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Could the neo-cons and their allies have hit those oil facilities from Iraq

My craigslist ad shows up in the main category

Fort Leonard Wood Takes A New Approach To Suicide Prevention

Fort Leonard Wood Takes A New Approach To Suicide Prevention

Beto responds to Sen. Coons and Mayor Pete on Gun Violence Plan

Fort Leonard Wood Takes A New Approach To Suicide Prevention

Juju is quite talented. She transformed images of me.. they are lovely

Should there be a bi-cameral, bi-partisan meeting between the Democratic and Republican leaders?

A story I have never seen, "Football Field on Fire" CNN:

Mike Huckabee: We Are Coming To Take Your SKATEBOARD!

The Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek Found Dead in Manhattan Home at 75

You can explore Washington State Parks for free on September 28

'FED UP' Movie: The US Food Industry, Sugar & Obesity Epidemic

The Con to join PM Modi in Houston to address 50,000 Indian-Americans, says White House

Generating light from darkness New device generates electricity from the cold night sky

Kellyanne Suggests Trump Is Better Because He Doesn't 'Study' Situations Before Making Decisions

Ric Ocasek, Lead Singer of The Cars, Dead in New York at 75

Crude prices jump 12% after drone strikes halve Saudi oil output

For an indigenous group in Brazil, parenting literally takes a village

Trump says US 'locked and loaded depending on verification' of attack on Saudi oil field

Pelosi Will Target Mitch McConnell Next

EXCLUSIVE: Steven Mnuchin's Mysterious Link to Creepy Epstein Model Scout

Velvet Underground-"Sunday Morning"

Nami Tamaki 09 Naked (Greeting)

Indian granny's one rupee breakfast wins hearts

Border Patrol agents complain about national backlash

BoA - Every Heart

For an indigenous group in Brazil, parenting literally takes a village

About impeaching Justice Beer Bong Weenie Waver

This is one strong woman - Usha Reddi Kansas for U. S. Senate

Black student beaten, kicked and called N-word, according to UA police report

The Cars' singer Ric Ocasek dead at 75 -- reports (updated)

Anybody watching Ken Burns' Country Music? n/t

First-ever Muslim elected to Nashville Metro Council

"Congratulations members of the US Armed Forces-Mohammed Din Salman is your new Commander in Chief!"

A federal judge vowed to tackle the opioid crisis. Drug companies say that's a sign of bias.

In memory of Ric Ocasek

Beto O'Rourke steers donors to Briscoe Cain's rival over Texas rep's threat.

Bernie Sanders Gets Stuff Done - 5 Amazing Victories

Alec BALDWIN roast, the day after. It was *brutal* -- no spoilers here. Re-runs next few days

Now he says an apology and a change makes horrid views okay. That was quick.

Got a sync error with Outlook vs. Google/gmail -

Has the definition of socialism changed in recent years?

One of the ways you can tell a trump pod person is they all get this look

Tweet of the Day

U.S. Senate candidate sends racially-charged texts to business owner

Common garden spider in action...graphic warning

I think we are getting ready to strike Iran this time. I really hope the media does their job this

The best healthcare in the World is useless...

Mitch Albom: Jabs at Joe Biden mask our growing ageism issue

Someone tell me again that Kamala Harris is "too rehearsed"

Election 2019: NRA Gave Virginia Republicans Nearly $10,000 Last Week Alone

Very illustrative and illuminating article on "Pathocracy"

Election 2019: With 51 Days Until Election Day, Mayor Pete Buttigieg Stumps for Virginia Candidates

With 51 Days Until Election Day, Mayor Pete Buttigieg Stumps for Virginia Candidates

Medicaid work requirements to take effect in fall 2020


The Old Laughing Lady

'Ringing' Black Hole Validates Einstein's General Relativity Ahead Of Schedule

Hong Kong: Pro-Democracy Protesters Sing 'God Save the Queen,' Call for UK Support

Why Is Korean So Hard?

We have an honest-to-God racist in the White House. Let's keep our eyes on the prize.


Can anyone else please weigh in on these graphs for DJIA? Thanks

Bizarre Fire Tornado Filmed Ripping Through Farm In Brazil

Bizarre Fire Tornado Filmed Ripping Through Farm In Brazil

Not Too Late for Kamala Harris

What outrage will some DUers gin up about about Joe tomorrow?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 17: Star of the Month: Sidney Poitier

If you can't afford to take care of your veterans, then don't go to war.

UAW to go on strike after negotiations with GM fall through

Anyone prompted to offer intercession for this little one. Texas girl stricken with brain eating

Danes Raise Millions Of Euros In First- Ever Climate Telethon

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 18: TCM Special Theme: 100 Years of United Artists

So now we're liberal plus?

Are the Positions of the U.S. and Japanese Governments in Agreement in the American POW Forced Labor

Danes Raise Millions Of Euros In First- Ever Climate Telethon (e&e)

"Trump wants to start a war with Iran on behalf of a country which murdered and dismembered...

Sanders: Congress will not give you authority to start a war because Saudi dictatorship told you to

Bottled Water Is Sucking Florida Dry (NYT)

Trump lashes out at "no talent" Joy Reid (MSNBC).

Democratic candidates take shots at Rep. David Schweikert, ponder electability

Rachel Maddow: Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US

Prohibited items at Trump rally

Trump Literally Says "Saudi Arabia Should Fight Their Own Wars." ...When Obama Was President.

Gallop polls on reparations for the legacy of slavery

Kim Jong-un invites Trump to visit Pyongyang, North Korea

Gannett Confiscates Pro-Union Arizona Republic Reporter's Work Phone

I told the vendor, "You're either a marketing genius or a potential diplomat..."

Schiff sounds like he wants to imprison people held in contempt of congress.

Instructions on how to run Fox News / White House.

Arizona Game and Fish Promotes Its Own Hunting Contest While Banning Others

The "question about reparations" Biden's accused of answering incorrectly WASN'T about reparations

New US ambassador arrives in Colombia

Totally relaxed bulldog refuses to get up to go outside

Cats mastering different size doors

Election 2019: Virginia's 'off-off-year' elections were once sleepy. And then came Trump.

Draft Mexican law would grant amnesty to people serving jail time for minor drug offences, abortions

The country with the greatest to gain from a conflict between the US and Iran.

Arson attacks on Latter-day Saint meetinghouses a 'growing trend,' but reasons remain elusive

Seoul set for tough talks on defense costs

Israel: Final Polls Show PM on Verge of Majority

Judge Promoted by Trump Administration Threatened a 2-Year-Old With an Attack Dog

Skater Michelle Kwan campaigns for Joe Biden in Las Vegas

Stunning photos show the reality for indigenous people living in the Amazon as fires burn

I was just rewatching headliners on MSNBC

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Legal Immigration

Mexico targets former attorney general in probe of missing students case

(Jewish Group) Swastika of dirt and flowers placed in front of Lithuanian Jewish community headquart

Proposed skyscraper would be the tallest building in Utah

When It Comes To Tech, These Rice Farmers Are Outstanding In Their Field

BB King Birthday 94th Birthday-9/16

The Nevada Republican Party's best hope is Trump's defeat

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy

Lula Da Silva: 'They Thought Lies Were Going To Win'

Workers at seventh Station Casinos property vote for union

Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton were against reparations. They thought it was

***The Summer Season Photography Contest is now closed***

Lee, Rosen promote cybersecurity apprentice bills

CBS News: Oldest living WWII veteran celebrates 110th birthday!

(Jewish Group) Trenton councilwoman calls "Jew down" a verb, says it referred to 'negotiating and no

Breakfast Monday 16 September 2019

Florida expands python fight; 1,000 apply to become hunters

(Jewish Group) Trenton councilman defends McBride, says 'Jew down' is just a 'statement of speech'

From an Elko Basque festival to the Las Vegas storm drains, Castro shoots the moon in Nevada

State, major payday lender again face off in court over "refinancing" high-interest loans

**Summer Seasonal Photography Contest First Round of Voting Thread One**

** Summer Seasonal Photography Contest First Round of Voting Thread Two**

** Summer Seasonal Photography Contest First Round of Voting Thread Three**

**Summer Season Photography Competition is Now Open for Voting in GD**

**Summer Season Competition is Now Open for Voting in GD**

Top Trump allies warn against 'radical' Democratic agenda at Laxalt's annual GOP Basque Fry

Yucca Mountain unlikely to get funding amid focus on 2020 election, experts say

Bernie Sanders reveals national rent control plan in Las Vegas

Bad blood, allegations of dirty dealing mar Storm Area 51 events

Kellyanne Conway Suggests Trump Is Better Because He Doesn't 'Study' Situations Before Making Decisi

Can anyone imagine the Catagory 6 pain John Bolton is experiencing right now.

Trying to have coffee in peace endless questions

I thought this bit about Iran was something that would fade into obscurity. I was too optimistic.

Russia Carried Out 'Stunning' Hack of Encrypted FBI Communications: Report

2 men facing charges after caught on camera dangerously close to Yellowstone's Old Faithful

2019 Ignatz Awards Winners Announced

The Rundown: September 13, 2019

The US sent bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan. Now they're dying from poor treatment

Warren Goes After Trump's Sister in Anti-Corruption Push

Vaccine protester dumps apparent blood onto California lawmakers

5 Years After "Bold" Corporate Pledges, Destruction Of The Amazon Only Accelerating

99 Years Ago Today; The Wall Street Bombing kills 38 with 143 injured

The horrible people who are evangelicals

Nature; Arctic Tracking For 2nd-Lowest Sea Ice Extent On Record; Bering Sea Ice "Just Didn't Happen"

Tulsi Gabbard Complains about Identity Politics and Candidates Speaking Spanish

Climbing out from Dulles - Government of Saudi Arabia A342 HZ-HMS2 SVA002

Waiting for the morning Trump Tweet, ordering striking GM workers back to their posts.

Monday TOONs - The Medical Term is "Guanopathy"

The Blood-Dimmed Tide: Sketching The Future In A World Of Trumpism & Climate Collapse

And, Herein Lies The Problem...

Vape Pen Lung Disease Deaths: What Exactly Is Vitamin E Oil?

Canada elections coming in October: voters have many of the same concerns as U.S.


Faster pace of climate change is 'scary', former chief scientist says

GM strike:Nearly 50,000 workers walk out at America's biggest automaker/Teamsters stand with workers

"The Journey". One of the best movies I've seen in a long time!

58 Years Ago Today; Silver Iodide is dropped into Hurricane Esther, giving rise to Project Stormfury

A report documents the systematic abuse inflicted on migrant children

CNN - Trump asks DOJ to "rescue Kavanaugh"

If you donated to Tulsi Gabbard, she's funneled much of your money to her cult

$1m a minute: the farming subsidies destroying the world - report

John Kerry receives the French Grand Legion of Honor, December 2016 (video)

Yang campaign says it received 450K entries for 'Freedom Dividend' contest

Corn Pop Poll

Eric Trump's Four-Pinocchio claim that the Obamacare website cost more than Trump's border barrier

Exclusive: Russia carried out a 'stunning' breach of FBI communications system

60 Years Ago Today: The first commercial photocopier, Xerox 914, is introduced on live TV

BERN NOTICE: Listen To What Biden Keeps Telling His Big Donors

UAW hits GM with nationwide strike

Reminder: I have two extra tickets for Saturday's STEAK FRY in Des Moines...

September 16 - Happy Birthday Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D) FL-7th

September 16 - Happy Birthday Rep. Joaquin Castro (D) TX-20th

Netanyahu vows to annex "all the settlements" in West Bank in 11th-hour re-election bid

Boris Johnson to play Hulk (or should we say Sulk?) in 'Brexiters Assemble'

Strikers in Parma GM...picket lines formed...if you can drop off water, food or just show your

Trump. 3 Boof Boy Didn't Do It tweets in the last hour. Shithead doth protest too much, methinks.

Decisions, Decisions

40 Years Ago Today; The Great East German Balloon Escape

Invisible People Report:The Ultimate Guide to Calling the Police on Homeless People

The Climate Crisis and the Case for Hope

In light of new Kavanaugh revelations, please remember this:

With Markers and Straws, Trump's Campaign Sells Defiance as a Lifestyle

The Democratic Party needs to start taking the National Security route with Climate Change awareness

What George Carlin Taught Us About Media Propaganda by Omission: On Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All

Questions for WW ll buffs

If God went away, would his laws still be just?

Wow Rain Today in the Bay Area...


Trump's properties (e.g. Dooshbegg and Dingleberry) must be pretty crappy.

Bernie Sanders shakes up campaign leadership in New Hampshire

Senators struggle to get spending bills off ground as shutdown looms

Keep Trying -- Utada Hikaru

Clinton accuser/partisan hack/hypocrite Juanita Broaddrick renews attacks on Kavanaugh accusers

Nami Tamaki 09 Naked (Greeting)

Trump takes 2020 roadshow to New Mexico

Trump takes 2020 roadshow to New Mexico

🐦 SEP 22 at 3PM - Rally in Norman Oklahoma with Bernie Sanders

Trump: "Democrats are trying to build a case that I enrich myself by being President."

Trump stokes fears Democrats will 'take your guns away', after flip flopping on gun control support

Florida Man Gets 40 Years for Creating Fake International Court, Intimidating Government Officials

This is 2014 Trump. Obviously 2019 Trump is all about Saudi Arabia paying HIM an absolute fortune.

Saudis plan to make us forget about Khashoggi before 2020 election


Brett Kavanaugh and Omarosa violated the same finance-law, but the DOJ is suing her only.

Um,...Ok... That happened?? wow.

Saudi Arabia says drones used to attack its oil facilities were Iranian

Saudi Attack Leaves Trump in a Bind on Iran

Bernie Sanders says 'housing must be a right' with $2.5 trillion plan

The DOJ is suing Omarosa over the same law Brett Kavanaugh is accused of violating: Ex-White House..

Brilliant 2018 Kavanaugh Toon - Here's hoping Kavanaugh is having a lousy day

JPMorgan is fined for lax disclosure of misconduct allegations over six years: FINRA

3000 Muslims and Jews sing in three different languages. Wonderful!

Kim Jong Un invited Trump to Pyongyang, reports say

A reminder: The government of Saudi Arabia owns the entire 45th floor in Trump World Tower

Sometimes it feels like the press has just completely surrendered to Donald Trump's relentless lies

NPR Shopping Cart Economics: How Prices Changed At A Walmart In 1 Year

Productive week in the kitchen

The Trump depression: Experts see a serious psychological depression taking hold in America.

Tom Tomorrow: Trapped in the Stupidverse

SHITLER & Bibi: How to Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb


Democrats plan to portray President Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and Mitch McConnell as the three villains

Here's a live example of some of that 'treatment' conservatives want for mental illness

Donald Trump calls for investigation into Obamas' Netflix deal

The GOP has broken our Supreme Court

Kavanaugh denied sordid sex-crime under oath!

Trump tweets 25 times in 24 hours - "Obama netflix" "TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY"

Does anyone have a site for info on the UAW-strike against GM? Up to the minute info esp

The Onion: Working In General Vicinity For 8 Hours A Day Misinterpreted As Friendship

Working Families Party Endorses Elizabeth Warren

The time has come for our military to stand up.

If someone paid off Kavanaugh's debts, he was required to report that as income or a gift in....

Democracy Corps/GQR poll, Likely Voters: Biden 30%, Sanders 21%, Warren 19%, Booker & Harris &

Elizabeth Warren going after Trump's sister

Kris Kristofferson Does Not Have Alzheimer's

Democracy Corps/GQR poll, GE matchups: Biden +9, Warren +7, Sanders +4

Question about external DVD drives.

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

No wars under this president

Video captures huge cat climbing fence at Georgetown home

Three free movies I liked

So excited - just joined this group!

If you could have a superpower,

One phone call. Still applies today.

Video: Man pushed on to Metro tracks in violent attack

Triangle House Proves That No Plot Is Too Small

WaPo: Kavanaugh confirmation "rushed" over 2018 midterms and possibility of more allegations

B.B. King was born on this date.

Don't mind me. Just brainstorming questions for the presidential debate...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren slam Amazon-owned Whole Foods'

The sundowning continues: "Obama Netflix"

Border Patrol: "People Actively Hate Us" - well, your union politicized, endorsed SHITLER

Working Families Party Endorses Elizabeth Warren

Saudi Arabia executes 134 people including six kids

CraZy Burst Angel!

Saudi Arabia executes 134 people including six kids

All of the images in my art essays are victims of the demise of

Charlie Byrd was born on this date.

Rep. Eric Swalwell: That's cute....stay tuned

Earl Klugh has a birthday today.

Milo is at it again...

So Russians may have figured out how to hack computers NOT connected to internet?

Nicely Done -GA Confederate monument identified as symbol of racism & white supremacy

Texas Tribune: Castro backed Obama's immigration policies

Looks like the FBI is working exclusively for don trump....Kavanaugh

Doesn't it seem quite odd that people are welcoming cats and dogs

I really resent the idea that standing up for the rule of law

The real key to American politics -- the Modern Art Gap.

Someone asked what George W Bush has been up to lately...I found something

Can AOC's Israeli counterpart build Israel's version of the Democratic Party?

Bernie Sanders weighs in on the reason he thinks Kavanaugh should not have been nominated

Pearl Harbor is there, right?

Is Lewandowski still scheduled to testify tomorrow?

Amy Klobuchar: Let us never forget what courage looks like.

Ezra Klein: Joe Biden is not Barack Obama

THIS BLEW ME AWAY! omg!! 80 thousand people!

NEWS: Sanders Campaign Announces ''Bernie Beats Trump'' Iowa Tour Next Week

Warning: Got this off FaceBook

Kenyan MP thinks the biggest problem in the world is...

Anyone here have any experience with kennel cough?

Trump lies to the world again - this time about oil supply.

Is Trump going to war?

I've Been Traveling & Missed The Details About The SA Oil Field Attack & Need Someone To Fill Me In.

GOP Sen Alexander walks into redistricting room and discovers his district has been made competitive

I spent a decade addicted to opioids: Here's why Pete Buttigieg gives me hope

Bidencare... honoring or usurping Obama's healthcare legacy?

Tired of car-deer collisions, she's taken warning drivers into her own hands

The Far Side Web Site is Updated with New Art and a 'Coming Soon' Notice

Trump says it is Justice Kavanaugh who is 'being assaulted'

Secret Service Requests Jet Skis to Better Protect Trump Family at Mar-a-Lago

Women's March cutting ties with three original board members accused of anti-Semitism

Wildfires continue spreading in California

The Question Dividing Democratic Socialists

Ben Roethlisberger Out for Season With Elbow Injury

The most dramatic, nerve-wrecking prison-break ever...

he loves his puppy so much

Drew Brees has ligament injury to his throwing thumb

I will be our nominees biggest cheerleader 📣.

One firefighter dead and seven others hurt in Farmington explosion. (Updated)

Trump recommends congressional investigations into Obama family book and Netflix deals

What to know about the new ferry terminal at Seattle's Colman Dock

The SR-71 Blackbird's Predecessor Created "Plasma Stealth" By Burning Cesium-Laced Fuel

GM and UAW restart talks as workers take to picket lines

Happy 70th 🎂 Ed Begley Jr.

Sen. Chris Murphy on what is going on in Yemen and why we do not need to bomb Iran over oilfields

Rod Stewart Reveals He Had Prostate Cancer But Is Now in Remission: 'I'm in the Clear'

A sweet video

Stocks fall on fears spiking oil will slow the global economy

Houthi rebels threaten more attacks on Saudi facilities

'Aunt Lydia' Collins, betrayer of women, about that 'thorough investigation'...

Oil prices jump the most ever after Saudi strike

Fears of military conflict between Venezuela & Colombia as tensions over Maduro government escalate

Saudi Arabia Says Iranian Weapons Were Used in Strikes on Oil Facilities - & the Saudis NEVER Lie.

Bernie Sanders, in Las Vegas, Previews Plan for Affordable Housing

It's finally here: our Moscow Mitch video! Look out for the New Riders of the BLUE Sage!

It's finally here: our Moscow Mitch video (or, here come the New Riders of the BLUE Sage).

A natural solution to food waste.

76 anti-ICE protesters arrested during sit-in at Microsoft store in New York

Iran would never attack U.S. allies in the region if trump bombs them? Right?

On Top Of All The Frightening Problems which

Most American teens are frightened by climate change, poll finds, and about 1 in 4 are taking action

Five major 2020 Democrats to skip this week's MSNBC climate forum

The Climate Crisis and the Case for Hope

So how much credence will our media give the EU and Great Britain vs Pompeo?

Mother dog helps rescuers dig for her buried puppies

After bankruptcy filing, Purdue Pharma may not be off hook

Have gasoline or heating fuel prices spiked in your area - due to the KSA BS?

Backdoor policy for re-election...War

There's no such thing as climate change!

Recession Already Grips Corners of U.S., Menacing Trump's 2020 Bid

Canada: arrest of ex-head of intelligence shocks experts and alarms allies

Where are Republicans to confront crazy Trump behavior?

Johnson humiliated by Luxembourg PM at 'empty chair' press conference

Missouri woman fighting to keep emotional support monkeys

Cartoons 9/16/19

Politico: Obama's team lines up to defend McCabe in court (if necessary).

8 Years of Trump Tax Returns Are Subpoenaed by Manhattan D.A.

Womans March cutting ties with three original board members accused of anti-Semitism

Trump's Suggestion of Iran Strike Raises Bipartisan Alarm

House Oversight Dems announce investigation into Elaine Chao

New: AZ Supreme Court says business doesn't have to create invitations for same-sex marriages

Bombing for the Saudis

House committee launches investigation into Transportation Secretary Chao

Why doesn't the USA have universal health care? one word: Race

The Womens March has a new board member.

Trump/Republicans are ignoring the Constitution while we play by the rules

Obama's team lines up to defend Andrew McCabe in court

The three main points of ACA

Hi Friends, a quick question...

High Velocity Gun Shot Image :::GRAPHIC XRay IMAGE:::

Mama Dory

It seems a bit odd and convenient that Trump is blaming Iran once again?

I eat my tacos over a tortilla, that way when stuff falls out I have

Good grief...

Employee Who Sent Tweet Wasn't Aware of Trump's Claim

A guide to finding your true self...

The unspeakably terrifying--yet utterly captivating--world of Uncaptioned Ben Garrison Cartoons.

George Conway mocks Trump's Saudi Arabia Ties

Morning Consult Post Debate Poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 20%, Warren 18%, Harris 6%

Columnist calls on University of Virginia to eliminate fight song over 'not gay' chant

Hillary Clinton's Zombie Impeachment Memo Lives

Don't miss the Google tribute to BB King today..

Beekeeping, Day 132, "Say Farewell to the Original Hive"


Columnist calls on University of Virginia to eliminate fight song over 'not gay' chant


In full: Boris Johnson interview from Luxembourg with BBC's Laura Kuenssberg

It's nice to have a hobby...

Shane Gillis Dropped From 'S.N.L.' Cast Amid Criticism of Racist Slurs

Group sues Trump administration for info related 'attempts to politicize NOAA'

This kitten RUNS into the ocean to swim with her dad 😻

OMFG The jokes just write themselves. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, will report getting $500K from GOP megadonor, campaign says

Bulldog Is Completely Obsessed With All Of His Bowls

Trump displays his renowned business acumen when asked about the GM strike. Art of the DEAL!

I just cancelled my digital subscription to the NY Times

Milo Yiannopoulos not welcome to attend this or any future Midwest FurFest event

Warren leads so far in KS.

Can we stop hitting the panic button over everything right now?

The "Donald Trump" of sports?

Beto O'Rourke looks to reactivate suburban strength in Texas

Beto O'Rourke looks to reactivate suburban strength in Texas

EV supporters respond to Saudi oil refinery attack, South Africa's $11B green energy plan, more

Amazon Changed Search Algorithm in Ways That Boost Its Own Products

BMW will not renew the i3

Trump shares an anecdote about Mattis that begins with "Sir...", which means it's 100% horseshit.

Warren on foreign policy:

KOTOKO - Shooting Star [OPfull]

Johnson humiliated by Luxembourg PM at 'empty chair' press conference

Ex-Candidate for Idaho Governor(R)Is Person of Interest in 1984 Cold Case Killing of Girl, 12

Cats Have NO Idea How Mattress Fell Off The Shelf They're Sitting On

Tuesday 09/16 poll numbers

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah-Nike's 'Dream Crazy' advert starring Colin Kaepernick wins Emmy

Texas Dem pulls endorsement of Castro switches to Biden

(oh no!) This Could End The Kamala Harris Campaign

Working Families Party endorses Warren in blow to Sanders

Manhattan district attorney subpoenas 8 years of Trump tax returns

Legalized Marijuana and Medical Marijuana could be an election issue in Red states.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The US sent bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan. Now they're dying from poor treatment.

Why Did Lindsey Graham Take $800,000 In Contributions From A Russian Billionaire?

MST3K (Episode:S04E17 CRASH OF THE MOONS /GENERAL HOSPIAL) Full /Joel Robinson

I KNEW Trump would find a replacement African-American!

Explosion at research center in Russia

Any recommendations for 'discreet' wifi front door security cameras?

Agency considering Three Mile Island nuclear debris in Idaho

Joe Biden's Story of a Pool Brawl Went Off the Deep End

Trump campaign announces NM re-election team

Trump campaign announces NM re-election team

Loretta Sieman on the public option and why she's in that ad

Judd Gregg: tRump is the almost, occasionally, pretty close to socialist policy guy

Look at this map and think the words "food supply".

I just spent $500 because I'm a loner.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 16. 2019

Joe Biden's childhood struggle with a stutter: How he overcame it and how it shaped him

SEP 19 at 1:45PM - Sen. Sanders - MSNBC Climate Forum 2020

When someone tells you they are a "libertarian", what do they mean?

Out of curiosity, who is your candidate and what is your age?

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'He Stared at the Screen, and Then His Shoulders Slumped'


The House has passed 230+ bills and sent them to the Senate. Tell @SenateMajLdr to do his job

Speaker Pelosi is aggressively ramping up attacks on Mitch McConnell as part of her 2020 strategy

Tacos do not make good bookmarks

Karma? Hillary Clinton's Zombie Impeachment Memo That Could Help Fell Trump

Trump: "I call for the Resignation of everybody at The NYT involved in the Kavanaugh SMEAR story"

Trump: Mariano Rivera (born in 1969) "finally made it to the big leagues in 1955"

Watch Trump contradict himself on Iran #Trump attacked news reports that said he is willing to meet

My question with new assault allegations surfacing against Rapey Brett:

With Roethlisberger out as Steelers QB, coach Mike Tomlin has the opportunity to sigh a roster...

War with Iran

U.S. officials knew bomb-sniffing dogs were dying from neglect in Jordan. They sent more.

Matthew Yglesias gives details on four of the five bills Trump has vetoed as president.

Trumps Legacy

For anyone who ever wondered why Fidel Castro spoke for 4 hours at the U.N.:

Sun Tzu - Know your enemy

Bolton's Already Shopping Around For A Book Deal On A Potential Tell-All

The Communist Cookbook That Defined Prague's Cuisine

'Oh-Oh, Ay-Ay!' Riding to an Italian Rhythm on the Transumanza

Please think about this: supposedly "responsible" politicians are currently urging that assault

NC high school cheerleaders 'on probation' after posing with Trump banner

NC high school cheerleaders 'on probation' after posing with Trump banner

As the saying goes "you can't make this up":

The Incredible Sulk Couldn't Make It

On Tweety just now: Ken Salazar endorses Biden

A shadowy industry group shapes food policy around the world