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Utah Man on LSD Drove 130 MPH on His Way to Kill Claire McCaskill, Police Say

GOP Leaders In 4 States Quash 'Fantasy' Electors

Might as well

Germany Plans Hundreds of Vaccine Centers in December, Welt Says

What Went Wrong with the Polls?

He must be preparing to concede--he's fact checking his propagandist.

I am a little smarter than average.

An advocate for using IQ tests to select who is allowed to legally immigrate to the United States ha

Rally in DC to support outgoing resident

Trump administration pushes to sell Alaska oil leases pre-Biden inauguration

Feeling like I need to drop a few hundred, overweight, who wants to join me?

Regarding all this right wing internet talk about starting a civil war

Raging virus triggers new shutdown orders and economy braces for fresh wave of pain

Garfield (the cat) announces his candidacy for President in 2024 in the newly formed 'silly' party.

Confrontation at the magat march

The Mercer Family Is Funding the Right-Wing Social Network Parler: WSJ

Very fine bourbon

Kamala's ancestral village in India celebrates

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 if 2022 is a Republican wave year.

Who Needs a Call From Your Opponent When the Pope Is on the Phone?

Dan Rather offers a priceless analysis of GOP plan for how Trump could still "win"

Trump passes supporters gathered for "COVIDIOT MAGA March"

Once again, some of you need to wake up

Trump Stayed In His Bedroom And Pouted Instead Of Greeting House Republicans

'Outrageous': Republicans Blasted for Alerting Only GOP Side About COVID Cases in Minnesota Senate

He wants to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

I'm going to predict Warnoff and Ossoff will get pretty close to the same number of votes

Biden adds 27 union leaders to transition team (link)

Walter Shaub is back on Twitter & using tweets & the NY Review of Books to go after Emily Murphy,

Packed crowds and euphoric leaders: Australia revels in Covid-free days

If it's unlikely Dump will get SCOTUS to steal the election for him, what else did he receive

Interesting info., I hope, concerning if you can drive from the north of the Americas to the south!

Virginia college dean calls Biden voters 'ignorant,' 'anti-Christian,' in Facebook post

Sorry for posting this but I can't stop laughing.

Keith does it once again. CALM DOWN

Jefferson and Adams die hours apart, July 4, 1826

New Mexico Republicans say "No"

The Coronavirus's origins are still a mystery. We need a full investigation.

what the hell has been occupying the WH for the past 4 years

The Million MAGA March Is Mostly Men ...

White House press secretary said more than 1 million attended a demonstration in support of Trump

where is the line between sedition and free speech ?

What's Going On In France? ...

***** I'm gobsmacked at seeing the contest fill up*****

Republicans Frame Democrat Raphael Warnock As Anti-Police Marxist Ahead of Georgia Senate Runoff

Poison Him, Come Home

Milwaukee Trump rally shut down early, Serb Hall manager attacked

Trump is going out the way he came in: A loser, a liar and a cheat

Middle Finger Salute

Running out of room: St. Louis hospitals forced to turn away patients from rural areas as COVID

Million MAGA March' Falls More Than 900,000 Short of a Full Deck NOT OK

Accidentally Practiced Social Distancing

Here's the quote of the night from @ReverendWarnock

Andrew Yang to be jailed in Georgia soon...

Both of Connecticut's senators self-isolating

Both of Connecticut's senators self-isolating

Big Immigration win. DACA suspension by Chad Wolf invalid because his status as acting secretary

You're Fired!

Missouri reports more than 6,300 new COVID cases, a record

Vindman accuses Trump administration of 'burrowing' into intelligence community

The Case for Political Exile for Donald Trump

Describe a movie plot that foreshadowed or led to something in real life.

Giuliani's Wild Four Seasons Rant Reportedly Scared Top Attorneys From Election Fight

Dan Rather analysis of Dan Patrick's "plan" for a Trump win. "And if a frog had side pockets he'd

Lawsuits Won't Work, Faithless Electors Won't Work. It's Over. Trump Lost/Biden Won. Transition Time

Scientists Destroyed a Nest of Murder Hornets. Here's What They Learned.

Minnesota GOP sent virus alert only to its side of the aisle

Huge Asian trade pact to be signed in coup for China

Maine House Democrats elect nation's youngest speaker.

Lou Dobbs Has Full-On Election Meltdown On Fux Business

What It Took To Keep The Postal Service From Handing Trump The Election

WHO head has singled out one developing country for its success in managing the coronavirus pandemic

Tweet of the evening:

Donald Trump's Proud Boys rioting in downtown DC tonight. Where is @DCPoliceDept?

Donald Trump's Proud Boys rioting in downtown DC tonight. Where is @DCPoliceDept?

"Junior isn't a Pepsi guy. That's all I'm saying."

A sea of red: uncontrolled spread of the #coronavirus in nearly every U.S. state.

Vote for George Takei! For best News/Political Twitter this year by the 2020 WOWIE Awards

Scorpions - Wind Of Change

NASA's Hubble Spots 'Bizarre Glow' After An 'Impossible' Explosion In Space.

When Trump assumes room temperature, should he be buried after the usual past president honors, or

We opposed each other in Bush v. Gore. Now we agree: Biden won.

My daughter's been exposed. Updated - and my wife.

Hahaaaa ...Magat in DC cries, "Where's MAGA?"

COVID cases soar in PNW; Inslee sets news conference Sunday

Extreme Ways - Moby

Pussy Hat

We - The 'SANE' Americans need a debunking website for future narcissttoFascists'

New Order - True Faith

News today on reaction to Stuttgart police chief's Facebook posts about pedophiles and election

Biden Is Already Better On The Pandemic Than Trump

Proud Boys leader threatening violence in D.C. tonight. (Pic in post)

In my opinion, many Republicans are in a deep psychological trauma...

So when your own intel says Russia effected the election in 2016,...

Health Care Roundtable with Reverend Warnock and Georgia Doctors Warnock for Georgia

Tens of Trumpers stand by their man in Little Rock

Reading abt DC 'activity' tonight, heard from relative in a MD Sheriff department, who wrote:

Tweet of the Day

Did the Crying Nazi show up to Trump's March for Male Menopause rally this year?

The DOJ dropped their investigation into Kelly Loeffler's insider trading shortly after her husband

An adult male was stabbed this evening after a fight following the "Million MAGA March," according t

80 percent of those who died of Covid-19 in Texas county jails were never convicted of a crime

Tom Cochrane and Red Rider - Big League

The US crossed the 250,000 COVID-19 death barrier on Friday the 13th, now at 251,256 deaths

The Proud Boys add a new member...

Ali Velshi: All 5 of Trump's Philly lawsuits dismissed

New Trump Defense Dept. advisor advocated doing away with Marine Corps

Snowflake much? She was clearly lighting a cigarette! LOL

It tweeted: Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, a truly great team,

Trump applauds his legal team just now on Twitter

Ruben Gallegos on Million Maggot March:

Beautiful Banner: "You're Fired Donald-Take The Kids & Go Away"

Coup Clutz Clan

So what was the best class you took in college? Not the hardest or easiest, but the one that ...

Re: Public health, 'On this day, the Supreme Court rules on vaccines and public health.

9/11 Commission: accelerate transitions because they are "when the US is acutely vulnerable," ...

Violent Ending That Wasn't Shown On Borat 2

Tweet of the day (image): Giuliani as a Macy's balloon

Governor: New COVID guidelines for churches

Iron Maiden - The Trooper (En Vivo!) [HD]

Is Anyone Really Surprised ...

America, If Trump Does Decide ...

Meidas Touch:Looting Loeffler

How Privileged Is Your Life ...

Jon Ossoff: When Wall Street banks need cash, the federal government just gives it to them. When wo

Here's Something To Cheer Up Trump!

Beautifully said, @KamalaHarris! 👏 When they go low...

Deutsche Bank: Working from home is a PRIVILEGE that should be TAXED MORE! 5% More!

I wonder how Covid spreads?

After thousands of Trump supporters rally in D.C., violence erupts when night falls


Trump Is Completely Ignoring the Pandemic

Trump just now ask police not to hold back

So the proud boys can

A whole damn egg roll.

Republican: This is not a political party anymore. It is an authoritarian band of thugs.

Right-Wing Host about Trump: We're held hostage by a petulant bitter narcissistic and delusional man

I really need to work on my grocery store Zen

"My Pal Donny"

Wow, this photo

My wife is over drinking tonight

From a nurse in South Dakota:

One of our MAGA neighbors took his U.S. flag down last Saturday (when we won the Presidency)...

Nothing compares

Oklahoma elects Nation's 1st Muslim, nonbinary legislator

Mass hysteria in history.

Six-String Soldiers - The Chain [Fleetwood Mac]

Bonus Tweet of the Day

If Trump is not prosecuted it places MAGA interests above everyone elses.

Something to look forward to

Go (over) easy on the eggs: 'Egg-cess' consumption linked to diabetes

What's your favorite ww2 aircraft?

Minnesota GOP sent virus alert only to its side of the aisle

Powerful Beats By Dre Ad- Love black culture but not love black people

Business School Professors please check in here

"see? this is what is possible when we, the white race, get together and unite."

Beaver Who Loves the Bathtub Gets His Very Own Pond

Pioneers out if Chicago--Trouble

It's time to for Project Veritas to face some consequences

Proud boys

My fur companion *snores* but softly - this pic is from the web, not mine. What to do abt snoring?!1

They really BELIEVE this Election was Stolen from them

Park Service Says DC Crowd on 11/14: 11,666

"This is perhaps the most crazy thing Trump has ever tweeted"

Jarvanka's kids thrown out of school...

H O L Y FUCK these people are stupid.

Pioneers out of Chicago--Trouble

The family of a Latino former Obama official suspected he died of Covid-19. They were right.

R&B Singer Jeremih hospitalized with Covid - in ICU on a ventilator

"Well they can always do another press conference next door to a dildo shop."

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Owned by On-Air Caller NowThis

Pink Floyd - Dogs

MAGAts trying to prove how big the crowd was today

After Trump Lost Election, See How He's Losing In Court The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Roger Stone says the CIA changed vote tallies in favor of Democrat President-elect Joe Biden

Prince - Little Red Corvette (Official Music Video)

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

After what I saw at the #MillionMAGAMarch #StopTheSteaI rally in #WashingtonDC...

Deadly virus or hoax? It's both!


Military vote numbers

Iota strengthens into 13th hurricane of 2020

Trump lost at the ballot box. His legal challenges aren't going any better.

Running With The Night-L Richie w/fantastic guitar solo by Steve Lukather...

ASEAN, China, other partners set world's biggest trade pact

Website for the Donald J Trump Library at 1 MAGA lane, Nogales AZ is up. Worth a visit. Satire site.

SO, we are back to no toilet paper or cleaning products in the stores.

Louisiana governor vetoes oil and gas tax break from special session

Nurse.. Patients deny COVID is real and claim Biden will ruin USA while gasping for breath

President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who grew up in the South and understood the politics of racism

Louisiana reports the most daily COVID-19 cases ever

Judge rules against Louisiana pastor who defied state COVID-19 restrictions

Detailed Statehouse breakdown We had 0 flips, lost both NH chambers, may lose the now split AK House

Ruling for Gov. Edwards is as much a loss for Jeff Landry as it is for House Republicans

Louisiana rewards prisoners with $5 for getting flu shot

Shell is closing its Convent refinery; what does this mean for clean energy in Louisiana?

CA-25:Good news for Democrat Christy Smith

Happy Bundt Cake Day!

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are definitely gonna win.

Seven campaign lawsuits dropped or denied Friday

Mr. President, Pack Your Bags and Be Gone. Trump wants to preserve, protect and defend only himself.

For hundreds of thousands of unemployed Louisianans, dwindling aid slated to run out after Christmas

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Squeeeez Galore Edition

Promises free coronavirus therapeutics to patients (October 2020)

Name a Rock Group with 4 guys who don't sing?

GOP Leaders In 4 States Quash Dubious Trump Scheme On Electors

Insomnic Sunday

Iota will be a Cat 4 at landfall in Nicaragua tomorrow night - Honduras will also be affected

Found a Eastman SB 59 I wanted to adopt ,it needs a good home my wife said no

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Brad Parscale's big data 'Death Star' dragged in 10 million new Trump voters

Biden Stocks Transition Teams with Climate Experts

CNN there is no long shot fight to Killa Con becoming president whether he says it or not

Reposting this good news : Biden adds 27 Union leaders to transition team (link)

Leader of Ethiopia's Tigray region claims responsibility for Eritrea strike

This is where they are now...tweeting in explicit support of fascism & coups & shit

HeadsUp - Dr Fauci and Bernie Sanders will be on Tapper

in final days, stacking civil service with appointees that will be hard to get rid of

It's ALL in the numbers!!

Potty Problem. I have always used the method of feed them, confine for about

The trumpians are breathlessly awaiting the release of the Kraken

This dog is both a good dog and a bad dog at the same time.

Trump does not want the votes counted; he wants them ignored. He and his RWNJ supporters

I'm sure Trump will do exactly the same thing. sarcasm

This German Covid ad, now subtitled in English, is absolutely superb 👏

This German Covid ad, now subtitled in English, is absolutely superb 👏

The Twit tweets: "He won..."

How the electoral map would look if only (fill in the blank) voted

"[Joe Biden] won." -- Donald Trump, finally

Big cities delivered for Biden. But they're not sold on him yet.

Fred Perry statement on Proud Boys shirts

Stop the steal yard signs in my part of trumpublican Pennsylvania

Why do people assume I work in the stores I visit?

DC MAGA Rally Sign: 'Coming for Blacks and Indians First, welcome to the New World Order'

Freeperville closed?

Secretary of the Interior is likely to be a Native American

President-Elect Biden Adds 27 Union Leaders To His Transition Team

My daughter, son-in-law, and both grandkids...

Snowfall in Sequoia National Park

Breakfast Sunday 15 November 2020.

Trump may never come close to ever winning a Nobel Peace Prize or the popular vote of an election

If you voted, how did you cast your ballot?

Trump's Schedule for Sunday, November 15, 2020

GA - Warnock Talking Climate, Environmental Justice; Loeffler Busy Crawling Up Trump's Ass

This is like One Flew Over the Covfefe's Nest

How is defeating an incumbent pResident by 5MILLION+ votes

Delhi's Foul Air Pollution Season Kicks Off In Tandem W. Record Spike In COVID Infections

Seven tweets in two minutes

President Barack Obama on Sunday Morning/CBS right now, 9am est...

No rest before 2022: How Republicans pulled off a big upset and nearly took back the House

Did you notice this?

so, very strange. i got back into my ancestry account.

On this day, November 15, 2018, the DC area was hit with the biggest November snowfall in 29 years.

My boys are trolling repug magats on parler

6 post-presidency lawsuits waiting for Trump

youtube served up this little gem this morning.

Trump Family Business Faces Post-Election Reckoning

Trump Family Business Faces Post-Election Reckoning

Right now at 7am mountain standard time I'm watching The Last Waltz on Comcast

Trump Is Completely Ignoring the Pandemic

I hate to be a downer, bur we probably lost the House for a decade.

kana chan TV: $ 27 octopus at Whole Foods! Octopus prices are too high in America :_(

Last Sunday my local paper had this for the major headline:

BMW Electric wing suit.

Trumpy already walked back the sort-of concession

He won the Election by a lot!

I have grown to hate the color orange. I hate it more than

I'm tired of this crap.

"The Old Guard". What a pleasant surprise!

Since his former employer fucked him over, I'd love to see this guy land a job in the Biden Admin.

Just watched Obama on CBS Sunday Morning

2020 Historical Marker

Democrats' new yard sign

'It's critical' for Republican leaders to explain to voters Trump lost the election: John Bolton

Loser Trump on a twitter storm.............

Why are pharma execs selling shares as they announce progress on Covid Vaccines?

Hurricane-Warmig Link Stronger Than Ever: "I Don't See A Lot Of Options For Central America"

Iota Landfall In Honduras/Nicaragua Projected As Cat-4; "Potentially Catastrophic Impacts"

Dreading the 10 o'clock rule today.

In reality, Trump can take his concession and stick it up his ass

To truly recover, US needs 400% more coronavirus relief than McConnell is offering, economists say

I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear

Texas Congressman on 2020 campaign messaging

Project Veritas could face legal liability for postal worker's ballot fraud allegations, experts say

YOU raised $4,355.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-14-20

For Anyone Who Still Thinks Trumpism Doesn't Equal Racism

"Rise of the Nazis". PBS is airing a three-part documentary

Tapper calls them "the gang that couldn't sue straight."

Trump acknowledges Biden's win in latest tweet

How important is "partying" to your life? I'm an introvert, and I don't relate.

The ONLY thing this fucking asshole LOSER has left is TWITTER

Brags About Being A Devout Christian

BatShit Crazed Loon Bartiromo

President Obama's interview on CBS Sunday Morning

Trump seems to suggest Biden 'won' but later says he's not conceding

Forgive me for still being able to have a good laugh at his expense

Trump Supporters ...

"I Love Puppies!"

Still Waiting For ...

National Bundt Cake Day Nov 15th

Facebook post by anti-American/nut job Virginia Wesleyan dean

From BBC In pictures: Connecting the world's redheads (people and their places)


2383 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 2 deaths

Economic & Political Pressures Inexorably Flattening Poland's Coal Sector, But Gov Still Waffling

This good boy thinks the guys throwing darts on the TV are playing fetch with him...

Trump and the Senate runoffs in GA.

Want to get pissed off at Trump?

Watching MSNBC

Hiker dies on Mt. Ranier hike brought back to life after heart stopped for 45 minutes.

I bought a powerball lottery ticket yestersday and ----

I hate to be a blind cheerleader, but we will gain in the midterms. Here's why.

Bay City (MI) woman signs affidavit in Trump campaign election lawsuit

Today is the 156th Anniversary of Sherman's March to the Sea

Do you believe that there could be massive die-off with serious ill people who do not believe...

George Conway explains that Trump's at his golf course again as part of the fraud investigation:

Republican convicted of election fraud helps lead Trump rally baselessly claiming election fraud

We all saw Trump concede. No take-backs.

It's becoming clear as to why the orange felon won't leave office.

Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

Republicans picked up more votes in House & Senate races than anticipated.

Does anyone here use the term "getting wrapped around the axle" to describe getting

Guardian: US poll chaos boon to enemies of democracy all over the world.

American Oversight Launches Investigation into Wisconsin, Arizona Officials Repeating Trump...

Once again, Trump goes golfing on Sunday morning, while Biden goes to church.

Governor Cuomo Gives Speech To New York On COVID Low Tide In America

ASEAN, China, other partners sign world's biggest trade pact

GA NAACP joining a post-election lawsuit in Georgia, GOP seeking to toss 1.5 million votes

'Dashing in December' Is the Gay Cowboy Christmas Romance We Need

Wow. It's mid-November and it's 55 degrees with a thunderstorm in Flint, MI

Iceberg Headed for Sub-Antarctic Island Could Threaten Wildlife

DU, prepare yourselves. I feel MSM will hang on to, and cover, every word Trump utters after Jan. 20

Police stand by as maskless women tear signs off White House fence

FYI shortages coming

Covid numbers - crimes against humanity.

Sydney Powell blames Gina Haspel, wants her fired.

Republican Senators turning down national TV interviews...

Georgia O'Keefe was born on this date.

No credible evidence: Georgia Dems ask judge to shut down MAGAts lawsuit

I think I recently read that John Cleese said the end of

Walter Shaub's poem

Chik Pixs - may be NSFW

The perfect meme to describe Joe Biden's week

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey - Everything is Possible - Official Trailer - Netflix

"Wu Hsin" (Part 7a) a.k.a. Roy Melvyn - Powerful Pointers to the Truth - Non-Duality

"Trump won't concede so I decided to do it for him."

The Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

...they stop yelling at you when they get intubated... a fucking horror movie that never ends.

I'm thinking Giuliani might be the perfect lawyer for Trump

Love this! Loved it more when I noticed who tweeted it.

Little Willie John was born on this date.


White Women's Support for Trump Remains High in 2020 Election

Many Trumpworld Republicans celebrate her as one of the finest legal minds on the right.

What will it do to Republicans if/when IMPOTUS starts his own media outlet?

Apparently some take this as a sign it is going to be an unforgettable holiday season.

After thousands of Trump supporters rally in D.C., violence erupts when night falls

tweet from South Dakota ER Nurse - there are Covid patients who don't think it's real.

Biden Likely to Stump in Georgia for Senate Runoffs, Aide Says

"L'accident d'automobile" (1905)

Trump evicted ...

The top 10 states with most new Covid infections (per capita) Nov. 5-11

Baby Yoda is "CANCELED" for Eating Frog Eggs (Spoiler alert for this episode)

Trump supposedly 'donates' his income quarterly. I wonder someone in the news can ask the following:

Reverend Raphael Warnock responds wonderfully to Kelly Loeffler @KLoeffler US Senate candidate, GA

Is the Blue/Red divide effectively a class divide?


A few pics of Trumps #MillionMoronMarch

Civil War Chuck Todd

How Trump's Voter Fraud War Room Became a Fart-Infused 'Room From Hell'

These are my patients, my friends, my family. I know every single one." - Dr. Tom Dean

Kamala Tweet...

What do you miss the most?

Central America is in for a world of hurt

John Cleese tweet: "'Tis but a scratch":

Could someone explain Antifa with links?

Mask-fogged glasses were driving me crazy!

Holey Moley ! Fox News guy just said ...

Every Democrat who ran and lost needs to go down and show up for work.

2022 US Senate Elections from states that Democrats are likely to win.

11-15-20 Update on my experience with poor "page back" function when viewing the DU

I want to help dear old Don. I know it has been hard on you, so let me take this burden:

On MSNBC about 1/2 an hour ago. Trump and/or the CDC is blocking Joe Biden speaking w/Fauci

The Proud Boys are and have always been fascists. "The day of the rope"

What Fiction are you reading this week, Nov. 15, 2020?

Donald, a word from the wise

Suspect arrested in attack on actor Rick Moranis

courtney marie andrews - if i told (studio-2020) gorgeous soothing sunday AM song ...

Trump edges closer to conceding the election, then backs off

Herblock (1974)

Missing From State Plans to Distribute the Coronavirus Vaccine: Money to Do It

Caption Trump photo

Welcome to Parlor, said the spider to the fly.

The Mask Launcher! New for Christmas!

Kamala: To young girls and women everywhere: dream with ambition and know that there are no limits t

States split on COVID-19 responses as cases surge

Texas needs online voter registraton or automatic voter registration

Newly Found Proteins Stop Fungal "Bleeding"

Not because it is true, but because it is emotionally necessary

In Georgia, a laborious, costly and historic hand recount of presidential ballots begins

Biden Plan to Forgive Student Debt Hinges on Democratic Control of Senate

Food banks see big increase in demand during pandemic, before Thanksgiving

The perfect gift doesn't exi... (Not a real product, unfortunately)

I don't see this country healing and coming together

So let me get this straight...

There have been a couple of Special Air Missions out of JB Andrews today.

Donald Trump wants to run the Republican party even if he leaves office. Can he?

"Wu Hsin" (Part 7b) a.k.a. Roy Melvyn - Powerful Pointers to the Truth - Non-Duality

Biden advisers to meet vaccine firms as Trump stalls handoff

Trump's student loan cliff threatens chaos for Biden

A terrorist launched his sleeper cells across the country to kill Americans and the media is AWOL

Cook Political Map shows a nearly universal swing to Dems in 2020


The feds chief information security officer is helping an outside effort to hunt for voter fraud

why does the media refuse to acknowledge people who didn't vote for drumpf exist?

Lawrence Tribe LITERALLY calls "bullshit" on Ken Starr, right to his smarmy face.

Top Biden aide says U.S. government must approve transition this week

50 Of The Best Photos From Our #Animals2020 Contest To Brighten Your Day

Zebra Finches Recognize the Calls of Over 40 Fellow Finches

Pence to attend astronaut launch in Cape Canaveral

When I moved here it was to be my Walden Pond...

Surgeon: How To Protect Yourself During Covid Thanksgiving

What are they complaining about "poll watches and observers?"

If you need to laugh--Steve Lopez of the LA Times on Trump voters:

Doesn't he get it?

Sister-in-law with Covid was hospitalized this morning.

Americans Were Primed To Believe The Current Onslaught Of Disinformation

Trump will go down worse than Nixon..Here is why..

Have the forest fires died by now?

Judge Throws Out GOP Michigan Voter Fraud Lawsuit

Finally, a billionaire who says he'll spend his money on preserving Earth.

Gov. Inslee orders sweeping restrictions on indoor gatherings, restaurants, bars

Im thankful for my fireball whiskey today..

Gov. Inslee bans indoor gatherings and dining as part of new COVID-19 restrictions

Joe Biden's very Jewish family

Erdoğan calls for 'two-state' solution for Cyprus

Cartoons 11/15/2020

Kayleigh McEnany Breaks White House Whopper Record With MAGA Crowd Tally

GOP Congresswoman-Elect Says Closed Washington, D.C., Gyms Are Under 'Democrat Tyrannical Control'

Last chance for Republicans

Honest question. Maybe stupid.

Godzilla's 66th Anniversary 1954-2020

Biden promised a 'railroad revolution' that could see faster trains and a return to Amtrak's

republicans are the like boyfriend who called it off without telling you

Ex-Obama official suggests Biden should pack as much as he can into executive orders

"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Aside from the stupidity and racism part, I'm 100% in the "Trump Fan Demographic".

How Ronald Reagan's Coded Racism Paved the Way for Trump

Secret intelligence exists that 'would cast Trump in very negative light', warns ex-FBI chief

This whackjob Taylor Greene needs to be called on her lies

trump* tower, circa 2021

White House's last-minute regulations could set 'booby traps' for Biden administration

'Frankly embarrassing': Tapper breaks down Trump's lawsuits alleging voter fraud

Professor Snyder:

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/15/20

Obama Says It's 'Disappointing' That Republicans Aren't Challenging Trump Over Election Fraud Claims

Peru's interim President Manuel Merino resigns after protest deaths

Hey....what's on the cabinet?

Peru's interim President Manuel Merino resigns after protest deaths

Opinions Republicans know D.C. deserves to be a state, but their own power takes precedence

Perdue refuses to debate Ossoff

People of color make up nearly half of Biden transition team

Facing Widespread Protests, Peru's Interim President Steps Down

What role has Emily Murphy played in facilitating no-bid contracts that account for $9.4B+ in CARES

Biden won places that are thriving. Trump won ones that are hurting.

Biden to Campaign in Georgia for Warnock and Ossoff in Runoff Elections Deciding Control of Senate

Trump as Bartleby the Scrivener

Cuomo threatens Trump with legal action over vaccine distribution plan


Gov Inslee making a detailed, careful plan on new restrictions in WA

Paul Gazelka positive for Covid


Biden/Harris to speak tomorrow on economic recovery

Let's talk about why Trump might have lost the military vote.... is talking about Trump's wall?..

Trump allies raising millions for new conservative TV network: report

73 million people

This is the woman currently blocking the Biden transition from accessing federal resources

Conan O'Brien: There is an impacted stool in our body politic:


Let Chris Cillizza put a smile on your face: Trump's 6 upcoming lawsuits

Gosar's entry for Republican dumbfuck of the day

More looniness from the crazy QAnon lady

How does the world see the U.S. coronvirus response? (Borat) this is how a peaceful transition looks!

QAnon people have attempted to create a new character called "E"

NYT: Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. They're Not Interested.

So fox is left out in the cold...

Joel Goldsmith - Selected excerpts from "The Infinite Way" - Christian Mystics

Stelter: Fox News has never seen competition like this in its history

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 November 2020

19,179 Americans have died from COVID19 since Trump formally declared the pandemic was over on 10/27

Sanders mum on spot in Biden Cabinet

i miss wearing lipstick

How many people have ordered their Kornacki Khakis?

Major recognition needs to be given to the Navajo Nation for

Is it safe to come out yet? Is Pumpkin Spice-everything season over?

Season 4 of The Crown is up!

Tale that summarizes the "thinking" of Chump Zombies

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 15, 2020

What will Trump run on in 2024?

DeSantis pushes for open theft of 2020 presidential election

Fox Anchor Pauses ...

Trump Tweets 'He Won,' Then Says He's Not Conceding

NSA spied on targeted Danish ministries and companies

Biden, Harris to Make Remarks on Economic Recovery Monday

Boris Johnson self-isolating after meeting with MP who tested positive for COVID-19

How all of a sudden do the Perdue and Loffler campaigns

W affirms President-elect Obama's victory in 2008

Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

"Conservatism" is still a dangerous ideology

Space photos: The most amazing images this week!

Elon Musk says he 'most likely' has COVID-19, questions tests

"What are you gonna do, vote against me?"


Fauci Suggests 'It Would Be Better' to Begin Working With Biden Team, Says Trump Hasn't Attended

Smoke detector chirping insanity

New Reality TV show

Joe Biden got more votes than 45 than the entire populations of 5 states

Biggest Election Upset ever

"We will not go down without a fight. We will not go down without bloodshed."

My republican roommate is yelling "four more years" and "stop the steal" at the tv in her room.

Senior Chihuahua Turns Into A Puppy Once He Finds The Perfect Family

Trump spends Sunday afternoon attacking the DC Police

Someone made a gag Lego Four Seasons Total Landscaping set

Asia Forms World's Biggest Trade Bloc

I had a MAGA rally go past my house today!

Unforgettable stunning description of front line nurses/docs today

Trump Allies Explored Buyout of Newsmax TV

This morning's "Minnesota" section in the Star Tribune -- 10.5 pages of obituaries in a 16pg section

We have to accept that there are huge blocs of voters that will never vote for Democrats

Republican convicted of election fraud helps lead Trump rally baselessly claiming election fraud

They threatened violence and "civil war" if Trump was impeached and subsequently removed

Bill Maher absolutely says why 72 million voted for Trump...........

Nearly 6 million more people voted for Biden - 78 million plus votes to

Over 600 partiers busted over the weekend in three separate illegal NYC parties

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 36

Breaking - new Covid milestones - Deaths 251,778 (that's over a quarter of a million people)

Grown Ups Are Back ... really good news.

DeSantis hires Ohio Uber driver to rig COVID stats

A reminder, folks---"Donald WHO?" Just sayin'--- nt

Biden's lawyers say negligible changes to vote totals in recount so far.

Not entering this, but want to share; just got some good ones!

German Coronavirus ad

HAPPY to catch this one, overlooking river, southern MD.

Fed up Fox News host LOSES IT on Trump aide over bogus election lawsuits

AND, Bald Eagle overlooking 'my' river!

Pandemic cooking habits

Please keep Bill and Hillary in your thoughts - Chelsea posted about Trumpers outside their home


Astronauts board SpaceX rocket for night launch, no Musk

Thanks DU! My cranberry liqueurs are now brewing away!

Latin Grammy nominee Gina Chavez finds her voice as a queer Catholic

Leak of some kind has stalled the SpaceEx takeoff. Who here will not

Rudy's said Trump was being "sarcastic" when he conceded, so what is THIS nonsense?

What Trump Hopes To Accomplish Before Leaving The White House

Trump's election lawyer HUMILIATES herself on Fox News over bogus lawsuits

Suggested opening line for Version #5 of Vote Him Away.

I would think both Yale and Harvard would be completely embarrassed by DeSantis, Governor of Florida

*The Queen and the Coup TONIGHT, 7:00 PM ON WETA

We have to accept that we won this election and...

more from ben franklin's POOR RICHARD'S ALMANACK-----PERTINENT.

This is great! Thanks Auatrailia!!

I sit here & wonder how to keep the 80 million Americans who voted for Biden happy and here is how..

Tweet of the evening:

O'Rourke: What we've learned in Texas

Walter Sobchak as Trump Twitter: a thread (The Big Lebowski)

"phreedom phlegm"

Matthew Dowd: Joe Biden won working class voters nationally. Subtract West coast and east coast

Nate Silver claps back at Don Jr

Anyone know where people can get a SALIVA Covid test in Seminole County?

FOX News: Dispelling Baseless Claims About the 2020 Election (wait....wut?)

We need an ID on this MAGAt proudboy:

Rudy Giuliani goes on election tirade, claims result will be 'overturned'

Michael Beschloss: Any other suggested titles for the Trump memoirs?

United States COVID Deaths Per Million By State - Top 25

"Trump supporter says Chauvin should've kneeled on George Floyd's neck longer"

BREAKING: More than 600,000 Georgians have requested their mail ballots for the January 5 runoff....

Scared of Truth, Scared of You Perdue

Trump And The Repugs Are Deliberately Sabotaging Biden And His New Administration....

Sure to be the season's hottest toy!!


Update your lesson plans. We have a new perfect example for Oxford commas.

Doggo insists that his people notice he is there:

Yet again, only Democrats are trying to bridge the divide.

Mitch said, "You are under the impression that I care" to Obama and Joe

How giraffes eat grass:

Disclaimer of the year


GOP shows limited appetite for pursuing Biden probes

Just learned (on PBS interview, Walter Isaacson,) Leonardo was left-handed, gay, vegetarian,