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US elections 2020: Kamala Harris' ancestral village in Tamil Nadu beams with pride, holds special po

MSNBC: Georgia: "Too early to call"!!!

Too early to call in KENTUCKY!

The most unexpected result of an unexpected Presidency would be

We'll be setting a new infection record today. Its already over 90k

Really, CNN? Vermont is too early to call?

And the 1st viper hissed- I VOTED for HEEEM Donald!

"Too Early To Call" really means

Silly Question: Nature Calls - Line Holders?

Open Wide

Six o'clock! Release the Kornacki! nt

USPS fails to meet federal judge's deadline for sweeping facilities to make sure no mail-in ballots

Biden wins Vermont, Trump Indiana and Kentucky

Sour Grapes time: Trump: Presidency has been 'mean' and filled with 'horrible people'

My report from my little town in NH.

Pinellas County Fla. thus far breaking for Biden.

Not liking the early Florida votes

Biden's early vote is ahead of Hillary's total vote almost everywhere so far in Florida.

So I'm here in the parking lot of the polls...Trumper car parked

I'm watching coverage on Peacock.

Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!!!

I envy a lot of you.


Watching Peacock on my tablet with TV on CNN/MSNBC

The returns have started coming in.

I moved on him like a ...

Georgia Exit polls point to possible success for Biden

Now's the beginning part of the roller coaster...

Trump wins Indiana

How It Started

It's 6:14 CST - I'm still getting Democratic fund raising texts.

Biden takes the lead in Florida

The Official I'm Loving the Florida Numbers right now thread!

As the closing times for polls approach - if you are in line to vote . . . STAY IN LINE AND VOTE

Biden isn't going to win Florida with that number in Miami-Dade.

A nice state by state map on Yahoo

arrf, Miami-Dade is looking bad, 84% in and Trump far ahead of his 2016 numbers

Where are the Miami ballots hidden in post office????

Congrats!!! BREAKING: Democrat Mark Warner wins reelection to U.S. Senate from Virginia.

Ky Senate Race - Good News

Biden campaign says it can win White House without Florida or Pennsylvania

Even if it's a good night for us

Biden wins Vermont

Is anyone else on their way to consuming a bit of alcohol tonight?

Trump After Midnight

Warms my heart that three women regularly anchor the MSNBC elections

MAPS - we are liking MSNBC more than CNN

I'm following election results on the NY Times :

DeVos' security detail cost taxpayers $24M over 4 years

Xanax or Bourbon, Xanax or Bourbon...

Biden is exceeding Hillarys percentages almost everywhere except Miami-Dade

AP: Senate Latest: Democrat Mark Warner wins 3rd term in Va.

More from my friend in Minnesota.

If Biden wins can

Exit polls find most voters made their choice for president well in advance

House Ohio labeled is it too close to call or too early to call

'It's not up to him': how media outlets plan to sidestep any Trump 'victory' news

Florida is killing me.

It's amazing now the media can't bring themselves to give Hillary credit for one single thing.

I won't ever believe any more Florida polls

Silver: Don't pay attention to counties until they are fully reported

I know its way too early...

Early Voting Passes 100 Million Ballots, 73% of 2016 Turnout

and seriously, I just can't believe all the dopes voting for the orange piece of shit......

Biden wins Virginia!

Yahoo calls VA for Biden. He leads EV 16 to 13 nt

$577M / #1 campaign vendor this cycle is Trump's "American Made Media Consultants"

This is a marathon not a sprint.

Florida is becoming the old Texas, Georgia and Arizona

PBS/AP just called Virginia for J. Biden.

I have the feeling Florida's gonna be a clusterf*ck again, but

AP VoteCast: Voters saw election as a judgment on Trump

Next year we open full relations with Cuba

Mark Cuban: Why Joe Biden is 'the right choice for business'

Ohio exit polls look bad for Biden

U.S. voters remain concerned about COVID-19: exit poll

FL is 95%+ done, it went for the orange monster, the Latinx, especially the Cubans, carried the day

to everyone freaking out about Miami Dade

It's going to be very close in FL- Biden ahead 0.8% with 9.15 MILLION votes in

Mconnel just declared winner

Trump's closing message on Covid-19: My only mistake was mishandling public relations..............

CNN is down for me

Florida is about to be called for Trump

Former GOP chair Michael Steele says Donald Trump underperforming in Florida compared to 2016.

The one nice thing about today? Voting went smoothly

Mr. Kornacki is redundant...

Surely I'm not the first?

LIVE ELECTION BLOG: Biden wins Virginia: AP

Any advice on how to stop stressing?

Any media outlets discussing 300k ballots dejoy is hiding?

Everything is going against Trump - except Miami-Dade.

I don't normally watch TV - This Steve Karnack guy on MSNBC is lame.

Correction: Just another leading vote map

Interesting point made on 538 Live Blog about Florida

More than a million votes counted in Miami-Dade with 86% reporting

Watching by counties doesn't make sense.

21 battlegrounds that will seal Trump's fate Wisconsin counties: Dane, WOW counties, BOW counties

How can traitor be leading in the popular vote at ANY TIME tonight?

Dorchester County [SC] can't count absentee ballots due to printing error, results delayed

AP showing Trump winning South Carolina.

I'm calling it. The final decision is in.

I wanted a crushing.......IN EVERY GAWD DAMN STATE.

AP has called Illinois for Biden.

Quick update on my PCa.

Looks like we took Ill

8 PM - bunch of states called - NYT has Biden 85 Trump 55

Yahoo update: Biden 85 EV Trump 55

Biden leads Ohio by 369,500 votes/28% in/ 59.7 to 39.1

So news reports are already calling states for Trump? What about mail in ballots?

Current EV count, per NYT

Y'all ain't sharing my foxhole

Mitch McConnell wins

We don't need Florida. But as a Floridian I desperately want Florida.

As a calming distraction - I Truly Like Steve (Gesticulating - Brown Pants) Kornacki

Yahoo has Biden up in TX 54% to 45%, but only 16% counted. nt

Right now, with 16% reporting, Biden leads in Texas.

I'm switching to CNN. MSNBC's obsession with Florida is driving me nuts.

Florida cheats more than my ex wife

Please help me calm down.

it may, MAY be down to 3 states PA, NC, AZ, w/ NV as a wild card (assuming we win NE-2. MI, WI, MN)

"Deutsche Bank Has Finally Had Enough of" SHITLER - "not why..." but what took so long?

Looks like a blowout isn't happening tonight

Celebrities spent millions so Florida felons could vote. Will it make a difference?

Third Mexican coke, opened a bag of chips

Just a friendly reminder to breathe and pace yourself

The way OH is going is great news for PA MI and WI

Aron-Ra election show feed!

USPS defies court order to find missing ballots

Orange County (CA) investigates report of fake polling site, complete with 'I Voted' stickers

Oh Noes!!!!

My ears bleed with the phrase "A Vermont" "A Colorado" Etc.

Ballot processing begins in Detroit; 2 poll challengers removed

and yeeehaaa Beto did his job in Texas......

imagine if instead of watching men play with maps all night we just counted everyone's votes equally

McConnell easily brushes off McGrath and claims a seventh term in the U.S. Senate

Early vote totals in Texas, Hawaii, Montana, and Washington state have already surpassed 2016

It looks like Florida is to Biden 2016 what Colorado was to Bill Clinton 1996.

The marchers in Graham NC made it today

AP has also called Mississippi and Alabama for MF45.

MSNBC: McConnell wins 7th term

I think we may be hearing the dreaded words "polling error" again by the prognosticators

Texas is looking interesting.

Fuck every Miami sports team

White House staff 'don't really care' if Trump loses -- they just want to be 'free' of him: report

54.5% of Kentuckians are still masochists.

A top Republican economist says Trump has no economic plan for a 2nd term

NC still tilting Biden, per NYT

Anybody have an update on Senate race in South Carolina?

Michigan's election has more than 77,000 spoiled ballots: Here's what that means

In Phoenix, Trumpers are looting at the Outlets at Anthem.

CNN just called TN for Trump.

Here's an idea. Next GE, FLA Dems get paid on a performance basis.

NC looks good Joe ahead with 56% counted

"(State) is called": Has EVERY vote been counted? No? Then fuck off. n/t

Watching John King. Does Kornacke know which states are

Pennsylvania emerges as early focus of online Election Day misinformation

Ohio definitely looking like a positive data point right now

My cable just went out for no reason!

Trump Files Emergency Nevada Appeal Over Ballot Count

I'm doing a happy dance....North Carolina

Far-Right Activist Laura Loomer Loses House Bid

I'm thinking ahead....

L.A. bans laser pointers at demonstrations and marches, citing eye injuries

Ok, screw Florida, and Texas, Joe can win all the other states and win eh??

I regret vacationing in Miami last year.

Be careful getting too over confident on early returns.

Breathe deeply---in-ha-a-le---ex-ha-a-le! The sky isn't even close to falling.

4 men charged after attack at Sikh temple in Renton

I feel screwed over

As an old Pennsylvania guy unable to stay awake much longer

Donna Shalala is behind in a close race

Coronavirus updates: State passes 109k cases

I think I'll go watch a movie and afterwards see where things stand two hours from now. nt

On the Media: Indecision 2020 -- Brooke & Bob's first-ever election night show

Pennsylvania won't finish counting absentee ballots until Friday at the earliest

Nate Silver on a key NC Senate Seat - just posted to the 538 live blog

This election is going to come down to PA, MI and WI.

The electoral vote count

Red is red, but...

I'm afraid to go to sleep....

So FL is dead. Man the polls were way off there.

Hey Harris County Texas! Biden leads by 187,970

Nate Silver on Florida - kind of a sobering post (from 538 Live Blog)

No matter what -

At the Guardian, NC went from pink to light blue with an est. 69% of votes counted.

What's the NY Times live election needle looking like?

You're welcome.

NYTimes feed for AZ

The Candy Man won.

MSNBC Shows 1 million more votes left statewide in Florida, is that correct? Tia /NT

Is Ohio still a bell weather state like it has been for decades?

While an American Political Party that lies, cheats,

How bad is it?

What's the story with Michigan?

Why has NBC/MSNBC not called IL and VA for Biden? NYT and AP did nearly an hour ago...

I think PA is going to be very important

James Taylor - Mexico

If tRump wins POTUS but Dems get Senate, can we impeach him again and remove him?

Kansas Senate Race. Bollier very well could be a sleeper. That would be fantastic in Kansas

Guys FL and GA are rigged top to bottom, I've been saying this for weeks. we can't depend on them

McConnell won?

Biden campaign is "silent." Reminds me of 2016. I feel like shit.

Thanks a lot protesters

I have hated Florida for 20 years!

at 8 pm Kansas is 53 to 45 BIDEN leads. I know it is Kansas BUT......right now Kansas is Blue.

The Generational Divide Opens Wider In The US On Climate Policy

Indiana to Trump

Email from Joe Biden

Graham pulling ahead of Harrison, 15% reporting, per NYT

"COUNT EVERY VOTE!" Over 500 protests planned across US on Wed

Tim Flannery On How Difficult It's Becoming To Speak To Young People On Climate; Even To His Kids

Biden Leading Trump In Ohio With More Than 50% Of Votes Reported

I can't believe some of the defeatist posts occurring here. Can we at least wait until the blue

Link to the AZ Secretary of State's website with vote totals:

COUNT EVERY VOTE! Over 500 protests planned for Wed

Is it just me?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die! Election night!

Set me straight here.

Matt Gaetz, Cotton, and Grenshaw--all Republican vile jerks win relection

AP is calling New Mexico for Biden.

Biden wins New Mexico.

Biden's a 1/3rd of the way to 270!

remember the blue wave of it built slowly... calm down... let the vote counting continue

and I've given up on the senate......

ABC: Black men are not turning in their absentee ballots.

What the hell is up with Michigan??? nt

Election Results 2020: Biden Wins VA: AP Reports

Ohio looking very good.

I think we won Ohio!!!

I switched to PBS.

assuming NC goes Red (NYT now 81% chance it goes Rump) its looking like it is down to PA, NV and AZ

Way to go Virginia! The Old Dominion comes in early and strong.

COUNT EVERY VOTE! 500 protests planned for Wed...

Ex-Trump White House doctor Ronny Jackson wins Texas House race

Stop Comparing Everything to 2016

I am skeptical Biden is going to hang on to North Carolina.

Biden leading in EC electors.

Ineractive Election 2020 Map Website Recommendations

It's nearly 9 PM here. Some things that are buzzing around my addled mind....

The graph on the

The graph on the

Why do I have to keep logging in?????

Did Virginia just change back to trump? I just saw this from AP

My God Ohio really looks good

Shell Twitter Poll "What Are You Willing To Do To Reduce Emissions" Doesn't Go Too Well

So OH looking a lot stronger than expected. Come on Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can keep it.

We can still win!!!

God-willing we end up ahead tonight.

NV and AZ are going to be tight (Update)

I dearly love all the responses to my cry in the wilderness post

Many states trend red until the cities and mail-in votes are counted

We're still in this!

We shouldn't be on pins and needles.

Two important posts on 538 Live Blog

Colorado just announced for Biden on MSNBC

Democrat John Hickenlooper has defeated Republican Cory Gardner in the Senate race in Colorado. That

Who's Getting Money From Jeff Bezos' Earth Fund? Big Green, And Hardly Anybody Else

Qanon candidate for House in GA. wins, per PBS

Look: Biden's performance in Ohio likely means he's performing above Hillary in PA, MI and WI.

Politico is estimating a win for Biden with giving MN and WI to trump

OK. I choose Kornacki over King.

Does anyone know if heartattacks increase on election night?

I don't know if CNN meant this

NBC Reporting court denied repukes in NV!

Blitzer: " Electoral College Uh Votes"

Doesn't it just blow your mind that ANY one votes for trump?

Stock market futures in the red

The electoral college is ridiculous.

One thing is for sure: polls are the new astrology

Got Colorado X 2, State and senate.

The FB video that the Biden campaign did yesterday

Nevada Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign emergency request to limit mail ballot counting

Trump takes an early lead for Omaha's one EC vote

Was tempted to drink, then remembered from past experience a full stomach works wonders

Let's look at some real data - projections of 538 and Economist vs current totals

Are Nicole, Joy and Rachel looking defeated now?

I'm starting to feel like it was a blessing

Not So Fast FLA... Judge Sullivan wants the Tampa/Miami USPS ballots

John Hickenlooper projected to win Colorado Senate race, a pickup for Democrats

Richard Haass on this election

The Orange Anus has a slight lead in Texas now.

The gun humper is leading - for now.

I remember around this time during the midterms it looked sketchy then everything went our way

Win PA, we win the POTUS, it's that simple, barring any major surprises (FL & NC were not surprises)

How did Graham do?

Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania.

Google: 131 to 92

Colorado called for Biden!!!

NYT Colorado for Joe!

The first QAnon-supporting congressional candidate has been elected to Congress

MF45 just took lead in Ohio.

No PA, and no WI until tomorrow (at earliest.)

Listen up people: There are many paths.

I'm sick to my stomach!

Trump made up 8.3% difference in vote between 50% and 60% of Ohio's

i have a question

Democracy is dead.

Lots of votes out in Ohio Democratic counties

Chill out; the blue states haven't come in yet

Have we flipped any states yet?

USPS Fuckery - Emmett Sullivan being ignored by DeJoy - No ballot sweeps thus far

Interesting tidbit from Nate (possible good news)

Calm Down DUers

CBS Battleground Tracker - Biden 279 EV

three more important posts from the 538 live blog

Gardner's concession speech

Can. We. Wait. Until. We. Count. All. Of. The. Votes. Please.

💙👍 Democrat Al Green wins reelection to U.S. House in Texas' 9th Congressional District

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins re-election in New York

Virginia? Really red so far...any ideas why?

I will feel sooo fucking relieved when we win 1 goddamn state tonight that we didn't win in 2016

Can't deal.

Alabama Senate race

Congratulations Senator Hickenlooper!

Moe Davis Loses

Flipped one senate seat

NC 70% of precincts reporting

It looks like this will come down to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and someone posted

Someone pass General Discussion a joint...

Lindsey Graham declared winner

NYT has the MD map wrong so far. They have it blue.

Is it just me or is NPR really unlistenable right now?!

Why, well into the 21st Century, voting systems aren't standard in all 50* states?

Hang tough. Florida ain't over

IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS GAWD DAMN CLOSE.......ooooops, sorry am being to pessimistic?

Hang tough. Florida ain't over

500,000+ votes from blue blue blue Dekalb County Georgia unreported at 9:40pm

Fox News projects Dems gain 5 House seats

I live in Florida

Are there any scenarios for a Biden victory in Ohio now that Trump is leading?

I think the fix is in.

I don't engage in coarse language here, but.....stop the fucking bed wetting!

For tonight

Early votes are beginning to come in

Reminder: We will not get the results tonight.

Smoking one of my 64 anniversary Padron's that has been in my humidor for 3 years for luck.

Arizona is looking really good with 60% of the vote in

There's no fucking fix, people.

69% of Arizona in: Biden +10

Biden with big lead in Arizona

Finally some good news

Trump leads Joe Biden 49.3% to 48.8% Omaha one EC vote

AZ, Maricopa, 77% in, mostly early votes (not same day) Biden up almost 10%

OK.. we know what happened with Georgia. (Will report Tomorrow!)

Do you see what the cops did here?

geez--Mark Meadows NC replacement winner is a real smartass...........

Stress break: The mood on the streets around the WH is upbeat.

can someone talk me down about PA?

Tonight REALLY isn't helping my anxiety/stress issues

New Mexico to Biden. Nt

Is this our best bet to win? (270-267 3 EV's)

I am so happy Tim Ryan, my Congressman, won re-election

newest scenario, AZ looks good, if we hold NV, and flip (likely) NE-2, we can LOSE PA and still win

Arizona + Kelly

We may yet win,but it ain't no friggin blue wave

Hegar concedes to Cornyn

I look at it this way. If they (RETHUGS) say there is 300,000 ballots lost, i say

Arizona is only 100,000 votes below their 2016 levels with Biden up by over 200,000

MSNBC has called New Mexico for Biden

Tillis is ahead in North Carolina by .9%

AOC won re-election, of course.

AOC: Thank you to the Bronx & Queens for re-electing me to the House

Sorry, remind me again: Why do we trust the counting?

SC Republican Lindsey Graham wins US Senate race, defeats challenger Harrison

What's going on with Georgia...

Whatever happens tonight,...

Hi y'all it's 9:25 pm in Texas guess what!! It's not 10:30 or 11 pm yet.

House stays Democratic. Pelosi stays as Speaker

We hold the House!!!!! (per MSNBC)

Don't give up. We must remember that right wing nutrider Charles Krauthammer was telling

74 percent of the vote in #AZSen, and Mark Kelly is up 55-45 over McSally.

I think we will still win this election, but one thing is very clear already

This is so wrong. I small a rat.

I will never trust another poll again

Joe takes New Hampshire per MSNBC!!

Trumpists are stuffing ballot boxes.

AZ Senate Race: Mark Kelly with a sizable lead over McSally (75% votes counted)

AZ, IA, NH looking good!

Has MSNBC called Virginia?

Anyone else swilling down a whiskey bottle while simultaneously touching themselves?

There are more of us than them, win or lose.

does WI count Election Day votes first or early votes?

It's Polar Bear Week, Now, With Less Ice Than Ever Before! Hudson Bay Bear #s Down 30% Since 1980s

So can anyone add to my list here. I've got Joe up to 175

I love you, DU!

Huffpost real time tracker map and chart.

Did Collin survive?

We ARE going to win!

Still not stressing too much. Anyone think..

Debbie Mucarsel Powell loses

FOX is showing tRump leading in popular vote.

Map: When States BEGIN Processing Mail Ballots

4 Years Of Accelerating Climate Disaster For US & World, And An "Administration" That Does Not Care

A new County Commissioner

Sen Jones lost.

Best 2 of 3 to win

Dem North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper wins re-election! per NYT

This may fall down to Biden 269 and Dump 269.

I am keeping the PA vote count stream on my third monitor until morning.

How is Trump doing better in Florida than in 2016

Smoke From 2019-20 Fires In Australia Compares W. Strongest Volcanic Eruptions In Past 25 Years

A much needed chuckle from Bill Burton, about the results thus far


It shouldn't be this close.

Governor Cooper wins reelection! ❤ nt

Cars are pulling in to an outdoor watch party here in support of Biden. MSNBC is on the big screens


Chris Cornell - Patience (Official Video)

Anyone know how concerned Susan Collins is this evening?

I'm worried trumps ahead in Ohio

Which states still have significant mail-ins/absentees outstanding?

U.S. Senate race results in Alabama: Republican Tommy Tuberville defeats Democrat Doug Jones

What's going on with Illinois?

Illinois to Biden. Nt


CBS News moves Arizona to 'Lean Biden'.

I'm starting to feel sick. PA Ohio ?

ABC is reporting that a podium and teleprompter

Montana of all places

There are still 2.2m mail ballots to be counted in PA - about 87% of the total. Settle in.

I'm gonna say it: I'd rather be Joe Biden right now than Donald Trump

Ernst is losing in Iowa ! nt

Kansas and Nebraska called for trump

We will win tonight, but I'll tell you this....

greenfield way ahead of ernst w almost 50% in. MSnBC ignores it lol

Jesus, People! Breathe!

Software issue in Gwinnett County (GA) delaying up to 80,000 mail-in ballots

Concise 538 live blog post illustrates how fucked up our country is

Biden needs 65% of the vote left in NC to go head

If you find yourself asking about who is ahead, how a state is doing: HERE YOU GO!

biden leads Iowa at 56% with 41% reporting!

Here comes CA, WA and OR.

TPM "Trump Stays Competitive After Smashing Through Democratic Guardrails"

Betting markets were closer than polls and modelers

A little perspective, if I may.

WTH is going on in WI, MI, OH and PA?

Biden gets NJ. NT

*IF* it's the worst case scenario, I figure our fate was already sealed 4 years ago

Democratic NC Gov. Cooper wins reelection over Lt. Gov. Forest

One thing is for certain, I'm never believing the polls again.

I finally finished voting.

Lindsay Graham won.

Fuck we lost FL-15, the only real chance to pull the Rethugs under 26 State delegations in the House

Political Polls FINAL Electoral Map

too bad msnbc is ignoring so many races to concentrate only on two

OR & WA goes to Joe per MSNBC!!

My flag that I fly is currently upsidedown....

California Oregon and I think Washington to Biden. Nt

This is crazy

209 to 112!

All the channels should just STFU! "Calling" states with 10% of the precincts counted (IN). I know

NYT just called CA for Biden!!

I think its down to NC and Pa now.

this site shows current ec vote compared to 2016

NYT just called California, Oregon and Washington. Electoral totals as of now:

How's the Michigan Senate race looking?

the trump claims victory scenario is now in place.....

Just called the whole west coast for Biden

If Biden wins AZ

If Trump wins a 2nd term, I will lose my faith in God and in humanity.

Florida just called for trump

Why are so many stupid people located in small counties?

Anyone? Why haven't they called Florida yet?

Im guessing nate silver is going to lose a lot of followers on twitter

I'm worried about Ohio.

238,641 deaths and its this fucking close.

Where we stand - looking at the NYT map...

If Trump wins he won because of the race card

Lincoln Project is doing their podcast now:

News from AZ! With 70% of the vote in....

night all. Please Joe, win. nt

Iowa - Biden leads 55 to 43 per MSNBC just now, with 55% reporting

This guy is 100% correct

MSNBC says WI, MI and PA have said, "Don't expect results until

It is pretty clear whatever happens, there is no repudiation of the nazi in the WH

PBS' electoral count ...

The Daily Show: 🔴 LIVE: Votegasm 2020: What Could Go Wrong? (Again)

So Democrats vote early to avoid catching COVID at the polls

"No one can declare victory tonight"

Thank you Hillary Clinton for helping to develop the Democratic Party in Arizona.

MN - Biden leads 57 to 40 per MSNBC, 46% reporting

Biden leads in race for metro Omaha's electoral vote

2.2 M votes still to be counted in PA

Quick Diddy About PA Vote 11:15 PM 11/03/2020

NJ & NM goes to Joe per MSNBC!!

Biden's Strategy - Focus on MI, WI, PA and the Rust Belt

Fox just called Arizona FOR BIDEN.

Senate flips so far.

Blumenthal tweet: MI, PA WI: Reporting ED votes, THEN Absentee

I am as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

The Trump play

and oh my gawd, IT REALLY IS A HORSE RACE.......

Trump just gained the lead in Iowa

soooo? All quiet out there on the streets or has the SHTF yet?

i am going to put this here . it may get locked but i am going to fire it off anyway.

Sobering 538 live blog entry about the state of our democracy. worth a look.

Fox calls AZ for Biden

Ilhan Omar: Our sisterhood is resilient.

IL just went to Joe per MSNBC!!

shock in vA? trump ahead with 2532 precincts of 2585 reporting ?

I'm calling "you can't cure stupid" in the USA.

I guess all of the criticism about the media fabricating a horse race...

Kelly wins!

The sad reality of the situation: Take the Delaware Senate race

Red mirage with 62% in WI, 50% in PA, and 47% in MI?

Hey. Maybe they're not stupid.

AZ called for Joe, so as long as we win NV, MI, Wi and NE-2, Biden is POTUS, even if PA goes Rump

Not that it really matters, but Biden just went ahead in the popular vote.

FYI if AZ holds up Joe doesn't HAVE to get Pennsylvania ...

Lincoln Project Founder's Closing Message: 'The Judgment Of The People Is Here' - Deadline - MSNBC

Just noticed Biden moved into the lead in popular vote

John Cornyn is a classless scumbag.

We're mad about the wrong stuff.

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia and Democrat Raphael Warnock are headed to a Jan. 5 runoff

Sinad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U [Official Music Video]

Louisiana approves amendment stating abortion is not a right, NBC News projects

Breakdown of PA mail votes still to count by registration

Brian Williams needs to retire, so Rachael can run this shit from now on.

When is tRump planning to have his W House celebration?

Biden has pulled ahead in the popular vote

Look folks, this is exactly why the Prince of Darkness Wanted

Ballot measures: Oregon decriminalizes street drugs, legalizes magic mushrooms

Just for a for instance....Dems take the Senate lose The Presidency.........

LIVE Election Analysis by The Lincoln Project. Nice and calm, compared to some

Do NOT take prevagen!

Newly elected Republican Madison Cawthorn's election night message: "Cry more, lib."

I'm going to bed but very disappointed in NC

CNN: 400,000 absentee votes in Fairfax, VA will be counted in the next two hours.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 4: Starring Lizabeth Scott

Congratulations to Warnock (D) of GA for reaching the runoff vs. Loeffler! nt

I don't think Biden is going to win Pennsylvania.

Underwood is losing to olberweiss in Illinois

So far, I'm not worried, disappointed or surprised...yet.

So here is my predict with three open states (Biden needs two)

The Daily Show: Election Day In New York City - Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse

Ok, some here are not going to like this......WHAT THE FAWK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY???

Some minor good news.

whats the score in NE one electoral vote district? NE website shows biden winning

Why worried about PA? and not WI?

Watch ALL Minnesota races - LIVE


Jay Inslee defeats Loren Culp for governor in Washington state election results

In early returns, Biden also was leading in Nebraska's 1st Congressional District, Lincoln 1 EC vote

MSNBC interviewing an expert from NV saying ED voting about HALF what he expected

Looks like Peterson will lose. Non stop bombardment of ads

Rick Wilson: We're seeing the red mirage right now

MSNBC calling OH for trump

I'm announcing that Me-Time has been extended for the duration

MF45 taking Ohio according to MSNBC.

Beware the 'blue mirage' and the 'red mirage' on election night

This ain't over kids.

I don't get it: we were told that results may take several days

Minnesota Presidential results

MSNBC finally they called Virgina for Biden

Biden gets Virginia!

Raw Story, yeah, but I'll take it.

Democrats: put the ambien and the razor blades back in the medicine cabinet.

Looks like the Graduated Income Tax will fail in Illinois. Unbelievable! I just moved here from

Does anyone have a good link to how NE2 is doing?

Jim Acosta: Trump camp furious with Fox for its Arizona call for Biden

It's election night and I'm re-watching the movie Cloud Atlas

The Economist - Election 2020: What has President Trump done to America?

I told you Trump was zeroing in on PA

I really got sucked in to all the happy talk about

Biden leads the national popular vote 49.9 - 48.4 and growing.

Hawaii still has voters waiting in line. results delayed. outcome still the same tho

We now have legal weed in NJ

James Carville

Oregon decriminalized small amounts of drugs and

NYT needle has Biden now a 63% favorite to win Georgia...

NYT needle moves Georgia to tilt Biden

NYT now has Georgia tilting Biden

Looking at the popular vote...

Fox News' talking heads are complaining mightily about the fact that...Fox News has called Arizona.

We lost Texas.

North Carolina election result website says there are 1.9 Million votes left to count.

274-264 final answer

NY Times just moved their Georgia meter to tilting Biden.

2020 US Senate Election Prediction-.

We're worried, we don't "got this"


AP has called Minnesota for Biden.

This made me smile re: Trump camp anger about Fox calling Arizona

AP just gave Minnesota to Biden. Putting his EC votes at 223.

Biden to speak shortly!

NYT: Biden wins Hawaii

Biden about to make a statement, per CNN chyron.

Hey Democratic Voters: Pick up your weapons and follow me

Montana has been on my mind...

We are going to win this

Oregon just decriminalized all hard drugs. nt


All this is is the red mirage

Hillary won MN by only 1 pt in 2016. Biden is currently leading there by almost 10 pts.

MI secretary of state - MI likely to have final count by tomorrow night - interview live

There is no way Trump won this election....

AP called Minnesota for Biden.

*Joe to speak shortly.

Joe Biden will speak at the bottom of the hour

Trump campaign is calling on other outlets to not call AZ for Biden

HEY!! AZ was a Cherry, and We got it

CNN: Fulton County, GA has stopped counting for the night

Biden wins Hawaii

Biden won California.

Joe is about to speak - per MSNBC


As a Party......FIRST

Even if Biden wins, I fear we're in for some rough times ahead.

Katie Porter +20 (68% reporting) !!!

GA tilting Biden again, per NYT

NPR/AP just called Iowa for orange mussolini

the repubs control 26 congressional delegations

NYT just turned Iowa red

Has any other outlet called Arizona for Biden besides Fox? n/t

Ben Lujan DEM wins

Biden Deputy Campaign Manager : We're going to win

Most of the discussions earlier favored Biden. why is Trump so strong now?

Minnesota stays blue, with Joe Biden winning state's presidential vote despite swing-state hopes of

I don't think a lot of the people voting R today and in the last few days

I ❤️ This Map. Joe Wins!

Biden Can Still Win Georgia

If you're feeling worried check out the Lincoln Project feed

We will win!

in other news - Florida - $15/hr minimum wage amendment PASSED. Keeping closed primaries PASSED.

The Math Makes Me Feel Better

Imagine if this ends up being the map.

16% of Mail ballots in PA counted

Florida Amendment 2: Minimum wage ballot initiative passed!

So MSNBC just projected Florida for trump. I guess the undelivered mail in ballots

Interesting view - shows the blue or red shift in areas where the vote is mostly in

It's official via CNN, Trump won FL

Biden speaking right now (nt)

A hopeful entry on the 538 live blog

biden speaking location not looking secure to me nt

Looks like Ernst was re-elected in Iowa.

and this year??? FAWK early voters eh?? Ugh. Don't mean a thing really.

Biden: "We believe we are on track to win this election!"

What about Nevada?

Why are they not calling AZ. Biden is up by 9 with 76% of the vote.

Arizona voters approve Proposition 207, making recreational marijuana legal in state

Nevada: wait for Clark and Washoe counties

What is going on with Maine Senate

Biden talking in Delaware

"Keep the Faith, We're gonna win this!" RE: Joe Biden President 46!

We're Not Going To Get The Senate

Just released our latest video for our single

Biden is in good spirits and beat Trump to the punch line!

Any public exclamations from Trashdump yet? nt

What are the chances we take the Senate?


I waited in line for 4 hours...

Trump is screaming about the Democrats stealing the election...

Trump just tweeted "Votes cannot be counted after the Poles close."

A tie in the Senate?

As expected... Trump tweets about the Dems trying to stealing the election

Trump tweets........

While I have always believed Joe is our best chance, it is pretty clear regardless of the

politico shows big win for collins in maine... details at link.. hope its wrong

Is there a problem in Rhode Island? They are stuck at 51% of vote counted.

If Trump wins I will be leaving DU.

Trump quick to accuse Biden of trying to steal the vote

One small point of encouragement

MSNBC projects ernst and trump for Iowa

Why did the Needle turn blue in Georgia?

Joni and Lindsey!

I got put on FB timeout for 24 hours (light-hearted, IMO)

CNN: Evidently tЯump just claimed "they are trying to steal the election."

I knew this was going to happen because of the mail in ballots

How Gary Peters doing?

IF Peters hangs on in MI, it looks like the best we can do is 50-50 (if Bullock wins, Collins loses

Cripes, Trump is predictable

NY Times post explaining why their prediction ("needle") is blue for GA

DCCC Chair Congresswoman Cheri Bustos up 110 votes with 97% reporting

NY Times odds favor a Biden win in GA

Even if Biden wins

Is there a path to victory for Trump if he doesn't get Arizona?

One thing this election has taught me

GA went from 66% to 56% per the NYT needle

Why is Alaska a State, but Puerto Rico isn't??

2016 or 2018??

It is 1AM.

AP calls MN for Biden!!

Well, I am going to bed!

Eveybody is being...

No freaking way I'm listening to Trump's speech ...

Why in the fuck is MSNBC not calling

Rick Santorum!

Let's just go a head and give it to putin....

What did James Carville say tonight?

Politically, every state looks the same.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Trump ally Sen. Joni Ernst holds on in Iowa, NBC News projects

Biden looking good in NE-02

How is this happening?


MSNBC finally calls RI for Biden

This is about...


What happened to all the mail in votes that were supposed to take days to count?!!!!

It's 1:10 in the AM. We have 700,000 voters.

So who's gonna stay awake all night for the results to come in???

I find it more of a problem to lose with high turnout

Have the Dems won the House?

I LOATHE the damn EC.

Boy did the stress hit me earlier. I'm usually pretty chill. At 59 I have BP of a healthy

Biden is 35 EV away from the presidency.

Fox News calls NE 2 for Biden !!

BREAKING: Joe Biden wins Hawaii. #APracecall at 7:06 p.m. HST.

any word on Nevada yet?

Worst case scenario

Biden +1.4 million in popular vote right now

2 538 live blog posts - about WI, and about PA, both optimistic

But we needed the senate. Really needed the senate. What does the number sit at now?

Things are tense tonight - we need to chill, like this little guy.

Marilyn Strickand leads in the Congressional District 10 race

Biden probably wins... but it looks like SCOTUS is gone

CNN just projected NE-2 for Biden

BREAKING: Democrat Katie Porter wins reelection to U.S. House in California's 45th Congressional...

NE 2 to Joe B

Why is AZ not being called for Joe???

I'm starting to wonder if staring at the screen just isn't gonna work

538 Live blog assessment of Biden's best paths to a win

Well at least my fellow Omaha knew who to vote for!

Tina Smith (D-MN) has been re-elected to the Senate,

Warnock (GA runoff) will be a very expensive race if we are at 49/50 for senate

MSNBC estimates 686,773 votes left in Georgia

NYT prob Meter for GA back up to 59% (NT)

Minnesota -- Joe B

Atlanta's delayed Blue Votes. Why Biden may take Georgia afterall

Green Day - American Idiot

GA Perdue over 50% w/300K lead pending late votes from Atlanta.

every poll had Cunningham win in NC, wtf happened?

A path through Fulton County?

Whut the frick is wrong with fricken PA?

Chill out people. Biden is going to win this.

I think Biden is going to win Georgia.

CNN: tЯump to speak soon.

at least 2 conclusions - polls were way wrong and white supremacy xtians still have lots of

2020 US Presidential and US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats guide to victory.

I never thought I would need this group, but I do

Nevada is looking good - vote finally coming in, Joe with a lead. Georgia looking better

NYT Big shift back to Biden in Georgia. 64% chance, Trump lead down to 3%. 91% reporting.

I'm just not giving up on NC yet. Take a look at the numbers. nt

Can't wait for the military numbers for the criminal fascist.

Stephen Breyer is 82.

I'm going to shut the computer and live streaming down. Going to bed, but will stay on DU.

Did Twitter shut down the Con and his claims?


I have always had a soft spot for Georgia.

They may soon declare Georgia for Biden

North Dakota legislature candidate who died from COVID-19 wins election

Georgia, Arizona

Georgia compared to Florida

GA Atlanta vote dump cuts Perdue lead down to 200K and barely 51% with

Both Nevada and Georgia are closing the gap

Math In Georgia Looking Good For Biden

GA - do the math!

A Hugh shutout to DU

Remember, dear DUers, that at this time 4 years ago

I think Biden takes GA and NV tonight nt

Republicans Hold Montana Senate Seat With Daines Victory

As for MI, WI and PA - Which do we have the best shot at and which the worst?

Arizona has been stuck on 77% for a while. Anyone know what gives?

For my own health and sanity, I refuse to watch Trump. I suggest you do the same. nt

DAMN, gianforte Montana governor,

Think IQ45 is compensating with the 75 freaking flags behind him?

Fine call it ... 2:00 AM Est. Coast Time ...

I muted the president. Can anyone give a brief synopsis when he is done?

2020 US Presidential Election Prediction- Biden/Harris-D guide to 270ev.

Trump about to speak in front of about 30-40 flags at the White House

I'm outta here,

All Milwaukee absentee ballots will be reported at once

20 years ago I found DU the morning after Bush v Gore, today I am proud to still be apart of this...

Madison Cawthorn Wins Election, Becomes Youngest House Member in Decades

Fox still has Biden check marked as the winner in AZ

Should have taken all the money thrown at Florida and spent it on Texas, more worthwhile venture...

Jim Acosta on CNN is reporting that Trump campaign is pissed

text from Trump campaign staffer: "Momentum has clearly shifted to Biden

1:12 CST. OUTTA HERE.......the pessimist is leaving.

National Exit Polls: How Different Groups Voted

We'll find out who won eventually but...

Realize this: 50% of the people don't give a fuck, because

Repukes out in force...

How's the House looking?

The whole dump family just came out.

Trump speaking. His family were clapping as they walked into the briefing room.

Susan Collins Down To 50.1%

It's official - the State of Rhode Island has changed its name.

He's gaslighting again

Michigan has 3.26 million absentee ballots to count.

Lie, lie, lie, lie.

Velveeta Voldemort is talking. 🤢

I'm watching Trump

Trumps looks scared

Damn, Native American Freshwoman Xochitl Torres Small went down in NM-2

Trump campaign signs in the East Room!

After this nightmare, we have to challenge all of their lies constantly

No Cheering Trump. So Sad.

Pennsylvania is just starting to open their mail-in ballots

BREAKING. Our Democracy. Trump just announced that he's going to the Supreme Court

This is stunning to watch unfold

Trump looked like a cokehead flying into Heathrow after a fortnight binge in Saint-Tropez

Trump says he is going to the supreme court because he

Kudos to MSNBC, they cut off Trump's "victory" speech because he was lying his ass off...

Dow Futures Dropped 220 Points In Last 2 Minutes nt

Just how the hell does Trump thinks the votes can be counted so fast?

Isn't it possible that the USSC would refuse to take a case like this b/c it's premature?

"North Carolina. Big victory there. North Carolina."

Ok, here's my House report.

so will the scotus

I want to be sedated...

What could we expect from Trump?

SCOTUS can't do what he will ask of them

I'm sorry for starting so many threads, but geez.

Biden will definitely win Arizona!

Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?

We all knew this was the republicans plan

PA: Lg. Mail- In Increase, Count Nov. 3 To Friday; Philly Lotsa Dems

For Pennsylvania

Robers should pick up the phone and call Trump and tell him

North Carolina "Mail in" ballots postmarked by Nov 3rd are accepted until Nov. 12th

collins down to 50% on abc/youvote maine site w/62% of votes tallied so far 2:48 eastern

OMG! My baby sister is a Trumper!

You know, the people who voted for Trump should be ashamed of themselves.

To Santorum: Biden didn't say "We won!" He said he we are going to win.


So we're ahead in NV and AZ and with all the uncounted ballots in PA We have a shot

This is the most frightening thing I have heard in my life.

CBS panel is pretending they had no idea Trump would claim victory before the early vote is counted

Trump is unhinged because he will also lose the popular vote again. He hates that. nt

Even after Trump spoke, the world didn't stop because he says it needs too!

Democracy Docket - Wicked Cool

im still shocked

If we win GA

I think we are in a great position to beat Trump. It is still amazing how many people voted for him.

AP has called Arizona for Biden per Bloomberg

AP has called Arizona for Biden.

I think Biden wins PA even without those extra 3 days

Thanks From the East Coast to the West...

If trump wins it will be the 6th time that someone lost the popular vote and won the EC, and

so if the vote counting goes ahead

Joy Reid lost it for a moment on MSNBC;

win or lose every vote must be counted

So... These Election Nights Full Of Drama...

2020 US Senate Election Projection- Democrats guide to majority control.

We now officially have two flips from 2016.

AOC: Donald Trump's premature claims of victory are illegitimate, dangerous, and authoritarian.

I agree with trump. he's right. stop counting!!1111!!1

Gotta say a shout out to the Maricopa County Dem Party

Susan Collins just dropped below 50%

Biden is in a great position to win - Georgia and North Carolina look like they're going BLUE!

You can nearly always tell who's winning by a candidate's body language.

EC votes Biden 236 to satan 213.

Dow Futures Dropped 450 Points In Last 40 Minutes

Fox hosts were cautiously tiptoeing around Trump's power grab--

Voting numbers by Arkansas counties (Politico)

Trump went there. He's doing what was predicted.

Trump falsely claims victory, after rival Biden voices confidence

With 3 of 4 Maine's 4 EV won by Biden, he's now 32 Electoral Votes away from the Presidency.

The National Mood...

Why is the state polling off 16 and 20 all in drumpfs favor

NYT calls it for Kelly

C'mon Lemire, even The Hill got it right:

Rick Wilson wins the prize for the best response to Trump's nonsense.

Serious question: So what actually happens now with the vote count??

Adam Schiff...

Midnight PST...looks like it's coming down to five states

NPR: Mark Kelly defeats McSally.

Richard Painter...


How many votes are left to count in Pennsylvania?

@GovernorTomWolf We still have over 1 million mail ballots to count in Pennsylvania

new update in Georgia has Biden still picking up speed

NYT says Marjorie Taylor Greene won?

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell goes down in FL-26, more RW Cuban flexing

Robert Reich...


Donna Shalala out in FL-27. RW Cubans again

PA MAIL-IN BALLOTS BARELY COUNTED--the % absentee ballots counted in PA--only 39% overall.

Seriously, The Late Hunter Thompson would be going batshit crazy.

Just a Bit of a Birdie Shoulder Tap....

So any chance Biden wins from here?

So it's looking like maybe +1 Senate Seat ... is that right?

We finally lost Collin Peterson MN-7,2nd most conservative Dem, BUT in a ruby red district for years

I have a Senate question.

Katie Porter wins re-election!

have we lots the house

MSN calls Arizona for Biden

kornacki keeps leaving out maine when he's doing paths to 270

Need something to laugh at!

Weren't polls amazingly accurate before the advent of electronic voting machines?

Meanwhile, in North Dakota

From Twitter uncounted votes

Brett Favre coming out for Trump could arguably turn out to be big ...

It's like a national psychopathy. An alienation from empathy.

94% now reporting in Wisconsin

Once again Donniebrat shows his utter disdain for Our Military and their Families

Has Nevada stopped counting

Joe Biden picks up 2nd District electoral vote; Trump wins the other four Nebraska votes


It is time for a General work stoppage

wait till they lose their Social Security

after this

Kenosha is in.

Time for a National work stoppage

cnn wisconsin top of the hour

TRUTH about Boogaloo Bois part in Minneapolis 3rd Precinct Fire comes out.

We're about to find out if Biden has a shot in Wisconsin.

This time the pre-election polls were used like the exit polls in 2004.



But, what about the suckers and losers?

Something is wrong in the way votes are counted

I like ABC's Map Showing Biden with 319 and Trump with 185


msnbc graphic flashed by showing collins under 50 % but

cnn biden ahead in wisconsin by 11k

Biden just pulled into the lead in Wisconsin at 4:45 am!!

Two reassuring posts from Nate Cohn, NYT Reporter

Pro-Trump MAGAt Douche Nozzle: We might 'need' Kyle Rittenhouse on Election Day

Find the missing ballots in FL. Count every ballot in PA. Especially the mailed in ballots!

So I guess all those improvements to polling didn't work. nt

More good news for Wisconsin

WI, MI, PA, all have Democratic Governors. They will make sure the result is certified.

I really wanted the Senate, too.

It Ain't Over Til It's Over - Lenny Kravitz (Official Music Video)

Did we lose the house??

Joe Biden now trails by only two points in Michigan.

WI Brown county, 32k absentee ballots with a few in person mixed in.

OK, I just woke up.

Am I missing something?

the Senate is not completely lost, if Peters holds on, we need two more seats to get to 50

Can't find an update on the popular vote.

Sixty years ago I woke up and turned on the

So those republicans lying to the pollsters were gaslighting americans.

Polls and Polling people are dead to me forever

Wednesday TOONs - Too Early To Call

NOTE: No other developed country gets their polling THIS wrong this many times in favor of 1 party.

I think something screwy did happen with the count this time.

Biden should still win but this morning I am weeping for the USA

The Fair Tax referendum failed.

How much of the difference from the polls to the outcomes was due the the mail in ballots that never

Is it unusual to have voted in every election since 1976 and NOT ever been "polled?"

With Current AP/NYT Picks Biden has 96% Chance to Win per 538 Interactive Map

I so hate the Electoral College!

If we win this thing I'm not mourning our country

NV Elections: That's it for election results updates until 9:00 am on Nov. 5.

Just woke up to hear that Republicans won seats back in the House

While we are occupied with the election

Is anyone optimistic?

Long night no sleep I'm surrounded by hairy legs and boxers

Over 100m USD shit away on a fantasyland Senate race (SC) based off a couple dodgy polls

Biden leads on betting markets again

Well, I just woke up. Unlike November 9, 2016, I'm not physically shaking.

Will provisional ballots be counted in the close states?

George Carlin was right.

Biden didn't underperform with Latinos, Trump added to his numbers

So when will Trump make his public out cry?

A fortune cookie for DUers this rude morning:

I have been seeing the same thing all my life

On local (Irish) radio at the moment.

A bit of good news CO PROP 15 (horrifically restrictive abortion ban) has gone down.

Any chance we could convince Susan Collins to join the Democratic party?

I just feel exhausted. NC here-

Intelligence warned Obama Administration in 2016 Russia could change votes

Wayne County (Detroit) just reported roughly 150K ballots, and nearly 140K were for Biden.

For all the good reasons

Edit: Big number came in-- BIDEN CUTS LEADS IN MICHIGAN NOW!!

My advise to the Biden Campaign

How come the pollsters were wrong but Nancy knew enough on Tuesday to say the House would be ready

Michigan tightening but rump still leads.

As Stormy says

2020 US Presidential Election Prediction- Biden/Harris-D guide to 270ev.

Face it-- We live in 2 different worlds.

I hear people saying the polls were way off again.

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats guide to a majority control.

Green Bay Absentee Is the Key

Folks, Wake Up. The Next 36 Hours Are Key.

It's November 4th

Just woke up - what's going on with the Senate races??

Do you think some republican counties in the big 3 states

Biden up 11,000 in Wisconsin- Green Bay is in

Biden has the votes in Pennsylvania it looks like.

lead in WI just bumped to to around 11,000 from around 7,000

Green Bay adds to Biden lead 6:08am

Word-of-the-day: Petulant

Not sure if I can take this anymore

This is just like watching a Seattle Seahawks game.

Why the hell has MSNBC not called Maine????

Michigan watch! Biden down by 2,000 votes

I love you guys with all my heart

MI and WI skewing Joe

This election has changed my mind completely.

Record turnout in Delaware good for Dems

Nate Cohn, NYT: Biden's chances in PA depend on...

Kudos to Steve Kornaki for dialing the manic movements back and presenting the numbers in a very


The polls were not off the election got rat fucked.

I've been reading right-wing internet forums. Their disappointment is huge.

Marijuana ballot measures

If Biden wins with 270, do we have to worry about a faithless elector?

Are there any Senate seats still in question?

So Maine went for Biden but re-elected Collins????

Out of everything we've learned tonight

Start registering young voters today

Head of WI Dem party said Biden won Wisconsin; no realistic path for Trump

What is the latest count for the US Senate?

The irony!

I hope, I hope, Biden holds on and even if we don't have the Senate,

So things are looking pretty good?

A shout out to EarlG and Elad

Biden is ahead 1.5% nationally

Biden will win, but

Biggest surprise seems to be Hispanic voters.

Do states report spoiled ballots?

Man who assaulted a reporter is now a governor

I have had a lot of coffee, no sleep, got up early for this election.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says "hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots remain

Trump leads by 618840 votes in Pennsylvania. The question is are there enough mail in

Any take-away discussion should be about how absurd our electoral system/"democracy" is.

Good morning, any chance of flipping the Senate? n/t

How Can We Ever Trust Pollsters Again?

Time to contemplate the perfections of a Boddhisattva

There are vast swaths of the country just unreachable to Democrats

I have figured it out

This doesn't end until we break up the RW media machine

On this day, November 4, 1979, the American embassy in Tehran, Iran, was taken over.

I don't care things did not completely go our way

Mississippi votes Magnolia flag to replace Confederate symbol

Although it was claimed here last night that AP had called Arizona

Why don't we have a leftist talk radio network?

ACTION: Folks, we have been ready for this for months and months. We are gathering this evening nati

Jesus fuck what a shit show

For me, the biggest prize with a Biden win is...

Some good news from GA

Truth is it's not so much a red vs. blue thing, it's more of a white thing.

With 86% of the vote counted. Support statehood in for PR is winning 52% to 48%.

A few thoughts

Breakfast Wednesday 4 November2020

Private-sector employment increased by 365,000 from September to October, on a seasonally adjusted

right on cue, watching various comments on 538 live blog "people are freaking out -

Song of Mind (Xin Ming) - Master Niutou Farong - Zen Buddhism

Slate "The Blue Wave Isn't Coming"

Take away from election outcome...even with Biden as President

If Biden does, indeed, win Wis and Mich, what would be Trump's path to victory? You'd...

Going straight to Christmas.

In my county

Dave Wasserman update: Looks good for Biden

Very disturbing Freeperville post--

I was a poll monitor yesterday (non-partisan).

The good news is that I don't think Repubs will ever do better in MI than last night & 2016

Dems: win fair and square, win the pop vote, "not liking that it was so close."

State Referenda results

Let's savor the apparent victory and leave untangling the Hispanic vote for another day.

Assuming NV/AZ/WI hold, we take either GA or MI and that's it! That's the 270!

Why DT is so afraid of PA absentee vote count

We need to see this as a lesson about how minorities are always having to out perform

Gotta donate to Joe one more time folk$

Just woke up. Looked at a video from last night. tRump claims fraud & victory.

I'm not a conspiracy guy, but Trump and the Republicans may be cheating.

I want audits and hand counts in EVERY STATE that went against the polling.

Paris Agreement Exit Effective 11/4/20 12:00 AM - US Reduced To Observer Status

WWPD? (What would Putin Do?)

Prediction markets are saying Biden will win this.

I Believe That We Will Win

New Mexico becomes first state to elect all women of color to House delegation

What a con! If people were still voting after Nov 3, I'd join the lawyers going to court to stop suc

New Mexico becomes first state to elect all women of color to House delegation

New to NC from CO

So, what was the big reveal that was supposed to take Lindsey Graham down?

Hispanic Voters Targeted with Anti Semitic Conspiracy Theories (October 26 Article)

McCormack retains seat on Michigan Supreme Court with close race for court's open seat

One pollster was close regarding Iowa - Selzer/Iowa Poll

AP declared Biden the winner in AZ; why haven't the others outlets?

Russia's New Visionary Economic/Energy Strategy - More Arctic Drilling - Onshore, Offshore, NG, Oil

I'm sure I heard COVID-19 would disappear today.

Psychedelic mushrooms got decriminalized in DC.

Michigan, you deserve everything bad coming your way

Axne (IA-3) re-elected thanks to the Libertarian candidate taking GOP votes.

The Entire World

Puerto Rico Statehood Referendum

At this point, I don't give a fuck how close it is, I just want the win

Trump would've given the same speech even if it was a blowout

It was By-God grim at 4:00 this morning

The Rundown: November 4, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #111: In Binary, This is Issue 7 (11/3/2020 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: Wolverine: Black, White, and Red; Sweet Tooth: The Return; Crossover; and More

Stacy Abrams at 08:48 am this morning (wednesday)

PNAS - In Brazilian Amazon, REDD Data On Deforestation, Carbon Cuts Grossly Overstated

Proposition 22, California gig-work ballot measure backed by Uber and Lyft, passes


Anyone know what the popular vote total is?

Encounter with a MAGAT on Election Day

What Happened to the 800k Mail-In Votes in Florida

If Your KIds Ever Ask ...

AP just put Biden ahead in Michigan.

Need some encouragement?

MI just flipped for Biden

The face!

Uber and Lyft win California vote to keep drivers as independent contractors

michigan just turned blue on CNN map

CNN: Michigan Just Turned Blue (for the moment)

Even Without GA or PA...we still win. Updated to show the 1 for Nebraska.

Delbert McClinton has a birthday today.

It saddens me that 48% voted for this criminal

what pisses me

A little musical levity in light of the election and the vote counts. :)

To Be Clear ...

The polls and Occam's Razor

An idea on how to get rid of Susan Collins

Anyone have an overview of what's happening in the Senate?

It's Trump's anti-immigrant stance that makes him popular despite his repusive ways

Ethiopia Risks Descent Into Civil War as Tensions Flare

"Relentlessly Refuted" Over Decades By Other Climatologists, John Christy The Face Of GOP "Science"

I am now pretty confident Joe Biden will be our next President AND I am depressed as all hell

Unclear Why

"I Believe" "I Believe That" "I Believe That We" "I Believe That We Will Win"

There's now the awful prospect of endless law suits

Susan Collins is performing under 50% in ME-SEN


Biden now has a lead in MI

Marijuana Stocks Fall Despite Cannabis Legalization Winning In Several States

New Jersey Voters Approve Marijuana Legalization Referendum

It is hard to change the way people think.

About Susan Collins, can someone explain rank voting?

Prop. 16: Voters rejecting a measure to restore affirmative action in government agencies and public

Declaring himself the winner ...

It's as if Joe Biden said..

Anyone else watching FAUX News right now ?! The woman in white can't believe Biden can win without

Biden leads in AZ, MI, WI and NV; that's enough to win

Ohio---did it happen again?

If we don't win the Senate (still hoping)

On this day, November 4, 2010, Qantas did not have a fatal accident.

Is there any major city in Isabella County, MI?

Trump's Road to Supreme Court Is Neither Fast Nor Certain

I've owned guns for over ...

Biden's lead in WI and MI is increasing by the moment

These handwringing pundits can STFU

NHC - After Pounding Central America, TS ETA Will Move To Sea, Tracking Towards S. Florida

Facebook and Twitter immediately clamped down on Trump's posts that prematurely declared election

Work Hard

SCOTUS To Hear LGBTQ Foster Care Rights Case Today. Arguments start at 10:00 a.m.

Folks, I know everyone is re-thinking the money spent in Florida.

i stopped watching cable and am follwing online at AP

Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mi) is in trouble.

Gary Peters also has pulled ahead of John James in #MISen per DDHQ

Hold My Beer

If we stop "voting" NOW-- Trump loses. So let's stop.

And To Think ...

As Of 11/1, Coastal Sea Ice Finally Beginning To Form Along Siberian Coast

Rep. Clyburn was always about winning. Criticized at the time in August, but very savvy today.

Biden is going to win

The face!

That's enuff of that political shit-- Take a break

For Sep-Oct Period, Central High Arctic Ice Extent Lowest In 40-Year Satellite Record (80N+)

"We just put a new battery pack in Steve Kornackis chest cavity"

Joe is going to win this, and we still might get the Senate: the Red Mirage is fading!

Climate change: US formally withdraws from Paris agreement

I'm not seeing people talk about it but it seems Gary Peters is going to win the Michigan senate sea


Truth be told!

stress is real.

What will they call joe if he only gets 270 EC Votes?

BBC World just did a segment on Arizona turning blue.

We're Still Open

All eyes on the Senate Race in ME where there are many absentee ballots left to be counted but Democ

I want to add up all the votes Dems win by in AZ, MI, PA, GA, and

The park's last day. Gates now locked for the season in Yellowstone

So Trump is going to ask the Supreme Court to overturn the election results

Right now it's 238 - 213 AP

Number Of Fires In October In Brazilian Amazon & Pantanal Doubled YOY; New Monthly Records For Both

If Joe wins, and the odds look with us now, what is the probability that trump

We Count Those

Joe found a path to remove the fascist from the WH

Too many votes out to call 5th District race between Good and Webb

The dumbest damn post on Facebook I've ever seen in my life.

How can all the polls be wrong in just one direction

Fuck it Dennis Rodman won North Korea talking friend on twitter

Biden's lead is now currently bigger than Trump's final 2016 margin in both MI and WI!

Official Report Admits Oz 19-20 Fires Driven By Warming Climate; Area Burned 2X Size Of Florida

Angst about the closeness of Joe Biden's imminent win misses what we've accomplished

South Florida DUers - coming soon

Want some happy thoughts?

This betting site finally shows GA blue

Did we flip 2 senate seats - AZ and CO - and lost one - AL? And that's all?

New Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority Think Pollsters Suck

Trump Attacks Fox ON FOX in Deranged Final Interview

It's Time to Remove Donald Trump for Good

Tweet of the Day, Tweet of the Year

Hillary: We'll know the election results when every ballot is counted. That's how democracy works.

i hate to even ask this but... Nebraska........

DeJoy needs to go to jail.

If you think that polling is bunk, then why are you wearing a mask?

Biden will be President but the Republicans

Pennsylvania Attorney General Rejects Trump's Call To End Vote Count

Wow, consider this

A win is a win is a win.

Biden now only needs Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada to win.

AM Radio Is The Problem

Why is it that all the weight has to fall on Dems to listen?

Washington Post models project Biden will win WI and Pennsylvania

The conservative Republican Party no longer exists

Biden's up 0.6 in Nevada. 86% reporting

From the NY Times online site.....MF45 wants Wisconsin recount.

Trump voter charcuterie tray


The Remaining Vote in Pennsylvania Appears to Be Overwhelmingly for Biden

Hillary Clinton was not a "bad candidate"

Joe's team, live! Tune in for an an update on where the race stands.

If vote counting stops right now, Biden is president.

I'm starting to feel like I was standing at the wrong end of a firing squad

An election that lays bare America's soul -- and the rot goes well beyond Trump

"America's great again !"

i want full forensics exams on touch screens. cubans voted for trump?

Well, that wasn't the blue tidal wave I was anticipating

Were the polls wrong?

NYT: The Remaining Vote in Pennsylvania Appears to Be Overwhelmingly for Biden

sobering post from 538 live blog re the country

Me and my trees. Sometimes it's good to expect the worst...

Virginia's new rail authority just met for the first time

Why didn't Hillary's team file for recounts in MI, WI and PA in 2016?

This is going to make a lot of you angry,

Virginia's new rail authority just met for the first time

how many hours of sleep did you get last night/this AM?

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan will hold a noon hearing over USPS' non-compliance with his order

N.M. gets first Black state senator

N.M. gets first Black state senator

It whined on Twitter:

CA election results info

Just checked all 50 states and....

Thoughts on why HRC did better with the Latino vote in general?

This was Trump and the Republicans game plan all along

What I am listening to right now

HA! Is this the PA Lt Gov on MSNBC? Called trump "no different than any internet troll"

DeJoy succeeded in his mission

Anyone brave enough to check out faux noise this morning??

One thing for which I'm VERY grateful right now! DEM Governors of WI, MI and PA!

Michael Moore is making sense on Facebook this morning.

(N.M.) Lujn edges Ronchetti in U.S. Senate race

Lujn edges Ronchetti in N.M. U.S. Senate race

Can't figure why the NYT isn't calling Arizona

814 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 39 deaths

we must impound and examine touch screen machines. everywhere.

Are there enough outstanding votes in PA to overcome the advantage Trump...

I hope Joe makes Doug Jones his AG

Blue Arizona - John McCain's last gift to this friend Joe,

Explaining polls and the effect of Dejoy

Pittsburgh update from mayor Peduto

ALL the exclusive mail-in state totals EXACTLY MATCHED the polls!!

LET'S LISTEN TO trump, STOP THE COUNTING!! If we did, Biden would be the winner.

Mail in voters a harder to hack. This is why Trump tried so hard to discourage VBM.

It's the vote rigging through use of easily hackable modems

Note on AZ: there's a reporting error so the NYT estimate of 98% counted is incorrect.

Kasich says "we need to listen to rural America". I think I've listened enough.

Does Joe win without PA if we win AZ and NV?

Biden's lead in MI now 36,500!

Anybody else no longer love this country? Hesitated to post, but gotta get this off my chest.

"Fuck You - Keep Counting"

South Florida shenanigans

Have Maine's and Nebraska's congressional districts that

There is no Crying in Trump Removal, Michael Moore, some optimism

I don't think the late arriving ballots are going to matter

Senate question

We are lucky for the 2018 elections

More than one million mail-in votes to still be counted in Pennsylvania

USPS failed to deliver * 27% * of mail-in ballots in South Florida!!

My final thoughts about polls (for what its worth)...

something doesn't up, 138 mill vs 134 mill

Let's not lose perspective on a few things - namely we're going to have a woman vice president.

We live in a country where the POTUS undermined the Postal Service to manipulate an election.

New USPS data appears to show a failure to deliver mail ballots from voters across the country

DeJoy did what he was hired to do: USPS failed to deliver 27% of mail-in ballots in S. Florida

Listen Up Folks: The "Closeness" of this Election was Engineered by the GOP

We should listen to Trump and stop vote count

San Diego Mayoral Race: Todd Gloria Takes Early Lead

San Diego Mayoral Race: Todd Gloria Takes Early Lead

Jewish graves in MI desecrated with pro-Trump graffiti. This is how half of America thinks, folks.

So a small community of Cuban voters limited the vote in Miami-Dade? Not so fast!

Craig won!

"Going to court requires making actual legal arguments. And none of the claims Trump made on Wednesd

To be honest I don't care what else happens as long as we get rid of the canker sore Trump /nt

Anyone else notice this morning that not once did JoeScum mention

It occurs to me that Trump thinks the same about the election as COVID-19

Popular vote for President in MINNESOTA.......

1. Many Hispanics are socially conservative

Heeheehee! GOP sources say Trump had a 'temper tantrum' after seeing results swing toward Biden: CNN

After witnessing this election, one thing is CHRYSTAL CLEAR:

MSNBC is saying by 7pm today per GA's SoS they should have all votes counted & should have

Forbidden Zone of The Grand Canyon: Legends, Landmarks & Lies

Brazil President's senator son charged with crimes

Are we sure there was a Latino issue anywhere else but Florida?

Biden 'is on track to win this election,' campaign manager says

My Gift To America

I declare myself the winner.

PA reported results again, lead down to 500k!

There's no fucking crying in politics.

I find it interesting that a $15.00 minimum wage received 61% of the vote in Florida

The white ethnic group (and their poc allies) as a bloc vote

Biden Now an Overwhelming Favorite in the Betting Markets

Biden Total 30K over tRump now in MI, kicking butt with still votes to count in blue Wayne County

Michigan, my Michigan.

YOU raised $1,600 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 11-3-20

"A Biden DOJ will be a check on R Senators who should be criminally charged..."

Anyone in Arizona...need help

A shout out to Marc Elias and Democracy Docket who now fight the legal fights

Uphill climb for Democrats in some key states as they seek to flip statehouses

John Ralston on Nevada

"He wanted my soul and I thought: why not? I never use it anyway." Come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

USPS statistics on mail-in ballots 'look worse than they actually are': report

Biden has now received more votes for president than any other candidate in U.S. history

After all the BS tactics that Pendejo45 and his (R) minions pulled ...


Thanks to the clear heads at DU for keeping me sane last night. I was getting pretty low...

Detroit Free Press: Ignore Trump. Count the votes

11:30 AM Biden ahead in MI between 31-32,000.

Don't ever play the John King shot game

I so hope (given this new 27% undelivered MIB South FL scandal) that we REALLY

Pennsylvania's Lt. Governor Fetterman is awesome. 😂

Kamala: This race isn't over until every single ballot is counted.

"Democrats cannot allow the emotional trauma of 2016 (and last night) to force us into hiding..."

Exit polls - CNN

Want gto know why so many people voted for Trump?

Biden is now projected to receive more votes for president than any other candidate in U.S. history

Any chance at all we can peel off a GOP senator or two?

Just got up, so I'm sure there's already a thread, but why weren't more ballot counters hired

Willing to bet orangesicle ordered DeJoy not to comply

#BREAKING: Wisconsin Elections Commission - "All of the ballots have been counted."

I Have a feeling Biden is Still headed to an 8-9 Million Popular Vote Win

Maybe it's time to talk secession.

So, our last remaining worry is Arizona? Somebody chill me the fuck down!

And don't forget that 238,785 Americans are dead and there are 9,703,299 cases

If it wasn't for the cities, we would be fucked

The truth is there are lots of positives that will happen when Biden wins

Does this Supreme Court case remove the faithless elector concern?

Dems head toward House control, but lose incumbents to GOP

New York's Working Families Party cleared the threshold to keep its automatic ballot line.

He's melting!

Last night, I heard a comment that military ballots don't arrive until the day after the election.

What's Left in the Seven States That Will Decide the Race

MI Secretary of State Benson: "Why are we still waiting to hear from MI?"

Scott Walker suggests Biden's Wisconsin lead too big for recount

So my Republican friend says they're going fight the vote count as long as it takes

The Biden Administration will save hundreds of thousands of Americans

Why AP called Arizona for Biden - link

I just can't believe that 66,000,000 people voted for Trump!

Watching the river flow

Sullivan hearing on USPS undelivered ballots starting noon EST. CNN covering it.

WI, MI and PA recount laws:

Arizona Board of Elections shows Arizona 99% in

"Biden has expanded his lead to more than 30,000 votes in Michigan" (NYT reporter)

USPS tells judge it didn't really understand his directive

US Politics Polls calling Wisconsin for Biden

Well, I'm relieved to know that I live in a Blue Michigan county. Biden expanded state vote by 30K

Ocasio-Cortez Wins 2nd Term in Costly Loss for Republicans

I think the pandemic and the lockdowns hurt us

"Yikes. What Trump's Twitter timeline looks like right now, the morning after Election Day"

CNN no call yet on AZ. Has anyone called it? TIA

Biden has won Wisconsin.

How about Ne-2?

Oregon becomes first US state to decriminalise hard drugs

Please Reassure me about Nevada n/t

Impeachment proceedings for DeJoy and Trump

Yesterday's chores were from electoral anticipation. Today I cut part of the grass, not all of it.

paper ballots, not vapor ballots.

What happens now that Covid isn't suddenly going away ?

This sounds promising about Arizona - link

Ritchie Torres, Mondaire Jones become 1st openly gay Black members of Congress

Vienna attack: Austria admits failing to act on Slovak warning on gunman

Either Kentucky hates America

Ritchie Torres, Mondaire Jones become 1st openly gay Black members of Congress

Biden lawyer Bob Bauer notes that Trump's lawyers have not showed up to the Sup Ct this morning

Trump coming to terms with more votes for Joe Biden being counted in key states

Win or lose, Trump will not go away.

Can we start to feel confident yet? Serious question. Seems like Joe can declare - am I wrong?

Wondering here. So when Biden wins, and AFTER Rump is charged by the NY AG

"Someone might have a price to pay for that," says Judge Sullivan.

I think after all is said and done

once the orange asshole officially loses, we will be witness to the flailings and insane rantings of

Biden has received more votes than any presidential candidate in history and...

DeJoy needs to be in prison, he needs to be the 1st of MANY, put him under the cosh till he squeals

칠갑산 - 유라 Chilgap Mountain- Yura

It is more than the hogs that stink in Iowa anymore.

I decided to take a break from this and binge watch

I feel a bit more at ease with I am seeing!

She is horrible.

Shop Owner Installed A Glass Ceiling And Now His Cats Are Always Watching Him

Borowitz: Cincinnati Bengals have declared themselves the winners of next February's Super Bowl.

So when will the civilized portion of the United States...

CNN: GA Dump lead down to 87k.

Top shock of last night

Sarah Kendizor: The election shows the United States is a broken country

Georgia is within 87,000 votes for the good guys. How many votes did DeJoy ratfuck?

NEW: Federal judge says US Postmaster General will have to be deposed or appear in case in DC

Mail-in ballots are not "new":

Are we predicted to win Pa. considering

Remaining uncalled House seats (blue shift)

The RW is really pissed at Fox News

I'm Ashamed of Myself This Morning

Joe Biden picks up 3 of Maine's 4 electoral votes: CNN

ME Senate: Why are folks giving up on Gideon?

Maybe Cindy McCain's endorsement in Arizona did make enough of a difference there

Senior Trump campaign official: "We are clearly in a corner here"

If Biden does win, we will have the DOJ and can start undoing Barr's damage. Maybe the

WI - trollbot swarms on Twitter

We GAVE them two issues: the economy and socialism! Why?

What Do You Call A Candidate Who Only Wins By One Electoral Vote?

What Do You Do When ...

Please identify your current level of Fauci

"The election may have been a close one, but I think that there is general agreement by all ..."

I could really just use some good news.

Someone needs to tell Trump he has the right to remain silent.

Own It

Electoral College Fuckedup System....

Why do WaPo and NBC News still have AZ at 86% repoting?

Andrea Mitchell just claimed 2022 will be harder for dem senate than now. My understanding it'll be

Can we stop with the old posts already? GA and MI is last on the menu

The Wildest Pittie Eats Out Of His Baby Sister's Hands

did we lose something in the senate i missed?

Biden in the WH, Repubs in the Senate, what the Dems in the House should do EVERY DAY

Michigan! Biden lead just jumped to 46,000!

US Formally Exits Paris Pact Aiming to Curb Climate Change

Chump says count here but not there

One thing Trump was right about (although he didn't mean to be)

I don't believe in ghosts,

WI SoS: All votes have been counted and Joe leads by 20,000 or so

Michigan secretary of state says expects unofficial vote count by end of day

Bill Stepien, trump campaign mgr, says they will request an immediate recount in WI

From across the pond: OK, America, so what the hell happens now?

Pangolin Patrol: Volunteer Team Rescues Endangered Animals

Amount of ballots remaining in GA

MI U.S. Rep Elissa Slotkin on a media call now


Arizona screwed Trumps and Pennsylvania Republican plans

So I listened most of the oral argument this morning in Fulton vs Philadelphia

Please don't despair.

Lauren Underwood is in a BATTLE

This was the 2nd worst possible scenario

It is clear to me now....

"What do you do when half of America does not want to be brought together?"

Trump's Road to the Supreme Court Isn't as Fast as He Wants


Voter turnout is estimated to be the highest in 120 years

I am concerned about the election results in Indiana (please bear with me and read this).

With Biden in, a new AG, i feel

New Jersey Keeps 14-day Quarantine Rule for Travelers As New York Shifts to COVID Testing

Willie Nelson Singing 'Under Pressure' With Karen O Is the Duet We Didn't Know We Needed in 2020

A new scam (because we need a break!): a friend was just telling me about this dating site he is

MUST REAAD from Dan Pfeiffer of Pod Save America - "Biden is Winning, Act Like It."

So where are the COVID reports today? What is happening out there?

Who would you like to see the new AG assuming

Sex education referendum looks to be approved after early Washington state returns


Trump campaign to request recount in Wisconsin

Senate leader McConnell says wants coronavirus aid bill by year's end

"Why would I suspect America is more regressive than people think?"

Why hasn't AP, MSNBC etc called WI For Biden? In 16 the state would've been called yesterday based

Animals Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You

GOP effort to block 'cured' Pennsylvania ballots gets chilly reception from judge

How are we doing with state legislatures re: redistricting?

Wooohooo that horrid Wilco Sheriff Chody got his butt kicked yesterday by Officer Gleason

So he's going to have to be dragged off kicking and screaming?

Is Georgia still winnable?

any nevadans here? why is the nevada count stuck at 67% reporting?

I LOOOOOVE this country. We've won. Act like it

Fulton County: There are at least 67k absentees that need scanning and/or adjudicating today

It's squealing

Gary Peters moves ahead in MI-Sen!

Key States Could Be Headed Toward Recounts. Here Are the Rules.

Tweet Of The Year (Maybe The Decade?)

Trump derides 'surprise ballot dumps' as Biden takes slim lead in White House race

Gideon has conceded the race ...

Trump campaign was livid when Fox News called Arizona for Biden -- and tensions boiled over on-air

CNN: "Mr. President, why does Bidens vote count keep going up?"

So Wyoming has become the Reddest state in the Union?

Kanye West Gets 60,000 Votes Across 12 States In U.S. Presidential Race

Prominent Republicans are condemning President Trump's false victory claim

For half of the country the tag line

52% of white women voted Trump 2016 55% voted Trump 2020. Read this

Lindsey Graham pitches a fit after win

I count VP JB 270: 227 + NV 6, AZ 11, WI 10, MI 16. Don't need PA!

From the way things are looking, Trump has no path to 270

De Blasio concerned that potential stimulus money earmarked for NYC will first go through Albany

Michigan Sen Peters is leading for the first time by 1000 points per CNN nT

More votes than anyone in the history of the USA, Coservative Press: Dems are

The Senate Solution

Collins wins 5th Senate term as Gideon concedes

Does anyone know what votes haven't been counted in Nevada?

Troyer Vs. Fajardo: Pierce County Sheriff Election Results 2020

Can someone with a membership to the WP or NYT please post a four para clip

I was winning, and then I was losing!!...VERY STRANGE

Rude Pundit: Trumpism is a cancer on this country-It's going to take multiple treatments to kill it

Exit polls show strong white evangelical support for Trump

A New Front Opens in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Borscht

Susan Collins won in Maine???

Two New York progressives have become the first openly gay Black people elected to Congress.

I am confused and depressed.

Trump allies have become fixated on "Sharpiegate," a controversy alleging that MAGA voters in ...

My sisters response to Trumpists.

Hey bros! Guess what! Madison Cawthorn just got elected to Congress, dudes!

Welcome to WTA.....

4 proud boys stabbed in DC.

Susan Collins says Sara Gideon called her to concede the race. Maine Senate over, Collins reelected.

USPS data shows thousands of mailed ballots missed Election Day deadlines

Phone banking to help uncounted ballots with technical issues

Collins didn't lead in one poll

The Never Trumpers need to start a third party for 2024

Dogs (and cats) Begging For Food 😂😍

Am I wrong

Something is fishy. Maybe we did win tsunami style

It's November 4th!

The Trump campaign just announced a press conference in Philadelphia with Eric Trump, Lara Trump,...

I don't give a damn how ugly we win...

Did anyone listen to respected members of one own's party

The truth will out?

Trump campaign files a lawsuit (Michigan):

Diver Catches Award Winning Shot After Hearing 'Whale Shark, Right Behind You!'

There is no such thing as a Never Trump Republican

BREAKING: CNN just called Wisconsin for Biden

Nevada election results: State pauses vote counting until Thursday

Denmark to kill 17 million Mink to stop Covid mutation from spreading

Count Every Vote Protests update...

Wisconsin called for Biden.

California votes to return voting rights to felons on parole

The only two Senate seats we flipped were the two we were widely expected to win.

Biden has won Wisconsin. If the other states and Michigan lead hold, he's won.

Time to rid ourselves of ALL computers in our elections. All of them are provided

Glass half full, so, I am really bummed about the senate, I am concerned about health care,

Lot of poo-pooing of Florida, but lost in all the news:

Biden's lead in Michigan keeps growing it is now 45,381

Biden's strength is being sympathetic and empathetic-- he will try to unify the country

Has there been any word from the Lincoln Project?

Rudy is on his way to Philly

This is why I think there is cheating. NC Cal Cunningham - look at his polls

Hilarious Cat Posts That You Need To See Right Meow

Biden has surpassed Obama's record for the most votes of anyone who has ever run for president

My quiet hunch was correct

Trump's 2 AM tirade against democracy was what he planned all along

Is the idea that high turnout favors Democrats

I can't believe how many assholes there are in this country.

Rudy rides to the rescue! Joe just won the election. Thanks fool.

Emperor Mitch has ceded lots of power to the Executive Branch. For example, cabinet confirmations..

Critical: Find out how to volunteer in your state to cure ballots/provisional ballots!!!

Breaking: CNN calls WI for Biden

CNN Projection: Biden wins Wisconsin

We Still Have A Lot Of Work To Do

What a great reason to do away with the electoral college?

My son is trying to keep me positive about the outcome . . . but I keep thinking back to 2000 . . .

Kim Foxx won! YES!!

Cartoons 11/4/2020

Did ABC or NBC ever call Arizona?

More info on the outstanding Arizona vote - sounds promising for Biden - link

The Michigan Senate race is a total teeter-totter

Crickets in freeperville....(No link) No celebrating, and only a couple of denials

600,000 ballots remain to be counted in Arizona

USPS failed to deliver a significant percentage of mail-in ballots

When you unempower and disable the will of the people ....

The AP calls Wisconsin for Joe.

Wisconsin called for Biden


Chief Inspector Murphy is keeping an eye on the results.

The glass is half full; more than half of voters voted for Biden

Joy Reid Labels Justice Clarence Thomas 'Uncle Clarence'

If the trump administration can ignore

Whooooooooooooo... Joe Biden declared the "apparent" winner by NBC in WI!

Trump files suit to stop MI count

Check out how pretty it will be when Biden wins Nevada and Arizona: The Blue West Coast!

Members of the far-right, including a Proud Boys leader, were reportedly stabbed

Wisconsin: BOOM!

Do you think Trump will ask for a recount in Wisconsin?

Congress Will Get Its Second QAnon Supporter, As Boebert Wins Colorado House Seat is broken: I can't get images: Only a plain directory! LOL!

Republicans will go from just being science deniers

"If I've already infected you with Covid, please step outside"

The Remaining Vote in Pennsylvania Appears to Be Overwhelmingly for Biden

Here is Dorothy Parker's love letter to New York.

Kudos to Arizona Latino's !

My advice to PRESIDENT-ELECT Biden: (I'm already LOVING using that term!)

Assuming Biden wins, better make sure tRump is indicted so we don't see him in 2024....

All states prohibit 'militia extremists' and paramilitary activities. So why aren't they stopped?

McConnell, Graham, and now Collins...America just can't get enough of unpopular Senators., speaking to his war room minions...

EXPLAINER: Why AP called Arizona for Biden

MSNBC calls WI for Joe.

I know you guys tried...

Soon my daddy will be gone and I feel so helpless.

2 Dick's Drive-In locations close indefinitely after workers test positive for COVID-19

Andrew Sullivan got owned.

So dumbshit Roger Marshall beat Bollier in KS. I have 6 years to become a senator. what are my step

How I've been staying sane over the past 12-24 hours.

The irony of West Virginia.

Just woke up in NewZealand

DAMN!!! Susan Collins remains the US senator! I SO HATE HER!!!

When will NV post more results?

Sore Loserman 2020 - Let's get out in front of this...

So what happened to this country?

The usual political conventional wisdom probably won't apply this year

is the unscalable wall still being built?

Biden just doubled his lead in Michigan

So which races were hacked?

Remaining votes in PA

Can a President Biden reverse every executive order done by trump?

Finally! A flipped state on CNN's map! Edit: MAKE THAT 5!!

When is Arizona supposed to issue final results?

Question about possible legal challenge in Pa.

Oh FFS it sounds like MSNBC is going to cover Giuliani live

NYT Reporter on PA: "everything there is still consistent with Biden eventually taking the lead"

Rudy to the rescue!

NYT Election Update: If 2016 is any indication, Wisconsin recount may not be worth much to Trump

"I owe Hillary Clinton an apology, many of us do, for blaming her for losing to someone like Trump,

My theory as to why the polls were wrong in 2016 and 2020.

Not today, but at some point we had better consider some sickening truths.

USPS data shows thousands of mailed ballots missed Election Day deadlines

Senior Republican official says Trump victory looking less and less possible

Maybe I can save you from clicking refresh a billion times (timeline of remaining results)

Is the polling really to blame? Take another look.

Nancy ....start swinging your damn purse!!!

NV Delays Could Indicate Big Trouble.

Whenever it comes to Democrats and Republicans and disputed elections, I can't help but think of...

New: Trump campaign says it's filed two lawsuits in PA -- one about poll observer access and one...

We watched him rig the vote: 1. Tell his voters not to mail. 2. Get the post office to delay ballots

WTF is up with the Michigan Senate Race

Lets put this in perspective. It's historically very hard to win against an incumbent.

Legality of NV delay is questionable?

Slate "The problem isn't that the polls were wrong. It's that they were useless"

More from Nevada:

Police have now been called in to the Detroit counting room to try and protect the doors.

Hot tub thread!

USPS to continue extraordinary measures to deliver properly postmarked ballots through Saturday

Some 45 minutes later, there's still no sign of this lawsuit having been filed on the Michigan Court

Remember the horror of 2016 and no DU?

Nebraska appreciation thread

By wanting to stop the counting of ballots in in battleground states


My summary as of 3:30 PM, 11/4/2020

538 live blog "What's left to count"

I guess I was wrong on turnout

If the media coverage RIGHT FUCKING NOW doesn't convince you there is no liberal media

So how many first time voters will throw up their hands and give up

Rudy is gonna be in court for weeks talking to Judge Borat and not even notice.

A "Brooks Brothers Riot" shaping up in Detroit *It's a little too little, it's a little too late!*

Trump's only evidence of wrongdoing is USPS's massive failure to deliver ballots

Mimi Rocah is the new DA for Westchester, NY

Polling seems to work when Trump isn't on the ballot

msnbc about to cover the Detroit vote counting harassment situation

Juicy Roasted Chicken

Breaking: Latest tweet from Trump spells trouble for America and the free world

Yay! Elissa Slotkin retains her seat: MI08 51% to 47%

Looks like Trump's lead in Pennsylvania is down to 350 K. (Guardian)

Any way to moderate the DU Facebook group? Too many trolls.

Question? How many Repub Senators are up for re-election

NYT Election Updates: Biden on his way to the Chase Center in Wilmington to speak

Appreciation thread for Joe Biden

I have some thoughts on why tRump did as well as he did. Bear with me!

Time to shift focus

There's no factual basis for a Trump declaration of victory in Pennsylvania.

Election 2020: Thus far, what has shocked you about this election?

What party is Jo Jorgensen?

Pop that popcorn and watch as they succumb to the crushing weight of the truth

DJT: We don't want to have a recount in any of the battleground states.

So Trump, Who Demanded 12 Hours Ago ...

Up to the minute in Michigan important Senate race.

Somebody tell me about Arizona.

With 99% in Michigan, Biden now up by 61K

Neal Katyal: The incoherence of the Trump election litigation strategy is on full display here.

Joe Biden Speaks LIVE about the 2020 Election (coming up at 4 EST, 11/04/2020

Just came in from outside, and saw maybe 600,000 votes possibly missing in Arizona?

It's Called Counting ...

Can someone tell me about GA?

Republican ratfuckery hitting Ludicrous speed now

So, the idiot trumpers in MI are trying to

I am wondering if the right wingers start butting heads with police if they will no longer be pro

News briefing coming up in Las Vegas, Nev. (1 P. M local)

Someone needs to step in and protect those heroes in Detroit

Nate Silver makes it sound like Arizona may be close - link

Steve Schmidt...


I am so excited that we are so close to having the first woman VP

On my rounds today didn't see any pickups with flags yet and a lot

Emmet Sullivan instructs USPS to conduct two sweeps for ballots in Texas.

Biden just passed 70 million in the popular vote.

Joe is now @ 264 E.V.s (counting MI) .. 61,000 vote lead with 99% of the vote in. President Biden!

Dems didnt lose that much of Latinx votes in Florida

Joe is live! Tune in as I address the nation on the state of the race.

Has Joe officially won Wisconsin?

99 percent of vote in Michigan, Biden up by 60,000+ .....

Arizona better have super high security

Donald Trump is not an aberration, he's a mirror.

If reincarnation is real, I hope to be reborn in a country that is actually a democracy. nt

I wish the media and others stopped referring to Trump as President. nt

Biden's speech right now is good

Now they're causing shit in Nevada ... because they're losing

Biden hit 70,000,000 votes, National!

Best friends return home and this Golden Retriever is the happiest dog

Michigan for Biden!

CNN calls Michigan for Biden!

CNN: Biden projected to win MI!


I keep hearing it was terrible but Biden won 66% of the Hispanic vote. That's decent

Trump sues in Pennsylvania, Michigan; asks for Wis. recount

CNN - declares victory for Biden in Michigan

So...Biden won, right?

What a shitshow. Expect another Brooks Brothers riot in AZ

Tom Tomorrow

Are we seeing the AM Radio Brigade in Detroit?

Tears in my eyes.

"In 2000, it was all FL, which had been called for Bush. Their case was easy."

Great speech by Biden

Two elections in a row.

Federal Judge Wants Louis DeJoy to Testify Under Oath About Mail Delays

If Collins loses we have 50 senators plus VP Harris

Joe Biden is now 6 Electoral Votes away from the presidency - or the state of Nevada.

Nevada election officials to announce updated results Wednesday, earlier than stated

Furious Trump called Rupert Murdoch and screamed about Fox News calling Arizona

Biden wins Michigan!!!!

I could probably look around and find this, but any idea when Pennsylvania will be called?

Imagine a Black Lives Matter protest with protestors trying to break into a county vote-tally room.

When Biden gets to 270 and courts rule against Trump

Just stop the pissing and moaning.. keep your eyes on the prize I wanted to scream

Biden wins Michigan, NBC News projects

If you missed Joe's speech a few minutes ago, here's a link

Black men drifted from Democrats toward Trump in record numbers, polls show


This is the gloomiest election ever

2024 betting market has Harris as favorite to be President

So, if you all are into sports metaphors...

Do you think this scenario is rare or common enough to be a worry?

Some light reading for select DU residents...

Did anybody watch and remember the dream ending for 25th Hour?

so proud, so ashamed

The first sign of trouble I saw yesterday ....

Are votes being counted today in Arizona/Nevada

Rudy is freaking out as the guy who he has lied on and

Olbermann vs. Trump #21 Twitter

CBS call MI for Biden. CBS tally's Biden w/253 to Trump's 213 electoral votes.

Trump has cheated all his life.

So when does the orange anus hop on a commercial jet and leave the country?

There are 244,950 uncounted votes in Philadelphia...

Before they collect the signs

It's the ballgame , folks!!!!

Trump campaign falsely claims victory in Pennsylvania with 100s of thousands of ballots not counted

A good 538 live blog update by Nate . You'll like this.

Stop the counting!

What happened?

Anxious here

How are my fellow Montanans faring today? ETA: And, other friends from red states

MSNBC jus called Michigan for Biden!n/t

Joe wins Michigan! I just got the nofication

Reminder to Trumpists ... Supreme Executive Power Must Be Wielded By A Mandate From The Masses!!! nt

4:50 EST. Politico has it at 264-214. NYT has it at 253-214. CNN at 253-213. The Guardian 248-214.

FXN has Arizona called for Biden

URGENT: North Carolina Voter Protection Phone Bank

Republican ratfuckery fails in Michigan. James doesn't deserve to win. Just another

Okay...who let a 15 year old boy do this CNN graphic?

Fox News has called Michigan for Biden.

Tweet of the Day

If trumputin's cheating only helps GOP senators but not him, do

A perfect song for The Election: Make A Change by Buckwheat Zydeco

The Lincoln Project Didn't Move 10 Votes in This Election

Free Mental Health Assessments

OK y'all - it's the afternoon on November 4th, and here's what we know so far...

He's not going to get away with trying to steal this one

Peters lead increasing in Michigan. Now up 11K at 97.11%

Joe: Power can't be taken or asserted, it flows from the people, and it's their will that determines

Every reporter should be asking trump "Why do you hate America?"


The twisted loser logic of the Big Con....

It just occurred to me that the polls got Joe's percent about right 50-52, but

So counting votes to catch up is ok in Arizona, but not everywhere else?

JUST IN: Nevada officials will release more results later today due to the high interest

Fox "News" is almost enjoyable this fine afternoon.

Freeperville reaction to PA for Frump assertion: No links: no names, sanitized.

Trump pulls another stunt to fort the process in Michigan?

Dems flip.michigan supreme court

What Trump is doing is incredibly dangerous

Wow, Trump just Tweeted (totally insane!!).......

Crunching numbers on PA. Looks great. Want to dive in to #s?

"Hereby" is the word Trump uses when he is trying to sound official...

So did everyone catch what transpired in Alabama when Tuberville topped Doug Jones?

Somehow we need to figure out how to work

Big day for legal weed

Some of those who oppose a federal statute to standardize how federal elections are

If Trump Tries to Sue His Way to Election Victory, Here's What Happens : Propublica

"All of this is normal behavior for an intemperate adolescent, an authoritarian ruler, or Trump."

Question regarding the Pennsylvania "no poll watchers"

Not too early to start looking at Retrumplican Senators up for "defeat" in 2022

When you break It down ...

Just saw this, seems appropriate. Keep Counting.

Down to 68k lead for Dump in GA.

Trump has to win all the outstanding states to win

After a Biden, and Kamala victory

Detroit, Milwaukee, Ann Arbor, Madison etc.... Take a bow.

USPS doesn't have data on # of ballots still in the system. Judge demands data by 9:00 am tomorrow.

EnJoy DeJail DeJoy

Mr_L's Biden Win Celebratory Playlist (for folks with Spotify) ...

Ten dollars a month to the Wisconsin Democratic Party

Do you think Drumpf will pull a Cleveland and run in 2024?

Arizona was the big story this election. What caused such a big shift against Trump there?

Election 2020 live updates and results: Biden moves closer to victory with projected Michigan win

Trump is bundling states now?

Switched to Fox out of curiosity...they've called AZ for Joe

Not ideal, but I'll take it

Lest we forget---WashPost chart showing 100,065 new covid cases, 1,078 deaths today

Headline from the New Yorker...

Baby Snow Kittens

As much as I admit the phenomenon exists, I've always disliked the phrase "toxic masculinity"...

Jesse watters is not smirking anymore

Joe: To make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies. We are not enemies.

If you have to ask

An Iowa airport has a plan to screen passengers for the coronavirus. It's being held up by the FAA.

Looks like Trump's lead in Pennsylvania is down to 300 K. (Guardian)

"This may be the year when we finally just lay back and say it--that we are really just a nation ...

Summary of Trump's current election lawsuits and vote count demands

LOL: Rudy Giuliani is 'leading the legal effort' to stop vote counting in Pennsylvania: Eric Trump

Biden still 82 in Arizona on Predictit- was Nate Silver too pessimistic?

How will he concede? (Poll)

Laurence Tribe: I can finally get a good night's sleep.

"A liar and a cheat until the bitter end"

I have claimed, for electoral vote purposes...

The White House just called a lid. Trump's heading for his bunker

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 4, 2020

Gary Peters....

Joe Biden: This will not be my victory or our victory alone.

2 more important posts from 538 live blog

not celebrating til NV and AZ are in the bag un-stolen. One supposes PA will

Thinking of Hillary today...

New Colony Grill in Clarendon giving out free pizzas to current and former members of mil on Vet Day

Will "Trumpism" outlast Trump?

So what happens to the 300 K ballots not delivered?

The White House just called a lid at 5:25 PM

Anybody know about the outstanding vote in Georgia and N.C

If Peters win, what will probably be the final Senate makeup between Democrats verses

So how about this for future elections

This election would never have been close

Concede the ELECTION trump, you f-ing sick bastard.

Centrist Democrats talk leadership changes after negative election results

When Joe wins, THIS WILL BE A WAVE... and let me tell you why

The Trump signs have come down in my little town in Trump Country, Michigan

I figured out why Dems are spamming Twitter with this message:

It seems there's a lot of talk that we've won

I for one am glad Rudy is making an ass of himself in Philly

New: GOP officials losing patience w/Trump's behavior

If the Trump family ends up at a crappy hotel outside of Chernobyl, ala Schitt's Creek, are we

Oh, Duckie

Jason Isaacs to Trump: I claim, for repulsion purposes, your diseased mind, your bag of orange

The origin of the expression: Lame duck

"Stop counting before I have to admit I lost!"

Guys-we got rid of trash but we also ELECTED the first WOMAN VP and a woman of color no less

Once Trump loses, can someone blow up the Trump balloon and

Turn those machines back on!!!

'Haul Louis DeJoy In Front Of A Criminal Grand Jury'

There's a moving van sitting outside the White House!

Trump campaign has given up on Wisconsin recount

How black artists around the country view the Biden-Harris team

Prehistoric female hunter discovery upends gender role assumptions

Florida's not the last word on the Latino vote

A North Dakota state legislature candidate who died from Covid-19 appears to have won his election

I'm old enough to remember when Trump tried to claim Greenland too. How did that work out for him?

Dumpo the Clown as he rides away, Your a loser baby!!! Sing along with me!

Thank you President Xi, I don't think that we could have won without you.

David Wasserman (COOK POLITICAL): "Biden hitting his targets in PA..."

Can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

With a Biden presidency we also get a whole new Cabinet and White House staff.

Judd Legum: I just read the complaint the Trump campaign filed in Michigan and it's a doozy.

If Biden wins

Stacy Abrams for DNC chair

Pascal Comelade- Haikus de Pianos (full)

It's November is COVID gone?

''We Won. And I Feel Like Shit' - James Carville

Is fox news the only one showing Joe at 264

Breaking: Trump sends lawyer to Clark County, NV

I was really looking forward to seeing the flag waving cult members crying and pouting

Wonder if the Third Lady is drafting up the divorce papers yet

Jon Ralston coming up on Nicolle in 30 seconds

Another way to win the Senate

"Responsible Opposing Viewpoints Are Invited To Request Time To Reply..."

There are 34 U.S. Senate seats up for regular election in 2022

It has indeed been a very happy birthday.

Pitties Are Obsessed With Their Grandma

How flipping sweet would it be if Twitter banned Mango Mussolini like 5 minutes after Biden

GA...Dump lead down to 57k.

How are there 600k outstanding votes in AZ?

New cases of COVID 97,076 and counting. UPDATE and new numbers.

Jim Acosta reports Trump has given up on the Wisconsin recount

Coronavirus updates: United States tops 100,000 new coronavirus cases in a day for first time

Sweet baby Jesus please make Hannity declare Joe Biden the President Elect

Count Every Vote!


So who's gonna get Kamala's seat? How is that going to work?

This Cat And His Neighbor Become Best Friends

Kornacki on msnbc

I gotta go to bed. Have to be up early to get to NL. Just one thing before I retire for the evening

Here Are The Post-Election Protests And Events Planned Around D.C. This Week

Devin Nunes wins 10th term in Congress, defeating California Democrat Arballo

In Less Important News, U.S. About To Hit 100,000 New Cases & 1,200 Deaths Today

I was duped by a fake tweet.

Should GA fall, we would have taken a stake to the heart of the confederacy

Nevada has moved up its vote count release from tomorrow morning to this evening.

Who (and when) will put Joe over the top?

Biden breaks Obama record for most votes

What's the chance Republicans, Melanie,

Joe Biden's win in Arizona was a long time coming

Mink-to-human covid cases reported in Denmark, massive culling planned

How did Duhneece do???? I forget her real name or location. nt

Here Are The Post-Election Protests And Events Planned Around D.C. This Week

Trump supporter wearing a shirt that says "BBQ BEER & FREEDOM" loses his mind...

Does he think this is a TV game show where he can "claim" prizes?

Hey first nudeyou don't have to mess with the feeking kresmas dcratins anymore. We don't even care

Its 1214pm New Zealand time (614pm EST USA)


Joe Biden is our President-elect.

Washoe County won't release results tonight - instead tomorrow.

What I would like to see

Hey, Pat Robertson!

Allende and Chile: 'Bring Him Down'

"Biden in a much stronger position....."

Aw, the Steelers are providing dinner for the ballot counting workers!!

**Fox News preparing to call it for Biden tonight**

Personally, this had been a tough couple of days, memories

Good News (I think) from a Las Vegas Sun newspaper

Nevada and Arizona - by my calculations Biden should win BOTH once the votes are all counted...

Mike DeWine on Fox News says he's for Trump but if Biden wins, "all of us will accept that."

I hope dems won't concede in senate races that turned out to be unexpectedly close -- within MOE


Remember, as frustrated and stressed as we are ...

"If Trump does end up filing a Petition to Stop Counting Votes..."

Biden/Harris Presidential transition website

State Board of Elections: NC vote totals unlikely to change until next week

SO AZ and GA will report more votes later tonight

The Biden-Harris website transition team website is now up

Nevada update - Jon Ralston. Not much movement in the needle up north, it's all about Clark!

Clap for the heavyweight champ MI but I couldn't do it all alone WI

Nevada voted for President Obama in 2008, 2012 and Hillary in 2016 ....


"Where were we? What was the last question?"

Accurate representation of Biden vs Trump in Michigan

We knew it wouldn't be pretty but this is embarrassing.

Trump lead in GA down to 55,000 with about 200,000 votes to count!

Six arrested in Raleigh protest: 'Whoever wins, we lose'

Watching Plouffe on MSNBC

Six More Fucking Years For Turtle, Lindsey, Joni & Susan

Nate Cohn of the NYT on PA

I love Carville

It's like the Brooks Brothers riot, but with morons.....

History being made, Vice President Kamala Harris. Nt

No Mention Of Covid Since Election

What do you expect Trump and his minions to do right after it's called for Biden?

Anyone taking bets on how many nanoseconds after Biden is declared the winner that the GOP...

Just a reminder from Neal Katyal

What a difference a day makes. Now Dems are cocky

Trump sounds like he's given up

I thought Trump voters didn't want the votes counted?

Dear Moscow Mitch and Rand Paul, You Have Questions Regarding Russia to Answer

Does Jocelyn Benson, the Secretary of State of Michigan know she's presidential material?

Trump Prematurely Declares Bankruptcy, Er, Victory

Thank you Women of America.

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate runs through AK,GA,and NC.

FOX News analyst stands by call of AZ to Biden.

We had two types of DUers last night. Which were you?

Abigail Spanberger won re-election to the House and Wasserman on MI/PA/WI

Final fundraising info for all our candidates


Best graphic image I've seen all day - Trump and Lady Liberty

Can we stop making threads that trash DU'ers?

Just wondering about Arizona

In Case You Need a Laugh ...

Dinah Washington: What Difference A Day Makes

My wish: Fox News is the first to call the election for Biden and...

Question about military ballots

James Carville said Dems should

In 2024 I want "Popular Vote for President" eom

Georgia just moved to favor a Biden win on Predictit

So if my math is correct

Do you think part of the reason Republicans did better than expected in Senate races

Arizona Call for Biden Flipped the Mood at Trump Headquarters

Trump now raising $ for court fights and lying that this is the last time he will beg for $.

But they are the silent "majority"


Any insight on Al Gross in AK?

If Biden gets within 25,000 votes in GA there will be a recount.

CNN still showing the NV tally board.


Twitter thread excited about 2 possible senate runoffs in GA

How on brand is this?

Downfall Parody. Classic.

Sorry folks, Nevada to wait until 9:00 AM PST Thursday to (potentially) release more numbers

Damn! The look of shock on some of those faces! NSFW

How About Beto???

Oh, so Stephen Miller's about to be *available* - who will be first in line to hire him??