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California 2020: Biden, Sanders, Warren in Statistical Tie in Democratic Primary; Harris Struggles i

California 2020: Biden, Sanders, Warren in Statistical Tie in Democratic Primary; Harris Struggles i

That love light in their eyes...

Do lower interest rates benefit Trump?

Never forget

Senate Democrats block government spending bill

Nick Carter Gets Restraining Order Against Brother Aaron

Ticket without a seat

Really CNN?

Trump arrives in San Diego for another border visit amid protests

Trump rips latest rate cut, saying Fed lacks guts and vision

Oregon sees push for strictest gun storage law in US

Would it affect your vote if Elizabeth Warren moved toward the Medicare and private option

"The public is not galvanized on impeachment b/c the House speaker does not WANT the public ..."

This report tallied the human and economic toll of gun violence in all 50 states.

Rep Jackie Speier says to Hold #LizardLewandowski in contempt! and give him a HEFTY fine.

Cuomo signs bill extending statute of limitations for rape

Netanyahu cancels trip to U.N. as he appears to fall short in Israel elections

Tropical Storm Jerry forms and is forecast to be a hurricane by Thursday

The Biggest Strike in America Is About How Much Bosses Can Gut Your Healthcare

Seattle students marching for climate crisis Friday will not be excused, superintendent says

Trump in Dead Heat With Top Democrats in Key Swing State of Florida, Poll Finds

Just a little off the top, please...

Millions may risk jail as Indonesia to outlaw sex outside marriage

My choice for the AGT winner this season

Pakistan Warns India's Kashmir Move Could Lead to 'Nuclear War' if World Does Not Act

New Mexico Announces Plan for Free College for State Residents

Inside Conservative Groups' Effort to 'Make Dishwashers Great Again'

Sandy Hook Promises Back to School PSA (graphic)

Huge decline in songbirds linked to common insecticide

Pennsylvania state senator resigns amid child pornography investigation, lawmakers say

Trump Moves to Stop California From Fixing What He's Breaking

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

**Breaking** Trump's communications w foreign leader part of controversial whistleblower complaint

Trump's communications with foreign leader are part of whistleblower complaint that spurred standoff

The Rethugs are mocking Dems for

The Con needed Bibi partnership to start war...?

You watch TV. Your TV watches back.

Groundhogs are excellent and enthusiastic chewers

Whistleblower Complaint About Trump Promise

Structural basis of nucleosome recognition and modification by MLL methyltransferases

CNN announces details for LGBTQ town hall

I'm beginning to think that Biden could be the best choice right now.

Like father like daughter, Liz Cheney urges attack on Iran over oil

Ok.....what's your claim to fame with a sports figure??

Acting spy chief agrees to testify on whistleblower complaint before House intel panel

I'm watching a documentary on the Einsatzgruppen on Netflix.

I think someone is lying here. Seven minutes underwater?

Oh My ! The Nominee for FEMA Head Jeff Byard has withdrawn since last Thursday

CA-53: Queer Marine veteran launches House bid for Congress.

Trump Panics As Democrats Draw Bigger Crowds Than Him

Pleasant surprise from my insurance company

NY-14: Badrun Khan to challenge Ocasio-Cortez in Democratic primary

Assume we will beat Trump no matter what

MA-SEN: Joe Kennedy to formally announce he'll run for Senate

Whisleblower complaint involves Trump's communications with a foreign power & a promise

TX-SEN: Democrat Chris Bell formally launches U.S. Senate campaign

Bibi uses the Con playbook...

Amy Klobuchar Nets 6 Endorsements From Past Iowa Legislators

Stuff like this is why our healthcare is overpriced.

Election 2019: Virginia Democrats Crush Republican Fundraising In Top Races

The BABY CANNON is back!

Election 2019: Virginia Republican will report getting $500K from GOP megadonor, campaign says

Doesn't a whistleblower usually blow the whistle on

Brazil's Attorney General Launches Marielle Franco Investigation on Last Day in Office

Members of the Gang of 8 who might/should be

Speedboat racer Fabio Buzzi, trying to break record, dies in crash, killing 2 others

What Did Dump Promise Putin?

Maddowblog tweet: Interview w/ WaPo's Carol Leonnig re: Whistleblower complaint against Trump

Russia detains two North Korean vessels after one opens fire: reports

Is there not at least one patriot left in the Trump Aministration who has the courage and

Are all Mormons considered saints?

Purdue Pharma's bankruptcy plan includes special protection for the Sackler family fortune

UN calls on Argentina's Macri to repeal 2017 immigration decree

Photo shows Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wearing brownface at 2001 party

It's One Of Three

DUers - which foreign leader?

"The Economists' Hour." "False Prophets of Free Markets Fractured Our Society," - PBS NewsHour

New poll shows Andrew Yang beating Kamala Harris in California

The astounding advantage the Electoral College gives to Republicans, in one chart

Prosecutors Say Woman Who Accused Neymar of Rape Lied


Pray tell, who at DOJ gave DNI the lame excuse to with hold whistleblower complaint?

The Trump Administration Is Spending Tens Of Millions Of Dollars To Keep A Child Detention Center Op

Badrun Khan to challenge Ocasio-Cortez in Democratic primary

"House Democrats send the clear signal that ANYONE from the WH can slap them, spit on the floor,

Sanders campaign cracks down on leaks

Trump signal boosted dangerous tweet falsely claiming Democratic congresswoman 'partied' on 9/11 ann

And why did Acting Director of Nati'l Intelligence decide not to disclose whistleblower complaint

The Court Has Issued Summons to McConnell related to the Garland Nomination.

Cattle Are Being Mutilated And Killed In Eastern Oregon. No One Is Sure How Or Why.

New Back to School Ad

U.S. is actively engaged to help resolve S. Korea-Japan row: official

Rick Wilson was telling it like it is on MSNBC just now.

The Daily Show: Microchipped Employees in Wisconsin

The Daily Show: Will Trump Go To War With Iran To Defend Saudi Arabia?

Jimmy Kimmel Live -- Impeachment Will Distract Trump!

Coalition Of Farmers And Ranchers Endorses Green New Deal

I, Pastafari: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Story (Documentary Trailer 2019)

Seth Meyers - Corey Lewandowski's Congressional Testimony - Monologue - 9/17/19

Will Trump Go To War With Iran To Defend Saudi Arabia? The Daily Show

Once again: Where is our Barbara Jordan?

Rescued Giant Sea Turtle Is Thrilled To Swim Back To The Ocean

PA state senator (R) resigns after being arrested on child porn charges

Cuck - just learned about this movie through a tweet talking about it's premise Plus link to review

Seth Meyers - Warren Surges as Democrats Focus on Trump's Corruption: A Closer Look

Pompeo just indicted the U.S. in the ongoing slaughter in Yemen

One Too Many Mornings, Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

Chicago City Council Approves Ticket and Debt Reforms to Help LowIncome and Minority Motorists

Beto Tells Some Hard Truths about Gun Control on Chris Cuomo

Jimmy Kimmel Pitches New Campaign Slogans to Cory Booker

(Jewish Group) Former Senate candidate will run for city council in Idaho to 'challenge Jewish power

My life's presently not so ideal right now, then I see this: 'Dredging on the Mekong River'.

Anyone catch Rachel's coverage of the FEMA fiasco?

New Yorkers strongly oppose license plate replacement plan, poll shows

Kamala Harris is one of the most Vetted of the Primary Candidates

Mexican megachurch leader back in court in child rape case

NY Times Reporters Say Kavanaugh Asked Them To Lie In Exchange For An Interview

I doubt that Beto will be or even should be the nominee, but

Interior Department Transferring Federal Land To Army For Border Wall Construction

Fortnite Creator is Buying Entire Forests to Prevent Them From Being Chopped Down

ever heard of "spite" houses?

Trump comes to town and the protesters follow--and 'Baby Trump' greet president's visit

Revealed: how US senators invest in the firms they're supposed to regulate

Dust cloud sparked explosion in primitive life on Earth, say scientists

Loki, Giant Volcano On Jupiter Moon, Is About To Erupt

Homo heidelbergensis: The Answer to a Mysterious Period in Human History?

Pelosi says Corey Lewandowski deserves to be held in contempt

Trump Threatens EPA Action Against San Francisco

Election 2019: In Manchester (NH) mayor's race, it's Craig (D) vs. Sullivan (R)

NY-02: Peter King ponders his future.

Trump Administration Targets California With Loosened Emissions Standards NBC Nightly News

Who could forget The Tielman Brothers?! The greatest fuckin rock band of 1959...

All Eyes Are Shifting to the Senate

Four Defendants Charged In $70 Million Wire Fraud Conspiracy Involving Black Market HIV Medications

Charges Brought Against 34 Individuals for $258M Alleged West Coast Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Scheme

Webster Parish non-profit director pleads guilty to stealing more than $1 million from feeding progr

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/18/19

Colbert: Billy Crystal Recalls Good Times With Muhammad Ali And Robin Williams At Friars Club Roasts

Ohio Man Arrested For Orchestrating $10M Dollar Scheme To Defraud Health Care Benefit Programs

Tokyo court clears former Tepco executives of negligence over Fukushima disaster

Two Defendants Arrested In $10 Million Tech Support Fraud Scheme

U.S. travel industry urges Washington to reauthorize tourism body Brand USA

Netanyahu urges rival Gantz to form unity government with him

Texas Healthcare Fraud Takedown Results in Charges Against 58 Individuals

At least 30 civilians killed in air strike in eastern Afghanistan: government officials

Court Of Appeals Affirms 120-Year Sentence Of Former Live Oak Police Sergeant Convicted Of Producing

Seeking more Oregon students, Willamette University will match Oregon college savings accounts

UK's Labour starts to reverse Blair's changes to nationalization policy

UK's Labour starts to reverse Blair's changes to nationalization policy

Gov. Kate Brown Calls Off Plans for a Special Session this Month to Fix Death Penalty Bill

I can't link right now. Pompous is in SA. Assuring them of support.

Slimy lakes and dead dogs: climate crisis has brought the season of toxic algae

Oregon's University Union Approves Strike If Bargaining Fails

Gov. Brown sorry after public records advocate quits, aide declines court nod

Introducing Hot Wheels: Trump Edition (Now with lower emission standards!)

Governor signs bill bill to offer higher education tax credit

Independent Party of Oregon faces a test of its mettle

White House to withdraw Trump's nominee to head FEMA

Case Closed: In Oregon campaign investigations, 'I did not' is all it takes

U.S. Intel Official Formally Blew the Whistle on a Troubling 'Promise' Trump Made to Foreign Leader

DoD identifies Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin as Green Beret killed by small arms fire

Legislative committee takes up 'capital chasm' facing small businesses, women and people of color

So far the Madman has completely ignored the Whistleblower story

"You can fry an egg on the wall"?


Trade war with China is hurting Oregon farmers

Update On HS Wrestling Controversy

Oregon man accused of making Facebook threat to shoot up Social Security office after being denied

"Greatest Healthcare System in the World" has noticeable chunk of it's employees living in poverty

President Trump will slap the city of San Francisco with a notice of environmental violations...

WTF Happened?

O'Rourke's plan to legalize marijuana includes clemency for possession sentences and grants for

O'Rourke's plan to legalize marijuana includes clemency for possession sentences and grants for

Kansas has a "lot of jobs", but not enough people to fill them

🌎 Watch live: MSNBC's Climate Forum 2020 (DAY 1)

🌎 Watch Live: SEP 19 at 1:45PM - Sen. Sanders - MSNBC Climate Forum 2020

DEA agents execute inspection warrant at Kaiser Permanente pharmacy in North Portland

Fallacy forwarded by some that robots create more jobs.

What was the "promise"?

Call it corporate not private insurance

They really needed to ask "Are we the baddies?" as they were discussing murdering anti-fascists

How Writing Off the Working Class Has Hurt the Mainstream Media (and the working class)

Wild Speculations on Trump's Phone Promise (Humorous Included)

There can be times even skeptics can be real horses' asses...

Study of ancient climate suggests future warming could accelerate

White House withdraws nominee to head FEMA

This article gives hope that this too shall pass

I think the promise was to Netanyahu to go to war with Iran.

Thursday TOONs - Proxy War

Mike Pence Says His Role Model for Vice President Is Dick Cheney

Elizabeth Warren reads selfie line notes passed to her after the NYC rally

Netanyahu Hints At Rotation With Gantz, Cites Peres-Shamir Cooperation

These state polls might move me from Warren to Biden.

In large measure, the current crisis in the Middle East can be traced back to Trump's ILLEGAL ACT

Texas teacher who tried to contact Trump to have her students deported is officially fired

The Rundown: September 18, 2019

Freedom isn't Free

Art of the Week: Week of 9/18/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/18/2019

Little Rich Boys Playing With Their Toys

Bernie Sanders Proposes Reparations - for Defrauded Homeowners

Trump Wants a Torture Proponent to Lead U.S. Human Rights Policy. The Senate Should Say No

The head of the CFPB now believes that the financial regulator is unconstitutionally structured

Charlie Pierce - Justice Beerboofer Stands Ready To Fuck Up Any Old Attempts At Climate Laws

*NEW* (A rated) Survey USA Poll - Vs. Trump: Biden (+8); Sanders (+5); Warren (+2); Harris (--)

Scientists: Last Great Heat Spike (PETM) Saw Climate Far More Sensitive To CO2 Than Thought

College GOP "Reaches Out" To Young Voters W. Mark Morano, Patrick Michaels, Other Liars

Cory Booker aims to reignite stock-buyback fight on the campaign trail by re-introducing old bill

2019 Tied 2016 As Hottest Northern Hemisphere Summer On Record; August 2nd-Hottest Globally

Corn Pop & Pop Corn: Post-Debate (3) Poll Analysis

Kamala Harris bets it all on Iowa to break freefall

67 Years Ago Today; The US Govt bars Charlie Chaplin from re-entering while on trip to England

Pennsylvania man allegedly used drone to drop explosives on ex-girlfriend's home

New Hampshire No Longer a Toss Up

I love this twitter account... Periods for Pence

Please be aware that, under maritime law your vessel may be subject to safety inspection at any time

Turnout Among College Students Doubled for Midterms

they think democracy's coming for their power, and they're right

The Whistleblower Complaint Came From Insid(ish) the White House

Looks like Jill Stein has a preference...

What is for breakfast Thursday September 19th?

Sanders supporters cry foul over Working Families endorsement of Warren

Ivanka Trump sent 100'sof emails last year to WH aides, Cabinet officials using her Personal Account

September 19 - Happy Birthday Rep. Henry Cuellar (D) TX-28th

Please give the... "Whistleblower Story" a chance to become well known.

Oh! My! Effigies! 14th Century Stylee

Anyone here ever have hernia surgery? Mesh or no mesh?

Pelosi releases her prescription drug plan

UN Sustainable Development Goals On Track For . . . . 2073 As Summit Prep Concludes

Listen Stephanie Rhule et al

Tomorrow, September 20 is Talk Like A Parrot Day

A 19th-century dutch pirate-shanty. "Men with Beards"

Bill Barr's Great Betrayal

I probably should apologise in advance...BUT...

The Ed McMahon of American foreign policy

138 Years Ago Today; President James A Garfield succumbs to wounds after assasination attempt

Watch This Bald Pit Bull Puppy Grow the Prettiest Fur

"Thou shalt not lie"

Day After Tomorrow, September 21 is Talk Like A Ferret Day

Mad skills

Mick Smiley - Magic

Putin's grip on power is fragile: Now he's arresting some crazy shaman for badmouthing him.

Health Insurance That Doesn't Cover the Bills Has Flooded the Market Under Trump, Bloomberg

We are doomed.


24 Years Ago Today; Yarrgh, ye sea dogs! It be the 1st International Talk Like A Pirate Day! 🏴‍☠️

Ben Shapiro Wants Description of Brett Kavanaugh's Penis

Trump "Impeachment Hearing" Begins, Nothing Happens

That was & continues to be the tragedy...

Latest polls 9/18

Smug, mediocre, Republican Congressman takes on Greta Thunberg--

Disputing Trump claims, Japan says no evidence Iran was behind Saudi attack

We are going to find out what the traitor did.

In a Close Governor's Race (Kentucky 2019), a GOP Incumbent Resorts to Racism

This Monkey Rides Her Dog BFF All Day Long

Interesting factoid from CNN last night on polls

Was it Putin that Trump talked to? The timeline works out.

McSally's GOP Senate Challenger Wants to...Annex Mexico

Infrastructure Week, folks

There's A Better Case For A Top 2 Than A Top 3

Apricot Raspberry Jam Glazed Pork Loin Recipe

Condemning Pompeo Warmongering, Sanders Says 'Attack on Saudi Oil Is Not an Attack on America'

Possibly related to the American spy withdrawn recently from Russia

Trump basically says that if you impeach him, you won't get INFRASTRUCTURE WEEK & TrumpCare

**In the Lone Star State Diamond Joe Is The Sheriff** JB 28% BO 19% BS 17%

Born, on this day, September 19, 1945: Randy Mantooth

General Tells Donald Trump To Keep Quiet About 'Wired' Border Wall And Tweeters Go Loud

**In TX There Are Only Two Dems Beating Orange Man And Their Names Are Diamond Joe And Beto**

Revealed: how US senators invest in the firms they're supposed to regulate

Brexiteer with diabetes says he would rather leave the EU than have insulin

The Heavy - Put It On The Line

David Bromberg has a birthday today.

No religion too.

Venezuela: Extrajudicial Killings in Poor Areas

Trump attorneys file lawsuit against Manhattan DA over subpoena for 8 years of tax returns

Fox Poll on Biden vs. Warren only results....

The Final Lesson Donald Trump Never Learned from Roy Cohn

"Union Strong, Baby!" in Spring Hill, Tennessee (UAW)

Something about the Madman's most recent call with Putin that mostly flew under the radar:

New Post-Debate Texas Poll With Head to Heads Show Biden & Beto Leading Trump

Parliament suspension case reaches final day in Supreme Court

Trump responds just now on Twitter to whistleblower story:

Potus Speaks - clearly no need to send the whistleblower's complaint to congress as required by law.

Defeating Trump at the ballot box in 2020 should be "Plan B". nt

Break time! Have you all seen the funny Lucidchart adverts on YouTube?

Unadulterated speculation and hypothesizing whistle-blower thread...

Why is Bernie Sanders stuck in neutral?

The Trump Doctrine, Revealed

Harris Recalibrates Her Strategy, Goes All-In on Iowa


Purdue Pharma wants to pay 'certain employees' $34 million in bonuses

"Ice Cold": Trump Distances Himself From Netanyahu After Election"

China Bolsters South Sudan UN Peace Mission With More Troops

Jeopardy - how come Jason Zuffranieri isn't exciting fans the way

China Bolsters South Sudan UN Peace Mission With More Troops

Trump: Whistleblower is "Presidential Harassment!"... "is anybody dumb enough to believe that?"

Before supporting any candidate, I believe one should do this thought experiment.

Trump tells reporters border wall is 'wired', immediately after army general asks him not to discuss

This whistle blower situation is nullifying my CBD calm.

Dems vs Reps: a replay of the Americans vs the British?

Hillary Clinton: Trump, McConnell abdicating responsibility on election security

Gold Medal Just Recalled 5-Pound Bags of Flour Nationwide Due to E. Coli Concerns

Gold Medal Just Recalled 5-Pound Bags of Flour Nationwide Due to E. Coli Concerns


Watchdog Refuses to Detail Whistle-Blower Complaint About Trump

Watchdog Refuses to Detail Whistle-Blower Complaint About Trump

Netanyahu rival Benny Gantz declares victory in close Israel election

NYT: Watchdog Refuses to Detail Whistle-Blower Complaint About Trump

"I'm f****** moving to Iowa," Sen. Kamala Harris joked

You raised $50.00 on September 18, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Looks like the closed door meeting with the IC IG didn't go anywhere.

Melissa Manchester - You Should Hear How She Talks About You

Trump calls new border wall a 'world-class security system'

***Summer Season Photo Contest Final Now Open For Your Votes***

Trump's National Security Aides to Meet on Possible Iran Options

The Coup d'etat has happened here.

House set to pass stopgap spending bill to prevent shutdown

Exclusive: Video shows Trudeau in blackface in 3rd instance of racist makeup

***Summer Season Photo Contest Final Now Posted in GD***

Question: Anyone know if a House attorney can pursue a contempt of Congress citation?

Hysterical billionaire says Warren will shut down the stock market if she wins

Mama Cass was born on this date.

Join us on our college tour this weekend!

Colt is ending production of AR-15s

If the issue is so urgent, why not do the right thing?

I'm really effin' tired of this shit.

Joe Kennedy nabs his first endorsement!

Question about Corey

David Scott draws primary challenge from well-connected Democrat (GA-13)

Labor Secretary Nominee Eugene Scalia Testifies at Confirmation Hearing

Pierce: Donald Trump's 'Promise' to a Foreign Leader Is More Than Just Troubling

What happens to the human body in space?

Proof positive how divided this country is. I am watching the hearing on police practices in this

In regards to Michael Atkinson not revealing the contents of the complaint today.

From Grandpa Mason's Facebook page, Grandpa Mason's kidneys have failed. Shelly & everyone

What? MSNBC saying Pelosi said Nadler SHOULD HAVE held Lew in contempt??

A university studied the water quality on planes. You may want to skip the coffee...

Policing in the U.S. hearing is off the hook.

Buttigieg plans big-donor summit in Iowa

Happy National Paw Paw Day!

Sanders camp pushes to extend N.Y. voter registration deadline

(Jewish Group) Yes, the Phrase "Jew 'em Down" IS Antisemitic

(Jewish Group) A Perfect Storm of Antisemitism

Darrell Issa's nomination for trade post hits a snag over his FBI background file

Washington, the capital city that's always been a country outpost

So let me get this straight: foreign leaders have more rights than Americans?

Berners rejoice: Sanders' support is getting smaller and that's a good thing.

Policing in the U.S. hearing.


(Jewish Group) How to Fight Anti-Semitism review - Bari Weiss's elegy for Pittsburgh

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism: Labour criticised for failing to consult Jewish members

'I'm not alone': Burn camp brings together children living with scars

Dominion announces 220-turbine offshore wind project in Virginia Beach

Dominion announces 220-turbine offshore wind project in Virginia Beach

Scheele's Green, the Color of Fake Foliage and Death

It's not every day a charter school chain sends a C&D to a lawmaker, but....

Watching national head-to-head polls against Trump.

Gram Parsons died on this day in 1973. 26 years old.

Netanyahu 'Played Trump Using Misinformation' Several Times, Says Tillerson

"That, I can promise you."

Seattle mayor pitches rideshare fee and pushes for minimum wage for Uber, Lyft drivers

Trump Wants to Log an Enormous Alaska Forest. These Native Women Traveled 3,000 Miles to Stop It.

How will Trump, et al out-fox the Democrats and keep the whistleblower info secret?

12:08 a.m. Some youths were driving some "crotch rockets" around town.

A ? For the 36% Undecideds here.

Jeff Bezos unveils plan to help tackle climate change

People in southeastern Texas are urgently warned to stay indoors. Imelda causes widespread flooding

Island County cuts $100,000 grant to Spin Caf homeless center in Oak Harbor

Washington will sue Trump for blocking states' clean vehicle standards

'It's bad': Water rescues begin as Imelda soaks east Texas

McConnell Flips on Election Security Funding

Warren shows signs of broadening her base

Mercury Rev w. Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) (studio-2019) Style of Bobbie Gentry's '68 version

Trump Sues Manhattan District Attorney

Truckers are becoming more pessimistic about the US economy

Beto still beating Trump in Texas & 49.1% support for mandatory buybacks vs 28.5% oppose

Federal Reserve intervenes for third day to ease market strains

Pentagon Says It Spent $184,000 in 2 Years at Trump's Scotland Resort

The Bernie Sanders camp is urging the DNC Rules & Bylaws committee to consider sanctions against NY

WSU Everett grows a bit this fall

New Iowa Poll Finds Warren Surging, Sanders Fading, and Biden Leading

Bertrand/politico: whistleblower is being repped by former CIA officer

Conservative hypocrisy re: medical marijuana

With LGTBQ rights under assault why are certain candidates skipping the CNN LGTBQ forum?

'Shameful' and 'Cowardly' -- Teenage Climate Activists Shame GOP Rep. for His Excuses

Charles Pierce on intelligence whistleblower crisis

Feds expand 'critical' habitat zone for endangered orcas

Dangerous oil and gas industry exemption slipped into highway bill

"Bibi, I promise, you'll win"

The GOP will not only look the other way from Trump's treason

More than 1,900 homeless households moved into housing this year, city reports

About the whistleblower

Vaping-related illnesses surge as FDA discloses criminal probe

I did not realize how much PayPal reams their merchants with fees.

Mike Pence targeted by GOP group over Trump alleged business conflicts

Yang commits to electric presidential fleet

Hi everyone

MAGA FAIL! The U.S. isn't even in the top 10 for best countries for retirement

A university studied the water quality on planes. You may want to skip the coffee on these two airli

Corruption Won't Make America Great Again

Beto O'Rourke proposes 'drug war justice grants' for marijuana offenders

We Are In An Enforcement Crisis -- Do Something

Today in 1947, Jackie Robinson is named MLB's first Rookie of the Year. Most deserving winner ever.

Do you think we will have a record turn-out in 2020 election?

Moscow Mitch capitulates, supports election security spending amendment

Iran: Zarif threatens 'all-out war' in case of military strike after Saudi oil attack

If Iran Denies Having Anything To Do With The SA Attacks Why Don't They.....

121 gray whales found dead on beaches, cause of death unknown

White supremacist's threats led black Charlottesville candidate to drop out of race, feds say

Report: Congressman Tom Reed collapses at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Obama's worst day as President.

GM health care shift during UAW strike poured gasoline on fire

Impossible Burgers are hitting their first grocery stores tomorrow

Cartoons 9/19/19

Gantz rejects Netanyahu's offer to form governing coalition in Israel

This is what mysterious ancient humans might have looked like

These days i get so fucking tired of MSM using the word CONGRESS!

Just to review the Israeli post-election phase...

Laura Rozen reporting Trump called Ukrainian president Zelensky

I've lost track of the status of all the court cases and appeals

Billionaire Leon Cooperman's recent economy comments get owned when someone does the research.

The Whistleblower who called on Trump and the foreign leader.

Sending positive vibes to the people of Texas as they are being

When I was a young man I had a job pushing crates of soda onto a truck from a warehouse

I'm coming out for

How Elizabeth Warren Got A Big Progressive Endorsement -- And Why It Matters

Because this is what you do when you are TOTALLY INNOCENT

Odds on the subject of the Whistleblower Phone Call?

Whistle-Blower's Complaint Is Said to Involve Multiple Acts by Trump.

Fantasy -- Alice Nine (great song!)

Alice Nine-- fantasy

UN Blocks Brazil from Speaking at Climate Summit in New York

UN Blocks Brazil from Speaking at Climate Summit in New York

Biden flexes muscle with new Black Caucus endorsements

With all of the CRAP going on in OUR government, how is it "breaking news" when Canada's Trudeau

German words for "blabbermouth" -- may come in handy these days.

CNN: The President can Declassify Anything He Wants

A quick thought on Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump, and our media's coverage of race and racism.

Excellent thread/timeline on that Whistleblower story.

LFR checking in.

Hey ho

New Fox Poll Is Terrible News for Trump, Great for Bernie and Biden

Perpetual Groove - Three Weeks

"I was a pilot for thirty years, and I couldn't figure out how to set that fucking watch!"

Whistle blower's complaint involves MULTIPLE acts by the President!

Allowing "flyin' by the seat of my pants" Trump to declassify anything he wants is the rough

Investors with US$16 Trillion Urge Brazil to Protect the Amazon

Elizabeth Warren: Border Patrol agents are not asylum officers.

Trump call to Ukrainian president re Biden might be what the intel whistleblower reported

My heart goes out to @WhipClyburn and his family after the loss of his wife, Emily.

Elizabeth Warren on the bus after the NYC rally

UK 'cannot meet' EU deadline for Brexit plan and needs another year, government says

Lucy McBath passes on Johnny Isakson's Senate seat

It's amazing how much of my job is just telling patients: "Yeah, this ain't gonna kill ya."

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 19, through Saturday, September 21

Why would anyone support Joe Kennedy running against Ed Markey?

Who is Benny Gantz? The former military chief could be Israel's next prime minister

White House also involved in advising DNI not to share whistleblower complaint

"How Elizabeth Warren Is Eating Sanders' Left Lunch"

Trump tells reporters border wall is 'wired', immediately after army general asks him not to discuss

Flash flood emergency in SE Tx . Live feed

Why Marianne Williamson's Brand Of Spirituality Isn't Working

Working Families calls on Sanders Campaign to denounce racism, threats of violence.

NEWS: Bernie 2020 Reaches 1 Million Donors

Parents at UN school don't want their kids photographed with Melania Trump

Court calls US "enhanced interrogation techniques" torture

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 19, 2019

CNN: Bernie Sanders campaign hits 1 million donors

Bernie Sanders has 1 million donors

Do you ever wonder to yourself if some political actor is being physically intimidated?

Puerto Rico disaster heads scammed us. heads indicted in 2 massive scandals

Photos: Bernie Sanders with Students at #ClimateForum2020

I'm shopping for my niece's 15th birthday.

Plan To Win

Things we worry about - Difference between the rich and others

Neurotoxin may have caused diplomats' illness in Cuba: study

Boy fatally stabbed as dozens filmed him bleeding to death

Yo! @BernieSanders is Friday's @LatinoUSA podcast with @Maria_Hinojosa. Drops tomorrow morning.

Tillerson: Netanyahu, Israelis 'played' Trump

'The world has no chance of beating climate change if natural gas is part of the mix'

Pete Buttigieg announces "Medicare For All Who Want It"

This article explains the inner workings of MSM news organizations and why we can't count on them.

I updated the "If you are in crisis" thread pinned at the top of this group!

Stephen Miller's girlfriend just got a job as VP Mike Pence's press secretary

Reminiscing about times past...

I've been calling him the orange asshole and trumpy the shit clown. I now call him...

Guatemala finds coca plantations and labs, admits now a producing nation

Patton Oswalt tweet: What can a woman look forward to when she's alone with you?

State Department orders expulsion of two members of Cuba's UN mission over 'influence operations'

State Department orders expulsion of two members of Cuba's UN mission over 'influence operations'

Show the world the evidence or shut the fuck up

One of my concerns about Biden is that he seems to be coasting, policy-wise

Good to see all the Republicans in Congress wanted the whistleblower info to come out too

Federal judge blocks California law requiring Trump tax returns

Warren shows signs of broadening her base

Birds Are Vanishing From North America

Promises, promises?

'Do you have white teenage sons? Listen up.' How white supremacists are recruiting boys online.

3 billion fewer birds are in North America now than in 1970

Emergency workers caught an unusual prowler lurking around rooftops in France - a black panther.

If the White House ordered the Intelligence community to stay out of exposing an illegal act, and

McConnell Says Pelosi's Drug Plan Is Dead

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 20 September 2019

Whistleblower Complaint Involves Multiple Acts by Trump

I'm switching from Mayor Pete to...

🔥 Bernie Speaks at UNC Chapel Hill

Any info on one Patrick Coffin?

I've been listening to nothing but Elton John since I saw Rocket Man.

I got two pot roasts from Costco...

Luckovich-Trump-I never keep my promises to anyone much leaders of foriegn countries

has "The Laundromat" opened in a theatre near you?

Chucky costume for dog? Take my money, please.

Is There Any Advantage To Getting The Tax Documents From The Trump Organization vs Trump's Personal.

The Gulf of Tonkin

2019 NFL penalties.

Trump plans to prevent future whistleblowers by "tightening the circle of people" aware of his calls

At some point impeachment may not be sufficient.

Any other DUers think the Trudeau exposure came from the same folks

Price of insulin has skyrocketed in the US, even though nothing about it has changed

"Not dishwasher safe"

George Conway: "If this actually happened, Trump should be imeached and removed from

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 19 THEME: Roger Moore as James Bond

I've picked my candidate

U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan

Wood McKenzie VP On Fracking Sector: "I Completely Believe The Current Model Is Unsustainable"

Why Does Jason Johnson Never Pass Up A Opportunity To Beat Up On The Dems?

If Warren were to drop Medicare for all

Uh, No Shit: US Will Have The Lowest Of Profiles At UN Climate Summit Next Week

caption Trump photo

Buttigieg tells Medicare-for-all proponents to show their cards

Buttigieg: Warren 'evasive' when Colbert asked her about middle class taxes

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 20 THEME: College Football

I wonder if Trump's thinking is that he can get away with anything?

Imelda Already Earning Comparisons To Harvey, 3-Day Rainfall Totals As High As 44.41 Inches


Climate Action: 'Protect, Restore & Fund': Greta Thunberg, George Monbiot

Is anyone's hair on fire?

Video: Protect, Restore, & Fund Climate Action: Greta Thunberg, George Monbiot

21 Seconds Of Imelda's Rainfall From Winnie, TX (Chambers County)

The Most Notorious Weapon Ever Produced?

Holy Shit - he really said Judge Flores made a bad decision

I'm gonna try a reverse sear tonight.

At Least 30 Die When US Drone Misses ISIS, Hits Farmworkers

Exclusive: The Climate Crisis Will Hit Hard in Mayor Pete's Lifetime. Here's His Plan to Fight It.

He hates us all.

Trump Tax Returns Toxic.

Open Treason...

Teacher drove to school drunk, was 4 times over legal limit


Country star Josh Turner's crew bus crash leaves 1 dead, 7 injured

Of course he should be impeached...

I went to Stephen Miller's high school

tRump Is On Borrowed Time As He Only Gets a 1 Week Delay On Tax Returns Hearing

Which country was the recipient of trump's promise. *Poll*

Why does no one want Donald Trump's childhood home?

Roy Cohn...Evil, Corrupt, Hypocrite, Demagogue...Sounds like someone we know.

If I had my way for 2020...

Went to see Kamala Harris in Coralville, IA this evening

Sir Paul McCartney: Brexit vote probably a mistake

Ben Carson expresses his concerns over "big, hairy men" infiltrating women's homeless shelters

Darrell Issa having trouble getting confirmed...Can't pass background check...LMAO

What a hack...

Metro students prepare to protest, disrupt in call for climate action

OK, here's what I don't get about the most recent whistleblower complaint on Trump:

An attorney forced out of the CIA's watchdog office is representing the Trump whistleblower

Letter detailing civilian presence failed to prevent deadly Afghan drone strike


We lost our sweet Riley today

All of a sudden I am getting several emails a day fom the Demcorats

Tim Gunn's fashion advise for tRump