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Archives: September 9, 2019

Laura Ingraham 😳 - steak through a straw with lightbulbs - 3rd level STUPID.

tRump admin has proposed 100%, $25 Billion tariff on European items (not Gouda...oh wait. Yeah )


Oklahoma pension fund reports $4.2 million cyber theft

Vintage Recipes: Margaret Chase Smith's Blueberry Cake and strawberry punch

Warren dismisses talk of a debate confrontation with Biden

September 8, 1994: USAir Flight 427 is on approach to PGH, and then it crashes

This footage of an Uber driver kicking out a lesbian couple is jaw-dropping

Sodomy laws are still being used to harass LGBTQ people

This is heartbreaking: Freeport Ferry To FL-Announcement Bahamians w/o visa must now get off

Lindsey Graham and far-right leader Geert Wilders were photographed smiling together

Mike Pompeo just hinted that he considers LGBTQ civil rights 'superfluous'

I have been a bears fan family had a bears franchise...

Joe Biden lands 2020 presidential endorsement from SC senator

23-year-old trans woman 'burned beyond recognition'

Trump to visit Baltimore Thursday, a city he called a 'rodent infested mess'

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti discovered at historic Massachusetts park

(Jewish Group) British Labour John Mann, the country's anti-Semitism czar, resigns from Parliment

(Jewish Group) Jewish marchers protesting ICE disrupt Boston's rush hour

Study finds a link between infectious diseases and racism in the United States

Arkansas school booster club criticized for AR-15 auction

Typhoon Faxai: Storm makes landfall in Japan

I'm clueless about how I can stream Roku TV directly through a Samsung Smart TV.

The Shocking Paper Predicting the End of Democracy

To tell you the truth......

Ginsburg speaks in North Little Rock, says work on court 'saved me'

The Shocking Paper Predicting the End of Democracy

Quo Vadis

..people seeking refuge from the hurricane & who would normally be permitted to enter the US without

The Capital of Kindness: How 9/11 made Gander into a tourist destination

Israeli PM wrongly refers to Boris Johnson as Boris Yeltsin

2020 war room

Arkansas House speaker seeks to expel Gates over tax plea

Skills face questions after scuttling of talks

Inside Democrats' 2020 Trump War Room

It's time to reclaim the pro-worker history of Catholic social teaching

Haaretz: Adelsons told police Sara Netanyahu is 'crazy' and 'decides everything'

We are not all the same, and in our difference we are divine

Pups 9 days

Boris Johnson heads to Dublin amid fears of more resignations

Stereo MC's - Elevate My Mind

State special education monitoring errors could impact federal consent decree over New Orleans schoo

Super intense deer rescue!

Natasha Bertrand

Fox News, GOP media now warn of bloodshed if Democrats win in 2020

This woman had no plans to get a python -- until an extremely adorable one stole her heart 💜

American tourists baffled by Brexit

Watch this puppy go from tied to a pole to the love of his dad's life 💙 💙 💙

Air Force leaders order probe of Trump resort stays

ABC/WP poll's inclusion of people not registered to vote makes Biden look weaker than he is

Here's the video from Rep. Waltz (armed services comm, Green Beret) parting w Trump on Taliban!

"I'm sorry. I warned you about so many places but not about the post office,"

Equifax is trying to slither out of their obligations (re: data breach settlement)

DNC treasure trove of opposition research against trump and how they will use it

Louis Clark - Hooked On Classics I

Remember what Jimmy Carter said about a full investigation showing that Trump didn't win.

Hearing about Dems stepped up impeachment inquiry

MAGA hat sales violate the law!

Election 2019: House freshman Abigail Spanberger campaigns for the 2019 slate.

Tearing the Tories apart

Local attorney argues 90-day notice to remove Confederate Monument is invalid

Air Force orders review of overnight stays at Trump resort

MA-SEN: Kennedy leading Markey in possible Senate matchup: poll

Bank error in your favor. Collect $120,000.

How Come We're Not Getting Death Toll Numbers From The Bahamas?.....

Your Amazon Order Comes At A Steep Human Price: ProPublica

Mississippi developer alleged to be major player in loans that brought down First NBC Bank

San Francisco Offers to Buy PG&E Electric Grid in the City for $2.5 Billion

Alabama dodged that hurricane, but there's another (un)natural disaster heading there on Tuesday...

Re Warren's welcome at NH convention: Her campaign had paid for hundreds of tickets for her

Saw "It:Chapter Two" today. No spoilers.

Found this on YouTube ...

Guy Tries To Draw Pictures Of His Dog And Totally Nails It

Trump Wanted to Boast About His Own 'Camp David Accords' Before Taliban Deal Collapsed

Crabs and shrimp are looking for love, finding sickness at the polluted Deepwater Horizon spill site

What If a Black Hole Replaced The Sun?

Republicans are defending child marriage because they hate government.

The 10 counties that will decide the 2020 election

Next stop for Louisiana victims of Stanford Ponzi scheme? Federal appeals court

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 10: Star of the Month: Sidney Poitier

What Republicans stole from North Carolina

Former Gov. Edwin Edwards released from hospital after low blood sugar, dehydration scare

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 11: TCM Special Theme: 100 Years of United Artists

This lift is unreal

Trump will be in Fayetteville on Monday. Here's what you should know.

Democrats need to go big or go home on impeachment

Kind of scary for those of us who, you know, actually want the presidency, that Bernie could sweep

Cave deposits suggest Earth experienced dramatic sea level rise 4 million years ago (52 ft)

North Carolina could feel like Florida or Mexico in a generation, researchers say

Prosecutors Hid Evidence to Keep Lula From Becoming Minister in 2016

MF45 ripping money away from Ground-based Defense missile interceptors to build vanity wall

Yeah. Running two dozen candidates is such a good idea.

LMAO! Chrissy Teigen is tearing Trump apart ....

SHS's Debut on Fox by Brian Tyler Cohen

Two mountain lion sightings reported in Golden Gate Park, Lake Merced in recent weeks

The culture of masculinity and its negative impacts on men

A Trump social network readies for launch

Chicken-Fried News: Bad look

Federal agency flags Hern campaign loan

I'm emotionally conflicted about this HGTV Brady Bunch house renovation show.

Republican and democratic mascots

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Filibuster

School Districts Double Down On Drug Testing, Targeting Even Middle Schoolers

Presidency all about himself

Can't erase a decade of clean air progress with a Sharpie


Conducting foreign policy like a game show

'We Get It': Aetna Apologizes As Kansas Pushes To Fix Medicaid Problems

Trump's controversies show his presidency is really all about himself

Brexit: MPs to hold second vote on early election

Allen Thomas and Dan McCready Special Election Next Week

Yang Surfing

'We Witnessed Dorian From Start To Finish. The Devastation, The Bodies, The Looting.'

Gov. Laura Kelly directs council to explore Medicaid expansion options

Kansas regulator assumes control of medical insurance company

Nebraska Appleseed files lawsuit seeking stability for Nebraska's child welfare system

Nebraska corn growers issue rare rebuke of Trump

The CRUELTY of this is the whole point...

Nebraskan restores Model A, finds out it can't be licensed

Nebraskan restores Model A, finds out it can't be licensed

It is September Monday. You are on your own. Breakfast .

From His Hometown, Gov. Parson Announces Bid For Second Term

Proposal for new Repub logo

?!? Read officials ready to admit Bahamians, ferry captain refused to let them land!?!

Apocalypse no , the boog is showing his colonel Kurtz

Free shuttle bus system to run through Adirondack High Peaks

Senator Warren got some nice coverage of her 2 min standing ovation this am: Msnbc

Cuomo seeks to tinker with 2020 dates for federal, state primaries

Warren Has Lagged With Voters Of Color. But She Has Strong Support In Boston's Black Community

Faiz: ''Let's have a national debate about whether the public approves of the status quo''

Ari Rabin-Havt and Arianna Jones are now deputy campaign managers for Bernie Sanders' campaign.

Sen. Ed Markey's Reelection Bid Gets Key Backing From Progressive Rep. Ro Khanna

Beekeeping, Day 124, "Still No Queen in the Main Hive?"

Just going to leave this here...

Saw bumper sticker: Open Carry Is For Boys With Little Weenies.

Do Trump supporters love their country?

Trump rants about Mark Sanford, minutes after his appearance on Morning Joe...

Every morning I look to see if my three months are up.

After Decades Of Funding CEI & Heartland, Exxon Now Funding Progressive Policy Institute

Monday TOONs - I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own Show

Trump, last night, 11 PM: "all they talk about now is Impeaching President Trump!"


When you meet Mr. Right and don't know how to introduce yourself...

Australia launches emergency relocation of fish as largest river system faces collapse

Bela Lugosi achieved fame for portraying Dracula. In 1916, he had another role...

Pro-Putin candidates suffer losses in Moscow elections

'Someone's Gotta Tell the Freakin' Truth': Jerry Falwell's Aides Break Their Silence

The Rundown: September 6, 2019

He so badly wants to be a beloved celebrity and deeply resents people who are.

How Trump's Visit Is Playing In Baltimore

These "toys" were being given to kids at the N.C. Mountain State Fair. Sick!

His family might convince him not to run for a second term.

Trump Is Not Well

JP Morgan has created an index to track the effect of Trump's tweets on financial markets

Trump takes aim at Mark Sanford, his newest GOP challenger

Lou Dobbs...LOU FREAKIN' DOBBS...squats on Brad Parscale's fantasy of a "Trump Dynasty." SAD!

Harris unveils criminal justice plan that would end executions, cash bail

An official impeachment inquiry would send Trump completely over the edge.

Internal Kamala Harris document acknowledges 'Summer Slump'

Donald Trump goes Dick Cheney 2.0 Thanx Kentucky for "Even Republican know it stinks."

Dozens of Bahamas evacuees were told to get off a ferry headed to the US


Well Congress is back from their 6 week vacation.

Happy National Wiener Schnitzel Day!

Watching "The Weekly" episode "The Blueprint" on FX on cable.

September 9 - Happy Birthday Senator Chris Coons (D) DE

Prayer (positive thoughts good vibes) needed for my nephew

What was the reference to the Rutles about on Morning Joe today?

2017 US had to extract top spy from inside Russia to protect him from Trump Leaks

another reason to hate the russians...

BREAKING: CIA extracted a major Russian Intelligence asset...

The vices that led Johnson to the top are useless when it comes to wielding power -- The Guardian


Exclusive: US extracted top spy from inside Russia in 2017

What really happened with Stephen Kinnock's amendment to the bill forcing Boris to get an extension?

We can't let the Founders' Electoral College, Senate tradeoffs distort democracy forever

NOAA's chief scientist will investigate why agency backed Trump over its experts on Dorian, email sh

National Hurricane Center tracking 3 systems in Atlantic; 1 approaching Florida, Bahamas

Former Boeing official subpoenaed in 737 MAX probe won't turn over documents, citing Fifth Amendment

Failed Afghan Talks Underscore Trump's Foreign Policy Setbacks

Are dickeys dangerous?

SMH, Trump wanted to invite the Taliban to Camp David

"Democrats Need to get More Ruthless" is an OpEd in the NYT today. I URGE you to read it...

28 year-old COFFEE BOY to Jared Kushner now the admin's Mideast peace advisor

Trump attacked Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. She wasn't having it

Irish Taoiseach,today, telling Boris Johnson some hard truths about Brexit, to his discomfort.

Is Bolton next to bolt?

Hope you all made it through Dorian!

Tonight's NC Hate Rally is one to "watch" (figuratively): Jonathan Lemire

Watching CNN this AM and VP Bidens enthusiasm quota was 64%


Today is a very important day for the British Parliament


LOL, Rick Wilson on Rump : You fuck porn stars and pay them to keep quiet about your tiny cock.

Water interests are fighting California's bid to block Trump's environmental rollbacks

Wish I was....

The ramblings of a guilty man:

Kamala Harris proposes legalizing marijuana, ending bail, eliminating death penalty

Scaramucci: MF45 is a Orange Fat Blob, intimated by Justin Trudeau's good looks..

Kamala's Plan to Transform the Criminal Justice System and Re-Envision Public Safety in America

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Angela Basset:

Tethered to Trump, California's GOP hopes for a comeback in a solidly blue state

Trump Privately Tells Confidants That 'Socialism' Won't Be 'So Easy' to Beat in 2020

Is Donny Deutsch's show "Saturday Night Poliltics" now kaput?

After mass shootings, gun advocates in Texas worry about a political shift

Brexit: John Bercow to step down as Speaker by 31 October - live news

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Trump can't erase a decade of clean air progress with a Sharpie

A new poll shows voters aren't buying what Trump is selling

this dog isn't afraid of the vacuum

Amazon hiring 30,000 people at Sept. 17 job fairs: Where is the closest event?

The Republicans Are Dropping Like Flies

BREAKING: Queen approves Brexit delay law


Commons Speaker John Bercow to stand down

Who Or What Organization(s) Is Backing The GOP Presidential Primary Challengers To Trump In 2020?...

UK House of Commons Speaker Bercow will not stand for re-election

Lest they try and forget...

After Flynn doesn't comply with subpoena, Schiff writes letter "commanding" him to appear at hearing

Valerie Plame for Congress. Have you seen this ad?

Video: 2020 candidates agree - We must do more to protect our kids from gun violence.

This teen went blind and partially deaf after only eating Pringles, French fries and white bread

Campaign says Biden misspoke on Iraq War

House Democrats unveil impeachment probe parameters

House Democrats unveil impeachment probe parameters

Pence and Bolton didn't want the Taliban at Camp David on 9/11 anniversary, but Trump insisted

"How could he be so stupid?" Trump fumed. "That's what Hillary did!" Womp womp, Jared.

Woman Asked Her Mom To Make 'Simple' Outfit For Dog's First Trip

UK - New 'Beast from the East' could cause one of the coldest winters in three decades

trump is on the teevee pretending he cares about people being shot by assault rifles

Rescuers make contact with crew trapped inside capsized cargo ship.

Bernie Sanders Hits the Ballpark & Joe Biden Serves Up More Gaffes The Daily Show

Order! Commons Speaker John Bercow to quit...

The Latest: Coast Guard contacts 4 crew trapped inside ship


Elizabeth Warren endorses Texas U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar's Democratic primary challenger

Yui Yoshida!

Concerns for 2182: Asteroid fears: NASA warning over 'most dangerous space rock' heading to Earth

'It's a deceptive lead': Why Biden's rivals are planning around his big collapse

House Intel Comm. launches investigation into Trump & Giuliani pressuring Ukraine to help in 2020

In Virginia, you need to select from a list of approved "races" to get a Marriage License...

In case you missed it...

Guardian live streaming parliament saying goodbye to John Bercow the speaker

John Oliver was a riot last night

Mark Halperin 'Threatened' MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin for Nixing His Comeback

BREAKING: Parliament debating release of "Operation Yellowhammer" documents on hard Brexit impact

House Democrats launch sprawling probe into whether Giuliani pressured Ukraine to target Biden

Interesting 538 piece on the current state of the race. Nothing definitive. Just some facts to chew

Gotta ask this! of the smart ones here.

The debate in the British Parliament - live

Trump may have already lost the next election ...? extra line around "Alabama"

In Honour of the Speaker of the House being the latest victim of the coup 2019 #Bercow #BrexitChaos

🔥 Tailgating with Bernie: University of Northern Iowa

A standing ovation for the NWS Birmingham office for their dedication and everything they do

Jackass shoots a cat and then runs away and hides...

Says he knows nothing about Air Force crews staying at his resort

Oh no! It's moron vs. moron!!!

Trump Wins 31st Consecutive 'Employee Of The Month' Award At White House

Toddler boy not expected to survive head injury, brain trauma; mother, boyfriend jailed on no bond

Kamala Harris Apologizes for Her Reaction to 'Mentally Retarded' Remark About Trump

Anyone ever hear of Claster Consulting? Their poll: Biden 22%, Sanders 19%, Warren 14%,

The Heir: Ivanka was always Trump's favorite. But Don Jr. is emerging as his natural successor.

Cat food

Princeton, Williams Top 2020 Best Colleges Rankings

"Imagine" a world where Love Trumps Hate

WATCH LIVE: Parts of downtown Baltimore are being evacuated after a van was found

University of Virginia falls out of top 25 in college rankings list

Trump claims CNN 'is bad for the USA' as he praises new AT&T investor

How Elizabeth Warren Raised Big Money Before She Denounced Big Money

Stacey Abrams to 2020 Democrats: Go after 'unlikely' voters

Bernie Sanders Went to Canada, and a Dream of 'Medicare for All' Flourished

I just changed my vote on DU from Sanders to Warren

Mark Halperin 'Threatened' MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin for Nixing His Comeback

Trump's invitation to the Taliban was disgraceful. So was Republican silence about it.

Trump's New Math: Inside the Plan to Flip Blue States in 2020

Boris Johnson to suspend parliament

Milo Yiannopoulos Says He's Broke

Another Life's mysteries answered - Why are school busses yellow?

How can Congress force General Flynn to testify if he refuses?

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World"

As evacuations continue, hundreds of Bahamians were told to get off a ferry headed to the US

Impeachment inquiry "might include scrutiny". I am fucking sick and tired of the terms 'might' and

Remember the Costa Concordia? Amazing time-lapse of the complete dissassembling

2,200 lightning strikes overnight in Western Wash.; just under 1,000 still out of power in Seattle

September 9, 1969: another bad day for Allegheny Airlines/USAir

Trump offers a thoroughly believable explanation for why the Taliban won't be at Camp David.

Here's How Washington Ranks For Workers

50 U.S. states and territories announce broad antitrust investigation of Google

Former Trump ambassador to Japan launches Senate bid in Tennessee

So FALWELL-Jr backing SHITLER is more about kindred spirits than evangelical hypocrisy?!1 (Sex)

Tamron Hall's tv show starts today on ABC at 3:00 CST

Judge restores nationwide block on Trump administration's asylum ban

Joan Johnson, who co-founded the black hair company that made Afro Sheen, has died

6 in 10 fear a mass shooting; most think gun laws can help: POLL

Any guesses about whether the DNC will have the October debate on two nights, now that

AP: Women seek abortions out of state amid restrictions

Brexit: MPs vote to force government to publish no-deal plans and advisers' messages - live news

Damn. Valerie Plame's new ad totally rocks.

Colombia Is Turning Into A Major Medical Marijuana Producer

Tulalip Tribes banking on beavers to bolster Snohomish River

Supreme Court audio and transcripts indicate Uribe ordered fraud and bribery

Sweden rejects 'TRUMP' vanity plate, calling request offensive

Warren backs primary challengers against sitting House Democrats

Running scared: Arizona GOP officially cancels its 2020 presidential primary

The world recoils in horror as it learns that Jerry Falwell Jr. is a dirtbag. WHO KNEW??? WHO???

For storytime, here's 'Donald and the Black Sharpie'

Medellin could be Latin America's largest mass grave, Colombia's war crimes tribunal finds out

Medellin could be Latin America's largest mass grave, Colombia's war crimes tribunal finds out

Several Metro Bus routes moving to Fourth Avenue to improve commute times

Warren Campaign participates in RuPaul's DragCon

Airstrikes kill 18 pro-Iran fighters in eastern Syria

Airstrikes kill 18 pro-Iran fighters in eastern Syria

Why Is Tulsi Gabbard Paying This Obscure Consultant Big Bucks?

Good riddance Schultz. Now will Trump be the next billionaire to go?

Trump: Pence stayed at Doonbeg so he could see his family (at taxpayers' expense). Group Hug!

Cows are an excellent analogy for tRump-oids

(Jewish Group) Fire destroys Minnesota synagogue

Fox news speeds up footage of Trump walking so he appears less sluggish and more alert

We're Only Beginning to See the Consequences of the Bush-Era Assault on Civil Liberties

If Trump Wins the 2020 Election...

An inside look at what drives Bernie Sanders' fight to make health a right for all

German parties outraged as neo-Nazi elected small town mayor

'UVA has ruined us': Health system sues thousands of patients, seizing paychecks and putting liens o

Say it again, Kamala!

Cartoons 9/9/19

Hope democrats are willing to back this up with forceful measures.

Found this on Facebook and I dedicate it to all the pundits that like to point out what

Parliament bars Israeli PM's plan for cameras at polling stations

Trump on states canceling 2020 primaries: "States don't want to waste their money"

Sierra Leone fans attack player's house after penalty miss

Trump: "I'm going to have to extend my second term a couple of years, into 2026...

Geraldo Is FURIOUS That The Media Shows Everyone How Stupid Trump Is

Bankrupt Philadelphia refiner paid execs millions in bonuses just after fire: documents

2020 candidates agree

With Warren and Sanders on his heels, Biden ramps up Iowa organization

How is sausage made? Can you show me? Large donations to political campaigns are corruption.

Breaking: Wilbur Ross threatened to fire NOAA officials who disagreed with Trump on Alabama

House Democrats launch probe into whether Trump, Giuliani pressured Ukraine to target Biden

Commerce Chief Threatened Firings at NOAA After Trump's Hurricane Tweets, Sources Say

We're starting to see the scale of Trump's personal corruption -- and it's massive

Bloomfield Hills church blasted for plans to host anti-Muslim 9/11 event

Yeah, about the Orange One's mental decline -

This wonderful video shows an artist painting Mayor Pete's portrait, time lapsed!

Dr. Mehmet Oz: Did you know @berniesanders ran a 4:37 mile in high school?

Could Trump be playing a game with the cancellation of the meeting....

Remember when Elizabeth Taylor was on the soap General Hospital? She liked Luke, Laura story

Sarah Palin's husband Todd files for divorce because he 'finds it impossible to live together'

Jesse Lee Peterson doubles down on Andrew Yang...

Profiles in Presidenting

Bernie Sanders: Trump weather map incident 'outrageous' and it shows 'authoritarian' impulses

Report reveals play-by-play of first U.S. grid cyberattack

Here's what the Brexit crisis has come down to.....

Pennsylvania to let voters apply online for absentee ballots

Born on this day, September 9, in 1947: Freddy Weller

I just can't get excited

Michael Flynn ordered to testify before Congress on Sept. 25

The inhumane orange garbage representing us says


Mike Pence gets on all fours, sits, begs, fetches a stick, rolls over for a belly rub...

Anti-vaxers are at it again...

"I Am Helen Reddy - If you don't know who I am, watch this."

"We Can't Make It Here Anymore". James McMurtry sings about the folks we MUST speak for.

Trump NC Dorian visit today may be wet

Just in time for the holidays!

Pence now claims he didn't disagree with Trump on Taliban (Pence didn't write this tweet)

Trump is holding another extended exchange with reporters before he boards Marine One.

Carpool Karaoke w/ Sam Smith ft. Fifth Harmony (I love Carpool Karaoke!!!!)

Todd Palin files for divorce from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin

Why did Varadkar say he wanted to be Athena to Johnson's Hercules?

Climate Change Is Already Hitting Europe Harder Than Anyone Expected

You raised $60.00 on September 8, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Senate peace chief wants paramilitary warlords to testify before Colombia's war crimes tribunal

Weekend Update: Sarah Palin Rap - SNL

Omg, how did I miss Idiot45's recent "George With...W-I-T-H" blooper?

FYI for those who use they are shutting down today

What if Ferris Bueller was all in Cameron's head?

Trump Is Not Well: Accepting the reality about the president's disordered personality is important

A shaken mosque welcomes Beto O'Rourke in New Hampshire

A shaken mosque welcomes Beto O'Rourke in New Hampshire

Steven Avery's lawyer's latest stunt...

Digging into Colombia's history at Bogota's oldest cemetery

Fear not, Elizabeth Warren is electable

Wilbur Ross should be out of office by now

A lie doesn't become the truth...

Climate Change Is Already Hitting Europe Harder Than Anyone Expected (E/E)

Trump says Bahamas full of 'very bad gang members' as he doubles down on

🐦 SEP 13 at 3PM - Carson City Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

🐦 SEP 13 at 5:45PM - College for All Rally in Reno with Bernie Sanders

A special blend of ingredients that will satisfy the appetites of the terminally stupid.

🐦 SEP 14 at 5:30 - Climate Rally in Las Vegas with Bernie Sanders

Trump Under Fire For Forcing Astronauts To Stay In Trump Hotel While On Specialized Space Mission

My clinic manager just asked me which days I wanted off for the Christmas holiday.

Vets join McCready (DEM - NC) in Fayetteville march hours before tRump visit

Radio Free Europe is coming back to Hungary. It will not do investigative journalism.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 9, 2019

NO way!

"Is there a Smoking Gun?"

Celebrating Alexander von Humboldt 250: Polymath, Germany's Greatest Universal Scientist b. 1769

So am I a BAD Person..,

Former Staten Island lawyer sentenced to 4 years in scrap metal fraud scheme

''Bernie Sanders, thank you for joining the Million #Upstander Movement and signing our pledge''

72 Years Ago Today; The first computer bug discovered when moth found in an electrical relay

A local hospital here in Sheboygan is on lockdown...

FYI for those who use they are shutting down today

Planned Parenthood book sale Oct. 10 - 14 State Fair Grounds

It Worked for Barack Obama

No... I didn't make this #unwantedivanka... it's real

If there is ONE thing we have found out during this administration

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Anyone see the new Netflix "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" yet?

Virginia: Bus route for Danville to D.C., with a stop in Lynchburg, in the works

Bus route for Danville to D.C., with a stop in Lynchburg, in the works


The Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle

Harris's lack of presence in New Hampshire could be an issue

The Contagion of Corruption Dishonesty begets dishonesty, rapidly spreading unethical behavior

Billions flow to farmers ... concerns over unprecedented bailout

God: Getting closer!

Delusional asshat (engaged to raging moron) to run against Ted Lieu:

Ungerrymandering The States-- One By One

The 25TH Amendment

Discussion: Restructuring congress and the senate

Why the most pro-marijuana Congress ever won't deal with weed

Ambassadors throw in their support for Pete

Why is NOAA under the Dept. of Commerce and not the Dept. of the Interior? Nixon was pissed off

His nuts aren't in the vise, yet, but it has his address, and it's got gps.

Pizza Candy Canes Are Here for the Holidays

Crew members trapped inside capsized cargo ship found alive

The Administrative Branch of Our Government is full of Very Bad Gang Members

New teachers in Miami spend 72% of their income on housing.

The Blob

Tweety's back. Every time there's a sub, I think his health has finally beat him.

Jury selection begins at Chinese woman's Mar-a-Lago trespassing trial

Pelosi Will Release Drug Pricing Plan

Oh God. Another weather fiasco in the making.

Got my flu shot. Feelin safer....

Trump's racism was on parade again today.

MF45's open-hearted empathy is lovingly on display again...

The drumpf wall and 2020

Republicans Panic And Send Trump To North Carolina As They Are On The Verge Of Losing a seat

South Korea military says North Korea launches 2 projectiles

Trump went golfing ?

Huge House Investigation Launched Into Trump Scheme To Blackmail Ukraine Into Investigating Biden

Board Finds Partial Plant Unit at Boeing's South Carolina Facility Not an Appropriate Unit

Puppy on a mission

The orgy had lasted all night and the Norse gods who had descended from on high for

New: Air Force crews have stayed at Trump's resort at least 4 times since 2018 (w/ airport shuttles)

Jeopardy Regulars - new season tonight

Lol! Tweety just called Twitter TWEETER!!!!

Another smoking gun:

I do not like that man ted cruz ........from Last Week me finish it, I forgot

'UVA has ruined us': Health system sues thousands of patients, seizing paychecks and putting liens o

cartoon: Facebook

Boris has his undies in a bunch..he lost again..NO General Election


MPR: Monticello plant guards reach deal to settle lockout

Stop-gap senator ... Moscow's Mitch

Monster Hunter Movie review..

Alberta government orders school boards to remove 'public' from names, raising fears

U.K. Parliament again rejects Boris Johnson's call for an early election

Amazing Todd lasted this long...

🔥 Bernie Rallies in Denver

Hitler's Secret Illness Exposed, End of the Reich

U.S. House panel to review DOJ automaker antitrust probe

U.S. House panel to review DOJ automaker antitrust probe

Last day of the dinosaurs' reign captured in stunning detail

U.S. congressional panel to probe court secrecy

Unions under attack as their approval ratings soar

Boris facing full "exposure: MPs vote to require all "Operation Yellowhammer" No Deal Docs published

It's Not the Storm; It's the Cover-Up

Wonder who sold my email address to Trump.