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The GOP's frantic election obstructionism says, to me, they're terrified of what might be uncovered.

What is going on with Blitzer's glasses?

I have Covid 19, I was extremely careful.

Potential Diabetes Cure: Research At Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton

Michael Beschloss: 'Trump hates dogs - but he loves lapdogs'

She seems nice.

It is just a guess...but I believe a coming in the Republican Party.

Conservatives sue to allow Republican-controlled WI Legislature to pick electors

Councilwoman blames antifa for husband being fired


Oh Please... give me break.. give me a F**king break

Meanwhile at Wawa... #BecauseFlorida

What do you wish you had seen before it went away?

For those of you who are staying home alone (or with just the people you live with) for T-Giving,

Soumitra Chatterjee, film star of Satyajit Ray's "Apu" masterpiece, dies of covid

@RepAdamSchiff The national security team that @JoeBiden announced today is exactly what we need --

CEO of Sanford Health who refused mask

Biden Transition Moves Quickly After Trump Agrees to Share Resources

11/25 Mike Luckovich-The Grin

Hello World, it's us, the USA. We know, due to the last four years, you thought we

"On Monday, November 30 starting at 7:00AM EST the Office of the First Lady will host a preview of

Biden vows shift from Trump with national security team

33,347 Americans have been killed by COVID-19 since Trump formally declared it was over on Oct 27th

Biden keeps the peace with first Cabinet picks

Dr. Jill Biden: We are going to fight for educators and students.

$15,000 Fine After Secret Hasidic Wedding Draws Thousands of Guests

From a proud "Deep State" alumni...

Washington officials warn coronavirus transmission 'exceedingly high' days before Thanksgiving


The Only Way We Keep From Losing The House In 2022 Is To Indict 2,000 Trump Criminals

Seattle City Council scales back police funding in new 2021 budget; Durkan expected to sign into law

#ParlerHacked Talk about dumpster diving.

Kana Chan TV : Went to the best of best hair salon in Las Vegas!!!

How viruses use bats' bodies as an evolutionary training ground

Is that an Chinese-made iPad in your pocket Marco or are you just glad to Xi me?

Obama sold record-breaking 1.7 million copies of memoir in first week

'Wounded' Trump Caves On Biden Transition As Allies Abandon Him The 11th Hour MSNBC

Could Ted Cruz be this inept? This is what happens when the protagonists of misinformation believe i

New York is no longer Jarvanka-friendly. .... Florida or bust.

The ads for these trump loving republicans in Georgia have worn out the worth "radical"

Only click if you need gorgeous harmonies and impeccable picking

Will all the treasonous info from Trump and his goons


Chair of the County Commission will celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends..

In a possible first, San Francisco charges an officer with homicide over fatal on-duty shooting

MAGAs now attacking Newsmax

A life in colors: NYC celebrates Ruth Bader Ginsburg with East Village mural

Paul R. Williams, architect of some of the grandest homes in Hollywood & iconic buildings in L.A., l

Spending deal clears obstacle in shutdown fight

McConnell still mum on Biden's win as Trump administration begins transition

Regarding Parler.

Comedic appearance on Houston improve that turned out well discussing "It's Worth It"

Long lines form at food banks across country ahead of Thanksgiving

Some reports that the Parler hack resulted in last four digits of SSNs being compromised.

Biden on federal investigations of Trump: "I will not do what this president does and use the Justic

With all the statistics being kept one question comes to mind

The John Hartford Fiddle Tune Project

Betty Bowers: Election Results Update

Canadians Warned Not to Let Moose Lick Their Cars

Geraldo Rivera to fellow Trump supporters: 'We lost'

Jupiter and Saturn are about to line up in a way not seen since the Middle Ages, astronomers say.

The Atlantic Daily: Our Guide to Cooking in Isolation

RepAdamSmith blasts @usairforce for announcing new basing of C-130s in Georgia without waiting for C

Kamala Harris on dry brine vs. wet brine for your turkey.

Am I wrong to think Biden creating the post of climate czar, John Kerry, is a nod to...

George Takei: Come on, Donald. The states are already certifying. Your base is thirsty for some bibl

Houston, we have a major problem.


Kamala Harris and Mindy Kaling making vegetarian Indian Dosas

Thom Hartman has been on about "President of the Senate" recently.

tRump Takes Credit For The Stock Market Increase

We probably could have avoided the last 4 years with Donald Trump if...

This is going to leave a mark.

Gumbo Diplomacy-U.S. Ambassador to the UN-Designate, Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Need An "Acomplishment" Forum?...My Thesis Defense

Hypothetical question.

Inslee caps food delivery service fees, implores Congress to take further action

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

If I could ask Arlo Guthrie one question.....

I Spent a Week with Japan's Biggest Rock Star

Rick Wilson sure has a way with words......bwahahaha!

Biden says staff has spoken with Fauci: 'He's been very, very helpful'

Chris Cuomo Gives Trump The Cold Truth About His Presidential Legacy

Joe Biden just went over EIGHTY MILLION VOTES!!! 80,010,929 to be exact.....

McConnell pushed Trump to nominate Barrett on the night of Ginsburg's death: report

PLEASE...Anyone fro Ga.& anyone you know whoi lives in Ga. VOTE for the

Falcon 9 Starlink mission ready to go

@JakeTapper demands a RECOUNT... of People's Sexiest Man issue!

Education Department removed tool for defrauded students 9 days after launch

Trump's planning on pardoning Michael Flynn

Civil Disobedience Rally

In new challenge, Evers and Kaul ask to throw out part of Wisconsin's lame-duck laws

Cat Goes To The Beach For The First Time And His Expression Is So Hilarious

The patience of a father

Dow hit 30,000 today!

Biden eyes New Mexico governor, Obama surgeon general for health secretary

Apparently Parler got hacked

John James concedes to Gary Peters

I just got a spam phone call to donate to re elect Mf45 and make America Great

The media...conservative, liberal alike...can help America by refusing to cover Trump

Publix Worker's Family Blames Anti-Mask Policy For COVID-19 Death

ingrid michaelson - girls chase boys (studio-2014) this a dope jam & vid right here peeps

What The Hell Is VISUAL KEI??? (Versailles - Masquerade REACTION!!!)

Watch Trump's Stock Market Collapse Prediction Go Down in Flames

Gassed in Jail

Anti-masker arrested, banned from Walmart after brandishing brass knuckles.


75% of every donation to Trump's 'election defense fund' could be spent by the president himself

Don't know who this Twitterer is, but he/she hits the nail RIGHT on the head about trump:

Nothing's more reassuring than John Kerry in the Biden team.

Biden searches for attorney general to restore Justice Dept.'s independence, refocus on civil rights

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

Ghislaine Maxwell complains that NYC jail staff shine flashlight in her cell every 15 minutes

Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos - part 2

How the Swinomish tribe has pioneered the fight against climate change

Hospitalizations across Washington nearing an 'all time high,' Inslee warns

One is the loneliest number🎻

Trump to Pardon Yet Another Turkey.

Fox paid seven figures to settle lawsuit over bogus Seth Rich conspiracy story

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 26, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Hitchcock-a-thon

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 27, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Under the Big Top

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 28, 2020 -- The Essentials: Parisian Painters

Cars backed up for hours to get into Grand Canyon ahead of pandemic holiday weekend

Guess no one at Fox believes that Sidney Powell isn't a member of Trump's elite attorney team

Wow! What a surprise!

Time for Frontline on PBS

UPDATE: He's home. That little shittin' cat got out again

I'm done with Walmart

All This Creeping Normalcy, It's Like We're Still in Hell, But There's Cake Now (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Two more parting shots from Trump aimed squarely at disabled workers

Biden to deliver Thanksgiving address

Black kids 6 times more likely to be shot to death by police than white kids, study says

If we don't investigate the crimes of Trumpism, we can't take the high road and tell other countries

A Weird Monolith Is Found in the Utah Desert

Why don't people understand

YouTube suspends OANN for violating its Covid-19 policy

Deciding between Sony and Bose wireless Bluetooth headphones

Danko. Hudson....Twilight

Been off the Grid for a few days

Trump plans to pardon ANOTHER turkey??

Biden says he's considering putting Trump voter in administration for unity (CNN)

Barr Is Gonna Have To Indict Hundreds Of His Friends

Repukes outnumber Dems in WI recount 4-1.....

Jon Ossoff: We can ban private prisons and pass a New Civil Rights Act to ensure equal justice in Am

Accountability, our welcome Thanksgiving guest for the country

I put Marvin Gaye on the Bluetooth speaker and started dancing sexy for my lady.

Hmm, I seem to have misplaced one of my mysterious monoliths

Melania and I are thrilled to wish you a merry Christmas

Biden's Pick for Secretary Of State, Tony Blinken, Is About to See What Pompeo Has Been Hiding

Trump/GOP started the day 1-35 in court.🥳 Trump/GOP ended the day 1-36 in court.🥳 Goodnight.😴

Former Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen to be sentenced in 3 states for adoption scheme

'Akin Ka Na Lang' - Morissette

Both Jared and Ivanka are exemplars of dilettantism. They're the spoiled children of reprobates who

Trump lawyer Sidney Powell goes off the deep end with UNREAL claim on Fox News - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump is still fighting the outcome via twitter

Michael Conway Why Biden should pardon Trump -- and we Democrats should want him to

McConnell Still Mum on Biden's Win

Biden to Deliver Thanksgiving Address

I wouldn't pardon this way/ no how.

McConnell Told Trump to Nominate Amy Coney Barrett on Night of Ginsburg's Death, Ex-Chief of Staff S

Live CNN now: Trump Expected to join Giuliani @ PA State Senate "Hearing"

I want to file a missing person report

White House Reporter Caught On Mic After Bizarre 1-Minute Trump Briefing

Heads up! Barack Obama on Steven Colbert tonight! CBS, just started.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Isn't Going Anywhere, Biden Moves Forward Anyway

Zagat and Michelin Hit Pause on New York City Guides

Name three things you'll be thankful for this Thanksgiving

"That was weird as shit"

Lewis Black for the win!

*The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on HBOCHD now.

Michigan House public hearing announced by Trump campaign not happening

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Desi Foxsplains Everything

Legislative leaders say hearing announced by Trump campaign is news to them

Inside Story of Michigan's Fake Voter Fraud Scandal

Lost an Aunt to COVID on Friday, heard today, my Uncle is in hospital with COVID...

Boy, they do keep believing they won...

Just to be clear, the PA Senate is NOT holding a hearing tomorrow

Woody Guthrie song about Old Man Trump (Fred).

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Everything Is Fine In New York City

The Colourfield - Can't Get Enough of you Baby

Zuckerberg Tweaked Facebook Algorithm After Election

'A reminder for Thanksgiving. George Washington's famous August, 1790 letter to the Jews of Newport,

Seth Meyers - Biden Selects Antony Blinken as Secretary of State - Monologue 11/23/20

"Well, that was weird as shit." Reporters caught on hot mic baffled by Trump's minute long press con

Trump wants to pardon Flynn

How would you improve the US electoral system?

Dallas County Judge Jenkins Says Listen to Experts, not Gov. Abbott On COVID-19

Trump to travel 'unannounced' to fake 'hearing' on election fraud -- after aides failed to talk him

Trump is now desperately retweeting accusations of election fraud sourced to an OANN chyron.

Chris Hayes: America Nearly Failed The Trump Stress Test For Democracy - All In - MSNBC

As FBI Investigates, TX Attorney General Ken Paxton Swears His Latest Scandal Is Also Bogus

'Did you know that geologically, the Susquehanna River is considered the oldest major river system

Notorious RBG memorialized in New York

Exclusive: One-On-One With Biden In First Post-Election Interview - NBC Nightly News

Link of up-to-date States that have Certified the 2020 Election

Biden eyes ... health secretary

City of El Paso hires legal counsel to help collect Trump campaign's outstanding debt

What Happened When Prince Opened For The Rolling Stones?

2 Citizens Detained in Montana For Speaking Spanish Settle Lawsuit

Trump aimed to seize 991 more tracts of private land, mostly in South Texas, for border wall

The GAZETTE live

Family of dead Publix worker files lawsuit alleging grocery chain stopped him from wearing a mask

Perhaps he will pardon ALL Federal prisoners,

A message from the Killers about their Grammys loss

Trump may pardon everyone but what if he doesn't get a pardon himself?

What's with all of these fantasy "hearings" being announced?

Fox jumps on trampoline

Tokyo to ask restaurants to close early

Enigma - Return To Innocence

'Thanksgiving leftovers won't taste as good if you're on a ventilator,' health department warns

Probably already posted but...Obama on Colbert.

So many pundits have claimed that dump learned everything from doing reality tv

Tweet of the Day

Texas first responders who die from COVID-19 denied state benefits

The Real Story Behind Skyrocketing Student Debt

Scott Peterson, thousands of California inmates carried out 'staggering' Covid fraud, officials say

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Live on Letterman)

How do I allow an electrician into my home and be most safe from covid?

Attacked By Neighbor UPDATE: Positive for COVID-19

Close Call: Police Rescue of Woman In Sinking Minivan In River: Ohio

"Emily Murphy to Discuss the Future of the Federal Workplace at FedTalks - Register Now!"

A local restaurant in Cleveland received a holiday surprise as it was voluntarily closing due to C19

SARS-CoV-2 relative found lurking in frozen bats from Cambodia

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are likely to switch political parties.

Faint 'super-planet' discovered by radio telescope for the 1st time

BlackRock Executive Brian Deese Could Get Major White House Position

Jellyfish - I Wanna Stay Home

I do enjoy this reply to Marco Rubio's tweet.

Trump Scheduled to Meet Devil at Manhattan Crossroads

Ralph Stanley - O Death

About trump pardoning himself...

Sound advice from Tony Schwartz

Running Bear Little White Dove, Johnny Preston, Happy Thanksgiving.

The Return Of The Bump Squad - Biden/Harris

Muni operator dies of COVID-19 complications

Bryan Ferry-'Don't Stop The Dance'

Dancing with Kamala Harris

Be Proud proud

Sinead O'Connor - Troy

I can't believe Colbert beat President Obama in WASTE BASKET BASKET BALL !!!!

Prediction: Donad Trump will not survive through 2021

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

Scoop: Trump tells confidants he plans to pardon Michael Flynn

Wednesday Like a River - Sheila E.

Sweden Sees No Signs So Far Herd Immunity Is Stopping Virus

Ween - Freedom of '76

Dig A Pony - Beatles

Found this from the "People's Daily, China", thought it was interesting.

Mnuchin Plans to Put $455 Billion Beyond Yellen's Easy Reach

The Winner Takes It All

'Fantasy world': Pompeo knocks Biden administration picks as out of touch on foreign policy

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/24/20

Putin Can't Take Russia's 'Safe' Covid Vaccine, Kremlin Says

Mexican cartel boss arrested over Mormon massacre in which nine died

Mexican cartel boss arrested over Mormon massacre in which nine died

Stephen Colbert - Guest: President Barack Obama!

Tori Amos - Wednesday

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

These Days, the Smart Money Is Staying Away From Arctic Drilling

Happy Parfait Day!

Fleetwood Mac - Seven Wonders

Prince - Sex

East - Prince

The dust-up over California's off-road beach

Return Of The Bump Squad


As virus surges in North Dakota, Fargo food distribution workers strike over lack of COVID-19

I live like a super senior

More idiocy. Grab your popcorn.

After 4 years, the intelligence briefers

Some folks are getting very creative about going out in France

What About the Translator?

How do we avoid future authoritarians? Winning back the working class is key

Picked up a book on surgical procedures

SpaceX uses booster seventh time on Starlink launch

Now I have no idea what to do because my breast won't be ready for Thursday. 🤔

Yesterday Killa Con, the WIPE found the podium to boast about the Dow reaching 30,000

Regulator fines JPMorgan Chase $250 million

Four Seasons, Part 2? Maddow finds something weird in the next big Giuliani event

Avoid it like the plague?

Impeached loser to join Ghouliani for "voter fraud" event in Gettysburg PA today.

White House considers lifting European travel restrictions - sources

Whatever you do, DON'T eat this for breakfast!

Morning Joke says

EU derivatives decision leaves London in the lurch

Giving Trump credit for a vaccination is like

Wednesday TOONs - No Pardon For The Turkey

Keith talks about prosecuting all the scum

Trump 2024

Moving Sale

*MY* kind of bedtime story. GAWD I love John Lithgow!

Ottawa's New Climate "Strategy" - No Targets, No Plan, No Involvement W. Other Levels Of Govt.

I'll miss you all.


Trump's Schedule for Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Is there any doubt that if Trump was handling the coming vaccine distribution that only those

The fun part is that Killa Con actually believes he will hold on to power

Former PM Turnbull: Morrison "Dazzled" By Trump, But Sell-By Date Has Already Passed

More Than 60 Ships Carryng Australian Coal Stranded In Chinese Ports, Some For Months

Real Trump voters

Farm Bureau Federation Wants Climate Action, But No New Rules, Carbon Credits Something Something

Biden introduces cabinet, stock market goes up, Trump takes credit.

MSHA Inspector General: Silica Dust Standard Outdated; Shitstain's Chief Hack Does Not Care

After Trump, there are so many reforms that are needed.

The future?

Just got my driving license! And it's all in French!


Verbatim: "Florida GOP Leaders Might Map Out Plan To Fight Rising Seas"

America Sliding Into Banana-Republic Politics, Third World Style Economic Crises: Paul Krugman

56 days is such a long time.

7:00am and Rudy is already tanked.

WTF? "Vampire Facial"!

Jobless claims: Another 778,000 workers filed for unemployment

Mexican Bird of Paradise

'Don't be like my family': Fifteen relatives got Covid-19 after a small gathering

It Wasn't Ideology That Sank House Democrats. It Was Bad Strategy.

Still Got It!

Paul Desmond was born on this date.

Scoop: Israeli military prepares for possibility Trump will strike Iran

Top Priority For FL Legislature: Shielding Businesses From COVID Liability

Finished binging all three seasons of Yellowstone.

Nat Adderley was born on this date.

I'm not 100% sure yet, but I think I may have installed my bidet incorrectly.

Trump, you're a lame-dick President.

Road Surfaces Are Designed For Specific Climates; Those Climate Data Are Now Out Of Date

Just Doesn't Feel Right

Bill Morrisey was born on this date.

Southern Company's End Run On Coal Waste Rule: Pay Top $$ For Land Next To Power Plants

U.S. border officials close Texas warehouse where chain-link 'cages' for migrants became a symbol

A book I don't recommend. "You should have known" by Jean Hanff Korelitz. *Spoilers***

Joltin' Joe DiMaggio was born on this date.

Drumpf To Attack Iran - The Disastrous Idea That Won't Go Away

NYC Will Have Covid Checkpoints at Key Bridges and Crossings

Wednesday Breakfast Wednesday 25 November 2020

Donald truly loved being your President.

TPM "Gaetz Urges Trump To Go Wild With Pardons, Including A Self-Pardon, To Own The Libs"

GA Repubs have descended into backstabbing with Senate on the line. Trump probably likes it that way

Glenn Kirschner: It's about to rain evidence.

This is how the city I grew up in is handling the 'Santa Situation', this holiday season.

538 "Could Social Alienation Among Some Trump Supporters Help Explain Why Polls Underestimated Trump

Clean up Michigan

BTRTN: The Search for a Vaccine to Protect Our Democracy

Jeff Tiedrich: Donald Trump is on his way to Gettysburg to lose the civil war a second time.

BTRTN: The Search for a Vaccine to Protect Our Democracy

YOU raised $4,285.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-24-20

"Diary of a Sad Woman - why I hate COVID." Must read, IMO

Eric Boehlert: A crack in the Noise Machine -- how Murdoch derailed Trump

Never forget. Trump, Giuliani, Ellis and Powell tried to overturn a valid U.S. election.

Is it true that once you have received a pardon, you cannot claim the 5th Amendment if subpoenaed?

The Rundown: November 25, 2020

Wausau and skiing. Be forewarned.

The Webcomics Weekly #114: Webcomic Sweep (11/24/2020 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: X of Swords: Destruction, The Other History of the DC Universe, The Witcher, and Mo

IDW Publishing Launches Nationwide Coloring Contest

Kent State grad Connie Schultz offers to be WH spox to make critics of Biden's Ivy League appointees

27 COVID deaths at Illinois vets nursing home prompts probe

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving each year, The Wall Street Journal. republishes twin editorials

Trump Trying to Reinstate Execution by Firing Squad Before He Leaves Office, Says Report

'Flat-out sabotage' underway as Mnuchin tries to put $455 billion in COVID $$ out of Biden's reach

Dimming Sun's rays could ease climate impacts in Africa

I'm taking a break for the holiday.

Where can I get my maga tears fix? I'm fiending and feel robbed

I just heard on Facebook Messenger that a nephew of mine,

Looking for Vintage Feedsacks

We are watching Ken Burns "The Roosevelts" on PBS Passport - watched "The War" last week

Can Trump "future pardon" people

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their families should get the Covid Vaccine

Obama Tells Stephen Colbert that Trump's Failures 'Exceeded' All Expectations, Roasts 'Shambolic'...

No matter what, i'm thinking for the FIRST time in FOUR years the HOUSE subpeonas

New Trump rule may require some African tourists to pay up to $15,000 in bonds

Despondent Trump Drives Golf Cart Into Water Hazard

Trump in Pennsylvania today giving his Gettysburg change of address.

I'm sure Biden will be absolutely shocked once he gets his PDB

The Federalist Publisher's Tweet Violated Labor Law, NLRB Rules

Event in Gettysburg

Democrats Increased Support from White Women in 2020

Can Michael Flynn be called in to testify in front of the House the day after Trump pardons him?

Trump trying to bring back firing squad executions.

Noel Casler: Trump & Giuliani will be in Gettysburg, adding new meaning to 'dyed on the battlefield'

Trump trying to bring back firing squad executions.

Great ad by Reverend Warnock!

The ghost of General George Pickett just breathed a great sigh of relief.

Texas men charged with trying to sell 50 million bogus masks to Australian state

'Hygge' Danish Ritual, Enjoying Life's Pleasures, Danes Ranked the World's Happiest People

Food bank at St. Stephen's Phoenix and COVID19.

ICE Expelled 33 Immigrant Children Back To Guatemala After A Judge Said They Can't

Trump advisor and legal team member Boris Epshteyn has COVID

Democrat's victory ruled invalid due to misdemeanor he was pardoned for -- Arkansas hands the seat to

Parler was hacked, and members gave at least partial social security numbers.

You supported the guy when he was screwing everybody else - but now it's personal?

TLP's Stuart Stevens: So the Trump era ends with two guys from the neighborhood in their 70's with

Thanks, Trump, you disgusting asshole. You must be really proud of how far behind you have put us

3982 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today,Wed.; 9 deaths

MH17 judges reject request to investigate alternative crash scenarios

The Inside Story of Michigan's Fake Voter Fraud Scandal

BREAKING: Donald Trump Concedes to Joe Biden

Mrs. Betty Bowers previews Trump's Gettysburg Address today: "Three wives & seven mistresses ago, my

Fox News Carefully Explains to Viewers That Trump Lost

Jenna Ellis isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer

Thanksgiving for two

For your viewing pleasure: "Rudy III: Now it gets personal..."

Chinese leader Xi Jinping congratulates Biden on winning election

New: The Trump campaign filed a three-page letter in the 3rd Circuit this morning...

Beschloss: 57 Years Ago Today; Ike and Truman end their 11 year feud at Kennedy services

How a $17 billion bailout fund intended for Boeing ended up in very different hands

Trump may pardon 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic

The little ones- they grow up so fast

TLP's Fred Wellman on his reaction to the Biden interview on NBC:

Intelligence employees vent frustrations over being forced to return to the office

Trump's assault on the election could leave a lasting mark on American democracy

All those who are complaining about missing Thanksgiving

Trump's concession speech, as if he'd actually give one

Boris Johnson's 'jet zero' green flight goal dismissed as a gimmick

Biden posed in his vintage Corvette. But he promises a big push for electric vehicles.

The AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Data Isn't Up to Snuff

Schiff Says Trump Is Like an 'Organized Crime Figure'

We need a Democrat to go on the air with "THE VOTES HAVE BEEN COUNTED AND COUNTED AND COUNTED!"

Obama memoir sells a record 1.7 million copies in first week

Trump chickens out on going to Gettysburg

Gettysburg trip cancelled!

Venture out of your bubble, Trump supporters, and try to understand how most of America thinks

How a $17 billion bailout fund intended for Boeing ended up in very different hands

Heavy U.S. Air Traffic Reported Ahead of Thanksgiving Holiday

Trump ridicules Trump: Said a Biden win would crash the stock market over & over. This happened.

Oh.... no. Gettysburg trip cancelled

Moseley Braun Stumps for Interior Post

Just for Fun: Watch Obama at the 2011 Correspondents Dinner Roasting Trump

VP Biden receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom

THREAD: It's called voter disenfranchisement, suppression, and disinformation.

Literary group to honor Obama

Bob Casey Jr: They tell me I have to put the map away for a while. 🙄

Defense officials lukewarm on 5G spectrum-leasing plan pushed by the White House


Trump campaign adviser tests positive after attending legal team's press conference

What time and station will Biden be giving his Thanksgiving speech

John Solomon: Trump team wins hearings in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania legislatures (lie)

Once Again, Minnesota Has Largest Voter Turnout

According to the WH there was NEVER a trip scheduled today.

I went to Parler to check out the claims about requiring a ss number

The Inside Story of Michigan's Fake Voter Fraud Scandal

Wegmans - a large grocery store chain in the NE, refuses to enforce mask mandates

It's insane that the president can retweet something as unhinged as this and have it barely register

Here's Something To Give Thanks For This Thanksgiving: Our Democracy Survived

A masochist walked into a bar

Biden to receive first daily presidential briefing on Monday

Houston doctor to CNN: 'Darkest days in modern American medical history' may be coming with COVID-19

When it's just too hard to send a letter.....

Diego Maradona dead: Argentina legend dies aged 60

Pennsylvania State Judge Temporarily Blocks Certification, the the Extent It is Not Already Complete

Pic Of The Moment: Well At Least The Trumps Have One Last WH Christmas To Look Forward To... Oh

Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis busted for fake Teddy Roosevelt quote: 'How are you a lawyer?'

Wouldn't It Be Nice If ...

I'm furious

Justice Democrats is making demands of Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the JD superpac

Fun Fact: Donald Trump ...

Democratic Hopes For Senate Takeover Grow As Georgia Sets Absentee Ballot Record

ACLU: Speaking Spanish is not a crime, CBP.

Keith Olbermann yesterday: He says it out loud!

Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a congratulatory message to President-elect Biden.

If you saw someone walking around your neighborhood, pouring and igniting puddles of

Wondering here: Is there any serious way to investigate Florida and Texas, Kentucky and OTHER

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Suite

QUESTION: Is the DU rec button functioning for everyone ??? It won't allow me to recommend

John Brennan ...

about those lawsuits I mentioned...

Alice's Restaurant

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Suite

Battlelines Form at the Gettysburg Wyndham

We need to get used to the fact that Trump is an impeached lame duck president

Diego Maradona, one of the greatest footballers of all time, dies aged 60

Diego Maradona, one of the greatest footballers of all time, dies aged 60

Pittie Thrown Away In Trash Does The Happiest Zoomies Around His New Yard

On Night of Ginsburg's Death, McConnell Pushed Trump to Nominate Amy Coney Barrett

Cute Golden Retriever and Piglet Duo

David Becker: Understanding some basic facts of the election loss for Trump supporters

On potential war crimes charges against US officials for supporting Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war

The Thanksgiving before the 'first' Thanksgiving

Tribal People Try Apple Pie for the First Time

The Democratic Coalition Is American Voters With Working Brains Who Don't Think Lizard People

Potential COVID-19 surge after Thanksgiving could cause 'humanitarian crisis'

At 1 PM, I'll be picking up a to-go Thanksgiving Dinner

How has 2020 been for you?

Charles Koch can make amends by doing this

8,400 burial found. Fur baby with his hooman.

Let's finish this: 🎶 On the first day of COVID my true love gave to me a Rudy Giuliani 🎶

US records deadliest COVID-19 day since early May

Excited Trump supporters have dubbed today Kraken Day

Melania Trump in LEAKED CNN Recordings: F*** Christmas; give me a break about separated children

Well...Giuliani still showed up at this hearing in PA. Per @KristenhCNN

White House considering lifting European travel restrictions, source says

Your grandkids are going to read about the last 20 days in Michigan -- the lies, the abuses of trust

How a President functions without nepotism

FS-101 Road at Deep Creek

Biden says he hasn't heard from Trump directly

Oh well Fox News!

The Latest: Joe Biden to get 1st presidential daily briefing

Manhattan DA notified judge it wishes to appeal ruling dismissing Manafort state charges

Trump Stress-Tested the Election System, and the Cracks Showed

NEW: Republicans have dismissed their ill-fated Nevada federal lawsuit ... 1-36 now!

Republicans have dismissed their ill-fated Nevada federal lawsuit on signature matching

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1

Congress braces for Biden's national coronavirus strategy

PA judge halts certification (edited with clarification)

We must stop Republicans from helping Trump "poison the wells" and "salt the fields" of America.

The Dodo: Watch this little rescue puppy get adopted by Joe Biden

Air Force Accused of Influencing Georgia Runoff in Favor of Republicans

A Turkey Vulture was perched on the roof of our home today

Rudy says Trump might have won Virginia........

Giuliani says that Virginia "turned out to be separated by 1%." Biden won the state by 10%

Here's Why the Rule of Law Requires Trump Be Prosecuted Upon Leaving Office

President-elect Biden Delivers Thanksgiving Address; 2:00 p.m., today

Pennsylvania Republican Hearing on 2020 Election; C-Span

I just want to share this because I'm still laughing so hard...

New Mexico passes covid relief bill. $1200 for the unemployed

Video recreates dying patient's view as ICU doctor urges people to take Covid seriously

Kamala Harris addresses the critical issue of the moment...

The great Diego Maradona died of a heart attack

Boris Epshteyn tests positive for Covid-19

Alaska Senator Reinbold Harasses Flight Crew Over Mask Policy

Donald Trump Is Losing Thousands of Twitter Followers After Election Defeat

Manhattan DA Hopes to Revive State Criminal Case Against Paul Manafort as Possible Pardon Looms

Just now, Loser Trump tweets his detailed plan to fight the election..........

26M Americans now say they don't have enough to eat

Please remember that Killa Con's sister is on tape saying that he did not sit his SATs

2 Senators Introduce National Face Mask Legislation as U.S. Sees Highest COVID Daily Death Toll Sinc

'A warning from West Seneca: Don't drive drunk with goats in your minivan'

Anne Applebaum on the GOP's fake voting scandal in Michigan.

Nearly one in five respondents cancelled their Thanksgiving travel plans due to COVID-19

Why Anticapitalist Conservatism Fails

It takes one to know one I've heard.

"This tweet says a lot about the cult logic of Trumpism"

Renton considers vacating Red Lion Hotel sheltering 200 homeless people

The Despair'sRay --Muder day Live

How did the turkey survive Thanksgiving?

For heaven's sake, *nobody* wants an unfair election

South Korea's Hyper-Tube Train Hits Major Milestone, Reaches Over 621 MPH (Leaving U.S. behind)

Why does the MSM continue to use the term "no evidence of wide-spread voter fraud"?

Army Corps says no to massive gold mine proposed near Bristol Bay in Alaska

You do recall someone else claimed rigged election and

COVID Act Now has added an additional, more severe level/color to their map

I just got a phishing e-mail from "paypal"

Trump lawyer details far-fetched strategy to reverse Pennsylvania win for Biden

President pranked as comedians snap up Trump 2024 domain

You don't want to hang out with Trump deplorables, and turns out, no one else does either

New Vote Forward campaigns opened for letters to Ga. voters!

New Vote Forward campaigns opened for letters to Ga. voters!

What time is Biden speaking? n/t

The amazing tale of Bravo November, The British Chinook helicopter that refused to die:

I was thinking about my electric hand held mixer

A suggestion for a new Twitter disclaimer to be attached to all of Fat Hitler tweets:

Answer to the Tucker Carlson lying attack on the 2020 Election, a traitor to the American people

Incoming GOP congresswoman says virus safety efforts are somehow 'starving' people

I'm rolling. (A Tik Tok lol)

"I know crooks really well," Rudy Giuliani says.

The Turkey Obviously

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS for Princess Ivanka as she's in "extremely frantic damage control mode."

Biden to Announce Economic Team Next Week, Transition Aide Says

Biden: No Bernie or Elizabeth Warren in his cabinet because he 'needs them in the Senate'

Trump Trying to Reinstate Execution by Firing Squad

During the 1918 flu's second spike, Americans resisted measures that protected them

The new First Dogs!

"Our Task Is to Defeat Bolsonarism and Put an End to His Authoritarian Project"

Looks like Biden time moves even slower than Clinton time!

Is Trump planning a military strike against Iran?

**ADJOURNED** - twitler is now calling in to the PA Senate Republicans "hearing"

Donald Trump is calling in to the PA Republican "hearing" on the election...

The New Secretary of Education Should Actually Listen to Students, Unlike DeVos

Brianna Keilar is at it again! She's talking about Biden about to give a Thanksgiving Address....

Cartoons 11/25/2020

Joe is LIVE: Tune in as I deliver a Thanksgiving address on the shared sacrifices Americans are maki

Trump: "We won big...."

Hospitals put to the test again as virus patients surge

Snohomish County deputy charged with child rape

Just a happy ditty and video to kick off your Thanksgiving holiday

Pay attention. The President is speaking.

COVID outbreak at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

BIDEN Leads by Over 6.25 Million

Toronto Argos -- John Candy

Trump vents about election as agencies aid Biden transition

Spotted a turkey leaving the White House!

Hypocrite Hancock flies to visit family for Thanksgiving knocks down a straw man.

Iran's president hopes Biden unravels Trump's Iran policies

President Biden is giving his version of a Fireside Chat, his Thanksgiving Address, sans fireplace.

Biden's aim to restore U.S. leadership could be tall order in a changed world

"Wow, I was called by the biggest political people, congratulations, sir, on a big win."

Coronavirus in Ohio Wednesday update: 10,835 new cases, 156 additional deaths

This by @AOC .

some politicians want to push god god god god, me I prefer seperation of church/state.

The American Influence Epidemic of 1918: A Digital Encyclopedia

DOJ is appealing the judge's denial of its attempt to take Trump's defense against E. Jean Carroll

Sometimes I visit Aaron Rupar's Twitter just to see pictures of his little baby girl, who is

President-elect Joe Biden delivers a Thanksgiving message to Americans

President-elect Joe Biden Delivers Thanksgiving Address to the Nation

Josh Shapiro: Lying through a cell phone at a fake hearing changes nothing.

Biden: I believe "grim season of division" will give way to unity

University of the Arts faculty in Philadelphia have voted to unionize

🚨BREAKING: Nevada Court REJECTS Republican congressional candidate effort to challenge machines

NEW - As Jenna Ellis was bragging of a lawsuit still underway in NV, court DISMISSED IT!! loss # 37!

A 'trend of more failing': Online school has sent F's spiking by 83 percent in Fairfax County

Jenna Ellis is asking Penn. state legislators to come up with a "remedy" outside the courts.

Is there available data showing the times of vote "dumps" in the 2016 election?

So, how do you get a former Trump administration employee off your front porch?

Trump needs to be charged with Sedition.

Pennsylvania judge orders halt to further vote certification

Sometimes You Win; Sometimes You Lose

Auto Makers Attack Right-to-Repair

trump is already doing ads for his next job:

Nearly 100 whales die in mass stranding in New Zealand

Media Pressuring Biden To Hire Trump Supporter To Cabinet I Have A Perfect Position For One

NRA reports alleged misspending by current and former executives to IRS

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree owl released back into the wild

NRA: Current and former executives used the nonprofit group's money for personal benefit...

Jewish leaders defend Raphael Warnock after Loeffler attacks

Lost Meadow the dog found by a drone

Trump calls into Pennsylvania meeting to renew election claims

Olbermann vs. Trump #32: Giuliani's Gettysburg Wrong Address? Add It To His List Of Humiliations!

"Who is your out-of-nowhere Trump pardon pick?"

Pentagon nixes dining halls for troops' annual Thanksgiving meal

Fox News has an owie - daytime ratings drop by 32% in two weeks since the election

White House coronavirus task force calls for a 'significant behavior change' from Americans

Trey Anastasio: Harry Hood (Beacon Theater)

Very Recent Interview w Dr Faucci by Tanzina Vega...

Fauci Expects Role In Biden's Coronavirus Response

E.T. returns to earth in 2020

I'm Seeing Multiple Twitter Reports that Trump Pardoned Flynn

Crooked Kelly

El Paso moves to collect outstanding debt from 2019 Trump campaign

Canadian vandalism

Trump says he has pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Old, old technology

Trump pardons Michael Flynn, former national security advisor who admitted lying to FBI

2020 was the first time since 1980 a party only held the White House for four years.

Anyone know if a Presidential campaign can file for bankruptcy?

I received a personal reply from someone in Prime Minister Ardern's office (New Zealand)

Knock, Knock!

I would not be upset if one of Biden's first pardons is for Michael Cohen.

Keilar calls out Rubio for attacking Biden's Cabinet over their education (CNN)

Pardon me?

Personally, my money is on Shitler trying to pardon Kyle Rittenhouse. nt

A Sentimental Journey

Biden Receives First Box Of Wadded-Up Napkins And Receipts Comprising Trump Intelligence Briefing

No pardons should be allowed during a transition period.

'Equivalent to manslaughter': This governor ignored pandemic mitigation efforts. Her state has the h

Biden wants to re-thaw relations with Cuba. He'll have to navigate Florida politics.

Biden wants to re-thaw relations with Cuba. He'll have to navigate Florida politics.

Andrew Weissmann - Trump doing now what he could not convince FBI to do: not hold Flynn to account.

Pay attention to the language: Trump *granted* a pardon to Flynn

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #14 - Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

These Medicare plan ads!!!!

William S. Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer

A Pardon Won't Make Flynn Any Less Of A Traitor To His Country

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If a president can pardon himself/herself, why not pardon yourself as soon as you are sworn in?

LOL! This pic gives Biden Spock ears!

Arrest all Trump's pardons on new felony charges.

In honor of the season:

emptywheel: Trump Pardons an Undisclosed Agent of Turkey Along with a Thanksgiving Bird

Some bloody marvellous news in the Job Department

Laura Ingraham FINALLY breaks the news that Trump will lose the election ON FOX NEWS - Brian Cohen

Trump's about to turn the GOP into one long, humiliating episode of 'The Apprentice'

GOP Senators Loeffler, Perdue Outspend Democratic Opponents by $58M in First Three Weeks of Georgia

You can find the Utah Mystery Monolith on Google Maps

Does anybody here take Elavil? I'd like your feedback!

Understanding Diversity: ''Where Are You From?''

Breaking: Trump did it - He pardoned Michael Flynn per NYTimes

Seattle Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch passes out free turkeys in Hawaii

Leslie Jones is back!

Biden says he won't order an investigation of Trump, president's legal troubles remain

Versailles - Faith & Decision

Reality Check.

Marco Rubio Comes Out Of Hiding To Cry On Twitter

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am neither surprised nor angry that Flynn got pardoned. In fact, there is even an upside.

You just knew he was on the program to hawk the blasted book

I'd like to dedicate this song to Michael Flynn and Donald Trump.

Revealed: Trump officials rush to mine desert haven native tribes consider holy

Latest MeidasTouch ad with Papadopoulos, Flynn, Stone, et. al.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What happens if a VP dies in office?

Hey Donnie, More Pardons Please. Pardon every shitbag you know. I DARE you.

Uncle Frank

RANTS Rahm Emanuel Shouldn't Be Biden's Transportation Secretary -- Or Hold Any Other Public Office

Tweet of the evening:

RANTS Rahm Emanuel Shouldn't Be Biden's Transportation Secretary -- Or Hold Any Other Public Office

Hot Buttered Rum 2 Ways AND Fat Washing! How to Drink

The GazettE live -14-year-old knife

COVID vaccine result was a fluke

FL Gov Extends Ban On Cities Imposing Their Own Mask Mandates--Critic Calls Move A 'Killing Spree'

Joe Biden considers Roger Ferguson to lead National Economic Council, Gary Gensler for Deputy Treas

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 25, 2020

"when you're not getting the attention that you deserve"

Can we discuss INHERENT CONTEMPT for a bit? I've heard this mentioned many times during impeachment.

Dachshund LOVES to cuddle with baby!

Frontline: Supreme Revenge: Battle for the Court. On channel 26-4 tonight at 9:00 p.m.

Comcast Internet data limits spark frustration for Northeast customers

Wait until Trump is out and haul Flynn's ass in front of a grand jury

Possibly my best one yet

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court REJECTS the Trump campaign's appeal/Bucks County

"When the going gets weird,

John Kasich is on CNN right now saying presidents have a right to pardon. Lets just move on. nt

South Korea: Ministry of Justice Suspends the Supreme Prosecutor

Let's have a bazlama party!

Extended Monster Hunter Trailer .. looking great!

Enduring T-giving with tRump-cult relatives.

Pennsylvania judge orders halt to further vote certification, Gov. Tom Wolf to appeal

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon tests positive for #COVID19.

Obama: Republicans portraying white men as 'victims' helped Trump win votes

Tuskegee Airman Dies on 100th Birthday

What happened to that guy in Washington State?

Arkansas ranks 50th in voter turnout for 2020 election

My favorite Thanksgiving, ever goes live!

One of my family's holiday staples...a very southern recipe ;)

Mad at De Blasio? No, get mad at the right people

Sicily asks Cuba to send medics as Italy fights second Covid wave

Trump finds out Biden Won the Election.

Where is Bill Barr?? He has been too damn quiet...Especially

The Cerrado: how Brazil's vital 'water tank' went from forest to soy fields

Statement Regarding Executive Grant of Clemency for General Michael T. Flynn; November 25, 2020

DEBUNKED - PA - trump/GOP legal team claims of vote spike and massive over vote of mail-in ballots

So if it was all a hoax how come Flynn needs a pardon?

John Ossoff FB page says FBI investigating Perdue.

Venture capitalist sues True the Vote for not suing enough. Wants his $2.5 million back

Look at the chyron.

Name a short story you read as a kid that still haunts you.

The cruelty is the point.

I'm not going to concern myself about going after Trump and his cronies for possible crimes