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So, Trump DOES Believe In Safety Planning For The Transition. Just Not YOUR Safety!

First on CNN: GSA tells Biden that transition can formally begin

So maybe 40 days to PARDONS begin?

Why CEOs Are Uniting Against Trump's Election Fight

Citizens United MUST be defeated. Everyone is missing this main point about this 2020 election.


Ok, Dolly Parton! The time is right. "Light of a Clear Blue Morning"

I just found out my sister had covid-19 back in early February

Another fun tweet:

Good Evening!

Trump Pardon or Commutation Prediction: Justin Volpe and Charles Schwartz

Tweet from Michigan AG Dana Nessel

Cuba's Frank Pais Airport increases commercial operations

Murphy claimed she'd made an independent decision. Trump then tweeted it was his recommendation.

What about ascertainment? And I'm sure the timing of Trump's tweet was purely coincidental

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 20

A good summary of the year

Trump moving out

U.N. says former Nissan head Carlos Ghosn owed 'compensation' for arrest, detention

I'd like to see protesters peacefully assemble at the wall of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Philadelphia just certified the vote

Can we expect that Pres. Biden V.P. Harris will use tweets to augment

You have to admire Sidney Powell's incredible restraint.

It appears that Melania is making a 'transition' of her own

DiFi to step down as top Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee

Micheal Steele Just Turned


Supposedly, when Biden first won the election....

Joyce White Vance: 2021 is looking like a year of boring competence in government & sound sleep. I

Shit, even Marc Elias is trolling Jenna Ellis.

A Truly American Story. Stick around to the end.

There some on Twitter that want to charge Governor Cuomo for mass murder.

How often do you encounter assistant professors with JDs who go by Dr. professionally?


It will be my LAZIEST T-Day ever and I am excited for it

What's going on with Pennsylvania

Emily Murphy Signs The Papers, Trump Tweets "I Meant To Do That."

Schumer: This is probably the closest thing to a concession President Trump could issue.

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Damn, now that Sidney Powell isn't on the Trump legal team

I am Lord of the Dance!

In rare move, bipartisan panel rejects Pa. House request to audit 2020 election

It's about time!

Brad Heath: Meanwhile, over at Newsmax...

Question about the Former Presidents Protection Act. If Trump is sent to prison,

Kasparov: Now it's time for Trump & his gang to lose sleep about the return of the rule of law

I guess those angelic reinforcements from Africa and South America changed their mind

PM Update: Seasonably chilly tonight and Tuesday as winds slowly wane.

Good bye you gelatinous orange asshole.

New original tune

John Cryer is looking forward to Hamilton-style musical about Trump when we get to hear Melania's

Things are not going great at the pro-Trump The Donald forum after the GSA transition announcement

I know everyone wants payback

Shaub: Emily Murphy's letter "most unprofessional thing I've seen an agency head put on letterhead"

Could trump have told Emily Murphy to give it up?

I feel blessed

Silence is Golden on Twitter

Jenna Ellis is the new Baghdad Bob

Now it's our turn to file 36 lawsuits against NC and Florida for stealing this election from Joe

Harwood: Trump's post-defeat machinations like pro wrestling - a charade, not a fight

Found a great article online with pictures of the Obama's home

Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

Start popping the popcorn....

Hey, Game of Thrones Fans: We're witnessing Varys' riddle about power in real time.

Shrewd move by Biden to nominate a Hispanic immigrant, and a Cuban-American at that...

Rescue Puppy Gets Adopted By Joe Biden -- The Dodo video

Chris Mallard: Trump Concedes the Election via Tweet. Kinda....Sorta

Caught a few minutes of NPR this afternoon

John Berman on today's GSA and Michigan developments and trump's next legal move....

Recovery can begin.

You're probably not seeing the way the legal community is in shock at how bad Trump's lawyers are.

John Kerry with his grandaughter.

I hope the Bidens don't go near the WH untll it is

Donny taps out...

Do I need to regrout my bathroom tiles?

Trump, only two tweets today! Maybe he knows he is done!!!

Taiwan protest against US pork imports.

Michigan certifies Biden's win as Trump efforts to challenge election slip

And so the failed Trump experiment ends with a whimper.

Brennan will now ignore Trump: "I leave his fate to our judicial system, his infamy to history, &

Makes you go Hmmm? Yeah, yeah - that's the ticket

That seat is reserved for anyone who ever ended up with the most votes in an election.

President Elect Biden's National Security Team:

In his 1st year, Trump chased a.bunch of attorneys out of office

Tweet o' the night!

Faux news tonght..opened with.mocking Biden's potential pick, Kerry

So is Fake Melania out of a job now?

"Career civil servants be like"

Omg. No words for this crazy trump video....

Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol

And just think - we are close to the end of having to watch trump*'s 'accordion' gestures

Dena Dietrich, Actress Who Played Mother Nature in Margarine Commercials, Dies at 91

The One Word That Bars Trump From Pardoning Himself

Epitaph as the grifters slither away...

This Senior Pit Bull Is Proof That Love Can Heal Anything (long but worth it)

Rather silly and trivial observation

Yellen brings history of policymaking, bipartisan support to Treasury

Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye Trumpy!

Biblical Violence - Hella

One priority for Treasury Secretary Yellen... this law----

The Confederacy and Trump ... two failed experiments that lasted only four years

Is *THIS* what triggered GSA Emily Murphy to release transition funds??

NBA players hailed by pope at Vatican for demanding justice

(Jewish Group) Biden nominates Alejandro Mayorkas, Latino Jew as Homeland Security secretary

It's Biden time

Feinstein says she's stepping down as top Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee

(Jewish Group) Janet Yellen to be nominated as first female treasury secretary

Trump campaign loses 5 more cases in Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision

Now if the media would refrain from talking about the SOB and

Trump Contrives His Stab-in-the-Back Myth

(Jewish Group) Far-right activists in Germany planning to protest 'Zionism' in front of synagogue

Ornstein: The Biden choices so far are just terrific. All superbly qualified for their jobs, all

No masks? No hazard pay? Amid COVID-19 surge, grocery store workers demand protections

Indy star: More than 3,300 additional COVID-19 cases reported in schools, total tops 15,000

Looming end to student loan payment moratorium raises fears among defaulted borrowers

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Pennsylvania counties certify election results

Ron Perlman for the win!

11/24 Mike Luckovich: The Grinch couldn't pull it off

Coronavirus surge has LA on the brink of a stay-home order

COVID-19 song using a Kinks tune

Iowa congressman notorious for racist remarks asks Kamala Harris if she was descended from slave own

The Trump Shop In Rapid City - 50% OFF

New York AG sues Catholic Diocese of Buffalo over sexual abuse allegations

President Joseph Biden. Vice President Kamala Harris.

We need to talk about the NFC East in 2020.

Rachel live in studio!

Colin Kaepernick shows that he remains ready for an NFL chance in new workout video


TSA records its busiest travel weekend since March

18,000 new Covid cases in CA today...look at the bar graph!

Michael Nigro talks about his COVID-19 long hauler state and irresponsible deniers.

Can Biden stop Trump's illegal destruction of the Open Skies aircraft?

"Clean Up In Aisle 45"

Biden 2020 Star Wars Ewok celebration - yub nub!

Texas, Louisiana can end Planned Parenthood funding, federal appeals court rules

Texas, Louisiana can end Planned Parenthood funding, federal appeals court rules

New report finds a 'shadow candidate' in Florida is under investigation


Until today, I was opposed to a 2nd Impeachment Inquiry...

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Walmart's bid to sell liquor at its Texas stores

Tracks of My Tears - Linda Ronstadt

This guy does YouTube hype videos on Pittsburgh sports. He's been having a field day

Just remember--Trump isn't just a loser...

Who is really making major policy decisions such as withdrawing from the Open Skies treaty?

Trey Gowdy looks like Anderson Cooper got touched by an old Gypsy man who said, "THINNERRRR..."

Border Patrol tops border wall in El Paso with concertina wire

Freeper frump failure fallout: Sanitized and safe; No links or names.

Do.You think your vote doesn't count?..In 4 states, AZ, WI, GA, VT the difference was 164,000 total.

The Joint Chiefs

Your Time Is Gonna Come

Memo from a concerned citizen to the Democratic party in GA

Memo from a concerned citizen to the Democratic party in GA

Okay who threatened Emily Murphy's pets?

This should go a long way to ending modern day human slavery to mine cobalt in the Congo region.

Elon Musk Overtakes Bill Gates to Grab World's Second-Richest Ranking

assholes I want to never read about or hear about ever again

Tony Blinken (Biden's SoS) explains the UN to Sesame Street's Grover

We have a traitor in our midst. What havoc, with Putin's help, can he do?

Last county in Arizona certifies election. SOS Katie Hobs will certify the State 11-30-expected date

Things Are Not Going Great At The Pro-Trump The Donald Forum

Again, I did not write this,

Biden's won in Michigan so many times he's legally required to change his name to Ohio State.

After Joy Reid asked GOP insider Michael Steele if he could ever trust a current GOP Traitor

Melania welcomes White House tree after being caught on tape saying 'who gives a f***' about Xmas

What was that new law Trump has implemented/interpreted that says that people

Who are we to judge? Vatican looks into pope's 'like' of bikini-wearing model

You're not gonna let those Liberals and RINOs make a fool out of you and get away with it, are you?

That'll Be the Day - Linda Ronstadt

Carl Bernstein:21 Republicans have expressed extreme contempt for Trump & his fitness to be POTUS

Biden's transition website is now a .gov

AOC calls out Kyle Rittenhouse's $2 million bail release as 'protection of white supremacy'

I haven't heard much about people staying home at Christmas,

Read tonight

There's a video going around of a half naked man fight at a Florida Wawa

An undertaker walked into a bar

An OAN Host Has Been Helping Sweaty Rudy With Trump's Legal Efforts

Lake Street Dive & Molly Tuttle - "When You Were Mine" (Prince)

Florida Man story- a good one


Slate "It Was a Good Day for Democracy"

AG announcement, when made will strike terror in their

Irving ISD denies 150 staff requests to work from home as teacher shortage worsens Read more here:

Laura Ingraham breaks the news to her audience

Biden's won in Michigan so many times now

Rudy G. exaggerating a little bit?

PA Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign's effort to block counting certain absentee ballots

New shutdown expected to cost Washington restaurants $800M

Say Hello to the Biden/Harris Attorney General

Fatal Shooting of 2 Black Teenagers by Florida Deputy Is Under Investigation

Ted Cruz faces backlash over 'Come and Take it' Thanksgiving meme

Inspired by another thread here on DU, it is time to restore John Brennan's security clearances

Janet Yellen will the be second Fed chair to serve as Treasury secretary.

Biden's choice for secretary of Defense still in flux

Welp...this professor was obviously misunderstood.

Biden prioritizes climate crisis by naming John Kerry special envoy

Transition team access - a question

Houston's own The Undertaker bids final farewell to WWE after 30-year career

Does anyone have a screen shot of DU when the race was called for Biden?

Biden won. It's official and we must celebrate. But we must also face reality.

Bringing in the groceries

Well, The Fat Lady Is About To Sing...

This sounds like a Rodney Dangerfield joke....

Joe Biden now has an OFFICIAL government transition team website!!!!!

Statement by Biden-Harris Transition Executive Director Yohannes Abraham, first "official" act:

Consider the trump single term thus:

'Dot - and I cannot stress this enough - gov'

It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Our national mood may just start to change. . .

Linda Ronstadt covers Tom Petty

Drinking my best Merlot and smoking my best is very good

Texas artist responds to Ted Cruz's 'come and take it' Thanksgiving post with sobering tweet

Has anyone checked out Kanopy for streaming movies?

Wolf's Howl Makes Your Spine Tingle - In a Good Way

Wolf Dog Who Growls At Everyone Else Snuggles With His Best Friend

Joe Biden says his administration will NOT be consumed investigating the Trump administration.

So now that tRump has completely embarrassed the reThuglican party.....

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - Future Headlines: Winter 2020 Edition (Bonus Segment)

GSA Transition 2016 v Transition 2020

Have a Souper Thanksgiving

Missed my live feed of Rachel... can't find on Youtube...any links?

President Biden, please undo ALL of Trump's Cuba agenda

"Zappa:11 Things We Learned From the Long-Awaited Authorized Documentary

Jaime Harrison says he's not to blame for SC Senate loss. Trump lifted Graham, he says

For those that want to travel home for thanksgiving....

Does anybody know why Champ and Major's Twitter account was taken down? I was so looking

How Trump will spend his last days as president

Trump: We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & "Dominion".

The Daily Social Distancing Show: How QAnon Is Taking Over The GOP

I Will Use A Good Covid Vaccine As Soon As Possible

I hope & trust

Santee Cooper, electric co-op customers to get refunds from failed SC nuclear project

Lawrence: Neal Katyal predicts law schools will teach a 'Worst Mistakes in Court' class

How To Defeat The Trump Insurgency: Real Time With Bill Maher

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Donald Trump: Cashing in on the Presidency

AZ member of Congress demonstrates again why his siblings made TV ads begging voters to remove him

Nazareth - Morning Dew

Trump abuses his access to our court systems.

New York City, Year 2075

Seth Meyers - Trump Disavows Sidney Powell as His Legal Team Embarrasses Itself: A Closer Look

White Light White Heat

Presidential sandwich? Bookends? It struck me tonight that there is something driving that creature

Santana - Jungle Strut

Dr. Gupta: Traveling For Thanksgiving Could Pose The 'Deepest Consequence' Of All - Deadline - MSNBC

I'm Sticking With You

A majority of Republican voters surveyed in a new poll would support President Donald Trump running

Better start running, Vlad!

James Taylor & The Dixie Chicks / Shower The People / Live 2004

Al Gore Calls John Kerry a Superb Choice as Climate Envoy

Grace Potter - Eachother (Together Mix)

"This romantic moonlit scene in RUDY: THE RUDY GIULIANI STORY absolutely murdered me. I am dead."

Ron Perlman

Report of no more ICU beds available in Arizona

Gonna Be Weird ...

The President Who Became ...

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are likely to switch political parties.

Dear Trump ...

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins Dies at 93...

Latest Lincoln Project ad doesn't hold back

Biden Stretches Lead to 6,078,619 (3.9%)

Antony Blinken speaks French

update on Time Person of the Year poll: Fauci and "essential workers" still in the lead /tied at 81%

Breaking: Trump Folds On Biden Transition, Stacey Abrams Says 'It's About Time' - The Beat - MSNBC

The urgency in GA is made all too clear from AOC....

Dancin In The Streets for Biden/Harris

How I can tell its time to scoop litterbox... cat runs around excitedly. Poo-phoria

There is no comment necessary, is there?

How to See a Frosty Moon Eclipse and a Gorgeous Full Moonrise Next Week

Judge Orders DOJ To GTFO Of Trump's Rape We Mean Defamation Case

Michigan Certifies Election For Biden, Putting Another Nail In Trump Campaign Coffin - The Last Word

re- never trumpers. i've said it before

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins Dies at 93

Koch-Funded ALEC Planned Since February To Claim The Election Was Stolen From Trump

jack johnson w/dave matthews and tim reynolds - a pirate looks at 40 (live-2008) buffett classic

Lawrence: Emily Murphy Lied About The Transition For 15 Days - The Last Word - MSNBC

Vice President to be Kamala Harris dated Montel Williams in the early 2000's.

It ought to be the case

Sarah Cooper: I just hired Sidney Powell, I think I still have a chance!!!

Guess who wrote this piece of hard hitting reporting for ⁦NYT. Yes, it rhymes w/ Shaggy Dabermann

Donald Trump Launches TV Network Spitting Image

Michigan just certified the election results, making Biden's win official in the state. How do you

Wealthy coastal residents remove illegal seawalls. But dispute rages as seas rise

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Desperately Tries to Keep Job He Doesn't Even Do

Lara Trump Admits Trump Is Trying To Get State Legislatures To Steal The Election

Ya know what's great watching Biden assemble his cabinet and inner circle thus far . . . . ?

Is Jeff TWEEDY a reincarnated Will ROGERS? Gave a 30 sec inspirational talk to Seth MEYERS

Thanks to DU and all of those great hospital workers.

Why is Ethiopia facing civil war?

Trump trifecta

David Bromberg: "Don't Put That Thing On Me" . . .

About Emily Murphy, we need to know the full story about how the Trump Hotel lease came to be.

Biden Nominates Cuban-Born Lawyer to Lead Homeland Security Dept. Alejandro N. Mayorkas, a former

Report: Inmates killed in Colombia riot shot intentionally

Report: Inmates killed in Colombia riot shot intentionally

Pope book backs George Floyd protests, blasts virus skeptic

With at least 3 vaccines getting close to distribution do we get a choice in which one we get?? eom

Geoscientists discover Ancestral Puebloans survived from ice melt in New Mexico lava tubes

von Weber, Schumann. (Yes, I just listened to all. Whew.)

The Hoarse Whisperer tweet:

Appeal rejected as PA certification deadline looms

Is it just me or has IQ45 stopped doing that whole 'talking about himself in 3rd person'

WI recount likely to end in court

Ancient zircon minerals from Mars reveal the elusive internal structure of the red planet

Georgia lacks plan to distribute new COVID vaccines to most vulnerable

U.S. Senate runoffs: Was Biden win a fluke or has Georgia flipped to blue?

Old wood, new tune: High-end guitar makers find resonance in Detroit

Will the Confederate statues be moved in Macon? Here's an update on lawsuit, funding

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: How the Theotokos 'Saves' Us, Fr. Josiah Trenham

Pandemic Crowds Bring 'Rivergeddon' to Montana's Rivers

tRump to recieve $2.6 million from GSA for outgoing transition.

Bolivia: Ex-Immigration Director Accused of Political Persecution

Dr. Scott Atlas Responds to the Stanford Faculty Senate Resolution

No toilet paper? Pine cones perfect option amid pandemic shortages, park service jokes

A friendly reminder from your future Manhattan DA: Presidents can't pardon themselves 4 State crimes

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/23/20

Georgia Auditing Elections Is A Good Way To Reinforce Confidence In System

Just Saw A Pitiful Sight On Fux News.

Most PA counties certify by deadline

Trump Dismantles Decades-Old Surveillance Treaty Irreparably On His Way Out The Door - Rachel Maddow

Tweet of the Day

'Fade Into You'

Scientists produce rare diamonds in minutes at room temperature

Alligators found to regenerate lost tails in surprising study

Happy Sardines Day!

Trump Campaign Officials Pressured Georgia's Secretary of State Long Before the Election

Last night Rachel referred to Killa Con as the one term, impeached

Atlanta-based federal court: Can't ban LGBTQ youth conversion therapy

David Dinkins, New York City's first black mayor, dies at 93

At The Dawn Of The Trump Administration, A Bloviating Stuffed Shirt Named Sebastian Gorka

Dr. Cleavon MD Nails It....

This needs to be stopped. We do not need future government planes looking

Refusal to acknowledge defeat mirrors the Nazi rise

Why did Pirates 🏴‍☠️ take so long to learn the alphabet!

Family of man killed by Georgia trooper plans to sue state for $13M

What are you having for breakfast ???

Mark As Read Error

Directs team to cooperate on transition but vows to fight

GOP anti-socialism 'Freedom Squad' forms with Carlos Gimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar

On January 20th I can see Trump sending a three word note

Only trying to disenfranchise 1.5 million, not 6 Million

This Miami supplier is manufacturing millions of masks. Why won't anyone buy them?

Biden Deep Fake test

Online learning students must take statewide exams in-person at public schools, even during a

A gracious and bi-partisan (no really) Rudy Giuliani concedes to David Dinkins (RIP) in 1989

'Florida is a hot mess': Nurses union raises alarm as coronavirus spreads

29 Years Ago Today; Freddie Mercury dies

My guess is the next papers filed in Court by Trump will be

Big article in the German paper this morning about Blinken

Tuesday TOONs - The Transition Begins

Why the GOP Turned Into an Autocratic Party: M. Gessen

Countdown clock until inauguration

JUST PLAINLY STUPID: Utah drops restrictions on gatherings ahead of Thanksgiving

Lead attorney in lawsuit argues he did something illegal

Stocks Rally on News Transition Moves Ahead

is there any recourse to the USSC

ABlinken, A Secretary of State that Rocks, Literally

Breakfast Tuesday 24 November 2020

In Hell I'll be in good company - The Dead South

With the Trumpass fucking with our democracy, we haven't had a moment to

Millions of Americans Expect to Lose Their Homes as Covid Rages

Biden and Democrats try to lead while McConnell holds a hungry, sick, dying nation hostage

Trump's Schedule for Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Celebration, Playing For Change (Kool & The Gang)

Now that Michigan's canvassers have certified the votes, will John James finally concede?

Rudy Goes To Court (Brilliant Illustrated Summary)

UK family loses court battle in US diplomatic immunity case

'Bohemian Rhapsody' (Cover) - Forestella

I just found a perfect meme to explain trump*'s delusional MAGA cult, on Twitter

A Winken, Blinken And A Nod....

I don't know - maybe that company calling itself 'Dominion' wasn't the best of choices.

WMO - CO2 Buildup 2 Continue In Atmosphere "At A Slightly Slower Pace", Thanks To COVID. That's All

Wow these ghost/phantom candidates a real thing - CNN in Florida

WTF Randy Quaid?

Thank God it is over. Party time.

Weekend Of 11/20-21, Entire Arctic - 2X Size Of Entire United States - Was 12F Warmer Than Normal

I have pieced together a concession speech for him

Thanksgiving dinner. I'm cooking a big Schadenfreude so that I'll have cold leftovers

NOAA - Charleston SC Will Flood 180 Times/Year By 2045; 8-Mile, 12-Foot Seawall Center Of Debate

Isn't it a little funny that Trump's Supreme Court won't be able to save him from the clutches of...

Trump's attempt to remain in power failed because the military told him to fuck off

So the Madman is now relegated to multiple duplicative retweets of Cousin Eddie.

Survey - 96.5% Of Americans 27-45 "Very", "Extremely" Concerned About Kids' Lives In Warming World

Roger Stone-Tied Group Threatens GOP: If Trump Goes Down, So Does Your Senate Majority

On this day, November 24, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was being transferred,

Build Back Better Has To Mean Permanence, Not Just Restoration

As banks and other corporations are about to begin an avalanche of evictions, foreclosures and

Globally, 1% Of Farms Own/Operate 70% Of All Croplands, Orchards And Ranches

Allow me to gripe about ebook prices

Apple security chief charged with bribing police officers with iPads for gun licenses

Such insights to be gained from Limbaugh fans FB comments!

Helicopter Pilot Finds Mysterious Metal Monolith In Remote Southern Utah Canyon

This morning feels like the very beginnings of a return to normalcy and sanity

Shocking! GM Suddenly No Longer On Board W. Trump Emission Rules For California

SC's Jaime Harrison throwing new PAC weight behind Democrats. First stop, Georgia

YOU raised $5,032.33 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-23-20

Put a little pep in your step

The Rundown: November 24, 2020

Mike Hobson, Former Marvel Vice President, Dead at 83

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/18/2020the Week of 11/18/2020

SC's Jaime Harrison throwing new PAC weight behind Democrats. First stop, Georgia

Dune: The Graphic Novel Book 1 Is an Accessible, Faithful Adaptation

Sale of SF's 555 California, part-owned by Trump, put on hold

Classic Bush-era New York Dolls - "Dance Like A Monkey"

Marco Rubio has clashed with Biden's secretary of state nominee over Cuba

In 1864, Like in 2020, America Just Got Lucky. Sometimes, Americans barely avoid disaster.

It occurs to me that rump never realized his fantasy of a grandiose military parade

I'm appalled by the selfishness

So has Sidney Powell's "epic lawsuit of biblical proportions" dropped yet?

Chump is trying to "Weimar" the incoming Dems

Trump's on his way out, but leaves a lasting legacy: The right's open embrace of terrorism

Trump dragged kicking and screaming to authorize transition.....

Wasn't that nice of the Dotard's administration to allow the transition

Bloomberg backs former Miami mayor Diaz to lead Florida Democrats

Russia claims it chased a U.S. warship out of disputed waters with a "ramming" threat

Clarksville florist/military spouse heading to DC to help with WH Christmas decorations

Roger Stone-Tied Group Threatens Georgia GOP

In a first, San Francisco DA charges on-duty police officer with homicide

Biden Supporters In Pennsylvania Look Ahead To A 'Traditional Presidency'

In about 57 days I can remove my chrome "Make Trump Kittens Again" extension!

US home price gains accelerate as pandemic shakes up housing

Today, I'm...

This is interesting. Covid-19 cases in Congress, by party.

covid fatigue is one thing..

Most Republicans in new poll say they'd vote for Trump in 2024

Just to clarify: Marco Rubio is upset that Joe Biden's cabinet is educated and experienced.

Lin Wood, serving a subpoena on the Atlanta Hawks in search of evidence for his (already dismissed)

Computer repairman who claimed he gave Hunter Biden data to Giuliani closes shop as laptop saga...

Ferris State University professor on leave following controversial COVID-19 comments

Schiff: Trump's Consequences for Coup Attempt l BTC interview

Trump's National Security Adviser Floats 2024 Bid

Is anyone watching THE PACK on Amazon Prime?

You're Playing Us Too Close

'We just ran': Ethiopians fleeing war find little relief

Marcel Proust walked into a bar

Has anyone noticed the growth of COVID test lines?

If tRump had done anything good, his post-election behavior will have ruined it

Letter from Adam Schiff..

Anyone know where I can get detailed COVID data on the county level?

Can Bone Spurs Keep ...

'He was a radical': John Belushi remembered by his wife and fellow comics

I don't need to wear a mask because...

Am I Allowed To Touch It?

National Sardines Day - Nov 24th

This is the paranoid message that Trump this morning is sending to his supporterss...

Who will make the movie about the rise and fall of Der Trumpenfuehrer


Trump Library development ALREADY underway.

What MUST Joe Biden Do as Soon as He Is Inaugurated?

Inside How a Terror Group Recruited Budding Neo-Nazis

Who is Hallie Jackson having a fight with on MSNBC?

The funny thing about Trump & Co is that most likely we will soon

"A Sauerkraut Thanksgiving"

Urban Dictionary definition of the day for Monday, November 23, 2020.

The federal lawsuit in DC against the Trump campaign was just assigned to Judge Sullivan

Donald Trump could have easily won the election if he had not been so self-absorbed and narcissistic

An apiarist walked into the bar

4544 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 51 deaths

GA-SEN: Atlanta Hawks and Falcons team up to open early voting site for key Georgia runoff

From The Guardian In Pictures: Herbie, Christine and a fiery DeLorean (plus many people

A dung beetle walked into a bar

Trump goes out with a whimper and a tweet. It was always going to be that way

Zoom compatibility question.

Mueller Investigation Prosecutor Calls on Next Attorney General to Investigate, Prosecute Trump: ...

Pic Of The Moment: Looks Like Republicans Are Finally Getting That Civil War...

Trump to supporters: "Be outraged, don't accept the election results...and send money."

School Board member argues she is not pro-racist. But not anti-racist either.

A klutz walked into a bar

Walmart-exclusive router and others sold on Amazon & eBay contain hidden backdoors to control device

Covid spread on plane despite passenger's negative test

Trumpers have all the best experts

Bars are closed in Minnesota, so many go to Wisconsin...

I Take It Back ...

A bartender says "We don't serve time-travelers here, sorry."

Piano Concerto #2 Johannes Brahms

I cannot wait for the Federal Purge

Hakuin Ekaku - Selected Poems and Verses for Meditation - Zen Buddhism

Pennsylvania governor: Democrat Joe Biden certified as winner of presidential election in state.

I used to be nothing but a pun-y kid

AG Nessel confirms investigation into threats against Wayne County canvassers

What is Fox doing now the jig is "Up"?

A Haiku

Is anyone else beginning, just a little, to relax...?

when I need to move, but don't feel up for a regular workout UPDATED 5/4/2021

Conflict fatigue in the Trump Era.

Staying In Your Lane - Say Their Names, Kaufman County

Congress is still holding hearings on hydroxychloroquine.

The Center for Presidential Transition has developed a set of resources to guide the transition...

Cafe Sign

Biden hits 80 million votes

Florida man rescues puppy from jaws of alligator without dropping cigar

What is a line from a movie or TV show that you use as a default reaction to a specific situation?

BREAKING: Biden/Harris just became 1st presidential ticket in history to surpass 80 million votes

this picture captures everything you need to know about Trump's entire presidency

Bob Casey Jr: And that's a wrap on the 2020 election here in the Keystone State.

Scott Joplin was born on this date.

Teddy Wilson was born on this date.

100 Best books of 2020 from the editors of Book Page.

Pennsylvania certifies Biden as winner of presidential election

Every Day Trump Repeatedly Emails His Supporters a Dangerous Message: Democracy Doesn't Work

Nintendo is killing off the Smash Melee Community by refusing allow online tournaments during pandem

A Meditation and Teaching on Suffering - Atmananda Krishna Menon - Advaita

Joe: The election is over. It's time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric designed to dem

Attention to detail (I don't know who made this but damn...)

"Breaking the law is not a political difference."

Trump's retweeting Randy Quaid this morning, and the Hoarse Whisperer says it makes sense

Netflix pledges $1 billion for production spending, expands New Mexico studio

The federal lawsuit in D.C. against the Trump campaign over its efforts to overturn the

Netflix pledges $1 billion for production spending, expands New Mexico studio

Dow Jones Industrial Average Jumps Past 30000 for the First Time

Dow Jones just hit 30,000 for 1st time. It's due to Biden, but Trump will try to take credit.

The affidavit is "Exhibit Q."

ACLU files suit against facility run by Noah's Ark Processing in Hastings, Nebraska

In Final Bid For Victory ...

More 2020

D'ya Know Why I Like ...

Lou Dobbs: Why the split with Sidney Powell? Rudy: It's all part of our plan...

From the WH: "On Monday, November 30 starting at 7:00AM EST the Office of the First Lady will...

I think I've reached that age....

Biden transition begins; markets spike...

How many times does he need to recount GA? He lost, enough!

Two fonts walked into a bar

Ruth Shalit Barrett mounts defense of her retracted Atlantic story on niche sports

Biden Administration

What's the over/under on a class action lawsuit (with ads and a hotline) for former MAGA's...

I can't imagine why she won't attend...

A dyslexic man walks into a bra. . .

Dammit. The Parler admins appear to be censoring the #WriteInTrumpForGA hashtag...

Four Seasons Total Manscaping

me bad

Trying to carry gun on capital hill?

Trump and Russian ties goes beyond the presidency

From Biden team re PA certification: "Trump did everything he could to disenfranchise voters"

Milwaukee County could complete recount Wednesday

Ted Lieu: Today is Tuesday. That means we learn @JoeBiden beat @realDonaldTrump, again.

Dow tops 30,000 for the first time ever as Biden transition begins

Is Mexico trolling trumplandia via Google's animation today?

The Grinch Couldn't Pull It Off

I would like to see Biden announce his pick for Post Master General

Texts: US Census Manager Told Counters to Use Fake Answers

The corn husk scarecrow

Hmmmmmmmmmm first time ever 80 million plus votes

In my nightmare scenario

Appeal of dismissal rejected in federal court Monday

Chief Roberts said that there are no R judges or D judges but I am curious

Trump has 15M fewer votes than Twitter followers. Biden has 60M more votes than Twitter followers.

Hillbilly Elegy Is One of the Worst Movies of the Year

Campaign still fundraising for election lawsuits

3 Minnesota House lawmakers file lawsuit against Secretary of State

Everything is turning into the plot of Footloose

Everything is turning into the plot of Footloose

Beyond an embarrassment

The Democrat liberals love to hate

Now that we have a Sec'y of State named Blinken

Right-Wing Social Media Finalizes Its Divorce From Reality

Iowa-3 election recount...

Detroit election lawsuit moot, Michigan Supreme Court says

How to Be at Home (2020)

Dadgummit, I missed a chance at a good reply

The Nevada Supreme Court has accepted the states election canvass results...

President Elect and VP Elect coming up with


Biden Offers a Trump Rebuke With His Choices for Spy Chief, DHS

Am I missing something about Sidney Powell?

Delaware computer repairman at center of Hunter Biden laptop scandal closes shop and skips town

Joe Biden crosses the 80 million popular votes threshold

CNN this morning pushing that Bernie is actively lobbying for Sec of Labor. Not once in

IT just appeared on CNN taking credit for the stock market hitting 30,000 today .

After two-decade effort, the original Blue Ridge Tunnel opens to the public

Did y'all see Trump a few minutes ago

Governor Cuomo Briefing November 24 2020

Remember Milana, the AT&T girl? Watch what's she's up to now...

Give Thanks and DONATE what you can to your local Food Banks....

Trump legal adviser continues unhinged tweets disconnected from the real world.

What if Trump won't leave the White House?

Charles Darwin: Notebooks worth millions lost for 20 years

I can't make sense out of this WaPo article: "Trump has set a hidden trap for Biden."

A ballerina walked into the barre

Nevada SC approves vote canvas

Another one bites the dust in stating the obvious.

Trump was right about voting fraud - it was unprecedented in the election

Trump Out of Control, Blurts Out "I Won!"

Trump Lawyer Very Sick, Claims Fraud Filing "Biblical"

Thank you Rep Brad Pascrell D-NJ. Filing suit to disbar Rudy

A 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith discovered in Utah? Is today April Fool's Day?

Joe is LIVE introducing team

"It's 19th century racist."

High Desert Dawn - Central Oregon

if you loved the fuck 2020 xmas ornament,

Supreme Court certifies Nevada's election results

We've just added a few new Biden/Harris avatars

Trump Blasts Biden Cabinet's Lack of Reality-Show Experience

I'm SO PROUD to be proud again!

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

If you've never been sure how to find Uranus, January may be your chance.

Stormy was right all along...

A final Christmas Message from the Trumps

BREAKING: Nevada certifies their election!

I consider four percent to be a "cheatproof" margin of victory

Jenna Ellis, if you happen to browse here, I suggest you cut to the chase: just hang a sign

Should Trump be prosecuted for criminal activities?

The long list of contenders for Kamala Harris's Senate seat, explained

***** "IN THE SHADOWS"****** Announcing Winners of November Contest

It must be a sad day in Trumpville

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty in criminal case (A.P.)

*****Winners***** "IN THE SHADOWS" November contest

THIS is what an ELITE Team looks like.

*****Winners***** "IN THE SHADOWS" November contest

Utah monolith: Helicopter crew discovers mysterious metal monolith deep in the desert

If we win the Senate in January

"I concede NOTHING!!!!!!"

Crazy shit from sore loserman:

Thank you Joe Biden for being a normal person

Epidemiologists: Coronavirus survival rates in the United States haven't improved since the summer

How Joe Biden Can Rein in Donald Trump's Reckless Middle East Policy

Watching PRESIDENT ELECT Biden's introduction presser I am filled with hope, realistic expectations

Is it okay to cry at cabinet members speaking?

CDC now recommends 3 COVID tests for international travel

I'm getting teary eyed as I watch the introduction of Biden's cabinet choices

OMG! Thank you to all those that voted for Biden/Harris!

Have Puteen and Mexico's AMLO acknowledged President-Elect BIDEN now?

Re: nepotism--"you are only as important as the parent you are sucking the fame from"

Haines really didn't need the little step!

Without looking it up, you don't know Biden's middle name, do you? (Awesome reply!)

Is that what's botherin' you, Bunkie?

Newsmax CEO says Trump's baseless voter fraud claims are 'great for news' in off the rails interview

How To Deal With Trumpublicans - Prosecute Their Heroes That Committed Crimes

President-elect Biden Introduces Key Foreign Policy & National Security Team Members

Please. It takes just a $1 donation to save a child's life. Thank you.

the "nicer news feed"

George Takei ftw!

Stocks soar on Trump exit - Dow tops 30,000

Our FRiends have convinced themselves that the vote certifications in MI, PA, GA, NV are GOOD news

Early Coronavirus Mutation Made Pandemic Harder to Stop, Evidence Suggests

Rep. Katie Porter is not about to let Emily Murphy off the hook

John Kerry "We will rejoin Paris from day one." And now the K-Bomb

U.S. officials plan to release 6.4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses in first distribution

Delighted to see John Kerry back in a prominent position.

Georgia Dems will knock on doors with Senate at stake

A real government being presented at the Biden press conference. Never realized before Trump how muc

A cabinet of Public Servants instead of Privileged Scoundrels. What a concept!!

Stocks climb on Wall Street as Biden transition begins

Life Magazine cover for this week 1963 that was scrapped in favor of JFK memorial cover:

Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis just humiliated herself on national TV with a laughable defense.

Joe: America is back.

Computer repairman who claimed he gave Hunter Biden data to Giuliani closes shop

The Best Places to Ride Out Covid

Did you notice........

Am I evil for wanting Pres Biden

Facebook pages that spread most misinformation

Trump shares Randy Quaid video: 'Fox is dead to me'

"I heard this little gem meowing her heart out chasing me trying to get my attention"

Kamala: The world is dimmer today with the loss of New York City's first Black mayor, and @HowardU a

Foreign observers shocked by chaos over U.S. election

Rudy is Mortimer to Trump's Randolph

Feels good, doesn't it!

Tony Blinken's story of his stepfather is a remarkable piece of history

Could it be? I am beginning to be optimistic....

Rubio calls Biden's national security team 'polite & orderly caretakers of America's decline'

BluePrints members receive Student Press Law Center Courage in Student Journalism Award

I'm so proud of Biden's 1st slate of cabinet picks

Trump strange visit to the White House briefing to take credit for the stock market doing great toda

CNN: Newsmax and OANN are telling lies about the election as more people tune in

LIVE: Red Line Metro Train Separation

Bruce Arians delivers surprising criticism of Tom Brady

Randy Quaid plummets from obscurity into oblivion?

I can't wait to see Sore Loser Lame Fuck's face

Ok, I've got a short fuse and I'm not afraid to use it........

More Americans Are Surviving Covid-19

if you think I don't want to see Trump dragged out of the front door of the White House

What's antidote of trump being pardoned? The World Court with charges of

"What's needed now is both a thorough airing of the rot -- including criminal referrals where merited

A foregone conclusion: Seattle Seahawks announce no fan attendance for next two home games

Biden's cabinet far - per CNN

MSNBC INTERVIEW: Sen. Cramer: POTUS 'Ought To' Continue Legal Challenges Hallie Jackson

Lap up the maga tears: Dave Rubin election meltdown video: before, during and after...

Here are your 2021 #GRAMMY nominees in the top categories:

Bolivian government relaunches media silenced by coupmongers

Texts: US census manager told counters to use fake answers

Wow! The Dow is up!

Howzabut some funny animal pixs

LOL - YouTube temporarily suspends, demonetizes OANN

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 25: Remembering Sean Connery


Venezuela's Guaido seeks to maintain bipartisan U.S. support amid Biden transition

Children of Men

Michael Harriott : Bruce Boynton died today.

China slams Pope Francis over remark on Uighur minority in book

Well, Trump ran to the cameras to take credit for the Dow hitting 30,000 for the first time ever.

Be proud! We did it! We had enough people die to get the DOW above 30000!

This is the kind of drooling god-bothering BULLSHIT the MAGA brigade believes . . .

Anti-Masker dies of COVID - age 50

Question about bird feathers.... didn't know it's illegal to have them!?

🚨NEW: Republicans are appealing their federal court loss in Georgia to the 11th Circuit.

Tackling 'Period Poverty,' Scotland Is 1st Nation to Make Sanitary Products Free

Melania Still Has to Give a F--k About Christmas (😁 Vanity Fair)

Evidence Links Hallucinogen Use and California Rock Art

was in my local safe mart store today, was getting a shopping cart and the door monitor

Evidence Links Hallucinogen Use and California Rock Art

Princess Grifty Sof-Tone Chimes In On Emissions, Climate. Ensuing Ratio Deeply Satisfying

Williamson County judge pleads guilty for violating his own stay-at-home order, will pay $1,000 fine

First sentence of one of the 3rd Circuit amicus briefs is damn near perfect.

The Dow breaking 30K today has a lot to do with Biden & Yellen & nothing to do w/Trump

Example of Roman Engineering Examined in France

Friendly footbaths @ the creek, southern MD

New uses for old kitchen gadget

Did anyone see the turkey pardon today by trump? I missed it but I heard all of his family...

I'd like to point out to our "MAGA" friends that when "The Donald" said he was going to drain the...

He "voted for the party, not the man."

rollicking version of a sad song.

OK someone PLEASE explain the rule about not picking up FEATHERS?!

7 HouseReps Introduce Legislation / The COVID Community Care Act

I was going to wait until the innauguration

Cartoons 11/24/2020

Republicans have filed a lawsuit in the Minnesota Supreme Court to block certification

Sasha Baron Cohen - Why Are You Guys So Anti Dictators?

OK, this Warnock ad is perfection:

COVID is making its way back into long-term care homes

Steve Sack FTW

G.M. Accelerates Its Ambitions for Electric Vehicles

Critics wary as Everett OKs body camera program for police

Marco Rubio's 'Ivy League Cabinet' comment is not aging well on Twitter

it's great to tell magats

I'm currently reading SQUEEZE ME by Carl Hiaasen.

Cranberry relish/salsa

ER nurse says some COVID-19 patients still think coronavirus is a hoax

Tweet of the Past Four Years

George Takei: there is a run-off election happening in Georgia next Tuesday, Dec. 1st, for District

Rudy's bitter end: A former friend and staffer tracks the mayor's sad decline

Trump's legacy may be an increasingly authoritarian Republican Party

Brazil Is The only Country Where Fake News about Chloroquine still Circulates Frequently Unlike othe

Bruce Boynton, who inspired 1961 Freedom Rides, dies at 83

A friend just texted me...

The WH has given formal approval for President-Elect Biden to receive the President's Daily Brief

Call in Bolivia for the return of the Cuban medical brigade

Ask a trivia question about a fictional person, place, thing, TV show, or movie - Part Eight

MSNBC Hallie Jackson destroys Trump enabling Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) for election charade.

Republicans in WI filed an emergency petition in the state Supreme Court to stop the final cert.

MN: 🚨NEW: Only hours before the state is set to certify its election results, a bunch of Republicans

Biden and the Dow!

Apple's global security boss accused of bribing cops in exchange for concealed gun permits

Mnuchin to Put $455 Billion in Funds Out of Yellen's Easy Reach

There is always a tweet!

George Takei: Linda Thomas-Greenfield grew up in a town where the KKK burned crosses on lawns.

Trump finds a way to save money for taxpayers

Earlier today, I would have said 50 court losses for Trump and his allies was not possible. But with

Ladies and Gentlemen: Place Your Bets!

Do you think the rats are beginning to leave the sinking ship????

Trump administration wants to cut food stamps to thousands of seniors, lawmakers say

Shirkey confirms to AP Trump talked about Mich. election results with GOP delegation.

Keith Olbermann - Prosecute Them All!

Scams led California to send COVID jobless benefits to Scott Peterson, death row inmates

Colombian businessman arrest drags Africa into U.S, Venezuela political feud

State board certifies Joe Biden as winner in Minnesota

Odd question but I know there must be someone here who knows.

Anyone else besides me cannot WAIT to move down to Georgia in the next couple weeks?

Chilean Lawmakers Demand Early Presidential Elections

MN - State board certifies Joe Biden as winner in Minnesota

WSJ: Trump musing about how he can stay relevant in the media, in the GOP, and make money

The new reality of dating over 65: Men want to live together; women don't

Another GOP lawsuit just crashed and burned on takeoff.

Russian TV: If you're going to name a vaccine after Trump, name it 'LOSER.'

Michael Beschloss: John Lennon with President-elect Biden's new climate change czar

Hours before Minnesota is set to certify election results, repukes file lawsuit

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy, Op. 46

The Rude Pundit: Getting Through the Next Two Months of Hope and Dread

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 25 November 2020

For the first time ever, NYCB is partnering with Marquee TV to bring our beloved holiday tradition

A knife to the heart... so sad

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty in criminal case

With new national security team, Biden stresses alliances, U.S. leadership

At least 128 people fall ill from sushi sold at Concord Harris Teeter stores

Can American citizens who lost loved ones to Covid sue the Killa Con for lying about

New York Democrats in two elections...

Metal monolith found by helicopter crew in Utah desert

Bolivian Police Confirm Presence of Coup Authorities in the US

Mom Who Says Masks Are Child Abuse Throws Kid 250-Person Homecoming Party

AOL: Rapid testing could 'drive the epidemic toward extinction'

UK professors nominate Cuban doctors for Nobel Peace Prize

You've got to love this photo of Joe Biden published at TPM just now....

Brennan takes final shot at Trump: 'I leave his fate to our judicial system, his infamy to history,

On this day, November 24, 1971, Dan "D. B." Cooper dropped out of sight.

Stormy days ahead: Front brings strong gusts, mountain snow to Washington ahead of Thanksgiving

Washington state seafood industry struggles to stay afloat during coronavirus pandemic

Wild Groundhog Won't Let Woman Go Home Without Her

Linda Thomas-Greenfield on "gumbo diplomacy"

Mrs. Betty Bowers FTW

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/24/20

Thanksgiving, 2020

I HATE how scary it is to get even a common, seasonal cold!!

Olbermann: Prosecute them all:

In a Monty Python skit about Trump who plays Trump?

John Fugelsang: Hunter Biden's laptop, discarded & forgotten

My Thanksgiving favorite...

AOC and Ilhan Omar want to block Biden's former chief of staff

Cesca (Salon): Stop caring what the Red Hats think

Unexplained Monolith Discovered in Rural Utah's Red Rock Country

Trump campaign announces it has persuaded GOP state reps in PA, AZ & MI to hold hearings...

Update on ElderGreenKid. Negative on Covid, but Bell's palsy is bad. Doc visit in future.

Am I the only one feeling a bit more ... I dunno ... JOCULAR ... in the last 24 hours or so?

Clever ad from Raphael Warnock

Limbaugh Caller On Brink Of Tears Says He'd Die For Trump

4 hour wait in line for drive thu Covid-19 test

The Election Really Was A Landslide AGAINST Trump

The GOP is Not a Political Party: It's a Cult!

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 24, 2020

sounds like there will be a former president in the cabinet

Are Republicans descended from the same species as us?

*REMINDER* Rise of the Nazis (part 3) is on PBS tonight, 8 p.m. Central Time.

iPhone 6s battery issue

Mnuchin and Trump did not want this info public.

Thanks, Smokey! NSFW

What intel might still be in the hands of people holding it tight since 1/2017?

Finally, a plausible explanation as to why Trump was never concerned about the Pandemic

A new meme -- not as rude as "don't be a dick nose" --

Looks like Parler had a data breach security issue....

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; 11-24-2020

PM Update: Chilly again tonight, then some warming Wednesday.

Is there a difference between Parler and Stormfront?

Gov Cuomo: With the passing of Mayor Dinkins, NY lost a remarkable civic leader.

Scotland becomes first country to make tampons and pads available for free

Abortions in Iowa rise 25% in a single year after Iowa defunds Planned Parenthood

Dow 30,000- Trump calls it a "sacred" numbrt

YouTube suspends OANN for a week after it posted fake Covid-19 cure

Amongst all the euphoria let's remember Trump will most likely

'Free Speech' Social Network Parler Allegedly Censoring #WriteInTrumpforGA (Newsweek)

I must commend Apple support

Ivanka Trump

253 T-shirts expected to auction for $2M

A cool tribute in my game (Smurfs' Village)

Eight Years Ago Mitt Romney ...

Fox News settles suit with parents of Seth Rich for promoting heinous conspiracy theory

Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin have not yet finished certification: Biden has 279 electoral votes


Imagine Not Having To See ...

It's OUT! The TRUTH! How Biden stole the election!

More on the Parler Hack. (Miscellaneous chaos)

About Trump getting more votes than every President in history, except for Biden

Group files lawsuit with state Supreme Court to void results of Wisconsin presidential election

Tera Melos - Melody 3

Ever made a wish like this? Can you predict weather with a wishbone?

AARP: Unusual Symptoms of COVID-19 You Need to Know About

A PAC Associated With Roger Stone Says They Will Sabotage Georgia Senate Race if GOP Doesn't Stand

I hope there is some serious researcch done on Trump's 70MM voters.

More than 2,000 Americans have died so far today, with 7 states having nearly 100+: #Covid........

Biden Takes 4% Lead over Dump 51.1% to 47.1%

Cher's new cover is everything

Uncle Earls Classic Television - free y'all

@mattgaetz @marcorubio Your info on Parler is NO longer private. Enjoy #Thanksgiving2020

Covid killed this 14-yr-old. Remember how cops handcuffed her at age 11?

OMFG.....the burns! (New Dominion conspiracy theory)


Biden, Blinken, Yellen -- what is this, a gerundocracy?

DU Poll: What will the GOP be in the near future?

Why did Trump let Emily Murphy of GSA release the transition money?

(Handkerchief alert) George Takei: Oh, how heartwarming. What a lovely gesture by Mr. Momoa. 💕