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Archives: September 5, 2019

School lockdown drill (active shooter)

Peaceful Iceland amazed at weapons in Pence security detail

West Texas shooter failed background check after being adjudicated 'a mental defective,' sources say

Trump may have broken federal law by altering Hurricane Dorian's path on a map

This! Proof positive.

kgop Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner won't seek reelection next year

Trump admits the truth.

I have a question about bathing suits.

High stakes in battle to control the Senate, from election security to salmon

Squirrels listen to birds' chitchat to gauge if trouble's afoot - study

BIDEN is on Fire!!! CNN:: Climate crisis right now.

Mark Spitz diagnosed with heart condition

Worst Shepherd in the World

Golden Retriever patiently waits for mail delivery

Puppy loses it when he sees where owner is taking him

See how much of the Amazon is burning, how it compares to other years

Exclusive: Document Reveals FBI Is Tracking Border Protest Groups As Extremist Organizations

Joe Biden says he opposed the Iraq War soon after it started. A check of his record shows otherwise

Union says Trump appointee may be improperly influencing Justice Department crime victim grants

Mike Pence Keeps Changing His Story on Why He Went 200 Miles Out of His Way to Line Trump's Pockets

That's not me.

Politico: Andrew Miller subpoenaed to testify for prosecution in Roger Stone's trial.

"Trump uses sharpie to redraw Hurricane Dorian's cone of uncertainty to include Alabama"...

A prosecutor's anti-Trump posts anger talk-radio hosts

KAMALA'S fiery message to the GOP on climate change. Lead. Follow. Or Get Out The Way.

And another one bites the dust....

Commentary: Even Big Oil sees no need to relax methane rules

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has upgraded Trump to a Category 5 moron

Dog Is NOT Impressed By Her Comedian Dad Drew Lynch

Bahamas lifts Hurricane Dorian storm warnings, assesses destruction as death toll rises to 20

Dump clingon.... no...dump clings to idea Alabama faced big threat from Dorian.

Palestinian women demand legal protection after suspected 'honor killing'

Sometimes you can use a #sharpie to tell the truth

Trump IS taller than Obama ......... 😆


Cartoons 9/4/19

Joe Biden will return to Wall Street for fundraisers after climate town hall

Flatulent Bullshit Artist Sebastian Gorka Now Selling Fish Oil Pills for Chronic Pain. Surprised?

Netanyahu pays homage in Hebron, in nod to rightist voters

Guy Risks His Life To Save Unlikely Animal

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike!

Imagine being this fragile as an adult?

Our waters are very hot - just a reminder that we're in peak season

Maddow doing her opening on Trump altering NWS maps with his sharpie. Actually

Dachshund Puppy No One Wanted Finds The Perfect Family

Why is the pentagon so eager to hand over funds?

Death and politics roil a Georgia jail

Iran nuclear deal: Tehran to develop centrifuges for uranium enrichment

The moment this pittie makes his foster mom cry happy tears 😭 ❤️

Democratic Rep. Susan Davis says she won't seek reelection in 2020

State of the judiciary in AZ

U.S. safety agency cites Tesla Autopilot design as factor in 2018 California crash

This is *BIG* - "Tex" (heir to the Kotex fortune) SENSENBRENNER, a.k.a. Big A-hole, quitting!1

Duck Provokes Her Cat BFF All Day Long

So, anyone watching CNN Climate Town Hall?

Judge Rules Terrorism Watchlist Violates Constitutional Rights

U.S. biodiesel industry leaders urge Trump's EPA to lift biodiesel mandate

Trump Releases Photo Showing Border Wall Is Complete! (#SharpieGate)

Rachel just made a good point -- -only a GOVERNOR can request emergency declaration

Dumpster can't even lie geographically correctly

The London Quireboys - I Don't Love You Anymore

***Biden Supporters*** Do the constant anti-Biden threads and anti-Biden news stories just make you

'It's The Stone Age Of Fossil Fuels': Coal Bankruptcy Tests Wyoming Town

Has anyone asked the Governor of Alabama

Anderson Cooper is this clueless?



Election 2019: NRA hands $200,000 to VA Republicans after blocking gun safety session.

Trump caught in boldface sharpie lie. Called out by dailymail in headline article

Joe Biden says he would not support a state or nationwide ban on current fracking

Conan Buys Waterfront Property In Greenland - CONAN on TBS

OH-01: Authorities probing Rep. Steve Chabot's campaign for missing $100,000+

Warren supporters: will you ever care about vs. Trump poll results?

CA-53: Davis retirement makes district a perfect progressive pickup target.

Conan Encounters Greenland's Sea Creatures - CONAN on TBS

I may be going from agnostic to believer soon

Trump golfing ( Sharpie Style)

KS-02 , KS-SEN: Kansas Republican dropping Senate bid to challenge GOP rep

Well shoot.. I missed the town halls.. VP Biden must have lit it up

Chief of U.S. asylum office reassigned as White House pushes for tighter immigration controls

California becomes the first state in the country to outlaw the fur trade

Sticks and stones break bones but words hurt McConnell's feelings

With apologies to Bob Dylan--

White Supremecists plan gathering here inm Georgia!

Unfortunate pic of teacher helping students to learn how to milk a cow.....

Mike Pence Greeted with Gay Disco Protest in Ireland

Bernie Sanders: We must ban all fracking

i think i need a new printer. any suggestions?

Because This Is How It Ends.

More images from #SharpieGate

Joe Biden Panned for Evasive Answers, Bloody Eye at CNN Town Hall: 'Rambling, Incoherent Mess'

Shouting Matches Disrupt Homelessness Forum @ St. Ed's, Putting Austin Council Members On Defensive

Possibly the most childishly insulting Sharpiegate image so far--and I love it!

Young Texans Are More Skeptical Of Democracy And Open To Change, Study Finds

Full list: The 127 defense projects postponed for the border barrier

South Korean politician scolds female professor for not having child

FLIPPABLE: Eliz Markowitz for TX-HD28 (Nov. 5th)

A huge database of Facebook users' phone numbers found online (419m numbers)

Elizabeth Warren stood out as a leader, as contrasted with...

Packers Bears

Serious question. Where does Uncle Joe stand on fracking? Thanks. nt

I'm growing daisies.

Texas House Democrats ask Gov. Greg Abbott to call a special session after two mass shootings

Anyone here believe that Trump has kept all of his 2016 voters and added even more?

Brexit: Bill designed to stop no-deal 'will clear Lords'

Brexit: Bill designed to stop no-deal 'will clear Lords'

BREAKING: Hurricane #Dorian is now a Category 3 major #hurricane once again.

The Daily Show: America Endures Another Mass Shooting & Jaboukie Explains Why Guns Are Gay

Seth Meyers - White House Publishes List of President Trump's Accomplishments - Monologue - 9/3/19

Found the Original map..

white power salute in background behind Ivanka

Seth Meyers: Guest Justice Sonia Sotomayor

CNN's Climate Forum Went Badly for Biden

Joe Inoue - Kaze No Gotoku

Automakers to install rear seat reminders to stop hot car deaths in U.S.

WARREN ON CLIMATE: Attack DC Corruption Driving Destruction; A 'BLUE NEW DEAL' For Waters

WHY Japanese is the HARDEST Language

New York City sues T-Mobile over 'rampant' customer sales abuses

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 5, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Jame Bond

Is a Big Two better than a Big Three for NBA teams?

Joe Biden on Defensive at Climate Town Hall

Hurricane Dorian Washes up 16 Bricks of Cocaine on Florida Beaches

The "only thing that matters" on climate

North Korea tells United Nations to cut international aid staff: letter

Let it be known today, September 4, 2019, the world witnessed the birth of a word, "SharpieGate"

Guatemala declares state of siege after suspected drug dealers kill soldiers

Texas cities seek comfort in football after shootings

Biden defends campaign fundraiser with natural gas investor

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Has "Never Heard" of a Category 5 Hurricane

Venezuela's Armed Forces Bank slams Mastercard for halting card service

I have my favorites but I will not say until I am sure.

Japan: Things you didn't know

These Marsupials Drop Dead After Mating

Biden Caught Off Guard by Question on Fund-Raiser's Fossil Fuel Ties

Charles Blow on Gun Reform: "Beto O'Rourke is rare among politicians for speaking honestly"

Plastic pollution has entered the fossil record, research shows

Sharpie irony (not). Coincidentally...

I thought I'd see if anyone "appreciates" this new song I produced...

Cameron James Pettit arrested for allegedly selling fentanyl-laced drugs to Mac Miller before his de

Biden on Colbert showing why he would be the President we need.

Biden says he will rethink fundraiser hosted by fossil fuel company co-founder

Florida Man parks his Smart Car in the house!

Here's the link for CNN's episode with Pete Buttigieg on Climate Change:

Seen this action before in the 2008 primary.. and the 2016 primary..

Bolsonaro's Approval Rating Falls the Most among Poor Brazilians between 35 and 59

When Did Joe Biden Start Believing He Had Opposed the Iraq War?

Warren tied with Trump in WI poll. Biden up on Trump by 9

A feat not seen since the Babe.

Do we need more anti-Joe threads

"Give Me A Break": Elizabeth Warren Just Cut Through the Dumbest Climate Argument

Police Officer Involved in Marielle Case Admits to Bribing Police Station

France Faces Obstacles to Preserve Amazon Forest in French Guyana

But wait, there's more! Bonus #Sharpiegate images

How bots and far-right figures spread a lie about Beto O'Rourke and the Odessa shooting

Marquette Law School Poll gives slight edge to Biden, Sanders over Trump in 2020 match-up

Mother Jones - How to Stop Russia From Attacking and Influencing the 2020 Election

Devin DIPSHIT Nunes files another frivolous lawsuit...

09/05 Mike Luckovich: It's a suggestion

Money from Puerto Rico, European projects to fund wall

Please help the Bahamas.

Any recommendations for a new dishwasher?

Simple online Russian enablers spotting post with links to the DU archives and

Nunes' campaign drops lawsuit against constituents

BAHAMAS HELP: JAX Man Bought 100 Generators to Help, Will Be Delivered By Boat!

Democrats introduce bills aiming to provide financial stability for farmers

Downtown Charleston is flooding

There are 425 days until the presidential election and 503 until the inauguration

Kevin McAleenan -- acting head of DHS who handed Trump the altered map.

West Virginia to receive more than $35 million to combat opioid crisis

Charleston update around 1:30 a.m.

Rightwing fraudster Jacob Wohl has just been charged with a felony for unlawful sale of securities.

'Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren' to debut Sunday

No, Evers did not 'cancel' the sales tax holiday

'If you don't like this nickname, do your job'

Dorian news Daily Mail Pic heavy

☦️Orthodox: 'The Thrice Holy Hymn'-St. Joseph Orthodox Church, Houston/

Wanted: Event spaces and venues for Milwaukee 2020 Democratic convention

Tweet of the Day

GOP Senators Who Backed Trump's Emergency Declaration Lose Military Funding

Former Senior UAW Official Pleads Guilty to Taking Over $1.5 Million in Bribes and Kickbacks

Johnson should beware - forcing a crisis rarely ends well for aspiring strongmen

Trump's "Alabama"-warning was outdated by 4 days already when he gave it.

Long Island Aerospace and Defense Contractor Agrees to Repay $2.6 Million in Overbillings to the

Seth Meyers: Guest Tatiana Schlossberg Wants to Help You Feel Less Anxious About Climate Change

Pence was greeted with a ticker tape parade and much fanfair at his arrival in Doonbeg, Ireland.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/4/19

North American Specialty Insurance Company To Pay Over $1 Million To Settle False Claims Allegations

Stephen Colbert: Guest Joe Biden Decided to Run for President After Charlottesville

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. It's about to lose $400M more to Trump's border wall

Drug Maker Mallinckrodt Agrees to Pay $15.4 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations for

How Minnesota Republican operatives are sowing distrust of Muslims

Malaria breakthrough as scientists find 'highly effective' way to kill parasite

Bloomington think tank 'parts ways' with staffer over breathtakingly racist emails

Why the DFL's pot tour is more about the 2020 election than the 2020 legislative session

What do you bet Trump will send more help to the Bahamas than he did to Puerto Rico?

Owners near Foxconn say they were misled. Now their homes are gone.

D.C. consultant denies Rep. Ilhan Omar affair

Parents can be sued for false claims against high school coaches, Minnesota high court rules

Iran tanker: US offers captain millions to hand over ship

New Zealand measles outbreak rises above 1,000 cases

president #Trump faked an emergency warning. Think about that.....

'We are so thankful': Boy thrown from third-floor balcony at Minnesota mall returns home

Co-owner of Cottage Grove boat, snowmobile dealership pleads guilty to defrauding state of $3.2 mill

Bernie should strongly disassociate himself from any 2016 surrogate who ignored his

Invisible People Report- Mark

Lakeville school district sued over asthma attack that left teen in 'vegetative state'

First Clip Of Refugee Story Starring Dakota Fanning As Brit Raised Muslim In Africa

Trumpworld Anxiety Grows Over a Rising Elizabeth Warren

Column: Medical bankruptcy is an American scandal -- and that's not debatable

Do you wonder?

CNN Climate Town Hall - Bernie Sanders 9/4/19

WV - Pastor's wife fires gun during fight with another pastor's wife in church parking lot

St. Paul teacher health plan agreement stops $4M penalty

Post Frump Admin. Tell-All Book Titles: 1. Sharpie As A Tack

Governor's health policy adviser claims ignorance about Medicaid problems

Breakfast Thursday 5 September 2019

Brexit : Boris Johnson's brother announces he will NOT stand at the next General Election ! BIG news

Corruption Charges Dropped Against Ex-Rep Aaron Schock

Bullock calls for 'fair shot' for rural communities

More women say opera's Placido Domingo harassed them, forced kisses

Joe Scarborough: Moscow Mitch Losing 4,090,419,000 In Military Spending From Kentucky For The Wall.

False claims blur line between mass shootings, 2020 politics

Why Alabama??

Union head: Climate plans must accommodate coal workers

Facebook ads underscore Trump's mixed messages on guns

Even Boris's Brother Has Had Enough Of His Fuckery

Lords agree to push through bill preventing no-deal Brexit by end of Friday

Thursday TOONs - Don't Think We've Ever Heard of a Category 5 President Before

Hurricane Dorian: 'generational devastation' in Bahamas, says PM

What would you do if you received one of these as a gift?

Andrew Yang at CNN Climate Crisis Town Hall

Jeffrey Epstein Case: Over 1,000 People Connected to Him in Address Book

Erdoğan: I'll let Syrian refugees leave Turkey for west unless safe zone set up

Doctors, state pay Fairfield woman $2.5M to settle claim over alleged misdiagnosis

Sound Familiar?

Andrew Yang at CNN Town Hall on Climate Crisis

The question is, after being erroneously

Turkey Has U.S. Nuclear Weapons, Now It Says It Should Be Allowed to Have Some of Its Own

And Speaking Of Zombie Mines, Who Owns The Most? Why, The Gov. Of West Virginia, Of Course

Mayor Pete is discussing his Christian faith on Morning Joe

Teens Waving MAGA Flags Disrupt School's First Gay Straight Alliance Meeting

Pacificorp Chooses To Cut Output By 25% At WY Coal Plant Rather Than Install More Pollution Controls

Missouri River Basin runoff second most in history

Dauphin Island AL - Hit By Dozens Of Hurricanes, Rebuilt Repeatedly At Taxpayer Cost Of $100 Million

Beto O'Rourke Talks to Haaretz About Annexation, Two-states, Netanyahu and Trump

Beto O'Rourke Talks to Haaretz About Annexation, Two-states, Netanyahu and Trump

No Rainfall Likely In Burning Brazilian Amazon For Weeks, Widespread Rain Will Take Even Longer

Woman surprises her dogs after 2 months away

Can you solve this Murder Mystery?

BBC - The Inquiry

Almost all life on Earth was wiped out 2 billion years ago, a new study says

Australia's Vast Adani Coal Mine "Unbankable" w/o $4.4 Billion In Tax Giveaways, Subsidies

India's polar moon mission puts Chandrayaan-2 in the history books

Theft victims discover alleged chop shop in North County while looking for their stolen trucks

Boris Johnson's *brother* is quitting politics after nine years

When you're channel-surfing...

It is not over yet, so it is not over yet! Huzzah!

From The Department Of Going Gentle Into That Good Night

Now, Boris Johnson's own brother quits as MP in Parliament... (so much winning!)

Bahamas - "We Are In The Middle Of One Of The Greatest National Crises In Our Country's History"

Boris Johnson's brother resigns from Parliament

Australia faces opioid crisis as companies push drugs abroad

No matter who you're supporting, you have to agree with @PeteButtigieg...

The Rundown: September 4, 2019

Elena Kagan's Blueprint to End Partisan Gerrymandering: North Carolina Paid Attention

Art of the Week: Week of 9/4/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/4/2019

Lyft Received Nearly 100 Complaints Of Sexual Assault By Drivers In Just One State Over Two Years

Crying baby irritates Bernie Sanders.

Ex-disciplinarian John KELLY to expedite Tell-All if SHITLER attacks him first!1

President Brain Worms gets up early to resume flogging a horse that died yesterday.

Biden will be the nominee

September 5 - Happy Birthday Rep. Alcee Hastings (D) FL-20th

Maurice the rooster wins court battle over noise with neighbours

Works Here Too

September 5 - Happy Birthday Rep. Annie Kuster (D) NH-2nd

California becomes the first state in the nation to outlaw fur trapping

California becomes the first state in the nation to outlaw fur trapping

A feat in baseball accomplished only twice

Nigeria boycotts Africa economic summit over anti-foreign riots

Haverford (Pa.) shuts down fire company over Proud Boys controversy

Vietnam Airlines Gets First License for Direct US Flights

Lil Nas X Was Interrupted As He Patiently Tried To Explain Anti-Gay Prejudice To Kevin Hart

The Navy beats out the Air Force as the fattest branch, somehow

Haverford College grad pleads guilty to attempted hacking of President Trump's tax information

😃🇺🇸🧀🍕☀️❗️ What's your favorite cheese pizza?

Democrats are the only choice on climate

UK government says parliament will vote on early election again on Monday

UK government says parliament will vote on early election again on Monday

Human Rights Campaign, CNN to hold LGBTQ town hall with 2020 Democrats

Cannabis helps treat dementia and Alzheimer's

LOL! Biden thanks Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel responds.

Invisible People Report - Why Homeless People Choose the Street Over Shelters

Complete Biden appearance on Colbert's Late Show last night - three videos

Authorities: Socks help solve 28-year-old cold case murder

Trump Congratulates Poland for Nazi Invasion

Embarrassing Hilarity as Boris Johnson Loses on Live TV

Buttigieg on Trump hurricane map: 'I feel sorry for the president'

Mom teaching son how to drive killed in road rage shooting

Warren is not my candidate. She's too short-sighted.

U.S., Romanian service members killed in Kabul

I love this reply to what Mattis said

Curb Your Enthusiasms. Biden's the One

The Trump administration plans to gut food stamps, hitting red states hardest

He just can't stop lying

Kohistan video murders: Three guilty in 'honour killing' blood feud

"I don't know how the dog got ahold of my homework, honest!" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Did you know a less severe heart attack costs $760, 000

foodie question at trivia last night...

Slow, intense and unrelenting: The science behind Hurricane Dorian's most dangerous qualities

Mango Sorbet Recipe

Republicans fear drubbing in next round of redistricting

Hunh... Marianne Williamson DMed Molly Jong-Fast's mother to complain about her.

Tulsi Gabbard, the Mystery Candidate

New Texas poll from @TexasLyceum :

Got an RNC Survey Call, I normally ignore, but this one I answered.

Here's the full list obtained by the Post of military projects losing $$ due to Trump's border wall

Governor's Briefing In Process Now

"It is important for people to have reliable sources of information"

Sunnyland Slim was born on this date-

Watched Yang on CBS This Morning

Psychiatrists call for Trump to undergo a full 'neuropsychological evaluation'

Photo: Thank you @Residente for your hospitality ...

It's gonna be a "sharpie pen" kind of day!

98 Years Ago Today; Fatty Arbuckle throws a party. Virginia Rappe dies 4 days later

South and North Carolina DUers, please check in and tell

Sweet Home, Alabama...

Does anyone know what the TV audience size was for the climate town halls? nt

Shit, we got Greenland!

The 3 Pitchers in the HOF with losing records

Until 2 weeks ago, all tweets showed in my DU windows

Is it just me, or is Nina Turner showing a rather Trumpian orange glow?

Must-see catch by Cleveland's Oscar Mercado

John Stewart was born on this date-

You have to wonder if Trump thought they were .....

Al Stewart has a birthday today

The problem of medical debt, and the wonky fight behind Bernie Sanders's plan to eliminate it,

Freddy was born on this date-

Outer Banks' wild horses know how to survive a hurricane

Watch this little girl's dream come true at Disney World!

Loudon has a birthday today

A famous photo that speaks volumes now.

Survey: Businesses added a solid 195,000 jobs in August

Sqwark Sqwark Splat

Sigh-- President 40 Watt brain rolls back another Obama energy initiative

Does anyone remember this?

47 Years Ago Today; A Black September at the Munich Olympics

Buddy Miles was born on this date.

You know, it's really quite a phenomenon.

Rank the Climate Town Hall participants and give us your reasons.

Hero Catches a Stranger's Phone Mid-Air While Riding a Roller Coaster

This dispays the pomp and glory Trump deserves to commemorate his reign.

One date. Two inner monologues.

"Just because you slept with someone named Stormy, it does not make you a weatherman."

New from David Neiwert re: Law Enforcement attitudes toward "antifa"

The Liarest gets caught -

Williamson: Left shouldn't mock people who think prayers can turn away hurricanes

Joe Scarborough HAMMERS Moscow Mitch again! Brutal!

BREAKING: Donald Trump issues new polling data

Message from major Ukrainian newspaper to Rudy Guiliani: "Get Lost!"

I actually agree with Joe Scarborough on Biden strategy.

CNN, Human Rights Campaign to host Democratic presidential town hall focused on LGBTQ issues

6 winners and 3 losers from CNN's climate town hall

Pic Of The Moment: That NRA Logic

Winston Churchill's Grandson on Brexit (C-SPAN)

Joe Scarborough HAMMERS Moscow Mitch again! Brutal!

Man calls police to complain they stole his weed

I'm concerned, I'm very concerned, I'm extremely concerned about

trump plays darts

New photos released of the massive hurricane damage in Alabama

Trump is Obviously Incompetent. Who is Actually Running Our Country?

Even the attempts to claim he wasn't lying are lies themselves.

Assault type weapons ban 1994-2004

Rick Wilson: "Don Jr. Will run in 2024. And he'll probably win."

Policy papers are a delusion, Democrats. This is a Trump referendum and you're blowing it.

Jury in DuPont Amtrak derailment case to decide compensation for 'awful injuries'

VOX re last night Winners: Inslee, Bernie and Democrats! Losers: Biden, Oil/Gas and Meat

We Always Knew Mike Pence Was Irrelevant, and Now We Know He's Corrupt, Too

That time Melania got to know Kim Jong Un #sharpiegate

US lawmakers press for release of aid for Ukraine to fight Russia

6 winners and 3 losers from CNN's climate town hall

The Beto O'Rourke avatar has his hair parted on the right side, but he parts it on the left.

That doctored hurricane forecast map really pissed me off

The senator is basically telling a story about being seen, about being recognized and acknowledged

Rep. Jared Huffman, (D California)the Only "Out" Freethinker in Congress

7 Uncovered Quotes That Show How Far off the Rails the NRA Has Gone

Trump's Middle East Peace Negotiator Quits

Kamala Harris - Powerful video. Powerful.

"Whispers" that Huckleberry Sanders is Planning to Run for Governor?

It's not just Sharpie-gate. This is part of a broader pattern.

If You Reject What Pollution Is Doing To Earth-Stop Pretending You Care About Unborn People

Republicans need to learn from England's parliament!

Controversy in the world of geology

Ivanka Trump Travels All the Way to Colombia to Visit a Migrant Camp

DIY rape kit startup's 23-year-old founder says she is a sexual assault survivor

#SharpieGate Update

Murrieta fire: Fast-moving Tenaja Fire scorches nearly 1,400 acres in Southern California

Interesting - Cats aboard ships who often went down with the ships

Trump produces pic of time Melania 'got to know Kim Jong Un'

The biggest reason I favor a formal impeachment announcement

Pelosi: Trump Properties Are "Cesspool Of Corruption"

Official: Feds search home for link to gun in Texas shooting

Jesus Was a Jew, Not a Palestinian

Jonathan Rauch: In 2016, gullible media helped elect Trump. Here we go again...

Epstein's donations to universities reveal a painful truth about philanthropy

US woman held in Philippines after airport staff find baby in her bag

Trump might like Brexit less when he sees what it does to the economy

A manuscript by John Locke has been discovered in the archives of St. John's College library

Nicely stated: former ethics chief Richard Painter on impeachment

Remember Rusty Warren?

Prohibition-Era Gang Violence Spurred Congress To Pass First Gun Law

Is Trump the final coffin nail in the Republican Party?

Johnson tells Pence the British aren't 'keen' on chlorinated chicken, wants US to eat more haggis

New Jersey man posed as soldier in dating site scam - prosecutors

So who did Pence meet with

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest under attack

Rudy II

DeVos imposes record $4.5 million fine on Michigan State for systemic failure to address sexual abus

Columbus Meteorologist charged for kiddy porn

Andrea Mitchell seems annoyed with Gen. Mattis.

Not just Sharpie-gate: 7 other times officials tried to fabricate Trump's 'truth'


Mother of woman killed in C'ville in 2017 files $12 million wrongful death lawsuit against Fields

The religious right are saying GOD wants tRUMP!

Despite push to charge UVa torch ralliers, a legal case has not been made

Chain of Events Video

Italy successfully ejects far-right leader Salvini as new government is sworn in

preserving some fresh produce

Putin slams Italy's arrest of Russian executive Alexander Korshunov at U.S. request

Bricks of cocaine wash ashore in FL after Hurricane Dorian

See inside Amtrak's luxurious new train cars, the closest thing to European rail the US has yet seen

Animations Show the Melting Arctic Sea Ice, and What the Earth Would Look Like When ...

Damn All Those Who Value Institution Over Country

Animations Show the Melting Arctic Sea Ice, and What the Earth Would Look Like When ...

Raiders' GM and Antonio Brown at loggerheads; Brown doesn't show up for practice

This is insane. Tyrus on guns: "If my military has it, if my gov't has it, and we get into...

The Wisdom of Ram Dass Is Now Online: Stream 150 of His Enlightened Spiritual Talks as Free Podcasts

Columbus Meteorologist charged with posessing kiddy porn

Not Enough, But 2020 CLIMATE TOWN HALL/FORUM Hailed As Big Progress By Experts

Begun, on September 4, 1882: the electrical age

Alex Jones: Infowars De-Platforming Like Racial Segregation

Hurricane Dorian: Residents flee South Carolina coast ahead of storm

Neither can I!

Acquaintance passed away

A tornado has torn up homes in North Carolina! What kind of storm is that?

How tolling the Seattle tunnel may impact traffic

Should I go help strip all the milk, bread, and toilet paper from the local grocery?

Loch Ness Monster may be a giant eel, say scientists

USS North Carolina / Wilmington NC Webcam

Trump flashes anger about Alabama forecast as Dorian bears down on Carolinas

36 Hours in Syracuse, Sicily

The Human Cost of Amazon's Fast, Free Shipping (NYT)

Ocasio-Cortez rips Steve King after he shares video drinking from toilet-fountain hybrid at border

Stacey Abrams joins board of Priorities USA

Study: Restoring Washington wetlands can fight climate change

Woodinville Residents Confront Holocaust Denier

Fields Foods owner Chris Goodson collects millions from taxpayers but refuses to pay decent wages

Pentagon Lists Projects That Will Be Delayed to Fund Border Wall

IA Republican urges senators to keep social security cuts hidden

Everett Mall Sears to close by December, company says

🕳 in my 👞

'Bullying, harassment, intimidation': Dems penalize a leader

Mariana Atencio on MSNBC

Can anyone tell me the name of this cat toy?

New Yorker: Prince had grand plans for his autobiography but only a few months to live

I Honestly Think Boris Johnson Will Not Be PM For Much Longer..

I would absolutely hate to be a teacher at some swanky prep school.

Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think, Guy Lombardo

* your order is out for delivery *

Nation needs campaign finance watchdog on the job

Beto O'Rourke to Meghan McCain: You're 'Almost Giving' People 'Permission to Be Violent'

* NEW * Texas Poll - Biden 24%, O'Rourke 18%, Sanders 15%, Warren 13%, Harris 4%

Boris the man to lead Britain in its stupidest hour

If an immigrant had been shown to have doctored that weather map ...

Dig it! Up to 100 days razor clam digging on Long Beach Peninsula

Can you imagine Donald Trump putting up with this?

Sahara-Level Sand Dunes, Mediterranean-Blue Water: Welcome to Michigan.

🐦 SEPT 7 - 2019 NH Democratic Party State Convention - Bernie Sanders

King County ineligible for federal funding source to help homeless

Schedule for McGahn legal fight adds to pressure on impeachment backers

**Breaking** Contaminant found responsible for Vaping Deaths

Had Chinese for late lunch boog ate my fortune cookie plastic wrap and all

Trumplethinskin's next executive order?

Lawrence O'Donnell's Programme Last Night

Iran tanker: US offers captain millions to hand over ship

Art of the Sale: Inside the Room Where Women are Pitching Women on Trump 2020

Is it possible that the House could ask SC

CNN's climate town hall had 1.1 - 1.4 million viewers. Biden interview on Late Show had 2.4 million.

Wow! President tRump got a dog finally!

Cartoons 9/5/19

Well, that didn't happen or sorta did. (Echocardiogram)

EPA Wants to Revoke California Auto Regulation Powers

Trump shows what he claims is an accurate photo of his inauguration crowd

Dorian Text Message Update Instructions

Mike Pence received quite a welcome to Ireland

Boris Johnson says he would 'rather be dead in a ditch' than delay Brexit

The makers of Sharpie to introduce new Trump inspired pen!

Favorite cooking shows?

Pope Francis pushes a new theology of climate change

This map shows Dorian hitting Alabama...After being sent by Hillary & Obama

🐦 SEPT 16 - CANCELLED Galivants Ferry Stump with Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden Destroys Trump For Being A Global Laughingstock On Climate Change

Russia to make new missiles nuclear treaty would have banned

I'll be glaaaaad when you're deeeeed you rascal you!

All about the base

New Rasmussen poll (Yes Rasmussen) Most Plan to Vote Against Trump Next Year

Joe Biden will attend a fundraiser co-hosted by a fossil fuel company founder

Dorian will bring dangerous combination of wind, water to coastal Virginia on Friday

Florida man parks Smart car in kitchen so it won't blow away.

Manafort's lawyers: State charges are double jeopardy

Jesse Lee Peterson tells Andrew Yang to "go back where he came from..."

CA: Jurors have reached a verdict in "Ghost Ship" trial

It doesn't matter if it's sugary or diet: New study links all soda to an early death

"Please leave my town."

A man bought 100 generators to help the Bahamas


Minister announces intention to stand down

Volkswagen Will Now Convert Classic Beetles To Electric Power

I've been away from the news for awhile. What's this Trump Sharpie stuff all about?

It wasn't a debate, but CNN's 7-hour climate forum laid bare key differences among Democrats

You raised $150.00 on September 4, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

It's been six months since I joined the gym and I've made zero progress. I'm going there tomorrow

Boris Johnson's Unconservative Party

Boris Johnson says he would 'rather be dead in a ditch' than delay Brexit

Lord Buckethead: Why vote for me?

Colombia: Uribe Bribed Witness to Testify for Him

Bolsonaro branded despicable after torture taunts


Umm ... There's A Whistleblower About the President's Tax Returns

Umm ... There's A Whistleblower About the President's Tax Returns

This is worse than "the elephant in the room"; it is more like

Hankies ready?

Hometown paper hammers GOP senator for backing Trump's '$80 million punch to the gut'

Pope Francis, Texas bishops, oppose execution of man whose trial was tainted by racial bias.

I have zero apatite.

Monster Hunter World: Ice Borne drops tomorrow!

The Con actually thinking of changing to a new lapdog...LOL

Trump used Hurricane Dorian to promote his new campaign merch

Yeppers, my sharpie says I'm taller....

Entire fire company shuttered because they wouldn't address member's Proud Boys connection

Trump taking half a billion dollars from children of military families to pay for his wall

Before Jason Greenblatt gets lost in the swamp...testify

There is no lie when the truth is in plain sight?

TX Trump voter learns about plans for "the wall"..."I never thought they'd go through a subdivision"

Trump releases new world map.

Ethics Committee releases more details on allegations against David Schweikert

Ex-Honduras First Lady Gets 58 Years in Corruption Case

Trumplestiltskin is spinning out of control.

The Pentagon Wants More Control Over the News. What Could Go Wrong?

Please Do Not Feed The Wildlife

El Chapo wants his $14 billion dollar drugs fortune to be given to Mexican indigenous communities ra

Obama Makes Baby Stop Crying

We Always Knew Mike Pence Was Irrelevant, and Now We Know He's Corrupt, Too

Remember the widespread advocacy here of "no fly no buy" laws? I do:

Bowling Green Massacre survivors send much-needed supplies to hurricane-ravaged Alabama

Judge Rules Terrorism Watchlist Violates Constitutional Rights

WaPo: Biden bumbles while Sanders and Warren score in CNN's climate town hall

Trump moving to block California vehicle emissions rules

What If President Trump Truly Decompensated?

Trump's new Middle East coordinator is Jared's assistant Avi Berkowitz

Hometown paper hammers GOP SenThom Tillis for backing #Trump's '$80 million punch to the gut'

Heather Heyer's mother sues to prevent coward right-winger from profiting off murder

Show us on the map, Donald.

A Fresh, Well-Funded Start for Pete Buttigieg in Iowa

Governor's Briefing, 1600 hours, Dorian

Novatek Greenlights $21 Billion Russian Arctic LNG 2 Plant

Beto O'Rourke: Meghan McCain Is Almost Giving People 'Permission to Be Violent'

Beto O'Rourke: Meghan McCain Is Almost Giving People 'Permission to Be Violent'

The Trump Ship Is Sinking And House Republicans Are Retiring At A Record Pace

NH Primary Source: Ahead of NHDP convention, Sanders campaign rolls out 53 endorsements

Cool article in my local paper about people who rescue newborn kittens!

Who is Puppet #1 ? Boris or Donald?

Kid saves his money to go to Disney World, but with Dorian closing in...

Not Enough, But 2020 CLIMATE TOWN HALL/FORUM Hailed As Big Progress By Experts

S.D. law enforcement board unanimously reaffirms decision to revoke sheriff's license after sexual

Important Lesson From the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918

Walgreens, CVS, Wegmans ask shoppers to not openly carry firearms

Another West Wing departure leaves Kushner taking point on Middle East peace

Americans increasingly reject religion as politicians in Pennsylvania reject atheists and agnostics

Betsy DeVos imposes record $4.5 million fine on Michigan State over Larry Nassar case

Brexit Song (John Oliver, Last Week Tonight)

As Ivanka Trump visits, U.S. OKs $400 million Argentina highway investment

You don't realize it, but #Sharpiegate has serious ramifications for the 2020 election:

As Ivanka Trump visits, U.S. OKs $400 million Argentina highway investment

CNN's Harry Enten on Biden's lead in head to head matchup against Trump (average of all polls)

Here is proof that Trump thinks he can say anything, and get away with it. (he already has)

Quadriplegic inmate paralyzed in beating sues state Corrections department over injuries.

JFC! Boris Johnson even stands the same way Traitor Trump stands.

Devin Nunes Drops Suit Against Own Constituents To Spend More Time Suing The RICOs

The Calvert County Department of Public Safety reminds citizens to prepare

Cuddling with babies or children may look nice but it's not an indicator of leadership

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 6 September 2019

Trump did do something good for once

Why conservative Christians don't believe in climate change

Federal appeals court again affirms decision in North Dakota state bar case

El Sharpo:

Gotta say, Pete has been doing great the last few days.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 5, 2019

Biden Still Plans On Attending Fundraiser Hosted By Gas Company Exec

Something to think about. Look around. Seems true to me.

Luckovich-Do you use a sharpie?

Joe Biden Claims He Didn't Know A Fossil Fuel Executive Was Hosting A Fundraiser For Him

Bernie Sanders in climate change 'population control' uproar

Trump plays darts

Marvin Gaye with the music and backing vocals removed is astonishing

North Dakota's largest oil company butts heads with state over emissions regulations

Where Will the US Base Intermediate-Range Missiles in the Pacific?

he's not giving up.

$20,571,428.57 per mile for his stupid wall

Cause Texas

Ivanka Trump is acting as if everything is normal

When a baby cries during a speech, this is the response that I expect from a statesman...

The Fluffiest Bois of All Time!

Amazing-WH Releases statement from homeland security claiming that Trump was right about Alabama

It would be FOOLHARDY to award TODAY'S INTERNET to anyone other than Ms. Joy Behar.

Workforce shortage in North Dakota impacting both prosecutors and public defenders

Earthquake potential under Ports of LB and LA higher than previously believed: Recent study suggests

Cute Kitten Is Determined To Survive With Her Brother By Her Side

2020 US Senate Election- US Senators who are leaving and their replacement.

Tensions rise in Colombia as top mafia lawyer set to testify in Uribe case

Cannabis saves lives

A natural gas company co-founder as a fundraiser is wonderful and this is why

Broke law by pulling from park entrance fees during shutdown

Trump to Challenge California Mileage Standard

His behavior and 2020

As Disasters Multiply, Billions in Recovery Funds Go Unspent

Most Plan to Vote Against Trump Next Year

"It was the strawberries (weather map). That's where I had them (fake news). I proved

Can anything yet be done to stop Trump's theft of 3.6 billion dollars from the military

Fox News correspondent destroys President Trump's false claim about Hurricane Dorian's path

Joe Biden is kicking backsides and taking numbers..

Colombia's VP denies defense minister was checking out Ivanka Trump's butt

Johns Hopkins Opens New Center for Psychedelic Research

CNN's climate town halls were better than the debates. What was the DNC afraid of?

A friend wrote The police state comes home!

Too much electricity is bad for the soul

Trump has Kid Rock and Warren has

Pentagon chief suggests European allies replace funds diverted to border wall

Pentagon chief suggests European allies replace funds diverted to border wall

A friend wrote The police state comes home!

The short arc of a Sharpie captures the long arc of Trump

Pentagon chief says he currently has no plan to seize Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1

Tropical Storm Warnings issued for Mass. coast, Martha's V. and Nantucket I.

Daily Beast: Trump world anxiety grows over the rise of Elizabeth Warren.

Big Oil undermines U.N. climate goals with $50 billion of new projects: report

We are losing two major hospitals in the upper

Got an email, but did not open it yet.

Irish Media Dumps On Mike Pence: He Came As A Guest And 'S**t On The New Carpet'

Wanna buy a boat?

Are Faux News (and Its Corporate Sponsors) Trying to Get Someone to Primary Trump?

We Used to Say That It Didn't Matter

San Francisco Passes Resolution Deeming The NRA A Domestic Terrorist Organization

U.S. audit regulator levied only $6.5 million in fines in 16 years: study

Hurricane Dorian is spawning tornadoes in Carolinas

What is the deal with Trump and Alabama?

In 25 Years, So Paulo Gained 2,433 New Churches with Evangelical Expansion

😳 I wasn't sure weather or not to do this but.....MEMES 😁😆

CNN & White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham spar over a mistake in CNN's Hurricane coverage

Missing Lake Washington Boaters Identified

Wouldn't it be great if...

U.S. Treasury warns anyone fueling Iran tanker risks being blacklisted

Pence's stay at Trump property in Ireland is focus of Democratic Senator's inquiry

Farm loan delinquencies surge in U.S. election battleground Wisconsin

Farm loan delinquencies surge in U.S. election battleground Wisconsin

House to vote on stopgap bill to avert shutdown

"Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice," New Documentary On the 'Rock Queen'

13 Funny Sharpie Memes People Made After Trump Showed A Fake Hurricane Forecast Map