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Archives: September 10, 2019

Trump tells cheering MAGAts in NC that we're "taking in HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars" from China

Trump says U.S. may extend protected status for Bahamas immigrants after Dorian

Taking Away SNAP Benefits...Because The Cruelty IS the Point of This Administration

Baby Kitten Doesn't Want a Bath From Mama

Jim Bakker reincarnated....

Tacoma Police officer shoots, kills man during traffic stop

Trump claims he'll release 'extremely complete' financial details

Trump buried in scorn for yet another lie about the weather: 'Someone get NOAA on the phone'

Has anyone made Bananadine at home?

Even some White House officials are balking at Trump's unprecedented $28 billion farm bailout

Dogs Love Their Mom So Much They Won't Let Her Go To Bathroom Alone

63 Years Ago Tonight; Elvis premieres on the Ed Sullivan Show

Reporters Who Broke Harvey Weinstein Story Say Gwyneth Paltrow Was One of the First to Speak

Beto O'Rourke Explains His Positions on HIV

Beto O'Rourke Explains His Positions on HIV

A MUST WATCH..OR-DAH Bercow overseeing Prorouge..OMG....

Proposed ban on Pentagon spending at Trump properties gets new push

Dudes sitting in prison for selling weed...?

'Hell to pay': Democrats warn Republicans against ignoring background check bill

Trump says he won't debate primary opponents

ABC13: Elizabeth Warren got her start at the University of Houston

As U.S. and China Squabble, Australia Seizes Trade Opportunities

Good night.

"history will judge Trump to be the worst president America has had in 230 years"

Crows Keep Bringing Presents To Woman Who Is Kind To Them

We're Not Ready for a Massive Digital Terror Attack

And take the rest of the most corrupt cabinet in America's history...

For the first time ever, most new working-age hires in the U.S. are people of color

Air Force Crews Stayed At Trump Resort 4 Times

Teachers quit over anti-gay policy at Christian high school

Commerce Chief Threatened Firings at NOAA

House opens probe into whether Giuliani pressured Ukraine to target Biden

I don't itemize my taxes so I had completely missed this Trump cruelty

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

THERE is no post on the Hill's site or twitter stating RBG has died. We've been trolled!

Donald Trump Has Now Politicized The Weather

NRA sues San Francisco over terrorist declaration. See you in court, motherfuckers.

Stephen Miller and Betsy DeVos's righthand man is on track to be confirmed to lifetime judgeship.

Thanks to electricity crews from Maine and Florida for helping canadian

How Amy Klobuchar could yet pull off the nomination - Jennifer Rubin

Red Sox fire Dombrowski

More video from the NC MAGAt rally: "Trump is going off script and getting weird..."

TN GOP State Senator: "Get rid of higher education" to "save America!"

@cspan pans the camera to the back of the MAGAt rally hall...lots of open space.

Meijer store chain (big in the Midwest) reverses policy on open carry in stores.

MAGAts swoon as Trump "jokes" about serving a third term

Trump Had Deal With Scotland Airport That Sent Flight Crews to His Resort

After Dorian, Forecasters Ask: Can Too Much Hurricane Data Be a Bad Thing?

"Rbg dead" story retracted -- faux news throwing their graphics team under the bus.

'Someone's Gotta Tell the Freakin' Truth': Jerry Falwell's Aides Break Their Silence

Rachel has great coverage of the Sharpie Scandal

IL-03, TX-28: Elizabeth Warren endorses primary challengers to incumbents Lipinski and Cuellar.

NC-09: Can Republicans hold on to a North Carolina Trump district on Tuesday?

Princess Annotated

Exposing the Secret Christian Group Seeking Political Power

OH-01: Steve Chabot's campaign treasurer didn't know he was treasurer

A link to the PDF of 2014 emails showing Trump Org "working with" Glasgow-area airport

NYT Krugman "How Democracy Dies, American Style"

Tennessee lawmaker calls for removal of higher education

TX-SEN: Texas Sen. Pat Fallon exploring primary challenge to Republican U.S. Sen. John Cornyn

Love this! 8 of our candidates in a "Gun Safety President" video for Giffords PAC

Wilbur Ross faces calls to resign after report he threatened firings over 'Sharpiegate'

Texas Democrats plot path to flipping state in 2020

Manufacturers Cut Spending as Trade War Dents Confidence

Can Rachel be celebrating 11 years on TV???

TX-13: Republican Mac Thornberry considering retirement

Wilbur Ross Earned His Junior Dictator Decoder Ring This Week (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Is life sustainable in th Carribean?

Don't be fooled: Valerie Plame's ad is CORRECT. Scooter Libby did out her to reporters --

* NEW * Morning Consult Poll - Biden 33% (+1), Sanders 21% (+1), Warren 16% (-), Harris 7% (-1)

Grandma's Battle Cry

The CIA was lucky to get their spy out Russia before Trump blew the spy's cover!

Sarah palin headed for divorce

Mother Jones: The Trump Files The Saga of Donald's Short-Lived Weight-Loss Program

"He pisses ice water"

Vonda McIntyre died in April. Great science fiction author. 2nd woman to win Nebula, 3rd to win Hugo

Turk and J.D. as toddlers

Order!' Why Europeans are turning to John Bercow for light relief in Brexit chaos - video

BREAKING: Ossoff to run for US Senate in Georgia

Joe Biden has integrity, experience, empathy and vision.

Official threatened to fire employees over Dorian tweet

Awesome deal to stump for your kid

A feel good story that makes me smile.....❣️

Please be so kind as to quiet down a bit, because I would like to sing you the song of my people.

Hahaha-Is that a school gym?

Taco Bell launches new Toasted Cheddar Chalupa

John Ossof announces Senate run live on O'Donnell's hour.

Democrats have a chance in a heavily Trump district in North Carolina

Tennessee state GOP lawmaker says getting rid of higher education would 'save America'

National Weather Service chief backs forecasters who contradicted President Trump

Not many people know this about Iceland.

Extracted Spy Had INFO Crucial To Assessment that Putin Had Directed Election Interference

A kid was bullied for wearing a homemade sign on his t-shirt. Then this happened.

This week's "This Modern World" nails Sharpiegate

NC Rally: Trump hits Democrats for [checks notes] purportedly not being "big believers in religion"

Amazon Employees Step Up Pressure On Climate Issues, Plan Walkout Sept. 20

National Weather Service chief backs forecasters who contradicted President Trump

GOP Lawmaker Calls for End of Higher Education


Milos Karadaglic plays Cardoso's 'Milonga'

North Korea launches two projectiles, hours after nuclear talks offer

The Daily Show: Trump Siphons Money for His Wall & A German Amusement Park Sparks Outrage

1,000 Amazon Employees Walk Out for Sept. 20 GLOBAL CLIMATE MARCH

The Daily Show - Trump's Latest Beefs: Chrissy Teigen and the Taliban

If you missed it here is the TRMS show tonite (definitely worth watching):

Questionable ethics

new Trump Fall Camo Collection: (no, really...)

Seth Meyers - Trump Faces Scrutiny Over Personal Properties, Hurricane Lies: A Closer Look

Jimmy Kimmel Proves Mike Pence is an Alien

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald and the Magic Sharpie

NC Republicans give inflatable assault rifles away to kids.

Controversial Trump Court Pick Gets Expedited Hearing

Cuomo pushes NY ban on flavored e-cigarette sales in wake of vaping illnesses

Tweet of the Day

Gay men receive dramatically less paternal leave than heterosexual or lesbian couples

Why can't we have nice things like this?

Hofstra University passes on presidential debate bid

Why you shouldn't count out Bernie Sanders

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Being Guilty Of Crimes He Accused Hillary Clinton Of Committing

Democrats Hold Six-Point Early Vote Lead In Key North Carolina Special Election

"Hillary Clinton is still pulling the strings": The Sirota Left goes Full Fake

Salvadoran activists hurl confetti, paint to protest new abortion trial

DA: Hempstead Town official stole $59,000 from GOP club to pay for trips, mortgage

The CIA's Secret Quest For Mind Control: Torture, LSD And A 'Poisoner In Chief'

Amazon Brings Prime Program to Brazil to Outflank Local Rivals

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake いちごのショートケーキ

Wells Fargo Bank Personal Banker Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering and Bank Fraud

Space Farce


Russia's ruling party hit badly in Moscow election

O.C. Business Owner Faces Tax Evasion Charge Related to Nearly $30 Million Owed to IRS on Payroll

Booker: Taught all my life to take on people like Trump

CIA Reportedly Had Asset So Close To Putin That Spy Could Photograph Secret Documents

Will Democrats Stand Up To The Challenge Trump Creates To Our Nation?

North Suburban Chicago Psychologist Sentenced to Prison for Billing for Nonexistent Services

Caddo Parish mental health counseling firm owner and supervisor indicted for billing nearly $8M for

Southern U.S. states have closed 1,200 polling places in recent years: rights group

Pregnant US teenager testified in slaying. Weeks later, she's gunned down

South Florida Woman Sentenced to Prison and Ordered to Pay $1.6 Million in Restitution for "Fortune

Former Owner of Trailblazers, Inc. Pleads Guilty to Bankruptcy Fraud

I am donating $18 to Joe, who is a Mensch.

Democratic Primary candidates together on gun violence:

Mission Family Practitioner Pays $2 Million to Resolve Allegations

Capital Caring Pays $3.1 Million to Resolve Medicare Billing Claims

San Antonio sued for excluding Chick-Fil-A from airport

EU stresses support for Cuba even as US hikes sanctions

White House Weighs Controversial Plan On Mental Illness & Mass Shootings; Monitoring

Trump's attorney general wants god's moral order enforced by government

Family split: 'Tension' over Trump at George W. Bush staff reunion in Washington

Drone flying through fireworks

Sanders surrogate Josh Fox goes on the attack.

Texas leads coalition of states targeting Google in antitrust probe

Trump accidentally tweeted an insult at a pastor. Here's how the pastor responded.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn may draw challenge from Tea Party Republican from North Texas

'All Along the Watchtower'

Melonya drumpft on CBS Overnight News:

Governor Murphy and Arts Ed NJ Announce Universal Access to Arts Education in Public Schools

In Brazil A Woman Survives Physical Assault by A Man Every Four Minutes

2016 Phone Calls by Lula Weaken Moro's Thesis about Ex-President

State of New Jersey and Rutgers University Announce New Gun Violence Research

R$2.6 billion Car Wash Fund Will Go toward Amazon and Education


Surf City mayoral candidate and sitting councilman Jeremy Shugarts has been indicted

Honduras: People Protest Luxury Condos Near National Park

Commerce secretary threatened to fire top NOAA employees if they didn't disavow Alabama tweet

Untangling the Appearance of a Sweeney-Coughlin Rift

Ex-DHS chiefs on security threats facing the US. CBS News:

Breakfast Tuesday 10 September

23 photos that show how toxic blooms and pollution could change a sacred lake in Bolivia forever

John Legend jokes Melania is "occupied" with Justin Trudeau after president's #filthymouthedwife

Tom Malinowski: 'I'm a Capitalist'

23 photos that show how toxic blooms and pollution could change a sacred lake in Bolivia forever

Lima's 'Wall of Shame' and the Art of Building Barriers

Murphy, Assembly staffs in talks on NJEA healthcare reform

Swedish authorities deny man "offensive" Trump vanity plate.

CBS News: When eyewitness testimony is wrong...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/9/19

Stephen Colbert - Guest Condoleezza Rice: We're Not Going To Abandon The Women Of Afghanistan

The benefits of not being perfect

John Bercow resignation speech in full

Managing Jersey's Nuke Cleanup

Pelosi bill aims to negotiate Medicare prices on top 250 drugs, penalize manufacturers that don't

It's nearly impossible to track all the scandals swirling around Trump

With continued remarks, experts see Arizona Republican Party losing voters

'They have firearms galore.' Lawmaker's comments about communities of color draw gasps

Jonathan Pie on tRump & Johnson...

DU should respect YouTube 'start at X time' URL variable

Rutgers to close all its on-campus pharmacies

67 year old woman mauled to death by her coonhounds

N.J. Dems want to target white supremacists and other extremists in fight against domestic terrorism

Please DU this local news poll

And for today's news to put a smile on your face

SEP 14 at 3:30PM - El Chisme2020 - A Conversation with Senator Bernie Sanders - Las Vegas

Sole Republican challenger to Sen. Collins quits under party pressure

A C.I.A. spy tale in Russia


Abrams memo: It's 'malpractice' for Democrats not to compete in Georgia in 2020

UPDATE: CIA Russia asset had direct access to Vladimir Putin (CNN)

BREAKING: Trump defends Kim, after North Korea fires "unidentified projectiles" towards Japan

The Democrats' 3-way, 70-something race

Dorian's death toll climbs in Bahamas as 3,500 flee worst-hit islands

Six in 10 Americans expect a recession and higher prices as Trump's approval rating slips

Sweden's Highest Mountain Now Its 2nd-Highest After Melting Lowers Glacier On Peak

Democrats Will Try to Block Trump's Border Emergency

Right-Wing Network One America News Sues Rachel Maddow For Calling it 'Paid Russian Propaganda'

Banana cream or blueberry pie I'm craving both

BTAS - There Is No Plan B - Why Albedo Hacking Is Insane Bullshit That Never Work

Tuesday TOONs - Get Me Rewrite!

The Rundown: September 9, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 09/04/19

EU/Brexit : Phil Hogan appointed Chief EU Trade Negotiator in epic EU troll of Brexiters

World 'gravely' unprepared for effects of climate crisis - report

Today is the NC-09 Special Election...

Every time I watch Morning Joe I think: MSNBC can do better than this.

Ron DeSantis: feds, not Florida, have role to play in Bahamian crisis

Amid Water Crisis, Michigan's Top Health Official Said Flint Residents "Have to Die of Something,"

INFOGRAPHIC: Tracking Rudy Giuliani's Foreign Dealings

Trump approval at 38%! 38% !!

We're starting to see the scale of Trump's personal corruption -- and it's massive

Happy National TV Dinner Day!

A hug between friends

Nate SIlver: If You're Polling In The Low Single Digits, You're Probably Toast

Trump skeptical of using foreign spies to collect intel on hostile countries, sources say

Robert Frank, Pivotal Figure in Documentary Photography, Is Dead at 94

The Sacrament of Matrimony

Be Water

Jaguars place Nick Foles on IR; trade for QB Dobbs

Happy 10 Palindrome Days

Congrats to Julia Ainsley!

Trump makes unfounded voter fraud claim -- while campaigning for seat opened by GOP cheating

Arctic ice extent may have made the turn already.

'He's Like, Okay, Well, Screw It' (Beto O'Rourke)

As AG, Kamala Harris took action against special education schools that were using restraints

Trump EXPLODES in Erratic Rambling Tirade

OH NO: Trump Personally Drew Sharpie Bubble on Hurricane Map

Well, THIS sounds like fun...

Japan may have to dump radioactive water into the sea, minister says

The moment parliament was suspended for five weeks amid Brexit crisis.

Trump accidentally tweeted an insult at a pastor. Here's how the pastor responded.

Is Impeachment a "progressive" vs. " moderate" issue?

Judge Promoted by Trump Administration Threatened a 2-Year-Old With an Attack Dog

Okay Doke.. I have settled on my second choice..

One small slice of the million reasons I hate Trump.

America's First Gay Credit Union Gets Green Light From Michigan

Pic Of The Moment: More Of That Famous Trump Compassion

Jon Ossoff announces his run for Senate on Lawrence O'Donnell's show:

Lisa Bloom's entire memo sent to Harvey Weinstein:

Child seriously injured in 11-story fall from Takoma Park apartment building, authorities say

Billy Shrub says LAUER & NBC got rid of him in trying to get rid of SHITLER with the Grab tape

Apple programmed Siri to avoid the word "feminism" to appease RWers.

New Tesla battery technology

There's No Such Thing As Not Voting

Evil doesn't die. It reinvents itself.

Rebuke to Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Comment to Politico's "'Someone's Gotta Tell the Freakin' Truth':

Conservative network files defamation lawsuit against Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Disaster Relief in The Time of Trump...

This is how I want to die - except they'll be kittens

Ad-makers say Democratic candidates need to stop being boring

To understand the tension in the Bahamas since Dorian you need to follow

Biden's Agenda Is Far More Liberal Than Hillary Clinton

Jon Ossoff (GA-SEN) campaign announcement video: "We Know How To Fight"

A new fool-proof diagnostic test for insanity has been developed.

...For a girl ....

Should Bernie Sanders Have Used the N-Word to 'Critique Racism' in His Book?

Don't threaten, just do it!


Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Personnel to Key Administration Posts; 09-10-2019

ok, brain trust. re the spy story. who remembers rachel's reporting

Have Mercy On Us

Doug Ford government held talks with PC donor on removing Greenbelt land

Ford makes big electric push in Europe with new launches

Starting this past week I can't post comments to any site that uses Facebook such as USA Today.

BLS Report: Job openings (7.2 million) little changed in July, hires edge up, separations increase

Trump's tweeting about fake, corrupt, fixed, inaccurate, very bad, sad, and dangerous polls.

New Kensington, PA, front yard tabbed best in the nation

Two workers killed when granite slabs shift in Sterling Heights accident

Front yard tabbed best in the nation

Many U.S. farmers fume at Washington, not Trump, over biofuel, trade policies

Could any of us go withstand the scrutiny that is placed on our candidates today?

It has become imperative

Where's the enthusiasm for Thursday's debate.

First it was bedbugs, now "all walks of lice"

One America News sues Rachel Maddow for $10 million for dubbing network 'Russian propaganda'

Google Finally Confirms Security Problem For 1.5 Billion Gmail And Calendar Users

The Greens & Libertarians candidates.

Local Lawyer Suing to Strip Racial Checklist from Va. Marriage Licenses

Sen. Voldemort (R-FL) Flat Out Lies, In Detail And Depth, About His Environmental "Record"

Links disappear before I get a chance to click on them

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 23 - Best of Bernie: Climate Threat - Crackdown in Kashmir - Killer Mike


Donald Trump does not like spies, thinks they get in the way of his 'personal relationships'

How did Trump purchase the Turnberry Resort in Scotland?

Bernie Sanders Asks Denver to Join a "Revolution" at Civic Center Rally

Montoursville, PA, couple Allegedly Spent $100,000 Of An Accidental Bank Deposit In Their Account

Boris Johnson Secretly Asked For A Massive Amount Of User Data To Be Tracked. Dominic Cummings Said

Happy National Ants On A Branch Day! And Props To Frogs On A Log! 😋

Netanyahu pledges to annex occupied Jordan Valley

Can you imagine? If Valerie Plame wins NM-3, she could be seated next to Liz Cheney.

Senate Democrats are about to force Republicans to take a vote in favor of Trump defunding their own

Breaking: Bolton fired by Trump just now via Twitter

Fired via tweet . . . Bolton is OUT

When away from home, what do you miss most...

Vlad's BFF. . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

CNN: Trump skeptical of using foreign spies to collect intel on foreign countries

So now Bolton is out!!

Trump says he fired national security advisor John Bolton -- but Bolton says he 'offered to resign'

Virginia couples challenge laws requiring them to declare their race

Kevin Hart's Car Will Be Disassembled By CHP and Laws Could Change

70 Percent of Americans Say Arms Sales Make US Less Safe

Batman walks 3-year-old to preschool after bullies gave her a black eye

Number of uninsured jumps for first time since 2009

When Bolton got the National Security job

If Wall Street is excited about your candidate, perhaps you're backing the wrong candidate.


Amy thinking back to a simpler time when Presidents didn't attack private citizens

Glass half empty: The Walrus is gone. Glass half full: I hear that Paul Wolfowitz is available!


Has there been any proof at all shown that any Taliban leaders were actually even contacted

Bolton unleashed

McConnell Said No to Money for Miners, Yes to Russian-Backed Plant

The Seventies will never die.

Lindsey Graham: "I like John Bolton. I think he sees the world for what it is."

"USMCA" by the Farming People

Robert Reich: The Secret GOP Plan to Keep Power

Stephen Colbert just re-tweeted his March 2018 interview with "John Bolton" (Dana Carvey)


Texas Monthly: Announcing Five New Hires, Including Our First Taco Editor!

Why Economic Collapse Will Precede Climate Collapse

I bet tonight on Hardball with Chris Matthews Chris will say...BOLTON BOLTS!!

The Current State Of The Trump Administration:

As we mourn the sad departure of John Bolton, allow Eric Columbus to send a chill down your spine.

The future of motion pictures...

"Asked to Resign"

BREAKING: Bolton Accuses Trump of Lying About His Firing

On GMA this morning author Steven King was on. He was asked what scares HIM.

Buh-bye John Bolton, Fuckwad


What is the scientific rule/principle/theory....

Jim Acosta CNN says the WH found out about Bolton firing FROM THE TWEET!!

Solar panels: Thousands of customers complain - UK

If you're keeping score at home.

Taliban Conman fires War Criminal.

50 things Kamala has done for criminal justice reform as prosecutor, DA, AG, and Senator

The walrus getting fired should terrify us

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

Former FEMA Official Accused of Taking Bribes in Hurricane Maria Recovery

BWAHAHA! Bolton texted Fox stooge Kilmeade and asked him to dispute Trump's account of the firing.

Marriott is Not trump and trump is Not Marriott...

Light Sweet Miso Soup. I need a source

Paddy Power has betting on "Trump Narcissism Specials"

** NEW ** B+ Rated NEW HAMPSHIRE Poll - Biden 24%, Warren 21%, Sanders 13%, Buttigieg 11%, Harris 8%

Trump: Arrangement to send traffic to Prestwick Airport in exchange for aircrews lodging at hotel.

I'm sitting here pondering Bolton's firing/resignation and I'm wondering

"...The Trump campaign was run by criminals."

Little defines this era more than one Nati'l Security Advisor being fired while another leaves court

Is US taxpayer money going into the pocket of Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin?

Univision/University of Houston Texas Primary Poll Shows Close Race Between Biden & Beto

In "honor" of swamp denizen Bolton's unceremonious departure... - this classic song

Russia investigated disappearance of suspected US spy as possible murder

This is the greatest Warren campaign ad possible.

Two Huge Assholes on my TeeVee

Boris Johnson broke promise to appear before Commons liaison committee this week, its chair says - l

Judge Promoted by Trump Administration Threatened a 2-Year-Old With an Attack Dog

Gas Plants Will Get Crushed by Wind, Solar by 2035, Study Says

Oasis - I am the Walrus (live, Berlin)

LFR pick: American Pie

Live WH munchkin and pompous

The real cost of cheap US chicken? Chlorination is just the start

There's an NSFW Twitter account called 'Sweary Bercow' and let's enjoy its foul-mouthed genius

Elizabeth Warren's Perfect Response To Bolton Firing

Spiderweb on a Sedum.

#NEW Texas Democratic Primary:

Biden, Sanders and Warren lead Trump in new Texas poll

You raised $3.00 on September 9, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

* NEW * Texas Poll - Biden 23%, Warren 15%, Sanders 12%, O'Rourke 12%, Harris 7%

U.S. presidential candidate crowd surfs at an event in California

WashPo knew in 2017 that CIA had spy in Kremlin with direct access to Putin...

Orca task force to write blueprint to save dying species

Pointed tweet about Bolton by Rick Wilson:

King County considers sex trafficking awareness training for Uber, Lyft drivers

Where do the "War Hawks" go now?

Permit me to ask a question of Sanders & Warren supporters only.

Why did Trump say that he would release an "extreme" financial statement next year?

Can't Get Enough Of Your Love --- Barry White -vs- Taylor Dayne

Spirit Airlines must face lawsuit over 'gotcha' carry-on bag fees

Say what you will about John Bolton, but ...

Democrats will try to block Trump's border wall maneuver

Fugitive couple facing murder charges may be getting help from white supremacists, authorities say

I'm about 18 months past giving ONE FUCK what Senate Retrumplicans will do with impeaching this fuck

Michael Bloomberg rips FDA for teen vaping epidemic

Bolton is out, proving blind loyalty to a narcissist never works

Saudi Arabia Plans To Enrich Uranium For Its Nuclear Power Reactors

Former SC governor & US Secretary of Education Dick Riley endorses Joe Biden

Bolton made it just 2 days short of 50 Scaramuccis

Would it be possible to transplant Bolton's mustache onto Trump's scalp?

NRA is suing after San Francisco labels it a terror group

NEWS: Over 100 Education Leaders Back Sanders' K-12 Plan

The more ominous part of the Trump Sharpie incident

Saying it's 'Moving Forward,' SDOT axes $52 million Seattle streetcar contract

BREAKING: Bolton refused to go on Sunday shows to support Trump

I found something today, in my home, that I had forgotten about.

The look on that baby's face when she's in Kamala Harris' arms. 😍

Cramer: Wall Street executives are saying Elizabeth Warren's 2020 bid has 'got to be stopped'

The Daily Show sums it up perfectly on the Bolton sacking

Try, Try Again: Trump Mulling Taxpayer Bailout of Nuclear Industry

The rich live longer and the wealth gap among older households is growing

Chile con Carne: A great fall & winter dish:

Italian coalition wins vote in Senate, letting it take office

The North Carolina 9th Is Holding A Do-Over Election. Here's How To Watch It Like A Pro.

We are the 'Other side'

'Unbelievable' story of Lynnwood teen's rape retold on Netflix

Hi old friends.

A lawmaker (on the house floor) and his AR style pistol.

New Jersey wins legal challenge to PennEast natgas pipeline

A $1.7 Million Loan, $30,000 in Income. Prosecutors Are Now Investigating.

Shuffling money to wall threatens future abuses

According to Ted Cruz, Bolton was fired because of Deep State and Obama

The bizarre fabrics that fashion is betting on

Responding to one disaster, preparing for the next

"He'd never do that to ME!" Really, Trumpies? Is this what you tell yourself when you seek the

Trump Signs Executive Order Giving Him Control of Weather

I can tell people are judgmental just by

Trump is now giving a speech--having trouble reading and a bizarre rant about astronauts.

Jerusalem Post Opinion Valerie Plame tweeted antisemitic conspiracy, now claims "Jewish" ancestry

The Republican Party Is Doomed.

Almost vegan by accident

Cartoons 9/10/19

Feel It Still (Portugal. The Man) feat The Outlaws / Brian Friedman Choreography

DNC Chair: Alabama Democrats not getting party-building funds

Do people in this country have a gun fetish?

Dallas state Rep. Victoria Neave backs Joe Biden over Beto O'Rourke as Houston debate nears

British Parliament Suspended After Trump-Backed PM Defeated Again The Last Word MSNBC

Biden hires top Obama aide

Trump camo line for magats

Sanders Fades In New Hampshire

Fred's to close all stores amid bankruptcy filing

Wilbur Ross and the Trump War on Truth

How fucked up are we when John Fucking Bolton emerges as the sympathetic one???

Signs point to Yes...

Virginia won't let anything derail its growing Amtrak service

Virginia won't let anything derail its growing Amtrak service

If Wilbur Ross should resign, how about the Koch Bros. with their massive lies about the weather?

How did Bolton think things were going to end?

Economy is going great. My neighbors just had

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 10, 2019

Valerie Plame is NOT taking any prisoners!

Beautiful mana'o. Loke Aloua speaking to Veterans For Peace about Hawaiian values and issues

Who but Trump could make *John Fucking Bolton* seem like the adult in the room...?

Breaking - train derails, catches fire in Illinois

Biden is labeled a moderate. But his agenda is far more liberal than Hillary Clinton's.


A Medieval Disease Could Resurface in America

"Only Donald Trump Could Make You Miss John Bolton"

GWB and Barack Obama named Honorary Co-Chais of Commission on Public Debates

Pompeo's whopper: Team Trump is the most science-friendly in history

I got gas for $1.89 today. Unfortunately it was at

Trump Is Losing Texas By 5 As Lone Star Hispanic Democrats Surge


Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas: Pure evil?

Today's dedication goes out to "John," who finds himself out on the street after all these years.

In gun confiscation showdown, it's Beto vs. Chip

In gun confiscation showdown, it's Beto vs. Chip

Fired for being insufficiently fond of the Taliban.

Love letters or Death threats...?

NOAA holds barred. NOAA releases stinging letter re: Dorian political interference

We have our first alligator in our lake.

Clever dog fakes broken leg to get attention

Where is Kelly Ann Conway?

Ohio one of eight states to see uninsured rate rise, even with Medicaid expansion

Teen Swimmer Disqualified Because Her School-Issued Swimsuit Broke Modesty Rule

Herod's pig

NOAA Chief Neil Jacobs, Defending Trump on Dorian, Also Tries to Buoy Scientists Image

NBC: As frustration with Bolton mounted, Trump reached out to ex-adviser McMaster

In last words, Khashoggi asked killers not to suffocate him

Trump does not believe in using Spies for intelligence ops

Does anyone here get FSTV - "Free Speech" Network

Trump whines that Obama is more popular in Germany than he is...........

Bicyclist head-butts pedestrian who had the right of way

American Health Care is Broken, Especially in Texas. What Can We Do About It?

Trump (falsely) thinks he's found proof of Obama failing to be 'great'

13-year-old creates school closet to give clothes and supplies to classmates in need

Falwell Jr. Tells Story Of Jesus Getting Revenge On Apostle Who Ratted Out His Corruption Schemes

National Security Advisor Scott Baio. National Security Advisor Kid Rock. National...

Blast heard near US Embassy in Kabul on 9/11 anniversary

Trump pushing for major crackdown on homeless camps in California, with aides discussing moving resi

Biden Aims to Use Debate to Question Warren's Corporate Work

Texas Leads in Polling Place Closures Since 2013

Think about this...

A woman vanished 27 years ago. A teenager and his GoPro led police to the bottom of a lake.

Anti Republican Blogs/Discussion Groups

Could a Loud, Rich, and Scandal-Prone Personal Injury Lawyer Win Control of Houston?

You have all been fantastic kicking the contest in DU Lounge and PD can I please beg for one more go

Turner launches TV ad attacking Buzbee for Trump donations

SHOCKING & Wasteful Price of Nuclear Power Revealed!

FFS!!! Scientist suggests eating human flesh to fight climate change

PM aide Dominic Cummings blames 'rich Remainers' in Brexit snap at TV reporter

Main RW point: trump is shaking things up

With Trump At 38% Approval, The Time Is Right For a Progressive President

Newly released transcripts tell last, gruesome moments of columnist Jamal Khashoggi

Newly released transcripts tell last, gruesome moments of columnist Jamal Khashoggi

FEMA officials, contractor accused of hurricane relief fraud, bribery

Bernie beats Trump . . . in Texas

Bolton Resignation Letter (needs more sharpie)

Do NOT view this with a mouthful of anything! 😂

Pete Buttigieg: Very funny, @united

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Apocalypse Now: Why Pastor John Hagee Has Never Been More Politically Powerful -- or Terrifying

Stressful day at the ole cable news shows.

Presidential Primary Polls - Tuesday, 9/10/19

Big Majority Say Trump Doesn't Deserve Re-Election

Biden telephones JoAnne who won a trip to Houston, to watch him at the debate (( Video ))

How can we stop "rule by tweet"

This Awkward Photo Of An Eagle Isn't What It Seems

Biden Leads Democratic Field Among Latinos

The DSA Left attacks on Warren are cranking up

Beto O'Rourke names Texas staff for presidential campaign

Beto O'Rourke names Texas staff for presidential campaign

A Majority Of Americans Now Favor A Mandatory Buyback Of Assault Weapons

Michael Jordan donates $1 million to hurricane relief in the Bahamas. Also donation links

Firefly, it is time for my annual rewatch.

Hasty rollout of Trump immigration policy has 'broken' border courts

Elizabeth Warren responds to jittery Wall Streeters

Desparate Bibi threatens to annex huge portion of West Bank

My father, THE Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., experienced bouts of depression.

"He is a LIAR"!

Trump's National Security Team Is Now a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Defense Industry

SC to consider abortion ban; bill faces uncertain future

New Jersey man charged with doing "doughnuts" on the greens at Trump's Bedminster course

US expands hunting and fishing at national wildlife refuges

Meet 'Cold Dragon of the North Winds,' the Giant Pterosaur That Once Soared Across Canadian Skies

we now live in a country where govt employees can fear being fired for contradicting Trump about..

Instead of Fixing Their Gerrymander, North Carolina Republicans Are Trolling the Court

A quick perusal of the House hearing schedule

Desperation mounts in Bahamas as shelters turn evacuees away

Desperation mounts in Bahamas as shelters turn evacuees away

Wilbur Ross Under Investigation For Threat To Fire Weather Officials

China Stops Buying US Agricultural Products Entirely

Draft Pelosi plan would overhaul how Medicare pays for drugs

Draft Pelosi plan would overhaul how Medicare pays for drugs

Elizabeth Warren rises as Joe Biden clings to delegate edge -- CBS News Battleground Tracker

On this night 18 years ago.......

Suit targets California hunting rules that allow GPS on dogs

BRUTAL responses to Trump's "Incredible progress being made at the Southern Border!" tweet. BRUTAL.

Historian Patricia Cleary Digs Into The Long-Lost Mounds Of St. Louis

MPs look to bring back May's Brexit deal with vote on referendum

MPs look to bring back May's Brexit deal with vote on referendum

Historian Patricia Cleary Digs Into The Long-Lost Mounds Of St. Louis

Dorian kicks up more than one monster wave near Port aux Basques

Results from NC special election?

Trump's 'very bad' Bahamian drug dealers? U.S. data shows little evidence

Pence family boondoggle in Ireland cost U.S. taxpayers $600,000 for the limos alone

Malcolm Nance Calls Out Bolton For Not Exposing tRump As Unfit

A Cartoon that played out in our White house's tweeting life today

New Atwood novel 'The Testaments' revisits dystopian world

North Korea carried out super-large multiple rocket launcher test on Tuesday: KCNA

Local CO news host: 'Perhaps Sen. Gardner played us' with military funding promise

Who wants a smile?

Young Man Caught Posing As Senior Citizen To Fly To NY From India: F-A-I-L

Special Election Results (Tonight)

"Get pumped for Trump"

Is there anyone who still doubts that---for whatever reason---Trump is working for

In last words, Khashoggi asked killers not to suffocate him

Gun legislation stalls as congressional leaders trade barbs

Democrats ask Trump to resign...

Trump decries 'Fake Poll' showing his approval rate in the 30s

Everything LGBTQ Voters Need to Know About the Upcoming Presidential Debates

U.S. charges FEMA official, contractor in Puerto Rico corruption case

Witness who flipped in Uribe trial transferred over security concerns

Obama diplomats throw in with Buttigieg

The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe Day 4: the in-law, the businessman and the assistant

King County Councilman Reagan Dunn wants to bus the homeless out of the area

GOP lawmaker calls for investigation into CNN spy story

Bolsonaro's Son Says Brazil Will Not Transform Itself through Democracy