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How many staffers can you name who aren't with Bernie 2020

Boris Johnson takes a wrecking ball to government and gets hit himself

The 8th Amendment is being violated

I know why RUMP supporters will support him NO MATTER WHAT

Question regarding enamel roasting pans

I switched to Linux, and so far I like it.

Britain must repatriate Isis fighters, warns US defence secretary

Britain must repatriate Isis fighters, warns US defence secretary

A few words from Michael Moore

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of our fellow humans are dead in the Bahamas

Ironically, only Trump True Believers would be potentially harmed by Sharpiegate

& Mexico Will Pay For The Wall.

Doug Collins, Defending Trump in Impeachment Inquiry, Seeks Georgia Senate Seat

Sears closing more stores as hundreds lose jobs at HQ

Trump's clothing store . . . . Emperors Are Us

Hank Gilbert is running to defeat Louie Gohmert!

Trump called Fox News correspondent into Oval Office to argue he wasn't wrong about Alabama

A Hairiccane!

Apple Chart in order

Trump administration unveils plan to revamp the housing market

Ghost Ship Trial: Max Harris acquitted, mistrial declared for Derick Almena

FCC Commissioner Asks RIAA to Investigate Payola Allegations

Democrats' Most Plugged-In Voting Bloc Seems To Be Coalescing Behind Warren

US Open semi-final Spoiler

Trump has Sharpieitis

De Adder Draws Trump - Sharpie In Hand

Houston man first person charged nationwide since bump stock ban

Religious Nut Threatens Hurricane in Name of Jesus

New campaign video from Kamala - dealing with cancer.

Mike Pence Got Colorfully Taunted On His Way To Meet Iceland's President

Damn! Trump gets to fill yet another vacancy on powerful Atlanta court

Melania's 'Einstein Visa' Was Based on Her Having a College Degree -- Which She Lied About Having

Mattis turns up heat on climate change deniers, pushes for more federal action on 'national security

Ok, now i'm really mad....the Ave Marie to sell a kids drum set from Amazon???

Slow death of a shopping center.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike!

DU sleuths. Was Trump's golf club in Charlotte, NC area financed with Russian money?

Shep Smith destroys Trump's fake news, & Trump calls Fox's John Roberts into Oval Office to whine

Plutocracy: Part 1 Divide et Impera (Divide & Rule) Documentary

Donald Trump Has Never Explained a Mysterious $50 Million Loan. Is It Evidence of Tax Fraud?

Shocked Mums Hear Boogie Woogie For The First Time

Joshua Johnson on MSNBC minutes ago compared Biden to Robert Downey Jr. in the Avengers films

Arrgh! What movie is this line from?

Trump called Fox News correspondent into Oval Office to argue he wasn't wrong about Alabama

History in our future history books.

Who is watching Rachel?

Pentagon chief suggests European allies replace funds diverted to border wall

Two Kentucky miners shown in Amy McGrath (Dem senate candidate) ad want it taken down. Here's why.

Sources: Cuomo Pushes to Move NY Presidential Primary to February

Bob Dylan - "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"

Pentagon chief suggests European allies replace funds diverted to border wall

Moro's Approval Rate Surpasses Bolsonaro's by 25 points

Umm ... There's A Whistleblower About the President's Tax Returns


Upcoming Linda Ronstadt documentary

TX-31: Actor from legendary bad movie 'The Room' running for House against veteran Texas Republican

What Kamala said

Farm loan delinquencies surge in U.S. election battleground Wisconsin

R. Kelly's trial date on sexual misconduct charges is set for April

GA-SEN: Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath reportedly considering running in special Senate election

Farm loan delinquencies surge in U.S. election battleground Wisconsin

Nearly 900 more wind turbines coming to South Dakota

Vibrate Higher -- Outkast -- Legacy of Marvin Gaye

U.S. voices concern over Myanmar army's lawsuit against religious leader

Brazil's Bolsonaro picks top prosecutor who agrees with him on environment

Brazil's Bolsonaro picks top prosecutor who agrees with him on environment

Sack weighs in on Spanky's Sharpie use

Trump enlists Rear Admiral to lie for him about Alabama

Chris Cornell - "Nothing Compares 2 U" (Prince Cover) [Live @ SiriusXM] Lithium

Thanks, Trump!

Opinion-Formation and Issue-Framing Effects of Russian News in Kyrgyzstan

Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally

Oh, you'll LOVE the "Jesse IFB/SDV quickly" reply to Trump's "Looking forward to SHS on Fox" tweet.

Is Trump trying to establish himself as non compos mentis to avoid prosecution when he is ousted?

Baby girl sees mom for the first time

WaPo: "It was Trump who used a black Sharpie to mark up an official NOAA map..."

Jared's Middle East Coordinator. 28 years old. 2016 Harvard graduate.

Just found this tonight

DU, I have a *graphic* question

Has Captain Donnie Queeg caught the strawberry thief yet?

Hours of the Top 50 CAISO Electricity Loads in California, July 2019.

A dog and a nail clipper

Trimp lifts tariffs on Sharpies from China!

Great Headline from The Scottish Sun - "Floppy Johnson Can't Get An Election"

Another bank sues School Bus, Inc. for $1 million in defaulted loans

Joe Biden Talks To Stephen Colbert: Full Extended Interview

A "desperate, rattled Trump" is considering a new VP -- like Nikki Haley.

Elizabeth Warren explains how to run a flawless campaign

With 16 Months to go, Negative Partisanship Predicts the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Daily Show: Fires Ravage the Amazon

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Thinks We Are All Idiots

Maybe the Trump Group (LLC) made this Alabama Bullshit happen....and

Twitter says tweet falsely tying Texas gunman to Beto O'Rourke doesn't break its rules

Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding

Joe Biden leads, Beto O'Rourke 2nd in presidential poll of Texas Democrats

Muscle Shoals Sound Studios founder Jimmy Johnson dies

Seth Meyers - Marianne Williamson Wants to Attack Trump's Third Eye - Monologue - 9/4/19

Seriously, could you pick a better President to sell out this Country?

Trump announces deal to move Sharpie factory from China to Alabama!

Col. Bruce & ARU: Compared To What

Mexican cartel forces gas stations to refuse army vehicles

Kitty walks the modeling catwalk (literally)

Seth Meyers - Trump Keeps Lying About Hurricane Dorian and Alabama: A Closer Look

The right wing duality

I think I just had an inspiration: "Leningrad Lindsay (Graham)"!

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, September 6, 2019

Parson pledges money, highway patrol to curb St. Louis gun violence -- but not gun control

Feared Missing In The Bahamas: 23 Relatives Of Sidney Poitier

Mayor Pete will be on the Late Show in a couple of minutes, after the break.

Who exactly is paying for Donald Trump's border wall


DPS arrests former Huntington police chief

Avenatti: Putin then responded. "We understand each other."

Another Recession Sign to Ignore at Your Peril - WSJ

American Bar Association President Meets Asylum Seekers In Rio Grande Valley

Beto O'Rourke took a BoltBus to Boston, and people had questions

Beto O'Rourke took a BoltBus to Boston, and people had questions

America is a lie

The Sharpie Meme

Viktor Orban trumpets Hungary's 'procreation, not immigration' policy

Incredulous that there is only one post on Rachel's show tonite! Where was everyone?

MLS takes on Portland's most passionate fans over protests. What's this feud about?

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 8, 2019 - Starring Carol Lynley

TCM Schedule for Monday September 9, 2019 - Jean Hersholt

German tourist sued for complaints about hotel's Nazi portraits

Two Indicted for $4 Million Warranty Fraud Scheme is reporting Robert Mubgabe of Zimbabwe has died at 95

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's first post-independence leader, has died at the age of 95.

Justice Department Reaches Settlement Agreement with Physicians and El Paso Physicians Group over

Man charged 55k for a single beer in Manchester hotel

So you thought your day was bad? Here's mine:

Second Haverford College Student Pleads Guilty to Attempt to Access President Trump's Tax

Father and Son Owners of Ambulette Company Plead Guilty To $8.6 Million Healthcare Kickback Scheme

Italian Shipping Company Sentenced to Pay $4 Million for Concealment of Pollution From Vessel

Gun Used in Texas Shooting Was Illegally Manufactured and Sold: REPORT

In Latest Humiliation, Boris Johnson's Dog Resigns As His Pet (Borowitz)

Salman Rushdie destroys Trump for 'inventing a mythology of a false past' to justify his actions

Accountant Who Cheated Her Friends and Clients via a $27.5 Million Ponzi Scheme Sentenced to More

I am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant, and all-around obnoxious asshole

Ghost Ship trial: 1 found not guilty; hung jury for co-defendant

PBS⊙NEWSHOUR: (Catch hold of the statistic re: the world's animal kingdom's habitat IN THIS FOREST!)

Where did all the people go? I see close ups of totally destroyed towns

Bahamas death toll rises to 30 as aid finally flows in. Devastation is 'unimaginable'

American Airlines mechanic in Miami charged with sabotaging plane. It aborted takeoff.

Lawsuit aims to end solitary confinement of children in Florida

DeSantis says Hurricane Dorian left Florida with "tens of millions of dollars" in damage

Trevor Noah interview with Governor Steve Bullock

Teaming up to save a kitten on the road

Stephanie Murphy, Blue Dogs demand Russia anti-meddling legislation

Work set to start on 66-story tower that will be Austin's tallest

Retired state workers haven't seen pension bump in 17 years

Bernie Sanders - Late Night With Seth Meyers

Here's what the Democrats hoping to unseat Sen. John Cornyn said at a Frisco forum

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/5/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Mayor Pete Buttigieg Wants To Solve Problems For The Next Generation

Undocumented workers vital to fast-growing DFW economy, Rep. Marc Veasey says

Mystery surrounds lost German sea data station

Syria war: Turkey warns Europe of new migrant wave

Merriam-Webster: A 'mumpsimus' is a stubborn person who insists on making an error in spite of being

North Korea Takes Down US Senator Ted Cruz, 'A Demon In Human Shape'

Texas Attorney General Stayed Quiet For Months as a Gun Owner Sent Threats to Kill Immigrants: Repor

Germany's Merkel says Hong Kong's rights should be protected

Trump may have committed tax fraud by fabricating a loan to avoid paying income taxes on nearly $50M

Criticism grows over Johnson's use of police for political speech

Student threatens to shoot up Odessa High School

Challenge to UK Parliament suspension fails

Challenge to UK Parliament suspension fails

Missouri's H-2A Housing Inspections Missed Deficiencies For Years

Lack of transportation is impacting healthcare in Rio Grande Valley

Ohio Set To Remove More Than 200,000 People From Its Voter Rolls

Former Gregg County GOP chairman sentenced to a year in federal prison

Almost 5,000 Smith County families to see medical debt paid through Green Acres Baptist donations

Must Read: Count Rod Rosenstein, the guy who tapped Robert Mueller, among Trump's toadies. Sad!

UK pensioners suffer massive increase in poverty

Mike Pence accused of humiliating hosts in Ireland

Hans Prinzhorn's Artistry of the Mentally Ill (1922)

Feared Missing in the Bahamas: 23 Relatives of Sidney Poitier

Bernie Sanders struggles to win over older voters

Brexit : Taoiseach Varadkar warns Johnson 'worst yet to come' ahead of showdown.

'Like an Addiction': On the Road With Trump's Rally Diehards

Federal student loan forgiveness program rejects almost everyone, again

Posted on Facebook by a great DU'er: Colombia: CIA Platform for Aggression against Venezuela

About 1 Year After Florence & Michael Hit NC, Almost Nothing Done To Stop Next Flood Of Hog Manure

Return Of The Blob - New North Pacific Heat Wave Among Largest Of Its Kind In Instrumental Record

DOD Set Up Hurricane Logistics Base In Montgomery, AL, Where It Would Be Safe From Dorian

More Americans Than Ever Accept Validity Of Climate Science, Warming Threat, Except For Republicans

Remember that "greatly anticipated" campaign from Howard Schultz?

Rick Wilson: Policy papers are a delusion, Democrats. This is a Trump referendum and you're blowing

Too Big To Jail?

Survivorship bias. It seems as if only parents of kids who want to go into

Breakfast Friday 6 September 2019

Andrew Yang on CBS This Morning 9/5/19

Andrew Yang on CBS This Morning 9/5/19

John Kerry "We Can't Leave Climate Emergency to the" Neanderthals "in Power

Howard Schultz drops plans to run as independent candidate in 2020

Boris and Donald: two leaders afraid to do the hard work of running a country

Republicans to scrap primaries and caucuses as Trump challengers cry foul

THIS is the scandal that will bring the GOP down

The Rundown: September 5, 2019

Pick of the Week: "The Wicked and The Divine" #45

The origin of Superheroes: Omega Men

Louisa Ann Swain of Laramie arrived to vote today. She was 1st legal Woman Voter

September 6 - Happy Birthday Rep. Danny K. Davis (D) IL-7th

September 6 - Happy Birthday Rep. Bill Keating (D) MA-9th

Breaking News: The Trump White House finally gets a dog!

September 6 - Happy Birthday Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D) TX-29th

The NRA will use this to claim Red Flag Laws won't work

MSNBC's Kasie Hunt had a baby boy!

The Special Counsel (Mueller) Report

He was known to pick a song or two

Republicans to scrap primaries and caucuses

The Trump itself just made THIS one relevant again:

U.S. economy adds just 130,000 jobs in August amid worries

Will Hoge - Middle Of America


SHS is writing her memoirs! What should the title be?

MEDIA!!!!Forget the darn sharpie! What is happening with

Wall unbuilt

Fox News is trying to get on the good side of Trump, again?

The infomercial (LTTE)

Black Confederates Book update & his bibliography

This just in: "SABOTAGE"

How to help the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

Failed Trump judicial nominee shuts down FEC to help corprats & wealthy secretly influence elections

Sigh, one of our cats seems to have dementia

"Pocahontas" thing isn't working

Joe Biden Subconjunctival hemorrhage (blood in eye)

August Jobs report flops, 130,000 jobs added.

CNN Tonight With Don Lemon 9/5/19...............just in case no one saw this last night............

Friday TOONs - Looking Sharpie


I went temporarily insane after staring at this mouth for 45 seconds without blinking.

The war on children

Sharpie jokes are one thing

Major Flat-Earth org has harassed and abused critics and is now in serious legal trouble.

Plan to host G-7 revives emoluments issue

Dorian will impact Maine this weekend

Shep Smith: "He decries fake news that isn't, and disseminates fake news that is."

the DoBo project - a scheme to spark global mayhem spearheaded by Donald and Boris

'All of us start from zero. We take the right decision and become a hero'

Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; Heavy Rain, Wind, Storm Surge


Bahamas official warns people to prepare for the 'unimaginable' as hurricane death toll rises to 30

MN-07: Peterson Moves from Lean Democratic to Toss Up

Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk On The Ocean

Saints QB Drew Brees defends himself after appearing in video produced by anti-LGBTQ group

'I don't see any path for Biden to win the nomination without South Carolina'

Trump needs to lie on top of a lie to prove he was right. No matter how stupid it looks.

Why Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is The Only Candidate With A 'True Black Agenda'

NC-09: House race boils down to Trump

Darwin Award nominee?

Opposition parties agree to block election until Brexit delay secured

New Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "The Only Way"

This tweet by the asshole didn't age well

An old strange story about a stupid liar who told the truth.

"But her emails!", "Where are the transhcripts?" This is what "corporatist" Democrats DO:

California dive boat owner quickly asks judge to limit payouts to victims' families

Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his homophobia. I'd honestly forgotten about this

'Einstein's Biggest Blunder' May Have Finally Been Fixed

drumph's massive debt - and another scam goes unpunished so far

I have two extra tickets for the Polk County (IA) Steak Fry with candidate speeches

N.C. House race boils down to Trump after two years of drama and fraud allegations

Who remember the show "Match Game"?

Florida man arrested in Walmart shooting threat called himself white nationalist in Facebook post

Pic Of The Moment: Support The Troops?

Trump drains US spending in Europe to pay for wall with Mexico

Oy vey...WSJ publishes an in-depth look at MAGAts who are addicted to Trump and "attend every rally"

Former Trump exec says the president cares 'less about his job now than he did' running his company

LISTEN: Furious Stoner Calls Police to Demand They Return His 'Prestige F*cking Weed'

Bigfoot and the Nessie research, instead of FDA and EPA studies!

Did many DUers watch the climate town halls?

Some happy news for the Buttigieg supporters..

Learn to write letters like a clueless millionaire!

Rachel Maddow-Sanctions against Russia...dismantled by the Trump admiminstration

Pet Calming Diffusers, I learned this today

118 Years Ago Today; Shots rings out in the Temple of Music at the Pan-American Expo in Buffalo NY

Howard Schultz ends Presidential Campaign

Plug In Pet Calming Diffusers and the electrostatic charge

"The Most Immoral, Unethical Thing I've Ever Seen In My 15 Years Of Politics"

He's doing it again...

Jimmy Reed was born on this date

The Twit is still tweeting about Alabama.

Trump's New Mideast Point Man Is Jared Kushner's Former Coffee Boy

Trump Shows Sharpie-Altered Hurricane Map

LOL: Fox CALLS OUT Trump's Sharpie-Altered Hurricane Map

This is just the beginning of the design to continue the dictatorship.


I have two extra tickets for the Polk County Steak Fry with candidate speeches

Diagnosis on Netflix. Highly recommended. I couldn't stop watching.

Chemehuevi Tribe

What about the lie?

Just 130k jobs created in Aug. Trending downward. PLUS: did tRump leak pre-public news???

Trump's pissed that he's been called a frigging idiot for 4 days over Alabama "without an apology"

Delta Air Lines will use facial recognition cameras at LAX boarding gates

A mystery in the world's oldest desert - enjoy!

67 Years Ago Today; The Farnborough Airshow Tragedy kills 31

Boys Allegedly Fed Their Teachers Urine And Semen

'You are failing': Former GOP supporter of Mitch McConnell tears into the majority leader

Has anyone seen this episode of "Trackdown"? Trump supporters never change....

O'Rourke campaign stung by Twitter smear, implores tech firms to erase disinformation

Owner of Jeep explains why it was left on beach at Myrtle Beach during Hurricane Dorian

Washington Post: Trump was the one who altered Dorian trajectory map with Sharpie

Donald Trump Has Never Explained a Mysterious $50 Million Loan. Is It Evidence of Tax Fraud?

A Sign-o-the Times? Tucker Carlson condemns Walmart.

Australia experiences worst flu season on record

Australia experiences worst flu season on record

Why the coming recession could force the Federal Reserve to swap greenbacks for digital dollars

Press Secretary Grisham and Principal Deputy Press Secretary Gidley spreading fake news:

North Carolina Outer Banks - Pamlico Sound high water flash flood

Brexit party support would rise from 9% to 18% in an election after Oct 31st

Yahoo! I got my Ticketmaster class action settlement!

Anyone else getting repeated robocalls from the Republican National Committee?

House Democrats Announce Investigation of Pence's Ireland Trip

Asteroid horror: Egypt struck by killer space rocks that are 'master key' to life on Mars

So, automakers are being investigated for making cars too clean....

Did the VA remove Bibles and ban Christmas carols? Fact check

White House Prepares to Revoke California's Right to Set Tougher Pollution Rules

My brain, while watching Meghan McCain and Pamela Anderson getting into a verbal punch out

Ernst wants to "fix Social Security behind closed doors, not scrutinized by this group or the other"

So, what DO you do

Brexit: Bill intended to block no deal to become law after being passed by House of Lords - live new

Apple made Siri deflect questions on feminism, leaked papers reveal

It's Show Day Today!

"Timmy down there almost ate your face, Dumbass..."

H&M stops buying leather from Brazil over Amazon fires

Why is everyone ignoring the REAL news today?

H&M stops buying leather from Brazil over Amazon fires


Norway issues rightwing terror warning for year ahead

Congress targets President Trump for using the Oval Office to line his pockets

How long til we find out his dad gave him a sled called "Alabama"

Spot the Bulls hitter

Now Chumpy will start selling Sharpies as a campaign fund raiser!

Tropical Storm Warning Extended to Chesapeake Bay Bordering Calvert County ❗

You're my cat and-dammit- I'm cuddling you

Phosphate fertiliser 'crisis' threatens world food supply

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; September 6, 2019

Mr. Walsh needs our thoughts and prayers

More trouble next week at the zenith of peak season

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 6, 2019 -- TCM Spotlight: College Football

Canadian court backs trans teen who feared being 'stranded' by father's bid to stop transition

Any experts in weather, lakes, wind, waves?

Trump's mental decline is perfectly clear for those with eyes to see and ears to hear

🤖 ☎️ 🚨

"The Senate won't remove him" - why this is a pathetically weak argument

Photos: The Wreckage Left by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

Die Krupps - "Nazis Auf Speed" (Official Video)

Fed says Trump's trade fight is cutting U.S. economic growth

Trump reportedly suspending military aid to Ukraine to force them to investigate Joe Biden

NYT push notification vs. WaPo push notification (regarding jobs numbers):

US to allow trophy hunter to import body of rare black rhino

Trump's food stamp rule change will hurt 19 million households

US limits amount of money that Americans can send to Cuba

US limits amount of money that Americans can send to Cuba

US to allow trophy hunter to import body of rare black rhino

Anyone read Senator Sanders' book "Outsider in the White House"(2015)?

Sanders rolls out 'Bezos Act' that would tax companies for welfare their employees receive

Botham Jean shooting: Jury to be selected for ex-cop who killed unarmed black man

Columbus Meteorologist with the kiddy porn charges is out on 50K bail

Federal transit agency approves Honolulu rapid rail plan

Medellin energy company called to appear before war crimes tribunal

BP Equinor oil spill Grand Bahama

U.S. launches antitrust probe into California automaker agreement

U.S. launches antitrust probe into California automaker agreement

Here's Every Project Being Delayed to Pay For President Trump's Idiotic Border Wall

The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe Day 3: the fixers and the prison mate

Sneaky! Driver busted using Sharpie to avoid renewing license plate tabs

Very soon, this could be the fate of American journalism.

Extremely desperate Tim Ryan seems to think attacking Biden will help him

When you go down an internet rabbit hole

RIP ThinkProgress: The Top Progressive News Site Has Shut Down

I promise to try and restrain myself from posting Sharpie memes, but this one is just too funny

Trump campaign is selling branded markers after Sharpie-gate

Wow, it was even closer to losing WWII than we knew.

Seattle non-profit finds food trucks to feed the homeless

Don't like the source but this is troubling

Howard Schultz (former Starbucks CEO) drops out of POTUS race.

Completed, on September 6, 1869: a railroad line that extended from the Eastern US to the West Coast

Trump Aides' Poll Finds Gun Control Politically Problematic for the President

WEATHER in Ocean City MD

Bill De Blasio Is So Bad At This

AZ GOP Vows To Stop Mark Kelly -- Husband Of Gabby Giffords -- 'Dead In His Tracks'

Ann Coulter says Trump 'deserves to lose,' will vote for him anyway

Bahamians lash out over disaster response: "We are on our own"

Evangelist Benny Hinn gets busted for pushing the prosperity gospel just 2 days after renouncing it

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says She's 'Startled' Women Keep 'Relentlessly' Attacking Her in Restaurants

I think the only question left is: When do they impeach?

A cruise line is offering free evacuations to those on Grand Bahama Island

Trump drags his Alabama hurricane claims into 6th day

Justice Department Launches Antitrust Probe Into Four Auto Makers

Boris Johnson's Irish border plan stalls after 'disastrous' EU talks

Tenaja fire rages in California: "They don't know which way it's going to go"

Growing pups

Boris Johnson: No one thought a UK Prime Minister could be worse than Theresa May. Until now.

How does one post a photo here?

Coalition of attorneys general launches antitrust investigation into Facebook

Foxconn to manufacture robotic Airport coffee Baristas.

Sarah Sanders makes debut as Fux Noise contributor

Madagascar forest destruction wiping out humans' tiniest relative

Texas governor issues executive orders after two mass shootings

City of Seattle announces 2 permanently affordable sites to increase homeownership

Latinx Democrats In Texas Support O'Rourke Over Castro And Biden In New Poll

Sharpie reveal

Exclusive: Feds Order Apple And Google To Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App

This is the first time in my life I have occasionally craved alcohol.

Sharpiegate In Washington: Driver Edits Expired Tab With Marker

Miners union president: 'Coal's not back. Nobody saved the coal industry.'

Donnie Two Scoops explains the map just one last time ...

James Benjamin Parker: An American Hero who would've saved a POTUS if not for crappy doctors

Forest grows in the middle of a football stadium in Austria. (hit link to see several pictures)

Trump Administration Considers a Drastic Cut in Refugees Allowed to Enter U.S.

AZ-SEN: Arizona GOP Pledges to Stop Kelly 'Dead In His Tracks'

We can stop the social security money problem.

Hurricane Dorian: 'Hundreds trapped' on N Carolina island

Fox & Friends Stunned: First Responders Did Not Validate the FOX News 'War On Cops' Narrative

Caster Semenya joins South African football team JVW

Trump Considers a Drastic Cut in Refugees

WAPO: Trump intentionally witholding WH visit & military aid to Ukraine, attempt to extort re: Biden

Union leader: We back Bernie Sanders because he has 'petitioned for American workers'

Lawyers for Epstein accuser Giuffre asking to interview Prince Andrew

So I've started commuting by bike, in NYC

Trump withholding aid to Ukraine to extort them into investigating Biden

Trump admin to pay to take British journalists on 'chlorinated chicken' tours

ThinkProgress, a Top Progressive News Site, Has Shut Down (Daily Beast story)

Justice Department Probes Automakers Who Cut Deal

US border: Mexico announces 56% migrant drop after crackdown

US border: Mexico announces 56% migrant drop after crackdown

You want an example of a "Red Flag"?

Asking for a friend: Where is a certain former NYC mayor and overall vile human being?

Canan Kaftanciouglu: Turkish opposition figure faces jail for tweets

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 7, 2019 -- The Essentials: Inspiring Teachers

Americans' Views Of The Economy Are Partisan, But They're Not Immune To Bad News

Johnson's statements about Brexit negotiations bear little relation to reality

'Clawback' could make a comeback in aerospace tax break debate

Everett woman linked to possible hit man in attorney's killing

I-5 southbound lanes to close overnight in Mountlake Terrace

"Why aren't you in Alabama!?!"

Do you think Trump will give a rally in Alabama? roflmao

How best to pay for national parks' upkeep

Guest opinion: Trump's deregulation is great for both employers and employees

McConnell backs free spech, except when aimed at him

CNN video clip RE: hurricane damage in the Bahamas

REALLY fucking STRUGGLING to understand why this isn't an impeachable offense...

New Google policy bars ads for unproven stem cell therapies

Trump DOJ response to Dorian

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #3 "Scottish"

Republicans move to nix primaries in show of support for Trump

No, it's NOT "just a stupid thing with a Sharpie"... and this is why:

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 2 movies you'll want to watch/record

Happy 82nd Birthday Jo Anne Worley! 🥧

Cartoons 9/6/19

Lis Smith: The Buttigieg Campaign will not be going negative

To make Trump's head explode, Obama should hold a rally for no reason in Alabama next week

Sebastian Gorka does ads

NEW TODAY: #Bernie2020 in Nevada launches Muslims for Bernie

The Big Con...'Only Stupid people pay taxes'

Give Yourself One Point For Each Thing You Have NOT Done

Sen. Sanders' Statement on passing the Green New Deal in the Senate by Simple Majority

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 6, 2019

Washington Post: Trump was the one who altered Dorian trajectory map with Sharpie

CA will lose $8 million meant to help National Guard assist in firefighting so Dump can fund wall

Joe Biden Vows Not To Take Fossil Fuel Money At UWS Fundraiser Hosted By Fossil Fuel Leader

America is running out of White Claw hard seltzer

A Soup at the Edge of Summer

Yale Environment 360: On the Alabama Coast, the Unluckiest Island in America

I Thinking About Buying A Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Along With The Office Suite.....

What media is ignoring about Sharpiegate

The Real Donald Trump Is a Character on TV

the presidential impeachment power has been of rather limited value ever since 1804.

Mudvayne - Happy

Boris Johnson calls David Cameron 'girly swot' in leaked note

And the academy award goes to....

🐦 SEPT 7 at 3PM - Canvass Kickoff with Bernie Sanders - Manchester, NH

You raised $16.00 on September 5, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Houston Safari Club forms PAC to fight trophy hunting restrictions

Anyone else run "reversed" brakes, right hand front?

When English needs a better verb, coin it. Trump was ELECTORALCOLLEGED president.

Two more beach shots

Why can't people lose something I can use!

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2: III

Trump Dismantling US Response To Russian Annexation Of Crimea - Rachel Maddow

Invisible People Report: Criminalization of Homelessness Continues to Increase

Chris Christie We have lost the ability to admit I have made a mistake

Holy Coincidence, Batman! There's a Wayne Manor in Arlington

How To Ride A Motorcycle Very Fast

This is why they call you the dumb one, Eric.

Zero Privacy in the USA - DMVs Are Selling Your Data to Private Investigators

Yosemite hiker killed in fall from Half Dome

Bloomberg Law tried to suppress its erroneous Labor Dept. story

Dorian Text Message Resource Instructions

Mindless Mitch is just as big of liar as Trump!

"Bodies Everywhere"

India almost made it!

GAO: Trump's Interior Dept illegally used fees to keep national parks open during his Shutdown...

Sean Connery, 89, rode out Hurricane Dorian in his Bahamas home

Pug puppy goes absolutely bonkers for dinner time

India Loses Contact With Chandrayaan-2 Mission During Moon Landing Attempt

Why Big Agriculture is the Biggest Obstacle to Solving Climate Change

09/08 Mike Luckovich: Category 5

Now officially antibusiness

If the orange menace had not been born with a silver spoon,

Cashing in on the Alabama 'Sharpie' controversy

Couple Rescues Cat Stranded On Mountaintop

Biden was spotted wearing a Moms Demand Action lapel pin

Please direct me to wall I can beat my head against...(Alabama)

These people found a HUGE sea turtle completely stuck in fishing net -- and raced to cut him free 💚

WOW: NOAA releases a Friday evening, unattributed statement disavowing the NWS Birmingham tweet...

This guy's been friends with a sweet wild shark for 20 years ❤️ 🦈

DORIAN: Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Slower & It's Terrifying

Trump is our "Commodus".

Escalating war on reality

More House Republicans Ask: Why Win Re-election When You Can Retire Instead

American Airlines mechanic sabotaged plane's navigation system amid labor dispute, feds say

The smaller the issue, the more it reveals

The Guanyin of Nanshan (Avalokitesvara)

Meme Of The Day!

A Portion of the Proceeds From Tonight's Blog Will Go to Victims of Hurricane-Ravaged Alabama

Middle East peace initiative gets worse

Idea could put Social Security in a serious bind

Just more grifters grifting the other grifters.....

This is what a little bit of love does for a scared puppy ❤️

Opinion: Looking forward to the general election debate? Not so fast.

Moving $3.6 billion from military to border wall could hurt GOP senators

The original Toccata and Fugue is the best.

The Wrong Way to Contrast With Trump on Trade

It's a boy!

That Business Insider article on Trump's mental decline...proof of how spineless "insiders" can be

Groucho Marx and Samuel Goldwyn

Aides Worried About Trump's Mental State

Secret Files Show Efforts to Racial Gerrymander Districts

Hope someone here can answer this!

The Republican War on the Capital Gains Tax

'He's losing his s---': Trump's advisers are increasingly worried about his mental state following..

Evaluating the Leak Potential of Giant Fossil Fuel Waste Dumps by Modeling Undersea Vents.

The pitcher with 300 wins who has the highest W/L percentage over career

Trump is trying to bully California and carmakers into giving up on climate change

Scoop: Howard Schultz to end presidential campaign

Shadow in Time

Why Presidential Campaigns Are Doling Out So Much Ice Cream

New license plate chosen

How bots and far-right figures spread a lie about Beto O'Rourke and the Odessa shooting

How bots and far-right figures spread a lie about Beto O'Rourke and the Odessa shooting

Bernie Sanders won't endorse John Hickenlooper in Senate race

I just heard Ari and Joe Walsh say on The Beat that

Salvadoran prosecutors take aim, again, at woman in abortion case

Salvadoran prosecutors take aim, again, at woman in abortion case

Screaming about another gaffe by VP Biden does not shake his supporters up one iota

Treasure trove of artifacts discovered near this Colorado city

US sends pregnant migrant having contractions back to Mexico

US sends pregnant migrant having contractions back to Mexico

This is simply marvellous!

The 5 Biggest Corporate Lies About Unions

Mike Pence: Hotels, chlorinated chickens and pride flags on Europe trip

NRA slaps down Texas GOP ally who proposes gun control idea

Trump to hold campaign rally in New Mexico

College admissions bribery scandal: Prosecutors call for Felicity Huffman to spend a month in jail

Navy withholding data on UFO sightings, congressman says

Bennet picks up presidential backing of ex-Sen. Gary Hart

Maine to allow ranked votes in general presidential election

Scoop: Donald Trump's secret re-election map

'This is why they call you the dumb one': Eric Trump ridiculed for making WaPo journalist look like

Stop 'Gun Grabber' Mark Kelly 'Dead in His Tracks' Urges Arizona GOP Party Chair

Hurricane Dorian gone, but SC coast power outages leave many in dark

Bahamian hospitals overwhelmed as Rubio tours by air; some islanders return by cruise ship

The ex-gay Christianity movement is making a quiet comeback. The effects on LGBTQ youth could be dev

"Mark Knopfler has an extraordinary ability..

Six Top 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates to Appear in First-Ever LGBTQ Town Hall on National

Books on ageism in case you think elder candidates should step aside.

Republican primary: State parties move to nix contests in show of support for Trump

🤦🏿‍♂️ Agency (NOAA) reverses course on Trump's Alabama hurricane claim

Again, the Twit is still tweeting about Alabama (this one is bizarre)

They Posed as Soldiers in Love. Over 30 People Lost $2.1 Million.

While 'zombie' mines idle, cleanup and workers suffer in limbo

Minnesota reports fourth nationwide death tied to vaping

The feds tried to make an example of a small Washington coal mine. It didn't work.

Fed chief Jerome Powell says he does not expect a recession

I'm breaking my no more Sharpie meme pledge. (**Graphic - especially for 'cat people'**)

Puget Sound Gig Workers Rally For Better Pay: Photos

NRA slaps down Texas GOP ally who proposes gun control idea

Trump's tariffs made California's housing crisis worse: A 'perfect storm of the wrong kind'

Trump blasts 'totally illegal' DACA order, says Obama didn't have the right to sign it

3,000 feet of illegal fish net snags dozens of sharks, stingrays, Texas officials say

Lyme disease and Babeseois

Trying to find an old-school, thin, cotton mattress pad

President Sharpie

Fox Rebel Shep Smith Humiliates Trump Over Map. Trump Complains To Fox.

New Proposal Could Mean 3.6 Million People Lose FOOD STAMPS, 1 In 10 Households

Is Vitamin E Oil Behind the Vaping Crisis?

Codifying DACA would be a revenue windfall