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How Team Trump's news conference ended up at a Northeast Philly landscaping firm.

I don't know which produces the biggest smile on my face: that Giuliani's "event" at Four

Bolivian President Luis Arce sworn in as socialists regain power: 'We have reclaimed democracy'

Trump is losing everywhere. Are Republicans just going to let him continue poisoning the well?

Bolivian President Luis Arce sworn in as socialists regain power: 'We have reclaimed democracy'

How Joe Biden won Pennsylvania

The Washington Nationals Invite Biden to Throw 1st Ball

I heard earlier that Alex Trebek recorded shows up to December 27

What was Lawrence O'Donnell feud with Trump?


Hold Up ...

Can the UK Achieve Its Naval Ambitions in the Indo-Pacific?

Partisan make-up of Michigan Supreme Court flips from GOP to Dems after Tuesday vote

I think I need help.

Some aides are pushing Trump to hold a rally as soon as *tomorrow night*

Everybody's Laughing At Trumps ...

No one escapes the dark hole that is 2020.

TEN Losses Since Election Day (0-10 overall). Trump's Lawyers Are Just Taking His (Donors') Money

If He Doesn't Leave, Secret Service Will Escort Him Out; Congrats PA Peeps; The Senate

Hey Beer boy Brett Kavanaugh remember when you lied under oath to Kamala (link)

President-elect Joe Biden seeks diverse Cabinet to 'look like America' in leading federal department

What's with these Trumpers

Matt Schlapp Claims A 'Biden Van' Showed Up To Polls To Replace Ballots, Gives No Evidence

We Just Did

Anne Telnaes: Trump's Five Stages Of Grief

Trump's refusal to concede amps up pressure on GOP

Eta expected to be hurricane and strike Florida Keys

Evangelical preacher Kenneth Copeland laughs maniacally at notion of President Biden

Biden Launches Transition, Covid Plan as Trump Eyes Court Fight

Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna (Requiem for a Dream)

Right Wing Radio is airing commercials for post election therapy in Houston.

If Trump continues his insane fight to the end, could that actually help us in the Georgia races?

Has anyone here seen the monologue "Squeamish" by Aaron Mark?

Mrs. Betty Bowers has the toll free Election Fraud Hotline # for us

What role did Putin play

Trump is apparently confused as to why news outlets projected the election winner

DOW futures up 286.00, lets see if that holds or climbs

Televangelist laughs like a lunatic at media calling Biden the winner.

Dictator's Treadmill

Wingnut Al Michaels is going to be salty tonight

What a Biden victory will mean for the American workforce

Remember when

Hey jackrabbit jeff sessions remember when you lied under oath to Kamala (link)

Estonian far-right coalition partner says U.S. election rigged, Biden corrupt

Hang On, Walt Straka!

CNN is still covering the pandemic

Washington Nationals invite President-elect Joe Biden to throw out first pitch on Opening Day

World Leaders Welcome Biden Win as They Seek Reset in U.S. Ties

Scoop: President Trump plans to brandish obituaries of people who supposedly voted but are dead ...

What's going on in Arizona???? When can we expect a call??? Why the delay?? nt

When did they call Nevada? I just saw a map on CNN and it was blue. nt

Next comes certification (mark your calenders)

Considering his seething rage that's unlikely to subside for a looong time,

Keeping Score of the Reich Wing Reality versus Democratic Achievement

70 million voted for Orange Hitler

Chris Wallace: Ted Cruz is like a Japanese soldier who thinks the war is 'still going on'

Final Trump Days Ripe for Settling Scores, Pardoning Allies

'My *Republican Friends, Neighbors, CoWorkers: What They Told Me After Joe Won, *In Blue State NY'

Things are getting crazy on Facebook

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

What can we expect from RUMPS lawyers tomorrow

Joe Biden Win Stuns the World's Tyrants into Nervous Silence

Another benefit of winning Arizona: no chance of a recount there - link

Megyn Kelly Battles For Trump And Supporters In Online Tweetstorm

You supported or remained silent about little brown children being locked up in cages

The results are in: The stock market likes Joe Biden

Trump Plaza to Implode Just Days After Biden Inauguration, Deemed a 'Public Safety Hazard'

If Biden can't get Corona virus money from the senate, what about launching...

"Disputing the election isn't, for the GOP, about reversing the result."

Minister Prophesies Trump Comeback, Says 'God Hates' Biden Support of Equality Act, Abortion Rights

I don't see DT sticking it out


Dow futures rise 350 points after Biden wins presidency as post-election rally continues

Just think of the years of trump campaign rallies.

Perhaps the new MAGAT theme song?

The Trump Presidency Is Ending. So Is Maggie Haberman's Wild Ride.

Bailey Warren sends a tweet to Champ & Major

Doug Emhoff, the Vice Presidents husband

5,908 new COVID-19 cases in Minnesota, another record; 31 more deaths

AZ Update - lead down to 16,985. But trump needs 60% of remaining 81k ballots

There's evidence 70 million brain-dead Americans voted in the election!

Flashback: Obama surprises VP Joe Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Jon Ralston is joking here, but you know some Trump supporters will say it's proof of fraud

Norm Crosby, Comedian Who Was Master of Malaprops, Dies at 93

GA update - Biden lead at 10,353. 0.21pt difference. GA Recount info below, too

Trump team legal team is ready 😆😝

I love Ken Burns work- is he wearing a rug on 60 Minutes?

NV Update - Biden lead over 34k!

Fox News anchor refers to Biden as "President-elect"

How 'bout some poetic justice for Melania Trump?

So this new movie is coming out....

PA Update - Biden lead over 43k. or 0.54pts (automatic recount must be at or under 0.5)

After watching 60 Minutes piece on COVID-19 vaccine...

We just fired Trump, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Miller, McEnany, Meadows, Esper, Don Jr, Guilfoyle, Eric,

I'm old enough to remember when the GOP opposed frivolous lawsuits

Who Gets To Be Senate Majority Leader If The Senate Has A 50/50 Balance?.....

Trump went to bed election night thinking he had won the election. Is it our fault he can't do

Ken Burns on 60 Minutes

This was fun...

Among Hillary Clinton's dead-on prophecies about a Trump presidency...

When the Angels in Africa heard Paula White praying

Trump's life doesn't let him grock the situation that NO Court has authority to do something

With regard to vote counts in the remaining states...

Here's a challenging conundrum. Given that much of our problems come from the effect of decades of

What's the capital of Alaska? n/t

Watching CNN interview Trump voters

Church bells rang in Paris and fireworks in London to celebrate the Biden-Harris win

Parler and the uprising

Trump may not, but many in inner circle accept defeat

Pet Penguin in Japan

In The Garden - Jerry Lee Lewis

Planning to grill steaks to celebrate over the weekend.

Is there a good way to identify the color values of a particular shade?

For those who love the Twins reaction videos. Here's a great one.

Trump Advisers View Legal Challenges as Futile

Four years ago, it seemed like everything was just awful.

Is anyone else watching preparations for the conservatives "mass exit" from Facebook?

Buttigieg once again hits it out of the park on Fox News, this time talking about Mitch McConnell

"Four more frivolous lawsuits! Four more frivolous lawsuits!"

Stop The Rallies You Homicidal Maniac B*stard - Trump

Let's not fall for the old divide and conquer trick

Trump finds out that he's going to lose

NYT "A county in Washington claims the title for the longest streak of picking presidential winners.

So, Tom Brady was ahead of Drew Brees in TD passes, 561 to 560, to hold the record.

Trump Campaign Staffers ...

Why are people around Trump enabling him?

So it ain't the O'Jays, but me high school self reared his ugly head and made a request...

'A Brief Note About John Kasich (R-OH) From An Ohioan'

"Kushner smiled and said, 'No one can go as low as the president. You shouldn't even try."

So, 2020 has made me not trust anything. Is there any chance at all right now that

Best Return of the Jedi edit I've seen so far

Slate's The Surge analysis- Trump is an asshole

I'm curious: If Joe Biden can improve relations with China, and get an actual beneficial trade deal

I have made it a point to not be snarky with my Republican family/friends/co-workers now.

It seems like GA, NC, TX, AZ are trending blue but OH and rustbelt possibly stagnant or moving red?

'This is a seismic shift in American politics': ABC's Rachel Scott on the election ABC News


On tonight's episode of "There's Always a Tweet"....

Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris' speeches last night got great ratings

Everything was on the same ballots.

kana chan tv: Eating the World's candy

Little Feat - Skin It Back

What is the most important value Trump's 4 years as President reaffirmed

Bibi's done it now

If trumpy goes ahead with his rallies

CNN host goes viral breaking down on air over Biden's victory

Don's just running another con

Boredoms - Hachi

Looks like Ted Cruz is trying to be the heir apparent to Trumps deplorables

watch this movie- foster boy.

How much longer will rush limpjaw live ?

*Thirteen Days on ShowTime now,

Alex Trebek, 1940-2020

Maybe I'm paranoid, but it ain't over till...

Goodbye, Ben Carson

Lindsey Graham: If Trump concedes election, Republicans will 'never' elect another president

Oh, geez. Make it stop! Million Maga March in DC Nov 14th

Goodbye, Betsy DeVos

Democrats should be dominating blue collar / rustbelt votes

Trump managed to be the only impeached one term popular vote loser POTUS

Kenneth Copeland: The laugh of a true sociopath

CNN reported that only TWO republican senators have acknowledged that Biden won the election.

101 year old survivor of the Bataan Death March

US election: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shifts charm from Trump to Biden

Goodbye, Kayleigh McEnany (and Sarah Sanders and Sean Spicer)

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

Trump Plaza to Implode Just Days After Biden Inauguration, Deemed a 'Public Safety Hazard'

"Stand back and stand by...."

The law and the processes are on our side.

Trump and his supporters are attempting a coup by re holding his rallies. This is what dictators

FWIW - Faithless Elector State Laws

Won't trump have to pay to hold rallys and travel as a private citizen ?

Forgive sounds good. Forget? I'm not sure I could,

A snail was spotted briefly lifting up a mushroom far larger than itself.

US election: People think Joe Biden is sending a Donald Trump a message with this hat

What is up with this vaccine?

The Lincoln Project is getting ready to release their first Warnock ad!

Let's be blunt about what's going on in this election...and what isn't

Netanyahu notes 'long & warm personal relationship' with Biden in congratulatory tweet

Trump Is Now Called The Insult Comic Pumpkin

Trump could hold a 100 rallies in the next week....

A little-known Trump appointee is in charge of handing transition resources to Biden -- and she isn't

Saudi Arabia finally congratulates Biden on his win

Nate Cohn: Georgia is over

I hate online dating

Trump supporters in the last few days

Tuesday deadline to apply for membership on Colorado redistricting commissions!

For Don Winslow.

Newsweek: Trump Plaza to Implode Just Days After Biden Inauguration, Deemed a 'Public Safety Hazard'

The last episode of jeopardy with Alex Trebek will be Christmas Day

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Evan Osnos - Why Biden Is Uniquely Equipped to Lead

Looks like Pence will appear tomorrow - coronavirus task force meeting

Biden will call governors, mayors about mask mandate

Trump fundraiser emails for legal challenges would also pay down campaign debt, fine print says

TPM - interesting read "First Thoughts on the November Election"

Tweet of the Day

We really need to address the BS that rethugs spread

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Coronavirus Spikes in the U.S. & The U.K. Shuts Down

So, the Senate will convene at 50R-48D, right?

Sticky notes, "a nonzero number of people", and Jill Stokke - Trump's legal claims details

lindsey pushing 'dead people voted' crap

I think Woody would approve, yeah?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week Of 11/2/2020

Trump Plans Campaign-Style Rallies

"No way should would be able to count ballots 3 days after the election"?

Trump will end up doing a Oreilly/Dennis Miller type tour of small venues

Bonus Quote of the Day

I call on the networks not to cover trump's rallies

Was watching MSNBC earlier tonight

Watch this. You're welcome.

*rump & co Are Kicking their Own Supporters in the Face Over the PA Election

Meanwhile here in Nebraska!

In search of a DUer to post the TCM schedule for Wednesdays

Trump reminds me of this kiddie soccer coach


Republican Governor Herbert issues mandatory mask order and

Governor of Utah declaring state of emergency

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The FULL List of Trump's Most Tremendous Scandals

I slept really well last night for the first time since Monday

😁 From The Daily Mail (right-leaning UK paper) no less 😆

Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son (Official Video)

Infamous 'Hoax' Artist Behind Trumpworld's New Voter Fraud Claim CAUGHT

Trump Plans Campaign-Style Rallies

Rush - Subdivisions

Respected Andrew Lawfer,Esq @lauferlaw addresses TLP

The Beatles - Nowhere Man dedicated to the orange hairi baby

All hell is going to break out in the next 24 to 48 hours.

"ok fine i called the trump voter hotline to save our country from antifa"

Since college educated folks tend to vote Dem. the free college idea is one maybe we should

Trump came close to being reelected.

Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

El Paso will have to move to 10 mobile morgues as COVID-19 deaths continue to spike.

Republican Utah governor @GovHerbert orders statewide mask mandate to slow COVID-19 surge

Icarus - Borne on Wings of Steel - Kansas

Joe Biden Plans To Issue Multiple Executive Orders Upon Transition Into White House - MSNBC

"They're handling it well"

I'm not overly worried about what Trump is going to do.

btw is this utah virus thing showing on any media? not a peep on msnbc so far

Has Joe given a clear "help is on the way" message to our medical workers? I haven't seen

John Fugelsang for the BURN

Four Seasons Total Lawn Care has merch!

Hello, We're The First Dogs Elect Of United States. Thank you for Voting For Dad @JoeBiden.....

US Senate seats in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

Frauders are the new birthers.

Song for America -- Kansas

Biden Team Awaits GSA Certification of Election Win

Want everyone to know that I voted for Biden in NV, AZ, WI, MI, PA, and GA.

FULL Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 11/8/20 HBO News Today November 8, 2020 HD

MALMOE: The Secret Mission (2019) 말모이 Movie Trailer

Ya know. Dems weren't very good after all, eh?

Kenn Star is back and he is whoring himself once again

Counting the vote: PA election officials detail their vote count share experiences from Philadelphia

Dems on Twitter are already at one another's throats

Thank you, God!

Referendum On Trump Shatters Turnout Records

Welcome to the 2020 Presidential Transition Directory

Philly official (R) responsible for vote counting says office getting death threats

Here's the thing

Dow futures rise 400 points after Biden wins

So will the Trump family be the next...

Did you see the SNL Dave Chapelle AIDS joke? (Insert Eddie Murphy laugh noises here.)

Lindsey: If Trump concedes, Republicans will never elect another president

Delaware creating positions to treat COVID in long-term care facilities

France: 'Super Rare' 100 Yr Old Carrier Pigeon Message In Capsule Found, Sent By WWI German Soldier

While PRESIDENT BIDEN is calling for unity, it is becoming very clear that is not what is going to

Arkansas police chief resigns after appearing to call for violence over election

What Now?! - 11/8/2020

Interesting information re. tRumps "Election Defense Fund"

I have a heavy post-election heart

Puppy Thanks Woman Who Rescued Him by Comforting Her

Good Gawd - Can the Senate (Mitch McConnell) can refuse to certify the Electoral College?

Michael Moore Discusses The Defeat of Donald Trump PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton on MSNBC

Please consider becoming HOST for Georgia Group

Rudy the "Tugger" Giuliani just tweeted at 2am est

'Biden Bounce' sees Japan shares hit 29-year high

The Trump Campaign's Voter Fraud Hotline Keeps Getting Pranked

Times Cats Didn't Want To Be In Your Stupid Selfies

Just had a very refreshing, hopeful thought.

Please President Biden.....PLEASE

'Kristallnacht' Nazi Mass Violence Against Jews Nov. 9-10, 1938: Jakob Sanger 96 Yr Old Witness

While most of the international community is congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Election Results 2020

Trump MAGA Voter Fraud Hotline changes number, too many heartless bastards called to order pizza

Letter to the most important Republicans

It takes a village to run an election

'The Dictator's Treadmill' - Richard Engel

I know we joke

The people of Bosnia celebrate Biden's win.

US Election Results: The Latino Vote

State officials react to longtime Delaware senator Joe Biden winning the presidency

Trump selling one of his personal helicopters

The top Arizona vote counter calls the state for Biden

Governor likely to consider more restrictions as COVID-19 cases spike again in Delaware

Alleged Proud Boys Leader Declares 'Standby Order Has Been Rescinded' While Some Trump Supporters Pr

GERMS Virtual Art Show...Collection Selections #1

Trump-Supporting Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Has The Weirdest Meltdown Over Biden Victory

What's Biden going to do about Joe Manchin in a 50/50 Senate?

Trump's White House transition staffer is refusing to sign documents that hands over power

To be honest, I'm sick of people bashing Lincoln Project

IF we end up 48-52 in the Senate (after GA) and IF McTurtle goes 100% full block on EVERYTHING

Why doesn't anyone point out that TRUMP is trying to steal the election.

Dead people don't vote, despite what the R's are saying. Here's the evidence.

Democracy Or Treason Choose One Now Republican Scum

Trump is NOT IN DENIAL! He's actively trying to STEAL THE ELECTION!

Democratic leaders play a ridiculous blame game with progressives (WaPo)

Source on-line for laptop battery: any suggestions?

just because I want Stephen Miller hunted down & tried like a nazi after the fall of Berlin

Here's Trump campaign's allegations of election irregularities. So far, none has been proved.

Democrats fail to make gains in state legislative races in advance of 2021 redistricting

Doug Collins to lead Georgia recount

Day and night, under historic scrutiny, the nation's vote counters carried on

Stock Market Futures like Joe Biden +1,573

for those who do not like Jim Carrey's Biden on SNL

Melania's dilemma, put in limerick form


Trump to read obituaries at rallies

'Hypocrites and greenwash': Greta Thunberg blasts leaders over climate crisis

Tropical Storm Eta makes landfall on Florida Keys; expected to become hurricane

Four ways Joe Biden's presidency could impact the world of sports

Trump's election meltdown is 'most dangerous period of this presidency': psychiatrist

It is monday and the world is smiling...

Pandemic On Course to Overwhelm U.S. Health System

Foo Fighters Hopeful Song On SNL

Biden will call governors, mayors about mask mandate

DuPage County Board

Today's Times UK cartoon on the US election result

55 Years Ago Today; The Northeast Blackout of 1965 leaves millions in the dark

For every day Dump does not concede I will be donating to Georgia's Senate race..Every day! nt

Where did all the "new" voters come from?

Pfizer/BNTX Covid vaccine demonstrated 90% efficacy just reported in phase 3. Just reported on

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is more than 90 percent effective in first analysis, company reports

I watched the sun rise this morning - it was literally the first

Can somebody please slap the shit outta ted booger eater cruz

Downfall : Four Seasons Landscaping has Hitler Furious!

Monday TOONs - Hail To The New Chief


CA Gov. Gavin Newsom has to choose Kamala Harris' replacement. Should he just ask Kamala Harris?

Pandemic Perdue wants to take away your health care!

Trump unhinged

Trump drums up the fradulant election claims so state legislators will pick Electoral College slate.

The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys (An old rock & roll classic)

Dow Futures: +1,489.00

He's doing it again. Cramming the news cycles with his petulance.

Really unique and beautiful sky, this morning

GERRYMANDERING: I want to put down the idea that Democrats didn't try to win state legislature races

heard this plenty as a young man: something, something and losers make excuses.

"I saw Donald Trump's presidency come crashing down at Four Seasons Total Landscaping"

Biden transition team announces coronavirus advisers, including whistleblower Rick Bright

Miami-Dade County Relief Money

Dictator Wannabe's "voter fraud" hotline number has CHANGED...

Military Escort For Chump

Expect major investigations into Pfizer for withholding positive vaccine data

Colorado Towns Begin To Learn The Costs Of Climate Inaction As They Face Drought, Fire, Landslides

FUCK Donny Deutsch. He said on MJ it is a good thing the Rethugs hold the Senate so it forces Biden

Anybody else sleep like a baby last night?

An Obscure Presidential Appointment With Real Climate Power: Head Of The US Maritme Administration

I'm at the point that I ENJOY wearing a mask

Will anyone else be watching the 700 CLUB this morning?

Newly elected Clay Higgins posts drunk video. Says the vote is compromised.

Are there any polls that show "defund the police" was reason for down ballot polling being so off?

Time For Brexit Path to be Chosen by Boris Johnson

Republicans' Red Line

I'll still be Diggin James Brown

ALL WAS IN COMPLIANCE (Sound of Silence parody) Post-Election Sing-Along

7AM and Iowa has over 4,000 new cases of corona virus already

Pfizer up 15% in pre-market.

Fox and Friends imply stock market rise is due to Pfizer's vaccine trials, not Biden's win.

We already have a Covid vaccine better than any being developed - MASKS

caption Trump again

Legislatures picking. Is there a real analysis of the details?

Presidential daily briefings have been reinstated

BTRTN: The Would-Be King is Gone, Long Live the Constitution. Now, How Do We Repair the Damage?

BTRTN: The Would-Be King is Gone, Long Live the Constitution. Now, How Do We Repair the Damage?

Two new species of marsupials discovered in Australia

Steve Schmidt calling it SEDITION

The Post-Trump Era Begins

Foreign Newspaper Headlines

Utah governor orders statewide mask mandate, new coronavirus restrictions

I'm not ready

Hey Trump, Karma's a bitch!

dangerous, demended - TPM "Trump To Hold Campaign-Style Rallies To Keep Sowing Doubt On Election...

Brian Kelly warned players that fans would storm field after Notre Dame beat Clemson

Joe Biden's statement on Pfizer vaccine -keep wearing masks

US Coast Guard Icebreaker Broke Down, So Norway Retrieved Buoy W. Vital Science Data Off Alaska

Bidens lead in PA just went up to 46K

CNN: It's legal for them to count votes in Pennsylvania two days after the election on November 3rd?

To the bitter end: Trump Appointee Needed To Start Biden Transition Refusing To Sign Off

Biden just gained 2500 votes in PA, 91/9 split, 45,670 lead - link

Let's see, trump claims and accuses without evidence, again,

Something for your consideration

Why is trump tweeting this? Has he given up?

The World's Reaction to this election

Biden is right. It is not a battle between Democrats and Republicans.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees - 2020

Trump / Fargo arrest scene

Whatever. Putin Orders Russia To Pursue Paris Agreement Climate Goals; No Fossil Fuel Cuts

FACE Facts: Police Reform is coming

"(S)taff (has lit) rose-scented candles in an attempt to combat the smell of fast-food delivered..."

For those who still read old school newspapers.

What happens if you swallow a Christmas Tree ornament?

Stacey Abrams is already on the case!

Roy blunt needs to hear from Missourians

Can trump block President elect Biden's security clearance

COVID-19 - 18 of the worst 20 states, per capita, have REPUBLICAN Governors


'Troubling lack of pillow entrepreneurs on this list'

"I could have been a constitutional lawyer. A great one!" Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Why how we word things matters so just does

This is the face of radical-Republican contempt

I almost feel bad for Ted Nugent

NEW - Members of the Biden-Harris COVID-19 Task Force

Democratic Whip James Clyburn: 'Defund the police' cost Democrats seats, hurt Black Lives Matter mov

The Trump voter fraud hotline just received information that could turn the tide for Trump!

Gloria will bring lots of 'firsts' as San Diego's new mayor

Until the GSA allows the Biden campaign to access its entitled resources the country

Georgia runoff donation link via ActBlue:

Graphic of Biden getting Trump's head in a hold

Hey, Donnie, you lost and your beloved stock market is SOARING! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

So the trumpers feel that the MSM censorship is so bad, even on FB

US Chamber of Commerce "ready to work with President Biden"

US Chamber of Commerce to host press call on how it's ready to work with the Biden administration

THE YEAR-LONG WEEK -by Tom Tomorrow

In a divided Congress, Biden needs to build his own coalition.-WaPo

I think the GSA is in violation of the law

Biden's DOJ Must Determine Whether Trump Should Be Prosecuted

Dow spikes nearly 1,600 points as vaccine news, Biden victory rev up markets

Media Glad It Can Finally End Half-Assed Charade Of Trying To Understand American Populace

Wow! The Dow is up 1500 pts.

This is how fascism dies.

Rudy's Spinal Tap moment.

Man featured at Giuliani press conference is a convicted sex offender

What's for breakfast? Monday, 11/9/2020

a couple caveats on the promising pzifer vaccine:

My letter to the editor - and to GD?

This is the story about the boy next door

How Happy Are You?

Emily Murphy - the GSA person holding up transition resources. CONTACT THEM AND HER:

Wow, This Is a Great Question, Maybe Even the Greatest Question -

Explorer cat jumps into travel backpack

Biden won because he recognized that California was not the same as Georgia

Already flooded, South Florida feeling wrath of Eta

Virtual background for your ZOOM call this week

A BIG FUCK YOU TO tRumpsters!

Golden retriever and tiny kitten travel the world

The Volatile Mermaid: Trump taking credit for the COVID vaccine is like...

Who agrees that Julian Castro did himself a lot of harm when he went after Biden.

The Bogus Fraud Claims Are All About Giving Trump An Off-Ramp, Officials Say

Womp womp.

The next astronauts to ride a SpaceX rocket arrive at Florida launch site

I got an email from Louis DeJoy this morning

Serial child rapist with 5 victims can't escape his 50- to 100-year prison term, Pa. court says

Ossoff challenges Perdue to three debates ahead of January Senate runoff

Trump did far worse in the election (incumbent) than we should have expected

TPM "Keep an Eye on This" (about trump's "strategy")

Completely PATHETIC Dictator-Wannabe Fundraising campaign message

A year from now, Donald Trump will be...

Apparently the Trump Fraud line had to change their number due to the prank calls. Here is the new #

Texas is still a non voting state

Pfizer did not take any government funding, and were not part of the government

Oh, my goodness. The single vote from a dead person that the Trump administration is using

Biden added whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright as a member of his coronavirus advisory board.

Slate "You Too Can Take a Selfie at the Other Four Seasons" (funny read)

Time To Clean Up

Man featured at Giuliani press conference is a convicted sex offender

Trump Administration installed a new GC of GSA--directly from the WH Counsel's Office--ten days ago

Dems should be be touting Biden win as why markets pre-vaccine announcement was up.


Twitter is working on misinformation warning on Likes, just like the ones for Quote Tweets / Retweet

Petition to re-do the election....You may get a kick out of this.

If Trump wants to do rallies he should not have AF-1 to get there.

Cleaning Feces Off the Wall,


OMG. Look! A REAL, functioning President! Biden statement on Pfizer vaccine:

Whatever happened to Jar Jar Binks? (A cautionary tale for the GOP?)

If your attorney ever admits that they 'love you,'...

Chris Wallace finally calls out Trump over his refusal to concede the race

Flip the Senate!!! Can DU create a pinned thread to rally support?

Guy bets $27,000 on Trump, demands a refund due to baseless election fraud claims

Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons' dramatic cover shoot makeover

He thought they wanted a "conFESSion speech"......

435 new cases on the AZ Dashboard; 0 deaths

Kremlin: Putin won't congratulate Biden until challenges end

Biden Bounce?

Thorough WaPo chart on the Presidential count in all counties, as of today

Right Wing Idiots Cannot Accept That TrumpLost

Michele Bachmann on the verge of speaking in tongues - yep, the crazy gets worse

Welcome Back

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" should do a parody...

U.S. election security agency debunks fraud claims

Four Seasons Total Landscaping Press Conference, FAIL!!

Trump is devouring fast food & WH Staff tries to mask the smell. Can I donate to his fast food bill?

After tRump delight...

So the man who talked about voter fraud is sex offender & "the dead voter" voted for Trump?

Right Wingers are promoting the "Hammer and Scorecard" BS

Oh bless your heart. That's the country of Georgia.

Rudy Giuliani has arrived for his presser at the Ritz...

Eta is weakening this morning but hold your hats

Joe is up by 10,000 in Georgia

Where are the calls to get to know the Biden voter?

OMG I can't take my sister anymore

A lot more Republicans than Democrats are going to die of Covid.

It's the GSA, deferring to trumplethinskin, that will not acknowledge and approve the transition

Something you won't hear Graham, Copeland, Robertson, Osteen, Schuller say

Election meme for Star Wars geeks....

We need SAME DAY decisions from the courts on RETHUG cases!

EDIT: Lauren Underwood now up 1,100+ votes in IL14 - STILL at ISSUE

AP: The Latest: Former WH officials urge cooperative transition (11/8)

Was Giulliani this totally nuts when he was mayor of NYC? How did we miss it?? nt

When the call came in to the Four Seasons Total Landscaping office...

Feels SO Good

WATCH: Pro-Trump 'Stop the Steal' protesters baffled when shown they've been suckered by the preside

75,600,027. 50.6%. 306. The question?

If you buy Apple products you are part of the problem

Lounge, check out my new (temporary) avatar - thanks to DUer TigressDem!

A family conundrum for next four years

Key witness in Rudy Giuliani's election crusade is a convicted sex offender: report

I wonder when are they going to call Georgia.

Jeb Bush congratulates Biden: Tweet

Four years ago this morning, I woke up in a panic.

Pence breaks silence to take credit for Pfizer vaccine - and drugs company immediately denies Trump

Copeland laffs away Joe's win

"You might not like it but persuading vastly superior women to partner with us..." resolves to an obvious Wikipedia page

Trump quotes Putin: "One must be able to lose with dignity"

We Are The Majority, by Holly Figueroa O'Reilly

I'll bet Trump is bummed about the timing of the Pfizer announcement.

Far Right Monitors Anxious About Lingering Possibility of Post-Election Violence

WTF is wrong with Republican Senators?

Trump campaign leadership told staff this morning to "stay in the fight," they've yet to tell staff

Sec. Ben Carson tested positive for COVID-19 this morning.

IMHO: The GOP allowed Bush and Cheney and Karl Rove to trash the GOP electorate

The most beautiful video you'll see today!

I'm afraid Joe will discover that these RETHUGLICON senators of today are

January 20, 2021

Ben Carson has tested positive for COVID-19

Trump freezes wages of farmworkers

Rant: I'm listening to an interview getting reactions on Joe And Kamala's win

The Trump-Fox feedback loop is powering an assault on democracy

The Gooyiani event at the Four Seasons Landscaping Company

Happy Birthday Susan Tedeschi

Covid-19 vaccine candidate is 90% effective, says Pfizer

Don't go away mad. Just go away.

Anyone wanna buy a helicopter?

Explainer: Citizen Trump will face legal woes

Why is Biden down to 88 cents on Predictit? I don't bet, but isn't that free money?

When does 2022 start?

Bragging about Ben Carson's access to 'therapeuticals' unavailable to most Covid infected Americans

Pic Of The Moment: Loser Pence Takes Credit For Vaccine That Had Nothing To Do With Him

Miley Cyrus' "Party In The U.S.A.," NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" suddenly charting for some reason

Well, you dum dog, I've told you a million times "DON'T EAT THE BEES"

Joe is live! Tune in as I provide an update on how we're going to beat this virus.

Jake Tapper opines about Trump staffers and future employment

Posted without comment

Man featured at Giuliani press conference is a convicted sex offender

Marc Elias-And so, the Trump week in court begins....Upside-down face

NBC News blog: U.S. election security agency debunks fraud claims

Some things never change

Avatars for furries re-creating Four Seasons Total Landscaping in their VR chat

Jill Biden First Lady project?

Key election-related dates before the Inauguration

Good job, President-Elect Biden!


President Elect Biden live on now Covid Task Force n/t

So Republicons, including Senators, won't congratulate Joe & Kamala.

Love the advertisement of the bull dog carrying his stuffed toy into the car and the little girl,

Ben Carson is the latest Trump official to test positive for coronavirus

Conservative Lawyers Quietly Dropped Lawsuit That Pushed Debunked 'Sharpiegate' Conspiracy Theory

An early look at who might be in Biden's inner circle in the White House

The Latest: Mike Pence heading to Florida vacation island

Mike Pence heading to Florida vacation island

President-elect Biden imploring people to wear a mask!

trump's first legal action, and first screwup:

Here's How Bill Gates And Other Billionaires Are Reacting To Biden's Election Victory

Explainer: How and when will Trump leave office?

Whoopi Goldberg tells Trump to 'suck it up' that he lost: He's 'become a cry baby and wah-wah-chief'

Let's wear a mask.

It's beginning to look like we will be effectively without a president until inauguration day.

We have seen more presidential behavior in the last 48 hours...

Book early at 4 Season's for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bachelor parties, Etc.

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam

Just watched PE Biden transition address.

The making of a MAGAT?

Harry Enten & Jake Tapper on why Biden might've been the only Democrat who could have won

America's political parties need new mascots.

Opinions Trump did far worse in the election than we should have expected

Ben Carson, who attended Trump's election party, tests positive for COVID-19

N.Y.'s Green and Libertarian political parties in peril as Working Families Party avoids disaster

NEW VIDEO: We are back! #AmericaRises (MeidasTouch)

I don't know what shocks me more - that the Democratic Party successfully

Please humor me, after 200 plus years we have a woman VP Elect and THIS

Dear President Biden, please reinstate top NOAA scientist Craig McLean to his rightful place

Stealing this new name for Trump......POUTUS.

Support for legal marijuana hits new high of 68 percent: Gallup

Person leaps to death while viewing apartment at famed Hollywood building

Selection of International Front Pages 11/9/2020

The Deep State () strikes again!

We're all gonna have a good laugh when Trump realizes he's pissed away all his remaining time

Hopefully my former post is being proven wrong.

It's not our job to fabricate a soft spot ...

Trump's campaign presented 'hearsay written on a sticky note' in court as evidence of voter fraud

WTF....I mean.... white women....WTAF!!

It's hard to overstate how frivolous today's new filing at SCOTUS by PA Republicans is.

I have no influence at all with anyone in the media but, if I did, I'd be asking them to PLEASE

First complete brain of a dinosaur revealed after scientists find 'perfectly preserved' skeleton

Why We Can't Be Friends - A response to those who believe that their Trumpism is merely a political

Movie about "the holocaust" - Watch for Free -32 minutes, Night and Fog- Documentary

Russian military helicopter shot down on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

Got To Think That The Rupug's Pulled Some Voter Fraud Or Shinnanigans In Red States On Down Ballot..

Residents set off firecrackers in the ancestral home of Kamala Harris as India celebrates the vice..

Kevin Rudds (ex Aussie PM) petition calling for a royal commission into the Murdoch media has been..

A MAGAt by the name of Ben Carson tested positive

Biden touts vaccine developments, but warns end of pandemic battle 'still months away'

She lies. Check your order before driving off.

Woman demands free Chick-fil-A after claiming she is an FBI agent, gets arrested

Trump will lose his Twitter 'public interest' protections in January

Ossoff says Georgia Dems 'have the wind at our backs' ahead of Senate runoffs

"Utah Remains Open for Business" 11/8 BUT

The wannabe-subtle racism of the "why bring race into it" complaint.

I missed the Kansas party last night?

My Friend Found This On Facebook - It Was Posted By A Mother With A Son In The Military......

(OMG 😂 ) Mobbed by Raccoons (25) Tuesday Night 03 Nov 2020

Wish I said that!

Maddow Blog Team Trump's Four Seasons Fiasco will be tough to forget

Covid 19 deaths Deaths: 243,820; Infections 10,302,758

It is so nice.

Hapax - Elegy

The world's biggest money manager says Joe Biden's election is 'good news' for the global economy

You know what? JUST TAKE THEIR GUNS! It's all we're gonna hear for 4 long years anyway, just do it.

Funny, true tweet about Trump's presidency: "To be sure there has been real menace and genuine

Biden seeks to rally nation to fight COVID-19: 'This election is over'

Trump's lawyers cannot even do their paperwork correctly, Exhibit A

Win Georgia with healthcare...

The Rundown: November 9, 2020

Inciting insurrection?

Joe Biden plans to cut taxes, boost health care and reduce college debt during his first term

Joe Biden plans to cut taxes, boost health care and reduce college debt during his first term

Dear Pennsylvania, as I sit here today....

Philadelphia was told to brace for mass unrest. Instead, the city danced. That was no accident.

If you were in a position to delay the announcement of the vaccine success until after Nov 3,

Bird Song 8/27/72

The firings begin. Esper gone.

Trump says Defense Secretary Mark Esper has been fired

What do you figure Kansas' highest charting song was?

Fox News pundit refuses to admit Joe Biden won the election.

DOTARD replaced by DOTUS

Esper is out as Sec of Defense!

Trump can still make it very hard for the FBI to investigate him next year

Been binging Ozark, great show...

(Axios) Scoop: Trump privately discussing 2024 run

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman withdraw their appeal of a judge's ruling accusing them of engaging in "

The yes voters for RUMP make no sense. I mean really.

Trump fires Esper

tRump: petty and embarrassing to the extremely bitter end

Washington state forest plan deems watershed as a priority

Americans are tired of being pResiDENTed by you Donald

Does PTL Pence look at Trump with wild adoration?

These Are the Trump Executive Orders Biden Will Likely Rescind in His First 100 Days in Office

The piece of garbage fired Esper in a tweet. Anyone who has read the Woodward book

Stark Raving Crazy!

Mike Espy is a great person

Internet celebrates return of dogs to White House as Biden's adorable pooches debut Twitter account

Esper was fired by tweet because Trump is too much of a coward to face him while doing it.

Pa fuera! Pa la calle! An American citizen dances for Trump

Steve Bannon's Twitter Account Permanently Suspended After He Calls For Dr. Fauci To Be Beheaded

Carl Bernstein: "He's going to go."

So, my local MAGAt is in it to win it apparently...

I was asked to lie about Hunter Biden, admits Ukrainian businessman

Pfizer CEO: Our vaccine timing had nothing to do with politics

Australia petitions to investigate fox news (link)

CVS CEO: Pharmacies Ready To Distribute Covid-19 Vaccines Once Approved

If Orange Voldemort runs again

So...yet again Repuke electoral fraud in FL.

Gen. Barry McCaffrey on MSNBC strongly suggested that Trump is preparing military coup d'etat...

"The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food"

"The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food"

Balloonhead: Conceding 'is not even in our vocabulary right now'

AOC: We must govern with integrity and accountability. Laquan McDonald's life mattered.

Lindsey Graham, Who Urged Trump Not to Concede, Wants President to Run Again in 2024

Jon Meacham Has Been Writing Biden's Speeches

Nevada Election Results: the 3,000 Challenged Votes (military families)

And here we are 11/9 around noon

Just finished the Last Season (*) of Homeland (Hulu).

Gen Barry Mccafferty just said

Good advice

Has PE Biden said anything about lifting the global gag rule?

Now be honest with me.. are you just so proud of who we have as the next President

No Trump Rallies Are Being Planned

Bellwether no more? Ohio misses presidential pick for first time since 1960

Is Alabama the only Senate seat that was flipped?

Retiring GOP rep: 'I don't understand' the 'hold that President Trump has over' Republican leaders

The more people he fires, the more crazy he demonstrates

Obama's Former BLM Chief Lending A Hand W. Biden Transition On Public Lands, Including Relocation

Posted in wrong forum

Tawts'n'prayers to Ben CARSON - tests Positive today!

"like, we're really actually not criminals" (Natasha Bertrand)

Esper terminated as Sec of Defense

Mercy Downtown, Des Moines

Trump fired Sec. of Defense Mark Esper today

Eta Rainfall In S. Florida Adding 6-12" More To October's 14"; 100-Yr Event - Ft. Lauderdale Mayor

Private Prison Stocks Drop as the Reality of Biden's Win Sinks In

Trumpers attempt to steal credit not due them about the vaccine.

Senator Collins extends congrats to Biden

How do I view pg. 2 of the Latest Thread

19 House seats are still to be called.

WH Officials -Getting Fired by Trump Will Be a GOOD Thing to Have on Your Resume

Nancy Waterman Says That THere Is A Good Chance That By THe End Of This Week

Hilarious: Rev. Warnock for Senator from GA says, "Get Ready!"

The reason Republicans are not doing the right thing and congratulating Biden

Siri's Answer to 'How Old is the President?' Has Got Conspiracy Theorists Triggered

I just found out my 80 year old Father has Covid

Remaining Arizona ballots are pretty much from these three categories: Provisionals, NSF, Cured

I was just thinking of all the expectations the nation has of Joe Biden.

DU for the Georgia 2020 runoff ActBlue link is now operational (UPDATED with Fair Fight)

My next door neighbor is losing it on Facebook.

The 25th Amendment need to be enacted now!

That's why I say "Hey, man - Nice Hat!"...

New U.S. COVID-19 cases up 34% last week, set fresh records

Time to smile: Virtual Reality of Four Seasons Landscaping

McD's to test "McPlant" burger - not a P. L. T.

Someone Tell Trump No Soldier Is Gonna Shoot Americans To Keep Him Out Of Prison

Justin Trudeau's tweet..I know Trump is pissed..🤣😂🤣

Call the Special Prosecutor : I was asked to lie about Hunter Biden, admits Ukrainian businessman

I don't think it's a mystery at all that the Trump defeat didn't extend down ballot.

trump fired Esper because he wouldn't send American troops in against Black Life Matters Protesters.

GOP Leaders Endorse Election Fraud Lie

Pence started weirdly capitalizing words In his tweets

Neal Katyal FTW!

Just speculating but with the firing of Esper do you see MF45 calling his supporters to start

This is why the crazy is deep on the right..and it is insanity

A word of appreciation...

Trump Appointees Warned Not to Look for New Jobs

Two things

The Rude Pundit Knows (As We Do) What Trump Is Doing Right Now

Rick Bright: I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my country & rejoin the fight against COVID-

Trump's Children Can't Believe Their Dad Is This Despised

Opinions Trump did far worse in the election than we should have expected

December 8 is the next important date

Election 2020 - Latest vote totals/differences and estimated final margin

Biden implores Americans to wear masks amid vaccine progress

A brand new, shiny, media wedge.

"Bye Bye Donny" from Australia

Miller is prohibited from Secretary of Defense position

This is a what is that plant thread. Please help me ID this

ABC News BREAKING: Pres. Trump fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper in a tweet.

Why herd immunity must not be considered as policy: horrifying statistic

OMG Joyce White Vance using Four Seasons Total Landscaping for ZOOM background

I don't think the trumpers are going to start a wide spread "revolution"

Unbeatable chess-strategy, explained in 2 minutes.

Pentagon refusing to answer why Deputy Secretary Norquist isn't the acting defense secretary, as the

why would trumpy fire someone now?

The way Trump and his GOP henchmen are acting after losing ought to make it easier for

This is the greatest video ever, from Australia:

Do you know why what Cruz says is so much worse than what Gohmert says?

The U.S. Military is going to have to PUT HIM OUT.....

Meanwhile, in the Anarchist Jurisdiction of Portland...

Looks like Trump supporters are the people committing voter fraud

Is Ben Carson going to pull a Herman Cain?

Court Tears Up Mask Rule in Germany's Dusseldorf

The AG is summited to the Senate Majority Leader's Office.....

Fox News is having their Dr Frankenstein moment.


Cartoons 11/9/2020

There was a ballot counting update in Georgia today.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine extends congrats to Biden

There's currently a Senate-confirmed Deputy Secretary of Defense -- David Norquist.

Mary Trump on her Uncle's loss

Anyone need a Four Seasons Total Landscape zoom background?

"Over the past century, Democrats are 300% better at creating jobs than Republicans!

Today's moon, waning crescent!

Worried pollsters admit huge problem

Trump outside adviser David Bossie tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday

Trump's main overturn-the-election outside adviser now positive for COVID-19

Trump buffering against the 25th Amendment?

How Is This Going To End Up???

Amazon driver takes wrong turn onto Michigan golf course, wedges truck in cart tunnel

Stephen King: "You lost, you miserable self-entitled infantile fucker. Concede and get the hell out.

Bossie's got the Covid.

If people thought we would be seeing a barrage of new lawsuits from Trump today, they were wrong

We should just say that Biden got help from Russia and therefore there is no "fraud"

Trump is attempting to eliminate the possibility of removal by the 25th Amendment

As Trump loses, HHS finally releases documents showing some dubious vaccine contracts

"I was asked to lie about Hunter Biden, admits Ukrainian businessman, Hares Youssef.

Citizen Trump will face legal woes

The Trump campaign challenges the legitimacy of members of the U.S. military voting in Nevada

Ben Carson, who attended the White House's election-night watch party, has tested positive for COVID

It's called 'Twitter for conservatives.' So what is Parler?

Lame Duck with Orange Sauce

Senator Sasse extends congrats to Biden

For Biden, how to help mangled economy is next obstacle

Trump tweeting up a storm right now

"Make America Rake Again" redux

Guys, Rush Limbo really needs us to stop this whole new president thing!!

It's good to see you again Mr President

Lox Him Up!

The Brule Battle in the War on Christmas...

Trump election party draws scrutiny as Carson tests positive

Georgia's two Republican U.S. Senators are calling on the Republican Secretary of State to resign be

South Dakota governor spars with George Stephanopoulos

I love the back drop of Biden's speech this morning:

Reactions To Biden-Harris Victory The View

Trump Appointee at the GSA, Emily Murphy, and Trump DC Hotel Lease

USAID appears to be moving ahead with their duties as if Trump won. On the call with his team today,

Baby Calf Who Couldn't Stand Had A Miracle And Now...

Just Skip The Senate To Install A Cabinet, Progressives Urge Joe Biden

Hilarious song from an aussie describing the best (worst) of trump -- NSFW

Biden may have trouble unearthing Trump's national security secrets

Mother reunited with 2 babies

Philadelphia City Commissioner discusses disturbing threats

MoscowMitch speaking in the Senate

Mrs K: The Trump campaign is now ridiculously pushing a "March For Trump" across America on November

NBC: Calls for Unity Ignore Damage Trump Has Done

McConnell is laying the ground work for the supremes to get involved.

A big FUCK YOU, Moscow Mitch. ...

oh dear gawd. Latest legal claim from trump team in PA. You're gonna LOVE this one!!

Book your press conference today!

Mitch McConnell is joining many Republicans in refusing to acknowledge Joe Biden as the winner...

Arkansas Police Chief Who Defied Mask Mandate Resigns After Calling for Violence

Hey Joe, are you seeing Mitch McConnell right now? Are you seeing this? These are our friends?

McConnell's statement, filled with lies and misinformation, should motivate us all to do whatever

Sometime between 5:30 am and now the White House North Lawn was dug up

The chattering class needs to stop talking about Trump's future in politics.

McConnell is spouting conspiracy theories right now...

Election law expert David Becker says Trump's recount strategy "likely to fail"

Wait, people are legitimately surprised that McConnell is full of shit and defending Donald Trump?

Perdue & Loeffler calling for GA Republican Secretary of State to resign.

Kamala: I want to speak directly to the Black women in our country. Thank you. You are too often ove

John McEntee, director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office, is spreading the word ...

McConnell sees the valid challenge to the senate and his scarry a%& has joined

Donald Trump Built His ...

Am I the only one enjoying the cons losing their cool?

Coronavirus: 'These attacks on experts are going to haunt us,' doctor says

Funny How The People Who ...

Is there anyone here that lives in Perry county Arkansas?

Even without Senate, there's much Biden can get done

Black activists, sheriff partner to spur talks on race

The election is over.

GA - Gwinnet County has finished counting!

😆 The lost years of Trump staffers 😁 job interviews

This is insane...

Keep Digging ...

Do you know what the Trumpies would never ever do to keep control of the Senate?

Another mask story, darn it

Mitch McConnell just spoke and didn't mention "voter fraud" even one time - he just defended Trump's

Hot-mic on Fox News

Anybody here tried Ivanhalder's 1815 Vodka? (need lots of vodka for a recipe)

Looks like we need to beef up teaching Geography in schools.

Fun Fact ...

New Yorker Hope Again

Biden just got 1000 more votes in Georgia - link

Biden's winning margin in WI, MI, and PA is three times as large as Trump's winning margin in 2016 i

"...they haven't been afraid Trump this whole time - they're just like him."

What pisses Trump off the most is ...

BWAHAHAHA, Loeffler and Perdue are demanding the GOP Sec. of State of Georgia resign!

"Who's going to come in behind me? It's going to be a real 'yes' man. And then God help us."

Sheldon Whitehouse: Don't worry, sport -- we'll remember.

As goes Belarus, so goes America... unless Adm.Stavridis is correct, as in, we don't know

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 9, 2020

Senator McConnell Says President Trump is "Within His Rights" to Challenge Election Results in Court

If you think you have an impacted ballot, it's best to relax and drink a lot of water. Then you may

This all comes down to Georgia where Paul Broun was a US Congressman

EVERYONE that RUMP has fired, has MORE PATRIOTISM in one drop of their blood that RUMP

In a Divided Washington, Biden Could Still Exert Economic Power.

11/10/16: VP Biden welcomes VPE Pence, supports smooth transition of power

What Will Trump's Most Profound Legacy Be? Possibly Climate Damage

No, Paris didn't ring church bells for Biden. And London's fireworks had more to do with Guy Fawkes.

Tears of a MAGA - Brent Terhune

75,000,000 and keeps going up!

Message to all Democrats who are guests on network or cable TV

105,142 new COVID cases, according to the CDC...

There's one good thing about the polling having been off so much

One down. One to go.

Tropical Storm Eta dumps rain on an already flooded Florida

Ah Haha! He still thinks he has a shot - Recent Trump Tweets

The dreaded 65 is fast approaching and I have

The new Acting Secretary of Defense stumbles into the Pentagon

So I was just at our little Senior/Community Center in my little red red town..

Esper: If my replacement is 'a real yes man' then 'God help us'

Olbermann vs. Trump #24

Holy Shit look at water in South West Miami Dade and Fort Lauderdale

Lawyers can't find the parents of 666 migrant kids, a higher number than previously reported

Georgia SOS: "the voters will be the one to fire me"

WTF Did Trump Pick Four Seasons?!

Talkin' about a revolution -- Tracy Chapman (best debut album ever)

Fox News/ Neil Cavuto just cut away from PressSec saying network couldn't air false claims

Well, damn. Now my cousin has tested positive for Covid

Deborah Birx has not been approached by team Biden about staying on as a government employee

El Paso, Texas, calls in ten morgue trucks as coronavirus cases surge

Let's talk about Biden outsmarting Trump's transition trap....

Lawyers can't find the parents of 666 migrant kids, a higher number than previously reported

The media is now trolling Dump-Giuliani about the Four Seasons fiasco

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's reaction to the election

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot compare 2020 'exit poll' results with 2016

GA SOS re: if # of illegal votes could change the outcome: "That is unlikely"

Stuart Stevens: ... House has an obligation not to seat any of the newly elected Republicans.

We are not returning to 'bipartisanship'

Without evidence, Georgia's U.S. senators demand top elections official to resign

Two Iowa prisons same story Covid out of control.

Looking for a way to help Rev Raphael Warnock in his bid for GA Senate seat?

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tests positive for coronavirus

Dr. Jill Biden Wants To Return To Teach At NOVA Community College As First Lady

This IS the tweet of the day, even with dozens of candidates:

Project Veritas is offering a $25K reward for tips related to election fraud

It's all a big fundraising scam

This Four Seasons Landscaping CLUSTERFKUC Is The Ideal Metaphor For The Entire Trump Presidency.

Biden is now winning in Georgia (+11,590 votes) by more than Trump won Michigan in 2016 (10,700 vote

Honest Question. When is it NOT breaking news at CNN

State Control of Electors to Electoral College

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: "Earlier today Senators Loeffler and Perdue called fo

tRump Faces Criminal Investigation And Lawsuits As Soon As He Leaves Office

Where did the last batch of votes in AZ (787) come from?

Well, a President Biden may cost one sector some jobs

Yamiche tries to ask GOP officials incl. Chair Ronna McDaniel how there could be a big voter-fraud c

Pennsylvania and Georgia turned out to bluer than Mitch McConnell's hands


Here's why Georgia Republicans want their Rep. SOS to resign - link

Bill filing for 2021 Texas session begins with legislation on abortion, police stops & redistricting

I reported Voter Fraud to the Trump Voter Fraud Hotline. You should too. (866) 498-6722

trump administration removes head of Federal climate program that oversees key reports.

Australia's Bye Donny

There's a petition on

It drives me slightly apeshit

General Mark Milley held "tank" meeting with joint chiefs around the world after Esper firing.

No Dem Left Behind is putting boots on the ground in Georgia, we are going to knock on every door.

The most contentious transition before Trump and Biden: Herbert Hoover and FDR

Here is what I want for Xmas...Can you help me get it please?

He's an Orange Puppet

My new favorite Biden meme comes with a language alert.

RNC Chair McDaniel and White House Press Secretary McEnany News Conference

Hey! An ad for Four Seasons Total Landscaping!

Any DUers have photos of the flooding at Trump Doral?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 10 November 2020

EPIC on point Troll Game

Trump is a loser

France celebrates de Gaulle's deep legacy on 50th anniversary of his death

Steve Schmidt: "The American people threw Trump out on his ass."

US Chamber of Commerce congratulates PE Biden, Harris, pledges help

130 of 666 border children are lost infants, babies & preschoolers. This is some Hitler shit, there

Ohio reports "unprecedented spike" in COVID-19 hospital admissions

Give her a call. Send her a tweet. Email her.

Should the democrats have their own report election fraud hotline?

*6th* day in a row the US has had 100,000 or more NEW Covid-19 cases

Oh boy, former president desperately trying to discredit election.

Pence is headed to Florida for a vacation on Sanibel, an island best known as a good place for ...

Trump administration removes head of federal climate program that oversees key reports

NYC Prima ballerina with Alzheimer's listens to Swan Lake

New TFR active for a longer period now... #NoFlyZone Protected airspace - Wilmington, Delaware

Pete Buttigieg doggies: Stop that. Don't touch that! Put that down!

In my opinion, many are now asking me to "forgive" and "excuse" and " reach out to" people

This video says 225,000 people died from the atom bombs dropped on Japan.

What to expect as Texas heads to the U.S. Supreme Court in bid to overturn the Affordable Care Act

Trump filed a new federal lawsuit

Maybe there's a positive side to this voting "malarkey"

Don't Buy the Great White Hype

'Industry' Review: Battle of the New Recruits - starting today on HBO

On this year's polling and GOTV:

Trump should be held personally responsible for the costs of all of his lawsuits to taxpayers.

Arizona Trump Sharpie Lawsuit

10 State AGs File Amicus Briefs in PA Supreme Court Ruling Case

Congratulations to Sheriff Paul Penzone on his reelection!!

Dua Lipa, Angele - Fever (Official Music Video) english/french

IRS erases Roger Stone's $1 million tax lien after Trump commutes prison sentence

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Trump agency official privately says there is 'no transition in place' after Biden's victory

If Trump doesn't stop his malarkey can congress cut off his funds?

Mississippi's New Flag On Display At Mississippi State Football Game Ayman Mohyeldin MSNBC

Nicole on MSNBC: On Faux, Kavuto chopped the Wh lies short on air. Video

Fox News cut away from Trump's press secretary as she pushed baseless claims of election fraud

'Cash-poor': Brad Parscale reportedly denies leaving Trump campaign on verge of bankruptcy

Fox News Tells Trump It's Over By Cutting Off Voter Fraud Briefing

Saw first today in Michigan.

Cat of the year

These Trump supporters think the election was stolen. We ask them why

On MSNBC: John Podesta explains the frump suits aren't even about vote integrity: only a delay

Evo Morales makes triumphant return to Bolivia

Evo Morales makes triumphant return to Bolivia

Facebook takes down a large network of pages tied to former Trump chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon

Republicans are updating their playbook that led to the Oklahoma City bombing.

"I only don't do windows." . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Pence!!!

Mitch McConnell declined to acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

Keilar sounds off on Trump's response to election defeat

Weird 'gravitational molecules' could orbit black holes like electrons swirling around atoms

I'm hearing from "trump supporters" more now than I have in the last four years

Mary Trump on her Uncle's loss

Fox cuts away from Kayleigh McEnany for making false claims:'We can't continue showing you this'

we must fight them until

GOP Fears Conceding Trump Loss Would Cost Senate

Four Seasons Total Landscaping Local Ad

The Pentagon general counsel has tapped Michael Ellis, a Trump White House official and former Nunes


Thing is, Trump really doesn't care about the Senate if he's not President

Trump's "evidence" of voter fraud in MI was hearsay on a sticky note by an unknown poll worker.

We're Coming For You ...

Our New First Lady ...

If you need anyone to sing at the inauguration, we'd be honored to do so! ☺️ God Bless America x Kin

Olbermann vs. Trump #24 - Relax! Trump's "Re-counts" Are Just Another MONEY SCAM!

CNN chyron: Trump "sees a path to losing" n/t

Damn, Ari Melber. You have DeNiro on there being DEADLY serious and Ari cracks jokes?

VR Furries Are Now Running Around The Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Does anybody know how much Trumpy Bears have depreciated since the election?

Same Ballots

Is there any way we can get the footage of the observers challenging the ballots

Don't outsource your Saturn: change "got to" to "get to"

Barr authorizes DOJ to probe 'substantial allegations' of voting irregularities despite little evide