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North LImestone with a Sears 50mm 2.0 and red filter selected

Elizabeth Warren Honors Working Women Killed In 1911 Fire During NYC Rally

Hundreds of migrants waiting months to enter the U.S. may no longer be eligible for asylum

Humberto will be a major hurricane - watch out Bermuda

Striking UAW workers want Trump to stay out of negotiations with GM

Democrats probably can't impeach Brett Kavanaugh, but they can make him a political weapon

Judge tosses out lawsuit over law center's hate group labels

Susan Collins under fire after new Brett Kavanaugh allegations

AP FACT CHECK: Trump contradicts aides, self on Iran talks

Epstein accusers denied compensation in victims' rights case

White House blocks Rob Porter and Rick Dearborn from testifying before Congress

Oil could soar if there's a military escalation after Saudi attack

Tonton Macoute-Tonton Macoute. Full album

House Oversight probing whether Chao improperly helped her family's company

Bridge collapses in Monroe as truck hauling septic vaults attempts cross

Dow snaps an 8-day winning streak as oil prices spike

Skills you might not want to overuse.

Ric Ocasek's Family Issues Statement, Reveals Singer Was Recovering From Surgery

Jeff Bridges wants people to Donate to Gov Bullock even if you support someone else

Floyd eats his peas with honey

Thought Experiment: It's November 3, 2020.

The hardest job for the next president may be fixing Trump's mess

McConnell lashes out at Democrats over 'unhinged' criticism of Kavanaugh

Intelligence Chief Told to Turn Over Complaint

Dem. Senator (Coons): Attacks on Saudi oil refineries 'may call for military action against Iran'

I can only hope that when Spicey sees this

Creationist Cat vs social media asshats

Why Jackie Robinson once said he could not salute the flag

9/16 Morning Consult poll, EARLY PRIMARY STATES: Biden 34%, Sanders 21%, Warren 13%,

John Bolton Asked To Leave Condo Board Meeting After Repeatedly Advocating Bombing Isaacsons

"One woman, and millions of people to back her up."

Why is sombody asking for money to investigate SCOTUS Kavanaugh?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

Sean Spicer on "Dancing with the Stars"

So, now the ignorant bellicose chest-pounding moron is "locked & loaded"...

Matt Schlapp is coming on Cuomo tonight

Proposal would combine Pocatello and Chubbuck into one city under new name

Fareed Zakaria: Trump's foreign policy is in shambles

'Saudi Arabia Pays Cash': Trump Admits 'Unlike Other Presidents' He'll Be Renting Out US Troops for

Election 2019: Virginia Democrats Post Record-Breaking Volunteer Numbers

Netflix is gettin All 180 Seinfeld episodes.....does that mean I won't be seeing it

Warren Rolls Out Plan She Calls 'Most Sweeping Set of Anti-Corruption Reforms Since Watergate'

I wouldn't be surprised if Mitch tossed Kavanaugh under the bus

Former Idaho governor candidate investigated in 1984 killing

Trump's California donors are freaking out about the social consequences of attending his fundraiser

Ok, I'm less than 15 minutes into

'He had lovely parents, I don't know what went wrong with him':

Somebody is giving a speech right now and nobody cares. Below a photo of attendies:

Hanford officials move nuclear waste from Columbia River

''I believe every American has a fundamental right to safe, decent and affordable housing.''

Kavanaugh - I feel violated all over again

So it begins. On the way home this evening

Electricity Prices Around the World 2017

Kamala Harris is now on Maddow--talking about Kavanaugh

I think this fits here.

Guaido's trip to Colombia impossible without prior agreement with narcos: report

'Politicians behind much of the violence in Colombia's local elections'

The One With Brett Kavanaugh's Junk (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Shane Gillis: Saturday Night Live's new hire fired for slurs

The Idaho Democratic Party hired a new executive director. Two days later, it fired him.

Hong Kong protests: government fails to find PR firm to rescue battered image

Economists find mixed values of 'thoughts and prayers'

Reruns and Repeats

You raised $53.00 on September 15, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Nate Silver on the hysterical overreaction by Biden critics to the Corn Pop story

The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe Day 7: the big paramilitary fish

Kamala is so great in interviews and when she hones in on details.

Kellyanne Conway loses it on Fox over Trump's impeachment

At NM MAGAt rally, Trump asks Steve Cortes "Who do you like more -- the country or the Hispanics?"

To address hunger, many countries may have to increase carbon footprint

For 14 years, people claimed an Idaho businessman stole from them. Nothing happened.

'Family of narco who helped Venezuela's opposition leader travel to Colombia assassinated'

season's first winter storm warning for alaska, get your ice skates sharpened!

'Get real': Senior Democrats shut down Kavanaugh impeachment push


Blackout hits 4 nations in Central America, affects millions

Hey NFL, can we *PLEASE* stop with the damn split screen advertising??

New York Times' botched Kavanaugh story the latest in series of blunders from Opinion section

local news leading off with 45 cent price raise in 4 hours

Migrants at Laredo Tent Court Tell Stories of Kidnappings and Violence While Pleading Not to Be Retu

Migrants at Laredo Tent Court Tell Stories of Kidnappings and Violence While Pleading Not to Be Retu

France Effectively Declares War on the United States

A kid rocks out to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on ukulele.

CIA's favorite newspaper in Chile praises Pinochet dictatorship on coup anniversary

How do you keep U.S. farmers voting for conservatives? Buy them off. How else.

Inslee passes up a chance to confront corporate 'blackmail'

We went to the Bob Ross exhibit today

Prosecutors subpoena eight years of Trump tax returns

The search for Mexico's sea cucumbers

The search for Mexico's sea cucumbers

The Daily Show: Candidate Rehab

Rochester New York area DUer's, feel free to not use Samson Fuel.

The Daily Show: More Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh

The job market is so good, new hires aren't showing up for their first day of work

Seth Meyers - Trump Threatens War with Iran on Saudi Arabia's Behalf: A Closer Look

I had five patients today refuse the flu vaccine. I convinced them all to get it anyway.

Does everyone see the same "top stories" in Google News?

Election canceled....?

Sierra Ferrell - She has magical powers

These are the operational divisions of the US House Segeant At Arms

Seattle is considering a plan to set minimum pay for Uber and Lyft drivers

McDonald's billboards in Sweden double as bee hotels to fight colony collapse

"They threaten Mike every week that they're going to take him off the ticket"

Earl Scruggs & Steve Martin: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Arizona Supreme Court rules business can discriminate against gays & lesbians


As some schools add uniforms, Seattle's extremely simplified dress code is making waves

(Jewish Group) Belgian university posts hooked-nose gesture for 'Jew' in sign language video

Gates Foundation to honor India's Modi despite concerns about Kashmir

Gov. Inslee urges stronger oversight of Washington's private psychiatric hospitals

The multi Trillion dollar question is, Who Cares...?

Close The Camps Protest Van Ness Avenue San Francisco California (September 16, 2019)

Close The Camps Protest Van Ness Avenue San Francisco California (September 16, 2019)

Decisive date in Mexican History: Battle of Chapultepec, September 13, 1847.

Dick Durbin's phone # 202.224.2152

Trump Goes to the Bullpen in Awarding His Latest Presidential Medal of Freedom

Badly needed Tacoma psychiatric hospital's beds empty; accreditation effort on 'pause'

Taiwan loses biggest Pacific ally as Solomons embraces China

Sources: Steelers get DB Fitzpatrick from 'Fins

Jimmy Fallon: Slow Jam the News with Senator Kamala Harris

After AR-15 threat, Beto O'Rourke helps Rep. Briscoe Cain's challenger raise $68,000

After AR-15 threat, Beto O'Rourke helps Rep. Briscoe Cain's challenger raise $68,000

There is a very loud cricket just outside of my window and it's driving me nuts.

Tim Eyman hit with new sanctions, ordered to disclose source of nearly $800K in donations

Mattel to debut "Day of the Dead" Barbie celebrating Mexican holiday

I have to leave for the airport in two hours for a business trip and I am dreading it.

Seattle council adopts hotel-worker protections after voter-approved law was nixed in court

Guaido's Delegation to the UN may not be Accredited

See moment plane crashes into ocean

Orthodox General Prayer for the Reposed.

Two Austin Psychologists, Owners of Psychological A.R.T.S., P.C., Sentenced for Health Care Offenses

Texas Hospital Administrator Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Role in $16 Million Health Care

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/16/19

Ex-Credit Union Manager Sentenced to More Than 14 Years in Federal Prison for $40M Embezzlement that

Former Salesman of Porsche Dealership Pleads Guilty to Over $3 Million Fraud Scheme Involving Non-

Four People Charged In $99 Million Scheme To Commit Health Care Fraud And Wire Fraud And Pay


Raleigh Investment Advisor Sentenced to 40 Years for Orchestrating Ponzi Scheme, Obstructing the SEC

New Holocaust and Human Rights Museum includes LGBT exhibits

New Holocaust and Human Rights Museum includes LGBT exhibits

Municipal League of Metro St. Louis About To Launch Board of Freeholders Process

Dallas City Hall Screws One of its Best Friends in Affordable Housing

Business Leaders Reiterate Call For State To Intervene in Houston Schools

Remedy To Texas Doctor Shortage Unlikely Anytime Soon, State Says

UT Rio Grande Valley offers free tuition for students with household incomes less than $75,000

This simple trick will improve your cell phone videos 100%

Trump's son calls John Cornyn the president's 'biggest ally,' and Texas Democrats rejoice

Some thoughts about the NYT Kavanugh predator story

Central Texas river authority, lakefront property owners reach settlement to avoid draining four

Breakfast Tuesday 17 September 2019

2019 Browns will be lucky to win five games

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 24 - Back to the Future (w/ Harvey Kaye & Cornel West)

New @MorningConsult poll of early primary states has Bernie in 2nd place.

Just gonna leave this here, cause I can

Outages Will Continue for Weeks to Come, WAPA Chief Says, on St. Thomas, Blackouts Narrowed to Two

Nearly four hours after she finished her speech, Elizabeth Warren makes it to the end of the selfie

Violence against abortion clinics hit a record high last year. Doctors say it's getting worse.

Caribbean Hotels Unite for Online Travel Auction to Benefit the Bahamas

Does he really feel he can fool Latinos?

I am going to try to he nicer to my allies because:

The Science of Sugar and Macular Degeneration

Pentagon puts brakes on 3 border barrier projects because of cost

Sen Gary Peters (MI) on Elizabeth Warren's Health Care proposal...

Pentagon puts brakes on 3 border barrier projects because of cost

Mother trees recognize kin and send them "messages of wisdom"

Michael Bennet releases new TV ads in Iowa

Tuesday TOONs - Deja Vu All Over Again!

Puerto Rico's Crises Could Break The Island's Two-Party Politics

How to get away with everything...

A question about Impeaching Kavenaugh

Climate Change: Where We'll Have to Live and Where We'll Need to Leave

Mike Huckabee gets owned by MD on twitter re: comparing skateboards to guns

I bought a piece of lumber at a big box store the other day.

100 Southern Sayings You Can Learn

The Rundown: September 16, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 09/11/19

2019 Joe Shuster Award Winners Announced

The Far Side Creator Teases the Comic's Return

BAT-SIGNAL To Light Up Sky In 10 Cities Across the Globe for BATMAN DAY

This is sickening: "Who do you like more, the country or the hispanics?

Partisan divisions sharpen as independent voters fade

Democratic candidate Andrew Yang just promised... to give... $12,000 over a year of UBI

Star Star (NSFW)

Siena NEW YORK poll: Undecided/Refused 34%, Biden 22%, Warren 17%, Sanders 15%, Harris 4%,

Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign has turned the tables. Our story this morning for @NewDay on @CNN:

How Elizabeth Warren Made Fighting Corruption A Feminist Rallying Cry

When you replay a video-game, already knowing the plot-twist:

Midnight Rambler

my prediction as to what will happen if the orange asshole loses the election...


Buttigieg releases plan to improve US' response to natural disasters

There should be handcuffs.

NYT/Kavanaugh: How many times do we have to see the same M.O. to recognize it and call it out?


If Democrats win House, Senate, and White House...?

I finished watching Mindhunter on Netflix. Mindhunter was good and I am

**A prominent GOP polling firm has Biden +4 in NC, +6 in ME, and +5 in AZ**

Hate is a choice

So how exactly is Lewandowski gonna help us?

There are 2 types of flu shots to choose from: Which one should you get?

I cannot bring myself to care about the suffering they will endure

is it pure greed? Desperation? Stupidity?

We are due for a course correction

Ken Burns was just on MSNBC's "Morning Joe..."

Earth to warm more quickly, new climate models show

Another Argument For Renewable Energy: No More Wars For Oil

B-rated state polls of NC/ME/KY/CO/AZ: Biden beats Trump by at least 4 points in all but Kentucky

Republicans Don't Believe in Democracy Do Democrats understand what they're facing?

There are two things that make Trump unfit for office...

AZ Supreme Court Gives Christians a License to Discriminate Against Gay Couples

VIP pins, Scottish shortbread and plush surroundings greet officers who choose Trump Turnberry for

A heads up..recall Gold Medal Unbleached All-Purpose Flour..

White House Restricts Lewandowski's House Testimony on Trump

New York City won't penalize students for skipping school for climate rally

Twitter links

Time to start locking people up with Inherent Contempt

Alex Trebek back in chemotherapy

Donald Trump has built a much larger "wall" than the one imagined on our Mexican border...

NYC's Washington Square Park is the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, site of the 1911 fire..

Untraceable oil-soaked greenbacks...oh shit, that oil is red!

Cost for recent government shutdowns estimated at $4 billion

Hillary Clinton on Tues 9:30 AM will deliver the opening keynote speech LIVE

Spicer makes debut on 'Dancing With the Stars' to Spice Girls song

Trump Misspells "Libel" in Furious Erratic Outburst

C-SPAN Caller BTFO's Jeanine Pirro on LIVE TV

New digital ad today from @berniesanders, the first in West Virginia from a 2020 candidate

A personal observation on health care coverage...

In the Big Apple, a big contrast between two campaigns

It's time to treat the Republican Party like rabid, trapped and malevolent animals.

The Advocate: The Most Important LGBTQ Race in 2019 Is Danica Roem's (VA)

When is the hearing? I thought it was supposed to be this a.m.

Another Trump Cabinet member tied to Epstein: MNUCHIN

Sean Spicer claims the judges on DWTS are biased because.....he's Christian

Did Trump inspire these ?

Questions to ask Corey Lewandowski?

Bernie Sanders College Tour in North and South Carolina on September 19-20, 2019

Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donut sandwich

This Japanese Toaster Costs $270. It Only Makes One Slice at a Time

Haaretz: Bernie Sanders Is -- Finally -- Willing to Talk About Being Jewish

Capitol Weekly CA tracking poll has Warren surging past Biden

'Enormous Crowd' Gathers at Elizabeth Warren NYC Rally - Morning Joe MSNBC

A teen allegedly wanted to 'shoot 400 people for fun.' Cops found an AK-47 in her bedroom.

Happy Constitution Day!

This quote from Mick Mulvaney, then in Congress, is just absolutely jaw-dropping.

Why did Trump go to New Mexico??

Cold Front Brings 1st Snow of the Season to Sierra

Trump Scandal Game

GM strike support

Trump Cringingly Courts Latino Vote: "Who Do You Like More, the Country or the Hispanics?"

Cokie Roberts passed away

Bernie Sanders: 'What Was Your Most Absurd Medical Bill?' Here Is The Response

Legendary journalist and political commentator Cokie Roberts dies at 75

Bari Weiss is wrong again

Wow. Dick Durbin asks Kavanaugh if he would agree to an FBI investigation. Kavanaugh squirms

AZ Mark Kelly (D) leads US Senate Poll, Kelli Ward (R) taken to woodshed

Mark Kelly leads in poll, Kelli Ward taken to woodshed

Cokie Roberts, Pioneering Female Journalist Who Helped Shape NPR, Dies at 75

"I'm seeing a pattern here."

Joshua Wong has become something of a hero to Hong Kongers

Biden in SC: Democratic rivals are "all competitive" & each would be a better president than Trump

The Washington Post covers NYC rally

Pic Of The Moment: In Wake Of Saudi Oil Field Attack, Trump Takes Decisive Action

Yesterday was my parents' wedding anniversary

Hank Williams was born on this date.

Withdrawal from the Universal Postal Union

Theories on no mass demonstrations yet?

Full Interview: Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy, And Threats To Democracy The 11th Hour

Brother Jack McDuff was born on this date.

Reflections on a grey and misty morning

Why I'm rejecting the Purdue Pharma settlement

House Judiciary Committee to hold 1st impeachment hearing

Unplugged for the past 24 hours. What's this I hear about some "higher authority"

Fee Waybill (The Tubes) was born on this date.

Here are 5 Takeaways from Trump's Rally in Rio Rancho

Didja ever notice?

What I and some others here have been saying (stolen 2016 election)!

JUST IN: Judiciary Committee Democrats have noticed a Sept. 23 hearing titled "Presidential...

Cokie Roberts, broadcast journalism legend, dies at 75

The astounding advantage the Electoral College gives to Republicans

The Navy Says Those UFO Videos Are Real

Today is Constituion Day .................

OK, I really didn't want to get bent outta shape this morning but JOE SCARBOROUGH

It's in the Constitution - Saudi's have the right to declare war using America's resources

Mnuchin and wife Louise Linton's ties to controversial Edinburgh housing plan

Burning a hole in reality--design for a new laser may be powerful enough to pierce space-time

People Think There's A NSFW Scene In The Chicago Bulls Logo

Kamala Harris reveals her roots on the Tonight Show

Rest in peace, Cokie Roberts

Florida Man Selling Bugatti Veyron for $125,000; It's Actually an '02 Cougar

Not so legal briefs: Suspended judge pleads in underwear-theft case

CA-08: Republican Paul Cook to retire

Warren had a plan for that podium

Mitch McConnell: The Man Who Sold America

Two things are certain about the Saudi "drone attack"

TD#10 has formed - keep an eye folks

Harvey Weinstein's "life is ruined..."

Trump in New Mexico: 'Who do you like more -- the country or Hispanics?'

Ever notice that you never see escargot on

"It's like you were being attacked by a swarm of wasps," one judge said after Sean Spicer

Emerson CALIFORNIA poll of GE match-ups against Trump: Biden +28, Sanders +25, Warren & Harris +22,

GOP Rep. Paul Cook to retire

Emerson CALIFORNIA primary poll: Biden & Sanders 26%, Warren 20%, Yang 7%, Harris 6%,

Bolton already talking to book agents

NY judge resigns after allegedly posting 'Make America Great Again' message with noose: officials

Voting machine company lies again

Bernie Sanders has turned the tables. He is the one listening. In a series of emotional town halls.

California Republican Rep. Paul Cook to retire from Congress, run for county supervisor seat

Just finished Johann Hari's book, Lost Connections

Air Force crews stayed at Trump's Turnberry resort for days at a time, and were given "PRIDE PINS."

House Comm. launches ethics investigation into Elaine Chao's ties to shipping co. run by her family

There are those that will vote for Trump simply because of tax cuts.

Rethug talking point by none other than freshman NY Democrat Max Rose. Are you kidding me?

"My precious tax returns!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

BTRTN 2020 Vision: Will Biden's Campaign Die a Death of a Thousand Gaffes?

Bring a Bernie Backer to a Warren Rally.

Netanyahu advises supporters that voting is more important than sex

Alex Trebek is back on chemotherapy

50 Greatest Bassists in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

How to remove Brett Kavanaugh without impeaching him

NYS Favorability rankings (Siena College)

Link for livestream of labor forum LIVE NOW: Biden, Sanders, Klobuchar, Yang, Steyer &

Pete Buttigieg: Selena is as American as anybody in this country. She and other DREAMers are...

Only a Global Green New Deal Can Save the Planet And Bernie Sanders has a plan for that.

NYS Democratic Primary (Siena College): Biden 22 (+5) Warren 17 Sanders 15 Harris 4...De Blasio 0

Emerson CA POLL: Voters Under 50: @BernieSanders 34%

DSA: "We wouldn't endorse Warren. She's a capitalist and part of the establishment..."

New RBG mural in D.C. by @rose_inks 💪 💗

Live Hearing about to begin- Lewandowski in the hot seat

BREAKING: Tropical Depression 10 expected to form a Hurricane heading to Bahamas and Florida...

If Lewandowski Perjure's Himself Today.....

Bernie Sanders Joins Joe Biden In Vowing To Release Medical Records Before The Primaries

Already spending 3.5 Trillion dollars on unfair lacking

Hey Lounge Wimmens, I need advice about shoes!

Russian Virology Research Center Hit By Blast

Why is Trump getting involved is UAW talks?

Someone please slap the shit out of doug collins.

BREAKING: New York investigation could destroy Trump!

U.S. official says drone and missile attack on Saudi Arabia was launched from Iran

Drought will descend on the rain forest at University of Arizona's Biosphere 2

Suspect in deadly Seattle Westlake rail station shooting arrested

Charles Pierce comes to Julian Castro's rescue

Iran rules out talks as Trump blames Tehran for Saudi oil attack

Analysis: Here's what Congress is considering doing on guns

what's on that lapel pin on Mr. Levandowski?

Stall stall stall...

AOC backs progressive trying to oust fellow Democratic lawmaker

The parking garage beating lasted 10 seconds. DeAndre Harris still lives with the damage.

It's a GIRL!

Hurricane Humberto expected to become 'major' storm within 48 hours, forecasters say

The Twit is already tweeting:

Republicans are willing to destroy our American way to kiss trump's ample ass.

There needs to be campaign against that scumbag Doug Collins.

Invisible People Report: Who Do We Call When a Homeless Person Needs help?

JBLM Special Forces Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

Former students say King's Schools in Shoreline has anti-gay policies

These House investigation hearings are incredible to watch.

US government sues Edward Snowden over book disclosures - live

"A group of Saudi royals stayed at (Turnberry), bringing a party of 25 people..."

The United States Government Has Found a way around the first amendment.


Saudi oil strike renews debate over U.S. energy dominance

Need some advice/direction for research

Corey Lewandowski should be locked up.

Contempt of US Congress, take him away in handcuffs. Do not let his stonewalling have

I have a family issue and will be away for a week or so, will some one cover b-fast posts?


Border fence construction could destroy archaeological sites, National Park Service finds

Auto strike idles more than 50 GM factories and warehouses

I can't watch this Lewendowsky shit!

Until the Dems are ready to arrest those

I KNOW the Dems never acted this bad during either the Nixon OR Clinton impesachment hearings!

Does anybody have a video of Sean Spicer on "Dancng with the Stars"?

Next president has daunting to-do list ahead

FDA needs to go beyond planned vaping flavor ban

Lewandowski went to this hearing to gather video clips of him "trolling" Dems for his campaign

Evil has landed in the SF BayArea

Seattle City Council passes resolution urging schools to support student climate walkouts

Republicans don't mind long as they're against democrats. what a travesty.

Per pool, here's Trump on the death of Cokie Roberts: "I never met her. She never treated me nicely.


Tony Posnanski wins today's Internet for his reply to Trump's "Beautiful Lewandowski" tweet.

I bet Ol Ken Buck didn't think Hillary was being harassed when the republicans held hearings

I had a choice- keep listening to Lewandowski or...

Hundreds killed in Brazil's Amazon over land, resources in past decade: HRW report

Cartoons 9/17/19

A Trump minion, why would.....

I have the Lewandowski hearing on the CSpan Feed but video minimized while I do work.

Lewandowski hearing - I'm tired of this BS kabuki

Trump goes off the rails with INSANE claim about the US military

Is SDNY's plan to indict tRump and/or his family before the 2020 election?

"Liberals are panty-waists." . . . Please come CAPTION Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Trump Will End California's Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules

Ben Jacobs of Jewish Insider points out NY Jewish vote in new poll: Biden 29%, Warren 16% Sanders 4%

A $53 billion crack just emerged in the financial markets...

Oh, Man!

(Jewish Group) Aalst mayor to defend city carnival against UNESCO's anti-Semitism accusations

(Jewish Group) Association of British Scrabble Players updates definition of 'jew' after complaints

James Robison: God Is Using Trump to Usher in 'The Greatest Spiritual Awakening in History'

Corbyn vows to put 'sensible' Brexit deal to voters in referendum

Number of Bankrupt Companies up 30 percent in Chile

republicans have an overt disregard for our country. they just don't care.

Saudi Arabia to Reportedly Resume 70% of Lost Oil Output

The hearing has settled down. Dems are getting sections of the Mueller report read out loud.

Tropical Storm Imelda

Zombie apocalypse....?

To Jew down or not to Jew down, that is the question facing Trenton council members

Proposed Bill Wants to Open Lenis Maranhenses to Development

Bill de Blasio's presidential campaign has burned down, fallen over and sunk into a swamp

"Useful Idiots" ?

Proposed Bill Wants to Open Lenis Maranhenses to Development

So FF45 sends a private citizen on the sly to deliver

Trump shares his thoughts on homeless people living where people want "prestige."

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; September 16, 2019

Trump hater Rick Wilson irate Twitter rant

Bolsonaro Government Wants to Give Indicted Police a Presidential Pardon

I had to turn off the TV for this "hearing". Our side seemed very much unprepared.

Cloaked Black Hole Discovered in Early Universe using NASA's Chandra

" I will never forget the snarling antics of Lindsey Graham and other Republican senators who ripped

Joe Biden's sister dismisses calls for Justice Kavanaugh's impeachment

So, how far along is the lawsuit that will outline the boundaries of executive privilege,

BREAKING: Israel exit polls give edge to ant-Netanyahu Blue & White

Trump's Remarks Before Bilateral Meeting; September 16, 2019

Lewandowski refuses to answer questions at dramatic House Judiciary impeachment hearing

Legendary journalist and political commentator Cokie Roberts dies at 75

I was only able to tune in the last few minutes before the Dems Committee went

Watch this teeny, pink, sunburned kitten grow up to be GORGEOUS

Sanders campaign wracked by dissension

Op-Ed: US invokes treaty as a means of deposing Venezuela's Maduro

How is this even real 🤯 🤯 🤯

You raised $18.00 on September 16, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

1973 Chile coup: "Miracle" of the neoliberal laboratory

Need input for blog I'm writing on impeachment

111 Years Ago Today; Lt Thomas Selfridge killed when Wright Flyer crashes at Ft Myer, VA

Exit Polls Show Netanyahu Falling Short

Teen driver swerved at Jewish residents, yelled obscenities in what cops found was a bias incident

Oils stocks plunge

Rescued 41 cattle finally home

Bill Gates Not Opposed to Warren's Wealth Tax

Nature: Chilean marine reserve

Nature: Chilean marine reserve

U.S. Sues Edward Snowden Over Book

Itty Bitty Mouse Gets the Best Little House

Streetwear brand faces backlash over school shooting-themed sweatshirts

Presidential Proclamation on Constitution Day, Citizenship Day, and Constitution Week, 2019

The Dems Are Getting Beat Up By The Cable News Channels Talking Heads.....

Former president Fujimori returns to prison

it's a good thing that Brett Kavanaugh was just a blackout-drunk white frat boy

LIVE NOW - Democratic Presidential Labor Forum (Biden, Sanders, and others) - Link for livestream

Could the House not just vote to hold in Inherent Contempt

Woman Builds Cardboard Iron Throne Chair for Her Cat And It's Purrfect

Lewandowski launches campaign-style website during Capitol Hill hearing

LIVESTRAM: Israel Central Elections Committee

Israel: Likud threatens third election...

Questions for vintage computer geeks, and a question for more current geeks.

If any Democrat in the House happens to stumble across this post, PLEASE consider the following

Dailykos straw poll is up

"Straw Man at the Tea Room"

Thread Two - Hearings!

Eli Manning benched in favor of Daniel Jones

'One Woman, and Millions of People to Back Her Up.'

Thanks, Beto. We need to debate an assault-weapon buyback.

FYI about subpoenas

Thanks, Beto. We need to debate an assault-weapon buyback.

Blue dress front row

OMG. Bernie says he wants us to take care of Vets.

Doug Collins, the guy who can win "Biggest Prick In The Room" in a room that includes Lewandowski

NEW: GM is cutting off striking workers' health care coverage effective today. The UAW will now...

Bernie Sanders Wants to Alleviate Senior Loneliness

Pranking Conservative Radio Hosts For Fun And Profit

Elizabeth Warren Declared War on Corruption in the Heart of Lower Manhattan

Now I have to go to the movies.

GO, Baby Rocky, GO!!

It's another week and I'm still holding strong for a Warren/Booker ticket.

The reason we are not seeing live coverage of this hearing on M$NBComcast, CNN et al

Today's impeachment hearing was a disaster.

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 17, 2019

30 Americans Respond To 'What's The Most Absurd Medical Bill You Have Ever Received?'

Veteran television newsman Sander Vanocur dies at 91

Just watched Doug Collins(asshole extraordinaire) say absolutely nothing

Why did all the cable networks cut from Lewandowski hearing?

Beto O'Rourke to visit Aurora Thursday for town hall meeting on gun violence

Beto O'Rourke to visit Aurora Thursday for town hall meeting on gun violence

If you think no one cares if you're alive, don't

Trump is telling witnesses to obstruct an impeachment investigation

There's a new Tropical Storm approaching Texas - Imelda

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 12

Just gotta say here!

Rep. Jayapal shows how it's done

Jets' Siemian lost for season

Federal employees could face more discipline under proposed new rules

Not important, but I'm curious.

🐦 SEP 20 at 1:30PM - Town Hall in Greensboro with Bernie Sanders

Please tell me Democrats have a plan...

Who Won The Debate Among Voters Who Prioritize Electability? Health Care? Climate Change?

Warren tells it like it is...leaning Warren

🐦 SEP 21 at 2PM - Polk County Steak Fry with Bernie Sanders

Trump to Revoke California's Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules

UCLA mom charged with paying $400K to get son admitted as fake soccer recruit

🐦 SEP 21 at 3:30PM - People's Action Presidential Forum with Bernie Sanders

🐦 SEP 21 at 5:30PM - Urban Dreams Block Party with Bernie Sanders

The Lawless Frontier at the Heart of the Burning Amazon

I nominate Congressman Doug Collins for the 'Congressional Norma Desmond' Award

🐦 SEP 22 at 11AM - Medical Debt and Health Care Bankruptcy Town Hall with Bernie

🐦 SEP 23 at 10:30AM - Bernie Beats Trump: Northwood-Kensett School Assembly

🐦 SEP 23 at 1PM - Bernie Beats Trump: Decorah Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

This is where America is...

California Republican Rep. Paul Cook announces plans to leave Congress

🐦 SEP 23 at 4:30PM - Bernie Beats Trump: Dubuque Ice Cream Social with Bernie Sanders

🐦 SEP 23 at 7:15PM - Bernie Beats Trump: Rally in Clinton with Bernie Sanders

🐦 SEP 24 at 3:30PM - Bernie Beats Trump: Unidos Con Bernie in West Liberty

Stop it. You're not going to kill yourself. All right. Stop it...

🐦 SEP 24 at 6PM - CANCELLED - Bernie Beats Trump: Burlington Ice Cream Social with Bernie

Third world news: Voting machines stolen from Atlanta rec center

Biden leads in new national poll, Warren close behind

Bernie Sanders speaks to the @PhillyAFLCIO

Should Trump Have the Power to Take Us to War?

NEWS: Sanders Statement on GM's Cruel Attack on Striking Workers

Israel Election: Blue and White are slightly ahead

** New ** NBC/WSJ Poll- Biden 31% (+5); Warren 25% (+6); Sanders 14% (+1); Harris 5% (-8)

If you watch Chuck Todd without the sound on

It's been clear for a year that the GOP won't do anything honest without being forced.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg meets with a real president to discuss climate change

I'm going to swim with otters! I'm going to SWIM with OTTERS!!!

What a colossal asshole

"Rope a Dope"

Anyone know of a decent low/no carb bread (& crackers?)

Trump throws shade at Cokie Roberts on (checks notes) the day of her death

Tell me you folks watched that guy grill the scumball!

Billions spent on U.S. weapons didn't protect Saudi Arabia's most critical oil sites

Liberty University Criticized After Unveiling Stained Glass Window Depicting Donald Trump

I got to the party late, however based on my observations of the last segment of the Lewandowski

Beto O'Rourke "Republican calls for assault weapons ban"'

Do you believe the WH and Pentagon?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 18 September 2019

FedEx Plunges After Cutting Outlook on Trade War, Slowdown

NBC/WSJ POLL: Warren leads on enthusiasm, best combined 1st and 2nd choice of any candidate.

Trump Vows to Take on Homelessness, Starts by Blaming Democrats

Nadler SPANKS Lewandowski attorney: "If his counsel doesn't like it, you don't interpret our rules"

NBC/WSJ POLL: Warren leads with liberal dems, Biden with moderate/conservative dems

Antonio Brown is just like Trump.

Sacha Baron Cohen Seeks Dismissal of Roy Moore's Defamation Law Suit

Buttigieg releases disaster relief plan after volunteering in South Carolina

EPA to Unveil Plan to Take Away California's Authority on Car Emissions

The Moment Lewandowski admited on LIVE TV that he LIED for Trump and now wants to be a Senator!

Bravo Cameron Bellamy: Man completes swim from Barbados to St Lucia

Edward Snowden in Russian exile: 'you have to be ready to stand for something'

Trump says homelessness hurting real estate prestige, will destroy cities

Dan Crenshaw roasted after attacking Sanders' call for veteran care

Conservatives are big fat liars.

Parenting after faith shift, progressive Christians look for new resources

In Georgia, a Democrat launches a campaign that's all about faith

Damn, She's Good. Half The People On That Committee Should Have YIELDED To Pramila Jayapal

Over 20,000 Turn Out For Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Corruption Rally 3 Miles From Trump Tower

Tufts University Jewish student finds swastika affixed to door

Thank you GOP for giving canada wedge issues that only lead to divide the right.

Help with fact-finding, please: Obama and funerals

I have a feeling that the next time the rules are laid down, the republicans will listen better.

Trump Will Allow Reduction of Pork Inspectors

JPMorgan Traders Charged With Rigging Metals Deals

Trump named more ex-lobbyists to Cabinet in 3 years than Obama, Bush did full terms

Ohio Gov. DeWine considering ban on flavored e-cigarettes

Trump administration exploring police crackdown on homeless people

DU and Polls

Sources: GM offers 2% raises in UAW contract, ends health care