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Michigan GOP leaders after White House meeting: 'We will follow the law'

Ok, last Duane post (probably) On this one we have a chance to hear his voice too!

Trump shattered the record books for being the biggest failure as President in history

Tweet of the night:

Regarding anti-vaxxer's and the Covid-19 vaccine.

A college friend was in the Mayfair Mall during the shooting.

NV case to stop certification NOT going well for repukes!!

Let's Not Overthink This.

Best response to jr's rona! That means he won't be able to get out of prison because of covid

Components of Asian American population graphic

Oh my, this tweet NAILS it!

Brazil accused of holding up UN biodiversity talks

Brazil accused of holding up UN biodiversity talks

CNN: after meeting with trump, Michigan lawmakers...

President Donald Trump on screen during the virtual APEC Economic Leaders Meeting on Friday morning

Caller: Willing to Die for Trump

Michigan GOP statement

Kansas implemented a mask mandate on July 3. Some counties opted out...

Arlington Co. teacher removed after insensitive lesson references George Floyd

Why aren't tRump and Rudy being charged with violation of USC Ch. 115 P. 2385

TONIGHT: Georgia Senate candidate Jon @ossoff joins @Lawrence on the #LastWord. Tune in!

Obama riffs on trump. LOL

Twitter will hand @POTUS to Biden on Inauguration Day, even if Trump doesn't concede

Rasmussen says 30% of Democrats believe that Biden stole the election from trump

11/22 Mike Luckovich- No Drama Obama

A bunch of soft, cottony, fluffy snowflakes.

Animaniacs Trump Cyclops


Maricopa Cty judge dismisses Sharpiegate suit w/ prejudice; county election results to be certified

Animaniacs Trump Cyclops

Every word of this article makes clear that @GSAEmily isn't waiting for some genuine new point of cl

Bob Marley & the Wailers: "Three Little Birds"

Federal Judge Strikes DOJ from the Docket in E. Jean Carroll's Case Against Donald Trump

OK. So I'm a terrible person

Latest Randy Rainbow. I don't think it's been posted yet.

Marc Elias:There are no longer any post-election cases pending in Arizona.

The Show Is UP!

YES! Looks like they are going to roll it out slowly: ......NOPE!

Pentagon to impose new restrictions for workers as local Covid cases spike

GA gov certified election results. That's done!

What if Rudy is not a "Blithering Idiot"?

Native American voters critical to Biden's success in Arizona

She who smelt it, dealt it

Friday Talking Points -- The Keystone Koup

'I'm going to jail for the rest of my life': What Kyle Rittenhouse told the friend who supplied rifl

Trump campaign loses again in court -- this time to G. Gordon Liddy's son

Chestnuts Revisited

It appears there's more Covid in the WH

Look at this long line.

Middle Age Riot: Thanks to Donald Trump Jr., we now know for certain...

Poor Donnie Jr.!

After Trump's Embrace, Saudis Brace for a Chillier Tone From Biden

We might hit 200k today. Last time I looked we were at 196k

updated: Shooting at the Trumbull Mall, breaking news

Duckworth and Durbin to Trump, Miller & Pompeo: Hasty Withdrawal of Troops Could Extinguish Chance

Does anyone else think the MSM will be far more critical of Biden than they were of Trump?

SIX MILLION!!!! Happy Birthday, Mr. President-Elect!!!

Inslee announces $135 million to help businesses, residents across Washington impacted by pandemic

Lyft bans Washington state man for racist rant over his alleged refusal to wear a mask

Trump has always been unprecedented. He will soon be "unpresidented". Carry on. nt

A thought...

Phx. Airport the day after CDC recommended people cancel their Thanksgiving travel plans

The good old days. Before Facebook.

Minnesota GOP claims election 'abnormalities' without evidence

A Trump official is still blocking Biden's presidential transition. House Democrats want answers.

The Republicans are going to lose in this election debacle.

AZ is blue!

Rudy Giuliani's quixotic frenzy has observers wondering if he may need Trump's protection

Pandemic response, spending top agenda in Biden meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

Investigation shows Fort Hood leaders failed to protect soldiers, Army secretary says

Itoshisa Wa --Dir En Grey

I needed some glasses. Found some. Did not look at myself in mirror with them

Providence in Portland to set up surge tents, temporary morgues

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/20/20

Texas Workforce Commission approves IT apprenticeship program

Small Minds

Minnesota GOP claims election 'abnormalities' without evidence

Michigan Bureau of Elections staff recommends Board of State Canvassers certify on Monday.

NV case DISMISSED. AND NO pending cases anymore in AZ!! trump/GOP are 2-33

If Donny Jnr has covid

201,083 new cases

Former SOD William Cohen (R) just shamed all the silent GOP senators like no other Repub has done

as divided as we are sometimes, it's heartwarming to see us come together...

I've been thinking about this "election fraud" thing...

Oops......the quality of Republican lawyers is really bad.

Vanity Fair - Jeff Zucker looking to leave CNN

Enemy of The People!

Rep Sean Casten: Calls on federal employees to preserve documents

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Four Pillars of Democracy

So, Have I Got This Right? Regarding The Michigan State Legislators That Visited Trump Today...

Some Trump supporters on Parler want to boycott the Georgia runoff

Majorie Taylor Greene then and now

It's over and the winner is declared!

2022 US Senate Election Rating

New York had their moment last year... the rest of us need it now

Twitter will hand control of the @POTUS account to the new Biden admin on Inauguration Day

Dirty Vegas - Days Go By

Thanks Timesuckers, I needed that.

Everything But the Girl - Wrong

One thing that amazes is the distance between the daily suffering of those who've lost someone to th

Kenosha shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse posts $2 million bail


Trains 1

all Christmas decorations up in my neck of the woods

Thanksgiving weather forecast: Mild for many, rainy in the East

Trains 2

Fuck yeah! Black voters in Detroit are suing Trump for violating the Voting Rights Act

Trains 3

A message to MI lawmakers projected onto Trump Hotel in DC

Trains 4

People are f'n NUTS!!! In-N- Out burgers has come to town. I caught a news piece on the insanity.

Trains 5

This tweet should have been the backdrop when Brian Kemp signed the certification today.

Question about how Covid Policies will impact voter survivorship based on party affiliation.

Trains 6

Trains 7

Trains 8

How Leonard Cohen Haunted the Trump Era

Jumping someone else's train (literally LOL)

Why it's time for Speaker Pelosi and SML Schumer to call on Trump to resign.

Trains 9

Trains 10

Google plans big campus on site of Kirkland car dealership

My Trains - Jimmie Rodgers


What to Ricky Schroder and the My Pillow Guy have in Common?

I think I can-I think I can-Did it, did you see that!

Why do I have the feeling that this unicycle is going to start....

*Lt. Gov Fetterman (PA) on Rachel show now.


Massive, China-state-funded hack hits companies around the world, report says

Sad to see Rachel spreading misinformation on alternate slates of PA electors

Ok I have decided

And the latest conspiracy lunacy ----

Understand this--for many people with COVID-19 there is no "recovery."

Ok I have decided

I want reporters to ask every Republican in DC if they endorse Trump for the GOP nomination in 2024

Tucker Carlson bashes Trump attorney Sidney Powell for lack of evidence in fraud claims:

Trump's leadership PAC now getting 75% of each donation for legal battle, not 60% like last week

Psychedelic Furs - Into You Like a Train

Put them all in concentration camps.

Trump bid to overturn vote crashes into wall of deadlines

Everyone's Christmas presents are wrapped.

future islands - seasons (waiting on you) (letterman-2014) one of THE greatest performances

These two girls working at McDonalds helped a handicapped man who was struggling with his meal.

Supercut of an Arizona judge examining the affidavit collection process used by the Trump campaign.

Trump Jr. finally found a test he could pass.

Because toxic masculinity

Everybody Enjoying This Sad, Silly Coup? Living in History Sure is Dumb. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Trump bid to overturn vote crashes into wall of deadlines

Tool - Sober

Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train

Star Wars hotel sneak peek

Those who want to turn back the clock, might want to reconsider

From 3 years ago today, but well worth another look

Write in "Donald Trump"!

Me and the boys and my best Gal too, we drinking whiskey tonight...

The Daily Social Distancing Show: How Are Americans Avoiding COVID This Thanksgiving?

Lawrence O'Donnell is solid tonight.

Rudy's Three Words

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Rep. Lucy McBath - Changing Georgia & Turning Tragedy Into Action

Doobie Brothers -- Long Train Runnin'

blackfoot - train, train

Four years. It's been four long years.

Can a President pardon himself for criminal negligence in the deaths of 200,000 Americans?

'What he is doing is outrageous': Doctors slam Sen. Ron Johnson over hearing on COVID-19 treatment

Invisible People story from October 9th, but still worth reading.

Stop whining

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Bill Gates - COVID Vaccines, Climate Change & A New Podcast

Trains 11

Record 17 NCAA Football Games Postponed/Cancelled This Week

Gladys Knight -- Midnight Train to Georgia

*Jon Ossoff coming up on Lawrence show.

Late to the gate, but still boarding the Hellbound Train

one decent thing Trump could do

ELO -Last Train to London

ACDC -- Rock n' Roll Train

2020: The Academy Awards Should Award the Movie Idiocracy a Lifetime Achievement Award

This is the really, really, real version of "Hellbound Train"

I Hope If Emily Murphy Doesn't Show Up, THey Subpoena Her

The Rolling Stones-Silver Train

Seth Meyers - Trump to Pardon Thanksgiving Turkey at White House - Monologue 11/19/20

How low Colorado Republicans go

I feel like I'm going to enjoy seeing people even MORE

Trump turns on Pfizer over vaccine timing

Trump's "Coup"--if the Marx Brothers, the Keystone Kops, Monty Python...

My net worth has left my family in tears...

Trains 12

White House Rose Garden adds Japanese American's sculpture

Where's Aristus?

Brazilian journalist assaulted and threatened over political coverage

*Harry Truman's grandson on 'transitions,' coming up on B. Williams' show.

We still have a lot of questions about that Rivada contract with DOD that Karl Rove lobbied Trump fo

Bob Marley: "Don't Rock My Boat"

Guatemalan journalist Mario Ortega shot and killed

Seth Meyers: Joe Biden Was Starstruck Meeting Michael Moore

Michigan attorney general ponders criminal probes of state and local officials who bend to Trump's w

at some point, they'll learn to stop wearing green

Ecuadorian journalist Jun Sarmiento sentenced to prison for 'discrediting' local official

Tweet of the Day

Kayleigh McEnany said that Obama never provided trump an orderly transfer of power

If you had a choice between a 62 year old house - Update - FLOOD. ZONE!

Granada, Elina Garanca

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good

My picks for the Democratic organizations of 2020

Just Like this Train

Hire Union!

My Baby Thinks He's a Train - Roseanne Cash featuring the amazing Albert Lee on gtr

Bob Marley: "Don't Rock My Boat"

To start a meme that lots of people will believe ...

Emmylou Harris: two trains

CNN:12 Million Americans may lose their unemployment benefits

Democratic politicians who say they have Republican politician friends

Citing COVID-19, King County Superior Court suspends in-person jury trials

Molly Tuttle - White Rabbit

Can't believe I'm 1st on the trigger with this pick

Here's All the Transition Things Trump Is Denying Biden

China suggests Italy may be the birthplace of COVID-19 pandemic

Trump and idiotacracy

Play a Train Song. Todd Snider

2020 Joe Biden got 17 million more votes than 2016 Trump

Biden forges ahead with the transition while Trump paralyzes Washington

Blue Train

Can you imagine when they make a serious movie about this president?

There is video of trump thanking President Obama for orderly transfer or power

Trump's lawyer fires back in feud with Tucker Carlson ON FOX NEWS - Brian Tyler Cohen

Brian Williams: Make Vaccines Great Again (master level snark)

LOL-- Blue Boy Train

Crash This Train

Trains, Boats and Planes

Back Up Train. Al Green

Lawrence O'Donnell Thanks Rachel Maddow For Her Powerful Covid-19 Message - The Last Word - MSNBC

Marrakesh Express - CS&N

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Prayer for Our Animal Children and All Animals in Creation.

It's over now, but there was an AMA with Billy Strings on Reddit today

Todd Rundgren Hit Me Like A Train

Stop this Train - 3rd Eye Girl

Good night DU ,thanks for being here.

And the Emmy goes to....

Prince - New Power Generation

Hear My Train A Coming

The Cure - Jumping Someone Else's Train

Norman Blake - Slow Train Through Georgia

Trump's Attempts to Overturn the Election Are Unparalleled in U.S. History

Former Staffer Blasts Graham

Porcupine Tree, "Trains"

Sheila E. - Love On A Blue Train (Single Edit)

Train Train

waxing crescent moon

Cocteau Twins - Road, River and Rail

The Decemberists, "Engine Driver"

The Way Old Friends Do

Joinin' in... 'Zion Train', Bob Marley

The Mutton Birds, "Like This Train"

Jon Ossoff: Sen. Perdue Is 'Using His Office To Line His Own Pockets' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Runaway - Jefferson Starship

Anyone ride this Rush Train, yet?

Silver Train

I haven't seen a forum here move this fast in years! (Tom Waits inside)

Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE / NEW MAGIC WAND (2020 GRAMMYs)

Rosanne Cash: My Baby Thinks He's a Train

Robert Plant - '29 Palms

Mean Old Train - The Hook, baby!

Panama court orders new trial for ex-President Martinelli in spying case

Two Trains Runnin' (Live) Muddy Waters

Johnny Cash: Orange Blossom Special

Another Town, Another Train - ABBA

New Year's Day - U2


city of new orleans - arlo arlo arlo! (yes, it's a train song)

Tom Waits -- Downtown Train

train in vain -- the clash (no it's not a train song)

Come ride the little train...

Grateful Dead -- Casey Jones

A day-by-day transition comparison: 2016/2020

Tom Petty...Runaway Trains

Trump Can't Install Himself as President, But His Actual Goal May Be Immunity From Prosecution

U2 - One

So obvious right? Crazy Train!

MediasTouch: Chicken Perdue

Johnny Cash -- Hear That Train A-Comin'/Folsom Prison Blues

Gladys Knight & the Pips: Midnight Train to Georgia

Fukushima Related Radiation Risks to Olympians at the 2021 Tokyo Games.

A few of my playlists

Hear My Acoustic Train

Midnight - Yaz

Billy Bragg/Joe Henry -- Midnight Special

2 from Jazmine Sullivan

Train Kept A Rollin - Aerosmith

Savoy Brown- Hellbound Train

Midnight - Yaz

Monkees - Last Train to Clarksville

Trump suffers twin defeats in his effort to overturn Biden's victory in key states

Just pretend you're at a 90's wedding. C'mon Ride The Train

I'm a train

Daft Punk - One More Time (Official Video)

Guatemala VP calls on president to resign with him

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 11/20/20 (Season Finale)

James Brown- Night Train LIVE!

The Hooters - All You Zombies

Mexico Decriminalizes the Consumption of Cannabis

Sparks - "When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way'"

Trump Panama Building A Magnet For Dirty Money Laundering

10,000 Maniacs -- Peace Train (cover)

Mexican General Cienfuegos walks free after US drops drug charges

Got a hankerin' to do this soon...

wear your mask

White Mansion

In The Dark - Billy Squier

What it likely is tonite...

Moving in Stereo*All Mixed Up - The Cars

Peace Train - Cat Stevens

Soul Train

Ain't done this post in a few minutes.. G'night DU

Thomas the Tank Engine 😄


November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance

Oh no! LOOK! They are all oozing hair dye now LOL

Nite Glam. Nite y'all. 💙

Stevie Nicks - Blue Lamp

Porcupine Tree-Trains

Paraguay: Corruption And Violation Of Human Rights - OpEd

Ben Carson received the same Covid treatment as trump... because Trump approved him

Driver 8 R.E.M.

Power without responsibility, Adoration without accountability, Devotion without duty, Victory witho

If you think you are having a bad day just remember...

Death Nut Challenge--13 million Scovilles

Drumpf's Indifference Amounts to Negligent Homicide

Dark Lady

Election judges!!

Twitter will hand @POTUS to Biden on Inauguration Day, even if Trump doesn't concede

Mike Garcia claims victory in tight 25th Congress race - and Christy Smith isn't happy about it

Republican David Valadao defeats TJ Cox for California seat in Congress, analyst says

Umm...F@#K YOU, Jim Cramer! When Will CNBC Fire This Pernicious Little Pinworm?

Why is there such a gap between the election and swearing in a new President and Vice President?

Trump lawyers cited Minnesota counties in affidavit about Michigan

Here is a piece acquired at an auction, attributed to Marcel Duchamp...

'Something very historical': Push for diverse Biden Cabinet

New York GOP congresswoman-elect reveals interest in forming House anti-socialist 'Squad'

We Still Like Beer

Biden must get a grip on the US foreign policy. What has Trump done?

Trump Can't Install Himself as President, But His Actual Goal May Be Immunity From Prosecution

Happy Stuffing Day!

Childress Regional reports 'severe' patient-transfer difficulties

Trump's historically disastrous failed Presidency hit another milestone in his legacy of EPIC FAIL

D.C.-area forecast: 60s again today, but cool and damp air is inbound for Sunday.

The immorality is a feature not a bug

Tweet of the early morning:

Breakfast Saturday 21 November 2020

I heard that a fellow was

What is Trump gonna do if Covid hits his entire "legal" team

Maps of NY micro-clusters and their restrictions.

40 Years Ago Today; the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas fire kills 85

Potential DOE Sec. - Brilliant Scientist, 200 Papers, Political Skills, 1st-Generation Immigrant

Shocked, Shocked: ADM Carbon Capture Plant Barely Hitting Half Its Target; Overall CO2 Output Grew

Making chili today double recipe any ideas or suggestions hit me I'm always looking

So, What Did Shitstain's Basket Of Bullshit 2020Environmental Executive Orders Add Up To? Not Much

Just ran across the Bill Buford apple tart piece in the New Yorker.

Because Of Course: Shitstain Blocks Federal Disaster Aid To PA - Gov. Said Bad Things About Him


"Impeach the president again" opinion piece, Boston Globe

Ghost - It's A Sin

How is Steven Miller's COVID and

Time's Person of the Year

Let's all take a moment today to laugh our aꜱses off at Trump's boat rallies.

Your math homework

The Psychology of Denying Overpopulation, Prof Kenrick, Arizona State

Court: Tennessee can enforce Down syndrome abortion ban

Auschwitz personnel, 1944. Ordinary people, not monsters, make atrocities happen.

This man ordered the killing of innocent civilians. 9 of his men testified against him and had their

Sidney Powell: 'The entire election in all the swing states should be overturned'

Trump strikes another blow to US government policies as media all but ignore release of spy.

US judge Beryl Howell bars USAGM CEO Michael Pack and his team from interfering ...

I filled out a Trump survey trashing him a week ago, and in the NAME field I put

The World Moves on as Trump Keeps Fighting

Anyone here from south Florida?

Almost 200,000 new cases yesterday. We should not be in this horror show.

certification summarized

This perfectly answers the question of why trump's cult is so devoted. The good news is that

Tweet of the Morning:

Look for a rash of new state laws giving more leeway on electors overthrowing the vote

Why I think we're stuck with this groundhog day nightmare until Jan 20

Miami-Dade Animal Services hosts pet food drive for owners in need of help

"Deputies Won't Enforce Month-Long California Curfew, Sacramento Sheriff Says"

Ruin a TV show by changing one letter

"Former reality TV show host's son tests positive for COVID-19"

GOP lawmaker patience runs thin with Trump tactics

Any brits out there? I'm looking for a poem they might be familiar with.

It's Here! The Donald Trump Legal Theory Generator!!

St. Louis Children's Hospital Is Now Seeing Adult Patients With COVID-19

Trump's Karma has already kicked in

Trump's Schedule for Friday, November 20, 2020

How Drones Are Taking Nadia Shakoor's Farm Tech Invention To the Next Level

Trump's Schedule for Saturday, November 21, 2020

New Research Sheds Light on Early Life of Neanderthals

Rudy Guliani belongs in jail

US Senate Elections of 2022 that Democrats are favored to win.

Submarines May Have Nowhere To Hide With U.S. Navy Set To Field Radical New Radar

Strong Polar Vortex This Year Will Likely Delay Winter Weather; Unusual Warmth In Lower 48 For Weeks

A pic of Kyle Rittenhouse upon his release (check out the shirt he is wearing):

A question for a question!


---sigh----Talking Heads, why do you continue to bend over backwards to give Trump the

'This planet has issues' cartoon

'This planet has issues' cartoon

Fox News mistakes Michigan's U.P. for Canada, because apparently maps are hard

Michigan group sues Trump campaign for alleged mass voter suppression

perdue and loeffler's new websites:

The Supreme Court has released new "circuit assignments." Each justice initially handles ...

We're in for a hard winter

Georgia governor calls for audit after state certifies election results

Biden faces a race against the clock for U.S. to rejoin Iran nuclear deal

Tucker Carlson Advertiser Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, Helps Bail Out Kyle Rittenhouse

An Olde Country Classic.

GOP Senators Get Stark Reminder Of Their Previous 'Let The Voters Decide' Demands

As they say, "this didn't age too well...."

Why All The Posts With 'Train' References Here?....

How TV paved America's road to Trump

Anger builds in Black community over Trump's claims of voter fraud in big cities

YOU raised $6,561.66 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-20-20 (below our average)

Fauci Says Santa Claus Has 'Innate Immunity' And Can't Spread COVID-19

Shutdown deadline nears as White House, Congress tangle over VA funding

Kobach at it again

"Panama Limited"Tom Rush

Biden's lead over Trump surpasses 6M votes as more ballots are tallied

I went to mulch my garden this morning and some of my fall planted bulbs are sprouting

60 Days

How Georgia proves Trump has no chance of winning - by Harry Enten

We should start a go fund me for the transition just to show those GOP

One of Gov. Newsom's children quarantines after potential COVID-19 exposure

Fugelsang ftw!

I cut my electrical bill by $20 a month by just wearing thermal socks and underwear all

I wake up and there's so much bullshit from Trump and his morons still going on.

Trump Won in the Election - He Won Second Place

*****Runoff vote needed in November photo contest*****Please look and help

*****Runoff vote in progress for November contest***** here is the link / please vote

Trump's Prophets Continue to Insist He Will Get Second Term

This wasn't the first - the last time Giuliani had a makeup fail (starts at 20 seconds):

Rev. Raphael Warnock Shuts Down 'Lock Him Up' Chant

There was a time when behavior like Trump's was considered a mental breakdown

*****Runoff vote in progress for November contest***** here is the link / please vote

So, has Trump "found the strawberries" yet? nt

This elections is nothing like 2000

Biden needs to tell the GSA to fund his transition. Bring the fire!

The latest from The Lincoln Project, "Shameful"....

U.S. reports 195,000 new COVID-19 cases in one day, a record

Has anyone started calling him Runny Giuliani yet?

Isn't it odd?

Georgia governor calls for audit after state certifies election results

The Founders didn't prepare for a president who refuses to step down, historians say

Christmas cookies in the time of Covid

Gentlemen, while in public, never try to get someone's attention by

Yamiche Alcindor to Fucker Carlson: "Boy bye."

Old article but interesting: A Day in the Life of Rachel Maddow

The great Coleman Hawkins was born on this date.

G N R Night Train

Eleanor Powell was born on this date.

Kelly Loeffler marketed derivatives during Great Recession at world's most notorious tax haven

Most coronavirus cases are spread by people without symptoms, CDC now says

GOP Senators Get Stark Reminder Of Their Previous 'Let The Voters Decide' Demands

Brent Terhune: He cried real tears to Rush Limbaugh ((sarcasm))

Just heard the title of the movie that will be made about Giuliani's legal antics:

Sucks when there's receipts.

Trump admits Michigan rep/sen met to discuss coup

'ICU grandpa,' who cradled sick and premature babies, has died

Has Trump declared war on the will of the American people?

3638 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 30 deaths

Kamala: My heart aches for Raiden and every single person left behind in the wake of COVID-19.

JFK and Jackie walk toward Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, November 21, 1963

Hospitals nationwide face shortage of medical staff amid spike in COVID-19 cases

Joe Biden must understand South Dakotans if he wants a national mask mandate

Trump's monumental sulk: president retreats from public eye as Covid ravages US

Okay, so this GSA asshole minion is holding the country hostage

We sued Donald Trump and the Trump Campaign last night for violating section 11(b) of the Voting Rig

We need to conduct a deMAGAfication of America.

When Senator Kelly Loeffler ...

Trump supporters have a message to Georgia Republicans: "We will finish you!"

Public Service Announcement: It is essential to properly prepare for a zoom meeting

RT to thank @senatemajldr for blocking relief to families, small businesses and Democrat cities! Th

Trumpsters are complaining about the Trump transition. Let's open the book by Gov. Chris Christie

In Clinical Trial ...

Tell them to think of a mask as a seatbelt for multiple lives. If you encounter an anti masker.

Trump Tweets About Voter 'Fraud' During G-20's Opening Meeting

What in the wide world of sports is going on?

Okay, I Have A Question ...

Pompeii's ruins yield scalded bodies of rich man and slave

Hmm. My family could really use that $20,000 in UI Benefits included in the Heroes Act

My tweet about Trump using his DC Hotel to collect kompromat on GOP supplicants seemed to trigger th

The outgoing president traditionally gives the new one a gift

After meeting w/ Pres. Trump, Michigan Republicans closed down the Trump Hotel bar last night

Let It Go

Mark Of The Loser

Why has the virus killed so few famous or rich people?

Try this? When you finish a book

Protests Against Michigan GOP in Washington

Voice of America's 5 Months Under Trump CEO: Lawsuits, Bias Claims, And A Sex Scandal

Sons of Coronavirus

Michigan GOP legislators Mike Shirkey & Dan Lauwers spotted leaving Trump Hotel this morning

If I'm Going Down ...

Home battery

On CNN this morning Smerconish made an aside comment that it was wrong for Democrats not to be

Ivanka Trump HAS been subpoenaed

Question for induction range owners

Fuck you Mitch McConnell you and your empty room and empty mind.

I've read a statistic: US non-gun murder rate is greater than UK overall murder rate

Michigan's SOS, Jocelyn Benson, seems to have been training all her life for someone like Trump

And this is why we do it.

The swift kick of karma - An actual Tweet

"If" Biden were to pardon Trump, all hell would break out and the US even more severely

The 3 Norms Trump Could Still Break

Kelly Loeffler helped set up offshore tax haven during Great Recession

Good morning! I'm officially off call now. Long week.

pix of a monk and a cat - no real reason for posting - just because

Can we all agree

MI GOP send letter to Board of Canvassers asking them not to certify election results on Monday

Andrew Cuomo To Receive International Emmy For 'Masterful' COVID-19 Briefings

N95 masks being sold on ebay

Why did the Michigan legislators stay at the Trump International Hotel?

Trump Claims Michigan Lawmakers' Statement On WH Meeting Indicates Massive Voter Fraud Will Be Shown

Why We're Numb to 250,000 Deaths

Bill Maher - Comparing Cult Leaders and their Followers to Donald Trump & MAGAts.

Trump apparently ignoring G20 meeting on pandemic preparedness. He's golfing.

Masks work: Show this to the mask skeptic in your life

Very Big Brained tRump thanks parody account claiming to be his sister for her support

This is how we are going to win the GA runoffs - a (nearly) complete guide

Trump only requested a recount in Dane & Milwaukee Counties - neither use Dominion machines

I sent a Tweet to Don Jr. after I heard he had contracted COVID. I told him to stay positive...

New Rule: Here Comes President Gus Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Iowa Democratic Election Post-Mortem

Ivanka subpoenaed for civil and criminal NY probes. Key to note many foreign money cases begin with

Iowa Democratic Election Post-Mortem

The haste guarantees there will be all manner of irregularity and illegality, as in the Kavanaugh ca

"What in the french fried fuck is going on here?"

Video of a guy getting it on with his girlfriend's backdoor.

Rick Santorum demonstrates what the entire Republican Party is currently doing to sore loser Donald

Just curious when and who will be RUMPS first pardon be?

"Jesus is my Lord, Trump is my President"

Kemp is demanding another hand recount in Georgia.

Subtweet of the season. Voltaire via the Beinecke.

I saw a thread about a man dragged from his bed and killed by hyenas

Recount every state. Red and Blue. See if Bidens vote was depressed in the red states.

Looks like Ben Carson would've died from COVID if not for his privileged status.

On #TransDayOfRemembrance, landmarks across New York were lit up in pink, white & blue.

Thank you @GSAEmily for abiding by your loyalty pledge to Me Me Me! Thousands will die because of yo

That the day would come when Tucker Carlson emerges as a proponent of truth! Things are..

I heard on one of the CNN or MSNBC, the Michigan GOP is asking for a 13 day delay to recount Wayne.

Trump campaign continues to cite birther cases as support for its standing in the PA federal case

George Takei: That last line. So therapeutic. (Meidas Touch)

Chile police chief resigns after officers shoot adolescents

Chile police chief resigns after officers shoot adolescents

After meeting with Trump, MI Speaker @LeeChatfield drinking $500/bottle Dom Perignon at Trump Hotel

Stacey Abrams' group finances grassroots efforts to win Senate runoffs

Sean Hannity's Pitty Party - The Poor Ain't So Bad! You Don't Know How Rough The Rich Have It.

Trump's "strategery" in a nutshell: "We're gonna recount and recount and recount until one count

Joe's got quite the clean-up to do (toon):

George Takei 🧵: When this current nightmare is past us, we must not forget that it happened.

Lindsey wouldn't try anything in GA that he hadn't already been doing in SC

No Bacon, No Bath Tissue: Panic Buying Returns on Covid Jump

Yes, Michingan had more votes than voters.... when they included Minnesota in their counts

NY's Cuomo to receive International Emmy for virus briefings

Michigan, national GOP seek to delay certification of election results

My squirrel dumplings are delicious..

This Week's Saturday Morning Supermarket Trip

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Michigan R's meet Trump at the WH. They celebrate with Dom Perignon at his DC hotel. MAGA!

Violence erupts in Brazil after Black man beaten to death at Carrefour store

Violence erupts in Brazil after Black man beaten to death at Carrefour store

New brief in Trump federal court challenge to PA results kicks off by misspelling Gov's name

*****Final Voting Thread for November Photo Contest***** Please Vote / Comment / Kick

*****Finals are posted for November Contest*****"IN THE SHADOWS

*****Finals are posted for November Contest*****"IN THE SHADOWS

Team Ossoff showed up today in the spirit of unity and service.

The Funniest Donald Trump Stories On The Graham Norton Show - Part Two

Trump went golfing instead ...

independent demographer in Moscow, who was fired from Rosstat predicts 500,000 deaths from covid in

Excellent and important Twitter thread about impact of beginning vaccines.

a MILLION words

PA: Trump campaign brief ignores binding Supreme Court authority in Winter case about need to prove

Avocado Toast

Adam Schiff: So no one told you life was gonna be this way...

Justice Dept. meets Trump, Giuliani vote-fraud claims with silent skepticism

It's a pandemic so the wife of the head of the coronavirus task force is having a party:

Judge tosses last election lawsuit in Arizona

The Stranglers - Goodbye Toulouse

Sea-Tac Airport expects fewer travelers this holiday amid rising COVID cases, travel advisories

I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now

WaPo - Apple Lobbies Against Bill on Forced Labor in China; 1-2M People are in Internment Camps

The "Antifa" on Fox now....

Ivanka Under Investigation Over Trump Taxes?!

The Evolution of Michael Jackson's Dance - By Ricardo Walker's Crew

Biden to work to end executions as government sets 3 more

Why 'Defund The Police' Attacks Were So Potent Against Democrats

Boston Globe front page

Smerconish: Here's the real danger in Trump's charade (CNN)

The Founders didn't prepare for a president who refuses to step down, historians say

Trump tries to drum out GOP election officials who won't play his games

So they want to name the vaccine after Trump?

AOC let's McConnell remember that he is an a*hole!

Juna Serita's band Tokyo Groove - What is Hip?

Bodies of man and his slave unearthed from ashes at Pompeii

Biden could announce Cabinet picks as soon as next week

States, like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, need to stop electing Repuke state legislators.

U.S. nears 12 million COVID-19 cases ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

Decisions, DECISIONS: G20 virtual summit focused on pandemic preparedness, or GOLF???

PA Republicans are asking a state court to invalidate ALL mail-in-votes

Yikes, this sounds... not good

The Mooch was on tv, he said trump is creating havoc because he wants a deal to not get prosecuted

Antisemitism, what does it look like?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin flubs and says the White House is 'working on a mass distribution

if YOU were to ask me what was my most favorite advertisement ...this is it

"I am confident that these very quiet people will find their courage and conviction."

IS-claimed rocket attack on Kabul kills eight

A vindictive Trump seeks to undermine Biden's presidency

This is how you skewer a malignant narcissist, Brian Williams does it right

WSJ loses patience with Trump over unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in brutal editorial

Judge rules against Trump global media chief after firings

2 missing boys. 2 different outcomes. And questions about Amber Alerts

Trump efforts to flip election results raise legal, ethical questions

At a hardware store in a small town in deep red upstate New York.

Does anyone know if the South Korean detective show, "The Signal" is available

Balancing A Thanksgiving Meal, question

Trump's Pennsylvania Suit is 'Incoherent Conspiracy,' Voters Say

Seattle Announces New Coronavirus Testing Kiosks

Judith Jarvis Thomson (1929-2020)

How do I block threads with a certain word?

Why the House should Impeach?

Trump Supporters in Georgia Threaten to Destroy GOP, Boycott Runoff Elections

Drastic cuts proposed to Medicare would hurt health care quality

Recount in Wisconsin

Sen. Marsha Blackburn called Biden the president-elect and Harris the vice president-elect

Two different Americas.

I Had to Explain to My 96-Year-Old Father Yesterday

Ruby Bridges Fought Racism at 6 Years Old Inspirational Documentary Goalcast

Potential problems with people getting the vaccine here in the U.S.

Did you know those pos Ricky Schroder and the my pillow guy paid for Kyle Rittenhouse bail?

I am seeing this correctly, GA Trumpers are threatening to write in Trump for a Senate seat?

RW clowns: Scott Baio threatens to move to Utah to unseat Romney. Mark Levin tells him, "Go for it!"

Freedumb: Moving from MN to SD because masks or something

Ronettes perform "Be My Baby" and "Shout"

Out socializing in Raleigh as daily new NC COVID-19 cases top 3000

Climate and Health Effects of Conventional and Rotational Crop Practices in Iowa.

Whitford: If state recounts reaffirming Biden's win were drinking game, we'd all be hammered by now

In the 3 hours that trump spent playing golf today, 225 Americans died. Think about it.

Slate "Americans' Contempt for One Another Has Become a Bonfire"

This is crazy and I am getting nervous

Slate "Shame the Random, Unknown Government Officials Aiding Trump's Coup Attempt"

Barbara Lewis -- Baby, I'm Yours

Historian: German denazification has lessons on how to deal with post-Trump America

Cartoons 11/21/2020

This stimulus provision - which Republicans call essential - is actually a 'poison pill': Gillibrand

Nov. 21, 1963 -- JFK and Jackie

...while Biden has to self-fund his own transition. This is beyond disgraceful.

And you thought cats were bad?

Mississippi Kid

Conservative journalist melts down after publishers admit they have no interest in Trump's memoirs

Inside the Neo-Nazi Cabal Tied to Marines and a Porn Star

Fifty ways to leave the white house...

What is your favorite opera and why?

Just to show anti-maskers aren't only an American phenomenon

Trump Swiftly Blows Up His 1 Decent Conservation Action

Meanwhile, last week at the Pentagon...

Mazzy Star - Flowers in December

Conservative News Site Warns Donald Trump: 'Concede And Move On'

David Rothkopf: Photo from Talibanpalooza with Pompeo

Trump's defeat by Joe Biden has triggered a huge wave of relief among our European allies

Donald Trump never had a friend

"That money was taken by our president to pay for third century technology."

Jane's Addiction - Jane Says

Attorney: Mike Lindell Among Those Who Paid To Bail Out Kyle Rittenhouse, Charged In Kenosha Protest

Went shopping yesterday - heads up

from Chris Christie's book: re trump's transition in 2016. he surrounded himself with buffoons...

Biden's margin of victory over Trump has surpassed 6 million votes: Biden has 79.78 million votes

Damn. I goofed, and mom voted for a republican, or two.

I'm asking for the gazzilionth time

You know if this person was black they would be shot with a gun instead of a taser

Three Former Missouri City Officials Charged in Fraud Scheme

No one left to be a sponsor.

This Puppy Has An Amazing Transformation After Takis (And His Cats) Care For Her

Fred Trump Jr. threw a bowl of mashed potatoes on Donny and we are paying the price.

Bankers Survey Projects Drop in Holiday Retail Sales

Original Gerber baby celebrates 94th birthday

Dumb Blonde Speaks

Should Covid survivors wear masks?

Hidden Camera Catches Cat Bringing Gifts To Her Family

Texas Lt. Gov. stiffs Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. of $2 million for finding voter fraud, by Republicans

A friend of ours had his car keyed at the mall...$3200 in damage

Elephant Rescued from Well in India

Trump tweets undermine Michigan leaders; images show Chatfield drinking at Trump hotel

**NEW** Michigan AG ponders criminal probes of state and local officials who bend to Trump

From 'The Guardian'. Isn't Jr special!

Trump Spends Saturday On The Golf Course As America Surges Toward 2,000 COVID Deaths Per Day

Rebecca Solnit: On Not Meeting Nazis Halfway

Hilarious Pets That Got Shamed For Being Naughty

Lindsey continues to weigh in on Georgia election

Ben Carson was Very Ill with Covid-19, then Trump approved experimental Regeneron drug for him......

Miscreant tweets, golfs, skips G-20 pandemic session

Looks like Jarvanka are trying to find a way back to society post-election


Caught him right before he deleted it!

2020 wreath is done and hung!

AOC: People who argue that dramatic changes to policing, including budgetary ones...

14th District republicans (MI) draft resolution to not certify

america then

President Trump makes brief appearance at Group of 20, but skips pandemic meeting.

Wisconsin officials: Trump observers obstructing recount

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 21, 2020

How in the hell can these Trump supporters still think the

If we can flip Georgia for the presidency, we can flip Georgia for the Senate.

'Do they just not care?' Miami immigrants troubled by surge of Latino support for Trump

And the oozing Rudy tweets keep on coming.

"Because Democrats vote by mail, they are now trying to ban mail-in ballots."

Follow Stephen Colbert? A Late Show.

Ask the Trump University Law School!

Elizabeth Warren: Let's be clear...

He who hesitates is lost.

Texas National Guard sends troops to El Paso to help with the crisis in the county's morgue

Unemployment awaits.

My aunt who has been in a nursing home for some time passed of COVID yesterday.

Count every "legal" vote is the new RW mantra

Hasidic NYC Synagogue Hosted Thousands in Secret for Rabbi's Grandson's Mask-Free Wedding

The Tories' 'chumocracy' over Covid contracts is destroying public trust

Isn't Turtle obstruction enough? Can our own coalition groups let our own President have some leeway

Prince - Creep (exceptional Radiohead cover)

One Defector-Proof Hangout for Trumpists Will Likely Be Parler

Santa was at the mall today, they have him in a Plexiglas cage. I will sure be glad when 2020

A quarter of a million people have died on this man's watch

🎶 Sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody

Stacey Abrams On Finishing the Job In Georgia

Trump participated in his final G20 summit on Saturday by tweeting throughout the opening session

On Not Meeting Nazis Halfway: Why Is It So Hard for Democrats to Act Like They Actually Won?

Benji303 & Lee S. - Fuck The Tories (Sterling Moss & Mark EG Fuck The 303 Remix)

I guess he meant due

Three ex-governors agree: Michigan should certify election for Joe

SHAUB:9/11 Commission report urged outgoing administrations to move forward with key transition ....

Teen who met grandma from accidental text shares Thanksgiving plans after COVID-19 loss

Florida sure can pick 'em.

Who needs Russia? Loudest attacks on US vote are from Trump

Glad to see more than one guns rights group aren't utter bootlickers:

The Freepers admit Trump Lost and they are now campaigning for 2024.


VICTORY: A court just rejected the Trump campaign's ludicrous attempt to throw out millions of valid

A look at recount HQ in Milwaukee County.

Wisconsin officials: Trump observers obstructing recount

MAGA Network TV Line-up

'Black Rifle Coffee' corrects the record on Kyle Rittenhouse

U.S. reports nearly 200,000 new coronavirus cases as more than 1,500 people die daily

Judge really kicked the crap out of Guliani.....

Judge issues humiliating smackdown of Trump lawyers in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

BREAKING: Judge in PA tosses Trump campaign lawsuit, says they have presented no compelling evidence

Brian Williams mocks Geraldo Rivera suggestion to name COVID-19 vaccine after Trump

Judge throws out Trump bid to stop PA vote certification

Sophie Stinky Toes has been an 'only cat' for about 18 months. I'm thinking about another rescue.

Maskless Trump Fan Deliberately Spews Droplets on Woman Outside Trump Golf Course

Recently introduced to RSO - would like to share a recipe.

Landscape images

How Very Republican of You

Trump's 'Stop The Steal' campaign official song

The next Republican that doesn't try to steal an election will be a RINO that faces a primary challe

At what point does 'outdoor dining' become indoor dining?

Serious question for practicing DU attorneys: in the current pandemic when the health experts are

Anna Eskamani Wants Florida Democrats to Move to the Left

I'm so angry with my dad right now.

BREAKING: Federal Judge tosses Ghouliani's abomination of a case in PA