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Would some DUer please put up the History of DU at Shrubs Inaugural

Hunger Rising In PA, Nationwide: 54 Mill Faced Hunger In US By 2020 End: Foodbanks, USDA

The Good Liars Get Trump Voters To Agree That All Votes Should Be Counted

How Do You Know it's Time for Retirement?

Ballot processing begins in Detroit; 2 poll challengers removed

Ethiopia: Gunmen kill at least 32 people in Oromia state

Kamala: Thank you to all the poll workers and @USPS employees who have worked tirelessly this electi

Appreciation thread for RandySF

Bulldog instantly fails 'leave-it' challenge

i don't know, and i don't trust the media, but i'm start to think their coverage of donnie

March! The Day Has Come! From your head the crown is falling (Pump up music)

Kamala: Donald Trump wants you to deny reality. To pretend that, during a global pandemic, you don't

Sweetest Golden Retriever Becomes Mom to Cute Piglet

"Oh, I feel very angry a lot of the time,"

Joe: Donald Trump is the most corrupt president in modern history. Donald Trump is the most racist

No Return to Classrooms in 2020 for Most Arlington Public School Students

This is a crime, the police ignored the victim

Trump has been the WORST (p)resident EVER

If you want to feel better about tomorrow...

Joe is live! Join us for our final rally before Election Day.

Looking for a Golden / Setter/Retreiver mix.

Anyone watch any of the cooking or baking shows on netflix?

"Don't boo -- vote"

Canned Heat "Lets Work Together" on Election Eve and thereafter ... VOTE.

Joe: There is so much we can achieve as a nation with Donald Trump out of the White House.

The Governor is in Pittsburgh kicking off the big event for @JoeBiden on the North Shore.

Very encouraging info from Georgia - link

CNN's Jim Acosta take on Trumpie

Okay unregistered democrats, this is it. If you live in AK, CA, CO, CT, D.C. HI, ID, IL, IA, ME,

The Electoral College Makes White People's Votes Count More

With a nod to "The Police"---Donald:----

F - Donald Trump

Another Civil War

Interesting paragraph on voting trends for this election


So far 7.4 million watched Obama doing what he does

What do you think would happen under the following scenario?

Here's The Truth

The Electoral College explained (10 minute video by VOX)

On this day, November 2, 1945, Jerome Kern returned to New York to work on ...

Extra fencing going up at the White House on the eve of Election Day.

An omen? Melania headed to Florida

Kayleigh McEnany Claims "Democrat Cities" Will Mobilize the Left to "Attack" People Who Don't Vote

Stocks zoom higher as Wall Street predicts Joe Biden will win

Is it just me, or are things weird here tonight?

"He's not a Christian or he'd know we don't celebrate that."

Obama invokes John Lewis, MLK in appeal to disillusioned voters in Atlanta

Once the election is called for Biden we will feel a huge power shift from Trump to Biden

Early votes have been counted. Who has the Florida advantage going into Election Day?

A Canadian radio host

Trump's entire governing philosophy, in one 13-second clip

Aaron Rupar: This is a lie as shameless as any Trump has told.

This is flabbergasting

Any probabilities on popular vote?

I posted a link to this tune four years ago. Also, happy belated 74th birthday of Jerry Edmonton.

Ohio secretary of state stresses 'election night results are never final'

Think of it! All these many years of

Betting Markets suggest very close race - Biden 279, Trump 259.

Which two Senators defeat will bring you the greatest joy?

Georgia State Supreme Court Allows Prosecution of Ex-Deputies in Black Man's Death

Fauci Is Tough to Fire Despite What The Bloated Orange Pig says

What will TV and social networks do if Trump prematurely declares victory?

Cases of Covid-19 in children spike, with 61,000 in 1 week


Don Winslow: Gullible White Male Trump Voters

Final CNBC/Change Research polls: Biden +10 nationally, WI:+8, MI:+7, PA:+4, FL:+3, AZ: +3, NC:+2

Let's Do This!!

Judge rejects GOP bid to toss 127,000 drive-thru ballots in Harris County, Texas

Ranked-choice voting in Maine threatens Susan Collins in final days of close Senate race

It's a chilly fall evening here in Orangeburg, but the crowd for our last drive-in rally is electric

The appeal in the 5th Circuit of Judge Hanen's decision has now been docketed.

John Avlon calls out Trump's strategy of voter suppression

President Desperate J. Flopsweat has some of those "best words" for us

DOJ sending voting rights monitors to 18 states, including Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio

John Legend and Common on C-SPAN opening

To the majority of cops---the good ones:

Need a lift? Wanna happy cry? Watch Pete Souza's 'The Way I See It.'

if thrown out the Houston drive by voters should get to vote again!

Florida voters may boost minimum wage to $15 an hour

FiveThirtyEight vs CNN. Can someone explain why....

Two more top @TXAG aides have been fired in the wake of criminal allegations against @KenPaxtonTX.

Feel the love

Trump creates 1776 Commission to promote 'patriotic education'

Per KO...tRump has the support of 75% of the Dicks in the country.

Election Night 1960 - NBC (Huntley - Brinkley)

Goodbye until Wednesday

Texas restaurant owner: County shutdown order "null, void and unenforceable"

I did some text banking today -- lotta nasty replies from trumpanzees

Getting The Party Started - Green Grass & High Tides (Live) - The Outlaws - 1978

The officially unoffical election day inspiration thread!

We can be the healing

"There is no counting ballots after the election because the election's not over until all the ballo

Some Lessons for America in How Elections Go Off the Rails

Kimberly Guilfoyle and lil pump (not Jr... lol!):

"Here's my election map."

Anti-Democracy, Pro-Political Violence Message

In Internal report, Birx pleads for administration to take pandemic more seriously, warns against la

Lady Gaga Fires Back At Trump's Campaign After They Try To Turn Her Biden Support Into A Liability

BTRTN 2020 Official Election Predictions: Biden Wins and Dems Achieve a Trifecta

still down the irish music rabbit hole..

Democrats Ask Watchdog to Review Hiring of 'Operation Warp Speed' Chief Scientist

I HATE REPUBLICANS!... sung by the Happy Tones

What's a good dessert for tomorrow night?

Joe: My team put together some cheat sheets to show where Donald Trump and I stand on the issues to

Well, I'm ready for my covid vaccine shot

An excellent article and interview of Ohio's Dr. Amy Acton in The New Yorker magazine

Pete Buttigieg killing it again on FOX

FedExForum set up to process, scan historically high number of absentee/mail-in ballots Election Day

If we keep the House and take the Senate

Fauci - The Lincoln Project

Very important and very BAD Trump SEC deregulation of the securities markets today.

Joe Biden capitalizes on MAJOR Trump misstep at rally - Brian Tyler Cohen

"Welp. Looks like Candace Owens flubbed her talking point."

Texas and elsewhere, I worry the polls and predictions are wrong

New post by Nancy/Starlight


Ohio SoS LaRose: "Election Nights Are Never Final"

South Dakota AG Ravnsborg (R) was 'distracted' when he hit, killed pedestrian with car

Margaret & Helen: What does a Trump voter have to be shy about

Ramana Maharshi - Guru Vācaka Kōvai (The Garland of Guru's Sayings) - Advaita -Vedanta

Song for America

I got high and had a vision of election night results

USPS Says COVID-19 Is Delaying Ballot Delivery In Swing States

Final email message from Steve Schmidt, one of the founding members of The Lincoln Project....

Barack Obama Calls Trump a 'Two-Bit Dictator' After Report Trump Will Declare Premature Victory

William Barr: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

If MSNBC is going to keep a split screen with Lady Gaga, how about some damn sound????? nt

Opinion: The only decent choice in the election

If Mommy is a Commie...

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Trump rally crowd chants 'LeBron James sucks'

Don Winslow: #GullibleWhiteMaleTrumpVoters

Trump Is Terrified About Going To Prison After Losing the election, as he should be.

State officials in Iowa and the FBI are looking into a short voicemail some voters have gotten telli

President Trump tells advisers that he fears prosecution if he loses the election: report

More than 61,000 children got Covid-19 last week, a record

2020 US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats are gonna win in 2020.

If you combine 10 polls and average them out, doesn't the margin of error become pretty small?

Gov Wolf: Pennsylvanians will not be intimidated. You can watch us count every vote and have a fair

Letterman Says A Trump Loss Would Be 'A Relief To Every Living Being In This Country'

BE UNSHAKEABLE - Ultimate Stoic Quotes Compilation

The World's Worst Public Transport System Attempts to Modernize

Ok......just asking...who was the mastermind behind giving the USPS head ALL THIS POWER???

Democrats say San Marcos officials didn't respond to "Trump Train" that harassed Biden bus

Black voters over 65 are expected to play a pivotal role in a potential Joe Biden win.

How is Lindsey faring? Anyone got any recent polling?

Y'all heard Willie....Go Vote!


Vienna shooting: Terror attack as multiple shots fired by city's main synagogue

Eminem makes an endorsement...

By this time tomorrow, we will have a very good idea

Candace Owens Self Own

Trump is having issues with his microphone... tie, water, bill, Kenosha

So they are erecting "unscalable" walls around the White House.

The presidency is the only thing protecting him from facing his financial and legal troubles.

My opinion: he never had Covid

Listening to the 538 daily election podcast - some key points I took down during listening

So... tRump is throwing an election night party at the White House tomorrow. Or as I like to call it

Two more senior aides fired from Texas attorney general's office in wake of criminal accusations

Posting this one more time

Trump's Kenosha rally is still being beset by microphone problems

What are we predicting for tomorrow?

I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow night

Biden/Harris-D guide to victory.

With their future at a crossroads, young Americans are shattering voting record

Banking more votes for Biden in Iowa.

"Democracy is coming to the USA"....The Lumineers

My second major anxiety about tomorrow: DU gets hacked again.

We have a chance

So, seven tRump counties in Penn said tonight that they will not count absentee ballots until

Betting markets see Trump losing as battlegrounds shift toward Biden

COUNT EVERY VOTE! 500+ protests planned across the US on Wed, Nov 4th

If you are not registered to vote, you can register and vote in the following states, same day.

'They're like Batman and Robin gone bad': Obama targets Georgia senators in final pitch for Democrat

The Atlantic - How Trump Could Attempt a Coup

Texas Ranks Highest In Number of COVID-19 Cases In US

PROTECT THE RESULTS: 500 protests planned for Wed

3 of the men charged with plotting to kidnap Michigan's governor were regulars at 'boogaloo' events

Another Fox bloodbath. Courtesy of Slayer Pete..

Link to a handy state by state Voter Intimidation Help guide

So here is my predictions for President and Senate

TNT playing Return of the Jedi

3 Kansas teens were shot after a man thought they were stealing his Trump campaign lawn signs

Newly Elected US Senators from 2020.

I've done everything I can personally do.

Kamala: Janet is one of the many grassroots donors who make this campaign possible. She also voted e

Louisiana Man Gets 25 Years For Torching 3 Black Churches

Tarrant County TX (Ft Worth) faces delayed counts for its tightest races due to staffing shortages

Why are you special?

I'm so sure of a D landslide that I scheduled a dentist appointment for tomorrow

China seizes more territory from Nepal with troops constructing buildings over the border

Trump after hearing a summation of the current polling numbers:---P-A-U-S-E---(maniacal grin)---

Trump Truck Runs Red Light

A last minute plea not to vote, womens 🤣🤣🤣

So which state do you think will have the closest % margin (regardless of who wins)?

Dixville Notch

New York banker: 'No bank would touch' Trump post-presidency

24 hours from now...

Dan Rather's Excited

Trump 'Army' of Poll Watchers Led By Veteran of Fraud Claims

Nearly 1/3 of NC early vote did not vote in 2016.

Mark Hamill & the Lincoln Project: Every Ballot Must Count

Biden will be in Scranton and Philadelphia tomorrow - Jill in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Cary, NC.

Anybody else troubled that this election is even close,

Armenia needs our help!

Trump Can Just Smell The Prison

This settles it. Trump is clearly delusional.

Flushing Day is Upon Us At Last! Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Joe: After tonight's horrific terrorist attack in Vienna, Austria, Jill and I are keeping the victim

Carol Arthur, Actress in 'Blazing Saddles' and Wife of Dom DeLuise, Dies at 85

You're a hypocrite ...

Bad news for SF 49r's

Roger Stone had advance knowledge the Access Hollywood tape was going to be released: Newly unsealed

I just went through my twitter feed from election night four years ago.

Putin, Un

Where Are The ...

If you need a battle song for this election eve (care of Mrs. Statistical).

It feels crazy that ...

2016 Votes Trump won by in following states:

Me Voting In ...

Hundreds Die at Sea Off Senegal's Coast on a Perilous Route to Europe

Trumpers Over the Road

Meidas Touch: #CountryOverParty

I'd like to give a shout out to Beto...

As Climate Disasters Pile Up, a Radical Proposal Gains Traction

Trumpers up to no good in Phoenix

Romans 12:9


Isn't there a small hamlet in New Hampshire that reports the results by midnight?

The Lincoln Project: Your Boys

One opportunity...(Joe Biden ad)

Lincoln project: Steph Curry

Thank you, SheltieLover, for the beautiful post. Thank you, everyone, for the watm wishes.

TX Republicans 5th Circuit. appeal of Harris County voting case only addresses voting tomorrow

Joe: Young people have the power to own the outcome of this election.

See y'all on the flip side. The next 24 hours are all Me Time

On my 3rd glass of wine, so please forgive - -

Observers -

Jon Ralston: Trump has a path to winning Nevada

I hope I'm not getting

After blocking its release, U.S. judge lets Trump policing panel publish report

Trump's suburban crash drags House GOP down with him

Election Day is an hour away

Election eve and Twitter has labeled a Trump tweet as misleading. Removed ability for retweets.

Tarrant County (TX) faces delayed counts for its tightest races due to staffing shortages

New Jersey authorities may press charges against 'Trump train' participants who blocked traffic

US Cities brace for unrest

Harris County Democrats' headquarters vandalized

Amazing to be sitting here on election night eve, in this unique, very weird time...

Is it really going to be over tomorrow...?

Slate "Trump's Rallies are a Study in Self Destruction"

Widely shared photo of Biden without mask was taken in 2019

Hillsborough's (FL) blue trend likely to continue

What actor or actress had a GREAT performance in an otherwise bad movie?


If Nate is wrong again he is a piece of toast....

We got this.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week Of 10/26/2020

PSA from the FBI:

Did anyone watch Charlie Cook on Lawrence,

So I find my mood swinging between feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve

Best response to textbanking. Thank you, Florida man

Tweet of the Day

What European Officials Think About The Chaotic US Presidential Election

US judge blocks Trump immigration rule on public benefits

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why Are Black Men More Likely to Support Trump Than Black Women?

US mercenary exposes Trump administration links to abortive Venezuela invasion

We got this.

BREAKING: We just sued the Alamance NC Cty Sheriff for firing pepper spray and violently dispersing

"Ah yes, I see the pro-life party has logged on."

More Dads Who Didn't Want The Damn Pet In Their Lives

Ex-RNC officials won't back Trump

[AG ELECTION ALERT]: Dearborn voters, text messages are reportedly being sent to trick you...

Devin Nunes' Ukraine lies are a betrayal. Voters in his district deserve better

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Counting Down Donald Trump's 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: 25-1

White House Official Navarro Accused of Using Taxpayers Money to Campaign for Trump Reelection

Imagine tomorrow when they all just...shut up.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Election Eve Trump Attacking & Everyone Else Drinking

Proud Boys

I remember shortly after that fateful day in 2016

Just saw this on twitter

Good Luck from a long term New Zealand member of DU

NY-01: Zeldin, Goroff In Dead-Heat Congressional Race

"This is literally the most brutal video of this campaign cycle!"

Brain Cell DNA Refolds Itself to Aid Memory Recall (Quanta)

Here's a good sign.

NJ-02:Van Drew Spent Almost $30k on Washington Eateries, Sometimes on Days He Skipped COVID Meetings

Houston shutting down drive by vote spots tomorrow per msnbc

How did more people vote early in Texas than voted in total in any election in the state's history?

Widely shared photo of Biden without mask was taken in 2019

How Long Will Vote Counting Take? Estimates and Deadlines in All 50 States (NYT)

So, when this is all over, say middle of next week-ish, with whom would you like to spend a day?

Your Boys

People Who Went The Extra Mile For Their Pets

Drivers blocked freeway lanes late Sunday in Richfield, doing burnouts and shooting off fireworks

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Biden & Trump Make Drastically Different Final Pitches To Voters

How many books did Bolton sell?

"The mainstream media won't tell you this, but if Donald Trump loses then Mike Pence..."

Olbermann vs. Trump #19: Trump's Plan - Coup By Television

"Look, I can't help it, but once you see it, you can't unsee it"

Jesus Christ

"They were calling children n--," she said. "They were yelling at kids I know, kids I care about."

U.S. senator (Kevin Cramer) warns France's Macron over gas exports deal delay


'This has got to be demoralizing for Republicans': Analyst Charlie Cook gives final 2020 preview

CNN Live: 'Soon: First Ballots Cast On Election Day', Dixville Notch, NH eom

Beto O'Rourke Believes TX Can 'End This National Nightmare On The Night Of November 3rd' - MSNBC

James Carville predicts Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win Georgia: 'My reputation is on the line'

if joe wins dixville notch he should stage a presser and announce himself winner

'Total Failure': As Trump Trails, Pelosi Says US Can Soon 'Forget About Him' - The Beat - MSNBC

Kamala: Take a breath. Set your alarm. Try to get a good night's rest. We got this.

Live Dixville Notch link

Here is the lawsuit describing the pepper gas attack in Alamance County, with details

We will not vanish without a fight...

Biden wins Dixville Notch 5-0.

Joe: some of my favorite stories and photos from the past year and a half.

"My 3 yo speaks often about our soon to be leader Joebidenandkamalaharris"


Biden wins NH!

Hearts on Fire

as we anticipate tomorrow, let's ponder that 90K more people were diagnosed with

Dixville Notch: In case you were wondering

See you on the other side

Beto O'Rourke: I Hope The Story Of 2020 Is The Texas Voter - All In - MSNBC

Have faith, DU!

"Vote for the guy that doesn't look a third tier Marvel villain."

Biden picked up 1 more vote than Hillary in Dixville Notch. Trump loses 2

Good News! This is the first time in 60 years Dixville Notch was a clean sweep.

At 12:10 Eastern on Wednesday, per DrunkenIrishman's prediction, Joe Biden

Trump wins Millsfield, NH 16-5

Is Trump practicing for his future arraignments?

Millsfield, NH sounds like a shithole.

Tom Nichols: STRATCOM ordered to destroy Dixville Notch, NH. Story developing

Barr Preps Prison Guards to Head to D.C. for Election Unrest

Cher (in beauteous voice) : Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe - she's known him since 2006

Seth Meyers - The 2020 Election Is Here -- and Trump Is Trying to Steal It: A Closer Look

Lose yourself


Joe Biden takes all 5 votes in tiny township that is one of the first to announce results

Molly Tuttle & Ketch Secor stumping for Biden


NY AG Letitia James Says Trump Investigation Will Proceed Whether President Wins Reelection or Not

'This has got to be demoralizing for Republicans': Analyst Charlie Cook gives final 2020 preview

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/2/20

CNN Has BREAKING NEWS About Harris County Story That MSNBC Reported Over An Hour Ago

@dallasdemocrats and @DallasGOP issue joint statement calling on the public to "take a deep breath

CNN Breaking: Harris Country, Texas closing 9 of 10 drive-thru voting centers.

Tried to sleep. Indigestion woke me up, LOL so I am probably

Chris Hayes: Biden Doesn't Have To Win In A Landslide. He Just Has To Win - All In - MSNBC

BREAKING: US Fifth Circuit Court refuses to grant Republicans the blocking of curbside voting.

Coronavirus updates: CDC says people who test positive for covid-19 can still vote in person

Trump's worst "dancing" performance yet! (Second tweet.)


Harris County voters left with one drive-thru voting location on Election Day after legal battle pro

Thank you, my DU friends, for keeping me sane through these dark days

Have tried to renew my star membership

Birx urges 'aggressive action' against covid, while Trump downplays the threat

The White House turns into the Crow's Nest.

Hope (tweet)❤️

Finally pictures of all three cats!

Two men filmed people dropping off ballots in Arapahoe County, officials say

Vandals target home and offices of politicians in Penn and party HQ in Texas with similar messages

Total Early Votes: 99,657,079 In-Person Votes: 35,720,830 Mail Ballots Returned: 63,936,249

Trump calls Lil Pump on stage but mistakenly calls him "Little Pimp"

Trump forced to hold mic at rally as he threatens not to pay company over technical issues

Neal Katyal: We'd get more accuracy from a random word generator.

Veterans Would Be 'Happy' To Escort Defeated Drumpf From The White House

Aretha Franklin - America The Beautiful

I think Neal Katyal is trying to tell Trump something. What could it be?

The Happiest Animal Memes Ever That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Harrison Ford narrating Lincoln Project ad on Dr. Fauci

Bon Jovi fans will get this

38 pictures that show just how boarded up America's cities are....

Some types of 'hard work' actually increase dementia risk, study says

We will take the Senate

This Land was Made for You and Me!

Audacious Pets That Were Caught Red-Pawed

my friend an iowa independent, voted Biden today!!

Barr is accused of misrepresenting the Durham investigation

Trump creates 1776 Commission to promote 'patriotic education'

Music Sends a Pleasurable Chill Through The Brain, And Scientists Can See It


Trump Closes Campaign With Bold Anti-Democracy, Pro-Political Violence Message

Non-scalable' fence to go up around White House before election: report

Looking Back At That Awful Day - Remembering How This Began

President Trump says he is "perhaps the most innocent man anywhere in the history of the United Stat

gotta stay cool...

Galaxies in the very early universe were surprisingly mature

Silent Majority

Grab Him By The ...

Harper's Magazine Nov. 2020 article on frightening presidential powers in Lame Duck session.


Is He Gone Yet?

Arizona Officials Have Identified Some Mystery Seeds Sent From China

"Don't you know its gonna be all right" . . .


Pinellas County FL deputies beating on a protester against Trump - shocking

Feeling powerless? How foreigners can survive the US election without complete nervous collapse

Knifefish Suck So Hard They Can Make Water 'Boil'

Things That Were Meant To Be Peeled

If trump loses he's going to regret ever running for president

Maximum number of US Senate seats up in 2020 that the Democrats are likely to win.

Birx urges stepped-up coronavirus response, warning of 'most deadly phase of this pandemic': report

Wombat bums: there's more than meets the eye

This Week Jupiter Aligns With Saturn. What Happens Next Will Be A Once-In-A-Lifetime Sky Event

Trump Camp Uses Online Gimmick to Fuel Donations Into December

Trump Says Biden Will Start A Recession

whose future prospects will suffer the most from a Trump loss?

Indians offer prayers and crack coconuts for Harris ahead of poll

We have to monitor Trump's poll watchers

Neanderthals And Humans Were at War For Over 100,000 Years, Evidence Shows

Facebook And Steve Bannon Hacked The Media. And They Won't Stop.

What it's like to love something and not have it love you back?

Recommended for Trump on Spotify

It's 3:30 a.m. and the coffee is on...

Great fox-spider rediscovered on MoD land in Surrey

2 am stress eating

In pictures: Day of the Dead in Covid times

I wonder if ALL of America are lying

Wishing you an AMAZING day, DU!!!!!

I got nothing.

Shojin Ryori--Japan's sophisticated Buddhist cuisine (including recipes)

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/2/20

It's Gameday, y'all!!

'Not just numbers': The women disappearing in Peru

Closing line of Obama's Miami speech:

Maybe Trump is right. We should stop the counting now

Determined to vote, 89-year-old Merced veteran signs ballot while strapped to gurney

If Trump is stupid enough to fire Fauci, when Biden wins...

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Oliver

Check out the general election thread in reddit for good thoughts from people all

Guatemalans fly giant kites to honour the Day of the Dead


Biden sweeps Dixville Notch NH - GAME ON!

I see quite a few are up late. Lots are stressed out.

Today is a battle between Good and Evil.

Last night I watched Killa Con whining about treason and all sorts of shit

Stephen Colbert: Guest Cher Tells Stephen Why She's Such A Huge Fan Of Joe Biden

Good vibes being sent out to Joe and Kamala for tonight.

Can you say Buckeye Blue? 3.4 million mail in and in person early votes in OH

Well folks...It is Election Day!

Happiness is a Thing Called Joe

It is hard for me to believe that Sanders and Warren really expressed desire to become Labor and

For some weird reason I awakened thinking of this Woody Guthrie song

Breakfast Tuesday 3 November 2020

The White House seen behind a fence and protest posters on the day before 2020 Election Day.

DNA Evidence Shows Ancient Humans and Dogs Migrated Together

This is Dawning of Elections Precarious

Trump's Closing Message: I Will Cheat

Trump Supporters That Harassed Biden Bus Were Armed, Operation Organized in Private Facebook Group

Cahokian Culture Spread Across North America 1,000 Years Ago

Getting no Sleep and Thinking about Covid Vaccines

Joe: It's Election Day. Go vote, America!

Election Results aren't a burger drive thru

Up and ready to vote in one hour taking our sons , then Election Day snacks

Is it a sign?

Damn near fifty voters in our small village (WNY) this morning in line fifteen minutes early...

Clay Jones: 211 Reasons Why You Should Not Vote For Donald Trump

Martha spars with Pete Buttigieg over the Trump economy

Eta is now an almost Cat5 hurricane (150mph) moving slowly at 5mph

Midnight voting in 2 towns- bigger picture of a tiny snapshot

Election Day Riddle: What's the difference between the old East Germany and the Trump White House?

Harry Belafonte: Trump Is Standing in Our Way -NYT

Thank gawd for DU...

This is why I hate Real Clear Politics

Facebook-loving Dems

It should be stated... if this were a popular vote election it WOULD NOT BE CLOSE.

Tuesday TOONs - Vote As If Your Life Depends On It!

Today, November 3rd, is my birthday


Win or lose, Joe did great

NEW - Deutsche Bank are exploring selling Trump loans, or, if he loses, demanding payment.

Snails ... in a desert??

Well then, ladies and gentlemen.

Just got back from voting in Manhattan, NYC

Using The Power

Thanks to our vets for making this day go exercise your most important right

Guam election live updates: Ballots begin to arrive at tabulation center

Good morning America. Today is garbage day. Don't forget to put out the trash.

I can't wait for America

Trump's Schedule for Tuesday, November 3, 2020

HRC - All together now!

Scanning the airwaves...they may "know" something about Texas

Lincoln Project: The Proof

Biden's Plan to Assert Control

Today is the beginning of the end

Shock Number: 61,000+ U.S. Kids Caught COVID-19 Last Week

Let f*ing Trump be Trump! He's killing himself on the stump. More, more, more.

Here is to the hope, that, going forward

Two things to remember today

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by yo

Flint Township taking advantage of new processes ahead of Election Day

Watching Morning Joe now and smiled.

Barring a polling error that would be truly historic tonight will be a big Biden win

Something I have to say

Lil Pimp, Lil Pump, whatever

Texas has been impressive with voter turn-out

Trumpy sleeping in? Enjoying a huge breakfast? Applying his hair spray and orange paint........?..

DU voting experience check in here if you voted today

M&H: To get rid of Trump, add 1/2 cup of apple cider to your bath and then vote like hell

Had someone question how so many people could vote today, given how long lines have been so far

4 Years of Donald Trump In 3 Minutes

You have until 7 PM tonight to find Biden voters in FL and get them to the polls!

I'm Having A Relaxing Day Thanks to Drunken Irishman

I am at the poll in Arlington Tx and

Mr. Trump, sir---your attention please:

Prayer for today courtesy of my true blue Rabbi-Psalm 37

The Rundown: November 3, 2020

Anyone in or near Erie? Just wondering

538 Election Day summary forecast

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 10/28/2020

The National Cathedral Will Reopen For The First Time Since March For An Election Day Prayer Vigil

Tennessee Division of Elections has official Election Day hotline

How Long Will Vote Counting Take? . . . Estimates and Deadlines in All 50 States . . .

The National Cathedral Will Reopen For The First Time Since March For An Election Day Prayer Vigil

My kid, 17, just left to work the polls!

Lol! His advisers are being sure to deliver only favorable polls to Trump ...

Pic Of The Moment: Had A Problem Voting, Or Witnessed A Problem At Your Polling Place?

Per pool, Biden began his day by going to church (it was a short visit, not a full mass) and then vi

Is anyone else strangely calm today?

What is the largest safe red state right now?

Report from Springfield, MO

Look! The Steaks have never been higher!

Comparing Election Day morning for both candidates it's obvious who has the energy!!

Breakdown of voters who haven't yet voted in FL on election day

These are the numbers we go into today with final polling info

Songs on your mind for an Election Day playlist?

Turkish rescuers pull girl from rubble 4 days after quake

Near Flint, MI...wait was one hour for a sibling.

My vote was counted!

So, Gato Moteado and I have been having a PM conversation about growth as an artisan and

University of Pittsburgh campus - younger voters lined up!

Wasserman on early FL voting

I'm off to guard the wall

The Hill: About PA mail ballots (Klansman attempts to encourage more violence: )

Last night was probably the last time

For everyone today.......VOTE!

Is it too early to start drinking? Asking for a friend.

😃🇺🇸🌏🥪🗓❗️ What's your favorite sandwich?

Thank you thread for Omaha Steve who has raised more money for Biden/Kamala than

Voted in AZ

View from the other side of the pond.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Kentucky State Police used training slideshow that included Hitler quotes and urged officers ....

Post some election day songs here!

Venus and uhhh crack of dawn

Trump's top campaign strategist has been hiding payments from a Steve Bannon nonprofit under investi

Lincoln Project Election Day 2020 w/Martin Sheen

A big blue wave is starting here on the east coast

To anyone new to recovery, it really does get better! Trust me.


The West Wing election day joke

It will make you cry

Joe: Today, vote for a new day in America.

The West Wing - Turn around, spit and curse

Has anyone heard from attorney general Barr lately?

Ohio does it again

Your Tuesday Tickler

♥️ This video is my love language. Watch. Share. Repeat. It's amazing.

Now for a completely different topic - BBWA MLB Awards candidates announced

Indiana 11 Tennessee 11 and Missouri 10

Today's the day

On silver linings

The Finish Line

Poll pads are not encoding cards in Morgan county, GA

From The Guardian: A history of voter suppression in (the U.S. state of) Georgia - in pictures

America will sacrifice

So, What Time Do You Think The Networks Are Going To Call It For Joe?

"I Believe" "I Believe That" "I Believe That We" "I Believe That We Will Win"

Whatever happens this week, our democracy and open society are in critical condition

This election has the potential

Meidas Touch: #WomenForBidenHarris

Russia can stand down. The GOP is interfering with election results all on its own

From Ireland on election day!

Blue Hulk: angry as hell and ready to smash Trump.

Doocy to Potus, for once, channeling the thoughts of upstanding Americans: "You've gotta go"

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Trump and Biden Are Irrelevant in This Election - great read

Chad Wolf complains to Twitter about censorship.

Just in case: ACLU 🗳 @ACLU If you live in:

CBS46 #BREAKING: Per Spalding County GA Elections all voting machines are down

"Election Day at Fresh Baguette - Free coffee and mini croissant!"

How soon after Trump is defeated will Republicans start denying they ever supported him?

Kamala: Today we must vote like our lives depend on it. Because they do.

Obama had a big part In 9/11

HUGE lines in DE

Feliz dia de las elecciones! from Luis Miranda (and a great TikTokker)

Can we take a moment to thank the cleaning crews of America?

American madhouse at a turning point: Is our nation finally ready to rejoin reality?

Speaking for the 231,000 that no longer have a voice

5th Circuit Denies GOP Request To Block Drive-Through Voting In Harris County, Texas

All voting machines down in Spalding County, Georgia!

Just got an email from my RW sister. She expects Trump to win in a landslide.

I feel good today. The GOP is losing in the courts

Shell's climate poll on Twitter backfires spectacularly

Trumptanic. Totally worth watching. Will make you smile.

United States on NOAA

About 100 million people have already voted out of about 240 million registered people

Just did three hours of Poll observing in NYC...

Trump says dealings with leading Democrats more difficult than Russia, China and North Korea

Today is trash collection day in our small town in Wisconsin. I can hear the trucks in the alley...

Trump sounds awful this morning. Not that he doesn't every day

Trump dances across America. YMCA!

What percentage of us are voting Election Day vs early /absentee?

Getting to the polls can be hard in Navajo Nation. This woman is leading voters on horseback.

Even Mother Nature is voting Blue today!

Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Ann Arbor, Madison.......

Rockefeller Center in NYC boarding up

Its killing me that Trumpsters are expecting black people to save Trump

Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen - Don Winslow Films - for today.

Jewish cemetery vandalized hours before rally (Grand Rapids, MI)

Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wrote a LTTE of TWSJ.

Long lines form at voting precincts across Upstate, South Carolina

Bizarre & scary info about what covid corona virus does to cells:

4 years of Donald Trump

"It's about his ego. We deserve better."

Hong Kong TV journalist arrested over report on police misconduct

If we win this, I think I can start to enjoy life again. Because I have hope.

USPS attorneys say this morning that all 180,000 pieces of delayed mail at the Princeton Post Office

Mueller report... I'm upset that no one reported on this yesterday

Long Lines as Pa. Voters Show Up to Polling Places on Election Day Morning

Trump has a very, very busy day ahead of him in the next few hours

The Quinnipiac poll that came out yesterday is quite encouraging (re: Fla, Ohio)

This song has been running through my mind since 3am this morning:

Lets Finish Him

Polling question

Dixville Notch sweeps for Biden. AND... I was told, though...

11/3 Daily Dose of Joe

Think about this: in 2016 there were a total of 129 million votes....

LOL..... First thing I read this morning.

Vienna attack: arrests made after four killed in 'Islamist terror' shooting

It's trash day!

LEAK: Trump Will Declare Victory on Election Night

Final Trump Rallies Set Record for Humiliation

Bob Bauer - Democratic super-lawyer (from Showtime's The Circus)

YOU raised $9,338.00 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 11-2-20

Here's a link to one of the best election watching sites. NYT Upshot

"What it's like to cook spinach"

Are busy polling places today a good thing?

All these sycophants still hanging onto Trump's coattails ... it's kinda like sitting in your Dingy

As rich countries hoard potential coronavirus vaccine doses, rest of world could go without

As rich countries hoard potential coronavirus vaccine doses, rest of world could go without

Joe Biden started today off at the grave of Beau

Joe takes time out for an election day morning prayer for the nation

When your doggie is really disapproving of what you did

#BREAKING Polls are set to open in 48 hours across the US as the authoritarian regime of Donald ...

Atlas push to 'slow the testing down' tracks with dramatic decline in one key state (FL)

How to help protect yourself from post-election violence and chaos....

REMINDER: The NAACP is working with @Lyft to offer free, safe rides to polling stations and register

538 Live Blog just launched

I just voted in Flint Township.

Election Day Prayers

Kasie Hunt (MSNBC) Texas GOP thinks Trump's vote count in running behind Cornyn's.....

What an accurate presidential library for Donald Trump would look like

Just got back from voting in my little corn town on the prairie

The Perfect Sign

My post-voting bling

Uganda police arrest Bobi Wine after presidential nomination

Fair fight

Joe and kamala have not touched on the threat of fascism

anecdotal account out of Cleveland area this morning from a Daily Kos poster

Voted. Mobile AL. I've voted at this precinct ...

I was rejected and ejected from a polling location.

Also on the ballot: The future of the Trump political dynasty

Biden approached by man with a dying friend. Biden will do what Biden always does

Numbers Look Good for Joe Biden: Analysis by Scott Rasmussen

Reacting to polling place problems - There are always problems.

Spam caller - This is how you do it

Facial recognition used to identify Lafayette Square protester accused of assault

Dixville Notch, NH reports!

Exclusive: Tired of Trump, Deutsche Bank wants out but sees no good options

DURHAM "no evidence" after 18 months, "unspoken threat (September 2020) " to resign if BARR pushed

Biden (jokingly) declares victory due to gaining all 5 votes in Dixville Notch

Trump strategist Jason Miller is hiding payments from Steve Bannon

Exclusive: Tired of Trump, Deutsche Bank wants out but sees no good options - sources

1679 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 38 deaths

Tweet of the day (and it's only 7AM)

Dr. Jill Biden: This is it. Over the next few hours, we will decide our future. It's up to us.

Here's one huge reason I feel more optimistic this year!

President(s) Bill & Hillary Clinton just voted for Biden/Harris...

From a polling place in Central Ohio ... Some Trumpers

"Mercy" #IWillVote -- This short video will bring a tear to your eye.

Vote Blue 2020

Just Giuliani on Russia Today on Election Day

Thank You Dr. Fauci!

Does anyone have the purported raw FL early reporting data?

Fox news tomorrow:

It always cracks me up when ...

President Obama FaceTimes voters

It's the first week of November and Mid-Michigan will be in the 60's and low 70's, this week.

What is the best website to watch raw votes and percentages coming in by state/county?

Got my DUMP TRUMP signs out.

Big Water. Blub Blub...ByeDon2020

Voter Protection Hotlines For Every State

TX District 1 (Upshur County, Texas) - NONE of the voting machines are working.

News from Minnesota (e-mail from a friend)

"Tracy Chapman performing for the first time in 5 years. This comforted me..."

Get your fat ass out of my seat..........

I am getting the feeling there are a ton of black folks voting today.

52 Acres

Oh my God why even is Tom Friedman?

Man sucker-punches boy, 12, waiting for his friend on a curb and knocks him unconscious in random Co

Executive Order on Establishing the President's Advisory 1776 Commission; November 2, 2020

Remember When Obama Put an Unclimbable Fence around the White House

Update from FL, good news

CNN, Anderson Cooper: What He Says Is Total B.S...10min 42seconds

Here's a shout out to DU member Duhneece. Good luck in your race today!

Jacqueline Kennedy did not cast a vote in 1964 on grounds that her vote that year would have ...

Tracy Chapman last night

Apparently, the Republican challengers aren't done trying to throw out 127,000+ legal Harris County

Malaria Dump did not wear a mask while voting this morning in Palm Beach.

I am thinking of you all today

Slate " Do Not Lose Sight of the Fact That Every Aspect of This Is Absolutely Insane"

A Little Chuckle To Help Ease the Tension

The polling places in my red Michigan suburb are BUSY


and there goes the DOW JONES.......up over 600 points......

According to a CNN report, 75% of the British and 80% of the French would vote for Biden.

Trumps Presidential Library Website already active (Some Needed Humor)...

Poland delays implementing abortion ruling amid protests

I Will Be Holding All Of Your Hands Today

This Land Is Your Land - Pete Seeger and Friends

Scoop: Generals privately brief news anchors, promise no military role in election

pre-Election Day ballot stats! More good news

At my polling place

Ant Group's $37 billion listing suspended as China slams on brakes

Robocalls going to Flint residents that, due to long lines, they should vote tomorrow.

Was disgusted to see Kanye West's name on my ballot this morning

republicans seem desperate to keep Flint voters from the polls today

If only you had a brain

I want to hear these words tonight: "Our national nightmare is OVER."

Going down with the ship (GOP video)

Ayanna Pressley bringing some #JoyToThePolls this morning!

Flint MI residents getting robocalls to vote tomorrow

Hillary Clinton:

SCRANTON turns UP for Joe Biden

Deutsche Bank plans to cut ties with Trump after the election and could seize his assets if he ...

Melania the only one voting today not keeping her spittle to herself

The Lincoln Project: "One Day", narrated by Martin Sheen:

Votes now in

Don Jr. wanted a hug at the final rally of the 2020 campaign, but daddy said no way.

Less Than!

First, Hillary Clinton for AG. Second abolish electoral college abomination.

the trump campaign as biden is quite literally praying at his son's grave

Good Luck Democrats

Very soon we are going to have new President-elect and President-unelect

Video: Wanna relive 2020? That's what "4 more years" would get us.

I know you'll all be shocked to learn that Don Jr snaked his map from an alt-right 4chan orc

Who will win today?

Lawrence Tribe nails it on Twitter:

Will Trump win [FL] again? Watch Florida's Sumter County for first election night clue.

Breaking my own rule and posting on election day

Wyoming Governor In Quarantine After Possible COVID-19 Exposure

Great election ending video

What a Wonderful World

White House "Party" Attendance Reduced To 250

It's a beautiful day in NC!!

'This is unreal': Raging Trump supporter accuses random people of being 'antifa' near Brooklyn

Breaking: MSNBC Reporting Drumpf Called Into Faux Newz And Complained About Their Coverage Of Him

Joe: live update on what you can expect as voting continues.

Easy Peasy

"Being on the good guys' side is a whole lot more fun"......Bill Penzey

Suspicious robocall campaign warning people to 'stay home' spooks voters nationwide

Video altered to make it look like Biden greeted wrong state

Republicans challenge one Pennsylvania county's process for handling some absentee ballots

US is the "worst country to deal with", "by far", says Trump on Fox and Friends this morning

On this day, November 3, 1931, the USS Akron flew over Arlington and DC on its maiden voyage.

NC election officials expect around 1 million people to vote on Election Day

NEW: Deutsche Bank is trying to end all ties with Trump.

Biden campaign manager: "When we look at the data, it's clear we are winning."

On this day, November 3, 1931, the USS Akron flew over Arlington and DC on its maiden voyage.

I told everyone with whom I work that I would love to be called Kamala.

Like These Folks

ROBOcalls going to Flint, MI voters spreading misinformation per MI AG

Trump's WH fortress 'dry run for the next decade'

Entitled Woman Curses Out Lyft Driver

Partisan differences in physical distancing are linked to health outcomes during COVID-19 pandemic

Airships Akron and Los Angeles Fly Over Philadephia

It was a draft

Ass Kisser Candace Owens Hilariously Botches Her Elect-Trump Plea On 'Tucker Carlson'

I had NO idea of the wildlife variety in my back yard, at night

Pete Buttigieg leaves Fox host stammering on her OWN show with epic takedown

The barrier around the White House is actually making me cry

AG Nessel tweets, warning voters of robocalls on Election Day

Analytic Framework for Assessing Risks of U.S. Post-Election Violence

Why is the market soaring? What do "they" know that we don't

Ex Ohio Governor shocked by Rubio's Coments on Bus Caravan..CNN

When I Play This, I Have To Play It Again....

"We finally get definitive confirmation that Trump conspired with Russia..."

Glorious Election Day in Illinois with Governor Pritzker declaring November 3rd a State Holiday

Now I see that I shouldn't have been dismissing the issue of bullying.

Just got a robocall.."Stay safe and stay home".

t'Rump can't seem to get moving today

On my way to vote. Bald eagle flew in front of us!

Good streaming events for this election day?


It's raining in Western Washington.

I just got a text message warning about the scam robo calls in the Flint area.

Sure ...

It's time to post pictures of your pets!

"I'm guessing this is a typo, but the Trump campaign is texting supporters to..."

So, no reports of organized intimidation or slowing voting?

An Englishman on why the US election matters to everyone on this planet

The reason Trump is so depressed about the election is he's got a slate of lawsuits waiting for him

Fun fact: drumpf is our third Gemini president

Almost 100,300,000 early votes cast.

Me Voting In 2020

GOP pollster says the Trump-Biden race comes down to 3 states and Biden only needs to win 1

Today is cat box day

On November 2, 1951, Hecht's department store opened at the Parkington Shopping Center.

Trump calls in late to Fox, sounds like hell, demands we "get the children back to work."

"The elephant is in the room and you can smell the peanuts on his breath."

Rupert Murdoch (Fox) owns DOW Jones

An Election Day Message From R.B.G.'s Neighbor

"Just keep that hand on the lantern where we can all see it, cousin fucker."

Almost 73% of total 2016 vote already cast as early vote.

Today, one of my female neighbors called another the "C" word

Do you hear the people sing?

Building The Wall

Ex-Bush official explains to The View why North Carolina is the state to watch tonight

How It Started

Olbermann vs. Trump #20 - Exorcism Or Dictatorship

Total Early Votes: 100,298,838 In-Person Votes: 35,733,103 Mail Ballots Returned: 64,565,735

How are things looking so far? name for Trump: Spready Krueger

Donald Trump will spend this day in a secure room, inside a large federal facility, surr

Governor Whitmer is now sending out a warning about the Flint robo calls

Mob Rule

here we go

I refuse to post a link to Fox, but here's the headline.

Judge Sullivan is preparing to issue an order for OIG inspectors to sweep USPS processing facilities

The Lincoln Project makes me cry one last time. 💙

Robocalls in Flint, Michigan!

Drumpf Croaks His Way Through Downbeat Election Day Call With 'Fox & Friends'

Bad FOX graphics: fox news analyst brit hume likes sexy vixen vinyl

Pinellas County FL seems to point to Biden winning Florida

Watching the live Reuters stream of voting

Congresswoman whisked from NC polling precinct after 'maskless white man' shows up with gun

The most comprehensive timeline on the coronavirus and the U.S. government's response.

Talking parrot engages in casual evening conversation with owner

My polling place had LOTS of hand sanitizer, and a ready supply of masks, at the first table.

Reminder that mail-in and absentee votes are not included in the precinct total.

Guam Partial Presidential Results UPDATE 7:23 AM Local Time

Cheap 500mm telephoto lens

There will be people recognized as National Heroes when this election is over

Fox News and OANN's programming tonight, hopefully and God-willing:

Smashing Pumpkins With Big Cats

Election day in PA, post your experience voting

Massive pit bull is a sweet gentle giant

Looks like Candace Owens flubbed her talking point.

A mob of centrists just went down my street,

A story about the day Joe Biden came to Connecticut - 2 months after Sandy Hook.

Imagine going through life earning nothing, yet demanding everything. Unearned entitlement.

Intersections vs. circles vs. proper roundabouts

This Trump tweet. WTF

Even if we win, this is not a victory.

This is the day

Charlie Cook: Expect a 9-10 point Biden win today

I wish we had a "I Voted" thread, but since I can't find was an hour long wait

WOW! How journalists are preparing for tonight--

D.C.-area forecast: Sunny, breezy and trending warmer with really nice days ahead

Biden on his Dixville Notch win: 'Based on Trump's notion, I'm going to declare victory'

Massive turnout in Broward County, Florida, easily surpassing 2016 total now.

More ratfucking by the GOP commissioner of Lancaster County; won't count mail in ballots...

Am I wrong in this prediction? By 10pm Biden will be so far ahead that

Police, experts monitoring extremist groups to see if poll watchers try to disrupt voting

Lulu is 72, today!! Happy Birthday, Lulu!!

HBCU students of St. Augustine's University marching to the polls in Raleigh, NC today!!

US cruise lines cancel sailings through at least end of 2020

Dust doesn't vote

The Tech Behind Mail-In Voting NOVA PBS

I missed this in May! The Mitch Gets Sacked - by Founders Sing with Mutant Ninja Turtles

Takes balls to do this ...

Here are the voting lawsuits that could lead to post-election fights over ballots

I *NEVER* want to hear that bullshit cop-out

Flush the turd! 💩

Democrats favored to take control of U.S. Senate, but results could be delayed

DAMMIT, Covid you've gone too far now

2021-2022 White House Fellowship; November 2, 2020

We waited four years for this.

Sophie Stinky Toes and her reflection on guard, today.

Birther visiting RNC headquarters CNN now.

Trump's Remarks After Air Force One Arrival; Milwaukee, WI; November 2, 2020

Undeterred by Coronavirus Pandemic, Americans Prepare to Render Verdict on Trump

Pet Goose George says happy election day!

Hell To Pay

Judge blocks Trump's "public charge" wealth test for green cards

Final Economist and 538 projections...

No practice today. College football players given the day off to vote.

This senior beagle always gets super excited about his morning routine 🥰

He Knows

Funny anti-Trump/anti-Republican video

BREAKING: U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan orders USPS to sweep facilities for remaining mail....

If Joe hadn't been on the ballot...

He knows it's over

Broward County just surpassed the total percent of votes from 2016.

Where can I watch MSNBC

Take it back!

My wife wore her pearls to vote this morning to honor RBG...

Prayers for victory in India

UPDATED: Trump Visiting His Election HQ in Rosslyn

Gunman who killed 4 in Vienna attack had sought to join ISIS

Austin police officers pose with Proud Boys in front of city hall

I was so naive 4 years ago

Stepdaughter in El Cajon, CA is telling us the Patriot Patties are harassing voters

Georgia finished counting their absentee ballots Friday, parts of Iowa too

Some of tech's biggest names donated millions of dollars ahead of the 2020 election

Any news from TX, GA, AZ, NC

Joe Biden visits his old family home in Scranton with his granddaughters

Biden's deputy campaign chief: 'We feel really good about where we are'

Fingers crossed (Ann Telnaes' Mo is back)

Calvert County

Joe's ahead-no, Trump, now Joe--- How it's going to be on TV

From the Onion

By the end of the day my autograph of Biden will be from the POTUS elect!

Louie DePalma says it best.

Lady Gaga Criticizes Trump's Offensive Treatment of Women at Biden Rally

Kana Chan TV: What's this? I recorded the sound in my mouth with a microphone! (pop rocks?)

WTF? Antarctica really??

Best and worst Presidential nominees that lost the election

'Ghoulish' Trump campaign slammed for mocking Joe Biden while he's at church praying at his son's gr

Blue dots painted in front of Biden supporters' homes in California

Trump's team is concerned with Pennsylvania.

We are all Frodo. With the help of loyal Sam, we've ascended Mt. Doom, entered the Crack of Doom

The rest of you?

MarchForOurLives will be phone banking all day, looking for volunteers to do shifts if you can

One Day

YG & Nipsey Hussle "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)"

TX Democrats believe Biden will win Texas if El Paso County turnout hits 60%.

Just because 😍

My mom passed away. Goddamn Covid.

The Right-Wing Violence Trump Has Encouraged Has Deep Roots in American History

Happy Days

Never before in United States history

Cardi B says she got up early to vote for Biden in person

Latest from Florida (1:30 pm update)

Following a Biden victory, what do you think the stock market will do during the next few months?

My suggestion for these text messages coming from Democratic campaign committees

Heart Disease

For what its worth, I may have actually helped convert at least one vote to Biden.

Limbaugh sounding rough today nt

Is that predicted surge in Trump in-person voters materializing?

I just got a nice email from Nordstrom

Election day skittishness: Been doing some sweeping, scrub-brushing, giving the dog a bath...

Caption this photo.

Some absentee numbers from Michigan 9th

What is with the border Mexicans and Latins that they favor Trump?

NYT tweet: Looks like a huge turnout in Milwaukee!

Republicans will likely need to he up 4%+ in returns for Trump to win Florida...

California voters, in case you don't know, you need to take the ballot they sent you

Gene Weingarten's last chat

Miami-Dade & Broward counties are reporting higher-than-expected Election Day turnouts

Opinions No matter who wins, it's time to get rid of the electoral college

Betting Markets Moving Biden

Almost nobody

Harwood on President: Talking like a thug and encouraging aides & supporters to act like thugs

Honestly, I think Biden has a chance in FL!

Concern In Trumpworld About Pennsylvania

North Carolina election board to meet this hour to consider extending polls

Scott Gottlieb warns of 'sustained period' with 'well above' 1,000 people dying from COVID-19 a day

There's no subversive political message in this column. I swear.

I've heard people ask "How can decent people vote for Trump?" I have the answer:

Voter turnout 2020: Early voting tops 100 million ballots cast

Help please. I'm doing election protection work in OH

Poll watching today and I'm in tears

Speaking of Trump's election night party,

It's time for her close-up. Woohoo!

XTC -- Blue Overall

Harrison Ford Endorses Joe Biden for President in Plea to Voters: 'The Man's a Centrist'

Incredible turnout here in Missoula, MT.

USPS ordered to have postal inspectors sweep some facilities by 3 p.m. ET for election mail

Voter intimidation lawsuit filed after police use pepper-spray at North Carolina march

Stock market rally is here on Election Day as investors continue to price in a Biden win

Post pics of your manic election day comfort cooking/baking

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/3/20 - V-Day! To VOTE, and hopefully gain VICTORY!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 96-year-old poll worker continues to brighten election day in unique way

Stick a fork in the 49ers. They're (mercifully) done.

The theme song of Trump's party tonight will be a Leslie Gore classic:

Republicans File Election Day Lawsuit Aimed at Mail-in Ballots in Pennsylvania

Judge orders sweep of multi-state postal facilities to find ballots

To The Moon

More Washington voters have cast ballots already than ever before

The USPS mail is so slow....

'I wasn't duped!' Rudy Giuliani flails as he gets grilled in brutal local news interview

Beau's grave today.

Oregon Gov Brown on voting and numbers in our state.

I did it. I voted! This time was a little different for me

Aamer Anwar: A 2 minute reminder of the horror inflicted by the @realDonaldTrump presidency

I think he'll go quietly and sadly. I don't think he fears criminal prosecution,

What is the ONE thing we could change that would have made this all just a bad dream?

Liberal Redneck - Civil War Reboot

2nd person in Trump campaign says what is happening in PA is not ideal.

Psst... we're still up.

NYT: Trump claim on prepaying millions in federal taxes 'misleading at best'

Bunker Boy

The map the Trump Family will be studying closely tomorrow.

Joe Biden is mobbed at his childhood home

City/County elections I will be watching for tonight

Good grief! He actually thinks this dancing montage he tweeted makes him look cool!

Hello Baby Panda with Pumpkin

A beach bar on the Florida-Alabama border reclaims its Mullet Toss -- masks optional

Another few hours and East Coast polls will start closing and numbers will start trickling in.

the odd thing about this election is that the will of the people seems very clear.

LGBTQ bar in Houston makes history as polling location

2 pm Update from Miami Dade. Next Update at 5 pm

How Numbers Work

Pelosi Calls Amy Coney Barrett an 'Illegitimate Supreme Court Justice'

Biden note on wall of his childhood home:

Behind the New White House Barricade Fence,

If you post happily about a big turnout somewhere, please dig..

The Wall ...

Lindsey Graham has received more money from non-disclosed donors than any other senator in 2020

I am surprised he spelled Nigeria correctly ....

He knows he can't overcome all those early Biden votes and the Courts won't help him

Ha! "Trump not tethered to reality" quote Lt Gov PA.

Tweet of the Day

We're Gonna Need ...

They're gonna need a bigger boat

The North Carolina Voter Assistance Hotline is reporting emails and robocalls...


Tired of these commercials (PA)

NC results will be delayed by around 45 minutes

Is this analysis of Miami-Dade good news for Biden?

THIS IS worth the look!

Game over: White House press secretary predicts Trump 'landslide'

"Make up a cocktail for tonight." (Momentary diversion)

Swing state voters receiving "stay home and stay safe" robocalls

Okay This Is It

The view from Valencia County, New Mexico- longest winning streak in US

The Whitehouse Fence Coming Down

GOP in TX: Fearing they will need to win election day turnout by 10+% to win the state...

GOP candidate for Indiana Attorney General has COVID-19. He often campaigned without a mask.

Orange Faced Prison Blues (well done)

The TVLine-Up: What's Returning, New and Leaving the Week of Nov. 1

I did not vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

What day Is today?

"Cutting edge election day journalism."

I made a meme. I call it Eviction Day 2021

☦ Orthodox: An election day prayer emailed from our 'Shepherd'-'PaPa'-'Padre'-'Priest' ✝️

GOP mask denier gets Covid-19

If you have some spare time between binge eating and doom scrolling...

Will you join in our crusade?

The end of an Error

I plan to watch fox news all day tomorrow

My son is a partner in the Atlanta legal firm supporting Biden in Georgia!

Good resource to track bot-driven misinfo in real time:

I Believe - Joe Satriani

Colorado has surpassed 2016 voter turnout

"I'd like to announce right now that I have won the 2024 Olympics" (satire)

Will Trump Go Down with the Shit?

national popular vote compact -- suggested modification:

Democrats still winning Election Day vote in Broward County (FL)

Za'ha'dum G'Kar's Monologue

Idiot MF45: " I hope we'll be giving one of those two"

Tick Tock ...

Inverse: "Brain Study Pinpoints Why Music Can Literally Give You The Chills"

This Is Not A Man

Mabel is Cleared for Takeoff!


OMFG who is this and how can I send her a pizza?

The Rumblings of Moving Earth Begin- Reports Starting To Come in that GOP Is Not Getting the Turnout

Trump campaign operations says, what's happening today in Pennsylvania is "not ideal."

Trump campaign asking for sensitive election security info from SEVERAL PA counties.

1-866-ourvote Call if you have poll problems

Doug Jones tied in Alabama

Report from a trusted friend about Democratic efforts at combating voter harassment.

Pete Buttigieg Rejects Trump's Suggestion to Not Count Ballots After Election Day The View

Van Gogh Experienced Episodes of Delirium; Letters, Research

Canada Geese on pond beside my house!

2nd person w-knowledge of Trump campaign: "what's happening today in PA is 'not ideal'"


Canada Geese on pond beside my house, southern MD.

This Is ALL Of US Today!

Detroit polls open to long lines and high enthusiasm on election day

If Trump loses I am anxious to see how guickly

I just drove by two polling locations in the Memphis suburbs. Both red areas and both pretty slow.

"And a good day to you sir..."

Democrats seeing larger than expected same day voting totals in specific counties...

We Need to Know Who's Surveilling Protests--and Why

Hawaii vote long lines despite record mail in....

CNN says WH guests tonight will be 250, NOT 400!

The New York attorney general is launching an investigation into robocalls

What will be the Big surprise tonight?

Rep. James Clyburn could become a national hero Wednesday

Something to remember when interpreting voter affiliation.

Any suggestions for a good drinking game tonight?

A message from Canada

JP Morgan quant strategist accused his colleagues of political bias to influence the market

A friend of mine in Fayette County Pennsylvania posted this on Facebook at 2:30 pm...

How 'America the Beautiful' was born

I Think Biden Campaign Already Knows (Axios)

Hot Tuna- Watch the North Wind Rise

Posting without comment.

My hope is that 30-40 percent of those GOP voting today will vote for Biden.

Working on the volunteer text team all day. I'm so encouraged!!

Who came up with the phrase "defund the police"?

I found a page that shows FL voter turnout in real time

If Joe Biden wins, he already has a COVID-19 stimulus plan

#COVID19 positive voters cast ballots curbside in St. Louis on eve of the election. Very, very 2020.

Russia's "Clue" game so much cooler - Sausage King/crossbow/sauna

Special prayers for Kamala Harris victory at her ancestral village in Tamil

WAPO: In a time of deep suspicion, Americans put their trust in the vote

Homer Votes 2020 THE SIMPSONS


Thing to remember when worried by R reports of lots of R voters.

Even if we win, we will have to give Joe some space to whether the likely run-offs in GA

Cher has been a Joe Biden supporter since 2006

A good omen?

9 Minutes In Vienna, What We Know About The 'Islamist Terror' Attack

How Schmidt and Wilson passed the morning....

Oh God ...

Solomon's Words: Haberberger's Helper

Cartoons Election Day 11/3/2020

Voter Turnout Based On Voter Eligible Population Since 19th Amendment

My wife just told me I'm immature...

Forgoing conventional campaigning, Trump opts to terrorize voters instead

Songs I've been listening to today...

Ohio here. I am drowning in a blue wave right now

Dave Wasserman (COOK POLITICAL) dangling a string in front of the kitten...

With tears in his eyes, this 17 year old thanked me today

The voting line In Antarctica right now

Nate Silver (538): Election Day vote share is shifting...

Poor Donny

Anyone have an electoral vote app, or senate vote app?

I am the silent majority.

This Pittsburgh man doesn't have to go far to vote. He has a polling place in his garage.

Why is this election even close? Because Trump voters will walk off a cliff rather than admit they..

Georgia still too early to call.

Ted Lieu fires a warning shot across the bow of the SS DeJoy: "We are watching"

The Trump Vaccine

Who had Trump loses re-election on Colin Kaepernik's Birthday

Just a reminder friends

"Obama levels of turnout"

Resistance Revival Chorus with Rhiannon Giddens "All You Fascists Bound To Lose"


I just found out for sure who will win.

Lights On: Settlement Reached Over Lights at T.C. Williams High School's Parker-Gray Stadium

Trump wupporters waiting too long, give up and leave poll lines?

Don't judge, he's got his own voting technique:

Mall Shakeout Just Beginning While Owners Drown in Complex Debt

"I'm Joe Biden and I approved this message"...

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus (At the Mall This Year)

Texas and Florida becomes only the 2nd and 3rd states to record over 10 mil votes

I'm Going To Serve Two Terms

Hamilton: The Battle of Yorktown

Biden Is Making Public Appearances, Drumpf Has Retreated To His Basement

Two Louisville high schoolers just took down the commissioner of the Kentucky State Police

Updates from Michigan SOS Jocelyn Benson:

So if we're lucky tonight and Texas and Georgia go our way...

When does the Electoral College certify their votes?

Voter Fraud

An Arlingtonian shows President Trump a finger as his motorcade makes it's way back to the WH ...

VA Woman shows just how much she appreciates Trump...


From a poll watcher friend in Georgia - more good news!

Indiana Polls close @ 6pm, keep an eye on the 5th district

Moments of Calm On Election Day LIVE NowThis

Trump will spend the night in a federally owned building.

A closing argument from Brian Tyler Cohen on the 2020 election

Rep Clyburn on Fox News and Mayor Pete coming up

Joe looks like a guy without a care in the world.

How are you spending the day?

FPS Did Not Properly Designate DHS Employees Deployed to Protect Federal Properties

My brother just called to tell me there's a jazz band in downtown Flint, serenading the voters.

Biden just got done speaking with the media.

World-o-meters ha 67,401 new cases already for today

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Official times in USA time zones, hope this is helpful

biden team: get him a mask that fits correctly and let's win this goddamn thing!

Democrats have a chance to flip Duval County (Jacksonville) in Florida.

Neil Cavuto: "Well, that's a little extreme."

GOP Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, announces that he voted Biden/Harris

Unlike previous lethal viruses, this one will define a major election

STILL a huge line at my polling place

BBQ beef and pork; tomato, corn and avocado salad; roast chickpeas...

Need more ammunition to fuel undecided voters? MAGAts defaced jewish cemetary in MI last night

Trump campaign suddenly frets over GOTV operation in Pennsylvania

In a few weeks I wonder how many lawyers working for trump

Trump Orders Bill Barr to Investigate Reports That Women Are Voting

Women, And Women of Color, Running For Seats In Congress Are Setting A Record

Voter Protection Hotlines

Pics to share on social media of our nominees

LMAO, just drove by a MAGA merch tent.

As Election Day Arrives, Trump Shifts Between Combativeness and Grievance

David Corn: Biden Got It Right: The 2020 Race Is About the Soul of the Nation

Identify This Woman

CNN EXIT POLLS coming up

Rick Wilson: "What will Trump's campaign staff be saying next week?"

Black, Latino, Asian and Native Americans flock to polls amid deadly, difficult year for brown and


Whitmer kidnap suspect wants out of jail - fears COVID-19

Philadelphia underperforming 2016 totals - but the suburbs are seeing a huge increase.

Governor nominates 1st Latina to state's highest court

My alma mater

Ya think these polls will demoralize a bunch of Trumpers enough that they stay home?????? nt

'She will shake the table': Black lawmakers explain what Kamala Harris means to them

Well. here we all are!

Puerto Rico statehood referendum

Joe Lockhart: Election Day edition of the Daily White House Shadow Briefing

Pelosi Says House is Prepared to Decide Presidential Election If Results are Disputed

Can We Please ...

I'm watching Chopped

Severed deer heads found by Biden-Harris campaign sign, Black Lives Matter sign in Oregon

Nate Silver: "Be very careful with early exit polls"

PA Lt. Gov: "The president is just one more random troll saying crazy stuff on the internet"

Kamala Harris is about to make history

For next time, PLEASE alter the get-out-the-vote message

Democrats return nearly three times as many mail-in ballots as Republicans in Pennsylvania

Visiting campaign headquarters, Trump says 'losing is never easy'

Sri Lanka rescues 100 beached whales after mass stranding

934,000 people have voted in Broward County - in 2016, the total was 837,388.

Yahoo front page shows Trump with 61% of the votes to Biden's 38%

Based on how depressed Donald Trump looked on TV this morning I'm guessing that someone told him

Belarus cranks up 1st nuclear plant; Lithuania is fearful

Governor Baker leaves his ballot for president blank, as he did in 2016

Trump talking to the press today sounds like a broken man.

Just heard the orange anus on tv

Rick Wilson called Trump a "narcissistic lunatic"

Biden tops 50 percent in the key battleground states in final 2020 Morning Consult polls

Charles P. Pierce: The Republicans in Congress Are a Bunch of Pathetic Cowards

Trumpian Rhapsody

Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach Mansion to Be Demolished

Historic Turnout!!!.....headlines here in Portland, Maine

GOP not getting the results they need out of Duval County.

My final election prediction: Reality wins

Call her Justice Amy Coney Basterisk.

Twins react to Sam Cooke "A Change Is Gonna Come"

Chris Matthews: "Huge triumph for democracy. People believe their vote counts."

Hmmmmm . . .

My wife and I just drove 16 hours to go vote

Don't know if this an omen or not

Trump campaign grumbling about low turnout in PA

MSNBC Early Exits: 5:10PM ET Voter Profile questions. Nothing about candidates.

Did CNN's exit poll cover early voters? Or was it just today's? nt

Dixville Notch, NH, was divided in 2016. This year was a Biden sweep.

Roger Stone Calls for Trump's Enemies to Be 'Hung By the Neck Until Dead' for Treason in Bonkers

Can anyone explain a Robocall from Stacey Abrahms saying their records show

My little election theory

I just voted - great news

John Oliver: And Now This: Our Annual Look At News Reporters And Halloween Costumes

An image you might want to keep handy

Exit Poll: Georgia Voters:

Big surge for Biden on PredictIt in NC and AZ the past couple of hours.

The Parallels

First polls in the country close at 6pm in parts of Kentucky and Indiana

Vote Him Away Number 4!!!

I'm visualizing 74 years worth of Karma about to come slamming into trump*, like a freight train.

Hey SusieQ Collins--are you concerned yet??

Why Would CNN Stoop To Hiring PRick Santorum To Represent repubs On Election Day Broadcast?

Reminder for posting twitter links; chop off the "?s20", "?s21", etc...

Will RUMP be the MOST pardonable president ever?

Europe is watching.

Uribe suggest to undo Colombia's peace process by decree

Morning Consult Exit polling - key takeaways

Watching CNN, I notice that Sen Frothy Mix is unusually quiet.

Nate Silver FL update, good news

Hand Sanitizer

New: The trump campaign + Nevada GOP filed an emergency motion

New way of cooking rice removes arsenic and retains mineral nutrients, study shows

Eddie Glaude Jr

Hilarious! Fox News voter polls show Repubs on the wrong side of multiple issues

"I wasn't duped!" says a wasted looking Rudy

Two more from the Lincoln Project: You Will Be Caught

I can tell you stories

Vote As If ...

I saw the Trump sign ...

CBS reporter just now: Biden camp internals show strong #s in WI, MI, NC, GA, PA, AZ & NE-2

James Carville Coming Up Next On MSNBC

As soon as Jabba the Hut is toast, I'm taking a hot, relaxing, soapy shower.

Per CBS : A senior Biden adviser feels good about the early numbers

In Nashville,

The Whole World Right Now

From the CNN exit polls. Most voter decided a long time ago (no surprise here).

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 3, 2020

Good evening. I will be reporting from tonight's House and State Legislature Desk

I keep forgetting

When was the last time a Democrat won statewide in Texas?

I hope DU stays up all night.

The Exit Polls Showing 18% Think Covid-19 Is Most Important Issue

This is NOT normal for the United States of America

Centurylink internet was down in my

The FOX News exits are potentially devastating for Trump.

Dog's Epic Reaction to Owners Cough is 2020 in a Nutshell

Did Trump's Colombia drug policy fail because of mafia collusion?

This is NOT normal for the United States of America

FOX exits: Biden favorability 53/43 (+10), Trump 44/52 (-8)

How long will 7 million starve before hell breaks loose in Colombia?

James Carville has his Mardi Gras shirt on!

FOX Exits: 63% of voters say the US is on the wrong track, 37% right.

When Biden gets 270+ today, I'm going over to my MAGA neighbors' houses (there are 2 of them)...

A Great Sign For Biden As Pennsylvania's Largest Suburban County Could Hit 90%

Unusual Voting Places for 2020

Federal Prosecutor Tries to Remove Brazil's Environment Minister from Office every 23 Days

Steve Kornacki us wearing brown pants.

DU, I love ya and I think we're gonna have fun tonight. Cheers!

Election question:. Heard CNN say same day voting in AZ was breaking

DeJoy defying Judge's order to sweep for ballots

I'm doing a bong hit for every state Biden wins tonight...

I wish we had left the clocks the way they were!

CNN Exit 53 Female 47 Male / POC up 10%

I just left the very conservative forum that I visit

Luckovich - I VOTED

Emergency Paper Ballots Deployed As Voting Machines Go Down In Parts Of Georgia

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott becomes first incumbent Republican to vote for Joe Biden

Harris county gay bar: Vote in the Front, Party in the Back (polling location)

A Biden-Harris victory should be followed by huge celebrations ...

Santorum gets frothy about how many people say they are voting against Trump.


Just cracked open my second Mexican coke, got some chicken in the oven

Ft. Lauderdale (Broward) grocery store


Do I buy the champagne on the way home from work?

Yahoo's front page vote counts starting to show movement as votes start trickling in. nt

I am officially marked safe.

My trump neighbor has PSS.

Rick Santorum is stunned how many people report voting against Trump

John Harwood: Early exit polls show electorate less white and better educated than 2016

Which tv network are you watching tonight?

Neal Katyal with a message of hope

Jon Ralston with Clark County NV update, tweeted a few minutes ago

Ugh. Fox news just showed up.

US STOCKS-Wall Street closes sharply higher on U.S. Election Day stimulus hopes

Drinkin' Champagne

"As today's election results come in, I'd like to say a few things." Come CAPTION PresiDened Trump!

Donald Trump welcomes in election day with awkward dancing video

I hope there are camera crews at the Trump "Victory" Parties... I want to see crying.

11/4 Mike Luckovich: I voted

Trump cancels interview with Mark Levin scheduled for tonight...

Annoying response from a friend from Ireland.

Shithead voter decides for normality instead of chaos

Her very prim and proper mother just texted this to Jill Filipovic

Joy Reid is wearing a killer red dress tonight

Indiana and Kentucky are coming in already

He is on his own now.

Why does CNN insist on comparing polls and results tonight with 2016?

HEY..... it's election night and DU is still up - Thanks to all who made it possible

Trump's disapproval in Arizona is 53%, Approval 47% according to MSNBC Exit Poll.

The virus Is clearly visible ...

Rashida Tlaib's re-election is basically in the bag. She spent hours in the cold knocking on doors..

"Poll workers were aggressively getting in people's faces and not wearing masks."

DEMs went into election day with 115,416 lead in Florida by party ID

It's my birthday. Had some beers earlier to celebrate. Home now.

About these 400 people trump* supposedly has invited to his 'victory party' at the White House

trump is using the White House and Old Executive Office Building as a campaign command center

Nobody talking about Jo Jorgensen...

So I have Free Republic running in a tab on my computer....

UK here - ready to go...

I will be so happy

From TEB: Let's play big brother sounds vicious

Would somebody come get Nigel Farage? Why is he here?

Why isn't Chuck Todd on MSNBC tonight?

LOL CNN: "Biden ahead in Kentucky-but don't worry..."

DeJoy/USPS is ignoring a federal court order.

This is my 5th presidential election day as a member of this forum. Hard to believe how much has

USPS disregards court order to conduct ballot sweeps, more than 300,000 ballots cannot be traced

The Reason You Don't See Cops ...

My vote was counted

Middle Age Riot tweet FTW

I'm too scared to look at the betting markets lol

I Want Trump Arrested At The Gate Leaving On January 20

None of the fears I had for civil unrest at polls happened

Are we there yet?

Good Grief

No stickers, so she made her own

Republican voter's #1 issue was the economy! Not Covid

COVID-19 worsens in Florida, with 4,637 new cases, 56 deaths and more people hospitalized

Democrat Turnout Rose Through Day in Miami-Dade

Judge Emmet Sullivan has ordered USPS to "be prepared to discuss the apparent lack of compliance...

How are they reporting some results before polls close?

Voters rage at president after casting votes: 'I'm sick of being scared of what Trump will do next'

***GOP Rep. Andy Barr in trouble in KY-06!!!!***

Trump camp stokes fear over unfounded claims of mass voter fraud in Philly

Trump supporters on Twitter are desperately telling their voters to stay in line

Nate Silver: Democrats closing the Florida in-person vote much stronger than they started it

My NEW sig file

Don't freak out if Virginia is too early to call at 7 pm

Boone County, IN

For many states we won't have all of the vote tonight. He is an interesting map

Pathetic Trumpists are pathetic.

ILLEGAL: Trump camp based in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the West Wing

before wed. ben franklin-poor richard's almanacK.

Postal Service misses court-ordered deadline for unsent mail ballots