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Lovely Day

GA lead expands to 9160

Will (should ?) Harris or Biden tonight mention the Senate runoffs in Georgia?

Little Factoid

The Hoarse Whisperer FTW!

Trump is going from the White House to the poor house to the big house! n/t

Biden lead in GA now 9,160!

Overheard walking past someone on the phone in DC:

Trump campaign downfall stories: Kimberly Guilfoyle Edition

I get the celebrations but..

Georgia to decide fate of US Senate in two January runoffs

Jill Biden Set to Become the First Italian American First Lady

Can you imagine the size of the inauguration crowd...

Coming to a newsstand near you...

Best meme of the day!


That look

WOW! Times Square looks like New Year's Eve!!!

I would posit that:

Live Your Life In Such ...

Please quit telling us to not celebrate

Might I be so bold as to suggest my vote for the next Attorney General?

We are back from partying in the streets!!! Woo hooo!

Fresh photos of Donald Trump. That face says it all.

Fireworks in London, church bells in Paris as Biden win celebrated abroad

And I'm Feeling Good

Celebrate, but do not forget! - So important to vote!

I am grateful that I will see Biden and Harris on the night of their election

Trump's Healthcare Plan?

I couldn't resist

States that Biden won by a less than 1 percent margin.

FOX: "... under some conditions Trump would consider an appropriate transfer of power."

Arizona & Georgia

SAM093 climbing out from Joint Base Andrews

Barack Obama's library is probably going to open sometime next year.

Gurrlll ...

oh my...

i dare you not to cry. ( note to self, ive been crying all day)

A modest proposal: For week 1 of Biden's administration, lets not invoke the name "Trump."

reformer George Gascon wins LA district attny ofc against police backed

'Bye, Don.

One Down. One to Go.

Will the networks interrupt college football for Joe?

I would like to see video from Miami

Ballot reporting error discovered in Fulton County, GA ... link

Scooby do

Motorcade has arrived!!!

Thoughts on Biden's cabinet and other staff?

"I'm gonna unfurl my colors"

People are celebrating like we just won a world war or something.

For my 1000th post

America has just

'Wounded animal' Donald Trump 'more dangerous than ever' in his final 73 days of power

Are You There?

Steve Schmidt/TLP on Georgia runoff

Yes, ..We have regained our "integrity" with Joe as President of the U.S.A.

Anyone have a job for Mike Pence?

They Spread Disinformation ...

Most World Leaders Express Hope, Relief After Biden Win

It's Too Bad Joe Biden Can't Draw Any Crowds

Whow--look Germanyss cover story Der Spiegel: How it started: vs How its Going..........

C-SPAN is showing Rudy's farce at Four Seasons Landscaping


How Black voters in key cities helped deliver the election for Joe Biden

Queen Elizabeth II: Leading by example while paying her respects at the grave of the Unkown Warrior

Four Seasons

Trump- We're great on Covid and the election.

To funny not to share

Trump Won't Concede Election

Give Up Your US Citizenship?

Good sign in DC: "Who's Your Pocahontas Now?"

Trump Sends His Karen Force to dispute the election !!!!

WATCH LIVE: Biden speaks after winning presidency

Jimmy Dore

"Trump, I hardly know him..."

Big money Dems should pledge 1000.00 a day to senate race for every day he doesn't concede

Just participated in Puyallup's Meridian Avenue Biden-Harris parade.

Anyone have a job for Bill Barr?


one suspects trump has lost hugely amts of personal power, his kids all of theirs

I'm not sure about a celebration.

I'm seeing many trumpers claiming they're going to leave the USA and move to Alaska

In one way, tonight is more about JOHN MCCAIN

LIVE $181 million dollar lottery winner finds Love of His Life two days after hitting it big!

The MVP has arrived

So what's the strategy for the GA run-offs?

Goodbye, Donald Trump Jr.

Songs sent out to Biden tonight.

I wonder how good the soundproofing is, in the White House

Joe's motorcade is a little longer tonight!

My apolitical hubby just said he will be so glad to never hear what that asshole farts everyday

Don't let them get away

c'mon republicans....

Me too, Rick Wison. Me Too!

Coming up next on ABC

To quote Val Kilmer from "Tombstone"...

what to if trump refuses to leave the white house...

US Celebrates Like A Cloud Has Left The Skies, A Weight Is Off Our Hearts: DC, Phila, NY, Mia,...

Here we go - pop your favorite cork

Bad Guy destroyed, "Emperor Gets Thrown Down Dark Hole.."..2 minutes..

my daughter just sent me this...

Biden Wins the 2020 Presidential Election: What Happens Next?

Another Face (from Another Face In The Crowd)

I turned my DU flag right side up after four years!

The Cuckoo's Nest.

It's going to be an adjustment

To those who are beginning to plan for a "Donald J. Trump Presidential Library":

The mail-in ballots may have saved the day.

What's Trump's next act after his loss? Would he run in 2024? Some advisers see it as a possibility

Dapper Dan Midas discusses Joe Biden's victory over Donald 'Captain Crunch' Trump

Looks like Joe can "fill an room" Jr.....

I *think* PBS newshour just showed a map (but didn't talk to it) that showed 290 EV for Biden

I can't decide.

Lost in the Fog of Four Years in Trump's America

Crowd at White House Taunts Trump With 'Y.M.C.A.,' His Own Campaign Rally Song

"Them!" is just starting on Svengoolie. Forget about the election for a few hours.

I've put all the smart light bulbs in my small apt and outside porch light on blue to celebrate...



Can we please let Biden/Harris take office before trying to light a match to it?

Scranton: Electric City

Trumpers said we would cry. AND WE ARE !!!

Roll credits...

I think the first question that reporters will want to ask President Joe Biden after his speech

And for once in four years, I'm not getting high and drinking myself into a stupor

Big Mad respect to Jen O'Malley Dillon, Biden's campaign manager......

So where are the MAGAs going to go?

Is the Bully Trump administration going to try to strongarm the electors to change their vote?

I want to celebrate

How Biden navigated pandemic politics to win the White House

Biden and Harris Will Soon Address The Nation

Kane Elected

What Light

Brent Terhune: The tears of a MAGA ((sarcasm))

Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump's policies

My bet is that Trump will retreat to

Did Russia, China & Saudi Arabia congratulate Pres. Elect Biden & Vice-Pres. Elect Harris yet?

Jill Biden is the first Doctor in the White House since...

I'm so confident in this admin.

Biden is preparing to reverse Trump policies by executive order (per MSNBC just now)

Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies.

Killer Joe!


Forget the "First 100 Days" - get ready for the FIRST 100 MINUTES!

Here's someone else who's happy: NATO.

Fireworks in London, church bells in Paris as Biden win celebrated abroad

Where is Jennifer Rubin

You know who else is thrilled Trump lost?

NEW: Inside the Trump campaign as it grapples with defeat

I'm sure it came as quite a shock to Trump that "Sleepy Joe" turned out to be

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2022.

Is there any celebrations going on in Tucson?

Will Biden/Harris face Ivanca in 2024?

Let's Try this again--for Kamala--Even More Meaningful After 4 Years

The last president to have all white hair was...

YEP! i believe we have snatched back the FLAG! See it all over the celebrations.

South Korea welcomes Pres-elect Biden

Donald Trump is probably going to ghost us

NATIONAL BLOCK PARTY as Michael Steele called it is FANTASTIC

OK, what now????

Ok I have had to much wine but boy howdy am I happy!


Fun Fact: in 2016 trump claimed he won a "massive landslide victory"....

What happened? I've been here for hours and no jury duty!

It has been four long years, but I've changed my avatar this evening.

She's wearing white!!!

A white pant suit!

White suit! My cheeks hurt!

Day 1: DACA, WHO, Paris Accords, Muslim ban

NBC Cuts into No. 1 Clemson v No. 4 Notre Dame for Biden Rally

And now I need u more than ever. Now I need u everyday

I don't know why this made me laugh so hard:

VP KAMALA HARRIS - on stage all in white!!!

Kamala wearing all white

Take that Peggy Noonan! Yes she did walk out to Mary J. Blige. Love it!

Behind the bluster, Trump was beatable and Biden was the man to do it

As of this morning, 3,569,164 ballots yet to be counted in CA

Ruby Bridges .....Kamala Harris image. 😢

"Democracy is not a state. It is an act.", John Lewis

The adults are on-stage now!

Kamala is wearing a pantsuit.

NEW: Inside the Trump campaign as it grapples with defeat-- Staffers are huddled on a floor

Prank calling the Trump campaign voter fraud hotline is (predictably) becoming another TikTok trend

VP-Elect Kamala Harris & President-Elect Joe Biden Speak In Delaware

To all the lurking Dumpists.

Major immediate difference in first few minutes of Kamala's speech:

I've changed my signature line

Joe: A new day in America has come. Tune in as Vice President-Elect @KamalaHarris and I address the

Is Harris speaking from memory?

Kamala's speech is rather awesome.

I'm crying right now


Stop The Count Sports Meme

Black Women Led Us Through The Most Consequential Political Contest Of Our Lifetimes. It's High Time

Love the way Biden came running out.

Kamala is wearing the White Suit! nt


He's going to be one of the best presidents we've had ❤️❣️❣️❤️

My God I'm tearing up again

Daymn he looks fantastic. Still a great looking man and so handsome in black

Message to tRump: Democrats Made America Great Again.

Ok. I'm leaky.

Wow, he has good skin.


BYE BYE betsy devos.....

We will have a President that we can listen to again

A man who loves his wife openly and proudly is a man to be admired and he will be good for America.

Do you remember

Joe & Kamala are knocking it out of the park 👏

I love how Biden has used "mandate" multiple times!

Let America Be America Again - Langston Hughes

Joe, just now..."The possible is now the inevitable"

Nevada has been called for Joe. 290 nt

wow oh wow Biden's Speech

This pretty much sums it up, lol:

Listening to Joe is like


Biden's first move as president-elect will be to announce a new coronavirus task force in coming day

Census takers say they were told to enter false information

'Much easier for a man to jog down a ramp without lifts and a girdle on'

The Biden Block Party Begins in New York City

Oh yeah. We're going to be ok now, America. We're going to be ok!

The last time I listened to an entire presidential speech - it was President Macron

We have a whole new beautiful world where anything is possible.

Lead not as an example of our power,

Yes It Is Definitely Time For Some Good Trouble

So refreshing!

I Won't Back Down!

Holy crap, they just played this!!

We were supposed to believe this guy has dementia?

This is a joyous moment for the world

The Sky full of Stars got me choked up.

I do love his taste in music....

"Actual results may vary" means

Joe will be criticized for not putting mask back on.

Let this moment sink it


My One Vote Elected The Biden/Harris Ticket....

I'm sorry Tom Petty isn't alive

WONDERFUL to see the 2 families together!

A great short speech. 15 minutes

What do you wanna bet

Thomas DuPree, Deputy AG under GWBush sees NO merit in trump campaign lawsuits

Graham vows Senate Judiciary will investigate 'voting irregularities'

I think we just made America great again!

Mayor of London offers congratulations

Celebration! This is not the time for deterrent recriminations. That will come later.

for four years i have refused to fly an american flag

SOMEBODY please give me the replay link!!! mine died in the middle...

I'm A Biden. n/t

As a 59 year old white man, I want to to thank...

Watching Joe and Kamala, I feel as if I'm watching the celebration of peace after a 4 year war.

I'm really loving Harris's niece (correction) dancing. . . she's obviously having a blast.

Where's Hunter? Hugging the 46th President of the United States of America.

"A return to normalcy..."

My very Catholic late mother loved the hymn Biden quoted

What a satisfying beginning.

My biggest takeaway from tonight's awesome show: Kamala is INCREDIBLE.

Fight for Senate control awaits in Georgia after Biden's win

This has just been the best day

German Shepherd Dog Major will be the 1st rescue dog in the WH!

Biden will stop the border wall and loosen immigration again

I was expecting a great speech from Biden tonight. I wasn't prepared for a greater speech

I want us to ban forever red ties. Or at least give me a trigger warning.

November 7, 2020: A day that will forever live in...GLORY! n/t

Lindsey Graham says the Senate Judiciary Committee will investigate 'all credible allegations

I know someone who works in the ER at a hospital in Minneapolis

Awesome speech, President Biden!

Go support Ossoff & Warnock team DU!

There were two words that were notably scarce in MVPE Harris's speech tonight...

France just had US population equivalent of 435,000 cases in one day.

Humble Request Admins

Just finished watching

Borowitz Is Mean

Welcome back, basic decency. We missed you. n/t

Top Republicans Are Silent on Biden Victory as Trump Refuses to Concede

Joe understands his moment.


The stark differences between the two parties is so obvious - brought into sharp relief just now

I just wanted to say

This is the biggest outburst of collective joy in NYC that I can ever remember seeing.

Days until inauguration...

If you were an Elton fan in the 70s, chances are you never heard this song

How the business world is reacting to President-elect Biden's victory

Biden Welcome Center, DELAWARE!!!!!!

Do you think Melania will be too busy packing to inflict another of her WH "Chris-mooses" on us?

Did they show Rachel from her quarantine? I hope she was on the air today.

Oh why not...

I'm drinking a White Russian. Dear Vlad: Close, but no cigar.

I bet Joe gets more accomplished BEFORE he's sworn in, than trump* has in the past 4 years.

One more thought after watching world wide reactions today - most of the world despises trump

CREW: Sixteen Trump administration officials violated the law to boost #Trump campaign

The new QAnon Conspiracy is that Gore was president-elect for 37 days...

Yes she is super intelligent & qualified, but does Kamala have the best sounding voice EVER or what?

Karl Rove praising Biden's speech at length on Fox News. Oh, to see Trump's reaction...

Trump became irrelevant tonight

Anchorage, Alaska, area hit by 5.1 magnitude earthquake

I'm going to take Biden's direction

think of how much brain space this will clear up. Like deleting a massive file that was constantly o

ActBlue -- Georgia Senate Runoffs (Is this still the valid campaign?)

From this day forward......

Did you see how Trump's refusal to concede put a damper on the celebrations?

Who were the two little girls in white dresses? nt

Imagine what it must be like to be in the same room with trump*, tonight

New Biden tweet, moments ago: From the bottom of my heart: thank you. (VIDEO)

How much of our win can be contributed to Jo Jorgensen?


You can bet that on Monday morning,

Can I just say how nice it is just to see people HAPPY again??????

Business leaders congratulate Biden on victory

Mike Luckovich -BYEDON



Now we're never going to know what those guys found out in Hawaii.

I wonder what Steve Kornacki's doing tonight.

Do you think we will hear from the Pope tomorrow? nt

So my sister called....

Trump Team Holds Briefing Next to Adult Book Store

Why Trump put a non-scalable fence around the White House:

Since Trump has never gone, Biden should go to the White House

History was written tonight.

My faith is restored, and so now I believe

Who else teared up when Kamala's name finally showed up in that banner of lights in the sky?

The best goddam political discussion board I am aware of.

The stock markets will react Monday. Wall street sees how the world is eager

KAMALA HARRIS Speech tonight

Are there enough uncounted votes to get President Biden to 80 million?

OMG! "Four Seasons Landscaping" WAS the location...

The Village People: Weekend Update, SNL

This is what today's street celebrations made me think of:

Why it matters

I found a 1935 Mercury Dime stamped onto a (tails) Penny, likely the same year in my cash box today.

The drone display was amazing

Fox News reporter in DC: "Not a lot of violence (here) because... marijuana

When anyone mentions concession around Pendejo45, ...

It's allright - It's the end of the line...

Mrs. Betty Bowers FTW

Wondering how many of you are thinking this. Four years - there were some really good days

Are Don Jr & Eric going to be like George W & Jeb? Run for Governor after their father lost the WH.

I wonder if William Barr has had a change of heart about his coveted Unitary Executive theory

Family will definitely be spending holiday in Vegas instead of Disneyworld, FL.

Now dry your eyes

6 out 7 of the G7 have congratulated Joe Biden for winning The Presidency.

Will SNL be a new broadcast tonight?

David Simon ("Homicide" & "The Wire) tweet re: the Four Seasons fuckup today:

His name is lower than Mudd, it's Trump!

The Lincoln Project has...........

"It is what it is"!

One vote doesnt make a difference? Really?

Must Watch: The meme to end all memes

"This is the way people behave when a dictatorship falls."

Can Barrack Obama be in Joes cabinet ?

Dr. Craig Spencer: I just left an ER shift, and it hit me.

Most wouldn't call me religious, but my overwhelming feeling is expressed in two words

Did you notice how Biden and Harris noticeably flinched when the fireworks started?

Exile Trump To Mar a Lago Now

from the JAPAN TIMES; U.S. will need Japan more as China tensions rise, Suga aide says

Tomorrow's NY Post cover (this is the real one)


Washington Nationals extend an invitation to Joe Biden:

Has anyone seen Billy Barr recently? Has he gone into hiding?

Reporters everywhere wondering which epic anecdotal lead to deploy...

Postal worker going about his or her day gets applause

Murdoch makes his choice

President-Elect Joe Biden's German Shepherd Major to Be First Rescue Dog in the White House

I look forward to waking up in the morning

can i goto bed now ? i am physically wiped out , been up

"Well. If you ev-err----cha-ange your mi-ind---about leavin', leavin' me behi-ind---

Jubilant Biden supporters party outside the White House and stick up signs mocking 'loser' Trump

Looking for a puppy.

All of the assholes we will now be rid of...a partial list

Two random things that will happen next year because of VP elect Harris

Judge Jeanine "box wine" Pirro suspended from FoxNews!!

"Who's Sleepy Now Bitch?!"

Nah, You Don't Need To Feel Empathy For Trump

'This isn't over!': Trump supporters refuse to accept defeat

Council agrees bull may not remain in gift shop past mid-January

Trump's 'Fraud' Hotline Flooded with Prank Calls

Joining Trump's war on voting was a test of loyalty for the GOP. Will it keep up the fight?

Ana Navarro is happy tonight.........

Clip from the Atlanta Constitution- T supporters on one side of the street, Biden supporters the on

California Gov. Gavin Newsom now considering Harris' successor in the Senate

Okay... try this one on for size:

where is zarconic and burlap? Is their 15 minutes over?

I talked to one of my trumper friends just now

Trump Team Holds News Conference Outside Drab Landscaping Firm, Next to Adult Book Store

What's happening in AZ? Predictit down to 64 and falling. now back to76.

Trump administration fires three agency heads in a post election fit of anger

Dictator Wannabe's "voter fraud" hotline gets pranked and trolled mercilessly

Hey, it's now LAME DUCK donald trump. pass it on

White House Voter Fraud Hotline is up and taking calls

Remember the Iowa caucus debacle?

I don't think I will ever not be amazed at the extent to which we

Covid cases are about to explode in US, ex-FDA commissioner warns

Will they sedate Trump for the rest of the time?

OK. I'm a man. No tears. Maybe.

When You Piss off The Right People

Issa defeats Campa-Najjar in California House race

A new beginning....

Lawsuit over Sharpie-marked ballots in AZ to be dropped

My sister was laid to rest on Monday. Today Saturday her 3rd born ....update he is on a VENT

Vice President Auntie

Joe Biden vows to unite America after 'convincing' victory

The whole world is watching.

Will Melania decorate the WH for Christmas?

Didn't trump say he might have to leave if Biden won?

There has been no outreach from the White House to Biden. Nada. CNN

Timely warning from Mary Trump.

I took a new approach with Trump Republican

One No Trump

AZ - update - trump continuing to exceed needed split ratio

Fox News, reporting from BLM plaza...

NO ONE Can Say That This NJ Reporter Gives ZERO FUCKS!


Marguerite Littman, the Inspiration for Holly Golightly, Dies at 90

NV - update - Biden extends lead to over 27k!

Waiting in line to get in to pick up

SNL - tonight Dave Chappelle

PA dems losing state treasurer and auditor general - biden voters failed to choose them

Heh. Lincoln Project trolling Trump's voter fraud hotline which has been plagued by prank calls.

Al Franken coming up on MSNBC!

It's time to get a good night sleep!

I don't think that Trump will be in the White House by Jan 20

How utterly fitting that we should have a woman VP in the centenary year of the 19th Amendment.

Trump's 'Fraud' Hotline Flooded with Prank Calls

Van and the Band - Irish Lullaby - 1976

CREW: Dictator Wannabe has racked up 3,400 conflicts of interest as of September 21

THIS IS EVERYTHING, right down to the setting, in the most American of places: a random gas station.

Will DOTUS 1 and DOTUS 2 have their own security detail? If so, will it be seen as a plush

Poor Mike Pence

How inspiring to switch to positivity

Slate: "Goodbye, Melania"

Question about pardons

This is fine

"Mountain Jam"

It is utterly fitting that we should have a woman VP in the centenary year of the 19th Amendment.

Hello Sunshine - Rev. Maceo Woods

Peppy bye bye trump song!

Trump staffers are getting prank called while manning a voter fraud hotline.

Biden beats Trump in must-win Pennsylvania to clinch 2020 victory

One-term presidents: Trump joins the list of Commanders-in-Chief denied a second term

I can *finally* watch VEEP

If you agree that President Biden should restore the rank and rightful benefits for Col. Vindman, or

What happened to California? Every right wing proposition passed.

Tonight in the Castro

And while thanking people let's not forget gun safety activists:

Native American dances in Albuquerque

Have we seen this? if not - I promise you we have all felt it.

Crazy Dictator Wannabe "would consider an appropriate transfer of power" WTF

Will the Circle Be Unbroken" Alman Brothers -1979

Congress caps Medicare Part B premium spike for 2021

Good night DU

"...dragged kicking and screaming from the White House"

Looks like Jared drew the short straw

Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse trump nonsense

President Elect Biden's speech was fantastic, but damn! Kamala orated the crap...

Celebration over:(. NPRPolitics reports...

Sam Bee on winning:

SNL may be late tonight

Kimberly Guilfoyle offered lap dance to big-ticket fundraiser who gave Trump the most money

White House Symphony Orchestra 😂😂😂

More Bad News For Trump: Sacha Baron Cohen Rescinds Job Offer

caption Trump photo

Transcript of Joe's speech tonight.

George Takei: This is glorious! Meidas Touch: We won. #ByeDon

Very happy people having a spontaneous dance party at the 76 Gas Station

"The Crave" Jelly Roll Morton

Am I wrong?

Murkowski congratulates Biden and Harris

Think We Will Finally Get Culture Back in the White House???

Mail in ballots

To CELEBRATE a PEACEFUL Transfer I have a suggestion.

Wait one fucking minute:

"One Term Trump"

Biden may not be able to move into the WH for a while:

What will become of the Trump Cult?

A little thing that'll be fun to have back? White House Correspondence Dinners

We gave trump the entire 2020 experience

Obama-Era Alumni Are Favorites for Biden's Top Economic Posts

My local news here in Nashville makes it sound like

Tweet of the Day

Re Biden voters - a proposal

A Million Bargaining Chips

"Impossible Dream" - Heard this tonight and my spouse called it "The Joe Song"...

96 year old lifelong Republican celebrates President-elect Biden's win

Biden Win Signals a Turning Point in U.S. Coronavirus Response

Jared Kushner warned to preserve government records

America's Next Authoritarian Will Be Much More Competent

Watching stream of celebrations tonight across the U.S.

I gotta say... today was absolutely the best day of 2020

No time for losers.....

Dear Tom and John

Is this not symbolic the fighting Irish won in OT

I want an annotated picture of everyone on stage after the speech

You know that Allstate TV commercial where the woman gets wrapped up in clothes and rolls down....

Let's Talk Criminal Accountability for the Trump Years Under the Likely Biden/McConnell Power Split

Even the Dalai Lama is relieved this evening.

Facebook posting are getting pretty funny!

On September 27 Israel had 1366.41 new COVID cases per million people.

The perfect cabinet post for someone who has done so much to help us. . .

Bezos sells more than $3 billion worth of Amazon shares

Stephen Miller!

President Biden needs to recognize Amb. Marie Yovanovich and Sally Yate's heroism

CNN: Jared Kushner has approached Trump about conceding

Steve Kornacki Explains How Joe Biden Won Pennsylvania - MSNBC

Please, President-Elect Biden, pick a Sec. of Education who doesn't want to privatize schools!

Who will be the first to tell on Trump?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Santorum: Trump is willing to concede if certain conditions are met

serious question about presidential use of AFO

Picture of Sad Stephen Miller Buying Alcohol in DC

I saw an article about ballot counting that's continuing in Gwinnet County, Georgia

Deja vu!!

Please, Please keep Trump fighting for the win.

Pets With Their Favorite Toys

'The American People Spoke': Buttigieg Praises Biden As He Is Projected President-Elect - MSNBC

"i won this election by a lot"

I apologize for jumping the gun on election night

When some of our people start talking about "reaching out to

Chef Andres is not only an American hero, but a dadgum saint as well!!

The days the Mail Men & Women saved the United States of America

SNL cold open up now:

'Small, And Pitiful, and Irrelevant': Rachel Maddow Underwhelmed By Trump Election Pushback - MSNBC

You did it!

The Great Bell Chant

America's Next Authoritarian Will Be Much More Competent

SNL lol!! "Luh hooo ser "

Anyone follow Tim Holtz?

Venice, Italy. Live Cam

In the grand scheme of things, it's small. But, can we restore the Old Post Office...

Be Very Proud America! Now it is time to put the hard work in to make a comeback!

Jake Tapper: Some say the world will end in fire/

Two 'Boogaloo Bois' Indicted In Plot To Supply Weapons To Terrorists For Attacks On U.S. Soldiers


Meanwhile, we have the small matter of a pandemic...

Trump berated and baffled European allies. They aren't sad to see him go.

SNL: Is Dave Chappell in a comedy club trying out a new standup routine?

Hey Bibi... Perhaps should have changed this before tweeting.

Anyone know if DUer LynneSin is still around?

Just a thought: If the Biden campaign has cash leftover, can they give it to the Georgia senate

"no there aren't we literally counted"

Joe Biden is already showing he is the right president for the moment

Mussolini was summarily executed, dumped outside a train station...

Alright DU... you gotta get like at least 50 recs tonight before I will click on your post ...

What Joe Biden won - and what he didn't

If I could make this my wallpaper, I would!

Don Lemon going off on CNN

A cult member in his underwear is looking for George Soros

Happy time celebration music!

Trump supporters, lives immeasurably improved after four years, gather to offer their joyful thanks:

I think I'm going to sleep very soundly tonight. What a wonderful day this turned out to be.

Anyone seen Pence lately?

The song I had to hear on you tube tonight

"Basin Street Blues Berlin, GM 1955 - Louis Armstrong?

My sister from rural Ohio went to get a bottle of Champaign and said the Trumpers were out parading

All the lawsuits

Now, this "Trump Train" they keep talking about...

This is your official notification that it is okay for Americans to say "Happy Holidays" again.

Who is George Soros and why do the rwnjs hate him?nt

Trump's Giuliani Held a Press Conference at The Four Seasons Hotel?

NRPS and Jerry Garcia

Detailed Rundown of the 2022 Senate Races

The local asshole brigade is organizing another trump parade tomorrow. Another 40 mile caravan...

THE SOUL OF AMERICA by Founders Sing -- Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Win & Sing To Heal & Unite the USA!

SNL: Biden Victory Cold Open

Did You Check Out Joe Biden's Hat?

Kimberly Guilfoyle offered lap dance to big-ticket fundraiser who gave Trump the most $

As promised in another group...

SNL: Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue

Foo Fighters - Times Like These (Live At Wembley Stadium, 2008)

pictures of the greeting Trump (and Kushners) received today

Jared Kushner warned to preserve government records

SNL: DC Morning

I think on Inauguration Day Biden should take the Amtrak.

Dear Secret Service If Trump and family won't go willingly...



I feel like we have just overthrown a dictator. Seriously, I haven't felt this relaxed since

The Funniest Memes Mocking Trump's Election Defeat

SNL Weekend Update with Kate McKinnon as Rudy ... freaking HILARIOUS ...

SNL: Weekend Update

List something Trump does that you are glad you won't have to deal with anymore?

SNL: Uncle Ben

Psst: We don't have to think about him, obsess, angst daily any more! He *don't matter*!

Australian bar menu (bashes Trump hard lol )

Neanderthals And Humans Were at War For Over 100,000 Years, Evidence Shows

Brain Scans Show a Whole Spectrum of COVID-19 Abnormalities We Can't Fully Explain

'Weird' Molecule Detected on Titan Has Never Been Found in Any Atmosphere

A Song for the Mix

The Mystery of The Platypus Deepens With The Discovery of Its Biofluorescent Fur

Ray Charles performs "America the Beautiful" - 2001, game 2 of World Series. Priceless.

Celebrate, Keep In Mind: Dems Must Take The US Senate Jan. 5, 2021 Georgia Run-Off Election, 2 Seats

Happy Days Are Here Again

It's Here! Life-Size Baby Yoda from Sideshow Collectibles!

What's funny is that "they" say he'll run in 2024 - sliding on a ramp or huh?!1

How it started...

You want to know how much the Navajo Nation dislikes trump?

GA going to have to do some heavy lifting to save us from Mitch and Lindsey.

The Hail Mary

Fox News Paints Very Different Picture Of Election's Final Week Stephanie Ruhle MSNBC

FRANCE: Church Bells Ring For BIDEN-HARRIS Victory!


Stirring, uplifting, inspiring and just too damned cute...

The Milky Way may be full of Earth-like planets

I did this laser etched repro of the famous photo of M Duchamp...

Biden, Trump supporters rally outside Texas Capitol

Trump fundraiser emails for legal challenges would also pay down campaign debt, fine print says

Greek PM First Foreign Leader to Congratulate Joe Biden

Slaves in the Viking Age: how prevalent were enslaved people in Viking societies?

More Cletus Safaris in the future

Trump becomes more and more irrelevant with each passing day

Ancient squid-like creature with paperclip-shaped shell may have lived for hundreds of years

Trump didn't make ...

Lead in Georgia is now over 10k

I am very proud of my

Seeing dark matter in a new light

Do you know how bad ...

Has KIM called in yet? Putin? Xi?

For 3rd straight day, Tarrant County passes single-day COVID record with 1,062 cases

The silence from ReTHUG leadership must never be forgotten

OK celebrants: Keep you masks on but go back home. Over 1000 deaths yesterday 126, new cases.

So what did you think about the speeches Sat night?

SCOTUS is in a hellova positon. If they scrap Obamacare, I believe

Something's been bothering me for a while, probably a lot of you, too...

Every President's biography has an opening tag line:

SNL: Rudy "Hey New York, ya miss me?"

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Mixed Beans Edition

Lady Stardust was a star of astrophysics

One Thing Is Clear: Democrats can win elections without appealing to Republicans.

Chromium steel first made in ancient Persia

Man Banned From Yellowstone After Getting Caught Cooking Chickens In Hot Springs

All it knows how to do is rage and feed and kill.

Avoid Buildings That Appear To Be Growing Fur. It's Not Hair, It's Legs


The mystery of a glowing natural stone solved

Scientists discovered high-pressure mineral in lunar meteorite

Fantastic Suggestion re Warnock v Ossoff !

Trump 'won't attend inauguration as staff light scented candles to improve atmosphere'

the Lincoln Project-post-election ad-"DAWN"

Why I think this way about the election fraud claim by trump

Any of you named "Alexa"? Is that ever a problem? Nt

GA Senate race - "The Senate follows the White House" - This is doable!!!

Trumps: it's time to say "goodbye"

Austraila News: recaps world leaders response to Biden-Harris Win

Looks like Eta will be either a Florida TS or a Cat 1 hurricane

With his days in office numbered, here's what Trump may try to do

Justice Matters - Glenn Kirschner

The final conservative contradiction of 2020

New Covid task force to be announced Mon. Will Fauci be leading it and

More than 100% voters can happen

If we win the 2 senate seats what will the numbers be ? also

Front Page of Media Publicans From US & Around the World

What upcoming Supreme Court decisions can be used to win the Georgia runoff?

My neighborhood has been liberated !!!!!!!!

Talk About Sore Losers

Kelly-Anne deleted all tweets yesterday. Ivanka and Kayleigh haven't tweeted since election called

Anyone have PayPal?

A shameful sin was committed at the border in our names.

Relief...some semblance of normal life can be partially resumed.

The Real Issue is Why it Wasn't 100,000,000 to 50,000,000.

The election was rigged. The rigging failed.

Scattered and silenced by the pandemic, choral groups are trying to find their voice did everybody sleep last night?

I feel greatly relieved. We have a long and difficult road ahead of us

November 7th should be called Democracy Day and should be a national holiday.

The next fraud story.... probably tomorrow, or Tuesday, or --- anyways,

Trump supporters taking down their Trump flags in acknowledgement of Biden's win

A new, verified Twitter account to follow: @Transition46

The Electoral College moved on Trump like a bitсh

Of Course All Sourse Code In All Voting Machines Is Available is fully up now - Biden/Harris admin PRIORITIES

The 6th and 7th most liked tweets in Twitter history:

St. Louis Snowflakes............

A favorite DC graffiti, reborn. Day 2 of waiting.

So glad to see that Haley Stevens won!

lauren underwood has pulled ahead in IL.

Scalise is really a jackass. He is trying to compare this to bush V Gore, and it isn't even

Sharing this here...Annual post

Trump's last stand: between an adult bookstore and a cremation center. Says it all, doesn't it? Smut

Joe Biden will try to keep Trump and his children from going to prison out of sympathy for Trump and

Harwood: Simplest & most profound change is America will again have a president in touch w/ reality

Der Spiegel, then and now

CNN's John King Just Said Trump Can Do Math

Pa' ti no estoy - Rosana (May Things Go Well For You)

My current concern is how pervasive was the loss of career civil servantsin government departments?

How do we get 70 million of our fellow citizens to join us in uniting our nation?

White women had doubts but voted for the Anus anyway

While sheltering in place, a Napa Valley family builds Matterhorn-inspired roller coaster

Adios Ivanka !

Photos: Celebrations in City Streets After Biden Win

We need a new word when playing cards

Goodbye, Donald Trump Jr.

For your Sunday Morning pleasure:

Moon Exposure Calculator

This moment matters

Trump Is Getting The Full 2020 Experience!

I've spent this year watching the places I love most in the world be bulldozed for the border wall.

Goodbye, Bill Barr

When do you think the Lincoln Project put this ad together?

Front page of the Scranton Sunday Times

Santorum ripped for saying "Trump willing to concede if certain conditions are met"

To the voters in all of the Blue States

Now we turn to Senate runoffs in Georgia...

The defeated one is tossing out Hail Marys

Regarding Trump conceding if "conditions" are met:

Polls Were Exact In Paper Ballot Washington State Colorado Oregon

Sarah Cooper: "What a moment"

Trump campaign has sent NINETEEN emails for cash to fight the election since Biden's win called.

This is the face of radical-Republican contempt

Mary Trump: "All he's got now is breaking stuff, and he's going to do that with a vengeance."

Recounts rarely change election outcomes ever

We've been organizing the house this week.

Fake It Till Ya' Make It, Donnie...Fake It Till Ya' Make It!

Garbage In, Trash Out An embittered Trump can do a lot of damage before he's evicted for real.

According to 'The Daily Mail' it was Jared who told 'the holed up president' it's time to concede

I guess Eric Trump didn't get a 'goodbye' article ?

People are crank calling the toll free "voter fraud hotline" and the campaign has to pay the charges

New Mexico matches one-day high with 1,287 virus cases

TEAR DOWN THE WALL-A call to national healing

Don Lemon, raw, unfiltered, and uncensored on the election results

The Trump mindset

No story about Biden winning the election on OANN

They have to reach out to us

Does a pardon apply to future crimes?

Alaskans, I'm curious about

Wife wants divorce because husband got a Biden peeing on Trump tattoo

Las Cruces, NM, funeral home cited for violating public health order

The Modern Conservative...

George Conway is enjoying this moment..Kellyanne is probably crying in a corner..

Tony Schwartz can't imagine Trump attending Biden's inauguration OR visiting NYC again.


In praise of Mary Trump.

"Russia, if you're listening"...Americans WON and your guy lost!

White House Adviser Jared Kushner Discussed Possible Concession with Trump: Report

Come Out Donald...........

I kind of feel like an anxiety addict, starting to go through withdrawal

A Good Man for a Wounded Country

I'm glad Pres. Jimmy Carter lived to see this day! (nt)

Profile In Courage

Finally. The beginning of the End for Trump

Boris Johnson attempts to erase his history with Biden (and Obama), but it's not working

MA had a 4.2 earthquake off the coast of New Bedford.

serious business - how much legal trouble is idiotface and his git in now.

Joe Biden made a few faith references last night.

What the fuck Maine?


I have no idea if the The Madden Brothers intended this to be a political anthem but it so fits 2020

If Every Forest From Georgia To Maine Burned To The Ground

The Evangelicals sold their souls to gain power.

Patton Oswalt: Let the history books note:

Post pics of your local headlines!

Our country can't heal until justice is equally served

Trump, looking at celebrating Biden supporters in front of White House

What a real leader does: he leads for everyone ...

I slept way in..Biden and Harris right?

Regardless of trump self pardon he should pay all back taxes with interest ?

Fear not, drumpf's power is going to dwindle and dwindle

Karl Rove Commends Biden, Harris Speeches: 'Pitch Perfect... You Could Not Help But Be Touched'

Ocasio-Cortez Not Sure She Wants to Stay In Politics

Seems best antitode to trump is to sever the attention. Hoping Biden and Harris and media

Scientists relieved as Joe Biden wins tight US presidential election

The Presidency Is So Much More....

Trump in Stripes Forever. (Yea. You'll wanna see this)

China's October exports accelerate, boosted by US demand

Eric trump's brilliance.

Celebration dance (tweet) and some numbers

Romney predicts Trump will eventually 'accept the inevitable' that Biden won election

Today's New York Times Front Page:

Joe Biden Will Probably Be the Last President of My Generation

Melania leaving the White House

Biden lead in PA is now 42K as of 2 mins ago.

During election week like no other, teachers help students make sense of it all

Earthquake Felt Across Eastern Massachusetts

Post-Election Schizophrenia

Last night felt to me as if I stepped over Trump's dead body

Literally every tweet Trump sent this morning has been flagged as bullshit.

Ben Santer To Joe Biden: Key 1st Step Is Rebuilding Capacity Of, Trust In Scientific Institutions

Senate Democrat: Trump could show 'some graciousness' by backing pandemic relief package

Best Democratic states to live or retire?

Der Spiegel

Hey Joe, in relation to the republicans SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK

Will Trump campaign for Perdue and Loeffler in Georgia senate races? His pros and cons.

Wrecking ball: the damage Trump could do while still president until January

Little Lord SoreLoser is out of bed, and screaming on Twitter for a do-over of the entire election

Interior Secy Met Secretly W. Arizona Developer Before Overturning Rules On Massive RE Deal

Polling versus Election Results

Looks like Trump will join Nixon

New OFFICIAL Biden-Harris Twitter account to follow

Bentley Plans to Exclusively Sell EVs by 2030

Egg farm robbed in Dauphin County, PA

So how many electoral votes does the state of Denial carry?

The Biden Transition Twitter account has been launched

Donnie had a bad day

Lindsey Graham will be visited on Christmas Eve by three ghosts. They will all be John McCain.

It seems to me that a Pardon for Trump might complicate his life post presidency.

Trump is up and tweeting about stolen a election ... and Twitter flagged it*

Surprise: Trump at his golf club - the 300th visit to one of his golf clubs during his presidency

Biden adviser says White House has not reached out to president-elect

Trump "I don't wanna go!" A preview look at Jan 20, 2021

Do you want a break? Do you need a break? Ok

Every time I see Pete Buttigieg

We cannot have the next contested primary beginning with IA and NH.

In future elections, I would like to see more emphasis on down ballot races.

3 shot at Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas, person of interest in custody

If you mean white people then say it...

Trump STILL HAS A PATH TO 270!!!

I don't have sympathy for Trump

Rudy holds press conference at Four Seasons.

...Romney slams Trump's voter fraud claims: 'He has a relatively relaxed relationship with the truth

Youth vote? Does anyone have the numbers

Pappy Van Winkle, the world's most coveted bourbon

Our flag is flying again!

Congressman James Clyburn coming up on meet the press

How does the phrase "God Save The Queen" link Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

Disappointing that the voters did not punish the GOP

The "evangelical right" isn't going anywhere. Ya'll better hang on to your swords...

Remember that time as President that you said you believed

regarding the GA runoffs.

LOL! Overheard walking past someone on the phone in DC:

How it started vs. How it ended

Is there a way to get numbers on how many voted straight R except for Trump?

DU's Goals for Today

Side note: Only 2 GOP Senators have congratulated Pres-Elect Biden as of this moment.

Chris Wallace: Ted Cruz is like a Japanese soldier still fighting a war that's over

The tears of a MAGA

On Fareed Zakaria, Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia blamed much of the problems

Florida man arrested after meltdown because there was no lettuce for his Checkers sandwich

Another perspective on the down ticket votes.

Trump supporters should start a gofundme to pay all trumps back taxes that he cheated on


The Count!

Oh, holy cow look at the popular vote numbers..

On a Side Note: Here in Minnesota, Ilhan Omar Retained Her House Seat

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Murkowski and Romney

Ossof phone banking from your home. Please DU this!! If anyone has a Warnock link please post.

John Fugelsang on Newt Gingrich.

My Trumpeter Cousins are all curiously quiet

In response to a question from wifey last nite, I did some digging on the Electoral College

Since this tale Far transcends Shakepeare's abilities...

The tribal journalism of cable news is at a crossroads.

George Takei: Four years ago, @HillaryClinton told us how this would go. Give it up, Donald, you're

Even Putin dumped him

Is Bannon in a jail yet?

Can a lawyer be disbarred for public lies?

Trump off to only place left where he can still cheat & win

One of the things that happens in the background during a presidential transition is that Biden will

A Canadian to MAGAts: "We don't even want you coming here to go thru to Alaska!"

From 50 years ago, back to OUR future...

This AM I wanted to be sure it was all real and not just a dream I had last night so I asked Alexa

Did anyone else think that Dave Chappelle was trying to channel Lenny Bruce last night?

Biden just got 4k more votes in PA, up to 41k lead ...

Some thoughts about charging and jailing political enemies.

"Trump Team Holds News Conference Outside Drab Landscaping Firm, Next to Adult Book Store"

Police. Law and Order. The flag

Does VP Pence have COVID19?????

The fool still can't find it within himself to act like a man and do what's right.

CNN-Jared Kushner has approached Trump about conceding 2020 election

Melania has joined the chorus of Trump's inner circle telling him to accept the loss

Melania wants out, tells Trump to accept defeat

Do not let anyone rewrite history-People who say "It wasn't that bad." Yes it was.

Lindsey Graham and an affidavit

I have a new word for Asshole. Asshole equals Trump! "Don't be such a Trump."

The perfect next Trump campaign press conference spot here in DC 😉

The next biggest question, will Trump go to Georgia?

Wisconsin chief health officer quits as COVID-19 rages

America Finally Breaks Up With Her Abusive Boyfriend

This got me weepy

I'm sure Pence is going to run in 2024.

Reversing the Southern Strategy: Even small victories are a sign of huge progress

Chuckie Toad...As if I needed a reminder. He needs a new job.

Our next FLOTUS....Dr. Jill Biden

The Onion: Trump Disappointed in Supporters

Some Chores in Celebration of the Biden/Harris Victory

Trump mistakes British far-right journo James Delingpole for 'Best Pollster in Britain'

Does anyone here know whether *any* EO can be reversed by another EO?

Josh Shapiro's son got attention for walking into the room while his dad was on air...

The biggest political mistake in history. It's the radio, stupid.

Election 2020 - Suitable For Framing

Among Trump's seventy million voters . . . . . . .

Nobody happier than me that they didn't turn off the electricity or Internet

Donate now to elect Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and help Democrats take back the Senate!

Someone sent me this

Right, we got Biden/Harris elected. Now, time to start the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!

The alternative universe where Hillary won in 2016 thread

Trump - Perdue vote versus Biden - Ossoff vote

When the MAGA Bubble Burst

Newspaper Front Pages

Trump Isn't Paying for Wisconsin Recount

Hair today - Gone tomorrow

Where's Pence? Most Likely, He's Holed up in His Residence,

trump and the gang need to go on trial in front of the world

Such a turnoff

End of Days

Hey Chump, this is your new reality

Trump tweet from 2014...

I usually don't save newspapers, but...

This must be what it feels like when the surgeon tells you they removed all the cancer.

Leaders Of Hungary And Slovenia, Stout Trump Allies In EU, Say U.S. Vote Isn't Over

Venn Diagram of Presidents: a rigorous historical analysis

Not only did Trump mis-manage the pandemic response. He made it much worse.

Trump is flat out broke - his defense fund proves it!

Trump Gets Full 2020 Experience.

It's a Beautiful Morning, Lovely Day!

Trump gets locked out of White House

Fraud claims aimed in part at keeping Trump base loyal

Study Considers a Link Between QAnon and Polling Errors

The Trump "Voter Fraud Hotline" has become a laughingstock...

what would first lady Jill

"We Have Affidavits!" "Affidavits, I Tell You!"

Real Facts versus Alternative Facts

Flagging Upstate New York

Inside the Trump campaign as it grapples with defeat while plowing forward with legal fight

Reliving the count: Five days in five minutes,

Does DU have a way for us to donate to the GA Senate runoff election?

RECOUNTS you say, Donald?

Minnie Ripperton was born on this date.


Andrew Yang: "Evelyn & I Are Moving to GA to Help Ossoff & Warnock"

The Biden-Harris campaign has started to populate its Transition webpage...

"Sir," he said excitedly, "there is still a way to prevent Biden from becoming the 46th POTUS!"

I do declare this to be the most beautiful November 8 of my long lifetime

Happy Birthday to Bonnie Raitt

Rebuilding Our Government Agencies

Lindsey effin Graham says "he has evidence that 15 dead people voted in PA."

Melania tells trump to give up the fight

Rickie Lee Jones has a birthday today.

Just heard that Alex Trebek passed on...

Goodbye, Ivanka By Dahlia Lithwick

Anybody up for pranking Rudy?

Here are two of the birthday singers together

Seems like stimulus checks might be a good issue for us in Georgia

This country is split.. we treat Donald Trump like the abusive spouse or relative at

AstraZeneca CEO says coronavirus vaccine could be ready in December

AOC Is Getting the Hillary Clinton Experience and It Is Frustrating

RIP Alex Trebek

Kamala Harris - the first woman VP Elect

Bush has called Biden to congratulate him

If he concedes, what about the Electoral College?

Mitt Romney always wants it both ways.

Jeopardy! is saddened to share that Alex Trebek passed away peacefully at home early this morning

When dump moves to Florida, it will be the world covid epicenter

Are trump flags the new confederate flags? Goodbye, Trump World

Has anyone checked in on Free Republic, Conservative Cave or Hide 5?

How Trump and Falwell Jr. became evangelicals' "golden calves" despite obvious moral transgressions

Experts warn of worsening pandemic unless Trump takes action

Glenn Gould - Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 17 (Alex Trebek intro)

Act V comic relief scene in "The Tragedie of King Igolf Tweetler"

"If the ACA is repealed or rescinded "it would be devastating for Medicare"

Friends now?

Video: Releasing an eagle after it was treated and recovered from its injuries

PPP Was a Fraudster Free-for-All, Investigators Say

Alex Trebek has died

I just read that Alex Trebek has died

Will the rally-addict go "cold turkey"? I can't imagine that, but what can he do?

James Clyburn says Democrats lost seats in Congress this year because of calls to'defund police'

Trump campaign files new election-related lawsuit in Arizona

Anyone check in on Glenn Greenwald?

From Robert Reich: "How can Biden heal the nation when Trump doesn't want it healed?"

After Trump's Defeat, His Supporters Held A Heavily Armed Pity Party

What Fiction are you reading this fabulous week, Nov. 8, 2020?

Biden shores up fragile 'blue wall' in industrial north

So how did the Four Seasons fiasco happen?

Lindsey Graham: If we accept these election results 'you'd never have a Republican president forever

D.C.-area forecast: Staying super nice until rain is likely to arrive midweek.

Biden Transition on Twitter

Chris Christie calls on Trump to 'move on' if he can't show proof of election impropriety

In Arizona, Navajo Nation had a massive 89% turnout, helped push Joe over the top

I'm Not In A Celebratory Mood

So, when do I get to read the Mueller report nt

There must be swift and severe consequences for . . .

Alex Trebek has died!

President Elect Joseph Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.

Before Kasich urges Biden to meet Congressional Republicans halfway, maybe he should urge the Republ

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 9 November 2020

No. I will not meet you halfway. You must change.

Norm Crosby, comedian nicknamed 'Master of Malaprops,' dies at 93

Anybody remember (or know about) the Keystone Kops?

Et tu Melania? Melania tells Trump to accept defeat. Ouch!

So, McConnell won't give proper consideration to Biden's cabinet picks, eh?

(Heeheehee) " i have unfollowed donald trump. join me."

George W. Bush congratulates Biden on his victory.

Beat him in the popular vote. Beat him in the electoral college. Beat him in the ratings.

By trump claiming the election was a fraud, he is really saying...

Says it all.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping wants in on this merch bonanza.

Electoral College interferes in votes of Americans

Let's see who's in the center, shall we?

You really need a Venn diagram to put Trump's historic failed Presidency into perspective

Francis Rooney (R-FL19) extends congrats to President-elect Biden, good for him

Could Trump and Pence end up as adversaries in the 2024 primary?

If someone votes early, and later dies, and someone makes an a claim that "dead" people

Trump set a record for the most votes against in history

Makeup of US Senate

Johannes Brahms Piano Concerto #2

Christ on a cracker, the BBC's reporting on the Four Seasons Total Landscaping story (audio)

Connecticut rapist, on the run since 1976, arrested in Clearwater, FL

Is anyone else getting the same feeling...

Alex Trebek has passed at age 80. RIP

Jeff Tiedrich points out:

It's The Year 2020 ...

Cartoons 11/8/2020

Forget the Porn Shop - Look what's across the street!

W Bush called Biden and also Harris to congratulate them

Has it really hit us how close we came to a dictatorship?

I know President Elect Biden said to play nice but...

Stacey Abrams video--she thanks voters & then pivots to the important runoff elections:

We do not need to start off by appeasing the very people who sat on their hands while trump burned

Trump could - unless stopped in his tracks...

Democrats Need A Roosevelt Project - Now

So, Democrats engaged in mass cheating to help Biden win, but didn't cheat enough to win the Senate?

In the Georgia runoffs will there be mail in ballots or

I have thousands and thousands of screenshots from the last 4 years

The Democrats need to reply to trumps actions,

So,Evangelicals ...


Biden Announces 12-Member Task Force for Coronavirus Response

The jobs are posted!

Trump golfing again. Sons demanding manual count

My Takeaway from the Election

Freepers are living in a crazy level of denial.

Remember when Nazi Germany sent old men to fight a lost war against overwhelming Russian forces?

Subdued feeling at the grocery

No more "sit back and enjoy the show", this is the end of politics as a "spectator sport"

Trump Is A True American

To All Trump Supporters ...

It's a New Dawn

Don Caron, Election Day. Caron makes usa smile again!

I apologize if someone has already posted this Twitter-winning meme

Yesterday the Trader Joe's in East Sacramento

Trump's Voter Fraud Claims Are A Scam To Pay Off Campaign Debt

Send him to Finalnd!

George W Bush: 'The Outcome Is Clear' On 2020 Presidential Election; Congratulates Biden And Harris


Biden moves ahead with transition as Trump fights election results

Losing the popular vote twice has only been achieved once

Do Dem s

Biden team making plans to blow through any McConnell 'roadblocks': report

There isn't a single lawsuit that has any potential to change the outcome of the race...

Why is Lindsay Graham so desperate to placate Trump?

'Welcome back': America's allies celebrate Biden win, hope for a U.S. return to global cooperation

How complicated it is to reach out to people whose sole ideology has been dehumanizing you.

There should be a new Cabinet level Department.

Abrams says Georgia Democratic Senate candidates can 'absolutely' win runoff races

Any vote drops coming from AZ today?

NO residency requirement to vote in Georgia! Let's move 500K Californians there asap.....

Liberals thought they could take away Trump's public housing by defeating him on election day

What was the mood in church this morning?

Forgive and Forget?

Methinks GOP donors have a bit of a dilemma...

60% of donations Trump is soliciting to "fight voter fraud" are going to campaign debts.

Thoughts on DC and Puerto Rico statehood?

Venn diagram of some Presidents

Georgia Senate

On election night, I was sure Trump had won.

Romney is first GOP senator to congratulate Biden on winning presidential race

Stephen Miller will be looking for work. Any job suggestions for him?

Ok I totally dig the "You're fired 2020" logo in GA

Remember that trump and the Republicans like to project

What are the numbers for Dems vs Repugs in GA?

And just like magic... My BP returns to normal. nt

Trump Isn't Paying for Wisconsin Recount

What are some good potato chips?

Four Season's Landscaping Phone Call - As it happened

I feel so RENEWED!!

Clyburn: Things Like 'Defund the Police' Did NOT Help Dems During Election, I Believe It Hurt

Visits Gravesite of Son Beau After Church

It's time for John Kasich to reach out to Rs and tell them to start listening to *this*

The Lunatic Fringe of the Republican Party

Presidential pooches set to make a comeback!

I am really upset with the Democrats that after they "rigged" the election, they forgot about

Trump Continues to Deny Biden Won

Will Trump ever go away?

First Things First

Fox News host arguing that Biden must be extra nice to the people who voted for Trump.

LeBron James and Megan Rapinoe delight in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win

OK now I'm getting fundraising emails from Kelly Loeffler

Just passed a Trump rally of about 12 people waving trump flags and holding trump signs.

Would it not be smart to BRIBE Trump to not run in 2024?

Seems somebody somewhere introduced the whole Trump family to the word "Legal" in the past 2 days.

Yelp entry for the world famous 'Fantasy Island' Porn Shop.

Seattle mayor, citizens celebrate and contemplate a Joe Biden presidency

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 11: Veterans Day

Science and math. This is perfect.

Trump will be throwing wild and uncontrolled punches until 1/20/21.

Melania 'counting time until divorce' when Donald leaves White House

Alex Trebek has died

jes woke up. Biden leads GA by 10K why no media call?

Of course Dump and his kids aren't going to concede. It's a hustle for more money.

Ashley Biden!!!

"Moose and Squirrel stole vote."


"you won't have nixon to kick around anymore"

Biden Campaign Urges Supporters To Follow COVID-19 Guidelines While Celebrating

Ha! it to the end.

RedState chides The Lincoln Project for "losing"

Drumpf will return to struggling hotels, looming loan payments and two state investigation

Fantasy Island sex shop not feeling the love.

OK, this is the best election clip.

Ah, a response to Melania on Twitter, in Slovenian:

Biden GAINS 800 votes in Arizona - link

I hope Democrats take a look at republican votes in red states because

Stay away from trumpers , they are carriers of covid and

Word of the Day : Believing

The walk of shame

US business leaders call for peaceful transfer of power

Hey, remember?

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Trumps legacy

To what post will President Biden appoint Mayor Pete? n/t

200,000 to 300,000 more dead Americans from the virus ...

Moving truck outside the white house - not sure if this was posted on DU Wed when I first saw it:

I posted this yesterday this song I loved to hear on You tube and kept me going these last 4 years

I am anticipating a higher heating bill this winter

Ireland News: Joe Biden reading Seamus Heaney.

The Lincoln Project - we've got important work to do in Georgia [for Ossoff and Warnock]

Saudi King, MBS congratulate Biden, Harris on victory: SPA

SO this new movie is coming out ...

Dave Itzkoff: How It Started / How It's Going

Joe For the Win!!!

Trump's modus operandi remains consistent

George Takei: To heal a wound, we must understand its causes or it will only fester and reopen.

Assume posted, 4 yrs after Dave Chapelle hosted after traitor won, he hosts again...WOW

I have seen a few right-wingers on Facebook say they are leaving and they can be found on Parler

RTE News concludes broadcast with Biden's recitation of Seamus Heaney's "The Cure at Troy"

Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News to claim that ten states conspired against Donald Trump...

2016 - 1.15 Billion Spent On Right Wing Think Tanks To Confuse People

John Dean-Trump plans to use the nuclear option to blow up the EC

Trump latest tweet's

Conor Lamb won his race

Sometimes History Does Repeat itself...

Trump, a president obsessed with winning, spends the day refusing to admit his loss to Biden

Now everyone knows

Trump's schedules for Saturday, November 7, 2020, and Sunday, November 8, 2020

Rest In Peace Alex Trebek.

Best Thing the Media can do

Pathetic Scottsdale, AZ Shlump rally

From Garfield to Trump: The last 140 years of results on The Washington Post's front page

What are you going to do to show Trumpkin love?

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #5 in C Minor, Op. 67

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 10: Women Make Film

Is "Remembrance Sunday" an Empire event? I've never heard of that before in the U.S.

Beautiful and poetic parting words for Eric trump, Rudy, and Stephen Miller

The Democratic Party needs to look into the software of the voting machines

OMG I've been hitting the wrong button in jury duty

Why Lindsay Graham and GOP politicians continue to back Trump?

I figured out what QAnon means!

BROKEN: Trump Complains - 'Too Much Voting'

update on lauren underwood race. got a link now.

George Takei: When it comes down to it, Donald, I honestly think there simply weren't enough...

So, Will/would OBAMA Take a Role?

Any updates on Rachel Maddow?

This is from September, but Biden was already planning for the transition. Now THIS is what....

'Crush the fascist vermin': Belarus opposition summons wartime spirit

Shouldn't I be more excited?

I have seen more American flags out in my neighborhood than ever before.

Arctic Ice Stalled Through Multiple Factors, Including Ocean's Heat Retention, Warming Rivers

The Georgia runoffs...

If nothing else? It will be nice to have a President who SMILES....Not smirks.

Yesterday's Victory Celebration Was a Magnificent Rally

Sad experience at the gas pump today..

We've all seen movies where, after a prolonged and terrible fight, the "good guy" FINALLY

Any Maine Duers here?

#FreeRealityWinner @JoeBiden

Someone should tell Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey this:

John McCain delivering his concession speech to Obama.

'This f---ing virus': Inside Donald Trump's 2020 undoing (How Donald Trump went down, according to

No, not that Four Seasons. How Team Trump's news conference ended up at a Northeast Philly landscapi

Andrew Yang and his wife are moving to Georgia to work on the senatorial...

Canadian responds to Trump supporters who want to move to Canada: "Stay the fuck AWAY!"

Who would be Biden's best choice for Secretary of State.

"A Loving Chastisement for America" in today's NYTimes

The MeidasTouch on "Melania" v. trump:

You still think you're the president don't you?

I haven't seen it on DU yet that GWB congratuted

He will get the last word

Sigh (a little venting) I kind of wish I'd gone down to one of the celebrations ...

Neal Katyal for AG. Sally Yates for Deputy AG What do you think DU?

Trying to recall exactly what AOC said on CNN today.

BBC News checks in with Brayden Harrington

Be strong we have a reason to hope. We now have a man who reads poetry and listenes to experts.

Who do you think should replace Devos and Carson?

There are simply too many votes petition calling for an election redo

election results from my suburban michigan town........

I'd dreamed of giving moscow mitch the boot

WOW Greatest Hat ever

Renee Zellweger and Sam Smith - Get Happy

George Takei: This is an excellent tweet.

Trump supporters love trump so they should all go stand in front of mara largo

And if look up at the sky, you will see...........

Sleepy Joe Wakes up American - first page selections

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 8, 2020

Trump TV on Newsmax after he leaves office?

Betsy DeVos's precinct voted for Biden!

What Trump's four years taught me about the two White Americas

Notice how the Trumpers are smearing volunteer ballot counters just as they have smeared

Everyone should read this candid interview with @AOC from start to finish.

On this day, November 8, 1946, Roy Wood was born.

A new social media platform that has the potential to be damaging:

25th Amendment

Biden Camp: AOC Won't Be Disappointed by 'Incredibly Progressive and Aggressive' Agenda

If Rudy Wanted His Press Conference At An In-n-Out Burger

New York: Images of the Empire State

President-Elect Biden visits Beau's grave and salutes

Evil 🦹

Goofy Trump acts like he was ENTITLED to be re-elected.

Mexico, Brazil Leaders Silent As World Congratulates Biden

America today...

Arkansas police chief resigns after saying 'death to all' Democrats on social media

French far-left leader Mlenchon announces 2022 presidential run


The moment you realize it all went wrong...

Anyone know the final results for the House...I am worried...I couldn't really find

Blue Dallas: Dallas lit up blue last night

BREAKING: Presidential Transition Office refusing to recognize Biden win...

Van Jones says it all...

What I think President Biden should do in regards to his cabinet

Remember when we started counting down to last Tuesday's elections

MSNBC had an analyst who said COVID wasn't what took Trump down

The only argument we need against the EC. This is the US GDP cut in half

The Donald J Trump Library - very well done

Yo, Trump, "Na Na Na Hey Hey!" - Abrams GA Organization - sign up

People are saying about Q-anon that...

Scientists relieved as Joe Biden wins tight US presidential election (Nature)

Trump;a strategy

After Trebec, why can't a woman be considered to host Jeopardy?

The GSA has not yet "ascertained" that Biden is the Pres elect and thus hasn't granted access for

Be gracious in victory:


Remember how Trump argued mail-in ballots were bad, but absentee ballots were good?

Perfect -- we had 'No drama Obama, now we've got...

I do not need a concession speech.

10 million Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus

Even the Edmonton Public Library is trolling the Orange Anus

The crimes of the Big Con....

DER SPIEGEL: 2016-2020

Closest Thing We've Had To A Dictator, How Biden Heals US When Trump Doesn't Want Healing: R. Reich

I'm giving the people who wouldn't help me buy that Auburn Boattail Speedster a second chance.

10 million Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus


Florida votes to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour

Here's my deconstruct of the 2020 election (it'll be long, folks).

"Today, I am honored to be celebrating my son's bar mitzvah at the Waldorf Astoria..."

Election security needs to be one of Biden's priorities

And then


Japan city sends letter to Berlin district head demanding removal of 'comfort women' statue

Rudy's Four Seasons Fiasco Gets Better: Shared A Parking Lot With Adult Sex Shop & Near Crematorium

New Maricopa Vote Dump of 7K : Biden +11% - Biden now 20,102 ahead of Trump

CNN just said they were waiting for important news about Arizona...may be called soon?

Lawrence on now - Clyburn on with him n/t

Here's an idea of how voters have changed since 2016.

2000 -21, 2004 -23, 2008 -12, 2012 -16, 2016 -9, 2020 -6

Steve Schmidt versus Geraldo

Alexey Navalny congratulates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The Trump legal team's failed Four Seasons press conference, explained

Jamaal Bowman: Mainstream media should be having Black, Latinx, Muslim, Asian and progressive voices


More Pretty Girls Than One

Underwood update

Can someone tell me where I can watch last night's Biden/Harris speeches?

Nate Cohn is saying Georgia is over

Brian Stelter turned off Trump tweet notifications live on air

Where is Mother's Boy lately?

We won by 3% of the vote...1 in 33 saved us all and voted for our democracy.

The main Arizona datacruncher is saying its Over - Biden will win Arizona

In nine months...

Who Do You Think will be under Criminal investigation MORE?


W says the election was "fundamentally fair"!?!?!? I don't need to hear from the 2000 thief!

Melania leaving the voting booth knowing she voted for Biden

So, if God elected trump.... why did he change his mind

A send-off for the Trump circus freaks

Rep. James Clyburn on @MeetThePress: "Defund the police" cost Democrats in House and Senate races.

Misinformed through social media, Trump supporters take to the streets to challenge election result

Arkansas police chief resigns after calling for violence against Democrats

Pete recommends reaching out to Trump-voting relatives

'the south will rise again' ... LOL ... this time a big difference

JFK was elected as 35th President of the United States sixty years ago today:

Winter sparks worries of new COVID-19 wave in Georgia

Any word on Georgia?

CNN: Alex Trebek, long-running 'Jeopardy!' host, dead at 80

Narrator: "Alone in his...decaying pleasure palace...Charles Foster Kane continued to direct ...

Brace youselves.

Meanwhile in Canada:

Post your photos of the places you've checked for Bill Barr in case we just missed him 😂

You've Got Male -- Joe the Plumber from New Jersey

Trump Team Holds News Conference Outside Drab Landscaping Firm, Next to Adult Book Store

Of all the stickers on our car, this one's my favorite:

Borat on Premier Trump

How are we with Joe giving Cindy McCain an ambassadorship?

Hey Bill the bullfrog Barr remember when you lied under oath to kamala (link)

Wapo: It began on a gold escalator. (One of the best openings to an article I've ever read.)

Sen. Martha McSally made history on Tuesday: Worst. Campaign. Ever

Melania Trump is 'counting the minutes until divorce' after Donald Trump leaves the White House,

Goodbye, Don Jr., Bill Barr, Ben Carson....

AZ win just shot up to 91 on predictit.

Guess who this is