEPT 8 at 7PM - Bernie Loteria Night with Lulac - Iowa City, Iowa

Breakfast Sunday 1 September 2019

Dorian is now officially a Category 5.. EDIT: 185mph winds! 2nd strongest in Atlantic history

NOAA 8.00am update -Dorian now a Cat 5 hurricane with 925mb pressure

"Phony tough and crazy brave"

Having no money to own the libs

8 new Texas laws that loosen gun restrictions, starting Sept. 1

AOC Bashes Boston Straight Pride Parade For Having Few Accompanying Females

Notorious RBG: I Feel Great And I Love My Job [VIDEO]


Dorian now a Category 5 storm

'Straight Pride' parade in Boston draws counterprotesters

Forget Thoughts & Prayers-Votes these assholes OUT

Gonna leave this here for all the Geeks on DU:-)

Here are new laws going into effect in Texas September 1

BetOnline: Elizabeth Warren overtakes Joe Biden as Favorite

Beto dropped the F Bomb on CNN live.

Trump re-tweets a half dozen hurricane updates. HE'S MONITORING! THANK YOU, Mr. "President!"

80 Years Ago Today; World War 2 begins - Germany Invades Poland

"Just another day in America..."

China's lunar rover discovers strange substance on far side of the moon


The Cruelty IS the Point...

China starts to impose additional tariffs on some US goods

This is what #Sisterhood looks like. The future looks good.

Open carry question

"With a Category 5 hurricane just off our shores..."

Trump heads for the golf course as leaders gather to mark start of WW2

There was post here about Cat 6 hurricanes - Dorian is now 175mph - extreme Cat5

Trump HURRICANE WATCH UPDATE: "When it was announced that I was going to do The Apprentice..."

Odessa shooting: the dead and injured and gofundme

From Dr Marshall Shepherd on Hurricane Dorian

No, Chuck Toad, it's not "GRIDLOCK" - it's wingnut gun nut a-holes that are the problem!

Netanyahu repeats pledge to annex Israeli settlements in occupied West Bank

Perhaps we should all request training at work to stanch a sucking wound...

Wow! Trump is more worried about himself than those in the line of destruction from Dorian's path!

tweet of the morn: it's been less than a day since a baby was shot in the face with an assault rifle

Sunrise: is Dorian coming to North Carolina?

Breaking - Palm Beach County orders mandatory evacuations for Zones A and B

Her Majesty pranks confused American tourists

Einstein enjoyed playing the violin all his life.

I cannot get over how sad this is

All victims of another crazed gunman digs into the deep core of our

Another one of Jeff's favorite Bible stories

Thin Lizzy - Wild One

Prof. Sajida Jalalzai thread on Bernie Sanders

Texas Loosens Gun Laws Hours after Shooting

BREAKING: Trump dismisses GOP recession concerns.

Trump trails Democrats by a historically large margin

The Nerd Crew takes on Mickey and our Disney+ Overlords.

When is enough enough?

What consumer products will Trump toss to survivors

Trump Congratulates Sean Hannity for Being 'The Number One Shoe'

Seratones- Gotta Get to Know Ya

NOAA 2.00pm update - Holy shit - now 185mph moving at 7mph - still moving West

Make congress look pictures of bodies after they were shot with an assault rifle.

POWERFUL: Not a battlefield in Syria or Afghanistan. This one is in #OdessaTexas.

They can not be stopped..

Yet they do nothing

Is Steve Bullock spouting right wing talking points?

36 Years Ago Today: KAL 007 is shot down by a Soviet interceptor over the Sea of Japan

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of seats Democrats could win in 2020 Democratic wave.

If I hear it is the 'will of the people' one more time I am going to frigging scream...

The 2020 electoral map could be the smallest in years.

Photos Reveal the History of Montezuma Castle in Arizona

Any arborists?

Into the storm: the horror of the second world war

TX shooter (30-something y/o white male) "name may never be released

This could be worse than a direct hit...

Happy Emma Nutt Day! The world's first female telephone operator starts her new job 141 yrs ago

So let me get this straight

Buttigieg SURGES in new Iowa Corn Poll

Staunton. Is it pronounced like "Stanton"

Presidential Primary Polls 8/28/2019

Suppose some apocalyptic event occurred such that the population

Duck Florida...

Judge wants real name of fake cow before acting on Devin Nunes' Twitter lawsuit

LIVE tracking from space: Hurricane Dorian

The Atlantic Tropics is busy.

The Sun refuses to kneel before Sheldon Adelson

"Modest proposal" to alter gun laws

Chuck Todd is a douchebag ... I have no further comment at this point

The 50 Friendliest States In America

Winds at 180 mph for Dorian. Truly scary, I live in Northern Florida and will probably get some of

Time is running out to act on climate editorial from the Las Vegas Sun by Harry Reid

Beto just dropped the F word live on CNN

OKay Todd is back............................with his BS again....................

Trump on Odessa shooting: 'It's a mental problem'

I understand all the reasons why this won't happen

Debra Messing Replies to Trump: Take Action and I'll call you Sir.

Israel and Hezbollah trade cross-border fire for first time in years

Watch a man brazenly light a cigarette at gunpoint during an armed robbery

Downplays background checks push after mass shooting

Video of Hurricane Dorian (sustained 180 mph winds) striking The Bahamas

Brexit: Gove refuses to rule out ignoring any law passed to stop no deal

Brexit: Gove refuses to rule out ignoring any law passed to stop no deal

So I get it that it's a mental health issue. So where is the massive new mental health department?

Maine offers rebates for buyers of hybrid and electric vehicles

Monsanto Emails Show Employees Wanted to "Beat the Shit" Out of Concerned Moms

Conway Twitty

Houston: Islamic group hosts Sanders and Castro as rightwingers protest

When a President is selected by the Electoral College, he has not been elected by the people...

"Somebody tried to kill me today... And he had a very large gun"

NOAA monitoring buoy SPGF1 is closest to Dorian and its track

'Catastrophic' Dorian now strongest hurricane to hit Bahamas region in modern records

I hope this nice lady on MSNBC gets some good care.

Some people here have never bet on the horses.

Enough ?

The Media just cut away to commercial while Trump was giving his presser. More of this ..Please.

Tick all that apply

Every now and then we must remind ourselves what scum Graham, who loves drumpf's dirty

Another WTF!!! 9 Arizona State students from China detained at LA airport, denied admission to U.S.

All he can do to seem like a normal person is read from a piece of paper.

Alabama should look out - says Trump about Dorian

Well, no golf right now!

Why hasn't the Odessa/Midlands shooter's identity been released?

Trump Live .... Good God in Butter, the man is an idiot

Trump: "As strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it"

WTF! tRump visits FEMA.

'Corporations should not profit off suffering of incarcerated people and their families.'

Trump's so insecure he needs a nameplate: "The President"

Body of man with diabetes deported to Iraq returned home to US for family burial

Trump: I never heard of a category 5 storm, I knew it existed.

Congress looking at pictures,,,,,,,

How a Trump Tax Break to Help Poor Communities Became a Windfall for the Rich

This fucker (TX House Rethug) is the perfect example of why we have mass shootings exploding

Castro, Sanders court Muslim vote in Houston

MENTAL ILLNESS! MENTAL ILLNESS! The real insanity is doing the same thing

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 1, 2019?

Trump's 2020 polling numbers are a disaster. Why doesn't his press coverage reflect that?

Yemen war: More than 100 dead in Saudi-led strike, says Red Cross

Yemen war: More than 100 dead in Saudi-led strike, says Red Cross

How can I disown the American people and still live in the country I love?

New tariffs on shoes, televisions, diapers and other Chinese-made products take effect Sunday

Epstein's Little-Known Lawyer Lands in Spotlight

hubby is kind of a prepper -not the creepy kind, the what if kind. He bought me gunshot wound kit

Trump downplays background checks push after Odessa mass shooting

You raised $310.00 on August 31, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Dorian closes in on Bahamas as dangerous Category 5 storm

Ideally speaking. . .

Texas gun laws: Weapons will be allowed in churches and on school grounds

NH's youngest state lawmaker, a college sophomore, backs Joe Biden

People killed by guns last year...

German President Asks Forgiveness 80 years After Start Of WWII

Is there an oil vs. acrylic snobbery?

Texas gun laws: Weapons will be allowed in churches and on school grounds

the GOP--Ignorance or racist

Pope picks new cardinals, putting his stamp on Church's future

Trump Downplays Texas Mass Shooting Rampage: 'It Could Have Been Worse'

Trump downplays background checks push after Odessa mass shooting

Dorian 12:45 update. Max winds 185, gusts 220, 18-23 foot storm surge

America implicated in more war crimes due to Saudi policy.

Is it me thinking this or is this governor Abbott a freaking idiot?

May the gods be with you.

Chuck Todd Says Mass Shootings Continue Because Of 'Political Gridlock' From Both Sides

Dozens Injured After Steel Barricade Collapses at Seattle's Bumbershoot Fest

Stephen King on His New Horror Novel, the 'Nightmare' of Trump, and 'Stranger Things'


This is the most bogus new conference I have ever seen.

Hurricane Dorian Emergency Management Briefings Social Media

Warren at 20% on DU

Not just White House, Dems must set sights on Senate

Trade war is hurting China; it may hurt Trump more

Cartoons 9/1/19

Sacklers could hold on to most of personal fortune in proposed Purdue settlement

Oregon Woman Turns School Buses Into Tiny Homes for Working Homeless Families

Police press conference in Odessa was a Greg Abbott sham.

Magnitude 5.0 earthquake hits Alaska, felt in capital city

You've GOTTA see this...MSNBC abruptly cuts to commercial while Trump rants about CHYE-nuh.

Iran's Rouhani warns Macron of looming nuclear step

Trump Goes CRAZY After AOC Roasts Him

The Senate suddenly looks like it's up for grabs in 2020

Atlantic: Mattis Found Trump To Be Of Limited Cognitive Ability, Dubious Behavior


A look at the straight pride parade with floats and signs

Trump Allies Plot War on Social Media

At press conference Odessa police chief REFUSES to name the shooter -- but his ID is confirmed now.

Kamala: "The future is heavy!"

German Far Right Surges In Eastern Elections

Harris X/SR LIKELY VOTER poll finds Warren inching past Sanders, 14%-13%. Biden at 36%

WAPO allowing free access during storm: Incredible pics:

House Intel revs up probe into Saudi efforts to target Trump. New wave of subpoenas coming.


Dorian Look During the Eye

Pledged not to use office to help his business. Then pitched his club for next G-7

WSJ has name of shooter

Gallup Election Review: October 2007

Apparently the death total from yesterday is now 7 (8, counting the shooter).

Gov. Abbott: 'Words must be met by actions'

Medical marijuana certification question.

hahaha look at this great rebuttal to "Sir"......

If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases

There wasn't a good guy with a gun who could stop the shooters in Texas.

Vegans Share Their Defining Moment

My two predictions re Dorian

All docks gone in Marsh Harbour

MSNBC just announced a disclaimer that MF45 said "Alabama" was going to be hit by Dorian...

"I didn't even know a Cat 5 existed!"

Seth Ator identified as Texas shooter.

Trump on the existence of Category 5 hurricanes, 2017-2019.

If hate is a "mental illness"

Odessa Shooting Suspect named

Hey gun manufacturers: let's make one thing perfectly clear.

an infuriating book: "White Rage"

Here's what happened when I went door-knocking in Pennsylvania

'It could have been worse': Trump downplays Texas mass shooting rampage in rambling rant on WH lawn

Kate Upton's hubby just threw a no hitter.

How Do We Know Joe Biden Would Make a Good President?

gunman identified one hour after police chief refuses to name him: Seth Ator, age 36

Abaco Island is suffering under the winds and rain of Hurricane Dorian.

Capital Weather Gang is live now.

Greetings from Raymond, NH where Ben & Jerry have kicked off Sen. Bernie Sanders Labor Day Swing

So here's Trump's weekend so far

In a dramatic policy about-face, Argentina's Macri decrees currency controls

In a dramatic policy about-face, Argentina's Macri decrees currency controls

Imagine if any other President had been in a FEMA press conference

GoFundMe has created funds to help the victims of the mass shooting in Texas

Elizabeth Warren Has Reached 50,000 Selfies

NEW! Trump's "Latest episode of vile verbal diarrhea"

Don't underestimate Joe Biden. He knows what America needs and how to get it done.

US Open -spoiler

Go Fund Me page for the little girl shot in the face

Trump doesn't think he's 'ever even heard of a Category 5' hurricane.

Vice News - Trump Loves to Boast About Making His Supporters Cry (compilation)

Voters accept Biden's "mixing stories"

Amelia Island, that sits 33 miles northeast of Jacksonville,

Folks tis the season so......

Suspect identified in Odessa mass shooting - Live continuing coverage on CBS7 and Facebook

Mayor of Odessa, Texas blames 'problem of the heart' and video games for shootings

Odessa, Texas mayor blames 'problem of the heart' and video games for most recent mass shooting

The star of the annual Muslim convention was a Jewish man from Brooklyn

CNN said there are wind gusts of +220 mph

World War II, Reflections On The Start Of The Greatest War The World Has Ever Known; Sept. 1, 1939

🔥 Rally in Dover, NH with Bernie


First Video coming from Bahamas after Dorian

The old sheriff in congressman Dav throws his hat in on the race for governor

Interesting Data On Hourly Solar Energy Production On the ISO New England Grid, 2018.

vice president pence and mother send their thoughts and prayers

Michigan Humane Society takes in several animals displaced by Hurricane Dorian

The Muslim World Looks On as China Persecutes Its Muslims

"Mom, what's 'juke box money'?

I'm not arguing,

Today's license plate frame

Whatever EW's funding goal was for August, she hit it

'Straight Pride' parade in Boston draws counterprotesters

Ex-administrator: 'We've got to stop looking at FEMA as 911'

Poor trump..@BarackObama is named the most admired man in America for the 11th year in a row..

Wild Uber situation

Historic Asset Boom Passes by Half of Families

Trump proves he is not paying attention to important events, CNN:

Is it just me or do fewer people carry wallets these days? When I was an adolescent I remember my

Why can't we know the Odessa killer's motivation?

The Right Wing has already determined the shooter at the Odessa slaughter: A Jewish Democrat.

AG Barr to have arbitary descretion to lay terrorism charges against politcal opponets of trump

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 1, 2019

List of worker deaths in United States labor disputes

Among the Texas shooting victims: A high-school student, a beloved uncle and a father of two

Main RW point: Gun laws won't prevent criminals

Beto's "this is f*cked up" Shirt

Where is Jim Cantore? Is he in Abaco or chilling until Dorian skirts Florida? I

#MassacreMitch McConnell trending again

States brace for ransomware assaults on voter registries

Rick Scott, such a mind-numbing ass kisser. I can't write a subject line to adequately convey it.

Far-right AfD makes big gains but fails to topple mainstream parties

Kevin Hart hurt badly in Malibu car crash:

FL Gov suspends tolls ahead of Hurricane Dorian

If Texas is going to deny the ability of landlords to prevent their

The eye of #Dorian

April Ryan & others on CNN talk about Biden's energy, his taking selfies w/ 700 college kids one day

I simply ADORE Queen Elizabeth

Jack Shafer says that feud betwen Trump and Fox is faked

A great show .. Teddy Pendergrass, luv him

List of Imports Affected by Tarriffs

Dismantling the Myth of the "Black Confederate"

Dismantling the Myth of the "Black Confederate"

NOAA 5.00pm update - 185mph moving at 5mph, pressure 910mb

Interactive: Tracking Trump's anti-public lands crusade, Wilderness Society

America (Ted Cruz flashback):

Odessa gunman had criminal history in Central Texas, DPS records show

"Republican National Committee" just phoned and asked for family member

(Not new...but) Artificial vanilla flavoring is probably NOT made from Beaver butt goo

January 20, 2017: "This American carnage stops right here and right now."

🔥 Rally in Portland, Maine with Bernie

Mattis "won't speak ill" of Trump I NEED a VPN?

Gun owners look beyond the NRA for representation

Last night a doctor in TX said we all should take classes in treating

"Pity the Nation," by Lawrence Ferlinghetti:

And Yet Still They Try

Six weeks, 328 false claims. Breaking down Trump's dishonesty

'I knew he was going to shoot me': Witness describes her escape from TX mass shooting

The GOP Congratulate Themselves for Stopping Effective Gun Laws, and Again After Mass Shootings

Category 5 Hurricane Dorian makes landfall in the Bahamas--short video.....

Any biblical scholars?

This is Walter, a labrador from Sicily. Rumor has it he loves the sea...

Joy Reid tells Trump/Repukes: Choose -"The guns or our kids? We don't have to keep living like this"

Limerick of the Day:

Gunman in Texas shooting rampage armed with 'AR-type weapon,' acted alone, investigators say

Joe Walsh Is Running for "Morning Joe"

In 2015, Ted Cruz cooked bacon by wrapping it around the barrel of an AR-15 and then firing the gun

2020 Senate map becomes less certain for GOP

Why is it we never see the hoard of violent video games these mass shooters own?

There's no limit to the evil.

Democrats remain frustrated with Mitch McConnell over gun control

This woman heard a noise in her ceiling -- and pulled out someone CUTE!

In Trump country, a group of coal miners rebel over lost jobs, missed paychecks

When this owl crashed into a family's window, they took him in until he was ready to fly again ❤️

Community fights to save longtime Seattle senior center from development

Wow, Im guessing he got a big fact cheque from the nra

What a cool family 😍

Why Taylor Swift Really Scares Trump On LGBTQ Rights

Trump Isn't In Danger Of Losing The Primary, But All These Challengers Could Still Have An Impact.

"...Only outlaws will have guns".

Odessa shooter had a hand grenade in his car.