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Proper way to handle cat

The Impeachment Process, Explained

I think the senate repugs already know what's in the whistleblower memo.

The Winners and Losers of the Latest Trump Scandal

The impeachment reading list....

This isn't just another spat. Trump compromised our security for his gain.

How long before tRump turns on McConnell?


2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 51 seats.

How does the Con sell his name after impeachment...?

🔥 Bernie Stands With Chicago Teachers Union

Maybe - Just Maybe...

'Medication or housing': Why soaring insulin prices are killing Americans

Joe Biden tweeted support for Bi Visibility Day & his supporters loved it

Emmett Till cousin on inquiry: 'What is the holdup?'

Better Not be a single fuckin redaction in it...

Why Democrats want the whistleblower complaint -- not just the transcript of Trump's Ukraine call

Why did Malaria tweet these pics today?

Those that remember living during the Nixon messhow alike or different is the feeling? I was 8 then

We have an Astronaut running...This guy is awesome...

Wouldn't it be sweet irony if Trump's use of a non-secure cellphone meant recordings are available?

'This is fake news': Wilbur Ross blasts reports he fell asleep during Trump's UN speech

Massachusetts temporarily banning sale of vaping products

I'm a little paranoid about the whistleblower/Ukraine/impeachment thing.

For what it's worth, this is supposedly the first page of the transcript

As of now, we don't KNOW what the whistleblower report says and we don't know

Warren on a roll, catches Biden in early primary/caucus states

A population explosion on popular trails: One more impact of growth

THIS Russia, If you're listening...

Well Done Pelosi

Decline of the white working class spells trouble for Trump

Losing an election or losing a republic...?

Madam Speaker is clapping again tonight:

Greta Thunberg Joins a Long List of 'Indoctrinated' Child Activists

Giuliani pursued shadow Ukraine agenda as key foreign policy officials were sidelined

Impeach NOW! Impeach NOW! Impeach NOW!

Complaint is being played, like 'Not Urgent'

So what happens if the committees get the whistleblower report

Lawfare's Wittes, Hennessey & Jurecic: So You Want to Impeach the President

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Kathy's Story!

White House Seeks Deal for Whistle-Blower to Speak to Congress

What in the world is going on with Biden, Trump and Ukraine?

194 House members now support the impeachment inquiry.

Groom Made His Beloved Cat The Best Man At His Wedding

Watch this little girl grow up with her best friend 🐶

Warren now at 22% on DU

USAToday: More young people likely to vote in 2020 than 2016

Boris Johnson: I fought the law and the law won

Seven freshman House Democrats showed the way with quiet honor

Imagine devoting your life to a baby donkey 😍

Per NYT tonight: 200

Today's moment from history!

@saradennerducik: People on my block are hanging up their flags. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🙌🏻

I wonder if Ivanka and Melania have their impeachment duds ready.

Biden: Trump "loves nicknames. I'd like to give him a new nickname -- former President Trump."

This teeny little bat gets SO excited when he can finally fly 🦇 💜

U.S. Ambassador Roped Into Rudy's Quest to Smear Biden

How is the POTUS considered "outside of the intelligence community"

Nancy Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry against Trump

Please help find Trump video admitting Ukraine call

Thank you Speaker Pelosi.

San Antonio Couple Claims Local Auto Shop Told Them to Remove Trump Sticker Before Inspection

A classic from Andy Borowitz!!!!

NYT: 200 Representatives support an impeachment inquiry

Every Texas Democrat in Congress joins call to impeach Trump

Whistle blower appreciation thread.

Time to Bind tRump Wed 9.PM (PST), get your orange candle and Tower card out.

So... um, what's the problem, Rachel?!1

Bernie Sanders Blames Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for Trump Presidency

Pence, too, please.

Just a thought.

Go check out the Joe Walsh tweets

I approve this message....Pretty sure Samuel agrees.,,,

2020 Democratic US Senate Nominee in all seats up in 2020.

Cool to take guesses

My thoughts on the whistle blower.

Bwahaha! Rachel Maddow just asked Andrew Yang how he'd feel about running against Pence.

Ok, hypothetical question

So how is Putin and his Mob thinking about today's news?

Nancy has a favor to ask of you: Wear Black Wednesday 09/25/19 in support of gun legislation

I sincerely hope America's younger daughters are watching the women LEAD the way.

"What have I done?": The Final Hours of Richard Nixon's Presidency

The Senate votes tomorrow on a resolution to end national emergency declaration for border wall

The Clinton Impeachment sure pales in comparison to my lifetime

Washington Post front page tomorrow:

Next comes the obfuscation.

HAHA! Don Lemon just reminded us by playing this video on his show:

Interesting voting experience tonight.

VA-05: Liberty University official to launch primary challenge to GOP's Riggleman

203 is the number right now. How glorious would it be to wake up and have it be 220+

The greatest outcome

Who will be the first Rethug Senator to jump ship? Let's vote!!

Turnout among young Texas voters exploded in 2018. Groups want to make it even bigger in 2020.

With a laser precision

Is John Cornyn Vulnerable?

I think I've figured out the rePUKE's game with the whistleblower phone transcript and report

What an irony if Zelensky, an actor, is the one who helps bring down Trump, another entertainer ..nt

Election 2019: Richmond-area Democratic Candidates Outfundraising Republican Opponents

Thanks, dumbfuckistan, and faux snooze, for putting us through this

Joe Biden speaks about Donald Trump and Ukraine

Twitler is going after one of our whistleblower's kickass attorneys

The Republican response

Fredo Giuliani and Manafort will soon having matching prison wheelchairs.

"Yes, you can tell your people to obey the law"

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Daily Beast: U. S. ambassador in on Trump- Giuliani plan to pressure Ukraine.

So he now has diagnosed Electile Dysfunction

We know that Trump and Rudy G. did an illegal act.

What would happen if Trump starts handing out pardons

Operators Of U.S. Coin Bullion, LLC To Plead Guilty To More Than $7 Million In Fraud

So did Barr get to this judge? How unusual is this anyway?

Member Of Bank Fraud Conspiracy Admits Role In Multimillion-Dollar Loan Scheme

Japanese consumers angry, confused over higher sales tax rate for advance purchases

Now, our work, yours and mine...

Today's breaking news stories explained by a 20-something y.o. in a way we all can understand

Guess who asked, "Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?"

'Nixon and House Versions Of the Tapes Differ Widely'

"Former President Trump" I think we need to make this stick

Las Vegas Businessman Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Role In $28 Million Tax Fraud Scheme

Where can I go to say this?--not here

MSNBC: Trump tried to make a deal with Speaker Pelosi on the whistleblower complaint...

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Talks to Ukraine About Biden

The Daily Show: Trump Pressures Ukraine to Investigate Biden & Impeachment Looms

I hope we get closure

How far is this whistle blower willing to go out on a limb.

Tomorrow's historic ⁦⁦NYT & WAPO front pages.

Joe Biden was a private citizen

Seth Meyers - Nancy Pelosi Calls for Whistleblower Report to Be Made Public - Monologue - 9/23/19

Seth Meyers: Guest Hasan Minhaj Was Barred from an Indian Political Rally That Trump Attended

Do you believe Trump has seen the whistleblower's complaint?

Something I hope is not missing from the Democratic impeachment team:

BOOM! Up to 217 members now.

I have a question about Tulsi

Kentucky GOP governor calls Greta Thunberg 'remarkably ill-informed'


Early Renaissance Masterpiece By Cimabue, 13th C. Florentine Painter Discovered In French Kitchen


A walrus attacked & sank a Russian Navy vessel in the Arctic Ocean, officials say

Is Trump About to Face an Unfamiliar Scenario, Finally?

NYT: As of Tuesday Night 80% of House Democrats....

Tulsi Gabbard tells Fox News she's still a 'no' on impeachment.

Is Dan Coats the whistleblower?

A race to rescue frozen artifacts (BBC)

After Trump is Impeached...

The UK Parliament comes back into session tomorrow (6:30 AM Eastern)

Pups 25 days

The discovery of the ancient Greek city of Tenea (BBC)

Trump administration pushes UN to drop mentions of reproductive health from official documents

Oh, don't mind me, I'm just looking for snacks. nt

Land of the dinosaurs in Bolivia's "Jurassic Park" (BBC)

'It's going to be an enormous battle': Black college students fight for voting access in Texas

Trump Said to Have Frozen Aid to Ukraine Before Call With Its Leader

Clint Watts was on The 11th Hour tonight and related an interesting Ukraine angle

Promised Transcript Unlikely to Be Verbatim

Tonight: "Something In the Air"

FBI agents raid state Sen. Martin Sandoval's Springfield office, Chicago home

Let's not get distracted over what Biden's son did or did not do.

Judge tosses conviction against Michael Flynn's ex-lobbying partner, Bijan Rafiekian

Are we all getting ahead of ourselves?

LOSER45 meets with Pres. Zelensky tomorrow at 2:15PM ET

U.S. Military Issues Warning to Troops About Incel Violence at Joker Screenings

The whistleblower's report is probably based on recordings that exist.

Kevin McCarthy's spending at Trump's properties increased 32,000 percent after trump elected

Giuliani melting down on Fox.

Let me spell it out for you...

Kellyanne: Trump wasn't being corrupt, he was only testing Ukraine's new president

Trump's Impeachment and the Era of No Accountability

White House only wants to send Congress a 'redacted version' of whistleblower complaint on Trump: NY

Bob Dylan's very relevant quote for the coming days....

We know from Fox News how the Republicans are going to approach this.

You're once, twice... eight times a traitor...

KY-GOV: Bevin makes last-minute campaign shakeup

I got a text message on my phone tonight;

The Late Show audience goes wild upon Pelosi's announcement

I've always wanted Trump to have a "Lonesome Rhodes moment".

Massachusetts to temporarily ban the sale of e-cigarettes and vaping products

The other countries at the UN must have had some

Rep. Maxine Waters explains how the impeachment inquiry process will work ...

College-Scandal Punishment Gets Harsher With Richer Bribes

Best Hashtag on twitter ever

Sen. Kamala Harris traveling back to Washington Thursday for the Senate Intelligence Committee

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats will win to regain control.

Jim Carrey does Creep at Arlenes grocery

Congressman Ted Lieu tweets that Ukranian government officials complained to Congress!

KORN does Creep. Unplugged

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/24/19

Stephen Colbert - Guest Whoopi Goldberg: Don't Like What's Going On? Change It!

Jog my memory; which court proceeding about Trump...

Trump's EPA threatens California with highway funding cuts over 'worst air quality'

Time to lift up our heads and shout:

Stephen Colbert - Author/Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates: Works Of Fiction Can Communicate Real Facts

Companies Are Using a Depression-Era Law To Escape Trump's Tariffs -- And It's Costing Them

"The rats sensed she was going to pass away"

China says has no intent to play 'Game of Thrones' but warns on sovereignty

Emerson Poll September 21-23

Emerson Poll September 21-23

Why Asia's biggest economies are backing hydrogen fuel cell cars

Rural Residents Are Less Likely To Develop Colon Cancer, But More Likely To Die From It

Rural Residents Are Less Likely To Develop Colon Cancer, But More Likely To Die From It

Pro Soccer, Hockey, Baseball All Within A Mile? What It Means For Downtown St. Louis

Just had to see what faux was up to this morning, a brief rundown

Breakfast Wednesday 25 September 2019

Jefferson Co. Democratic Party Chair steps down

Amber Guyger trial -- Dallas officer on trial had no drugs, alcohol in system

Ted Lieu's' questions for Ambassador Mills on Afghanistan will give you chills!

Wisconsin students make up smallest share of UW-Madison freshman class in at least 25 years

Politics Now

The way Republicans are going after a 16 year old girl...

In tight labor market, companies loosen hiring practices

NYT : An Underwater World of Marble to Amuse and Protect Tuscan Fish

A CTULocal1 member even wrote this children's book about #BirdieSanders

Book of Daniel, Robert Hunter

Elizabeth Warren's campaign will invest in beating Maine Senator Susan Collins

FBI, Texas Rangers raid Lubbock County Medical Examiner's office

Warren and Biden tied in new nat'l Quinnipaic poll. (Tulsi at 1%).

Phil Lesh regarding Robert Hunter

Tighter Standards Could Make It Hard For Julian Castro To Qualify For November Presidential Debate

We had a close shave, chaps

Quinnipiac Nat'l Poll: EW 27 (+8), JB 25 (-7), BS 16. (+1), PB 7 (+4), KH 3 (-4)

Which pollster will be the first to do a hypothetical match-up between Pence and the candidates?

New Texas Law Loosens Some Requirements For Third Parties, And Could Ultimately Benefit Republicans

Adam Schiff Just Demolished Trump's Impeachment Defense Strategy

Trump gets his trolling of Greta Thunberg tossed back at him. ROFL!

What Happened in Ukraine?

If you participated in the 2018 Blue Wave, you are a part of this.

U.S. invokes state secrets to block American journalist's challenge to spot on drone 'kill list'

Deported veteran Miguel Perez, in US for citizenship hearing, says he can't go back

Hey Joe Scum you don't get to decide how Democrats run the Impeachment Inquiry

Warren Continues To Climb While Biden Slips - Quinnipiac University National Poll

VIDEO: Rice band takes aim at Baylor LGBTQ stance in halftime show

Trump is trying the Nixonian "modified limited hangout" tactic.

How long before they complain about the "optics" of this

Former head of Danske Bank in Estonia found dead

Woman diagnosed with 'broken heart syndrome' mistook wasabi for avocado

Richard Haas (Council on Foreign Relations): There probably isn't a "transcript"

Wednesday TOONs - So It Begins

Trump tweets with fury, says impeachment push helps him

Juul Shake-up: C.E.O. Steps Down

Tony Evers: Special session most likely avenue for 'red flag' bill

Plcido Domingo leaves Met Opera over sexual harassment claims

Does anyone have the current count of House Dems supporting impeachment? nt

Al Franken to make return on weekly SiriusXM radio show

North Sea cod off the menu again as fish stocks fall

Woman discovers Renaissance masterpiece in kitchen

Any ideas on the identity of the Whistleblower? I had a $20 on Dan Coats, but

The Rundown: September 24, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #54: The Adventure Continues! (9/24/19 Edition)

Biden nosedives in early-state polls

CNN at it again

Since Moscow Mitch Entered The Senate, 88% Of Eastern KY Coal Jobs Gone - Now What?

Trump insiders see reasons to worry about Warren

New U.N. climate report: Massive change already here for world's oceans and frozen regions

Moscow Mitch

I really hate AP radio news and their reporter Sagar Mehani really stinks

Trollbot Explosions Tracked Across Course Of Democratic Climate Debate

Choices, choices....

UK Parliament is live online.

California ramps up efforts to combat invasive swamp rodents

Whiner-in-Chief this morning: No president in US history has been treated as badly as I have.

Panicky Trump Orders Dozen New Sharpies Before Releasing Ukraine Phone Transcript

FOX News Panel: Liberals Are "Worshipping the Environment" Instead of God

Ian Tyson was born on this date.

Are there any funny "conservative" comedians?

"12 Years Left On Climate" - What This Quote Devolved From And Why

Warren takes Democratic presidential nomination lead in California, new poll finds

Coincidence? Ukraine/Trump Whistle Blower Happened BEFORE Saudi Oil Fields Attacked

Born-Again Christian Missionaries Are Setting Fire to Sacred Aboriginal Objects

If MF45 gets away with this we might have just tear up the constitution and say the USA in no

Krugman as usual nails it

Federal Judge Says Christian Hate Group Can Legally Be Called a "Hate Group"

Why the Republicans in the Senate voted to get the Whistle Blower report

OFFS! "Trump Signals Softer Stance On Climate" - Spends 10 Minutes @ UN, Blathers Incoherently


The Weekly Pull: New Mutants, Harleen, Angel, and More

Is senator john kennedy from louisiana as stupid as he appears? I'll go with yes.

Whistle Blower relates to Mueller report

Extreme sea level events 'will hit once a year by 2050'

Not Buying THIS Again -Trump Admin Prepares REDACTED VERSION Of Whistleblower Complaint For Congress

Before Spewing 30 Minutes Of Lies At UN, Bolsonaro Puts On Indigenous Necklace To Show He Cares

Perhaps the most awkwardly timed meeting of world leaders in history

The moment you realized you were an Atheist...

The Transcript Isn't Enough

Something that's always bothered me about Kavanaugh

Trump be like...

my song for the day...

Happy National Comic Book Day! What was/is your favorite?

Politico/Morning Consult polled Dems on Biden vs Warren, Biden vs Sanders, Warren vs Sanders

Would your opinion of Warren change if she authorized high-dollar fundraisers for the GE?

What's the difference between investigation and inquiry?

I am so happy Pelosi made the unofficial, official impeachment inquiry, official. Lol.

U.S. Abortion Rate Down Sharply; Restrictive Laws Not The Reason

If self-dealing and other obstruction is not included, you're doing it wrong

Giuliani quote from May. It's pretty wild. He just states the whole thing out loud.

Health Insurance That Doesn't Cover the Bills Has Flooded the Market Under Trump

A serious question about how to practice Christianity.

As we are happy with yesterday's developments?

When John Lewis says it's time, I agree. It's time.

The Circle of Empathy -- Language and Thoughts To Help Us Explain Our Politics

OK Trump - Don't Call It A Witch Hunt Or Say The Dems Are Out To Get You......

There is no "transcript". At best, a Trump aide listened in and jotted down what they thought

The latest from the Economist polling model...

Preet Bharara: Coming from this WH, neither transcripts nor weather maps can be trusted

The Egg

A Nobel for Sweden's Greta Thunberg? A tough decision for prize committee

Rudy Giuliani reveals he has been read the transcript of Trump's call to Ukraine

Miami Beach Issues King Tide Warning - 9/26 Through 10/3 For Highest Tides Of The Year

Health Insurance That Doesn't Cover the Bills Has Flooded the Market Under Trump

Swing-district Democrats gamble that voters will follow them on impeachment

Trump seems not worried......

I woke up this morning and my first thought was: IMPEACHMENT IS HERE!

Climate striker Greta Thunberg wins Swedish rights prize

Fox News to Trump: Please tell us how to spin this mess

"We're a capitalist farm." No, you're not.

U.S. Threat to Withdraw From Postal Treaty Prompts Emergency Talks

NY Times: Donald Trump Vs. The United States of America ... A list of offenses


David Frum: We've Reached the Breaking Point

GOP raises approximately $1M on day of impeachment announcement

UK parliament reconvenes

Just how common is it for Federal Prosecutors to fight AGAINST state court grand juries?

The SCIENCE! - Could you become a Mirror's Edge runner IRL?

David Brock: Trump's impeachment was once politically risky for Democrats. Not anymore.

Trump's impeachment anthem is fire

Schiff just demanded a tranche of docs from DOJ concerning withholding of whistleblower complaint

It's a good thing no politicians have ever run Facebook disinformation campaigns

Trump's new line of defense on impeachment?

Just in case...

A steamy chat distracted an officer when she entered the wrong apartment and killed a man

BREAKING: Trump Ordered Ukraine Aid Withheld Before Ukraine Phone Call

BREAKING: Pelosi Now Exploring Trump Impeachment

New Mexico to enact stricter vehicle emissions standards

Beto O'Rourke tells Ohio State crowd that young people vital to change

Beto O'Rourke tells Ohio State crowd that young people vital to change

Its more than one phone call

Warning! This video contains weapons-grade Giuliani! Handle with care!

Will Mueller's statement that his report doesn't clear Trump along with the official impeachment

Trump Told Ukraine's Leader to Work With Barr to Investigate Biden

List of NOW 12 Dems who have not come out yet -UPDATED

President Evil...

BREAKING: WH releases Ukraine call summary

Breaking WH releases transcript, now reneges on WB Complaint

The Rude Pundit: Let's Do This Impeachment Thing

MSNBC Republican Rick Wilson, "Trump is a day trading choad."

A short story

The best way to know if the transcripts are fake is

Facts are evidence - Rumors are hearsay

SMOKING GUN as reported by MSNBC

It's the corruption

Five Moments In Donald Trump's Phone Call To Ukraine That Could Fuel The Impeachment Investigation

The transcripts seems phony?

It's IN THERE. He LEANED on the president of Ukraine. IT'S...IN...THERE.

Is it too much to ask that the media not treat the "transcript" as truth?

Veterans Affairs Secretary Boots Members Of Congress From Offices In VA Hospitals

Barr is mentioned in the transcript and decided what to do with the DNI's referral.

The perfect transcript of the perfect call

McLipless lying on TV right now


McConnell is speaking about impeachment!


This seems to summarize the reaction to the WH summary of the Ukraine call...

EBay CEO steps down as company seeks to sell assets

NOTE: Looks like The KGOP is going to conflate Ukraine with Mueller report !!!

So Don the Con set up a meeting with the AG and the President of Ukraine

Democrats already know the Truth. Trump is caught by his own lengthy rope!

"...." means something was edited out.


The phone call memo IS a Smoking Gun!


This Ukraine thing is bad enough on its own for impeachment

Warren passes Biden in new nationwide poll

Mimi Rocah: THIS.IS.QUID.PRO .QUO. Don't need one. But 100% have one.

Struggling young artist turns old tires into gorgeous beds for stray animals


This is beyond a one man show!

I just don't get that Congress has another 2-week break after this Friday.

The rats are circling their wagons!

5 reasons why not to trust the WH transcript:

Is anyone else AMAZED that Trump is SO STUPID that he apparently believes this version

Mimi Rocah: Barr MUST recuse himself from the Ukraine investigation IMMEDIATELY


U.S. Military Issues Warning to Troops About Incel Violence at "Joker" Movie Screenings

Dear Joe Biden, we are all you, today. The attack planned against you was

Bernie Sanders' Wealth Tax Is Wonkier Than Elizabeth Warren's

Democrats do not need to see any more transcripts from this White House.

Trump- Guilty How many Republicans will betray our nation to protect him?

'Blinking Guy' uses viral GIF of himself for the first time, asks the Internet a favor

Let me leave this, right here please ...

Trump seems to have lost his marbles and thinks there's a secret DNC email server hidden in Ukraine

Trump's Ukraine Call Prompted DOJ Inspector General To Make Criminal Referral

Impeachment: The Democrats must keep it simple. Focus in on this High Crime.

New Reuters/Ipsos Poll Sep 23-24:

this may be too busy time to say this.

Lindsey quid pro quo...nothing there.

Did Zelensky imply he also received Russian interference help??

ReTHUGs met with the Con this morning

"I will have Giuliani give you a call & I am also going to have AG Barr call & we will get to bottom

The White House-released transcript says it is "not a verbatim transcript of a discussion"

6 takeaways from the transcript of Trump's call with Ukraine's president

Trump's Remarks to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly: September 25, 2019

In a just world, this transcript---alone---could be admitted as the sole evidence in the impeachment

BBC clarfies: "Transcript" of July 25 phone call is actually just notes taken by US officials

Reuters/Ipsos Data: Trump/Biden/Ukraine Survey

Telephone Conversation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine

Bernie Sanders wants to replace private credit reporting firms with free, public registry

Hallie Jackson arguing with a Puke douche on MSNBC now

MSNBC: Who is this republican with super white teeth jawboning...

Mitt Romney: "what we've seen from the transcript is deeply troubling"

Our future is already fighting for us. It gives me hope.


He just said we have the best polls Rasputin - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

trump's on teevee slamming the media....what else? gaslighting his ass off...

NOT A TRANSCRIPT is trending on Twitter.

What Trump LOSING In A Landslide Looks Like

3rd Graders Have Some Questions For God

Focus on the CONTENT! Not some bogus argument about whether or not it's a "real" transcript...

At some point, will Republicans say enough is enough and dump Trump?

What do you want the scope of the impeachment inquiry to be?

DAMN !!! So no wonder stupid ass'd Trump admitted to soliciting an investigation against Biden!!

Best Description of Trump EVER

My mouse has a tail again...

Has anyone asked the Ukrainians if they have recordings or transcripts?

Everyone seems to be missing the quid pro quo in the Ukraine call...

Remember this from the May 1st Bill Barr Hearing??

Ooooooo... oh AGBarr. Care to answer this now??

WaPo: Mulvaney Withheld Funds to Ukraine W/O Knowledge of NSC, Pentagon or State.

"Nice little country you got there. Be a shame if sumthin' happened to it---knowwhatImean?" nt

Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me.......nt

Giuliani lashes out at critics

House Judiciary Chairman calls on the Attorney General to Recuse Himself

Wow. Of all days. New official White House presidential portrait

The WH made a mistake when editing the "transcript": Zelensky refers to something Trump didn't say.

Quid pro quo, Clarice

LOL. NBC Reports Trump Called Pelosi Wanting to "work something out...." Twitter Laughs.

Here's a bit of interesting information regarding the "transcript":

Oh, it's just a phone call

NJ-11: Listen to Mikie Shirrell's interview on The Daily Podcast

Linsday Graham!

Starving Horse Becomes So Gorgeous And HAPPY

FOX News Headline about Ukraine

How could he have been "that dumb?"

Trump Talked To That Guy About That Thing

You can tell it's Autumn.

Holy shit I just started watching HBO's Chernobyl

I'm still depressed over all this.

Another "witch hunt"?

Adam Schiff: The transcript of the call reads like a classic mob shakedown

Seth Abramson breakdown on the Ukraine call transcript/memorandum

Greta Thunberg wins alternative Nobel Prize

Pierce: Trump's Ukraine Call 'Transcript' Proves This Is 'Stupid Watergate'

So trump and company think releasing that non-transcript which shows him...

Which drink is best for hydration? Hint: It isn't water

"These are the 8 states with the worst air pollution."

September 25 - Happy Birthday Rep. Doris Matsui (D) CA-6th

Trumpers are saying the whistleblower didn't even hear the call him/herself?

Also, if you think the Ukraine whistleblower was the only leak John Bolton had, you are wrong

September 25 - Happy Birthday Rep. Gregory Meeks (D) NY-5th

Can anyone point me to where Joe Biden bragged about firing the investigator ?

I predicted long ago, when the end comes for Trump it will come quickly, suddenly.

Republicans Only Pretend to Be Patriots

It's officially "Talk Like a Mobster Day".

So maybe he can't shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it?

Nutria: Voracious swamp rodents set off alarms in California

Whoa. The extortion is at best thinly veiled, even in the non transcript transcrpt Trump released

This time Trump has been unable to find a lie that works.

New UN climate report

Biden's AVERAGE lead down to +7.6, lowest for the primary season

Trump called Republicans to the WH this morning to give look at Ukraine memo & give taking points

A tale of two impeachments

Fox's Napolitano: Trump already confessed to a crime

Jesus. I thought offering the transcript was a trap. But it's there in black and white.

"That thing we talked about?"

This sure feels like the political showdown of the world series poker match.

Investigate until they cry "Uncle!"

CNN- "Trump was in disbelief". Thought he could talk Pelosi out of it. She played him.

Goldman Sachs released a "terrifying" 34-page analysis of the impact of climate change

On impeachment, Mike Doyle pushes forward while Conor Lamb waits to see

Are we to believe that 45 wanted UKR to work with his two attorneys, when VP was already in the mix?

Trump asked Ukraine leader for 'a favor' and to investigate Biden, memo shows

Getting home from the club at 5 am.

Senate votes shortly on canceling MF45's nation emergency on border

I have to give M$Greedia credit today

If we are going to accept a liar as POTUS, could we at least get one smart enough to

When we get to the start of voting, which three candidates would you like to see at the top? (Poll)

Giuliani Has Another Wild Night With Screaming Match On Live TV

Senate Republicans: WTF?!?

This will all make a great mini-series one day.

Watergate on drugs

Hmmm... The White House just sent its talking points on Ukraine to House Democrats.

What about the other phone calls? Weren't there eight in all?

Who is this Justin Murphy creep? Disgusting tweet.

* NEW * Florida Poll - Biden 37%, Warren 18%, Sanders 9%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 5%

Trump's narcissism... His interests are one and the same...

No joke: White House just emailed all Dem offices asking to "recall" the talking points email.

*NEW* Maryland Poll - Biden 33%, Warren 21%, Sanders 10%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 5%

The Con will rue the day he called Adam Schiff

"When I took over the United States..."

The enemy has breached our perimeter and is about to overrun our position. It is time

*NEW * Missouri Poll - Biden 34%, Warren 22%, Sanders 14%, Buttigieg 10%, Harris 9%

History has taught us.......

Basic question about Ukraine and Russian Federation: What does Putin think?

Is Trump being advised by Putin?

"The corruption is everywhere in this administration"

This May Have Been Photoshopped...

So where are we in the 'impeachment support' count? 211?

The tangled web of Trump officials and Zelensky

New York Times Headline...CNN Headline...Washington Post....Wall Street Journal.

Pete Williams, just now on MSNBC, said Barr knew nothing about the call

Senate Republicans split over Trump urging Ukrainian leader to investigate Biden

The "transcript" contains only 10 minutes of dialogue. The whole call took 30 minutes.

Just in passing - Trump slanders a career diplomat in the phone call

Appreciation thread for Adam Schiff

Is Vice pResident Pence in hiding today? His last tweet was 19h ago.

*NEW* Georgia Poll - Biden 41%, Warren 17%, Sanders 8%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 5%

If Trump Gets & Feels Backed Into A Corner & The Repugs Turn On Him - Watch For Him To.....

Barr perjury:

if lindsey graham really cant tell that that call was a shakedown, i hope

Never forget

So if Barr was blind-sided by the Trump transcript and was not Party to this quid pro Quo...

GOP senators are 'stunned' at the transcript -- and think Trump is putting himself in more jeopardy

* NEW * Nevada Poll - Biden 23%, Warren 19%, Sanders 14%, Harris 4%

Google Contractors Officially Vote to Unionize (USW Pittsburgh)

*NEW * South Carolina Poll - Biden 36%, Warren 14%, Sanders 7%, Harris 4%

Google Contractors Officially Vote to Unionize (USW Pittsburgh)

Quid Pro Quo in code is still Quid Pro Quo. Impeach that motherfucker!

Where can I find a link to the transcripts?

Mike Murphy on MSNBC: GOP Senator told me if it was a secret vote 30 of us would convict Trump

Remember: Trump doesn't think it's wrong to get foreign help in election against fellow American

Kamala Harris sends letter to Justice Dept. Inspector General demanding he investigate whether

How to delete a Journal entry??

Did Christmas come early?

The White House gang that couldn't shoot straight...

Prediction: Trump / Zelensky meeting will get cancelled. If not, Golden TV Moments ahead! b/t

Generations and passing torches

Never underestimate the self preservation of members of congress.

Pelosi Statement on Notes of Call Between President Trump and Ukrainian President

Entitled Conservative Hope Hicks has no friends in Hollywood.

Cindy McCain says GOP no longer the 'party that my husband and I belonged to'

5 reasons why Elizabeth Warren has the best chance to beat Donald Trump

Do we know in which hotel Zelinsky is staying?

Today at Free Speech for People...List of Impeachable Offenses

You raised $44.60 on September 24, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Senate votes to end Trump's southern border national emergency declaration


My biggest question on the prospects of achieving a conviction in the Senate: Mitt Romney

Sanders polling: SC 7% (3rd); NV 14% (3rd); GA 8% (3rd); FL 9% (3rd); MD 10% (3rd); MO 14% (3rd)

WH sent its talking points to Dems. OMG, rattled.

Do things seem a little.....bumpy at the White House today?

The First Line of Trump's Obituary Has Been Written

Are DU's server ultra secure now

Trump Asks Ukraine's Leader to 'Do Us a Favor' and Also Urges Inquiry of Biden.

I think we can get our heads around this fact.. they are all over 70..the possible winners

BREAKING: Senate votes to end Trump's Immigration "emergency"

Hillary Clinton condemns Trump and demands 'impeachment'

Chief Justice Roberts laments having to do Congress's job

The transcript reads for 12 minutes--the phone convo was 30 minutes

Dad receives 4 months in prison for paying $250K to get son into USC

One of the whistleblower's lawyers, Mark Zaid, has posted a link for donations to whistleblowers

Washington lawmaker wants to ban flavored vaping products

I think GOP dumping Trump for Romney!

'Grotesque abuse,' 'hyper partisan': Washington's Congress members react to impeachment inquiry

Photos and Clips: Sen. Sanders UAW Strike

Netanyahu tapped to try to form government.

This is what it feels like to be on the offense..Nadler asking Barr to recuse, Speaker

One of the reasons I was in favor of impeachment is that it would....

Trump, Manhattan prosecutors to face off over tax returns

213 Democratic Lawmakers for Impeachment

Progressive Leaders In All 99 Iowa Counties Endorse Bernie Sanders

It should be easier to be liberal

Boris Johnson speaking now in Parliament

MSNBC chyron: only 6 more votes needed to pass Impeachment

🐦 SEP 29 at 12PM - Rally at Plymouth State University with Bernie Sanders

BREAKING: Boris Johnson now speaking in Parliament


🐦 SEP 29 at 2:30PM - Town Hall in Henniker with Bernie Sanders

Russia and Ukraine

Tom Steyer campaign ad: "Village"

Trump's call with Ukrainian president shows him offering U.S. assistance for Biden investigation

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Your Choice"

🐦 SEP 29 at 5:30PM - Rally at Dartmouth College with Bernie Sanders

Goldman Sachs released an analysis of the impact of climate change. And the results are terrifying.

Warning: Trump Tower house of cards about to fall.

Boris Johnson scandal coming soon?

What Thom Hartman says about the "transcript"

Brahms Violin Concerto - Menuhin Lucerne Furtwangler

Hey donnie, here is a template for your transcript...

The "Smoking Gun" is the whistleblower's complaint.

As new home sales soar, analyst says entry-level price is redefined higher

Mumbai's Britannia restaurant loses its Kohinoor

Trump quietly met with Ukraine's president last night -- and Zelensky just tweeted a picture of it

🐦 SEP 30 at 5PM - Rally at University of New Hampshire with Bernie Sanders

AHAHAHAH! NOW, let's watch the COVER-UP!

🐦 SEP 30 at 10AM - Breakfast in Hooksett with Bernie Sanders

New U.N. climate report: Massive change already here for world's oceans and frozen regions

Because, of course.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 25, 2019

Ha! Trump to hold a press conference later today!

Tick tock!

217 House votes now supporting impeachment inquiry, according to MSNBC!

The Collapse of the East Asian Order


If we legitimize Trump's behavior, it'll be open season on our politics

We've all done it: We've clicked Reply All on some email reply.

Why is there a discrepancy

FCC says Sprint claimed millions of dollars in federal subsidies it wasn't eligible for

Hey Steve Scalise!

Calling out Democracy Now! on comments about Clinton impeachment.

Are these impeachment counts still necessary

Dream wedding photo shoot 🦌 💞

So has Drumpy been radio silent today?

Trump Threatened An American Serving Her Country

YES !!! Barr is involved with Ukraine ... DIRECTLY !!

Senate Panel Rejects Trump Plan to Slash Chesapeake Bay Funding.

It was a beautiful letter, a perfect letter...

Are you getting dizzy yet ?

Lindsey Graham is so compromised:

Rayon chafes, you know. Personally, I find it quite abrasive.⚰️

Remember Daddy Barr hired Epstein.

Glory Hallelujah HIS truth is marching on.

a house of cards can stay up for a surprisingly long time -- then collapse in the blink of an eye

Pelosi privately urges narrow Trump impeachment probe focused on Ukraine

White House mistakenly sends talking points about Trump-Ukraine call to Democrats

Remember Kids, Trump can't be pardoned for any crimes he is impeached for

A classic from Steve Sack

Boog the chocolate lab I could not find him in the house

The average American throws away 80lb of clothing every year?!

These Rescue Dogs Are About To Be Adopted By Veterans

Kentucky GOP governor makes last-minute campaign shakeup


Will Hurd (R-Tx)

LOL, This tweet makes me think he is grasping for anything.....

Unfrickinbelievable...Republicans call for Pelosi resignation....

Trump & Ukraine president kissing each others asses for the's so cute!!!

Incredibly large (and close!) humpback whale

Bernie Sanders plans to escalate campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire as top aides question strategy

What did Pence know,

Mexico began erecting a wall along its border today to keep Trump from attempting to illegal cross

The Ukrainian President thanks the Europeans for helping them

214th - Rep. Sewell of Alabama

Your Daily Greenwald, Impeachment Edition

And Trump just told the Ukranian president

The blame game is in full attack!

Tropical Storm Karen set to make dizzying turn, perhaps eyeing Bahamas, southeast U.S.

Trump, ghouliani, Barr, all of them guilty ...

White House mistakenly sends Trump-Ukraine talking points to Democrats

So what if it's not a "transcript". It's a confession of guilt.

Holy Toledo - back to Hillary's emails

The rough transcript is devastating. How could Trump not know that?

OFFS. Obama, Hillary, Ukraine corruption...

I knew it!

The Trump Impeachment Inquiry


OMG, he's going on about the Russia investigation now!!! And Hillary's emails!

Arrested! Guy who set boxes on fire while homeless man was asleep in them

Virginia House of Delegates elections, 2019. Voter registration deadline: Oct. 15

This dumbass is actually re-enacting his own crime in real time. Unfreakinbelievable.

Arrested! Man in frightening attack on real estate agent

Will there be a translation

Trump: As far as I'm concerned, Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House

Donald Trump is a human Jenga tower of lies.

Happy National One-Hit Wonder Day! Post your favorite!

Just Security: The Swiftboating of Joe Biden + Timeline: Trump, Giuliani, Biden, and Ukrainegate

Nadler says Barr must recuse...

If anyone just watched some of MF45's UN news conference...we are way past impeachment!!

U.S. Military Issues Warning to Troops About Incel Violence at Joker Screenings [Updated]

Breaking per ABC Ukrainian government sources say Zelensky did feel pressured by Trump

Andrea Mitchell: "Repub senator told me-if it was a secret vote-30 senators would vote to impeach"

Eichenwald...Republicans are so suffused in corruption they can't recognize it anymore...

The nutjob Dictator is so pissed he can't fire Pelosi he's pretending he can

Acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he couldn't speak freely before Con

Acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he couldn't speak freely before Con

Dear gawd. Twitler is retweeting every Repuke who spews lies there was no quid pro quo

He literally lies about EVERYTHING.

"Talking points" are Republican policies.

Senate Votes to End Emergency Border Wall Funding

Everything is a quid pro quo to Trump?

Do you recall when Nancy Pelosi said Trump would self impeach?

Donwald J. Trump Has Deposed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House,

BREAKING: Whistleblower complaint will be sent to Senate this afternoon

Hillary Clinton says Trump 'has betrayed our country'

This isn't just another spat. Trump compromised our security for his gain.

It really pisses me off when repukes keep saying the Mueller Report found no collusion

Are there any educated guesses as to who the whistleblower might be?

Pelosi on Trump: 'He Does Not Care About Ethics' EDITED

Rice U band half-time show trolls Baylor anti-LGBTQ stand!

Thank you D.U.

abused woman, found crawling in the grass, begs to be arrested in place of her husband

The DEEP STATE has been uncovered!'s HIM!

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Now Supports Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Let's see if Trump's "no quid pro quo" defense works in other situations.

217 according to Ali Velshi on MSNBC...nt

Senate again votes to end Trump emergency declaration on border wall

Now 217!

Pelosi and the "48 Laws of Power" - #35 Observed.

NBC: Acting DNI Maguire threatened to resign if he could not speak freely.

Why isn't the Con saying that as far as he's concerned Nancy Pelosi is not the Speaker of the House

George Conway predicts Republicans will vote against Trump on impeachment

Dems demand immediate review by the DOJ policy on Guiliani as foriegn agent

Rice U band half time show trolls Baylor's anti-LGBTQ stand !

Russia: "Senate won't allow President Donald Trump--whom we elected-- to be impeached"

New Call of Duty esports league will begin play in home markets in 2020, start with 12 teams


My conjecture: Somebody *very* high up just rolled over on Donnie. But who?

Who's going to produce, direct, and star in the trump movie?

A very elaborate set-up, meticulously arranged. One small push, and...


Whistleblower complaint to be turned over to House and Senate Intel

The DNI has sent the whistleblower complaint over to the Congress!

I left quite a while ago

17 states sue Trump administration over move to weaken Endangered Species Act

Abba - The Last Video (Official Video)

The White House sent us their talking points around President Trump's Ukraine call.


Acting DNI is disputing his threat of resignation

is it time for john oliver to hit that big red button?

Booker takes the case for impeachment to 'Fox & Friends'

Courage, and who has it...

Remember once trump is removed from office we still have to deal with Pence...

How Elizabeth Warren Built A $12 Million Fortune

Everyone has, I assume, heard Copland's *A Lincoln Portrait*...

Susan Collins seems mildly perturbed...

DOJ and other enablers hid this info from American people...their role must be uncovered

Preet Bharara FTW

CNN: Congress getting Whistle Blower Complaint today

BLS Report: New data on characteristics of unemployment insurance applicants and benefit recipients

I bet Trump would resign IMMEDIATELY, if...

Whistleblower's lawyer retweets question "what does this crucial ellipsis mean?"

Trump's Wildlife Service pick has ties to anti-animal protection groups

Today's math problem...

Donald Trump is the most corrupt president in the modern history of this country.

And now, a word from Machiavelli

How big are the odds that trump doesn't make it to election day 2020

Ellie Mae's with Bette Mae: Omaha woman, 91, adopts dog once trapped inside mass of matted fur

Rick Wilson calls for impeachment of "gigantic sh*t golem animated into a husky-sized suit"

Maybe it's not lunatic to think trump might be gone?

BREAKING: Ukraine President didn't know full transcript would be released...

Just for the record, the insane craziness earlier was not *the* Trump press conference.

Did intel officials refer Trump to DOJ for possible criminal probe?


Juul says its chief executive is stepping down, accepts proposed ban on flavored vaping products

He's tweeting again...

California defiant as Trump administration threatens to halt highway funds over smog

Where are the calls for William Barr to resign?

While I don't agree with the idea of someone "owning" someone else in any sense,

Breaking: Boris Johnson may try to prorogue Parliament again...

Ex-Supreme Court justice offers to help Eyman

During presser with Zelensky, Trump inadvertantly demonstrated what his issue really was

FAA misled Congress on Boeing 737 Max, probe finds

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 26

what's scary is that trump thought releasing the 'transcript' would be good for him

A victory for consumers in the age of Trump

MSNBC: Senate Intelligence Committee Now In Possession of the Whistleblower Complaint

Knowledge of Ukrainian not necessary....

Democrats learning they can bulldoze past McConnell

A beaten, despondent man is speakin' on the TeeVee

trump's press conference uses statement to slander the Biden's

Trump speaking

He's gasping for air and sniffling..."I didn't do it, no push, no pressure, no nothing, a hoax"

Trump Allegedly Tried To Bribe Pelosi To Not Impeach Him

MSNBC just broke into the president's press conference to tell the audience the president is LYING

As Ann Richards once quoted, "Stick a fork in him; he's done"

Nicolle Wallace breaking into Trump's talk to debunk him...

"It's all a hoax"

Health care company sends woman over 500 letters in 5 days

Health care company sends woman over 500 letters in 5 days

M$NBComcast just cut him off for all the fucking lies

The Most Damning Passages From Trump's Ukraine Call 'Transcript'

Trump Suggests in Meeting With Ukrainian President That Hillary Clinton's Emails Are In Ukraine


Cartoons 9/25/19

"So many leaders came up to me today and said, 'Sir...'"

The Chosen One is either lying or trying out a new comedy routine

"The Wall is going up...many miles a week"

OMG - Dump is serving a big helping of word salad in his press conference! :D

won't it be extra delicious if he goes down over this Biden shit

If it's possible, Trump seems even more deranged than usual, than ever.

Trump: 400 miles of wall "will pretty much do it, because we have natural barriers"

Trump is freewheeling on his lie machine.


President of Greed. Dems ask Trump admin. to halt proposed rule that could end free school lunch

Builduing many miles of his wass every WEEK ??? IS THAT even possible?

Trump has tweeted 40 times in the last 24 hours

Revealed: Trump's Wildlife Service pick has ties to anti-animal protection groups

Trump is asked how he'd react if Obama had asked a foreign leader for dirt on him

HE'S LYING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Who does this orange shitgibbon think he's talking to?

Did tRump just say that Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala are South American countries?

Trump promised nothing to Volodymyr Zelensky.

Can you say "25th Amendment" boys and girls?

ATU International Convention is Feeling The Bern as he addresses the Delegates


This presser is like his rallies, but for a non-Dumbfuckistanian audience.

"We should just note there were a lot of things he said that were not true"

Global postal union reaches deal to prevent 'nightmare' of US exit

Many leaders came up to me and said, "sir, what you go through, no president has ever gone through."

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-13: You Should See Me In A Crown Victoria Edition

Bernie Sanders thanks UAW for standing against ''corporate greed''

May I suggest Nancy in the front row knitting

218 now support impeachment, per Scott Dworkin. (& confirmed)

Are Pompousassio and MeMoochin ready to step in when he pulls his tinfoil hat out of his pocket!

"We can't beat him,let's impeach him"

Trump: "Al Green said we can't beat him at the ballot, so let's impeach him"

Can dogs sense when a person is a bad person?

Right about now would be a great time for that last Rep to step up and say they're for an inquiry

I can't remember Nixon being this koo-koo-bananas wacko - and I'm an Old Person

Corey Lewandowski was tormented by Democrats....don trump

trumps political view of the world

He's using his tearful "they hurt me..sob.." voice

a'ight, who forgot to flush?

Blab, blab, blab!

Trump is literally out of his fucking mind right now

rush limbaugh, sean hannity, mark levin

Rick Wilson: Just a reminder: there is no 87 dimensional chess. He's just batshit crazy

Prediction: Ivanka releases a statement one morning very soon.

"Little Adam Schiff goes into a room with Nadler and they must laugh their asses off."

Hap-py Days are here again.

Buddy, you know I'll...

Trump's presser

What articles of impeachment might look like

The White House unveiled Trump's official Presidential portrait today

He threw Pence right under the bus......

trump's dance moves ... new dance moves

A friend of mine just told me.....

Wow... that was insane.

Nero wept, "What an artist dies in me!1"

**SECOND** whistleblower claiming Twitler tried to intervene in IRS audit!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 26 September 2019

Pelosi to MF45: "You have come into my wheelhouse."

It's getting crowded underneath the bus

hehehe Faux News losing it at the moment

What if Barr does recuses himself?

Whistle Blower doc being discussed on CNN

Please excuse my language.

"Deeply alarming, disturbing, detailed and well done" Dem rep

Has the Ukraine confirmed the transcript?

Not. The. Onion: The White House accidentally emailed its Ukraine talking points to Nancy Pelosi

Need help to find graphic meme showing Lindsay's

Time to Bind tRump Wed 9.PM (PST), get your orange candle and Tower card out.

Video shows coyote chasing little girl in her Illinois front yard

Please, Mr. Zelensky, Sit Next to the American President While He Loses His Sh*

APNewsBreak: Accreditor asks for info after Falwell reports

Does anybody remember the "Official Swearing Out Ceremony" from National Lampoon's album?

People left out of Ken Burns Country Music

Another Trump whistle blower? :

Nancy just went into the room to read Whistleblower's complaint.

Swalwell on NPR...the president copped to the crime.

I'll bet good money that Romney would vote to remove.

I'm so tired of him.

Julian Castro is a class act-see how he defends Joe Biden

Kamala Harris has a list of Donald Trump's impeachable offenses. It's long

I just donated to Biden

Who in the GOP would vote to impeach Trump?

I started with Channel 5 and went forward....

I'm recommending so many posts I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

GOLDMAN SACHS' 34-Page Analysis Of The Impact Of Climate Change, Results Are Terrifying

U.S. announces asylum deal with Honduras, could send migrants to one of world's most violent nations

U.S. announces asylum deal with Honduras, could send migrants to one of world's most violent nations

Fox News says that the DOJ is investigation Ukraine's involvement......

Pelosi Wants to Keep Narrow Focus on Impeachment

My prediction: McTurtle will make a few KGOP senators from red safe states vote to impeach

BREAK OUT THE SNAUSAGES! Loyal lil' pup Mike Pence rushes to the defense of his master.

Africa's charcoal trade is decimating fragile forest cover

9/25/19---the day 73 year old Donald Trump had his first-ever "Oh, SHIT!" moment. Get used to

Tropical Storm Karen set to make dizzying turn, perhaps eyeing Bahamas, southeast U.S.

Lucy McBath silent on Impeachment


Some tea bags may shed billions of microplastics per cup

Ok, help me out here...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren to hold town hall in San Diego on Oct. 3

When rides go wrong: How Uber's investigations unit works to limit the company's liability

Joyce Vance: Good reminder Trump has created a national security crisis.

IMF names Kristalina Georgieva as new head

House backs resolution rebuking White House efforts to block release of whistleblower report

Is this finally the tipping point?

Republican Senator Ben Sasse came out of SCIF saying there's not no there there

Tulsi Gabbard is beneath the level of a Democratic Presidential Candidate

Biden probe was condition for Trump-Zelenskiy phone call: Ukrainian official

Hmm I never saw faux news show so much interest in Jamal Khashoggi?

Homeless man pleads guilty to Minnesota synagogue fire

Boris Johnson's brutal contempt poisons Commons debate

Leningrad Lindsey and Bluffing Barr are next!

TV PARTY TONIGHT! What channel are you watching?

Sen Sasse: "Repubs ought not to be rushing to circle wagons to say there's no there there"

Al Franken to make return on weekly SiriusXM radio show

USA Today Op-Ed: Americans will turn on Donald Trump.

US appeals court to decide fight over jaguar habitat

Trump and the Ukrainian president met today. Here's what you missed.

Juan Williams from Faux News is Trending (This is awful)

House passes bill that would allow banks to work with cannabis companies

2019 alternative to a boombox?

Has anyone reviewed the amounts and sources of Tulsi Gabbard's contributions? Does the DNC ever


Ben Sasse (R-NE). after reading the whistleblower complaint...

🚨 BREAKING: 218 House members now support an impeachment inquiry. That's enough to impeach Trump!!

Whistleblower: There are more Witnesses

Afghan women fear mandatory poll photos could stop them from voting

This White House staff video never gets old.

Ford self-driving cars to launch in Austin in 2021

Feral cat shelter

Whistleblower Complaint Sent to Congress

ABC News: Ukrainians understood Biden probe was condition for Trump-Zelenskiy phone call

Majority oppose impeachment

Swalwell: "Nothing is more powerful than a defendant's own admission of guilt, AND WE HAVE THAT"

Guess What..President Donald Trump finally has a "CLUE" as to where things are headed..

Wayback Wednesday: Senator Kamala Harris at her absolute best!

Democrats view 'deeply disturbing' whistleblower complaint about Trump

Pentagon Letter Undercuts Trump Assertion On Delaying Aid To Ukraine Over Corruption

Watch: Nicolle Wallace Cuts Away From Trump: 'We Hate To Do This, But Trump Isn't Telling The Truth'

Trump's Ukraine call was referred to DOJ as possible crime. Barr's team shut it down

White House Unveils Lightly Edited Memorandum Of U.S. Constitution That Declares Trump's Innocence

CNN: Trump just re-classified the Whistleblower complaint

U.S. leads condemnation of China for 'horrific' repression of Muslims

For the record, Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS) was #218.

Greta Thunberg wins 'alternative Nobel' for environmental work


Zelensky advisor says agreeing to discuss Biden conspiracy theories was pre-condition for the call

Warren(D-MA) US Senate replacement.

From the horse's mouth

What makes dogs so special and successful? Love.

I think the RW and FOX could keep his base in line, IF he'd shut his fricking mouth

The Impeachment Clauses Were Written for Donald J Trump

It wasn't quid pro quo.

When do the Pence match-up polls begin? And how will this affect Biden?

The Junk Art King of Zambia

Mont Blanc glacier could collapse at any moment, Italy warns

Where does Lucy McBath stand on impeachment?

📅 What will be Trump's LAST DAY in office? 📆

Jennifer Rubin goes there - regarding Pence

Romney Thune and Sasse "Showing concern over trumps ukraine call"

#PresidentPelosi trends on twitter

King of the Pity Party

NASA visualization shows a black hole's warped world

trump swansong

This Halloween should have some pretty clever costumes on parade.

Lindsey Graham in yet another inconvenient moment from the archives.

Are Senate Republicans circling the wagons?

I really think we need an impeachment group

IMHO, I do not think that Barr was appointed to protect Trump.

Beto O'Rourke delivers pizzas, speaks to picketing Lordstown UAW workers

Beto O'Rourke delivers pizzas, speaks to picketing Lordstown UAW workers

Um..This Zelensky dude? The Ukranian President? IS A FUCKING SITCOM ACTOR!!! (edited for apology)

The way I see it, GOP is now trying to figure out how to save their party.

Video of little girl caught using her mom's lipstick!!!

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats path to a majority.

Gentle On My Mind: Glen Campbell

Statement from Hillary.

Business, labor warchest builds to crush Tim Eyman's Initiative 976

Trump's call with the Ukrainian president should seal his fate