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Archives: September 11, 2019

Are we near a recession? The godfather of the inverted yield curve says it's 'code red'

A last-ditch bid to keep Big Oil out of Arctic Wildlife Refuge

AOC wants Republicans 'on the record' against impeaching Trump

PT parliamentarians consider that Lula's trip to the Council can help in rescuing his freedom

'Traitors must be punished': Vladimir Putin's stark warnings to Russians who defect to the West

Remember Valerie Plame?

God's speed, Captain Dan

Pa. introducing online absentee ballot applications next week

Staten Island woman arrested in Russia for allegedly bringing marijuana into the country

noob intro

The Democratic Nominee Should Refuse to Debate Donald Trump

NOAA chief thanks Alabama weather office in Dorian forecast

Trump's 'very bad' Bahamian drug dealers? U.S. data shows little evidence

"I like this ad (as a stutterer myself) - it's brave to do this."

NYT : Republican Gerrymander Whiz Had Wider Influence Than Was Known

Explorer Becomes the First to Reach Deepest Point in All 5 Oceans

(Jewish Group) The Blood Libel Accusation That Inflamed America

Bolsonaro's scorched earth diplomacy could cost Brazil

(Jewish Group)UK CST calls Bristol Univ an 'utter disgrace' for response to complaint about lecture

Robert Reich....Who has spent campaign funds at the Con properties...all republicans

High court tackles legality of Sound Transit car-tab fees

(Jewish Group) Candidate Accused Of Anti-Semitism Unveils Ad Highlighting Jewish Heritage

(Jewish Group) Virginia County's Official List Of Races Includes 'Aryan,' 'Hebrew' and 'Jew'

Yes, Dan McCready lost...but that isnt the whole story

So they say,"No More Republican Party?"How about 1972? "No More Democratic Party", they said

Alaskans experiencing fires, little rain and drought conditions

(Jewish Group) Fresno college to host event featuring speaker who uses anti-Semitic tropes

(Jewish Group) NBA's Enes Kanter hosts Brooklyn basketball clinic for Muslim & Orthodox Jewish kids

Easy loans...Promises of upward mobility...McDonald's End game

Screen shot: Fox News, the home of hard-hitting journalism that matters most to concerned Americans.

With the anniversary of 9/11

"Don't fear the reaper. Beat him."

(Jewish Group) Homophobe chases gay man out of subway and through the streets of New York in video

Homophobe chases gay man out of subway and through the streets of New York in shocking video

When even the arch villain thinks your idea is too fucking insane to sign on to

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

Right Again, Einstein! Wobbling Pulsar Confirms General Relativity

Chief Inspector Murphy sums up the evidence

NC 3Rd District Results

Argentina: Homelessness Rising to 10 % by the End of the Year

GOP's Bishop headed to victory over McCready in tight NC District 9 race

Thin Lizzy - Got To Give It Up

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Thinking of trying a home exchange for maybe 6 months or a year.

Does Dallas City Hall Fear White Riots in Amber Guyger Trial? Really and Truly?

Dis-Chord: Pro-Kremlin Rapper Removes Music Video With Record Number Of Dislikes

Thin Lizzy - Borderline

Never forget.

For anyone interested in Minnesota history I recommend

Ghenadie Valuta, a Worst Person in the World Candidate if ever there was one

Horrifying moment 29-year-old fashion designer and activist jumps from a 12-story building in Brazil

So the CIA slammed CNN for fake news on the Moscow spy?

We're F**ked

Ghost crabs use teeth in stomachs to 'growl' at predators

NC 9th District Election Results

Wind Farm Proposal Divides Ranch Community

45 Years Ago Today; The crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 212 In Charlotte NC

After 9/11, Venice Feted Firefighters. The Party Is Still Going.

In a bizarre way, I am glad that Steyer is qualified

Gun rights activists test Walmart request not to open-carry guns into store

Possible to get a RECOUNT in NC?

Trump releases first picture of his new National Security Advisor

Way to go, NC, for electing anti-transgender "bathroom bill" author & Proud Boys bud Dan Bishop.

Antonio Brown accused of rape in civil lawsuit

Beto O'Rourke: "That's 300,000 human beings, who don't know how they'll provide for their families"

NC-09 2018 vs 2019

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020

Susan Rice calls out Trump's approach to intel: Crazy

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse suddenly dropped his habit of criticizing the president. Trump just showed why.

Trump's Trade War Has Killed 300K Jobs

Pence family boondoggle in Ireland cost U.S. taxpayers $600,000 for the limos alone: report

Why I love DU.

Looks like Dan Bishop's a fucking neo nazi

Issa Will Run for Congress If Not Confirmed

Supercut Shows Full Scale Of Sean Hannity's Obsession With Hillary Clinton

Hasan Minhaj testifies at student loans hearing

Irony. The First Federal Official To Push Back On Trump's Political Interference And Bullying...

Outrageous WaPo hit piece today: "Valerie Plame's claim that Scooter Libby leaked her identity"

Extremely Rare Garth Brooks Video from 1994

Trump's reported California homeless takeover bewilders state, local leaders


Texas mother Crystal Mason appeals five-year sentence for illegal voting

The Charlatans - Weirdo

Red boots

Student Jailed On Sex Assault Charge Freed After Judge Deems Him 'High Achieving'

Stretching this topic to smart phones - question about Pixel 3XL phone and Android 10 update

This song hits hard. Anyone who has someone fighting addiction - which seems to be all of us -

Court rules VA must reimburse veterans for emergency care at non-VA centers.

Newly discovered species of electric eel can produce most powerful electric shock of any animal

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Cancels Taliban, Slams Legend & Teigen

Danish justice system rocked by flawed phone location evidence

Nancy Pelosi is fucking PISSED!! Watch this video on twitter as she destroys McConnell:

Cupertino Man Convicted Of Embezzling More Than $7.5 Million In Donated Funds

The Daily Show - If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Trophy Hunting

Of course Dumpster crashed and burned with Bolton

Girl, 15, Forced to Work at Southlake Restaurant to Pay $10,000 Smuggling Debt: Sheriff

Seth Meyers - Trump Claims He Cancelled a Scheduled Meeting with the Taliban - Monologue - 9/9/19

a rainbow at the elizabeth warren town hall


INXS - Mediate

12:07 AM, September 11. Trump posted this about 20 minutes ago. There IS NO fucking bottom. NONE.

Former CFO of Long Island Real Estate Company Pleads Guilty to Multi Million Dollar Fraud

How John Bolton Broke the National Security Council

NFL Star Startles Laura Ingraham By Daring To Disagree With Fox News Talking Point

Well, well, almost sounds like Trump is vetting his next Security Advisor.

The President of the United States is a traitor.

The Yemeni People. My dear God. Have mercy!

A Guatemalan man who invited ICE to a community meeting is now facing deportation

Ex-NYT labor reporter: Trump has 'not made America great again' for workers

Trump is endangering the lives of spies.

Enviros fume as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan downplays rift with Pa. over Chesapeake cleanup

Kita Alexander

Trump's new tariff proposal

Who should determine how much booze costs in Pennsylvania: a formula or the liquor board?

Titan's lakes may have been formed by explosions of nitrogen

I met MJ Hegar tonight, candidate for US Senate from Texas

Scientists find a link between brain's emotion circuit and movement

Univ, of Texas/Texas Tribune state poll: Biden 26%, Warren 18%, O'Rourke 14%, Sanders 12%

How long does a whale feed? New data gives insight into blue and fin whale behavior

New Pennsylvania law allows 'zombie' liquor licenses to cross county lines. Up to 75 could go to

Carnival Row on Amazon Prime

David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb - live at Pompei 2016

Bernie Sanders commissioned a federal study in 2016 that showed that poorer Americans die younger

Penn State calls 'absurd' a claim that it manipulated student's hazing death to acquire fraternity

☦️Prayer for strength from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese:

Only Warren

Man who shot Reagan looking for career in music industry: attorney

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christian Prayers in Times of Trouble and Need:

Researchers say there's a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage

U.S. EPA to eliminate all mammal testing by 2035

Jury awards $11.4M in racial bias case against Michigan

New Evidence Hints All Comets in The Solar System May Come From The Same Place

Maryland highway agency removes 'Negro Mountain' road signs

Grass leaf shapes are influenced by light

Tesla has created a battery that could last one million miles

First woman president of Delaware State University stepping down after two years

Mnuchin 's "Meet the Press" interview. Interesting responses

The safest bet for space settlers? Would you believe it's inside Mars' moon Deimos?

"Let's Retaliate" by my old band Benedict Arnold & The Traitors...

New bacterial strain discovered in England and Wales linked to scarlet fever

Over 250 Neanderthal Footprints Reveal Clues to the Ancient Humans' Social Lives

Bob Marley's son seeks New Jersey marijuana dispensary

California state health director resigns after criticizing anti-vaccine activists on Facebook

Ghost crabs growl using the teeth in their stomachs to ward off predators

South Carolina to consider abortion ban; bill faces uncertain future

2 more recall campaigns against Colorado Democrats fail

EQT Corp. lays off 196 people, slashing workforce by nearly 25%

Cappella Romana sings the Trisagion (Thrice Holy) Hymn of Orthros

10 Louisiana inmates injured by lightning strike while playing football; one in critical condition

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Church: Feastday of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Afternoon sleeps lower heart attack risk

This is September 11. 2019

SKorea Asks IOC To Ban 'Rising Sun' Flag At Tokyo Olympics

'Extremely Deep' Acupuncture Treatment Ends Up Piercing Patient's Lungs

Joe Sestak thinks he can go from an Econo Lodge in Iowa to the White House

CBS News: 'Bennie the Bagger' 😄

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/10/19

Jaws reveal Australia's ancient marsupial panda

Delaware DOJ files lawsuit against Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma companies

Stephen Colbert: Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey Detail Harvey Weinstein's Efforts To Derail Their Report

HBCU Coalition Asks Legislators to Settle Lawsuit, With $577M Offer

Will Jessica Cisneros join 'The Squad' if (and when) elected to TX-24?

A guide to Australia's most colourful robins

This is something really special

Jealous Hints at Another Run for Governor

Study by anthropology scholar examines ancient DNA to reveal history of Central and South Asian popu

Muslim woman arrested for screaming abuse at elderly pride attendee

Thrumster dig uncovers broch era village

Scottish judges rule Boris Johnson's prorogation unlawful

Maryland agency recommends 30% reduction in oyster harvest in Chesapeake Bay

St. Louis Airport Privatization Working Group Fires Embattled Spokesman Douglass Petty

Japanese Minister: Radioactive Fukushima Water Could Be Dumped Into The Pacific

(Jewish Group) Paterson councilman Michael Jackson rebuked for 'Jew us down' remark

Trump visit to Baltimore could cause traffic trouble with Orioles at home, thousands expected at

Idaho Site Shows Humans Were in North America 16,000 Years Ago

(Jewish Group) Man who said he would 'slaughter' Jews wanted by FBI after not reporting to prison

McCready loss, has the 2018 mojo faded?

Florida and Gulf of Mexico DUers - please pay attention

On his first birthday as a free man in 23 years, Ricky Kidd sees a transformed Kansas City

Nancy is NOT playing

Judge Blocks North Dakota's Medication Abortion Reversal Law

NPR/PBS poll: Warren is the most liked candidate among Democrats

Trump's Trade War Has Killed 300K Jobs

We lost the 9th district in NC, in very close election, in a district that trump won by 12 points in

There is only one person on this planet...

This is the day where everything changed in America. 9/11/2001

Baltimore IT director who was at helm during ransomware attack and city's recovery is on leave

Video: Bernie Sanders 2013: In McDowell County, Poverty is a Death Sentence

BWAHAHA! Trump ***allegedly*** shitcanned Bolton for leaking "Can you nuke a hurricane?"

The Founders never meant for so much power to be in the hands of one man.

NOAA Chief Speech: Some Trump Ass-Kissing, And Plenty Of Blah Blah Blah As NWS Morale Crumbles

Lamar Alexander's Climate Plan: Warming Exists! Technology! Research! I'm Retiring In 2020!

Trump tweet, 6 years ago today.

The reason trump wants the Fed to lower interest rates to 0% is to reduce interest on the massive

Biden supporters would love Morning Joe today

Cargo plane crashes, burns near Toledo airport

Karachi Overwhelmed By Flies After Monsoons Flood City With Sewage, Garbage; "We Are Living In Hell"

This is my usual reply to right-wing twin towers "never forget" posts, except for on 9/11.

Head Of NWS Led Standing Ovation For Alabama Employees Who Corrected Shitstain's "Forecast"

This Map Shows the Happiest (and Unhappiest) States in the U.S.

President Trump trails potential Democratic challengers in 2020 test

Gladimir Snoopin

Trump Wants To Make It Harder For African Americans To Buy Homes

A friend posted this on my messenger account

Religious differences and political choices... caution, humor in use!

Wednesday TOONs - In Memoriam, and then onto the Bizarroworld the Republicans have forced on us

'Rick Scott had us on lockdown': how Florida said no to $70m for HIV crisis

California Senate passes ride-share bill that has divided Democrats over the future of Uber and Lyft

Seriously Morning Joe Scum hosts and regular guests

August 2019 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 409.95 ppm; August 2018 - 406.99; August 2017 - 405.13

The Rundown: September 10, 2019

Webcomics Weekly #52: True Beauty, Group Assignments, and Mistakes (9/10/19 Edition)

Beto O'Rourke calls on Congress to halt offshore drilling

Beto O'Rourke calls on Congress to halt offshore drilling

Recent computer problem and solution...

Europe's marine sanctuaries are no more than 'paper parks'

America's first LGBTQ credit union to launch in Michigan

Suspension of parliament ruled unlawful by Scottish court

Russia complicit in human rights abuses in Crimea, court told

trump departures: notable resignations and terminations since trump took office in 2017

Matt Bors: A rising tide lifts only some boats:

The March of the Far Right...

Ohio Sen. Portman blames exploding deficit on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security

Wants to help L.A.'s homeless by cracking down on them

**A - rated quinnippiac poll** In TX Big Joe has got the mo JB 28% EW 18% BS 12% BO 12%

Bernie or Trump?

On today 9/11 please remember that both w bush & Cheney were warned about the attack on 8/6/2001

*NEW* (A+ Rated) ABC/WP Poll vs Trump: Biden (+15), Sanders (+9), Warren (+7), Harris (+7)

That Shit Could Never Happen Here-

California Senate passes bill to tighten 'gig' worker rule

Rep. Bernie Sanders, 9/11/2002

Concerning Madame Speaker and "McConnell's Graveyard" presser:

GM recalling 3.5 million U.S. vehicles due to braking issue

Leo Kottke has a birthday today.

Does it seem like Joe has taken haymaker after haymaker and is stil standing?

Today, we remember the 3,000 Americans we lost on September 11, 2001 ...

Women dropping out of the work force

Pelosi tells silly reporter to GO ASK McConnell why he has not brought Gun bills up for VOTE....

It's days like today, the juxtaposition of dignity,

The smaller pachyderm in the room: a significant percentage of our fellow citizens are

FIBA Basketball Cup France 89 US 79

Remembering: On one of its worst days, America found its best self (by Pete Buttigieg).

An unsung hero of the 9/11 recovery: The Muslim engineer who rebuilt the Pentagon crash site as a ch

An unsung hero of the 9/11 recovery: The Muslim engineer who rebuilt the Pentagon crash site as a ch


The harm in the 'Kamala is a cop' canard is good policy gets obscured, and not just at her expense

Assault Weapon Found On Man At Pentagon City Metro (in DC transit system)

President Trump trails potential Democratic challengers in 2020 test

When you go to a job interview and are confronted by...

Ever have a great idea that just didn't pan out?

Scottish judges rule PM's suspension of parliament is unlawful

12-year-old Bahamian girl separated from parents, ends up in Miami home for migrant kids

Controversial dog park that divided this Maryland town will be dismantled

Canada to fire starting gun for October general election

A truly heartbreaking tale...clueless Trump ass-kissing thug Hannity lobbied for Newt as VP, but...

Shadows of 9/11

Most of damage inflicted on us post 9/11 was self inflicted...

Fox Hosts STUNNED When Cops Deny War on Cops Exists

John Bolton... *knock* *knock* ... "hello?"

Should We Test Presidential Candidates for Cognitive Decline?

Yesterday's election results in NC prove we can't play it safe in our presidential nomination...

Potus appears to have tweeted out a chart produced by the Mexican gov that was made to impress him

"Trump is the best friend Latinos & Hispanics ever had"

Drugs most people can only dream about.

OH, FFS...Needy Amin tweets 9/11 "We will never forget" graphic that's a photo of him with Melanie.

Meet Haji, Alexander & Annie. Their house was destroyed. Alexander pulled them all into a cabinet...

Bernie Sanders Interview Yahoo News - Bernie's Backstory & Family History

Trump wants zero interest rates

Trump reverses course, seeks negative interest rates for U.S. debt

Tornadoes through out Wyoming and South Dakota.

Propecia: Court let Merck hide secrets about a popular drug's risks

Laura's favorite recipes

This November the first post-September 11 voters will go to the polls

Don't worry, nothing will happen. Let's take the kids, a picnic basket and go watch the SHOW.

President Barack Obama on 9/11/19

California governor signs bills limiting vaccine exemptions

The Asshole-in-Chief is talking about being at ground zero on 9/ Pentagon ceremony

Letter to me from a 9/11 first responder, dated Oct. 4, 2001.

In Unexpected Vote, NC House Agrees to Override Budget Veto

Brad Parscale - The Myths of the "Genius" Behind Trump's Reelection Campaign

It is scary prosecutors recommended no jail time for Flynn. Thank goodness the judge stepped in.

ABC/WP GE poll, registered voters only: Biden +15, Sanders +9, Warren & Harris +7, Buttigieg +4

And so, to commemorate the 9/11 attacks, Donald Trump solemnly tells the nation

Muted the asshole when he started talking about watching the "legendary GE chairman Jack Welch..."

Brazil worker who protected indigenous tribes killed in Amazon

Do you think most people in WP/ABC poll know Buttigieg is gay?

Stirring Up The Dust At Ground Zero

Patriots Antonio Brown accused of rape and sexual assault

To Save the Republic, Some of Trump's Allies and Appointees Will Have to Face Federal Prosecution

How would a GOOD president respond to Khashoggi 's

Bolivian wildfires destroy two million hectares of forest

Bolivian wildfires destroy two million hectares of forest

Seth Meyers

In Washington, Peduto leads U.S. mayors' push for Congress to pass gun laws

Why haven't 3 of the candidates taken the Indivisible Pledge?

Rinse and Repeat

NYT: Mistakes were made.

Pic Of The Moment: Meet Trump's New National Security Team

Biden Tops Texas Democratic Poll, Warren Second

Trump administration considers monitoring smartphones of people with mental health problems

In his 9/11 speech, Trump WARNS what will happen "if they come back to our country"

Why Trump's New Press Secretary Is Actually More Dangerous than Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Man Interrupts 9/11 Ceremony To Attack "The Squad"

50 Times Kamala Accomplished/Advocated for Criminal Justice Reform (entry #s 3 & 4)

Tallahassee police investigate 'massive stabbing' at Dyke Industries

**Another poll with Joe on the go** JB 28% BS 13% EW 11%

Do Not Use vapes by these three companies:

Megachurch pastor who was known for his work in mental health advocacy kills himself

August 6, 2001- President George W Bush receives memo titled, "Bin Ladin determined to strike in US"

Message from Joe Biden.....................

In Pentagon speech, Trump repeats lie that "I went down to ground zero to try to help"

Joe Biden on 9/11

Cat jumps through hoop

Cat jumps through hoop

Biden invokes family tragedy to campaign against Medicare for All -- and the media plays along

Question here: I'm undecided but leaning toward Biden. Part of my concern is

( Trump ) In an election mainly about pocketbook issues, he is vulnerable. Warren 2020!!

You Got a Friend in Me..(smile) 56 seconds..

God wins the internet on 9/11

Come From Away

Piece in The Atlantic on charlatan Clinton accuser/political hack and hypocrite Juanita Broaddrick.

Five Democratic presidential candidates are beating Trump

New Economist/YouGov Poll: Warren 26%, Biden 26%, Sanders 16% among Registered Voters

Prosecutors Could Ask for Prison Time for Michael Flynn

Quinnipiac TEXAS poll: Biden 28%, Warren 18%, Sanders & O'Rourke 12%, Harris 5%,

OK...this is strange. Last night, I commented in Facebook about "pocket" air conditioners...

Think about this - Dorian sent a 100-foot wave crashing toward Newfoundland

Seth Abramson: "He endangers us every day." Nancy?

South Korea military spending spikes, has North Korea worried


50 Times Kamala Accomplished/Advocated for Criminal Justice Reform (entry #s 5 & 6)

GOP launch sneak attack during 9-11 commemorations

Climate Nexus TEXAS Likely Voter poll: Biden 24%, O'Rourke 21%, Sanders & Warren 12%, Harris 7%,

Google collects face data now. Here's what it means and how to opt out

SHERO of the day goes to Rep. Deb Butler (NC). I WILL NOT YIELD!

Medicare for All would save this caller who cannot afford to use his Obamacare

78 Years Ago Today; Groundbreaking takes place for the Pentagon

White House Pressed Agency to Repudiate Weather Forecasters Who Contradicted Trump

Trump Discussed Easing Iran Sanctions, Prompting Bolton Pushback

More adventures in the French language

Comcast sues Maine to stop law requiring sale of individual TV channels

Opus III - It's A Fine Day

Breaking - 2,500 people are missing and presumed dead in the Bahamas

Biden camp thinks the media just doesn't get it (and the Biden camp is right about this)

Business as usual

"A win for Elizatheth Warren would be a loss for the big banks.

Adviser who applauded rise in CO2 to leave administration

37% turnout in NC election

Oh my: Amid Water Crisis, Michigan's Top Health Official Said Flint Residents "Have to Die of Someth

Dangerous new hot zones are spreading around the world

Trump's Remarks at September 11th Pentagon Observance Ceremony

50 Times Kamala Accomplished/Advocated for Criminal Justice Reform (entry #s 7 & 8)

Rescue Me 9/11 speech

Team USA basketball eliminated from World Cup medal contention with 89-79 loss to France

If I ever won a million dollar lottery I'd give a quarter of it to my family. That way I'd still

The Rude Pundit: How Much of a Pussy Ass Bitch Is Donald Trump? An Investigation

NC Republicans hold surprise budget-vote as Democrats are out of town for 9-11 ceremony.

Enough of being respectful. Those of us who want gun sanity must demand it

I knew that Giuliani was a wannabe authoritarian, but WOW.

E.P.A. Says It Will Drastically Reduce Animal Testing

New Zealand firefighters performed a haka to pay tribute...

Express, commuter newspaper published by The Washington Post, shuts down after 16 years

Texas Leads the Nation in Polling Place Closures Since 2013

Disturbance heading into the Gulf this weekend and may strengthen

Trump administration readies ban on flavored e-cigarettes amid outbreak of vaping-related deaths

I found this picture of the North Carolina jackass who pulled that stunt today...

I keep having this song running through my head

Bari Weiss, NYT writer, answers a question I've had for a long time...

Sounds of silence...............

So then while we're talking about my fake hurricane forecast

Injunction against Trump policy lifted in asylum case

Bernie Sanders jumps to the lead in NH: Franklin Pierce-Herald poll shows

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 12, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: James Bond

Just curious: I absolutely LOVE bagpipes. Am I the only one here with that response to

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 13, 2019 -- TCM Spotlight: College Football

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 14, 2019 -- The Essentials: Akira Kurosawa

So, WalMart "respectfully asked" Texans not to "open carry" firearms in their stores.

Who can name me a major Democrat who came and campaigned for McCready?

Report: Supply problems make real estate headaches for buyers in Puget Sound

Trump drags John Bolton: "John is known as a tough guy. He's so tough he got us into Iraq.

Crabs and shrimp are flocking to the Deepwater Horizon spill site to mate, and it's making them sick

Democrats, Forget Mueller. Here is what could really impeach Trump.

GameStop lays off 14% of workers, closing up to 200 stores

Multiple Victims Stabbed at Tallahassee Industrial Park: Police

Trump continues his solemn observance of 9/11 by just makin' shit up about Dan Bishop.

Write five words you can spell:

Port Orchard homeowners looking toward future after last year's devastating tornado

Another reason Bolton got fired, apparently, is that Kim loves Trump and Trump loves Kim, BUT...

Mysterious underground fire has been burning near Yosemite for 5 years

Rocky super-Earth named most habitable known world beyond solar system

Forget much of what you knew about the breakup of the Beatles...

Everett High School reopens Wednesday after flooding

Trump, on Melania: "She's got a son, together...that is a...a...beautiful young man"

On my list of things I'd like to see:

Democrats, forget Mueller. Here's what could really impeach Trump

Joe Biden's appeal actually isn't a mystery (Washington Post)

Looking For a Laugh Today..No Matter Your Football Team - This Is Funny

Frozen dragon of the north winds"

Caroline Wozniacki and Bethanie Mattek-Sands have enrolled at Harvard.....

In memory of 9/11, the boatlift

"The Only Plane in the Sky" Book Review

Chrissy Teigen Recalls the Moment Donald Trump Tweeted About Her: 'My Heart Stopped'

Mulvaney, told Ross to have the NOAA publicly disavow the forecasters' position that AL not at risk.

The 2019 9/11 Day Memorial Film Festival

This 9-year-old was denied school lunch on his birthday. Now the district is making changes

AOC makes student loan payment during congressional hearing on loans

Promises, promises...

NFL will consider placing Antonio Brown on paid leave and making him ineligible to play

Uber, Lyft to provide Seattle immigrants with free rides to naturalization interviews

Yeah! Northern CO mountains due to get their first snow of the season...

Trump raises pressure on Fed, seeking rates of zero or less

FICO: Average credit score reaches all-time high of 706

T. Boone Pickens, larger-than-life energy tycoon and OSU diehard, dies at 91

Remembering Mychal Judge. O.F. M., first certified fatality of 9/11 attacks on

The US isn't building enough houses, and that's not changing anytime soon

More Than 70 Elected Officials in Texas Endorse Beto

Gargantuan 'Bubbles' of Radio Energy Spotted at the Center of Our Galaxy. How'd They Get There?

QAnon is "rallying" in Washington...

'I love Bernie, but': Sanders struggling to persuade voters he's electable

The stories of the 300 dogs of 911... Please take time to ponder their sacrifices too

On this day in history 163 years ago

MHW: Iceborne - The Music

EIA trims 2019 coal production outlook in new report. Production to fall to 617.3 million tons.

Colombia's local elections: alleged terrorism sponsors vs journalists

Krystal Ball touts Sanders odds in Texas

Prayer of Mychal Judge, O.F.M., first casuality of 9/11 attacks, NYC

White house lawyer nominated as judge stays mum at hearing

My condolences to the Palin kids, Pistol, Trig, Track, Algebra 2, and Varsity Tennis, during this

I'm not a Katie Tur fan but I loved her commentary on

Thunderhead preview to the approaching storm

You raised $223.00 on September 10, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Judge Recalled After Brock Turner Case Now Coaches Girls High School Tennis

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2

12-year-old Bahamian girl separated from parents, ends up in Miami home for migrant kids

Anyone with any experience with Sharepoint?

tRump rally pushed Bishop over the edge...

Susan B. Anthony Trial Site

Bahama Death Toll of 40,000 from Hurricane Dorian: My Estimate

India builds detention camps for up to 1.9m people 'stripped of citizenship' in Assam

Murders in Brazil Fell 10% in 2018, but Police Are Killing More

Parliament suspension: Government refuses to publish No 10 communications

Danforth Center, Wash U Scientists Study Increasing Carbon Dioxide Levels On Plants

Danforth Center, Wash U Scientists Study Increasing Carbon Dioxide Levels On Plants

Why is this not front page news?: "China confirms it is suspending agricultural product purchases"

Trump rage tweets about the media, Hillary Clinton and polling minutes before 9/11 ceremony

Federal watchdog to probe Trump's land seizures to build border wall

Anyone watch Leah Remini's series about Scientology?

Kushner Tells GOP to Unite Behind Immigration Plan

Federweier and Zwiebelkuchen - whaaaaahhhh I want some!!!

12 Church Leaders Accused of Forcing Homeless People into Slavery for Money

Brexit : Some of the Yellowhammer docs have been published and it's not pretty !

Countdown to the Rugby World Cup!

Chile's 9/11 Coup: Salvador Allende's Last Words

Near-miss titles...

Trump admin won't give temporary protected status to Bahamians who fled Hurricane Dorian

A view of Hurricane Dorian from the Florida Coast

Water found for first time on potentially habitable planet

THE MOST INSPIRING STORY 💕 "I've been bullied my entire life," the freshman said. But...

Michael Conway, Former counsel, U.S. House Judiciary Committee scathing opinion piece on Impeachment

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 11, 2019

Nice response from Bernie Sanders RE: Trump admin proposed ban of flavored e-cigarettes.

Trump admin won't give temporary protected status to Bahamians who fled Hurricane Dorian

he looks like his big orange head is made of lumpy clay here

Fears of no-deal chaos as ministers forced to publish secret Brexit papers


Does anyone remember a family mass murder that occurres

Dedicate a song or two to the asshole Trump administration. I'll start:

Bad news for this 18th anniversary of 9/11: We forgot.

'Mr. Tough Guy': Trump delivers vicious takedown of Bolton

Cat! What cat?

Housing Advocates Respond To 'Crackdown' On California Homelessness, 'Internment Camps'

Hoyer backpedals after contradicting Nadler on impeachment probe

New Photos Emerge of Falwell at Miami Nightclub

CNN Poll: Biden leads as Warren and Sanders battle for second on eve of debate

New CNN poll: Biden 24%, Warren 18%, Sanders 17%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 6%, O'Rourke 5%,

Slip-of-the-tongue reveals Donald Trump doesn't regard Barron Trump as his child.

Proof Of The Bernie Bias - Read It And Weep

Photos: D.C.'s Oldest House Was Built Before The United States Was Founded

OxyContin maker reaches tentative opioid-crisis settlement

I have a Samsung TV...

What's up with magats

Elizabeth Warren Touts Anti-Corruption Plan In Auditorium Shores Town Hall

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-11: This Is The Story Of A Hurricane Edition

The Number Of Texans Without Health Insurance Continues To Climb

Every day, lying and idiocy and dementia

Corn/Friedman:House Dems Examining Whether the Middleman in Trump's Secret Moscow Deal Withheld Info

Microsoft president says US government isn't being open about Huawei ban

Judge allows Twin Peaks lawsuit to continue, dismisses McLennan County as defendant

Uruguay's clam die-off is a vivid sign of global warming's ripple effects

California just passed a landmark law to regulate Uber and Lyft

As a legislator, he sexually harassed a staffer. Now he seeks to join Caldwell council.

Crushing it: Argentine farmers cheer China soymeal deal while U.S. growers fret

Scientists say they found first potentially habitable planet with water in its skies

What was really 'unbeknownst' to us in Taliban treaty

Interesting thread on Democratic messaging

Trump's Bizarre History With 9/11

Can Democrats Flip Texas In 2020?

Why officials patronizing Trump's businesses is corrupt, explained for Kevin McCarthy

FIFA officials to visit Iran after death of 'Blue Girl'

Trump slams 'phony' poll showing him trailing several 2020 Democrats

While NC Dems were at 9-11 ceremony GOP ratfu*ks override budget veto.

cartoons 9/11/19

WATCH: On her first day back, @KatyTurNBC discusses becoming a new mother, her maternity leave...

Trump: "Innocent children" are "coming home and they're saying, 'mom, I want to vape!'"

Both NBC and MSNBC have lead in music to whenever


Lindsey Graham - I'm all in with Trump

Trump admin won't give temporary protected status to Bahamians who fled Hurricane Dorian

Pups 12 days

Please read this if you are discouraged and/or pessimistic about last night's NC vote.

Start screaming to protect our democracy (Op-Ed)

America's Electronic Voting System is Corrupted to the Core - Jenny Cohn

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 12 September 2019

Government Publishes Operation Yellowhammer Plans

I am not often at a loss for words, but I have run out of explanations and justifications with which

Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens dies at age 91

50 Times Kamala Accomplished/Advocated for Criminal Justice Reform (entry #s 9 & 10)

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Towers of courage

Stephen King tells The View which Trump policy is even more horrifying than his new book

Greta Thunberg, Climate Activist on Global Climate Strike, Sept. 20: In Depth

Supreme Court says Trump administration can begin denying migrants asylum at southern border

GM Strike Risk at 12-Year High With Weekend Deadline Approaching

Outcry as Bolsonaro's son questions value of democracy in Brazil

GM Strike Risk at 12-Year High With Weekend Deadline Approaching

Diesel cars emit more air pollution on hot days, study says

The GazettE (for all you heavy metal rockers out there!)

Republicans PLANNED a 9-11 attack on NCs democracy and freedoms.

Trump's Fish and Wildlife pick Aurelia Skipwith under scrutiny for previous work for Monsanto

Six people die from vaping and Trump lurches into action.

Campus News Article on the Issues At My Place of Employment

Leaders of California ministry charged with forced labor

Kelly Ward AZ..AZGOP chairperson.. is very upset...

Court ruling suggests Boris Johnson may have broken the ultimate taboo: lying to Her Majesty

Info on ABC Debate tomorrow (Thursday nigh) at 8PM: fyi

CHU's Day

Psssssssssssst!Military Postpones Refueling Deal with Scottish Airport Amid Investigation

So vaping is more dangerous than an AR-15? Got it.

Trump's tweet on Fed, negative rates and debt is called a 'recipe for disaster'

"Alaska swimmer's win reinstated after swimsuit controversy":

Bahamas: 2,500 people registered as missing in wake of hurricane

Hands down, my favorite response to trump*'s brain fart about Barron is from The Palmer Report

Water found for first time on potentially habitable planet

Bernie Sanders's Enduring Appeal to the Youth Vote in Iowa

Navajos Will Save the World Again, By Defeating Trump

'Castro's Cuisine'

Senators blast Trump judicial nominee Steven Menashi for silence at hearing

Trump Flirts With $15 Billion Bailout for Iran, Sources Say

Minnesota archbishop opens investigation into fellow bishop

I just had a flashback to May 2016 while at my doctor's

The Latest: UK govt: Businesses not ready for no-deal Brexit

Supreme Court to allow Trump administration to enforce asylum restrictions

Trump's one good 2020 poll just turned against him

Mmmm, tell ya what...... (Bolton funny) 😁

Chinese woman Yujing Zhang found guilty on two counts related to Mar-a-Lago security breach

Chinese woman Yujing Zhang found guilty on two counts related to Mar-a-Lago security breach

Three Candidates Attend First Asian American Democratic Presidential Forum

SEPT 12 - Watch LIVE on YouTube: Democratic Presidential Debate from Houston - ABC News

Santa Fe says Meow Wolf Violated Living Wage

Gov. Cooper's Response NC House Overrides Budget Veto in Surprise Vote

''Now do AR-15s.''

Trailing candidates soldier on in obscurity

BEGIN Japanology - Ekiben

Potency of Wisconsin THC cartridges may be higher than claim

Potency of Wisconsin THC cartridges may be higher than claim

Whoopi Goldberg Shreds 300+ House Members for Blowing Off 9/11 Moment of Silence

What ever happened to the investigation into the FBI building scandal?

I'm totally convinced the children are the subject of organ harvesting and medical experiments

Does vaping weed have the same health risks as e-cigs?

Trump delays increase in tariffs on Chinese goods by two weeks 'as a gesture of goodwill'

We are too old not to get arrested for children at the border

Don Lemon on Donald Trump, Chris Cuomo & Bachelor Party

Healthcare Ad Spending Exceeds $65 Million in 2019 as Insurance Industry tries to kill Med 4 all.

One of the most poignant 911 remembrances I've seen.

As AOC and Ayanna Pressley Demand Answers on Trump Policy That Would Deport Sick Kids, ICE silent.

Poll: Biden, Sanders top Dem field among Latinos

Trump Wants To Make It Harder For African Americans To Buy Homes

NBC News is reporting that Michael Cohen has signed a "proffer agreement" with District Att

Booker keeps Senate fallback safe

After hoping for British to reverse Brexit, many Europeans can't wait for them to leave