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Sticking the dismount:

60 Minutes (Obama) will be late tonight. I'd guess at least 20 minutes.

Take a shot at this one-I am sure someone can do better - (About Trump's "he won" tweet.)

What did trilobites go extinct?

LEGO Version Of Rudy Giuliani's Four Seasons Total Landscaping Trump Press Conference Is Spectacular

"Perdue is chicken."

Arne Duncan and his family have covid, urges people to rethink Thanksgiving plans

I have to say this.

Have you tried Parler, the new social media site for conservatives

Study: At Least Five Dog Lineages Existed 11,000 Years Ago

Honestly, the saddest thing is... they're not going to learn anything. They will be PROUD they don't

How many years that Kamala have left in her senate term? Nt

Commercial crew launch successful!

Law Firm Dumps Trump And His Phony Election Challenges

Arizona defeats Buffalo with last second hail mary

"Bayou Mystere"

Fate of the world as we know it ,,,,,,,

Commander Cody Appreciation thread.

Pres.-elect Biden wishes SpaceX astronauts Godspeed

"You never know when you'll need a tissue."" . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Biden won places that are thriving. Trump won ones that are hurting.

12,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Found in New Mexico

Who is going to tell him?..

Judge bans David Lesh from millions of acres of public land after photo shows him pooping in Maroon

Could We Send Off tRump To The Outer Atmosphere

Possible 1,000-kilometer-long river running deep below Greenland's ice sheet

How do you even begin with 70 million (or more) deniers, rascists and haters? Suggestions welcomed.

Remember Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? (1971)

Trump Urges Judge to Preserve Suit Over Pennsylvania Ballots

My Netflix selection for today was "Ghost Stories."

The launch was beautiful.

House GOP moves ahead with indoor dinner for freshman members after Democrats altered theirs amid co

Down and Out

Its been awhile so I just had to post something

East Texas paramedic spends 83 days in hospital, 50 days in coma with COVID-19, survives against all

The ending of Trump's presidency echoes the beginning -- with a lie

Georgia Sen. David Perdue declines to debate opponent ahead of January 5 runoff

Scam or no?

Huge Mob boss Cortese flips in Italy and within hours Putin's party offices are on fire.

Trump Plans Last-Minute China Crackdown to Trip Up Biden

OUCH! Erdogan & his foreign minister rejected mtg w-Pompeo since his admin isn't a thing anymore

Terrorism, Health Care Holds U.S. Down at 18th Place in Global Prosperity Index

Scott Atlas is calling upon people in Michigan to "rise up" because of Governor Whitmer's new order

PHOTOS: Why South Africans Built An Illegal Settlement Called Covid


Didn't see an Obama 60 Minutes post

Sometimes simple is the best


I have a feeling that this new Georgia congressperson is going to be the gift that keeps on giving

Paradise......John Prine.

Trump campaign jettisons major parts of its legal challenge against Pennsylvania's election results

Incoming Biden chief of staff warns transition delay puts vaccine distribution at risk

Levon Helm - Tennessee Jed

Freepers' Heads Exploding All Over PA

A Prayer for Putting on a Face Mask

'Million MAGA March' Pro-Trump Protest Clowned for Underwhelmingly Low Turnout

Here's a new "joke" I heard today

Missouri's First Black Congresswoman: GOP Colleagues Called Me 'Breonna Taylor'

A secretive Republican group called Amish PAC ended the election cycle with money in its pocket

Florida man says he was 'trying to toughen' up an 8-year-old by bringing him along on a crime spree

Ron McKernan - Operator

Biden's team to meet with vaccine makers as Trump stalls handoff

Obama wonders if he shouldn't have been harder (on the GOP).

Sweet Jane - Lou Reed

SpaceX launch: Four astronauts take off aboard Crew Dragon bound for ISS

Trump campaign jettisons major parts of its legal challenge against Pennsylvania's election results

Rudy Giuliani Claims He Has Proof Of Voter Fraud, But Says He Can't Share It Yet

Come on media. Hillary opened the door for women to be President.

Trump is nothing if not consistent...

Over the ridge

We have to come to Realize that trump is not leaving the WH

The GOP -- Is Not the Party of Lincoln BY HEATHER COX RICHARDSON

Michigan enacts new coronavirus restrictions on restaurants, bars, schools

Nat Silver owns Don jr.

Going Down the Road.

Are you telling me Tucker Carlson is a lying sack of mierda?

Jon Ossoff trolls his incumbant rival to debate him again. "Coward!"

A Taste Of Honey - The Beatles

What was the most impressive location you viewed using Google Maps?

Not Fade Away.....1970+

Terry Bracy: Who are the Republicans now?

Tweet of a text from a pulmonary and critical care doctor.

If I Needed Someone - The Beatles

Things We Said Today - The Beatles

Trump coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas urges Michigan to 'rise up' against new Covid-19 measures

When We Was Fab - George Harrison

Wynton Maralis - Smokehouse Blues

My Unfortunate Encounter with a MAGA COVID19-SARS2 Survivor

Trump claimed he had proof of voter fraud after the 2016 election that he promised to make public

Back Off Boogaloo - Ringo Starr

2022 US Senate Election Prediction for US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Angel Baby - John Lennon

Kamala: Trump and the Republicans are trying to dismantle our decisive victory with baseless lawsuit

Imagine - John Lennon

I wish we could give the magats

Former White supremacist: This is how to tackle hate and bigotry

Brava Oven

We All Stand Together - Paul McCartney

Well, I love Christmas music. Coldplay

Paul McCartney - Fuh You

Finish this sentence...

Paul McCartney - Come On To Me

Please remember these wise words from Anderson Cooper.

Velveeta Voldemort is getting called out more than supported on Tweeter.

autumn in texas

Freeper response to fox news fact-checking election fraud claims (safe: no links)

Calm down Pythagoras, calm down

Stand By Me - Otis Redding

MAGAt posts 3 year old photo of yesterday

DU'ers! On Georgia. Cynicism & Pessimism. There is no value in that.

A Change is Gonna Come - Otis Redding

In case [Trump] needed a reminder of how badly [he] lost

Fox News sucks! Don't believe me...ask these guys....

Chris Krebs: election-related servers WERE NOT recently seized in Europe by the US Army

Dumb All Over - Frank Zappa

Senate DFL leader asks Majority Leader Paul Gazelka to resign his leadership post amid virus outbrea

Georgia Recount Yields Few Changes in Vote Totals, Democrats Say

MAGA crowd cheers for a guy giving a literal Hitler speech

What about 'the wife', George? Alternative facts, anyone?

Thank God they changed the inauguration date. It used to be March 4th.

NYT: Sex-Abuse Claims Against Boy Scouts Now Surpass 82,000

LOL "David Perdue isn't just a crook -- he's a coward, too."

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week Of 11/9/2020

Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You too Long - 1967-?

Jenny Wren - Paul McCartney

Hey Jude - Wilson Pickett - 1969

lady who won't sign off on the Biden transition lied to congress a while back and needs a pardon fro

Trump campaign jettisons major parts of its legal challenge against Pennsylvania's election results

I Can't Get Next to You - The Temptations

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 11/9/2020

For the last time, you cannot tell if Trump got more white women, black men or latinos in 2020.

Actress Katee Sackhoff IS A BAD ASS!

Thousands of cars form lines to collect food in Texas

The magats truly believe that the election will be overturned

Sen. Perdue: How It Started vs How It's Going to

The Daily Social Distancing Show: It's Official: Donald Trump Is a...

I'm freaking a little -- can't find 910 HP ink for my new HP printer.

Mercy, Mercy Me - Marvin Gaye

Hey Loser... We Won...Get over it!

Sam Cooke - Live - 1963

Barack Obama: The 2020 60 Minutes interview

Stevie Wonder - Jesus is 10 Zillion Light Away - 1970?

Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye Trump

Ada City Schools quarantined

Barack Obama: The 2020 60 Minutes interview

Stevie Wonder - Smile Please - 1970

Protestors demonstrate against mask mandate at Ardmore City Hall

Boogie on Raggae Women - Steve Wonder - 1970

Stitt, lawmakers call for audit of state Education Department

Remember how trump always claimed his name brand was worth billions

Don't You worry about a Thing. Stevie W - Innervisions.

Biden's team will talk directly to vaccine makers because Trump will

Outside My Window

Oklahoma state school board doesn't budge on mask policy

caroline spence - all the beds i've made (live-2017) this song is drop dead beautiful ...

UhOh..Putin's party offices were on fire, just hours after Mob Boss Cortese flips in Italy

Epic Charter School's standing in doubt as new concerns arise

Archive: Obama and Biden Welcome Trump and Pence to the White House - NowThis

Big shout out to our hardworking dem lawyers out there!

Trump tweet an hour ago (reminds me of a little child)

Smokehouse Blues

2 more GOP governors push Trump to start the formal presidential transition process with Biden

Drops key claim in Pennsylvania

Rich Danko - Garth Hudson

Cuomo says NY will sue if Trump's vaccine plan lacks equal access for communities of color

2022 US Senate Election Prediction for US Senate seats that Democrats are going to win in 2022.

Professor Lawrence Tribe calls out Trump enabler Ken Starr as a BS election conspiracist live on air

Pompeo calls for respecting elections abroad while ignoring Biden victory

Camillo Schumann: 'Cello Sonata No.2'

Another Oklahoma energy company is seeking bankruptcy protection

So disappointing to hear people call anti-masking and election denial "disappointing"

3,923 new COVID-19 cases reported Sunday

Tower Records Relaunches As Online Music Store

Trump supporters outside Hillary Clinton's house shouting through megaphones "Lock Her Up"

What Trump is doing amounts to sedition

Okmulgee grocery store seeks federal ruling on state-tribal sales tax dispute

Welcome to the Matriarchy: The Manosphere Is Freaking Out Over a Kamala Harris Presidency

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Trump & Election Results (Season Finale)

Could Trump become an anti-president?

Statewide camera network coming to Oklahoma to catch uninsured drivers

Lincoln Project: The Four Seasons Total Landscaping Experience

'The Violin Music of Arthur Foote': Two selections; KJ Lawrence on violin

Evan Chambers; 'A Hundred Ways', KJ Lawrence on violin

Those Who Are Promoting Civil War

Police: Local man assaulted at polling place

Gov. Laura Kelly blocks GOP bid to pour federal relief money into unemployment fund

Pennsylvania Republican launches a furor with one weird tweet

Gov. Laura Kelly dismisses rumor of plans for COVID-19 lockdown on Kansas businesses

Been trying to find non Velveeta Voldemort news. Not easy.

COVID-19 puts extraordinary spin on planning for 2021 session of Kansas Legislature

Trump this morning - "I WON THIS ELECTION".

Biden has a Covid team...

2022 US Senate Election Prediction of US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Governor, legislators fight for control on remaining CARES Act spending

Man who knelt said he 'had to do something' when he saw QAnon symbols in parade

The evil attacks like they do, attacking Black people from behind

Trump tweets he has won....but look at this...

This seems too good to be true but....

Breakfast Monday, 16 November, 2020

Heads Up - PE Biden and VPE Harris will speak on the Economy today 1.45pm EST

Whiny LOSER Trump's Midnight Twitter Scream Causes 3 Honest Words To Trend In Response

Krugman: You can't have a discussion with GOP if everything is 'socialism' The Mehdi Hasan Show

The other thing that an under count of republicans in polls does to

America's largest militia says it will refuse to recognise Biden as president and 'resist' his admin

Folks in Central America I hope you've found somewhere safe - here comes 160mph Iota

New Senate Democratic leader Wahls critical of Reynolds' COVID-19 strategy

Pro-Western candidate wins Moldovan presidential election

Santa will be behind plexiglass or six feet away this year

I'm trying to renew my Star membership. I have a PayPal account.

I can't help but think of the Covid patients the last few days.

I understand that the grocery store was very successful

Wasp makes life uncomfortable for the bees

Topeka City Council to discuss banning discrimination against gay, transgender people

Viral video shows how germs spread at a buffet

Wichita teachers' union members strongly reject contract offer from district

Trump Virus Czar Scott Atlas urged people to 'rise up' against new restrictions then said....

Morning Joe - no Joe but Jon Meacham yes. ???

Trump, "The Trump Administration has produced a great and safe VACCINE far ahead of schedule."


The movies that turned everything tinfoil (James Oliver, New Europaean)

Moderna's coronavirus vaccine found to be nearly 95 percent effective in a preliminary analysis

Common sense: Lingering Covid effects continues months after first diagnosis

Is anyone really surprised...

"Vice President Biden has a COVID team, and President Trump has a team with COVID..."

Obama's advice to Trump? 'It's time for you' to concede to Biden.

The conspiracy was Trump's own base not wanting to compromise or see that America is leaving them

Democrats look to sharpen message after Senate setback

John Cleese tweet:

Covid, what ya gonna do about it, ugh, absolutely nothing", keeps going thru my mind to the Edwin

Georgia Sen. David Perdue declines to debate opponent ahead of January 5 runoff

Louisville police, county attorney's office hide 738,000 records in Explorer sex abuse case

Hmmmm, was the polling results in bluer states more accurate than red states?

How the Democratic Party can organize and win senate and house seats going forward

The truth is finally out!

Can you give me hope re: accountability?

In And Around Miami, New Moon Brings Last Round Of King Tides For 2020

Morning Joe is great this a.m., Joe isn't there. Mika has handled the show very well and has had

Georgia recount is showing barely any changes in vote tallies

"Green" GOP House Members; The AR Trillion-Tree Assclown, The Supermarket Heir, And Kevin McCarthy

The Red Cult's Lizzie Syndrome.

Nigel Farage Finds A New Way To Be An Asshole - As An Anti-Bicycle Activist

Iota Now A Top-End Cat 4 Storm; Max Sustained 155 mph, 925 Mb; Possibly Stronger By Landfall Tonight

Can Giulani be disbarred due to his blatant dishonesty, and conduct that is prejudicial

NYT "Trump or No Trump, Religious Authoritarianism Is Here to Stay"

Guessing Chumpy won't campaign in Georgia for the Repuke Senate candidates.

Ass Kisser Giuliani Melts Down On Fox And Admits He Has No Election Fraud Evidence

Trump is Mortimer Duke from Trading Places

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 17: Women Make Film

Latest right wing conspiracy going around our MAGAT community this morning.

Trump's Schedule for Monday, November 16, 2020

Photographer knew he'd captured a moment that conveyed several themes about 2020 in a single frame

So, where do you go to call for an intervention?

Sweet Georgia Meme

Something I saw on the internet reminds me of the "welfare queen" story.

Moderna's vaccine can be kept in a freezer - logistical game changer

The Rundown: November 16, 2020

Arecibo Observatory In Danger Of Collapse; Cable Failures Plus Failure To Provide Emergency Funding

Eric Boehlert: CNN ad campaign gaslights Trump madness

Reminder: Joe still picking up votes in PA. Now over 69K lead.

Is trumps claim he'll run in 2024 just another scam,

The national debt is $27,190,176,826,089, which is up $7.25 trillion under Trump who said he'd elimi

I came across old raffle tickets.

Gen. Milley's wife saved vet who collapsed at Veterans Day ceremony in Arlington

Sam Riddle, Detroit radio livestream 8 am central weekdays

Peru now has no president as crisis takes chaotic turn


has anyone in the news pointed out the trump virus paradox?

America's flawed democracy: the five key areas where it is failing

Someone should ship a large order of moving boxes to the White House.

The difference between a gracious (soon to be) President and a petulant, soon to be ex-resident

Moderna just announced their vaccine, will Trump add them to Pfizer's Election Interference suit?

BTRTN: Lost In Transition... We Have Seen the Future of the GOP, and It Is Still Donald Trump

Giuliani Arrives in Ukraine to Look for More Votes

BTRTN: Lost In Transition... We Have Seen the Future of the GOP, and It Is Still Donald Trump.

Beto O'Rourke has done a post mortem on the Texas election and it seems pretty dead on to me

FL: Brightline update: Fences, quiet zones planned for Jupiter as construction continues

Well, I survived another weekend!

This is why we should never throw away the key.

Ivanka claiming Trump partnered on a vaccine on 1/13 - before the first American was even diagnosed

Abolish the electoral college

Armageddon Update: MAGA REHAB

I had a weird breach of the whole 'sleep paralysis' situation, last night, during a dream.

Poll: Which do you think will happen first?

This is video of the man Trump and Ivanka defended today. He's a white supremacist who committed abo

U.S. hits 11 million Covid cases

President Obama on "truth decay".

Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene Fired

Meanwhile on OAN...

YOU raised $8,400.96 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-15-20

On this day, November 16, 1963, President Kennedy visited Cape Canaveral.


Judges appear increasingly frustrated with Trump's legal claims about 2020 election

Republicans Have Become ...

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/16/20

Four Seasons Total Landscaping Local Ad

2/3 of Trump's Wives Were ...

So now we have a second vaccine, 95% effective. MAGAT's no doubt will decline to get vaccinated.

Is tRump's Twitter account considered official or is it meaningless and meant to be ignored?

Just in time for "fuck...xmas": Lego Four Seasons Total Landscaping set

Sweden backtracks and limits public gatherings to eight people amid a surge in cases

1476 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today; 0 deaths

Tower Records Makes Its Return By Relaunching As An Online Store

Doctors Are Calling It Quits Under Stress of Pandemic


Be on the lookout for a special post by me later on.

Strangers in the Night

New Yorker cover, "Election Results," by Kadir Nelson:

Nurse comforts wife whose husband just died from Covid

We had a $2,000 donation this morning that raised our goal again!

W.C. handy was born on this date.

How about some cat luv pix for today

10,105 new cases of Covid 19 yesterday in Florida

Debt forgiveness options Biden/Harris could consider?

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'It Was Hard Not to Eavesdrop on the Two Men at the Next Table'

Two guy's take on yesterday's space launch

Charges dismissed against state Sen. Louise Lucas in vandalism of Portsmouth's Confederate monument

Hurricane Iota now a Category 5 storm near Central America

Why a Vice President Kamala Harris Is Good News for California

As the White House has repeatedly

About: "My Vote Doesn't Count"-Arizona difference -10,500votes..(PROOF-SINGLE VOTES COUNT!)

When the cows come home

So, Moderna's vaccine is clearly superior. Will Pfizer even play a role in our recovery?

Anyone want turkey dinner but are down to just a few people for Thanksgiving?

The Great #MAGit Migration.

Trump officials rush to auction off rights to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before Biden can..

Trumpy attacking Georgia Republicans and triggering GOP infighting in Georgia.

*8:00 pm The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

Lesko's in quarantine

Trump Is Going To Have To ...

WI case alleging illegal voting practices statewide voluntarily dismissed by Plaintiffs

Talented Dog!

Trump is floating an Ohio Gov. primary fight because he just saw Fox air a clip of Dewine saying th

This may have been discussed, but I haven't seen it. If we are going to "shut down", let's

Georgia elections chief fires back at Trump over claims about recount process

the trumpers cant see the stupidity of their latest argument

Rising COVID-19 cases in Utah and elsewhere are pushing hospitals to the limit

Dems need to focus on those two corrupt ReTHUG Senators in Georgia

There's A Good Chance ...

So we have this Corona virus outbreak in South Central Mi.

The guy who assaulted Rick Moranis has been busted...

No link, but CNN said Giuliani does not get paid - now or even when he was

Don't Feel Bad ...

Personally, I believe the Georgia Rep. Party has betrayed Mr. Trump. I would

Trump national security adviser Robert O'Brien says it looks like Biden has won

Serious question - have any elections been certified?

The "media doesn't determine the president" narrative dies next Monday

You're Out of Your Element

Lawsuits that tried to disrupt Biden's wins in four states are withdrawn

Calculate your Thanksgiving COVID risk - good tool

A week & 2 days I haven't used foul names on the UNpresident - *time's UP*!1 Him needs SKEEDADDLE!

Today marks 6 months since the House passed the HEROES Act, but McConnell's focus is judges

Italian Police Use Lamborghini To Transport Donor Kidney 300 Miles In Two Hours

Pfizer CEO congratulates Moderna on vaccine good news.

Wisconsin plaintiffs drop lawsuit alleging widespread voter fraud just minutes before court hearing

Oops...Whitmer can currently accept unlimited contributions due to recall petition

Apricothellbeast is going at wussy DeWine today. Hehehehehehe. Suckup Failure

Trump is going at Ohio Gov DeWine, who kissed up to prevent a challanger

Recounts Are Coming In IA-02. Here's What The Process Looks Like.

MLK on the racism behind attacking "Socialism"

Trump drops another Lawsuit (WI)

Meanwhile on parallel Earth -by Tom Tomorrow

At least 82,000 have filed sex abuse claims against the Boy Scouts, legal team says

Tweet of the day!!

I Gotta Tell You, This Last 4 Years Has Really Changed my View of our Intel Services

I used to coach my supervisor in little league had to explain we're Union old grouchy men

Obama Compares Trump to 'Richie Rich'

Trump's concession speech is when? In all 5 states his lawsuits have failed.

Pic Of The Moment: Mitch McConnell Is Very Busy Ignoring Coronavirus Relief

Fauci distances himself from Trump adviser Atlas: 'I totally disagree with the stand he takes'

All you need to know: 2020's Leonid meteor shower (

C'mon man!

Trump's Legal Path to Overturn the Election Results Appears 100 Percent Dead

Michigan Gov. Whitmer slams Trump adviser who encouraged residents to 'rise up'

A breakdown of Rudy Giuliani's role in Trump's post-election fight (CNN)

Thoughts while watching a recent Frontline (the one about COVID and PPE issues from October)

Case on Churches, Cuomo and Coronavirus Arrives at Supreme Court

They simply Can't believe they are dying

Pro-Trump Wisconsin Lawyers Spike Election Lawsuit on Morning of Court Hearing

Rep Ted Lieu with Trump's Eviction Notice: "Your lawyers are not willing to lie for you anymore."

Do we know yet if the Covid vaccine is a one-and-done vaccine? Or...

Biden Plots Economic Recovery in Meeting With GM, Microsoft CEOs

New restrictions in Philly. Six weeks

Joe Biden's Likely Pick to Lead His Party

Why every homeowner should have a security cam:

Two puppies, twice the mischief

Biden Plots Economic Recovery in Meeting With GM, Microsoft CEOs

Trump's New Vote Fraud Theory Is So Much Crazier Than You Realize

I don't think Trump would have received over 50 million votes, had it not been for him having

This Is The Tiniest Baby Bunny In The World

Kanye West Refuses To Concede To Biden

Philadelphia to shut down indoor dining, gyms, and museums, and ban public and private gatherings

Don't forget the pupper!

Trump Has No Path to Win, Says Bush's 2000 Florida Recount Team

There Are Three Political Parties in the United States

Hate crimes in US reach highest level in more than a decade

Million MAGAt marcher: Cops should have stood on George Floyd's neck 'longer'

Seattle businesses brace for more restrictions, but some have found ways to adapt

High Wind Warnings posted for parts of region as another storm takes aim at Northwest

Thousands of cars lined up to collect food in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend, stretching as far....

You are never too old to learn

As Lockdown Nears, WA Officials Caution Against Hoarding Supplies

Question for DU dentists and folks who've needed crowns.

local hero

Self-dealing GSA official blocking Biden's transition privately plans post-Trump career

GSA official blocking Biden's transition appears to be looking for a new job

Virginia's governor says he supports legalizing marijuana

Republican Congressman Paul Mitchell just said that Biden has won the election

Trump will never publicly concede 'cause MAGAT's don't like losers.

Democrats warn Trump administration against last-minute regulations

Virginia Governor Pushes to Legalize Marijuana

President Elect Biden and his VP need to start

Question for DU legal eagles--

Why Trump refuses to accept election results:

Karl Rove to helm massive GOP fundraising drive for Georgia runoffs

Now that republiCONs are complaining about voting machine hacking

EarthSky Tonight ... look for the slender moon

Trump doesn't have a long way to go. He is 1-14 in the election lawsuits that he has filed

US military anticipates Trump will issue order to plan for further troop withdrawals from Afghanista

The ONE patriotic thing to do until Biden is sworn in:

I think one of the first orders of business should be no one from the trump administration can work

The look inside the typical trump supporter's brain

We might have good Space Station sightings over DC on Friday and Saturday.

South Florida ICU beds filling up again

Ahas California seceded?

Taps played today at VA Cemetery for

Racist MAGA sign saying 'coming for blacks, Indians' leaves Fux Noise broadcaster in shock

Dr. Scott Atlas under fire for telling Michigan to 'rise up' against COVID-19 restrictions

The U.S. Cardinal Crusading Against the Catholic President-Elect

Egypt Unearths New Mummies Dating Back 2,500 Years

Two people you should never trust...

On this day, November 16, 1981, "867-5309/Jenny," by Tommy Tutone, was released.

I wanted Obama to speak up for the past four years but he didn't. Now that he is...

Voters drop lawsuit seeking to throw out presidential votes in Wisconsin's Democratic-leaning counti

Funny TikTok vid on getting out the vote in Georgia for January 5

On this day, November 16, 1987, "Whenever You Need Somebody," by Rick Astley, was released.

Meet Sister Mary Joseph who retweets OAN.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is my mom and I am SO PROUD OF HER!!!!

Dr Jill: Thank you for every call you made, for every text you sent, and for every dollar you donate

Lock him up! If Trump refuses to leave the scene after his defeat, there's an obvious solution

On this day, November 16, 1920, Qantas was founded.

A youth group helped Biden win. Now they want him to fix climate crisis

Democrats Call on Minnesota Senate Leader to Resign

Majority of people with COVID-19 going to work, survey finds

Did this story with MN connection ever make it in the local media?

Obama Compares Trump to 'Richie Rich'

After 11 months of Covid 19, it is obvious that a fairly large percentage of Americans

Joe is live! Tune in as I deliver remarks on our economic recovery and how my administration plans t

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 16, 2020

I can't STAND goddamn idiot conspiracy theory dipshits

Michelle Obama Called Out Donald and Melania Trump For Blocking Biden's Transition

YouTube uses FoxNews as "authoritative" election source

Biden is already impacting on the behaviour of right-wing populist leaders...

I think Biden is going to get a Nobel Prize for vaccine distribution.

Attacked By Neighbor of 20 Years

I understand that this horse is deceased, but---

Trump campaign would be required to pay that $7.9 million recount cost in WI (if it happens)

Only *535* Philadelphians voted by mail with ballots received during the three-day extension

Carrots and sticks: Biden should announce $3,000/month checks during a two-month lockdown.

Eternal Vigilance

An 8 Year Old Post,.." Republicans Are Sick Evil People"

Biden and Harris on now n/t

"Bruised red is uncontrolled spread."

SR20 the North Cascades Highway is closed for the season

"Why Politicians Get Away with Lying"...From Jan 2012..

Don't You Hate It ...

I Won The Election!

Top of Google News pretty much sums it up

What If President Trump Won't Leave the White House?

Michelle Obama add voice to calls for peaceful transition..

Last Week Tonight: Season Finale

McConnell: "A rapid withdraw of U.S. forces from Afghanistan now would hurt our allies and..."

God, it's so nice to watch a Presidential presser and be calm, relaxed, and it be boring.

Cartoons 11/16/2020

Trump is as dangerous now as he's ever been

Comment: Here's where donations to Trump's recount really go

my NEW medical mask came today from Amazon

Biden Won! Let's Go from There, OK?

Biden's IRS could finally give Trump's tax returns to Democrats

Anyone else looking at the Modera and Pfizer Vaccine pressers? They're not very controlled at all

Please, President-Elect Biden, just say no to Rham Emanuel

Rebekah Mercer admitting she's a co-founder of Parler is just the icing on this cake..

Women crucial to Biden's win, even as gender gap held steady

My discussion on "How Politicians Get Away With Lying" Has been relocated to General Discussion..

Trump is a lying weasel

Trump hints at primary challenge for Ohio Gov. DeWine, who acknowledged Biden as president-elect

This is Putin

PRESIDENT Biden is being Presidential

Chuck Prophet - "Get Off The Stage"

Trump takes credit for vaccine break througjs

Looking to buy a home in Seattle? Over 40% are selling above list price

well, my state just went red. Only 7 states (plus Hawaii) are "just" dark orange

Eating their own.

Trump will put tremendous pressure on state legislators to overturn this election very soon.

Two Nominations Sent to the Senate; November 16, 2020

January 20th, 2021 will look something like this...


Liberals Envisioned a Multiracial Coalition. Voters of Color Had Other Ideas.

Staying In Your Lane - 180 Years Of Racial Violence In Kaufman County

How do we do better in 2022?

We can pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act. But...

Hate crimes in US reach highest level in more than a decade

Hate crimes in US reach highest level in more than a decade (Another Trump accomplishment)

Mark My Word ...

Biden should start his inaugural speech by saying, "Well, that was weird."

Supreme Court declines to Take Up Pennsylvania Absentee Ballot Case

President-elect Biden says he wouldn't hesitate to get the coronavirus vaccine

Baby Yoda is aboard the Space-X ship...

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Supreme Court Rejects Elderly Texas Inmates on Covid Steps

Presidential race hand count completed in Floyd County: Just over 2,500 additional early votes tabul

Biden on Trump not cooperating: 'More people may die if we don't coordinate'

He Will Not Be Missed

I wonder if our FRiends see the irony....

I want credit for this tee-shirt idea:

We are a losing 1000 people day. From a historical perspective

What? There's a Twilight Zone with Lee Marvin, Strother Martin, James Best, Stafford Repp, and ...

Possibly A Way To Get Trump To Allow For A Proper Transition And Concede The Election......

The comedian and actor Sinbad is recovering from a stroke, his family says.

Peru's Congress selects centrist lawmaker Francisco Sagasti to be new leader, third in a week

Peru's Congress selects centrist lawmaker Francisco Sagasti to be new leader, third in a week

Wisconsin recount would cost Trump campaign nearly $8 million, WEC says

Still playing with the perspective shot

Trump bureaucrat blocking Biden transition team is job hunting

Zippy The Pinhead rears his pointy head on Fox

Trump is a worthless piece of shit who deserves to be flushed!!

A little help from the Music Appreciation group please:

Don the Con goes out like he came in...

Heard In Georgia: Psssst. Hey Buddy. Listen Up. Wanna Know How To Make An Easy $1200.00?....

On this day, November 16, 1940, George Metesky, New York's Mad Bomber, planted his first bomb.

Tucker Carlson HUMILIATES himself on air over Trump's "election fraud" claims - No Lie podcast

Georgia's GOP secretary of state goes on Facebook fact-checking spree over Trump's misinformation

Poetic justice.

Maybe we will all wake up on Jan. 20 to learn that we have been in a "Who Shot JR?" scenario, and

Trump's Mishandling of Covid Impacts Medical Professionals. An ER Nurse Shares Her Experience.

The fact that Repugs and the Lame Duck are letting this pandemic rage

I'm liking these new mRNA vaccines

(YAY!) Ingham County certifies election results

Ben McAdams concedes to Burgess Owens.

Olbermann vs. Trump #27

Suspicious pre-election to post-election news shift

Lawsuits that tried to disrupt Biden's wins in four states are withdrawn

Breaking : Wisconsin Elections Commission : If Trump wants a recount in Wisc, it will cost him $7.9M

Jeff Bezos names first recipients of his '$10 billion Earth Fund' for combating climate change

Question for anyone with Hulu (not live)

I'm a lawyer for the Trump campaign

Pricing on the Olympus 150-400 Pro zoom has been leaked.

Michelle Obama Surprises People Recording Goodbye Messages to Her

Rep. Cheri Bustos tests positive for Covid-19

Nicole Wallace just called trump* a narcissistic wienie

If we ever get to travel abroad again, I want to go to ______ for some ______

Report: President Trump's Legal Team Summoned to White House for Emergency Meeting.

Gavin Newsom weighs a statewide curfew as most of California returns to toughest COVID-19 tier

Movies from songs?


Question for small businesses that ship stuff

Missouri Senate Postpones Special Session After Coronavirus Outbreak

Esper memo warned conditions weren't met for withdrawal from Afghanistan

Georgia's secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to... exclude legal ballots

It Doesn't Seem REal Unless You're In It

Should We Ban Fox News?

Anime related post

Last Week Tonight: And Now This: 2020 Bingo

What Does Artificial Intelligence, Jeff Bezos and Plant-Based Milk Have in Common?

"What I think of Trump's election tweets."

HOLD TIGHT! Donald Trump & His Disregard for Democracy Will be OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE SOON!!!

'Betsy DeVos made a mess' of the U.S. student loan system, teachers' union boss says

When Nixon Taped Joe Biden - WSJ op-ed

GA's secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to find ways to exclude ballots

Welcome to the 2020 edition of ASK MrScorpio


I'm a lawyer for the Trump campaign (the brilliant Sarah Cooper)


Tesla stock jumps on news company is joining S&P 500

Of all the nicknames we have used for 45, "Pig Dick Donald" might take the cake

Trump just picked up 800 votes in a Georgia county - link

New Orleans Congressman Cedric Richmond to call a press conference tomorrow.

8 million for the Wisconsin recount

DUers in Georgia. How can people in other states help with the Senate runoff elections besides $?

Agent Orange will block the two vaccines

Why of course Lindsey Graham is deeply involved in the attempted coup

Third Ukrainian mayor-elect dies of COVID-19, another hospitalized

Official Blocking Biden Transition Looking for New Job

Trump is a one trick pony, treating the election like it's one of his stupid "deals"

"Election Security Experts Contradict Trump's Voting Claims"

Georgia had the highest turnout of young voters in the country. 21%

New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees has fractured ribs, collapsed lung, source says

Those South Florida ReTHUG shills

Howard Stern: "Calm down your f---ing loony hillbilly friends and tell them you lost."

Democrats Call on Minnesota Senate Leader to Resign

McConnell warns Trump against troop drawdown in Afghanistan

Third Republican comes out against Shelton for Fed seat, complicating nomination

Third Republican comes out against Shelton for Fed seat, complicating nomination

I Recommend Buying TP Now

We haven't yet reached the peak on this wave of Covid.

Mike Clevinger to have TJ surgery after inking deal

Cedric Richmond to Join Biden Administration

Big Sur

Republicans Pressure Georgia Official to Discard Ballots

John Flannery just used my favorite description of trump*, et al - "A Confederacy of Dunces"

Wow. Just watched The Impossible on Netflix. I feel I can't ever complain about anything

How many people will Agent Orange fire, organizations dissolved, offices closed

Hurricane Iota: Lightning inside the eyewall. (WaPo images)

All 3 lawyers for Trump in PA federal lawsuit have **filed to withdraw from the case**

Twitter uprising demands that Trump finally get kicked off the platform

Scam Callers Threaten Apex Police Captain with Arrest

Food bank line in Dallas Texas this weekend:

Biden to Republicans: "I will work with you. I understand a lot of your reluctance... "

Given Trump election rules

Something Surprised Me In The COVID Numbers

So much wrong

Zoom extending meeting time limit on Thanksgiving to avoid cutting off your family's call

Trump campaign agrees to drop its defamation lawsuit against a tiny Wisconsin TV station

I saw a recent ad for a Netflix show about old-time NYC -- a comedy. What is it?

Amazon Has 115 Full-Time Lobbyists In DC. One Of Them Works On Climate. One.

They won't give up - a "March for trump" on Saturday, as noted a "BLUE" state, in the capital city: