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Archives: November 11, 2020

Gov. Ricketts of Nebraska is under quarantine.

A gift from Four Seasons Total Landscaping (large file)

Why isn't James O'Keefe in jail?

Blame The Ref

There seems to be some confusion 😆

Hillary Clinton highlights the 'gracious' letter the last losing Republican president wrote to his s

I think we are done here

Martha McSally refuses to concede Arizona Senate race even as math shows she can't win

On a positive note...

Georgia leaders reject calls for special session to change runoff voting rules

The Peace Train

Klobuchar Considered for Biden Cabinet Post

So Tulsa Oklahoma has run out of hospital beds for covid

Postal worker admits fabricating allegations of ballot tampering, officials say

Georgia Runoffs are the key to EVERYTHING we care about.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely going to win.

PA Lieutenant Governor wants his million dollars!

High-ranking GA Republican: We must 'acknowledge the voice of the people' and 'transition in grace'

Biden's lead in GA up to 14k - link

Some pictures from unusual angles. Check them out.

PA!!! Biden lead now MORE than remaining ballots! Mathematically ELIMINATES trump!

"This isn't a coup, its an attempt to hide whatever criminality was going on over there."

Over 7000 test positive today in Wisconsin

The greatest golf shot ever made!

Over 1300 people in the USA died from covid 19 today

I keep hearing great ideas for cabinet positions, such as E. Warren

Pa. US Sen. Toomey says Trump administration should start cooperating with Biden transition team

They still believe this election will be overturned

Scary comments by Frank Figliuzzi on Nicole Wallace

"What is the downside for humoring him?"

Pennsylvania Republicans plan 'extraordinary measures' to delay election results

Metaphor of the year

I know this is a stretch, but is there a sitting Republican Senator

Pentagon finally confirms near total decapitation of civilian leadership in the last 24 hours.

So Trumpanzees are planning a trucker strike????

Does nobody remember that when it comes to the ACA...

He has fired Esper. Can Trump fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff and replace them with his loyalists?

Nearly 80 percent of Americans say Biden won White House, ignoring Trump's refusal to concede

Continuing this charade of election fraud and nullifying the election

How many more ballots to count in Az and where are they?

FBI arrests Cincinnati councilman (R) after undercover agents reveal 'brazen' bribery scheme

Most Republican lawsuits challenging election results in battleground states haven't gone far

Sometimes I enjoy Family Feud

Eric Trump Becomes Twitter Laughingstock After Urging People To Vote... 1 Week Late

Note to republicans: take care in what you are sowing, reaping may result in tearful weeping.

It took a long time to erode our democracy.

Trump campaign lawsuit will seek to block certification of Michigan election results

Election Officials Nationwide Find No Evidence of Fraud

CIA Director Gina Haspel just entered Mitch McConnell's office.

Who will replace Kamala Harris as a California senator? These are the top contenders

Schumer to Pompeo: 'We don't have time for these kinds of games'

Magary: 'Maggie Haberman and the New York Times will never get over themselves'

I'd like to see the courts start sanctioning the admin for filing frivolous lawsuits.

All living former presidents need to step forward and address the Trump attack on our democracy.

This is that scene in ET when Elliott lures him out of the shed with a trail of Reese's Pieces.

Senate Republicans urge Trump to keep Gina Haspel atop CIA

An extremely strong warning from an ER doctor about COVID-19

This Just In ...

Trump the one in five? Perhaps this is what we're dealing with now:

6 lawsuits Donald Trump is going to have to deal with when he leaves office

28 Election Workers in Missouri's Second-Largest County Test Positive for COVID

The Pentagon & Save America Pac Shakedown

Pennsylvania GOP rallies to Trump's defense

So The Guy Who Cheated ...

Okay, I need to change professions. Apparently the going rate for whoring is $130K and up.

I called The Trump Voter Fraud ...

'It is a problem," says former US Army Gen. Wesley Clark of Joe Biden not receiving national

The "effing" media need to stop reporting every fart that comes out of this dipshits face rectum

'We need his voters' in Georgia: Why Republicans embrace Trump's last stand

January 20th, 2021 at 12:01 pm will be a great day in America

CIA director meets with McConnell amid speculation over possible firing

Eva Longoria apologizes for comment that seemingly erased Black women in Biden victory

Trump has made the following tactical moves:

Why Must We Feel THeir Pain?

These Towns Trusted a Doctor to Set Up Covid Testing. Sample Patient Fee: $1,944.

How absurd has American politics become?

Destruction of murder hornets nest doesn't end threat

So, if I want to donate to Warnock and Ossof,

"Fewer new posts on 8kun's most active QAnon board than on its board for adult-diaper fetishists"

Chris Hayes Shaming Barr

Women are making gains toward 'equal representation' in Congress: They'll represent about 25% of all

I wish no one pay attention to drumpf any more

Trump's A No Show

Okay its time to shut off the water, gas and electricity to the white house

Why does @JonesDay have a seat on the DOJ agency review transition team?

If Trump Refuses To Leave ...

Will White House go full Chinese Embassy on us?

How one DHS agency is swatting down voter-fraud claims in real time

'Let's all stop lying': Fox's Tucker Carlson says it's time to stop 'lying about everything that mat

Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Nearly 80% of Americans say Biden won White House

Biden team launches agency review teams despite GSA standoff

How specifically do we let the GOP of PA know that if they fucking interfere

Jones Day disowns Trump litigation

Wow. Check out this Gracious Conciliatory note

Didn't fatnixon claim proof of election fraud to be revealed

Ex-FBI agent sees something sketchy going on with promotion of Nunes staffers in final days of Trump

A lot of speculation that the delaying transition and firings are part of a cover up

With Maryland in 'danger zone,' Hogan tightens coronavirus restrictions on restaurants, strongly

Lukashenko's criminal regime expelled 2 British diplomats.

11/11 Mike Luckovich: Blame the Ref

Could we blast music to flush out the dictator?

Is there any reason for concern for when the states hand in their electoral college votes? n/t

Well written CNN opinion piece highlights just how badly Trump has divided friends and families.

Tired vs. Wired vs. Inspired

The new Undersecretary of Defense of the United States -- Anthony J. Tata

Pence is going on vacation

Philly elections officials are getting death threats as Trump targets the city

Changes - Langhorne Slim & The Law

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

TODAY... 135,574 New Cases, Highest Ever! 1,345 Deaths, Highest Since 8/18/20!!

GOP admits they're playing along with Trump's voter fraud conspiracies so he'll help the GA vote

Report sounds an alarm on ongoing decline of US coral reefs

9 PM, WETA/PBS: Rise of the Nazis, Premier Nov. 10

1 Million New Virus Cases In First 10 Days Of November Alone!

Texas Official Offers $1 Million for Fraud Evidence

Timothy Snyder: Trump is attempting a coup

Today, Pennsylvania judge asked a lawyer for Trump point-blank whether he was alleging fraud.

As states press forward with vote counts, Trump advisers privately express pessimism about heading o

This is Apocalyse Now in real time

I keep getting inboxed about becoming a star member

You know how we always say, "Oh, he will never go that far; don't take him seriously"?

Maryland Gov. Hogan says Republican 'brand' could be tarnished at pivotal time if GOP refuses to

"Imagine pressing send on this tweet"

Maricopa dump of about 5200. Trump won 56%, Needs to average 65%.

Well, isn't this the truth.

Why can't I get to any twitter links on my PC (suddenly)??

Who Are We Kidding??

TikTok users troll Trump "voter fraud" reporting hotline en masse

Think of what was happening just one week ago...

The Marx Brothers have been put in charge of the Pentagon.

MSNBC Cuts Loose Two More Contributors With Biden Transition Ties

Pence: 'inappropriate for the vice president and beneath the dignity of his office.'

More detail from data guru in AZ.

Intelligence officials have found a silver lining to Trump's 'scant attention' in briefings

Trump campaign says new lawsuit seeks to stop certification of Michigan election results

Funny trump protest live now on youtube

womp womp - Republican National Committee staff blindsided by layoffs

Bowser Sees Biden As 'Staunch Advocate' For DC Statehood

i got 2 teeth pulled today. last molar and wisdom tooth.

Two cats having a conversation

Stacey Abrams was born in Madison WI

The continuing resolution ends on December 11th

Unemployment running out in Washington? Here's what you should do

I think it's possible Trump still thinks he is going to win. He is that crazy and when Biden

Washington health officials warn against Thanksgiving gatherings as COVID-19 cases surge

Inside the Lincoln Project's new campaign targeting Trump's law firm

So, help me out - Is Stimulus connected to Unemployment?

The Times Called Officials in Every State: No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Vast Majority of Americans Say Biden Won Election

Judging by Trumpy's tweets in the past half hour

Melania Trump has not reached out to Jill Biden about transition: CNN

Lincoln Project Was Locked Out of Twitter Account for Posting Contact Info of Trump Campaign Lawyers

Trump asks for 'election defense' donations, but the money also benefits his new leadership PAC

OUR DU link has raised OVER $10,000 in the first 32 hours for the GA runoff election

GA is now up over 14k for Biden

Joe Biden is going to make one helluva president.

Trump's new Leadership PAC? Crook..Those people are stupid if they give him a dime..

Got a text from Loeffler today

Spread My Ashes at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Dammit! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Jaime Harrison Would Consider DNC Chair Job Following Record-Breaking, but Failed, SC Senate Campaig

I'm staying home because of COVID and will attempt my first ever Thanksgiving dinner.

Mike Pompeo hints toward coup attempt in bombshell move - Brian Tyler Cohen

The gender gap was expected to be historic. Instead, women voted much as they always have.

Who lives in the reddest area?

As states press forward with vote counts, Trump advisers privately express pessimism

Looking toward a brighter future, where do you think they should bury Trump?

J.C. Penney's sale approved by bankruptcy court

Texas GOP Lt. Gov offering 1 million dollar bounty for evidence of voter fraud.

NEW - Marc Elias - NOT a good day for trumpGOP in court!

'Milk Him Like a Cow': Russian State Media Mulls How to Take Advantage of Trump Before He's Gone

Trump Is The Loser Of The 2020 Race And AG Barr Can't Change That The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Pennsylvania postal worker recants ballot tampering allegations

Georgia leaders reject calls for special session to change runoff voting rules

Biden's strategy to avoid the transition trap

Message from Joe

I thought all these idiots were going to Parler

Heh. You know they got nothing bc Trump is resurrecting "naked ballot" issue in Luzerne County PA

Rush - Red Sector A

Kanye West got 7,654 in Minnesota.....😳 😳 😳 OMGAWD.......

So one of Trump's arguments in PA is that same day voters were not treated as well as mail in voters

Rush - The Main Monkey Business - R40 LIVE

Is it possible some of the Trump loyalists are US intelligence moles?

Asha Rangappa on Twitter - Something Is Up (Cover up but what?)

They are talking about presidential pardons for everyone.

Donald Trump's latest endeavor? Asking his supporters to pay his debts

Biden finally responds to Pompeo's vow that Trump will serve second term - Brian Tyler Cohen

Rush - La Villa Strangiato

tRump re-tweeting Ingram

A theory about why CIA Director Gina Haspel visited McConnell

Trump is a lame duck and the ALL-CAPS president

So dead voters and Ghost voters are now voting.

Wow..Trump blackmailing the two GA gop senate candidates

Pennsylvania Republicans are parroting Trump's false election claims as the post-Trump GOP takes sh

MN Gov. Walz Announces New COVID Restrictions, 10 PM bar & restaurant closing time, no bar serve

My latest show!

My Answer to a Colleague when She Asked What I've Been Doing in the Food Biz Lately...

Anyone else notice that Tony Bobulinski disappeared off the face of the Earth?

Georgia Senate races

Congress Hopeful Candace Valenzuela Concedes to Republican Beth Van Duyne


Shouldn't the Biden administration sue on an emergency baisis to have the Trump admin

Which GA Senate race will be easier to win?

Poor white voters in Georgia ought to realize that with Mitch in power they get nothing.

2112:Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Discovery/Presentation/Oracle:The Dream/Soliloquy/Grand Finale

PA court case today -transcript

These hundreds of cars, full of people waiting for tests, reminds us of Trump's failure to keep us s

1st Black winner in Mississippi history wins Miss USA crown

I saw a right-wing talking head on CNN today

"It's not a coup. It's a Cover-up"

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Refuses to Concede the Election

Meidas Touch ad #ShameOnJonesDay

Carrollton Physician Accused of Making Anti-Semitic and Islamophobic Facebook Posts

where is Eric Prince?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Kamala Harris Makes History as First Female, Black & Indian VP

Biden suspects toxic exposure in Iraq killed Beau. He has a plan for ill veterans

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Still Won't Concede and Has No Plans To

Tomorrow's NY Times banner headline: Election Officials Nationwide Find No Fraud

Our cat Bermuda crossed the Rainbow Bridge about 8 PM tonight.

This is where we're at...........Let's guess who the shadow is!

While we wait, why don't WE file some suits? Hell, a DUer

Pennsylvania's top election officer says just 10,000 ballots were received after Nov. 3

Montana Secretary of State: Tip your hat, bite your lip, and congratulate @JoeBiden.

Fox News Obtains Damning Video of Biden Talking to Scientists

I sure hope Biden understand the Senate is not like the one he left. These GOP fuckers

Substitute "Four Seasons Landscaping" in a famous title...

GA - interesting stats on mail in/ early in person ballots - repubs really went for them...

Barr Changes DOJ Policy of Not Interfering In National Elections, Launches Election Investigations

David Perdue just got roasted on twitter

About 1 out of every 1,500 people in South Dakota is in the hospital *right now* w/COVID

This really lifted my spirits!!

The Biden Campaign can petition the Court to find Trump in contempt

nice sore loser montage at end of brian williams show - somebody w/$ could make a great ad or

A furious behind-the-scenes battle to counter Trump's threat to national security

AZ update

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Will Donald Trump Actually Leave the White House?

Dinesh D'Souza got a little excited talking about Ted Cruz

Seth Meyers - Joe Biden Elected President of the United States - Monologue 11/9/20

....January 20th, 2021....time to go 😆😁

Ways to support the GA Senate runoffs

Biden and Democrats push back against Trump and Republicans' recalcitrance over election results

Seth Meyers: Guest Sarah Cooper Reveals Why Trump Blocked Her on Twitter in 2017

Biden supporter's perfect response to a reporter asking if Trump concession is necessary.

I've got a question I'd like the press to ask every Republican politician:

Hill Dems eyeing Cabinet posts see their hopes shrink

Another reason for Donny to soil his Depends

New Ad-#ShameOnJonesDay

New Ad-#ShameOnJonesDay

John Bolton Calls Mike Pompeo 'Delusional' Over Second Trump Admin Remarks

Rudy has a press conference at The Ritz tomorrow.

imma say this early, HAPPY VETERANS DAY ...

New video: Poll worker speaks out about corruption

this is getting downright rediculus. enough of this nonsense .

Veterans Day Tribute: THE ASSOCIATION Requiem For The Masses 1967 Smothers Brothers TV Appearamce

Kana Chan TV: Study English with Manga comic!

Are we really going to reject democratic elections to soothe Trump's ego?

"Karen was upset."


The Young Turks: Trump Replaces Four Senior Officials at the Pentagon

CNN Jake Tapper to GOP: Prepare to bury Caesar. Come back to planet earth.

I just received the news that my dear friend has died of Covid

Donald Trump: the gift (to COVID) that keeps on giving...

I seriously cannot imagine what it's like to be this stupid...

Trump's inability to handle losing -- Isn't this EXACTLY the behavior Republicans always claim...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Be The Rain (Official Music Video)

What a successful transition looks like

Man in custody after calling for "carnage" against Democrats.

Whitewater, Benghazi, Emails, Voter Fraud.

Relative of 8 slaying victims files wrongful death lawsuit

On November 11 it's important to remember that Americans in uniform,

Toad the Wet Sprocket - All I Want

MONSTER HUNTER Trailer # 2 (2021)

MONSTER HUNTER Trailer # 2 (2021)

Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl

New storm warnings up for Eta, heading east to Tampa/ FL west coast

Kesha Ram becomes first woman of color in Vermont Senate

North Carolina Democrats maintain control of state offices.

James Carville On Any Trump Recounts: We'll Beat Him Twice The 11th Hour MSNBC

'Outrageous:' Trump Appointee Blocks Biden Team From Formal Transition Process All In MSNBC

Any Sarah Kendzior fans here?

Trump's Own Former Lawyer Cohen Hits 'Crybaby' Trump After Biden Win The Beat With Ari Melber

Biden Calls Trump's Refusal To Concede An 'Embarrassment' The 11th Hour MSNBC

Jeffress jumps off Trump bandwagon

Photo Op Ivanka's tribute to Veteran's day

Trump Is The Loser Of The 2020 Race And AG Barr Can't Change That The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Lael Brainard's Steady Rise Could Culminate in Treasury Secretary Post.(Cabinet Watch!)

Follow this guy

Loser trump's Pennsylvania Election Fraud Witness Admits He Lied

Ravel and Argentinian Selections on Plano

Donny needs 103.1% of the remaining votes in PA!

'Pastor' begs God for 'another election' to save Trump: 'Another voting day -- whatever it takes'

Today is Veterans Day. Will trump quit whining long enough to make a statement?

Biden Win Leaves Texas Dems Giddy As Key State Republicans Call Foul or Keep Quiet

Can someone help me post a tweet? Don Trump, Jr.:

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/10/20

Stephen Colbert: Hugh Grant Describes What It Was Like Getting Coronavirus

Pompeo: "There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration."

Trump Replaces Four Senior Officials at the Pentagon! Military Coup?

Lets face the facts now,

Is Trump Really The Best They Have?

I bought a lottery ticket

A poll worker knew she had the coronavirus and worked Election Day anyway. She died soon after.

To my family who chose Trump over me: Was it worth it? (CNN article)

Disgusting Michelle Steel beats Harley Rouda in Calfornia

2 super-cute new marsupial species discovered in Australia

Former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Paul Kelly, editor for one of Murdoch'S rags

Man Arrested Over Threat to Schumer and Vow to 'Blow Up' F.B.I.

Its only a matter of time before trumps doing this,

Breakfast Wednesday 11 November 2020

Trump Reportedly Bullied Georgia GOP Senators into Making Weird Joint Statement Doubting Legitimacy

"Is Rudy there?"

I guarantee this will put a smile on your face

Being forced to back Trump's election challenges is embarassing

This can't be good...

Murdoch turns on trump - somewhat

Can we all just relax

Wednesday TOONs - ...Give Me A "J"!

Rush Limbaugh was the first to have his name calling and demonizing of the other normalized.

Florida is the most right wing "swing" state

McDonald's pizza? I don't remember ever hearing of or seeing it.

Is this the best he can do?

Veterans Day is a good time to remember ...

Ex-Louisville detective charged in Breonna Taylor shooting sexually assaulted women, lawsuit claims

Thom Friedman: " last bid to use the Big Lie to destroy our democracy..."

Nov.11 Armistice Day

The Lead Story Again

Meet the Uber-driving, conspiracy theorist blogger who DeSantis just hired

Joe Biden reads the words of Irish poet Seamus Heaney

Leni Riefenstahl lives. R you kidding me?

28 election employees in 1 Missouri county have coronavirus

I dunno, wouldn't sending Congress a false election certification be a serious offense?

Gov Evers Prime Time Appeal: GOP & Courts Won't Help

When You Forget To Log out

It's Wild That Trump Supporters ...

Seen in a reply to a WaPo story on the frivolous lawsuits alleging voter fraud:

Take Out The Trash

Not one Tweet by our Hitler wannabe this morning

Let's email Senator Shelby and insist he acknowledge election results

79% of Americans think Biden won the election (Only 3% think Trump won)

At what point are these law breakers (Shitler & Crue) subject to citizen arrest in bulk?

Knock Knock!

Joel Osteen and his Inspiration Cube

The Electoral College Play

U.S. Deports Women Who Allege Detention Center Doctor Coerced Them Into Unwanted Surgery

As Ferris Bueller said, it's over. Go home.

As Ferris Bueller said, it's over. Go home.

'Abandoned his day job': AP reporter reveals that Trump hasn't acted as president for weeks

Throwing the trash into the "Dustbin of History"

Orange County 93.54% of precincts reporting

LAPD officer arrested in connection with investigation into vehicle theft, Orange police say

What kind of power/influence will Trump have after he leaves the WH?

The "Silent Majority"

FOX is now helping disenfranchise thousands of our military from all over AND

"Sorry Daddy..."

George Takei: "Coup Clutz Clan" is quite apt! Chuckling here.

Analysis: Where Democrats will be locked out of power in redistricting battles next year

Pennsylvania GOP rallies to Trump's defense

Warming Will Destabilize Life In Southern, Coastal US, But People Just Keep On Moving There

Trump will get a lot worse

Happy Veteran's Day

FBI Arrests NYPD Cop at Long Island Home on Drug Distribution Charges

Porch sittin' ... just catchin' the sun rise and enjoying the stillness

When Gov. DeSantis needed to hire a data analyst, his staff picked a little-known Ohio sports blogge

Biden World Fears Trump Will Bring 'Weird Shit' to Their Inauguration

AZ - 11/11 morning update - slightly worse for trump overall but a smaller lead for Biden

Fall In, Fellow Vets!

NYT - Edsall "What is Trump Playing at"?

"Martial law involves the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian rule".....

Comet C/2020 M3 (Atlas) drawing nearer, in a great place to spot Wednesday night (

Inside the Lincoln Project's new campaign targeting Trump's law firm

Needs three consecutive Hail Mary passes

Truly Insane

Eta Upgraded To Hurricane; 130 Miles WSW Of Ft. Myers; Track Now Looks Like Tampa


Relax, I see only 2 reasons that make sense as to why tRump is denying election results


"Flood the zone with shit": How misinformation overwhelmed our democracy

We better get our heads out of our asses.

Norway Talking Heavy Fuel Oil Ban In Svalbard By 2022 As IMO Keeps Dragging Its Feet

Mac Wiseman

Republican poll watcher said city workers were wearing BLM apparel, & 1 of them was large

Shocking! Record S. Florida Rainfall Linked To Global Warming! Who Knew?!?!

Trump is a demonic force in American politics

Standing By For A Rush Of Bullshit Environmental Rules As Shitstain Admin Heads For The Exits

Trump and First Lady visiting Arlington today

"Those 71 million fellow Americans are now registered racists."

Two corporate law firms are helping Trump attack democracy. What do their other clients think?

Oops! Surveying Shows That AK Coastal Permafrost May Be Far Shallower, More Vulnerable Than Thought

An astute observation from a Princeton Historian found on Twitter

Will trump be behind an event to take place

'These are dictator moves': Defense officials alarmed as Trump installs more loyalists at the Pentag

AGU - Expect A Tripling Of 100-Year Floods By 2080; Extreme Events Up Even Where Rain Avgs. Falling

Trump's Schedule for Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Let's talk temperament.

About dead people voting in Philadelphia

Sumner Regional Med Center on Covid-19 diversion as infections hit record high

"This is unsustainable"- senior WH official

Brent Terhune does it again. 😂

Parler unironically calls shares "echoes."

Loser trump Would Still Lose Pennsylvania Even If All Late-Arriving Ballots Were Tossed Out

Trump's Pntagon replacements should concern everyone if trump plans to use the armed forces

Why do you think the prisoner-elect got as many votes as he did?

CDC now says masks protect both the wearers and those around them from Covid-19

B-roll footage of Alex Trebek cussing is what Twitter needs tonight

Jeopardy question

Well, whaddayouknow, people did not vote in PA after they passed away.

The Republicans are literally killing us by their resistance to measures to control the virus.

COVID Speed in the US First 1 million cases 100 days Last 1 million cases 10 days!!!!!

The Democrats in Congress need to refuse to agree to any budget proposal, until PE Biden

Gordon Lightfoot, Endless Wire album, The Circle is Small

Remember the scene from Fargo where the kidnappers come to Jean Lundergaard's house?

Public Pressure And Lawsuits Kept USPS From Handing Trump The Election. Here's How.

Not a single one


Hank Garland was born on this date.

The rebirth of a historic river

Trump Scheduled for Arlington National Cemetery Visit

Just picked this up on Gizmodo

Australian PM under fire for interrupting female minister

The MeidasTouch ad about trump's law firm:

Conservative RW pastor who was at Barrett superspreader event has died,. No cause of death given.

I want to wish all of the DU veterans good will on this day.

Will Mitch McConnell be the designated driver?

Trump's legal team asked about witness who recanted his election fraud story -Followed by SILENCE

The folks organizing PA canvassing did a hell of a job.

Eating Chili Peppers Could Extend Your Life, Study Finds

Combat Veterans Tell Us What We Need to Know About War

Trump's refusal to concede means that every day the story is that he lost.

Last week

Voter fraud claim in Pennsylvania gets recanted

Elie Honig: "trump's lawsuits are the NY Jets of Constitutional prosecutions!"

John F. Kennedy was closer in age to Joe Biden than he was to Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Tale of Trump

Biden Already Launching Coronavirus Task Force

Trump Takes Credit for Vaccine, INSTANTLY BTFO'd by Pfizer

Orange tantrum to come: Erdogan congratulates President-elect Biden

"Saddest Prediction in Human History" Was Made About WWI, That Ended Today- 102 Years Ago."

Alaska, one of the most reliably Republican state in our union is also THE most Socialist.

I Stepped on My Scale ...

Brackenridge, PA, woman accused of assaulting man who paid less than promised for sex

Trump: Fake it until you make it.

We need to start discussing military use against citizens, Lawful and Un-Lawful Orders

Why would you head to Arlington National Cemetety after calling

The Election's Not Over! - God And Trump And Jesus And Trump EP 06


FDR at Arlington National Cemetery, today 1942, first Veterans Day of World War II: #FDRL

Nursing home recorded 30 infections among residents & 10 among staff in the past three days

Joke all you want...

JFK and son John at Arlington National Cemetery, Veterans Day, today 1963

Song for the morning: Buffalo Springfield in "For What It's Worth" (1967)

Jeff Bezos needs to buy Trump's debt

He Sued All The States ...

Rachel Tweet: Flynn's aid new undersecretary for intelligence

Trailer for "Seven Days in May" (1964), the film JFK wanted made (and whose filming he had ...

Man arrested for threatening to kill Sen. Schumer

The Rundown: November 11, 2020

Webcomics Weekly #112: We're Older than Bilbo Baggins (11/10/20 Edition)

To my family who chose [Disgraced Racist] over me: Was it worth it?

The Weekly Pull: Punchline, Marauders, Power Rangers, and More

Wes Clark ftw

Happy Veteran's Day folks

It tweeted an oops

The Best Reactions People Had To Trump Losing The Election (Part 2)

Pic Of The Moment: Nice To Have A Real President Again

Biden suspects toxic exposure in Iraq killed Beau. He has a plan for ill veterans

I am unable to get to any twitter links on my computer (firefox) . Why??

Cat lovers in the middle ages

George Takei: The president really needs to get a clearer sense of the political landscape.

New York celebrates the end of war, 1918:

Someone make sure Trump hears Boris Johnson refer to him as "the previous president"

2030 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 36 deaths

Too Damned Early for Snowblowing!

Let The Fur Fly: Our Domestic World

Windows keeps removing the Firefox shortcut from my task bar

DeathSantis trying to pass law to allow killing people on the streets

Donald Trump's Mass Voter Fraud Conspiracies Could Get Somebody Killed

With all the high anxiety here..this is worth a repost. Trump LOST Barr has nothing

Was it Al Franken who made up the phrase "doing a Lindsay"? Which means

Enough with the "both-sides" phony equivalence drama, please. Now we need beat reporters who ......

Civil war brewing inside Proud Boys as top leader says he's done pretending he isn't a Nazi

Pentagon just made Michael Flynn aide Ezra Cohen-Watnick acting undersecretary for intelligence

On November 10, 1954, the Marine Corps War Memorial was dedicated.

Biden leads popular vote by 5.1 million & at 50.8%, highest % for challenger since FDR in 1932

A question about the "Four Season" press conference photo

Guy bailed out by his father, Deutsche Bank, Russian mob, Putin, is freaking the muck out

Guess what happens when you click on

Commentary: As COVID-19 cases surge, Michigan shifts from the Whitmer Doctrine to the Shirkey Doctri

Things are fucked up in Trump Country; ND Gov amends order to let COVID-positive nurses stay on job

Tlaib lashes out at centrist Dems over election debacle: 'I can't be silent'

Foreign government Extortion HQ and Vape shop

Worst "Both Sides" Ever - Whoopi Goldberg Edition

Virginia Dem Who Gave Trump The Middle Finger Says It's Time To Heal. Republicans Are Not On Board

Biden World Fears Trump Will Bring 'Weird Shit' to Their Inauguration

Oxy Becomes First U.S. Driller To Announce Net-Zero Plan

Compare the crimes of Charles Manson to the crimes of Donald Trump.

Today we celebrate the ANTIFA of the 1930s and 40s. We called them "The Allies". nt

MEMO to Republican Leaders:

Exactly what Senate seats were we supposed to win?

This is what the "Save Our Majority" rally looks like.

Pope Francis vows to end sexual abuse after McCarrick report

Happy Wednesday Slap-A-Rama! Who would you like to smack the sh!t out of today?


Georgia SOS says they will do a HAND RECOUNT for the presidential race in Georgia

It will take six weeks to hand recount all the Georgia ballots as the governor ordered.

CNN: GA to conduct hand recount.

Anonymous poll worker comes forward, claims woman in van took ballots.


Beyond pathetic. Check out the "election fraud" affadavits

The everything Lt Gov Fetterman thread

Marc Elias: None of these GOP Members should be seated in January

The lardass isn't even on time for the wreath-laying at Arlington

C-SPAN is covering ceremony at Arlington

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/11/20

When all the guns of World War I fell silent (audio)

Thank goodness for the smart people who voted for Biden!

@TonyAtamanuik is a genius (lol alert)

How we can be confident that Trump's voter fraud claims are baloney

Adapting a Really Old Joke ...


Climate crisis harmful to great tits, scientists warn

Mose Allison was born on this date.

Ambassador Pete?

Trump lawyer admits in open court that there is no election fraud.

November 7: Jubilant New York City Crowds Cheer Postal Workers for Delivering Votes

Meanwhile President Elect Biden and Dr Biden are at the Korean Veterans' Memorial

Ernestine Anderson was born on this date.


PE Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. Loser is in Arlington

BIDEN HONORS VETERANS DAY: Biden commemorates Veterans Day in Philadelphia (live):

oh. well. it seems a Cat 1 hurricane is suddenly headed my way.

He's finally done it!

If Biden can't fire Drumps DOD loyalists

tRump lays wreath to honor the "suckers and losers" who died in America's wars

Nashville announces massive solar array project in partnership with Vanderbilt University

I think I am ready for Biden to stay home for a while. COVID is rampant and I don't believe

Uh oh, it's raining at Arlington National Cemetery.

Trump has no standing to lay a wreath at the Unknown Soldier Tomb after he and his team

If you have one of these or one of the hundreds that came before and after

How about a few baby pixs

"Wait -- is this an actual video and not a parody?" (judge box of wine)

I'm watching CNN and is that Melania walking with Trump to the ceremony ar Arlington Cemetery?

It troubles me

Trump's longstanding history of calling elections rigged

Andy Ostroy tweet about trump:

Every day - every hour - that @GSAEmily fails to ascertain 46's apparent victory

Republican poll watcher found it suspicious that members of the military would vote for Joe Biden

trump at Arlington - asks who the Unknown Soldier is.

Report: 70% Of Republicans Believe Election Hasn't Happened Yet

Trump to make first public appearance since Biden projected winner

Trump's new theme song

So far no complaints about NC's mail-in ballot extension of NINE DAYS.

Would Reagan in his prime have done better or worse than Trump if he was the 2020 Repub candidate?

Covid-19, the new meth

It's not actually a coup

Vaush LAYS INTO Krystal Ball for mocking fears of a coup attempt (warning: language)

"Whats she gonna advise Dr Biden on?"

The implanted wig is holding up well in the rain (#Trump in th)e rain

Pa. dad accused of raping his 10-month-old daughter googled 'how do you know if baby is dead'

Trump and Republicans are deliberately endangering the health and safety

Adam Schiff : Imagine if this happened in another country

Bill Kristol - FWIW, my takeaway from conversations last night with recent DOD senior officials

PHOTOS: Veterans Day ceremony at UVa

Is Biden a Ninja?

Mystery As White House Lawn Dug up Less Than a Week After Election

PA Senate Majority Leader Starts to Backtrack on EVs Going to Popular Vote Winner

If you need a laugh today, check out the StopTheTires2020 group on Facebook.

Scammers making people less likely to help contact tracers.

I tried to grab some fog yesterday, but I

# of towns in Minnesota that gave Trump 80% of the vote: 2016: 168; 2020: 310.

Cori Bush: I'm not looking at feelings, though. I'm looking at life.

Only One Factory in North America Still Makes Washboards, and They Are Flying Off of Shelves

Do you suppose any of the Dotard's minions are trying to get him

"What began with a puckered asshole descending a gilt escalator in New York..."

Dallas' Robert Jeffress, leading pro-Trump evangelical conservative: 'Biden is president-elect'

Tweet of the day?

It's time for Mike Pence to put on his big boy pants and

Are We Forgetting the July 4 GOP Trip to Moscow? (add it to Pentagon shakeup)


Maskless and late, Trump keeps veterans waiting in rain, oblivious of significance of time of event

Today is one of those days when we fly an American flag.

Trump is always late, even if it means leaving people standing at attention, in the rain.

Folks, please question articles that suggest GA legislature will choose electors

Philadelphia GOP city commissioner: 'Bad actors' are 'lying' about election fraud

Thank you to all Veterans here on DU.

Don't call Trump supporters "gullible."

Parody of a Guy Clark song 'LA Freeway' named 'DC Beltway.

GA Recount question

Trump's attempt to overturn the election result is ramping up. Here's what comes next.

NEW - Per NYT site - Biden's Popular Vote Lead is now OVER 5 MILLION!


"Pfizer's CEO sold $5.6 million in stock the day he announced promising vaccine news"

If we want to curb the Corona virus especially with the cold weather here

True story about my veteran wife.

Why in the world would I want to thank the vet?

just woke up, GA called yet? WI is in recount and it was called. Thanks! t

Georgia's recount is a risk limiting audit

tiedrich in the morning (2 tweets)

YOU raised $10,526.66 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-10-20

GA SOS makes biased political statement

Love you too

CNN Joe Biden's win grows more decisive each day as votes are counted / Just keep delaying it Donny

On the PA press conference of 19 legislators suggesting an audit, delay & possible elector swap

Stay Vigilant

Olympus has put up another "At Home" series.

Looking through some old photos reminded me of four things from my childhood that have vanished.

4 organizations fighting hard to help GA clean up its elections & GOTV

Joe Biden will be President on January 20, 2021

WH asks for names of people who applauded outgoing DOD official so

KRUGMAN: A Play In Four Acts

When do they stop this and shut it down?

Veterans Day message from General Wesley K. Clark (ret.)

Something worse is happening

Were the Bidens at the wreathing laying ceremony earlier today?

Trump Administration Redacts Meeting Minutes on the Presidential Transition

What's was on trumps hair??

White House requests names of DOD staffers who applauded outgoing official so they can be fired

Georgia GOP Congress Members Misspelled 'Georgia' in a Letter Alleging 'Voting Irregularities'

Can't help it: seeing him in Arlington was offensive

Trump's Treason

Tardy Fascist

WSJ editorial on the ACA before the Supreme Court

Mississippi Republican calls for his state to "succeed" from the Union after Biden victory

Update on my Trumper neighbor: silence. no Facebook blurts.

Most self-owning president in history gives supporters apt acronym

A Coup?

This is horrific. Exposed-a major child sex abuse ring in Australia with links to US, EU, Can, Asia

A Meme Needed For Today

Georgia secretary of state announces hand recount of presidential race

Exhibit # 9763 of Trump's incompetent lawyers: hearsay versus evidence

The funniest thing on line today

Please prank this number

My dad served in WWII. A Veterans Day story.

re: PA Electors and the legislature....

Georgia Special Election 1/5/21: Soon to be 18yo and Mail ins

Trump Lawyer Admits No Fraud In Pennsylvania

Giuliani holding a press conference at the Ritz.

Brazil's President Says His Country is Being a Bunch of 'Sissies' On COVID

Trump taking supporters to the cleaners as he cons them knowing he has no path to the presidency

Message from President Trump to Mr Biden

a new tranche of 2k ballots from Allegheny County just boosted Biden's lead in PA to nearly 49k.

Georgia's chief election official announces hand recount of presidential results

I am grateful for one thing in this mess

Why Secretary of State Pompeo went full fascist yesterday....

Only 10k ballots in PA came in after Nov 3

AOC: We don't have to choose between these things! We can do better and win!

An early poll of Georgia's twin Senate runoffs shows tight races

Man arrested for threatening to kill Sen. Schumer, protesters, prosecutors say

GOP Massachusetts governor: 'Unacceptable' for Trump to stall transition process

He is Our Great President, and we should support Him!

Raphael Warnock On Senate Race Against Kelly Loeffler, Why He Is Running To Represent Georgia

Ring recalls 350,000 doorbell cameras after some caught fire

All Eyes Turn To Georgia Senate Runoffs In January Morning Joe MSNBC

They'll scream about fraud in Chicago. This is what it's based on and they're wrong

There's a Trump 2016 tweet for everything: recounts are just a scam to raise money

Puerto Rico unearths uncounted ballots 1 week after election

Jennifer Cohn on the massive pretentious hypocrisy of the GOP re: fair elections

Republican Dan Sullivan wins reelection in US Senate race in Alaska

History Of Presidential Transitions Of Power 🧅

Did POS say anything after his appearance today?

Susan Collins congratulates 'President-elect' Biden, breaking with most of Senate GOP

Georgia State Senator Chuck Hufstetler becomes first Republican in GA legislature to publicly acknow

'Squad' members give Cori Bush affordable tips on congressional attire: 'Thrifting, renting, and..."

It's time for banana republicans to drag their bananas president off the stage nt

Ya think Four Seasons Total Landscaping likes the exposure?

I just want to point out that Georgia is conducting an illegal recount

Military-backed party rejects Myanmar election as unfair

Republicans who have broken with Drumpf to congratulate Biden on his win

Trump Campaign Lawyer Tells PA Judge He Has 'No Knowledge' of Voter Fraud Related to Ongoing Ballot

If you like Michael Sheen and/or David Tennant, "Staged" on Hulu

Atlas attacks Fauci, escalating feud between Trump's pandemic advisers

Rep. Tlaib: We must honor our communities that showed up. #EmbracetheBase

Jon Ossoff on Georgia runoffs: 'We need to win these 2 elections'

We put down Chili Pepper this morning,

US Naval Academy announces 1st Black female brigade commander

Only Truth Can Save Our Democracy.

Bride sends upset email about gown. Bridal shop replies - she's wearing it inside out

David Ignatius' father Paul

Trumps have learned that hate politics can fund the expensive lifestyles they think they deserve

To slow the spread, NYS will limit indoor gatherings at private residences to 10 people.

Progressives' Wish List for Biden Starts With Warren and Sanders


How Biden aims to amp up the government's fight against climate change

Trump, Republicans, and their lawyers are very close to committing sedition.

MAGA genius at doctor's office this morning.

Wonderful thread on latest GOP case in Detroit, MI. Claims are a FARCE!

Jill Biden set to redefine role of first lady

If that were my five year old in Amarillo Texas

Trump isn't trying to stage a coup. He's FAKING a coup.

Record number of people hospitalized with coronavirus as every state sees case surge

Trumper attacks an 80-year-old man because of his Biden sign:

What happened at the Pentagon in the last 36 hours is pretty unreal.

Large British medical study reported psychiatric complications post SARS-CoV-2 infection in 20% of

How do I send a request to President Biden?

2 new White House coronavirus infections, including the WH political director, Brian Jack

Vote for America/The Lincoln Project has a live podcast at 230 PM Eastern Time

"Democrats are SORE LOSERS" ......projection?

Trump makes first public appearance in days with Veterans Day visit to Arlington

Dark money PACS behind FL Senate ratfuc*ing

As pressure from Trump and the @GOP grows, state legislators in PA and WI are debating throwing out

A note from your friendly neighborhood crime family bagman

Veterans Day In 2020: Quiet Parades, Somber Virtual Events

Little donnie's life

NEW: Former POTUS Barack Obama will talk exclusively with CBS News for his first TV interviews ...

Time to start thinking about Christmas Baking

Chris Murphy: "There's an epidemic of delusion that is spreading out from the WH..."

We May Need the 25th Amendment

You're Still Here? ...

Steve Kornacki: Against all odds, the staples held through the election...

Police say Utah man speeding in snow said he was on his way to kill Claire McCaskill

School Lunch Program Supplier Sold Juice With High Arsenic Levels, U.S. Says in Lawsuit

Have there been any MAGA riots or protests?

Bear with me. If I were Joe Biden, one of the first calls I'd make would be to Susan Collins


Really nice result for Trump in Wyoming

Please, let's all help!

Pompeo hasn't recognized Biden as president-elect but is about to travel to 7 countries that have

Cowardly White House official: "It's not wrong for the Biden team to call it theater."

Tabletmag article about late grandfather who served in WWII and the Torah he left behind.

Imagine being so racist you can't even enjoy an iconic bop

How N.Y.C.'s Conservative Bastion Became a Virus Hot Spot

None of these GOP Members should be seated in January until the House Admin Committee looks into ...

More than a dozen DWI cases dismissed after Albuquerque police officer's firing

Gen. McCaffrey: "Believe your eyes"..."We are watching a slow moving Trump coup"

Former Natl. Sec. Adv. to Trump H.R. McMaster has condemned Trump

Extensor Digiti Minimi

Yet another Trump ally who attended the White House election night party, Healy Baumgardner, has cor

White House political director tests positive for coronavirus, official says

This is a year old but it's worth hearing again

John Bolton: Time is running out for Trump -- and Republicans who coddle him (WaPo Editorial)

Does anyone know what the national popular vote in the House was?

Cartoon: Coups for Dummies By Clay Jones -November 11, 2020 9:00 AM

Tigray crisis: Local residents ordered to defend against Ethiopia army

Was: Saturday Night Massacre. Now: Veterans Day Massacre. NT

Pressure builds on Trump to concede as Biden pushes ahead with transition plan

So, you can drag America through the mud

Trump's public schedules show little interest in work as he protests Biden's legitimate election

Steve Luthaker studio monster, guitar royalty. I knew him in Toto, but Rick Beato clued me in -

Disregard for political norms has been suggested to have caused the decline of the Roman Republic

Gov. Cuomo orders 10 p.m. curfew on New York restaurants and gyms, private parties capped at 10

Military families are furious that Trump keeps trying to throw out their votes

Former Homeland Security aide on delay in presidential transition, new acting defense head

AP Explains: Election's validity intact despite Trump claims

DeSantis' latest hire for data team: Uber-driving, COVID-conspiracy sports blogger

Archaeologists Discover Viking Age Ship Burial in Norway

On YouTube check out the channel Beat-Club, they've posted many

It's exhausting.

Nordstrom cancelling annual Santa pictures due to COVID-19 pandemic

FDR arrives at Arlington National Cemetery, today 1936:

Major storm headed for Pacific Northwest

What day does the former prez typically move out of WH?

Trump breaks promise to give people virus relief 'immediately after the election'

R Stands for Recidivist-Over 50 years of Crime by (R) Presidents

NEW - the GOP just will NOT give up with frivolous suits. Yet ANOTHER just filed in PA

Trump bringing in the worst of the worst during final days

Military Wife Who Found Zip Codes on GOP's Voter Fraud List Says Accusation Made 'Without Any Basis

Steve Kornacki FTW 🤣🤣🤣

Shopping on-line is exhausting.

Kamala: This morning, @DouglasEmhoff and I stopped by @DogTagBakery, a local D.C. bakery that empowe

Faux News Is Pushing Dangerous Propaganda About Election Theft

Doe 1 and Doe 2 in Jeffrey Epstein case miss deadline for keeping their testimony secret

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 in F Major, Op. 68 "Pastoral"

GOP senator: Biden Cabinet picks will be a 'discussion' with Republican Senate

Why there is a Veterans day..............Armistice Day

Biden won with the weakest coattails in 60 years. That could make him dependent on GOP senators.

'Milk Him Like a Cow': Russian State Media Mulls How to Take Advantage of Trump Before He's Gone

Johnson refers to Trump as 'previous president', dodges question about US leader's concession

and there's already a propaganda video of this mornings Veteran's Day Ceremony:

Amarillo's Confederate Statue Is An Ill Wind Which Blows No Good

DeSantis' latest hire for data team: Uber-driving, COVID-conspiracy sports blogger

PA update - Biden lead now exceeds 50k!!

Trump's Swan song...

Judge rejects request for secret evidence in Maricopa lawsuit

Texas teen investigated after calling on other Trump supporters to help 'assassinate Joe Biden'

I really hope that Mar-a-lago escapes much hurricane damage so that Trump will have some place

Iran installs advanced centrifuges at underground Natanz plant, IAEA says

Homer Simpson is a Millennial

Sullivan wins re-election in Alaska, taking U.S. Senate battle down to Georgia

I think Sophie Stinky Toes sensed I needed to laugh, today.

Isn't sad that we no longer have any moral authority to criticize China about Hong Kong nt

GOP donors gave him $130,000, Isn't this illegal?

We small d and large D Democrats need to neutralize the toxic propaganda of FauxNews, OANN, etc

Just so you know and they know too.

New York governor issues new restrictions as U.S. grim records mount

Meidas Touch: #JonesDay

The Queen of Hearts - Barr?

The Blue Knight rules! The Red Knight sucks the big one!

US deports migrant women who alleged abuse by Georgia doctor

Biden broke an 88 year old record

These Marches/Rallies For Trump On Nov 14th In Wash D.C......

January 20, 2021 - time to "revisit". Some of the culprits have already been rounded up:

Brent Terhune: Confessions of a Poll Worker. Bonus: The Tears of a MAGA

Google Photos will end its free unlimited storage on June 1st, 2021

I am beginning to think that Joe is such a genuinely good man that he can't imagine Trump is as bad

Safety Advocates Say Last-Minute Push by USDA to Speed Up Poultry Plants Will Endanger Workers

Biden or any Democrat can't reach these people

The following football games have announced cancelations just this week

Have you seen this bizarre hole in one?

tRump is mounting a coup and republicans are letting him.


There is one more chance for the republicans to invoke the 25th amendment.

Some Memes Just ...

Public Pressure And Lawsuits Kept USPS From Handing Trump The Election. Here's How.

TLP: "Harrass Trump's lawyers"

Wobblegate..trump wobbles and fidgets

Hurricanes are lasting longer, staying stronger, over land

Recording from the Imperial War Museum on 11 November

And Just Like That ...

Seattle opens applications for small business stabilization grants

Report: Boeing 737 Max could be ungrounded in the US next week

It's 3:06!

Why Biden tapped several Big Tech staffers for his transition team

If Trump Was ...

The president honors our veterans

Trump Latest tweet now

It's almost like they don't believe any of their literal arguments at all...

Debunking The Cost of Living Myth

MSNBC: aides say tRump may acknowledge election results but never concede he lost

Arizona sos website hasn't been updated today (votes remaining). What's up?

The White House Gift Shop is selling Joe Biden/Kamala Harris inaugural coins.

Democrats poised to expand their control of the California Legislature

Suggestion for those working at home during the pandemic (little late, I realize)

After McCarrick report, pope vows to 'uproot evil' of clerical sexual abuse

134,383 new COVID cases and 1,859 deaths yesterday, according to the CDC...

White Women's Support for Trump Remains High in 2020 Election

Nation's 1st Second gentleman is leaving his job

the conservative youtube channel

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich: "it does appear that Joe Biden will win Arizona"

Covid-19 - Today will be the 8th day in a row of well over 100,000 new cases/day

Georgia Senate Races Look Very Close

Cartoons 11/11/2020

Howard & Robin Remember Alex Trebek and the Best Stories He Told on the Stern Show

Yami Ni Furu Kiseki - D'espairsRay

Did Jared Kushner scrub his Twitter account?

Mysterious 'gene within a gene' found in the coronavirus

Veterans Day - The Lincoln Project

Trump Lawyer Admits No Fraud In Pennsylvania

It's all about Georgia

Malcolm Nance: Dimes will drop.

Biden up by 50K in PA now

The largest wave yet': COVID metrics shatter previous highs

Evidence suggests several state Senate candidates were plants funded by dark money (FL)

The Day Police Dropped a Bomb On Philadelphia - I Was There (Vice)

Edmonds forum hijacked with racist and lewd disruption

Barry McCaffery was damn scary on MSNBC re. dump's appointments in DOD.

Yami Ni Furu Kiseki - D'espairsRay Miracle in the Dark

Utah Man Forced Over with Spikes by UHP driving 130MPH, High Threatening to Kill Claire McCaskill.

Texas becomes 1st state to surpass 1 million COVID-19 cases

Do you know why Trump can't go to the White House anymore?

Sibelius Violin Concerto, soloist Hillary Hahn

Ari Melber Says What Barr's Latest Memo Admits -- It's Over

US hits record COVID-19 hospitalizations amid virus surge

Just 4 People Show Up For Pro-Trump "Stop The Steal" Rally

Biden pushes forward on transition despite Trump's blocking

I wonder how this fool thinks Mississippi would survive on its own?

Whatever Trump Has Over GOP Senators, He Will Sill Have When He Leaves

"Other countries have social safety nets. The U.S. has women."

Trump's Debt, Greed, And Loose Lips Raise Security Concerns After Office Rachel Maddow MSNBC

UK peer 'should be ashamed' for calling Kamala Harris 'the Indian', says former top Biden official

The Repugs Will Be Pulling Out All The Stops To Win The Run-Off Senate Elections In Georgia......

Oh blast the US coronavirus new cases

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-16: Happy Days Are Here Again Edition

AOC: The idea that politicians can control activist messaging doesn't make sense.

Has the draft-dodging traitor acknowledged Veterans Day? Or should he remain silently?

CNN has called Alaska for Trump. (Not especially big news.) Now it's 279 to 217.

Just a shameless plug for my favorite classical music station, online.

All the Ways Trumpworld Wants to Cash In On MAGA Anger Over the Election

Tweet of the afternoon

Grifterella gets trashed for celebrating the AP call of Alaska for Trump.

Texas becomes 1st state to surpass 1 million COVID-19 cases

I am ok with skipping the WH turkey pardon and holiday decorations.this.year

FTW ;)

Could shadow person in Ingraham video be....Brent Terhune!. ((sarcasm))

Timothy Snyder: Don't Underestimate Where This [Trump] Can Go

Trump isn't doing this alone.

Tweet of the minute

Middle Age Riot speaking the truth

Allegheny County Board Of Elections Votes To Count More Than 2,000 Ballots Without Dates

Tory MP Jake Berry: Northerners like football, southerners prefer opera and ballet

FLorida minimum wage will not reach $15/hour till 2026.

New survey shows homelessness, encampments are top concerns for Seattle residents

"Dems are currently undefeated when the ticket includes a black person"

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture

5 million

Baseless lawsuits essentially say 'Black people are corrupt'

Nashville enters into plan to build 100 MW Solar farm

WAPO OP ED: The corrupt bargain between Trump and GOP is about to unravel

Trump attorney openly admits to judge under penalty of perjury that there's no election fraud

Pfizer vaccine announcement - provide hope or raise stock price?

Here's What We Know About The MAGA Rallies Planned In D.C. This Weekend

They drop Nevada court appeal of ballot count case

Voter Fraud Myths

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 11, 2020

Campaign Announces 2nd Lawsuit in Michigan

On this Veterans Day, remember Austin Tice, soldier turned war correspondent. Austin was captured ..

Chancellor Merkel congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is worth a listen

Fox News now says 'we're just not sure' if Joe Biden will be next president

Pfizer's CEO sold $5.6 million in stock the day he announced promising vaccine news

Where the lawsuits stand

Criminal justice reformer unseats Los Angeles district attorney


Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61: III. Rondo. Allegro

Trump administration official who questions global warming will run key climate program.

once again the fascist party greats a democratic administration with made-up charges of illegitimacy

California Secretary of State's spox: It's going to be really nice to have a President who isn't an

DUers you know the worst part of this attempt to steal the election

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." - Albert Camus

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." - Albert Camus

CNN - GA SOS says, essentially, Biden has won GA and "Risk Limiting Audit" will confirm that

WAPO OP ED: No, the 'Hail Mary' plan for Trump isn't going to work

What needs to be fixed before the next election?

PA AG: No legal mechanism for the state legislature to act alone and appoint electors. None.

PA AG - There is no legal mechanism for state legislature to appoint electors. None

Do we really need more proof that Richard Grenell is a fucking tool?

Military voters included on Trump campaign list of 'improperly cast' ballots

Remember how all Trump wanted the new President of Ukraine to do was *announce* investigations?

Jeffrey Toobin fired

Hurricanes stay stronger longer after landfall than in past

this may not be their time, and donnie may not be their man, but make no mistake:

anyone make a crockpot cake?

Texas Kindergartener dies from Covid 19 within 15 hrs after she was diagnosed and sent home

GOP senator: Biden Cabinet picks will be a 'discussion' with Republican Senate

If anyone wants to tell Ms Emily W. Murphy what they think of her refusing to

Rude Pundit is not in a forgiving mood. Neither am I.

"Play acting", "theater" to salve ego of "broken man"

So - 45 is apparently in pre-production of

Two obsessions - One song

Biden's Acceptance speech was helped by 'Soul of America' Jon Meacham.

I grieve for our country. I have never witnessed anything close to this devisiveness in my lifetime.

I don't do social media but for any of you that do, please

Let's not rub in it?

He just tweeted

Ex-swimsuit model and ballet dancer who 'killed estranged husband during custody fight' once 'ran Tr

Jeffrey Toobin fired by NEW YORKER MAGAZINE

Trump's pretense of winning as a form of play therapy:

'Follow The Money: Trump's Refusal To Concede, A Scam In The Purest Form of The Word'

maybe mike bloomberg could fund a PR campaign promoting joe's victory with

Can the House stop the GOP from stealing the election

If you're wondering why no one has called NC yet, it's because ballots can still arrive until Nov 12

What's this about Kentucky?

Trump's Pentagon Purge is reportedly to get troops out of the Middle East

11/12 Mike Luckovich- So much winning!!

So medical personnel haven't given enough?? Now in North Dakota they are being asked

'Very, highly unlikely' Trump wins Arizona, no evidence of fraud, Republican state attorney general

Is there a full inventory of the valuable stuff in the WH?

Can Drumpf really stage a coup? Experts weigh in on whether it's possible

Did trump super spreader event kill one of his evangelical advisers?

How do they keep track of paper ballots?

Sen Lankford: If Biden doesn't have access to intelligence briefings by Friday, he will get involved

For God's Sake, Do Something!

Does a President's cabinet require a 2/3 vote in the Senate for approval?

Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane

Ronna Romney McDaniel had to delete this tweet because it admitted that Trump lost the election.

I am convinced all this bullshit Trumpy is trying to pull is pissing off some very serious people

New Capital One advertisement with Samuel Jackson......Absolutely great.....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 12 November 2020

Perfect symbolism today