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fatnixon's concession speech ...

The media needs Trump to be their "Big Bad"

Jon Ossoff: Y'all ready to work? Vote your Ossoff in the Run Off!


Is anybody besides me seeing a scenario where the murdering orange traitor goes so completely

Remember when Trump's doofs made him evil Thanos? Now watch Thanos Trump get his ass kicked.

Pro-Trump "Stop The Steal" Group Gets Rebranded And Its Members Are Pissed

Even "Morans" cry too!

Kayleigh McEnany: GOD IS IN CONTROL‼️ 🙏🏻

From Belgium: "Ceci n'est pas un president"

Secret Service plans to ramp up protection of Biden in anticipation of his possible win


Biden ahead by 20k in pa

A simple message from Mary Trump

Biden now up 19,584 in PA

Provisionals are only 0.9% of ballots in deep red counties, 2% in Philly

It seems to me that mail in ballots are a lot more secure than machine voting. We

CNN is doing a good job of talking to the individual state officials.

Alberto Gonzalez(Bush AG) just demanded proof from Trump regarding election fraud..

Biden is leading by 19,584 now.

Dammit, stop with the they should call it stuff!

if I could delay gratification like this in real life...

Overall - Biden will end up over 75 Million votes total

Come On Out Donald...

'Democrats Beware: The Republicans Will Soon Be The Party of The Working Class'

FYI - PA - Recount rules

Something Weird About "My Pillow" As A Company

Joe Biden should reach out to Trump Voters


rump has signaled to allies that the Secret Service will have to drag him from the White House

George W. Bush-Era Attorney General Says Trump Lawyers Should Consider Backing Fraud Claims with Pro

Stolen from facebook...

Trump's advisers said it was over essentially,

BREAKING: Nevada Federal Court REJECTS Republican lawsuit to halt Nevada vote counting or...

THANK YOU STACY ABRAMS! Your work has been key in turning out the Dem VOTE!!

Pfffffftttttt... So the orange shitgibbon does not want to concede... Bwahahahaha...

Wonder what his hair looks like.

Detroit: Driver of Trump "Unity Bridge" truck arrested, had outstanding warrant and invalid plate.

stevekornacki: "Every time a county is counting up mail-in ballots, Joe Biden is gaining votes.

I'm wondering how many of those provisional ballots in Allegheny county

Y'all better enjoy this Christmas!

I wish these pundits would not go there. Trump deserves no sympathy. He is a loser and he has been

Election Night in America?

As usual, there's a Trump tweet for that

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Sidelined After 'Close Contact' Tests Positive for Coronavirus

I just want a recorded call with POTUS Barack Obama welcoming POTUS Joe Biden to the club

Steve Schmidt...

AZ to release tens of thousands of newly recorded votes around 9 p.m. ET.

'To have beaten back fascism via the ballot box is not nothing'

At this rate he may be at Walter Reed again by Sunday

AZ - Just as Kornacki was mentioning trump only got 52% vs 59% needed from this morning

i disagree with wolf on cnn

Are Kamala and Joe addressing the nation tonight or are they waiting for the election to be


I don't trust the Florida results.

In Gwinnett County, the 2nd largest county, they only received THREE more military/overseas ballots

Your moment of Zen...

So I guess we now have no chief executive?

Downtown Philly dancing to YMCA....

The Final Memes - accomplishments of last three presidents

Philadelphia's pace of counting will slow as the final batch of ballots are addressed

This will be replayed for years....

Debate idea for Warnock and Ossoff in Georgia.

NEW: @JoeBiden is planning to address the nation tonight in Delaware about his growing lead -- even i

Dad Joke time - Why can't trump go to the White House anymore?

Trump raises money for his legal defense fund -- but half of it goes to pay down debt

Trump is starting to acknowledge to advisers he may not be able to pull out a come from behind victo

Damn folks! Worldometers U.S. stats today: new 128,269, total 10,054,315, deaths 242,187

This is the fraud perpetrated by the Cons lackey Dejoy...

Going to the boonies over the weekend. On purpose!

cnn we want to call to right

Has MSBC called AZ yet?

The internet remains undefeated. FINISH HIM!

Damnit! Joe's in the lead and my toilet won't flush!

As of this morning, there were 8,400 military/overseas ballots requested but still unreturned in Ge

CNN: The world's best potato dishes

Ugh, ugh, ugh, that dope Santorum......

This whole Pennsylvania segregated vote thing ... It's better to NOT have those votes COUNTED

Dear White House Movers ...

A Giuliani How it's started, How it's going

Here's the thing about a "deeply divided nation"

Will someone please ask the next Trumper what part of socialism they want to toss?

Meanwhile Trump body count up 1,220 plus

Trump Jr. riles 2024 GOP field with Trump legal fight tweet

More votes in an hour.....


pa ordered to seperate ballots by supreme court

Retribution: tRump quietly demotes his top energy regulator as election count drags on

If you want to read some romance/thriller novels by a Dem heroine to unwind this weekend

Here's the order from Justice Alito.

Trump's new campaign: Flurry of election lawsuits in search of strategy

stop making excuses cnn

So, how long before Melania files for divorce?

So now Trump wants to take a mulligan?

PENNSYLVANIA: The order from SCOTUS changes nothing for now

I think we finally have a nickname for Trump that will stick!

BREAKING: Biden speech delayed

Republican Claims of Voting Irregularities in Nevada Flopped Before a Federal Judge

Why is Cipollone, a taxpayer-funded government lawyer who owes his duty of loyalty to the United Sta

Hospitals short on N95 masks as COVID-19 surges

Goodbye Ivanka.....

CNN (King/Blitzer/etc) having to awkwardly explain

WHOA - I'd not heard this! 4:1 ratio for military ballots for Biden in Allegheny County, PA

Doctors say they're 'hopeful' Biden will handle the pandemic better

The PA ballots were already segregated, and have been all along.

Goodbye Donald...

White House out the elector clock

Kremlin rejects Putin resignation rumors

Judge SULLIVAN is ordering twice-daily sweeps for any remaining ballots in states with extended dead

Ronna McDaniel: Evidence? "We're working on that. And that's why I'm saying, give us time."

Turner apologizes for jeopardizing the health of players, staff, photographers, the Rays,

5,000 Covid-19 cases today in Ohio

Okay Biden now up over 20K in PA. Should be getting close to show time.

It'll be a great day......

Fox News just reaffirmed AZ for Biden. Their call on that stands.

So, quick show of hands...

Some China is going to get broken....

Last shot at the Senate

Bwahahahahaa trump is pissed at his 'legal team' Rudy & Pam Bondi among others Bwahahahahaahaa

Statement from the Rita Hart campaign (Iowa-02)

Middle Finger

"I move on him like a bitch! I just keep counting!"

We have a wonderful President and Vice-President elect...

SNL Should do a skit

At 11 AM on Wednesday morning Joe Biden was behind in Pennsylvania and Georgia by 578,074 votes....

GA, only 3 of those outstanding military ballots arrived

Remember To Lower ...

No doubt in my mind about Steve Schmidt


As the City Clerk of the City of Rochester Hills, this is my response to the inaccurate statement of

Neurotic Lover's Baby's Bedroom -Prince


As the orange anus talks of fraud...

Almost more than seeing Trump defeated......

I don't think the late ballots should be thrown out in PA. Those are votes made in good faith

Least popular elder with Republicans in four years

Senate Majority leader?

The fact that almost 50% of the American population voted for someone like trump speaks volumes

Even if networks call one or more remaining states,

nice guy on cnn

Lure him out with Big Macs...

Biden will speak even if race not called

Happiness in Philly!

I love this:

The WHO is hunting for the coronavirus's origins. Here are the new details.

An Atlanta election worker is in hiding after a claim that he tossed a ballot. His boss says the cla

If You're Wondering Why ARMED Trump Supporting Protesters Are Showing Up In Philadelphia,

Right-wing preacher's prayer for Trump gets the Twitter remix treatment

McConnell says big stimulus bill not needed after better-than-expected jobs report

Can we get the new AG to dig up dirt on McConnell

Someone having fun with Paula White video.

A little falloff in support for Trump among white evangelical Christians in this election

Steve Bannon Loses Lawyer After Suggesting Beheading of Fauci

Trump ally Angela Stanton-King loses Georgia House race with less than 15% of the vote

Instrumental Jam /Controversy - Prince

If you regularly watch Bill Maher, what mood do you think he'll be in tonight?

Trump unhappy with legal team's lack of major impact on election count

Steve Bannon's lawyers quit after he calls for beheading of Dr Fauci and FBI Director

Wait til he hears what they want to make him to do with the biscotti

BIden up by 21705 in PA

Loser doesn't want to say the truth...HE GOT FIRED....

Fact check: Viral video shows Pennsylvania poll workers fixing damaged ballots

Newly Elected QAnon Congresswoman Worried She Selling Out By Working With Pedophile Cabal

OMG -- this is the BEST -- You *HAVE* to see this. Some very creative people out there

Wolf Blitzer is so useless when we're crunching numbers for Biden

Biden lead in PA now over 20,000.....

Trump reportedly screamed at Rupert Murdoch over Fox News' early Arizona call

OMFG.......😳 THIS IS A MASTERPIECE! GENIUS 👉🏽@Remixgodsuede

Spread the word in Georgia:

Judge orders Trump administration to reveal PPP loan data it sought to obscure

Just a reminder: the LAST time someone challenged the Fox News Decision Desk.....

Big Maricopa county vote drop in 5 minutes....

Like a Road......


Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Wisconsin Republicans caught apparently encouraging voter fraud in Pennsylvania

Let me ask a question

Battles - Atlas

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow At Home Quarantining

U.S. Supreme Court justice orders Pa. counties to separate, but keep counting, late-arriving mail ba

Arizona right NOW!! Where is the national guard?

Rudy: Americans are giving us so much evidence of election misconduct, it's a full time job to follo

New Vote in Maricopa County...70K new votes, dumbass gained on Joe statewide

The 9:00 AZ dump only gave trump 54.9 %

Steve Bannon Loses Lawyer After Suggesting Beheading of Fauci

Anyone know when is the next schedule dump of votes for any of the states?

Biden's AZ lead is now 29,861

Where could Donald Trump move if he loses the election?

I'm calling AZ for Biden

Betsy DeVos is so upset with today's developments that she can't park straight.....

If you're not going to call it, resume your regularly scheduled programming and break in with update


Jill Biden Could Be the First First Lady to Have a Full-Time Job Outside the White House

Democratic candidate takes lead in IA-2 race by 162 votes, after trailing by 282 Tuesday night!!

4,131,433 votes.....

Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

So...apparently I'm Bernie Sanders.

Religious test

Head of nuclear weapons agency unexpectedly resigns

Are you using Job Alerts from Google ? Are all the links broken ?

I doubt we'll ever know the truth

Pro-Trump Alabama police captain quits after 'bullet in their skull' Facebook comments

Will Trump give a concession speech or congratulate Biden?

In order to win, Donnie needs 3 of the 4 remaining states, one of which must be Pennsylvania

This is ridiculous. Biden has won both AZ and PA.

I Am Shattered but Ready to Fight

We can all do the math!!!! Biden won Pa, Az, Nv. And Ga!!!! Call the damn race!!! It is ridiculous

Cruz, Graham add fuel to Trump's inflammatory vote-fraud charges

*Joe WILL speak tonight,

Shoulda barbecued and got some fireworks. It's been a great patriotic holiday

I understand the need to get these votes counts correct, BUT

Tobacco or flood?

What country will trump exile himself to?

Because Doing Nothing Is Deadly: A Theme For Georgia's Races

Weird to me that Maricopa cty favored democrats yet Trump continues to win late

Anyone have status on GA Senate runoffs?

Fed up FOX reporter hits breaking point over Trump's election lies on air

The refrain from state officials is consistent: The Trump campaign's fraud claims are unfounded

How many ballot dumps going to happen in Arizona?

GA - been bouncing around w/small updates. Lead almost dropped under 4k. Back up to 4,289

Geoffrey Palmer, British star of 'As Time Goes By,' dies at 93

There must be another reason why they're not calling it.

Geoffrey Palmer, British star of 'As Time Goes By,' dies at 93

Joe and the K-Bomb are going to speak shortly

Jay SUCK A LOW on insanity

Everyone claiming the voting machines were hacked now has a NATIONAL spokesperson....

EVERYONE! Please! I call for Calm!!

Boogie on Reaggie Woman - Phish

Today's front pages from around the world

'Across Endless Dimension'- Dimash - (MV Clip)


The Torture of the SWORD of DAMOCLES Hanging Over Trump

The suckers and losers have spoken...

Cats When You Exist Near Them

Every single other election has been called by the media using

Biden just kicked Trump's ass big time in Alleghany!!!!!!!

Pence will handle the transition.

Tropical Storm ETA (#29) will hit Cuba, aim for Florida by Monday...

Trump has one last trick up his sleeve...

KA----MA----LA!! Are you ready to party??

they must call PA now 27K

What I heard On Randi Rhodes Podcast Today

Joe is the guy we didn't know was our guy , deft. Calm, responsive, steady , not reactive, hand on t


I'm not comfortable with the role of the NYT needle in this election

news from NV...MSNBC!

Let's not forget who "will" win.............

Tweet of the night:

Help! My cat is driving me nuts

Trump's legal strategy is very sad and desperate. It would be like putting a carton of sour milk in

Joe Biden becomes the first presidential candidate in U.S. history to cross 75 million votes

The Electoral College Is Close. The Popular Vote Isn't.

Late Friday News Dump?

Worldometer 132,540 new cases today.

Arizona Number Crunch: Looks Good

George Takei: Battlestations! Control of the Senate and all we need to do with climate change, tax r

Next Friday's News Dump

Casey still says Biden will win PA by 100,000...

Alaska Public Media: Here's why Alaska is the slowest in the nation when it comes to vote counting

The American People of Representive John Lewis' district have spoken


Alaska Public Media: Here's why Alaska is the slowest in the nation when it comes to vote counting

GDTRFB - 1970

Arizona has spoken. Joe Biden: I'm a Democrat and I love John McCain

What is this report about a glitch in the machines favoring Biden? Is this more

Grifting until the bitter end......

Wait so Trump spent months claiming he was going involve the courts if he didn't like the election r

Arizona has spoken. Joe Biden: I'm a Democrat and I love John McCain

Are they not calling the obvious cause baby trump won't concede?

my theory on the large number of Pennsylvania Provisional Ballots

Republicans are amplifying the president's lies. This has never been more dangerous.

Republican clerk pushes back on GOP chair's 'categorically false' claim

Based on Edison's four remaining uncalled for counties in Georgia

PA - One thing I've missed. Are the remaining still mostly early mail-in? Or are any provisionals?

Just thinking out loud. I've spent the day busy, just checked in, shocked we are still in this weird

Steve Kornacki all but begs NBC news to call this race!

After Jan. 20th will all codes and passwords

Kornacki: "It's baked in, I think, to anybody watching this now"

What if those two Democrats in GA prevail?

Steve Schmidt: 'At This Hour It's Clear, These Races Should Be Called' - Deadline - MSNBC

Baby Kitten Doesn't Want a Bath From Mama

Leslie Jones of SNL loves Kornacki and goes ballistic when Ali V steps in to give Steve a break

Josh Shapiro (PA Attorney General): I'm taking his phone away for 24 hours. 😂

LOL ... Nate Silver just said

Police captain fired for stupid remark. Here is what it proves: Lots of towns & cities in U.S.A.

this teen wins election night 4.0


It's Fitting That Trump, Who Tore Down Our Norms, Will Leave Office Doing Exactly That - MSNBC

A friend who was watching CNN didn't know who John King was . . .

Black youth -- who voted for Biden 90% to 8% -- were critical to flipping Georgia blue.

Just Breathe - Pearl Jam

These same people frothing at the mouth, said Russian meddling was a hoax. Despite evidence from

Watch ballots being sneaked into the election center in Maricopa County

123,695 new COVID cases today...

I just want to see my new avatar on a post nt

David Shuster

Philadelphia Freedom @ Soul Train - Elton John

GOP official asked if they actually believe the election was stolen -- and the response was hilarious

Biden's going to win PA by more than Trump did in 2016. When did they call it in 2016?

Janis Joplin with Ron McKernan/Dead - Lovelight - 1970

For the first time in my lifetime I'm looking forward to seeing Trump.

Supreme Court Rejects GOP Request To Halt Mail-In Ballot Count In Pennsylvania - The ReidOut - MSNBC

NYT Front page latest totals - anyone got sources more up to date than these?

On the Eve of (CALL IT ALREADY, KORNACKI, YOU BASTARD) Victory, I'd Like to Say Thanks (Ferret/SC)

Rick Santorum is still spewing BS!

Australia has trump all figured out.

Speaking only for the Atticus tribe, we will not be satisfied with allowing Trump to

The longer the obvious is not acknowledged the more the magats will believe it was stolen

Hillary told America about Trump's petulant nature four years ago

Seen over Mar a Lago...

Anderson Cooper goes viral with EPIC takedown of Trump over election fraud claims

George Takei explains it to Donnie

Pennsylvania Biden up by 27K, this morning he was up about 5K. It's been a good day for Joe in PA.

Rage Against The Machine and trumpers who do not understand the lyrics

Time for "Operation 'Emmy AND a Contract Extension' Sir.'

"The Final Gasp of Donald Trump's Presidency"

I don't understand this because I'm not good at math.

I'm hearing fireworks in my neighborhood.

Provisional Ballots in PA may be skewed Democratic based upon unreturned mail-in ballot stats

He can't catch up

No matter who finally calls it for Joe!

Dancing in the street...

Stand fast.

What will trump's letter in the drawer to Joe Biden say?

Bush v. Gore 2000 election results - what was the "waiting game" like for you?

the reason PA isn't going to be called? 85k provisional ballots that take a lot of time to process

'Nothing Is Going To Stop The Counting Of These Legal Ballots': Pennsylvania A.G. Shapiro - MSNBC

VP Biden leaving Wilmington home now.

is there another bunch of votes released tonight from PA

President Biden en route to speech site

*Joe B on his way from home to 'speaking place' in Wilmington.

Like Seth, I just need to vent.

If Trump resigns and Pence takes over for a few months, is Pence 46 and then

Is this a Landslide or a Mandate...

Harris already at Chase Center, Biden motorcade on the way - JUST ARRIVED

You know what would be fabulous? If the fucking decision desks would call the race in the next 15

Worried about 2022, the state of the house and senate worries me


I bought a 6 pack of Yuengling (a Pennsylvania beer) today to celebrate when PA drops for Biden.

Couldn't they have set up a zoom connection for Rachel to participate?

Annoying phrases used by the good people at CNN and MSNBC designed to keep us glued to our seats

You want to know how much the Navajo Nation dislikes trump? 1. of the 85,000 registered voters on N

Current Trump lawsuits...

pa going home for the night

We will have a brilliant VP in Kamala Harris.

80,000 outstanding ballots across AZ (per msnbc,)

AZ - 90k left for Maricopa; 80k elsewhere of which trump would need 63% of those (not likely)

Imagine what this life-changing moment feels like for two people, one man

Biden is arriving in Wilmington...with a Presidential-length motorcade

This, from "Invictus", sums up the Joe Biden we have elected:

This is sick

BIden leads by 29k in pa

This was a really mixed bag this week for Donald Trump Jr.

Thread where we each CALL IT

Sugar Magnolia - 1973

PA lead up to 28.8k (0.5%)

"How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away" . . . Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks . . .

OMGAWD...... LAURA INGLESS just said "tRump has been the greatest President ever"

For us Waiting For It//This is beautiful and so poignant.

Anyone just see Biden's beefed up motorcade?

Some news org have the guts to call this thing and let Joe nail the door shut on trump!

Joe Time!! Tune in as I address the nation on the current state of the race.

is all pa vote counting stopped for the night

So, MSNBC Decision Desk John Lapinski says he isn't willing

Imagine if you got medical test results the way we get election results:

Biden is on.

I think we'll see AZ projected by Sunday Night. Here's why...

Its going to be ugly for the next couple of months

Twilight - Danko/Hudson 1994

The joy of a grandchild

Oh tRump is having a fit right now.

Is Faux about ready to push someone orange under the bus?

Biden's smart to position his actions on COVID the way he did

Wait....what's this? A REAL president? With intellect? Curiosity? Empathy?

This feels...different.

THAT was a President speaking!

GREAT speech from Biden. Riveting. He effectively claimed not just victory but a mandate,

The attacks on Lincoln Project are why we lose.

Jerry Jeff Walker Thread.

Seth Meyers - Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit in Michigan to Stop Ballot Counting - Monologue 11/5/20

What will Trump write in his departure letter to Biden?

How should House Democrats and Biden govern w McConnell?

Proof that votes were stolen in PA!

Where can i find Biden's speech tonight online? I missed it. Please and thank you.

Day 4 of this hostage crisis ...

If you count

Let's Be Honest About Why The Networks Haven't Called It For Biden.

I'm having fun here tonight!

Whatever news network calls this race for Joe gets my eyeballs for the next year

Some stuff

Mark Meadows just tested pos for Covid

Meidas Touch: This is the moment Joe Biden became president.

From a Bloomberg News Reporter...

Updated:Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows &at least FOUR other White House aides have coronavirus

BREAKING: Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has the coronavirus. Also, at least 2 aides are +.

Any more vote updates expected tonight???

Joe Biden's motorcade

Mark Kelly is Officially the new Arizona senator.

Mary Trump: Thank you, President Biden.

Don Caron brightens our night with this parody! Be sure to watch!!!

President Biden just made one of the best speeches I have ever heard

Be careful Gloria Borger on CNN

Barry McCaffrey: Biden address to the nation was just perfect. Thoughtful. Unifying. Reaching out

The White House is going to need a deep cleaning.

Trump's Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, Infected By Coronavirus

CNN is reporting that Mark Meadows,

Remarks by Vice President Biden, November 6th, Wilmington, Delaware

Both of Georgia's Senate races will go to January runoffs - this is for control of the Senate

We may soon know one of two things: 1) Trump faked having COVID or 2)...

Anyone have any videos of MAGAs crying post 2020 election?

it is something when you can see things visibly coming into balance

'Loser': Trump Headed For Court Losses In 2020 Cases, Per Obama's SCOTUS Lawyer - MSNBC

Bought a case of my cabernet today. Hope it lasts until THE DAMN ELECTION IS CALLED!

I'm becoming resigned to no media call until Dec 14 after Biden hits 270 officially in EC

Willin" - Little Feat - 1977

Pres. Biden should allow Trump's portrait to remain in the White House

We can't even hold a goddam election

MAGAT drove by at Chase Center

I hear fireworks!!

Basin St Blue - Armstrong - 1958, Stuttgartt, Germany

The WH chief of staff--who believes man walked the earth with dinosaurs, advised POTUS not to concede

MSNBC link for Biden's full speech tonight

Some of our conspiracy theories about the vote counts are nearly as ridiculous as Trump's.

Cuomo just called Biden "President elect."

trump's chief of staff mark meadows has Covid-19

Biden now up nearly 29K in PA. Getting closer to show time!

Why did it take the Meadows story to get MSNBC to

The Purpose of Our Politics

Lovely Day - Jose James

Where's Secretary of Corruption Giuliani? Is he in charge of Trump's legal team? Is Dr. Demon

This just happened on MSNBC. Wait for it.

Losing isn't Easy, Especially for Donald Trump

Stacey Abrams Helped Make Georgia a Critical Swing State - NowThis

Celebrate Good Times... Come on!!!

How is he getting away with this DISGUSTING CONDUCT?

Meanwhile, in Philly...

Here's the 538 live blog wrap/status of vote counting for tonight (posted just now)

How Georgia could leave U.S. Senate control unclear until January

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/6/20

I WANT IT TO BE OVER............

I moved in on him like a B'

Spitting Image Calls It - Trump Loses

Enjoy the moment, my friends!

Hey Donald, do you wanna know why your vote count numbers were so high, even as a pathetic loser?

Ultimate in gaslighting, oddest of ways. Pretend that there is still question about this election.


Time to sell off Aqua-Velva stocks!! (ETA:make that Vitalis; you can keep the Aqua-Velva stocks)

Loser- Grateful Dead- Winterland 12/29/77

Republican clerk in Michigan (sits on national election board) tees off on Ronna Romney McDaniel.

I'm sorry. And also, you're welcome

Slate "The Slow-Motion Humiliation of an Empty Demagogue" (meaning trump - good read)

I can't stop laughing, and I know we ALL need a laugh

Laura Ingraham criticizes the political consultants who blew through all the Trump campaign funds

NEWS: Along with Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, at least FOUR other White House aides currently

Seth Meyers - Guest Chris Hayes Shares His 2020 Presidential Election Predictions

NY Post Editors: Go tougher on Trump.

5 people have Covid-19 in the WH..

You want to know how much the Navajo Nation dislikes trump?

Dancing days are here Again. Not Led Zeppelin, figured I'd try someone else

Why hasn't CNN called Pennsylvania?

Hurricane Drunk, by Florence and the Machine

Onion: Media Condemns Biden for Baseless Claim

Seth Meyers - Guest David Sedaris Does Not Understand Undecided Voters


The Final Gasp of Donald Trump's Presidency

OMGAWD.......I am going to give as much on my limited old lady funds as I can to

This is the election DeJoy tried to steal

I want to be awake when they call it but I have things I have to do


Michael the Archangel isn't playing with Trump!

Drinking Thread Postponed Until It's Official.

!! NPR: Trump abruptly dumps 3 agency heads that control nuclear stockpile & other matters

I need me some Boss

Inside...Managing a monster

What will the armed humpers do when the national guard shows up to protect the cities from white

Biden pulls ahead in previously red Tarrant County, TX.

Current list of counties that flipped from Trump '16 to Biden '20

Matt Gaetz will never learn. Don't poke Steve Schmidt.

President Biden 👀 looks good as a hashtag! #PresidentBiden

I think I see a pattern emerging.

Who's the snowflake now?

"Downfall" meme: Trump and ballot counting

Comparing Trump To Satan

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 11/6/20

Whatever Happens

Ingenious Bed Frame Has a Place for Cats to Play While Their Humans Rest

WA-10: Marilyn Strickland's Black and Korean American roots are historic 1st for Congress

USA: COVID cases have not been rising exponentially ... until now.

just watched Robert Shrum on TMZ . . .

Say If PA is not called this time tomorrow

Millions are worried about making rent.

in a way, it's odd that people put so much stock in the media "calling" the election.

OMGAWD......tRump isn't running this whole fawking election show is he???

The great swindle continues to the bitter end...........

Qanon Supporter Elected to Congress Calls Dan Crenshaw a Loser

I'm gonna get hammered for this......

Let's talk about family, coworkers, and reconciliation after Trump...

What happneded this year in GA that didn't happen in 2018?

When Biden takes the Oath of Office:

Tweet of the Day

Trump's about to have a new experience

Chris Cuomo: This was a SPANKING

Be Prepared: Biden Transition Team At Work Amid Limbo

His final humiliation. Even amid a pandemic, Biden's inauguration will be much larger than Trump's.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

God I want our country back.

Hey Donald . . . we're a stubborn annoying little party

Gary Gensler to join Biden transition

The Vox take soothes the soul on where we stand tonight.

McCaskill asks , "Where's Pence?"

I Returned, and I kicked tail.

I-95 in Delaware

Biden Welcome Center, DELAWARE!

Trump Ignored Coronavirus One More Day 120,000 infected

What if 😂😂😂😂

Blues Brothers, Soul Man: SNL

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump is Losing, Lying & Tearing Democracy Down with Him

Gay man makes history by beating Proud Boys boss in election race

242,239 The day has just begun

"No elected Republican will stand behind Trump's statement": Santorum weighs in on Trump briefing

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Losing Isn't Easy, Especially for Donald Trump

If Trump escapes to Russia, does his lifetime secret service protection go with him?

Exit Polls can be just as inaccurate as regular polls

Biden increase lead to 7,248 in GA

Judge says El Paso coronavirus shutdown should stand; Paxton moves to appeal

the war on drugs - suffering (live-2014-kexp) such a great tune ...

White House fence is covered with messages to Trump

The Village People, YMCA - SNL, Weekend Update

Dear Dump and MAGAts

Who's secretly wishing they had removed Trump when they had the chance? I suppose they really

Land doesn't vote - people do.... (Great visual map)

"I Don't See Them Accepting The Results." Scenes from Election Protests in Maricopa County Arizona

A nice thoughtful gift from Joe to Donald

4.3 million

Report: Armed Men Arrested In Philadelphia Were Trying To Deliver Fake Ballots

Setting across the river, through a (juniper) tree.


Anthem of the day: "Move Trump Get Out the Way"

Vos begins fraud hunt on a rumor

The popular vote difference still reflects only 77% of California's vote.

I have no words...

FoxNews needs more advertiser boycotts

Trump Fails to Make Headway on Legal Cases

Life comes at you fast ... huh Donny?

Gingrich wants Bill Barr to arrest election workers

4chan reacting to Trump losing

Stephen Colbert's Election Night Special

Let me make this pellucidly clear

THIS needs to be posted on that White House fence!

I believe in - sent to me by one of my church going friends

Composition is everything...

Boris Johnson goes to bed with The Virus (LOL)

Avengers Election Remake

Biden up 7,248 in GA!

Want to lose sleep? Listen to this podcast from Seth Abramson about how Rump is using

What is it about living in rural America that makes people different from people

A Motorcycle Rally in a Pandemic? 'We Kind of Knew What Was Going to Happen'

Democrats guide to regain control of the US Senate in 2022 under a Biden Presidency.

Olbermann vs. Trump #23: Amen To Biden's Unity Message. But First, 25th Trump. Arrest Bannon, Don Jr

Breakfast Saturday 7 November 2020

I want you to think about the Trump-administration documents that Biden will declassify.............

Where the f*** is Steve???

A question some prosecutor might one day want to ask Louis DeJoy: was he aware that Donald Trump's c

LA man detained after social media post threatening violence over Biden win

Should we beware Trump now more than ever?

Steve Sack FTW

There Are No Lawyers Who Can Salvage Trump's Re-Election Bid

Police: Man Took Sex Toy For A Test Drive

TIME ... to go

Crackpot Texas televangelist: God says, 'I'm not happy about what you're doing to my man Trump'

Nancy Pelosi formally announces run for reelection as House speaker

White House Staffers Start To Back Away From Trump

Looks like @JoeBiden magic vote number in Pa to win it all is 3,367,000. If the data is correct when

Fox News host Laura Ingraham advises Trump to accept defeat with 'grace and composure' in unusual me

The M$M can call the race for Biden ***AND*** the votes continued to be counted like usual

I wonder how many trump humpers will still acknowledge their worship 10 years from now?

Football is cancelled!!

Meadows was present on Wednesday morning when Trump gathered 150 aides at 3am after the election.

Pennsylvania Republicans leaders dismiss Trump fraud claims, but call for audit

Vets for Trump founder one of two armed men arrested outside ballot counting center

The Week in Review.

Change is coming ❤️#thebidenharriseffect

Judges want more evidence from Trump campaign as election cases get tossed

Aides Say Trump Has No Legal Strategy

I wake up to duplicate ballot talk. Fucking call this thing.

Damn, good for her. @staceyabrams can do it all.

Good Morning.....Some advice on being gracious in victory.

Do you know what Biden doesn't have that Clinton had?

Special Counsel Probing Trump Campaign's Use Of White House

Can we see the adoption paperwork, Matthew? It seems Nestor arrived at Matt's house at age 12 and ha

So is today the day?

'Boogaloo Bois' face new charges for possession of machine guns and silencers

The GOP is all of a sudden very concerned about the national debt again

Student-designed tear gas safety mask wins top industrial design award

Over a quarter of a million Metro Detroit voters cast their ballot for Trump this election

Allegheny County 20-23K ballots left to count; breaking 80-20 Biden

Sad. So sad. Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Infected With Coronavirus

There seems to be a lot of confusion about a

George Takei: What a great idea! (strategic use of ossloff/warnock $$)

Center City Philly 7 AM Saturday

Swalwell calls for creation of presidential crimes commission to investigate Trump when he leaves of

"Mr. Trump's legacy will be diminished greatly if his final act is a bitter refusal to accept a legi

MSNBC - Soon: Results out of PA with Biden on brink of winning presidency

Liberty Strikes Back

"Running" In 2024

Well crap

Will today be the day?

From Eric trump - this may be the stupidest tweet ever made in the history of Twitter:

Over 70 life-sized "dinosaurs" and other prehistoric creatures go on display outside RFK Stadium ...

Stacey Abrams and Georgians

"We are not going to control the pandemic"

Ok. Sorry. Another one. This one is genius and cuts deep actually

Over 70 life-sized "dinosaurs" and other prehistoric creatures go on display outside RFK Stadium ...

Over 70 life-sized "dinosaurs" and other prehistoric creatures go on display outside RFK Stadium ...

Texas is the first state to record over 1,000,000 cases of Covid

George Takei ftw!

So, let me get this right...Polls are not to be trusted but...

TRUMP RALLY - Wednesday, 20 January

Morning Joe on a Saturday in a suit?

NY Post cover this morning

I've gotta give Joe Scarborough props for calling out all the network Decision Desks for not calling

Stacey Abrams: I keep reading that Abrams "helped" bring Georgia into the Democratic fold...

I like wearing masks

Joe started making sense this morning....then he became joe again

I'm really enjoying Joe Scarborough's rant about how the gop legislatures threw sand in the

In Debt and Desperate Trump Tries Duping the Devoted Yet Again

Todd: We have a higher confidence Biden will hit 270 electoral votes than we have about which states

Pundits are obsessing this morning on how Republicans are not appealing to REAL Americans, right?

Hit The Road, Jack

The same people claiming that Biden, being ahead by 4 Million votes (soon to be 5+million) is NOT a

Melania vs. Trump - The Game

NBC: Vote leads as of 8:14am Saturday

Vice President Joe Biden Speaks from Wilmington, Delaware late on 11/6/20 (7:55)

Letter from the front

The issue with not calling it, is the perception it allows and the wasted time it provides

Philly vote breakdown- Wasserman

Wannabe horror novelist Trump: BAD THINGS HAPPENED INSIDE late Tuesday night

Democrats will retain or regain control of the US Senate in 2022 during a Biden Presidency.

PA down ballot results

Bloomberg article says Mark Meadows knew he had Covid19, but didn't isolate.

There Are a Lot of Rallies Planned in DC This Week. Here's a Rundown.

I want to see these over the next four years.

Keith O: Biden's uniform number in a 70's congressional baseball game was...

Now you can understand how the Salem Witch Trials happened..

I'm done with trash takes on our party from republicans who denounced Trump

Crying Cow Mom Reunited With Calf in Magical Reunion

Joe Biden Wins 4 Out Of 5 Military Ballots In Allegheny County, PA

S T A C Y !

PA - List of precincts WELL underreported so far - heavily Dem!

My Biden yard signs were stolen!

Rep. John Lewis: 'Your Vote Is Precious, Almost Sacred'

What angers me

The Biden administration will be the greatest job creator ever if

Stacey's site for GA Senate donations!

The big "scandal" in trumpian circles now is "the Glitch"

John Berman: Trump is awake in the WH and he has lied.

My explanation why late ballots aren't late

If the President-Reject doesn't shut his fucking mouth...

Joe Biden is going to inherit an economy is deep recession. The GOP is going to spend the next 2 yrs

According to Twitter, some Trump supporters are actually threatening to move to Mexico.

Covid positive Mark Meadows, WH Chief of Staff, has been in and out of meetings in the...

Trump is now in his "Hitler in the bunker" stage.

A tale of two Georgias

Thank goodness Trump is too incompetent to properly organize a coup

They are pushing the narrative that the Penn SOS wasn't already segregating the disputed ballots and

Football - Arizona State at USC 12 noon....eastern. That's 9AM in L. A.

Joe wins but America ain't pretty

LMAOOO I'm NEVER Deleting This APP

Where We Are At This A.M.

I hope Trump tweets some seriously nutty stuff over the next

Saturday Night Live closing theme

What's the difference between a Garbanzo Bean and a Chickpea?

What is the deal with Alaska?

Opinions- not calling it to coddle trump

Knock, knock...

NEW: Biden's lead in Georgia overnight grew to 7,248--a lead of .1%. Even though there will be a rec

Did Obamacare cost Trump Georgia?

Hitler finds out Trump won't concede the election

2545 - take this lunatic to an institution for the

California Blocks Insurance Companies From Withdrawing From Fire Zones For Another Year

I thought I preferred "Former one-term President Donald Trump"

Who is the woman on fox and friends???

THE BUNKER BOY - Randy Rainbow

Seriously, this fundraising solicitation is wire fraud under 18 U.S.C. 1343.

Time Person of the year?

Explosion kills former Afghan TV presenter in capital

October 2020 Atmospheric CO2: 411.28 ppm; October 2019: 408.52 ppm; October 2018: 406.00 ppm

Archaeologists probe oldest, deepest part of Meadowcroft Rockshelter

Georgia's 50%+1 run off rule - is that unique?

Yahoo called it yesterday

Convicted Felon & Murderous Coal CEO Don Blankenship Got 55,000 Votes Tuesday

Tim Ryan from Ohio?

If Trump and Rush Limbaugh were drowning right in front of you and you had to choose...

ABC: Just honored Stacy Abram's work and Black Votes Matter

Since 2016, $153 Billion Invested By Banks In Deforestation, Palm Oil, Soy, Beef In Global South

trump just had five tweets in a row flagged on his twitter account.

Orangesicle in a Twitter meltdown this Saturday morning as PA slips away.

2016 election

Matt Gaetz (R-FL01) of Gas Mask fame has contracted COVID-19

Gaetz tests positive.

What are Melania's Christmas decorations going to look like this year?

Joe Scar: MSNBC Decision Desk calls 1996 R Convention for Bob Dole

Mrs. K: Joe Biden expects the race to be called today.

Wouldn't it just be poetic justice...

Matt Gaetz diagnosed with COVID-19!

Matt Gaetz has covid

Maybe Biden could do this

China's Demand, Economic Chaos Driving Destruction Of Remaining Hardwood Forests In Gambia, Senegal

Greatest Page Holy Shit #1 and HOOOOLEEE SHIT #2

One disadvantage Joe/Kamala and the Democrats had during the campaign was that they

I'd say it's even money Mike Pence has COVID

Aren't you supposed to see a doctor

I hope to see the Trump family absolutely ruined.

The difference between the parties in a nutshell:

It tweeted

Starting early...

The vanishing 'red mirage': how Trump's election week soured

Media--When you report on the other side filing lawsuits, make sure you also report on the court dec

Trolling level - Demi-god!

Uncertainty Attracts TV Viewers; Final Results Send Them Away.

How Biden can force dRumpf's hand in regards to him leaving office.

Laura Ingraham: If Trump loses he should accept it with 'grace and composure'

Anyone else (besides me) bothered by the many posts ...

Just a reminder that Decision Desk HQ called the race more than 25 hours ago ..

538 crew are awake. 3 latest live blog entries.

What If 😂😂😂😂

Kudos to DNC, Biden Campaign and Media

Trump campaign lawyers may have violated Privacy Act and USPS rules in Nevada voter fraud lawsuit

PA LT GOV: "there isn't some enchanted village of all Trump voters that hasn't weighed in yet"

Got a question about DOJ officials

Republican Hypocrisy, Exhibit # 9,999,999... Will Hurd, previously of the CIA....

The Election That Broke the Republican Party

It tweeted this but it's instantly gone

Cubans in Florida

Dear Wisconsin: If Trump wants a recount, make him pay up front

The Wildest Pittie Eats Out Of His Baby Sister's Hands

Real change requires Ossoff and Warnock

PA AG office finds "no proof provided that any deceased person has voted in the 2020 election"

Georgia Runoff Election: teens turning 18 on or before runoff can get Democrats fill those seat

IMHO The Election will be called Before the NFL kicks off tomorrow

The Employees Who Gave Most to Trump and Biden

Amoreena - just one of the great songs from my favorite Elton album

"Matt Gaetz has covid. Waiting for Trump to tweet...."

Trump will resign before January 1st. He will have a pardon agreement in hand from Pence.

When you're in prison, do you get to keep Secret Service protection?

How Trump might leave the White House.

Today, Trump is fundraising for a lawsuit that's already been dismissed

For the Record ReTHUGs did not win the Senate

Front page: 'One small hand clinging to everything except reality'

I want Joe Biden.

OAN O my god

I have to take it in small doses but it's fun to put Fox News on for a few minutes to see....

Looks like Georgia goes to Biden

"Ok what is this fuckery WHERE IS STEVE?? Lol I don't trust this dude!!"

The Woman Who Built Beethoven's Pianos


So, is Morning Joke telling us that networks are in cahoots with GOP legislatures and Orange Gumby?

When this is over we all need to fly American flags

In the middle of Giuliani's latest YouTube video he stops to do a commercial for a cigar store

Joe momma

Next time they show that red/blue election map on TV, notice this:

Arizona's SoS: Don't scream fraud when you don't know how election processes work in the state

Jon Ossoff Tears David Perdue To Shreds As He Kicks Off His Race To Save The Senate

Due to failures to bookmark I would appreciate links to

Donald Trump will get to 270

Just in case you'd like to communicate with a disgruntled Trump supporter, more on their level

Mrs. Betty Bowers takes Rudy Giuliani's offer to heart........

If Biden/Harris can win Georgia, we can win the two Senate runoffs in January


CNN saying Biden to launch a COVID task force soon.

"Legal twitter is the best twitter"

Can we have Stacy Abrams Fair Fight group as a DU donation push?

Social Responsibility is NOT Socialism

The likely vulnerable Democratic held US Senate seats up in 2022 are likely to stay Democratic.

just woke up in newzealand its 430am what thw latest?

MAGA cult believes Trump will run for president in 2024 & 2028...

Eta is now a Tropical Storm again - pay attention Cayman, Cuba, South Florida, Keys and the Bahamas

Corey Lewandowski needs to accept that he has to go back to his career of filming videos like this.

I want to get involved in a group

2621 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat. ; 38 deaths

OK - Sorry to ask (again) when the question has been asked a zillion times

Jim Acosta - "Trump adviser tells me the campaign has "nothing concrete" in terms of voter fraud."

Why is Joe Scarborough in a tie???

Jim Acosta: Trump adviser tells me the campaign has "nothing concrete" in terms of voter fraud.

We should know by Noon ET today

Drumpf has left the white house this morning so that he will not be there when the numbers

Was hesitant to put this up...

President Pence

If The Senate Is Tied, Which Side Gets To Pick THe Majority Leader?

Video!! @MarkMeadows and Trump family at #Trumps WH election night East Room Party.......

On this day, November 7, 1940, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed.

I never watched Joe Scarborough before today and my first impression is not good.

Abolishing the Electoral College will take a Constitutional amendment, correct?

How soon do down ballot candidates seriously start organizing for 2022? nt

Susan Del Percio on MSNBC regarding trump's state of mind:

A ittle concerned about the House majority

"Any minute, or hours" from now we'll get big results from some state.

Kindergartner reportedly dies of Covid-19 in Texas

On my "There oughta be a law" list...

Is it drunk tweeting?

Florida District 26 question

Damn it all

I'm totally crazy and they let me be president for four years!!

CNN just now: Jake Tapper is such a nice person but he is foolish if he believes that giving Trump

MA: Norwell officials ask MBTA to reconsider rail, ferry cuts

I think it's time for the "I believe" chant to surface again

GOPer Matt Gaetz tests positive for COVID-19: report

I hear Donnie Dollhands is headed to the golf course today

Howard Rumsey was born on this date.

"As votes are counted and his electoral future hangs in the balance..."

While We All Freak Out - HE'S GONE GOLFING

I do not need a concession speech.

Al Hirt was born on this date.

The term "legal vote" is as fictionally fraught and functionally racist as the terms...

What happened to the Protect the Vote

One small example of way in which Fox & GOP collaborate

Johnny Rivers was born on this date.

County says election worker in hiding after false claims of throwing out ballot

Santorum is a snivvly little snot nosed ass, but he just laid out the Biden numbers clearly.

My Mom would be 100 years old today

Joni Mitchell has a birthday today.

I love Jon Ossoff's framing of why he needs to win

Was the problem with provisional ballots in Pa. be caused by DEJOY?

At The End of The Day ...


No one answered the phone at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. But oh man RIP their online reviews.

The rural/urban divide in perceptions from the movies/books...

Charlamagne Tha God Lists All The Things Black People Had To Lose Under Donald Trump

Dem Avengers Endgame

What scares me that Trump could have been re-elected had he not been such a massive dick

Updated counts due any minute

Historian Jon Meacham puts popular vote in perspective

Huge Arizona numbers

I think karma just ran over Matt Gaetz's dogma

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #4 "Italian"

I want Barr investigated

Looking at the margins in Arizona, I think Trump will not catch Biden...

When was Bill Barr last seen in public?

Will Trump's Taxes Still be Under Audit if he Runs in 2024?

Biden about to increase his lead in Pennsylvania by over 33,000

The NY Jets have a new coach!

Getting caught covering your license plate and stealing signs

Murdoch Turns on Trump

Cats - the epitome of grace and sophistication

Increasingly Normal: Guns Seen Outside Vote-Counting Centers

I think this would have been called for Biden not long after the West coast polls closed on Tuesday

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman on CNN...don't buy any green bananas.

Those supporting the Electoral College-

AZ : No more machine ballots, only, military, braille, overseas ballots left, all manual

What did Biden offer rural Americans? How about honesty, decency, integrity, respect, SANITY

Maybe sports teams could rethink their presentation


Biden now has .5 lead in PA.

This is gonna make a great movie.

Biden.gets 85% of PA vote update. + 2431 Trump +351

CNN just called it!





Just in: newly counted Philadelphia ballots push Biden's PA lead past 30!

CNN projects Biden wins presidency🎊❤🎉😃

Prediction - they will call it between now and High Noon

CNN CALLS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word bubble over Kornacki's head:

MSNBC Just announced PA and the presidency for Biden!

CNN finally projects Biden the winner

Pic Of The Moment: You're Hired!


PRESIDENT BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They called the race!!!!!!!!!! CNN

NBC calls it

Just called it

🇺🇸 6 x US Navy E-6Bs up. Probably nothing... Or imminent global annihilation. 🤷‍♂️

Wow. I didn't think I'd burst into tears but I did.

CNN just declared Biden the winner. Woohoo!

Stephen Hawking on Donald Trump

The Wiz - Everybody Rejoice

CNN. : "long national nightmare" over

Gene Gene the Dancing Machine!!!!!!

I just broke into tears. Feels like the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

Fox hasn't called it yet 2 minutes later.

People are cheering in the streets here in NYC

Michael Rapaport spitting the truth...


Any Nooz??

Love that it's finally called while the fucker's golfing

CNN calls it for Biden!!!

ABC calls it! NT


Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

C'mon, you states!

The AMERICAN PEOPLE Get First DIBS on Trump's Assetts

Been waiting four long years to post this


President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris!!

Thank you, Rep Clyburn, Thank you, Pres. Obama, Thank you, Stacey Abrams, Thank you, ALL

OMGOMGOMG, no words can describe my joy right now!



John Meacham just compared this to 1860, 1864. One of the most consequential in history.

Fox News is still showing 264/214. They're "not ready to make that call."

Will there be riots in the streets???

Fox not calling it yet

Character beats a bully!

All news Networks call it - President Biden!! BUT NOT FOX


NBC has called it for Biden

Van Jones on TV crying about "character matters"

President Elect Biden 46th President

Van Jones is crying! n/t

A screenie for history!!!!!

Kamala Harris makes history.

CNN called it too!



This game of waiting is finally over

We DID it, folks. Can't even pretend to understand the down-ticket races, but WE DID IT.

Now Hold On For The Explosion


Joe Biden will speak in two months to Madam Speaker and Madam Vice President!!

I'm mad they waited this long to call, but I'm crying my eyes out

President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris

Jake Tapper is about to cry with joy Van Jones is

Turn it up!

Memorable Republican Presidential Quotes

playing hail to the chief and i am crying.

You're FIRED!!!!

CNN projects Biden!

We have the Firstiest VP-Elect ever!!!!

Hey, Trump

CBS NBC ABC MSNBC call election too🎆🔔🏵

Hell, yeah! The Blue Wall is rebuilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here in Cap Hill in Denver

The Day We Have Been Waiting Four Years For

I'm glad the states took their time to get it right!

Four days of slow torture for trump

Turn off Santorum's mike

I wish I was in NYC right now!

When is the acceptance speech?

NYT and WaPo also call PA.

All of a sudden fox can't call it

Yes I did dance in the street.

Santorum needs the shit slapped outta him

It's a perfect day here in Wilmington, Delaware!🌈☀️🥳😎😁

Thank you DU friends for getting me through this 4-year nightmare

I love that they called it while Trump was on the golf course!!

Incendiary texts traced to outfit run by top Trump aide (Gary Coby)

Rick Santorum is an asshole! They're going around the room asking for reactions....

I'm drinking a mimosa!




Optimistic Voices

Fox not-news just called PA and election for Joe

Dancing in the Streets-Mick J & David B

Who will Gavin Newsom appoint to fill Harris' seat?

Fox News just called it.

Give us just one victory, and we're on our way.

FOX News calls it too

Hey, hey, we saved the world today!

What will the headlines be across the World ?

I was compiling the TOONs when suddenly there was cheering up and down the street...

I'm drinking a mimosa!

Seems like it. A mountain of work to do to


Joe Biden is the strongest man in the US in public life, I think.

We've won the Battle of Midway, but not yet the war. Onto Georgia!

Thank You Poll Workers

Gloria Borger made a profound comment


Happy Days Are Here Again

VP Elect Kamala Harris put 74,000,000+ cracks in the glass ceiling...

ITS OVER!! I have been waiting years to say that


Hope Pres-Elect Biden comes out in a tan suit. nt

Paul Shanley, priest at center of sex scandal, dead at 89

Paul Shanley, priest at center of sex scandal, dead at 89

There's a big difference between losing and being a LOSER!

Hey Trump! 75 million people just kicked you out of THEIR house!

OMG a decent first lady

I just emptied 2 boxes of 12 gauge shells. My shoulder hurts. But I'm HAAAPPPYY!!!

Here it is, your screenshot of zen

Today is exactly 48 years, to the day, from when Biden first elected as a Senator.


I took all of my campaign yard signs down on Election Day.

Our national nightmare is OVER!

Trump's swan song right here

President Joseph R Biden Jr and VP Kamala Harris.

Only one REALLY appropriate response!



Congratulations, first woman Vice President, first woman of color. PROUD!!

One-and-Done Don!



Is there any chance the Pennsylvania state legislature ...

Drop the hammer and let's party!

Heh. Fox is showing 290 EV For Biden

I'm Crying for the 237,000 + who cannot cry.

Steve Sack FTW, literally

Blue Wave Indeed!

Fox called Nevada for Biden?

My Fellow Americans.....

Biden/Harris to speak tonight

Thank you, Pennsylvania!

Joe Biden was the man for this moment...

We just went from goofus to Gallant 😀nt

Let the joyous news be spread the wicked old witch at last is dead

No thanks for the memories, now Get The Fuck Out!

Collective scream in cities at announcement


Last Song

Biden's win is great news for Saturday!

Now let's get those two Senate seats!

Call the White House and tell Trump and Pence to get out of OUR House! NOW!

Naah Naah Naah Hey Hey Goodbye

Faux Snooze Reading Statement From Drumpf Himself Right Now nt

Weekend TOONs - We're Getting There

Let's remember to thank..

Donald J. Trump....

Alaska's permafrost, which stores greenhouse gases, is less plentiful and more fragile than believed

Anybody know the betting market odds on Joe being 47?

FLASH INFO: Joe Biden est lu 46e prsident des Etats-Unis

Will Trump concede?

Turned off CNN. Don't want to hear about trump or his supporters

Fireworks in my hometown!

I feel a cosmic sigh of relief, traveling from all around the world.

Our guy won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for the great ticket Biden-Harris

I wish I had some M80s ! Gonna go honk the horns !

Please Mr. President, change the children in cages policy immediately


Biden Supporters Wait For Victory Party In Wilmington, Del.

Celebrating with -- what else? --

On MSNBC they are showing a big happy crowd gathering in front of the White House.

A big thank you to Jim Clyburn!

The Cover Of The New York Times 11/7/2020

MORE good news! PA - Biden leads by 0.51pts. Automatic recount is GONE!

He's A Loser

You're Fired

Jeff Buckley hallelujah


Lots of people---good people---are saying Trump is under the Resolute Desk in a puddle of

Dancin' with Liberty!

*Unofficial* Official WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! Thread!

It is 8:55 AM in California

They're letting Kornacki go home


Trump Projecting Impotence...& No Viagra in Sight😊

i said id do this,whelp here you are and yes i did.

Interesting headline on 'The Daily Mail' (I know - indulge me.)


Where is the VICTORY CELEBRATION in DFW area ?

Fox is sour grapes city. They just read a long, rambling, nonsensical statement by the White House

Sore Loser DICTATOR-WANNABE issues statement in response to President-elect Biden's victory

President Biden's Global Dance Party

While I took the puppy for a walk, Biden became president!

Are the WH Secret Service officers going to arrest Trump and his family for trespassing?

That big exhale noise was from our Allies all over the world!

THe King Is Dead ... Long Live The President-Elect

Can you dig it?

Help. I missed the moment.... WHAT CHANGED

Trump will

I've waited four years to be able to say this

Celebratory Playlist Suggestions Stat please!

Loved the Kornacki. Haterz go fish.

"electors will decide December 14th"

While golfing this morning, Pendejo45's reaction when he found out that he lost ...

Put my flag out for the first time in four years.

Joe's Thank You message. Just lovely!

Rev Al noting that Joe Biden was VP to the first black president, and that Joe Biden

Finally! We got him!!!

the world is proud of the usa

Melania is pulling her Louie Vuitton lluggage out of the closet, ordering moving boxes

he's fired!

I can see clearly now...

That crowd of Biden supporters they are showing in front of the WH

CNN: Trump lost! SDNY:.......

Trump will never quit, he'll fight on, he will never concede, He is a fighter......

Now, time for pay-back!

This is a historic Democratic song going back to 1932:

Women at the top

When do we start?

I am 70 years old and my eyes won't stop leaking.

Trumps last tweet (1 hour ago): I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!

I've been waiting 4 years for this....

I have my problems with Van Jones, but he choked me up here:

What are you doing to celebrate Joe & Kamala's win?


Madame Vice-President Kamala Harris....

Serious question:how long now 'til Melania dumps Trump?

Can we heal? Is this really about politics?

I suspect we will also be seeing a lot more President Obama

Fuck you (very very much)

Betty Devos, Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, Bill Barr, Meadows, TIME TO PACKUP

They have Morning Joe eating up time this morning where a black host normally sat

Posted on Facebook by a cousin of mine...

Gotta laugh at Drudge's headline.

This song has never made me cry so hard (Twitter Video from Kamala Harris)

Tell CNN to get rid of Rick Santorum

glad the media called it

Party at Hunter's house.

Any headlines from our allies around the world??

Celebrations on Black Lives Matter Plaza in D.C. after Joe Biden declared winner..

Ghoulani and princess bondi only on OAN

"The dogs are confused and excited too."


Holy Shit! The internet is slow today. Even my phone is swimming in molasses.

I think Mayor Pete would be an excellent Chief of Staff

Justin Trudeau sent his congratulations to Joe and Kamala

The Final Shitshow - save it for posterity

Today is About-Fucking-Time Day

We REALLY need to take those senate seats! A Biden with the SENATE will get much done

Mourning Joe Scarborough

Thank God, Thank God. It took the hand of God to bring a pandemic

Drudge Report headline

Ha. Trump continuing to fight since he believes in the sanctity of the vote.

Lets all go to Joergia and help get the vote out on the senate

MF45 vows to fight on.

Congrats White House staff employees, you will have decent people to work for now

I'm going for a long run... the happiest and most free

Dance to...

Pharrell Williams - Happy


This is the only time I've ever wanted to hear Trump speak. Can't wait to hear his concession speech

hey rush limbaugh

Proudly changing my avatar....

Trump Is Bankrupt

President Biden has a MANDATE!

Wishing Donnie a Morning full of

Trump's greatest hits

Time For A Stimulus Bill Now Since Trump Lost Mitch And Fellow Scum Republicans

Who is worst on your ears - Joe Scum or Rick Scumtorum?

Joe Biden has changed his twitter bio to "President-Elect"

What A Wonderful World

Let this be as lesson for Nikki Haley in 2024

Everyone on tee vee is talking about UNITY this morning.

The most racist potus since wilson will be bookended by a black potus and a black vpotus


Madam Vice President

Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. So appropriate today. Play it!!!

The Feeling Today

people celebrating in Dc

I would love to see Kornacki sit down in a chair...

CNN is showing lots of young people in front of the WH

2024 Electoral College Vote.

it's official... Wikipedia updated

The whole world is breathing a sigh of relief.

What I vow to say to any trumpian who starts shit with me today: WE MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

Seems to be a lot of mimosas going around this morning. Should have something on our stomachs

celebrations throught the Galaxy

Time for a Revival

This is not going to be good for our foreign relations. What will

CDC Report: Officials Knew Coronavirus Test Was Flawed But Released It Anyway

Hats off to BeerBarrelPolka, consider_this, Demovictory9 and Yavin4 for their fast posting


I feel kind of bad. My mom cried.

Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff

Giuliani is holding a press conference outside a fertilizer store. which is quite fitting

Flipped over to fox after seeing twitter blow up

OMG! This would be AWESOME! Biden gets behind the controls of a backhoe & HE tears down the WH wall!

Billy Graham's Grandson In Law

Geez, CNN has Santorum, and MSNBC has Scarborough, it make it difficult to choose

I use to hate Joe Scarborough to the 10th Degree.

The Police "Unions" are crying right now!

Americans Make America Great Again!!!

Colombia's TV news argues Biden should let Trump win US elections

AP: Biden wins Nevada


Sorry, NV and AZ

Now is the time for Republicans to pressure Trump to concede for the good of the nation.

Time for some Dancing in the Streets!

My lungs fully expanded for the first time in 5 years

A message from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Can someone with better skills than me please post

Four years ago on November 9th, I was in a state of Despair and Depression

Bill and Hillary Clinton send congrats to Joe and Kamala

Nevada too!!

I can breathe again

hey trumpers:

Anybody heard when President Biden will speak?

The Sweetness...

I swear to god, MIRT !!!

Multi-Stream live election/celebration video

Look at THIS!

Now Joe Scar On MSNBC Is Talking About The Constitution And A System Of Checks And Balances.....

So an African American Muslim Lesbian Democrat walks into a bar,

Holy Tone Deaf, Batman...MSNBC get with the program!!!!


Goodbye: Pompous Pompeo-ditzy Betsy-sleezy stephen-goofy gaetz-money hungry mnuchin-q-tip pence-

We will win 2 seats in Georgia if we make it all about Mitch McConnell

Watch out LaJoi!! We are coming for you!


LOL! Mini-unblock, who's not into politics (we'll have to do a dna test at some point) said:

Eagles - The Long Run - Live

The next course of action before he does something that could get us all killed

Disgruntled Trump Supporters In Arizona (Video)

Guaranteed--- there is EPIC rage cheating going on at Trump National today.

In every election, there are winners and losers.

What channel are you watching now? Cable? Streaming? Internet? TV? Phone? App? OTA?


Sing it Barbara Streisand!!!


Jim Acosta: You can hear people cheering from where we are inside the WH grounds.

People are literally dancing in the streets all over the country right now!

Uh-oh. Pissed Trumpers at the car care center

Celebration live from Black Lives Matter Plaza outside whitehouse...

Trump went to war with America's cities

We are not going to fucking move on.

12 More Years!

Drumph's last tweet:

Serious question.

Mayor of Paris tweets...

From the mayor of the greatest city in the world (IMO)....

freepers turn their hostility on Faux for calling the election Have totally adopted the voter fraud

A message from Irish Taoiseach Michael Martin



To all our Brothers and Sisters in Philly

BREAKING - Associated Press (AP) just called NV for Biden!! per NYT!

Hey Trump guess what??? You're fired!!!

The Saturday after the 2016 election I was at a protest.

not a maga suporter in site

Better Days Ahead

Is it too soon to ask?

Posted without comment

U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love)

The Presidential landslide of 2020

I just drove all through my small town honking my horn....

Best Dancing in the Streets video:

So proud of you, Mrs. Vice-President!

So people saying, why call it, no hurry, doesn't matter. Relief across the nation and around the

Any livestream of DC right now?

We're going to have to explain to republicans the 2nd place vote getter doesn't always become potus

New York City Celebrates The President Elect Joe Biden

3 quakes shake Alaska's largest city, but no damage reports

Where Were You when You Heard Joe Biden Won?

Too bad Rachel is in quarantine and Morning Joe is running his mouth.

Paris Mayor: Welcome back, America!

"We Did It! We Did It Joe!" KAMALA TWITTER (You Will Want to See This!!)

Trump lost to the worst candidate ever

This will be known as VT Day

Doug Emhoff So proud of you. ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸

There is no one more dangerous than one who has nothing to lose

We must heal. But first we must gloat. And then we must prosecute.

World War 2 history buffs will appreciate this analogy re: President-elect Biden's victory

Van Jones breaks down. Now I'm crying too.

Tears Abound!

Tonight President Elect Joe Biden 8 PM PST

President Elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will speak at 8.00pm tonight

Trump Was Golfing When He Lost the Presidency

From the "In Case You Didn't Know" dept: Rick Santorum is still a clueless asshole.

NYT calls Nevada for Biden. 279 and counting.

Kamala Harris video: "We did it Joe"!

Lin-Manuel Miranda

So, I was running numbers on Arizona based on the remaining votes, %'s, etc ...

Mother Jones Magazine: trump is moving out of the White House

Stacey Abrams garners praise from Democrats on the verge of achieving a long-held dream: Flipping Ge

Stacey Abrams garners praise from Democrats on the verge of achieving a long-held dream: Flipping Ge

bring on the nite crew mSNBC. this guy on now is an idjit nt

Glenn Kirschner for AG of the United States within Joe Biden's administration

From now on through all of History

"Courts decide election not networks"

Elizabeth Warren for Labor Secretary

Lafayette Park!!!!!!!

be really careful. watch for shrapnel as the 40% cult's heads explode.

A broad coalition stopped Fascism at the ballot box

JRB Victory Speech tonight at 8:00 ET

666, on the outcome of the election.

If you have been following the loser on twitter

Yahoo live link...from DC! Amazing to watch all the JOY!!

The World Turned Upside Down


Ladies and gentlemen...We got him!!!

How to control Mcconnell?????

Sarah Cooper: "I am happy to stand in for 45 at the inauguration since we know he won't be there!"

Joe Biden: You bust a move!

News from around the globe....

"I felt a great disturbance in MAGA..."

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2022(Biden Midterm)

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Happy forJoe, but happpiest for Jill.

Got a neighbor or a co-worker you just can't get along with?

Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia

Middle Age Riot suggests a new holiday

Crying tears of joy

Trump accuses Biden of 'rushing to falsely pose as winner,' vows to move forward with lawsuits

It is gonna be off the hook tonight.....

"No more fox Im done, scumbags!"

President Trump refuses to concede to President-elect Joe Biden

77 choses a savoir sur Joe Biden, le plus vieux president des Etats-Unis:

"And the first one now will later be last"...

Memo to progressives in the DC area

But what about the boats?

Karen Got Caught Covering Her license Plate And Stealing Signs (Video)

Irish cousins of US president-elect Joe Biden begin celebrating

The crowd in DC looks larger than Trump's inaugural...

How perfect that trump got fired while on the golf course. That's where he spent most of his term.

Ding dong "Fox & Friends"

Bruce Springsteen - Human Touch

"We did it" Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris

President-elect Biden to address the nation at 8 PM Eastern - MSNBC

KASICH...go the fuck away.

JAI HO!!!!

Warning: Do not drink MAGA tears!😢

Trump doesn't want to run against Biden. Because the Senate would go blue.

Meanwhile, over at Four Seasons Total Landscaping

The First Words Of Joe's Speech Should Be

Thank you, black organizers and voters of America

Trump begone! - Larry the Cat

JOHN KASICH ON CNN: Here he go with his "listen to the other side" bullshit

Biden wins Nevada, keeping battleground in Democrats' column

Biden wins and most of the talking heads talk about how he needs

Hey Donald Trump!!!

SOOO excited here

Kamala Harris calls now President-elect Joe Biden

Any celebrations in Texas ? DFW area ?

I have a simple message for all Trump supporters.

I'm ready to forgive and forget. I'm ready to be friends with Republicans again...

Hey, Trumpanzees!

Sarah Cooper: So effing appropriate

AP has called Nevada for Biden.

As a chronic insomniac I am so now anticipating

Ironically when the call was made about Biden winning Pennsylvania, trump was out playing golf!

Day 1: Unveil Obama's Portrait

Kasich is full of shit. He's telling us not to demonize one another while trashing Progressives

Watching ABC and listening to these idiots suggesting that in order to govern Joe Biden must

Anyone have that gif of LeBron as Biden chasing down and blocking someone as Trump?

Kaish: Everything he is saying Dems need to listen to do for them, the Obama administration

How are you celebrating?

This is a big fucking deal!

Trump Was Golfing When He Lost the Presidency

Stacey Abrams thanks Georgia and says "Let's Get It Done Again" for Ossoff and Warnock

Dave Chappelle is hosting SNL tonight...

Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes


Never ever thought I'd see Kasich be a moderate.

If the GOP Retains Control of the Senate and Choose to Obstruct Everything

NYT Updates: Facebook and Twitter alert their users:

My response to all the "You need to make nice with Trumpsters" commentators.

John Kasich starting his run on CNN. John, STFU.

These dancers at the polling place in Philly got me through this hellish never ending nightmare!!!

Donald Trump's concession speech

Kamala: We did it, Joe!

Cranking my most favorite happy tune ...


na na na na NA NA NA NA.... HEY HEY HEY............

I admit that I popped the bubbly BEFORE THE SUN WAS OVER THE YARD ARM!!!

Which is bigger?

I Just Donated $46 to DU


not only is trump GONE, so, too, are Stephen Miller, Jarvanka, Azar, Pompeo, Meadows, Mnuchin

It's just great seeing ALL COLORS CELEBRATING EH.??

Olbermann vs. Trump #24 - Mood

Happy days are here again 🎵

Kamala Harris, shattering racial and gender barriers, makes history as first woman vice president

Here we go: Hundreds gather at Michigan State Capitol to support trump. 🙄🤢🤮

Greenwald will spend next 4 yrs like the last 4, attacking Democrats.

Brent Terhune

Donald Trump Jr. Refuses To Step Down From Post Of President's Oldest Son

Dawn - The Lincoln Project

Check out these videos of people celebrating on the streets of NYC!

My message to President Sore Loserman...

"IvankaTrump...I just want you to remember one thing:...You're never going to the Met Ball again"

Trump's last tweet: I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!

*Ringing* my big bell - been waiting four years - our liberator President Joe BIDEN !!!!!!

Just think, if Trump had won everyone would be open carrying and shooting in the air.

Can someone check the lock on the Treasury real quick

Oooh this one hurts!

Trump is Going GOING GOING......

Just got rid of the upside down flag avatar I've had for four years here.

Leonard Cohen Comments:

When was the last time something in the U.S. was received with such joy and celebration?

Congratulations, America! Your long national nightmare is over

I miss the counting and waiting for the vote totals to come in...

Are you in Montgomery County, Maryland? Biden Victory Car Rally 2 PM today!


I'm finally drinking my Hillary In 2016! Champagne!

Now, for those of you who haven't exited an abusive relationship before....

Ding Dong

Have a Blue-tiful weekend!

Oh boy. The freepers are not happy with the GOP.

Shehecheyanu - common Jewish prayer said to celebrate special occasions

Happier days are here again.

"Trump got the whole 2020 experience. Got covid, got fired, got evicted."

One other important thing happened this week

Kamala's wikipedia page

My pups are spooked...

"We're back!" The free world breathes a sigh of relief.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way - Up out your seats people!!!

They Called It

yay Lawrence takes over at MSNBC, kicking the morning crumbs to the curb

Billionaire unemployment rate gonna spike in January

Senate Control Likely Decided By Fate Of 2 Georgia Runoff Races

Joe was VP for the first black man president and now he is President for the first black VP WOMAN.

New York City - Cars Honking

Trump says 'this election is far from over'

Got covid, Lost his job , Facing eviction

Guess where LOTUS is?

A message from The Lincoln Project:

Congrats from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for President-elect Biden

Our next President to speak at 8 ET

Killa Con is about to discover how quickly the system moves on

Here gopher.

They have until 2 pm

America doesn't deserve you, Mr. Trump!

What would be a great way for the nation to celebrate Joe's win? Ideas anyone......

The Art of Becoming A Failed One Termer

44 congratulates 46

*****Congratulatory tweet from President Obama*****

Pennsylvania, another brick in the restored Blue Wall....

Who on the golf course told the dipshit its over?

Van Jones breaks down in tears as election is called for Joe Biden

Videos for today: Democratic and Repube editions

Rachel is on Lawrence RFN!!!

Let the grovelling begin ...

The Norwegian Nobel Committee should award President Biden the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

Predictable tweet from dumbfuck Dinesh D'Souza.

"I still have faith in the American people"

Wondering how Donald's golf game went today??

Congrats to our new First Lady, Jill Biden and our

Crowds should surround the White House

Kamala for Person of the Year!

Graham: Senate may confirm Trump judges into 2021

Why is Rachel's face red?

AP got the shot. Trump on the golf course while Biden is announced as new President

Dear Lt. Col. Vindman,

Is it just me?

Congratulatory tweet from Bill Gates

From Trump's most favorite country

The Republican Cage Match!

Photo of Kamala and Joe and tweet from @HillaryClinton--gracious as usual

Orange Nero is golfing

Anyone else excited that we will finally have dogs in the White House again?

Finally, 2020 is redeeming itself!

Tweet from Nancy Pelosi

"At brunch in downtown DC -- You could hear the pings of alerts go off."

Biden styled himself as the antithesis to bare-knuckled Trumpism - and won

Your favorite band(s) that most people have never heard of?

go ahead, golf, oh orange one. every day until jan 20.

What does trump shoot on the golf course without cheating?

The narrative seems to be that people are excited that Trump lost.

Here comes the sun

Major Garrett re Trump campaign litigation: "The court isn't interested that you're unhappy."

"You should admit your situation, Trump.'

Not that anyone does--or should--care, but...

I love you Donna Brazile

Imagine the scene in the Oval Office right now

My Thoughts Go Out to Hillary Today

When Michelle Obama became First Lady, Laura Bush extended a courtesy

Uh oh!

The celebration surrounding the WH appears to be larger than the con man's inaugural


What Joe Biden Can Do as President

Now for the scary part

We'll never get those 4 years back.

Someone remind me. Were there massive national celebrations taking place in 2016?

Trump's loss will cause massive unemployment

I Can't Thank DU enough

The Vindman's speak -

This emotional statement from Van Jones after the Biden/ Harris win made me cry and should all of us

Agism was rejected in this election.

"A republic, if you can keep it"

My Biden cabinet picks

Looks like Joe's election is getting bigger crowds than trump's inauguration

'this f***ing virus"---inside Trump campaign

As soon as there is an official ActBlue runoff fund for Georgia, we will have DU links


It's time for John Kasich to STFU

Four years ago here in Philadelphia...

This is a win for the whole world

No, State Legislatures Cannot Overrule the Popular Vote

Per CBS!

To quote history...

2020 HOORAY! Edition: Welcome to the Economy Group!

Any bets on how long it will take for Melania to run away screaming?

Nevada poised to ratify same-sex marriage in its state constitution

Surely DU must have set a new record

DU Admins --- Thanks for keeping DU up and secure.

Thus ends the nightmare

The tweet of the day! This would be great TV:

Do We Now Address Trump As Former POTUS Or

GOPer Matt Gaetz tests positive for COVID-19: report

Passed a Rump caravan just now

Germany's Merkel congratulates Biden, Harris

Congratulations from Mitt Romney

Sorry, but I'm not "listening" to fascists.

Hey, could we please now find that translator from Helsinki who sat in with LOSER45 and Putin

For Stacey Abrams, revenge is a dish best served blue

I like my presidents to win the popular vote....

Time Magazine cover

In the Senate run-offs in Georgia - ALL Dems have to vote by absentee ballot drop boxes!!!

Rudy Giuliani says Trump will not concede election

ONE! One-term-president ... Ah-ah-ahhhh!

Thanks to James Clyburn who put Biden's race in high gear. Thank you sir! n/t

It looks like NBC and MSNBC studios are down

Patriot Prayer rallies planned at every Capitol today.

Sacha Baron Cohen tweet.........bwahahaha!

I haven't forgotten how dark it felt that weekend RBG passed away

Doug Emhoff's wiki page

So, when does Melanoma start divorce proceedings?

Is this the most happy day in DU history ,or was it Obama's win in 2008?

I imagine VE day felt like today!

Tweet of the Day

Finally changed my avatar image from the distress flag

In a last ditch effort, trump has changed his name to Joseph Biden. nt

Here's to unsung heroes

The Pillow guy will not accept it

Holy crap!

Need good appetizer ideas

I sure hope I'm the first to post this. (lol alert!)

Is Ghoulianee working pro-bono? The orange grifter is begging for money

Mitt just stuck the knife in Trumps back.

Crowds Flood NYC Streets to Celebrate Joe Biden's Victory

dear media, remaining states updates would be nice once in a while besides non stop yakking

Guess who has a sad besides Trump?

If "Trump" is the answer, what is the Jeopardy question?

I just wanna say

Ringing my big bell - have waited four years! ------ President Joe BIDEN, Lounge ring your bells!!!!

From David Axerod, re: Military votes 😁

AP Calls Nevada For Joe Biden - EC votes go from 273 to 290

Turns out today was the perfect day to call the election.

Ed O'Keefe: Biden will be flanked by two women during his first joint address to Congress

French President Macron extends his congratulations to President-elect Biden

Saw Jeb Bush's tweet but nothing from GW Bush so far..nt

Fuck EVERY 'divide us' motherfucker right now

The Mayor Of Paris: "Welcome Back America"

Happy days are here again!

Personal Thought From Dan Rather

I hope that Kate Mc. opens SNL with Hallelujah tonight to close the circle from 2016.

Trump has lost. But he can still do a lot of damage to national security.

PArties breaking out on the Street in NYC

Time to thank Trump...

I've identified another COVID-related shortage...

Pennsylvania Latinos were pivotal for Biden in the state

'Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye': Massive crowd surrounds White House after Trump defeated

My olive branch to the Trump supporters...

When he puts together his administration, Joe Biden should listen to republicans...........

A huge thank you

Hey! We didn't just fire Trump

The dam is starting to crack...

New York says good riddance to native son Donald Trump


Dr. Fiona Hill - Marie Yovanovich - Capt. Brett Crozier

Trump was at Virginia golf club when race was called for Biden

Biden's defeat of Trump is the most important win since FDR

Bernie Sanders:

The world has been watching

BREAKING - Video footage of trump!

Wall around White House now says:

Fake Hook! - Sack Cartoon

BDS-2020: Biden Derangement Syndrome Pandemic Preparedness Guidelines

I'm hoping for rigorous investigations into:

I finished this last night

My younger daughter voted for the first time this year.

LOVE THIS!!! (LeBron James)

Do you hear that giant sucking sound?

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani says Trump won't concede, revives baseless claims of voter fraud

I really think today is the first day in four damn years I can take the frown

Dance parties and champagne: celebrating election's end

Where are Pence and Mother?

Don't know if anyone's said this here yet or not.

Our Work is Not Done

You HAVE to see this photo Jill Biden just tweeted -- and Joe's hat

Per NPR guidance to reporters: Kamala Harris is NOT first POC VP. Charles Curtis, Hoover's VP, was

Thank you Volunteers

MSNBC just filmed from Haight Ashbury ...

Europe's leaders on Climate Change are the first to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden

Congratulations to Joe Biden from politicians across the spectrum on his new title: President-elect

Congratulatory tweet from Bernie Sanders

Senator Bob Casey has a message from Gritty

Sing! Celebrate the end of a great depression!!!

Nazi unhappy over Trump defeat


From 2016 Leno's garage: Watch Joe Biden Rip a Burnout in His 1967 Corvette

Need help from photshop-savvy peeps...

Live: Celebrations Around The U.S. As Joe Biden Projected President-Elect -- NBC News

How long until Melania dumps him?

Karl Rove: Trump "served with energy, activity, and a little bit of distruption."

Sore Loserman 2020

"Dawn" from The Lincoln Project

NEVER AGAIN! Will Trump Use Tax Payer Money To Fly Air Force One..

Fern Reacts To Trump's Loss - God And Trump And Jesus And Trump EP 05

Just heard on faux noise that Karl Rove, (Ham Head), has accepted a job

Borrowed from a friend...great meme ;)

San Francisco celebrates Biden victory

The most beautiful version of Hallelujah you ever heard

I could be lying about this---but I am not.

Patton Oswalt: Where is Four Seasons Total Landscaping?

Chuck Schumer: I called Joe Biden, and I held up the phone to let him hear Brooklyn cheering.


Best sign outside the White House: good looking young man...

What clothes does a person need to pack for a sudden trip to Moscow in November?

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky sends his congrats to President-elect Biden

From South Carolina

I'm as glad to see Barr go as Trump

C'mon guys! TRUMP STILL HAS A PATH TO 270!!!!!


To paraphrase the late Sean Connery, a new title for Donwald Trump:

MSNBC just gave Nevada to Biden.......

Courts don't decide elections. The people do.

Biden wins Nevada. NBC call. nt

MSNBC finally calls it for Joe in Nevada


NBC Projecting that Biden wins NEVADA!

Cnn Should tell Rick

Prime Minister of Norway extends her congratulations to President-elect Biden

Say one unsnarky nice thing about trump in this thread

I'm in deep red territory, far behind enemy lines and the silence is deafening

*NEVADA* - yessss!

Locomotive sized

Who's SLEEPY now Bitch! nt

i'm drinkin

Rosa sat, so Ruby could walk, so Kamala could run. #powertoblackwomen #thedreamisalive

The young!


German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulates President-elect Biden

I'm so over the moon, I think it's gonna take a rocket to bring me back to earth!

MSNBC: Lawrence is with Steve Schmidt. It's the first time I've seen Schmidt smile in 4 years.

I am busy baking crow

Steve Schmidt up with O'Donnell on MSNBC

Interview 2020 - Would you hire Trump?

Funny-snarky Stephanie Ruhle tweet:

Boris Johnson gets in on the act:

Pardon Watch:

vivavlas vegas

Do you remember?

Trump has been downgraded from "tool" to "useless tool" around the globe.


I'm going to brine my T-Day Turkey in the sweet salty tears of the kGOPb

Today we celebrate, congratulate and appreciate. Tomorrow, we must fight--not against division but w

Lincoln Project Steve Schmidt

Will Joe Be

Man wearing Puerto Rican flag tosses paper towel over the fence toward the WH. "Never forget"

Today is my son's birthday. But I feel like it is my birthday too!

Looking at the thousands of people out celebrating Biden's win,

"Biden re-built the blue wall and made Trump pay for it."

Jon Huntsman: The Joe Biden I know will embrace all Americans with calm and a much needed sense of

The American People Finished the Work that the Senate Refused to Do:

Man wearing a Puerto Rican flag tosses paper towel over fence toward the White House. "Never forget"

"If the people want him removed they can vote to remove him" AND WE DID!!

John Sidney McCain III can now Rest in Peace.

Biden plans to announce his 12-person coronavirus task force Monday

Are there any reports about pro-Trump protests anywhere?

New Zealand Premier Jacinda Ardern congratulates President-elect Biden

Biden needs to start a media blitz against Moscow Mitch.

It seems like a good time to send this through again..

So at some point today, Trump will return to the White House

Thank you Joe & Kamala

The Biden Presidency

I think the fears of MAGAt squads gunning down libs can maybe be put to rest.

When the Trumpers Say, "Biden Won Only by a Tiny Margin,"

this video of the election being called. LOL Lion King......

My America too. Avengers, assemble!

Trump heading back to WH

Trump heading back to WH

Moving into the White House

I think the press has just had it with Trump bots

Let's Dance with Lady Liberty: Stayin' Alive!

NYPD crying over trump loss

Where are ballots left to count in AZ?

Biden just picked up 300 more votes in Georgia - link

To all those sick and/or elderly dogged Democrats, whose last wish was to VOTE & to see Biden WIN

Peace in all languages?

Has Vladimir Putin congratulated Joe Biden yet?

A tale of two Der Spiegel covers

Just put this up on a busy street in Texas

when democrats win....

Live: Celebrations Around The U.S. As Joe Biden Projected President-Elect NBC News

Trump: "This fucking virus, what does it have to do with me getting reelected?"

Just found out my cousin is a Trump cult member.

Must-see video: Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester celebrating on a balcony

(Jewish Group) We dodged a bullet today....

Biden's ancestral home in Ireland:

Team Biden not worried about 'trespasser' Trump refusing to leave White House

WATCH LIVE: Celebrations on Black Lives Matter Plaza in D.C. after Joe Biden declared winner

Who do you want to see and believe that the President-Elect may select for his "big 4'?

Boris Johnson congratulates Joe Biden on US election win

If Trump doesn't concede soon, he's going to start looking like this...

Irish Home of Biden's Great-Great-Great Grandfather Cheers His Victory He may be five generations re

GA - Biden lead increased a bit. Now OVER 7,500!

I bought these in October 2016, finally can take them out of the box and use them:

Just heard Joe won the independent voters by 14%. tRump got 4% in 2016

Houston, this is Odyssey, it's good to see you again

" Networks don't get to decide elections, Courts DO." - @RudyGiuliani

Cartoons 11/7/2020

If I can guess what Trump will do over the next month.

What is the status of the Paris Climate and the Iran Nuclear agreements?

"After spending four years denigrating facts, Trump was being slowly mugged by them."

George gives the song of the day:

who all lost sleep this last week?

UPDATE: Covid 19 numbers will be devastating for today !!!!!!

Kamala calls Joe to congratulate him

The bells are ringing in Paris!

Lindsey Graham, who begged for cash on Fox News, tells Sean Hannity he will give Trump $500,000

National results are not far off from the registered voter statistics for the US

Check out the Team Joe store...

Post your tunes for today....

Joy REID just delivered a platinum RANT: "Finally we can *breathe*!" Can't wait for audio clip!1

Didn't take long: Hitler finds out Biden won the election!

A one term IMPEACHED president, what a loser!!

Allons enfants de la Patrie,

Crowd here in front of Miami's Freedom Tower continues to grow organically and is becoming more dive

Now he's out contaminating weddings

Another Tiedrich

Trump supporter interrupts reporter to ask if this is fake news. Reporter on live TV: "Fuck off."

Thank a postal worker today! And a poll worker, and...

Damn, the Dems did lose lotsa House seats.......still Majority, but shoot....

I doubt that Joe Biden will become the 46th POTUS

Fireworks and dancing in the streets of L.A. as Biden and Harris win

Another thing to be grateful for today:

Wisconsin recount must be PRE-PAID

Global leaders react to Joe Biden's US presidential election win

Melania making a run for it?

There are massive problems and issues facing America for sure.

Say GOODBYE to MAGA here.....

So I went to him, and I said, with tears in my eyes, "Mr. President, Sir ...

in the spirit of something or other, let's reach across to our trumpanzee fellow citizens and say

President Trump has departed his Virginia golf club and is on his way back to the White House, where

Who are your picks for these three cabinet posts

What can Biden accomplish through executive power alone?

I'm picking up my American flag today & will be flying it proudly! F trumpsters who hijacked it.

Thinking back to a similar Bunker Boy 75 years ago

Helicopter Transporting Donor Heart From San Diego Crashes On Helipad At SoCal Hospital

Tucker Carlson says Biden and Harris want Americans 'drinking Starbucks every day from now


The real news:

In the mood for a celebration? Then my advice is don't

Has Putin weighed in lol?

OVERHEARD IN TIMES SQUARE: "Biden threw that bitch-ass dope out of the house, man, finally we got us

CA is only 66% reported, so

CORRECTED-FACTBOX-Global leaders react to Joe Biden's election win

Lincoln Project Immediately Releases Series Of Ads Calling For Biden Impeachment

World reacts to Biden's projected presidential victory

How about we start with fixing the USPS?

Any Trump Supporter Reaction Videos/Pictures (Schadenfreude Anyone?)

Let's reach out to Trump supporters

Rubin: Time to confront the right-wing myth-makers

Stephen Colbert Tweets Out This Gem


Trump is the first President in over a century to never win the popular vote.

Hillary Clinton Reacts to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Winning the 2020 Presidential Election

Mary Trump tweet and photo: To America. Thanks, guys.

"But it's still embarrassing because other countries are like..."

We've all had our fill

Where is shithead pence ?

Mark Hammil tweet is the BEST for sci fi nerding out

"We Are The Champions!" -- Queen . . .

Santorum tried to throw cold water on the celebrations in the street

WOWWW!!! Talk about a HAPPY Thanksgiving folks

Willy Wonka to Trump

Now is not the time to gloat.

LeBron James FTW

Trump got the whole 2020 experience

OOOOOHHHH! This reporter has had ENOUGH of #MAGAts!

Freepers lament: DROP FOX NEWS NOW!

WE were the ones we had been waiting for...

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Kamala: .@JoeBiden and I are ready to get to work on behalf of the American people.

Trump finally did something right

So about the magats that surrounded the Biden bus

Rupert Murdoch's daughter-in-law urges Fox to 'put country above profits'

You didn't say a *word* when it mattered. Not one word.

Donny Goes to School - The President Show - Comedy Central


"We have 8 weeks to get every Dem in Georgia to turn out once more on January 5th. Trump isn't real

Hey Shitgibbon! Suck on this:

The most uses of the F-word I've ever seen

Happy Happy Joy Joy Song

Tom Morello Mocks Trumpers Dancing to Rage Against the Machine's 'Killing in the Name'

Norman Lear's statement on today's win

There are unsung heroes in American national security today that need recognition: @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA

Thank You All!

Among many that I wish were still around to see this historic victory ...

Putin agrees to peaceful transfer to Biden

Jim Acosta: How it started // how it's going

West London celebrating for Joe and Kamala!

Like an Actual President, Biden Gives Thoughtful Speech Promising 'Your Vote Will Be Counted'

Crying Eric Trump Asks Father If They Are Poor Now

The streets were flooded with protesters when Trump won.

If we don't get the senate, I hope we have pictures.

The joyful demonstrations I New York, DC and around the country remind me

Will Trump issue his own "Nero Decree"? (scorched Earth)

Biden Harris -- "Happy Days Are Here Again" . . . new title/headline for earlier post . . .

Federal employee claims bosses used government resources to push Trump campaign in Arizona

"The vaccine is here!"

🚨Plaintiffs have dismissed their absurd #SharpieGate lawsuit in Arizona.

Celebrated Argentine filmmaker Pino Solanas dies at age 84

Celebrated Argentine filmmaker Pino Solanas dies at age 84

Lincoln Project: " @realdonaldtrump...(will) pressure Electors to switch votes from Biden"

The Scariest Days Of The Trump Presidency Could Be The Final 74

Qanon was a democratic strategy to keep many conservatives complacent in "trusting the plan" while t

Anybody who's like "well that was a pretty good showing for Trump!".....

"Celebration" (Kool & the Gang)

Joy Reid: Trump Supporters Decided All of His Cruelty Was Fine, So Yeah, We're Gonna Dunk on Y'all

Crowd outside WH chants "Loser!" and "Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!" at Trump motorcade

The Vaccine's Here !!!!

Michael Rapaport is back with a new message..."Pig D*ck, you LOST!"

The world is truly joining us in celebration. (Germany)

Georgia Senate runoff election dates

Mr. Blue Sky---ELO

Anyone else doing the middle finger dance?

Fox News wants Trump to be given time to emotionally absorb his defeat before he concedes the electi

Tom Morello's endless eyeroll at Trump dipshits missing the point of Rage songs rolls on

When either Georgia or Arizona is called, Biden wins even without Pennsylvania. Which will be first?

Kumail Nanjiani FTW

Still a chance to pull off a Steve Miller 'Keep on Rockin' Me Baby' sweep

The bells are ringing in Paris

Trumpers basing shock of Trump loss on lack of Biden/Harris

Did anyone see "I'm thinking of ending things"? (Semi spoiler alert)

With trump gone, I think there is a real possibility that we will actually get a

Trump watches celebrations of his defeat as he returns to the White House from playing golf...

Trump watches celebrations of his defeat as he returns to the White House from playing golf

Election Result

Yub Nub

Any idea who Governor Newsom will appoint to replace Vice President Elect Harris?

my iPad is frozen, can't turn it off to restart

Justice is coming (it HAS to)

Jake Tapper: "This has become normalized. But this is just nuts."

Is it too soon

Kimberly Guilfoyle offered lap dance to big-ticket fundraiser who gave Trump the most money: report

Lawrence said, SHITLER: "will surely Pardon himself" - adding that it's only good at the Fed level

Her name is Trump, and yet...

Smokin' Joe Frazier- "First Round Knockout"

Well, my Cornhuskers didn't win!

Capstone Moment of Trump Era

Out work is not done

Obama asks Donald how his concession speech is going...

Overheard--how true

Donnie the hotel expert schedules press conference at the four seasons... landscaping company

Gang of Four - Damaged Goods

Gang of Four - To Hell with Poverty

Dawn: It's morning in America (from TLP)...

Trump vowing to bribe electors to vote against Biden

Colombia doubles down on trying to make president's narco ties go away

Whoever programmed these pro-Trump Twitter-bots doesn't know that Alaska is part of the US.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulates the new Biden administration

Just a reminder, ladies!

Who here thinks SNL is working overtime to change some sketches for tonight?

And Hope and History Rhyme

Colombia's former president indicted for fraud and bribery again

Getty photos of Trump returning to the White House

CNN just went to commercial with "Fuck Donald Trump!" playing in the background.

Crowd Gives Trump The Finger As One-Term President Returns To White House

Clip on cnn from Atlanta celebrations went to a commercial break

A few words for Trump supporters.

Cabinet Frontrunners per Politico

OH, MAN! Trump watches celebrations of his defeat as he returns to the White House

Trump Defends Lawsuits: "No One Knows More About Fraud Than Me"

We got cheated out of this in 2020, so let's go back 12 years for this moment:

'Have one for Kamala!

I just realized that I no

Brazilian singer, Ivan Lins, grateful for Biden/Harris win!

Ukrainian president among national leaders to congratulate Biden

My Duhneece pledge. I will donate to any Democratic candidates running against a....

Oh Happy Day!

This is the best picture taken when Biden's Presidency was announced

Love this Video - Kamala to Joe "We did it Joe. You are going to be President of The United States".

Now the real party begins, but unlike the Donner Party,

One more thought before I sign off for today (a note of thanks)

That trump lawyer at the Four Seasons (Total Landscape) thing? Oh dear gawd

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez congratulates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and American voters

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez congratulates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and American voters

MeidasTouch: We won. #BYEDON

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 7, 2020

Celebrating in the Motor City

I have waited four LONG years to play this clip from A Face in the Crowd.

I could be happy - altered images

Look at this crowd singing YMCA outside the White House!

Mark Hamill FTW

With his days in office numbered, here's what Trump may try to do

By my calculation off the CNN vote tallies, Trump would need 57.6% of the remaining vote to tie GA.

Jared Kushner's Company Reportedly Moves To Evict Hundreds As Pandemic Rages

What the crowd in front of the WH should be singing

Calling Wayne Newton----

Post your celebration song here:

This afternoon in New York City was joyous!

so. when does the socialism start? I, for one, welcome our new socialist overlords.....

Donald, remember when Pres. Obama needled you at the Correspondent's Dinner?

Hillary for AG? Anyone? Anyone?

Spare a thought for Nigel Farage

Bells Ringing in Paris

Our soon to be White House dog -- and he's a rescue

Middle Age Riot tweet:

This is how I feel this morning!

There haven't been mass celebrations across the United States like this since Bin Laden was killed.

Murdoch's News Corp. Hit With COVID-19 Whistleblower Suit

we grabbed him by the ballot

Yeah, well. Biden Bros are all lawyered up too.

CNN: Trump not expected to speak tonight after election defeat

For the last 4 years Trump bullied and humiliated his staff

Philadelphia May Well Be My Favorite City...

Sixth Avenue Express - Jrg Hegemann + Stefan Ulbricht

Overseas DUers, please check in!

This is victory is deeply personal to so many under direct attack by Trump and his followers

Two quick, joyful stories from today

Ana Navarro-Cardenas: Celebrate!

A song clip for the Trumps.

Paraphrasing Goodfellas

Trump rally in Salem OR turns violent

The Kremlin does not want to comment on US election results. Far from popping champagne and making a

IMO when dems organize for Georgia

Please celebrate at HOME


Overseas DUers, please check in!

Why a President Biden Will Make Parenting So Much Easier

E.L.O. - All Over The World (flash mob) ... no way to not smile when this is on!

4.17pm EST MSNBC Did anyone screen cap the FUCK OFF banner that was on screen live?

About Social Security

You're Welcome America

Tristan Harris: The End of Free Choice Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Trumpo haz a sad

Qanon can't fathom what happened when #PresidentBiden is announced. Desperation

Well, we finally did it!

Elijah Cummins and John Lewis , THANK YOU.

A Horror Movie

A Stalker in the White House Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Tick Tock, Tubby McTraitor!

Because I voted by mail, I missed getting an "I Voted" sticker this year, but out on a walk...


Me Watching My Neighbors ...

You did it Kamala - thank you

Queens Man Evicted

I hope the SDNY attends President Biden Vp Harris inauguration

man...would I love to sit down and have a couple beers....

Trump's ambition (for a 2024 run & TrumpTV in the meantime) may keep him from doing too much damage

Please Respect Our Feelings ...

Dancing in the Street!

Error in MI (source of RW conspiracy theory claims) was HUMAN ERROR, not a software glitch!

Fox News wants Trump to be given time to emotionally absorb his defeat before he concedes

Biden receiving the news he has been elected president.

What time does President Biden get to the stage??

I don't have tv: So are there any Pushback Trump Protestors, or just dancing in the streets?

I feel like we finally have a ray of hope, even here. - from Poland ( Views from the world)

Moment Trump's motorcade passes crowd chanting his favorite word

Do you think Biden will pardon Trump?

I can be at BLM Plaza, car parked and us on the street, in under 45 minutes.

In other news...

Our New First Family

Always remember that when fascists took over the USA, over 200,000 died that did not need to.

Great graphic: 5 days of Washington Post homepages.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us....

I'm just loving all the young people celebrating!

How Pennsylvania was won

Honestly, will trump and his cohorts be brought to justice ?

very cool! Many old Japanese samurai movies used intro's like this...

The different stages of Republican's dealing with the uncertainty of the election.

Guatemala searches, Eta regains storm status, heads to Cuba

Doesn anyone know how the GA ground game was run for us? If they didn't do it...

Well, this appears to be the end for (Gollum J) Trump

President Biden-So Let It Be Written, So Let be Biden 🇺🇸

Drudge Home Page

Ya know who I feel sorry for? Joe Biden!

Trumps kids become regular citizens right? I know the taxpayers

Confused about GA senate race that had 3 Democrats running? Experts please weigh in!

Biden needs to make sure Trump doesn't get a PDB after he leaves

So where has Putin been during all this?

From Malcolm Turnbull , ex-Prime Minister of Australia

The grim reaper is calling Trump!

It's tweeting again: I WON THE ELECTION, GOT 71,000,000 LEGAL VOTES.

How about Preet Bharara for AG?

Seen on an AZ Dem site:

Do we start the Biden economy now or in January?

Would anybody here like to see Adam Schiff appointed to VP-elect Harris' Senate Seat?

List of Flags ...

Moving deAdder political cartoon:

Lessons learned time, News Media. Stop pointing cameras at idiots who lie to you.

As he entered the white White House, crowds singing YMCA... Note: same look when he returned from

SOTU 2021

Biden family picture this morning:

So, did the Biden Antifa thugs burn and loot our cities?

I am so excited that Biden won, but

Man wearing a Puerto Rican flag tosses paper towel over the fence toward the White House

LOL - Take a look at Trump's twitter stream.

White House Bingo card is 2 months away from a Cover-all!

Any guesses who'll get Kamala's Senate seat?? eom

It's Over

Who have thought we'd get a bird's eye view from the White House of the celebration in the streets?

Oh poopydoo. Laz is waiting on a COVID test result.

trump is tweeting

Bot Weirdness on Twitter

We Did It!

New Yorkers are thronging the streets--but social distancing.

Some Trump supporters on FB say they're canceling vacations to states that voted for Biden and

Fauci got the last word.

Biden just sent his cleaning crew to the White House.

The Military Votes that Never Came for Trump

For Donny

Ireland's President Michael D Higgins send his congratulations to President-Elect Biden

"People don't know this. I got 71000000 playing golf today. Incredible!



Hey! Did you all hear they called the election for Biden & Harris?

Why Hillary Clinton WON'T be on the Cabinet (nor should she be)

As he entered the white White House, crowds singing YMCA... The bird in action.....

Desiderata - Spoken by Sean Connery 1995

I don't recall many in the media saying Trump had to reach out to the millions who voted for Hillary

I am so looking forward to that day in the not-too-distant future...

What can we do to help win the senate runoffs in Joergia ?

Even the Statue of Liberty is getting in on the fun.


Elton John

"There was some expectation that foreign leaders would wait

Happy to be official (again)

Four Seasons...

Nice mask mother fucker .... and for your wedding I'll give some C-19

We remain a divided country, but I take solace that we will be a safer. A new DOJ and Atty General

You Did It Pennsylvania

First, the world mocked the chaos, then the congratulations flowed in

Could Mayor Pete

A group of us democrats here in Albuquerque want to organize to provide support for the 2

Just when I thought I couldn't cry more, this...from Ireland.

When the MAGA Bubble Burst At Steve Bannon's Election Night party, bravado reigned. But reality

A plan for the Georgia Senate ground game

At the Chase Center

I Like Presidents ...

Best meme of the day...

How it feels

The Guardian already has Biden at 290 (includes AZ)

Russian state media furious with Trump after loss to Biden: 'Nothing will ever be the same'

A victory song from our friends in the great white north...

Congrats to America's 1st second husband

Harris Becomes First Black Woman, South Asian Elected VP

I absolutely love this

Neera Tanden

Are any Republicans going to step up to stop Trump from poisoning the well?

The Rise and Fall of the 'Stop the Steal' Facebook Group


Meine Schadenfreude Explodiert - My Schadenfreude Is Exploding

Hey Trumpers, You're Fire-ed!!!!!

All this DANCING IN THE STREETS is so much better than

Trump is bragging about his PV count

Hope and History Rhyme In Ireland For Pres-Elect Biden

Trump replaces Republican head of energy regulatory panel who supports carbon markets

A victory song from the great white north....

Here you go Donald - Go Dry Your Tears

I bet the New Administration will find graft & corruption

It's Morning in America - The Lincoln Project

Trump's next term will be 10 to 20

Love this!! From Slayer Pete's better half -

Drudge headline


The entire world is celebrating!


when does Biden address the Nation?

OOPS! Trump campaign booked 4 Seasons LANDSCAPING STORE instead of 4 Seasons Hotel!!

Golf, dude, golf! Every day! Work on your approach shots! Spend time on the putting green!

More crying and SOUR GRAPES from the DICTATOR WANNA-BE

Green groups denounce Brazil's 'sham' Amazon tour for foreign diplomats


Wise advice

For today's GOOD FEELINGS: Prayer for My Daughter, W.B. Yeats

One of these things is not like the others...

"We have a new President" my husband said as he opened the door for me to bring in the

Biden to announce COVID-19 task force Monday

Fabulous documentary featuring historian Jon Meacham on HBO for 3 days only

Let's go win the two Georgia senate seats!

I called Joe Biden, and I held up the phone to let him hear Brooklyn cheering. He loved it.

For nearly 200 dogs, a journey from a South Korean meat farm to a shelter in Maryland

In 2020 Black people saved a nation that enslaved their ancestors.

check out this series of goodbye articles on Slate. my tonight reading.

power dissipates quickly....

Someone take the pictures.

Just a short chuckle to relieve the tension

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas - "Dancing in the Street"!

Dump and Benjamin Harrison and John Quincy Adams.


Poor 45

Jamaican Prime Minister's statement on Biden-Harris

They played this at every Dem convention in my youth

It has been reported by several sources that putin will step down in Jan., due to ill health.

We can never be one nation with the Electoral College

I'm so happy. I can't stop crying.


UAE announces relaxing of Islamic laws for personal freedoms

let's not insult poor, innocent ducks. trump is a lame... ???

Can some group or whatever have a pinned thread of HOW and where we can donate

Major apologies

Every Tweet that Trump has posted today has been flagged by Twitter.....

The Fuhrer is furious!

Happy Happy Joy Joy...

*8:00 PM -- A Hard Day's Night (1964)

India Prime Minister Modi statement on Biden-Harris

Remember when Gore lost by falling short in the electoral college?

Fireworks in London, church bells in Paris as Biden win celebrated abroad

The dancing and celebrating in the streets! INCREDIBLE

Please list the different avenues we can donate to these two runoffs...

Post your prediction: How long will it take Twitter to delete Trump's account?

Anyone think the next Inauguration Crowd will be bigger than the last?

Avenger Biden video.going viral

So NOW if the House subpoenas Don McGahn, does the little fucker have to show up

Seniors happy for Biden win

Any predictions on how soon "Melanie" files for divorce?


Country music band entertaining Trump at the White House tonight

And so ends another mistake that lasted only lasted four years.

👍With all these celebrations I don't believe Joe

Awesomeness Overload: Major to Be the First White House Rescue Dog. And he's derpy!

Lyon shooting: Suspect admits attacking priest 'over affair'

The celebrations reminds me of this!

No plans for Trump to invite Biden to White House, source says

Watching BBC America news - the big screens at Joe's stage for his speech tonight

America is partying wine store is almost sold out of sparkling wine of any type!

I am getting a kick out of Joy Reid.

Trump lost, Limbaugh is dying, and Putin has Parkinson's Disease

How to Live Your Life

This is how you help MAGA cope with their loss

Song of The Day for Count Trumpula

Biden will address the nation at 8 p.m. EST

Congratulations to Abigail Spanberger (D-VA 7th district) - I am calling it for her!

Medicare's 'Part B' outpatient premium to rise by $3.90

HAARETZ (Israel): Biden Launched His Election Campaign Talking About Antisemitism - and Never Let Go

GREAT photo of the Bidens

A man wearing a Puerto Rican flag tosses paper towel over the fence toward the White House

A short history

He Totally Got Fired

Cassetteboy vs. tRump 2020

Megan Rapinoe: Update: I can't get to the f**king White House fast enough now!!! 🇺🇸

You know what will be nice?

Indigenous Environmental Network statement regarding defeat of Donald Trump

"Today is the day for all New Yorkers to put aside all our differences..."

Colbert brilliant celebration video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vladimir Putin plans to step down next year amid health concerns

Thank God and Voters You're Gone

A Small Irish Town Claims Victory After Biden Win

Days until January 20

COVID-19 patients in ICUs at record high in Iowa, ventilator usage at highest since early June

Rachel Maddow was just saying.....

Joy-Ann Reid calls out the 70+ million Americans who forsook the lives Trump put in danger

Man playfully jokes with French reporter on live TV

Joe Biden learned he was President Elect when his grandkids came running in with the news

I am sincerely grateful that Rush Limbaugh lived to see this day

59 days till the GA elections. LET'S MAKE THE SENATE BLUE!

Petrified Snake and Tree

70 million voted for Trump. Would those people hire Trump as executive of their company?

Vice President of the United States 🇺🇸 How it started//How it's going:

Bill Maher: If There's One Thing America Needs Right Now ...

'Every. Single. One.': Ocasio-Cortez Notes Every Democrat Who Backed Medicare for All Won Reelection

At last, this kid can finish his work in peace.....

"The Queen and the Coup" How Queen Elizabeth was used to con the Shah to keep him from fleeing

Be careful, celebrators. There's still a pandemic going on.

I checked Faux News a couple times. They are showing Trump protesters in Phoenix

Soneone holding up a Warnock sign in Atlanta on cnn

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi of Great Britain, has died

Third Time Is A Charm

Free media right now, we need tons of WARNOCK SIGNS in Atlanta

Fireworks, Champagne and dancing in the streets of L.A. as Biden and Harris win

Reporters have no more f**ks left to give Trump supporters

From my nephew:


I wrote a Haiku ( TANK YOU @ elle91)

FBI: Hackers stole source code from US government agencies and private companies

Soon to be unemployed: Ben Carson, Mturtle's wife

Peeked at Fox News - they said trump should campaign for Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia

Dictator Wanna-be's legal team files 10th bogus lawsuit, in Arizona....

Democrats will not lose US Senate seats in the 2022 Biden Midterm unlike the 2010 Obama Midterm.


With Biden Win, Can Trump be Indicted by SDNY Prosecutors During Lame Duck Period to Test OLC Memo?

You gotta know Canada is finally breathing a sigh of relief.

LMAO! Fuck Trump sign on CNN just now at Midtown Atlanta block party! Warnock on now!

I just realized that we will have a President who can read again

Biden has ambitious plans to curb the coronavirus. But they could face big hurdles in a divided coun

Here'tis: Joy REID's magnificent rant:: "you 70 million said all of that was fine, do more of that"

Norwegian newspaper cartoon

Looking forward to reading profiles of Biden voters in large urban areas

George H.W. Bush 1992 Concession Speech

Al Franken is poking Trump w/a sharp stick

On The Beach

I want to be Pence's fly on the wall to

CNN host Van Jones moved to tears over Biden's win


Empathy, kindness and love have returned to the WH nt

A Tale of Two Campaign Managers

#Thankyou--And the Navajo Nation! of the 85,000 registered voters on Navajo 76,000 voted. 89% voted