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What was the last movie you saw in the theater, and when was it?

Emily Murphy: Inside a government bureaucrat's pressure-filled decision to delay the transition

Arkansas will give you $10,000 & a mountain bike to move there

Biden's platform calls for big changes to Social Security.

You can learn everything about a person from their shadow

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 19, 2020 -- TCM Spotlight: Problem Pictures of 1949

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 20, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Under the Big Top

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 21, 2020 -- The Essentials: Face The Future

Trump just appointed a guy who consorts with white supremacists to a Holocaust panel

With transition stalled, Biden camp turns to former Trump administration officials for guidance

Complaint to unseat Monica Palmer from Wayne Co. Board of Canvassers to be investigated

'I imagine Dolly Parton sitting in a quiet room, manipulating RNA'

Coffee prices are out of control

All this. Every word.

Transition will uncover embarrasing and illegal information.

Dave Wasserman called it for Malinowski (D-NJ) We won another seat in the House

An Ohio Wedding Had 83 Guests. More Than A Third, Including The Newlyweds, Got The Coronavirus.

Who is this guy that Joy is interviewing

Devin Nunes sues Washington Post again, saying midnight run 'never happened'

What an embarrassment. Former Trump aide Ja'ron Smith on The Reid Out

Are we waiting for a Reichstag moment

Two more Republican House members test positive for coronavirus

New legal filing asks court to allow Trump campaign to count Pennsylvania's mail-in-ballots

Army agrees to review thousands of 'bad paper' discharges as part of lawsuit settlement

New legal filing asks court to allow trump campaign to count PA mail in ballots. Not the Onion.

The myth of Trump as a stereotypical "manly man" is a textbook example of cognitive dissonance.

Drape Measurer In Chief

Republican federal lawsuit challenging the elections results in MI has been voluntarily dismissed

I think GSA Emily Murphy is having a breakdown

My nephew has covid. Has been in ICU since Nov 6 -was given Remdesivir. I looked at his FB UGH

Our boy Tom Cotton embarrasses us again.

1900+ Covid kills today and the Zombies are still submitting fake lawsuits

PBS will broadcast Charlie Brown specials. 11/22 Thanksgiving & 12/13 Christmas

Current and former Trump officials quietly reach out to Biden team

A walking ghost tour in Salem, Mass, is suing Gov. Charlie Baker over his limits on group gatherings

It's pretty impressive to be responsible for *both* AZ senate seats flipping from red to blue

Nearly 2900 new cases in NM today! Nearly 1000 in Bernalillo county, homeof Albuquerque.

Best thing you'll see today: kids using Ring doorbell to leave messages for deployed dad

Texas, Florida and South Dakota governors refuse lockdowns as coronavirus resurges

Not wearing a mask is equivalent to

75th CARE'S 2020 Impact Awards./ Hillary Rodham Clinton, Honorary Chair

Lindsey Graham says that Biden should begin receiving national security briefings even while Trump's

Chris Krebs and Chef Jose Andres of World Kitchen

Did Something Change Today?

🎉Not tired of winning!

Germany Hopes Biden Will Reverse US Troop Drawdown, Not 'Punish' Ally Like Trump

US Rep. Dan Newhouse tests positive for coronavirus

Senators push to stop Trump administration's proposed arms sale to UAE


Vancouver BC is taking steps to follow Portugal's model.

Biden approaches 80 million votes in historic victory

The Hypocrisy of Republican Attacks on Raphael Warnock's Sermons

Wow! Gun nut central has lost their minds...

Been injured in an election? Call Rudy Giuliani now!

Sen. Perdue Helped Defense Contractor--and Sold Off Its Stock

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike!

*Rachel joining Ali LATER this (MSNBC/Rachel) show.

Sen. Perdue Helped Defense Contractor--and Sold Off Its Stock

PM Update: Hard freeze tonight for much of the area, then we start warming up Thursday.

"You're as scattered as the crazy lady's bloomers!" One of my dear departed aunt Faye's sayings.

I'm puzzled by his hair.

A letter from our small town Mayor

Confederate base names, and Trump's veto threat, the only roadblock for $740 billion defense bill

What's up with Georgia Senate Runoffs

Guardian: The Madness of King Trump (good read!)

Romney/as Senate majority leader

As pandemic surges, Trump White House calls Thanksgiving restrictions 'Orwellian'

Keith knocks it out of the park!!!

As hospitalizations rise, doctors struggle to admit patients to Wisconsin's field hospital

11-18-20 Another update on the poor "page back" function I have experienced on DU...

Bernie is now openly campaigning for Sec of Labor on Chris Cuomo's show

Alex Azar, HHS secretary, says department won't work with Biden's team until federal agency

How many stores will open on Thanksgiving Day this year?

***RACHEL's here, @ her home!!!

Fauci says the average American could get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as April:

Biden warns of 400K deaths, calls on GSA to act

puppy dog stealing a shoe

Biden moved to tears in heart-wrenching meeting with nurse - Brian Tyler Cohen

Laughable Trump supporters in DC

Pfizer, BioNTech To File For Emergency Use of Coronavirus Vaccine On Friday

Lawsuit: Tyson managers bet money on how many workers would contract COVID-19

GOP state leaders brush off idea to hand Trump election by replacing electors


McConnell says we will have an "orderly" transition...

The Sufi's Sufi - Abol-Hasan of Kharaqan - Selected Verses for Meditation - Sufi Mystics

This performance is brain melting great from the 1st minute and it stays amazing...

Barr drops charges against cartel-linked Mexican general

The Bible is 100% accurate

Can you believe that?': See Gupta's stunning Covid-19 chart

Yeah I'm late to the roots music threads: Meet Tuatha Dea (Appalachian Rock)

Murphy's Law

Federal judge in Pennsylvania has had enough of Rudy's bullshit.

SHIT! My town is up to 4% positive, and 5% is a micro cluster. We were doing so well for a while...

Schmidt Calls Efforts To Cast Doubt On The Election A 'Breaking Of Faith With American Democracy'

On to Wisconsin! Looking for that one crooked politician or judge that will throw a lifeline...

In Minnesota and Beyond, 'Defund the Police' Weighed on Democrats

To prevent a future transition mess, Congress should fix the law

"U seem to hypnotize my mind"

Trump appoints speechwriter fired for attending conference with white nationalists to commission

Two Existing Technologies Could Fight Covid Now

I think early on COVID seemed to be hitting the coasts and big cities

Amy Coney Barrett's Faith? Off-Limits. Raphael Warnock's? Fair Game.

Schmidt Calls Efforts To Cast Doubt On The Election A 'Breaking Of Faith With American Democracy'

More than 25 members of Congress have tested positive for/or were presumed to have COVID since March

Bob Dylan, Earl Scruggs: East Virginia Blues, Live

Gov. Northam: "It's time to legalize marijuana in Virginia"

The Nation's Top Election Official Has Overdosed on the Trump Kool-Aid

"Some men

White House Sought Suit Against Omarosa Manigault Newman After News of Her Memoir

Trump campaign revises Pennsylvania suit, again

'It's complicated': Biden team weighs whether to retain Deborah Birx

Amy Coney Barrett's Faith? Off-Limits. Raphael Warnock's? Fair Game.

The World Health Organization says Europe made up about half of the roughly 4 million new cv19 cases

In the Land of the Navajo

2 Iron Range lawmakers spilt with Senate Democratic Caucus (Minn)

Edward, the mad shirt grinder

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Legal Losses Keep Piling Up In Pennsylvania and Michigan

Judicial Trivia: Judge John E. Jones III, hearing TRUMP v. BOOCKVER in Pennsylvania...

Meanwhile, on craigslist. . .

Tonight Show Concession Speech

January 20, 2021

Marco Rubio: We will block Biden's Cabinet picks because Democrats are 'so unfair'

Costa: Bannon and Mark Levin are running the operation, empowering Giuliani.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Trump Admin's New Thanksgiving Guidelines Are Insane

Biden heading for a 6 million vote lead in the popular vote, a 3.8% lead

Biden closes in on a 6 MILLION vote lead

Family of American kidnapped in Afghanistan fears he will be 'left behind'

Trump's failed attack strategy on fair election

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Duolingo: Concession Edition

Morrissey ft. Billie Joe Armstrong - Wedding Bell Blues

Former Army Green Beret pleads guilty to divulging military secrets to Russia

Walter Shaub: May God have mercy on your souls.

When Michigan Republicans Refused to Certify Votes, It Wasn't Normal

Trump Demands Vaccine Credit for Virus He Spent Almost a Year Denying

"Well, here's a new allegation in the Pennsylvania lawsuit --"


UPDATED Someone tried to doxx Rachel Bitecofer......oops

Emily Murphy is a Trump political hack, protecting Trump

Election challenges put lawyers' credibility on the line

MeidasTouch TV Ad Fund - Win Georgia. Win The Senate.

New from Michigan: Now Wayne County Republicans want to "rescind" their votes to certify election

BTW, Biden's internals were spot on.

Breaking: the U.S. just surpassed a record-shattering *156 million* votes counted...

Enjoy again, Randy, "A Very Stable Genius", 3min 12 seconds, One of the Best..

AZ Gov won't accept election results until lawsuits settled (AZ)

Given the trump precedent, and the high likelihood of fraud, I demand a recount

Trump's Failed Attack Strategy on Election Results: DeJoy, Graham, Rudy, Lawsuits - All Failed.

Seth Meyers - Sen. Lindsey Graham Pressured Georgia Secretary of State to Toss Ballots - 11/17/20

now I lay me down to sleep

'Some nibbling may have occurred': sea otter pictured trying to eat a horn shark

Trump Admin: Set so many fires that Biden will not be able to put them all out

Bored tonight? Make racist 'I'm not wearing a mask' Lyft passengers infamous

How is this happening?

'Unfair': Fmr. GSA Admin. Responds To Delay In Biden Transition All In MSNBC

Trump lawyer thinks some court in Nevada should simply reverse the voting outcome of that state

Giuliani GOES OFF Deep End In Deranged Court Rant

Trump on trial? Why It's not Biden's call. Ari Melber-MSNBC

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham Lead Trump's Coup Attempt: A Closer Look

You can compare the lose of 250,000 people to...

Michigan count update: Biden's margin of victory (154,187), 14x that of DJT 2016 margin

FOX is now lobbying for a normal Mardi Gras during the pandemic

'He was living in his own fantasy': Hear from the attorney going head-to-head with Rudy Giuliani

I've got to see this movie!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree slams haters on Twitter New York Post

About the word..."socialsim" ? The government takes over ..what?

Has anyone noticed odd behavior with the Internet?

An epic loser

FYI: Contact info for Monica Palmer & William Hartmann...Wayne County traitors.

Those clowns from Michigan are back

Got up at 430 AM today to prepare for an 800AM video call with my doctor.

Has anyone listened to the Podcast "bananas"? IT is hilarious

Biden DOJ

Military enlists help to solve eagle mystery at Patuxent runway.

Two MI GOP Election Officials Now Want to 'Rescind' Their Vote Approving Wayne County Results

Who Is Smarter Kim Jong-un Or Kristi Noem South Dakota's Pathetic Governor

"They took her soul": Army did "nothing" for soldier who reported sexual assault, mom says

US Senate seats that Democrats need to win in 2022 and 2024 to maintain majority in 2022 and 2024.

Military enlists help to solve eagle mystery at Patuxent runway.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Demands Vaccine Credit for Virus He Spent Almost a Year Denying

Christmas Story: 'Rockefeller,' Tiny Bird Travels 3 Days W Rockefeller Ctr Xmas Tree To NYC

When do you suppose the GOP will finally back off

SO if you know FLUFFY see how he treats a tRumpie....

ashley mcbryde - first thing i reach for (studio-2020) my favorite new country singer ...

Poles are melting, holes in the sky. Woods are on fire. Scary pollution. The Earth's gonna die.

The Death of the Monolithic Voting Block

'Apricots From Eden', 'Orange and Blue', 'American Mirror'


National-Security Experts Support Total Withdrawal of Trump from U.S.

Franklin County supervisors vote to keep Confederate statue at courthouse

Tweet of the Day

Michigan GOP canvassers under pressure to ignore votes, help Trump

Ivanka Trump obsessed with status, says former friend in tell-all essay

Appeals court declines latest request to stop work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline

A trump speech we can agree with

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/18/20

Nebraska Govenor joins Parler 😬

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: A victory for salmon, two tribes and the Klamath River

Analysis shows surge in Asian, Hispanic voters helped Biden capture Georgia


I tuned in to the World's Biggest Loser and lo and behold there was Donald Trump

How did Tom Cotton run unchallenged by a Democrat this year?

Current movies!

D.C.-area forecast: Cool sunshine today, but it turns milder Friday and Saturday.

BDS Israel boycott group is anti-Semitic, says US

You must know you've lost the election when the Chamber of Commerce comes out and declares that

Democratic 2020 v Republican 2020

A must watch Tarot Card Reading video by Maryann...

It is not Biden's call.... It is up to the DOJ?

GoFundme for homeless veteran Brie d'Ayr (see reference below)

COVID-19 quarantine creates record amounts of trash

157 years Ago Today; Lincoln addresses crowd at cemetery dedication ceremony at Gettysburg

More proof that Lindsey Graham pushed to destroy legal ballots

"It would be the end of democracy as we know it. This is just not a thing that can happen."

2020 Word of the Year...

Apple pie recipes

Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

Report finds Australian troops unlawfully killed 39 Afghans

Two Fish swim into a concrete wall

Robert Reich breaks down how you can help flip the Senate

Breakfast Thursday, November 19, 2020

The country is being held hostage by the criminals in the WH. Is there anything legally we can do

Time to take Rudy's license

A Little Reminder from the First Lady-Elect

The Coward Emily Murphy Is Breaking Down Over Betraying Her Country To Stay Loyal To Trump

It is not over yet.

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint the Following Individuals to Admin. Posts; 11-17-2020

Thursday TOONs - The Blind Following The Blind

Analysis: For Trump, sowing post-election chaos is the goal

Republicans seek to stymie Biden with final Trump nominees

Pres. Obama visits TwinsTheNewTrend!

The 2020 word of the year

Good Morning!

Lawsuit: Tyson managers bet money on how many workers would contract COVID-19

Judge Blocks Trump Policy Using Pandemic As Excuse To Quickly Kick Out Children Seeking Asylum

GSA's Emily Murphy Showed Remarkable Lack of Curiosity' About Foreign Spending at Trump's D.C. Hotel

On November 18, 1978, over nine hundred people died at Jonestown.

"... they are using tactics that we need to figure out, ... we were not expecting these losses.."

'Traitors to the president': Conservatives fear public preparation for Biden term

On November 18, 1909, Johnny Mercer was born.

CEOs abandon Trump

Need a break from politics? Owl Rescued from NYC Christmas Tree

Barack Obama memoir off to record-setting start in sales

Ex-Green Beret who conspired to spy for Russia taught at school linked to Michael Flynn

Trump challenges cement Biden triumph

Rudy is taking his show on the road...

Parler is funded by the Mercers

The Curse of the Buried Treasure

Peanuts fans will get Thanksgiving and Christmas specials on TV after all

We need just $4 to reach $80,000 raised for the GA runoff!

Insane? Believe Nature & The Lancet Aren't "Legitimate" Sources? Put An Ad In The Washington Post!

9.2% Projected Drop In GHG Output From US Economy Offset By Forest Fires; Now It'll Be 6.4% Lower

Heitkamp is wrong for agriculture.

538 "The Cabinet Appointments That Really Matter In The Incoming Biden Administration"

In a way, it's good that the Republicans showed their true intent now with Biden winning.

College-educated white men

Trump's 'long-shot scorched-Earth strategy' to steal the election is doomed to fail: GOP election...

The Dumbest of Coups

Reef Survey - NOAA Estimates Warming, Pollution Have Wiped Out 98% Of FL's Original Coral Cover

U.S. weekly jobless claims total 742,000, vs 710,000 estimate

Slate "Rudy Giuliani Isn't Even Trying to Make Coherent Legal Arguments Anymore"

Trump Challenges Cement Biden's Triumph

Mary Trump: The president 'gaslights himself' & is stuck believing there's no way he could have lost

How a Future President Can Hold the Trump Administration Accountable

Democrats Challenge Pick to Replace Barrett on Seventh Circuit

TPM "Biden Team Conflicted Over Whether To Keep Birx On COVID-19 Response Panel"

White House Admits LOSER tRump Is Intentionally Sabotaging US Foreign Policy So Biden Will Fail

CNN had a woman on last night who was accused of voter fraud

So now the two Wayne county Republicans want to rescind their vote

NZ Marine Heatwave; Oceans Pushing 2C Above Historic Averages After Warmest Winter On Record

White House killed Mental Health bill for Separated Migrant Families

AFTER sunrise, @ the river, looking northwest.

Australian Governments Climate Policies "Simply Embarassing"; Per Capita GHG Output 3x G20 Average

Biden Mounts Lobbying Blitz to Crack GOP Resistance

Trump Claims He Has 'Clear and Viable' Path to Victory

Expecting "The Market" To Solve Climate Disintegration Is Like Trying To Pound Nails With A Saw

Trump Falsely Claims Voter Fraud In Detroit

First time jobless claims unexpectedly jump to 742,000 vs 700,000 expected

Trump and allies have sought to exclude 1 of every 10 votes in key states

Can someone explain the playing field in the Senate?

Most Presidential candidates only lose once, this guy is binging on losing.

Six Counties At Highest Wildfire Risk Were In Top 10% For Population Growth During 2013-2018

Georgia US Senate candidate websites. . .Please Read Carefully

Trump's Schedule for Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Trump campaign wants a recount in two counties...

Captian of the Titanic "Free Ice in Every Room." Trump, "Pieces are very nicely falling into place."

Pompeo visits Israeli settlement in West Bank, breaking with previous US policy

FL GOP Legislative Leadership Make Harrumphing Noises About Dealing With Rising Sea Levels

The Rundown: November 19, 2020

The Supreme Court is running the clock on Trump's election lawsuits, experts say

Art of the Week: Week of 11/18/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 11/18/2020

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey leaves door open for a run for Texas governor

Slate "What Nurses Are Seeing and Hearing in South Dakota"

Kung fu feline fighters show off their epic moves

Biden, Harris to meet with governors, Trump again has no public events

Trump has reportedly given up hopes of overturning battleground defeats and is trying to delay a

Pasco's sheriff uses grades and abuse histories to label schoolchildren potential criminals.

Central Florida hospital to be one of the first to get COVID-19 vaccine

The Memo: Democrats see warning signs beyond 2020

Short follow up on my late night phone call from my 'health care provider'

Florida COVID-19 - Nov 18 update

WaPo - Rudy Giuliani is a mess

In Freezing Darkness & 2 Months Late, Ice Beginning To Reform In Laptev Sea, The "Birthplace Of Ice"

'Crazytown' Cash Floods Georgia

The coronavirus pandemic is driving U.S. greenhouse gas emissions lowest level in three decades

Trump Has Abdicated in the Face of Disaster

The Ohio Republican legislature overhauls gun laws

Since we're talking sweet potatoes ...

Local local local

White House chief of staff 'can't guarantee' U.S. government will avert December shutdown

Guy Uses Drones To Rescue Animals From Disasters

The Mean Season Nears Its End. by Linda Greenhouse

I called my state's Senators (Graham and Tim Scott) and my area's Representative (Timmons) just now.

Amazing Massage Therapists Pets Translated

Guess who contacted the two GOP Wayne County members right before they said they want to rescind???

Rudy Giuliani is a mess - By Robin Givhan

Joe Biden's top Cabinet contenders come into focus

Respect the MAGAs. Wheeze, wheeze...

Don't water Trump's "plant of baloney."

Evening Grosbeak Irruption Year

What the heck is a Pompeo Doctrine that he tweeted about??

Why Trump persists: he really thinks the horse will talk

Trump's Transition-Blocking GSA Boss Finally Tweeted And It Was Weird As Hell

Trump could be indicted on Jan . 21 by SDNY for campaign finance violations & conspiracy.

Floridians -- Call Rubio's office(s) now!!!!!!

Pitties Are Obsessed With Their Grandma

Grosse Pointe Antifa is trending (Michiganders will find this hilarious):

Cnn saying Trump has a presser today


Check here to see what your covid risk is, by county:

YOU raised $5,625.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-18-20

"It means absolutely nothing" - the Wayne County Repug assholes' affidavits to rescind their votes

Now 16 days after the election and Covid-19 spiking ...


12 million Americans set to lose unemployment benefits the day after Christmas

It's A Lifetime Ago ...

Brad Raffensperger's wife got these texts on her cell this week:

Sex, Lies, And Regret: Giancarlo Granda Reels From Eight Years With The Falwells

I've got some bad news

Wayne County & the Electric Chairs

Trump, "TO MAKE PROPLE BETTER" ... 62 days left in this shit show

BREAKING: Trump campaign drops its last remaining Michigan lawsuit and claim they won......

The white privilege afforded trump and his "feelings" is costing ALOT of lives.

GOP Sen After Trump Fires DHS Official: 'I Don't Even Know What's Normal Anymore'

The Left Ruined The Election

Look at what they SAY, not at what they DO.

Trump Reached Out To GOP Canvassers Before They Flip-Flopped On Wayne County Ballots

Asteroid the size of a London bus misses the Earth by just 240 miles on Friday the 13th

Rudy strikes again...

Emily Murphy's first (I KID YOU NOT) Tweet on GSA hold-up

White House Coronavirus Task Force Says Missouri Needs To Do More To Curb 'Unrelenting' Spread

A Second Official Tells CNN ...

At this point, this is where I am focused

"Trump appoints speechwriter fired for attending conference with white nationalists to commission

Trump campaign pulls Michigan lawsuit after Wayne County certifies votes

IMHO, this chaos in America won't end until a year or two after Trump passes away

4123 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 19 deaths

Trump reached out to GOP Wayne County canvassers who are now looking to reverse decision

Writ of Mandamus

A mess

MI case was where the GOP promised "shocking" allegations about the Detroit ballot-counting

How Georgia Turned Blue

More fucking proof that irony is dead from the LOCK HER UP crowd.

The president's guys

Donald Trump called Monica Palmer after Wayne County Board of Canvassers meeting

Weaponized information, a new term for me

WP: Michigan county official who wants to rescind her vote to certify election results says she

Aminal kingdom reacts to Trump losing/ refusing to acknowledge Biden

@LindseyGrahamSC had a sad hissyfit this morning on TV for all the world to see and hear...

Anti-Abortion Groups Weren't Allowed To Paint 'Black Pre-Born Lives Matter' On A D.C. Street. ...

Cohen emerged with chilling stories about what it's like in prison for a Trump turncoat.

Campaign asks Pennsylvania court to declare Trump winner

More corruption : Perdue began buying up stock in a company that made submarine parts - Read on

Peepaw LOSER tRump asks judge to declare him winner in Pennsylvania despite trailing by 80,000 votes

How do we protect our Democracy?

Yet another of President Trump's lawyers has gotten permission to leave his Pennsylvania lawsuit.

Greece's archbishop hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms

Ok this is getting absurd. When will we stop

On this date in 1863.

The full audio of Giuliani's appearance in federal court in Williamsport, Pa., on Tuesday is online

Trump seeking to excude 1 of every 10 votes in key states

My one wish is that the Democratic Party find out

Charles Koch just dropped over $850k to support David Perdue

Suck it up, snowflake.

"Combative Cuomo shouts at reporters during tense press conference."

*Update* on my Dad

"We think the economy is strong because Trump didn't go along with a deal"

Tommy Dorsey was born on this date.

"It's as if you're playing chess and your opponent lets off a whoopie cushion..."

Huh - Didn't know that- California Named for a Griffin-Riding Black Warrior Queen

White House nixed deal to pay for mental health care for separated families

Trump campaign drops remaining lawsuit in Michigan

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro: No, Rudy is not smarter than folks give him credit for.

My run-in with a maskless idiot at the grocery store

Oxford team "delighted" as trials show COVID vaccine works well in older adults.......

U.S. investigators were told to take 'no further action' on Caterpillar, ex-client of William Barr

Eric Boehlert: Biden White House should give Fox News the boot

German parliament probes harassment during virus vote

TRUMP: 20,000 dead people on the Pennsylvania voters roll and many thousands all over the Country.

Corgi bliss

HUGE pizza rat!

Chris Murphy: Trump's vaccine distribution team has not and will not brief Biden's team

Sometimes the signs are obvious.

Barack Obama Surprises A Couple Of You Tube Personalities...Also Bob Dylan Song Reaction.

This governor is playing politics while Covid-19 burns through her state

Senator Brown mask protocol cartoon

Dr. Feigl-Ding: CDC is soon holding its first press conference since the start of the pandemic.

Thumbs down

Obama with two young, black YouTube stars

anyone keeping track on the latest scoreboard of orange asshole's record with court challenges?

Disturbing new details in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Wisconsin issues recount order sought by Trump in 2 counties

Aw Geez, PG Sittenfeld, Dem who was a possible candidate for higher office is arrested

Ex-Secret Service agents ponder how to drag Trump from the White House if he refuses to leave

NYT "When Will We Throw Our Masks Away? I Asked Dr. Fauci"

Struggling Retailers Rack Up $52 Billion in Missed Rent

I'm A Little Concerned ...

Perfect summation of ALL trump/GOP lawsuits. For the non-lawyers

21 Years Ago Today; The Texas A&M Aggie Bonfire collapses killing 12

How right-wing extremists have infiltrated German security forces - PBS NewsHour

Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe

Racist bigot Kelly Loeffler's racist bigot Press Secretary, Caitlin O'Dea

Your Honor, Please Throw Out All Black Peoples Votes.


Hat tip to Rep. Barbra Lee.

Trump Lawyer (Lin Wood) claims he won 400 Electoral Votes (per OAN)

Virginia AG has BLOCKED a massive gun show from operating at full capacity

On His Way Out, Donald Trump Wants To Break The World

Teen Kyle Rittenhouse used coronavirus stimulus money to buy rifle used in Wisconsin shooting

Trump Team Promises Hospital Beds Without Moving to Slow Virus

What new allegations will Trump and his people make in a few minutes:

Army to review discharges for soldiers kicked out for suicide attempts and sexual assault trauma

Ben Carson says he used unproven COVID-19 treatment recommended by MyPillow CEO

Michigan GOP flying in to meet Trump tomorrow

Trump Pennsylvania Suit Now Suggests Republican Legislature Pick Winner

Oh goody. Junior is going to "get involved in the Georgia runoffs" to polish his 2024 creds.

Maybe The 1% Could Use Some Of Their $50 Trillion Help Out Some Folks Suffering From Covid

Serious question

Rudy is laying it all out there-only on Fox

89X says goodbye to alt-rock after 30 years, shifts to 'pure country'

For Post #33,333 a little story

Your Reminder That When ...

Scenes from Isolation

4 pm ET: WH Coronavirus Task Force; Biden & VP-elect Harris will meet virtually with the National G

And again...

Corvette C7 -- GM Wins Design Flaw Lawsuit, Court Rules Not Defect in Material or Workmanship

Silent majority

Trump supporting terrorists plotted public executions of Michigan elected officials.

Giuliani Plans News Conference for Trump's Bid to Undo Election

President Obama Book well on the way to becoming a best seller...

CDC Advises No Travel for Thanksgiving

Rudy is on Fox now lying about the court cases

The Democratic Georgia Senate candidates need to hammer that

"That's what the 'j' stands for!"

Iran Aims for Naval Presence Beyond Persian Gulf With New Ship

Rudy: "If you take out Wayne County," Trump wins Michigan

OMG, Rudy's "hair color" is running down his head at his press conference!!! LOL 😂

Another Trump Lawyer Withdraws from Lawsuit

The shit show is getting harder and harder to keep up with

Romney says consequences of lame duck period are 'potentially more severe' than delayed transition

They had to lock up the hand sanitizer in the court house restroom to keep Giuliani from drinking it

Top GOP Michigan Lawmakers to Meet with Trump

With Senate Control Hanging in Balance, 'Crazytown' Cash Floods Georgia

Germany Marks 75th Anniversary of Landmark Nuremberg Trials, WW2

A server filmed a viral video of Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts maskless. Then she was fired.

Is getting a last ride on Marine-1 a courtesy extended by the incoming President?

A childhood friend of Ivanka Trump's wrote a tell-all essay in an effort to stop her from reentering

AOC: To get the virus under control, we need to pay people to stay home.

Kitten sees her reflection in the mirror for the first time

Fox News is running an UNHINGED presser with Rudy and Trump lawyers

Lindsey Graham Fires Back at Progressives Calling for His Resignation, 'I'm Going to Bury Your Agend

This is probably a dumb question, but when Trump lies so much to the point of ruining our counrtry

Dashcam video provides details of fatal law enforcement shooting of two Florida teens

Well I went smilin' but I came out feeling down

The Republican Party has aided and abetted a mass murderer

Trump Press Secy Can't Stop Humiliating Herself

Lindsey Graham Suggests Biden Votes Be Thrown in Trash

Pompeo visits Israeli settlement in West Bank, prompting outrage from Palestinians who say he is 'tr

Newsmax host calls for a new MAGA party to overthrow and replace GOP. - "A party of ideas."

An NYT OpEd that says what I'm thinking.

A president, a criminal, a rapist, and a traitor walk into a bar...

'Up is down, down is up': Trump did Russia's job for it by firing Chris Krebs

Giuliani: Y'all ever see My Cousin Vinny?

Rudy is in a press conference yelling at the press

Ha ha! Nice try Rudy G. & Trump's liars!

Dolly Parton helped fund Moderna's vaccine - it started with a friendship in 2013

The GOP's Murder-Suicide Pact

The only thing that can stop Trump's coup is Republicans, right?

Bedbugs infest TN state legislature office building

Wow, Rudy just asked a reporter what "fake" news network she works for

Trump Campaign News Conference on Legal Challenges

Top Michigan GOP state lawmakers set to visit White House tomorrow amid election fight

23,000 18 year olds in Georgia will be eligible to vote in the January special election if they regi

Trump mounts all-out assault on election result in Michigan, Flying in MI state lawmakers to meet

Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell encouraged Pro-Trump militias to retake the country at the presser

FYI: Brianna Keilar is on a tear, ripping Giuliani to shreds.

Lawsuit: Tyson managers bet money on how many workers would contract COVID-19

Michigan Malitia Plan B: Stage a week-long series of televised executions of public officials.

I can't believe I missed this:

Eight lessons of election week 2020 in Iowa

Bolsonaro Completes 10 Days without Recognizing Biden as President-Elect of the USA

After watching Rudy Giuliani, all I can say is, "bring on Harry 'the Hipster' Gibson"!

Brazil Does Not Have Deep Freezers that Could Store Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine

When EVERYTHING you are doing FAILS then (RUDY)

Rev Warnock: Kelly is fighting for Kelly. I'm fighting for all of us.

Arecibo is getting decommissioned

Former Olympic figure skater Surya Bonaly landing backflips on one skate.

US Navy organizing a new Fleet covering the Indian and Pacific oceans

US Navy organizing a new Fleet covering the Indian and Pacific oceans

We are watching the looting of our democracy. What is being done to stop it?

trump just can't accept it. He was told the fix is in.

Make Orwell fiction again!

Pat Robertson prays for Satan to stop making people believe Joe Biden won the election

Rev Warnock: This is what happens when we don't expand Medicaid in rural Georgia.

Arizona secretary of state releases must-read statement in response to right-wing threats

Kelly Stafford Struggles Living in 'Dictatorship That We Call Michigan'

I am actually getting nervous

US names first ambassador in decade to Venezuela amid tensions

US names first ambassador in decade to Venezuela amid tensions

County Republican canvassers can't rescind their votes to certify election, says Secretary of State

Trump wants to quietly rehire white supremacist to preserve 'America's heritage'

Rudy Giuliani has finally worked out Biden's evil commie plot with Venezuela and he's going to right

Rudy said there was a witness that saw 100,000 ballots, all of them for Joe Biden.

"Qanon" is Propaganda, and we know who's responsible

Subverting an election is a felony

Arizona secretary of state releases must-read statement in response to right-wing threats

Josh Hawley uses sister's address to vote

Rudy Giuliani has finally worked out Biden's evil commie plot with Venezuela and he's going to right

Mayor Durkan chooses to repair rather than replace West Seattle Bridge

There's only been ONE republican to win Popular Vote for President in an election in 21st century

Eyman trial halted; family member of AG staffer falls ill

Fake candidate in FL Senate race in Miami has retained legal counsel as investigation underway


CDC recommends against Thanksgiving travel amid surge of coronavirus cases

Michigtan Gop lawmakers to meet with tRump in D.C. tomorrow.

Just signed up for this online Election law webinar....starting in a few minutes

Canadian households and businesses sitting on $170 billion excess cash hoard: CIBC

It is time to impeach the asshole in the WH again.

Cartoons 11/19/2020

Oklahoma City Mayor Holt - The third wave has arrived.

Democratic lawmakers ask Inslee to lift ban on indoor dining

The 'face' of Trump's defense team

Enough With the Transition Obstruction: Biden Should Seek Mandamus to Compel Certification.

Four years ago we knew we were in for a shit show. I couldn't have predicted how bad it would be

EXCLUSIVE: New Delays In Final Stage Of Census Could Foil Trump's Plan To Rig It

Really Good Pt.1 Prs Obama Interview w Terri Gross 👍

Does anyone here fear that if we put everything we have into successfully electing

Here's what happened when Giuliani made his first appearance in federal court in nearly three years

Maryland man charged with threatening to kidnap, torture and murder Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Famed Arecibo telescope, on the brink of collapse, will be dismantled

Biden's on the phone with 10 Governors. 5 D's, 5 R's

Fox's Kristin Fisher: "So much of what Giuliani said was simply not true"

The refusal to concede is 'all about Donald Trump's political power with the base': Carly Fiorina

A suggestion for the House and Senate:


Trump to meet with MI election officials. Isn't this illegal?

On one hand, I think Biden's team is right to not get involved

What will Trump's presidential library look like? What will be in it?

NYC mayor: Indoor dining, gyms likely to close in "next week or two"

Rudy Giuliani Just Floated His Wildest Election Conspiracy Yet

Czech president says Trump should quit after election loss and 'not be embarrassing'

France's Macron Issues 'Republican Values' Ultimatum To Muslim Leaders

Lawyers now on @newsmax, @OANN & maybe @FoxNews...

No-party candidate in Florida Senate race hires lawyer, says he doesn't live in district

Picture Of The Day

What's that, you say? Zombie Hugo Chavez interfered with our election and got Joe Biden elected?

Unemployment Is Rising. COVID-19 Cases Are Spiking. And the Senate Just Went on Vacation.

Well, looks like we have another superspreader event in Tulsa

Mayo Clinic: 905 staff diagnosed with COVID in past 2 weeks

Chewbacca comforting this young lady who is fighting cancer is the Twitter content I needed today...

Pres Obama is on Fresh Air radio show speaking about his newest book.

Trump to execute three federal inmates before Biden, who is against death penalty, takes office

Trump May Need to Be Impeached and Removed Before Inauguration Day

Good article to calm my nerves

New Delays In Final Stage Of Census Could Foil Trump's Plan To Rig It

Early Voting For Georgia Run Off Election Starts Dec 14, Vote Early & In Person If You Can

Union Safety training today I wore my satan 2020 ball cap

If Trump offered something to the MI cheaters isn't that a bribe?

Donald J. Trump, Inc.?

Enjoy .... Helpless Hoping by SYA

State certification deadlines

See this as an opportunity

Anti-Masker Arrested

Sarah Cooper: Woo hoo, we've reached "extraordinarily discouraged"!

New York City schools close as coronavirus cases climb (CNN)

Colechester Zoo of Colchester, Essex, UK has a smile for us

I just heard Israel named a wine after Mike Pompeo

Michigan certified today. Georgia will certify tomorrow...

Missouri Health Director Says Chance Of Catching Coronavirus Reaches All-Time High

About Trump's summoning of those Michigan Republicans,

It tweeted

Trump seems determined to screw up our nation as much as possible before he leaves office.

"We've got to do the deep work of explaining the utility and the effectiveness of the US Senate,"

Julian Assange convo with Don jr in 2016 / Trump vs Hillary

By the time it's all said and done... Biden will break 80,000,000 votes. He will defeat Trump by 6,00

Today's Bizarro is pretty much bang on for 2020.

I quit drinking when the election was called for Biden

Trump tweeted "we won"?

A 2 term NYC mayor says a reality TV host was cheated from 4 more years as US president by a dead...

IMHO: If Frump accused Biden of felonies in the election, Biden should sue him personally. Slander.

Trump Doing Nothing: 'He's Not A Wartime President, He's A Tee-Time President'

Just off a conference call with Trump Administration vaccine distribution team. They confirmed that

CNN: Great video of Brianna Keilar about nutty Guiliani tv claims and court bungling

Keilar explains why CNN didn't air Giuliani's 'bananas' briefing

@chrislhayes We should be clear about what's happening here. For two weeks, people like @senatemajld

How about an "All laws must have teeth" law?

ICU nurse describes the change she felt after talking to Joe Biden (CNN)

The US is failing the pandemic because Republican elected leaders won't have to face any backlash

Mandy Patinkin: We can still flip the senate! Every living soul in GA should know about these dates.

Carol Burnett puts variety, and music, back in her show (65 restored episodes)

Pence Had His FLY, Rudy Has His Dye...

MI - livestream of state legislature hearing

Biden coming up shortly n/t

trump/GOP just lost their *30th* case! Case in Arizona to expand audit was DISMISSED

Rudy and his leaking hair dye!

Any suggestions for FREE chess game software for Windows 10? Can play solo against computer.

Newsmax really is worse than Fox

Leaked White House docs reveal officials know the country is failing to manage the virus: report

Joe is live! @KamalaHarris and I just met with the @NatlGovsAssoc to discuss how we'll work together

loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser loser

Veterinarian creativity and compassion helps a dog eat

WH staffers worried Rudy will destroy Trump's legacy. Not the onion.

Trump's election power play: Persuade Rep. legislators to do what US voters did not

NEW - CNN reporting that trump has admitted, privately, that he lost

BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump admitted in private that he lost--CNN

President elect Biden and VP Harris Speak After Meeting with National Governors Association


🚨BREAKING: Arizona court DISMISSES lawsuit filed by the AZ Rep. Party to expand audit

New book: "Warped Narratives: Distortion in the Framing of Gun Policy"

Oh, ffs, will this never end? Lara Trump wants to run for the Senate in NC

I GOT DRUNK....FOR SCIENCE Ft. Longmire Co-Star Adam Bartley (Katie Sackoff)

Rudy, if the white coats escort you to the white van, it is the lead trump train.

Apple will pay $113 million to settle a 'batterygate' investigation into its practice of ...

If the Senate is tied 50-50, and VP Harris has the casting vote,

Great Giuliani lawyer joke

Joe is really promoting Kamala

"GOP legislatures in MI/WI/PA damaged the democratic process by not allowing election officials to

Joe is gone with Prime Time Again

Biden said he and VP-elect Harris have already made a pick for Treasury Secretary and they plan to a

Does anyone have a link to a compilation of bogus lawsuits tRump has lost?

HD150 Rep Valoree Swanson In A Race For Worst Legislator Of The 87th

Kristi Noem rigidly follows Trump strategy of denial as Covid ravages South Dakota

I thought this was Joe's presser

Luckovich - Good News!

tЯump pushes new environmental rollbacks on way out the door

It's a cancer. Can we defeat it without sacrificing the First Amendment? I think so... here's how:

***pence talking now on task force presser***

Last Saturday, Rudy was claiming vote fraud.....

NOW - Live Tweeting of case in GA to attempt to stop certification. (plaintiff is a joke)

Everybody: read Obama's memoir. This is a *great* book!

Steve Vladeck: "'s complicity."

When Lou Dobbs and likeminded people say

Shithead is on cnbc lying his ass off.

Trump invites Michigan Republican leaders to meet him at White House

"Hang on, I'm on my way," Biden says to @Yamiche, who asked him his message for immigrants who came

Biden's meeting w/the Governors that he touted in his press conference today wasn't just productive

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 20 November 2020

Is this a joke? Dr Ben 'Mudd' Carson got his COVID treatments from the My Pillow guy.

I Think Trump Wants To Cause Trouble In Michigan Because

I just called that Emily W Murphy lady who won't sign the transition paperwork.

🚨BREAKING: Pennsylvania Court REJECTS Trump's appeal of the Bucks County Board of Elections decision

Key to Understanding Trump's Appeal to His Base

John Oliver: The way conservative are using segment on voting machines is horseshit.

Happening now: Manhunt for "possibly armed" subject underway near St. John's University

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 19, 2020

Some examples of EU countries that made a U-turn. Quickly. It can be done. It can be done. It can be

Imagine the relief for Schumer & Pelosi heading to Delaware to meet with Pres Biden!

BREAKING: President-elect Biden has not ruled out legal action against the GSA.

MSNBC: Trump allies preparing to end fight when Electoral College meets in December

Biden is meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tomorrow in Wilmington, Delaware.

Donald Trump should be censured immediately.

Olbermann Nov. 19, 2020

Once again, Rudy goes unhinged.

Your Guide to China's Chang'e-5 Moon Mission

Ethics complaints target Loeffler after she solicited donations in US Capitol

Georgia SOS: "No doubt Biden won" - certification tomorrow - link

Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier

"Best States for Concealed Carry (2020)"

Mike Pence is trying his best to thread the needle and I find it hilarious.

BREAKING: @GavinNewsom issues statewide California curfew.

This is why Putin wanted trump to win

Trump's election power play: Persuade Republican legislators to do what U.S. voters did not

California goes on night-time curfew ( purple counties ) re: Gavin Newsom tweet

I don't think I'm a good prepper

Rep. Fred Upton, a senior Michigan Republican, told me it's time for Trump to concede

Giuliani, flailing, says Venezuela, Clinton and Soros hatched 'centralized plan' to steal election f

"This tweet needs to be remembered, it's not Trump. It's the whole GOP."

Just dropped a note to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to let them know ANY

Rudy roasted for hair dye mishap

Slate "Lindsey Graham's Alleged Attempt to Toss Georgia Ballots Is Felony Election Fraud"

Blaire Erskine: Kelly Stafford says she's "so tired of living in a dictatorship"

Wolf blitzer just called us The World's Greatest Democracy

F__K Xmas

2 more years for Pelosi

And then there are those who refuse to follow the CDC's guidelines for Thanksgiving restrictions

BREAKING!! 1-32! GA Emergency Motion to stop certification DENIED!! (Judge was appointed by trump!)

Didn't think I would be pulling this out again until 2024

Listen to the reporters scream at Pence when he leaves without taking questions:

In the midst of all this Democracy B like

Update: Good news! Tests on my family are neg. Thanks for all the DU love and support.

Judge Grimberg DENIES a federal injunction in a Georgia election lawsuit.

How did the press conference go, Rudy?

Can we make use of this moment in trumpian derangement?

Difficult Times Require Innovative Business Models

What's your guess on the Treasury Secretary?

One thing that worries me about Biden

"Most irresponsible president in American history"

Scumbags, place your bets.

Watching Ari Melber with clips of Rudy.

Arizona Judge Throws Out Republican Party Attempt to Delay Certification of Vote in Maricopa County

Elon Musk Contacted a Harvard Doctor. The Response Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence

Televised executions of public officials

Trump-Appointed Judge Rejects Lin Wood's 'Creative' Election Lawsuit in Georgia

Never Can Say Goodbye -- Jackson 5 🆚 Gloria Gaynor 🆚 Communards

California inmate fought wildfires, now faces deportation

SNL is going to have a field day

California imposes overnight curfew to stem coronavirus

Pennsylvania Judge Accused of Repeatedly Making Racist Remarks from Bench Resigns on Eve of Miscondu

'Smokey Joe's Cafe' By: The Robins

Bye Ivanka

Nikki Haley gets roasted by AOC


Leaders - The Lincoln Project

Tasting History

'It's Time for the State Bars to Come Get Their People': Lawyers Eviscerate Trump Campaign's 'Nonsen

"When are we going to hear for you to tell these people to shut the hell up"

Fed, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin at odds over letting emergency lending programs expire

Remember when 100,000 deaths were an "incalculable" loss?

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 35

trump's last great hope to keep Georgia from certifying went up in flames about an hour ago

Michael Steele: "The only way Trump gets to 270...

Meanwhile U S is paying a yuuuge Trump tax as we approach 2,000 deaths today

"Kelly Loeffler gets middle Georgia." --introduction at rally. Note: this where Kelly Loeffler lives.

Donald Trump Will Try To Convince State Republicans to Change Electoral College Rules to Win: Report

Reach across the aisle, you say? Sure. Let's start with election reform.

Election certification can progress after judge tosses Arizona GOP lawsuit

As you're aware, I'm not someone who's worried about voting machines... for the win on Facebook, today.