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Archives: November 13, 2020

Hungarian government mounts new assault on LGBT rights

Rather: "Donald Trump is the Washington Generals of election lawsuits".nt

EU proposes new rules to protect LGBTQ+ people amid 'worrying trends'

MAGAt Notice: Donations under $8K to Trump 'election defense' instead go to president, RNC

Trump Silent as Virus Surges

President Elect Joe Biden Tweets

TeapubliKKKons Are Terrified That Trump Will Cost Them The Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

Scott Baio just posted a picture of Sad Jesus with the words

Trump administration appeals court order blocking TikTok restrictions

Bolsonaro: "Diplomacy Alone Wont Do; When Words Fail, Gunpowder Is Needed"

Perhaps I'm missing something. Moscow Mitch is promising to block the recovery package,

So Trump plans on running again in 2024?

AOC giving Joe Manchin the death stare over "defund the police"


France Honours 6-Year-Old Marcel Pinte (1938-1944) WW2 Resistance Agent, Anti-Nazi Fighter

Major north/south Ohio river bridge closed at Cincinnati, I-71 and I-75 corridor.

DHS panel says 2020 vote was 'most secure in American history'

The economy as we knew it might be over, Fed Chairman says

When Trump is no longer president after January 20th

Ted Olson: "Election is over...we do have a new president"

Can someone please explain 2024??

As an ex-president, Trump could disclose the secrets he learned while in office, current and former

Josh Groban...Don't Give Up- 3 min- 57 secs. A favorite !!

Biden signals Wall Street crackdown with transition picks

Okay, step up and take a number for the opportunity to tell Rand Paul to STFU.

Isn't the media going to call Georgia?

Dr. Irwin Redlener: Trump is a disrupter and isn't going anywhere.

CISA (which is part of DHS), says, "there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost vote

Pennsylvania SoS asks judge to toss 'desperate and unfounded' lawsuit

P. I. Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35 - Itzhak ...

Now, it's ALWAYS snack time! 😁 You. Are. Welcome.

2020 Atlantic hurricane season busiest on record (

Lawsuit Seeks to Throw Out All Votes From Wayne, Washtenaw & Ingham Counties (MI)

Kayleigh McEnany confuses standard election process for fraud in Detroit

Sooooo.... Tomorrow is Friday the 13th

The Scottish Parliament smells a rat?

The economy as we knew it might be over, Fed Chairman says

Simply sublime

It seems that some Trump supporters are leaving Facebook

Rightwing Twitter "Parler" has a nickname.... Meinspace

Possible concession day typo

Judge moves E. Jean Carroll's defamation lawsuit forward

39 seconds of delight

Is Trump deliberately doing a Scorched Earth policy regarding Covid...?

Piss Ant Kevin McCarthy Refuses To Recognize Biden Won, Continues To Undermine Democracy

Tommy Tuberville's entry for GOP dumbfuck of the day.

How sweet was that - the mother of tonight's Jeopardy winner, Kate Lazo

Lawsuit seeks to exclude votes from Milwaukee, Dane and Menominee counties (WI)

South Dakota reports 2,019 new coronavirus cases with a whopping 68.1% positivity rate

Belgium expels Danish right-wing activists over plot to burn Koran

Biden Win Signals Brighter Future With Latin America

Biden Win Signals Brighter Future With Latin America

RANT: It is going to be 90 FUCKING DEGREES next week in Phoenix.

The burning scar: Inside the destruction of Asia's last rainforests

I have a feeling that trump is holding pardons over people's head to deliver him the election.

How to keep an empty seat next to you on public transit - cartoon

Live look at Trump's impenetrable border wall...

Blowback against Trump campaign law firm targets clients, recruiting

Ted Olson, who argued Bush v. Gore, says the 2020 election is over:

We were all so happy on Saturday.

PA(OPEN Toomey-R) is the only US Senate seat up for re-election in 2022 that is likely to flip.

'Has it finished?' Brazil's Bolsonaro questions the U.S. election

George Takei ftw

Five test positive for Covid on first cruise ship to resume sailing in the Caribbean

Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Review-Journal twice endorsed Trump. Now it's advising him to admit he l

Bombshell: LMPD hid almost 750,000 records documenting sexual abuse of minors by Louisville police

Michigan's 'dead' voters are quite alive

GOLF - Get Out Loser, Forever!

CNN: "How to decline Thanksgiving in the name of Covid"

"He who rides a tiger dares not dismount". Before there was the Trump Train which just

Twitter 🧵 on Alito's keynote speech at this year's Federalist Society convention.

Al Franken: Bring Americans together? Good luck with that!

Uber Bought Itself A Law: CA Prop 22 Dangerous For Drivers, Gig Workers Who Deserve Wages, Benefits

Georgia Every Votes Counts - Request Your Ballot Today

Norway recall Home Guard to patrol border as Swedish COVID-19 cases surge

Obama: Trump's refusal to accept defeat is a 'dangerous path' for democracy

I've never seen so much excitement over senate races

A Farewell Tour?

Peru: Ousting of President Threatens Rule of Law

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Goals of Trump campaign's lawsuit in Arizona significantly narrowed

161,000 new COVID cases in the US today.

Argentina legalises growing of cannabis for medical use by individuals

UNESCO Recognizes Cuba's Leadership in Scientific Cooperation

TikTok lives to see another day in US

If 1,000 people a day were dying by terrorist attacks

California becomes the second US state to top one million Covid-19 cases, after Texas

CDC projects up to 282,000 Covid-19 deaths by December

UN requests to investigate Bolivia's massacres in 2019

I saved a baby raccoon tonight

Holy Backdoor News, Batman! Melania Concedes!

'Catastrophic' lack of hospital beds in upper Midwest as coronavirus cases surge

COVID question... What do you guys think of "pods"

Trump's Refusal to Concede Is Not a Legal Problem. It's a Political Problem.


Republicans, do your duty ...

Does the fact that Trumpy hasn't been tweeting

Mark Cuban doesn't want you to send money to Georgia Senate candidates!

Republicans begin to treat Biden like a president-elect amid Trump's refusal to concede

Talking Shit on Facebook & Twitter ...

In search of the rare and ridiculously cute pygmy sloth

Why the Arizona and Georgia Races Are Essentially Over, but Not Officially Called

In search of the rare and ridiculously cute pygmy sloth

Mary Trump coming up on CNN

Dinner is NOT served...

After reading about all the politicians who have tested positive for Covid recently

Should Joe get rid of tRump's Space Force?

What we know about President-elect Biden's phone calls with world leaders

Tardigrades glow blue to protect selves from UV light

Obama on Trump's baseless election fraud claims

This been posted yet?

Widescale Voter Fraud

The movie Yesterday (2019) - based on Beatles tunes with a twist

A silent Trump shows little sign of leading on pandemic, governing post-election

Trump Counties Make Up Just 29 Percent Of U.S. Economic Output, 2020 Election Study Shows

"Tonight hours later no words of condolence from the commander in chief"

Turmoil Hits Cyber Agency Engaged in Election as Staff Leave

Joe Biden considering Hillary Clinton for ambassador to the United Nations: report

Trump's next ploy, trying to buy off electors?

Screening travelers for symptoms of Covid-19 was ineffective, CDC study says

I think that if there are any who are considering becoming "faithless electors" and casting their

Perhaps it's time for the press to step into the breach.

Trump Counties Make Up Just 29 Percent of U.S. Economic Output, 2020 Election Study Shows

John McCain's widow says it's time for Trump to 'accept the results and get on with the healing'

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/12/20

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, November 13, 2020

Just saw Lt. Gov. Jeff Duncan from Georgia on CNN. Chris Cuomo ask him why the full recount of

Tropical Storm Eta dumps heavy rain on the Carolinas and Virginia

Trump in 2024 ?

Did Trump get a statue in Italy?

It's OVER Velveeta Voldemort! Start packing!

Is this a good reason for President Biden to offer e.g. Sen. Collins a cabinet spot?

Asia Today: S. Korea starts fining people not wearing masks

Biden Could Receive Classified Intelligence Just by Hanging Out in Mar-a-Lago Dining Room

Kyle Rittenhouse's mother is out here saying she's going to sue Joe Biden.

Biden might need years to reverse Trump's immigration policies on DACA, asylum, & family separation

Ron Klain will be on Lawrence O. tonight

Biden has picked up about another 100 votes in Ga. today.

Ali Velshi mentioned tonite that there are Maricopa votes coming in that may allow Arizona to be

O'Donnell says new numbers from Arizona coming...the decision desk is read to evaluate them...

Is ActBlue the best way to donate to the Georgia run-off?

Josh Shapiro to Ted Cruz: Now I know why they call you Lyin' Ted. Leave Pennsylvania alone.


Will Mail in Voting Be Allowed for the Georgia Runoff?

A Global Black Market For Negative Covid-19 Tests Has Emerged With Fakes Starting Around $200

Mexican president presents bill to ban outsourcing of jobs

The Daily Social Distancing Show: A Vending Machine for Stories & A Swan's Subway Ride Home

"Don't you think it's time you told your guy he lost..."

I dedicate this song to donnie 2 scoops

We're only getting together for Thanksgiving" is 2020's answer to "we'll cover more ground if we spl

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Trump Admin Prepares for Their Nonexistent Second Term

Georgia senators hold 1st runoff rally in a packed, windowless room as coronavirus cases spike

If Trump truly feels that he won and will serve another term...


Matt Gaetz: BREAKING: ⁦@TiffanyATrump⁩ and I are friends!

Montana emergency doctors warn Covid-19 has their community on 'the brink of disaster'

Good analysis of election lawsuits.

Gov. Inslee pleads with Washingtonians to avoid gathering for Thanksgiving, holidays

In 2016, Trump won the veteran vote by 26 points. He won it by 10 this November.

"This is the longest time drumpf has not spoken publicly in his entire presidency. People who work

Damn - broke my toe Tuesday

TikTok challenges Trump order ahead of US divestment deadline

Stacey Abrams says efforts against voter suppression made 'the difference' in Georgia

This amazing cat!!!

Meat Manufacturer Sues New Mexico After Plant Ordered To Close Due To COVID-19 Cases

Rashida Tlaib refuses to stop targeting centrist Democrats: 'I can't be silent'

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Ruby Bridges - Trailblazing as a Child in the Jim Crow South

Lawsuit on behalf of Trump seeks to exclude votes from Milwaukee, Dane and Menominee counties

Is Trump attacking Fox and threatening to compete with them so they will cave and start

Ex-Trump Org Exec Warns What Comes Next: 'If All Else Fails, He'll Burn Down The House'

Letters to the Editor: Hillary Clinton showed Donald Trump how to concede like a real patriot

Jehovah's Witness elders made teen listen recording of her rape for hours, lawsuit claims

Seth Meyers - Trump Claims He Will Win Wisconsin - Monologue 11/11/20

Covid protective "hug room" in Italy

Mayor Buttigieg Is Eyeing a New Title: 'Ambassador Pete'

About faithless electors.

A rare sight of the crescent moon meeting Venus was spotted in the early morning sky of Beijing on N

Seth Meyers: Guest Lewis Black Found NYC's Reaction to Biden's Win Heartwarming

Trump allies are hyping a desperate, improbable plan to replace the electoral college with loyalists

MSNBC is calling AZ for Biden.

Boom ! MSNBC calls Arizona for Joe.nt

NBC calls AZ for Biden!

*NBC projects AZ for J. Biden,

Election Latest: Biden Projected Winner in Arizona


CNN calls Arizona for Biden nt

Why is the Surgeon General AWOL? We need good guidance, isn't covid a public health issue?

Duh Fuhrer must be livid.

CNN. Arizona for the WIN!!!

11/13 Mike Luckovich -On Fire!!

Democratic Fundraising for GA

NYT calls AZ for Biden.

The Orange ShitStain still has a 00.1% chance of winning AZ


Seth Meyers - Trump's Voter Fraud Lies Are a Fundraising Scam: A Closer Look

Apparently there's a new Twitter flag - "Official sources called this election..."

Tiniest Baby Deer Asks Woman To Rescue Him

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 15, 2020 - Michael Caine Double Feature

Any word of calling GA?

Could Trump make $100 million on his memoir

No, I Will Not Be 'Reaching Out' To Trump Voters, Now Or Ever. Here's Why.

We did it AZ!!

Remember? they switched Security Clearances to DOD

Washington Post calls Arizona to Biden!

Arizona Presidential Election Results

Small Cracks Emerge in G.O.P. Support for Trump's Baseless Fraud Claims

With this statement, Wilbur Ross becomes the first cabinet secretary to concede that a Democrat won

TCM Schedule for Monday November 16, 2020 - Star of the Month: Shelley Winters

Post-election audits find no AZ fraud

Anybody heard if they've called Arizona?

Ted Lieu: FYI, you lost Arizona. Joe Biden beat you like a drum.

What the election tells us about religion

The loss of Arizona has got to stick in the craw of the orange blob.

Meghan McCain's comment on the Arizona victory:

Jimmy Kimmel calls the orange turd

Tuberville thinks they three branches of government are "the House, the Senate and executive."

Aint it pretty!

You know it's been 80 years since "Fantasia" came out?

Schmoyoho got ahold of the Konspiracy Kook Klergy videos...

Trump Begins Acknowledging He's Lost the Election, Now Let the Transition of Power to Biden Begin

home office of the future, previewed by Walter Cronkite in 1967

Fun fact: None of the things Kayleigh Macaroni mentions, if true, are voter fraud.

"women full of binders..."

Dedicated to Donald Trump: Roy Orbison - It's Over (Audio)

Aunt Crabby: If you have not been reminded yet ...

The crisis isn't too much polarization. It's too little democracy.

Hey Trump! Go all the way. Start your own party and leave the Republicans.

Ala. businesses man burned out for supporting BLM

Trump can't bring himself to concede

hes tweeting again

Trump's only path to 270

Coronavirus update 116:Pfizer Vaccine What We Know

Chicago issues stay-at-home advisory & tells residents to cancel traditional Thanksgiving celebratio

'You Can See The Regret': ICU Nurse On Patients Who Failed To Take COVID Precautions

"If you have electoral dysfunction, it's time to talk to your doctor..."

Does Trump have the maturity of a Ten year old?

Asia Today: S. Korea starts fining people not wearing masks

The latest from Maria Bartiromo on Parler.

I hope no one points out to trump that the electoral victory is the exact same as trump's

Joe Biden's Likely Pick to Lead His Party (Harrison)

What Arizona Means

Trump's latest false fraud claim came from an anonymous internet poster

Repost from 11/7: Biden beats Trump in must-win Pennsylvania to clinch 2020 victory

Opinion: Trump has humbled a nation he vowed to make great

Biden team reaching out to former Mattis officials for help with transition

Hey, she's awake!

Remember when an old enemy talked the rich people of a country into giving up democracy for power?

Somebody has to say it:

Statement from multiple Fed. agencies & all 50 states refuting election fraud claims.

Alito's politically charged address draws heat

Tuberville Doesn't Know What WWII Was About

The Insulting Frenchman

Georgia short of intensive care nurses as winter threatens surge of coronavirus cases

COVID-19 comes to Cuba, Mo., and hardly anyone is wearing a mask

I give you the newly elected senator from Alabama

US military flew terminally ill Bahrain premier to America

They Think If They Pray Hard Enough Covid Won't Get Them

Joni Mitchell - House Of The Rising Sun

Was Reagan a Precursor to Trump? A New Documentary Says Yes

Appeals court temporarily stops El Paso business shutdown

Water stripped from Mars' upper atmosphere may explain how it became a barren Red Planet For billion

US voters gave him four whole years, but then we was all ...

Scientists discover huge fossil lake under Greenland

Karen's getting her driving privilege's revoked.

We've discovered a new, adorable species in Myanmar -- it's already on the brink of extinction

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires Exit Country Music Association After 2020 CMA Didn't Honor John Prine

World Leaders Who Don't Want Biden/Harris. Look who Trump's pals are

UPDATE: Man drives car into Super1 Grocery in Columbia Falls, drives through store . .

Urban seagulls know exactly when to strike to steal your food -- we have the GPS data to prove it You

Ben Carson Is A Brain Surgeon But Won't Wear A Face Mask At A Covid Hot Spot Party

Schumann's 'Carnaval', Nadezda Pisareva on piano

Dionne Warwick, lol

Chief justice race in North Carolina changes lead as election boards keep counting votes

Nobles declares victory in WA state senate race, becomes first Black member in a decade


Biden will appoint a COVID Coordinator who will have regular access to the Pres...

My digital portrait of Judy Garland...

Rep. Max Rose concedes to GOP challenger Nicole Malliotakis in NYC congressional upset

1514 people perished when the Titanic sank.

A message to my Right-Wing Brothers & Sisters, here's how Trump using you with the 'Election Fraud'

Stacey Abrams on Georgia recount: 'I wish them well' but we know Biden won

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump is "Dejected" & "Fuming" Over Election Results

Joe Biden Wins Arizona According To NBC News Projection - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

There's a monster in our forests and it's putting us *all* in danger. (WATCH THIS)

No Protection For Trump From Cases Awaiting His Presidency's End - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Reflections and Takeaways from Sri Kulkarni

Kohlberg's levels of ethical development

Donald Trump is not in hiding. His staff are hiding Trump because they know he can't control

China congratulates Biden : "we respect the choice of the American people."

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/12/20

Stephen Colbert - Michael Moore: Majority Black Cities In Michigan Turned State Blue For Joe Biden

Biden signals Wall Street crackdown with transition picks

Another GOP whistleblower hotline:

238 pages of ridiculous

Georgia Democrats To The Resistance: Please Don't Come Here For Senate Runoffs

A U.S. ambassador claimed her absentee ballot was not counted. We found it was.

A possibility of 12 years of a democrat in Whitehouse

So Biden won Arizona

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are to win.

Wait for it.....(epic northern lights)

MSNBC: AZ called for Biden.

Why Keith loves Joe

The Georgia presidential recount 101

Trump has spent a lifetime putting up defenses

Ballot Count Audit made easy

I don't know much about Vernon Jones (D) Georgia

Local food store shortages.

He's gone: AZ put a stake through the orange monster's heart.

It's between those who saw the con early and those who still don't see it.

China congratulates Biden and Harris on election

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian on The Voter Fraud Fraud

Trump whines.

CNN just called AZ for Biden. LOL.

Streetlight & Moon @ Twilight

Today is Friday 13th - they know it's doomsday

Exercise for Quarantine. Tiger Moves.

Trump has burned me out

The Yorkshire ripper is dead at 74. He died in prison of Covid.

There is so much to unpick here...

trump's admitted now he lost by letting it be known he wants to create himself revenue

Starting a betting pool:

Thanks to asswipes who won't adhere to guidelines

Darn it all...pandemic surging...

Porter Wright jumps ship from Trump campaign defence in its nonsense federal suit in Pennsylvania

Inside the House Democrats' post-election reckoning

Ron Klain on Lawrence O'Donnell last night - 'The transition is moving ahead'

Elissa Slotkin Braces for a Democratic Civil War

Which country least followed science in dealing with COVID19?

This just in! Donald Trump is still a loser!

'Are We Getting Invaded?' U.S. Boats Faced Russian Aggression Near Alaska

Trump Floats Improbable Survival Scenarios as He Ponders His Future

UPDATE: Man drives car into Super1 Grocery in Columbia Falls, MT, drives through store . .

Friday TOONs - Come On, Man

trump lost and the trolls are trying to divide us

Looks like Ole Joe Scarborough is reverting

A Horrifying Thought - If Shitstain Had Won, What Would Be Different On COVID?

John McCain gets last laugh again

Biden working through trump obstacles to transition like a boss

McCain Speaks:

Asian trade mega-pact set to be signed this weekend

How to End 'Women's Work'

Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trump's Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and...

IRS Extends Stimulus Check Deadline To November 21

Dutch police give 'stop paedophile hunts' warning after Arnhem death

Highest Daily Temperature On Record For November In Svalbard; 9.4C At 78N

Total abandonment of American people at a moment of crisis. AWOL under fire.

Sorry, gov, I'm hosting a big Thanksgiving

Utah Valley Hospital strained by conspiracy theorists trying to enter ICU

Sweet! They have finally called Arizona for Biden!

Australia In New Era Of Sustained Extreme Weather Because Of (All Together Now!) Global Warming

I bet the Dotard will pardon the turkey and then claim

Arctic Scientists On This Summer's Research Trip: "We Packed Long Underwear, Never Put It On"

Law Firm Stops Representing Trump Campaign in Pennsylvania Suit

Law firm representing the Trump campaign in PA resigns

Climate Liar David Perdue Enjoys A Beachfront Home W. Expensive Protections From Rising Sea Levels

Did Joe Scarborough just suggest

China belatedly congratulates Biden-Harris on winning election

Good Starting Point For Biden Administration: Restoring Utah National Monuments, Creating More

Law Firm Porter Wright jumps ship in Pennsylvania

Maralago TFR Plan

Trump's DOJ Blocked Investigation Of Former Int. Secretary Zinke, Blocked IG Reporting On Case

Made it back home,

Breakfast Friday 13 November 2020

Fox News isn't learning anything from this election?

Latest Right-Wing Meme: "Biden's Gonna Make Mah Gasoline $5 A Gallon!" Uh, No . . . .

Trump team and Pennsylvania election officials clash in federal court filings

The home office of the future

Biden's Education Department Will Move Fast to Reverse Betsy DeVos's Policies

Biden lead in PA just jumped to 58,440

Democrats need to understand the rural voter

Obama says Republican allies "obviously didn't think there was any fraud going on" before .....

Is it a requirement to be a Republican congressperson,

Jonathan Turley lies on live television about Michigan votes.

Dear friends on the DU, somebody close to me died in an in-home accident

Dan Rather's pithy message to the Dictator-Wannabe: "Dude, you lost "

Can't we all just get along? It depends.

Just in case the trump crime family needs help moving (a bit rough but....)

Will Republicans in future races pay a price for their association with Donald Trump?

The Lincoln Project: 1962

Dedicated to Arizona: "Killer Blow" by Sade

The Rundown: November 13, 2020

The origin of Super Villains: Kryptonite Man

Found on Facebook: There's no place like home.

What if Santa Claus really exists but we're all

So, is Arizona "officially" BLUE?

Maga Series Finale

Mary Trump doesn't think Donald will run again. Ego is too fragile to lose again LOL

Before he leaves office

I can't wait to no longer hear or read the word "Trump"

Happy 20th Anniversary to Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo (TPM)

When You Donate To Trumps ...

I had an interesting dream last night about your state :)

How to survive a post tRumpBie Apocalypse

Tropical Storm Eta hits North Carolina with deadly flooding

Bizarro world proclaimed by WH

What sound does a pet raccoon make when it's hungry?

I doubt Chump will be healthy enough, or even alive, to run in 2024.

Democrats Question Decision To Give Up Canvassing During Election

This is a massive failure of character among Republicans -- with evangelicals out in front

Don't forget, it is Friday the thirteenth, 2020. n/t

Zuckerberg defends not suspending ex-Trump aide Bannon from Facebook: recording

Sincere question: Can Trump really pardon himself ?

What the election tells us about religion in America

Two senior Homeland Security officials forced out as White House firings widen

Republicans may never have the nerve to quit Trump

Trump asked aides if he could pursue a wild plan to replace the Electoral College with loyalists ...

How to win the rural voters?

For Trump, one last fundraising scam before leaving office

Q: Why did the bicycle fall over?

"Law Firm Abruptly Withdraws from Representing Trump Campaign in Pennsylvania Suit"

LA Metro's Washington to lead Biden's transportation transition team; AAR, ASLRRA welcome Biden

Remember: No Phony Democrats!

What would the Georgia standings be if Jo Jorgensen (LIB) had not been on the ballot?

I think we may still win those 2 GA seats but if we don't I

Perhaps ANOTHER tropical storm?

The inevitable demise of nonstick pans

Bill Maher Farewell Douchebags 2020

Impeachment Expert for House Democrats Will Review Trump-era DOJ for Biden Transition

Needed to see this today...

Medical Issue that was a non-issue while living in AZ

Letter I just sent my GOP senator (transfer of power)

Carter Center to monitor Georgia election recount

Happy Triskaidekaphobia

Can Trump fire Nuclear Missiles?

YOU raised $16,370.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-12-20

On this day, Friday, November 13, 2015, ISIL conducted an array of terror attacks in Paris

Georgia. Focus. Please.

Marc Elias: Typically, you have evidence first and then file a lawsuit.

Two dead reported in steam explosion at VA hospital in CT

Left out of Covid-19 vaccine planning, Biden advisers developing their own distribution strategy

Trump has a major dilemma on his hands

Has there ever been a more emotionally insecure and manipulative human being on the planet?

I don't think trump needs to pardon himself.

Sam Alito Delivers Grievance-Laden, Ultra-Partisan Speech to the Federalist Society

Pundits are talking about Trump as a martyr. I don't think it works.

3015 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 17 deaths

Hooverville's move over.. Welcome to Trumpville's

*****Comments Thread for the November Contest: "IN THE SHADOWS" is here and open now

More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus or quarantining in wa

More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus or quarantining in wa

Conservatives decided to arrange for him a sort of Make-a-Wish Foundation version of Bush v. Gore

🤪 Friday the 13th ....MEMES 🤩

Has the 'audit' started in Georgia?

*****Submissions now accepted for the November Photo contest*****"IN THE SHADOWS"

Totally Irresponsible: 10% of the Secret Service WH security team has been infected with Covid 19

*****Submissions now accepted for the November Photo contest*****"IN THE SHADOWS"

More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus

"Election lawsuits 'public relations nightmare'"

Alito gives highly partisan speech that is best argument for court reform

What is Hip

Transition 2008!

Coming soon: Hurricane Iota...

Donald Trump is a . . .

BREXIT : Dominic Cummings Leaving Government ... Hurrah ! Two good things happened in Nov.

Please Seek Therapy

Steve Schmidt: It is unforgivable and dangerous. It is UNAMERICAN and disloyal.

In front of the White House now:

Hampton Hawes was born on this date.

Ok, basic Pa civics. Elections are administered on the county level by county elected officials ...

LOL: Boris Johnson Calls Trump "Previous" President

Trump Press Secy Humiliates Herself One Last Time

Vote certification dates

Over heard at the WH: "We haven't seen lame duck a l'orange all week.

No Secretary Pompeo ...

its awake and tweeting

I think Joe should tweet out he'll look at re-hiring everyone Trump fires from here on out

Courier-Journal: LMPD hid almost 750,000 records documenting sexual abuse of minors by officers

Lawyer who argued for Bush in 2000 election: 'I do believe the election is over'

Hero Versus Zero

Secret service infected with Covid

At what point does it become Sedition?

Treated myself to bacon and eggs this morning

Now you can see the COVID-19 risk anywhere in the country, in real time

So, an enjoyable pondering: What happens if Trump refuses to participate in the transition

r's hate "It takes a village"

Trump finally got his wall.

Robert Louis Stevenson was born on this date.

What did whorealdo say???

Citizen Trump: It's time.

Whatever happened to that Russian Covid vaccine???

More than 130 Secret Service Agents Infected with Coronavirus

Peter Navarro...says vaccine is "not his lane"

Miami Marlins hire Kim Ng, who will be the first female GM of a pro sports team

I Love This Pic.

So You Asked God To ...'s Friday the 13th in the year 2020...

Trump: ...the election was the most secure election ever except for the fact that it was rigged.

Okay. Time to talk steppers.

Stephen Hawking: "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge"

Did Police Protests Help Biden Get Elected?- Black Swing State Activists Believe So

'Never bet against me': Trump clings to reelection hopes days after defeat

Going from Doug Jones to Tommy Tuberville is like going from Nick Saban to Tommy Tuberville

Justice Alito says pandemic has resulted in 'unimaginable' restrictions on individual liberty

Barack Obama: Lindsey Graham is the guy in the spy thriller or heist movie...

What bugs you the most?

What happened to Rudy's affidavits?

Say hello to our newest visitor, Tropical Depression #31

Q is back, in the most vague and pathetic way possible.

'Never bet against me': Trump clings to reelection hopes days after defeat

So what will the Fri news dump be? Firings? War declarations? Or a concession?

It's Friday, it's Friday- I made it through another Friday

This Morning on Morning Joe

If the suggestion bothers you that Trump might have won if not for the Lib candidate, consider this:

Greg Gutfeld: Even If Trump Loses, He's Head Of The Party, So 'We'll Have Two Presidents!'

I lost count, does Trump have more bankruptcies ...

My sentiments exactly.......

The reality about working class whites...

This is the DU market place group, so Shop Your Values

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Follow New Clues In Hunt For Presidential Election Voter Fraud

Shop Your Values...we have a DU marketplace and crafts people. Check them out.

Trump emerges from election gloom to hold rare work meeting

Dems Vs. Repukes on election results

Trump voters sue to stop PA certification, say will provide the evidence later. Not the Onion

Randy Rainbow's best lyrics.

Thanksgiving Diner

Additional resources for Georgia Senate Seats. We CAN do this!

Biden Breaks 78 Million Barrier with 5,371,860(+3.5%) Lead

"Citta" - The Mind's Essential Knowing Nature - Ajahn Maha Boowa - Thai Forest Theravada Buddhism

Trump isn't trying to overturn the election...

Everyone Else

Real Housewives Star Jen Shah Blasted for AIDS Kissing 'Warning'

Real Housewives Star Jen Shah Blasted for AIDS Kissing 'Warning'

Biden is the first Democrat to win Maricopa County in 72 years

Miami Marlins hire Kim Ng as MLB's first female general manager

Top CEOs met to plan response to Trump's election denial

Hallmark channel Christmas movies. Why are they all set in a snow-covered town?

Scottish Leader Says Trump Should Face 'Accountability' In Turnberry Probe

So what is really motivating Trump to fight the election results?

Trumpy....more whining about election.....flagged by twitter....

The truth of America's situation is seen not from political analysis, but the movie "Idiocracy" ...

Ya know, every time I write the words Vice-President Harris, I get a tear in my eye

De Blasio Warns NYC Parents to Plan for Monday School Shutdown

Herd immunity: Which herd do the MAGAs want to be in?

These Trump supporters say Fox News is too liberal

Interesting description of Trump:

Brilliant - Something quite beautiful watching Trumps Presidency being

Gap reports sales spike for khakis worn by MSNBC's Steve Kornacki


Conservatives fleeing Facebook to Parler

TLP: We made history November 3rd. Get ready to do it again.

Keep it up, Trump, and this is your future!

If MAGAs want to know who to vote against in the Georgia run-offs:

Bombshell news in Michigan... @GovWhitmer moving to revoke the 67-year-old agreement...

The POS needs to go to jail

He's very sorry, and it won't happen again...

"The Voice Of The People"

About this so-called $100 million for a trump memoir - Suggestions for a title

REPUBLICAN official destroys ALL of Trump's fraud claims ON FOX NEWS - Brian Tyler Cohen

Charles Koch Laments His History of Partisanship

Check out this Great Map Showing Change in the Party Vote from 2016-2020

Interesting graphic on Senate seats per regions comparable to California population

Peter Sutcliffe, UK Serial killer known as the 'Yorkshire Ripper', dies with coronavirus

GOP plaintiffs tell AZ Court that ruling on presidential electors has been rendered unnecessary

Check out this Great Map Showing Change in the Party Vote from 2016-2020

The next time a trumper brings up election fraud just tell them

Trump claims credit for "most secure election ever" & then says "Democrats rigged it."

The Final Gasp of Donald Trump's Presidency

New TikTok Trend Of Posting Keys To New House Buys Lead To Thieves Creating Key Copies From Them.

Third Circuit REJECTS Republican lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania ballot receipt deadline.

Gravy Seals! LOL I'd heard Meal Team Six before, but not that one. I also saw a vid with a guy

Trump's Schedule for Friday, November 13, 2020

Need some help with embedding public photo from Flickr to DU.

Cummings to leave No 10 with immediate effect

An easier-on-the-eye electoral map from Le Monde

These Republicans Hate America

Trump campaign drops Arizona lawsuit requesting review of ballots

One year ago today my Mother died. It's a bittersweet day with lots of good memories but

Lame duck a l'orange

Joe Biden's Economic Plan Will Depend on Path of the Coronavirus

caption Trump photo

Wisdom from Strangers - Daniel Everett (TEDxPenn)

Mr Brexit Dominic Cummings PM's top adviser to leave No 10 with immediate effect

Speaking of Lindsey Graham, out of all the embarrassing clips

"I think the president will attend his own inauguration" -- Kayleigh McEnany

Has anyone heard anything more about the MAGAt march tomorrow?

Trump Cries Election Fraud. In Court, His Lawyers Don't.

It was never about the mask, it's about performative defiance to trigger the libs

CNNs Briana Keiler started out with two important points

Trump's key "election fraud whistleblower" falls on her face on Fox News - Brian Tyler Cohen

U.S. Justice Alito Says Pandemic Has Led To Unimaginable Curbs On Liberty

Possibly A Useful Analogy: Starve The Virus......

Wisconsin Deplorables filed a suit to exclude votes from Democratic voting counties.

'Boy did we screw up!' Right-wing megadonor admits he made the GOP toxic -- and wrecked the country


Trump gives up

Michigan Judge Denies Injunction, Setting Aside Trump Supporters' Conspiracy Theories About Detroit

Do you know what I miss?

Charles Koch is a lying piece of shit

The Lincoln Project used the Bannon Rule to beat Trump

Leonard Cohen: Anthem. Fitting for this time and uplifting.

Tubberville thinks we invaded Europe to rid it of socialism.

Georgia Will Begin Recounting Votes, With Biden Still Favored

PA Sec of State: "has determined that she will not be ordering a recount and recanvass..."

Rand Paul misleadingly claims millions of people who recovered from COVID-19 are 'now immune' and

Joe's got this

Why is no one talking about Trump's last- ditch arms sale to the UAE ?

Trump will address the nation this afternoon.

Fantastic border collie agility and speed

Four Seasons Total Landscaping should be named a historical landmark

How many updates to iMac have there been?? It seems like I just updated two in the last couple of

AC/DC Is Back and Fighting Off the Black With New Album

Gov. Jim Justice just announced mandatory masks indoors at all times whenever outside the home

BREAKING: Trump's Arizona lawyer accepts election results

Kayleigh McEnany was asked about Trump going to Biden's inauguration

Inspirational Pic

Trump to Rush Drilling Leases in Arctic Before Biden Takes Over

Elon Musk Tests Positive For Covid-19 (And Negative)

So, just how high on your wish list is Trump's demise prior to 2024?

Defense deputy chief of staff latest Pentagon official to resign

Trump surrogates directed to attend "organic" pro-Trump rallies

50th anniversary Marshall University football team plane crash

Barack Obama Says Congress' Lack of Action After Sandy Hook was 'Angriest' Day of His Presidency

AC/DC - Shot In The Dark

Trump to deliver first remarks in over a week on vaccines

Michigan judge rejects GOP demand to delay certification of vote count in Detroit

Michigan man facing felony charges for voter fraud, AG says

Cook Political Report-National House Vote Tracker

Trump keeps making arguments about the election on Twitter that he won't make in court

Steve Schmidt rains hell on republican cowards again.

Men charged with murder in death of Ahmaud Arbery are denied bond

a visitor to my pineapple sage today

GM recalling Chevrolet Bolt EVs due to fire risks amid federal probe

We can all thank Steve Schmidt for enthusiastically leading the effort to confirm Alito

City council approves $500K for Minneapolis police to contract more officers

I heard that President Trump is feeling dejected today. (Playlist)

Meet The Angel City Football Club And The Trailblazing Women That Built It

Trump's final Fed pick is extremely unorthodox

More covid 19 restrictions to be implemented (maybe...


Covid is roaring back and not one word from the so called president. Unbelievable.

Depth Charged for Seventeen Hours By John T. Woltjen, 19 years old

Staaaaaaaaay home this weekend DC!

Ode to Trump.

The only test not allowed to hold public office is a religious test, so...

Should we really be concerned of a MAGA rally for inauguration?

COVID-19 in Ohio: New virus cases jump nearly 1,000 to a record 8,071

RNC to spend at least $20 million on Georgia's Senate races

Georgia just called for Biden.


Max Burns: Loss allows Q folks to say Trump was *just about* to reveal the truth...

Michael Beschloss shade is always historical

"This is like seeing a celebrity in real life"

Supreme Court goes idle on Trump-related disputes and time is running out

Joe Biden becomes first Democrat in 28 years to win Georgia

Navarro: White House's operating 'assumption is a second Trump term'

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/13/20 - Friday the 13th

With all the judges RUMP has put in place, i'm wondering if any of them


Incoming House member says "masks are oppressive" as U.S. breaks record for daily COVID-19 cases

I'm a bad person

NYT projects Georgia for Biden!!

Legos. The Colosseum. 9036 pieces. $549.99

Biden Will Get National Security Briefing Next Week

Gov Cuomo on dangers of large gatherings: 7 people who DID NOT even attend a wedding in August died.

John Lewis, Jimmy Carter, Stacey Abrams and all the voters

Can someone PLEASE tell Phil he looks just stupid chewing that damn gum.....

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance", i.e. "Don't celebrate too early". SEE:

Judge in Detroit ballot counting suit issues opinion and order[

Trump got beat "so badly."

trump/GOP lose in MI. 1-14 overall!!

Shall we call it a "landslide" ?

Just who can President Biden get rid of?

GOP lost another lawsuit here in Michigan

Obama: Lindsey Graham is the guy in the spy thriller or heist movie "who double-crosses everyone to


Rep. Katie Porter calling out the Federal Reserve

The latest from The Lincoln Project: "1962"

Russian and North Korean hackers attack companies developing coronavirus vaccines

Trump re-tweets a fake Biden account trolling him...

Stone cold crazy....

So, I finally "grew up" and got some vaccinations

Dumb rock'n'roll: Best AC/DC album for 30 years "Power Up"

Breaking.... (Wait for it)

sit back, relax. enjoy a minute or two of donny getting his.

Bolton leaves out WHY there was a transition delay 2000

The genius that is Tommy Tuberville strikes again.

Live News conference of the Giant Gator seen in Naples FL today

[YES!] AG Nessel files lawsuit to shut down Enbridge's Line 5

Since Biden's President obviously '4th Grade' must be entirely devoted to a Das Kapital deep dive

Kamala: Together, we showed little girls across the country what's possible.

@GeraldoRivera: Just had heartfelt phone call w friend @realDonaldTrump who said he's a "realist"

Deeper look at Apple's recent server outage reveals potential Mac privacy concerns

Miami Marlins name Kim Ng 1st female general manager in Major League Baseball history

I have Georgia on my mind

State Senator LaSata (R-Naturally) announces COVID-19 diagnosis

They're at the stage now where they're

I guess Trump in control of 43% of the populace doesn't threaten judges.

When you cut off a chicken's head, it'll flap around making noise and a mess for a while.

TRUMPY to turn up at DC Rally

Friday the 13th - Trump's Unlucky Day

96 year old lady voted against the Dictator-wannabe ! She first voted for FDR !!!!

Orange Anus to address the NATION at 4pm, first time in 9 days.

Promises made, promises kept.

Biden 306, Trump 232

Ana Cabrera (CNN) : CIA Director Gina Haspel has been iced out of an intelligence meeting at WH

thoughts on the fact that Biden is not getting national security briefings

McCain VS Trump

Woman at center of Civil Rights Movement celebrates 108th birthday

McSallyAZ concedes to Mark Kelly: "I called Mark Kelly this morning to congratulate him

Jared And Ivanka Forced To Pull Their Kids Out Of Hebrew School After Parents Complain

People are jamming the MAGA march hashtag with pics of pancakes.

President JRB! All States Have Been Called!

2020: How it started vs how it ended


California issues travel advisory ahead of holidays as COVID-19 surges

Trump Campaign ditches "voter fraud" hotline bc .........too many prank calls.

Your Computer Isn't Yours

Cecilia Munoz, Who Defended Family Separations Under Obama, Joins Biden Transition Team

DHS boss Chad Wolf (??!!) defies order to fire cyber-security chief Chris Krebs !

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61

Blue bye bye Trump!

President Elect Biden

Major police operation underway near Ubisoft building in Montreal's Mile End

Second Wave, Same Strategy: Swedish COVID-19 Czar Defiant Despite Surge

Who watched the Luther detective show when it was new and hot?

A handful of people in my neighborhood have modified their "BYEDON 2020" signs

Waiting to see

The "HUGE LOSER" to speak in the next hour!

Peter Navarro: Joe Biden victory is moot/operating WH assumption is Trump 2nd term

Oregon's governor orders a partial lockdown.

What's in a Name: Kamala Devi Harris

Europe's Landscape Is Still Scarred by World War I (Photographs)

Best Thing I've Seen ...

Virginia Tightening Restrictions to Fight Spread of COVID-19

CNN Trump to make public statement in the next hour

Challenge for clever punsters: help with a joke or meme

Trump punched cities. Cities punched back

It's already Diwali (14 November) in India

Twitter sends @JohnCornyn to civics class, teaches him about Puerto Rico- gives him a MAGA dunce cap

A very encouraging poll.

Former aides file whistleblower lawsuit alleging retaliation by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Fox needs to take Trump out. Knock him down. Kill his credibility... for their own survival.

Gov. Brad Little moves Idaho into modified Stage 2, to mobilize National Guard to help fight COVID-1

Stephen Miller. Can he be held legally responsible for his actions?

Guaranteed to Make You Smile! (All together now!) Celebrate 306!

Campaign can't find a judge who will ignore facts

My Body, My Choice

NFL Hall of Fame running back Paul Hornung dies at 84

House Dem and GOP leaders are holding respective dinners for new members.

Charles Koch says he regrets fueling partisanship: 'Boy, did we screw up!'

CIA Director Gina Haspel has been iced out of an intelligence meeting at the White House...

Don't know if this was posted last night - Lauren Underwood's address to her constituents:


So, Marjorie Taylor-Green, the Qanon queen the GOP just sent to Congress, tells fellow newbies at

Georgia Democrats: How it started: / How it ended:

Question about right wing misinformation...

Any guesses about the turn out for the MAGAt rally in DC, tomorrow?

Did you know that Scotland has a special prosecutorial tool called "Unexplained Wealth Order"?

F*ck Charles Koch

What time does the loser make a statement

OMG: The BLOTUS Performs Bohemian Rhapsody (short version)

NM governor issues shelter in place order: all sports facilies will have to close, no indoor dining,

Military voters fear they're part of unsupported fraud claim

Technology, social media Asymmetrical Warfare

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 13, 2020

Pennsylvania nurses plan to go on strike as coronavirus surges

I will settle Democratic inter party fighting right now

SEC charges former Wells Fargo CEO and top executive with misleading investors over sales practices

Jackie Speier just said on CNN: "It's time to put on his big boy pants and accept that he lost"!!!!

Governor orders statewide shutdown

He has a warped sense of timing

there will never be anything civic named for the sad, stupid, degenerate sewer rat

Donald Trump - It's All Over Baby Blue

ByteDance gets 15-day extension on U.S. order to divest TikTok - Treasury

Even now that we kicked his sorry ass there is no way I can bear to watch him on TV today

Just to review.....

Blue Georgia!

Trump up now.

Is it my TV or is his straw combover now gray?

Dems may have a rural problem but Repubs have an urban problem.

Federal election official blasts Trump's false election claims as 'laughable,' 'baffling' and 'insul

Trump: "We've helped many countries with their ventilator problems"

Tucker claimed James Blalock, who passed in '06 for voting, it was his 96 year old widow who voted

Why, his hair has turned grey overnight.

A different reality

Trump is off on another bragging and lying binge.

Another photo contest up in the Photography group!

Now he is attacking Cuomo and threatening to withhold vaccines

Pompeo heads out shortly for a trip to France, Turkey, Georgia, UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar

Looks like Trump's hair has conceded.

How many fucking lies has he told already

Dumb ass non-president is now threatening New York and then lying about our death rate...

BREAKING: Trump campaign withdraws Arizona lawsuit

Great song from Australia - Bye Bye Donny

Poor Widdow Babie's Feeling Are Hurt And He Won't Concede Wahhhhh

Record 15 NCAA Games Cancelled/Postponed for this Weekend

Dog Rescued From Side Of Road Gives His Cat Friend Kisses

Now that he's out...the press

Bullshit and more fucking bullshit

The only news here is when he slipped up and almost said

The irony is that had he talked about the economy and Covid

BREAKING: Trump begrudgingly acknowledges he's losing...

A song for Nepotism Barbie

US officials warn of tens of thousands more Covid deaths in coming weeks

He just almost conceded

B-1 and B-52 bombers flew over for a retirement ceremony at JB Anacostia Bolling today

Trump was gasping for air. He's still sick

Trump is just rehashing his same old standard

Just concede already !

Michigan governor seeks shutdown of Great Lakes oil pipeline

You LOSER Piece of Shit...SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

Meg Myers - The Underground

Trump says coronavirus vaccine won't be delivered to New York

No longer pretending to care

Trump thread #42. n/t

Top CEOs met to plan response to Trump's election denial

My grandma is 86 years old. She voted in this election, for the first time in her life.

How presidential candidates have conceded

Fire at Gadsden Black Lives Matter activist's business being investigated as arson

I'm sorry most of the cable outlets cut away from the white house announcement...

No questions?

Party platform

Has President Con Man's hair gone white in just 10 days?

TLP: "The Lincoln Project is not going to be involved in rehabilitating the Republican Party."

WhereTH did

Governor Cuomo should shut down all trump properties in the state

Warped Speed warp speed right on outta OUR HOUSE.

What do you think about this Covid Thanksgiving idea.

I heard Chump was going to address the nation concerning COVID today.

Sad little man!

Pennsylvania Court REJECTS Trump lawsuit challenging 592 ballots.

Gov. Cuomo, please seize all trump property as the tax fraud charges

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; November 13, 2020

WH reporter asks Trump: "When will you admit you lost the election"

How would the election have turned out if COVID hadn't been on the scene???? nt

Great American Outdoors Act

The only real president during the last 4 years when this country needed him the most

Is there any info about how many of those 70 million Trump voters were holding their noses?

Donald Trump breaks days of silence at White House to deny New Yorkers breakthrough COVID vaccine

Green Bay Packers legend Paul Hornung dies at 84

Kelly criticizes delay of transition

K-pop stans on TicTok plus the trumpers march 11/14/20 plus pancakes

Biden now 63k lead in PA

Trump campaign travel infects over 130 Secret Service agents

Marc Elias: PA victories (16-19)

Can anyone who follows the CDC tracker explain the anomaly

Pence's Remarks at Young America's Foundation's Fall College Retreat and Weekend Event; 11-13-2020

Gov. Inslee issues travel advisory for Washington amid sharp rise in COVID cases

Happy Diwali, DU

US puts TikTok ban on ice

Peter Sutcliffe, UK killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper, dies with coronavirus

Rick Wilson on Marjorie Taylor Greene:

NRO Atlas V launch now in 15 min hold

16 Fed prosecutors monitoring 2020 election malfeasance told AG Barr they saw no evidence...

NASA and SpaceX targeting launch of the Crew-1 mission to ISS at 7:27 p.m. EST Sunday, Nov. 15.

Baseless vote fraud allegations insult democracy

Just thinking. Couldn't NY. Gov. request Barr investigate RUMP

Cartoons 11/13/2020

Straight Face

Yikes! Big wind blowing down trees!

How much did Louie Gohmert donate to Tommy Tuberville's Senate campaign?

Southbound I-5 at Mountlake Terrace to close for rail work

Oops...MI state senator who criticized Whitmer's COVID orders tests positive for virus.

Red state governors reject Biden on mask orders

161,140 new cases today, 11/13, at 5:36 pm EST.

Stupid Trump just left hismself wide open for what will surely be a superb response from Joe Biden

TLP: Democracy (Are these republicans not Americans?) Good question!

Any recipes that use heavy cream and jalapeno peppers?

This is a BFD! Whitmer shuts down pipeline 5 to protect the Great Lakes.

MI, PA, AZ, and GA legislatures disclaiming any role in trying to overturn their state's elections

Pennsylvania secretary of state will not order a recount

phoebe bridgers w. maggie rogers - iris (studio-today) in honor of the biden win

The Final Map - Just Wow

Americans Were Primed To Believe The Current Onslaught Of Disinformation

Nation shocked to discover that Downing Street is full of childish arseholes who hate each other

So let's talk about Parler. Where did it come from? (Hint: Roo Sha)

Repudiating Trump, officials say election 'most secure'

Has Pfizer responded?

House Dem and GOP leaders are holding respective dinners for new members.

Cuomo slicing and dicing the con on Blitzer now. LOL

Is it too much to ask to post a pic of what you are describing?

"Purple Haze"

Barack Obama Has A Damning Description Of Lindsey Graham In His New Book

I have discovered my number 1 solution to Crossword Puzzles

I've Wondered About This...

Georgia Democratic Party has something to say

David Gura: This is my last day at @MSNBC and @NBCNews.

New yard signs popping up in my neighborhood.

Trump's "time will tell" quote must include this context: Time did tell. Trump lost. Biden won.

'The election is over, we do have a new president': Ted Olson

Trump has become the Buffalo Bills of the court room.

There seem to be a lot of "tactical" products recently.

Acting DHS chief Chad Wolf is reportedly planning a 'boondoggle' December tour of Latin America

Utah Valley Hospital strained by conspiracy theorists trying to enter ICU


NY AG responds to Trump's threat to withhold vaccine from the state

Trump said "I will not go to a lockdown" , wanna bet ?

New Mexicans ordered to shelter-in-place, non-essential businesses must close for 2 weeks

New Mexicans ordered to shelter-in-place, non-essential businesses must close for 2 weeks

Third record in four days: 7,777 new cases, 58 deaths, positive test rate remains above 36%.

Mary Trump Has A Surprise Prediction For Her Uncle's Post-White House Plans

The Complete History of SNL's 'Celebrity Jeopardy'

It's Paula's White House Full Frontal on TBS

There is always a tweet-

Did anyone else notice

Charles Koch says he regrets fueling partisanship: 'Boy, did we screw up!'

John Cornyn suggests it's too soon to declare Biden the winner because Puerto Rico is still counting

Vice President-Elect Harris: 'Now the hard work, the necessary work, the good work'

Republicans raise Warnock's 2002 arrest as Senate runoffs heat up

Cuomo was on The Situation Room! (Cuomo Brothers Appreciation Post)

Wis. today. 7,777 new cases, 58 deaths, positive test rate remains above 36%.

McEnany's answer stuns Cooper: That's next level stuff

Does anyone make their own yogurt?

9 1/2 Weeks

Meidas Touch cofounder: If @Twitter replaces every Trump disinformation tweet with "Joe Biden is the

Wouldn't it be funny if Georgia's hand recount shows that the black box voting machines cheated

Newsom attended French Laundry party with more households than California advises during pandemic

Trump-Voting Counties Make Up Just 29 Percent of U.S. Economic Output

Who knew tRump, Pootie, and Un make a kickass prog trio?

Someone needs to guard the Resolute desk.

Saturday, 14th 10pm CT/ CNN "Joe Biden's Long Journey"

MSNBC or CNN today ran a montage of footage of Trump from four years ago

Jon Ossoff tweet from November 6, and then retweet an hour ago!

The TikTok Kpop kids Spamming MAGA march

So just for fun on Facebook

So much for Trump's "Loyalty"

Trump had wild plan to replace the Electoral College with loyalists

World-o-meters US covid deaths may pass a quarter million tonight

How soon do we hit 200,000 covid cases in a day?

Sarah Cooper: I hope Trump goes back to hosting celebrity apprentice but this time whenever he trie

On the day when there can be no doubt and the last states were called . . . .

Why the Republican party is so enthralled to Trump.

How the Chinese describe lame Donald Duck

There have been several threads on t'Rumps hair today ...

Gene Robinson just said Trump has gotten the 2020 experience

Moran Alert: When You Forget To Log In To Your "Black" Person Account

Flashback to President Elect Trump's Press Conference (SNL)

Our battle has only begun - "How to Combat Trumpism (Even After Trump Is Gone)" - Common Dreams

Omaha Blacks, Latinos played major role in Biden winning electoral vote in Nebraska

Did the WWE fire Zelina Vega for wanting a union?

Boy if THAT ain't the truth!

Today Trump Said That He Has An Understanding Of Coronavirus!!

Anyone else notice this?