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2.5 Million Acres Of Bolivia Have Already Burned In 2019, Pushed By Pro-Big Ag Policies

JBS, Marfrig, Frigol - Among Biggest Beef Producers On Earth - Buying Slave/Deforestation Beef

Bernie Sanders: Trump's response to Climate Crisis is 'pathetic.'

On my playlist now

Are there any betting lines on the foreign leader who got the promise?

What happens to the notes tRUMP takes away from the interpreters?

The Evil Vapor: Let's see what the prestigious UK Royal College of Physicians had to say about it?

The pain is getting worse and spreading.

As much as trump dislikes California and it's full of Democrats, I wouldn't be surprised

Homeless Man Reunites With Dog He Thought He Might Never See Again

Breaking: Whistleblower complaint about President Trump involves Ukraine, according to 2 people fami

**NEW** Whistleblower complaint about President Trump involves Ukraine (WAPO)

A "memory" popped up today. In 2013 on this day I was 6 days Cig free...due to vaping. no cig 6 yr

Chris Hayes MSNBC Climate Change Forum on now

Washington state sues Trump: Don't divert defense dollars to build your border wall

Pompeo's Advice To The Media

Australia Is Fighting Over Whether or Not to Kill 'Man-Eating' Sharks

Romanian TV show host has accused of racism saying Serena Williams looks like one of 'those monkeys'

My best guess as to what happened:

Aviation Emissions Growth Rate Far Higher Than 1st Projection Of 2.7 Billion Tons/Yr By 2050

Rocky Mountain Mike's Guiuliani song-

Acting ICE chief defends agents, scolds lawmakers for political rhetoric


Whistleblower complaint about President Trump involves Ukraine, according to two people familiar wit

Hong Kong Police 'Tortured' and Beat Protesters, Amnesty Says

2020 US Senate Election- Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

McConnell changes position and backs $250 million for election security

Gardener Falls In Love With The Thief Who's Been Stealing His Vegetables

Washington wins funding for tsunami mapping, siren maintenance

Texas flooding: Imelda rains, flooding 'worse than (Hurricane) Harvey'

Bernie Sanders' OWN campaign video:

Smishing: A Silly Word for a Serious Fraud Risk

Rudy Guiliani will be on CNN with Cuomo at 9pm Eastern.

At 98, D-Day vet jumps again, with eyes on the big 100

A Guide to Everyone Involved in the Big Trump Whistleblower Story

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Kathy's Story!

**Heads Up**Laurence Tribe on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight 10:30 ET

Not sure where to put this, but how do I request that the mods stop asking me to

Trump's $28 billion bet that rural America will stick with him

GA-SEN, GA-06: McBath passes on running for Senate

Greg Olear, "Trump's presidency is over."

Israel Election Results: Netanyahu Is Reminded That Trump Hates Losers

Teacher denied loan forgiveness tells Congress why she's suing Betsy DeVos

House passes short-term spending bill, punting shutdown fight to November

Stage set in Nevada as Earthlings arrive for 'Storm Area 51' events

New State Laws Are Criminalizing Protest to Protect Oil and Gas Companies

Trump reverses course on immigrant medical program

About Pence and that meeting with Ukraine's Zelensky a few weeks ago in Poland

Trump administration says joint UNC, Duke program portrays Islam too positively

Watch Errol Morris Compare Steve Bannon to Lucifer in New 'American Dharma' Trailer

Trump reverses course on immigrant medical program

'Conversation with the Candidate' with Beto O'Rourke: Online exclusive

'Conversation with the Candidate' with Beto O'Rourke: Online exclusive

Giuliani just confessed on Cuomo?!?!

Anyone watching Lodge 49 on AMC???

Police want to talk to 'Spider-Man' who stole their camera

Ghouliani having a fit on CNN.

Good laugh from trump lol

Why don't the Democrats create a real deep state?

Donald Trump gets up every morning

Kris Kobach Said To Be Down 10 In Kansas Senate Race: A leaked internal GOP poll spells early bad n

The worst Mayor America's ever had cannot stop yelling at Christ Cuomo.

Trump Mulls Diverting Billions More for Border Wall

Did the Con admit to crimes?

It really feels like we're getting closer by the day to a totalitarian dictatorship.

Let's remember what Trump/Giuliani/Ukraine collusion is all about - sinking Joe Biden

Pastafarian pastor leads prayer at Alaska government meeting

Archaeological dig.

Ilhan Omar's 16-year-old daughter is co-leading the Youth Climate Strike

Remember Don Jr's vacuous gaze into the distance when sitting on that stump?

My guess about drumph's fate:

Bill Maher's guests on Real Time tomorrow:

and ok.....I LOVE the new spokesman for Pappa Johns pizza.....Shaq!!!!

Giuliani: I'm gonna fabricate some imaginary criminals and claim they committed imaginary crimes

Elizabeth Warren is at 21% on DU!!!

I never had any regard for Rudy G. The scumbag he was on September 10th

Mediaite article with COMPLETE VIDEO (three clips) of Giuliani's trainwreck CNN interview tonight

Colt will stop making AR-15 rifles for consumers

Trump AGAIN Furious with Own Fed Chief for Rate Cut

Rudy...neither stable nor a tonight's yelling match with Chris Cuomo. Enjoy.

OMGAWD......Just saw Charlize Theron doing a BUDWEISER advertisement.....

Benedict Donald nt

DOJ was Directing the DNI in How they should Break the Federal Whistleblower Law

Knowing that Trump watched Giuliani's trainwreck on CNN and is having a psychotic meltdown over it

So I was at a local bar and grill this afternoon

For those lucky enough to be retired, what are some of your favorite things?

Ukraine's readout of phone call with Trump backs up the reporting

Why is the media (even Rachel and Lawrence) focusing only on the Ukraine call?

Working Families Party Staffers Face Harassment After Warren Endorsement

the definitive takedown of the Biden-Ukraine smear, courtesy of CNN:

Joyce Vance: If this is what the whistleblower complaint is about & it's accurate, Trump must...

North Korea could hold 40 nuclear weapons by year's end, researcher claims

Black Leaders Condemn Attacks by Sanders Supporters Amid Fallout From WFP's Warren Endorsement

Trump/Rudy Signal Right-Wing & Local Media in Red/Purple States what the "defense" is.

Dan Crenshaw runs and hides in an elevator

U.S. Marine unit wants to hold annual ball at Mar-a-Lago

'Multiple' people shot on streets of Washington, D.C.: local media

I saw the new movie Downton Abbey tonight.

What did Trump promise President Zelensky for dirt on Joe Biden?

Giuliani says 'of course' he asked Ukraine to look into Biden seconds after denying it

Maybe just coincidence, but Trump's 7/25 call to Ukrainian prez was same time as Fox News Poll

WATCH: Giuliani says "of course" he asked Ukraine to look into Biden seconds after denying it

Southwestern University announces presidential search

Who's going to be the idiot responsible

Feels like extortion:

Robert Costa connects the dots...Zelensky, Pence, Bolton...& Trump's decision on "financial support"

Homeless man and his dog reuniting is pure joy

What is causing global warming?

Former El Salvador President Saca gets two-year prison term for bribery

Trump's Withholding Military Funds Sparks Fear Among Ukraine's Leaders

Regarding the Whistle blower Complaint

Honduran mother, toddler drown trying to enter the US while waiting for immigration court hearing

This could be the best song I've heard this year

On the Ukraine story: Ana Navarro-Cardenas has a golden wit.

This weekend is the Area 51 convention to rush the gates. They claim they

Drowning of U.S.-bound Honduran mother and son underscores plight of migrants

Colt will stop making AR-15 rifles for consumers

Mysterious 'Havana Syndrome' suffered by diplomats caused by Zika fumigation, study suggests

Schiff Floats Taking DNI To Court To Get Details Of Whistleblower Complaint

Washington State Official Sues Trump Over Border Wall Funding

What if Pelosi has stayed above the politics for the eventuality that she might be POTUS?

It Appears Republicans are Using Trump to Set the Stage for an Authoritarian Takeover

MUST WATCH: Giuliani sinks Trump with bombshell misstep on air

Carbocations Generated Electrochemically from Carboxylic Acids.

Isn't Trump scheduled to meet with Zelensky on the 23rd at U.N.?

HOLY SH*T! Mike Pence spoke to the Ukrainian President 09/18/19 about Trump's meeting

Three stories that could connect to the whistleblower story

Study: North American Bird Population Falls 3 Billion Since 1970

The Daily Show: NY Times' Jamelle Bouie - Assessing the Third Democratic Presidential Debate

A Good Week For Northern Lights? Fall Equinox Puts Earth In The Perfect Position For Aurora

The Daily Show: Mike Pence's Horse Bite & Lou Dobbs's Ass-Kissing Trump Tribute

Biden's Electability Advantage Will Be Hard to Shake Among Risk-Averse Democrats

Thanking the gods tonight for the free press. n/t

Charlie Crist endorses Joe Biden

Could John Bolton be the one that brings Trump down?

The Daily Show: Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface

Innocent people don't behave like this

Seth Meyers - Trump Claims No One Loves Hispanics More Than Him - Monologue - 9/18/19

Seth Meyers - Whistleblower Claims Trump Made "Troubling" Promise to Foreign Leader: A Closer Look

Greta & George

Halloween is Coming Teaser #2

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, September 20, 2019

Something Is Killing Galaxies in Extreme Regions of the Universe

NASA's new Mars image shows sandy 'steps' in a big impact crater

New Zealand insect named after hobbit Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings

Spacewatch: Japan's Hayabusa 2 targets final asteroid landing

To Better Understand The Arctic, This Ship Will Spend A Year Frozen Into The Ice

"We Are Ignoring Natural Climate Solutions" Greta Thunberg, Geo Monibot: PLANT TREES

Former Austin Bank Employee Sentenced to Federal Prison for Stealing over One Million Dollars from

Mark Zuckerberg Met With Trump At The White House Thursday


World's largest amphibian identified as a unique species

Former FSU Credit Union Official Sentenced For $1.2 Million Bank Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft

Qui Tam Lawsuit and Federal Investigation Result in $1.45 Million Settlement by Vaughan Regional

(Jewish Group) Los Angeles synagogue targeted with anti-Jewish message

Jewish Group) NY will increase police presence in Jewish neighborhoods for High Holidays


Mayor Pete claims he doesn't read Queerty (We refuse to believe it!)

In fight over agriculture funding, U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela calls GOP Texan "a racist Christian

Remember those hugging toddlers from the viral video? One of them has 2 dads.

A 'bloodthirsty' mob hunted down a gay man & his brother before beating them in a mall food court

(Jewish Group) The Secret History of 'Hava Nagila'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/19/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Aasif Mandvi Took Stephen Colbert's Comedy Advice At The Daily Show

UT-Tyler poll shows Beto O'Rourke leads Trump by 2.3%, Biden leads by 1.6%, others behind

Two Muslim men say American Airlines canceled their flight to DFW because crew 'didn't feel

Williamson County detective fired over Facebook post with racial slang, sheriff says

Retired teachers group: Why does TRS need downtown office space?

Climate Now. Homework Later.

Texas teacher who tried to contact Trump to have her students deported is officially fired

Working Families organizer told 'I'm so happy you were raped'

Missouri Opioid Prescribing Rate Went Up 10% In 2018, County Program Finds

Foreign reporter visiting US stunned by Trump press conference.

My Kids Join Global Kids: 9/20 Global Climate Strike

Covert Trip to Massive Mexican Meth Lab in Sinaloa Shocks US Lawmen

UTLA Board and House green-light process to explore endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders for US President

Bernie Sanders: "We've Got To Stand Up To Fossil Fuel Industry'' Climate Forum 2020

Bernie Sanders: Fighting Climate Change Will Create 'Up To 20 Million Good Paying Jobs.'

Bernie Sanders: I'd Look Into Criminal Charges Against Fossil Fuel Executives

Woman Finds Injured Bobcat, Puts It in Car With Toddler 'This could have been tragic,' officials say

Pardon me but the fact that the Con delivered the money to Ukraine

Kamala on electibility (Twitter video)

Narcissist, sociopath or psychopath?

#ClimateStrike in Australia - Biggest protests since the Iraq War

46 Years Ago Today; "The Battle of the Sexes" on the tennis court

Nazi be Nazi

Stephen Colbert Presents Hot Wheels - The Trump Edition

Who wants to be a millionaire?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 21 THEME: THE ESSENTIALS: CHANTAL AKERMAN

Intermittent Rivers Will Likely Grow In Number As Earth Warms; They're Far Less Hospitable To Life

Tens of thousands join climate protests before UN summit

SpaceX offers local buyouts; Homeowners will have two weeks to respond

Ok, sometimes people go overboard just reposting tweets on DU, but this is too funny not to share

46 Years Ago Today; Musicians Jim Croce, Maury Muehleisen and 4 others die in plane crash

Insight Denton: How did Buc-ee's Boulevard end up on the state's new highway exit signs?

New Models Show Earth Warming (All Together Now!) Faster Than Expected - 7C By 2100

Student suspended for handing out climate change flyers.

I saw this on a shirt on Facebook:

Right-Wing Clown Marc Morano's Climate Lies At Georgetown Interrupted By Actual Clown W. Air Horn

Clients were given the option of hiding the Trump name on helicopter shuttle

FEMA - How Presidents & Administrations Choose Its Leaders Says All You Need To Know

Bolsonaro's Goal: Straight-Up Military Occupation Of Brazil's Amazon, Followed By Full Exploitation

Democrats Target More Than 26,000 Races

Brekkie: Friday, 9/20/2019... Whatya havin'?

Arizona State Sun Devils football to be featured on HBO series in October

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Still Falling Through 9/16, Though Seasonal Turn Approaching

Global Climate Strike Begins as Hundreds of Thousands Gather in Australia, Europe and Africa

de Blasio drops out

Irving's Next Act Springs to Life

Of course, at this point we need another Special Counsel. But I doubt we'll ever get one.

Friday TOONs - No He Can't

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio drops out of race for 2020 Democratic presidential nomination

I went to the new Downtown Arby's tonite

Iowa Dems pitch holding caucuses in factories, group homes

This Ukraine thing could help Joe Biden.

Every six months I ask "is it time to take to the streets and have massive demonstrations

People do not understand the dynamics of the border

North America has lost 3 billion birds in 50 years

When does Hillary scream: I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!!

AT&T Says Customers Can't Sue the Company for Selling Location Data to Bounty Hunters

Benedict Donald press conference @ 11:45 on CNN nt

Solar and Wind Power So Cheap They're Outgrowing Subsidies

Column: What's behind Elizabeth Warren's rise? It's the logic, stupid

News outlets chase leads as whistleblower mystery deepens

An Cafe - Cherry Saku Yuuki !!

Federal Judge Blocks 'Riot Boosting' Laws in South Dakota

LATimes: Warren built a sturdy logic into her campaign

Fridays for Future global climate strike -- live updates

They will look back and wonder WTF we were doing, as the planet collapses around them...

Donate ANY amount to Beto's Campaign and you can get his Book on War on Drugs

Question: How is the Ukraine-Whistleblower-scandal any different from the Watergate-scandal?

I'm actually a white cat...

I wonder how Putin feels

Ukraine is NOT the story?

A tale of two tweets (well three, really):

You might soon be fined $25 for smoking at California beaches

US intelligence "whistleblower scandal"

This was not Trump's 1st time in asking for a foreign government's interference in our elections


Pelosi's Drug Plan Would Let U.S. Negotiate Prices of 250 Medications

The Rundown: September 19, 2019

Pick of the Week: "The Black Ghost" #1

The origin of Superheroes: War Machine

Reporter reveals how Trump managed to get 'the presidency he has always wanted'

@JoyceWhiteVance--- "Mandamus is an extraordinary remedy, which should only be used in exceptional

Hey Moscow Mitch, The Titanic just hit the iceberg, abandon ship or go down with it.

Rudy on fire "40 seconds of pure meta-television"

McConnell's wife undermines ENTIRE Republican Party in stunning move 😂😂😂

Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas Scoop Up Personal Data From Scores of Companies

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 22 - THEME: 1940s PULITZER PRIZE WINNING PLAYS

Trump Declares War on California

Sciutto tweet: Trump tied investigations & improving relations between the two countries

Democrats target over 26,000 local races to unseat Republicans


New power generation: Rural co-op makes bet on wind, solar hybrid

Member lapel pins out, necklaces in, say women in Congress Fashion sense, practicality cited as

The Trump Crisis (as in everyday) Communication Strategy

Roy Cohn Is How We Got Trump

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezee!

Maine Schools Going Solar - Not Only To Protect Environment But To Boost Bottom Lines

Uh Oh. Emperor Poop Chute is having a big sad over "a "highly partisan" whistleblowers"

NC-SEN: Tillis Moves to Lean Republican

Fux News Cites Hezbollah Terrorist, Shows Photo of Justin Trudeau In Aladdin Costume and Brown Face.

President Obama Meets Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

The clown show's clown show. . . . Please come CAPTION Rudy Guliani!!!

Merriam-Webster: Word of the day - MISPRISION

State spends millions on new water treatment plant at state home slated to close in three years

Ukraine Is Ready to Investigate Biden's Son--if Trump Makes an Official Request

When the repubs controlled the House their hearings went on for months and were reported daily by

Biff. Baff. Uppercut.

Many people want to set aside half of Earth as nature (NatGeo)

Constitutional hardball

You raised $130.00 on September 19, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Ben Carson Thinks Trans Women Are 'Big, Hairy Men'

Afghanistan: Shocking disregard for civilians as US drone strike adds to death toll

Why did Jeffrey Epstein's private jet fly to Riyadh on the eve of the 2016 election? (MBS & Bezos)

The Top 5 news-stories on right now:

trumP can't get the clean air coming from California out of his head

Houston Submerged 2X In 2 Years: "Impossible" For Greg Abbott To Endorse Validity Of Climate Science

Hilarious video parody of Giuliani's interview with Cuomo

Son of Satan!!!

Three Mile Island power plant to shut down today... for good

I am totally worn out.

Ukraine: We're Ready to Investigate Biden's Son--if Trump Asks Officially

I Think The "Ukraine" Story Is A Red Herring

"The Word of the Day"

I like this religion and its tenets

Pictures from the Munich Climate

Can you imagine what Trump's conversations with foreign leaders must be like?

How Ilhan Omar's Daughter Isra Hirsi Is Connecting the Fight Against Climate Change to Black Lives

Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveals why she didn't retire during Obama's term

Yankees clinch AL East for first time since 2012

Show us your limericks...

If he did it.....

Unbearable Trump Tool Faceplants on Live TV

Trump AGAIN Furious with Own Fed Chief for Rate Cut

The big unanswered question: How did Ukraine/Zelensky respond to the initial shakedown attempt?

Trump described whistleblower as "partisan" but adds "I don't know identity of whistleblower"

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

DNC set to squeeze Dem debate stage again


Texas Democrats unveil plan to flip the state from red to blue in 2020

Michael Myers' October

Ukrainian official from Ministry of the Interior: "Trump is looking for kompromat on Biden."


This is the most important question that must and will be answered by November 2020.

Adam Schiff: Whistleblower protections are sacrosanct in our democracy, Mr. President.

Dave Jolly has the right idea on impeachment

GOP Hypocrites Go Silent As Trump's Trade War Bailout Costs Twice As Much As Obama Auto Bailout

Rudy made a believer out of me!


Chump is seeming to confirm that he asked Zelensky for dirt on our Joe.

Potoooooooo ?

'Partisan whistleblower' 'everything I do is fight for this country' 'It's a political hack job'

NEWS: UPDATED: Sanders Campaign Surpasses 1 Million Voter Contacts in Iowa

This system coming off the African Coast has moved from a 40% chance

A.G. Barr Accused of Covering Up Whistleblower Complaint about Trump

trump just claimed again that HE 'DEFEATED ISIS' and we have thousands & thousands of prisoners.....

GOP Senate candidate Jason Lewis said Republicans have 'dual loyalties' to Israel, 'Jewish lobby'

So, Ukraine got the hundreds of millions in military aid. What's next? This, apparently!!

Did the Working Families Party disclose their vote totals for the 2016 Primary endorsement?

We're going to Mars and we're stopping at the moon.

Hillary Clinton: The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again.

Hey trump, turn to your right and ask the Australian Prime Minister about GUN CONTROL.

We've bought new nuclear.

I wonder what goes through the minds of foreign leaders when they have to sit near that jack ass

Worldwide Climate Strikes -- Focus On India

It's all about sticking the landing...

The only reason Trump isn't attacking Iran is because he's worried about his precious stock market.

What The Hell Is Going On??????.......

I'm sorry, but I just have to say this:

I have never seen so much free associating.

Trump: "I defeated ISIS."

Wow, the thing Trump really likes about being president is SPENDING MONEY as if its his own.

Students Around The World Go On Climate Strike, Sept. 20, Fridays For Future, FFF

No your rights !

Has anyone (vegan) contacted Burger King and others to ascertain whether or not the

Chico Hamilton was born on this date-

trump said he doesn't know who whistleblower is...yet called him/her a 'partisan' and a 'democrat'

Trump Falls Apart And Admits Pressuring Ukraine To Investigate Biden

Photos: Thank you to UNC-Chapel Hill for helping us kick off our college tour this weekend!


UK asks EU to keep its proposals secret

Get your pop corn. Another "presidential" presser coming up

Joyce Alene responds to tRump's Friday tweet

'She's just relentless': 14-year-old Boise State student excels in and out of the classroom

Young Women Actually Make Up More of Bernie's Base Than Men Do

So none of M$Greedia's reporters asked the Con about those 30 farmers

There was a Tea Party anniversary "celebration" yesterday...

NPR: LATINO USA: A Conversation With Bernie Sanders

Pence is in on it too.

E-cigarette panic is ruining "biggest public health opportunity" in 120 years, scientist says

Trump says he hasn't read whistleblower complaint, then says "everybody's read it, they laugh at it"

Walter Shaub: he's covered by 18 U.S.C.  201, the anti-bribery statute. I say this for no reason in

Wants to attend Australia golf tournament

Jebus Effin' Krist just

One of my childhood idols died today! 😢

🔥 Bernie at Climate Strike in Greensboro, NC

Trumps and Assie Pres. news conf. just started. on msnbc

New bill would make extreme animal cruelty a federal felony

Can't The Ukraine Clear Up This Issue?.....

'When I came in our military was depleted. They didn't have ammunition'

Butterfly surgery?! 🦋

The speculation that Trump was pressuring Ukriane to investigate Biden seems right because

With All These Billions And Billions Of Dollars That Are Pouring Into The U.S. From China.....

Cutest BFFs 💞💞💞

Get ready for some brand new HOUSE FIRE HOTNESS today

Anti-Semites are Using a Popular Chat App to Compile a List of Jewish People

I would love to see RICCO charges brought aginst the Rthugs in

(Jewish Group) Belgian politician puts his own swastika painting in window of Brussels art gallery

Favorite comments by Biden. No, not gaffe...

Global Climate Change Strike, Live Updates

Hillary claps back.

Never Normal Again.

This theory about the whistle blower makes you think. (From Facebook)

Wouldn't Your Like To Know What This Austrailan President Really....

'I can't let my people drown': Houston mattress salesman turns his showroom into refuge -- again

Where are these thousands upon thousands of ISIS prisoners held that trump keeps referring to?

A Question I have for Bernie Sanders

North Korea welcomes 'new method' from U.S. in nuclear talks

Average Electricty Costs in the United States - 2017 (by Region and State)

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees and United States Marshal Nominee: September 20, 2019

Zinger tweet on Stephen Scumfuk Miller and his squeeze from Hilary Davidson

California Sues the Trump Administration in Its Escalating War Over Auto Emissions

Why no mention of Sarah Kendzior here?

Rep Swalwell appeals directly to the acting DNI

Impeachment as the only means of removal shouldn't preclude other trials

Trump uncorks bizarre rant on 'clean coal' in Oval Office

New York Fed to continue operations in overnight funding market until mid-October

17 candidates, crowd of 11,000+ expected at Saturday's Steak Fry

GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw Tries to Hide in Elevator While Confronted by Combat Veterans Over His Support

The World Knows an Apocalyptic Pandemic Is Coming

Remember when your kids were little and something bad happened?

Trump administration reaches deal to send asylum seekers to El Salvador

Elizabeth Warren has just one plan

Pelosi could be POTUS before this is all over.

10,000 Farmers & Ranchers Support A Green New Deal: Renewable Fridays

🔥 Bernie Speaks at Bennett College - Town Hall in Greensboro

Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps following data investigation

These Businesses Are Closing For Friday's Climate Strike

The market was up until this:

Young Black Voters to Their Biden-Supporting Parents: 'Is This Your King?'

The impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton should be nullified

45's lawyers argue that it is unconstitutional to even investigate him....WTF?

Beautiful climate change live programs on CSPAN. Join them!

Why buy back ? Vote getter ?

As seen on the Twitter machine ...

Why are laws disregarded or inadequate? No one could anticipate such a corrupt

Samantha Bee: Senate decided 'not to do a proper investigation' on Kavanaugh

Trump: "Our nuclear was getting very tired, now we have it in tippy top shape. Tippy top."

Pelosi warns Trump 'stepping into a dangerous minefield' if Ukraine allegations are true

PELOSI STATEMENT on Whistleblower Complaint

Think about this. Trumps staff has read the whistleblower report and had a good laugh.

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin lost the most factory jobs in the past year

Where Bernie Goes From Here

How Saudi Arabia failed to protect itself from drone and missile attacks

Ru-dee, Ru-dee, Ru-dee...

Walmart to End Sales of E-Cigarettes

Trump was willing to withhold foreign aid from the Ukraine unless they provided dirt on his opponent

Who the heck is Karen that I hear referenced on the Internet? Nt

China agriculture delegation scraps U.S. farm visit to Montana

Oh.My.(Ostensible)Deity. Now I've seen everything.

Ukraine scandal diverts media from WORSE Trump crimes!

Trump's extortion of Ukraine isn't about Biden. It's about Donbas. This is Trump dealing for Putin!

Pete Buttigieg: We Can 'Stand Taller' If We Meet the Climate Challenge

Republican Representatives & Senators to Republican Voters:

Who is this clearly right wing Canadian woman calling for Justin Trudeau to lose because of racism?

Rep. Barbara Lee Calls For Teaching Climate Education In All Schools

The Future, Telling Us To Listen and Act Now

Two funny sports memes

Greta Thunberg: "Those Answers Don't Exist Anymore. Because You Did Not Act In Time."

Rep. Barbara Lee Calls For Teaching Climate Education In All Schools: US House 9/19/19

Whistleblower Triggers A Bribery Bomb Heading Straight For tRump

DNC approves Iowa's plan to hold 'satellite' caucuses in nursing homes, college campuses and more

"Imagine if Obama did it"

Fail - Area 51: Storming of secretive Nevada base to 'see aliens' fails to materialise

When fighting Trump the Democrats need to take a large dose of political viagra.

When a business decision gets passed off as virtue signaling

Meghan McCain Flounces Off After Being Dog-Walked By Ana Navarro

Top Commerce trade official resigns

Three Mile Island Unit 1 closes for good, unable to run profitably

Imelda fallout: Barges strike a bridge near Houston after 400 water rescues and 300 drivers stranded

The Greatest Thing Ever Or The Worst Thing Ever?

Any Comments By Any Repugs In Congress....

Trump says going into Iran would be an 'easy' decision

Hurricane Jerry targeting Bermuda on Wednesday

Whistleblower: Can't help feeling deja vu, like I'm watching Geraldo opening Al Capone's vault...

Sharing my anticipation

Climate strike: Students protest in San Francisco, Chicago, New York

Chet and Dave

2,200 "burned out" nurses walk off the job in Chicago

Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt Suite #1

Mother furious after discovering school's plan to put son with autism's desk in bathroom


AG Barr and Trump are setting up an authoritarian power grab to kill the whistleblower inquiry

Coast Guard's top officer visits Seattle to talk about port growth and icebreakers

**Carol Leonnig tweet: Trump asked Ukraine pres *8 times* to work w/ Guiliani about Biden**


2 swing states lost the most factory jobs in the past year

10,000 US Farmers & Ranchers Support A Green New Deal, Renewable Fridays, 9/18

Remember Hubert Humphrey? He was supposedly the safe choice against the despised Richard Nixon.

FAA chief meets Boeing officials, tries out 737 Max simulator

Dem leadership should just call for Trump's resignation every day.

Editorial: Don't delay reforms to shore up Social Security

Cuba: diplomat expulsions, gas crisis part of US offensive

Cuba: diplomat expulsions, gas crisis part of US offensive

SUV drives into Woodfield Mall

Trump's conflict with Iran a crisis of own making

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 20, 2019

Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President to Investigate Biden's Son


Bloomberg analysis of Buttigieg health plan

STFU Giuliani

New: Sanders will join striking @UAW workers at GM's Detroit-Hamtramck Plant next Wednesday

The plot thickens!

LimePod to cease service in Seattle before the end of 2019

Hundreds of thousands turn out in New York, other major cities for climate marches

NPR reporting as of the last 2 hours that Pelosi has not changed her position on impeachment

How tight is putin's grip on trump?

'but it was Bernie Sanders who just delivered a thoughtful plan for federal action on homelessness.'

Patriots release Antonio Brown

This lawless Administration has subjugated the Senate and the Courts...

Trump nominates wave of California judges, in fresh bid to reshape courts

'We're Running Out of Time': Images of the Global Climate Strike

Unhappy Feet

Nixon ran against a moderate/liberal Democrat in 1968 and a progressive in 1972

Meet the Lawyers Beating Back Trump's Reckless Environmental Policies -- and Winning


Walmart to stop selling all e-cigarettes at U.S. stores, citing 'regulatory complexity and uncertain

Redefine trump the verb.

Some Friday Night Street Ball!

Cartoons 9/20/19

Pelosi needs to do something soon.


Meet Iran's would be leader

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Trump tweets "Thank you, working hard!" to Rasmussen for "52% Approval"

Nonviolent felons could regain voting rights in Georgia

Ivanka trump just announced a new childrens clothing line

McConnell's wife undermines entire GOP in stunning move

Tweet of the Day

Paraphrasing my favorite Ukrainian: "Start Wearing Orange"

How to put the spark back in your relationship.....

Anybody remember right after the election

Dogs Can Actually SMELL Time

U.S. bomb-sniffing dogs died needlessly in Jordan

App Replaces 'Mitch McConnell' with 'Moscow Mitch'

Man drives SUV into a suburban Chicago Mall.

This very special little kitten told her foster mom her life was worth fighting for 💪

UkraineGate ---- Rudy Ghoulieanni is in deep DOO-DOO

How Finland is tackling homelessness

Judge Says Trump Can Absolutely Be Sued For Profiting Off The Presidency

I listened to Jo Swinson's speech to the Liberal Democrats.

Stark and Stunning Shot of demonstrators under gallows on blocks of ice - Berlin's Brandenburg Gate

He who writes on bathroom walls...

charming blog account of attending a Pete fundraiser in South Bend

Reminiscing about my Catholic school days.

Climate Crisis Leaves 2 Mill People A Week Needing Aid, Doing Nothing Would Cost $20B Yr: Red Cross

Nationwide Protests tomorrow WE THE PEOPLE MARCH

Study Says Art Makes You Mentally Healthier, Even If You're Not Good At It

Store Puts Up The Perfect Sign To Get People To Come Inside

This is addressed to the handful of vile Trumpettes who lurk here. Here's how I look at it:

Why Republicans Play Dirty

🔥 Bernie Rallies in South Carolina - Winthrop University

If Trump extorted a foreign leader for political gain, it's impeachment time

Nancy, it's time

Is it a "cover-up"?

Trump made the phone call soon after the Mueller hearings.

Born, on this day, September 20, 1948, John and Chuck Panozzo. They founded Styx.

A good article in of all places: The Intercept (re: Biden)

Robert F. Smith Gets the Final Bill for His Gift to Morehouse--and the Number Is Stunning

Federal Judge Denies Missouri's Request To Let Abortion Ban Take Effect

Federal Judge Denies Missouri's Request To Let Abortion Ban Take Effect

Joe Biden: Trump's Ukraine Pressure "Totally Inappropriate"

As I recall, trump*'s sister had to resign from the courts to end a corruption inquiry, so.......

tRump and the WH have all read the whistleblower report. And "laughed at it"

Climate strike: Thousands of students and workers walk out in Bay Area

Now the flip flopping media on CNN is looking into what Biden's son did in Ukraine.

How to make YAKI ONIGIRI (Grilled Rice Balls) Easy Japanese Recipe

How to make YAKI ONIGIRI (Grilled Rice Balls) Easy Japanese Recipe

Supreme Court Lawyer Claims Likely Evidence of 'Gross Abuse of Power' In WhistleBlower

Trump got away it before with McCain, Clinton, Bush, etc etc...but Obama stomped him.. and Biden

After all that, Three Mile Island closes with a whimper, and a whisp

So what's the DU consensus on the whistleblower's name?

Will it have the nerve to coerce the magats to chant "lock him up?"

A L I C E - N I N E

demanding a foreign leader 8x to get dirt on Trump's political opponent's son during a preside

Trump to Meet Ukraine's Leader at UN as Congress Probes Talks

Dear Speaker Pelosi

Kitsap Rescue Mission set to lose permit to operate overnight shelter

Trump Threatens to Release Foreign Islamic State Captives

Pentagon briefing on the Saudi oil strike on tv. We're deploying troops!!

Kitsap Rescue Mission set to lose permit to operate overnight shelter

Just chatted with Sen Chris Coons (on my flight to Des Moines)

Options to stop Iranian aggressive behaviour: Pentagon briefing.

Kitsap Rescue Mission set to lose permit to operate overnight shelter

Will the Pelosi attackers give me a blow by blow

Saying Biden needs to engage on the Hunter issue is like saying Hillary needed to answer for

Politifact: Hunter's directorship at the Ukrainian gas company posed a conflict of interest for Joe.

Russ Feingold is on Ari

Why is Hunter Biden being mentioned ?


Buttigieg answers a question on climate and faith

So, according to the Sec. of Defense - we are now the protectors of Saudi Arabia

Pelosi Statement on Whistleblower Complaint

Tweet from Joe Biden:

Day 1 of Georgetown-MSNBC climate forum (Bennet,Yang, Williamson, Sanders, Delaney, Ryan, Castro)

Someone thinks they are The Blues Brothers:

The Pentagon will deploy US forces to the Middle East after Iranian attack on Saudi Arabian oil faci

Regarding the IG...

Death of a Notion

Sep 24 at 7PM - Sen. Sanders to join CTU, SEIU Rally for Chicago Workers

US to deploy more troops to Saudi Arabia, UAE

102 Year Old Dancer Sees Herself On Movie Film For 1st Time

Questions about the whistleblower complaint

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats need to win to regain control in 2020.

Biden: 'The president should start to be president'

The NYT's Ken Vogel on Biden. Two tweets comment on the video, draw your own conclusions.

No I didn't , yes I did. Chris Cuomo clashes with Rudy Giuliani over Ukraine

Buttigieg answers student question on climate and jobs (for real, this time)

As I sit here and watch this unfold I think that

Young women are fierce when changing the world.

Anybody that is waiting for the Republicans to see the light and vote with the Democrats...

I'm binging Downton Abbey on PBS/ ROKU.

Official Secrets - the movie

Trump Focuses on Defending Saudis, Not Striking Iran, for Now.

So far, it's extortion....a federal crime.

"Leave Joe Biden alone." --Kamala Harris earlier today in Iowa

So how long can tRUMP keep troops there?


Tweety just referred to Roy Cohn as "Bronx born, charismatic..."

Ken Vogel's claim of a Biden "liability" - Nonsense, concludes a Washington Post Fact Checker piece.

New report shows Trump administration has censored over 1,400 studies on climate change

Trump plans to take another $3.6 billion from military families next year