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Anyone going to watch a scary movie tonight?

Biden and Harris need to get back to talking about saving obamacare and

Happy "full moon" Halloween!

Democrats guide to regaining majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

I am done with this site for a while

Joe: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Joe Biden!

I just heard on MSNBC that Trump is ahead by a wide margin with the Cuban voters in FL, because

Noam Chomsky Believes Trump Is "the Worst Criminal in Human History"

Fox News Paints Very Different Picture Of Election's Final Week Stephanie Ruhle MSNBC

What will become of Trump !

From Nate Cohn regarding Iowa poll

I got one more thing to say

Did that douchebag Gundy ever pull his mask up from his chin?

Drumpf fans once again stuck waiting for shuttles

Trump has done nothing to change minds polls have been

Trump supporters at his rally in Butler PA seem to have been abandoned without shuttle buses

'Take This Grape For It Is The Witch's Eye,' Says Pope Francis During Halloween-Themed Communion

'So Cruel': Rights Advocates, Biden Campaign Sound Alarm About Stephen Miller's Immigration Agenda

One of the plaintiffs trying to throw out drive-thru votes in Harris County, Texas, is a COVID and Q

Now from Nate Silver

Save the date...

I don't watch sports at all but even I know this isn't a normal touchdown!

Had to turn off CNN too much negative news.

Tossing 100,000 votes in houston as much to protect Crenshaw as to protect Trump

Alamance County sheriff's deputies and Graham police pepper-sprayed people -- including a 5-year-old

Is anyone else getting 403 Forbidden errors on the board this evening? - UPDATE

So ambivalent and feeling scared

Democrats Grow More Anxious About Pennsylvania

ACLU is looking for Harris County voters who voted drive through

9 people charged with misdemeanors for holding close to 400 person Halloween party in NYC

A view of the Iowa Poll from an Iowan.

Average lead in polls, 3 days out, since 2000!

Folks, the media is doing the horse race thing big time right now

He left his supporters stranded again

I just heard another new word coined by the sports announcers.

Cops Pepper-Spray Voters as They March to Polls in NC

Saving The Supreme Court From Itself: Russ Feingold

Signs may point to a Biden victory, but some Democrats can't shake memories of 2016

Be sure to log any voting problems/irregularities here:

A woman died of coronavirus on a plane. Her fellow passengers were never notified.

Lol PBS Sat night movie: Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and 💘 the bomb

Any Confirmation On the Stranded Trump Rally Story? I only see 1 tweet no other confirmation

Biden blasts Trump for saying doctors are using Covid to boost payments

Lori Lightfoot: This young trick or treater named Elaine passed by my house today, and I think she h

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Outhustle the other side': Obama urges Michigan voters to oust Trump in first joint appearance with

Trump stoking the fires, tweets video of Trump supporters surrounding Biden/Harris bus

538 at this point in past elections


Someone on CNN said this was all to confuse voters.

Last sunset at the beach

Pro Trump caravan, escorted by police, tried to intimidate voters in Ft. Worth.

Joe: You're absolutely right, Brayden -- no one should ever underestimate the American people.

Relax more from Nate Silver

Am I the only one or does anyone else see a Frank Capra Movie about this election ...

Be calm, folks. the numbers are fine. check the link below - latest info added for today.

PJ Harvey - Send His Love To Me

Tim Curry & Rocky Horror Picture Show Democratic Fundraiser!

Wild things happen while text banking but this is the BEST @DougJonesHQ

'A whole lot of hurt': Fauci warns of covid-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump's response

Rocky Horror Halloween Wisconsin Dems Benefit Tonight

538 "Both Candidates Might Fall Short Of 270 Electoral Votes On Election Night. But How Close Might

Tomi Lahren Debates Brian Tyler Cohen for the First Time on "The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson"

Wisconsin Dems Rocky Horror Halloween Benefit Tonight

Joe Biden goes all in on rebuilding 'blue wall' in campaign closing stretch

Joe: Vote for equality. Vote for the planet. Vote for justice. Vote for the future.

Seattle Police arrest man for dragging cat behind his bike

I lose it with Trump supporters

'Here's Why You Don't Want To Live In A Republican-Run State'

Obama rips Trump's 'obsession' with crowd sizes during rally for Biden:

The White House goes ballistic on Fauci. Accuses him of playing politics "three days before an elect

Working Hard in Texas to GOTV - including AOC, Julian Castro, and Beto!

SNL tonight is new: John Mulaney hosts with The Strokes as musical guests n/t

DMR's final poll had Obama winning Iowa by 17 in 2008. He won it by 9.

Senator Warren's Bailey ain't no coward. So cute.

Jon Stewart And Stephen Reunite On The 10th Anniversary Of Their Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear

Obama and Biden Rally In Detroit, MI -- Everything Is On The Line

In honor of Halloween, my wife and I chose to watch Hitchcock's "The Birds"

Donald Trump Holds His Last Election Rallies In Counties Where Wage-Growth Slowed

Come on, DUers. Don't get "tricked". "Treat" yourself by ignoring trolls and doom and gloomers

Texas Republicans Ask Federal Judge to Throw Out 117,000 Legally Cast Ballots

Hooboy. Junior is one bump from a nervous breakdown.

McConnell's Latest Agenda: Make Sure GOP Continues To Trample Democracy, 'Clean The Plate'

I just gave Joe a hundred bucks...Kick in anything you can!!!!

Fed. Judge sets hearing Monday on challenge to ballots from drive-thru voting in Texas' largest co

My new fav BIDEN yard sign (Portland)

So - if a candidate's slogan is "Make America Great Again" when he spent the prior 4 years

VoteVets FTW

Boris Johnson: England will enter national lockdown as coronavirus surges

There is no "late money" coming in on Trump in the betting markets.

George Takei: A real president would unequivocally condemn the fact that armed supporters of his jus

CNN poll: Biden leads Trump in key battleground states

What's Bill Clinton up to these days?

Trump makes stuff up, says Ilhan Omar will be Biden's Homeland Security secretary; Ilhan claps back

Ken Burns "Country Music" mini series was truly remarkable - esp. the earlier episodes

Dr. Bright on MSNBC Live: "68% of Americans saying the election is causing them stress." eom

Predictions from electoral-vote: (looks good)

FIRE... Crazy World of Arthur Brown

At the young age of 102, Pearl Wachman talks about the remarkable story of American progress and how

I wish SNL would do a black version of Trump and show the reactions of white folks

Winner of covid candy delivery system

Reporter reached out to Texas GOP for a comment on yesterday's bus incident along I-35...

"Let's do the Time Warp" with some familiar faces!!!

'A whole lot of hurt': Fauci warns of covid-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump's response

Trump strands supporters in cold for second time this week.

Trump consulted Fauci when he was sick

I am asking one more time if you can ...please donate. We are so close Thank you

Venezuela coup plotters met at Trump Doral. Central figure says U.S. officials knew of plan.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Just posted this responding to a PA FB 'cyber-friend' 'independent who attested about

Trump's 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: The Definitive List

So finally I guess I can say what I have been saying for years without fear of ... ... ...

Spooked by that horrible IOWA poll? Here's something to cheer you up

Pete Buttigieg issues devastating takedown of Don Jr. live on air

An Odd Thing Happend Last Presidential Election.

Cancer - The Lincoln Project

Kamala could have been on that bus.

On this day in 08, 12, 16, 20

Halloween poll.

When do you expect an undisputed winner to the 2020 presidential election to be declared?

Frankenstein - The Edgar Winter Group (1972)

I'm surprised no one has mentioned one of our "saints..."

The Electoral College: A 2020 Presidential Election Timeline

VIncent Price does The Monster Mash

The Doomsday Clock, We've Never Been So Close To Nuclear Annihilation: David & Goliath

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Video)

What's your projection for the Senate, and what can the Dems accomplish?

Texas Republicans push to invalidate 127,000 ballots

After recent spikes, Florida adds 2,231 new COVID-19 cases. But testing dropped significantly

SNL - some years back used to have a special Halloween with "Vincent Price"

Has any POTUS skipped going to the inauguration of the next POTUS

This is a cult

I'm going to sign up for my 2021 ACA health plan tomorrow...

I Put A Spell On You - Bette Midler - Hocus Pocus 1993 - HD edited

Texas AG Files Lawsuit Over El Paso's COVID Shutdown as County Sees Over 1,000 Daily Cases

Has this Susquehanna Wisconsin poll just been released? polling date is 10/31 If so it is Biden +3

Can the Supreme Court block expansion of the Supreme Court?

Trick or Treat LIVE!

Not a single trick or treater.

OK, Joe....

How about a music poll to help with this anxiety! What is your favorite Steely Dan album?

The desperate sounding doom and gloom messages seeking more donations don't inspire me

Let's make it harder - - Favorite Joni Mitchell Album

At Least Never Trumpers Stood and Fought - Tom Nichols, the Atlantic

A reminder for these anxious times - a President's approval rating is as informative as any poll.

5,278 cases... a new record.

Just watched the Des Moines news lead off with the stinking poll....

CNN: Trump approves his supporters harassing a Biden bus on a interstate in Texas.

I'm sure this has been posted here before but I want to spread it one last time

The Lincoln Project has a Jarvanka boat billboard!

Cocteau Twins - Wax and Wane

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman got served a lawsuit via WhatsApp.

Maddow Blog: Montana ICU nurse Joey Traywick

'Clean Air Started Here': Sonora, PA Smog Disaster, Halloween 1948 Inspired Environmental Protection

Amy Walter: An Incumbent President's Job Approval Rating Is A Key Election Predictor

Sack on voting

King Crimson - Starless, live (last song on Red)

Joe & Kamala Will Win PA. Here is My SC-PA "Trump Signs" Reason Why:

Florida men charged with stealing mail-in ballots from post office

Donald Trump lied to us because he thinks we're weak.

A Michael Moore video posted earlier said MI etc. had narrowed from huge margins. Total BS!

Tweet of 2020

SNL, please lose Jim Carrey as Joe Biden

Guy trying to explain that people were stranded because crowd was larger than expected...

SNL good start tonite.

Where Biden and Trump stand in Pennsylvania in the polls 3 days out from the election

So that Newsmax channel is doing a BS show about turnip's life.

This Election Is About Retaining Democracy - Senator Bernie Sanders

Buttigieg calls Trump Jr. 'so out of touch

FBI is looking into Friday's incident in which a group of Trump supporters surrounded Biden bus.

Obama drains 3-pointer basketball shot for democracy after finishing Michigan rally for Biden

'An incredible scar': the harsh toll of Trump's 400-mile wall through national parks

John Mulaney on SNL sucks. nt

Yeah yeah yeahs - Heads Will Roll

Trump/McConnell "Not Qualified" Judges Repeatedly & Overwhelmingly Vote Against Counting All Ballots

More funny stuff--this time, stuff that court reporters had to write down.

how often does the DU ActBlue goal amount update?

It's just WHITE ISIS dude.

Atlas appears on outlet described by US intel as one of the Kremlin's main propaganda platforms

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week Of 10/26/2020

Don Jnr doesnt seem too stable

State polls underestimated Barack Obama's support by about three points in 2012

Lizzo dresses as fly in Mike Pence's hair for Halloween

Bryan ferry - I Put a Spell on You

For the first time in 11 Presidential elections I've voted in I am wearing a candidate's gear.

ABC News Poll: Florida is Trump +2, Pennsylvania is Biden +7

A New Jersey cop sent sexually explicit texts to an 18-year-old woman hours after he arrested her

Let's talk about Trump's rallies, criticism, and a piece of mail...

'Covid-19 Casualties: The Jobs That May Never Return'

republican Asian American group once for Trump now says 'we made a mistake'

Don't forget to change your clocks on Sunday and your government on Tuesday!

Stanford study: Trump campaign rallies led to 30,000 COVID cases, 700 deaths

🔥What are America's electronic voting system vulnerabilities, & what's being done about it

did you know they celebrate Halloween in Japan now?

Orphaned baby elephant Kindani's rescue and recovery

Beverly Hills boarding up, closing down

OMG! Rocky Horror Picture Show is on!


So what's on your menu for Tuesday night?

Trailing in the polls, Trump enlists his administration and co-opts the government...

FINAL CNN STATE POLLS: Biden MI+14%, WI+8%, NC+6%, AZ+4%, also PPP poll: FL +7%

Feel better folks...and vote

Don Jr told Trump supporters to 'have some fun' before Biden vehicles 'rammed by armed group'

Cripes almighty!!!

Kendall Kaut: Why Biden is Going to Win

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

I wish polls would be banned on DU the next couple days give us a f--g break. I mean they

Dr. Fauci Speaks Bluntly About Trump & Covid-19: 'We're In For A Whole Lot of Hurt'

Trump "I could have been the greatest.."

Share Alert - Scam *** Recently, Calvert County Government and the Sheriff's Office have received

48 hours.

Funny Political cartoon

Anyone else using scotch tape to keep their cell phone together?

Proud Boy Trump supporter threatens to bomb North Dakota voting center

S#!T - my husband found one of his friends dead tonight

Olive and Mabel - treat or treat.

SNL: New York PSA

Senate Democrats seek veto-proof majority in Albany - but will they invoke it?

Great video on doing things in a more sustainable way.

after careful reflection on my fear of what did happen four years ago.

The Hoarse Whisperer schooling Ronna McDaniel

Quebec City police are hunting for a man dressed in medieval clothing and armed with a bladed weapon

Billionaire's spending backs Jordan

Totally under control documentary free on youtube right now...

It's up to the people to foil Trump's plot against democracy

Investigate and remove the unqualified judges

Trump has found a whole new way to make the government worse

Jon Ralston's latest Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/31/20 - 10:00 p.m.

Reading through Nate Silver's tweet replies, the ugliness towards him from Rs is sickening

Final episode of 'Leading Through', Your Move with Andy Stanley [last 4 minutes about Pres. Obama

Lost The War

I'm so disappointed in my city

Republicans, Not Biden, Are About to Raise Your Taxes

'It's popular now to go vote': Young Texans are voting in record numbers

It is all about who gets to count the ballots and when they are counted


NYC sheriff shuts down big Halloween party in Brooklyn warehouse

'Matter of Fact' with Soledad O'Brien (towards the end--plan for vaccine distribution)

Don't forget...change your clocks.

Noose displayed near Missouri voting booths, covered up after voting intimidation complaints

Paul Desmond, who was Brubeck's alto saxophonist, wrote this song.

SNL: Weekend Update

Jefferson Airplane - Bless Its Pointed Little Head - Fat Angel

Mississippi Officials Moved Three Times More Polling Places Than Reported for 65,000 Voters

BBC: Joe's fences to mend - What has Trump said about your country?

Nooooooooo! I don't *want* another hour of this year!!!

Feliz Da de los Muertos!

Time Has Come Today - live 1986 - Chambers Brothers

Eastern Orthodox Christian Hymn of the Departed in English, 'Give Rest'

War Of The Worlds - Original 1938 Radio Broadcasts

Dear Alamance County NC:

The Rolling Stones - Time Waits for No One

Anthrax - Got The Time (Official Music Video)

The Time - 777-9311

SNL: Strollin' (To the Polls)

Reports expose Trump's corruption.

The Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter (Video Version)

Olbermann vs. Trump #18: The 100 Cringeworthiest Trump Moments

SNL: Biden Halloween Cold Open

Time - Pink Floyd

The Purged: The Vanished Voters of Trump's America

N.Y. Comptroller DiNapoli recommends NYC come up with post-coronavirus fiscal plan, pans borrowing

Quebec City police arrest suspect after stabbings leave 2 dead (5 to hospital)

Courtin' Time - Emancipation - Prince - Election 2020 - get it?

AZ-SEN: Martha McSally's struggling campaign gets confused about who her opponent is

Time the Avenger

Others Here With Us - Happy Halloween - Rare Prince, spooky electric

Too much time on my hands.

White House unleashes on Fauci after criticism of Atlas and Trump's pandemic response

Prince - Batdance

Seven pro democratic lawmakers arrested in Hong Kong


3 Strange Days - School Of Fish

Typhoon Goni weakens as it crosses Philippines, four dead

The Latest: Australia Has No Local Case 1st Time In Months

Pandemic's Cost in New York: $63 Billion

Your Haunted Head

Vote as though our democracy depends on it (Akron Beacon Journal)

We March - Prince - Emancipation

Trump and military support

Is it wrong to want Rush Limbaugh......

After year of disruption, America set to choose a path ahead

Joe Jackson - Got the Time

The Cure - One More Time

No Time

Time in a Bottle

Another way to test for Covid: Ottawa's wastewater suggests COVID-19 levels are plateauing

Frida (ABBA) Time

The Time - Get It Up

Early voting brings one million Black voters to Georgia polls

Russia makes bid to water down UN commitments on women's rights in conflict

Russia makes bid to water down UN commitments on women's rights in conflict

John Denver - It's About Time (1991)

Love Sign

Will Maine be blue this time?


Breakfast Sunday 1November 2020

Texas Republicans ask federal judge to throw out 100,000 ballots

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Muse - Time is Running Out

Official Terror Comes To This Election

Bat Shit Crazy Pat Robertson: Trump will be reelected -- and then the End Times will begin

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 1, 2020, at 2:00 A.M. On Saturday night, set your cloc

Final NYT/Siena Polls rolling in about an hour from now

It's A Beautiful Day - Time Is

FBI Investigating "tRump train" truck attack on Biden bus!

A vote against Trump isn't just a vote against Trump

Final NYT/Siena polls: Biden +6 in PA & AZ, +11 in WI, +3 in FL

*Brand New Poll Results From A + Pollster* Good News!

Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey - study

There are very few human beings who choose death over life

Reckon the MAGA Warriors will argue,,,,

George Takei and a Serenity Prayer

I know more about ISIS than the Generals do. I really get this stuff!

NEW VIDEO: We are done with #TrumpsDeadlySins

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pointy Stik Edition

The thing about Texas Republicans trying to throw out 100K+ ballots is that they've already created

Did DUers see Obama's three pointer during SNL last night

DNC should sue RNC for RICO conspiracy to deprive AfAms of voting rights. A civil judgment could lea

Brent Terhune & Blaire Erskine: Cancel Halloween??? WE DON'T THANK SO

NBC News:Illegal Halloween party with nearly 400 people shut down by deputies in NYC

Joe: The words of a president matter. And time and time again, Donald Trump has callously used his t

Good News For Trump!!!

Joe: The issues we're facing are far bigger than any political p

Florida Florida Florida we love you Florida

Obama in Flint: "He's accusing doctors of profiting off this pandemic...

Biden camp cancels multiple Texas events after a "Trump Train" surrounded a campaign bus

Channel 216 - Newsmax - on Dish New Fox clone "news" station. Solid

Biden has big leads among those who didn't vote in 2016

I was up in the middle of the night again

Trump's Schedule for Sunday, November 1, 2020

What those nasty Trump supporters did to the Biden.Harris bus yesterday is NOT ok,

Fauci just struck a decisive blow to Trump

Total Early Votes: 92,038,417 In-Person Votes: 33,141,215 Mail Ballots Returned: 58,897,202

What we long to hear on Wednesday

New Battleground State Polls

NASA's new rocket would be the most powerful ever. But it's the software that has some ...

Do not let the Iowa poll give you heartburn!!! I am from Iowa

From the hereafter Peggy Lee offers her support


3 reasons why American politics have become so divisive - study

Will somebody explain like I'm 74? News is the virus has mutated

maybe Ossof should debate an empty chair today

We voted yesterday afternoon. No waiting.

Fauci Offers Blunt Assessment of Trump

70 Years Ago Today; Puerto Rican independence activists attempt to assassinate Truman at Blair House

Trumpworld Knows What the Rest of Us Know: It's All Over But the Shouting

Please American friends, I beg you: Make America great again, & free the world from crazy lunatic

BTRTN: Trump Sprints to the Finish, Losing His Race Against the Truth

BTRTN: Trump Sprints to the Finish, Losing His Race Against the Truth

DailyBeast: Trump's Favorite COVID Adviser Goes on Kremlin-Backed RT to Blast Lockdowns as 'Epic Fai

I set all of my clocks ahead one hour at 2AM today.

Blaire Erskine has more, another satirical tweet from the Butler Pa. trump rally

The failure of authoritarian nationalism: Trump, Putin, Bolsinaro et al and the Pandemic

NC update, their total is 4.53M, or 97.9% of their 2016 vote

Shocked, Shocked; Koch, Exxon, Marathon Funded State Legislators, Pols Behind Anti-Protest Bills

To our North Carolina DUers, did this really happen??

LOL: Trump in the pumpkin patch

Zeta Came Ashore Just Under Cat 3 Strength, Taking Residents And Oil/Gas Companies By Surprise

Joe: Let's put dogs back in the White House.

What Comes After Zeta? Eta. 28th Named Tropical Storm Of 2020 Season Heading For C. America

You're in charge: What would be the first thing you'd to the Killa Con after he was arrested?

The Hallowoeen 'costume du jour' for 2020

745,000 people held in local jails can vote, but few do. Advocates say it's voter suppression

In August 2020, Maricopa CO AZ Saw 260 Heat Deaths; For 28 Straight Days, Temps Never Went Below 90F

Whitmer kidnap suspect wants out of jail. He's diabetic, and fears COVID-19

Joe: We need to be what we are at our best: One America.

Texas GOP senator didn't "graduate" from Oxford University law program, as claimed in prior campaign

Did Trump actually designate the KKK a terrorist organization?

I find it difficult to comment on the knuckledraggers' attack on the Biden/Harris bus in Texas.

It is now clear that we have to remove the right wing thugs from our law enforcement nationwide

Proclamation on National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens, 2020; 10-30-20

Did the March to Vote in NC vote?

Proclamation on National American History and Founders Month, 2020; October 30, 2020

What if millions of people who already voted

Trump's Remarks Before Air Force One Departure; Joint Base Andrews; October 31, 2020

Doonesbury - Sure, why not?

46% of registered Virginians have already voted

Hong Kong lawmakers arrested over disruption of legislature

OK, I get it: The Biden Bus was blocking traffic...

George Takei: DeSantis and FL have sought to cover up Covid-19 deaths since the beginning of this pa

'New Braunfels Trump Train' is the group that attacked the Biden-Harris bus

So, I woke up in the night, looked at the clock and it was...

The Story of Our Mad King Will Live on Well Past the Election

Remember this?

The "I am Change" marchers in NC had PERMITS for the peaceful protest where they got pepper-sprayed

Race is now between Trump 43% and Fauci 66%

As If the Platypus Couldn't Get Any Weirder (gizmodo)

Trump comments about Sean Connery's death - are really about Trump. SURPRISE!!

White House: "It's unacceptable and breaking with all norms for Dr. Fauci, a senior member..."

Final pre-election national NBC/WSJ poll Biden 52% Trump 42%

CBS running this beautiful early morning ad featuring 10 year old vocal powerhouse Reina Ozby

Test post, kept getting a 403 error

In PA fracking is all about money for a few. In the country, COVID is sickness and maybe death

Area Of Arctic Sea Ice Missing As Of 10/29 Equal To 1/3 Of US East Of The Mississippi River

Lindsey wants women to be handmaids.

Repeal the Permanent Apportionment Act

YOU raise $11,442.00 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-31-20

I'm watching a documentary about the Reagan assassination attempt on NGEO

"Rounding the corner"

*WSJ-NBC* A RATED NATL POLL Biden 52% *Klansman* 42%

I'm suspended from twitter because I said


It was Don Jr who told Texas whackos to "have some fun" with Kamala

When a GOP Pres is spending the last wkend day darting to NC, Iowa, GA and Fl, they are losing

What can I do with a can of sweetened condensed milk?

Lev Parnas' 19-year-old law student son writes tell-all

Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody make an ad for Joe and Kamala 🎵

Too Bad, So Sad: At Last Minute, NH Republican Candidates Think GOP Should Do Something On Climate

George Takei: So we are calling Trump truck caravan thugs "Y'all Qaeda" right? Because it's so fitti

Trump's legacy is shaped by his narrow interests

'Y'all Qaeda'

DAE keep something like "baby books" for their pets?

Dishonesty Has Defined the Trump Presidency

Trump sets new record as the 1st incumbent to poll below 47% of a 2 party every day since June 1st

Josh Stein: My statement on today's incident in Graham, NC:

Welcome to November! 2 More Days! My Daily Home Stretch Election Polling Update!

Don Jr. doesn't look like his old man. Maybe he looks like

Lindsey Graham says Amy Coney Barrett shows young women can go anywhere in America "if you are

Even after we throw Trump out our country's reputation will be permanently

The Pumpkin King (whose name was not Donald)...realized

Going in to church today.

I'm old, so I think time goes by too fast.

Make Election Day a National Holiday......

"person who refused a bag but their item ended up not fitting in their purse"

About door-to- door canvassing during Covid

Is there a statute of limitations on domestic terrorism?

Florida update -It is dependent on independents

Florida fisherman caught a gator ... It weighed more than 1,000 pounds

Philadelphia has the highest number of registered voters in 35 years

Sack cartoon: Say one good thing about Trump

Greetings all

The salt from my tears shed for Donnie's loss

Halloween 2020. Wow.

Pack A Sweater

Trump can't even eulogize Sean Connery without butchering Englsih

Regarding Covid, all Trump really had to do was to shut the fuck up.

Pro-Trump caravan escorted by cops in predominantly black neighborhood - Ft. Worth wasn't having it.

What is House Bill #344 about?

It's snowing in Lansing. Huge honking flakes.

No matter what

Posted without comment

I know this is a dead trend but what an amazing Halloween costume

Mulching Fallen Leaves Like Trump Votes

Biden will win the election

Joe Biden's Example Of Leadership

Last week I was thinking Texas might turn blue. However, now all I've seen is Trump parades & harass

Rallies With Cars

Two new Florida polls: Biden +4 and +1 - link

Fauci knows he's going to be fired on Nov 4 if Trump wins

18,000 Walt Disney World employees are losing their jobs as part of mass layoffs

Huge spider assumed extinct in Britain discovered on MoD training site

Last USC Dornslife national poll: Biden +12

Texas GOP Is In Full-Blown Panic Mode And Just Signed-Off On Terrorism

The Trump Campaign's Chaotic Closing Strategy

Blind Faith

Trump reminds me of the guy at the bar who gooses the waitress


Scientists find Madagascar chameleon last seen 100 years ago

Patient at clinic tries to unmask aid provider

Pennsylvania is the Keystone State.

70-year-old pulled out alive in Turkey as quake toll hits 64

Randy Quaid

That's what I do ...

New PPP Texas poll: Biden +2

Lincoln Project: We're fighting for a better America. A Biden era would be a good start.

Flowers in the desert after a rain

Ralston is already about ready to call Nevada.

Found this on youtube from 2012 almost quaint now

1527 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 2 deaths

Indian doctor duped into buying 'Aladdin's lamp' for $41,600

I love Jonathan Capehart. I hope he gets the AM Joy spot

When record breaking voting totals are announced, remember...

Are we in hell?

Pick A Torch

They can file all the lawsuits they want

Jeff Tiedrich: imagine that a bunch of dipshits tried to run a Trump bus off the road.

I just read the post by Swag and thought that maybe my post deserved a separate post instead

Trump Convoy

Humanitarian crisis in Armenia & Artsakh

Four years ago

I watched the new Borat movie last night (no spoilers)

On the heels of an interview with Russian propagandists, Dr. Scott Atlas, a partisan radiologist...

Vote him away, version. 3

Lindsey Graham wants women to be barefoot and pregnant.

What is everyone going to do during the early part of Tuesday evening?

Need A Big Finish

Have seniors been going to doctor's offices

Happy anniversary Mrs. Glam!

Not all Republicans are domestic terrorists...

@marcorubio: Not every democrat is a socialist But every socialist is a democrat

When I "rounded the corner" today...

Sean Connery helped me get Scottish plans approved, says Trump

Time Has Come Today

Tea Pain: This week we saw one of the most disgustin' aspects of Trumpism rear it's ugly head.

Hey Trump supporters: stop calling yourselves the "silent majority".

I so hope to see this Tues evening..........

Trump bothers me, but his minions bother me more.

IN CONCERT: Yello ft. Fifi Rong - Kiss The Cloud (HD video&audio)

White House Slams Fauci After Critical Comments on Pandemic

A GA Democratic campaign staffer told me that Mayor Bottoms will likely run for Gov. in 2022.

Secrets of the ice: unlocking a melting time capsule

Break out your crystal balls...When do you think that the election will be decided?

Don't Stop ... This puts me in a good mood.

T.I.M.E. Trust In Men Everywhere

I'm sorry sir but the President of the United States has told me I shouldn't believe anonymous sourc

Mrs. Betty Bowers: These people aren't Catholics or Christians.

Does anyone know how long it takes for a new star to show up on my account?

Mississippi Officials Moved Three Times More Polling Places Than Reported

Lindsey Graham Tells Women "There's A Place For You In America" If You Follow "Traditional Family St

The Fly

Joshua Geltzer: This is not how elections work.

DDR4 memory

Why Henry VIII Orchestrated Every Detail of Anne Boleyn's Execution

Best SNL open. I'm still laughing

Now the Fat Bastard's using Michael Jackson's 'Beat it' in his Bund rallies

Joe: From his heinous acts of separating families at our border to his neglect of the people of Puer

Brazil Already Has More than 159 thousand Covid-19 Deaths

trump campaign sent email to PA election officials for info on where ballots are stored

"Try to grasp the magnitude of the failure."

Mary Trump is on M$NBComcast - says these aren't rallies

This should be good - trump rally in MI today

Adam Parkhomenko - Dear press: We're not scared because of 2016.

I am practicing self-care to get through the next few days

Wealthy funder pays reparations for use of HeLa cells

100% True

Latest Univ. of Tyler Texas poll : Biden +3

George Takei: No Brooks Bros antics in 2020.

Young people. New citizens. The fed-up. Trump campaign listed them as 'deadbeats' in 2016

Cuteness Alert! Baby Elephant Wan Mai First Time in Bathtub

US Election 2020: Missouri officials cover noose near polling booths

Here's Don Jr., inciting violence against Kamala Harris in McAllen, Texas (Video)

very confusing NY Sienna Florida poll

Velveeta Voldemort has an opinion about "Black Youth" and voting

The Final Countdown! Biden/Harris 2020!

This Needs to Be Restated: I do not judge people by the religion they profess.

Fox News is congratulating those drivers for "taking this election into their own hands."

Fox News website: Not a SINGLE mention of the Texas highway incident.

Is That Snow In Michigan Or Chunks Of Adderall Swirling Around Trump

Our big mistake


A rare yellow turtle was spotted & rescued in Balasore, Odisha yesterday.

Laurence Tribe: Texas Trump convoy was reminiscent of ISIS, an ominous harbinger of a dark future

Sippie Wallace was born on this date.

Sometime in early January

Trump's election-night party will pack 400 people into the East Room of the White House

Susquehana +1 Trump lead in Florida is actually good news for Biden

Sacha Baron Cohen Almost Incited a Riot While Filming "Bruno" (2012)

Golden Retriever VS Very Terrifying Kitten

Aaron Rupar: This clip encapsulates the toxic Fox bubble perhaps better than anything I've seen.

Happy Birthday to Lyle Lovett

Ohio back to 50/50 on 538..if election held today

Other states should look to Washington for a voting system. Its sad to see what goes on elsewhere

Midnight Diner:Tokyo Stories

Pony Has Been In Love With Little Girl Since She Was Born

Who is the worst president during your lifetime?

We need to pass laws to stop every kind of voter suppression. This is very important.

Meidas Touch: #TrumpTerrorism

#OnlyTheYoung....A POWERFUL Joe Biden ad that had me in tears.

This Yearlong Transformation Was So Worth The Wait

Why dry weather this Election Day may boost Biden.

36 hours to go.

Facebook busy deleting anti-Trump groups

Photo of the terrorist who tried to drive the Biden bus off the road, posing with Dan Crenshaw

NEVER EVER again can we be nice to the gop. They have no morals, no decency, no true concern for US


Did anyone get trick or treaters last night?

Terrorist who tried to force Biden bus off the road drove through protesters in San Antonio in Sept.

'What did we all do?': why women who voted for Trump could decide the 2020 election

On Tuesday, We Are Doing Three Things

The Lincoln Project presents our music video for "Commander in Chief" by Demi Lovato

Just listened to Ronna McDaniel say two things

Covey Spreader don't care!

NC early vote looking very good.

93,131,107 early votes 67.6% of 2016

Why do Trump rally organizers keep stranding supporters

I am asking one more time. My sister's funeral is tomorrow. The final cost is 7,840.00 we are almos

My sister's funeral is tomorrow. The total cost is 7,840. We are almost there. I am asking

FLORIDA VOTING NOW!! Sunday 1 Nov Souls to the Polls!!


Trump admin funds plasma company based in owner's condo (AP)

Keep an eye out for an organized Trump caravan with trucks and cars in Wisconsin, today

Ralston calls it for Biden in Nevada : The dice are cast, and they look like snake eyes for the GOP.

The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi.

Report on my last phone banking shift in ME CD-2.

Trump tells rallygoers his Texas supporters terrorizing the Biden bus were actually "protecting" it

Tomorrow is the last day to text bank to help get Miami-Dade to the polls.

Re that pepper spray attack by police in North Carolina

FBI Is Investigating 'Trump Train' That Surrounded Biden Campaign Bus in Texas: Report

Republicans have already succeeded at packing state supreme courts

Buttigieg denounces Trump campaign for 'suppressing voters' calling it 'a stain on that campaign

Man Brings 300 Dogs Into His House To Protect Them From Hurricane

Senate battle overtime? Weeks or months?

North Carolina's Police Attack on Election Marchers Had a Long History Behind It

Getting desperate emails from Jaime Harrison

Care to join me in a rebuttal to a ridiculous anti-religion post in GD?

Eliazar Cisneros, the domestic terrorist who tried to drive the Biden bus off the road, is...

Trump's Voter-Suppression Strategy Is a Crisis (Even If It Backfires)

You have probably never heard of Project Loon

What Will Happen to the Lawyers Who Aided and Abetted Donald Trump?

"ARRDURRDARRDURRDARR." (The State of Mind of the So-Called President)

Jon Ralston re: Nevada, "The dice are cast, and they look like snake eyes for the GOP."

Election 2020: Longer voting lines may be a sign of voter suppression Just The FAQs

Fashion choices

The Late Show: The GOP's Voter Suppression Efforts Are Inherently Evil

"CNN somehow managed to find the one photo of Steve Bannon..."

Total Early Votes: 93,131,017

Too many credit cards

Trump will-hold his election night party inside the White House with up to 400 invitees.

Springsteen's Letter To America.

He said WHAT???

"perfect specimen" says "bleah, it's too cold for me"

In all the remembrances of Sean Connery, I didn't see reference to his greatest work!

and 5% don't want to say for whom they will vote.......this from Iowa....

BREAKING: Joe Biden will be in Cleveland, Ohio TOMORROW

My kidneys are starting to ache

NY Times: Why Are Republicans So Afraid of Voters?

What's your best guess on the number of present administration officials who will flee the country?

Gov. Cuomo: Communities of color can't be last on the list for a vaccine.

Why Are Republicans So Afraid of Voters?

A hangman's noose displayed in a polling station in Missouri covered up following complaints of vote

Trump has set a new record as the first incumbent president to poll below 47% of the national two-pa

Lawyers Prepare for Court Battles in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin

Sabato: Trump attacking very popular Fauci is dumbest way possible to conclude his campaign

'Ultra-Conservative' Judge Assigned to Texas Republicans' Lawsuit, Which Seeks to Toss Out ...

Poll: Biden bests Trump with Latino voters by a 2-1 margin

'Pearls Before Swine' November 01, 2020

'Like Froth on a Cappuccino': Spacecraft's Chaotic Landing Reveals Comet's Softness

Their First Try Backfired, but Giuliani and Allies Keep Aiming at Biden

Over 11,000 early voters this week! Yay Calvert County!

The most popular painkiller on the planet has been poisoning people

George Takei: #SoulsToThePolls day! Save us from the Orange Devil.

RWNJ running against Chris Coons in DE: Fauci is holding the entire world hostage with his lunacy

What Fiction are you reading this week, Nov. 1, 2020?

Joe Biden to Cleveland Ohio Monday

Another Astronaut Offers Support For Joe Biden

In Georgia, record turnout, Black voters fuel Biden's push to expand electoral map

Where are you feeling it?

Early voters cast record 92M ballots as Election Day nears

🤬 ELIAZAR CISNEROS. He is a known trouble maker/Also drove thru protestors in San Antonio

'Murdoch thinks Donald Trump is toast--but he also thinks it could be good for business

Sen. Schumer could be the second-biggest winner in the election -- or relegated to perennial

Please note that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been destroyed by its out of state owners

Entitled anti-maskers hold up the voting line & compare it to Jim Crow laws

Putin rejects Trump's accusations against Biden

Rural U.S. Hospitals Are on Life Support as a Third Wave of COVID-19 Strikes

More US Patients To Have Easy, Free Access To Doctor's Notes

Scott Atlas now trying to claim he didn't know RT was a registered agent of Russia

More US Patients To Have Easy, Free Access To Doctor's Notes: New Law

Moneyball (2011) - Netflix

This election feels like I'm holding what appears to be a winning mega-millions lottery ticket..

"We Go Where They Go." A valuable read from this week's New Yorker about Antifa and

I just had a thought--I will have so much space on my hard drive after that thing loses.

Lewandowski on Fox: Trump will carry swing states election night. so no need to continue to count

On Tuesday I Think I Will

Supreme Court Changes Fuel Moves To Protect Abortion Access

This kid hit a pitch AND a foul-ball from another field at exactly the same time. Incredible...

10-foot python removed from under car hood in Florida


Top Democrat gives bombshell voter news from must-win Wisconsin (interview with Brian Tyler Cohen)

Mitch McConnell vowed Friday to continue confirming both U.S. circuit and district court nominees

I'm thinking of trading Duncan the golden retriever puppy in on newer normal model

Why don't we earn interest on our Daylight Savings?

Election judges checking ballots?

Same people who villify Halloween

Pitsbugh-Post Gazette edorsement of Trump is just laughingly bad

The Texas State House moves from 'Tossup' to 'Tilt Democratic'

Spot the odd one out.......

Poll: Biden bests Trump with Latino voters by a 2-1 margin

Texas Supreme Court DENIES Republican effort to invalidate over 126,000 ballots in Harris Co., Texas

Scientists capture 2 murder hornet queens alive & then destroy nest (video)

Trump claims his supporters were "protecting" a Biden-Harris bus yesterday & being nice

The Lincoln Project trolls Jason Miller

The election experts at The Cook Political Report have UPGRADED ratings for Democrats

Who hasn't voted yet?

Texas Supreme Court upholds drive through voting

Biden will go to Ohio tomorrow

UK: Add Vitamin D To Bread & Milk To Help Fight Covid, Scientists Urge

Damn, one of those Tя☭mp truck parades just drove by.

Texas Supreme Court rejects Republican-led effort to throw out nearly 127,000 Harris County votes

Federal court groups 35 small business lawsuits related to Covid-19 losses

Traveling with Trump is a cognitive dissonance carnival

It's the Trumper small penis brigade!

My dad just said he's staying home on Tuesday. He said he never thought he would see this day

A look at local dollars flowing into the presidential race

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 1 November 2020

Trumpers winning more friends and influencing more people on the Garden State Parkway today

NC Voting Update: November 1

Jon Ralston's latest Nevada Early Voting Blog - 11/1/20 - 8:30 a.m.

Oscar has found a clever way of playing fetch with his neighbor during lockdown

People seem to totally understand Trump's schtick at this point

80 Scholars Warn of Democracy Collapse As US Election Looms: 'A Very Dangerous Time'

Cartoons 11/1/2020

They won the Halloween! 🎃 😂 ❤

sean connery with billo reilly

Final NBC News/WSJ: Biden 52, Dump 42, Other 3, Unsure 3.

We should know if Mitch and Lindsay are out by 10 pm central or so

Lincoln Project to Don jr. "You good?" 👍

Lindsey Graham says women 'have a place in America' & ' can go anywhere' if they are against abortio

Democrats poised for House gains with boost from Trump-won districts

I caught a dragon in the sky

Yet Again, Even The SCOTX Won't Go Along With GOP Bids To Throw Out 'Drive-Thru' Votes

this is so true- remember when trump was warning us about caravans of terrorists?

DeWine forecasts Trump wins Ohio in 'close vote'

People are calling to boycott Home Depot after its co-founder said he was voting for Trump

He's unraveling! His latest tweet:

Why Are Republicans So Afraid of Voters?

NC-11: Trump's golden boy no shoo-in for red North Carolina seat

A dragon

TV Hosts Confront Trump Advisers On President's Smear Against Doctors

On the occasion of my birthday, I want to thank the whole Democratic Underground

Joe Biden planning Cleveland area visit on Monday

A high school newspaper has exposed how state police quoted Adolf Hitler

Trump's planning on declaring victory Tuesday night if he's ahead-Axios

'Logistical Nightmare': PA Trump Supporters Left Stranded Waiting for Buses After President's Rally

Body mistaken for Halloween prop sits on balcony for days, Los Angeles cops say

Scoop: Trump's plan to declare premature victory

Tensions rise outside of Kamala Harris event in Fort Worth

Let's turn Texas Blue

GOP Plan To Split Black College Campus Backfired: NC A&T State Univ. Students Vote In Record Nos.

Trae Crowder: If your vote didn't matter, they wouldn't be making it so hard to vote.

Scotland debunks Trumps's latest lies..."utter bollocks"

John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

College student drove 20 hours from DC to Texas to vote after her mail-in ballot never arrrived

Trump jokes refugees would say 'Syria never looked so good' if they came to Michigan

Rick Santorum-linked plasma company operating out of a condo in line for $65MM for COVID research

Sent some bux to Joe..last night.

The Rude Pundit: Biden should declare victory now and demand that Trump concede.

Media should put trump on a delay election night.

The election day concerns I have are trumpers going at election offices and firebombing to

The latest Emerson poll of Iowa shows the DMR Iowa poll is wrong ... link

45's new dance move

new video of Eliazar Cisneros waiting to ambush the Biden Bus

Mullet: Check - Porn-star-mustache: Check - Yodel: Check...

Yesterday's bike ride through Madison WI

Looks like HIGH WINDS in the upper mid-west Great Lakes

St. Cloud State University Minnesota poll: Biden leads 54-39.

Trump implodes in fatal misstep ahead of election--No Lie podcast

GA Democrats cancel a planned rally today ahead of Trump's visit because "large militia" expected

Hate crime against Black couple jolts beach town known for tolerance

2020 US Senate Election for US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020.

Texas Supreme Court-Chief Justice and 3 Associates are Up for Election

The Origins of Native American Heritage Month

November outlook: Expect big temperature swings but near-normal conditions overall

US election: Don Jr told Trump supporters to 'have some fun' before Biden vehicles 'rammed by armed

Joe Biden leads in Michigan and Wisconsin polls as campaign ends, with tighter races in Arizona and

MORE on woman who organized the Bus Ambush: Naomi Narvaiz

Scariest Dog Costume Ever!

NYT: The Trump campaign again tries to falsely paint votes counted after Nov. 3 as illegitimate

Rick Scott: says 'we haven't beaten' Covid-19 as President pushes false claims on pandemic

WaPo: Why dry weather this Election Day may boost Biden

Election at Hand, Biden Leads Trump in Four Key States, Poll Shows

Ya know, a real President wouldn't want to BEG for votes! Of course there's DT going town to town

Epstein donations force resignation at international peace organization

BREAKING: Texas Supreme Court DENIES petition seeking to toss out almost 127,000 Harris County votes

trump supporters closed down the express lanes of the Garden State Parkway this morning:

NJ: Trump vehicle convoy shuts down the Garden State Parkway.

Utility offering increased rebates on some weatherization products as winter approaches

Dog Runs In Front Of Car And This Woman Knows It's Fate

Trump's Unserious Plan to Steal the Election

Like I do every day, I spoke to my 96-year-old father yesterday.

Reuters/Ipsos: MI, PA, WI (good news)

I. I believe. I believe that. I believe that we. I believe that we will.

Final Data For Progress National Poll: Biden +10

Russia rules out cutting fossil fuel production in next few decades

Now trumpers have shut down the Mario Cuomo Bridge (formerly Tappan Zee Bridge)...

UK will not import chlorinated chicken from US, ministers say

UK will not import chlorinated chicken from US, ministers say

HAHA I was curious so I went over to the free republic

Little Boy Reads Books To The Cat His Family Rescued

*Poll Alert*

Looks like Trump was right about a Caravan threatening America

After many previous dashed hopes, who thinks the youth vote is coming through for us this time?

Democrats led early voting after Trump's attacks on mail-in ballots. Now Trump needs to dominate

White House coronavirus adviser Atlas apologizes for Russian TV interview

Rob Thomas - #TeamJoeSings

Reposting this less for the tweet than for the GIF of 666.

How many 'Covid' deaths are really caused by Covid-19?

Jr. coked up to the eyeballs.

Joe is live! With Philadelphia's faith community for a Souls to the Polls event.

*Poll Alert*

Imagine what Joe would do if his supporters shut down a bridge.....

In 2016, right-wingers came out of the woodwork to put Donnie over the top at the last minute.

Trump Insanity hitting all time highs here

Dan Rather: We had a president who was "nothing but net."

Let's talk about Texas and Trump....

Just took my newly minted 18yro to vote

Biden has huge lead among voters who sat out 2016 in key states

Jim Cornette epic rant on trump and his supporters

Scott Atlas apologizes for interview with Kremlin-backed RT

Elephant Enjoying Flooding

The tubby Taliban (new favorite nickname)

I want to apologize for my last post

NJ: Trump vehicle convoy shuts down the Garden State Parkway

Stop watching the polls

Beschloss: We did not know Presidential winner for certain before midnight on election nights in...

I hope the Biden campaign is ready for when trump declares victory & immediately

Trump Forgets What Decade It Is

Obnoxious Trump supporters in New York shut down Mario Cuomo bridge

Florida Final Poll: Biden 51% Trump 47% this Scott Rassmussen

Reminds me of the joke Rep. Gary Ackerman told in 1995, during the roll call that would make ...

Anyone else walking around with a knott in their stomach?

Jordan Klepper Hits One Last Trump Rally Before the Election

Scott Rarmussen (PoliticalIQ) Final Florida Poll--Biden 51-Trump 47

*Breaking: New Ipsos polls find Biden gaining in rust belt-+10 in MI, +10 in WI, +7 in PA!**

Vox: Trump's plan to win by invalidating votes, explained

Florida EV seems to be going well today

Trump vehicle convoy shuts down the Garden State Parkway.

Todd Snider - Conservative Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight White American Male

Steven Beschloss Regarding the Use of Institutional Power to Incite Violence

Are the traffic blockades by Trumpers a test run for election day? I am suspicious.

"The will of the people." We're going to need to start using this phrase,

FBI investigating alleged harassment of Biden campaign bus by Trump supporters

WIVA - her first day

this fucking year!!!

Seems the main GOP strategy in NY

Today's GOP has really become definitely a cult and should be renamed "The American Terrorist Party!"

Did anyone else see the intro on FOX NFL today that had a statement on voting? They said

Sundown today at 5:22 pm. Bah!

Trump Supporters Spend Weekend Clogging America's Highways

Questions: why did trump supporters shut down the bridge and

If you didn't vote already, GOP will stop you on Tuesday

Brianna Kielar talking to Kaitlin Collins before a trump rally:

YouGuv "Already Voted" Polls

They were playing the theme song from the Titanic at the DT rally showing on CNN! HAH! I hope

tramp Rally: Titanic theme song... que?

Elections are just like athletic endeavors, teams with the momentum going

Here's What Local Activists Have Planned On And Around Election Day

Trump Reportedly 'Plans To Declare Victory Before Election Is Called'

The son of Lev Parnas offers one more Trump tell-all

Do you want to play a game

Trump's camp sought highly sensitive ballot security information from a county in Pennsylvania

Does Trumpers obstructing traffic/intimidating campaign buses help or hurt with "undecideds"

Voters who registered at MVC agencies are at risk of having their ballots rejected

PM Update: Howling winds tonight with bitter wind chills in the 20s early Monday.

To the idiots who shut down the Mario Cuomo (Tappan Zee) Bridge & the GSP Express Lanes.

Lpez: The Four C's Americans (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, & Creek)

He organized the TRUMP TRAIN

I don't know if Biden is going to win Texas or not......

Sunrise and moonset

If the word "Vapid" was a person.....

Trump is preparing to declare victory on election night without 270 electoral votes

Theme song from the Titanic is playing at Trump's rally in Hickory, NC, right now

Oh, I just remembered, Rachel said she'll be on tonight

Mississippi: Images of the Magnolia State

It's only socialism when ...

Kamala is doing great on the stump again today.

Why would you vote for this LIAR:Timeline: President Trump's comments on the coronavirus

6:15 pm The Prisoner Of Second Avenue (1974)

What happens to Trump's "Business" if he is no longer President ?

Kamala: Future generations deserve clear air, safe rivers, and a livable planet that we can pass dow

Kamala: Last week in Nevada, I caught up with my friend @Astrid_NV, to discuss the Biden-Harris plan

What The Deluge Of Final Polls Can Tell Us FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

Really American: #TrumpDeliveredNothing

WHOA! New Emerson polling!

Joe: Let's turn Texas blue.


"You're Fired"

AI that predicted 2016, Brexit, and Canadian Election predicts Biden win

But the community wasn't having it. The people are fighting back!

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 1, 2020

"I want to be clear that elections have never been called on election night,"

Man charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree murder after Halloween sword attack in Quebec City

Many Georgians voted for Obama in 08 & 12, but haven't voted since.

Obama: Trump Failed To Take Pandemic And Presidency Seriously

Replay: Kamala's Goldsboro, NC drive-in rally

Dear DUers - who gives a fuck what the Killa Con is planning to do

"They let the president do whatever he wants: (Vote The GOP Out!)

Pro-Trump car caravan briefly blocks New Jersey highway

What is Trump planning to do after declaring victory Tuesday night?

Three shot in Kansas confrontation over Trump yard signs

Map of most racist areas of USA

I think my guy might be headed for a melt-down.

Terrorist ring leader Trump praises Texas supporters who surrounded Biden-Harris bus

Karen holding up the voting line in DuPage County, IL. (Video)

Joe is live! Tune in as we get out the vote in Pennsylvania.

Peak Gas Is Coming to the U.S. Sooner Than Anyone Expected

Bruce Springsteen: This is Joe Biden's hometown

American Taliban

Wanna help me pick out my next baking dish?

Trump is repeating one of his weirdest stories, about how, even though he hates to give his opponent

45 Rally...listen to the song playing in the background!

Open letter to Republican politicians and staff: Limbaugh is dying and you're fucked!

Please someone ask Trump about Military votes

If real bedlam ensues this week @ProfMMurray and I will be giving daily 10-minute dispatches at a co

Greg Sargent on trump's plan to cheat, and a call for lawyers from Marc Elias

Trump & Biden Make Their campaign "Closing Arguments." What does the "Circumstantial Evidence" Show

Just saw this on twitter

VoteVets ad: Walk (Him Out)

US election: Don Jr told Trump supporters to 'have some fun' before Biden vehicles 'rammed by armed

I don't recall DU having the positivity we have now back in '16

Here is the deal.

I Guess We Can Skip Work for 2 Days-EXCUSE: Trumpeters Blocked the Highway

Define "irony" - the theme song for Titanic is playing as Trump's poll numbers are sinking!

A parallel with history: Trump's "base" and Europe in the Middle Ages.

CES estimates for 5 swing states

This is what Trumper's desperation looks like

Trump's already backing off on his "declaring victory on election night" bullshit.

Democrats eyeing Pennsylvania House may gain boost from Biden

Blocking EZ-Pass roads is not smart.

Caravans of Trump drivers in NY City. Flags. Is it the closing argument

Complete change of tone for tRump's it's

I'm back!!!! post Zeta, after 4 days of no power.

AOC: I took the Throggs Neck. Heard there was a pileup of chumps on the Whitestone

Big day in Pittsburgh tomorrow:

Hundreds throng early voting center at Summit County (OH) Board of Elections

Joe gave the best speech I have heard him give in Philly just now. How can anyone

Lincoln Project: We're fighting for a better America. A Biden era would be a good start.

& the winners of the 2020 Best Halloween Costume ARE:

Dr Atlas slams our public health officials on Russian tv.

Voters waiting three to four hours in Clermont County (OH)

Look familiar?

solution for the no maskers holding up voting lines? Just...

Fox's Wallace confronts Lewandowski on Trump-promoted COVID-10 death count conspiracy theory

Kamala Harris makes last-minute push in battleground Georgia

Jill Biden, George Floyd's family rally Democratic voters in Tallahassee

Just had my 15 year old Collie mix Arlo put to sleep

Pretty sure she and Jr are snorting the same shit.

NC pastor 'expressed grief and horror' after police said he peed on plane passenger

This is such a bad look senator Susan Collins

'Souls to the Polls' events for Black voters adapt to the pandemic on final day of early voting in F

SAY THIS: "It doesn't matter what donald says, Joe won."

Compare him to George Washington with respect to peaceful transitions and Trump thinks he knows more

538 - When To Expect Election Results In Every State

Early voting ends in Volusia-Flagler (FL) with numbers approaching entire 2016 total

This afternoon I'm watching Sean Connery's James Bond movies on the Epix Drive-In

Trump's Plan Isn't Merely Cheating. It's a Hijacking.

Video altered to make it look like Biden greeted wrong state

Biden leads, Drumpf needs Election Day surge to win

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 3: Women Make Film

How to Repurpose Your Leftover Halloween Candy

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/01/20

The markets will not be kind if election issues happen, violence happens,

Watch this if you can, on PBS.

Donald wants the USSC to declare him the winner on election night. No matter what the voters say. n/

NY-01: Zeldin, Goroff face off in tight race for NY 1st District congressional seat

The great toilet paper GRAB is back!

Trump will Not claim Victory Tuesday

A few things:

Here's another fun music video that you may or may not have seen.

Florida early voting site closes because of COVID-19 among election workers

VA-05: Tweet of the Day

Bonus Tweet of the Day