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ICE agents and workers feel threatened in Seattle area

Who throws Trump under the bus first?

WAPO ***Trump says he raised Hunter Biden allegations with his China go-between***

Video + gif (Related to Trump's calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince)

Could the Biden/Ukraine situation be secondary as rationale for withholding military funding

Gavin Newsom...This is nauseating

White House restricted access to Trump's calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince

Name an album this year that rocks harder than Sturgill Simpson's Sound & Fury. Wrong answers only.

Life's building blocks may have formed in interstellar clouds

I can SO see Elissa Slotkin and/or Katie Porter as POTUS someday. If not that, then surely Cabinet

Democrats subpoena Pompeo as part of impeachment inquiry

His-tory is Sweeet

Cocaine is piling up in a quiet corner of Central America as drug production rises in Colombia

Anyone else just serve on a really weird jury?

I'm excited for the new Batwoman series.

Four-hour delays on U.S. 101 at Lake Crescent will begin Oct. 7

Nevada republican representative comes out in favor of impeachment inquiry

OOH! OOH!! Afro Samurai Champloo SuperCut ft. Shing02!

Republican senators accuse whistleblower of 'hearsay'

Inside Bill's Brain (Netflix)

Trump told Russian officials in 2017 he wasn't concerned about Moscow's interference in U.S. electio

Democratic lawmaker fires back after NRCC mocks him for getting marriage counseling

Anderson Cooper just called Rudy Giuliani trump's BAGMAN!!!

How the Toronto Van Attack Suspect Was Radicalized by Incels

Watch orcas leap and swim in fish-rich Possession Sound

New from WP: Info on Trump meeting w/ Russian officials in Oval Office (more cover up)

Surrender Donald

Beto O'Rourke "Trump's ad about Joe Biden is a disgrace."

Trump Supporter Reminds America This President Never Got a Blowie in a Tan Suit

Trump should buy Mexico's presidential jet: Lopez Obrador jokes

Breaking: The Con told two Russian officials in 2017 that he was unconcerned

Greta Thunberg: 'I don't understand why grown-ups would choose to mock children and teenagers'

October 2014, Polish ex-minister claimed Putin offered to divide Ukraine with Poland

Al Franken was on Conan O' Brien's show last night......

Hackers find voting machines used throughout the US are vulnerable to attack

Trump To Kick Half A Million Kids Off Free School Lunch Program

What Repub voters want: pissing on the media and blindly defending the president.

David Corn: How Trump's Response to the Ukraine Scandal Helped Russia

Paul Krugman on Elizabeth Warren and Wall Street

MS-GOV: Race Moves to Lean Republican

Friday Talking Points -- Collusion, Collusion, Collusion!

Pence tried to keep the memo hidden

Surrender, Donald.

The Doors - The End

🐦 OCT 2 at 11:30AM - Medicare for All Town Hall in Las Vegas with Bernie Sanders

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Kathy's Story!

Taking odds on resignation....Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas...

**Trump told Russian officials he wasn't concerned about Moscow's interference in U.S. elections**


Volker schedules depositions with the House

🐦 OCT 2 at 4PM - Community Meeting on Immigration and Housing with Bernie Sanders

2022 US Senate Election with a Democratic President and Trump/Pence-R.

He Didn't Get Here Alone

MI-13: Rep. Rashida Tlaib selling 'Impeach the mf' shirts for reelection campaign

DOJ Already Thwarted Investigation Into Trump's Ukraine Phone Call


Whistleblower raises new questions for appeals court nominee

Trump caught on tape issuing threat in whistleblower scandal

Trump scandal office pool

Boom-I love the little cannon

UNSRAW! (Very Heavy Metal from JAPAN!)

NYT: Trump met with NRA chief for financial support

Hurricane Lorenzo packs Category 4 winds -- and presents an ominous climate signal

This impeachment inquiry will open the dam, if it already hasn't...

Two people injured in Colorado elk attack captured on video

SC-01: NRCC mocks Democratic congressman and wife for going to marriage counseling

Oct 4 - Presidential Candidates #UnionsForAll Summit - Los Angeles

Speculation: Would John F. Kelly have been the one to suggest funneling stuff into that server?

Republican group to run online ads targeting Reps. Spanberger and Luria over impeachment

Having trouble with a facebook page I run

VA: DLCC President Jessica Post Joins Senator Cory Booker at Hala Ayala Canvass Launch this Saturday

Found this gem on my FB page

Rudy Giuliani's former DOJ colleagues believe he committed crimes in pushing Biden probe

We are actually very lucky in one regard with Anus Lips McGee.....

Today's moment of Zen is courtesy of Mr. Lawrence O'Donnell, RE: the 2020 SOTU address.

Hey GOP Idiots. That it's not just something the Whistleblower overheard,

Aluminum & Regions of the US Where the Climate Impact of Electric Cars Is Worse than Gasoline Cars.

Deported Army veteran, pardoned by Gov. Pritzker, returns to US in bid to become citizen

Is there some deadline at 10:30 tonight or at midnight?

Army official at Mar-a-Lago uploaded suspected child porn to Russian website.

Preet Bharara on the floodgates opening.

Tweet of the Day

We cannot afford to be negative

Florida's governor starts Presidential Protection Fund

Regardless of the senate, our Dem candidate will be inaugurated in 2021. Thankyou. Speaker Pelosi.

Hey, Republicans! A little tip...

Jesus Christ!! To recap what's happened in just the last few hours... !!!!!

"The best way to get the right answer...

This Didn't Age Well From the Get-Go..

Now tell me again why some stupid and ill informed voters wanted a businessman

Jonathan Alter on Lawrence O'Donnell: 2016 Russian interference was "a cyber Pearl Harbor."

I've been doing personal paperwork for the last 3 hours.

How many stories has the Times broken today?

Was this all dumped at once? I wonder if our various

Pro-gun display seeks to educate O'Rourke rally attendees at Kent State

Pro-gun display seeks to educate O'Rourke rally attendees at Kent State

Judge Blocks Trump Administration Plan to Detain Migrant Children

I Am Going To The Great American Beer Festival Next Week. Rep Your Local Brewery!

On the Last Word they said House Impeachment vot could be in December. I have an idea!


Nancy Pelosi needs to investigate everything.

Jimmy Carter Builds A Solar Farm To Power Half His Hometown.

Study Warns Banks Shifting Risky Mortgages Onto Taxpayers, As Climate Crisis Threatens Homes

There is one person in the world who can confuse me as much as Trump

Man, I miss Barney Frank in Congress. He is telling it like it isReal Time

The Ukraine is weak my friend

O'Rourke Blasts as 'Disgrace' New Trump Ad About Biden: 'Call This Exactly What It Is: Propaganda'

Venezuela's Lilian Tintori Admits Her NGO Works With Paramilitaries

If it gets bad you think Repuke leaders will pressure Trump to resign?

David Corn: "It's hard to think of a more brazen act of betrayal than..."

A wish for a Day One executive order by the Dem Prez on 2021 Inauguration Day

John Denver and Cass Elliot - Leaving on a Jet Plane (live on Midnight Special)

Remember the DU days of "Bush is toast?"

I didn't think he'd resign or be found guilty but after tonight...

This dog's love for his foster puppies is SO pure 😭 💗

South Dakota business at center of Senate investigation regarding NRA and Russia

The Ukraine Computer Server Trump was after

Biden: New Trump campaign attack ad proves he's 'terrified'

Big Tex is found! Gator Country says two legendary gators accounted for after Imelda flooding

Paul Newman's closing speech in The Verdict seems apropos.

Orlando Weekly: Forget Impeachment, Trump Needs To Resign

To quote Charles Pierce: The great cannibal feast is about to begin...

All the President's Men Deep Throat: The Outer Edges

The Daily Show: Trump's Ukraine Whistleblower Scandal - How Will It All End?

White House Hid Calls With Russia And Saudi Arabia

Can you imagine if we hadn't taken back the House this year?

So, is it possible that this info about Trump's meeting

Wait! What? Saudi Arabia now owns 100% of America's largest refinery (Port Arthur, TX)

Laurence Tribe: "This is the case the framers had in mind"

WaPo: McConnell Urged Trump to Release Ukraine Call

Seth Meyers - President Trump Is in Denial About the Gravity of Impeachment - Monologue - 9/26/19

So in other news, James Hetfield is in Rehab again.

LOL! Andrew Scheer

2020 Democratic hopeful Delaney replaces Iowa state director

It might be the wine, but I am just giddy.

Had a limited understanding of the Pakistan/India turmoil...

This massive crime dump makes it hard to move fast on impeachment. Is that trump's strategy?

Four whiskeys - ask me anything - this has gone from a bad day to a very good day!

Robert Reich: Trump drained the swamp alright...right into the White House

Trump says he raised Hunter Biden allegations with his China go-between

LOL! When going solo in a canoe you do get in it backwards and sit further

comments overheard this morning in a suburban Long Island deli when a clip of Trump appeared on Fox

Three White House officials tied to files shared with House intelligence chairman (Nunes)

If Trump Ultimately Goes Down - Rudy....

I honestly think Trump will be gone by Xmas

Climate Crisis: 6 Million People Join Latest Wave Of Global Protests

Odd News: William Barr, Attorney General, IS NOT in Washington tonight

MLB attendance drops in boom-bust era of big winners, losers

I know there will be breaking news over the weekend, but it's football time again!

Jackson Browne -- (Load Out) Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

Texas deputy who wore Sikh turban and beard on the job killed during traffic stop

Greta Thunberg meets Justin Trudeau amid climate strikes: 'He is not doing enough'

Uninstalling v1.2016

The Latest: Trump ad claims Dems trying to 'steal' election

What do you think George and Kellyann Conway are talking about this week?

Counter-impeachment strategy comes into focus

LOL....who else is suddenly REALLY looking forward to Thanksgiving now?

Walmart is going to

Any word on what Mike Agnew, I mean Mike Pence is up to tonight?

Nestle, P&G say they will miss 2020 deforestation goals

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel

Boris being investigated for misconduct over his alleged relationship with an American woman..

U.S. CDC recommends against using vapes with marijuana ingredient

Dag Nabbitt...I leave you kids alone fer a minnit...!

Trump considers delisting Chinese firms from U.S. markets: sources

Can we buy ditch weed to smoke on Michigan?

Investors don't need to worry about a potential impeachment

China aims to join U.S.-spurned Arms Trade Treaty as soon as possible

U.S. Senator Feinstein seeks probe into EPA actions against California

U.S. Senator Feinstein seeks probe into EPA actions against California

Herbalife to Pay $20 Million for Misleading Investors

Greta Thunberg helpline: because we all know she's the real problem (Australia)

tRump was laughing it up with the enemy and betraying the United States in the oval office...

The Army Is Closing A Library That NASA Paid For (NASAwatch/

Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On

Wow. Had no idea FL Gov DeSantis was selling access so much and apparently brazenly

Rick Wilson on "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell tonight made me laugh.

Alabama engineering student tells scientists 'warp drive' might work (

Democrats challenge 'brazen' gerrymandering of North Carolina voting maps

Implying McMaster lied: McMaster says Trump's conversation with Russian diplomats appropriate

NYT Editorial Board calls for impeachment

Statewide fire alert issued, burning restricted (

'System is not broken' after 737 MAX crashes: review panel chair

Day 4 of impeachment drama

U.S. labor judge rules that Tesla broke labor law

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/27/19

Hey, CNN - do me a favour?

I wonder if the server will become the equivalent of The Dude's carpet...

Mylan to pay $30 million U.S. SEC fine related to EpiPen overcharge probe

I'll break down the last week in just one video

I love these words, especially the word SHALL

PSA: Use caution before performing a Google search that includes the words "unflattering photo".

Trump campaign launches anti-impeachment blitz on Facebook, targeting four minority congresswomen

Trump, impeachment, and alternate realities

'Raging granny' locks to equipment at Mountain Valley Pipeline site

Some of these signs are special, some are a little crude, some are just OK..enjoy (50 signs)

Kurt Volker is free to speak to democratic committees.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Lashes Out at Whistleblower

New MAGAt rally scheduled for Oct. 10 in Minneapolis...

British politics has been taken over by trolls

The Contra-Freeper universe has made #ImpeachTrumpPenceBarr number 1.

Probe Finds NRA Knowingly Served Russian Agent's Scheme

Virtue Signalling: So why are we using such anthropological words in a snide way?

Federal Law Enforcement Action Involving Fraudulent Genetic Testing Results in Charges Against 35

Ok, so I have a joke. . .

Forget impeachment. Donald Trump needs to resign

Los Angeles County, including Adam Schiff's district, is replacing hand marked paper ballots

Maryland Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Wire Fraud Charges in Connection With a Scheme to Defraud

MacBook Pro Touch Bar issues

DEAR AMERICA--your president is a traitor. The video below proves it.

Midwest Health Care Fraud Law Enforcement Action Results In Charges Against 53 Individuals Alleging

This bug should be renamed, 'trumpwasp'

Trump, his supporters, conspirators and enablers are low.

Police union group in D.C. holding its holiday party at President Trump's hotel.

Second Employee In Cash Flow Partners Bank Fraud Conspiracy Charged In Multimillion-Dollar Loan Sche

White House deliberates block on all US investments in China

Assisted living facility charged with staggering neglect, manslaughter, swindle

How helping diabetics stay alive became a partisan fight in Minnesota

Everyone Seems to Hate Doug (Ford) and that pains the CPC and (Andrew) Scheer

Court: RJ Reynolds Tobacco Owes Minnesota Millions

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/27/19

Medtronic to create $35M settlement fund for implantable drug pump lawsuits

University of Minnesota job for legislator sparks new calls for reform

"Yesterday" on DVD

Republicans can't defend the indefensible

Anonymity drags on Sen. Klobuchar's campaign


What happens when you leave a boxing bag in the Forest

Leader of South St. Paul-based public employee union resigns amid investigation

A comedy-skit written by President Zelensky. (Trust me.)

Why keep Iowa's caucuses? Andrew Yang does the math on the influence of our state

US ambassador pressed Ukraine corruption fight before ouster

Someone please tell me what the New York Attorney General is doing.

What drumpf's friends think: Russian minister: West out of step, can't accept its decline

I kiss my son in law on forehead his nightmares he was naval corpsman

Russia tells US not to release Trump-Putin transcripts

Woman Finds An Incredible Bug Who's Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

Trump's anti-woman push puts America in the pantheon of human rights offenders

Trump's anti-woman push puts America in the pantheon of human rights offenders

How the Russian media is covering the Ukraine scandal

Andrew Yang Wants Thorium Nuclear Power. Here's What That Means.

'We have made history': Mexico's Oaxaca state decriminalises abortion

'We have made history': Mexico's Oaxaca state decriminalises abortion

As a father I am so blessed perhaps rich with family

I wonder how many of us would be explaining ourselves

US Department of Justice supports Indianapolis Archdiocese in firing of gay teacher

U.S. House votes again to end Trump's border emergency declaration

With vaping sale ban, pharmacies ordered to provide free or low-cost nicotine patches and gum

Another renewable fuel plant closes as Iowa leaders wait for White House biofuels fix

Trump's OTHER whistleblower: Federal employee claims to have evidence

These Scientists Were Disbanded by the EPA -- They Plan to Meet Anyway

McConnell & What Will Dolt 45 take down with him?

The following candidates are in Iowa this weekend

McConnell rewards Susan Collins' loyalty with posh DC fundraiser

U.S. House defeats Republican measure disapproving of impeachment inquiry

These 17 ethically challenged Republicans want to be in Congress

Hm. Trump fires John Bolton and suddenly his administration falls apart

Afghan voters defy attacks, delays to vote for president

Trumps lawyer, Jay Sekulow:" ... there is no violation here ... " 🙄🙄🙄

Underweight children taken by the state will not go back to their Iowa parents, who argued that

I knew Nancy Pelosi was not going to play with the Con when she canceled his State of the Union

Politico's First and Second Choices for week ending 9/22/2019

Japan stun Ireland to pull off another famous Rugby World Cup upset

Linsday Graham get's his talking points ready for the Sunday shows...

BREAKING: Pelosi updates Democrats on the upcoming Impeachment inbvestigatino

OK hand sign added to list of hate symbols

There was a post yesterday suggesting an "impeachment march" on the last weekend

Why the Committee should not call Rudy Giuliani to testify right now?

Little Lindsey has a golf date today with Putin's asset

High School sports teams struggle with numbers

There was a post yesterday in GD suggesting an "impeachment march" in DC on

Now what part of this do I have wrong?

I believe I've figured out what

5 Easy Steps...

I am anticipating a mass forced resigning of WH staff

North Dakota to study livestreaming legislative meetings

Gramps is up. Executive time ensues

Saudi Arabia implements public decency code as it opens to tourists

Trump's Ukraine call, Nixon's Watergate are drawing increasing parallels

"Deep State Throat."

North Dakota mulling tribal flags display in state Capitol

Let's not forget Ivanka and Jared.

Johnson could face no-confidence vote next week to halt no-deal Brexit

FauxNews pundit: Senate GOP will focus impeachment trial on Biden

One look at Trump's Twitter feed this morning lets you know this fucker is GONE.

A marine biologist films this octopus changing colors while dreaming and it's spectacular

Vladimir Putin is saying, don't release these conversations or...I will first.

FEC weekly journal was BLOCKED (unprecedented) by GOP. Topic is foreign election interference

Keep in Mind That Trump World Is Trying to Blast Warren, But Can't

Fair warning to swallow any liquids you may be enjoying, before you view this post

North Dakota must pay $175,000 in attorney fees in federal lawsuit over farming law

September 28 - Happy Birthday Mayor Vi Lyles (D) Charlotte

The Specials - Rat Race


Salon: Donald Trump was impeachable the day he took office: Two and a half years later...

The Trump meltdown has begun

When you've undressed and are sitting on the bed waiting for your partner to do the same

David Corn brings up a critical point, which Adam Schiff also addressed yesterday...

Trump's fate is in the hands of Fox News

"How Long have we been in the Anthropocene?"

The division is toxic for America.

Failure is the only eventual option...

The whistleblower has a gofundme page

Imagine what he discussed with Putin

4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist Epicurious

Orange CRUSH

Listening to the Beatles Abbey Road in Atmos (super hi def) sound over coffee

Liddle' Donny woke up frantic and scared this morning. So sad!!

The 'OK' Hand Gesture Is Now Listed As A Symbol Of Hate

Trump appeals to racists to defend him from impeachment

Timber company dropping hotly contested Moosehead development plan

Johnson's bonkers UN speech got lost in the major news of the week

It's a good time to review what happened w/MBS, Kushner & Trump:

Dan Coats, Director of national intelligence, fired 3 days after the Ukrainian phone call.

So my question is

The Divine Miss M certainly has a way with words.

I peeked at a conservative blog -- scary stuff; Go there at your own risk!

Interesting use of "Democrat Savages" this morning!

Two AWOL soldiers joined a far-right militia in Ukraine. They returned and killed a Florida couple,

Jump! (Happy Caturday)

Pelosi Remarks ... 200 Days of GOP Senate Inaction on H.R. 1

The Week That Everything Changed

Doctor My Eyes

You raised $390.00 on September 27, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

On my way for a two week visit to you tomorrow

The last 4 or 5 days have been like a roller coaster.

Arizona State University student newspaper was first to report diplomat to Ukraine resignation story

I want to thank all the candidates who have come to the defense of VP Biden

I found this on Tuesday, the day impeachment was announced. Named Impeach, with updates.

Koko Taylor was born on this date-

Rick Wilson:"Repubs are so nervous right now that if they

Why is barr in Rome?

Nancy Pelosi - An Unknown Quantity to Many

Today: Day 300 of Trump's presidency at one of his properties and the 233rd at one of his golf clubs

A golden oldie that's still golden: 1973's "Impeach the President"

Here's what was waiting for Trump when he landed at the golf club this morning...

and then there's Rocky.......

Does he realise that he is a treasonous wanker?

Richard Brunelle of death metal band Morbid Angel has died

The subway opera angel

Trump has had a hard week, so I sent him something to cheer him up --good thing I had a sharpie handy

Live look at WaPo journalists on the Ukraine/impeachment story:

"When I took over the United States..."

Trump Lies Again re conversation with Blackstone Group Founder-Spokesperson: "No such chat occurred"

Repukes views on rape

Senior Pittie And Her Human Siblings Are A Match Made In Heaven

American fascists are so dumb, they don't even know they're fascists

Someone started a thread about perfect movies.

Glorious-Katy Tur absolutely humiliates Trump advisor for his hypocrisy about the Biden's

Treasonous Trump Demands Democrats Treat Him Like They Treated Barack Obama

People should take the time to read Woodward & Bernstein's OTHER book...

Even on CNN, music to my ears

Who is the GOP presidential candidate if Trump leaves?

How the Founding Fathers saw impeachment

Resignation is Trump's only hope.

Hey, man - Cats hi on the bud

Stop trying to figure out why Trump did it.

Water experts tell Trump no, the homeless aren't hurting California water quality

First House Republican supports impeachment inquiry

Anyone else up for a cheeseburger?

Remember December & January, when Trump whined about missing the Mar-a-Lago parties?

The right way to impeach

Trump Has Gutted an Agency That's Vital to American Farmers

The greatest Lindsey Graham Putdown Ever (that doesn't involve compramat)

Polls show shift toward impeaching

AG Barr has been on official travel in Italy for the past two days, during a week where he has faced

Holy Shit! This is not a smoking gun, It's a smoking top secret computer server.

A few pictures that might warm your heart on this early Fall day

How the Security Democrats came around

If you have any last wishes, act on them now. I have decided to end mankind.

Kehinde Wiley's Times Square Monument: That's No Robert E. Lee

Trump is not mentally ill or crazy

100 Years Ago Today; The Omaha Race Riot (WARNING: GRAPHIC image)

So, Benedict Donald is now exposed for telling Russians he wasn't

Synchronize your watches

This is my final message to all Trump voters. Feel free to use it.

"The biggest Second Amendment case to reach the Supreme Court in nearly a decade, explained"

Nixon and Trump are similar in 1 way. So arrogant that they think they can get away with anything.

Giuliani says he'll consult Trump about testifying

11,000 college votes in '18 turned Tarrant County purple. Now campus voting may end

An Oldie But A Goodie & Still Relevant Today... "A wanker whipping up fear"

Bernie Sanders implies Trump is violating the Constitution

Mood during Watergate vs Mood now...David Rothkopf - very much worth a read

Hi there Don the Con

Roasted Peach & Mint Ice Cream

Lawyer lays out legal implications of Ukrainegate.

Many one event from homeless

A commercial (Am.Express) brought me to this song. "The Joke" Brandi CARLILE

How right-wing Republicans became America's unlikeliest anti-capitalists

Large chunk of border wall funding diverted from tiny Guam

wouldnt it be great if

FBI release files on Trump's former lawyer and mentor Roy Cohn which detail allegations

Trump Tweet: "Democrat Savages"

Savage Quid Pro Quo


Dear Kpete (a keeper from my congressperson)

White House says National Security lawyers told them to move transcript to secure server


Who knew? There's a group even more pathetic than incels: MGTOW

Calls Democrats savages before golf with Lindsey

Properties of Alkali Metal Salts of the Radioactive Pertechnetate Ion.

Giuliani in T! R0U!BIE After RE!F USlNG To TES-TIFY to C0ver!Up

Police Are Investigating A White Woman Who Yelled The N-Word And Said She Was Pro-Lynching At A CVS

'I wish he would shut the heck up': Republicans sour on Giuliani

DCCC polling shows more than half of voters support impeaching Trump

Energy-efficient washing machines can be a RESERVOIR for MULTI-DRUG RESISTANT PATHOGENS

Italy - Barr, Rybolovlev, Sechin (Rosneft) and Richard LeFrak (CEO of LeFrak/Trump's Infrastructure)

China Wants the World to Stay Silent on Muslim Camps. It's Succeeding.

(X-posted from religion) China Wants the World to Stay Silent on Muslim Camps. It's Succeeding.

Climate change is making us sick (Boston Globe)

FEC chief says a GOP colleague blocked wide release of her foreign activity memo

Climate change is making us sick (Boston Globe)

Who leaked the story of what trump told the two russians in the oval office?

To save the planet, we need faith, ethics, science and economics

Which NBA Big 2 will win a championship this season?

Slate: "A Former ICE Chief Melts Down" - absolutely incredible, appalling, and expected.

Anyone else noticing NPR is now much more anti trump lately?

OCT 2 at 2:45 p.m. - Sen. Sanders - 2020 Presidential Candidates Gun Safety Forum

Impeachara-Remember this from 2017?

This time "For the good of the country" means exposing the truth and not suppressing it.

Weekend TOONa-palooza 1 - The Call (3AM, Kiev Time)

For all DUers, here is the Heimlich manuever:

Weekend TOONa-palooza 2 - The King's Guard Leaps to Protect His Majesty

Americans spent decades discussing rule of law. Why would anyone believe us now?

Weekend TOONa-palooza 3 - Greta, General Trump Crapola, and the rest

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo says he won't support mandatory buyback of assault weapons

I was asked a question today that I cannot answer.

Deep Throat's identity was a mystery for decades because no one believed this woman.

Make inflammatory charges, de-humanize your opponents...

I have an idea

Time for a little W. B. Yeats, I think, apropos of the current mess:

U.S. FAA requiring inspections for cracks on some 737 NG planes

who was the David Pecker in WH that kept "CATCHING & KILLING" stories into secret server??

oDnlda J...

Trump is a slump old man with wrinkly suit and hairspray for hair.......

Election 2019: St. Pete Chamber straw poll shows blowouts in all but one City Council race

Beto O'Rourke calls for Donald Trump's resignation

Beto O'Rourke calls for Donald Trump's resignation

"though" is the quid pro quo

When Trump's special envoy to Ukraine resigned, a student newspaper beat everyone to the story

Giuliani pulls out of event with Putin for this Tuesday.

Trevor Noah Shows Clip From Sopranos to Illustrate Trump's Quid Pro Quo

Chief accused of slamming black teen's head into door: Trump is 'last hope for white people'

9/27 Timothy Snyder, Yale holocaust historian. American treasure. Full interview MSNBC

Greta Thunburg really has a great sense of humor...

Fox Primetime Cheerleaders, will their shows survive?

"Trump's Ukraine scandal: Who's who?" (a helpful little guide)

On this day, September 28, 1940, FDR laid the cornerstone of Washington National Airport.

Trump's Rocky Relationship With Intelligence Community Worsened With Whistleblower Complaint

Doctor faces sentencing for illegally prescribing large amounts of opioids

Seth Abramson...Barr cover up in Rome

Amateur pro-Trump 'sleuths' scramble to unmask whistleblower: 'Your president has need your help'

So many times we thought this is it, Trump is going down. This is it has finally arrived.

Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris hosts standing room only events in Seattle

Criminal Solicitation

Trump lashes out at 'Do Nothing Democrat Savages'

How Many Years in Prison Will Rudy Get?

Dog kitty:

Fux Noise: Conway accuses Pelosi of capitulating to male colleagues on impeachment

Flashback for @LindseyGrahamSC 👋🏼 Hope you enjoy reminiscing after your golf game with the Traitor

Protestors gather over Cho Kuk "scandal" investigation

More than 180,000 names removed from Ohio voter rolls; LaRose blasts criticism

Velvet Underground- Femme Fatale

GOP FEC Commissioner Caroline Hunter Stopped publication of election interference

How a conservative columnist helped push a flawed Ukraine narrative

So which Trump spawn will be first to try to salvage the family brand

Pro Publica tweeted on Rudy--A storm coming. It will blow your mind" -- Now, the storm

Feds seek new comments on grizzly bear plans

Trump is straight up Nutz ...... I am using Mexico to protect our border with 27,000 troops

Seattle median household income soars to $93,500

These tea bags release billions of plastic particles into your brew, study shows

Lindsey Graham on impeachment today and in 1999...

So do Michael Flynn and Roger Stone figure their odds of getting pardons just went way up

With whistles blowing we get silence from Republicans

The Latest: Trump ad claims Dems trying to 'steal' election

Dec 19 1998 Bill Clinton's approval rating was 41% ... ✨✨✨AMONG REPUBLICANS !!! ✨✨✨

Damn damn DAMN! When is it going to freaking end?!

Trump's road from wishing for impeachment to dreading it

Your Navigation App Is Making Traffic Unmanageable

James Risen: Biden going to Ukraine actually might have resulted in greater legal peril for his son

Trump is asking the wrong question

At the Pro-ICE rally in front of a baby-cage detention facility

'Beginning Of The Fall': Historian Predicts More Treasonous Transcripts Will Bring Trump Down

"the ones he singles out as "Savages" are two Jews and four women of color."

What is your favorite Hipgnosis album cover?

TPM "Report: Trump Told Russian Officials He Didn't Mind 2016 Election Interference"

The Whistle-Blower Complaint Against Trump, Annotated

Today's White House Staff Watchword - Sauve Qui Peut!

"Ukrainian Lawmakers Seek New Probes Into Allegations at "Epicenter" of U.S. Political Battles"

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 28, 2019

Big news coming from ProPublica.

Dear Twitler

I remember watching Nixon saying good bye to his staff

Police chief accused of slamming black teen's head into door: Trump is "last hope for white people"

When the president started to believe he was secure, they struck

Our Leader is the smartest person in the room....

Ruthless attacks may come back to haunt him

Seen on twitter: "Crazy how not one person implicated in this growing scandal is an immigrant."

Would it make any difference if there actually was dirt?

My deal for Trump

tweet of the hour

Trump ads all over YouTube

GOP FEC Commissioner Caroline Hunter blocks publication of FEC Weekly Digest

Schumer: Trump's reported Russian meddling remarks among 'most disturbing things' yet


The new US labor secretary has a history of opposing workers' rights

Better than Banquos ghost...(Macbeth)

New Poll Shows Support for Impeachment Probe

letter I got from "R" Phil Roe today

Well, here goes nothing. Do you think I'm attractive? Please be honest...I can handle the truth.

Meanwhile Pence spent $600,000 on limos for one trip...

"I haven't read it." Is this the new "I don't recall?"

This dog tiptoes around to sneak more food!

First House Republican backs Trump impeachment inquiry

"What can I do?" If you are asking yourself this question I have a suggestion.

Maddow: Trump impeachment probe confronts 'Russian way of doing politics'

Tweet of the Day

Princeton grad who killed his father after his allowance was cut gets 30 years to life

Netflix "Unbelievable"

In March, McConnell said...if House votes impeach, Senate has no choice

What really bugs me is Trump will have lifetime secret service protection

Boris J. May Be Gone As Soon As Next Week

Lindsey Graham has major take-down for his Linda Tripp moment today

Bibi May Already Be Returning The Mandate To Rivlin

Kshama Sawant debates Egan Orion. Class struggle or Council workhorse?

Detectives investigating after report of attempted kidnapping of 14-year-old girl in south Everett

Crossville,Tn. tRUMP country. I have to get out of here!

Years before it's time ...Spirit " Nature's Way"

Has anyone ever used "Rebath" to remodel a bathroom?

Cartoons 9/28/19

Impeach, if only to put Republicans on the record

Sunday shows lineup: Trump impeachment dominates the talk circuit

Buckle up next week says Meacham:

Senior White House Official to CNN's Acosta: 'The President's Insane'

Hey Dems: keep it simple soldiers, KISS

As impeachment fury intensifies, Graham prepares defence

What goes around comes around.


Serious question: Is it possible to sue someone for libel for false statements in a campaign-ad?

Anyone here a Quora member?

Trump says CT Senator Murphy 'threatened' Ukrainian leader

OH-01: Air Force vet Nikki Foster calls Chabot out on his defense of Trump.

"Last hope for white people."

Yemen war: Houthi rebels claim mass capture of Saudi troops

(CT) Goats die after choking on apples dumped in pen

TX-23: Iraq war vet Gina Ortiz Jones fully endorses impeachment inquiry.

The moment I've waited years for Rod Roddy to call out

"The whistleblower is not white,"

M$Greedia last week

The Boston Globe: Forget impeachment. Donald Trump needs to resign-Few has asked Trump to do so!!

Internet buries Trump for singling out lawmakers of color and Jewish Democrats in 'Savages' tweet

Fun with letters

The White House "leak" I most looki forward to...

Ivanka tweets 'Thank you, Mr. President!'

Johnson 'whipping up riot fears to avoid Brexit extension'

Editorial: President Trump needs to step down By Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board

(PA) Firefighters charged with setting furniture store ablaze

False claims about Hunter Biden's China dealings

Impeachment is the ONLY way the GOP can redeem itself - and survive as a Party

US consumer spending rises just 0.1% in August

US consumer spending rises just 0.1% in August

Looks Like Steven Menashi Is On The Hot Seat Now

MSNBC Pundit Who Accused Those Who Prefer Sanders to Warren of 'Sexism' Sparks Viral Outcry From

Dor Hadash, targeted in massacre, declines to take part in Trump's Rosh Hashana call

Dor Hadash, targeted in massacre, declines to take part in Trump's Rosh Hashana call

Kemp cancels day of testimony in Guyger murder trial

He's gone,

Giuliani Tweets Out Incriminating Evidence Proving Whistleblower Correct

From Australia - Honest Government Ad Cashless Welfare Card

How a Shadow Foreign Policy in Ukraine Prompted an Impeachment Inquiry

Crossroads Gun Show returns to Del Mar, CA

Tic tac, optional

George Conway responds to Lindsey Grahams claim that evidence against Trump is hearsay...........

I Know Where I Came From


Trump's Defense For Dummies

Anyone watching the Global Citizen Festival on MSNBC?

Rick Wilson: "Republican Elected Officials Trump Scandal Alert System"

Great toon.

It's no surprise that the press just recently turned on Trump.

Just back from the Virginia Pride event in Richmond.

It looks like Trump has help coming to his aide?

Trump tweets new video for the MAGATs: "They are trying to stop ME, because I am fighting for YOU!"

Thoughts on impeachment thread. Please share yours*

Inquiry Incites Infighting at Fox News, With Hosts Hurling Insults Across Time Slots, Yahoo News:

Rudy Giuliani, Bill Barr, and Lindsay Graham give unethical lawyers a bad name.

For Trump, a high-velocity threat like none he's ever faced

Republicans right now:


These five freshman congresswomen changed history by becoming unlikely leaders on impeachment

Volker plans to appear before House Foreign Affairs Committee next week

For months and months, we heard, "No collusion! No collusion!"

Mick Mulavney on shaky ground....NO strategy to handle the fallout of releasing phone douments.

Has anyone here ever actually witnessed or experienced violence from marijuana use?

Volker plans to appear before House Foreign Affairs Committee next week

Went to Ohana 2019 yesterday at Doheny in Dana Point.

Police: Five Injured, Suspect Dead Following Incident At Hunt Valley Towne Center

Trump Releases 2020 Campaign Ad With Completely 'Fabricated' Lie About Biden

In New Jersey, if you see this beautiful insect, you are advised to kill it.

Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: September 28, 2019

Warren Campaign and IBEW 2320 Reach Collective Bargaining Agreement!

Warren Campaign and IBEW 2320 Reach Collective Bargaining Agreement!

My husband and I have an informal bet going.

The Rightwing Disinformation chart

Now grapes are revealed as part of the Great Climate Hoax

Are These Trump Calls to Putin and MBS on the Secret Server Too?

Cracking issue' discovered on some of Boeing's 737 NG planes, airline says

... the Irish govt paid Trump over $100K to feed the police officers guarding him.

Trump considers delisting Chinese firms from U.S. markets

So if there are all these hidden phone calls to foreign leaders including Putin. What was Mueller

I'm grinning because I got CNN turned off

Last November we put our 16 year old Luka to sleep, one week later we got Mika

Poignant Michael Moore - projecting into the near future

After all his help to obstruct, why would Barr try to distance himself from Ukraine scandal?

Wow Carole King performance at the Global Citizens Festival on msnbc.

Blurs lines between personal lawyer, attorney general

Beto O'Rourke jokes about threatening kitten to attract more donors

Beto O'Rourke jokes about threatening kitten to attract more donors

The dumb Fs... it burns!!

Robert De Niro Hopes Trump Is Impeached: "He's such a low life... He taints everybody around him."

Trump supporters will never abandon him...

Greta Thunberg's efforts are building real momentum

Boris Johnson faces probe over alleged links to U.S. businesswoman

Doctor facing life in prison for thousands of opioid doses

Federal Judge blocks move to fast-track deportations

Prosecutors: Army official at Mar-a-Lago uploaded suspected child porn to Russian website

Donald Trump was impeachable the day he took office

Ted Lieu shares his thoughts on Kevin McCarthy's creepy, desperate boot licking

John Dean urges Beto to reconsider his presidential run and return to Texas and defeat John Cornyn

Former North Carolina GOP Chairman to plead guilty of lying to FBI

Trump: You Can't Impeach Me, I'm Much Too Fabulous

Trump's Weapon of Fallacies

Remember when Tulsi compared Obama unfavorably to Putin?

Andrew Scheer - Not As Advertised

State Dept. intensifies email probe of Hillary Clinton's former aides

State Dept. intensifies email probe of Hillary Clinton's former aides LOL

Trump reaches for an Inherit the Wind vibe in his repeated call for Schiff to resign

Izzy had her first ever bath! Cuteness overload! ❤ 🤗

Tonight at Chez trof: BURRITO EGG ROLLS Recipe:

This is hilarious!

US Senate seats Democrats will gain in 2020,2022, and 2024.

Secure that Server. Someone on CNN is really worried about that tonight. n/t

Kurt Eichenwald - This is jaw dropping -

The Next Seven Days

Christine Pelosi sets Trump straight...

If only he could read.

Impeach! I hope it keeps growing and thriving.

According to Article III of the U.S. constitution we do NOT have to be at war to charge treason.