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Two Reasons Why It's Great To Impeach Trump In The House, Even If Senate Acquits...

DIY Boat Bike

Breaking News - Trump has reopened the Lincoln assassination investigation.

I can't believe that no one working directly for Trump hasn't thrown him under the bus yet.

Just found this powerful singer, Alice Russell. Anyone know of her?

Why is free WiFi at some businesses so poor?

Amy McGrath endorses impeachment inquiry. 'This is about our national security.'

No illusions...the Con has never faced accountability

If You Were Rich and Wanted to Bribe to POTUS for Favors, Would You Give $$$ to Trump?

Mulvaney on shaky ground in wake of whistleblower fallout, sources say

Impeachment will be this Country's ultimate victory over Putin and fascists here and

"negative juxtaposition"

Rudy went from somewhat respected leader during 9/11.. to a very stupid suck up clown..

Rudy Giuliani claims he's 'the real whistleblower' and that no one will know the real story on Trump

To Rep Nadler...We on DU will never forget..

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Beldame Stakes

New from WSJ: John Kelly, who was often in the room during calls w/ world leaders, briefly muted lin

Valerie June - Super Heroine

He seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful

WTF.. in America we have legal weed but you can still get arrested for smoking it...

Right now at the White House ...

Tina Turner turns 80

Dog Is So Worried When Her Best Friend Has To Go To The Vet

Moscow Mitch appears to have few options if tRump is impeached...

I listened to dozens of Obama's calls. Trump knows that's perfectly normal.

The Remains Of The Day TONIGHT, 8:00 PM ON MPT 22, 2 HRS 15 MIN 1993 PG

California governor vetoes bill stopping Trump environment rollbacks: 'Special interests threatened

Baby Jane Hudson opens a nighclub - funny mashup of scenes from whatever happend to

Little Dog Has Crazy Close Encounter With A Very Large Bird

Audio of private meeting shows oil industry ripping into Trump administration

So I'm back to shooting 35mm for lo-fi fun (rant, no pix)

Nancy was asked.. ".. If Impeachment could Backfire?"

Happy New Year to one and all.

Shasta Dam: The Interior Secretary Wants to Enlarge a Dam. An Old Lobbying Client Would Benefit.

Vulgar (?) Aberdeen License Plate Sneaks Past Department of Revenue

Know any Zen Buddhist jokes?

Global Citizen's Festival-A request from Carole King

2020/2022/2024 US Senate Election- seats Democrats will lose and gain.

Starship update.............NOW!!!!!

We are going to "Ad Astra" tomorrow.

Towards impeachment--

More than half of tree species found only in Europe could become extinct, study shows

Nerds Shut Down ISIS

Those still supporting Trump are the American equivalent of the Iraqis Donald Rumsfeld termed

Ukraine must investigate Joe Biden's son, says ex-Ukrainian PM who lives in MOSCOW! (UPDATED)

Large chunk of border wall funding diverted from tiny Guam

Domestic Violence Widespread In Tajikistan; Abuse Is Not A Crime

Ellsworth bomb wing commander said B1 fleet is being restored to readiness

Inside, where a firebrand CEO and 'Deep State' intrigue took center stage

Elizabeth Warren's rising popularity has been limited to Democrats (by CNN's Harry Enten)

How the heck....

Volker plans to appear before congressional committees next week

Heads up..both Rudy and Lindsey are on CBS Face The nation tomorrow.

Regents: Fall 2019 enrollment down at South Dakota public universities

Washington idle as ransomware ravages cities big and small

Leaked Memo: Colleagues Unload on John Solomon, the Journo Who Kicked Off Trump's Ukraine Conspiracy

Florida city commissioner confronts deputy at awards ceremony over arrest

South Dakota Democratic Party's treasurer retires as finances head into the negative

How a conservative columnist (John Solomon) helped push a flawed Ukraine narrative

Ray Charles 'Mess Around'; 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' John Candy

They're At Each Other's Throats As Barr Is Angry At Trump Over Ukraine

BoJo is in serious trouble

Cooper signs bill requiring NC license plates to be replaced every seven years

Andrew Yang could learn a lot from Beto O'Rourke

Walter Shaub seems to think Barr planted the story of his reaction to being lumped in with Giuliani

Anyone watching the Global Citizen concert?

I am having nightmares several nights a week about republicans.

Can the house be called back from recess

Anyone watch Global Citizen Festival? Queen

Heads up! The SNL premiere is on tonight! 11:30ET/8:30PT

Downtown Seattle Macy's to close in early 2020, reports The Seattle Times

'Step down': Beto O'Rourke tells Trump to resign and says he would not pardon him

For those of us who want a break from DT! The highest fish jump caught on camera!

Biden aide tells reporter they just had best week of fundraising since 2nd week of campaign

Manafort linked to 2006 protestor attack on US Marines!

John Kelly reportedly used to mute the line during calls with world leaders to urge Trump not to dis

Pelosi: Impeachment worth losing House in 2020 (article/video)

The past 6 mos or more of curriculum from The University of YouTube

Staring down impeachment, Trump sees himself as a victim of historic proportions

Washington Post: State Department steps up email probe of dozens of former Hillary Clinton aides

New Film: 'Where's My Roy Cohn?' Trailer & Review

Lindsey Graham overheard LOUDLY discussing Donald Trump's SECRET IMPEACHMENT STRATEGY on AIRPLANE!!

Massive Cat5 Hurricane Lorenzo is heading for the UK - headsup Ireland

Some Biggs person introduced a censure charge against The Most Excellent Adam Schiff.

I gotta say, Dr. House is one of my favorite blues pianists..

Alec Baldwin back as Trump on SNL

The Con Barr and Rudy and the perfect Patsy - SNL now n/t

What It's Really Like to Eat Your Way Around the Globe

My beard has been soaking wet all day and it's freaking me out.

CyberWar I: Russia accepts Trump's conditional surrender.

A new Senate report is the latest threat to NRA's tax-exempt status -- and maybe its survival

Is Trump breaking the law again by threatening the

The next time gun nutters bring up the "tyranny of the majority" talking point...

The president is a ten year old.

What was the first record you ever bought?

Anyone here getting any snow in the next couple days?

WALL STREET Dem donors: "We'll sit out or back Trump if you nominate WARREN."

Pelosi: Turning Texas blue is 'our hope for the future & a beautiful state in every way.'

GOP Leadership Memo Suggests Senate Cannot Block Trial If House Votes To Impeach Trump

Nancy Pelosi Says Public Opinion Shifting In Support Of Impeachment Inquiry

Dan Ahlers, former Democratic legislator from Dell Rapids, announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate

I heard the McConnell encouraged Trump to release the phone call transcript.

Trump Singles Out 4 Congresswomen Of Color, 2 Jewish Lawmakers As 'Democrat Savages'

I've had it with all things POtuS for one day. Good night my friends!

North Carolina detective fired after sending inappropriate messages to alleged sexual assault victim

SNL: Impeachment Cold Open

Trigger Hippy - Don't Wanna Bring You Down

How Bill Barr Turned the Justice Department Into a Cover-up Operation for Trump

"Unidentified woman found dead inside burning portable toilet in St. Augustine"


SNL: Inside the Beltway

SNL: DNC Town Hall

Castro rules out Senate run even if he drops presidential bid

Oh Snap! Lara Trump gets owned on twitter ....

Michael Bennet isn't ready to call it quits

Brian Cohen humorously takes down RW talking points. Start @5:00

Did the "Get a brain moran" guy have kids? Sure looks like it ....

In Dallas visit, Michelle Obama talks about mentoring women, her next 'chill' life chapter, and why

Okay, We Can Call This Donald Trump Video "Gaslighting," I GuessThis isn't normal.

O'Rourke, Castro look to home state of Texas to gain traction with voters

Judges, lawyers say video justice is just adding to the mess within U.S. immigration courts

Nancy Pelosi in Austin for Texas Tribune Festival KVUE

Megalodon Giant Shark(full documentary)HD

Lion's Choice Scores Food & Wine's Top Pick For Fast Food In Missouri

SNL: Weekend Update

'Heartbreaking': Nancy Pelosi talks impeachment inquiry at Texas Tribune Festival in Austin - KXAN

Emoluments clause question concerning Pence

Argument with a gun nut

Large chunk of border wall funding diverted from tiny Guam

Texas Tribune Festival: Nancy Pelosi to President Donald Trump: "You've come into my wheelhouse now"

DeAnna Price wins first USA gold medal

Another Bogus Con Argument

So thats the spin they're taking, out of Rudy's mouth

Trump said today "democrats want to take away your healthcare".

Seperate comment on that conservative blog

SpaceX CEO unveils his Texas built 'Starship' with plans to launch humans to the moon and Mars

It almost (kind of) happened again today at the same location.

A cute Pete video

Briscoe Cain says his "My AR is ready for you" tweet benefited him, Beto O'Rourke

Does anyone know what language this is?

Walmart where El Paso mass shooting occurred to reopen in November, will include memorial

It's snowed in WA, OR and over there yonder. Weather is bonkers.

"Giuliani exposed himself to a range of offenses-- breaking federal election laws,bribery,extortion"

Colombia admits fabricating at least four pieces of evidence against Venezuela

A dangerous red flower is driving record numbers of migrants to flee Guatemala

Uber, Lyft and other rideshare drivers discriminate against LGBTQ people, study shows

The Trump DOJ writes letter supporting firing of gay faculty from schools

Cuomo debunks comparison between Biden's and Trump's actions in Ukraine

Texas meatpacking executives guilty of selling $1 million in altered beef to prisons

(Jewish Group) Israel responsible for the rise in antisemitism, Poland's president says

Raiding state housing funds hurts disabled Floridians who need homes

Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow to Car Wash Operation

Closer Look at the Largest Optical Lens in the World, Used in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (L

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bee Holder Edition

Gates onboard with extra taxing for wealthy

Jeb Bush pines for the days of civility

Donald Trump's trip to The Villages is back on for Thursday

Biden interview on Kimmel: Did he just give himself an 'out'?

Los Angeles police recruitment ad on Breitbart prompts inquiry

Photo: AOC with Bernie at Penny Cluse in Burlington VT 9/28

67 protesters arrested for demonstration at New Hampshire coal power plant

PETA to Feds: Stop SeaQuest Plan to Open in Fort Lauderdale

I think someone's uncle has gone from family pariah to family FAVORITE! (LOL)

State Department intensifies email probe of Hillary Clinton's former aides

Steel mill with mayor's son as an owner on track for $5 million Miami-Dade subsidy

Now we know how he plans to pay for the wall

A cold call from someone she never met changed Elizabeth Warren's life. It was Harry Reid.

Election forecaster says impeachment effort will help democrats

Irish government pays Trump over $100K to feed the police officers guarding him

Cyber attacks loom as threat to state's computer systems

Don't be like Donald

Meanwhile at the IAAf World Champs

New England moose population dwindling as climate warms

Donald Trump's new campaign ad is refreshingly candid.

AMS Schiphol Airport

executor of will question...

Pete Buttigieg's mom voices fears around his White House quest

O'Rourke talks guns and impeachment in Austin

O'Rourke talks guns and impeachment in Austin

Oil-sands crude sails from B.C., sidestepping federal ban

Glenn Kessler (WaPo fact checker) on Trump: "Pinocchios galore!"

New ABC poll - 63% of Americans view what the Con did as a serious matter

Let's save the planet!!!

Democrats and Impeachment

Breakfast Sunday 29 September 2019

Gov. Mills wants Maine carbon-neutral by 2045. What will that take?

I Was There for Clinton's Impeachment. Here's the Hell Trumpworld Faces.

FL is now one of the least affordable states in the USA.

To Congressional Republicans: as I type this, there are still some of you who say you "can't

CNN's NV and SC polls just released, live on TV. Spoiler alert: Warren not frontrunner...

Ron Kind still doesn't support impeachment.

NYPD officer investigating gang activity was shot dead in the Bronx

CNN Poll: Democrats knotted in Nevada while Biden leads South Carolina

LePage, Collins and Maine GOP disgrace themselves and democracy

Here is Trump's approval rating in all 50 states in EC format, per the latest @Civiqs ' tracking p

Frank Zappa was a magnificent political scientist

Staring down impeachment, Trump sees himself as a victim of historic proportions

'Nobody wants us anyway': fears of the forgotten on the Northern Irish border

"We are the cat to America's dog."

@RudyGiuliani: I appeal to honest and fair minded Democrats to realize that "equal treatment under


Aidy Bryant can't help but break after 'Saturday Night Live' sketch hiccup during premiere

Ickler: What could be the miserable legacy of our time

Displacing phosgene with carbon dioxide for the synthesis of urethanes and isocyanates.

Joe Biden's train station!

Small School College Football report - week 5

Pelosi is Choosing Schiff over Nadler to Run Impeachment Investigation

Drought exposes long-submerged 'Spanish Stonehenge' monument

SNL" Everybody knows that trump is going to try to make Mike Pence take the fall...even #Penceknows

Labor advocates say Collins' vote for Scalia shows 'which side she works for'

Need bush removal advice

Ex-GOP chair for North Carolina to plead guilty to lying to FBI

The Secret Space Shuttle

Just an FYI here

Tapper shuts down Gym Jordan hard! "I don't understand what you don't get about that"

Question about Duracell Optimum batteries

Speaker Pelosi tweet: "Trump's lawless actions are a direct threat to America's national security"

Trump's Twitter feed is a right-wing splooge fest of retweets and "warnings"

Retired General From Oxford Seeks Democratic Nomination To Challenge Collins

The Great Humbug and the Poisonous Little Smartie..

Just a cat protecting his dog, from another cat...

Are Unions back?

Bernie Sanders Supports Gun Registration, but Not the Ban of AR-15 Rifles

Trump's working for the people defense not looking good!

Chris Hayes (re: Crowdstrike): This is 9/11 Truther level stuff.

Liberal propaganda...😁

SpaceX Unveils Silvery Vision to Mars: 'It's Basically an I.C.B.M. That Lands'

What did those high-ranking officials do? They locked it away

"I May Have Cancer, But Cancer Doesn't Have Me."

OMG OMFG "whitey bulger" is connected with bidens son LMAO Ghouliani

To be true over telling the truth?

What's going on with GM strike?

No, the GOP won't abandon Trump no matter what for one reason: he's the last.

Giuliani says he'll testify in front of Congress if directed by Trump

They are getting very desperate; its her emails AGAIN!!!

Hey there ReTHUGs

Shana Tova!

"Mexico has agreed to pay for the wall!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!

Fox News: Giuliani was not working alone in Biden Ukraine probe

Rob Reiner tweet: "20 GOP Senators must step out of the shadows, vote their consciences"

How Do You Like Pelosi Now?

Are you sick of thinking about politics 24/7? Here's a cute puppy for some temporary relief.

Breaking on AMJoy -Schiff said Whistleblower will be testifying

New CBS Poll on Impeachment: 55% Approve of Impeachment

Leach cuts loose, calls WSU players 'fat, dumb, entitled'

Did anyone catch Al Franken's radio show yesterday?

It is all a question of 'values'...

Anyone else watch UP this morning on MSNBC?


So the SHITLER strategy is for GHOULiani & Lindsey to yell non-stop deny & impugn

High Hewitt on MTP - "The Mueller report said "no collusion no obstruction" Why does

Whistleblower to testify before Schiff committee

The BBC has a Monty python marathon

Wow, Jack Tapper calls out Rep Jim Jordan

TRump and NRA in criminal conspiracy

I was overwhelmed w/sadness about 1/2 an hour ago (for a few minutes)

Hugh Hewett

U.S. Businesswoman Admitted Affair With Boris Johnson, U.K. Report Says

Former member of State Department on the new HRC email investigation

Greg Wolley, Founder African American Outdoor Association

Republican defense: "Since when is bank robbery illegal?"

Adorable animals that will hypnotize you with their tenderness!

Booker: "Biden is an honorable man...I will be standing firmly with Joe Biden through this process."

Trump hosted conspiracy theorists at WH days before call to Zelensky

Us right now

White House in Crisis

Trumps minions are loaded for bear.

Lindsey Graham 1/23/99

High in the Cascades, a Lone Fire Lookout Still Keeps Watch

Iowa School District Violates the Constitution with Teacher-Led Prayer Event

Fugelsang: "He's not a president, he's history's IQ test for America."

"Stop These Hearings"

Carole King performance at Global Citizen Festival

George Takei to Lara Trump - "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 29, 2019?

DJT knows nothing about government, about learning, about parenting, about relationships,

XTC, 1989: "The loudest mouth will hail the new found way to be king for a day"

Watch THIS Space

So, what do you suppose is going on in the White House

Russia's state TV names Joe Biden as "Trump's most dangerous rival," but wait...there's MORE.

The qualities of Trumpism

Best charity to help Sun Bears?

Scum conservative commentator Karyn Turk admits to stealing mom's Social Security

Who should vote Republican?

Sen. Kamala Harris Coming Up on Joy Reid (MSNBC) 11:40 est.

My response to someone saying Trump is doing awesome on a FB thread

Fox polls: Americans overwhelmingly exhausted by Trump and no longer optimistic re: economy

Trump's Rosh Hashanah statement reminds us of the importance of "kindness, compassion, and love"

Trump ordered to testify in assault trial stemming from 2015 clash between bodyguard and protesters

This is what a rigged economy looks like:

In the end, I believe history will judge the Mueller report very harshly.

Gene was born on this date.

CNN state polls: SC Biden 37%, Warren 16%, Sanders 11%. NV Biden & Sanders 22%, Warren 18%

Chris Wallace (Fox) actually holds Stephen (Goebbels) Miller's feet to the fire in these four clips

Jerry Lee Lewis was born on this date.

You raised $560.00 on September 28, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Remember the Anonymous Letter to the NYT?

Mark Farner (lead singer/guitarist) has a birthday today.

Did the White House Hide a Bombshell Memo From Mueller? By DAHLIA LITHWICK

🔥 Rally with Bernie at Plymouth State University

Former British leader defends Biden Ukraine scenario

*** Brand spanking new poll: Majority of Americans approve of Trump impeachment inquiry***

The Trump White House has had three years to investigate corruption in Ukraine.

Today is the anniverary of "The Catch"

Colorado must have some hellofa problem with raccoons and foxes

Missouri man flies to California, sets 13 wildfires, then tries to fly home, cops say

45's perfect conversation

HRC Defends Joe Biden After Controversy About How He Interacts with Women and Girls: 'Get over it.'

CBS News poll: Majority of Americans and Democrats approve of Trump impeachment inquiry

Rudy: "I wouldn't cooperate with Adam Schiff. I think he should be removed."

Collusion After the Fact

Question about the whistle blower

Farmers find another reason to get frustrated with Trump

DeNiro on CNN this am: "Fuck em," De Niro replies. "Fuck em."

GOP troll Jim Jordan looks like he has aged decades

These kayakers are lucky to be alive after a large Alaskan glacier collapsed

A Couple Of Incidents The Dems Need To Talk About And Drive Home When The Now Circling The Wagons...

The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning

Guess you all missed John Crappers Sept. 28th birthday

Rudy & all of them need to either answer questions or be treated EXACTLY the same as Susan McDougal

I finally had some success growing eggplant!

Giuliani is creating the "Biden/Ukraine/corruption" meme every time he talks.

Relief coming to Illinois farmers....

Daily Kos A party purge: 40% of Republican lawmakers have left Congress since Trump's inauguration

Rudy has lost his marbles. I still believe there is something we don't know yet.

There's a good reason why Trump is intent on smearing Biden

Some Trumpers are starting to flip apparently


Why Trump and Rudy are so interested in "Crowdstrike's" server??

CBS News poll: Majority approve of impeachment inquiry

Ted Lieu: Why can't Stephen Miller answer questions from Chris Wallace? Because FACTS. It is illega

New blood test capable of detecting multiple types of cancer

Bill Kristol calls Trump defender "pathetic"..."The reality is this is all lies, right?"

Giuliani flip-flops on Ukraine probe

Why they hate government

Whistleblower reaches agreement to testify, will appear 'very soon,' Rep. Adam Schiff says

Chortle -chortle --- Florida teacher in hot water with test question

Jake Tapper calls out Rep. Jim Jordan over his baseless Hunter Biden accusations:...

Reminder: Every Trump supporter is an idiot racist fuckhead

U.S. Treasury Says No Plans to Block Chinese Listings 'at This Time'

Impeachment Battle to Turn for First Time on a President's Ties to a Foreign Country.

'A cesspool of deviancy': New claims of voyeurism test Jordan denials

If Biden pushed for a tougher prosecutor, wasn't that despite potential risk to his son?

Woody Harrelson Calls Melania Sole Immigrant Who Watches Fox

Alec Baldwin's Trump Plots With A Wacky 'Rudy' On Impeachment In 'SNL'

President's 236th golf course visit

Trump-Supporting Lawyers diGenova & Toensing Teamed Up With Giuliani to Dig Up Ukraine Dirt on Biden

Little Lindsey plays the Seinfeld card..."Who ARE these people and WHAT are they up to?"

Full - Meet The Press - Special Addition 9.29.2019

Blue Phoenix rising

Only 17% of Americans surprised by Trump's actions tied to Ukraine: POLL

Never stop the Wolfman

Fux Noise: Stephen Miller says Trump is 'real whistleblower' and calls complaint 'partisan hit job'

Watch police crack down on protesters in Hong Kong

'All I did was defend my client': Giuliani defends role in Ukraine controversy

Journalist Olga Lautman says NETANYAHU may have been involved in what Rudy was doing in Ukraine

Trump betrays America

Impeachment is a formality

These parents brought the ashes of their dead children to Sanofi

Trump loyalists are working hard defend the president. It isn't going well.

So Steve Scalise says the Whistleblower has a Bias?....Well, Steve, so do you.

U.S. agents raid genetic testing labs, charge 35 in Medicare fraud probe

NYT opinion: Impeachment is an act of desperation

Mike Leach calls Washington State players 'fat, dumb, happy and entitled' after ugly loss

It's my observation

Trump reportedly worked with 2 'off the books' lawyers to pressure Ukraine for damaging information

Scary but true

This video makes me goosebumpy.


In Seattle, Sen. Kamala Harris touts gun control plans

Happy National Coffee Day! I haven't had any yet. Anyone know any coffee boys?

'Enough with the investigations over on debunked 2016 election allegations'

Sinclair stations are airing pro-Trump propaganda about the impeachment inquiry

Trump-Supporting Lawyers diGenova and Toensing Teamed Up to Dig Up Ukraine Dirt on Biden

Smelling time:

Focus impeachment on Ukraine shakedown and cover-up

Fact check: Trump's false claim that Democrats threatened Ukraine aid

Cartoons 9/29/19

As if

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 30 September 2019

I have been listening to the Maguire hearing on cspan. He sure

Robert De Niro regrading fox news: "f-ck 'em"

The Commodores - Easy Like Sunday Morning

Tapper fact-checks Rep. Gym Jordan on Ukraine scandal

Been a minute since I posted Samisen music

Rudy rerun of Sunday talk shows now on cspan

🔥 Town Hall with Bernie at New England College

Moscow Mitch believes in only one thing, holding a senate majority.

East St. Louis Asked For $2.5 Million To Fix Flood Damages. It May Get Far Less.

Judge Blocks Missouri From Enforcing Its 'Down Syndrome Abortion' Ban

historians predict more treasonous transcripts

Judge Blocks Missouri From Enforcing Its 'Down Syndrome Abortion' Ban

Some perspective from Joyce Vance about the bogus "Barr is ANGRY" meme.

Serious about wildlife photography?

Medicare Advantage Premiums to Decrease in 2020

Medicare Advantage Premiums to Decrease in 2020

no word from the devil's former mouthpiece (Sarah Sanders Huckabee) since sept 26th

Impeachment. Top Expert Backgrounder..What Comes Next

Pelosi on impeachment: "He has given us no choice."

guess where trump is today and what he's doing?

Dan Rather: "...their voices of moral clarity must not be diminished."

Which do you think is more damaging to Trump if released? content of tax returns or private server

Admission of guilt

Lawrence O'Donnell....

TPM: A bit more about Ukraine & the husband and wife team of Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing.

Seth Abramson...

SNL does a send up of the Democratic Town Hall and how they

Gouliani will absolutely face criminal charges...!

Carl Bernstein...

Mrs. Betty Bowers on Scalise's "Time to MOVE ON!" tweet.

Watch for an avalanche of revelations....

Buddy Hackett tells a Merv Griffin joke about Donald Trump.

Chuck Schumer...

Trump isn't loyal to Russia -- or America. Only to himself.

One more reason why I am leaning Warren...Go Liz

Gardner Minshew II and his mentor Uncle Rico. No for real 😳

HRC on tRump: "He's obsessed with me."

Trump's Sunday Nightmare: 64% of Americans Believe He Shook Down Ukraine For Biden Dirt

Republicans have been throwing out a lot of accusations about Biden/Ukraine/ corruption.

Trump may not understand what 'quid pro quo' means...

Nursery Rhyme as Prophecy

Giuliani will 'absolutely' face criminal charges for Ukraine meddling: Ex-SDNY prosecutor

Biden Campaign Demands TV News Execs Stop Booking Giuliani

Have you read the Whistle-blower's Complaint yet? You must!

Mark Hamill tweet: "You misspelled "Fraud."#GoForceYourself "

For Ukrainians, USA has become moral equivalence of Russia

Push poll robo calls in Michigan - TPC Research

USA wins gold in the first ever mixed relay at the IAAF Champs

Ex-homeland security adviser says president president must let 2016 go

Giuliani didn't work alone in Biden Ukraine probe

Trump doubles down on NRA's agenda

Man went back to bed after killing burglar

Well, someone understands the media circus...

Giuliani says he'd only help impeachment probe with Trump OK

Do you think Trump knows his little canoe has floated over the water falls and is coming down hard?

Beekeeping, Day 147, "So Far, So Good"

Does Trump realize that

PragerU is a Legit University, As Long as Dennis Prager Gets to Decide What That Means

Historic snow and a heat wave?

PragerU relies on a veneer of respectability to obscure its propagandist mission

Toddler having meltdown until ,Say WHAT...!!!

How to Understand the American Mind

Don the Con and the rest of them are going to learn

Nigeria warned it risks humanitarian disaster by expelling charities


Why ICE-BP, etc are gonna be a tuff fight, in one picture

Some Indigenous Communities Have a New Way to Fight Climate Change: Give Personhood Rights to Nature

Poldark Final Season Airing 9/29/2019

Gangsters - the Specials

Where the hell is Jim McMahon...Bears should sign Kaepernick

Never ever forget that Rudy Giuliani aka noun/verb/9/11

Austrian elections: support for far-right collapses

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 29, 2019

Impeach and Sativa update...

BWAHAHA!!! CSPAN adds PENCE to their list of 2020 presidential candidates!

Doonbeg: Ireland paid Trump resort E100k to host police protecting him

The Dangerous Position of William Barr

🔥 Bernie Rallies at Dartmouth

Dark skies: UN meeting reveals a world in a really bad mood

Afghanistan election: turnout may have been as low as 20% amid Taliban threats

Boris Johnson fuels speculation he could ignore Brexit delay law

Boris Johnson fuels speculation he could ignore Brexit delay law

The Mooch: Standby there are more whistleblowers.

Why Trump is intent on smearing Biden

Cory Booker may quit 2020 race by Tuesday despite 'avalanche of support'

CSPAN adds Pence to list of 2020 candidates.

Uribe witness retracts testimony defending Colombia's former president: report

Like butterflies? You will love this

Another Facebook gem: I Remember

Venezuela's evidence of Colombia's underwater paramilitary training camps

Colombia proposes to restrict right to protest after vandals and police end peaceful students marche

This bird was so mean that no one wanted him, until he met his mom 💚

Watch these teeny tiny eggs hatch into the cutest little birds!

I'm All In: Warren for President

Need I say more?

Trump's GOP Defenders Got Destroyed On The Sunday Shows

Stop calling this bloated piece of shit "President"

Pachelbel Canon in D, pour le poulet en caoutchouc

Is 60 Minutes letting Monsieur Bone Saw go on American TV,

Does Trump record a weekly radio address...

I've seen this movie before -- the GOPer saga

Oooh! Manafort, Giuliani, diGenova, tRump, Fox - Full picture coming into view - TPM

L'shana tovah to all who observe Rosh Hashanah. May it be a good and peaceful year.

CNN: Jim Jordan Fact-Checked in Real Time

The Mueller Report was a Referral for Impeachment.

Sanders criticizes Pompeo for meeting with 'destructive' Kissinger

Boeing omitted safeguards on 737 MAX that were used on military jet: WSJ

Trump-Putin phone calls in Democrats' sights: Schiff

Trump: I deserve to meet my accusor. Swawell: Which accuser?

2020 US Senate Election- Likely Democratic Nominee in all 35 US Senate up in 2020.

Klobuchar says she killed a duck while golfing

Danske Bank: Estonia's interior minister calls for enquiry into banker's death

Countries that make weapons of war foment migration but refuse refugees, Pope Francis says

Watch out Alabama! Hurricane Lorenzo is headed right for you!

Portugal's Azores brace for impact of category 4 hurricane Lorenzo

Trump: "I want Schiff questioned at the highest level for Fraud & Treason..."

Beto O'Rourke: We Now Know Trump Is Guilty "Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt"

Beto O'Rourke: We Now Know Trump Is Guilty "Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt"

A Trump Twitter tirade happening right now:

Anyone else experience a sudden quantum jump in blood pressure, particularly systolic since

All in the family.

Hong Kong police smash anti-China demonstration, creating chaos

Laurence Tribe: The president is acting like a raving lunatic. (Trumps new treets just now)........

Sen. Cory Booker announces campaign reaches donor threshold for November debate

Montana slammed with over a foot of snow, as 'major winter storm' to drop several more feet in area

Pilot whales turned up again on a Georgia beach. 16 of them died

Editors at USA Today say they've never taken sides in presidential race, but they're doing it now

Impeachment roadmap on 60 Minutes tonight. Also Mohamed Bin Salman

What the actual fuck is this whitewashing?

New 60 minutes Season

Next Social Security raise could be low, and that's not even the worst part

The whistleblower is under federal protection tonight because they are worried

Giuliani says Pompeo told him he was aware of Ukraine outreach