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Ted Cruz Offers to Lube Up and Fuck a Gun to Show How Safe They Are

Lindsey Graham jets off to Europe as Hurricane Dorian batters his state

Bennet Gets Backing From Former Contender Hart: Campaign Update

Jack Ryan

X - The New World

Mill Creek University Book Store set to close in October

Outrage at Chile's brutal breech of freedom of association

A baby and a dog

Things that crack me up - How to Use a Cone Graphic

Is Chris Hayes doing a Stand up Comedy Routine?

Top New Hampshire backer to Biden: Stop talking so much or lose

For pun lovers

It turns out he really does have a bone spur

Sweet unveils plan to lift wages for care providers

Air Force crew made an odd stop on a routine trip: Trump's Scottish resort

Natasha Bertrand dropped another Trump bomb, Rachel Maddow is on it, expect it tonight.

What is it?

Tax reforms credited with ensuring Maine's poorest no longer pay highest tax rate

The Repubs are talking about cancelling the Repub primaries so nobody can vote against trump

Francisco Toledo, Celebrated Mexican Artist and Arts Philanthropist, Dies at 79

So, Trump wants a wall---

Trump administration challenges California on fuel economy standards

Strong unions are key to combatting wealth inequality

CA-53: Georgette Gomez, Sara Jacobs Mulling Runs to Replace Rep. Susan Davis

Gov. Mills allows ranked-choice voting in Maine's presidential elections

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! The Chosen One! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike!

A horrifying story of the CIA, LSD and biological weaponry

WI-07: Scott Walker says his 25-year-old son is interested in congressional bid

I predict...

NC-09: Early voting extended in NC counties impacted by Dorian ahead of key race

'It's all gone': shattered Bahamas counts cost of Hurricane Dorian's destruction

Response from a former NOAA Chief Operating Officer

UMaine System to consider changes to Maine's only law school

Three Texas House special elections draw 27 candidates

US military used to keep trump's Scottish resort afloat??

To all the Maritimers out there

CLIMATE: "We Scientists Must Rise Up To Prevent Climate Crisis. Words Aren't Enough"

Friday Talking Points -- The Whole Sharpiegate Timeline

Air national guard crew stops st trumps turnberry resort- military used to prop up trump property.

Why House Republicans could be looking at a retirement avalanche in 2020

On Rachel's show........HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????

NC-09: Early voting extended in NC counties impacted by Dorian ahead of key race

Gov. Mills allows ranked-choice voting in Maine's presidential elections

Fact Check: Did Kamala Harris Sue Exxon Over Climate Change?

Pete Buttigieg on Colbert - 9/5/2019 - Nice Job!

BERN NOTICE: Democratic Groups Must Reject Fossil Fuel Industry Cash

Salmonella in Pig's Ear Dog Treats

Can you imagine what the WH daily press briefings would be like if they still had them?

Anything can happen. Here is one very good thing that did. Few thought it could end the way it did.

Trump tries to force Ukraine to meddle in the 2020 election

How Biden deals with crying babies - 2 video clips will show you...

McConnell vows to protect Kentucky middle school from Trump's grab for wall funding

Who ever missed Rachel, catch the rerun later. She has absolutely jaw-dropping

Elizabeth Warren Is Launching Her Own Investigation Into Pence's Stay At Trump's Ireland Resort

Trump lawyers ask judge to dismiss suit for president's tax returns

Huckabee wannabe...

UFFS!(Friday Night) NOAA backs Trump on Alabama hurricane forecast, rebukes Weather Service

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker Will Make A Campaign Stop In Portland, Maine

Navy SEAL leaders fired after allegations of sexual assault and drinking among team

Bernie Sanders Revisits Portland, But He Faces More Competition Than In The 2016 Campaign


Who's the best, Graham NORTON or Graham NORTON?!1

Hurricane Matthew Households Announcement

Is the N.R.A a Domestic Terrorist Organization?

This is how the Democratic Party is losing

#SharpieGate entrant

Twins' Eddie Rosario throw to home plate in Thursday's game against Boston

Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Telemedicine Company Pleads Guilty to $424 Million Conspiracy

OFFS! Trump Bullies NOAA To Renounce The NWS Tweet Correcting Trump. This Guy's Mentally ILL!

oh for god's sake....

AOC: The President is corrupt and must be impeached.

'He's losing his s---': Trump's advisers are increasingly worried about his mental state

Trump the Welfare King

President of Nat'l Weather Service Employees Organization Bravely Calls BS re: NOAA Statement

Trump tweets video of CNN saying Alabama was in the way of Hurricane Dorian

Donald Trump Reaches Yet Another Bleak Milestone With His Lies

Real Time's "dirty t-shirts" I want the one he wrote for Biden

You think it's bad now, just imagine what will happen to us if Trump becomes a lame duck next

Wow. Is that a glimmer of sanity in Texas, I see.

I have to admit

D.C. political consultant whose company does campaign work for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was accused in

Joe Biden: Hillary Clinton shouldn't have talked about Access Hollywood tape in debate

Susan Collins says her longevity in the Senate benefits Maine

NOAA backs Trump on Alabama hurricane forecast, rebukes Weather Service for accurately contradicting

An Army first: Two sisters attain general's rank

Harris's team huddles with donors to plot path forward

Aviation Enthusiasts; Fun 26 min vid: "25 things Airline Pilots don't want you to know?"

If nominated, Bernie Sanders will hand the 2020 election to Donald Trump

Milk Street Radio: Erin French and her 'Lost Kitchen Restaurant'

Air Force crew made odd stop on routine trip

Trump is a corrupt politician

Friday Night Lemon-Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

The Daily Show: Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Pandemonium

Amazing, fascinating 6 day radar timelapse .gif of Dorian's progress from 9/1 to 9/6

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Hard at Work Not Working

Far-right groups threaten to riot at London protests

Seth Meyers - Trump's Hand-Doctored Hurricane Dorian Map - Monologue - 9/5/19

Brazil's Bolsonaro irks Chile with personal attack on U.N.'s Bachelet

New Hampshire finally enters political spotlight this weekend

Trump increases revenue at his Scottish resort in 2018 by $3M in taxpayer grift.

Trump accidentally speaks his mind at Medal of Freedom presentation

Fresno district nixes chaplaincy program after FFRF intervenes

Dorian Snap Benefits Change (Updated)

Seth Meyers: Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders on Fighting Climate Change and Eliminating Private Insurance

He is Our President, and we should support Him!

Arizona GOP faces backlash after calling for Mark Kelly to be stopped 'dead in his tracks'

Seth Meyers: Civil Rights Activist DeRay Mckesson Shares the Origin Story of His Signature Blue Vest

Kennedy stumps for Warren, even as he targets her ally

Can Bernie's plan cover all like a blanket? This woman believes so

There's a horse loose in the hospital.

Re: robert maxwell & family activities video news report/analysis


Barricades and Roadblocks in Santiago de Chile

House panel to take formal steps on impeachment probe next week

NOAA staff ordered not to speak? WTF Holy cow

A beautiful dream destroyed

NFL is back - Does anyone subscribe to NFL Red Zone ?

Now this is fucking hilarious!

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/6/19

Marita Lorenz, who told tales of Fidel Castro and President Kennedy, dies at 80

been playing with photo editing software

NOAA Acting Director to give keynote next week at National Weather Assoc. annual mtg

Study says non-mathematicians can see beauty in math

Fox News saved a man's life

Bolsonaro launches 'Brazil week' in bid to 'revamp' image over Amazon fires

Bolsonaro launches 'Brazil week' in bid to 'revamp' image over Amazon fires

Opioid maker Mallinckrodt to pay $24M to settle lawsuits in two Ohio counties

Judge may jail prison officials in non-air conditioned cells for failing to provide air conditioning

Trump Shows A Fake Hurricane Map Altered With A Sharpie, Inspires 30 Hilarious Memes

Mallinckrodt reaches settlement with 'bellwether' counties in mammoth opioid lawsuit

Manchester man who filed $25M lawsuit after he was paralyzed in custody dies

Trump got a new dog!

The future of Brexit...

25 Brutally Hilarious 'Sharpie-gate' Memes

'What are they waiting for?': Whistleblowers look to Vatican as embattled Buffalo bishop clings to p

Two ex-NH Democratic Party chairs back Biden

Funding that helps states eliminate rape kit testing backlogs set to expire

Impeachment Probe

Kamala Harris returns to New Hampshire for outdoor town hall

September 8 - Happy Birthday Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) VT

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar defends moderate stance in a year of progressive energy

Former Navy Secretary Mabus backs Harris for president

The wheels come off Boris

Gratitude Thread for The Ferret

Donald Trump Was "Colluding" with Roger Stone on Four Different Direct Lines

Trump Makes A Big Move - Scary

read of this poet's obituary, thought i'd post my favorite poem

As Sanders vies for the left in New Hampshire, Biden is at home in the middle

NC Spin Balanced Debate from the Old North State Episode #1086

Alterra eyes Jay Peak. Vail takes a pass.

Brexit: MPs willing to go to court to enforce delay

Iranian tanker seized by Gibraltar 'photographed off Syria'

US health officials urge people to stop vaping as third death reported

'This guy's crazier than an outhouse rat': Rick Wilson slams Trump for 'rage-tweeting on the toilet'

House Judiciary panel preparing vote to define Trump impeachment probe

So, will Nancy Pelosi finally give her imprimatur to this move to impeach?

(Jewish Group) Dutch neo-Nazi group to protest 'Zionist lobby' outside Israeli Embassy

How did I miss Trump selling Sharpies?

(Jewish Group) Berendina Eman, a Dutch rescuer of Jews and concentration camp survivor, dies at 99

If Trump ordered a nuclear strike on New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago

(Jewish Group) Giant swastika painted on London factory owes to his pro-Brexit stance, Jewish owner

Breakfast Saturday 7 September 2019

(Jewish Group) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gives its $15K Pulitzer Prize money to Tree of Life synagogue

AOC: Succinct and too the point

Family Of Miles Davis Celebrates Documentary And Restored East St. Louis Home

Stenger's Former Right-Hand Man Gets 15 Months In Prison For His Role In Pay-To-Play Scheme

(Jewish Group) 'Free Palestine' spray-painted on Barcelona's largest synagogue

Pete Buttigieg weighs in on Kevin Hart weighing in on Lil Nas X's being gay

First vandals tried to burn the LGBTQ center down. Now they've left antigay slurs on the front door.

A drag queen confronted Aaron Schock at karaoke night. Here's what happened.

Cleaning Up Abandoned Wells Proves Costly To Gas And Oil Producing States

The president of Iceland trolled Mike Pence over LGBTQ rights

Federal Weather Workers 'Shocked' and 'Irate' by NOAA Backing Trump, Union Head Says

Video-evidence: Cats are liquid.

For this I really must give Trump full credit and appreciation:

Hurricane Dorian: World War II plane, Tico Belle, takes flight for Brevard's Bahamas relief missions

LOL: Neil Gorsuch's New Book Laments Loss Of Civility

Corals Depend On Precise Timing To Reproduce; That's Now Disintegrating, And No One Knows Why

The "Great Green Wall" Didn't Stop Desertification, but it Evolved Into Something That Might

Scrambled eggs with liver and onions.

Analysis: Government scientists are enlisted to aid Trump in his battle against reality

Trump wants to BAN WaPo's Philip Rucker & Ashley Parker. BAN, I tells ya. He's havin' a big sad.

NOAA backs Trump on Alabama hurricane forecast, rebukes Weather Service for accurately contradicting

Dorian left 70,000 Bahamians homeless

Autocratic global leaders will be bolstered if Boris Johnson breaks law over Brexit, senior Tory...

F-35 protesters march in Burlington

NASA Visualization Shows Decline of Arctic Sea Ice Over the Past 35 Years

Formerly Abused Rescue Dog Now the Star of Homeland Security's 'Beagle Brigade'

"What are we going to do Mike?? We don't have any money! Who's going to pay for my inaugural gown??"

Had it

Not One Oil Major Is Paris-Compliant; Big Oil's Current Projects Will Take The Planet Past 1.5C

Barasso (R-WY) Delivers Another Bushel Of Bullshit On EVs, W. An Assist From The Wall Street Journal

NOAA backs Trump after the "sharpie pen" map.

Trophy hunter who paid $400K to kill rhino allowed to import remains by Trump admin

Clinging to reality under a post-truth government

Looking back 2011's "Herman Cain's Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson" through a Trump lens...

Warren: The curious case of the missing plan.

Dorian Video from Abaco, wind impact

Progress Be Like...

Hurricane tracking technology is about to regress 30 years, thanks to 5G cell networks

Of all people, the Arizona Republicans want to stop Democrat Mark Kelly "dead in his tracks."

Tiny Pricks Project

The plague of water bottles

Nice Sharpie Toon From The New Yorker

Introducing Kamala to the sold out Portsmouth Dem banquet former NHDP chair Joe Keefe said it plain

"This Is Sportscenter" trivia quiz

"It's very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it..."

DOJ says only the executive branch can decide whether to go to court to enforce Congressional subpoe

The Supreme Court has become just another arm of the GOP

Is it feminism at all?

Liberal news site ThinkProgress shutting down

Preet Bharara: House: Scorch the earth

Update::Ronan Farrow has an article in the NewYorker about Epstein and MIT::

Trump lashes out at "nasty" "disgusting" wp journalists

Serious question - how many ReTHUG representatives

No way Boris is going to risk prision...he would need to be a conviction politician for that...

Baby Hooman, let me clean those ears for you 👅

Basketball Hall induction was a night for the unheralded

Rudy "a noun, a verb and 9/11" Giuliani is linking Venezuela to islamic terrorism.

Bernie Sanders: Pay College Athletes

I'm very concerned about the role that the military is playing in Trump's plans.

The New Normal. How did it come to this?

So, Scotland Is Buying Into Economic Promise Again..Trump Org..

Michael Harriot, writer at The Root. com taught me something about the Bahamas

The interesting story of Abaco, the island in the Bahamas hit hardest by hurricane Dorian

I can't believe people still use Uber

92 Years Ago Today; Philo Farnsworth invents the 1st all-electronic TV

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Why Trumps tax returns won't mean anything, which ever ones are made known

You can learn a lot about a person from their favorite insults they apply to others...

For the environment's sake, dispose of old CRT televisions safely.

Does anyone know where this quote is from?

The 'Political Anarchist' Behind Britain's Chaos: Boris Johnson's Russian-speaking senior adviser

He's the Michelangelo of the White House - view his masterpiece

Long Time Lurker

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #8

"The Sharpie made me do it!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!

Rep. Duncan Hunter argues his campaign filings are immune from prosecution

O'Rourke has been cursing more lately

Joe Biden still bests fellow Democrats on electability, polls show

Wait! What? How'd I miss this?! Liberty University scrutinized over fuel contract with Pentagon

Trump's border wall to go through a TX resort & golf club populated by Trump supporters

NH Dem who'd been hesitant about Biden, considering Warren, reacts after seeing Biden in NH:

Hong Kong Demonstrations are still going on. Tweet from this AM

Joe Biden attended fundraiser hosted by fossil fuel company co-founder despite backlash

'A Freudian slip': Biden goes after president 'Donald Hump' (VIDEO)

About canceling primaries

Team Warren currently cheering, "When I say first dog, you say Bailey!"

Well, well, well...guess who wrote that sycophantic NOAA release??

Joe Biden Got Grilled About a Fundraiser Hosted by a Co-Founder of a Fossil Fuel Company.

US Embassy in Zimbabwe removes tweet praising Mugabe after death

Sonny Rollins was born on this date

Asking Men To Do Better Is Not Misandry...

The Betsy Ross flag is the new dog-whistle Confederate flag (Kid Rock)

Little Milton was born on this date

A 6-year-old was saving money to visit Disney World. He spent it on food for Hurricane Dorian victim

Out-of-control judge had a lawyer arrested for defending the 'Straight Pride' protestors

Buddy (Charles Holley) Holly was born on this date

FYI - if we reach 11 Hurricanes this year it will be name.....oh no...

Anti-Brexit protesters decry Johnson's 'coup' in London. (This article is a must read)

Antonio Brown has been released by the Raiders ...

Threats, abuse move from online to real world, (Canada's Environment Minister) requires security

Chrissie Hynde has a birthday today

Threats, abuse move from online to real world, McKenna now requires security

Trump Tariffs are set to cost U.S. households $2,000 in 2020

Link to donate to Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen:

Trump's Dorian Brawl Leads to Dispute Within U.S. Weather Agency

Trump has infiltrated our entire government with his disciples from hell, including the military.

3 SEAL Team 7 leaders fired for team's alleged misconduct

Warren and Clinton talk behind the scenes as 2020 race intensifies

'Everything conservatives hoped for ': Neil Gorsuch makes his mark at the Supreme Court

Some thoughts on prayers for us at loss for others

Bernie Sanders better organized, more focused in SC than four years ago

Michigan Just Became the First State to Ban Flavored Vapes. Will It Actually Work?

Donald Trump, the crazy narcissist....

I'm thinking of buying a Kia Niro. It has a 100,000 mile warranty. Thoughts or suggestions (n/t)

Read something, see something, say something.

Art Level Trolling

Video: [Republican AND Robert REICH] Praises Bernie Sanders For Effective Legislating & Humility

House Set to Take Major Step Toward Impeachment Hearings Next Week

Cartoons 9/7/19

It's a good thing Trump is a very honest and trustworthy President, who doesn't abuse his power

Trump Voters SHOCKED They Might End Up On Wrong Side Of His Wall

House Probes Military Travel To Troubled Trump Resort: Politico Rachel Maddow

Over the next few months there should be an unending flow of open hearings televised.

Republican retirements raise questions about GOP optimism in 2020

"Let Paradise, California, be the wakeup call for our entire nation. ''

2 Weeks Until Sept. 20 #GlobalClimateStrike, 100+ Countries Want 'Livable Future For All'

NC-09: Special House election heads to nail-biter finish


Chaos, Confusion, and Control

This song might save you if you're stopped by the cops for weed in Texas 😮

The Republican Party has no problem with the executive branch taking the power of the purse

Man..I woke up to a big pile of Shit this a.m.

The Democrats, including those running for office should be saying this to the American people.

Warren and Clinton talk behind the scenes as 2020 race intensifies

Trump pinned a smirking "Alabama forecast" video to his Twitter feed. Gary Danger Moore replied.


You raised $70.00 on September 6, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

If Trump declares martial law and has Stephen Miller rewrite our Constitution

Joe Biden says it's 'totally appropriate' for voters to consider his age ("Am I fit enough?")

Kids for Pete

Rich US college students buying papers from poor writers abroad

A Lemony Treat You Can Concoct in Summer and Tinker With All Winter

Barr joins renewed Trump administration push to curtail nationwide

Suicide rates are rising, especially in rural America

Reich on Sanders: "He was an effective legislator - in fact, one of the most effective legislators"

interesting bio of the NOAA comm director who sent out the cleanup for Trump

Politifact: Kamala Harris claimed she 'sued Exxon Mobil' as California AG. She didn't.

Good for Tiffany Trump!

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at the NH Democratic Party Convention

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at the NH Democratic Party Convention

Another day, another....

I cannot believe how many working class people are brainwashed about the term socialism.

Tweet of the Day

Earth Has Survived Extinctions Before, IT'S HUMANS WHO ARE FRAGILE

Albertson's Companies reject open carry after Mom's Demand pressured them

Rep.Tim Ryan basically said that V.P.Joe Biden was mentally incompetent.

Not only should we guard against complacency...

Moscow Mitch on de-funding schools in KY to build wall

About white male mass murderers

Things are becoming serious.

Kamala Harris at NH Democratic Convention: "We are up for a good fight!"

Suit filed challenging race question for Virginia marriage license

Hi. I'm still around.

Welsh independence rally in Merthyr Tydfil draws thousands

Photo: Post convention canvass kickoff with Bernie Sanders! Doors all day 🚪

I'm having a night out!

African Architecture, 44 Gorgeous Examples

Maybe, could be, Finally...???

I want all the names to scroll across the screen like Star Wars....!

Can we stop with the...

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 7, 2019

Due to a number of requests, for those who missed it, THIS is the WaPo article that pissed Trump off

Go Blue!

Matthew McConaughey on Gameday

Lol... soviet soldiers dancing:

Trump advisers' PRESCRIPTION to smooth over Trump's summer shit show: EVEN MORE MAGAt RALLIES!

Trump sends Justice Dept goons to attack auto companies for not polluting enough

Kleptocratic Kakistrophic Klusterfuc....KKK

Post a true but little known fact about someone famous, living or dead -- Part 9

Colombia: threats against teachers

Does religion and science fiction mix?

Newest Middle East envoy....Kushner's former coffee boy!...Not 'The Onion'

Something Strange Is Going On With All Those Retiring Texans

A Cruel Parody of Antitrust Enforcement

More than 290,000 without power as Dorian closes in (Nova Scotia crane collapse)

It is kind of a shame they split up.

King Sharpie....

FDR and Secretary of War Henry Stimson visiting U.S. Cavalry, early 1940s

Amber Rudd quits Boris Cabinet...BoJo is having a bad week..

Dare We Dream of the End of the G.O.P.?

Serena playing for US Open Championship........

Okay I will admit this is pretty petty of me...

No, Donnie shouldn't have hit you...

After a long day of golf, the Twit goes back to tweeting about Alabama.

U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke speaks at the NH Democratic Party Convention

U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke speaks at the NH Democratic Party Convention

Just watched Donnie Brasco again.

NOAA draws backlash

Bonus Tweet of the Day

How Trump Is Undermining GOP Incumbents

Amber Rudd resigns from cabinet and surrenders Conservative whip

NC-09: Trump Allies Drop $500,000 into Special Election.

Orthodox Jews sick of being 'photographed like animals' by tourists

NC-09: Beto's South Carolina team heads north to help Democrat Dan McCready

The CDC found that an 11-year-old black child is 10 times more likely to drown than a white child...

NC-09: Beto's South Carolina team heads north to help Democrat Dan McCready

AB signs with the Patriots.

Vermont exempts vehicles older than 16 years from emissions test

Allow me to be old and cranky for a moment

Amber Rudd quits Cabinet and Tories

Threats, abuse move from online to real world, McKenna now requires security

Kid Rock plays a familiar show for a hometown crowd -- in an intense new environment

Poor Pence..falling on his sword

How do I get those notices from websites popping in from the right side of my screen

How Trump Is Undermining GOP Incumbents

Harris repeatedly defends response to mental health slur at rally

Well, it's official. Trump supporters don't care about America.

One of the things that is so infuriating about the "Alabama" thing...

I hope there's a special place in hell for those who swindle the elderly.

A reasonable and unanswered question ...

Well laura ingraham hasnt lost her dignity

US Open Spoiler

MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito resigns amid Jeffrey Epstein scandal

Trump Spreading Breitbart Conspiracy Theory that Democrats Plan to Eliminate the 2nd Amendment

Tibetan Mastiffs Bred with Mountain Wolves to Survive at Super-High Altitudes.

Question about healthcare.

Post an untrue fact about somebody famous, living or dead...

MIT media lab director resigns over Epstein scandal

Attention All Fine DUers: Summer Season Photography Contest Opened Last Sunday And We Need YOU

NYT: Elizabeth Warren Stands Out at New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention

Hey Chaps - can you please kick..

A Simple Favor now on Amazon...

Connie Schultz is not putting up with wishy washy

Court rules New Orleans must refund more than $25 million red light camera tickets

As Bahamas Turn To Recovery, U.S. Worries About China Stepping In To Help

Fun math geek question:

Anybody remember 'I.F. Stone's Weekly'?

Joe Biden Said He Advised Hillary Clinton's Team Not To Debate With Donald Trump Over The

Boris Johnson could go to jail if he refuses to delay Brexit

Trump: "Taliban leaders & President of Afghanistan were going to meet with me at Camp David"

"Late Night" on Amazon

Dog Trapped On Top Floor Of An Abandoned Building

Scammers target Tacoma Utility customers with threats to turn off power

CA-53: Sara Jacobs Announces Run for Congress

AOC tweet:

Watch these teeny baby hummingbirds grow up in 28 days 💙

The Hurricane of 1928, Fla. Okeechobee: One of the Deadliest in No. American History

What Sort of SCOTUS Justice Would Your Preferred Candidate Nominate?

House Democrats Set to Question Corey Lewandowski in Public

We HAVE to trust weather forecasts about deadly weather!! Will supporters be shocked awake?!?

Ocasio-Cortez renews impeachment call amid probe involving Trump's Scotland property

Feral Cat Becomes The Best Foster Dad

Joe Walsh says George Conway is informally advising him on 2020 GOP campaign

Congressperson Katie Porter up next on Van Jones (CNN 7:25 PM) n/t

Katie Porter coming up

NOAA draws backlash after disavowing Weather Service tweet that refuted Trump

They were found just in time 🙏

Ahead of Standing Ovation at New Hampshire Democratic Convention, Sanders Camp Announces Endorsement

Trump cancels secret meeting with Taliban leaders, Afghan president after attack

Aggressive Dog Learns How To Trust People

Trump And His Friends Are Coming For Your Twitter Feed

'Joker' Wins Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival,

Are there other examples of Trump using the military to stuff his own pockets?