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Archives: September 2, 2019

Nate Silver (of FiveThirtyEight) doesn't buy that crowd sizes tell us much about who's going to win.

Georgia Will Now Have Two Senate Elections In 2020

Video shows Trump golfing before Hurricane Dorian arrives in U.S.

Another Trump Official Quits And Warns Of Looming Mass Exodus Of Staffers

Devin Nunes's Lawyer Says Parody Twitter Account As Dangerous As A Firearm

Which 2020 US Senate Special Election winner will win a full first term in 2022?

Must-Read thread by Michael Grunwald on how important Biden was to Obama's accomplishments


Just How Bad is Amazon's Banned Products Problem?

Grief, Republican style

Which US Senate seats Democrats lost in 2014 could Democrats win back in 2020?

Queensland extinguishes native title over Indigenous land to make way for Adani coalmine

National Weather Service corrects Trump on Hurricane Dorian: 'Alabama will not see any impacts'

Johnson could sacrifice majority by withdrawing whip from rebel MPs

Think vertically---

Trump Admin proposes re-segregating baseball.

UK Home Office planning to end family reunion for children after Brexit

I have frozen cassava in my freezer.

NRA supporters love to talk about their supposed rights and freedoms.

Forecasting technology is amazing. Think about this...

While the politicians squabble, can't we unite for people who are hurting?

Never let Joe Walsh live down "Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh"

Prior to the disaster that is Dorian hits the SE


Some of tRump's Moronic Rantings on Category 5 Hurricanes

Police never responded when neighbor of Odessa tx shooter called to report him last month

Rick Wilson: How Badly Could Trump Fuck Up the Response to Hurricane Dorian?

"Actually, guns do kill people": Right-to-carry laws increase the rate of violent crime.

I can't speak for the rest of you but there is no way

Here's How to Find Out Who Donated Thousands to Trump in Your Area

Phone call just now between Georgia Gov Kemp and GA DOT Commissioner...

Kevin Hart suffers major back injuries in car crash - driver lost control of Hart's 70 Barracuda

Trump trails Democrats by a historically large margin (CNN's Harry Enten)

New Gun Laws Take Effect as Texas Mourns Another Shooting

Family of slain Honduran activist appeal to US court for help in her murder trial

Ted Cruz does "comedy"

Dorian Update: 2020 hours Sunday, September 1st

DU'er shared on Facebook:Mary Granados, postal worker killed in Texas shooting, was on phone with tw

Does anyone know the math to figure out how much the winds slow down in a hurricane

Republicans are having a difficult time deciding

Assuming a ground level site, is it possible to build a safe room/shelter inside an apartment?

Oregon electeds call it gun safety legislation. Much less inflamatory to gun lovers

Unruly Cows Descend On Upscale Neighborhood Night After Night

First create the problem. 1962 Music Man got this right.

Soledad O'Brien: " The President is a moron"

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of seats Democrats could win in 2020.

Dorian 2109 hrs, September 1st

First video coming in from Bahamas after Dorian passed through and it's complete devastation

Tweet of the Day

Odessa shooter was fired from trucking job hours before killing spree

Today I held Sweetie in my arms as we put her to sleep

As Dorian loomed, Disney left staff on its Bahamian island. Cruise line says they're safe

My 45-lb. puppy/doggo got her ass kicked by my 7-lb. kitteh.

For whatever reason, the hurricane is still heading due West and aimed at Mar-a-largo...

With all this hype in regards to

Goldielocks weather months.

AZ-06: American Federation of Teachers-Arizona Endorse Hiral Tipirneni for Congress

I want to make one narrow point about the aftermath of the massacre in Odessa.

Y'ever notice, white shooters are mentally unstable while shooters of color are thugs?

Remembering Philip Loeb, labor leader in the theater and blacklisted b/c of it.

Two Polling Methods, Two Views of Trump's 2020 Re-election Chances

Antifa vs RWNJ killings in the last 10 years. SO hard to keep track!

Question: why should someone vote for Sanders over Wsrren

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Says it all.

So this was in GD veg*n folks: what was your defining moment

@GOP @Ted Cruz cooked bacon by wrapping it around the barrel of an AR-15 and then firing the gun

Global Winter Wonderland

Electric bikes may soon be humming along national park trails

News and video relayed by ABC reporters from Elbow Cay in the Bahamas

TX-31: Dems Vie for Incumbent Rep. John Carter's Round Rock Seat

Firefly resort in the Abacos

How an L.A. man with cancer got a parking ticket while in the hospital and ended up losing his car

I would pay good money for a Hurricane Hunter ride-along.

Gee, someone is GIVING AWAY a Knabe baby grand piano in New Haven CT

Michael Lindsay, the voice of Joe and Kisuke has died

First final mix of "Moment Of Silence"...

Caption Hair Fuhrer

Having one of these now 😞

did trump delete the tweet about DebraMessing? it doesn't show up when I scroll through his tweets

'Prorogation': Britain's populist coup

Taylor WV Magistrate Bolton admonished by Judicial Investigation Commission; resigns

West Virginia state senator charged with prostitution

Do I stay or do I go? For Joe Manchin, a big decision awaits

A bromance here this morning uncle boog the chocolate lab and his nephew

Straight high schoolers with 'MAGA flags' disrupt LGBTQ club's first meeting

Lawsuit: School official harassed trans teen in bathroom

(Jewish Group) Neo-Nazi site lists photographs, names of thousands of Yeshiva U. students

Federal magistrate recommends tossing Blankenship's 2015 mine safety conviction

Millionaire model agency boss thought to have key information into the Jeffrey Epstein disappears

WVU "Very Close" to Announcing Solution to Northern Panhandle Hospital Closures

Trump's Lost Summer

Tribal leaders say 2020 should be about 'life or death' issues, not Warren's DNA

Breakfast Monday 2 September 2019

Items you can't even give away any more..

Mexican government, searching for the disappeared, has found more than 3,000 hidden graves

Campus OU alumna Violet Patton increases gift commitment by $22 million OU alumna Violet Patton inc

One Job Is Better Than Two

It's almost eerie and surreal...

Report: State Medical Board Had Evidence of Sexual Abuse by OSU Doctor Richard Strauss

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king...

Dark sky in Jupiter Fla at 8 a.m. on msnbc

Probe of missing Georgia votes finds 'extreme' irregularities in black districts

Report from the Cashier's Depot

Now they want terrified kids to be first responders too

Why Trump Wants Even More Pollution Than Industry Does

Elizabeth Warren isn't just a former Harvard professor...

Current impeachment votes?

Insurance companies are starting to refuse coverage

Harry Potter books removed from St. Edward Catholic School due to 'curses and spells'

Event hall cancels mixed-race couple's wedding: 'Our Christian beliefs don't allow mixed weddings'

Bedbug Man - by Tom Tomorrow

Revealed: Georgia Republicans use power of state to suppress minority vote

Brochure Issued In Ingushetia Instructs Women To 'Defer' To Men


Usually on Labor Day,

The Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico this morning

Has there been any coverage of the school shooting

And that's why I can't wash my jeep!

Kamala Harris: When we lift each other up, we all succeed.

Should we avoid travel and gatherings for our own personal safety?

How to make your cat look more active.

Rescue operation underway for over 30 people in boat fire off Ventura County coast, officials say

**He Spent Years Infiltrating White Supremacist Groups. Here's What He Has to Say About What's Going

Pete Buttigieg flexes campaign muscle in Iowa, plans to open 20 offices in 20 days, have nearly 100

WTF-34 people died after boat catches fire off California's Santa Cruz Island: officials

Labor Day 2019

I was doing calculations on squirrel calorie needs

Revealed: Georgia Republicans use power of state to suppress minority vote

City of Cincinnati Sets Plans to Take Streetcar Reins from Transit Agency

I just find it stunning

Ark Encounter sued by a Kentucky board of education for undervalued property

Trump in a baseball cap

Parrots incredibly talk to one other like humans

The 40 year war against workers waged by corporate America and billionaire class must come to an end

That's ... one small step ...

The Democratic Winner of the Iowa Caucuses goes on the win The Nomination.

Meet Don the Con's new science advisor, or maybe his head of

Trump: "I never heard of a category 5 hurricane"

Trump commemorates Labor Day in a series of tweets that will inspire, motivate, and unite us all.

For some reason

The projected path of Hurricane Dorian is shifting closer to the Florida Coast.

Loijuk has a baby!

Ever read Verne's "The Mysterious Island"?

📚 back to school shopping 👀 in America 📚

Where Each Democratic Candidate Stands In The Presidential Race In 100 Words

74 Years Ago Today; Surrender in Tokyo Bay

What were you doing at 12 yrs old?

"Sleeping dogs"

A Typical Hour in the Life of the Irish Border

84 Years Ago Today; The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane hits the US - most intense in terms of mbar

There is no Music in the trump White House / no mention of the Arts....ever

Icebreaker Crowd

Amateurs Identify U.S. Spy Satellite Behind President Trump's Tweet

Trump's lost summer: Aides claim victory, but others see incompetence and intolerance

You raised $65.00 on September 1, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

What do you call a hippies' wife?

Trump causes confusion by saying record storm will hit Alabama,

World's longest cruise sets sail from London

Trump doesn't think he's 'ever even heard of a Category 5' hurricane. Four such storms have threaten

LOL!!! From Washington Post story

On Labor Day, US Workers are 1/3 poorer than in 2003 & Top 1% is 2x Richer

Amazon's Next-Day Delivery System Has Brought Chaos And Carnage To America's Streets -- But The

Presidential hopefuls face a stubborn problem: how to bump Biden

Chef Jose Andres travels to Bahamas to help with Dorian relief

Caption Trump at Hurricane Dorian briefing

Snap election speculation mounts as No 10 calls emergency cabinet

Snap election speculation mounts as No 10 calls emergency cabinet

So this is where we are at?

Saudi Arabia struggles to hold Yemen coalition together as allies face off

Saudi Arabia struggles to hold Yemen coalition together as allies face off

Hong Kong leader says she would 'quit' if she could, fears her ability to resolve crisis now 'very l

New issues could keep Boeing 737 Max jets grounded into December: report

Georgian PM Bakhtadze steps down, warns against political divisions

Uighurs in China were target of two-year iOS malware attack - reports

Joe's Labor Day Message via email to supporters without a donation pitch

Union songs

Pence says US must 'remain vigilant' about Moscow election meddling

In Loving Memory of ___________________

Oldest Evidence of North American Settlement May Have Been Found in Idaho

I finally found a tRump campaign sign I can agree with

Remembering Flint's contribution to Labor Unions.

Florida Man Goes Viral for His Absolutely Hilarious Plan to Fight Hurricanes

'We're hoping against hope': Falklands' fishing boom threatened by no-deal Brexit

Take your Animals with you

'Murderer of nature': Evo Morales blamed as Bolivia battles devastating fires

'Murderer of nature': Evo Morales blamed as Bolivia battles devastating fires

Afghan president wants U.S. to share details of draft deal with all leaders: spokesman

Tens of thousands in Hong Kong boycott first day of school

Trump has an issue with people who "seldom have sources (even though they say they do)"

Sportswashing: how Saudi Arabia lobbies the US's largest sports bodies

Sportswashing: how Saudi Arabia lobbies the US's largest sports bodies

Joe Biden Votes for Unions (tweet with campaign video)


No 'Mixed' or 'Gay' Couples, Mississippi Wedding Venue Owner Says on Video, citing their faith

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's bluster on hurricanes, guns, economy

Take Your Animals. I Remember Snowball and Katrina.

NOAA - Update at noon Dorian is finally moving WNW at 1mph

Elizabeth Warren's plan for gun violence prevention

Why black voters are backing 2 old white guys

Special Report: Hong Kong leader says she would 'quit' if she could, fears her ability to resolve cr

London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Trump's "busy dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course"

Could farmed insects be the perfect pet-food ingredient?

Florida prepares for Hurricane Dorian

''We easily got the biggest turnout at the Milford NH #LaborDayParade''

Film Clip for Labor Day: Matewan (1987)

Something peculiar to this hurricane, that I never noticed before.

Update on my University's race problem

Europe should ignore 'treacherous promises' of Facebook's Libra currency: ECB's Mersch

UK Home Office refused thousands of LGBT asylum claims, figures reveal

US 'Complicit in This Nightmare,' Says Sanders, After Trump-Backed Saudi Coalition Kills Over 100 in

Happy National Grits For Breakfast Day!

Russia protests: Moscow couples can keep children - court

The only thing worse that having a Category 5 hurricane make landfall is ...

Biden's rivals won't oust him in the debates (Jennifer Rubin, WaPo)

Ku Klux Klan donation account suspended by PayPal

Taylor Swift - Lover

Biden on MSNBC just now: "No compromise" on banning assault weapons, high-capacity

➡️ Tune in tomorrow morning to watch my interview with @AdyBarkan.

Here's my 3-legged goat story to share

Labor Day

Sorting papers, found some foul humor and a link online!

On this Labor Day: Norma Rae - Union Sign Scene

Trump has turned the Dept of Labor into the Dept of Employers' Rights.But encouraging signs do exist

U.S. bombs, logistical support ... for the Saudi dictatorship's airstrikes make us complicit

This Labor Day, I stand with my House colleagues.

LOL! Biden to reporters today: "Anyone wanna see me go make some mistakes?"

Republicans should be challenged on the impeachment issue.

Biden at Cedar Rapids union picnic: "Make America Trump-free again."

Amy Klobuchar outlines plan to combat climate crisis

Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act instead of banning assault weapons.

Well, bird-bird-birds, the word

Tomato 🍅 question

Democrats Can't Afford to Leave Moderates Behind - Seib

Minister of Tourism Joy Jibrilu: 80% of homes in the Abacos destroyed. Water table compromised.

2020 US Senate Election- seats most to least likely to flip.

Can't sleep

Revealed: How a secret Dutch mole aided the U.S.-Israeli Stuxnet cyberattack on Iran

LA-GOV: Republican candidate handed out opioids like candy.

Photo: Milford Labor Day Parade is ready for ⁦@BernieSanders⁩

Trump has arrived at his golf club in Sterling, Virginia. It's the 227th day of his presidency that

Along Hurricane Dorian's Tortured Path, Millions Are United in Fear

AFL-CIO's Trumka: SHITLER "may not even know what his administration is doing"

Biden in Cedar Rapids with little boy who wants to teach him to dance

No one cares about Joe Biden's gaffes except media and politicos

This could be huge..Union leader calls out Trump.

Trump: "I just want to congratulate Poland" on the 80th anniversary of Nazi occupation

Trump's newest China tariffs just kicked in -- could cost American shoppers an extra $1000 a year

Trump on Texas shootings: "It could've been worse"

You have your undecided voters, and then you have your REALLY UNDECIDED voters...

Pics of Potus caught hard at work

Kamala Harris Out Standing With Striking Health Care Workers on Labor Day

Andrew Luck calls a play we all should give some thought to

Trump issues proclamation declaring Sept 2, 2019, as Labor Day. I shit you not.

Labor is showing life -- good news needed in a new Guilded Age

Ohio State Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Create 'Toni Morrison Day'

The words 'rat infested...' were visible on one sign."

Ahead of the annual parade in Milford, Bernie Sanders tells reporters what Labor Day means to him

Democrats Launch New 'Listen Up, Hayseeds' Campaign To Connect With Rural Voters


The Dangers of Vaping: What We Know

Biden: Trump 'Has No Intestinal Fortitude' to Address Gun Violence (Mediaite article, VIDEO)

Kiss' Paul Stanley: 'Prayers and Sympathy Are Not Enough' After Odessa Mass Shooting

Last shots this season at Rockport.

Excellent LTE on the NRA and assault weapons

For years, Trump has said he's not sure he's even heard of a category 5 hurricane (video).

Cartoons 9/2/19

sleeping quarters of the Conception Dive Boat - filmed a few years ago

Turkey's at the salt lick.

The corporate media is pathetic

In Iowa, Joe stops to call a fan's mom...

The song is inside your head

Yes, if my candidate Kamala isnt chosen, just WATCH ME support whoever is

🔥 Peterborough Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

U.S. Open Fines Mike Bryan for Making Gun Gesture to a Line Judge

Just taking a break from all the aggravation.

Pence..'The president is where he is needs to be'

AR-15 inventor's family: "Meant to be a military weapon." "He'd have been horrified and sickened."

Great job covering Hurricane Dorian, Weather Channel

In 2016 Bernie was one of only 8 Democratic caucus members failing to join a Democratic filibuster

When the corporate media speaks of the "why" behind any particular mass shooting,

My McAfee subscription end next month, and I don't know if I should renew

Justice Dept drafts "WH gun package" legislation expediting capital punishment for mass killings

In Trump country, a group of coal miners rebel over lost jobs, missed paychecks

Kamala giving props to Beto gun buyback plan

Thank You for cold fronts...

Chilean Politician's undeclared Foreign Assets Revealed

Interactive weather map

Today, I became a button sewing machine

Had a pastor at an evangelical, charismatic, come as you are church yesterday claim

Guatemala arrests ex-1st lady, presidential runner-up Torres

Pence tells World, we are done with Ukraine, Putin can have it...

Trump getting Hurricane Dorian briefing!:

The Government is as ready as they can be

I hope others follow coke.

Faced With Criticism, Trump Administration Reverses Abrupt End to Humanitarian Relief

Another Russian ambassador gets window toxicity and dies...

Pharmacies Owned by GOP Rep. Peddled Massive Number of Opioid Doses in Small Communities

The bridge is out and the train has long ago left the Sane station...

Beto: I want to be clear: Americans who own AR-15s AK&-47s will have to sell their assault weapons

Trump doesn't think he's "ever even heard of a Category 5" hurricane.

The Big Con raises your taxes today...

Mickey Rourks new face

Surrounded by Dorian.

Will Dorian pick up speed again once it clears the landmass of the Bahamas?

The Roll-Off Dumpster as a Metaphor

Can Pence even go to the bathroom?

Jam Handy Organization

Boris suggests the government doesn't have to follow the law...!

An excellent suggestion:

5 pm Dorian Update, Grand Bahama Island Airport ... September 2nd

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 2, 2019

This is...well...wait for it...

On guns, a question: What would *you*, personally, do to confiscate them?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Isabel Toledo - famous for Mrs. Obama's 2009 inauguration day outfit - died last week.

Hillary: Thank The Labor Movement!

Texas gunman was fired from job, called FBI before shooting

Thank you unions! Happy Labor Day!

Pence staying at Trump's Doonbeg golf resort 2 nights for meetings in Dublin which is nowhere near.

No 'sense of empathy': Harris scolds Trump for golfing as hurricane approaches

Sunday September 8th is grandparents' day

Dorian: I have lived on the Atlantic coast in central Florida for 25 years.

For Labor Day, tallying the many cuts that bled unions and the long road back

Vote for the Woman Because She's a Woman - TIME

Literally the wild Wild West....a weapon of war in every household..

Why Isn't the M$M Reporting Daily About the Fires in the Amazon???

🔥 Claremont Town Hall with Bernie

You can't scare me.---Pete Seeger sings Woody Guthrie - Union Maid

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 3: Star of the Month: Sidney Poitier

A 'Stranger Things'-style request from DARPA just freaked out the entire Internet

George goes to the County Fair:

Confiscation is a canard - who confiscated the lawn darts?

2020 US Senate Election- How many ways Democrats regain control of the US Senate w/wo the W.H.

Just for the record, one of USA's great immigrants is on the ground in the wake of Dorian

My apologies if this has been suggested, re gun bans.

Just Sayin'

People trust Joe Biden... they like him on a gut level..

Explosives found near Labor Day parade New Jersey governor was participating in

Are you kidding me???

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 4: TCM Special Theme: 100 Years of United Artists

For women and men who leave the work force

LOL DU - the ad on my log in page

About the place where the NRA has meetings..What if????...

Please shut up, Mr. President, and read some books

Greek Wine Grape Harvest Down 30% From 2018, 50% From 2017

Happy Labor Day American Pot Growers!

Happy Labor Day American Pot Growers...

Justice Department drafts legislation to expedite executions of convicted mass murderers in shooting

It's looking like Elizabeth Warren is the 2020 Democratic candidate to beat

Origins of the South Korean- Japanese dispute over Dokto

Iran acknowledges rocket explosion, says test malfunctioned

Iran acknowledges rocket explosion, says test malfunctioned

OK Dorian is stationary

Dorian May Make Carolinas May Pay The Price For Decades Of Climate Lies, Coastal Development

Dorian triggers massive flooding in Bahamas; at least 5 dead

The Extortion Economy: How Insurance Companies Are Fueling a Rise in Ransomware Attacks

As Florida preps for Hurricane Dorian, four more potential tropical systems tracked

Today: the best article I've ever read on guns

Warren: "What's going to carry us as Democrats is not playing it safe."

WE THE PEOPLE march/protest Sept 21st!

Underwater Suites, Giant Submerged Statutes; As GBR Dies, Tour Operators Try To Keep Tourists Coming

'I thought I was about to die': Eyewitnesses describe beatings by Hong Kong police

Congressional Democrats plan to launch inquiry into Trump's alleged role in scheme to silence affair

Congressional Democrats plan to launch inquiry into Trump's alleged role in scheme to silence affair

Lou Dobbs Warns Trump: Your Base "Is Expecting A Wall" By November 2020

NASA Confirms: Amazon Fires Worst Since 2010, 2019 May End Up Worst Year On Record

Why are we paying her?

Johnson Threatens Oct. 14 Election in Battle Over No-Deal Brexit

PhysOrg: Number Of Fires In Brazilian Amazon Rises By 3,859 In 48 Hours After Gov Bans Burning

Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo' - Diving Duck Blues

Parade canceled after 'destructive devices' found near route

Theft, Fights, Murder: What Water Shortages Are Doing To The City Of Chennai

Any other President

It's now Biden, Warren, Sanders -- and everyone else

Slower storms could be our new normal.

CNN just did a couple of split screens.

The Trump Administration Wants To Start DNA Testing Undocumented Immigrants In Government Custody

Trump Seen at the Golf Course While Hurricane Dorian Approaches the U.S.


Utah woman impersonates 21-year-old daughter to try to evade arrest

STORMY MONDAY, The Allman Bros. LIVE, Fillmore East, 1971

Grand Bahama International Airport....

Seth Abramson: Why is this taking so long?

Trump Spends Labor Day Tweeting, Golfing as Hurricane Dorian Threatens U.S.