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Another call for someone to post the Wednesday TCM schedule on an ongoing basis

This poster is spot ON!--! Y Trumpy looks so stressed and sad! The struggle is real!

...if people wanted to get their ballots in, they should have gotten their ballots in long before...

COVID-19 in Florida: State close to topping 17,000 deaths as Fauci gives grim warning

So trump supporters shut down the Tappan zee bridge

The 10 Best Hand-Held Dishes to Eat While in Line for Early Voting in NYC

Murphy stumps for Atlantic Democrats with about 50 hours left in race

The only political subject trending on Twitter now is...

'Our map has expanded' in final days of the race: Biden campaign senior adviser

Dan Rather: Can you even begin to imagine what would happen if these caravans...

It's not "like" fascism. It's fascism.

CO-03: Congressional District candidates are neck in neck in the final days

Oh the humanity! Structure holding U.S. flag at Trump rally collapses.

While the MAGAts terrorize and block traffic:

Freedom, justice, and equality "by any means necessary."

*"A Little Late with Lilly Singh" has been renewed for a second season at NBC,

CA-25: LA Time endorses Democrat Christy Smith for Congress

WashPost: The October surprise that wasn't

Tonight at 10: you KNOW you want to watch.....

Special Sunday edtion (100 cringeworthiest tRump moments)

Good Article from a Good Blog

Anyone else mildly nervous that DU may be sabotaged again like in 2016?

New Special Sunday video (100 cringeworthiest tRump moments)

Another metaphor: structure holding American flag collapses as drumpf speaks in NC

Please share for correct voting information and resources for all states.

Kamala: I met Shaiyla when I was overseas in Afghanistan, spending time with our service members.


"Scoop: Trump's plan to declare premature victory" by Jonathan Swan

Pennsylvaina AG: FACT CHECK: Our elections are over when all the votes are counted... try us.

Obama to campaign with Harris tomorrow in GA.

If Joe Biden Wins, left-wing fascists will ban traditional musculinity...

Now that the Right has the SCOTUS, why do they need Trump?

Bwahahaha...reporter from Reuters thinks Brent Terhune is really a Trump supporter.

Number 5...... For DU's Vietnam Veterans

Oops. Raw Story thinks Brent Terhune is for real

Donald Trump Is A Down-Ballot Burden -- Even In Districts He Won

Graham officials, organizers tell different stories

I just got an idea how to cut Trump off at the knees:

reality tv star commits suicide in public

I can't believe we had to wait four years to get rid of this lawless asshole.

a shame I can't seem to post an image here

Lawsuit filed against Tennessee Secretary of State and Coordinator of Elections

Impeached leader of the republican party yelling out loud he wants to steal the election

My party is destroying itself on the altar of Trump

I think Trump's threats to challenge the election are all fake.

Anyone catch the "Trump/Putin" campaign sign on The Simpsons?

On a completely different note

Alleged Michigan plotters attended multiple anti-lockdown protests, photos and videos show

Trump & Biden Make Their campaign "Closing Arguments." What does the "Circumstantial Evidence" Show?

Van Drew spent almost $30k on Washington eateries, sometimes on days he skipped COVID meetings


Final YouGov/CCES state Poll: Biden +2 in FL, +1 in GA, +4 in NC, +8 in PA, -1 in TX

Who the heck is the trump rally dj or who chooses the playlist?

43 hours and 42 minutes until nov 3rd 4pm ET

Israel's Netanyahu praises Trump policies ahead of election

General strike

Karmic stuff happening in Hickory, North Carolina y'all

This Is Our Joe Biden

If you're on Twitter, please report this tweet for suppressing/intimidating voting

Two Economic Plans compared by Moody's Analytics

Did Lindsey Graham learn about young women from Borat's

The Mess Created By Trump Will Be with Us for Years

3 Ways to Feel Better Right Now

Why don't we have election observer from the UN or

Kamala: So grateful that @AliciaKeys joined me on the campaign trail in Arizona.

Besides DU, what's one website to monitor to know what's really happening in the elections

One thing left to say today

Did you see what Okie State pulled on Dicker the Kicker yesterday?

Nicole Wallace

Rudy Giuliani FREAKS As Fox Interview Goes Off Rails

Georgia rally moved to Zoom after pro-Trump 'militia' threatened Democratic event

I just want to say

Trump Team Plays Theme To Movie 'Titanic' At 11th Hour Rally

'If Pennsylvania goes, so will go the country'

My party is destroying itself on the altar of Trump

Donald Trump Jr is crying. The comedown is brutal. They say...

CNN public editor: Television journalism will remain broken post-Trump

'If Pennsylvania goes, so will go the country'

What May Keep Warren, Sanders Out of Biden Cabinet

Atlantic City casinos to Gov. Murphy: 'We need conventions'

Trump's lawyers

Just passed down my lever action 30/30 to my grandson.

What is happening?

This man foresaw Trump: "Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never

Children In Cages

We know the rethugs are anti union, except maybe the police unions

has any polling ever held so steady? Info from my three weeks of tracking the polls

No need to watch the returns Tuesday, this is how it'll go down.

Shock: Trump winning in California and New York

If Repubs are so enthusiastic, why haven't they been flooding EV???

TPM polling video podcast "We Can't Believe We Have to Say This, But You Win an Election by Being

Republicans Rain on Murphy's Morris Parade

Last Witness to President Abraham Lincoln Assassination I've Got A Secret

Checking in with the group

When Sean hannity Cuts you off, you know ya a bad poller (Trafalgar polling)

Doturd's commercials are getting MORE RIDICULOUS by the hour...

Trump supporters block traffic in New York and New Jersey

Makeup artist Yuya Mika transforms herself into Johnny Depp

All I'm Saying Is ...

Rachel, Joy and Nicolle Are Having A Blast On MSNBC Tonight

Science Fact

"Did Donald Trump do anything with the power of the government to solve the probem?

"I'm Donald Trump and I approved this message" vs. "I'm Joe Biden and I approved this message."

Texas Factory of Conservative Legislation May Be At Risk As Generation of GOP Dominance Shakes

Florida Man: Heckler Owned - Steve Hofstetter (GOP Heckler)

The Trump's last Christmas message

Hear by B. Williams new order from Judge Sullivan, **

Biden works to push Black turnout in campaign's final days

Trump Had Such Incredible Foresight

I am happy Trump is acting like an insane weenie

Spot The Difference

Judge orders USPS to reinforce 'extraordinary measures' ballot policy

I hate to say this, and please don't think I'm a whimp...but

The White House on lockdown

Bunker Don's freaked. He's building new barriers around the White House, Ellipse, Lafayette Square

Trump says he's sending in his lawyers as soon as the election ends to review swing state votes

More bad news for trump. Stocks did way better under Obama

The coolest Halloween light show

'Trump Train' Ambush of TX Biden Campaign Bus: 'This Is How A Democracy Dies' 3rd Reich Historian

Size of Biden's Electoral Vote tally, after all the dust has settled

Bye bye job on reddit for a con sign stealer. He seems nice.

Trump job interview

Trump tweet on Texas bus incident: In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong.

Positively shocking: Trump's boasts of help from Sean Connery fall apart

this is what happened as they headed back to Air Force One after covering Trump's 4th rally of the d

El Paso County is having to set up a fourth mobile morgue at the medical examiner's office

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats the Democrats are gonna win in 2020.

Seems like it's very convenient for the Trump team to create the optics of chaos where there is none

You might smile

This is the type of voter Im really worried about

List of the ways that GOP lawmakers and election officials have needlessly made it harder to vote

Huge Trump car caravan disrupted some voters in Temecula, authorities say

Kamala: You asked, I answered.

AOC: We made 2.6 million calls into Texas. *Today.*

GOP election lawyer. The world should be ashamed of my party's voter suppression tactics

My cat is smart.

#CNN #News Road to 270: Polls show Trump leading in only 2 battleground states

In 1989, Race-Baiting Donald Trump

How Cute!

Wouldn't Trump supporter blockades on Tuesday hurt Trump?

How many fences around the WH does one need

Made Ya Look

Australia records zero Covid-19 cases for first time in five months

Have you guys heard Jackie Greene? Fuckin awesome...This JAm will make you feel Better I promise

Another group has joined the lawsuit on Drive Through Voting in Harris County

Trump decries FBI probe of supporters surrounding Biden bus

Perry took campaign donation from Georgia Republican who backed QAnon, made Islamophobic remarks

I have come to believe in American democracy with an almost religious faith." @HC_Richardson

Do you think Biden will win Arizona?

More violent Trump supporters in Topeka, KS and Richmond, VA

Kornacki pointed out something about Texas

Warning: Watching this clip will kill off a couple of your brain cells

sststrstrastrange typing

Advice from Lawrence Tribe...

Pharmacological problem indeed; *EDITED

Testimonies to Susan B. Anthony - CBS Sunday Morning

Black leaders discuss unrest, path to economic recovery for Philly

How to Keep the Lights On in Democracies: An Open Letter of Concern by Scholars of Authoritarianism

Are you a victim of The Purge?

Winds Sunday night and Monday

Wow lots of calls to Texas voters

The 25th/ Thanks to Speaker Pelosi for doing every last thing she is allowed.

Any reasonable, sane, patriotic voter watching the highway blockages, and bridge blockages

The 25th/ Thanks to Speaker Pelosi for doing every last thing she is allowed.

The fascism of religion Mike Malloy

Funny how law enforcement has not pepper sprayed any of the Trumpers blocking highways,

Protests Won't Be Enough to Stop a Coup

"Every one of the lawyers who Trump uses in effort to suppress the vote should be exposed."

How Stacy Abrams convinced Biden to take Georgia--and her--seriously

Steve's last lesson. (my youngest son's death)

The least messy path to 270?

Do you have any crazies you know who believe COVID is an attempt to inject some sort of mind control

Brian Stelter & Oliver Darcy: The Fox factor

Dad Outsmarts Daughter

Eliazar Cisneros is the guy in the black truck that rammed the Biden escort vehicle.

Hey donald: where's my vaccine?

Let's not get trapped in the "expectations game"...

*Moonstruck coming up on Showtime, 12:30.

Trump fans block bridges and roads.........

I was just cleaning up some old files on my computer...

The Biden team has legions of lawyers

Iowa Democrats Expand Statehouse Map With Last-Minute Spending

US on the brink of election violence 'they have not faced in living memory': international experts

State, counties prepare to keep Pa. polling places safe amid fears of militia, hate groups

Less than 24 hours till November 3rd.

"After I left Donald Trump's rally in North Carolina, I walked a mile alongside his supporters"

One day post blue moon! November 1, 2020.

John Oliver tonight gave a history and background of Bill Barr, and it was alarming. Essentially

Democrats have control of the Pa. state House within their reach

Trump just promised to fire Fauci.

If it wasn't clear to you before, it should be by now.

Video Shows Donald Trump Jr. Urging Supporters To Harass Kamala Harris In Texas...

"No adult has ever looked more like three kids stacked in a trench coat than this."

Voted early last week. Now in an undisclosed location.

Lady Gaga will perform at final Biden campaign event in Pittsburgh tomorrow

Trump fantasizes about punching Biden & glorifies mob violence at FL rally


ACLU has filed in the Harris County drive through voting case in federal court

Covid: White House accuses top scientist Fauci of 'playing politics'

False video of Joe Biden viewed 1 million times on Twitter

Was this Trump's plan all along?

The Shop: Uninterrupted. Lebron s interview with Obama

Trump's people remind me of the movie Purge.

Oregon voters to decide on decriminalizing heroin, cocaine and LSD

How Falwell Kept His Grip on Liberty Amid Sexual 'Games,' Self-Dealing

Kitty Kat thinks about murder all day long...

Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale

Speaker Pelosi reveals the plan for investigating Trump's abuses of power

we got it

Quack Dr. Atlas pretends he "was unaware" RT was foreign agent when he did interview

Peters Township School District investigates allegations of marching band members wearing blackface


Federal authorities expected to erect 'non-scalable' fence around White House

Supreme Court changes fuel moves to protect abortion access

Walt Disney World "bloodbath" - layoffs slash entertainment, leaving big shows in limbo.

I swear to God

'his campaign has not made its way into southern Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia much.'

Hate crime against Black couple jolts beach town known for tolerance

Trump revives 'The Snake' reading at North Carolina rally.

Amicus brief in opposition to Hotze lawsuit seeking to disqualify Harris County votes

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are going to be winning in 2020.

C'mon Texas , Texas c'mon

Looks like Trump stranded supporters in Rome, GA tonight

Is student loan discharge in bankruptcy now within reach?

Black firefighters' union sues over Trump endorsement

Trump says he's 'going in with our lawyers' as soon as the election is over

One Simple Reform to Turn Law Enforcement Around:

Joe Biden looks Presidential Donald Trump looks weak and cries like a baby

Trump Funneling Millions To HIMSELF

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Trump & the Coronavirus

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - William Barr

Brazilian armed forces conduct unprecedented military exercises amid US threats to Venezuela

AOC Calls Caravan of Trump Supporters on NYC Bridge a 'Pileup of Chumps'

so the crowd wants trump to fire the man

Trump Followers remind me

Police respond to multiple incidents during 'Trump Train' mobile vehicle rally in Richmond

CNN Richmond police: Multiple Trump train incidents

A useless prediction

Tower Health's financial condition called 'precarious' in credit downgrade to 'junk' status

The Remarkable Effectiveness of Pete Buttigieg on Fox News

Nevada Republicans are sloppy.

More than 100 professors at Pa. state universities may be out of a job come spring

Colombia's ex-FARC rebels march in Bogota over killings

Nuthin' Says Somethin' Like ...

Donald Trump Is A Down-Ballot Burden -- Even In Districts He Won

Caravan of Trump supporters disrupted some voters in Temecula: Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Days before U.S. election, Biden's lead widens in Rust Belt: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Mac Mail opens itself up,

Why is Trump in Georgia??

QAnon conspiracy theory has taken a 'religious tone' says sociologist

High school journalists uncover Hitler quotes in Kentucky police training materials

One Last Plea From The Trump Family!

Trump says he is preparing for legal challenges to vote counts as final sprint begins

'This is revolutionary': new online bookshop unites indies to rival Amazon

U.S. priest who founded Knights of Columbus is beatified

Robert Fisk, veteran British foreign correspondent, dies aged 74

Will individual DU members post here on DU the ongoing county by county vote totals within

New research reports discovery of 5-million-year-old honey badger-like animal

WHITE HOUSE LOCKDOWN: 'Non-scalable' fence and 250 troops

atta boy Homer!

Trump promotes political violence to remain in power, turns the WH into a fortress for last stand

Final Monmouth PA poll - Biden 51% Trump 44%

GOTV Democrats

The Bubonic plague didn't have to be so devastating in the 14th century.

Utilities Commission Sends 70 ?s To BC Hydro: When, Exactly, Did You Know Dam Site C Was A Problem?

chicago's united center will be a poling place for first time ever.

Social distancing before it was a thing...

Climate Breakdown Concerns Rising In Key Swing States PA, AZ, FL, Though Partisan Split Still Strong

I frequent a BI Partisan Forum and the Trumpsters there have already said Trump wins in a Lanslide!

Final Morning Consult: General B+8 PA B+9

Question about calling states with uncounted mail-in votes.

Koch Quacks Appointed To DOE Led The Charge To Politicize Studies, Bury Renewable Energy Data

MAGA - Mindless, Assholes, Getting, Aggressive

They're Not Just Great Outfits For Battling Giant Hornets, They Make You Look Like Members Of Devo

New Senior Dept. Of Interior Hire Vocally Hates Black Lives Matter, Defended Kenosha Shooter Online

POLITICO's final Election Forecast: Biden in command, Senate up for grabs

Is there going to be such a huge blue wave that

Only seeing Trump ads here in the Madison viewing area

Brand new Monmouth PA poll - Biden leads 7 points

Trump lashes out after FBI announces investigation of Biden bus incident

Nature - Antarctic Ice Loss Now Inevitable; 2.5 Meters SLR On The Way Even If Paris Goals Met

Trump's Schedule for Monday, November 2, 2020

A Trumpanzee marked my truck..

I love the smell of Morning Consult in the morning

100 Years Ago Today; KDKA Pittsburgh starts broadcasting as the first commercial radio station.

Monday TOONs - V O T E

"Structural Damage" On Margins Of Thwaites & Pine Island Glaciers Accelerated In Last 4 Years

Looking for an uplifting, feel good movie?

Does anyone know what happened...

Breakfast Monday, November 2, 2020

Video altered to make it look like Biden greeted wrong state

Ranchers In SW Forced To Look To Heat-Resistant Breeds, Along With Misters, Canopies As Heat Digs in

Morning Joe: "Regardless of one poll, Iowa is up for grabs."

RCV could cost Collins her seat (Maine)

The incident that those Trump followers causing the Biden campaign bus to be in danger is a ......

Apolitical is unacceptable.

That guy, the Apricothellbeast and his enablers and his deathcult

No Carbon Cuts From Russia, But Not To Worry! Hydrogen! Carbon Capture! Somethingsomethinggreen!

Police: Four arrested after man waves gun at Trump supporters

Something Trump may finally have done more than any other President in history?

We need 'a landslide victory': Legendary activist Daniel Ellsberg endorses Joe Biden

Fire, Flood, Plague - Australia, Bludgeoned By 2020's Events, Stumbles Forward Into The Pyrocene

Articulate expletives - Monsieur Prepuce once more - Swear warning!

Just so we're clear

Coast Guard Reassigns Icebreaker Polar Star To Arctic; McMurdo Now To Be Supplied By Air

The election is close to over in the Sun Belt

A decades-long blue wave

Susan Rice

Here's the strategy:

Here's How NPR Reports Election Results

Scoop: Biden may keep Warren, Sanders out of Cabinet

Rick Wilson has a final plan to keep Trump from stealing the election

Are the recent "Trump Train" traffic incidents our current version of

GOP De-Evolution

Trump allies...unconstrained by Facebook's rules against repeated falsehoods, cement pre-election do

Orangesicle just dropped to 9% probability of winning on 538.

That 51% favorability polling for Biden is all you need to know

Which is the more damning indictment of the republican party of drumph?

538's Forecast goes to 90-9

Pathetic Cowards For Trump

AG James is waiting.

Young Voters Could Fuel Blue Wave for Years

Any NYC DUers planning to celebrate the (hopefully) victory outside of Trump Tower?


Again?! Trump Campaign Strands Rallygoers in the Cold for a Third Time, This Time in Georgia

Vegan Funnies

I saved a bunch of 4th of July fireworks for Nov 3rd, how about you all?

This NEVER gets old. It's one of my favorites.


Jonathan Lemire (AP): Biden campaign feeling more confident about FL

'They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast'

There's Only One Reason

*Poll Alert* YOUGOV NAT'L POLL Biden 53% Klansman 43%

Feds to Erect Non-Scalable Fence Around White House

NAACP needs donations! Please help if you are able! Thank you.

That's It

Special "Pre-Election" Deadline Edition! by Tom Tomorrow

Trump has now started assessing Biden's body while fantasizing about beating him up

Thread for peace to return

"If we win on Tuesday or -- thank you very much, Supreme Court -- shortly thereafter..."

From the great Dan Rather

One day out. The Biden campaign isn't panicking.....

Facebook reportedly exempted Trump's family and allies from its misinformation rules to avoid accusa

Heading home.

We Have Never Had Final Results on Election Day (NYT)

typical injustice of African-americans

COOK POLITICAL's final forecast...

The Villages: 2 more local COVID-19 deaths as tri-county sees spike in new cases of virus

My last post before the election... we are going to win this

The real results of Trump's trade tariffs

Trump Reveals Plan to 'Fire Fauci' After Election

PPP just did a last-minute Iowa poll, found NO last-minute change, Biden & Greenfield both +1

Nobody will tell him he has lost

Peaceful march to the polls in North Carolina is met with police pepper spray and arrests, causing o

When loser right wing trump nut jobs riot what will they set on fire? Smash and trash?

U.S. economy faces severe strains after election with Washington potentially paralyzed

Florida - Early Voting Stats - Nov 2 - GOOD NEWS

Make Him Shut Up

Don't forget to set your clocks forward on Tuesday Nov 3rd, to the XXIst century. nt

They met in Hawaii and built a life in rural Maryland. This fall, they died two days apart.

The media is saying that Trump will be ahead tomorrow evening and

Eric Boehlert: Missing -- where are the "Trump Lies About Voting" headlines?

OK, so when do all the Dixville Notch posts start? We need to know how all 12 people vote!

Tiedrich replies to Trump's "Let's MAGA" tweet: "let's Make America Less Batcrap Insane. vote Biden"

Vatican moves to clarify pope's comments on civil union laws

Why Clarence Thomas is a clear-cut case for impeachment from the Supreme Court

Hey, Donnie:

The Mess Created By Trump Will Be with Us for Years

Conducting my own survey...

I finally got some positive news about my friend who is hospitalized with Covid

ATTN Donald Trump this is what is coming

Sen Rick Scott makes Mike Bloomberg sound like Antonio Banderas.

*Poll Alert* PPP IA POLL Biden 49% *Klansman* 48%

Peter Baker, NYT: Trump's presidency has been a factory of falsehood, churning out lies at assembly-

QAnon received earlier boost from Russian accounts on Twitter, archives show

Of course I'm on edge, but I'll admit it. I expect a decisive Biden win

What happens in Iowa if elections are too close to call?

Covid response. The ONE thing that would have GUARANTEED a trump re-election, by a landslide

Biden camp quietly raises money for post-election court brawl

NY POST: "Yes, you should plan on traveling to see family for Thanksgiving"

Michigan sees 'dramatic' increase in young voters casting ballots as colleges mobilize

Oh My: More Americans Have Filed For Unemployment This Year Than Voted For Him In 2016

What do we make of Texas?

From Al Jazeera: Florence Price: The story of America's forgotten musical genius (...)

The way we were. Weezer 2019.

To Pompeo - America is calling

It is perfectly normal have anxiety right now.

Attorney General

This is tRump in a 7:35 nutshell:

Americans Mull Leaving US If Trump Wins Again, 'I Just Want Peace of Mind': Expats

What is the scoop on Minneapolis City Questions?

Cook Political: Trump underperforming his 2016 margins by 7-8% in key Battleground State Districts

I don't believe it's possible that millions of people who've come out to vote in this election...

This is like waiting for a medical test back

Democrats Announce Plan To Ensure A Peaceful Transition Of Power

JHB said it all with this cartoon find ...

So who here remembers Digital Underground?

The 10 Bellwether Counties That Show How Trump Is in Serious Trouble

New Scans Give us a Better View of the Metal Asteroid Psyche

The Pandemic Election Collection - Our Best Sketches From The Apocalypse

At a top hospital, Catholic restrictions on women's healthcare are growing worse

Historic Early Voting Lines in Polk County Iowa last week

Of those who have early voted in NC, 28.5% did not vote in 2016.

David Wasserman (COOK POLITICAL): Biden carries GA, PA, NH, AZ and NC, loses FL, TX, IA

I wonder what Roger Stone is up to.

"Can we take a second to appreciate the fact that our coalition includes everyone from Bernie and

Democrats debate fate of Trump probes if Biden wins

Jalil Muntaqim, recently paroled after 49 years, was arrested Friday and is facing re-imprisonment f

OUCH! Rep Clyburn sets FOX "News" straight

Monday! Last pre-election poll review update. Updated at midnight - this is it.

538: Same as it ever was - Biden 90%

Rick Wilson's last column before election: Whatever Trump Says, Reply 'Fuck You, and Keep Counting'

Polk County Poll Watchers in historic numbers - The Blue Barricade!

If you have already voted, and most of you have,

Biden finally shifts from FAVORED to CLEARLY FAVORED on 538

New Yorker - Why Trump Can't Afford to Lose

Kamala: With only one day left until Election Day, @JoeBiden, @DrBiden, @DouglasEmhoff, and I are hi

One Day More!

11-2 Monmouth (A+) poll - Biden leads by 7 points in Pennsylvania

"I called it first!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Black Lives Matter Leader Secures Temporary SCOTUS Win

Kirstie Alley thinks we should take a poll of whether people sick or dead from COVID...

Trump Caravan Attempts To Intimidate Black Voters But Fails Spectacularly

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Campaign Closes With Swing State Metaphor Blitz

AR-02: Hill moves from 'Lean R' to 'Tossup'

Don't think I've seen this image before, but I agree that it should flood social media...

TX-10: McCaul moves from 'Lean R' to 'Tossup'

',' New Online Bookshop Unites 130 Indy Shops To Rival Amazon: 'This Is Revolutionary'


SCOTUS summarily reverses in suit by TX inmate left naked for 6 days in cell covered in human waste

What we all need 1 day before THE DAY

TX-24 moves from 'Tossup' tp "Lean D' (FLIP)

Going into Election Day tomorrow in North Carolina

At last I can envision the last piece of my book.

TX-31: Carter moves from 'Likely' to 'Lean' R

A very short poem sometimes called a lune for you.

If Trump declares victory early & tries to stop count, networks should treat it as crime in progress

Flak vests, gas masks, helmets.....

Police in Bakersfield, CA don't care if Proud Boys use bear spray on people

2 children pulled alive in dramatic Turkey quake rescues

An Election-Eve reminder: "Vote Him Away!" Number 3

Top suspect right now: Abe Froman

Don Winslow threatened to expose Lindsey Graham "closer to election day."

Trump again defending his Texas domestic terrorists who went after the Biden bus

A caravan of President Donald Trump's supporters blocked access to a voting station in So Cal

Koda and Marlin are pretty confident that Biden wins tomorrow.

Trump's stock market performance falls short of Obama's

Stocks zoom higher as Wall Street predicts Joe Biden will win

Tweet: "Arnold Palmer did not declare himself winner of a golf tournament because he was ahead on

Dr. Bandy Lee: Trump's not a Hitler. Same pathology, but Hitler was more competent.

Democrats Poised to Expand Majority by 10 to 15 Seats

YOU raised $11,491.27 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 11-1-20

Trump Facts - Testing (Video)

666 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 1 death

Trump rally in Rome, GA: How It Started vs How It's Going

The AG meets with a crazy Internet "preacher..."

Joe: 1 day. Let's win this thing.

Trump supporters should have a special Covid clinic where they can all go to be treated by Scott Atl

European officials...said they're in utter disbelief over the chaos caused by Trump surrounding the

Last night Trump left his Georgia supporters waiting hours for shuttle buses - VIDEO

Donald Trump wants to stop counting votes on election night. We talked to some of his supporters...

Many elections ago, I arrived at my polling place to vote.

What happened to Bloomberg's money? ...

New Meidas Touch ad with STEVIE WONDER!

Just think...if we jammed up Twitter and the press refused to enter the boarded up WH

Nate Silver tweet:

New online bookshop unites 'indies' to rival Amazon

Woman in NYC is denied her right to vote despite arriving on time & waiting in line

Dave Wasserman tweet: "the line between 290 and 400 EVs for Biden is astonishingly thin."

You can still do your part to GOTV, Phone Bank!

Slow day in the newsroom...

I hate to sound like a Trump supporter but, if we lose...

OK DUers - who will you have sent packing from the House of Representatives

WSJ: Swing State Poll Finds No Late Shift in Presidential Race

GOP election law attorney Ginsburg and former GOP Speaker Strauss file amicus brief

236,519 Americans will never see Trump defeated.

GOP election law attorney Ginsburg and former GOP Speaker Strauss file amicus brief

Video altered to make it look like Biden greeted wrong state

in El Paso: "a backlog of 85 bodies tonight" requir(es) "a fourth mobile morgue."

Laurence Tribe: A helpful guide to the next few days

I so want to see Biden's version of this

Protests outside federal court house in Harris County drive through voter case

Wasn't Barr ordered to release the un-redacted Mueller report?

New online bookshop unites 'indies' to rival Amazon

Protests outside federal court house in Harris County drive through voter case

Rick Wilson: Remember, when Trump declares victory early, there's one mantra: #FuckYouKeepCounting

Buddy's wife is a surgeon in the DC area. Trump Train didn't make a great impression on 495 tonight.

29% is the feel good stat for the day

Stevie Wonder joins MeidasTouch to share his love of Michigan and its importance this election.

A Good Kid, And A Bad Kid

Lol! Scary dog costume!

Dems going big on Senate

Steve Vladeck just NAILED Richard Grenell for trying to prove Biden doesn't wear masks on his plane

Dark humor - Halloween displays that may have stepped over the line

What's the Real Origin of "OK"? (Mental Floss) {not exactly LBN}


"There goes the South for a generation" LBJ

Witnesses describe clash at Lee Circle between caravan of Trump supporters and a crowd of opponents

Are we expecting DU to go down tomorrow?

List of corporations making last-minute contributions to keep Senate Republican

Any defeat of Trump will feel good, but a total blowout...

In the immortal words of W.Shrub: "That was some weird shit"

Mild weather could boost voter turnout on Election Day

UK's Farage tries to harness COVID lockdown anger to take on PM Johnson

UK's Farage tries to harness COVID lockdown anger to take on PM Johnson

Copperhead hiding in pile of toys bites Jackson toddler

On this day, November 2, 2000, first long-term residents arrive at the International Space Station

Well, we've come full circle. (NWS/NSFW)

Trump disputes report that FBI is investigating alleged harassment of Biden campaign bus

We seem to have forgotten the fact of BLACK BOX voting.

Scottish Officials Call Out Trump for Lying About Sean Connery

Trump's Remarks After Air Force One Arrival; Charlotte, NC; November 1, 2020

Trump Fans Stranded in the Cold for Hours, Yet Again, After Georgia Rally

On a note other than politics, is there a commercial campaign, tv, or any venue

Trump tries to undermine democratic process at the end of the campaign

The Election

Trump's top election falsehoods to watch for on Election Day (Daniel Dale)

Great Brian Schatz tweet:

Another anecdotal feel-good!

Words of a man stuck in a refugee camp in Mexico

We Have Reached 40% of Total Turnout; Biden Leads by 20 Million Votes (if the polls are right)

"I don't vote unless there's something going on that interests me, and this year there's not."

"Change is in the air." -Dan Rather, 6:30 PM EST Election Night 1992

JD Souther has a birthday today.

"I'd like you to meet my new Attorney General...."

NC Dems lead In Person voting. Crushing Mail.

Phil Woods was born on this date.

So this is why Trump won't concede - more campaign donations...

The US after 4 more years of Trump!

Vladimir Marugov murder: Russian 'Sausage King' killed in sauna with a crossbow

Does anyone have any propofol I can borrow to get through to next week?

Rudy Van Gelder was born on this date.

The Lincoln Project's final ad (Ray Charles!)

11/2 Daily Dose of Joe

This Might Be the Most 'West Wing' Election of Our Lives.

Fence to keep trump regime from escaping, protect citizenry


Lame Duck Trump Admin Will Do All It Can To Loot Before Jan. Dems Must Be Ruthless In Thwarting It

This Patti Smith and CHOIR CHOIR CHOIR will give you life!

In Rare Step, Esteemed Medical Journal Urges Voters To Oust Trump

Joe: Climate change isn't a hoax -- it's a threat to millions of Americans like Velma and Amirah.

The Lincoln Project's final ad (Ray Charles!)

WTF is going on with Real Clear Politics???

What's on the ballot: A guide to local and state elections

NC Early Voting Addendum!!

More Dan Rather...

Hurricane Eta...

Non-filers: Expect a letter about your stimulus check

Rasmussen final PA poll: Biden 49, Trump 45 - link

Eminem has provided a song -- his signature song -- to a political candidate...Biden

Joe is live! One day left -- and we're leaving it all on the field. Tune in as we get out the vote in

Trump is almost an hour late for his rally in PA. He's just sitting there on AF1 watching TV.

Trump operatives get busted for using pre-pandemic 2019 photo to smear Biden as a mask hypocrite

Beautiful Video, Originally posted by: magicguido-1 minute, Please Watch,"America The Beautiful"

Sabato's Crystal Ball - The Crystal Ball's 2020 Final Picks

DC boarded up before the election

A little musical interlude from Mandy Patinkin and his awesome AF wife

12 hours to go till November 3rd...EST.

Are you cooking your way through election anxiety

Nevada just joined the 100% club

Some good news. I was walking the dogs this morning,

Trump wears gloves during his rallies. Biden is not. nt

Nevada Judge denies Republican and Trump Campaign requests to change ballot processing and observing


Steal The Election

Might as well as practically call NC to Biden already

So Torn

Press line was disconnected/federal court hearing on whether to invalidate 127,000 drive-thru vote

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World"

Why Iowa Is in Play

The Latest: Italy Announces New National Virus Restrictions

"Saved by the Whale's Tail", literally.

Experimental hormone (thyroid - T3) therapy may speed recovery for COVID patients

Borowitz: Susan Collins Unsure Whether She Will Vote for Herself

Sabato's Crystal Ball, FINAL prediction for Electoral College: Biden 321, Trump 217

'Justice Is On The Ballot': DOJ Alums Say Trump Reelection Could Be 'Point Of No Return'


Donald Trump Was Hospitalized

Well, this is happening in Detroit (a poll challenger in a creepy mask):

appears to be no press and public access to a high-profile hearing of significant importance

Battleground states see spike in COVID cases before Election Day

It is 52 degrees right now in Fayetteville and Trump is dressed like he's speaking in Antarctica

I had to redo my mail-in ballot and was worried!

Can someone from Arizona here debunk

The tension grows between the Trump administration and Fauci, one of its top scientists.

Canada Extends Cruise Ship Ban Through February As U.S. Lifts 'No-Sail' Order

Robert Gates Responds on His Quote and Respect for Joe Biden's Character - WSJ letter

This may be a case where the Electoral College actually saves us.

Carly Simon's anti-Trump Ad, from 2016

Tanzanian opposition figures arrested after disputed election

Look at this 20 minute old baby elephant trying to walk!

Trump says that as soon as Election Day ends, 'we're going in with our lawyers'

Oh noes . Trump approval hits 44%

Buckle Up, It may be a bumpy ride. Must win senate.

'You shallow little hypocrite': Ana Navarro shreds Marco Rubio for mocking Biden-Texas bus assault

Early Voting Day 8--the final day for early voting and another gorgeous fall day!

"We love what they did." - Marco Rubio on Trump train trying to run Biden bus off road.

Trump-loving pastor contracts COVID-19 after suggesting that prayer protects against the virus

As the Virus Rages, Some Are Convinced It's Too Late to Stop It

Joe: 1 pm ET- what you can expect as the results come in. You can watch right here on Twitter

U.S. judge skeptical of Texas Republican bid to throw out 127,000 votes

Supreme Court rules in favor of Black Lives Matter organizer McKesson

13-year-old Missouri boy dies from Covid-19 complications

Approaching 100 million votes already.

Republicans, Not Biden, Are About to Raise Your Taxes, tRump built in tax increases beginning in2021

Biden in Cleveland: "I'm going to hire Dr. Fauci. And we're going to fire Donald Trump!"

FB Post from Frances Kissling about a woman holding a sign being threatened by a Trump "train"

Twitter outlines how it will label tweets claiming early U.S. election victory

Edward Snowden, Expecting a Child, Will Seek Russian Citizenship

This is what losing looks like.

Trumper Threat Update -- In TX It's the Trump Train. In GA It's American Wolf.

Supreme Court, with Justice Barrett, to hear major LGBT rights case day after election

Covid-19 Is Worse in the Dakotas Now Than It Was in the Spring's Hot Spots

What chance do we have, when all around us infection soar?

The Rude Pundit: The Simplest Endorsement Possible: Fewer People Will Die If Joe Biden Is Elected

Croc full of chili going. It smells good in here! I love making chili. This is the first time I did

Just heard of a new conspiracy (Covid testing)

Maricopa county surpasses total 2016 turnout: 1.63 million so far.

Can Trump Sell U.S. National Security Secrets With Impunity?

Friendly's restaurant chain files for bankruptcy amid COVID-19 crunch

Thank You, Lincoln Project!

I keep going back to Tom Steyer's spot on words: TRUMP IS A FRAUD AND A FAILURE!

James Carville predicts a blowout: 'We're going to know the winner of this election by 10pm tomorrow

Zach Despart of Houston Chronicle Live tweeting from the Southern District of Texas Courtroom

The orchestra at tomorrow night's white house "party":

Pennsylvania State Police escorted a Trump Train for 85 miles yesterday through Fayette County, PA.

Nickname for Barrett?

Plasma company, with Rick Santorum as part-owner, awaits as much as $65M in emergency virus funding

A sweet little bit from Rick Wilson

Signage in Chester County, PA

The power is back on but the danger looms...

Myanmar fugitive monk Wirathu hands himself in to face sedition charges

Even Zogby has Biden 49 Trump 43

Netanyahu praises Trump policies ahead of election

*Oath of Office. President, VPresident, House, Senate & Judicial

Schitts Creek documentary, Netflix...boy is the future connected to this show or what!

Joe: Tune in for discussion on what to expect on Election Night.

Final NBC News/Marist polls: Biden leads 51-46 in PA, tied 48-48 in Arizona.

I guess the real October surprise is that half of the country is in COVID outbreak territory

Obfuscating license plates with "blue tape" lines has become a pattern among the police-enabled...

Now Chuck Todd is saying Biden NEEDS a sunbelt State for the stability of the country..🙄nt

Trump broadcasts plan to try to STEAL election in bombshell admission

Biden campaign: Biden's early vote lead in AZ, WI & NC very difficult to overcome for Trump.

The numbers don't lie: Republicans crash economies - Democrats massively grow jobs

Reassuring Graph

Tomorrow evening, Donald Trump will declare that the Earth is flat.

Johnny Depp loses libel case against British tabloid that branded him a 'wife beater' to Amber Heard

Trump Train 2 - gunshots and pepper spray at Lee Monument Richmond Va

What are we going to do if the site goes down tomorrow? What's the plan?

Does one really need to know anything more about Trump once they learn that

Coronavirus surging in every key swing state as voters head to polls

Michigan - What if your absentee ballot does not show as received today

Hey Trump supporters, get your 2021 Trump hat before they run out!

Look at these Senate polls from electoral-vote: (look good)

Supreme Court allows antitrust suit against NFL to proceed

What do you think a cookout looks like at the Clarence Thomas household?

New ad featuring Eminem

I call on the Biden Administration

Supreme Court, with Justice Barrett, to hear major LGBT rights case day after election

Maga Facebook posts: "Wear Trump Red to the Polls"

Election Day forecast: Tranquil conditions in key swing states and most of Lower 48

Former Trump Land-Use Lawyer Ordered to Give Documents to N.Y. AG

Watched the Borat movie last night.

Gotta love the Harris County Clerk.


REPORT: Woman stranded at MAGA rally in Rome, GA still looking for her car

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack

Hurricane Eta is now Cat 3 heading for landfall in Nicaragua

Cubans lose access to vital dollar remittances after latest US sanctions

Cubans lose access to vital dollar remittances after latest US sanctions

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: What's at Stake for Women on November 3

Mr. President: I confess that I do not entirely approve of this Constitution at present,

Hearing on Harris County drive through voting case

I came across this while searching for something totally unrelated ...

Sports court opens 4-day hearing in Russian doping case

We VOTED this morning. It was every bit as cathartic as you might imagine.

Why the FUCK would any decent human being vote for Trump?

Charlie Cook sez

Comment: Democrats won't destroy suburbs; just remake them

Trump's latest smear campaign backfires as the man he cited to trash Biden corrects him in real time

Principal in Holocaust controversy fired again in Florida

We can safely vote on election day and shock Trump who thinks he wins the day-of voters

Cartoons 11/2/2020

If there are a LOT of really close states tomorrow night ...

If anyone asks me why I am voting for Biden I say:

County Judge says COVID-19 patients in El Paso are dying faster than the county can investigate

PA Voters are Tenacious. We Will Never Give Up.

U.S. judge weighs bid to void 127,000 votes cast at drive-through sites in Texas

Companies illegally dumped debris into Skykomish River for three years

Crews remove three more junk boats from the Snohomish River

Dear Cuban Voters

Judge rejects Republican efforts to halt early vote counting in Las Vegas

Joe Biden FTW

Wesley Clark: Vote for Joe

Good sign: Our absentee ballots made it from Florida to Colorado in 5 days

Water Heater Question

AP Explains: The election result may be delayed. That's OK.

This is not an early voting line...

Eminem: One Opportunity - Joe Biden for President

Trump Urges Americans to Wait in Parking Lot for Vaccine and Buses Will Pick Them Up

Accidents happen...

The Hunt for Julius Caesar's Assassins Marked the Last Days of the Roman Republic

Meghan McCain predicts 'hysteria from the Trump family' if the president loses the election

"The Last Assassin: The Hunt for the Killers of Julius Caesar"

Marc Elias .. up to the minute info on legal cases..Where it all happens..

A White mob unleashed the worst Election Day violence in U.S. history in Florida a century ago

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow (You're only a day away!)

This Photo is the Perfect Encapsulation of the tRump pResidency

Why the ridiculous Trump rally chants are a concern:

Traveling with Trump is a cognitive dissonance carnival

Former Trump Land-Use Lawyer Ordered to Give Documents to N.Y. AG

Final Cook Political Report projection picks Democrats to keep House, gain 10 or more seats

Can we make deal....?

How many of you will be voting tomorrow? Nt

Great Ad

Robocall on Election Day eve telling people 'stay home,' Orange County Democratic chair says

I hope that enough people see the circus that we saw in 2016

Meet the Staff Who Make the White House a Home

A Rarely Mentioned Biden path to Victory

It was a GOP Administration that prosecuted the Watergate criminals

You can't make an election result announcement on Twitter tomorrow, unless.....

We've been waiting FOUR F**KING years for this moment. Don't waste it. (DemAvengers)

Amazon fires: Year-on-year numbers doubled in October

Amazon fires: Year-on-year numbers doubled in October

Just checked the weather on Windy dot com for tomorrow in the US.

These PA voters have been in line here on a frigid morning to correct issues w/their absentee ballot

In the unlikely event of a problem tomorrow, I've made us a DU chat room to meet ...

Try It Again

Anti-Trump PAC transports controversial billboards of Ivanka and Jared from NYC to Mar A Lago

"These patriots did nothing wrong," Trump says of supporters who surrounded Biden bus

Harris County Democratic Party headquarters was vandalized by trump supporters

Ravens' Humphrey says he has virus; Packers also have 1 case

Democrats Voting In 2016 vs 2020

***Final Quinnipiac Polls**** FL Biden +5, OH Biden +4, National Biden +11

Trump threatens Senate GOP -- now and in the future

The True Story of Pocahontas

A hashtag I dream about seeing trending on Twitter: #TrueBlueTX n/t

Some Christians say Trump has pushed young people away from their churches

David Corn tweets.....Walter Shaub responds

EDIT: WE WIN!!! Harris County, TX decision (case re: 127,000 curbside/drive-thru ballots)

CNN and MSNBC both running Trump rally on and on. They

Watch swelling waves crash at Edgewater Park (Cleveland, Ohio) ... Lake Erie in November, folks

These petty motherfuckers. The WiFi at Vice President Pence's rally in Erie, PA

Miami Dade, Palm Beach and Broward are nearly all close to 100% of the 2016 vote.

Keith Olbermann

U.S. judge skeptical of Texas Republican bid to scrap 127,000 votes

Joe: I'm in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, to thank some of our incredible volunteers for all

Oh my God. This protest photo from Poland.

"I remember when, during the 2016 primary, Rubio suggested Trump had a small penis."

Saudi crown prince girds for legal battle in a changing Washington over human rights allegations

BREAKING: Philadelphia Court REJECTS Republican's latest effort to block mail ballots.

*Poll(s) Alert* Quinnipiac- Biden leads the Klansman by 11 nationally, 5 in FL and 4 in OH

Trump Closes Campaign With Bold Anti-Democracy, Pro-Violence Message

Coronavirus: How the world of work may change forever - good read

Tired of the Trump Trains?...Let's climb aboard the Biden-Harris Love Train!

When You Are Ready To Hate

(Jewish Group) Principal fired for second time over Holocaust remarks

The media's bullshit spin on election battles in the courts.

Strong Early Voter Turnout In Washington Leading To Election Day

Washington to manage wolves within borders after fed action

The Atlantic retracts niche-sports story by Ruth Shalit Barrett

Trump is basically threatening Tom Wolf and other Democratic governors

The stress eating has begun!

Trump Is Barricading Himself Behind a Massive 'Non-Scalable' Fence on Election Day

What is your conservative fear-mongering slogan?

From Biden Campaign: What to Expect on Election night

Final Pennsylvania presidential polls have Biden winning the pivotal swing state

Crop artist Stan Herd transforms Centre County farmland into Biden campaign message

Dixville Notch votes in 11 hours and 15 minutes!

Rents drop even more in Seattle, down 14% since start of pandemic

Joe needs to be put in his place.

Ballot processing begins in Detroit; 2 poll challengers removed

With caravans and outdoor rallies that some see as intimidation, Trump supporters step up

Do you trust the Electoral College?

The work of the Never Trumpers is just beginning

DOJ issues list of jurisdictions where they plan to deploy personnel on Election Day.

Do you ever make mustard from ground mustard?

Just so we're clear

Have you made any specific plans on how you are going to celebrate a Biden victory?

When will Bill Barr emerge from his den?

day before an election is just updates on court cases Republicans are filing to prevent Americans

Judge rejects Trump campaign lawsuit over Clark County (Nevada) mail ballot counting

Federal Court ruling on Houston absentee ballots expected shortly


BREAKING: Federal Court rejects GOP effort to throw out Houston absentee ballots

Harris County wins again!

BREAKING in Harris Co, TX. The judge rules plaintiffs don't have standing in drive-thru voting case.

Voter Suppresion Explained

Facebook reportedly exempted Trump's family and allies from its misinformation rules to avoid

Serious Question: What are the odds the nutjob tries to declare himself President for life...

The Supremes rule in favor of BLM and free speech

Eminem signals Biden support as campaign releases 'Lose Yourself' election ad

Trump's Top Tips For Voting in the Election Spitting Image

I'm going to go out on a limb here...

Please don't make "Dem turnout looks weak in my precinct" posts tomorrow

Federal judge rejects GOP challenge to invalidate nearly 127,000 votes in Democratic-leaning Houston

NC Early Voting Stats, Rejected Ballots

Gorusch denies application from Minnesota voters challenging mask rule at the polls

Barr Preps Prison Guards to Head to D.C. for Election Unrest

Federal Judge Rejects Efforts to Invalidate Houston Votes

This election aside, even if we win, we have systemic problems.

Trump's African American outreach is going great

Islamic State attack on Kabul University kills 22, wounds 22

BREAKING: USPS reports delayed delivery of mail ballots sent by voters in the following ...

On top of mf45 being the worst president in my lifetime he has ruined family and friendships

Trump in Scranton on SCOTUS allowing the counting of mailed in ballots in PA after election

Final Reuters/Ipsos polls: AZ: Biden +3, NC: Biden +1, FL: Biden +4,

As the campaign ends, Trump is finally showing message discipline...

Facebook reportedly exempted Trump's family and allies from its misinformation rules to avoid ...

Perhaps the very most important thing Biden/Harris administration do is election/vote reform.

Vienna shooting: Terror attack fears after multiple shots fired by city's main synagogue.

Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play "Take Me Home Country Roads"

Thread: A second Trump term would not just be more chaos & bad tweets.

Is Trump in Scranton to stick it to Biden because it's his hometown ? Or is that

SCOTUS rejects request to block Minnesota mask rules at polling places

Early voting in Arizona just surpassed its entire vote count from 2016

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 2, 2020

Quinnipiac had Biden over trump, in OHIO 47%-43%, margin of error2.6%

I think Joe Biden is Classic Blue!

Vote counting information by State from the NY Times.

An actual campaign ad (from Dana Loesch)

Susan Collins Unsure Whether She Will Vote for Herself

Just voted early in person in Columbus OH .... Blacks for Trump

I heard on tv that we are losing in Wisconsin

Meet the Neelys. They Voted Early. They are 101 and 102 Years Old.

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Since I voted early, tomorrow I will go to my local precinct...

Looking forward to the end of political commercials...

Tx election night state house guide...

Trump Telling Advisers He's Spooked at the Prospect of Being Indicted if He Loses

Quinnipiac had Biden over trump, in OHIO 47%-43%, margin of error 2.6%

Jennifer Granholm would make a great press secretary.

what president Biden's first executive orders should be (not serious ones)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 November 2020

5 PM: Biden speaks in Pittsburgh...

Chris Evans calls Trump a 'giant meatball' over president's plans to fire Fauci

"LeBron James sucks!" chants at the Trump rally

RNC's former Comms Director

Hurricane Eta Intensifies to Category 4 Ahead of Catastrophic Central America Landfall

Tomorrow's Headline

What time is the civil war? Is it a potluck?

Reopening soon--under new management: ..........

Fauci got the last laugh

Trump is not "confident." He is ACTING confident...

Prosecution of Trump

It's only 3:30 CST, already 63,000 new cases (WorldOMeters).........

Here's some good news from Georgia

The Associated Press will not predict a winner of the presidential election.

The Media's Thing With "Enthusiasm" Is Annoying

I can't stand Kornacki

Trump Reportedly Telling Advisers He's Increasingly Spooked at the Prospect of Being Indicted if He

Waiting For The Results

This indicates we will know Pennsylvania results much earlier - link

See You On The Other Side........ Joe Biden is going to win, and it isn't going to be close.

FB deletes MAGA traffic harasser Eliazar Cisneros' Facebook account..

Somebody tell me what I need to get into another country

TX police caught on video supporting trump caravan nuts

Charlie Cook Makes the Case That Polls Are 'Understating Where Biden is Rather Than Overstating'

Trump approved a Brian Kemp scheme to close to 430,000 people

Broward Democratic Party needs drivers to take people to the polls on Election Day

Daily walk in the woods.

239,822 African American voters over the age of 65 have already voted in Georgia - 124% of 2016

HAs anyone considered the impact of the Bowling Green Massacre on the KY-SEN race?

Early voting in AZ just surpassed it's entire vote count for 2016

Some fun, musical distractions

David Plouffe's video background

mass shooting in Austria. seven dead

Trump ". . .is gonna get his fat ass beat. . ." - James Carville

Total Early Votes: 97,665,370 In-Person Votes: 35,467,903 Mail Ballots Returned: 62,197,467

How you Doin'?: Trump Donors Include Pair Of Colombo Mob Family Mafia Figures

Biden: "Lady Gaga's gonna be speaking tonight, I'm gonna be singing."

"He specifically told me, 'You are no longer my mother, because you are voting for Trump'

A simple solution to the USPS ballot problem is for a judge to declare USPS sites as voting centers.


How quickly could Trump be impeached and removed if he really flips out over losing?

Here are dogs dressed like pandas to cheer you and/or calm you down.

Faux "news" finds the PERFECT commentator for the season...

by end of day tomorrow, America could have its first woman VP

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." Sinclair Lewis

Trump's entire governing philosophy, in one 13-second clip re: Obama

This Pro-Biden video is way fun - take a look!

Watched "The Twelfth Man" on Netflix last night. It is a true story about a Norwegian

Don't know what you think about the Daily Kos but I liked this from his predictions

BTRTN 2020 Official Election Predictions: Biden Wins and Dems Achieve a Trifecta

Anyone else notice those huge crowds at Trump rallies have lots of kids. Looks like family outings.

BTRTN 2020 Official Election Predictions: Biden Wins and Dems Achieve a Trifecta

HEY GUYS, 'Your((MY)) local board of elections has counted your ballot.'

The return rate so far (of mail ballots) in Wayne cty is 77.5%; seems low to me.

For Especially Grim Moods, Play Twice....

Kyle Rittenhouse's bond set: $2 million cash

Anyone sick of politics, put on the TNT channel!

Don't Worry Ole Girl...

'Your local board of elections has counted your ballot.'

Um, how's the Senate looking? Biden can't get anything done as long as the GOP maintains control

Gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in MI desecrated with pro-Trump messages

So Far, Trump's 'Army' Of Poll Watchers Looks More Like a Small Platoon

11/03 Mike Luckovich- The Waiting Room

Anybody that's planning to celebrate OUR great victory

The Rundown: November 2, 2020

Melania blames the media for her husband's bad behavior.

Absentee ballot not yet counted

"Lady Gaga's going to be speaking, and I'm going to be singing," Biden said

I Just Realized Trump Will Claim Victory Tomorrow Night No Matter What The Vote Totals Are

How to Watch Election Night Like a Pro

Midnight voting NH. Hart's Location has suspended it this election

A song from Too Slim's new album

Time to share voter protection hotline numbers. Share yours if you got 'em.

Is there a site that tracks votes for the 3,000 plus counties

JOe Biden speaking now (CNN)

Patriotic Education?

Nancy Pelosi: 'We're Ready For It All' If Trump Tries To Create Election Chaos

Charles Pierce: I Walked the Two Miles to City Hall to Vote, and Then I Walked the Two Miles Home

Has anyone started drinking yet??

Is anyone on DU getting an invitation...

For your Covid denier friends: a POLST form


Moot point now, but why did they schedule Joe and Barack to speak at the same time?

Obama on M$NBComcast now n/t

Jason Leopold / BuzzFeedNews get unredacted portions of Mueller Report re: Roger Stone

The economy does better under a Democrat -- Life is ALWAYS better under a Democratic President

After the Blue Wave tomorrow, I would love to see Brad Pitt again portray Dr. F on SNL.

Hes not campaigning

Is Obama standing in a thunder storm?

If Trump steals this election my life is literally over

FBI: Voter intimidation is illegal. How to report.

Harris County case being appealed to the fifth circuit

Obama: "What is (trump's) obsession with crowd size?"

One of many St Louis area artists worth taking a listen to

Jewish cemetery desecrated 'Trump' spray-painted on tombstones to send message

Obama re: Senators Perdue, Loeffler--" Batman and Robin gone bad"

Memo To Bill "Luca Brasi" Barr: 10 Million People Outside The White House On Wednesday, Singing...

The Plan: Coup by TV


And the winner for best Halloween costume for 2020

Less than A DAY AWAY: How are people feeling?

When this woman brings a new puppy home to her raccoon 😍

Any of those using an electoral interactive map chime in.............

They knew he was sick and deliberately exposed Biden 🤬

If the site goes down...

Another MAGAt attack:

Obama's reaction when he bashes Trump's obsession w/crowd size & someone yells, "He's compensating!"

Couple Plans Surprise Trip For Their Boxer Who Loves Water Slides

Wednesday morning, what will be the

Beyonce' has officially endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, y'all

Chris Christie was pranked on Cameo by a Montana Democrat. He didn't find it funny.

The last night of my shrine...updated!

I'm willing to wait for it. #WaitForIt

World's smallest puppy grows up to be a huge goofball

Had a pre election day steak for dinner

Do we know if the Republican Mail-in voting is down after all ? If so, I wonder will the less

Early voting in Allen County, Indiana

Kittens Trapped In Ravine Can't Find A Way Out

Baby Yoda Hiding Is My 2020 Mood

My very accurate election prediction based on Trump's profile

Anyone else crying after listening to our President Obama speak in FL just now?

Donald Trump is not even a cheap has been Lounge Act at Vegas off streets, he's the drunk at a bar..

Another Lincoln Project ad narrated by Mark Hamill on absentee voting

Must-read from Esquire: This Is Joe Biden When No One Is Watching

Olbermann vs. Trump #19 - In Brief - Trump's Planned Live Television Coup

Well, I am in a a state of relaxation for the next six to 8 months?

I really care, so I vote


If Biden wins, i will......

Trump Abandoned America (a message to undecided lurkers)

Speaker Pelosi is on Ari now n/t

Trump says that as soon as Election Day ends, 'we're going in with our lawyers'

I finally found the words that express the emotional act of voting.


Trump Says He Will Fire Dr. Anthony Fauci After the Election

Data for Progress just tweeted their new Pennsylvania poll: Biden 52, Trump 45

Feels like earthquake weather

MAJOR Polling Miss!!!! Devastating! How will we know?

Anyone else crying after listening to President Obama speak in FL just now?

Total Early Votes: 97,771,476

KY State Police Training Quoted Hitler 'Ruthless' Warriors 'Uber Alles,' RE Lee 'Truth & Manliness'

Pennsylvania. Five aces.

Just A Little Reminder About WHO Dr. Anthony Fauci Is.

nailed it

Apple event scheduled for November 10th ...

MI:text messages are reportedly being sent to trick you into thinking there are ballot sensor issues

Middle Age Riot tweet: trump vs Fauci ;)

I just had someone from People's Action texting me

Please remember if you are ever attacked in any way

The Trump campaign is saying that it will steal this election, they are saying it outloud!

The 100 percent accurate poll

When we win tomorrow, who do Joe/Kamala owe a fruit basket?

take a deep breath all.

Trump promises court fight over Pennsylvania absentee votes

Trump Downfall

The zero hour is approaching. Crunch time

Florida deputies caught on tape beating Biden supporter at political rally

Great speech from President Obama!

After Dinner Walk in the Park