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Archives: September 3, 2019

RING OF FIRE, Johnny Cash

The Yankees were finally shut out after 220 games.

Bahamas resident shelters 97 stray and sick dogs in her home as Hurricane Dorian strikes

That hurricane is nasty, but...

Dorian is pretty much stationary right now.

Remember Dump tweeting the Iranian launch pad pic?

NYT Steers Dems Away From the Obvious Formula for Defeating Trump

Joe Biden video wraps up his several days in South Carolina. Very well done.

Landslide on Fraser River traps salmon trying to swim upriver to spawn. So...

Was just watching a 1981 "Hee Haw..."

Democrats Will Launch Inquiry Into Trump Hush Money

538: Joe Biden Has An Iowa Problem, Not An Enthusiasm Problem

I just needed to preach to the choir here.

With the mobile version of DU

What kind of man shoots a mother elephant and her baby because they can!!...

Energized puppy goes up against cat for favorite napping spot

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

This bear spent 8 years in a cage -- and he's so HAPPY to have his own pool 💙

Loggers are lighting fires inside the territory of uncontacted Amazon tribes

Joe Bonamassa - "Different Shades Of Blue" - Official Music Video

Loggers are lighting fires inside the territory of uncontacted Amazon tribes

This is so fun to watch 😹

How Trump's trade wars are fueling the Amazon fires

SHITLER appoints an ambassador to Mexico without diplomacy. Duh.

Scheer is such a liar.

These guys found a deer trapped in a frozen river and brought him into their house to warm him up

Brexit Crisis Is Coming To A Head: That's Bad News For U.S. Investors

Just saw the most disgusting advertisement EVER......and JMHO.

Tweet of the Day

Greta Thunberg responds to Asperger's critics: 'It's a superpower'

Neither Hurricane Nor Mass Murder Nor Dumbass Trade War Will Pry This President From His Golf Course

Detroit Tigers minor leaguer dies after skateboarding accident aged 27

Angry French Bulldog on Diet Throws Tantrums for Not Getting Food

Doctor Who writer and script editor Terrance Dicks dies aged 84

Stubborn husky throws tantrum when owner pets the cat 😂

This is the Irish border, 17:00:06, last Monday

Donald Trump Ripped For Appearing to Summon Melania Like a Dog in Viral Video

Next time you get a chain email about migrants taking all our jobs...

If and when the senate gets back to "work"

I didn't realize that manipulating the stock market was legal

21 foot storm surge battering the Bahamas. Fierce winds. Dorian has stalled there.

MN-07: Republican Michelle Fischbach will challenge Collin Peterson for 7th District seat

UK prime minister tells lawmakers to back his Brexit plan

Smokey Robinson - Quiet Storm

One of the weather sat cameras broke and can't send color, so...

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

Damn you evolution!!!

Catholic School Bans Harry Potter Books, Claiming Its Spells And Curses Are Real

'IF I HAD A HAMMER' Peter, Paul and Mary, 1963 March on Washington

the RNC is doing a little phone soliciting this labor day night

Why Has Trump's Exceptional Corruption Gone Unchecked?

half an hour of brilliance - Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Molly Tuttle

So, I was wandering aimlessly around the soopermarkitt and while in hair care...

How LITTLE Dorian has moved today....

And they called it puppy love...

Why's it so hard for us to say out loud that Trump has lost his mind?

Just pre-ordered "Proof of Conspiracy"

Tom Petty - Learning To Fly

North Korea Missile Tests, 'Very Standard' to Trump, Show Signs of Advancing Arsenal

Pence is in Ireland, staying at Trump golf course.....

Insurance coding absurdities. Shaking my head.

09/01 Mike Luckovich: Good and easy to win!

Well, the tornado warning for my area just expired,

Port Nassau Webcam

stupid question here: who does the bahamas belong to?

American women are dropping out of the USOpen......

Crescent Moon, September 2, 2019.

Hey Republicans are these the jobs you all are complaining about being taken away from your arses?

Nurses at University of Cincinnati Medical Center to set up picket to protest job actions

"go to sleep, grandpa, you're sundowning again. there will be plenty of time tomorrow for ..."

Journey - Wheel In The Sky

Could Trump be impeached if he shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue?

Pam Taylor, the woman who called Michelle Obama an ape, sentenced to 10 months for embezzlement

Wow. Surprising how many kids are out here on the streets.

For the Democratic women from the Senate running for president, it's been friendship and support

After violent hazing involving a spiked paddle, Miami University frat suspended until 2034

Jacksonville Tax Return Preparer Pleads Guilty To More Than $1 Million In Tax Fraud

Fraudsters Plead Guilty in Federal Court to Their Roles in a Fraudulent Auto Loan Scheme with Losses

Skunks in the city?

Pharmacy Owner Charged in Multimillion-Dollar Scheme to Commit Health Care Fraud and Pay Illegal

Nuclear Bailout Opponents Can Begin Collecting Signatures For Referendum

Newcleus - Jam On It

Ohio Democratic Party Sues Over Impending Removal Of Voters From Rolls

Laura Branigan - Self Control

Investigators look at role Positive Train Control played in Carey derailment

Anybody see they Steven Universe movie?

Has Ivanka decided to become a nurse and help her fellow man?

Election 2019: Virginia Legislature is drifting BLUE

Governor, lawmakers set to debate law changes in wake of mass shooting

Bolsonaro ambassador threatens to choke Macron and insults wife Brigitte amid Amazon fires row: 'He

Bolsonaro ambassador threatens to choke Macron and insults wife Brigitte amid Amazon fires row: 'He

Disney Under Fire After Leaving Cruise Staff in Bahamas

Trump slams ABC for reporting his mistaken statement that Dorian could affect Alabama.

Brazil's Northeast Becomes Stage for Cold War between US and China

Full Speech by the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio From Yesterday's Indictment of a

New website provides Ohioans with free legal information, court forms

Ohio to host Democrats' presidential debate in October

Ohio lawmakers seek to extend driver's license amnesty program

'Unfathomable': How 1.6 million pills from a small-town doctor helped fuel the opioid crisis in Ohio


Brexit : The Fragility of democracy and why winner takes all economics led to the rise of populism

Ohio $15 minimum wage movement continues as employers adopt pay increases, supporters plan ballot is

Former Highland Heights mayor admits to stealing $160,000 from Ohio Rep. Dave Joyce's campaign

Behind Enemy Lines at ALEC's Right-Wing Policy Conference

Question for those with MS.

Sen. Cory Booker Tells Austin to Embrace the "Moral Moment" We're In

Austin police pension fund facing trouble

Dallas ATM Remains Open, Pays Out for Kroger This Time

Beto's Last Chance at a 2020 Revival

Jezza the Jamaican

Beto's Last Chance at a 2020 Revival

Why We Need Molly Ivins's Wisdom Now More Than Ever

Tenn. Catholic school removes Harry Potter books: "risk conjuring evil spirits."

UK general election incoming​ - Boris Johnson looks set to lose his majority this week

(opinion) Don't buy the bluff. Here's the truth about no-deal Brexit

Audit: Michigan Office of the Great Lakes didn't keep track of money

'Disgrace': Michigan House urges indicted lawmaker to resign

Ever seen a waterspout? Here's a little one...

Michigan House Democratic leader says Whitmer's 45-cent gas tax is probably dead

Quick nap during the tug of war competition 😴

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: Leaders should 'stop playing games' on roads funding

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 22 - Bern or Burn: The Green New Deal

The hellish future of Las Vegas in the climate crisis: 'a place where we never go outside'

But he HAS shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue...

John Kerry says we can't leave climate emergency to 'neanderthals' in power

Subaru and other small carmakers squeezed by EV mandates

Benton Harbor schools may be open for now, but test scores are the pits

🎁 Wish Bernie a Happy Birthday 🎂 Donate on Sept 8 🎉 🥰 🎉

Breakfast: Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I have a sincere problem with Warren's (former I think) position on vouchers

UAW members uncertain, apprehensive amid scandal, contract negotiations

Missing Persian cat reunites with Michigan family after 3 years

Tuesday TOONs - Print Up Copies of This Sign ASAP!

Former Gov. candidate Shri Thanedar may run for Detroit state representative

Freshman Previously Denied Entry to the United States Arrives at Harvard

The Rundown: September 2, 2019

She spent more than $110,000 on drug rehab. Her son still died.

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 08/28/19

What can I do with my bumper crop of peppers?

Latest from NOAA: Dorian has began to move; strengthening; may not make landfall in US.

On the campaign trail, Sen. Harris pays respect to Rep. Waters.

Elizabeth Warren On the issues

"4L". One wild road trip movie!

Kitten rescue.

tweet of the year

Kamala's Sneaker Game

So, as Rachel would say, Why is this?

Trump made 'suggestion' Pence stay at president's Irish golf club, VP's chief of staff says

Do you think we could use a new cabinet position?

Chef Jose' & WCK have 1000's of sandwiches ready for the Grand Bahamas & others

Troop is tabbed RANGER I got setup yesterday he surprised me

Trump Labor Aide Quits After Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts Surface

Why Kamala Harris Hasn't Caught Fire in the Democratic 2020 Race

White Lies

Hong Kong leader says she never discussed resigning with Beijing

Trump misled the public about Dorian - three times in a row

94 Years Ago Today; Navy zeppelin USS Shenandoah destroyed in squall over Ohio

Trump allies raise money to target reporters

Slate "Governing by Owning the Libs - When a president's entire motivation is to antagonize the

Pride & Joy, Mom retires from U.S. Navy


I tripped and hit my head on a snare drum yesterday. I think I may have a

You've seen this right? Cheeto Christ?

"Washington stuck in Impeachment muddle"

38 Years Ago Today; The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

The 2nd floor. the 2nd fucking floor.

Jeffrey Epstein's New York Hunting Ground: Dance Studios

Breakfast. Tuesday 3 September 2019

Marianne Williamson: America doesn't just have a gun crisis. It has a culture crisis.

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Category Five Stupidity Edition

How to make turtle soup:The Strange and Possibly Sordid Story of Mitch McConnell's Military Service

Dog & Mom Reunited After 10-Month Deployment

The Bahamas is a British territory.

Now it's cannabis that causes mass murders

Intimate portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama - in pictures (The Guardian)

How long before the NRA says "everyone needs an AR-15 because of all the bad guys who have an AR15?"

A 14-year-old confessed to killing all five of his family members in an Alabama home

South Dakota Democrats Close Their Offices

South Dakota Democratic Party closing Sioux Falls, Rapid City offices

This is why Congress remains deadlocked on climate and guns

Pound Hits 34-Year Low Over Brexit Fears

I've made my choice

Democratic Presidential Candidates with holes in their shoes.

The World of Olive Oil Is Murky. Here's Help for the Home Cook.

FORE!! ⛳⛳⛳

Elizabeth Warren to Deliver Speech in Washington Square Park in New York City on September 16, 2019

Sen. Joe Manchin III won't run for governor in West Virginia, spokesman says

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2

Graphic satellite image showing how flooded Grand Bahama Island is. :-O

Trump Is Working to Alienate Almost Every GOP Constituency

Biden campaign launches new digital ads in Iowa

Pence staying at Trump resort in Ireland, far from meetings (180 miles)

There are wolves among the sheep.

Bruce Springsteen on Labor Day..

Hardly even news these days.....Dow down -406

You'll laugh at this one

Former pro-union labor secretary campaigns in Nevada for Biden

Thank goodness Manchin is staying in the Senate

Simply put. Warren is smart and also very grounded in her beliefs, vision and plans.

Whenever you feel like cursing Moscow Mitch, Scrotus McShitGibbon, et al....

Palestinian Harvard Student Blocked From Coming to U.S. Is Allowed to Enter.

U.S. Manufacturing Contracts for First Time in Three Years

BREAKING: Boris Johnson loses Parliamentary majority

Brexit: Tory MP defects to Lib Dems

Last week my Priest asked me if I could be any more annoying. So yesterday I wore

"I'm thriving if I'm lying!" . . . Come CAPTION The Diplicitous Duo: Stuart Varney and Joe Walsh!

Boris Johnson loses his majority in the middle of a speech

Global climate change is just a theory---

Photos: Breakfast with Bernie in Epsom, NH ☕️ 🥯

Biden's Labor Day message with a video added:

Politico's Holly Otterbein: If no one can beat Biden with black voters, Biden has the nomination

Subservience to Putin on display

Oh hell naw. No. No ma'am.

Seth Abramson says he has been contacted by congress (national security oversight).

Trump continues to "monitor" Hurricane Dorian with rage tweets about his very inexpensive golf trips

UK Parliament live - must see

Krystal Ball: Washington Post "fact check" proves Bernie right

Underwater creatures that look out-of-this-world

Memphis Slim was born on this date

If anyone is curious: Trump arrived at golf course at 10:07 AM yesterday & got back to WH at 2:55

A brief summary of United States Presidents

20 minutes into the new season of 'The View' and Meghan McCain is already in a snit

I think I've figured out mass murder

Tropical storm watch, Dorian Update

I just watched a youtube of Anne Richards speech at the 1988 convention.

Natasha Bertrand: "Potential development in the Assange case."

Food, err Drugs, for Thought

Seth Abramson: "Congressional democrats to launch massive probe of Trump's pre-election hush money

De Blasio logged a 7-hour work month at City Hall

My basic argument as to why electability is the most important thing.

How a deadly chicken processing plant fire reveals a decline in worker protections

Minister of Agriculture/Marco City MP Michael Pintard, who lives on Grand Bahama, shows home

Bernie Sanders Discusses Fight for Health Care Justice With Ady Barkan - Uncovered - NowThis

One of the most iconic photos of American workers is not what it seems

What do Republicans expect after they are blown out in 2020?

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Aren't Going To Solve The Opioid Crisis

***Joe Pop Smashes Deranged Orange Man In Latest A- Rated IBD TIPP Poll 54% -42%***

Bernie Sanders Discusses Fight for Health Care Justice With Ady Barkan - Uncovered - NowThis

Dorian weakens to Cat 2 as it slowly moves NW

Giant Floating Solar Farms Could Make Fuel and Help Solve the Climate Crisis, Says Study

$110M on golf??? Let that sink in.

Biden will be on the Late Show with Colbert tomorrow night. Heres's full video of his Sept. 2015

GDP Revised downwards for Q2

🔥 Ice Cream Social and Town Hall in Nashua, NH with Bernie (UPDATED VIDEO)

Imagine a world in which the Bahamas got help

9/3 IBD/TIPP GENERAL ELECTION poll, Biden +12 over Trump, Sanders +4, Warren & Harris +3

"Don't get mad, get everything." Ivana Trump

9/3 IBD/TIPP Democratic Primaries poll: Biden 28%, Warren 24%, Sanders 12%, Harris 6%

Hey Honey, I'm not watching porn- I'm planting a tree

Democracy Dies From Bad Fact Checking

Mike Pence's Political Team Has Spent Nearly a Quarter Million Dollars at Trump Properties

Charge Steven Miller with attempted mass murder.

All art is momentary - Winners in Texas Sand Fest

The wild corruption of Trump's golf courses deserves more scrutiny

Unions that have backed Susan Collins are undecided for 2020. Brett Kavanaugh is one reason.

Just how stupid are the RWNJ's? (I know, rhetorical question...)

A new scam? From the Social Security Administration?

Harry Potter books removed from St. Edward Catholic School due to 'curses and spells'

Anak Krakatau: Volcano's tsunami trigger was 'relatively small'

MSNBC commercial for Carpe Hand Sweat Cream: "THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN MY LIFE"

TX man threatens Popeyes employees with gun over sold-out chicken sandwiches

Grand Bahama Island is 530 sq miles

The Biggest Myths About Socialism

Mike Pence and his congressman brother have spent more than $250,000 at Trump-owned properties

Tomorrow morning hear @SenSanders on NH Today

Devin Nunes v. Cow: Twitter Defamation Lawsuit Update

'Naked Attack on the Free Press': Trump Allies Reportedly Raising $2 Million

Biden fundraises from lobbyists despite pledge

Almost 100 dogs had nowhere to go during Hurricane Dorian.

Ratatouille, Simplified and Just as Satisfying

Uh oh, Poor lil Billy got huffy.

Nate Silver: How To Handle An Outlier Poll

Covington Catholic Teens' Lawyer Blasts Elizabeth Warren's Push for 'Immunity' in Defamation Case

The sirens last night sounded differently

Walmart ends all handgun ammunition sales and asks customers not to carry guns into stores

Angry customers pull gun over Popeyes chicken sandwiches

So, how many golfers get to call up a Marine Helicopter to

Freddie King was born on this date.

I am wondering whether we should concentrate on the senate, more than on the presidency

Th 9/5: Sen. Bernie Sanders - LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS

The e-mail is nuts but the replies are even better.

True Hurricane rescue

You can do it Boris!!!! Only 77 more days!

Tom Cotton thinks the sacrifices of farmers are "minimal" compared to the military.

MDA conducts THAAD intercept test using remote launcher

Walmart ends all handgun ammunition sales and asks customers not to carry guns into stores

A vegan woman sued her neighbors for barbecuing in their backyard: 'It's deliberate'

What now for Boris the Vandal now that he has lost his majority?

It is always nice to see you!

BREAKING: Anti-Brexiters just raised motion to force emergency debate to block no-deal

"... and they patted the US President on the head and let him be excused to go play elsewhere."

Why are some people trying so hard to convince everyone impeachment is already happening?

Biden campaign says Iowa is not a must-win state

A decade after a horrific beating, former West Virginia University student dies

University of Oregon: New photography exhibit celebrates LGBTQIA rodeo culture

The significance of front-runner status at this point in the race

You raised $60.00 on September 2, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Bristol (UK) teenager loses sight and hearing due to processed food diet

Oh, heaven! There is a new Meryl Streep movie!

Question: When the House resumes in Sept. will

Activists Call Upon U.S. Treasury Department to Probe Department Coziness With Fox News

Americans Envious That Tiffany Trump Never Hears from Dad

Role of UNC contested by S. Korean, U.S. militaries last month: Sources

Pierce: Tory MP Phillip Lee Just Switched Sides on Boris Johnson, Live on TV

Gen. Wesley Clark Was The Frontrunner At This Stage

'A critical point in history': how Trump's attack on LGBT rights is escalating

European satellite in near collision with SpaceX Starlink craft

Chicago Mayor Tells Ted Cruz To 'Keep Our Name Out Of Your Mouth' About Gun Control

**Breaking** Mike Johnston just dropped out of CO Senate campaign to take on Corey Gardner

Highly contagious and lethal bat disease found near Cle Elum

Amazon is launching a new program to donate unsold products

Someone commented that Donald Trump stands like a centaur without its hind legs, and now I can't...

Beto O'Rourke stumps in Virginia for Democrats in pivotal state elections

Beto O'Rourke stumps in Virginia for Democrats in pivotal state elections

Cowardice on display. McConnell says he won't take up gun bill unless Trump says he will sign it.

Florida Has Received More Than 2,000 Reports Of Price Gouging

Potter's Field Ministry Pastor Michael Rozell Allegedly Forced Women to Detail 'Sexual Sins': Ex-Fol

Sanders says only a bold agenda will beat Trump

Trump allies aim to raise $2 million to investigate reporters, editors: Axios

Infowars Lasted 15 Hours Back On Youtube Before Being Banned Again

UK Parliament takes on pivotal day on Brexit

UW ranks among top universities in the world

Concern for the welfare of the animals in Hurricane Dorian's path, as well as concern for the

A McConnell story you may have missed

Mississippi wedding venue rejected an interracial couple, ...Facing a backlash, the owner apologized

My GAWD, they DON'T get it!

When you place someone on "ignore"

Why college became so expensive

Dollar hits 2-year high, threatens to reach another major milestone

Ashburn man who injured in violent West Virginia University assault dies as result of his injuries

Mike Pence backs Boris Johnson over Brexit in awkward Dublin visit

Hurricane Dorian's path: Latest forecast for Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas

China sows disinformation on Hong Kong using porn accounts on Twitter

Uber, Lyft and DoorDash Pledge $90 Million to Fight Driver Legislation in California

A climate-change frontier in the world's northernmost town

Uber, Lyft and DoorDash Pledge $90 Million to Fight Driver Legislation in California

Leader of powerful union comes straight out of the classroom

Now we're getting to the stage of the hurricane where you fear for the lives of the reporters

Trump insists meteorologists are wrong and he is right to say Dorian could have hit Alabama

Hurricane Dorian starts inching north, closer to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas

Even dogs are bearing the brunt of the recent looniness...

North Korea has produced fuel for 12 new nuclear weapons since Trump/Kim Singapore "summit."

Cartoons 9/3/19

McConnell: 'Over-the-top' Moscow Mitch nickname effort to 'smear' me

Conversion Therapy Crusader Admits He's Gay

Trump HUMILIATES himself during press conference on hurricane Dorian

"Everything I know about concurrency and resiliency I learned at the Waffle House"

Trump Says He's Suing Former Staffers For Violating Non-Disclosure Agreements

Conversion therapy crusader has something to say: He's gay

One of our best "Pints and Politics: Road to the White House" shows today

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 3, 2019

Boris Johnson's populist playbook implodes

LABOR UNIONS: 5 Biggest Corporate Lies About Them

tRump golfing ⛳ costs revealed

Ohio high school player head-butts official in head during season opener, game cut short

More Cubans seek asylum in Mexico amid clampdown on legal path to US

What happened with the Epstein evidence?

Biden Camp Looking to Lower Expectations on Iowa and New Hampshire

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto

Does freezing chicken kill pathogens?

Open your wallet. Trump demands tribute.

Mike Pence's Political Team Has Spent Nearly a Quarter Million Dollars at Trump Properties

Only 6 days til congress gets back from summer vacation.

This bot has dinner waiting when you get home

That "No White After #LaborDay" rule must really fluster Trump's Klan followers.

UK, US and France may be complicit in Yemen war crimes - UN report

Today's "you do realize"

Alex hamilton on the 2a and the militia

(Independent owner) Lebedev dinner with Mohammed bin Salman raises questions over Saudi links

The Obama's first film, "American Factory", debuts on Netflx

Abramson has been contacted by Congress...!

DOJ and IG in the Cons pocket...

U.S. agency moves to clarify hemp not a 'controlled substance'

The Big Cons base loves this nihilism...

Whoopi Goldberg warns Debra Messing for trying to publicize Trump donors

OTD 100 Years Ago, Chester J. Lampwick met Roger Myers, inspiring him to steal Itchy

(presumably) racist idiot kayaking in river at Jensen Beach as Dorian offshore...

I'm beginning to think we really need a coalition government...

My God! The Bahamas!

Will Trump treat newly homeless Bahamians like crap if they try to come to the USA?

Breaking: NC to get new districts before 2020 election! Gerrymandering dealt a defeat!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Trump has heart disease (CNN)

Here's a safe bet they'll never have to keep

First aerial images from Bahamas....CNN. Great Abaco Island

Parliament is wrapping up debate on taking up a Bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit

Meghan McCain Warns: 'There Will Be Violence' If AR-15 Assault Weapons Are Banned

Eugene Delgaudio Files Amicus Briefs at Supreme Court Defending Christian Companies

Conversion therapy crusader has something to say: He's gay

Trump's wannabe...

Breaking: NC State Court throws out State Legislature redistricting plans

McConnell says he won't take up gun bill unless Trump says he will sign it

Meals on Wheels Is Starved for Cash, Leaving Many Seniors Hungry

20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions

Help! My tablet won't turn on!

Main rw point: regulations kill job creation

Gerrymandering Lawsuit Win!!

My vote for the meme of the day

American Jews, Politics and Israel

My day so far....

One has got to wonder what kind of

Beto Owns Massacre Mitch

BREAKING: Parliament now voting on taking up anti-Brexit Bill

Joe Crowley (NY) is 100% right: Kamala Harris is still very much in the 2020 Presidential Race

Feds offers reprieve on immigrant medical care cases

Judges strike down NC state legislature lines as unconstitutional gerrymandering

Democracy Dies From Bad Fact-Checking

Falwell and his trainer:

Hey, baby - shut up already

Trump CONGRATULATES Poland on 80th Anniversary of being invaded by the Nazis...

MPs back move to allow bill to block no-deal Brexit by majority of 27

BREAKING: Parliament defeats Boris Johnson; forces debate on anti No-Deal Brexit Bill

Finger Shooting is Illegal in Pennsylvania.

I noticed Pence shouting to press over helicopter sound in background recently - is this a new thing

Meghan McCain, there already IS violence and much of it is due to the AR-15.

The Queen shocked, saddened after Dorian ravages Bahamas

Texas shooter evaded background check by purchasing weapon in private sale

fly eye macro

MO Democratic Party proposed Nat'l Convention Delegate selection plan:

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump's Mental Health

SEPT 4 - Bernie Sanders on ''The View'' n/t

Pence isn't 'anti-gay' because he lunched with Irish prime minister, who is gay, White House aide sa

Joe Biden: Hillary Clinton lost because she had different positions than Obama

Walmart will bar shoppers from openly carrying guns in its stores and stop selling some ammunition i

Warren narrows Biden's lead in new poll

i had a great excuse to buy some fonts today.

Boris defeated, but what does it really mean?

UAW authorizes strike; union targets General Motors first in contract talks

Emma Thompson: Everything depends on what we do now

The 99: CNN Climate Town Hall Preview

Walmart ends all handgun ammunition sales and asks customers not to carry guns into stores

Sanders draws a line on debt-forgiveness plans: He won't cancel your credit card balance

wedding venue owner who rejected interracial couple, - claims she just learned Bible doesn't support

2020 and 2022 CO US Senate Election.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Trump "does not see the presidency as a beacon of moral leadership (or leadership of any kind)."

McConnell Whines About 'Moscow Mitch' Nickname: It's 'Over the Top'

"No campaign violations were engaged in by the president." Notice what Sekulow DIDN'T say:

14 N.B. New Democrats jumping ship to join Greens

NRA melts down over Walmart decision to reduce its ammo sales

Fairly comprehensive takedown of Boris Johnson (& it sounds SO familiar)

Founder of conversion therapy organization comes out as gay and apologizes

Dorian could wipe out 20% of sea turtle nests in GA.

A most indecent exposure

Collins says voting with Trump not in 'interests' of her state after doing it 93% of time

My first week on Medicare. What's different?

New Harvard-Harris Poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 16%, Warren 12%

CO-SEN: Leading Democrat ends Senate bid now that Hickenlooper is in

Economics U.S. Manufacturing Gauge Contracts for First Time in Three Years

It's your wedding day and this happens...

Short-lived partnership between Census and Muslim group over

The hurricane "expert" says what?

Coast Guard spouse of the year: Military families shouldn't have to rely on food banks

did y'all see what Obama tweeted at 3 AM?

Pentagon Oks military construction cash to build border wall

Pentagon Oks military construction cash to build border wall

Odessa mass shooter used gun show loophole Mitch McConnell refuses to close

OxyContin maker prepares 'free-fall' bankruptcy as settlement talks stall

OxyContin maker prepares 'free-fall' bankruptcy as settlement talks stall

Trump thinks the media will desperately miss him when he leaves office.

Churchill's grandson to be expelled from Conservative Party after defying Johnson

McConnell: "I can laugh about "Grim Reaper," but calling me "Moscow Mitch" is over the top"

Churchill's grandson to be expelled from Conservative Party after defying Johnson

The electability argument is specious and fear-based

Is Mitch McConnell that stupid ??

Mitch McConnell suggests Trump cannot be trusted to mean what he says on guns

An oldie: Trial and Retribution on Acorn. New to me. Pretty complex stories given an extended

Boris Johnson is in deep doo doo - he was humiliated.

The impact of so many mass shootings... I just saw this breaking headline and momentarily moved on--

U.S. judge orders big drug companies to face opioid trial

2020 US Senate Election- Vulnerable Democratic and Republican US Senate seats.

Banning assault weapons and restricting ammo

NYT tells 2020 Dems to avoid scaring white people -- at all costs

Now: Trump White House must restore Brian Karem's press pass, judge orders

A North Carolina court just threw out Republicans' gerrymandered state legislature map

Brexit: Boris Johnson to table motion for general election - live news

Between Two Ferns with Ivanka coming soon

OMGOSH......just saw Keith Olberman on ESPN......

Raw Story - Popup Ad (Raw Story is calling on 2020 candidates ...)

Brazil's Bolsonaro will miss UN summit addressing Amazon fires to prepare for surgery

🔥 NYC Grassroots Fundraiser

Hah Hah Hah: Caught on a hot mic: Jeanine Pirro admits she was suspended by Fox News

Moscoward Mitch

* NEW * Morning Consult Poll - Biden 32%, Sanders 20%, Warren 16%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 5%

New York City bus stop, 1949

Video of black teen whipped for stealing chocolate sparks outrage in Brazil

Elizabeth Warren Unveils $3 Trillion Climate Plan, Embracing Inslee's Goals

"When the economy goes belly up."

All souls aboard The Conception have perished, 34 souls

Afghanistan: current US withdrawal plan risks 'total civil war', top envoys say

Bombing rocks Kabul as U.S. envoy announces draft troop pullout deal with Taliban

Is Chuck Schumer actively trying to blackball progressive candidates?

Porno Graffitti - Yo Bailo


Porno Graffitti - Yo Bailo

Thursday, "Da Bears" vs us CHEESEHEADS!!!

SENIOR TECH and 'Happier Ageing,' Mining Boomer Golden Years With Silicon Valley

Trump's new ambassador to Mexico sparks blowback with criticism of Frida Kahlo

Pie in the Sky balloon festival

M5S members vote overwhelmingly in favour of Italy coalition

South Africa's President Ramaphosa condemns 'anti-foreigner violence'

'Total devastation': Hurricane slams parts of the Bahamas

Dorian closes DisneyWorld, Legoland and other Florida tourist sites

The best of Asian Kung Fu Generation

Why Dorian stalled out over the Bahamas

SENIOR TECH and 'Happier Ageing,' Mining Boomer Golden Years With Silicon Valley

Here is some overhead video of Dorian's wake in the Bahamas..

Seattle Council to vote on expanding bike lanes, parking spots

Frontline tonight. "Trump's Trade War". 9:00 CDT