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Why is our presidential election such a clusterfuck?

Trump's insanity regarding Russia

My thoughts (with the Burnie bashing here) i'm for Biden but

Why Putin doesn't want Biden to be the nominee.

Camera Catches Very Good Dog Helping His Owner With The Laundry

The alleged Russian assistance......

Do you pray?

Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment:

Bloomberg on the Apprentice

'PENIS MAN' COP BLOCKED!!! Alleged Graffiti Artist Arrested in AZ

Silence in the face of bad behavior is tacit approval.

Git the eff out... Women's basketball team makes shot after shot - from mid court 👀

Inside of Every Demon Is a Rainbow - Charlotte (Charlie) Magne - "Hazbin Hotel"

Taking a break from DU for a bit

TX-28: Koch Bros. PAC spending money on behalf of Democrat Cuellar in Dem. primary

Our candidates must come clean about who is helping them.

How many of you have encountered a "Bernie Bro" in the flesh?

Bloomberg campaign hits Sanders over reports of Russian interference

Trivia Question(s) (no cheating w/ Google!!!)

Listening to Mayor Buttigieg on Hardball right now.

For what its worth Warren went up a point here

In that Stephen Millier New Yorker piece:

Why do shopping malls flourish, and over time are ghost malls? Nt

Hotel California (Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder) arranged and played by Soren Madsen

We need to have a little talk

Iowa Democratic Party to recount caucus results from 23 precincts

Stairway to Heaven (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant) - Danish Guitar Performance - Soren Madsen

Tweet of the Day

McConnell-linked group funds ads helping N Carolina Democrat

Nunes is "going to have to take" WaPo to court for reporting that he scampered off to Trump again

Photo: Bernie Sanders Bakersfield Rally

Photo: Bernie Sanders Bakersfield Rally

Trump wants to block Bolton's book, claiming most conversations are classified

I am working through an obsession with this band - So feel free to skip if ya wanna

Quick reminder: Bernie voted against the Magnitsky Act and Russian sanctions

Greyhound to stop allowing immigration checks on buses

The Hunters - Amazon Prime

Former Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovitch has book deal

Tomorrow at 1205 Central Standard Time

Trump was not told coronavirus-infected Americans would be flown home from cruise ship

Trump was not told coronavirus-infected Americans would be flown home from cruise ship

This new Russia story is very troubling.

Harry Reid said Bloomberg would be a good president

The Outer Worlds

I'm confused about this new revelation that Russia is helping Sanders.

🐦 FEB 27 at 11:30AM EST - Rally in Winston-Salem and March to Early Vote with Bernie

Court dumps Nunes' suit against Trump dossier firm (and don't you dare refile, either)

Ivan the Illegitimate? Colombia's Supreme Court, Congress and election authority looking into electi

Anderson Cooper just interviewed Blago. Cooper was more than prepared.

Anderson Cooper is all out of fucks...

I would just like to say that I am somewhat disappointed by recent developments on the Democratic

Colombia's lost 2018 election fraud investigations

Warren: "I am a capitalist. I believe in markets.

I voted

'It's going to take a rich guy to beat Trump': Why some Democrats back Bloomberg

Friday Talking Points -- Predicting Nevada's Outcome

Court dumps Nunes' suit against Trump dossier firm

Blagojevich just compared himself to Nelson Mandela.

Seattle Times - Endorsement: Amy Klobuchar for president

Another big endorsement today. The San Francisco Chronicle

Court dumps Nunes' suit against Trump dossier firm!! Nunes could face sanctions if he continues

Poll: Biden leads Sanders, Steyer in South Carolina

San Diego sheriff agrees to share immigration information

Bernie is not a Democrat. He will be a Disaster if Nominated. Think of KY.

Which reason is Russia "helping" Sanders' campaign?

It looks like Trump is seeking revenge.

Survey Says: Trump Misleads on Debate Performances

I'm no Bernie fan but

New Jersey just raised its threat level for white supremacists to 'high,' well above ISIS and al Qae

Corgi butts float in water!

Unfortunately, I think Russia

John Dean: "So Russia wants a race between Sanders and Trump. They probably want Tulsi Gabbard as

Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Isn't it interesting that the most vetted candidate in this race, Biden, still does best vs Trump?

David Axelrod: This whole campaign is beginning to feel like an episode of Homeland.

New poll: Massachusetts, Sanders takes lead

Dick Van Dyke Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

QUESTION: How did Sanders waiting to denounce assistance from Russia help America's elections?

Sanders appears to blame Russian "help" for the toxic twitter faction.

Bloomberg campaign hits Sanders over reports of Russian interference

I get these ice spikes in my freezer, this is an unusual one.

First European dies from coronavirus in Italy

Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle endorse Klobuchar

Trump promises an even bigger farmer bailout if needed

Stephen Miller Spends Entire Honeymoon In Hotel Room Calling ICE On Cleaning Staff

Prominent Texas Latina endorses Warren

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Apocalypse Now!

Why did Bernie go to Nicaragua in 1985?

MA-SEN: Senate Primary In Massachusetts a Toss Up

I doubt Sanders was at liberty to say anything about the FBI briefing until it became public.

Summer Olympics in Japan

Sigh. Bernie again gets attacked for actions of people he has no control of and no connection to.

Greyhound to stop allowing immigration checks on buses

William McRaven: If good men like Joe Maguire can't speak the truth, we should be deeply afraid

MAZE w/ Frankie Beverly - Joy & Pain

Have any of you ever chipped a tooth while using a vibrator?

Harry Turtledove certainly can turn a phrase.

Here's how many Texans are voting early in the 2020 primaries in the state's biggest counties

Trump embarks on expansive search for disloyalty as administration-wide purge escalates

REAL ID Compliance: What You Need To Know In Washington

Bernie Sanders and Sanctions

TX-SEN: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorses Cristina Tzintzn Ramirez in Democratic primary

Trump doubles down on 'Parasite' criticism: 'I like to see things that we do get honored'

'Beloved teachers' offered to go claims Seattle's Kennedy High School president

Biden campaign story about being arrested in South Africa is full of inconsistencies

Analysis: Is Texas political sentiment changing?

Don't mince words. Trump is abetting an attack on our country.

U.S. charges ex-DEA agent with laundering millions in drug funds

MI-SEN: Gary Peters holds small lead over Republican challenger.

Frozen bird discovered in Siberia is around 46,000 years old

Supreme Court removes last remaining obstacle to immigrant 'wealth test'

Pigeons with 'Make America Great Again' hats glued to their heads released in Las Vegas

Virginia Democrats say they have reached a deal on 'red flag' gun law

CDC is preparing for the 'likely' spread of coronavirus in the US, officials say

How Amy Klobuchar suddenly became a rival worth attacking in the 2020 Democratic presidential race

AOC Goes Back to Bartending in the Bronx

Biden scores key Latino endorsement

Richard Grenell Begins Overhauling Intelligence Office, Prompting Fears of Partisanship

Ocasio-Cortez endorses 7 female progressive candidates to challenge establishment Democrats

Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing 'platform manipulation'

Razor clam digging approved on Washington coast through Sunday

The King Lear Era of Donald Trump's Presidency

Go to Hell: town offers free weddings but anniversaries will be a problem

I've never in my life used a blow dryer on my hair, so I decided to try it tonight.

Keilar: It's 2016 all over again


Trump Denies Russia Helping Him Get Elected. Asks "Wouldn't Putin Prefer Bernie? The Guy Who..."

There is something wrong with my eye, so I might have to go to the walk-in tomorrow morning.

Thank God I got me some Candlebox Sunday

'Dark Towers' Chases Scandal-Ridden Deutsche Bank's Mysterious Ties To Donald Trump

Is there anything besides opinion, BS and hurt feelings to this "Bernie Can't Win" trope?

Warren, worried campaign will run out of cash, taps $3 million loan

Richard Grenell? We'll Be Auctioning Off Cabinet Posts at MAGA Rallies Soon. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Hey Chris Cuomo FUCK OFF with your segment that we need to understand the tRump voter anger

Warren appears to drop opposition to unlimited-money group backing her campaign

Con Funk Shun - Secrets

WIRED: Russia Doesn't Want Bernie Sanders. It Wants Chaos

Don't ever hit your mother with a shovel.

To the Women in the Arena: Thank You for Your Service

Alright, enough is enough.

If you live in San Francisco, PLEASE vote YES on City/County Proposition D on March 3rd.

If you live in San Francisco, PLEASE vote YES on City/County Proposition D on March 3rd.

Bernie is NOT a socialist, and I am getting exhausted by the Democrats who say that he is.

The Young Turks refuse to recognize union.

Rachel: The dark times are here.

A theory of the "center"

Is Bernie giving Democrats the finger..?

I voted today!

Twitter Suspending 70 Pro-Bloomberg Accounts

Iowa Democrats will recount more than 20 caucus precincts

Disgraceful tweet:

Sanders says California makes it too hard for independents to vote in primary


What is the likely hood of there being a 269-269 Electoral College vote tie in the 2020?

Dick Van Dyke Endorses Bernie

Team Bernie Fingers Richard Grenell for Leaking Russia Story

Bette Midler Has Divine Comeback To Trump's 'Parasite' Comments

Will Bernie Sanders' long-ago praise of Socialist regimes hurt Democrats in November?

Pete confesses that a lot of things piss him off.

Lawrence O'Donnell gets down to the bottom of how we tricked Bush into Iraq War

Sanders has a history of disparaging Dems

Warren, worried campaign will run out of cash, taps $3 million loan

Any chance of a surprise tomorrow?

All we have to do

Bernie's got news for the Democratic establishment.

Calling, Emailing and Texting?

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020.

I use a bluetooth wireless mouse....

Bernie Sanders coming to Richmond and Leesburg ahead of Super Tuesday

Anderson Cooper for President

Wait. Reconsider that tweet OP a Sanders smear. Here's why.

Photos: Big crowd in Vegas for Bernie Sanders on the eve of the Nevada caucuses

Bernie Sanders Picks Up Key Endorsement From Dick Van Dyke: 'Age ... It Really Doesn't Matter'

Photos: Big crowd in Vegas for Bernie Sanders on the eve of the Nevada caucuses

Look at the responses to Sanders' tweet tonight about running against the Democratic establishment.

tRump calls for the impeachment of Obama

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz - Elevating Themselves by Trashing the "Establishment"

One big positive on the coronavirus: I'll bet Trump will stop having rallies.

California rejects Trump effort to cut off federal funds over abortion

Shadowy Church Is at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak in South Korea

Judge determines Tim Eyman broke campaign finance rules

Warren gets back in the game after her debate performance and she immediately uses it to

What ever happened to Lev Parnas.

"You're fired"????

Pro-Trump talk show host: 'I saw Jesus Christ emanating from Trump as he came down the escalator

Imagine Warren Against Trump

Was the briefing about the Russians helping Bernie Sanders classified?

Reminder; The "Putin helping Sanders" info was classified and leaked anonymously.

Bloomberg's Net Favorability Fell 20 Points After Debate (Morning Consult)

Anderson Cooper dismantles Blagojevich on live TV:

Sanders tried to imply that Russia might be responsible for the Culinary Union threats

Obama needs to step in at this point, endorse a mainstream candidate

Insurance providers requiring mail-order prescription refills in order to cover cost of medication

If you have ever had a smallest doubt of his true insanity, listen to this:

Bright lights, big stakes for Democrats in Nevada

Peru gas workers unearth centuries of history in Lima's soil

You Bet Your Life Outtakes 1960-61, Part 2

I love Cheetos, but I can't eat Cheetos anymore. Cheetolini ruined 'em for me.

Here's a Bernie story Trump will be talking about in October ...

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - So Far Away (Real Live Roadrunning Official Live Video)

Does "disqualified" now mean "shooting up in the polls"?

Fringe religious party gains power in crisis-stricken Peru

"I don't care, frankly, who [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wants to be president,"

It Is Almost Time to Cast a Vote and Go From Undecided Territory

"Democrat Party" isn't bugging me as much as it used to.

The Pretenders, 'Back On The Chain Gang'

Sanders office vandalized. Not only did they not blame another campaign for this behavior

When Putin decides to "help" any Democrat during an election Putin wins.

Bernie Sanders calls out MSNBC over campaign coverage

Ain gonna let nobody turn me round

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Reading through the Working Families Party twitter feed.

I bought myself a present at AC Moore for $20. This will be a new experience for me.

April Primary - Guess the GOP Fake Fact or Create one

Thousands march in Peru in support of bull, cock fighting

Joe Biden SLAMS Bloomberg's NDAs decision!

just filled out my ballot!

The Storm Over Amerika

Are Bernie Sanders and Trump Doing This On Purpose? Wow.

The Anonymous Women Who Embroidered the Cruel History of the Chilean Dictatorship

Trump Will Try to Block Bolton's Book

When ya think about it? This is hillarious.

is it suspicious if someone has been on DU for 3 weeks and has 1300 posts

THIN LIZZY - Cowboy Song

Facebook profile picture frame for Amy supporters

Racists aren't going to heaven.

PBS Newshour 22/ February 2020/'Venezuela'

Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better

House keeping tip:

Thank you Rep. Horsford! This clip shows what a fantastic surrogate he is for Biden.

Thin Lizzy - Emerald

Bernie and the Battle for the House

ME-SEN: Is Susan Collins Already Behind?

Why would the Sanders campaign tout pro Russian foreign policy AFTER Bernie knew?

Bernie: Elizabeth Warren is a "capitalist through her bones." And, "I'm not."

Trump is destroying the United States

WARREN: Musician JOHN LEGEND In South Carolina Next Week For Sen. Warren Campaign

Warren calls out those who oppose nuking the filibuster

When is someone going to call TREASON?


ST:DISCOVERY Michelle Yeoh VS Control Season 2 final show

Rick Wilson: tump will find the debate stage 'irresistable'

Sonia Sotomayor Just Accused the Supreme Court's Conservatives of Bias Toward the Trump Administrati

Russian Bots are already on the net sowing discord. Michael Moore Rumble Podcast

Thank you for the Thin Lizzy posts. One of the 70s best - Here, one of my my favorites

Japan Is Sending a Lander to a Martian Moon, And It'll Be Back by 2030

All Those Low-Cost Satellites in Orbit Could Be Weaponized by Hackers, Warns Expert

Scientists Have Discovered a Brand New Electronic State of Matter

Great Historical Presidential Moments

Heather Cox Richardson - February 21, 2020 - Letters From An American

Climate change is drying up the Colorado River, putting millions at risk of 'severe water shortages'

Transit Train Murderer Convicted in Portland

"We Have To Deny The Elderly Care Or 'Go Bankrupt," Bloomberg's Health Care Stance, New VIDEO

(Jewish Group) More on the "Jew Tube", Amazon TV presents, "The Hunters". (possible SPOILERS)

Chasten Buttigieg responds to Rush Limbaugh's homophobic comments

#BeardedButtigieg has the Gay Twitter feeling totally dehydrated

Gray Ellis wants to be the first trans man to be a state senator in the U.S.

Donald Trump Jr granted permit to hunt Alaska grizzly bear

World's oldest art under threat from cement mining in Indonesia

Elizabeth Warren: Hope, Courage, and Unity

Let's see... new DNI, new anonymous leak impugning a Democratic candidate

The extinction of the dinosaurs and Amelia Earhart's disappearance.

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is the American president's spiritual home: an inferno of

Rio Carnival takes a stand against Bolsonaro's divisive rhetoric

Milky Way's seasonal transition captured in gorgeous night sky photo

Bumblebees can recognize objects across different senses

Pictures from space! Our image of the day

I love the design of this Warren ad.

Archaeologists discover lost city that may have conquered the kingdom of Midas

New study results consistent with dog domestication during Ice Age

Final Nevada poll: Sanders 38 Buttigeig 14. Biden 11

NJ just raised its threat level for white supremacists to 'high,' well above ISIS and al Qaeda

I don't believe Putin is meddling in our elections to help Bernie win.

Offshore wind farms could power much of coastal China: study

As a Warren supporter, I wish Joe Biden all the best in Nevada tonight.

If at first you don't succeed, ...

Has anyone just tried throwing holy water on Trump?

Sanders drives toward Super Tuesday delegate haul as establishment frets

Sanders drives toward Super Tuesday delegate haul as establishment frets

Shouting triggered in 3...2...1...

The Establishment Is Getting Nervous!

Hays Eagles are incubating two eggs

The Establishment Is Getting Nervous!

The Parallels are not a coincidence... they are a feature

Woke Brands

Friederike Otto: How is Climate Change affecting our Weather?

'Men in Black' 'Everything is Illuminated' actor Boris Leskin dead at 97

I won! I won! I -- wait, what?

Mathematicians have solved traffic jams, and they're begging cities to listen

Alistair Cooke Predicts America's Decline In 1973

Air travel travails

🐦 FEB 27 at 3:30PM EST - Rally in Richmond VA with Bernie Sanders

🐦 FEB 29 at 4PM EST - Rally in Northern Virginia with Bernie Sanders

Justice Sotomayor: Conservatives on Supreme Court Biased Towards Trump Admin

Prosecutor: Alleged Georgia white supremacists planned to kill others

Op-ed snippet re Maguire firing from Cmdr who oversaw raid that killed Bin Laden

Justice Sotomayor writes a devastating rebuke of her conservative colleagues' callousness and fealty

Gowdy on Fox yesterday - 'Nobody really thinks Russia prefers Trump over 'comrade' Bernie Sanders'

The age of Trump/Putin: Four stages of mass brainwashing used by the KGB.

Any attack on Bernie pales when compared to the *1000s* of attacks that will be levied at Trump

Surprise, Surprise: KY Republicans Rig Black Lung Diagnosis System, Use Company MDs To Cut Claims

Physicists grab individual atoms in ground-breaking experiment

Brown University Study: 1/4 Of All Tweets About Climate Are Produced By Bots

If Bernie is the nominee

"Like An Umbrella Had Covered The Sky" - The Locusts Arrive In Kenya

It was 40 years ago today!

NASA Imagery From Eagle Island, Antarctica On Day Of All-Time High Temperature Record

Poll: Trump edges out all top 2020 Democratic candidates except Sanders (THE HILL)

Breakfast Saturday 22 February 2020

Does anybody doubt that Russia helped Trump in the 2016 primaries?

Ooops! With Best Parts Of Permian Already Fracked, What's Left Is Producing More Gas, Far Less Oil

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Margarita Day ☀️❗️🥃🍈🧂😋 With or without? Salt that is! 🧂

February 21 - Happy 80th Birthday Rep. John Lewis (D) GA-5th

Halliburton CEO, After Losing $1.1 Billion Q4 2019, Believes US Shale Peak Production Has Arrived

Animation - Bernie Sanders in California

For anyone on our ticket know it is unacceptable to

Animation - Bernie Sanders in California

Josh Marshall on Sanders' divisive tweet about the "Democratic establishment" last night

I'm very concerned that my cat will vote for Trump.

The only question left is how low are they willing to go..

Nature: Scientist At Thwaites Glacier - "There Is Warm Water Coming From All Directions"

John Aravosis of AMERICAblog on Sanders' divisive "Democratic establishment" tweet

All American Marine Builds Patrol Vessel for Texas Parks and Wildlife

Sanders' gains with black voters are a big deal heading into the race's next phase

Paden City WV: Toxic PCE Known To Be In Water Supply For 20 Years, But No Action Until 2/4/20

President Obama in conversation with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Love, and Chris Paul

Klobuchar rallies the middle with message of unity in Aurora

Bloomberg's massive Vegas Strip ad campaign is impossible to miss

Why did BS post such a divisive tweet

Wow. Hillary Rosen on Sanders' divisive "Democratic establishment" tweet

Michael Bennet returns to Colorado -- and finds his constituents are anxious

What's next on the abortion front in FL? A legal showdown

Bill Browder,The First Western Businessman in Russia, Explains His Business Entanglement With Russia

Who would replace Sanders(VT), Warren(MA), and Klobuchar(MN)?

Mental health advocates say cuts to state safety net are deadly serious

Barbara McQuade: A peaceful transfer of power is necessary for American democracy to survive.

Half of Americans Don't Vote. What Are They Thinking?

Iowa Democrats to start partial caucus recount

Dick Van Dyke endorses Sanders, calls for support from older voters

Conversion therapy is happening underground in Iowa, LGBT advocates say. Some lawmakers are trying

Man guilty of killing 2 who tried to stop his slurs on Portland commuter train

The DU has now raised OVER $160,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links!!!

New ad faults Collins for refusing town halls, voting with Big Pharma

LEAKED REPORT: JP Morgan economists warn climate crisis is threat to human race

In 2012 Sanders advisor Sirota praised Ron Paul, said Obama-Romney choice would be "a turd sandwich"

"Russia's number one priority is to sow dissent within the Dem Party and fracture the Dem coalition"

Ilhan Omar's Challenger Is Literally on the Run From the Law

PHOTOS: Thousands packed Spectrum Amphitheatre for Bernie Sanders rally

Hogan, Legislature in Open Warfare Over Crime, Taxes and Communication

Case of missing children tied to doomsday beliefs, 3 deaths

This dog doesn't need a sled, he is one

I have a facebook page and the trolls (seem foreign) are out in FORCE this

Trump Defends Bernie Sanders On Russian Election Interference 😲

Happy Birthday George Washington. 288 years young

All candidates vying for the nomination in the democratic primaries

Can We Now Say That Russia Has Declared A Cyber War On The U.S. ? .....

What do we do now? Seriously.

Bill Browder On Magnitsky's Love of Rule of Law & How Law Never Rules Corruption W/O Enforcement

South Sudan rivals Salvaa Kiir and Riek Machar strike unity deal (400,000 dead)

Chuck Rocha: I'll give all of y'all video updates through out today. NV Caucus

An 11-year-old girl gave birth at home. Her St. Charles relative is charged with child endangerment

Italian towns on lockdown after 2 virus deaths, clusters

My daughter & I have decided:

From Watergate - "A Government of Laws, not men......."

Bloomberg Ad "...I led a complex, diverse city through 9/11.."

Occam's Razor

The problem isn't that Russia isn't attacking the US, no, the real problem is that the US govt

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Digging himself into a hole

MSNBC Contributor's Misogynistic Smear of Bernie Staffers: 'Island of Misfit Black Girls'

"let's un-Fox this tweet:"

Nunes smacked upside the head by Federal Judge in dismissal of Steele lawsuit

Can someone please tell me why the Democrats allow someone from another party

Paving the door. LOL Is there a word when you mix up idioms?

Bloomberg campaign paying workers $2,500 per month to promote Bloomberg through texts, social media

Cross fox

Hard evidence shows a centrist candidate not as strong as a progressive

Midshipman found dead at Naval Academy was starting offensive lineman for Navy football

Greg Olear: The same people who warned you in 2016 about Russia helping Donald John Trump...

Holy Moley! I just found a Dean Martin - Norm Crosby schtick that

So, Bernie thinks he doesn't need the help of the "Democratic Establishment"

If Democrats nominate someone as extreme as Sanders, I'm afraid we could see

Facebook's Election Rules Are No Match for Bloomberg's Billions

NM: Remodel costs of Bernalillo County's new headquarters balloons to $54 million

So why not a rule that you have to be a Dem for 5 yrs before getting the Dem nomination?

ONE thing you CAN say about Bill Barr...when Trump tells him to go get his shine box, he fetches it.

Nevada, today is the day! Let's win this together.

Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing 'platform manipulation'

"I've got news for the Democratic establishment. They can't stop us."

Totally shocking spoiler pictures for the next Walking Dead episode - SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER

Trump has severely compromised our national security.

Nunes having a sad on about WP reporting he tattled to the White House

Anderson Cooper drops the B.S. bomb on Blagojevich

'A travesty and a disgrace': Trump quietly issues memo that could abolish union rights for

Trump is not polling very well. He's at 43.3% at 538*

'A travesty and a disgrace': Trump quietly issues memo that could abolish union rights for

Portland man is convicted of killing 2 men who confronted him over racist rants on teen girls

David Baerwald - The Waiter

Trump and Bernie are part of the "Burn It Down" coalition

Trump lies about having to return back to his Las Vegas hotel each night, costing taxpayers millions

Just Curious

This is a Tom Steyer Rally

Why is MLB starting the 2020 season on March 26?

Are you part of the Democratic Establishment?

U.S. blocking G20 mention of climate change in draft communique, diplomats say

U.S. blocking G20 mention of climate change in draft communique

What's this "insurmountable lead" business???

Sanders: "We cannot continue having a pathological liar as president"

Trippin' down Nostalgia Lane - First pair of Levi's

Bullying kids now using Trump rhetoric as a weapon

Democratic Establishment Appreciation Thread

Donald Trump Jr. one of only 3 people who wants to legally kill an Alaskan grizzly bear this year.

Bloomberg to do interview with Al Sharpton

Donald Trump Jr. one of only 3 people who wants to legally kill an Alaskan grizzly bear this year

Christian activist launches 'F*ggots are Maggots' ...."inspired by the work of Donald Trump'

Democratic strategist says Biden 'has to' get second place in Nevada

Some things in life are just too funny

Should the Democratic Nominee be a Democrat???

WATCH: Lawrence O'Donnell plays 2 minute clip of 'demented madness' from a top Trump supporter

Our Greatest Threat

The Sound of Silence

Donald Trump Jr. one of only 3 people who wants to legally kill an Alaskan grizzly bear this year

AP Exclusive: DEA agent accused of conspiring with cartel

Maddow: Time For Warnings Is Past As Trump Openly Abuses Power Rachel Maddow

The Week: Predicting the Nevada Caucuses

My winter Maine coast birding trip - usual suspects and one surprise

I know jealousy when I see it

What if there's a tie?

Costco membership required? To make a food court purchase you may soon need to be a member.

Anyone else here remember Gerald Ford's "WIN" buttons?

When it comes to creating a nation that works for all of us,

Seth Abramson on the deplorable state of the news media coverage.

"This isn't an election, it's a civil war"

The Importance of Political Coat Tails: A Thought Exercise

Amy, Pete, and Liz - please keep running and getting your message out.

Trump is doing Putin's bidding by 'spreading misinformation' about new Russian election

Bloomberg says company will release women from NDAs.

Bloomberg Net Favorability CRATERS 20 points in Post-Debate Poll, Bernie and Warren Gain Support

If Bernie is the nominee, this is what I'll do.

The more things change.....

Could Democrats be holding onto the worst scandals until late October?

A Reporter Remembers the Miracle on Ice 40 Years Later.

Trump's NSC is ignoring intelligence reports and basing policy on handouts of Trump's tweets: report

John Pavlovitz on Sanders' tweet about the GOP and Democratic party both being his obstacles

Midday Music for Millennials

Perfect weather for Beanie-Wienie and Brown Bread! So, I'm gonna make some!

News you missed: North Carolina voters score major victory

Italy towns close down amid virus case clusters, 2 deaths

Holy Shit...

Bloomberg-And-His-Own-Kids in Cages, by Michael-Moore 2/20/20, Op Ed News:

NPR's Slow Burn podcast on Watergate comes to Epix. Martha Mitchell's story is the 1st installment.

Comedy returns to the White House correspondents' dinner

Please spare me the outrage about the "establishment" comment.

Nevada Democrats look to avoid Iowa caucus mistakes

Smart Speaker technology

Twofer: The Apartment in 3:41 and Pogo ...

Wherein a Fox News talking head accuses the actor who played Robin of being a Russian agent:

Inside Georgina Bloomberg and Ivanka Trump's Filthy Rich Friendship


Small town votes for terrible thing. Terrible thing passes and immediately does harm to small town.

You know what I miss?

Photos to remember President Obama and children

My plastic barrel container garden

Why doesn't Trump ho after Anderson Cooper or

Trump claimed tariffs will pay for farmers' bailouts. He's wrong.

If there's nothing in it then why wouldn't Barr give the House the unredacted Mueller report?


OK I rarely recommend anything but

Foo Fighters - Times Like These (Official Music Video)

Lawrence O'Donnell: None of Sanders' bills can pass w/out votes of the Dem senators he's taunting

Has anyone taken the WaPo quiz matching your views to the Dem candidates?

The prelude to a beautiful love letter to Zelinskyy?

Calls Himself Political Prisoner

Seth Abramson: "newsworthiness is *zero* and the harm to the country almost unfathomable"

Warren vs. Bloomberg at last week's Democratic Debate: A Commentary

New Bloomberg ad calls on Sanders to condemn the hateful speech from his supporters

Sanders solidifies himself as frontrunner in Nevada and beyond, new polls show

Natasha Bertrand: IC would *not* have told Sanders to remain silent about campaign meddling


Profiles in Perfidy, VI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

I hate to be morbid but what percentage of the Silent Generation has passed since 2016?

Update On The Coronavirus

Native Voters in Nevada Head to Caucuses After Winning Voting Rights Fight

You raised $5,237.00 on February 21, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Has there ever been an "outrage-du-jour" that actually hurt Bernie's numbers?

Nunes banned local newspaper from public event

Let's not forget there are other clandestine forces out there purposely disrupting this election...

Donald Trump has poisoned American culture -- but the toxin was here all along

Elizabeth Warren just called out Bernie Sanders

Obama Allies Call BS on Bernie Sanders' Claim He Speaks to Barack Obama Regularly

Excerpt from Bernie Sanders' planned primary victory-speech has been leaked:

Lawyers and IT folks on DU - Combating Foreign Election Interference

Exchange Students anthology

OK, I will grant that Sanders has just helped me in an argument today

Exchange Students anthology

Am I Going Nuts???


And the award for A-hole of the day goes to.....

Trump moves to cut union bargaining for DoD feds

'Elevating her game': Warren's punches pay off

HP Deskjet Multifunction Printer -- Not sure if this is normal behavior or not.

🐦 FEB 26 at 3PM EST - Rally in Myrtle Beach with Bernie Sanders

$11,000 in rewards for leads to whooping crane killers

With little left to lose, Elizabeth Warren rolls the dice

Down-ballot Republicans watch with glee as Sanders gains steam


Just a pix of two goats climbing a wall

After Super Tuesday, Bernie will be our nominee.

How 'justice' is defined at the law firm of Trump & Barr

cartoons 2/22/2020

Well, now we know why Trump's going to India. The totally unexpected reason is totally unexpected!

Well, this happened.

High voter turnout expected but you'll have to choose a party

Heads up America, it is ours to lose...

BERNIEPALOOZA (FEB 28 - Mar 3) Four Day Festival of Music and Canvassing

Trump tries new approach for $1 trillion infrastructure plan

One-third of parents are delaying giving vaccines to their children:

Stop Mark Zuckerberg (via MoveOn)

Admiral who oversaw Bin Laden raid hits out at Trump over sacking of intelligence chief

Trump reportedly calls John Bolton a 'traitor' and wants to block his book

extreme candidate loses vote share in the general election

Clint Eastwood on 2020 Election: 'Just Get Mike Bloomberg in There'

Trump judges already raising hell on 9th Circuit

Report finds Catholic charity founder sexually abused women

A New York lawmaker wants to treat white supremacists like foreign jihadists.

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Safe Republican to Safe Democratic.

Bloomberg Trolls Trump With Giant Billboard On Vegas Strip

Trump and first lady to tour Taj Mahal during India visit

I must believe this can happen in order to maintain hope and my sanity.

Judge dismisses Nunes lawsuit against Fusion GPS

I'm out of this group for a while.

It's no wonder the Coronavirus is difficult to eradicate...

Bloomberg: Upon Reflection

"I can do anything I want", so says trump. As President he claims his powers are incontestable.

Carlos Maza: What the Hell is "Too Far Left"

Saudi rapper faces arrest for Mecca Girl music video

Saudi rapper faces arrest for Mecca Girl music video

Supreme Court allow public charge rule to take effect across country

I was today years old when I learned these exsisted

Two reasons Sanders might have trolled Dems who want other candidates.

NYT live results site. Results are starting to trickle in at 3:45.

Number 3 KU beats number 1 Baylor!!!

The madness we are witnessing can be explained with one word.

Trump accused of threatening democracy after fresh warnings over Russian interference

A need to ask

Fake IRS Scam Caller Accidentally Calls A Talk Show Host

There are new racial wealth gap numbers, and they're not pretty

Bernie Sanders calls out MSNBC over campaign coverage

Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit -- and some new judges are causing a 'shock wave.'

I am far from a Bernie fan but the parallels to 1972 are weak.

There was a thread that showed all of our cool democratic leaders over the years.

This tweet is a Rorschach test of how people feel about Sanders.

I think most of us are terrified of how corrupt and brazen Trump is. Attack adds need to put fear

The Day Democracy Died, by The Founding Fathers, 8min 34 secs.

Coronavirus: US says Russia behind disinformation campaign

Ok, putin & tRump have really stirred things up on DU the last few days, their cyber war seems to be

🐦 FEB 26 at 11:30AM - Rally in North Charleston with Bernie Sanders

How safe are Whatcom County's largest cities? Here's what a new crime study says

What Russia has done and is still doing, is an act of war.

🐦 FEB 28 at 3:30PM - Rally in Columbia with Bernie Sanders

Steyer spends 16 million for ads in Nevada, others spend 2 million

Tom Perez Definitively Said This Morning

Sanders could win the votes and lose the nomination. IS THAT DEMOCRACY?

The Beloved Costco Food Court Will Now Require a Store Membership Card

Trump's India trip mixes politics with policy, and offers the promise of his biggest rally yet

Bernie Sanders has the support of Trump, the GOP and Russia... WHY?

Additional US service member diagnosed with brain injury from Iran attack

If Trump was not impeached by the House he would have

Nebraska state senator condemns white supremacist comments made during hearing on gun control bills

CNN NV Entrance Poll: 63% Most Important Issue Beat Trump / 62% Single Government Plan for All

Nevada Caucus Update: In some places precinct chairs have yet to show up.

Snohomish County man, first in US with coronavirus, is now 'fully recovered'

I will always remember the War on the Democratic Establishment

What is the "establishment" that Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Rail Against? A lesson in hypocrisy.

Rep. Denny Heck On Russian Interference In The 2020 Election

I have talked too many Trump voters, they all have this in common.

Verrrry Big Problem.

Photos: Bernie Sanders - Front Page News

Democratic US Senators who will leave the US Senate to get a job in the Federal Executive Branch.

My "official" endorsement on my social media pages

Putin Meddles In 2020, Bernie Sanders Hits Back And Reveals He Knew Of Operation Before Debate

What is a brokered convention? What is a contested convention?

JUST IN: Exit Polls Nevada: 6 in 10 support eliminating private insurance

Judge Rebuffs Trump, Sends Adviser Roger Stone To Prison For Three Years

Trump supporters in California

JUST IN: Exit Polls Nevada: 6 in 10 support eliminating private insurance

If Bernie loses the primary, and runs as an Independent we will have a Jill Stein #2

Chuck Rocha Nevada Update

Chinese Restaurants Suffering Economic Losses due to Coronavirus Scare

I'm all in for Joe

Are you too smart to be propagandized?

Politico: Down-ballot Republicans watch with glee as Sanders gains steam

Bigoted #Trump Points Out That His Middle Name is 'John' -- and Obama's is 'Hussein'

Donald Trump JR: killed and eaten by grizzly bear.

Nevada results should start coming in soon since polls are now closed

I have been part of the Democratic Establishment since December 4th 1981.

HELP! I'm having trouble compartmentalizing.

I just saw the first Klobuchar ad here in NoVA!

2022 US Senate Election Rating with a Democratic POTUS.

Trump's Two Bobs-style Admin purge begins as his little hatchet boy thins the "loyalist" herd

Robert Reich.....

Steve Kornacki: Nevada entrance poll (early vote wave)

You know what I hate? I hate it when posters get all in your face

The Strokes - Bad Decisions (Official Video)

Variety: Clint Eastwood Ditches Donald Trump for Mike Bloomberg in 2020 Election

Here's a great concept - a restaurant where you pay what you can, food is donated,

More Bernie gems for GE

Anyone know what time the official Nevada caucus results will be ready? M$M horse race w/o actual

UK left activists attended events with far right antisemites

Sen. Sanders significant early lead ...

Sanders supporters think if he gets a small plurality, he must be nominated. Is that Democracy?

Voters in Kentucky break record for registration ahead of 2020 election

Clint Eastwood wants to dump Trump.

MSNBC is surprisingly even-handed with Bernie coverage today!

Good bye, cable nooze...


Are you a Crusader or a Pragmatist?

John Oliver: Medicare for All, Last Week Tonight (HBO)

Buzzy Linhart, freewheeling fixture of Greenwich Village music scene, dies at 76

The Nevada Democratic Party is having its volunteers sign nondisclosure agreements.

I think that the fact that no OTHER Senators 'told us a month ago' about the briefing ... matters

Quick question:

My new hat.

On the bright side

MSNBC is showing a live scene from the Nevada Caucus.

Bernie's OVERFLOW crowd in El Paso, Texas right now

Bernie's OVERFLOW crowd in El Paso, Texas right now

Unions In America: How We Got To Where We Are Today MSNBC

OK, gaming out that Bernies controls X number of delegates to the convention.....

Anderson Cooper loses it, destroys man pardoned by Trump in MUST-SEE takedown

🔥 Bernie Rally in EL PASO

Sanders is crushing it right now.

2022 US Senate Election cycle is Democratic Friendly under a Democratic POTUS or POTUS Trump.

National Security Adviser No Longer Advises

Nevada Entrance Polls show a very diverse electorate. Sanders dominating the field.

'I brainwashed myself with the internet' Nearly 45 weeks pregnant, she wanted a "freebirth" ...

⁦Bernie Sanders⁩ wins at the Bellagio:

9 South Koreans test positive for coronavirus after returning from Israel

Great Biden Speech Video/ be prepared: brutal police action footage during civil rights movement is showing a tiny fraction of the caucus vote.

Bernie Sanders⁩ wins at the Bellagio:

After the Nevada caucus is complete.........

Here's What Happens When Public Transit Is Free

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 22, 2020

I don't take people seriously, who use the word "establishment," let alone a candidate. He's toxic.

Okay What the Hell Is Going With The Results

Union Membership defies Leadership to Go All In for Sanders

In Brazil, fear of spreading police protests during Carnival


Auburn student ejected from basketball game vs. Tennessee

If Bernie wins the dem nomination.

Trump Was Furious That Cruise Ship Passengers With Coronavirus Were Brought Back to U.S.

Possible Coronavirus misinformation?

Another reason to love Biden: Letter to sexual assault victim/ VAWA

Jeff Tiedrich sees a resemblance (to the 2nd Nazi in this clip):

Are the Republicans at it again? Precinct officials can't get through...

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate and Sanders(I/D) becomes the POTUS

DU Exclusive: Interview with Dr. Bandy X. Lee !

Why do so many Sanders supporters think he lacks the skills to build a coalition?

Kornacki talks too much.

2.38% counted, Bernie 55.7%

Would a US coronavirus outbreak prevent Trump from holding his stupid campaign rallies???

Just in. Fox News projecting a convincing win for Bernie Sanders in Nevada. n/t

Over 80,000 people voted early in Nevada, but M$M only reporting about 6000 votes - why??

If these results hold some candidates need to take a good look in the mirror

Here's the List of Military Clinics That Will No Longer Serve Retirees, Families

Pundits on MSNBC freaking out about "what are they (Dems) going to do" about Bernie.

Disc drive for MacBook Air

nevada caucus...what happens to the missing votes between first vote and final vote?

5% of the vote in, Gabbard has 6. Not 6% but SIX VOTES!!!

Update on Squirrels nesting in wife's Nissan Rouge engine compartment

Pentagon Awarded $876M in Contracts Meant for Disabled Vets to Ineligible Companies: IG

Clint Eastwood Endorses Mike Bloomberg For President In WSJ Interview, Gives Props To #MeToo

FULL Am Joy 2/22/20 Joy Reid MSNBC News Weekend February 22, 2020

Bernie did very well in caucuses in 2016, also.

Sanders / Warren ticket

Bernie is dominating with people of color.

The party isn't a place for moderates anymore

Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing 'platform manipulation'

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media - Feature, Documentary

Final DU candidate preferences before results out of NV (candidates only, Undecided not included)

is there any way Congress can force the FBI to investigate

Nunes denies he told Trump about House Intel briefing, threatens to sue WaPo

Klobuchar back in Minnesota

In the end, we have to fight. We have to defeat Trump. There's too much to lose to give up.

Sanders running 5th with over 65 voters in NV

El Quemazon Corrido for Bernie Sanders

Twitter suspends 70 pro-Michael Bloomberg accounts for 'platform manipulation'

Of note: Supporters of unviable MODERATES are switching to Sanders as their viable choice.

Donald Trump ads will take over YouTube for Election Day

Half of South Korea's coronavirus cases are linked to a controversial religious organization

Clint Eastwood ditches Donald Trump for Mike Bloomberg in 2020 election.

Ambassador McFaul calls for declassification of intel showing Russia's support for Donald Trump's r

Trash pandas 😂😍

NYT Reporter: Many Culinary Union members voted for Sanders anyway

America's Parasite (NYT-paywall)

These babies are so happy to be found

Elizabeth second place in California....

New drug helps to preserve brain cells for a time after stroke

Dust Devils Have Left Dark Streaks All Over This Martian Crater

Let's send Joe some cash.

This seal just showed up in someone's backyard

LMFAO @ the Young Republican who put out this piece of dreck

Trump is the threat to America!

10 Amazing Facts About Polar Bears

I hope Amy stays in until MN has their primary. She will surely get some delegates that might come

Early Nevada Numbers: Tulsi Gabbard 0.1%

This guy talks so sweetly to comfort the bird he rescued

Is it time for Warren AND Klobuchar to drop out?

New study finds placebo effects can be 'socially transmitted' from doctors to patients

Lol! "KornackiCam" on MSNBC

The Dem.nominee for the US Sen. special election to replace Sanders-VT, Warren-MA, or Klobuchar-MN.

Dispute with gopher blackens 7 acres in Brentwood, California

Tracey Ullman - Melania Trump Robot youtube

English Bulldog Is A Skateboarding Legend

CNN has Andrew Yang on as a commentator.

Walking with lemurs can reduce psychological and physiological stress

Boeing finds debris in fuel tanks of many undelivered 737 MAX jets

Today is not a good day for my anxiety.

HELLO ! how may i assist you today

Before 2020 no Pres Candidate D or R had ever won popular vote in Iowa, NH and

Vincent D'Onfrio on how Sanders' campaign changed his mind with one tweet

Only 9%, but here it is. Go Joe!

Two little miracles