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Archives: November 17, 2020

Tell me this is just trumpy bs

From Gov. Cuomo's daily newsletter "NYS Coronavirus Update": A new app to help NYers find services

Does this make trump/GOP 1-25 now?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Latest "celebrity" to abandon Twitter and run to Parler...

Plaza in Atlantic City given January 2021 implosion date

Setback for Bolsonaro after poor results in Brazil local elections

Chicago Tribune: Voter fraud is fake. Voter suppression is real.

Trump humping Connies HATE Republican Ohio Gov. DeWine

Trump's new PA attorney calls Joe Biden the President-elect in blog post on his website

Biden Says Containing Pandemic Is Vital to Economic Recovery

Bottoms Says She Is Looking Forward To The Fact That 'Trump Won't Be A Part Of My Job Anymore'

49ers York family buys its way onto Santa Clara City Council

At least 2 members of Congress announce positive Covid-19 diagnoses Monday

Trump Sought Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Nuclear Program

Canada shocked by killing of rare white moose

Trump reportedly asked about launching attack on Iranian nuclear site

Is there anything short of pornography or solicitation to commit murder that is

In His Spare Time, Immigrant Noubar Afeyan Has Started 38 Companies In America

If Baby Yoda was a Cat (Mandalorian + OwlKitty)

Moderate Texas lawmakers blame progressive issues for election results

Fuseika House Can Be Entirely Opened To Its Surroundings

Let's think of pleasant nice chit-chat for those encounters with his supporters

for idiotface

I was looking for synonyms for trashy and I found something I had to share on DU:

Over 500 nurses urge King County: Take action now to slow spread of coronavirus

Italian company sees US citizenship applicants quadruple since 2016

Colder, wetter winter and more mountain snow: here's how La Nia will impact Seattle this year

Unions disagree over Biden's Labor secretary pick

Pressure to have teams playing in home stadiums and arenas to placate corporate sponsors

Incarcerated Texans enlisted to work in county morgue as COVID-19 deaths overwhelm El Paso

I wrote down these 538 state odds a week or so before electipn

World news tonight reports people dying

In new memoir, Obama confronts the 'racial anxiety' of Trump supporters

Lindsey Graham is acting like he is scared sh**less, trying to get the GA SOS to throw out votes

Georgia's GOP election chief reveals how Trump supporters sent 'unsettling' and 'graphic' threats to


Biden Fills Economic Posts With Experts on Systemic Racism

Some places were short on nurses before the virus. The pandemic is making it much worse.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to name Jen O'Malley Dillon as a Deputy Chief of Staff

Mercy Health declares COVID 'disaster' amid overcapacity, staff shortage in Muskegon

Omen Ranger.

Trump Can't Fight the Laws of Presidential Eclipse

Huge eruption of Italian volcano sends ash hundreds of feet into the air

After Trump march: Arrests, accusations and COVID-19 fines

"A predator is most dangerous when wounded."

A Trump 2024 Run Is a Terrible Idea--For Him and for the GOP Opinion

MSNBC: GA Sec'y of State saying Graham suggested he find a way to toss LEGAL ballots.

Record 1 in 4500 Americans in hospital right now w/ COVID *1 in 315* Americans tested + last week

Mary Trump coming up on Anderson Cooper n/t

Scarborough Country

Any experts on Japanese fictional style?

Weirdest encounter with a no-masker yet...

Trump wanted to be out in the limelight and everything to be Trump!

Stanford University statement on Scott Atlas - it's not an endorsement

Let's see.. 2600 votes recovered in GA recount. 1800 for Biden, 800 for Trump....

*Susan Rice on Anderson Cooper show now.

Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy

11/17 Mike Luckovich: Don't get too comfy

FAA appears poised to recertify the 737 Max this week

I won!


Scotland inches closer to investigating Trump for money laundering

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Grave sin clamoring unto Heaven.

Trump makes one last effort to cut Social Security, maximize hurt to the disabled

One of the world's largest religious gatherings is moving ahead as planned

The Marshall Tucker Band...

Fake letter about Biden's medical condition...

Voter Suppression is Like Treason

A nurse in a strained El Paso hospital says the sickest COVID-19 patients are put in a doctor-less

Rep. Louie Gohmert sees 'revolution' as option in face of 'cheated election'

Who will sell Iran weapons now that the arms embargo is dead?

University of California agrees to $73M sex abuse settlement

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

The US will exceed 200,000 new COVID cases per day by Friday

Winter COVID surge is upon us -- Trump and the Republicans are just ignoring it

NYT, Krugman "Why the 2020 Election Makes it Hard to be Optimistic About the Future"

Why Are Some People So Upset About Canceling Student Debt? is linked up and live

Rachel still not back (MSNBC.)

Steve Earl Guitar Town, episode 23. He's showcasing a 1910 Holsaple 12 string

If Dotard had said everyone must wear a mask...

He's up to something

This obit is a must read from SW PA...

Perdue backs out of debate after being called a "crook," Ossoff will face off against empty podium

Jon Voight calls for violence?

Trump's White House could destroy records to 'cover its own tracks' -- and 'sabotage' Biden

You nailed it again, Bob!

Lindsey Graham Denies Pressuring Georgia Official To Toss Legal Ballots

Wolfgang Van Halen interview with Stern is up

I Was a Military COVID Planner. The Vaccine Rollout Is Going to Be a Nightmare.

It's gotta be more than the whole Lady G thing .....

The "Cry More, Lib" Congressman Also Wants To Convert Jews & Muslims To Christianity

Anyone know who the the Democrats running in 2022 are?

Altered 5 Blues Band - This is the song I 1st heard from 'em

Dr. Scott Atlas encourages large holiday gatherings: For many people this is their last Thanksgiving

Trump asked for options for attacking Iran last week, but held off: source

A federal judge won't delay tomorrow's hearing on President Trump's lawsuit to overturn the election

Biden warns 'more people may die' because of Trump's transition delays

Remind you of someone?

538 politics podcast - lots of discussion - about trump's refusal to concede, and voting trends

Trump's remaining Pennsylvania lawyer told to show up in Court tomorrow...or else

Republicans start to relent: 'It looks like it will be President Biden'

Interesting post by Trump's new PA attorney (Nov. 8th)

We're seeing now what was planned in 2016. The endless "I was robbed world tour and money grab"

The Window for Penalty-Free 401(k) Withdrawals Closes Soon

King County Executive Constantine Announces 2021 Re-Election Bid

#VIDEO: Hurricane #Iota strengthens to Category 5 as it bears down on #Nicaragua #Hurricane #IotaHur

I keep thinking about when we get a 50-50 senate

Sen. Sherrod Brown Asks GOP Colleague To Wear A Mask. He Refuses.

Nebraska Child Welfare Workers Walloped by COVID as Political Appointees Fail

DOJ says Dems are out of time to force testimony on alleged obstruction by Trump

Former Harvard fencing coach arrested over college admissions

*Joe B's Birthday coming up, November 20!


3rd Breonna Taylor grand juror: Cops 'got slap on the wrist'

Let's talk about $50,000 in student debt forgiveness....

Gov. Ricketts continues to resist mask mandate, urges voluntary cooperation

Ok, Rockabilly time

*CNN Joe B receiving briefing tomorrow diplo, intel, etc.

I see Biden as a wise elder.

Nebraska teachers say they're exhausted, stressed after months of teaching in the pandemic

Trump Tries to Push Through Damaging EPA/Agriculture/Labor Regulatory Changes in his Final Weeks

I would bet big money on the fact that there is no pre planning for distribution of the vaccine.

Bob Woodward coming up on Lawrence show.

Trump stuck with non election lawyer in PA as judge refuses to delay tomorrow's hearing.

Ok Msgt, I raise you on Rockabilly and I win!

Watch NASA's SpaceX Crew-1 Mission Arrive at the International Space Station Live now.

Units in two Nebraska prisons quarantined after over 100 inmates test positive for COVID

Soumitra Chatterjee, Indian acting legend, dies from Covid complications

I'm beginning to think I chose the wrong supplemental health care plan

The Republican Party Is Racist and Soulless. Just Ask This Veteran GOP Strategist.

Most Nebraskans voted to abolish slavery as criminal punishment. But 32% voted to keep it

Joe up over 72K now in PA and just broke 50%! USA! USA!

Hate Crimes In US Reach Highest Level In More Than A Decade

Huge shout out to Congresswomen that are barely recognized.

Watching crew dragon approach ISS

Can't seem to get enough of this record lately...

Gov. Pete Ricketts, first lady quarantining after close contact with someone positive for COVID-19

President-elect Biden on President Trump refusing to concede and accept defeat:

So where are those $300M "defeat despair" ads, anyway?

So while I was dickin' about around the interweb, this song dropped on Carter Vintage

Pfizer To Start Pilot Program For COVID-19 Immunization In Four U.S. States

So, can we all take a moment to appreciate the Polack Msgt?

dumpt would make more $ if he accepted this loss and started his 24 campaign. He would effectively

This is about as roots as it's possible to be. Ok Glamrock. Yer tern

Another shake-up on Trump campaign legal team

Well, That Was Weird

One of the biggest problems this country has right now besides the pandemic & anything else

*Wes Clark on CNN now.

There is a pattern. Republicans were bad in 2008. They are worse in 2020.

Leadership at Pfizer, Moderna

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Un-Concedes & His Supporters Take To The Streets

Indian Factory Workers Supplying Major Brands Allege Routine Exploitation

The Daily Social Distancing Show: How Africa Is Leading the World in Corona Response

Trump Adviser Encourages Big Holiday Gatherings

Kick-ass Dem lawyer Marc Elias calls on the Ethics Committee to investigate Sen Lindsay Graham

*Meacham on MSNBC now.

Why we say "OK" - Origin of the word


Your Wife Is Free

ooh ooh I wanna play 1

Flash forward four years from now

Anti-Colin Kaepernick candidate Burgess Owens wins election to Congress in Utah

"Obama out." President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech . .

Obama Offers to Read His Book Aloud to Trump

The Daily Show: Joe Biden's Path to the Presidency

2022 US Senate Election Prediction of US Senate seats that Democrats are going to win in 2022.

Where the election-related lawsuits stand

My sister is getting an Italian/American passport

Stephen Colbert - Better Know A Runoff: Georgia Senate Edition

Would be nice to hear from Joe WRT the fate of The Wall ...

Seth Meyers - Trump Tweets That Biden "Won," Then Tweets "I Concede Nothing": A Closer Look

Pete Buttigieg and Susan Rice

Vision and Breathing May Be the Secrets to Surviving 2020

Newsom apologizes for French Laundry dinner, says he will practice what he preaches on COVID-19

President Joe Biden tasked with cleaning up the mess

For those of you who want to call into the hearing tomorrow in PA Federal Court......

Black slacks - Robert Gordon

Don Winslow Films - #AmericaNeedsGeorgia

All the talk about Trump not being at the inauguration will be moot,

Meet Rebekah Mercer, the deep-pocketed co-founder of Parler, a controversial conservative social net

Don Winslow Films - #AmericaNeedsGeorgia

So many disreputable companies so little time

Have there been any Qanon posts since the election?

How Trump helped make the vaccines possible in record time:

A quick question. Is Trump on Parler?

joe pug - hymn #101 (live in studio) amazing performance of an amazing song ...

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Concedes! Just Kidding, This Will Never End.

What do Biden, Obama, Bill Clinton and Carter have in common...

greg holden - the lost boy (studio-2013) going out for the lost 666 ...

Posted in GD but here also ...

Biden Breaks 79 Million Barrier-Leads by 5,696,835 Votes

Forget the BEST...what was the WORST live music performance you have ever seen...

Florida Sen. Rick Scott to self-quarantine after COVID-19 exposure on Friday

Minari- Official Trailer

Berkeley: 'Serenade for String Orchestra'/Glinka: 'Nocturne'

At least 7 FL lawmakers tested positive for COVID-19 since July; lawmakers return to Capitol Tuesday

Meredith Moon - Darlin' Cory

CNN: Trump's transition sabotage threatens vaccine rollout

As infections surge, officials find non-compliant bars in downtown Orlando and near UCF

Well folks, Warren Buffet bought 3.7 million shares of Pfizer..

What's wrong with withdrawing troops from Afghanistan?

Miss. Gov. calls for $3M to protect children from 'far-left socialist teachings'

Florida lawmakers return to Tallahassee, set tone for upcoming legislative session

Rick Scott says Raphael Warnock is a 'socialist or Marxist'

Black Voters Say, 'You're Welcome, America'

ABSOLUTELY slayed me. There will never be another Aretha

Bill Clinton Says China's Direction Under Xi Upended U.S. Ties

Creation of new Media company makes media "Death Star" fully operational for Corpulent Persimmon

Colombia may refuse right to vote to citizens who fled Venezuela

'Colombia's largest banking corporation evaded money laundering regulations'

Can Ivan Duque govern Colombia without terror?

Joe Biden Puts The Heat On Mitch McConnell's Plan To Obstruct Him

Joy Reid Urges Donald Trump To Resign And Pout On His Own Time

I have a history question. Both VPs Truman and LBJ became president...

Trump to Saddle Biden With Last-Minute Flurry of Policy Moves

Sign the Papers: Emily Murphy has blood on her hands.

Locsin says case vs Brazil envoy caught maltreating helper 'moving'

Hurricane Iota makes landfall over Nicaragua as an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm

Harry Styles wore a dress on the cover of Vogue - and US rightwingers lost it

Government to focus on street drinking instead of ban on takeaway pints

New Mexico's oil fields have a sinkhole problem

Did he have Jaime Harrison votes thrown out? The question needs to be asked

Climate change intensifies tsunami threat in Alaska

'It keeps getting worse.' Missouri Democrats don't have a clear path forward

Army basic training taught us that the U.S. is almost un-attackable.

LISTEN to Keith!

Ga. Sec. Of State Says Lindsey Graham Suggested He Find A Way To Toss Legal Ballots - All In - MSNBC

Trump Covid-19 Adviser Tells Americans To 'Rise Up' Against Safety Measures - All In - MSNBC

'Lindsey Graham should be investigated immediately'

Bob Woodward: Trump Testing How Far People Will Go Along With Him - The Last Word - MSNBC

Conservative ignorance is the #1 national security threat.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/16/20

Happy Home Made Bread 🥖 Day!

Stephen Colbert - Guest Jake Tapper: Joe Biden Will Be Sworn In On January 20th. Period.

Tweet of the Day

9 Low-Stress Side Hustles For Introverts That Pay Surprisingly Well

Preview of Tя☭mp break down.

I think we should give Trump Georiga as a win. Let him have 100% of the votes.

Trump's GSA Head Is Looking For A New Job While Blocking Biden Transition

Cars Take Over MoMA and the Detroit Institute of Arts

Heard about the fellow who wanted to be a Gregorian Monk

How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps

#SignthePapers Call Emily Murphy starting at 9 a.m.

Breakfast Tuesday 17 November 2020

Georiga Morans: Ad For Trump Event Containing Awkward Gaffes Gets A Twitter Roasting

Did Emily Murphy of the GSA have any part in Trump's purchase of the Old Post Office Bldg?

Our Senator is a Bad Ass Y'all

Happy 72nd birthday Howard Dean!

Gov. Kim Reynolds (Moron - Iowa) - Late to the Party.

Amazon launches online pharmacy in new contest with drug retail

Gov. Kim Reynolds (Moron - Iowa) - Late to the Party.

Tuesday 17 Nov gratitude

The "verifying signatures" argument is bullshit, and they know it.

'Outrageous': Legal Experts Say Lindsey Graham 'Should Be Investigated'

Politically, we're at the part where we've climbed into the escape pod with Jonesy

If this administration has opened my eyes to one thing...

Tuesday TOONs - Champion Truth*tellers (*Actual truth not included)

The Election was the Verdict.

Biden Wary of Trump-Focused Investigations

"Dr." Scott Atlas says screw the CDC and expert's guidelines...

President-elect Biden wary of Trump-focused investigations, sources say

Where did Trump make election gains? Unemployment data tells a surprising story

About 90,000 sex abuse claims filed in Boy Scouts bankruptcy

Trump's Schedule for Tuesday, November 17, 2020

4 more years: Trump freezes 2024 presidential field

Claims of anti-Semitism at University of Illinois prompt federal investigation by Department of Educ

Detailed Turnout Data Shows How Georgia Turned Blue

Biden to Bring Three Top Campaign Officials to White House

Christmas morning as Trump's rubes sit in their single wide trailers eating Goya beans from a can...

March Madness in one place? NCAA looking at Indianapolis

More people than ever are hospitalized with COVID-19. Health-care workers can't go on like this.

Pandemic Nixes Holiday Wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery

Georgia Senator David Perdue Is Terrified That Jon Ossoff Will Shred Him in Another Debate

Paleontologists Uncover Three New Species Of Extinct Walruses In Orange County

So True!

Eric Boehlert: Who cares about Trump voters' feelings?

This will be very disappointing, if the Trumps are allowed to get away with their crimes

Work with us or else

A brief history of the last twelve years

You know what's been missing since Joe Biden was made the President Elect?

Pence leads delegation at Dover AFB last night for the Dignified Transfer ...

The Rundown: November 17, 2020

Pandemic Nixes Holiday Wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/11/2020

Major republicons are starting to go public on trump

This Land Is Your Land

Hamster Rave

An Announcement: we are proud to welcome @AVindman to the @lawfareblog team ...

24-Country Study: Each 1C Temperature Increase Associated W. 5% Increase In Stillbirth, Preterm

Holiday Magical Thinking

Hate crimes in US reach highest point since 2008, FBI statistics show

The Blues can unite

The media owns a big chunk of what is wrong

2020 Dems fared poorly down ballot, but we're winning the fight for fair elections

Experiment: Brown Dog Ticks Preferred Humans To Dogs By Margin Of 2.5 Times As Temperatures Rose

What I want for Christmas is to have twitter alighted with texts

Why Trump is hiding from the American people

China county to review decision to ban public dog walking

California breaks single-day record for new COVID-19 cases amid sweeping new restrictions

Hundreds To 1,000+ Sequoias Killed By Fires; At Least 80 Were "Monarchs" - 500 To 1,000 Years Old

Joe Biden

Howard Stern: A Trump media network would 'fail inside of a year like all the other businesses'

Biden hopes to avoid divisive Trump investigations, preferring unity

Real Clear Politics Made a Sharp Right Turn. What Steered It?

Pompeo meets Orthodox spiritual leader in Istanbul

Remember When Hillary Melted ...

Pompeo meets Orthodox spiritual leader in Istanbul

Sale - Everything Must Go

Emily Atkin Of "Heated" Visits Parler, Dips Toe In Climate-Liar Water

SenBrown(D-Oh) sees Senate staffers as humans, 2 republican do not

BREAKING: Donald Trump's SHOCKING Concession Speech

I don't think anyone should worry about Trump barricading himself inside the White House.

Nice relay job, ya orange moran you.

BC's Chief Forester Cuts Logging On Haida Gwaii, But Only By 16%; Old-Growth Logging To Continue

The pandemic is now out of control, and this is fully due to trump and his administration's

Brazilian Amazon Fires Consumed Area The Size Of Wales In 2020; Paris, Deforestation Targets Dead

Duke Energy, Exxonmobil and AFLAC funded an anti-Semite for Congress

Brazil Working 3,000 Applications To Mine On Native Land, Though Their Constitution Forbids This

Halloween at the White House, 2016

Iota Landfall @ 155 mph In Relatively Remote Area, But 20-Foot Tidal Surge, 30" Of Rain Expected

Outrageous projection - NYT "Groupthink Has Left the Left Blind" (Bret Stephens)

Does Remdesivir Actually Work Against Covid-19? (NYT)

OOPS: Trump Almost Accidentally Concedes

Obama WARNING on Trump: "This Is Not Normal"

538 "What Trump's Refusal To Concede Says About American Democracy" Perry Bacon

On Bloomberg earlier this morning they had analyst on saying that Pelosi will be blamed for

The longer Republicans cower to Trump, the more damage they do to democracy

Randy Rainbow's newest

Our politics isn't about left vs. right anymore -- it's about reality vs. dreadful fantasy

Trump fights to keep a job he shows no interest in performing

Thought for the day! A Children's Story. Reposted from my local Biden Harris Group.

University dean resigns over statements about Biden voters

On this day, November 17, 1964, the BBC previewed "I'm a Loser," by the Beatles.

We need an investigation into Lindsey Graham's intervention in Georgia

Pope Francis's Instagram account "likes" Brazilian model's backside photo

Because everyone likes Bob Dylan songs - as long as Bob ain't the one singing

Philadelphia has now SURPASSED the historic 2008 turnout numbers in the 2020 general election

Not Toby!!!!!!

Weissman: "This is what we in the legal world call a felony."

Paleontologists Uncover Three New Species Of Extinct Walruses In Orange County

'This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, This ain't no fooling around'

Slate "A Photographer on the Most Disturbing Thing He Saw at Trump Rallies"

OK, I'm done with ignoring the hanger-on zombies

YOU raised $14,143.96 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-16-20

What I think our strategy going forward is simple: fight fire with fire.

"No More Mr. Nice Guy..."

🚨NEW: Rudy Giuliani has filed to appear as counsel for Trump in his Pennsylvania federal case.

INBOX: Chuck GRASSLEY, 87, says he's been exposed to someone who has coronavirus.

@donwinslow NEW VIDEO: #AmericaNeedsGeorgia

Al Franken Is Mounting a Comeback From #MeToo Exile

"Rudes has to tell judge he'll agree not to be a dick like usual."

Someone Needs to Market a Vaccination Button.

Trump voters get absolutely rabid at the idea of welfare recipients getting paid for doing nothing,

Florida man hauled stolen I-4 utility pole atop his sedan, troopers say

Joe Biden is absolutely right

With 4 days left in this Senate session the GOP is pushing through lifetime judicial appointments.

A question regarding the Covid-19 vaccine(s).

Drunk Florida man arrested after doing donuts in Florida Highway Patrol parking lot

Robert Cray released a new album this year and I totally overlooked it

Alleged Creep Claims He Used Steaks and Ponies to Spy on North Korea

Rudy Giuliani: Losing election lawsuits is part of our plan 'to get it to the Supreme Court'

A Portuguese A321 just flew over northern Virginia. He's headed southwest.

Retail sales grew a slower-than-expected 0.3% in October

In The 1980s, St. Louis Police Partnered With Social Workers -- Only To Abandon The Effort

A moment of Zen: the Founder's Grove Trail in California's Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

In case you've ever wondered - What's the oldest building in my state?

Go-between paid 21m in taxpayer funds for NHS PPE

Even that opportunistic shitheel Van Drew was re-elected?

Sen. Chuck Grassley in quarantine after COVID-19 exposure

(N.M.) Business owner fed up with serial arsonist

"lindsey graham looks like christopher robin got lost in the hundred acre wood..."

Lindsey Graham is in some serious shit I believe.

Stanford Draws A Line With Atlas: Trump Adviser's Views Are 'Inconsistent' With University

2984 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 10 deaths

The Midnight (Uber) Ride of Devin Nunes

To anyone saying the Democratic Party didn't do well in 2020

Apple big sur and bypassing firewalls

Burritos to go -- 6 days (so far) on the Washington Post online front page:

North Dakota sheriff refusing to enforce mask mandates

Frank Bruni: Was It Worth It, Jared and Ivanka?

No babies were harmed in these pixs

Fight Joe Biden's effort to steal the election by donating to...Matt Gaetz?

Raffensperger is sticking to his story re: Lindsey Graham.

I'm grateful for the mainstream media.

Ivanka Trump Was My Best Friend. Now She's MAGA Royalty

Election of Ossoff/Warnock will be difference between xtra 1/2 million Americans surviving or not

A NASA official asked Boeing if it would protest a major contract it lost. Instead, Boeing resubmitt

One of coronavirus pandemic's most critical shortages: Not. Enough. Nurses. They are burned out.

Raffensperger had staffers with him on call with Lindsey Graham

Sign up today for exciting new courses at Trump University!

On this date in 1990 "Pee-wee's Playhouse" aired its final episode. The series debuted in 1986 ...

Chuck GRASSLEY, 87, says he's been exposed to someone who has coronavirus.

"Law and order president" encourages defiance of

I am ashamed to live in California

MST3K Turkey Day marathon, starting at 9 am ET / 6 am PT November 26th.

Can Autoimmune Antibodies Explain Blood Clots in COVID-19?

MST3K Turkey Day marathon, starting at 9 am ET / 6 am PT November 26th.

Biden is starting to see the corruption of the Trump administration

Here's how a popular online poll aggregator became a pro-Trump cheerleader

WY Gov: "Our Hospitals Are Overwhelmed Today" - Utah Hospitals Not Admitting WY, ID patients

The right has a massive information advantage

Oops....Rudy's membership with the DC bar appears to be suspended

My state's covid numbers are exploding

A real headline.

Pool Report: He also has not posted any falsehoods on Twitter about winning the election...

Florida Sticks to No Statewide Restrictions Amid Pandemic

A Lego Four Seasons scene?

Sen. Chuck Grassley, 87, exposed to Covid-19

Sending in Rudy is like.......Sending in the rodeo clown to ride the bull. What say you?

Cartoon: Operation Bucket Trap By Clay Jones -November 17, 2020 9:00 AM

If the new vaccines are approved by the end of the year, it seems likely

Who should the next AG be? DU members are much smarter than me

Rudy may have trouble being admitted to Penn. lawsuit

Open for lunch

Is back door communication going on in an significant way?

Rudy promises the judge he won't be his usual dickish self.

House Republicans: Biden isn't president-elect because we say he isn't

Sen. Blumenthal questioned Zuckerberg about a 1/2 hour ago

Graham tells reporters he's also spoken to election officials in Arizona and Nevada

Incoming congressman complains it's hard to get Jews to stop being Jewish

They're still looking for Prince's Guitar

Trump conceds - from Jimmy Fallon

They rejected safety rules 6 months ago. Now their states are drowning in COVID.

Michigan police deputy fired after depicting Kamala Harris as a watermelon in racist post

Does anyone know much about the Georgia Secretary of State?

DeAndre Baker's Case Dismissed After Attorney Dean Arrested on Extortion Charge

Pit Bull sticks out her tongue every time her owner does

Dolly Parton helped fund the Moderna vaccine and was acknowledged in the

Arizona's Secretary of State: This is false. (UPDATED)

they're refusing to help with the transition because they hate america

Richard Nixon, on this day, November 17, 1973: "I'm not a crook."

What does Trump have on Lindsey Graham?

Israeli President Ruvi Rivlin called to congratulate President-elect Biden

Lindsey Graham's law license?

Today Trump sent out an email soliciting contributions for a "Georgia Recount Fund."

What do you call the governor of a state that has among the highest infection rates in the WORLD?

Is trump trying to start a war with Iran to stay in power?

It turns out there was a *witness* to the @LindseyGrahamSC / @GaSecofState call: GA official Gabe

Video: Millionaire Senators David Perdue & Kelly Loeffler gamed Covid insider information

Hurricanes Eta and Iota made landfall within 14 miles of each other

Just then...

Giuliani Convinced Trump He Could Overturn Election

Funny Cat Logic Beds

Susan Collins thinks Lindsey Graham has learned his lesson...

Gee I wonder who ordered Sen. Graham to make that phone call?

Prosecutors say Chauvin kept his knee on teen's back for 17 minutes in 2017, while the boy said

The Trump Appointee Blocking Biden's Transition Is Reportedly Trying to Line Up a New Job for 2021

I don't know if this is appropriate to ask - What is the street cost of opioids (fentanyl?)?

Hurricane Iota: tweet video

Stop the Steal... in the GOP Primary...

Candido Camero, 'father of modern conga drumming,' dies at 99

Biden reiterates US support for Israel in conversation with Netanyahu

Candido Camero, 'father of modern conga drumming,' dies at 99

Is this a good birthday gift?

First all-Black NFL officiating crew to work Monday Night Football game

Todays episode of kids teaching their parents tech...Elizabeth and Anne edition

'You're the ultimate editor,' Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg lashed by Republicans and Democrats in

CDC Scientific Brief: Community Use of Cloth Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 (11-10-20)

So is Billy Barr going to open an investigation of Lindsey Graham for election fraud?

Sea-launched interceptor destroyed mock ICBM in test, Pentagon says

Biden WH senior staff announcement

I like Soul with the capital S

Greenland's glaciers could lose more ice than predicted, study says

Trump withdrawal plan could tip Afghanistan towards more violence

If you wear a mask you might live to get a vaccine. Without out a mask its like Russian Roulette

Biden Names White House Counsel as New Staff Starts Taking Shape

A staffer for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger confirms Graham's request

Pic Of The Moment: Scott Atlas Wants You To Get Out There And Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Leningrad Lindsey Graham admits he tried to interfere in Arizona and Nevada as well.

This may be the wrong time to bring this up, but I'm not sure when the time would be "right", so---

Russia, China in lead as Philippines seeks deals for Covid-19 vaccines (Foreign Perspective)

Giuliani seeks to represent Trump in Pennsylvania election case

Keilar is tearing the repubs a new one over their Covid response

Sign the Papers: Emily Murphy Has Blood on Her Hands

Joyce White Vance on Lindsey Graham & the integrity of President Obama

Leading medical groups urge Trump to share Covid data with Biden to 'save countless lives'

"The party that hates biology and math now has a new enemy: physics."

Paging Kamala Harris, you're needed in the Senate NOW! She made it!

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #7 in A Major, Op. 92

Is there any livestream of Rudy in PA court?

"This is a legal advisor to Trump exercising her right to free speech..."

A difference of opinion...

These Biden-Harris WH senior staff appointments are conspicuously short of old white guys

Progressives turned out for Joe Biden. Now they want a big role in his administration.

Business Roundtable will push for more stimulus, tariff relief under Biden

Nevada secretary of state also denies speaking to Graham

Rubio refers to Biden as 'president-elect' as Trump refuses to concede

50 Cent turned down $1M from Trump's administration

Shot my first turkey today, it was awesome ....

Joe Biden won, Michigan elector coup 'not going to happen,' GOP leader says

There Is No Greater American Than Dolly Parton

We need to address the intentional lies (OAN & Gohmert - already debunked by CISA)

Giuliani wants to be paid $20,000 a day for his representation of Trump

A NASA official asked Boeing if it would protest a major contract it lost.

Ted Cruz slams fellow senator as a 'complete ass' over wearing mask

Pennsylvania strengthens mask order and quarantine requirements

Giuliani Is Said to Seek $20,000 a Day Payment for Trump Legal Work

Jennifer Taub is live-tweeting the hearing in PA Federal Court.

Jon Ossoff: The Senate always finds cash for corporate bailouts, giveaways for donors, and wars

GA. audit over. NO SIGN OF FOUL PLAY

Brianna Keiler on CNN - update clip is at #10 - thanks IcyPeas

CNN Georgia recount almost done. Dems win again. Most districts

Press conference today at The Ritz !

I'm sorry but I think Joes wrong on this....

Why does the media talk as if trump will be free to do as he pleases

And we're off! Rudy claims "widespread nationwide voter fraud" in Federal Court.

do u think Barr will rescind his memo, given apparent elec. irregularities at Lindsey Graham's hand?

Rudy spouting conspiracy theories in court

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke this evening with US President-elect Joe Biden.

It's been 10 days since Joe Biden crossed 270 EV, 10 fucking days of obstruction & abdication

Acting-Defense Secretary Christopher Miller announcing withdrawing troops from Afghanistan & Iraq

Giuliani Convinced Trump He Could Overturn Election

Defense Secretary on cnn, has trumpshit all over his face.

Virginia Tech loses $60 million as pandemic hits budget

France To Launch Covid-19 Campaign In January

The Journey of Seven Elephants Across Country To Their New Home & First Day of Freedom

Virginia delays statewide certification of election results, citing Richmond office's COVID outbreak

Ayanna Pressley: Student debt cancellation is a racial justice issue.

My Cartoon of the Year should be the Cartoon of the Year

Wisconsin has completed its statewide vote canvass. Biden wins by 20,612.

All those Trump voters are in for a rude awakening . . .

Sherrod Brown to Ted Cruz *what I wish had transpired*

Notice to hikers

David Corn: Donald Trump's Reign Is Ending as It Began: With a Conspiracy Theory

Athens: Bust of Ancient Greek God Found During Sewage Work

So folks, what do you think are the odds Trump parts with 7.9 million for a recount?

Giuliani Is Said to Seek $20,000 a Day Payment for Trump Legal Work (Haberman)

Curfew in OH from a GOP Gov? Waiting for the calls from Dr. Atlas types to rise up in OH.

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Did he just come up with the troop drawdown idea oh, say last week?

Pennsylvania National Guard sent to Messiah Village in Cumberland County Because of Covid

Unreal-- DHS says it temporarily put FEMA chief Peter Gaynor in charge of the department Nov 14

Republicans finally find a post-election Trump move they don't like

Let's talk Supreme Court for a bit.

Lindsey Graham's claim that he wasn't interfering in the Georgia vote doesn't add up

"Revenge will be mine, silly human" (poor kitty)

Trump has one last path to a second term.

I have anxiety, depression and PSTD but I still mask up!

While I was out of town today, our GA runoff goal went up again

This is sweet - a fan's tweet to Rachel & her response

The perfect gift for every Proud Boy on your list.

Kylie Minogue - Slow (MAJENTA Remix)

2 New Museums Dedicated To Latino, Womens Histories In DC, Plans Reviewed By Senators

Kamala Harris will be going to DC today to be the deciding vote against Judy Shelton

I want to suggest a new acronym for the GOP. The POS (and it's not what you probably think)

Fight is on to stop Trump loyalist from burrowing into NSA

What is sweeter than some John Fugelsang smack back at Kevin Sorbo??

Black man tased, arrested by New Braunfels (TX) police for having 'unclean license plate'

I'm so glad we have this forum

Audio for the Trump v. Boockver hearing has apparently been dropped...

I'm wondering why Emily Murphy isn't in court.

Cartoons 11/17/2020

Immigration Officials Have Been Told Not To Communicate With Joe Biden's Transition Team

"Click it or ticket"

Poor Mike DeWine

Deep Sleep Protects Against Alzheimer's, Growing Evidence Shows

Witness Corroborates Claim Graham Asked to Toss Ballots

Eyman fights allegation he repeatedly broke campaign laws

Harris Will Block Judy Shelton's Fed Nomination

North Dakota hits COVID milestone: 1 out of every 1,000 residents dead

What Trump's Refusal To Concede Says About American Democracy

House Democrats ask to delay Supreme Court arguments over Mueller docs

Biden signals urge to back off Donald Trump

Schumer news conference

Looks like the 1 court *win* Trump claims just got overturned.

Infighting and an attempted 'coup': Trump team erupts into chaos as Giuliani takes over legal effort

Biden Needs to Take a Blow Torch to ICE!

Pentagon to cut troop levels to 2,500 in Iraq, Afghanistan

Giuliani's team attempted a "coup" inside the campaign per sources.

Russia moves to protect Putin from prosecution

MSNBC: Chris Coons rumored for Secretary of State position

Georgia secretary of state reveals Trump 'suppressed' GOP voters: 'He would have won by ...

Fox News' 'Partisan Right' Audience on YouTube Is Dropping, Researchers Say

Netanyahu Dumps Trump And Is Now Speaking To Joe Biden

Trump's Top Cyber Official at DHS Shoots Down Election Fraud Claims

McConnell's First Act of Sabotage (David Frum)

The Fairness Doctrine...

A new group pushes the post-Trump GOP to reject its 'lazy' devotion to tax cuts

Hear Chris Cuomo's fiery message to Dr. Scott Atlas

So, Giuliani Wants $20,000 A Day To Run Trump's Pseudo-Legal Food Fight? EXCELLENT!

Rudy is suspended from the DC Bar for non payment of dues. He lied to the judge

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/17/20

Two Katyusha rockets hit inside Baghdad's fortified green zone near US Embassy.

Graham says he also spoke to officials in Arizona, Nevada about election

Coronavirus: DeWine announces 21-day curfew starting Thursday

Maryland governor tightens restrictions a second time as coronavirus infections continue to soar.

Officials: 300 attend wedding leading to virus outbreak

trump's last tweet was 16 hours ago. Has he croaked?

A Promised Land by Barack Obama.

BREAKING: Trump and his allies have just lost their 25th court case. This time in the PA SC

It appears the shit show is coming to a climax.

North Dakota records world's highest COVID-19 mortality rate

Will Texas' 87th Legislators Put An End To Marijuana Prohibition?

Covid: chemicals found in everyday products could hinder vaccine

Senate blocks Judy Shelton nomination to the Fed

Pfizer says drug is a go. Asking for EUA now.

BREAKING: Judy Shelton's nomination to serve on the Federal Reserve has been stalled

"Could the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree look any worse?"

Why Biden should pardon Trump -- and we Democrats should want him to

In Georgia, Ossoff social media manager is lit

Pa. Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign claim that Republicans lacked access to Philly vote count

Heh. Guiliani intervenes: chaos ensues. Jason Miller and Jenna Ellis in screaming match.

Justice Democrats criticizes Biden appointments

"This is not a typo."

A Concession Speech via twitter? (parody)

Oh give me a fucking break !!

I absolutely adore Mellody Hobson, one of my idols. However, I don't want her in the Biden Admin

Melatonin a Promising Candidate for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19

Was the Inaccuracy of Polls due to Voter Suppression?

House Democrats pledge to make racial justice central to 2021 legislative agenda

Immunity to the Coronavirus May Last Years, New Data Hint: NYT

Why Moderna's COVID Vaccine Has a 'Huge Advantage' Over Pfizer's

Some cattails I just got through painting...

Murder threats A-OK with Zuckerberg

Washington Football Team reports first positive coronavirus case, shuts facility

Parent mad at teacher about election coloring map

Trump orders Pentagon to pull 2,500 troops from Afghanistan and Iraq

The more you know 💫 about farting

GOP Leaders Begin Search For Prissy, Miserable Shithead Who Can Compete With Trump In 2024

There are about 30 Republican senators who are pure garbage

Lindsey Graham CAUGHT In Election Fraud Plot

Forgive me for posting right-wing shit, but I found this on the FB wingnut group I argue with ...

The Trump v. Boockver case is back online...

As a "progressive"---actually, I prefer "liberal"---, may I speak to my fellow progressives?

Democratic anger rises over Trump obstacles to Biden transition

Trump campaign deploys Giuliani to assist flailing legal effort

AG Ken Paxton on misconduct allegations: 'I make no apologies'

As Lawyers Flee, Trump's Floundering Legal Quest Falls To Familiar Hands

Thanksgiving 2020

The Latest: France Surpasses 2M Virus Cases, 4th In World

Donald Trump Is A ...

Joe Biden rescues lost, injured St. Bernard dog, as reported by Wilmington Morning News 3/5/69

Fox News And Facebook Did ...

Jeff Tiedrich on Giuliani representing trump:

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 18: This Was Hollywood

PA Supreme Court Says Philly Policy On Vote Observation Legal

"some patients deny COVID-19 is real, even as they die from it"

yes, he's a Republican, but

Dear Trump supporters: I have a confession to make.

In place of the dozens of campaign signs today...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 18 November 2020

How Biden Stole the Election

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic hate crimes rose by 14% in 2019, according to the FBI

So, the MAGAt 3 houses down still has 6 signs up for the LOSER...

Here's what you can and can't do under Washington's new coronavirus restrictions

Florida Legislature: Not our role to contain the coronavirus

Trump To Start War After Losing Reelection?!

Trump's presidency could only ever have ended one way, but

After Big Thanksgiving Dinners, Plan Small Christmas Funerals, Health Experts Warn

Panic buying 2.0: Panic buyers across U.S. empty shelves of toilet paper, food and disinfectant

Traitor, Emily Murphy, is Looking for a New Job But Won't Trigger Transition

Olbermann Vs. Trump #28

All of Wisconsin's 72 counties have concluded canvassing, giving Biden slightly more votes

Trump will complete GOP takeover in exile.

I wish...

Attacked By Neighbor Update - Freaking Unbelievable

The Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and others of their ilk will not be disarmed, laws or no laws

I'm weird. TV interviewees' living quarters fascinate me

Please stop referring to Trump's behavior as "scorched earth"

Klarna, a Swedish payments unicorn, wants to conquer America

Howard Stern: If Trump starts a TV network, it'll fail within a year

#FlipTheSenateBlue - Do it for Dr. King, John Lewis, Andrew Young, Stacey Abrams,

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 17, 2020

Lawless Lawmakers Ace of Diamonds, Mitch McConnell

We won the fight for the "Soul of the Nation".

Grassley tested positive:

Grassley tests positive for covid-19

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris returns to the Senate floor to cast a vote today.

Hurricane Iota roars onto Nicaragua as 2nd blow in 2 weeks

The horses are at the Starting Gate.....

Wisconsin - womp womp. Biden nets another 181 votes.

Thank you DU.

Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

The Year of the Woman Really, Finally Did Arrive in 2020 - Seib, WSJ

Multiple rockets fired at US embassy perimeters in central Baghdad today. 1 dead, 7 injured.

Georgia recount 94% complete, only one 800-vote error found, 13k+ Biden lead remains ... link

For Chump: 50 ways to get yourself free (from the White House)

*REMINDER* Rise of the Nazis (part 2) is on PBS tonight, 8 p.m. Central Time.

These people have gone off the deep end

Chicago Cubs championship architect Theo Epstein steps down

"Dead people voted" (latest Drump tweet)

Sounds like Rudy is getting eaten alive by the PA Judge - link

Idea for re-purposing and re-defining the US influence in the ME.

Teacher tells students she has a right to dislike blacks during Zoom Class -

Mysterious 'dark river' may flow hundreds of miles beneath Greenland

Physicists discover the 'Kings and Queens of Quantumness'

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers just deadlocked 2-2 on certifying the vote.

Newfound 'Kraken merger' may have been the biggest collision in Milky Way's history

Grassley positive for Covid.

Daddy, why are Grandma and Grandpa spending Thanksgiving in the back of a refrigerated UHaul Truck

GA SoS is getting threatened, he and his wife

The times they are indeed changin' . . .

Triassic period ended with 'lost' mass extinction and a million-year rain storm, study claims

Trump's Nevada electors sue to have him declared the winner of a state that he lost...

So when will McConnell launch an investigation into Graham's attempt to steal the election?


FDR and his dog named Major -- a name shared by Joe Biden's dog:

My cousins wife just died of Covid. Fuck you GOP for your mocking of facts and medical science.

Financially Troubled Startup Helped Power Trump Campaign

Anybody else having problems with Xfinity streaming or play back?

Charlie Kirk (trending) when you roll out of bed and wing it.

Toilet paper limits, empty shelves are back as virus surges

Wayne Co. (Michigan) canvassers deadlock on certifying Nov. 3 election results

50 Ways to leave the White House!

HE'S HOOOOOOOME!!!!!My cat is missing. Please send good vibes.

COVID Has Hit The Family

AP PHOTOS: From a flower in Kashmir comes a precious spice

The Dead have risen and they have voted democrat

Crescent with SATURN and JUPITER!!!


So, what is the official call on the 5-second rule?

Pfizer CEO says timing of vaccine announcement not tied to election, dismissing Trump's evidence...

Plain crescent