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Archives: September 14, 2019

The Trump Administration Is Canceling California's GI Bill Approval Power, But The State Is Fighting

Report on Election Security Gains Attention, and a Sharp Rebuke

The weight of history is upon those Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee.

BREAKING: DoJ has filed brief arguing the House Judiciary's impeachment inquiry ISN'T ONE.

Did I see Biden go down 1% on DU since the debate?

Is Trump manipulating the stock market?

Bernie Sanders: We Are Taking On The ENTIRE System - TYT Interview

Let's make pie!

Cheese or Chocolate Fondue?

Trump's trade war is about to make it harder for Americans abroad to vote.

Forget 8K, Sony's New 63-Foot 16K Crystal LED TV Is Now Available--for a Few Million

Goldschmidt hook slides into 1st to avoid a tag

14 million tune in for Democratic debate as cable news ignores Trump's Hillary Clinton rant

The 2020 candidates who have qualified for the next Democratic debate in OCTOBER...

14 million tune in for Democratic debate as cable news ignores Trump's Hillary Clinton rant

SCHIFF: Potentially Massive Whistleblower Complaint Against Trump Being Withheld From Congress

Eno the emu dies during capture. 'Everyone is devastated' by bird's death, official says

Federal court rules hotel and restaurant owners can sue Trump over unfair competition

Concerning healthcare coverage, I think Biden had the

French chef teaches fondue eating etiquette

🔥 LIVE: College For All Rally at the University of Nevada, Reno

Rollingstone's Jamil Smith: Dems need an antiracist nominee to go up against Trump

US and Brazil agree to Amazon development

US and Brazil agree to Amazon development

Cameron suspected Cummings of 'dripping poison' into Gove's ear

Sulphur hexafluoride: Climate change: Electrical industry's 'dirty secret' boosts warming

DOJ argues House lawmakers should not gain access to Mueller grand jury materials

Real Time with Bill Maher tonight:

With BARR doing so much crossing the line protecting tRUMP, what could be done

Biden's 'record player' answer was right. Social workers and parenting changes can shrink the racial

I just ate some peppers so hot they made me sweat some of my hair out!

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! The Chosen One!

Someone is dumping dozens of well cared for dogs in West Texas. Rescue groups struggle to keep up

US Air Force restricts KC-46 from carrying cargo and passengers

Right Way to Eat Sushi - Japanese Sushi Chef

Republicans Clash Over Fundraising Platform

KFC boss gives up on healthy fast food after menu flopped because 'customers hated it'

Juanita Abernathy, long at the forefront of the civil rights movement, dies at 89

Looking forward to this. I never really knew her work but have heard

Friday Talking Points -- Selenofriggatriskaidekaphobia (Revisited)

I am sure I have overlooked something, but it seems to me that most of the right wing's gnashing

Election 2019: Virginia Democrats Knock a Quarter Million Doors in August


Kamala stayed out of the squabbling and brought the fight straight to Trump

Why so much talk about Biden's age and nothing about Sanders?

my latest crop

Michigan Police Officer Is Terminated After K.K.K. Application Was Found in His Home

"Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice" - opened in theaters Sept 6

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was on TMZ today [WATCH 9 minute video]:

Inside the drug industry's plan to disarm the DEA

Nina Turner, co-chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign makes the case for Bernie

Biden needs a coach.

Last Night I Was Wrong When I Called for Castro to Step Down About What Joe Said...

HUD Secretary Ben Carson, other top Trump officials to visit California as White House ramps up home

Kamala Harris Stares Into The Camera And Tells Trump He Should Be Indicted

I know the world laughs at us, I have to laugh at the goings on, but it's not funny

Berman, T.J. back for NFL PrimeTime on ESPN+

Nice to see the field come around and support @BarackObama again. Thing is, @JoeBiden has been there

Former White House official Neomi Rao formally sworn in as newest federal appeals court judge in D.C

3 trainers accused of using cayenne pepper to get show dogs to perform. Now they face animal cruelty

Elizabeth Warren Blames Mitch McConnell Corruption For Endless Gun Massacres

McCabe's team asks Justice if grand jury rejected charges

In 'Disgusting' Move, Jeff Bezos Abruptly Cuts Health Benefits for Nearly 2,000 Part-Time workers...

12 monarchs in my garden again this year.

In your face

Nadler will respond to DOJ on Lawrence in a few n/t

Is there an actual definition of "privileged" when it comes to the executive branch?

Trump to have dinner with Otto Warmbier's parents: report

David Rothkopf for the win tonight...

Mierlo: Vandals deface British WW2 graves in Netherlands

Friday Night Lemon Vodka Buzz. I need you. All of you.

BARR/TRUMP BULLSHIT: DOJ cites Dems' mixed-up impeachment messages to undercut House probe

Botham Jean shooting: Jury pool for cop who killed black man asked about biases

Why NYC's council made the 'painful' decision to repeal its ban on conversion therapy

Any history of mental illness in your family?

You know, I'm NOT a psychic, but my crystal ball tells me Trump Brand Vaping products are coming.

This is why he's angry, this is why he yells.

United Airlines Kicks Retired Professors Off Late-Night Flight

NYT: (New cast member) Shane Gillis's Jokes Went Too Far. Should That End His 'S.N.L.' Career?

ranitidine: FDA finds low levels of cancer-linked impurity (NDMA) in common heartburn drugs

Coming for your AR-15? O'Rourke scrambles Dems' gun message

Coming for your AR-15? O'Rourke scrambles Dems' gun message


Strategy Chief Kathy Nuebel Kovarik Wants To Kick Desperately Ill People Out Of THe Country

Britain may need a second Brexit referendum, says former PM

The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe Day 6: three former paramilitaries and one senate aide

Total Strangers Form A Human Chain To Rescue A Dog

Sept. 10-13 Harris X poll, Likely (definite) voters: Biden 38%, Warren 15%, Sanders 14%, Harris 5%,

Florida Man's $128,000 Bugatti Veyron is Actually a Mercury Cougar

Guy Stays Behind In Hurricane With His Dogs

How the Venezuela debacle got Colombia's foreign minister sued and asked about narcos

Brazilian Politician Offers US$2,440 to Kill Murder Suspect

Mother Dog Cries For Help So Someone Will Help Save Her Puppies

Porto Alegre Judge Rules against Censorship of Cartoon Exhibit that Criticized Jair Bolsonaro

Bill Maher theorized that if both Biden and Warren arrive even at the convention

UAW and Ford, FCA agree to temporary labor contract extensions

EU stresses support for Cuba even as U.S. hikes sanctions

Christopher Titus - The Wall & Drug Dealers - Amerigeddon

Facebook fact-checker finds UK Conservatives ran ads with altered BBC headline

Facebook fact-checker finds UK Conservatives ran ads with altered BBC headline

Why does every organization survey the users? Complained Maher

Tweet of the Day

The Daily Show: Trump Fires John Bolton

Ivanka says she got her moral compass from her father.

'It Is Our Very Governments Who Are Killing the Earth.' A Brazilian Indigenous Leader Speaks Out On

'It Is Our Very Governments Who Are Killing the Earth.' A Brazilian Indigenous Leader Speaks Out On

Seth Meyers - The Third Democratic Debate - 9/12/19

Seth Meyers: Guest Eric Holder's Family Didn't Want Him to Run for President in 2020

Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

I switched! Saw BERNIE today in Carson... He handed me the MIC!

Trump: "You ever notice in Texas, they sit down at breakfast and wear the hat? I'd LIKE that."

AP: Justice Dept. opposes House request for Mueller materials

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Democratic Debate

There's a New Blackest Material Ever, and It's Eating a Diamond As We Speak

Tweet from Atlanta's mayor: Real #HBCU love today for @JoeBiden @TexasSouthern

Trump official urges end to medical exemption for deportations

NASCAR shocks gun industry as it appears to block some firearm ads

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sean Penn on Democratic Debate & 2020 Election

Anti-vaccine activist throws menstrual cup at California lawmakers, prompting evacuation

Is this related to our DOJs attempt to discredit the Trump-Russia investigations?

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

TS Humberto: Bahamas brace for another storm just weeks after Hurricane Dorian

I just read a post on one of my FB groups

Federal Appeals Court Rules Seth Rich's Family Can Sue Fox News

When regular penis wine just doesn't cut it any more

MoviePass is shutting down tomorrow (Sep. 14)

The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week

Next Democratic Debate Announced

'Soliloquy' by Jennifer Higdon, Susan Glaser on flute/Clara Schumann: 'Piano Trio'

Black mold keeps Asheville High students out of classrooms

Bankrupt California utility PG&E, blamed for deadly wildfires, agrees to $11bn payout

This Ancient Belt Buckle Retrieved from 'Russian Atlantis' Looks Like a Bedazzled iPhone Case

reina, toni, josh & carson - harvest moon (live - 2019) it seemed apros pos

House committee subpoenas acting intelligence director

The Full Moon, on Friday the 13th, two versions:

Now I'm REALLY upset...

Ohio gamer sentenced to 15 months prison in Wichita 'swatting' case

Mysterious Indus Valley People Gave Rise to Modern-Day South Asians

Jury awards $17M to 3 plaintiffs in deadly Amtrak derailment

Jury awards $17M to 3 plaintiffs in deadly Amtrak derailment

A Border Patrol gala retirement party will be held at a Trump golf resort

Image: Hubble glimpses faint galaxy

2 Great Job Refusal Lines. Does anybody have others.

Mitch Ryder - When You Where Mine

Seth Abramson has some info about White House and DOJ hiding whistleblower info.

Suzi Quatro - The Wild one

Earthrise - Planet Earth Seen From The Moon - Real Time Journey Across The Lunar Surface

Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory

New York Dolls - Trash

Some times it just helps to remember where we are from...

VISTA unveils a new image of the Large Magellanic Cloud

Seth Abramson's hair on fire regarding the Whistleblower/National Security Threat emergency.

Don't Fear the NRA.

The Damned - Jet Boy Jet Girl

Beto O'Rourke's Health Care Plan Summary

Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch Me



Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/13/19

Gerrymandering in NC: Not dead yet

(Jewish Group) Bari Weiss: How to Fight Anti-Semitism (Bill Maher)

Racially insensitive text from school board member included a picture of 'Mushmouth,' sources say

(Jewish Group) A French medical student faced intense anti-Semitic bullying. Authorities dropped it

US and Brazil agree to Amazon development

Trump's Acting National Security Adviser Said Nuclear War With USSR Was Winnable

Kamala Harris on CNN

Kamala Harris interview on CNN

Parent company of Lexington methadone clinic must pay $110,000 to settle racial harassment lawsuit.

North Korea on steroids

California by night -

State health secretary expresses concerns about DHHS funding cuts as state budget advances

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic flyers left on buildings in Indy Jewish community

Snakes That Killed Dinosaurs!

Are the wheels coming off inside the WH? Lou Dobbs does Baghdad Bob for Cult45 loyalists

(Jewish Group) Trenton council president uses 'Jew her down' slur in meeting

soccer crowd BOO as US Armed Forces enlistees are asked to pledge loyalty to President Trump

(Jewish Group) A Persian Upside-Down Cake for Rosh Hashanah

(Jewish Group) Washington State Synagogue Shelters Asylum Seekers (Updated)

Doctors from another area hospital group split off to join Tryon Medical Partners

James Baldwin Home Added to US Historic Places Register

Turning Anti-Gay Attack Into a Trans Rights PSA

(Jewish Group) Turning Anti-Gay Attack Into a Trans Rights PSA

UNC faculty delay vote that sought to halt controversial public discourse program

Turning Anti-Gay Attack Into a Trans Rights PSA

SNL comedian gives the absolute worst apology for anti-gay slurs

When you have given up on life...

205 Years Ago Today; Francis Scott Key writes "Defence of Fort M'Henry" aka "Star Spangled Banner"

"People have died because of austerity, and you've got the cheek to come here and tell us....."

They texted the wrong number, but reached the right person -- a total stranger who offered to help

Motorcycle Dog

Tough stuff to watch, but real -- @AnnieGrayerCNN reports from Sanders event in Reno, NV:

Julian Castro, under fire for jabs about Joe Biden's memory, says he won't 'play it safe'

For Five Straight Years, 2014-18, We Destroyed 26 Million Hectares Of Forest Per Year

Indonesia's Environment Minister Deals With Choking Smoke Problem By Denying It Exists

When age wasn't a variable:

A New Senate Climate Caucus Will Unite Republicans And Democrats Blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

Don't Worry! Trump's New UN Ambassador Says She Will "Be An Advocate For Addressing Climate Change"

The connection between Brexit and our Republican Party

More Than 1/3 Of California Republicans Believe That Climate Impacts "Will Never Happen"

130 Fires In NSW & Queensland, Temps 10C Over Averages, And It's Still Winter Down There

Judith Curry Gives Up On Science & Peer Review, But Will Blog, Post Op-Eds To National Review

Humberto forecast to pass near Bermuda around Thursday

Warren has her own plan for everything - except this

Drone attacks set Saudi Aramco oil facilities ablaze

Breakfast Saturday 14 September 2019

Explain in 10 words or less why Warren is the best candidate.

Explain in 10 words or less why Biden is the best candidate.

Explain in 10 words or less why Harris is the best candidate.

Explain in 10 words or less why Sanders is the best candidate.

Explain in 10 words or less why Buttigieg is the best candidate.

NASCAR shocks gun industry as it appears to block some firearm ads

Happy National Eat A Hoagie, Sub, Torpedo, Grinder, Po' boy, Hero Day! What'll You Have? 🥖

Absolutely despicable: Fox News is *lauding* the guy who threatened to shoot Beto.

Or doughnuts? Why are doughnuts not a god-given right? Why are guns different?

This conversation does not just apply to one demographic, it applies to all, and to suggest that

Biden's "record player" remark in the debates

Can't wait to see what @JoyAnnReid is going to talk about on her show this morning. 10AM ET.

Weekend TOONs - The Oranges of the Orange

Watch Chris Cuomo decimate Elizabeth Heng, who made the AOC ad.

MSNBC breaks in to state Trump announcing Hamza Bin Laden killed; He was killed in JULY!

Trump's personal attorney Bill Barr, summed up in one simple photo.

You raised $465.00 on September 13, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

"Imagine a World without Jews" Hofstra University professor

This is a fyi on farming praire hay...

Boris Johnson accused of denying climate change by LibDems

Boris Johnson accused of denying climate change by LibDems

Trump up your game with ScrapBull... 😂

Trump: "'A Very Stable Genius!' Thank you," "94% Approval Rating," "Who the hell is Joy-Ann Reid?"

discussion is going to be a bumpy ride today

Drug companies seek removal of judge in landmark opioid case

a typically corrupt repub: Kremlin-Controlled Russian Bank Hires Trump Insider as a Lobbyist

TVA coal ash cleanup to cost billions of dollars and decades to complete, officials say

How does one make a tilde? n/t

Candidates dash for cash, seeking money to sustain presidential campaigns and avoid a death spiral

TVA coal ash cleanup to cost billions of dollars and decades to complete, officials say

PA Trump voter shreds president for breaking promises to Rust Belt: 'He pulled a Houdini on us"

West African leaders meet on extremism in the region

Austria's Far Right Freedom Party elects Norbert Hofer as new leader

Former UNM Athletics Director Paul Krebs turned himself into authorities

Former UNM Athletics Director Paul Krebs turned himself into authorities

A new Ken Burns film, "Country Music"

Poll: Most Don't Realize How Dramatically the M4A Proposals Would Revamp the health care system

Conservatives have always been crazy: Teddy Bears are a monstrous crime, lead to race suicide (1907)

"All skin folk ain't kinfolk? Better check her record."

ABC's debate moderators don't understand what universal healthcare is

Ken Burns History of Country Music

Saudi Arabia reportedly shuts down half its oil production after drone attack

Tennessee high school football players baptized on field after practice

Tennessee high school football players baptized on field after practice

trumpty dumpty attacks MSNBC's Joy Reid

Any Les Miles fans here?

Busted flush: gold toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace

Wow! Scaramucci is sounding the alarm on Trump.

Who will Joe pick


How ironic that the sharpie moment will be the line in the sand

Talking Points for Medicare 4 All from a Public Health Physician

Andrew Yang is a charter school advocate...

Apropos of nothing, Trump tweets today:

Roughly, 60% of the people want Trump out of office. Less than 50% want him impeached?

I saw a woman in a MAGA hat. Trumpkins in the midst.

Artworks by children around the world installed at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue

Republican Trump challengers warn of totalitarian drift in party

Let me off at the next stop...

Enjoy the Joy Reid segment that made Man Baby Trump lose his shit..."Smokin' hot beauty tips"


Not gonna hold my breath....

Military Giant Cats

The American people fiddled while America burned.

Proud of Andrew (Back on Track)

One of the 100 greatest plays

Why single payer died in Vermont

Lower interest rates, 50 yr treasuries, negative yield, BOOM...

Brazil's Amazon chief Raoni tapped for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize nomination

Brazil's Amazon chief Raoni tapped for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize nomination

It's unusual, but a pundit actually cause me to change my sig line here.

Judge blocks attempt to remove Charlottesville Confederate statues

Thieves steal $5 million gold toilet from Britain's Blenheim Palace

Fluffy Cloud Meets Kitty Friend

Alaska seal die-off spurs government investigation

Next Tuesday is an obstruction of justice open hearing with Cory Lewandowski.

Elizabeth Warren has two messages for Jeff Bezos

BERN NOTICE: 5 Examples of Biden Literally Reciting Health Care Industry Talking PointsI'm

MA-SEN: Looks like Kennedy is going to run.

Drug companies back effort to remove judge from federal lawsuit

Bolton resigned after Trump suggested relieving Iranian sanctions

This is painful to hear. But there are millions of people like John

White House surrenders on Ukraine foreign aid

'Greed is not good, it makes sociopaths,' Seattle entrepreneur says

Shooting At Westlake Station Leaves 1 Person Dead

3 horrifying extreme weather scenarios the US doesn't talk about enough

Mugabe funeral: Leaders pay tribute at quarter-full stadium

California votes to block Trump's environmental rollbacks, defying Newsom's objections

This might be my favorite Sarah Huckabee Sanders burn, ever

Dear Senator Warren: we love our private insurancd companies

"You don't get to lie about women's bodies on my watch. That's the way it is."

That Time Oprah Gave 276 People 'Free' Cars That Actually Cost Them $6,000 In Taxes

An interesting yard sale story.

London Trans Pride is the 'one day we're not outcasts'

In all-staff email, NOAA chief praises scientists after agency's defense of incorrect Trump tweet

Solid gold toilet stolen from Winston Churchill's birthplace

Can't wait to see Kamala as AG prosecuting the crooks live

White House to roll out tax cut plan mid-2020: Kudlow

Flint, Michigan has a mural project. Here's some I saw, today

Kidnapped by North Korea in 1978, this Japanese man lived to tell the tale

They were once America's cruelest, richest slave traders. Why does no one know their names?

The budget deficit tops $1 trillion

Former UN ambassador Samantha Power on why she has 'nothing but respect' for Joe Biden

Judge orders Eyman to reveal where he got nearly $800,000

Critics and allies sounded off on controversial housing plan

Trump floats possible defense treaty days ahead of Israeli elections

U.S. man in same-sex marriage sues Japan government

A Border Patrol gala retirement party will be held at a Trump golf resort

To spur investment, marijuana businesses want rules eased

Blue Cross denied Kelly Doran a scan during his recovery from lung cancer. So he switched his 250 em

Arrest made in synagogue arson in Duluth:

As seen on TV

9/14 THE GUARDIAN: Spy Oleg Smolenkov disappeared in Montenegro

54,812 people in the Seattle area spent at least 90 minutes getting to work, study finds

Will Trump be the first ex president indicted, tried and jailed?

Cartoons 9/14/19

The magazine cover Norman Rockwell never got to paint...

Any of the candidates said anything about the Saudi oil fields?

New Zealand introduces flurry of new gun restrictions six months after Christchurch

So Microsoft has a $20M contract with ICE

Trump Hopes to Convert Nonvoters

I now know what a "MAACA head" is. My son, a self professed MAACA head, wrote about it

Biden Will Release Medical Records

Michael Harriot of The Root just made an ass of himself questioning a Biden anecdote that's true

NM GOP candidate blasted for calling somebody 'unworthy a**hole'

Wow. Walmart not only enforcing their new no carry policy-but banned this man from stores nationwide

Cardi B for President

Challengers warn of totalitarian drift in party

Jeanine Pirro went on C-Span to promote her book and was basically called human garbage

Found this on Yahoo :) deficit don, Barack Obama, moscow mitch and a small kid were on a plane

Majority disapprove of President's climate change views

There's nothing so trustworthy as the ordinary mind of the ordinary man.

The Supreme Court, nationwide injunctions and leap frogging the lower courts

God, I just LOVE this game...

James Corden slams Bill Maher regarding fat shaming (a.k.a. bullying):

Tweet of the Day

🔥 Facebook LIVE Bernie Sanders Delivers Speech on Housing - Las Vegas

Korea-Japan and the End of the '65 System - Part IV: The '65 System's Decline

MSNBC's Joy Reid is getting desperate, pushing for Joe to leave race. She's getting lots of backlash

Republicans own the "fake news" that Trump rails against.

George W. Bush: has he been seen or heard from at all this year? Anybody know?

WATCH: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Both Used Joe Biden 'Millions Fewer Words' Talking Point

➡️NEWS: Sanders Previews National Housing Plan

In war on government and expertise, institutions surrender

Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump, you're a goddamned liar

Can someone please explain to me...

Electricity Prices Around the World 2013.

I got the video on my drone working!

A peaceful, easy feelin' (east view from East Butte lookout on 8/30/2013)

Poll: Biden health plan more popular

How bout that bullshitting liar on Rev's show

Joy Reid is getting dragged on twitter and facebook for promoting that Biden should drop out..

Black transgender woman Bee Love Slater found burned to death in Florida

ConMijente's forum with Sen. Sanders TODAY at 6:30pm ET livestream via @nowthisnews

Sorry folks.. I just had a very viseral an op I just deleted

The attack on the Saudi Oil Fields...

Two Tickets for Rachel's Book Tour in SF Available

Lithium mining for 'green' electric cars is leaving a stain on the planet

Pompeo blames Iran for drone attacks on Saudi oil field

Ok, this is pretty funny...

Just saw Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles, and I recommend it.

Although it Brings Tears....It keeps me Going...

I'm thinking Warren/Booker 2020

LIVE Mijente Presidential Forum Series Ft. Bernie Sanders - NowThis

Disgusting! Georgia driver's license investigation puts a life on hold

For lovers of good music and classic cars

GOP: Party of "Borrow and spend"

Revisiting depleted uranium

At the Hershey PA RV Show today

Mystery Solved: Private-Equity-Backed Firms Are Behind Ad Blitz on 'Surprise Billing'

healthcare is a human right

Nigerian children who escaped Boko Haram say they faced another 'prison': Military detention

🔥 Mijente Town Hall: Bernie Speaks with Latinx Voters

Biden speech tomorrow about Baptist bombing

Why we (still) need to talk about Chile's El Mercurio

Why we (still) need to talk about Chile's El Mercurio (Nixon, CIA-funded propaganda instrument)

What happens when the rest of the planet tells the Con

➡️NEWS: Sen. Sanders cancels three planned events in South Carolina Monday and Tuesday to rest voice

Republicans I know: hypocrisy, hate, racism and sexism

Bill Maher New Rules: 5 Star Economy

Fat cat rolling in money

Civil Rights Groups Challenge Trump's "Racially Discriminatory Scheme" to Skew Redistricting

The $353 million con

Is Putin's Parade of Public vehicles in Moscow an epic troll pranking our PABOTUS ?

Scary tweet:

NYT: "We also uncovered a previously unreported story about Mr. Kavanaugh in his freshman year"

Homeless Residents Got One-Way Tickets Out of Town. Many Returned to the Streets.

Hundreds of students not compliant with new vaccine law in western Washington