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Archives: September 4, 2019

"the Wheels Are Coming Off"

Ted Cruz takes his 'derp state' gospel to establishment Washington

NRA slams Walmart's 'shameful' change to gun policies

US OPEN Spoiler

Stocks close lower amid latest tariffs, weak factory data

How Right-Wing Troll Andy Ngo Managed to Manipulate the Mainstream Media

"Oh, Donny Boy, your peeps, your peeps are leakin' to

Historic groundbreaking for Lynnwood light-rail extension

Hawaii County to pay $15.1M to settle police-involved crash

Senate Democrats' Campaign Arm Is Pressuring Consultants Not to Work With Leading Progressive Candid

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to majority if AL goes R and Warren-MA becomes POTUS.

D'espairsRay / KAMIKAZE

Trump made 'suggestion' Pence stay at president's Irish golf club, VP's chief of staff says

Dumb Fucker Carlson says a gun buyback program will lead to "civil war"

Judge orders White House to restore press pass of reporter involved in confrontation

MoscowMitch has finally gone off the deep end...

Warren backing Inslee's climate plan.

Theresa May seems upset.....

D'espairsRay - yami ni furu kiseki (romaji+eng)

AR 15s need to go.

Horse joins owner on flight from Chicago as service animal

Steffi DUI Grisham has a big sad over Brian Karem's press pass being reinstated, issues statement

Let's talk about recession indicators and a ray of sunshine....

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

Getty Images: Princess Ivanka poses for a photo after a meeting with female police cadets in Bogota

Any "Civil War" over new gun laws will mean local gun owners killing each other

Detroit's Black voters want Democrats to try harder

On reflection: why is Tulsi Gabbard going on Carlson's White Power Hour to reach D PRIMARY voters?

Has MSNBC's Kasie Hunt had her baby yet?

Obama After Dark: The Precious Hours Alone

OMGAWD the Bahamas.....

I wonder if Trump is ever happy. Or has ever been. Somehow I don't think so. Nt

What3Words is another good app for location determination.

Suppose in 2014, Gillespie(R-VA), Brown(R-NH), and Lyn Land(R-MI) have won.

NJ-04: Former intern for Rep. Chris Smith to run against him

Ivanka dress: "Don't dogs wear these so they don't lick in order to avoid an infection?"

Like Puerto Rico,

KS-03: Democratic star of 2018 takes low-key approach after flipping Kansas district

Kroger asks customers to stop openly carrying guns in stores, voices support for background checks

Flames blocked escape for 34 divers on boat, officials say

It will be interesting those who continue to post if their candidate preference isn't the nominee

Right now Miller and rump are killing children in our hospitals

Weight-Loss Surgery Has Other Benefits: Easing Diabetes and Heart Disease

MPs win vote to take control of Commons - Fiery Emotions

Windows: Tweets not loading in DU posts?

The other tragedy in my mind..

Kroger asks customers to quit openly carrying guns in stores

So the scumbags canceled the policy of kicking out those sick children

Bahamas woman brings in 97 homeless dogs during Dorian

Dear restaurant owners/managers:

Did you know there was a sequel to the 1971 Crying Indian PSA ad?

The "I Know Joe" Testimonials #1

This train

Pentagon will divert $3.6 billion from military construction funds to 45's stupid racist vanity wall

Hey Ivanka. What's with those sleeves?

Elizabeth Warren wisely adopts Jay Inslee's clean energy plan.

Tory "Mastermind" Dominic Cummings Reportedly Wandering Drunk around Parliament

Iowa Caucus 1st Impressions: Sen. Amy Klobuchar has the smarts, quick wit needed to challenge Trump

How many Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 are vulnerable to Democratic takeover?

The ideal description of Hair Fuhrer's thinking:

NBR tonite showed a clip of mnunchkin and lighthizer regarding the tariffs.

New Change Research nat'l poll has Warren leading, but they've had her in the lead for 2 months,

Detroit superintendent: 'ICE isn't allowed in our schools'

Conversion therapy group founder comes out as gay, apologizes

Three inch centipede makes it into the house.

California city experiments with universal basic income

Was just thinking about the anchor woman for the US Open saying the similarities

Boris Yeltsin is not the prime minister of the U.K.

Nate Silver: Dems should be concerned about influence of IA/NH when both are 90%+ white

NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP)

Bloomfield Hills official who stole yard signs blames the victim in court

Beautiful Islands of The Bahamas, Paradise on Earth

Chocolate Pound Cake with Rich Chocolate Glaze:

I'm so old

Second outlier poll of the season...

Biden campaign says Iowa is not a must-win state

Worker-protection laws aren't ready for an automated future

Anyone watching Roger and Dimitrov match??? Insane.....

"The Family" - National Prayer Breakfast

The Daily Show: Donald Trump's Disastrous Hurricane Dorian Response

Texas shooter evaded background check by purchasing weapon in private sale

Philip Rucker on Brian Williams

I don't always agree with Tim Ryan, but this is brilliant.

Seth Meyers - Trump's Incompetence and Corruption on Display as Hurricane Nears: A Closer Look

Colombia's public news program goes off the air

Kittens re-enact the historic battle for the Ottoman Empire

BREAKING: Odessa shooter avoided a background check through a private sale loophole


The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe Day 1: 'Victor'

Senator says Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg should face 'possibility of a prison term'

538: How To Handle An Outlier Poll

The Daily Show - Obama's Dijon Burger: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History

Florida Congresswoman knows about election fraud, but cannot disclose the truth

Dingell hits Trump on trade on Fox News, so he obviously responds

Riverside County Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty to Charges of Cheating IRS Out of $2.1 Million through

CNN Is Giving 2020 Democrats 7 Hours To Talk About Climate Change

Biden campaign says Iowa is not a must-win state

Home health care owner pleads guilty to defrauding Georgia Medicaid

The Two Sides of Canada (incl. interview with Justin Trudeau) - Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj

The Two Sides of Canada (incl. interview with Justin Trudeau) - Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj

'We'll have to unmask them all': former warlord about Colombia's private sector

Ivanka Trump arrives in Colombia for two-day visit

How YouTube became an open, lucrative stage for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

English, Scotish, Wales, Northern Ireland DU members.

FUNKY NASSAU, The Beginning of the End, The Bahamas Rock!

COOL !!! Walmart to stop selling short barrel rifle ammo !!!

Vintage Ads that are bizarre, weird and wrong. Some almost laughably so (a little pic heavy)

God, guns and Texas lawmakers

Moscow Mitch

Tweet of the night:

Williamson County sheriff's commander who faced criticism for his social media posts resigns

Julian Castro unveils climate plan centered on Green New Deal principles

It was so much easier to blame it on Them.

Chris Hayes Calls Trump A Never-Ending Category 5 Disaster

Bicentennial fountain spouting off once again

NEW: Aerial Film of Devastated Bahamas; Advocates Ask WHEN Will Global Climate Action Begin?

BAHAMAS DESTRUCTION: First Aerial Footage, Hurricane Dorian, CNN

Conan goes to Greenland ! Ha!

Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg say no compromises on overhauling gun laws

Conservatives who voted against UK government will be expelled from party

Biden: "I had more black support in South Carolina than anybody"

GEO charter network to get a second chance in Indianapolis

Michigan bank merges with First Merchants

Status hearing set in R. Kelly's federal case in Chicago

Stephen Colbert (is back!) - Monologue and Opening - 9/3/19

Stephen Colbert - Guest Ann Curry: I Really Miss The Truth

Fox News: If a Democrat tries to win elections by complaining about problems, that's "satanic".

U of Illinois student arrested after noose found in elevator

Hidden inflation is back!

Breakfast Wednesday 4 September. 2019

Regal Beloit workers end strike and return to work to bargain to save plant

Climate crisis: Greenland's ice faces melting 'death sentence'

Hurricane Dorian: Devastation in Bahamas emerges ((with pictures))

Dorian: Helicopter video stills

Madigan deals with fallout from Mapes

The next tropical cyclone to worry about will be Gabrielle

Elizabeth Warren Narrows Joe Biden Lead Among Democrats: IBD/TIPP Poll

In case you missed 2 important Tweets

Mike Pence is a Shmendrik.

Hong Kong's Leader, Carrie Lam, Pulls Extradition Bill That Ignited Protests

A rap legend ripped Kamala's marriage to a white man...

Texas shooter got gun at private sale; he was rejected in 2014 check

Dorian Morning Update, 4 September, 0600 hours

Trump puts allies and US troops in extreme danger

((opinion)) Boris Johnson's electoral gamble risks wrecking the Tory party

What do you do when you see someone carring a fiearm in a store?

Blessed Be the Meme Makers

((opinion)) Global heating made Hurricane Dorian bigger, wetter - and more deadly

Dorian, Harvey, Florence; Stalled Atlantic Hurricanes Are A Trend - Here's Why They Get Stuck


Bonneville Power Administration $15 Billion In Debt; No Customers For Peak Power, Salmon Runs Dying

A storm chaser went silent as Dorian hit the Bahamas. He re-emerged with a harrowing story.


Zombie Mines: Why Should Owners Pay For Cleanup When They Can Simply Idle Mines Indefinitely?

Bahamas Fisherman Says He Had to Watch Helplessly as His Wife Drowned in Front of Him

Live-debate on Brexit in british parliament.

David Corn: How to Stop Russia From Attacking and Influencing the 2020 Election

Dem On The House Judiciary Committee Predicts Impeachment Votes By The End Of 2019

Cities keep losing trees, which help to fight urban heat

Wednesday TOONs - Map of the USA, 2019

Podcast: Senator Sanders - NH Today with Jack Heath

Jerry Jones caves to Ezekiel Elliott's salary demands. Zeke is the richest RB in the NFL

For Women Senators On The Trail, More Camaraderie Than Contention

Full-page editorial in @washingtonpost: "Do something, Mr. McConnell."

The enduring beauty & relevance of Simon and Garfunkel's "America"

The Rundown: September 3, 2019

This Month in Comics: August 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #51: No Country for Steel Frontiers (9/3/19 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: Harley Quinn, House of X, Legion of Super-Heroes, and More

BTRTN August 2019 Month in Review: Trump's China Syndrome: Be-VIX'ED, Bothered and Bewildered

BTRTN August 2019 Month in Review: Trump's China Syndrome: Be-VIX'ED, Bothered and Bewildered

Infowars Loses Appeal in Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuit

CNN Is Giving 2020 Democrats 7 Hrs. To Talk About Climate Change, WED. 9/4, TOWN HALL 5-11 PM

How Kamala Harris would address climate change

How Pete Buttigieg would tackle climate change

Two worthwhile AM reads from the NYT Op Ed - one just whiny/silly (Douthat), one sobering (Edsall)

A suggestion from the twitter world about renaming Dorian

Pints & Politics with Bernie Sanders

How Elizabeth Warren would address climate change

With Dorian moving towards Florida. I can't help but feel like the below video. ⤵️ ⤵️

Pints & Politics with Bernie Sanders

The 10 counties that will decide the 2020 election

September 4 - Happy Birthday Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D) TX-15th

Nats incredible 9th inning comeback vs. the Mets:

Fantastic concept for a new reality TV show

Emotional moment as first-ever turbaned Sikh MP calls out UK Prime Minister for racist attacks on...

Let's take a moment to notice an instance of how literally anti-Black this country is...

'They are riding a rubber ducky into alligator-infested waters'

So what happened to Trump's eye and forehead?

Well nice to know the defense dpt can easily spare 3.6 billion that. will come in handy when the

J.B. Pritzker suffers fractured leg

Remember that one time AOC or Ilhan Omar threatened violence if something happened they didn't like?

Bill Flores Announces Intent to Not Seek Re-election in 2020

The Do-Nothing Congress Is Coming Back To D.C. From Holiday To......

If you grow cannabis plants, hide them before world cycling and its helicopters come through

And now a Public Service Announce from Kitty Da Coon Kat

*NEW * YouGov Poll - Biden 26% (+2), Warren 21% (+1), Sanders 14% (--), Harris 5% (-3)

Catastrophic damage on Grand Abaco from Hurricane Dorian. Unbelievable.

"Should we" or "Should we not" arguments have grown tiresome.

Prediction markets are showing Warren on top.

I appreciate what Richard Painter has to say

Old Chesterfield Ads.. look at the 40s and 50s celebrities that endorsed this brand, amazing!!

Beto Campaign responds to Megan McCain On Mandatory AK & AR Gun Buyback

Days after leaving post, ex-Interior official who pushed drilling in Alaska takes oil company job

New...Texas Republican Rep won't seek re-election


Okay...I'm sorry...

KGOP Texas Rep. Bill Flores will not seek reelection in 2020

CNN: In the mafia, there is a name for what Pence and Barr did

MPs debate Benn bill to stop no-deal Brexit

Bernie Sanders Is the Strongest Candidate to Beat Donald Trump

If you're such a guitar fan, pick us a guitar master piece with full orhestration whydoncha?

Trump Knows Hurricanes Are Very Wet -- Supercut

Is the Priest who prepares the pomme frites at the monastery called

Right-wingers have lower emotional intelligence, study finds

Best of Jeff Koterba's cartoons: Diplomatic photo cropping

Connects NC emergency declaration, vulnerable GOP senator

Getting Worse: Trump Visibly Struggles to Speak

Trump Hasn't "Ever Even Heard of Category 5" Hurricane

So my long lost uncle

You raised $15.00 on September 3, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood - read the exclusive first extract

21 British Conservatives put country over party. Why can't 21 Republicans do the same?

Poll shows Biden with lead among climate voters

Looking at History: Trump and Tsar Nicholas II

Fascinating time-lapse animation of Hurricane Dorian...

University of Illinois Springfield faculty union files 'demand to bargain' with administration

Marianne Williamson deletes tweet saying 'power of the mind' helped turn Dorian

Florida Man Parks Car In Kitchen To Protect From Hurricane Dorian

This #LaborDay, we ask the question on everyone's mind: What does Ivanka Trump actually do?

Alabama 14-year-old accused of killing 5 family members

70 Years Ago Today; The Peekskill riots erupt after a Paul Robeson concert in Peekskill, NY

Trump is still on storm watch, ranting and raving about "tariff terrorism"

AOC calls out Congress rethug for admitting he just loans gun to whomever...

Michigan bans flavored e-cigarettes, first state in country

What's your favorite scenic drive?

Bricks of cocaine wash up on Florida beaches from Hurricane Dorian waves

National Rifle Association is a 'domestic terrorist' organization, San Francisco rules

On open carry....

Kamala Releases ($10 trillion) 'Climate Plan For the People.' She'll take polluters to court

My DQ 5 Buck Lunch is now a 6 Buck Lunch.

Sky News: Boris Johnson still has a Brexit 'ace up his sleeve' (to avoid elections)

Coal mine closures shake Wyoming

Let's talk about the Great Fire of London and what it foreshadows....

South Korean boycott of Japanese goods hits beer and carmakers

The lather, rinse, repeat cycle of Moscow Mitch McConnell

Dorian is still a healthy hurricane

We are psychologically damaging our children

Sen.Bernie Sanders on The View doubles down on Trump criticism

The End of Small-Town America, in the Heart of Seoul

Maybe, just maybe the reason VP Biden is ahead

Stanford sexual assault: Chanel Miller reveals her identity

August 25 to September 2, 1921: the Battle of Blair Mountain

What grade would you give the House and Senate ?

The truth about no-deal Brexit

Argument Between West Viriginia Pastors' Wives Ends With Gunfire in Church Parking Lot

stunning house turnover under Trump: another Texas GOP will not run for reelection

Hey ya'll, Kamala's Climate Plan is out

Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley help raise bail for 'Straight Pride' counterprotesters

Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley help raise bail for 'Straight Pride' counterprotesters

US watchdog: Separated migrant children suffered trauma

'Hundreds of other people could be implicated' in Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell court documents

Pence derided by Ireland's media

Trump's latest tariffs are expected to hit women and lower-income Americans the hardest

Hurricane Dorian poised to slam the Carolinas after scraping the coasts of Florida and Georgia

Parliament again votes for anti-no deal Brexit Bill 329-300

Charges won't be dropped for 'Straight Pride Parade' counterprotesters

All 34 people who were unaccounted for from California boat fire are presumed dead

Porsche just unveiled a huge threat to Tesla's high-end electric crown

Chasten Buttigieg shreds Mike Pence with one savage truthful tweet

Stormy Daniels on testifying to Congress: 'I have no fear of being under oath'

Trump advisers are more worried about Elizabeth Warren than any other 2020 Democratic candidate

Michigan becomes first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes

Former U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert says he won't run for Washington governor -- yet again

Study finds carving up school districts worsens segregation

Sen. Patty Murray discusses her Digital Equity Act in Seattle

The state of Kentucky could do a lot to help this country.

New Seattle archbishop: He won't live in 99-year-old mansion, thinks of selling it

Washington loophole allows unsecured loads on some dump trucks

Iran to free seven crew members of seized British-flagged tanker

Kamala Harris has the strongest candidate history of fighting polluters (and winning)

United States first lady Ivanka Trump is attacked and "copied" by invading alien fungus spores.

OxyContin maker braces for bankruptcy as settlement talks stall

MPs Vote to Pass Brexit Delay Bill by Majority of 29

Inside the shadowy think tank pushing to kick 3.1 million people off food stamps

Kamala Harris has a strong history of fighting polluters (and winning)

Anthony Scaramucci says Trump's team are covering up President's mental decline.

Fair scones: The 104-year love affair that will never die

Mobsters SHITLER & Roy COHN: "Where's My Roy Cohn?" release date September 20

Bernie is right about the WP fact-check thing.

John Adams feared the coming of Donald Trump

Americans Shocked by Spectacle of Legislative Body Taking Action

***Gold Standard Marquette University Poll*** JB 28% BS 20% EW 17%

Warner & Kaine Slam Trump Plan To Raid Virginia Military Construction Projects To Build Border Wall

Trump's "Very Inexpensive" Golf Habit Could Cost More Than $340 Million

Not just Pence: Trump, PACs or govt agencies visited Trump properties on 7-in-10 days since 2017

***Gold Standard Marquette University Poll*** Joe Pop +9 over Deranged POTUS

Germany Set To Ban Glyphosate From End Of 2023

So ... my mom taped an old checkbook over the top of the Kleenex box ...

Are we supposed to be impressed?

North Dakota May Be Hiding Gigantic Oil Spill

Sen Bernie Sanders - The View - Sep 4, 2019

Michelle Fischbach to test Collin Peterson's strength in a pro-Trump district

Mike Pence expected to arrive in Doonbeg shortly. Hopefully gardai can manage the large crowds.

Dog Goods USA LLC Expands Voluntary Recall of Chef Toby Pig Ears Pet Treats Because of Possible Salm

Warner & Kaine Slam Trump Plan To Raid Virginia Military Construction Projects To Build Border Wall

IOC committee allows Japan to display Rising Sun flag at Tokyo Summer Olympics

Marianne Williamson suggests using 'the power of the mind' to change Hurricane Dorian's course

'You could hear the shrieks of women' in AD79...

Democrats Labor to Stem Flow of Union Voters to Trump

Prescott AZ


from "very, very good families," "have suffered more at home than ... (would in court system)"

The doctor asked my wife where her pain was. She told him

Can we at least start here with gun control?

🐦 SEPT 8 at 2PM - Iowa State University Tailgate Tour with Bernie Sanders - Ames

OMG watching MSNBC right now

Trump rolls back regulations on energy-saving lightbulbs

Randy Rhoads Live - Tribute Video

Backs Boris amid Brexit turmoil

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again

The LIBERAL NRA. "We do our part".

What in the actual fuck: The President of the United States altered a National Hurricane Center map

Washington Post article limits lifted.

I have an idea for a daily half-hour TV program. It would feature the racism, incitement, misogyny

Buttigieg unveils climate change plan that would cost more than $1 trillion and aim to create 3M job

Sanders defends Biden amid gaffes: Trump's errors are in 'another world altogether'

As you can see from this picture, Alabama, Mar a Lago and Trump Tower are all still in danger....

When was the last time you saw a vacuum tube tester in a store ?

🌎 Senator Bernie Sanders calls for Full Fracking Ban

Matteo Salvini replaced by migration specialist in new Italy coalition

not a dirty joke,,but it can be a dusty one,

US ambassador calls for less 'invective' in EU relationship - but exempts Trump

Ivanka Trump tries to act like a grown up with a new dress & haircut.

Williamson Suggests 'Visualizing' Hurricane Retreat

So far, #25Women have accused Trump. #TrumpSexualAccusations Detailed thread of all the #TrumpAccuse

Bolsonaro taunts UN rights chief over her family's torture by Pinochet regime

Bolsonaro taunts UN rights chief over her family's torture by Pinochet regime

Trump Rolls Back Rules on Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Democrats decry Pentagon shift of military funds to border

Now wait just a goddamn minute here...

UK facing EU outrage over 'timebomb' of North Sea oil rigs

Scarlett Johansson Backs Elizabeth Warren 2020: 'There's A Strategy There'


What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 4, 2019

Larry the cat leaves Boris' half-dead career outside Downing Street back door

Mexico's president seeks inquiry into botched investigation of 43 missing students

Mexico's president seeks inquiry into botched investigation of 43 missing students

British House of Commons passes bill seeking to avert a no-deal Brexit on Oct. 31

Tories tell themselves to 'go back where they came from' after learning they are now a minority

guaranteed wage $1K month, first the women blow the $$, then receive financial education

Macron hears police officer refuse to help woman in danger

Miriam Lord: How Mike Pence shat on the new carpet in Ireland's spare room

Hurricane Dorian poised to slam the Carolinas after scraping the coasts of Florida and Georgia

Please take his Sharpie away.

🌎 GreenPeace: Where's your 2020 Candidate on Climate? #1 Bernie Sanders

Trump: Dow Would Be '10K Points Higher' If Not for Trade War With China: 'Somebody Had to Do It"

Jeff's thoughts on rapist Brock

I walked into a Hipster Coffee Shop and everyone was whispering about Jacob Wohl getting indicted.

Jacob Wohl Wanted on Felony Arrest Warrant

SEE! TOLD YA! Trump shows old Dorian forecast with Sharpie added

Trump Shows Hurricane's Path With Apparent Doctored Bubble To Include Alabama

Washington Post-Opinion: Democrats want to beat Trump. Biden wants to be the one to do it.

We wondered why one of our oldest friends hadn't called on my wife's birthday.

BWV's Kamala Harris Cheat Sheet

Pro Tip: Don't Send A Completely Bogus Defamation Threat To A Website That Employs A Former ACLU Bad

UK Parliament is now debating Boris Johnson's Bill for a new October election

50 things that would be different and more importantly better under a #KamalaHarris administration.

100K register to vote in UK in 48 hours

High-powered Democratic lawyer Gregory Craig found not guilty of lying to investigators about 2012 w

Judge: Epstein civil filings name hundreds of third parties

Jonathan Pie - The Purge!

90s - It had better music than folks give it credit for

New law requires Illinois schools teach contributions of gay, transgender people

Groups sue over rules they say could harm belugas in Alaska

Pope on critics: It's 'an honor if the Americans attack me'

Steve King told about how he drank from a toilet at a migrant facility: "actually pretty good"

Next time your HEALTH INSURER DECLINES a claim or pays less than you think they should

Trump: "Boris is a fighter, he's in there fighting, he knows what to do. He knows how to win"

Pence traveled 100+ miles from Trump hotel for this warm reception? Magnificent.

I just got a text alert from Trump!

Trump's Alabama Sharpie Map and 18 U.S. Code  2074. Once again, the laws are printed on 2-ply.

Stigmatization was killing Colombia's social leaders, now it's killing political candidates

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 9 points in Wisconsin

De Blasio may quit presidential race if he doesn't make October debate

The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe Day 2: Hilda Nio, 'Sinai' 'El Poli' and Giovany Cadavid

Nicolle Wallace MSNBC discussing Trump doctoring weather map.

Bill Flores becomes fifth GOP House member from Texas to say he won't run for re-election this cycle

Bwaaaa, Trump has a one inch long thumb. MSNBC just showed him holding the altered map

For all of you who think shooting drills in school are okay

That chart of where Trump's storm is heading is absolutely absurd!

Googling my Dad's WW2 unit this weekend, I found this on eBay!

The Ground Has Shifted

Trump: "We have a better map with many lines going directly through Alabama, hit very hard"

He is fucking doubling down on Alabama getting the hurricane.

Jacob Wohl Wanted on Felony Arrest Warrant

USA TODAY's Editorial Board: Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'

Trump needs a Marine One ride thru Alabama

Anyone else surprised that NOBODY with trump* is better at photoshopping a weather map?

The Sharpie conspiracy..

Greg Craig found not guilty. Good!

Will Dorian affect Maine this weekend? It could (from the PPH)

FBI counterintelligence releasing "mountains" of evidence to House Intel?

Brazil's Bolsonaro praises 1973 military coup in Chile

Charges officially dropped against ex-U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock in unusual deal with feds

Brazil's Bolsonaro praises 1973 military coup in Chile

Trump Defends His Golf Habit

anyone gonna watch cnn's climate crisis townhalls?

Energy Department to prolong the lives of incandescent light bulbs (Cld cost 14 billion)

BREAKING: Parliament fails to pass Boris Johnson's call for a new Election

God damn it! I'm gonna kill someone, I swear!

Democrat found innocent:

Brexit: Government fails in bid to call a general election for 15 October - live news

HERE is the weather map from Sunday am, a few hours before Trump first implicated Alabama

trump releases photo showing he's taller than Obama

Bernie, the Baby, and the Bagger Vance of Babyology

Former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig found not guilty in Mueller spinoff case

Tom Petty's ex-wife buys rockstar's childhood home

Will Republicans learn anything from Boris Johnson's crackup?

MSNBC chyron: Pelosi calls Trump using military funds for wall "irresponsible"

Burning Down the House: the far-right governments in the U.S., UK, and Brazil

Trump's WH is "a bottomless pit of evil."

trump* releases new 'official' proof of his inauguration crowd size

Rep. Bill Flores is the 5th Texas Republican to announce retirement

My cable company has added Newsmax channel

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #9: Labor Day Edition

Top ten candidate back to back to back climate town halls on now at CNN

The scary part of Trump's lastest gaffe with the sharpie pen?

Lawsuit: Illinois secretary of state required Muslim woman to certify when she wears headscarf to

Hurricane pups

Pocahontas? Trump and His "Swedish" Dad Made Hundreds of Millions Lying to Holocaust Survivors

Regarding Trump's misreading of the weather maps

Republicans Start Freaking Out As Their Donors Are Exposed

After another dramatic day in the House of Commons, what happens next?

Bernie Sanders shuts down Meghan McCain in cringeworthy exchange: 'Johnny is not dead'

Catholic demonstrators form human cross in Newark to protest separation of immigrant families

Johnson's election demand rejected after MPs approve Brexit delay bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 5 September 2019

Universal background checks would stop Dan Crenshaw from lending out his guns

House panel subpoenas DHS for documents on reports Trump offered pardons related to immigration agen

It got worse.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donate $1M to Chicago non-profit that helps children separated from

How Showbiz Swallowed Democracy

Pierce: Donald Trump's Hurricane Dorian Map Appears to Be Doctored With a Sharpie to Include Alabama

Moved to Dem Primaries forum

Here is the CLIMATE CHANGE schedule of appearances: by 10 Dem candidates** Wed. start at 5pm ET

How come the US, in the quest for (Drum roll) Manifest Destiny, never grabbed the Bahamas?

Steve King says he drank from toilet at detention center

Steve King?

Couple who won $500,000 lottery, now facing burglary charges, owe thousands in back property taxes

Impeachable Offense #_ _ _ _ _

This is why Trump canceled the trip to Poland:

Lowering Chicago's pension contributions would be seen 'negatively': S&P

I'm curious. Why aren't any of the candidates talking about...

Yvonne, 94 ans, conduit la meme voiture depuis 1954

Some interesting facts about Republicans up for re-election, and Trump's Military cash grab.

Einstein Visa Recipient, Melania Trump, Finally Admits She's A Dropout

Pfleger announces anti-gun rally in nation's capital, slams 'ignorant' Ted Cruz

Boris, Boris, WHO THE FUCK IS BORIS. I think we know...

Damn... Now George Conway has me agreeing with him over Rachel Maddow (or her producer):

Class of 2020 US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate

The President of the United States lied about a hurricane forecast

Why the weather map alteration is very important..This one is easy and simple to understand.

Sharpie Gate! Damn what an Idiot!

Wisconsin Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner says he won't run for re-election

Bahamas death toll up to 20

Trump tweets Aug. 28th hurricane map, says "I accept the Fake News apologies!"

22 million pounds of plastics enter the Great Lakes each year. Most of the pollution pours into Lake

Julian Castro's climate change plan would recognize a new class of refugees

This is a good one!! Pastor's wife charged after allegedly firing pistol at church

WH releases proof Trump did not know Epstein

Trump releases photo to show he's taller than Obama.

Nebraska Farmers Union president calls for government action on climate change

Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner won't run for re-election in 2020 after more than 40 years in

Jacob Wohl Wanted on Felony Arrest Warrant

Squeeze - Hourglass

Americans Shocked by Spectacle of Legislative Body Taking Action


Tweet of the day - Sharpie edition.

New Border Wall

Why Trump thinks he can get away with the "Altered Map Lie"

Infowars Loses Appeal in Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuit

Who wore it better?

I am so angry at the American Legion.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' father: PAC aid unasked

Tell everyone you know: Mexico's not paying for a thing; trump admin now stealing from troops

While watching the coverage of the Bahamas today...

White House releases a new photo of President Trump golfing.

health care volunteer here

'Leave now': Hurricane Dorian could hit Carolinas late Thursday, causes first US death

Dan Crenshaw is worried that universal background checks might keep him from arming his friendsIt is

Trump denies ever suggesting that Pence stay at a Trump-owned hotel -despite 140 mile commute

An $8 million military project in Wisconsin is losing out to help fund Trump's border wall

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