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Archives: November 5, 2020

John Harwood, just now: Joe Biden's resilience is a wonder

Leah Greenberg, co-founder of Indivisible, has a few words to say. . .

25 Years Ago Today; Israeli PM Yitzak Rabin assassinated in Tel Aviv by right wing extremist

Tweet of the hour

So, is $15 an hour socialism if it's passed through referendum?

trump is so desperately trying to con the American people now into believing

I'm calling it, 305 electoral votes for Biden. n/t

Wow! Georgia is a squeaker!

BREAKING: Trump campaign files lawsuit in 3rd state, Georgia, seeking to pause vote count

Based on our performance during this election cycle

Hey donnie !

WE LEAD in GA!!!..Ladies and Gentlemen.....We got em! GEORGIA HAS GONE FOR BIDEN

I think the final EV total is going to be 306-232 for Biden...

Georgia's about to go blue!... possibly.

I have seen enough. I'm calling the state of Georgia for Joe Biden

Former GOP Chair: America Is Finally Freeing Itself Of The 'Sickness' Of Donald Trump

FOX news desk chief: "We are not pulling back Arizona call"

Trump's clampdown on 'divisive' race training could weaken sexual harassment training, too

Tell you something that occurred to me

What was that term used during. bush/gore count? "Sore loserman"

Clearly Trump thinks he's not going to win Georgia if he's trying to stop the counting.

Little girl imitating Steve Kornacki

Tuned in to FOX News

Fox News guy just said "no possibility of widespread fraud with mail in votes."

BREAKING: Image of trump seen leaving WH as Fox News prepares to declare Joe Biden President-elect!

Trump files suit in Georgia.....

Eddie S. Glaude: "Is he, Trump, a manifestation of the ugliness within us?"

I'm finally calmed down

I think this is where we are: Just enough virture

I have to give it to DeJoy, if you're gonna committ voter/election fraud, do it big.

THANK YOU to all the public servants and volunteers who make elections possible.

Explanation of polling discrepancies

I think we're going to have a decision in.....

Rick Wilson....

I'm not celebrating until Biden is officially at 270

Anyone know where we stand with Senate wins? And which states we could still win?

Has Trump ever said whether he would run again in 2024?

Senator Peters in MI up 48k.

Clearly, white voters are not a monolith, and nobody expects them to be.

Two Americas - Luckovich

Did Scranton break for Biden? I don't know what county that is in

The Trump Train....

Nevada will be releasing updated vote counts at 12pm ET tomorrow. If you were holding out for a Bide

Looks like record Covid-19 cases today

This Party needs some Music...Hey Donnieboy, How Do You feel? (Add jams and pile on if you wanna)

The Big Cons next move....

A special shout out to Sen. Harris who was and is

So my (trepidatious) prediction is 309 - 231 Biden.

KAMALA - first Black/Asian VP (and female VP) of the United States!!

"We're gonna finish tonight," Fulton County Elections Director says of vote counting in this key Geo

A new hint for controlling overeating...


So if we have Georgia, does that make President Biden even without the others? Az, Wi, Mi, Ga. Does

Biden down .4% in Georgia with 4% still out.

Biden crosses the 50% plateau in Michigan.

Quick question: if the Senate goes 50/50,

I hereby claim Idris Elba is my boyfriend.

The best way to remove Donald Trump from the White House is

Democrat Abigail Spanberger declares victory in VA 7

90 minutes from now

When Biden gets the call tonight, or tomorrow,

Republicans defy expectations in the battle for Congress- Why

the orange asshole now is at the most dangerous.

Trump was never ahead - in his entire term, he was a loser

Could Georgia put Biden over the top?


Blood red county in southern Oregon. Not a single truck with a trump/pence flag today.

General Discussion Has Turned Into The Lounge, Friends

Trump Backers Enter Detroit Vote-Count Center, Bypassing Police

Decision Desk HQ Projects Peters (D) Has Won Election To The Senate

NYT thinks Biden ahead 253:214 (so short 17)

My nightmare: Trump 2024

Can they still count votes in GA while the court is hearing trumps lawsuit?

Owning the Freepers

Trump files lawsuit in Georgia to stop vote count amid race to declare result in key state

Voters Back Legalized Drugs, Higher Wages, Voting Restrictions

PA Trump lead down to 212,239

Running from a jail cell could be difficult even for a repuker....

Preparing for a peaceful, um make that whimpering, transition:

In all of the chaos and confusion, has anybody pointed this out...

BREAKING: Trump campaign files 71,185,821 lawsuits against every person who voted for Joe Biden

The Biden transition team's website is up:

Why mail-in ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were counted so late

Nevada changed their mind, won't report results until tomorrow after all

Marc Elias: The Trump campaign is filing a number of meritless lawsuits around the country.

Kent County, Michigan (Grand Rapids) just flipped to Biden

Rick Santorum is on CNN again tonight!

Only 46 K difference in Georgia. How many ballots left?

So predictable! My theory yesterday was - when the chips are down he'll sue.

DU political experts or anyone, is there any chance Biden could reach 270 by tonight?

Not a single one of my many Trump cultist friends on FB bought his bullshit and posted

pennsylvania website showing progress on counting by county

This just in from G. Elliot Morris (Economist)...

NEW: African-Americans make blanket statement to Jared Kushner

I won the Powerball Lottery!!

Has Melania returned from her trip to Florida yet?

Since Trump is claiming states what should we at DU claim?


Lost among the horror: +105,851 / +1,191 :worldometers

Song For the Last 2 Nights

Where's Bill Barr???

European election observers decry Trump's 'baseless allegations' of voter fraud

Trump now has 215 so how does he get 270.

Gary Peters wins

The Good News is Florida is not that Important anymore Electorally

How did the Florida NPA voters break for the president race?

Gary Peters won !!!!!!!

more good news from Michigan. Gary Peters retains his Senate seat.

I call it I call it I call it

Judge "not pleased" after Postal Service failed to meet deadline on order

Pithy quote from TPM re: Trump legal actions ..

If Trump Tries to Sue His Way to Election Victory, Here's What Happens

I'd love to see Amy McGrath serve in a Biden administration in some way.

Joe Biden projects confidence about his lead: 'We believe we will be the winners'

US Senate

Biden Wins Michigan, Wisconsin, Now On Brink of White House

wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in dotard's area? Bet he is just a joy to be around right

My drug of choice tonight...

I just want to go on record that I HATE most of my fellow Alabamians...

well, FUCK.....Collins Wins in Maine, Denying Democrats a Crucial Senate Pickup

If Trump wants a recount in Wisconsin, he's gonna have to cough up the cash up front.

Seems Billo Reilly is upset about all this counting, too...

Kent county Michigan

Why the Supreme Court probably won't help Trump's reelection fate

San Diego County Bosrd of Supervisors flips from Red to Blue

This election win is growing on me, largely because it annoys Republicans so much

Meanwhile, as the outgoing president tries to retain his grip on power, Covid

I honestly think most of the Republicans in Washington are glad the orange anus is going to go down.

One of my peeps just told me that Biden won every economic county

Democrats win big in Arizona, now a former GOP stronghold

I hereby claim Scarlett Johanssen . . . .

One-term presidents in the last 100 years....

No longer flyover states

My current fantasy scenario:

Democrats renew calls for Twitter to suspend Trump for spreading misinformation


Biden/Harris Transition page is up. Just one page but stay tuned ...🙂💙

Will Trump will try to trade an election concession for the dropping of future criminal indictments?

Georgia GOP, Trump file lawsuit over ballot counting

Today, the trump admin left the Paris Climate Agreement; In 77 days a Biden admin will rejoin it

Can Joe Biden's campaign ask for an investigation into the USPS?

According to The Guardian, Biden is just 37K behind Trump in GA but Fulton is in. Can that be right?

"The only way Trump gets to 270 now..."

About those Nevada results (yes, this belongs in the FL group!)

Difference in Georgia less tha 38K

I didn't know trump had a law school in addition to Trump University

People in PA, MI and WI should DEMAND that mail in ballots

Nevada, where Biden narrowly leads, will not update results until Thursday.

A big hug and CONGRATS to Joe Biden, once ...

Wolf Blitzer can be a blustering idiot sometimes. He just said trump was ahead in Georgia by....

Denmark to cull up to 17 million mink amid coronavirus fears BBC

It's no longer a photograph but I found it interesting, didn't say good,

Tucker Carlson absolutely can't stand that black peoples' votes count the same as his.

Trump's margin in PA is under 200K now (195,953) - detailed breakdown

While clearly not as important as Covid or the economy,

Dems have 46 Senate seats, GOP has 48

Democrats dominate Oakland County (MI) ballots on Election Day

SO AZ and GA still giving new numbers today?

So, who put those 53 ballots in the wrong pile?

UHUH! COUNT every vote.

Georgia is now up to 75 on Predictit

Who likes this guy for Press Secretary?

Is Putin on vacation? Incommunicado?

Here's the only way Trump gets to 270

Once Trump is a lame duck will Republican politicians still support his insanity?

Georgia Tech stats professor: Biden gonna win Georgia.

After a day of feeling crappy about the close nature of the race, I remembered

Everything is so stupid (tweet)

MSNBC: should get AZ update at the top of the hour (nt)

"Don't let them steal our joy"

I like this!

When Trump leaves the White House . . .

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Fox News/CNN slam Trump's election night speech: 'That's what authoritarians say'

Rick Santorum and Van Jones: CNN's version of "Hannity and Colmes"

I don't know what's going to happen in Georgia, but fact that it's close is a testament to work @sta

Path to 270 (Georgia vs Nevada)

van jones really hit it out of the park last night

Arizona up now. CNN Phoenix's County. Maricopa County. A 5 point spread.

Tom Ridge calls Trump's attempt to falsely claim victory 'un-American'

Rumor is that trump is headed down to the bunker with a cyanide capsule and a pistol.

Soft cell - say hello wave goodbye

Anyone know reason for NV being stuck at 75%

Well, Iowa broke 3,000 new covid cases today. Way to go Covid Kim

Phoenix New Times: Biden Wins AZ

anyone else confused by cnn reporter

LGBTQ candidates score big victories on election night

How can ballots be both "secretly dumped" and "widely reported?"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 November 2020

Nancy Pelosi Says Joe Biden Will Win Electoral College in 'Historic' Election

AP calls AZ for Biden

ZONA! AP called

Meanwhile, 1,201 new Covid deaths. 108,000 new cases. Expect almost a million new cases in a week

Biden's guide to victory is:

Report: US visas granted to students from mainland China have plummeted 99% since April

Marc Almond (Soft Cell)- Tears Run Rings

Trump, Biden campaigns fundraise in anticipation of pricey legal battles

I'm getting a kick by watching and occasionally talking to these nuts who

Real Clear Politics: Biden/Harris 243 - Trump/Pence 214

Breaking (CNN): Arizona Won't Have 99% Count Until Thursday Or Friday nt

North Carolina election results won't change for a week: officials

I really like Katie Hobbs...AZ SoS.

Gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp says city of Republic defunded police department

Regardless of why this moving truck is in front of the White House - just atrocious optics for the c

Dana Bash. Trump is feeling down. Maybe his SC friends have told him

Georgia and Arizona minimum splits needed to win

Michael Moore

Arizona vote dump numbers

The Republicans and vote counting

PA Vote Tidbits For Wednesday Night 11/4/20

Trump campaign sues in 3rd state, Georgia

New "high" for New Covid cases in US

North Carolina: Reports show that 94-95% of the votes have been counted, meaning about 300k votes

In my utopian world, I'd love for the U.S. to have an official "results day" about five

So - let's say that our man Joe gets AZ, NV, PA and GA

Protesters Take to Streets Across U.S. to Demand Votes Be Counted as Trump Sues to Halt

Armed Agents Are Allowed in Ballot-Counting Venues, Justice Dept. Tells Prosecutors

Giuliani Says Joe Biden 'Could Have Voted 50' or '5,000 Times' in Philadelphia


The sue-age king.

How Biden helped Democrats win the Miami-Dade mayoral race, and reset county politics

Detroit Chaplain Says Black Vote Will Not Be Deterred by 'Stop the Count' Protest

Announcing the Theme for the November contest: "IN THE SHADOWS"

Where are the riots and civil disorder?

If you're having a problem pronouncing her first name...

Maybe its closer than expected but Joe will win. I'm looking forward to the popular vote numbers

Some people in my town have taken down their trump signs today.

Arizona Activists Celebrate As Conservative Stalwart Shifts Blue, 'Truly Remarkable'

Any word on the next vote update from any of the states?

Spot on Tweet by Jeff Tiedrich

Virginia voters decide unambiguously: No more rigged redistricting

Did Mark Kelly win

God Bless America....

538 thread has a very credible prediction that Biden will win the popular vote by 7 million.

Huge profitability, and manipulation to increase profitability, of big tech

The Lincoln Project Didn't Move 10 Votes in This Election

Florida leopard attack put humans--and big cats--in a terrible situation

I'm thinking Ron Klain will be Biden's Chief of Staff

OK. The 7wo7rees fam, (Mr & Ms), well we've decided, we Hereby Claim the DU Lounge!

Companies cited in connection to security guard shooting at Denver protest

Cat & Horse Best Friends

With a speech that was embarrassing to watch, Trump's team just made it clear he'll be the sorest lo

I am nervous about Arizona.

If Dems pick up one more Senate seat (48/48 tie)

How many people are going to be sick or die from voting in person?

And this is the way it ends. Not with a bang but with a WI/MI/PA.

Steve Kornacki is the best...

CNN's Dana Bash says a source tells her Trump is feeling "down" and "starting to see this slip away"

Referenced This In GD For A Different aReason

Just did the math. Please check it

CNN: "Fact check: Almost everything Trump has said after Election Day is wrong"

When are the PA votes coming that are supposed to put us in the lead?

Trump is calling Governors.

FAA Seems to believe Joe Biden will be President Soon

Record Number of Native American Women Elected to Congress, U.S. House of Representatives

Eek. Local AZ news guy

AZ - trump wins one dump does not mean he will win all of them that way

Trump Files Michigan Lawsuit in Attempt to Undermine Will of Voters. Here's Why All Suits Will Fail

Town of Amite makes history, elects first Black mayor

Glad to see these two assholes caught: Two men sentenced in looting after Almeda fire

remaining arziona votes are mail in and early

Psychedelics win

AP Calls Senator Gary Peters winner in MI

If Trump does come back in AZ, at least it will ruin his "late counting is bad" narrative, and it

Chris Wallace SLAMS Trump on air for his demand to stop counting votes

Armed Agents Are Allowed in Ballot-Counting Venues, Justice Dept. Tells Prosecutors

Maricopa County Arizona Thank you Hillary Clinton ...

How do overseas ballots get counted?

Moving truck spotted outside the Whitehouse.

Time magazine, if you're here reading

Do roudy crazy rallies work for Dems? Is this a strategy for Dems?

Now less than 33 K difference in Georgia.

On November 8, 2022, 34 Senate Seats will be up for election - 22 of them Republican.

GA: Perdue 50 Ossoff 49

Steve Sack FTW

Tell me some other things I don't know about people

I got one for you. This is really real.

Why AP Hasn't Called Pennsylvania, Battleground State Where Biden Was Born: Explainer

If Trump were a football coach...

Good news from Jon Ralston.

Biden wins new batch of ballots in PA by 50 points

Presidential elections aren't wedding cakes. You don't get bonus points if the win looks pretty. All

It Just Seems Like Many States Will Forever Be Unreachable By Democratic Presidential Candidates

Simple Minds - Love Song

I have figured out what drives me batty about Steve Kornacki (sp?)

And this be the way that Trump shall end

Can someone please clarify for me re: Pennsylvania

I'm not gonna lie

GA...down to 33,300 Dump lead.

Simple Minds - Promised You a Miracle

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Georgia now down to a little more than 33K vote difference,

Right now, I'm trying to figure out which we have a better chance of doing...

Paula White prayer service for Trump's reelection

Im in a total state of calm..180.from last night PA

Breaking (CNN): White House Says Georgia Is Difference Between White House & Outhouse

Simple Minds - I Travel

Just got this from my sister: the only way Trump gets to 270

Biden took DC with 93% of the vote! LOL!

Where are the outstanding ballots coming from in NC?

Any new batches of ballots from AZ?

Shall I share my election coping

Pro Tip: If your ceiling looks like this...

Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren Read Mean Tweets About Themselves on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Wondering about the impact of TLP on Republican voters.

Election Officials Scramble To Count Ballots In Key States

Here's why I feel confident about Pennsylvania

Arizona Activists Celebrate As Conservative Stalwart Shifts Blue, 'Truly Remarkable'

Alaska only has 56% in. Is that normal for Alaska?

Ray Charles

Trump lost Virginia city where Liberty University is -- the first Republican to do so in 76 years

Weigh in: who is the most evil?

Trump still has a chance at 270

Steelers are helping!

Tempting fate

What is a feasible way to move away from plurality voting?

Georgia up to 83 on predictit

Nice to see some Trumpers agree that FOX NEWS sucks.

drumpf protestors now outside Maricopa ballot counting facility......

Updated-on-the-fly MINIMUM splits needed for remaining ballots to be counted (GA, AZ, PA)

Message from Joe Biden

MSBNC: Philly is about to take a big dump on Don.

CNN has Georgia at 95% counted AP has it at 98% :-(

Trump followers protesting outside the Maricopa County Elections Dept.

Velveeta Voldemort's. Followers are screaming, saying...

So what's the over/under that the Maricopa vote counting center protesters will get gassed?

As Rachel said: 'This is the first draft of history.'

What's going on in North Carolina (President and Senate)?

If wolf Blitzer says we are expecting more votes to come in from GA and AZ

The most Important lesson ...

Fox News still hasn't retracted their AZ call

Starting to feel that anxiety creeping up again

Just channel switched for eight seconds to Faux News

Like the Grubhub Commercial

The NYPD is rioting on the streets because Trump is losing.

Kornacki keeps talking about vote dumps from Maricopa County...

Wait I didn't know they sent their big guns to PA

My not-so-bold prediction

Trump supporters chanting "Fox News Sucks!" is the cherry on top

TFR active over Wilmington DE. It's now "National Defense Airspace".

This the MF counting ...

I'm getting tired of the insider tidbits and projections. Give me the official counts.

Brown Shirt Mob Agitating

CNN Host to GOP hack: As a white Republican, you're not scared of white-armed Trump supporters

this shit of mobs in frienzies and acting out "on behalf of dotard must stop. NOW

Is winning North Carolina a possibility?

Trump Is Feeling 'Down'

We're Pro Life

Come on! Can't someone just call something to get Biden over 270?

Slip-sliding away.....

This like waiting out a rainout at a baseball game...

Where are the hoards of lawyers Biden has?

Trump campaign considering legal action in AZ, NV

Call Me Crazy

Be alert!

If I were John Roberts and a 2020 election case popped up, I'd run as fast as I could

Missed beginning of the discussion, did Katyal just say he'd had oral argument

Fact check: Almost everything Trump has said after Election Day is wrong

If the person who named Walkie-Talkies named everything:

Trump Will Remain a Disruptive Force

It all comes down to PA

WingNuts will never admit he lost. NEVER.

Newt Gingrich undermines ballot counting and demands federal investigations of states Joe Biden won

'How Can They Expect Me To Focus Today?' Asks Man Putting In Usual Half-Assed Effort At Work

Wisconsin Democrats save Gov. Evers' veto

Arizona race between Joe Biden, Donald Trump narrows after latest election results


Go to, "270 to win"

Dem party needs Claire McCaskill and others of her ilk, EDITED

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Brian Williams and others playing the perpetually useless "What's wrong with Dems"

Fulton County (Atlanta)

Someone Just Emptied Out a Bitcoin Wallet With $964,000,000 In It

So in around 45 Minutes time GA

Trump administration taps mainstream climate scientist to run key climate review

Maybe *this* will give the "Pro-Life" crowd pause when chanting "Stop the count!"

'The math is pretty simple': Trump's lead shrinks in Pennsylvania

(D) Kai Kahele wins Hawaii House race to replace Gabbard


Stop Counting! No, Keep Counting! LOL!

Peters defeats James in US Senate race, wins reelection

Downfall: Trump 2020 Edition

Disappointment In Our Fellow Americans Is Temporary. Good Trouble Is Permanent.

We've walked on the Moon...

Howard Fineman on PA

For 73 years he's never been told NO until now

A.P site has Arizona in the Biden column

Fox's Arizona Call for Biden Flipped the Mood at Trump Headquarters The Fox News decision

Apparently nothing more from GA until tomorrow morning. Less than 100k left to count

"Yo Heads Up Hawaii, sorry but mainland trash coming your way..."

So Meachem and Brian Williams

The Biden votes coming in from GA tonight are from John Lewis' district

Washoe County (Northern Nevada) Live Streaming ballot processing tonight.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 5, 2020 -- TCM Spotlight: Bernard Herrmann

Stop counting! Keep counting! Certs is a breath mint! Certs is a candy mint!...

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 6, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Under the Big Top

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 7, 2020 -- The Essentials

Jon Ralston's guide to watching the NV ballot counts come in 12 hours from now

"Live footage of Nevada working on those ballots"

You know what? It IS a blue wave!

Predictions. How much will Biden win AZ and GA by?

I had thought GA alone was enough to win. Now it looks like it would be 1 shy.

Armed protesters in AZ at vote counting site -CNN now!

"Undecided" by the Delta Rhythm Boys (While we await results)

Tammy Duckworth on DOJ sending armed officers to ballot-counting venues

Maricopa just stopped counting because of riot outside.

Anybody else looking at Pennsylvania like this...?

Democrats' Senate Drive Halted By GOP; Key Races Undecided

Rudnev, Karayev, Daniel Harding plays 2 Cello Pieces

The Level of Losing (It) while Kissing @ss, while Confused

I'm ready to Build Back Better. Let's discuss what the Biden - Harris administration will look like.

MARICOPA HAS NOT stopped counting.

so no GA update tonight?

He he!

GA Just Dropped To Under 29K Difference nt

Joe is No.1

Trump goes on frantic fundraising binge, promises '1000%' match for donations

Once they announce Biden's win, I'm going to scream with joy, I'm so excited ...

We are now .1% away from 2 Senate runoffs in Georgia in January.

Nate tweet about remaining AZ ballots

What would happen if a vote counting center was breached and the ballots destroyed?

Staff at the @maricopacounty Elections Department will continue our job, which is to administer elec

Howard Fineman on Pa. (Grain of salt, please).

Good Morning.....YOU ABOUT TO LOSE YOUR JOB!!!

GA seems to have added some votes (Guardian site) - down to 25,600

Apologies from me to DUers. Frustrated, after having read Biden lost Florida,

Nightmare scenario: Biden wins AZ and NV and gets to 270, and we have a Faithless Elector

Only way Trump can get to 270...

It's Against Gods Will

Funsies to pass the time.

Sorry folks, your "Monroe Brothers Riot" is not going to work!

The Sheriff fired her because she was gay. So she ran against him and won!

Biden Tackles Trump

Lawsuits against Maricopa County elections officials

Am I the only person here that doesn't believe it's just a coincidence that they are only 1-2%apart

Fox News has decided to stop going live. Airing Tucker rerun.

Investigation underway after 6 post offices broken into in Middle Tennessee

They boarded up the wrong neighborhood

Dear Conservatives

Wisconsin reports record-breaking day for new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, positivity rate

The Daily Show: Trevor and Roy Break Down Election Results

from my new favorite poet, a (risque, naughty) poem about Donald.

From The Desk of Morgan Freeman

This really feels like a video game now

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Wants To Stop Counting Votes & Republicans Hold The Senate

I wonder why we didn't "steal" the Senate, too.

Riot declared, National Guard called to downtown Portland

The Daily Show: Tressie McMillan Cottom - How Split Are Voters, Really?

Florida Democrats call for new party leadership and strategy after yet another GOP rout

When someone tells me they are Christian ...

Seth Meyers - Trump Threatens to Fire Dr. Anthony Fauci - Monologue 11/2/20

Arizona update coming at 2:00 AM on CNN

Seth Meyers: Guest Kristen Welker's Presidential Debate Preparation Was Intense

This Race Is Closer ...

Seth Meyers - As Biden Nears Victory, Trump Tries to Steal the Election: A Closer Look

tRump's Recounting Opportunities

I'm calling Georgia for Biden.

The polls might not have been off as much as most people think.

Please have pity on the MAGAs who are armed and trying to suppress the votes tonight:

When Trump did his victory announcement last night but took so long to come to the podium

Internees at the Matamoros camp sing as the results come in

The Greatest Two Time Losers are

Here's a virtual art show w/10 pieces from my collection...(image heavy)...

Ok, this is scary.

az new numbers

what the fuck is wrong with this cnn journo

AZ gap down to 69K with this last batch of 62K

Reminder: NBC Estimates there are almost 18 Million uncounted ballots

so are any more numbers excepted in next 2 hours

News show pundits

The US recorded 102,831 new cases of Covid-19

OMG! Wow, that was classic!!

Washington Post:Contested U.S. election batters America's global image, but world markets resilient

a rant, profound disappointment in my fellow Floridians

Take the Voter Suppression Test from the 1960's

Tweet of the Week

"End of the Line" . . . Traveling Wilburys . . .

Muslim American Lawmakers Mark Historic Firsts Across Several States

Mauree Turner is the first nonbinary state legislator and first Muslim Oklahoma lawmaker

NBCNEWS: Afghan security forces, civilians face 50 percent surge in attacks, U.S. watchdog says

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Presidency and US Senate in 2020.

The Hill:New Jersey signs strongest plastic and paper bag ban in US

Some interesting updates from Dave Wasserman

Trump Backers Converge On Vote Centers In Michigan, Arizona

"The only way Trump gets to 270...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/4/20

Mysterious 'fast radio burst' traced to a known object in the Milky Way for the first time ever

NYT: Norway's Supreme Court Hears Rights Challenge to Arctic Oil Drilling

It's clearly getting there.

Ancient burial of fierce female hunter (and her weapons) discovered in Peru

Sues as path to victory narrows

Cosmic bubbles may have forged dark matter, new theory suggests

Mark Kelly becomes 4th astronaut elected to Congress

Prosecutors In Brazil File Embezzlement Charges Against Jair Bolsonaro's Son

Long-hidden 'selfie' of a medieval mason found in historic Spanish cathedral

AI can detect COVID-19 from the sound of your cough

Possible cause of COVID-19 blood clots found

Stephen Colbert: Shepard Smith Breaks Down Florida's Complex Demographics And Voting Blocs

Democrats fall flat in effort to flip Texas House

🎶I'm forever yours, faithfully.🎶

Why AP Hasn't Called North Carolina: Explainer

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mean Tweets - Political Edition

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Falsely Claims Victory After Crazy Election Night

It's long overdue for these con artists to begin paying taxes.

My campaign manager Louis DeJoy says I can still win this if people don't ask too many questions!

'Lost' chameleon rediscovered after a century in hiding. And it's spectacular.

Some people just cannot as a matter of safety have a publicly accessible grave site.

To play or not to play hardball

Vaccine politics will soon replace election politics

Why AP Hasn't Called GEORGIA: 4% Ballots From ATL Metro Counties To Count, Lean Dem

Dotard - GA + 0.4%.

The way this

Trump lead in GA down to 18,000 votes. 2-4% still to be counted in metro Atlanta

This guy says what I feel

States Still In Play & Why: Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania; AP Explainer

So nervous!

What a bunch of morans at Fux Snooze

Biden Rebuilding 'Blue Wall' In Race For The White House

Wisc Recount: Must be pre-paid to start

Trump has no respect for the law. In his mind, it doesn't

User /u/Bayl41 on Reddit projected AZ, GA, and PA based on remaining votes/estimated breakdown:

Parody tweet of the day

2020: The year that finally killed the "I'm not votin cuz they're all the same" excuse.

Thursday TOONs - Biden On Track

What I find disturbing

Trumpers are kind of like the Romans watching gladiators

Tallest, rarest birds in North America sighted in Texas

NBCNEWS:Denmark plans to cull 15 million minks after coronavirus mutation spreads to humans

In Blue and Red States, Milestone Wins For LGBTQ Candidates

Can the Democrats still take the Senate?

What time is the NV announcement? TIA

Is he sedated? trump hasn't tweeted since 7:01 PM last night!

Early days folks in the Gulf of Mexico but Eta appears to be heading your way next week

Breakfast Thursday 5 November 2020

In honor of National Sandwich Day (yday) I invented the Joe-mala

But ... Muh Rallies! Muh Rallies!

Another question

How long before Shitler starts blaming Biden for increased COVID toll?

Watch live: Ballot counting continues in Philly

Has anyone seen Trump?

I think I've figured out Trumpsters

Interesting Virginia fun fact

GEORGIA - may come down to razor thin margins

did republicons just kill god?

Having all the votes counted won't end this,

After a night's sleep, a couple thoughts:

The mob attacking the vote counting office in Maricopa County

Is there a place to find out all

Hundreds Gather At Black Lives Matter Plaza For A Second Night Of Demonstrations As U.S. Awaits ...

Management company owned by Jared Kushner files to evict hundreds of families as moratoriums....

The Two Nates

Trump's huge vote total breaks my heart. I recognize this America and I wish I did not [Opinion]

How does Trump win in court? (He can't.)

FOX NEWS wants Biden to win...

Rescued Elephant Rattana Kham and Her First Time With No Chain

Trump campaign asks to enter Pennsylvania mail-in ballot challenge

Three Reasons Biden Flipped the Midwest

Thank you again, Omaha NE!

George Will, of all people, nails it.

Why Democratic hopes were dashed in Texas

I need someone to do the math for me

Live GA updates 270towin: 7:40am MF45 49.6% Biden 49.2%

Flashback to Feb. when @realDonaldTrump visited Arizona--but had to overnight at his Vegas hotel.

NYT Election Updates GA: Purdue could face Jan runoff

USPS Says They Completed Ballot Sweeps Late Tuesday

In A State Facing Sea Level Rise That's Already Hitting Real Estate Values, The Majority Chose Lies

Take Heart Pete Buttigieg proves America's soul is not lost & kGOP information bubble is weak.

Quick Senate question, what is the expected D v R final total going to be ?

I hereby decree...

The Rundown: November 4, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 11/4/20

This Month in Comics: October 2020

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 11/4/2020

New Comic Releases for October 28, 2020

KY Non-Profit Aimed To "Improve The Image Of The Coal Industry" Now It "Educates" Kids On Innovation

Philadelphia Freedom

Moral conundrum

Edmonton: TransAlta To Close 1 Of Its 3 Coal Mines At End Of 2021; Switching To Natural Gas

Colorado voters approve compact seeking to neutralize the Electoral College

Trump having slight lead in PA

Can we please kick Nate Silver to the curb

Study: Carbon Output From Amazon Fires Peaks Years After Fires Go Out; Big Trees Take Time To Die

What a Fool Believes - Doobie Bros

just woke up. any guesses on when this will all finally resolve?

Poll: 94% Of Nation Would Rather Live In Authoritarian Dictatorship Than Wait 10 More Minutes

Trumpsters make my head spin.

My current favorite FB share

Band On The Run - Paul McCartney & Wings

Shh. Listen/look.. Do you hear that?

What To Expect On Climate Policy W. GOP Senate: Nothing Even Remotely Close To What's Needed

Tom the Dancing Bug

Toomey (R-PA), Johnson (R-WI), and Burr (R-NC) won't seek reelection. Biden cabinet picks?

McConnell plans to block Biden's cabinet picks unless they're Republicans

Nevada Voters Pass Initiative Mandating 50% Renewable Energy Sourcing By 2030

What Is The % Margin Of Victory Of The Repug Senate Wins?...

White House COVID-19 exposed staff met with Navajo Council, dedicated Navajo school where there was

Final permit granted for wind farm in Botetourt County

Election 2020 Appropriate Reaction

Wall Street Journal Election Page

Actor Michael Rapaport sends soothing words of encouragement to Trump as the dream dies hard

Victoria Plans For 300MW Battery Storage; Site Will Be Among World's Largest Once Online In 2021

Poor little Rudy!

Y'all grammarians, more and more I see this sort of thing:

I now think Biden was our best candidate.

On the extremely unlikely event that we pick up the needed seats to win the Senate

My wish, my hope, my prayer:

Which sycophants do you think will stick with Trump to the bitter end?

Americans used to know fascists when the saw them. No more.

A reminder; Land doesn't vote, people do (great visualization)

UPDATE: @JoeBiden has now pulled within 18,000 votes of Trump in Georgia. Lookin' good, folks! 🍑

Regarding The Senate

Why is everyone forgetting why this is all happening?

After saying earlier this AM there are fewer than 25K absentee ballots left, Georgia's secretary of

What/When to expect today in the Vote Tallies:

#BREAKING Tribal violence rears its ugly head in strife-torn US as clashes break out between ...

If Turtle is in charge and is blocks everything.

😃🇺🇸🍩🗓❗️What's your favorite?

Oregon voters approve therapeutic psilocybin

The GOP "has now lost the popular vote in seven of the past eight elections."

50k votes left in Georgia. Biden trails by 18k. Georgia is looking like a WIN!

GM puts pandemic in rearview mirror, sales boom in US, China

Why Nevada Is Slow Rolling The Result

LOL! Warnock's new ad: Raphael Warnock eats pizza with a fork and knife!

How to combat McConnell obstruction on Cabinet picks

Kushner's management company moving to evict hundreds after coronavirus protections expire

Pennsylvania, bring it home for Joe today!

3 states vote for recreational marijuana. Not Wisconsin

Almost half of America voted for a mass murderer

Wouldn't it be sweet...

Is the election going to be called today?

Ugly kings with guest vocalist Pierina O'Brien

Another 751,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week

Does AP and Fox still project AZ for Biden?

GA: Is Ossoff/Perdue heading for a run-off?

Trying to plot out the scenarios from the four remaining states in play

New N.J. law bars businesses from handing out plastic bags, straws, food containers

Just think about a Democratic House that has subpoena power -- and Justice Department that will fina

We might not flip the Senate, but once @JoeBiden hits 270, we will have "flipped" the DOJ from lawle

Trump & NV GOP to file lawsuit today claiming some 10K who voted in NV no longer live in the state

The myth of a "Latino Monolith"

I can only imagine.

Poll workers signed up to help voters. Instead, we were abused by Trump supporters Opinion

PENNSYLVANIA most likely will be called TONIGHT per MSNBC!!!

If a Republican ever won the popular vote but lost White House in the Electoral College, the Elector

Good morning! If you only look at one map today, make it this one

I get a lot of political email. Mostly from republicans.

Heard a caller on C-SPAN

"Hard to overstate how much Trump is radicalizing millions of people..."

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Neera Tanden: Biden may take 5+ states Trump won in 2016 AND have a 5 million popular vote margin

Tea Pain with a morning chuckle.

Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis claims on Fox News that the media is falsely alleging they

So how many votes are left in Georgia? I've read 25K, 50K, 90K

VIDEO: A large crowd of protesters marches through the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, while the

There is a pro-Trump "Stop The Steal" group on Facebook alleging all kinds of baseless election frau

Wake up donnie: this surely merits a tweet... (OSCE comment on US elections)

"The bad news is Trump wants to be a dictator. The good news is that he's a fucking idiot."

I thought there'd be more posts on Trump tweeting "STOP THE COUNT"

Florida Vote 2020: A post mortem analysis

I'm taking a deep breath this morning and getting back to work.

Judd Legum on why Trump's MI, GA and PA lawsuits are all smoke and mirrors

After joe take office

The "failing" NY Times has gained more than 4 million subscribers since 2016

New Trump lawsuit.....

CNN's Dana Bash: Trump loss in Arizona would be 'John McCain's last laugh'

On November 3, 1948, Dewey Defeated Truman.

The Only Way For tЯump To Get To 270 Now

Trump lead in Pa. down to less than 143K.

Skateboarding dog is probably better than most humans

The irony is thick.....


Didn't the GOP cause this shit in PA? Blocking the early counting of early and mail in votes

I can't wait until I can change my avatar......not sure what I'll have now.....

Middle Age Riot FTW

UPDATE: 61k votes are outstanding in Georgia. 17,157 from Chatham; 11,200 from Fulton; 7,338 from Gw

I have no idea if this is true---wink wink---but I heard that the Trump campaign plans

A question, if I may. I am just asking this for a friend, you understand............

Hey Rudy, Trump, Barr, Dejoy, Pence. Mulvaney, Rick Perry,

Buckle up. We have two runoffs in Georgia shaping up.

It's awake and tweeting.

Will this be the last election to suffer from the residual angst of racial integration?

Pro-Trump misinformation, incitement on the move

More than 500,000 Australians demand probe into Rupert Murdoch's media empire

Beschloss: Over 66 million Americans who lived through the last four years...

Wagongate: Conservative conspiracy theory of vote stealing in Michigan blows up in their faces.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

Trump's legal filings are 'trash' and read 'like an elementary school student' wrote it: MSNBC's leg

We Were Wrong About America: John Pavlovitz

Let's check in on the newly elected QAnon member of Congress

Come on, man!

Today--The House Judiciary Committee needs to subpoena....

Pets React To Daylight Savings Time--Our Domestic World

Not happy with MSM pushing the protests into their main news topic, like they are trying to make

The wisdom of young brothers and sisters


At this point we've picked up no new House seats...

Georgia for Biden up to 71 on predictit.

My small red PA county is counting absentee votes starting this morning

He certainly loves his three word slogans, doesn't he?

Active Covid hospitalizations are back over 2,500. EDIT - under 6,600 now (1/28/21)

Gwinnett, Cobb, Henry counties elect first Black sheriffs in history

PA numbers update. Still looks great.


2135 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thur; 28 deaths

Should it be law

TX-24, You Now Have The Most Racist Congressperson In Texas

Georgia vote count will be finished by noon, according to SoS


NationalPopularVote:state-based plan to guarantee the Presidency to the candidate winning most votes

The Hoarse Whisperer: Notice the cast of characters going to bat for Trump.

Mississippi's new magnolia flag starting to fly after vote

Will the GA runnoffs be the most expensive in history?

Pro-Trump rally overshadowed by group seeking to tally every vote in Philadelphia

Ken Olin: Never. Ever. Say that black lives don't matter. video in which Elvis Presley sings the part of a mail-in ballot

If McConnell is going to block ALL nominees

You're all I need to get by

We HAVE TWO RUNOFFS for U.S. Senate in the State of GEORGIA

I don't know about you, but I feel really good about the ballot counting as the media gives us

You can watch Maricopa County AZ election workers count the vote

Majority of Americans have now voted against Trump twice

Joe Lockhart: Will Purdue and Loeffler have an advantage with the betting markets on the runoff...

Much work to be done

Pennsylvania votes are helping Biden so far. Numbers are not moving much

Dear Rest of The World

Has anybody done a welfare check on Scott Baio?

Swing states counting their votes vs the Trump campaign's lawsuits

Jon Ralston has some sobering news about Clark (NV), "Biden underperformed."

Allegheny County, PA election staff will not resume counting until Friday

From Al Jazeera 11-5-20: Eight non-US election stories you may have missed

Racist MAGAt 'Poll Watcher' In Horror Film Mask Removed in Detroit

Why liberal California keeps saying no to rent control

Former GOP Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist: Count all the votes!

Does the Dem 48 include the two Independents?

Oh, shit - Now we have the angels of heaven involved in U.S. politics

For everyone who is still wondering how almost half the country could vote for Fat Hitler

5am in new zealand

When the dust settles I would hope that we

Following a Trump appeal, PA court rules that observers must be allowed to "closely observe" count

McConnell plans to do to Biden what he did to Obama - not just with judges, with cabinet nominees

This explains it.

These vote tallies are not just for the presidency. They will also decide life or death for....

All Four Ex-Cops Charged in George Floyd Murder Case Will Be Tried Together in Televised Proceedings

Can someone please provide a current update to me?

Winners of the 2020 Siena International Photography Awards

Virtuous Rural America Clearly Doesn't Need Help From The Evil Federal Gov! Some Examples

A hurricane's headed toward me in S. Florida and I didn't know it until I scrolled way down the page

Trump just Tweeted "Big legal win in Pennsylvania!", any idea what this is about??

The final implosion of Trump's Fox News propagandists

We Were Wrong About America

WARNING: Donald Trump Declares Victory Despite Not Winning

CHAOS: NO WINNER in 2020 Trump vs Biden

NEW: In court hearing, 150,000 ballots delivered *yesterday* by US Postal Service.

We underestimated the power of brainwashing

Joe's team (live!): Tune in as they give an update on where things stand.

Dem projection of 190k win in PA - link

Don't worry, says the Minnesota Loon

President Biden and VP Harris will occupy the all important bully pulpit. I expect them, from day

Have absentee ballots for the Armed Forces been counted in each state?

latest numbers for AZ GA NC NV PA?????

139 Funny Examples Of Cat Beds And Cat Logic

Trump's Twitter feed currently has more warnings than a pack of cigarettes.

REMINDER: Pennsylvania law allows votes postmarked by Election Day to arrive through tomorrow. That'

All Votes Matter



Judge DENIES the Georgia GOP and Trump campaign's request and dismisses the petition

38 percent of the people in her state voted for her. 38 percent. Over 1/3.

Trump campaign is doing a fundraising call right now...

We thought goodness would win out...

Biden campaign "confident" they will win Nevada and Pennsylvania; GA. 'leaning,' AZ 'won'.

Biden's team expecting it to be called today

Would Indeed Be Ironic ...

See which counties in the remaining battleground states have the most votes left to count. This grap

Meet the 15 people who are still listening to the potus today:

Was your absentee ballot rejected? In some states, you can fix it.

Judge rejects moving trial of ex-officers in Floyd's death

Trump wants to sue for both voter and state election fraud

All you D.C., Maryland beltway and Northern Virginia folks will get a laff out of this

The Fascist Red Scare


Quick and Easy Spicy Mixed Vegetable Pickles - Escabeche Recipe

Georgia down to 61,367 votes. "State aims to noon"

Secretaries of State

Remember: Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett all landed on the Court

What just happened in Philly?

"Victory is imminent" Biden Campaign

Screw This Country ...


Looks like we have our first ad out in the Warnock/Loeffler Georgia special

Trump's spiritual advisor had a bizarre election meltdown - the internet responded

How many Trump supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?

Men should not be allowed to vote.

O, the stupidity!

I love watching this Reaction channel on YouTube and here's Mr. Video's take on Twisted Sister's


Sarah Cooper: I would literally pay money to see a livestream of Donald Trump right now.

Stop Counting! ...

Why are the vote tallies only showing Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

I am enjoying Dump's slow agony on the GA and PA vote counts.

Complete cluster on Fox News regarding NV.

You think YOU are suffering from the suspense of waiting for an answer...

"Arizona has my stomach in knots."

A smile for your morning.

Allegheny Co PA stopped counting until tomorrow. WTF

Trump games!

*Breaking* 11am Hour Ballots found in USPS System, 150k delivered yesterday

There is a bunch of people who have already been confirmed by the Senate that Biden could consider

This Is Treason

Pennsylvania looks like it's going to seal the deal for Joe Biden.

Georgia judge dismisses lawsuit by Trump campaign that asked to ensure state laws...

Is the time that appears on posts

Sorry if already posted but this one was pretty funny ... sorry if not entirely PC

GA Trump lead down to 15,000 11:45am

Hey Nevada ...

OK kids, it's Nevada time!

where is the GA vote count at?

Screw that new bed you just bought me-I'm sleeping here

Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overruled the Commonwealth Court ruling favoring the Trump campaign

Chatham County (Savannah) Superior Court Judge dismisses Georgia GOP challenge

Why no updates from Nevada?

Don't overthink Nevada or AZ.

Dear China: you're wrong.

Jon Ralston: NEWS: First batch of new votes from NV, from Clark, shows Biden lead up to 12K


This tweet sums it up

Biden lead in NV just increased to 12K.

More Nevada News:

***Update in PA***

Don't expect Nevada to be called today:

You know damn well they'll do it.

Given the "quality" of the "pleadings" strewn through various courts in several states,

The Senate in 2022

Nevada, Nevada, Nevada......

White House Press Secretary Says Trump Will Win in a Landslide., Yes- Tuesday Morning

Team Trump running around the country like panicked headless chickens.

Trump campaign's Georgia lawsuit dismissed

Is there a streaming source for updates?

Did I hear Bob Casey right on MSNBC?

Expect Biden lead to shrink slightly in NV as rurals come in until more Clark Co. are posted

Just to get you in the mood.....

when is the next update from AZ?


iPhone text blocking app

Who does it better?

And Now We have nearly 4,000 coronavirus cases before noon. WTF is Covid Kim doing?

I know people will

Is there good service to subscribe to for presidential election updates via text message?

Stressed? Yale is offering very popular Science of Well Being FREE

NV is up to 90 for Biden!

I think I'll pass on this one.

Biden campaign mgr Jen O'Malley Dillon: Our data shows that Joe Biden will be the next president

Feds Reconsidering Permit for Massive Plastics Plant in Louisiana

Dang it......just saw my DVR'd copy of Conan last night......Al Franken was his guest.....

Twitter, please take that "Stop the count" tweet down! It's a dog whistle

"I don't wanna go!"

Direct link to Nevada results

Nestle's Purina Launches Insect-Based Pet Food

Covid - 6,257 new cases in FL reported this morning

Praying for victory!

People two days ago: *hard-pressed to locate Atlanta on an unlabeled map*

NV's first batch looks good for Biden, up 12K

Trump tweets 'STOP THE COUNT!' But if the vote were stopped, Joe Biden would win the presidency

Georgia - Orangesicle's lead down to less than 14,000.

There is an advantage to Trump thinking 2024

Too many white people have a "red problem"

Absentee ballots make it more difficult to disappear.

In 1976, 51.91% rejected Ford. So far, only 51.24% reject Trump

Biden's Popular Vote Lead Over Trump Eclipses Clinton's in 2016

Voters Oust DA Jackie Johnson in Brunswick, GA Judicial Circuit

Biden Team's briefing on the Vote counting in the close states (on Facebook)

BIDEN: Republicans are not our enemies

Bernie Sanders's election-night predictions were eerily correct: 'He called it WORD for WORD'

Jesus, if you're listening, . . .

Sarah Cooper's Everything's Fine on Netflix

Remember when Trump said vote by mail was ok if state had GOP governor like FL?

Fact check: That spike in the Wisconsin vote tally was expected and legitimate, not fraud

Musings on "can we come together"

Joe: Be patient, folks. Votes are being counted, and we feel good about where we are.

Trump Adviser Won't Give Evidence for Voter Fraud

Oklahoma elects nation's first openly nonbinary state lawmaker

Trump's Tweeting Isn't Crazy. It's Strategic, Typos and All.

Biden should hold PUBLIC discussions and negotiations with McConnell...

Heads up on Arizona.

Pet raccoon finds creative way to avoid baby gate.

Someone want to tell the MAGAs storming the poll centers that Shaun Of The Dead is a comedy?

Denmark plans to cull up to 17 million mink to stop mutated coronavirus

Corgi uses voice-activated button to ask for treats

End times pastor who blamed Covid on premarital sex died from Covid on Tues.

Kayleigh McEnany says if Trump loses PA they will go to the supreme court to get ballots mailed befo

Bargaining stage: CNN reporting Trump and his advisors

Let This Recount Begin.

Joe Biden on cusp of clinching victory

the worst part of the Killa Con administration is their belief that they can make

White Trumpers surround and bear mace two BLM supporters ...

First job for Biden's AG is to prosecute McConnell

If we stopped the vote counts right now, Biden is President

November 4th, Washington D.C.

As it turns out, Libertarians ARE good for something

Can you name these two republicans?

Kitty cat's take on Trump's personal pastor:

OMG. Just kill me now!

Coronavirus spreads after Covid-sceptic bishop's funeral in Montenegro

I hear the sound of victory

There was a time when Trump wanted all votes to count, even absentee ones

Whoopsie: Trump-loving pastor who blamed COVID-19 on fornication dies from COVID-19

93 and 70 on predictit for NV and Ga.

"angelic reinforcement" has been summoned from Africa and South America

Great things happen in Philadelphia (#CountEveryVote)

Am I Understanding this right

This gif (Biden, Obama and HRC)

The first order of business should be to collect back taxes from these hucksters to fund a stimulus

Which corrupt repub senator from a blue state can

Renato Mariotti: Trump's allies are panicking...

They voted like it was "American Idol" . . .

The vote will come out tomorrow

Nevada Press Conference: 63,262 Provisional ballots

What he should've said is "raise your hand if you tried to vote twice"

Nobody wants to put Biden/Harris

If your going to prevent riot damage, do it politely and with good taste...

FYI. GA still has 50k+ outstanding ballots left to count.

Trump's demand to throw out ballots arriving after Election Day would disenfranchise military voters


Question about the blue lives matter law enforcement flag

Putin orders Russian government to try to meet Paris climate goals

Two Blind Brothers

should biden file suit about Trump administration non-delivery of mail?

Jon Ralston sees no path to victory for Trump in Nevada.

Sobering Fresh Air interview

Well, now that I've thought about it, if I've waited this long...

Outstanding votes in Pennsylvania: Where we stand

Los angeles makes history with all female board of supervisors

David Corn: Trumps want to nullify election and install Trump electors

The Waiting

Ralston says he sees no path for Trump in Nevada

Judge throws out Trump campaign's Georgia lawsuit


Nevada press conference - Bulk of Clark Co Mail-In ballots not processed until Saturday or Sunday!

Saturday or Sunday is when we will know about Nevada

Repubs don't lament how small a win is. They win by 5 votes, they proceed with shoving their


Silver on Georgia: Trump in trouble.

Brett Favre loses another one late

We're about 3 days away from Trump claiming he never ran for President in 2020.

Joe Gloria Nevada Official just said his family is concerned about his safety

Would you encourage Biden to appoint Republicans to cabinet if it means flipping the Senate?

I like this Clark County election guy- he's a professional

Joe says:

Don't sell Nate Silver short!

POTUS's campaign has learned that if you put false claims in a statement and reporters tweet it...

Anyone Consider Russian Hacking?

Arizona and Nevada feeling their 15 minutes

"All of the in person votes are in the system" Nevada Official just now

Here we go: Trump Privately Discussing Potential 2024 Run Already

CNN reports majority of PA ballots will count today

Biden grows lead in Nevada, pushing him closer to victory as Trump threatens more legal action

Billo tweet: Trump supporters think there was chicanery in this election.

Georgia SOS website - refresh for latest results

CNN:Georgia likely removed nearly 200k from voter rolls wrongfully, report says

How Joe Biden reclaimed Michigan for the Democrats

If Stacy Abrams is not DNC chair this time next year I will need to know why

Food for thought.

We need both AZ and NV, we need a mandate to stem national chaos

Trump campaign will sue in Nevada, claiming votes by people who moved or who are dead

The Ossoff Runoff

Better to be waiting on good news than bad.

Update on the woman featured in Trump press conf in #Nevada. Clark County Registrar says...

Clarification about remaining Georgia votes:

Do we still have a chance to take the senate

Video falsely claims possible voter fraud in Detroit. It actually shows a WXYZ photographer loading

Election observer finds no evidence to support Trump claims of voter fraud

"So do it," said Gov. Tony Evers. "Get that recount done so we can move on with our lives."

I wonder if I am the only person who went to the Mitsubishi website today

Jon Ralston (NV): "I see no path left for Trump here."

Washington Hits Voting Milestone, Statewide Turnout Above 83%

Dear President Biden, do not pardon the turd

Some fresh takes on the crazy Paula White prayer video

Could you imagine where we would be at this time if we didn't use the mail-in

Fulton County has counted the 7,000 remaining mail ballots and was working to post the results onlin

NEW: Facebook spokesperson on shutdown of "Stop The Steal" group

CNN's Ali Vitali Is Right

Senate Control Will Now Be Decided by Two Runoff Elections in Georgia

I just received a book I bought on ebay that had some pro-Trump literature inside the package

Biden pushes closer to victory as Trump presses legal moves

WTOP is reporting that Pennsylvania could have a winner by the end of the day.

The Reason Nevada Is Taking So Long

Arizona Supposedly called

Joe Biden's promise of returning things to normal may not even be possible

ESPN announced Thursday it is laying off about 300 employees and cutting about 500 jobs from ...

Another election proves the need to abolish the Electoral College

Claire McCaskill apologizes for 'hurtful term' used during live MSNBC interview

Trump will NEVER concede, if you think he will you got big problems.

Democracy, Fox News contributors are not for it.

good news: we have reached the all caps legislative reversal/faithless electors stage ...

Kornackicam: I hope this ends so Steve can leave his cage soon...

Jon Ralston's latest tweets: Nevada is ours

Interesting. In Georgia, the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen, has 60,628 votes at last update

Our... country and probably the world...would be so much better off WITHOUT

Max Burns: This is how Nevada counts ballots

Some or all of the content in this tweet is disputed....

On Biden's inauguration day... Melanie's smile will be genuine and non-stop.

CNN: Rick Santorum seems remarkably resigned about PA

"A bizarre city in the middle of the desert full of strippers and gamblers and hourly workers..."

Hey Georgia DUers, get on this please

Georgia is still in play....

Presumptive President-Elect Biden already on the job

Schrodinger's Ballot

Question on post marks

Biden Pushes Closer To Win As Trump Presses Legal Threats

I'm about a 12 hour drive to Atlanta.

Judging by Trump's latest tweets

arctic hare

Trump talks Trump 2024 with aides

Biden's biggest disadvantage in this race was taking the pandemic seriously.

Senate Control Hangs In Balance With A few Races Undecided

Nate Silver on Pennsylvania....

What would the 2020 version of the Brooks Brothers riot be called?

Sarah Cooper: Earlier today Trump went to see his pastor to pray

Is counting going on anywhere in Pennsylvania right now?

Rudy Giuliani has evidence that there were precisely 57 fraudulent votes in PA

Putin to Trump...

At this point

'Come on Now': Michigan Judge Scoffs at & Tosses Trump Campaign Lawsuit Backed by 'Hearsay' Evidence

Listen up please.

Pennsylvania could be announced today...

Can we still win NC?

An autocratic breakthrough by tRump, per the New Yorker, today.

AP isn't reversing their projection of Arizona going to Biden

I've wondered since Biden threw his hat in the ring...

America's long nightmare will soon be over...

Gavin Newsom on why electoral college must go...

Cheri Bustos (DCCC): "Something went wrong"

Pennsylvania: Clear as day this is going to end Trump's campaign

Sarah Cooper is tired of being Donald Trump ...

Electoral College question.

Fox is desperately hoping PA gets called for Biden before Nevada does...

Stoking chaos, Trump campaign lies to supporters that it has won Pennsylvania



Future Market For Covid Vaccines 'Could Be Worth More Than $10B A Year'

IMHO...Fox News will be the first network to say President Joseph Biden

Voice Of All That Goes On In Houston, Len Swanson, Paid Visit By FBI

"He had it coming," aka "Cell block tango" from "Chicago."

Right on que (or should I say "Q")

"...and a child shall lead them"

Who will call PA for Biden first? I am betting Fox.

We'd better hope the law finally catches up to Trump and locks him up

Nevada should be called. Why is the MSM hesitating?

Trump doing what he does best, filing nuisance lawsuits right and left to cling to presidency

Trump releases latest legal argument

So ... who here thinks IQ45 has called Putin in the last 24 hours and asked him ...

Sri Lankan Navy, Villagers Save 120 Whales After Mass Beaching

At least we won't have a president who's trying to kill us

What's your list of things Biden can do/fix without the Senate?

What state gets called first?

Oh man, this is so good.

Captain Obvious pays a visit to the WH

When is Kelly

11/6 Mike Luckovich: Noisy pest

What would the 2020 version of the Brooks Brothers riot be called?

Look at REPORTER Jacob Soboroff going after Schlapp, Grenell today!!

Cartoons 11/5/2020

**NOTE** National Task Force on Election Crises report blows Levin idea out of the water.

The way Trump/GOP are acting now (trying desperately to stop the vote counting)...

Matt Yglesias: Trump's gains with Hispanic voters should prompt some progressive rethinking

BBQ Beer & Freedom Guy (satire)

Imagine Putin calling in the upcoming days (HOURS? PLEASE!) to congratulate Biden

James refuses to concede. 'I have deep concerns that millions of Michiganders may have been...

Anderson Cooper helps Rick Santorum by stopping him before he says too many racist things in a row

Biden slightly expands lead over Trump as Nevada releases first results in 24 hours

Every bit as relevant now as it was three decades ago

Piss Ant Eric Trump Busted For Fake Video Of Someone 'Burning 80 Trump Ballots'

This suggests counting is still going on in Philadelphia ... link

Newly Elected QAnon Congresswoman Worried She's Selling Out By Working With Pedophile Cabal

So ridiculous. Donald must work on his Anger Management Problem

We should start soliciting contributions to the GA runoffs!

Judges Dismiss Trump Claims In Georgia, Michigan

Lt Colonel Vindman should be in Joe's cabinet also

Amid Trump lawsuit, Pennsylvania AG says 'they need to stop listening to Rudy Giuliani'

Rat in the Attic (Stop the Count!)

Meet Adrian Tam, the Gay Man Who Beat a 'Proud Boys' Leader in Hawaii's Election

Georgia is looking good!

Trump's re election chances are "rounding the corner"

Republicans have withdrawn a PA request for TRO seeking to toss mail ballots that were "cured"

a little stress reliever

Supreme Court heard a case concerning LGBTQ rights and religious liberty about one week after Amy

I'll leave this right here

Nevada waiting until Nov 12th to release count.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the Spread, 11/5/20

I have seen enough. I'm calling the state of Pennsylvania for Joe Biden

Aaron Freeman-Cops

Fun With Fundie

What's going on with vote counting in AZ?

Livestream of Philadelphia vote counting ... link

NEVADA: "You call it." GEORGIA: "No, YOU!"

We are sharing a nation with people who hate our guts.

Trump's Efforts To Undermine U.S. Democracy Make The News Around The World

FACT CHECK: Santorum on CNN is proclaiming...

Miami-Dade FL. This look very suspicious!

CNN analyst on Biden potentially winning Arizona: 'It's John McCain's last laugh'

When Donnie Dainty Digits hits the sack tonight, he will do so knowing that ...

How fitting?

I'd like to see Stacey Abrams appointed to the FEC. Maybe she can break the logjam

Donnie doesn't want to go

Does anyone know how the DFL did in the State Senate races?

Copyright Infringement Elmo is Antifa.

Rep Clyburn getting peppered by a scrub on MSNBnazi

Philadelphia - Birthplace of American Democracy....

Is their a website that has debunked that video of so called Biden 50K votes

Trump to give public address?

Defense secretary esper has prepared his letter of resignation

Esper resigning

"Defund The Police" and "Democratic Socialism" are political losers

Car honking across America when Joe goes over the top...

Wisconsin Election pole sign: Keep one cow apart........

Looks like finally Purdue is under 50%

Long at odds with Trump, Defense Secretary Esper has prepared a resignation letter, say officials

'Result Could Be Known Today In Pennsylvania, Win Would Seal Biden Victory': Wash Post

Meanwhile: The US just reported 102,831 new Covid-19 infections in 1 day. That's an all-time high

Jake go, man! He just called Dump's kids "spawn".

Uh oh, this is a game changer for Trump. . .

I think that Jr. is starting to get the message...

USPS ordered to sweep all postal facilities twice daily in states w/postmark extension

The "Count Every Vote" protest planned for this week is postponed

Well I'm attempting to bridge the divide between us.......

I so look forward to a President who does not whine.

Cat question

InfoWars Offers Readers Guide To Staying Psychotic, Violent During Stressful Election Day

Looking forward to all the stories in RW media about how MAGAs should really try and understand libs

Sure as heck appears

We've crossed a significant threshold in Pennsylvania!!!!

Does tRump have to concede before Inaugaration Day if Biden

Angry Staffer: Esper possible resignation

Biden now only 97k behind and gaining in PA

Feeling Stressed. Need a pick me up?

AL Cop:people who voted for Biden "need to line up" and have a "bullet in their skull for treason."

2020 Latest: Postal Service Told To Sweep Processing Centers

Joe is giving a press conference according to MSNBC

'Result Could Be Known Today In Pennsylvania, Win Would Seal Biden Victory': Wash Post

You guys are big meanies!

Mark Esper (DOD) offers letter of resignation. Trump asking for military intervention?

Dear Trumpers,

So, in WA Jay Inslee's Trumpy opponent not only lost the Governor race...

Joe is live! Virus and election update

Joe Biden's strategy: Ignore Trump.

Biden speaking now n/t

the missing ballots...could they have put them on a truck

Defense secretary prepares letter of resignation

Missouri poll worker showed up for work on Election Day after testing positive for coronavirus

ALERT - Inaccuracies regarding PA Mail-In Ballots Outstanding

Just many in Florida have " gas heat " to heat a home ?

Margin in PA is down below 100k...

Holy Cow!!

Trump wants the vote stopped now because

I dont know about the rest of you....


Seen on Facebook

Slow stalking puppy:

CNN, Anderson: The President: after seeing Biden come out and call for calm

Guy Fawkes is generally cancelled for all of you in the UK, yes ?

North Carolina: 5% of votes still to be counted

Wash Post: Result could be known today in Pennsylvania; win there would seal Biden victory

Nate Silver say's Nevada should be called for Biden because

He's going to hold a shit show because he cannot stomach the thought

Dog at car wash:

do u think trump will cause

America Ad Absurdum

The last time Election Day fell on my birthday

In other news.

So how will you celebrate Joe's win?

Olbermann vs. Trump #22

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 6 November 2020

Any updates on Senate races?

"Hey, you! Yea, you! There's no need to feel down!" Really American reclaims YMCA

NEW - NV SOS says about 190k ballots left to count from heavily Democratic Clark Co

When Dad is stuck babysitting:

My dad voted for Trump; help me troll him

Updates from Dave Wasserman on PA and Lauren Underwood

Have either Fox News or The AP rescinded their Arizona Biden call?

Got an email from Trump

Dems response to Trump's YMCA:

This Election will be called tonight. President Biden!!

Nate Silver says that Nevada should be called for Biden,

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 5, 2020

On this day, November 5, 1960, Johnny Horton died in an automobile accident.

Brian Kilmeade encourages President Trump to abandon Twitter and take his followers with him


Synchronized tail wagging:

immediately repeal Reapportionment Act of 1929

BREAKING: Donald Trump has won the state of...Denial!

So the new Fox theory is...

Holy Cow...Georgia

AZ and NV really do seem to be looking pretty good

Adult Rottie teases Rottie puppy with toy:


Ralston: Trump campaign acting like bottom-feeding lawyers looking for clients. Reprehensible.

Can You Help?

Ballot counting

Paula White's head is going to spin around with green vomit undulating from her pie hole.

To any lurking "Proud Boys":----teehee!----giggle ---snicker--- SNORT!----

Is there any way to know how the overseas military absentee ballots have been skewing ?

Rev. Warnock: Get ready, Georgia!

The Real Winners Of Election Night: Pizza, Booze, And Weed

The folks on CNN and MSNBC

Please President Biden, you promise to be president for all Americans

Predictit still looks bullish for Biden to win Pa. and Az.

Perdue has slipped below 50%, here:

Biden camp still expects 100k+ win in Pennsylvania - link

Is this like watching

I could eat.

Funny Cats No Privacy

Biden now within 90.5k in PA- UPDATED!!

Police Reform and Resource Adjustments are necessary

Was anticipating getting Georgia results tonight, but per this article, it's not likely

Marc Elias: Trump Campaign has filed a new lawsuit in PA over observers

Court Re-balancing - A court that reflects the true America

There's been no shortage of glorious nicknames for tRump

2020 Latest: Biden Feels 'Very Good' About Election Outcome

35K Allegheny County (PA) Ballots on Hold Until Handling After 5PM Friday Evening by Court Order.

Medical question

Seriously, this country needs a legitimate two-party system

US Election system v. Australia

Cat stars in "I Hear the Sound of Victory"

Philadelphia county has around 95k votes pending and Biden is -90k, we are getting there Folks!

Let the betting begin! Which state will put Biden into the White House? ...

"Flint Michigan" "ballot stuffing" video is from Russia

Chuck Todd just confirmed: 2 runoffs in Georgia

What's the difference?

Michael Steele Re Covid deaths "The president STILL hasn't said anything about that"

Thank You!!! to all the official vote counters in all the 50 states

The other nail biting race for me

Georgia and Arizona both up to 82 on predictit.

Where is the Covid-19 cure? Or the vaccine?

Kamala: .@JoeBiden is right: we gotta keep the faith. We're going to win this.

Nate Cohn seems close to calling Georgia for Biden - link

List of Biden accomplishments in 47 years

George Takei: All this election fraud, and you'd think the Dems could have at least used it to gain

Do Hanging Chads Exist Anymore after 2000?

As vote counts continue, Team Trump can't keep its story straight

I'm calling Georgia for Biden.

This guy does the best Trump impression

Why do Republicans hate America?

I hope GA Dems do a massive voter registration drive in the next month.

Something That Needs to Be Considered Regarding the Election

Pennsylvania: counties are continuing to count. Several hundred thousand ballots

The 146 counties where HALF of the U.S. population lives - From 2013

GA Senate: Both US Senate elections are on January 5, 2021

Relax, everybody. If not for covid and the delayed mail-in ballot counting...

Arrests Mount As Marchers Demand Vote Count, Others Cry Foul

Where are my swing state phone and text bankers?

EXPLAINER: Why the AP hasn't called Georgia's close race

Jon Ralston claims THIS is the best thing on the Internet today

Biden is trending to win AZ, GA, NV and PA now that mail-in ballots are being counted

Man, Democrats Sure are Shitty Cheaters!

Someone told me that someone told them that Marco Rubio is

With Eviction Bans Set To Expire, Jared Kushner-Owned Company Moved To Evict Hundreds Of Out-Of-Work

PA sec state- mail ins after 8pm Tuesday NOT being counted yet?

Counties With Worst Virus Surges Overwhelmingly Voted Trump

The subtle approach.....

Congratulations to the new member of the "I lost the popular vote twice" club!!

Look out for the divide and rule posse

Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania:

Florida man pulls gun after being told he has small penis, police say

The Legal Threats Trump Will Face If He Loses the Election

2024 Republican Primary should be fun

update GEORGETOWN MANHUNT: Police have the wanted man cornered on a rooftop near Wisconsin Ave ...

Is it time for someone to go???

Donald Trump Jr. and CollinsforGA will headline a press conference at the GaRepublicans HQs

What's the story with Michael Steele? How could he have been the chair..

Anybody else curious why CNN has repig politicians like Rick Santorum and

I just heard that the AP won't call the election if Biden next wins NV.

An impeached president has never won reelection

Who will pay for the recounts and lawsuits demanded by tRump?

Biden leads in CA 3,921,759 with gobs of votes left to count! we gotta get some CA

So if Biden takes exactly 270 EVs...

See on Yahoo that AZ called for Mr. Biden

Greta Thunberg Trolled Donald Trump's Post-Election Meltdown With His Own Words

What do you guys think about Cuomo in 2024? Assuming Biden doesn't run

It's really frustrating to see ...

Biden now down only 78,300 votes in PA.

Bannon says Wray & Fauci should be beheaded, their heads put on pikes, as warning to bureaucrats

MSNBC: Election lawsuits are being filed to "keep the President calm"...

Fat Hitler to whine & lie on TV at 6:30

Nicolle Wallace just said on MSNBC about Junior and Eric:

Shithead is doing a press conference in 30 mins

Trump campaign legal adviser leaning on Justice Amy Coney Barrett to "come through."

Tweet of the moment.


Self portrait of a LOSER!

Steve Bannon and his co-host discuss beheading Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray

White House just announced Trump will deliver remarks at 6:30 pm EST

On track for 306 - 232. The exact margin of Trump's win in 2016.

Trump just lost 11k to his lead from Cumberland, a Trump + 11 county

Oh, the meme-ery!

47,000 left to count in GA in 5 counties 4 in metro Atlanta. 1 in Chatham (Savannah.)

16 Trump Officials Violated the Law...

Alabama police captain said Biden voters deserve "a bullet in their skull"

Fuck Florida. Defund failure.

Trump supporters call liberals "socialists," "baby killers," but we're supposed to understand them

Allegheny County, PA: Either good news or a potential warning sign

Posted without comment

trump will speak to the press at 6:30, which probably means 15-20 minutes later....

trump is fighting harder to stop the count than he did to stop the spread of COVID.

What do you want President Biden to do on Day 1.

Per CNN, 666 to speak at 6:30 PM EST.

It's going to be a monumental task cleaning the Whitehouse in January

trump's lead in Pennsylvania just went from 90,000 to 78,000 in one shot, PLUS....

Joe Biden Speech: Stay calm. In the end, he is sure he will be President of the United States.

USPS processed 150,000 ballots after Election Day, jeopardizing thousands of votes


Robocalls told at least 800,000 swing state residents to "stay home" on election day.

US Elections: Protesters chant 'Stop the count' outside election facility in Detroit

Actual footage of 45 this afternoon.

All this would have been wrapped up election night

"Math isn't on our side."

Trump campaign just sent out an email claiming they won Pennsylvania

He already knows he's lost. He's known since Tuesday night, hence the lawsuits in PA, MI, GA

Joe: The people will not be silenced, be bullied, or surrender. Every vote must be counted.

Things are not going super great for Trump lawyers in court right now.

Decision Desk HQ reporting AZ 95% with Biden leading with 66k

Yahoo news: Muslim and Arab Voters May Have Secured Biden's Michigan Win

Out of office ain't enough. Incarceration, that's the stuff.

Anyone see "Piercing"?

Rick Santorum stumbles onto a truth, as Van Jones points out how Republicans fired Trump.

Arlington Co. (Virginia) police investigate razor blades on political sign

Kellyanne criticizes Biden campaign for saying he's going to win.

Exit Polls Versus Reported Vote Counts: 2020

Those Damn Onions

Wasserman's saying Biden could win PA by a larger margin than Mi or Wi

McCain's concession

Washington Supreme Court: Farmworkers to get overtime pay

By the way, did y'all notice how great Biden looked today?


Washington Supreme Court: Farmworkers to get overtime pay

Mike Memoli of NBC News is saying Dem elected official told him, "get ready to celebrate" tonight.

Get ready to celebrate

If Biden wins, should he appoint Susan Collins to his cabinet?

tRump about to surface

Lets make this happen captain

Tweet of the Evening!

McConnell Set To BLOCK Any Biden 'Liberal' Cabinet Heads. There's A Very SIMPLE SOLUTION...

I Know How EXCRUCIATING This is for ALL of Us, But For a Moment, Just Think

Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos

Stop The Count

Trump To Deliver Remarks at 6:30 P.m. ET (2330 GMT): White House

Trump Jr is calling for "total war" - and even the NY Post calls this "clueless"

Latest PA batch: 742 votes for Trump, 3,629 for Biden

Wouldn't it be great

Flomaton Police captain placed on administrative leave, could be fired after "put a bullet in their

How many were taught to mistrust mail-in, then ended up being afraid to vote in person?

Jim Acosta says Trump's press conference should come with a Surgeon General's warning (VIDEO)

How can I become more familiar with Macs without buying one?

Current status:

Tarrant County Texas 💙👍👍Biden pulls ahead of Trump!!

Voters oust original DA who led Ahmaud Arbery investigation

Does Secret Service have to protect Trump if he flees to Russia or some other nation?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Donnie!

NowThis on Twitter will be fact-checking Trump live - their livestream here

I said it last night and i'll say it again. It IS a blue wave, dammit!

How many songs/albums are better the 30th time you've heard them?

Cut this lying shit M$Greedia

Alright Networks CUT THE LINE.

Chatham County, GA now expects to post its roughly 15K outstanding absentee ballots tonight. Of the

puke time in the briefing room

Jesus he's insane - Declaring Victory

And here comes Brian Williams.....

MSNBC cut off Trump after 3 sentences. YAAAAY!!!!! Nice job

Fuck it. I'm calling it.

Less than 10 seconds! MSNBC cut away from trump speech in about 10 seconds!!

Colorado Cop Put on Leave After Threatening to 'Beat the Hell' Out of Democrats

MSNBC cut into Trump's slurred, anti-democratic speech

fuck trump

Hey look, it's that guy who used to be president

King Don the Insane

Oh, my God! The BLOAT-US is speaking!

OH GOD! Mute your TV. Yjr Orange thing is on!! n/t

MSNBC CUT HIM OFF. That's what they all should have been doing all along

Regarding Bannon's grotesque message today, his twitter account has been suspended

OSC to investigate Trump's use of WH as Election Day command center

If you didn't vote for Trump, your vote was illegal.

Please God, let PA flip while he's at the podium

HE'S FUCKING CRAZY!!! "this is the first time we didn't lose any House seats!"..blah blah blah....

It was sad, now it's comical

The Trumpsters with their flags in their trucks remind me of

First words out of his mouth a bald face fucking lie. Goddamit!!!

The winner of the 1/2021 GA US Senate Special Election runoff has to run again in 2022.

He sounds tired, grievous and monotone.

The Moment You Realize ...



What a fucking crybaby.

Its called mail in ballots you fuckin wanker

LIES + hot (covid) air - nothing else.

Trump just now said if the illegal votes aren't counted,he wins easily. MSNBC cut away from him.

Tipping my toe in the DU pond, again, after 2 days of non-stop anxiety attacks

ABC Neaws heard enough & pulled the plug

Trump is a pathological liar.

im Messina: Trump's decided to Joseph McCarthy the hell out of the end of his presidency.

He looks like shit

Fuck your feelings Dumpster

Lester cuts him off

suppression polls?

CBS just cut away from Trump's lying, now factchecking his lies

CBS just cut him off and they are discussing his lying

From Texas

The tweet you need at this moment

trump reminds me of the kid at middle school

Chatham county will release votes imminently- georgia

I am watching Trump's diseased and transparently mendacious and psychotic rant.

I guess he thinks his minions are this dumb to believe this shit.

He's lost his fucking mind

Trump-loving pastor who blamed COVID-19 on fornication dies from COVID-19

The man is drugged to the gills.

Invoke the 25th for the GOOD of the Country!

This is so frightening.

WH Press Core should walk out

He's going to get someone killed!

Paula White the remix

Why is CNN still covering this liefest

I normally don't listen to Trump. I am this time.

Woo hoo! Erie County, PA just flipped back to blue

Stuart Stevens: I am hiring a sky writer to fly over Trump's trashy house in Florida...

Fascinating voter analysis! 3million more white voters, and white women, voted for trump. Gross!

Heh. Judy Woodruff (PBS News) just shut down the orangesicle.

Daniel Dale: This is the most dishonest speech Trump has ever given.

Biden trailing by less than 4,000 votes in Georgia

Trump knows that he has lost and can't face the music!