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ANYBODY surprised by this piece of SHIT?????

Murkowski: "I cannot vote to convict" Trump for his "shameful and wrong behavior." Er...USA???

Buttigieg liveblogging the 2016 Indiana primary: words that resonate today.

Iowa Caucus results

With Bernie, What You See Is What You Get

With Bernie, What You See Is What You Get

Buttigieg liveblogging the 2016 Indiana primary: words that resonate today.


Cancelled DesMoines Register Poll: Bernie 22 (+2), Warren 18 (+1), Buttigieg 16 (), Biden 13 (-2)

More Murkowski: Trump's name "is on ballots that have already been cast"

Toobin: I love #Iowa, but the caucus is an anti-democratic disgrace

Earth Fare closing all stores

Rush Limbaugh has advanced stage lung cancer.

Susie Q Collins is going to be "concerned" when she sees this ad. . .

Ruch Limbaugh on the dangers of smoking and/or second_hand smoke:

02/04 Mike Luckovich: Briber on board

Charities steered $65 million to Trump lawyer Sekulow and family

Cross-examination drives key Weinstein accuser to tears

So basically those caucuses discriminate against older people

Why not hold the caucuses on a Saturday?

Josh Marshall: Before we start getting results, let's remember that the "modern" caucus process is

Its baaaacccccckkk! NY Times Live Forecast of Election (Caucus) night!

Bernie Sanders plan for "free stuff" would cost at least $60 trillion

Nina Turner is on Tweety.

Why didn't they overturn Roe v. Wade?

Trump ran a factually inaccurate ad trying to promote his criminal justice reform using Alice Johnso

List of people who can't attend caucuses -

WHEN Trump asks for foreign interference in the next election

BREAKING: First "Entrance Poll" data shows an older voter pool

Rep. Steve Cohen: "I will not attend the SOTU tomorrow"

Nina Nina Nina

BREAKING: Entrance Poll profile

Pence tweeted that Rush Limbaugh is a National Treasure

Funny Observation

Nina Turner just called Mike Bloomberg an oligarch on MSNBC

Doors are closed in the Iowa caucuses. Here are the early leaders.

DNC Mulls Asking Donald Trump To Run As Democrat In Effort To Stop Sanders

Kushner received 30 million from Israel while working on "peace plan"

Just a Reminder of the fact that Caucuses are a relic of an agrarian past based in wealth.

MSNBC's Steve Schmidt Says Sanders Would Spell Doom for Democrats: Establishment 'Angst' Is Spot-On

Illegal dark money poured into Collins campaign

Watch this trapped little baby reunite with his mom!

it's horrible to cheer when someone has cancer. it's a tragedy rush limbaugh has lung cancer.

This tiny pittie puppy bites ears for attention 😂

If you don't have anything nice to say about Rush Limbaugh

Trump campaign removes Bloomberg News reporter from Iowa event

Klobuchar won all 3 #IowaCaucuses held in Florida and Arizona, ..............

Big Money, IMO...

Scrapped Iowa Poll Reportedly Showed Biden Cratering to Fourth Place

This just in.... Iowa caucus winner announced.

This might be a dumb question. I know what a caucus is - what the hell is the Iowa Caucus?

Puppy With 2 Little Leg Casts Can't Sit Still

United Airlines to end flights from Everett to San Francisco


Think you have seen Coke + Mentos videos before?

Baby Giraffe Takes His First Wobbly Steps

Per a large Caucus site in West Des Moines (on C-SPAN), the organized campaigns are:

Vulnerable House Democrats benefit from fundraising surge amid impeachment

Bloomberg rises into third-place tie with Warren in national poll

Saw on c-span a table with i think 2 people (West Des Moines IA)

This Good Boy Has A Very Important Job

Bloomberg says campaign will have 800 staffers across California

Weird Nicknames We Give Our Pets

Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats must 'rally' behind the nominee 'no matter who it is'

What state are the Iowa City caucuses being held in, Mr President?

Watching these Iowa caucuses,

"At one Des Moines precinct tonight, an attendee brought in a concealed bottle of wine..."

Link to all Iowa satellite locations -

CNN "preliminary but big win for Sanders"

Wow - Sanders group so large it kicked out Biden group

8 Turkish personnel, 13 Syrian troops killed in north Syria

Report: Seattle sees 6th highest rise in rent from 2010 to 2020

In a bold early move, The Associated Press has called the Republican caucuses for President Trump.

In the West Des Moines Caucus on C-Span, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg were viable

Silver: Entrance polls indicate close four-way race.

This guy is determined to make this aggressive dog love him 💛

Every time Ken Buck opens his mouth he embarrasses Colorado

Let me be blunt; I love the Iowa Caucuses...

These people sure know how to wear you down...

West Des Moines Caucus...Klobuchar trying to snap up one more voter to become viable...

Deputy VA secretary fired after less than 5 months on the job

Surprise: of those who decided in last few days, 23% will caucus for Biden.

No one at my SB watch is happy with dotard. When his commercial came on there was a FU by all

This guy stopped at nothing to save his dog 😭 🙏

'He should move on': Republicans urge Trump to shun impeachment in SOTU

My personal favorite ad from the Super Bowl...

Straw DU Applegrove Poll

The ugly truth about this upcoming election

Biden, Sanders neck and neck in New Hampshire: poll

China Cases Top 20,000; U.S. Braces for Pandemic: Virus Update

Beethoven, 7th Symphony, 2nd Mvmt. Allegretto: 250th Birthday Anniversary, b. 1770

This cat has the cutest, squishiest little face 😍

Snubbing Iowa, Bloomberg charts his own path in 2020 contest

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! That's All Folks!

Spinning the importance of the Iowa caucuses, Jennifer Rubin edition...

Sen. Joni Ernst says her comments on impeaching Joe Biden were 'taken out of context'

Dying from cancer doesn't stop someone from being a POS.

Viewpoint: The Trump Administration Has Made the U.S. Less Ready for Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Pompeo defends his attacks on US media as 'perfect message' in former Soviet states

Since massive voter turnout is the only way to win 2020

Justice Department releases more Mueller documents to CNN and BuzzFeed

A prediction: Yang will be viable in some college precincts, and not many other places.

Des Moines Iowa/ Biden meets threshold

'The guardrails are gone': Democrats brace for emboldened Trump at State of the Union

How a smear against Bernie Sanders shows the right-wing strategy to foment chaos in the Democratic p

DeVos threatened with subpoena by House oversight panel

DeVos threatened with subpoena by House oversight panel

Dairy farmer from Cadott will be Tammy Baldwin's guest at Trump's State of the Union address

Prediction. The order will be: Bernie - Pete - Biden - Warren.

Conservatives spread false claims on Twitter about electoral fraud as Iowans prepare to caucus


FTC sues to block Harry's sale to Schick owner Edgewell

I'm having so much fun watching the Caucuses!

Trump supporters urge donors to shun John Bolton's super PAC after bombshell book revelations

At Drake University in Des Moines, first alignment:

Eric Boehlert, reliable writer, is starting a political press critique...

A caucus

The Iowa Caucus in a nutshell...

Buck up!1 Wingnuts will call us Bleeding-heart-HYPOCRITES over Limbo. Just *BUCK UP*!

Pence revealed to be Clueless

At the Spanish language / Latino /bilingual caucus for...

Who Best Appeals To Independents?

As Arab nations reject Trump plan for Middle East, Kushner blames those who took no part: Palestinia

WIP: Looking ahead to March.

As MSNBC keeps bouncing from Caucus to Caucus...I keep hearing that Buttigieg is viable

I smell a big night for Pete

BREAKING: As of 9:30 Eastern there are...absolutely no results being reported.

Breaking: The final count from the Muslim Community Organization

Nina Turner slams MSNBC Jason Johnson host for challenging her use of oligarch to define Bloomberg

Name your state's most embarrassing elected official.

CBC News reporting from one Iowa Caucus says people tell her there

Snow storm hits Rockies, closing schools, delaying flights

Looks like the NYT (and I) may have known about the problem much earlier than it was reported.

Updated delegate totals

Alice in Wonderland, Impeachment.

AMJoy: Buttegieg appears to be benefiting from Klobuchar non-viability...

Bice: DNC Host Committee leadership sidelined amid allegations of toxic work environment

Supertramp - Dont Leave Me Now

CNN just now: DNC checking Iowa results for "quality control". ??? Or as my kids might say....

Tonight reminds me of the MARY TYLER MOORE episode where she's in charge of election coverage...

Debacle demands means of checking the president

Just back from my caucus - Bernie 4 delegates, Warren 2, Biden 1, Other 0

The Stranglers - Always The Sun


These Iowa Caucuses are really awful

Cedar Falls precinct; interesting developments

MSNBC reporting problem with Iowa numbers, party saying they're doing "quality control"

MSNBC: IDP "holding results for quality control"...

At our precinct in Des Moines, due to immigrant turnout, chairs ran out for Bernie

Just curious---is there anything like a "minimum acceptable IQ" before one is given a

Man sues Honolulu police, city for forced urinal licking

Is this the best place to check returns? Pete in the lead by a hair with just under 2% in

Yay!! @BernieSanders wins the Zem Zem Islamic Center in Des Moines #IowaCaucus!

I'm beginning to sense that Biden will be seen as underperforming...

My caucus: Pete 4, Amy 4, Warren 3, Biden 2

Democratic officials say they are doing quality control checks on caucus

Who's winning?

Tweet of the Day

"Swing Voters Draw The Line At Socialists": New Polling Suggests Key Voters Are Skeptical On Bernie

I have had this silly hunch that a bit of news today has strengthened a tiny bit.

OMG! It is almost 10:30, and we still don't have results.

"I've seen two coin tosses and now we have name-pulling out of a hat"

Remember when people here said they wanted vote tally accuracy over speed?

Watching CNN - I'm struck by the number of young Dems caucusing in Iowa

Just wondering: Do you think the IA caucus results might be declared invalid and cancelled?

MSNBC panel on messy caucus: This is like politics, dealmaking in Senate, more than democracy

Remember Rush Limbaugh's TV show?

Clinton IA (update): Yang and Warren teams merge and split two delegates...

I hope Limbaugh acknowledges how he ridiculed Eric Garner ("I can't breathe"), J. Fox and RBG

Marianne Faithful - Broken English

Ecuador president slammed for ugly words about harassment

Germans have an excuse on US geography I guess

Just a shout out to my boy, Pete!

If Iowa had a primary instead of a friends only vote they could have avoided this debacle.

The Sanders gender gap...

IMHO The Most Terrifying Thing About Trump's "He Wants A BOX" Psychotic Episode...

Why does Tulsi Gabbard care so much about Rush Limbaugh?

After this mess and delay, will anyone really trust the numbers coming out of Iowa?

I'll go ahead and say it.

TPM - Josh Marshall sure has a view on caucuses! "Caucuses Suck" and "Implosion"!

Just heard the over/under for trump lies tomorrow night is 60

tweet of the hour - Dr. Eugene Gu "I wish him the most time with his family"

How much do we think russia is involved in our primaries?

David Plouffe on MSNBC just now: We may be witnessing the last Iowa caucuses

Undecided, but guilty of "identity politics."

wow. Now Trump is claiming Ivanka created 15 million jobs!!

Which do you believe will come first?

Results have started coming in after about an hour of no movement

Buttigieg campaign assembling the Tableau Vivante for Mayor Pete's speech.....

7000 workers build a 1,000 bed hospital in 10 days (China)

Virginia's Democratically controlled House passes seven gun control measures

Looks like smoking big fat cigars really does cause lung cancer

Willie Wood, Packers great and Hall of Fame DB, dies at 83

Bloomberg Says Plans Leave Scant Leeway for Middle-Class Tax Cut

Oh fuck. The caucus app to tabulate results crashed!

What is more archaic?

I accidentally hit wrong button

BREAKING: Amy Klobuchar first to give her "victory" speech

Apparently Precinct Chairs can't get through by phone to the ISP after the app crashed...

Amy: 'We are punching above our weight.'

Polk County precinct chairs are being advised to take pictures of the results and text them

First state out of the gate. Iowa.

Iowa Results Update @ 11:19 pm ET

Back from caucus, and what a nightmare!

Caucus comment... heh

The Daily Show: Impeachment Nears End, Trump & Hannity Hang, Bloomberg Fights Boxgate

I Hereby Nominate Ending Iowa Caucuses As First in the Nation, and Replacing them with...

Iowa party official: The whole system largely broke.

The Daily Show - Klepper Asks Trump Supporters: Who Won The Impeachment Fight?

Ya'll know those new fangled "brighter" headlights...

This reminds me of 012 when Santorum beat Rmoney is the 012 IA Repub caucus

Brazen Groundhog Steals Veggies From Man's Garden And Then Eats Them While Staring Into The Camera

MSNBC: The backup phone system is a "disaster".

Cancer is not a punishment. Both good and bad people get it.

BREAKING:Report from the Iowa Democratic Party...

NH @7News / Emerson College Tracking Poll Night 2:

Oops! Biden and Warren speaking at the same time.....

IDP now admitting they found inconsistencies in the results

Vladimir Putin wins Iowa caucus

Explained: How Iowa Caucuses work.

The Iowa Democratic Party says the results were NOT hacked...

Michael Steele on MSNBC: Any momentum coming out of Iowa will now be dissipated.

BERNIE! Also, just....

I'm speaking live in Des Moines as we await results of the Iowa Caucus.

Thank you Rachel Maddow

Math Rock: Plini - Electric Sunrise

The Daily Show - Super Bowl LIV Highlight: J.Lo's Halftime Show / Sports Gambling

Inconsistencies' in three sets of Iowa caucus results cause delays

I'm just now able to be check on the caucus. What's happening?

My first Iowa caucus

Nobody's covering Andrew Yang's speech...

Well. I know I'm no biggy, but it sounds to me that the winner is...

The winner of the Iowa Caucus tonight?

Why do religious people seem to have a bigger problem with atheists

Tucker & Bubba the love sponge-what could go wrong?/Fox News host Tucker Carlson in lewd recordings.

It seems like an updated version of this should be re-run by the Democrats

Biden campaign slams the Iowa Caucus process

This night might have been Mayor Pete's big moment.

Seth Meyers - GOP Senators Block Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Cover-Up: A Closer Look

Somebody's moment has been stolen.

Down with caucuses!

Bernie claims (nearly) victory

Interesting to compare the candidates' statements 'after' Iowa caucuse(s.)

Iowa update

Are The Rolling Stones Teasing A Potential Tour Stop In Pittsburgh?

McAuliffe, former DNC chair, says on CNN what others are thinking, Iowa won't be going first anymore

Will the poor network reporters and analysts now have to stay the night?

This is brilliant.

Pete Buttigieg: "we are going on to New Hampshire victorious!"

Watching Pete early this Morning, I'm liking the idea of...

We Better Be More Prepared And Organized.....

This from the New York Times?

From what I've heard, Pete Buttigieg is the only candidate who declared victory...

Putin is already at work, screwing up Iowa...

Thank you Iowa

Funny. On this betting site Pete jumped up like 15 pts and Sanders dropped 15 pts after Pete

EW in Iowa tonight: We are just getting started and we are built for the long haul. (full speech)

70 years later and Will Rogers is still right.

Biden campaign questions Iowa results...

February 3, 1959: The Day the Music Died

State party officials hung up on campaigns during "heated conference call"

Buttigieg declares victory in Iowa....?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Pete brought tears to my eyes.

Post after post I am reading that this 'glitch' is the Democrats fault.

AYFKM? Went to bed at about 7pm Iowa time

I see firefox is blocking tweets from opening in du threads...only see the blue link...again

CNN reporting campaigns told not to expect results until some point on Tues

Iowa gave Bloomberg a great talking point.

Primary Shit Show

*Mr. Holland's Opus on HBO now.

You're Damn Right The Super Bowl Half-Time Show Was Political!

Trump won the R caucus *updated*

Sanders campaign to release partial internal data showing Bernie ahead

The DNC should invalidate the whole thing and let Iowans have a mail in ballot do-over later.

Will this be the end of Iowa going first?

2 winners tonight: the Republican Party and Joe Biden

Thae Yong Ho on the Wuhan virus and public health in North Korea

Despite Election Security Fears, Iowa Caucuses Will Use New Smartphone App

MSNBC just said that the app was made available to the precinct captains a few day ago.

Dem Superpac: There fixed it for you! [edited trump's SB ad]

When is the next debate? Later this week no?

Who the hell f...ed it up tonight is the only damn...

The United Arab Air Mattress. Is That Anything Like The My Pillow Giza Strip?

Iowa Democrats hung up on campaigns after call gets heated

Warren's Speech

Samantha Bee and the Iowa Caucus...

No results expected until sunrise.

The 'Forever Chemicals' Fueling A Public Health Crisis In Drinking Water

I can't imagine being a precinct chair in Iowa!!!

I make this promise from California.

Ah! It's Mayor Pete who sabotaged the app and cheated to win Iowa.

CNN: Sanders campaign pushed the Iowa Democratic Party to use newer technology after 2016.

Macau asks casino operators to suspend operations for 15 days - Bloomberg

Judging from just Mayor Pete's great speech tonight, I think I know who won...

The Boston Globe endorses Joe Biden

My warning was ignored: Roving band of herpes-ridden monkeys now roaming northeast Florida

Wow. WTF? It looks like we're repeating 2016. C'mon!

Caroline Kennedy endorses Joe Biden

Polk County Dem. Party waking up precinct captains to gather results.

American politics, extreme metaphor edition

What a caucusfuck!

Iowa Democratic vote-reporting meltdown hands opening to Trump

CNN: 2nd alignment was done wrong in some precincts.

The losers are the winners.

Really nasty stuff on twitter right now...

CNN: Iowa meltdown Hands Opening to Trump

Iowa Results through (Satire)

Seriously how hard is it? There's two steps.

John Oliver Gives Best Queen Elizabeth Impression, Shares a Message for Boris Johnson & More! - THR

Brand new Emerson College Polling New Hampshire poll puts Sanders ahead by 19

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - (Plus Triumph Goes to Washington!) 2/3/20

I wonder whether Judy Woodruff is moonlighting or ghostwriting for FUX - she dissed Adam Schiff's

Trump campaign jubilant as Democrats' big night implodes

New Zealand: 100 hikers cut off after deluge destroys roads and sparks landslides

Jason Johnson To Sanders' Surrogate: 'Describe People For The Positions That They Have' MSNBC

BP oil spill cash rebuilds eroded Louisiana pelican island

Bernie Sanders campaign releases internal caucus numbers (nearly 40% of the precincts in Iowa)

Texas man eats dog food for 30 days to show his company's chow is fit for Fido

NH @7News / Emerson College Tracking Poll Night 2: Sanders 32%

New Hampshire @Suffolk_U/@BostonGlobe Poll: Sanders 24%

Grandma With Dementia Never Forgets Her Dog's Name

Walgreens settles for $7.5M after employee charged with impersonating pharmacist

WHO Forecasts Cancer Jump In Low, Middle Income Countries

App Used to Tabulate Votes Is Said to Have Been Inadequately Tested

Iowa Dem Party Says Delay Due To 'Reporting Issue'; County Chairs Blame Malfunctions

Anyone else's mind immediately turn to...

Trial begins of French-Israeli men over fake foreign minister scam

Why the 2020 winning ticket includes Michael Bloomberg

10:30PM - State of the Union Response, Sen. Bernie Sanders

She helped a customer in need. Then U.S. Bank fired her.

One person - One vote - Paper ballots

Sea Level Rise Accelerating Along US Coastlines, Scientists Warn

Sea Level Rise Accelerating Along US Coastlines, Scientists Warn (e)

While primary and media dramas unfold, heed a warning from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

New York Times - 'A Systemwide Disaster': How the Iowa Caucuses Melted Down

Biden campaign calls for answers from Iowa Democrats after delays in caucus results..whats up..😎❓❓

At this point just announce the winner after the State of the Union

Best speech of night to Warren taking aim at Trump's corruption


So I went to bed early last night. Anything interesting happen? nt.

Pete had one shot

Let's Downgrade Iowa....

How many jokes/digs will Trump tell about the Iowa Disaster tonight?

Stage IV lung cancer

🐦 FEB 9 at 6:30PM - Keene NH Rally with Bernie Sanders, ft. Twiddle and Sunflower Bean

"What's wrong with Mike Pence" a great essay by Peter Kruger

There's too much policy talk. No candidate is running on his or her story.

BREAKING: Sanders campaign releases its internal counts (40% reporting)

NYC teachers' union president Mike Mulgrew backing Joe Biden....Go Joe 😎

Serious questions - didn't Limbaugh defend the tobacco industry?

NYTimes: "Why Did Iowa Make the Caucuses So Complicated?"

Does Iowa caucus for all its races ?

JUST IN TIME, 538 releases the results of the Selzer poll...

Japan Races to Build New Coal-Burning Power Plants, Despite the Climate Risks

Conan Delivers His First State Of The Show Address with Al Franken Cameo:

Pete Buttigieg gets endorsed by the Mayor of Nashua, NH

The Atlantic: The Iowa Caucus Could Go Very Wrong

My resolution to this caucus schmaucus issue and other primary issues.

Morning Joe just compared the Iowa caucus to blowing up on the launch pad.

Ninth Circuit Hears Fight Pitting Planned US Base and Okinawa's Dugong

At $23 Trillion, the U.S. National Debt Already Exceeds the Size of the U.S. Economy

It's being reported that the company who built the reporting app for Iowa...

"The rest of the country was already losing patience with Iowa anyway and this cooks Iowa's goose."

The winner of last night is Michael Bloomberg

Morning Jerk working overtime this morning to re-elect Donnie the Unfit

South Carolina has officially lost it's collective minds

Tesla is surging yet again with the stock jumping $100 in early trading

If we're going to debate the Iowa fiasco, let's debate ACCURATELY...

Pete Buttigieg is on next on MSNBC - ON NOW

Tuesday TOONs - Whopperfest 2020

Oh c'mon people, snap out of it! Can we stop pizza-gating Iowa until we have at least one fact

Please. Don't feed the Big Orange Turd (BOT) & the Russians

This sounds to me like another case of non-technical people "ordering" programmers....

It's National Hemp Day

So, how long does it take to hand-count Iowa ballots? The

AK North Slope 6F Hotter Since 1970, Driving River Flows To Record Highs, Ongoing Pipeline Damage

Trump Wants John Bolton Criminally Investigated After Impeachment

"I am a member of no organized political party."

Brian Wilson starts petition to stop Mike Love "Beach Boys" from performing at trophy hunters show

Iowa Shmiowa...

The Latest From Frack World - Let's Recycle Used Fracking Water For Drinking, Crops And Livestock

I'm not a member of any organized political party

" we expected to have a media narrative last night, and we don't."

Acidification: Samples From HMS Challenger (1870s) Show Plankton Shells 76% Thicker Than Today

The Rundown: February 3, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 01/29/20

Just count the paper ballots...

Paul Burlison, lead guitarist for Johnny Burnette, was born on this date.

CU Boulder: Carbon Released From Abrupt Permafrost Melt Twice That Previously Estimated

The Money Behind Trump's Money

Pete Buttigieg on MSNBC now showing the world what a grown man acts like.

"The Last Face". Wow. What a powerful movie!

WAPO: Is Bernie Sanders really happening?

Bloomberg would back Sanders over Trump, but hopes he would change policies

Speaker Pelosi calls Moscow Mitch a fully owned subsidiary of the WH

Couldn't be prouder of Mayor Pete.

Iowa caucuses turnout: Entrance poll shows dip in first-timers

Whatever the shortcomings in Iowa's caucus apparatus, it is clear that one aspect of its

Sanders Campaign's Internal Caucus Numbers Show Them Winning Iowa, With Biden a Distant Fourth

It's Bernie's fault again

Biden Touts Endorsements After Uncertain Iowa Finish

Any predictions of tommorow headlines SOTU?

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Ends 16-Year Mission of Discovery

Is there a chance the Senate might censure Trump?

Breakfast , Tuesday 4 February 2020

Democrats should keep their eye on the big picture in regards to the impeachment.

this is the end of iowa as a factor

Russiapublicans (Trump and Russia) WANT Americans to have no faith in their election systems


If we win the election by one vote I expect our leaders to fight like hell

When all is said and done, let's remember what we all knew two days ago:

2020 Iowa turnout might meet low turnout of 2016. Bad omen for November.

No more caucuses

iowa caucus

CBS last night: "What is happening tonight is exactly what Bernie Sanders asked for"

Will Joe Biden's suspected fourth place finish be mitigated by the chaos?

DNC changes the rules regarding the debate stage

I heard this, about Iowa

Remember folks, Russia's goal is *chaos*, not to just help the kGOPb

Anger, Fear, Guilt, Shame: "We Come Back From Our Field Seasons Increasingly Broken"

Michael Bloomberg ramps up California campaign as rivals finish race in Iowa

No phone to call in result?

I sincerely hope that Rush gets adequate pain relief during his illness.

Pete knocks off a CBS 'Democrats in Dissary' interview - with Style.

BREAKING ENDORSEMENT @CarolineKennedy endorses @JoeBiden

What Swing Working-Class Voters in Battleground States Are Thinking

For a while, I've been saying that Iowa doesn't matter.

BREAKING: New Statement from the Iowa Democratic Party

Former Kenyan president Daniel arap Moi dies at 95

"I take a HARD PASS at treason."

Court raises sentence for banker who smuggled a Picasso

Iowa Dems say they plan to release caucus results 'as soon as possible today'

It's very likely that Pete went in the doors last night with the most voters.

We all have some hard choices to make


Arizona man accused by federal authorities of threatening to kill Adam Schiff

NPR interviews Iowa woman who says she might be a racist to explain her support for 45

Gallup Poll has Trump at 49%.

He Alone Is What They Serve.

Tech firm started by Clinton campaign veterans is linked to Iowa caucus reporting debacle

Dutch rightwing leader under fire over false account of harassment

Bernie Sanders just SAVED the Democratic Party

Since I learned programming in FORTRAN 57 years ago on a computer the size of a small car I know

It's very likely that Pete went in the doors last night with the most voters.

Iowa Dems Botch Caucus Count, Gift Biden a Second Chance

Michigan State University removes gift shop display depicting black leaders hanging from tree

The death of Iowa

Bernie's Philosophy On Life Is One We Can All Relate To (Rational National)

Nashua mayor endorses Buttigieg ahead of New Hampshire primary

Democrats do not want to impeach again, but....

White House excludes CNN from annual pre-SOTU lunch with news anchors

I feel that we stand on the edge of a cliff ...

Wolf Blitzer....'A truly stunning meltdown of the vote reporting system'

Coronavirus: Still only 13 deaths outside Wuhan/Hubei province (out of 427)

CNN: Approximately 250 precinct results still outstanding

I was prepared to give the DCCC $50 yesterday

DNC Mulls Asking Donald Trump To Run As Democrat In Effort To Stop Sanders

Ex-Obama official exits Israeli spyware firm amid press freedom row

We have a winner!

Ok Amy was having a pretty good night but now has even a better chance

Re: Turnout , the caucus process is intimidating

The Senate Impeachment Vote Is "Truth Matters" Vs. "Nothing Matters"

Iowa doesn't smell right

All I can do is shake my head.

Rush Limbaugh plans to apologize for all the pain he has caused

We need a national primary and high-tech campaigning that's better for candidates and voters.

Trump set to confront his impeachment foes

My take on the Iowa Thing

Pic Of The Moment: Preparations Underway For Tonight's SOTU

Dayton, Ohio - Six months ago today

Should Caucuses be banned?

Tongue-in-cheek, tinfoil hat CT re: Iowa debacle

Someone has been dipping into the inventory.

Top Navy SEAL commander resigns after apparent disagreements with Trump

Bernie and Pete get screwed, everyone loses.

the DNC should declare the iowas caucus results invalid

NYT: The Joy of Cooking Naked

BREAKING: Iowa results might not be released today, party official warns

SOTU....Will Trump go there?

New Hampshire is the problem. It is their insistence on being the 1st primary

I have tried, although casually, to read Bloomberg's platform

Britain to ban the sale of new gas, diesel and hybrid cars from 2035 (NBC)

This came across my twitter feed . A little ? insight? for my fellow Bernie and Liz supporters

How long before tRump gives Rush one?

What grade do you give IA for the conduct and reporting the results of their caucus?

My father's advice

Derrick Nnadi paid off the adoption fees for every dog at KC Pet Project locations to celebrate SB

I have been sick and

Ha ha!

Punxsutawney Phil...

Devin Nunes' Hometown Newspaper Slams His Donald Trump 'Obsession,' Endorses Rival

I'd rather clean out my toilet than watch the state of the union address tonight

The Death of Iowa

Problematic app used in Iowa caucuses also set to be used in Nevada, sources tell CNN

Not all of it was a clusterf***?

App Used to Tabulate Votes Is Said to Have Been Inadequately Tested

Rush Limbaugh denied health risks of smoking years before lung cancer diagnosis: 'I would like...

Mike Bloomberg campaign ad: "The Real State of the Union"

Now is the time, my friends, to show what we're made of. We can all see the widespread "media"

Joe doesn't seem to be too upset, just moves on to victory where the race will be decided

How the 2016 Minnesota Caucuses Worked

Shadow has job openings

Dems' honest mistakes v.

The fiasco in Iowa gives me the heebie jeebies...

Dear Iowa,

Iowa: Take a chill pill, everybody

Numerous caucus goers went home after first allocation

Well, I tell people to make sure they are checking the status of their voter registrations.

Can Kasky on Amy's supporters in IA

It was the Zionists.

Threat against Adam Schiff

The Iowa Caucus

Rosa Parks Was My Aunt. It's Time to Set the Record Straight

Another gripe against the Super Bowl halftime show, this one though is totally nuts.

can we discuss the idiocy of gatherings like caucus during the worse

Rick Wilson for the win!

Nightline sickened me last night

The pikes for the SOTU - Sack cartoon

Biden: Impeachment hasn't 'shaken my faith' in working with Republicans

"Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy your flight and thank you for flying Air Asscarrot"

Wish that Buttigieg won - when he ran for the DNC chair

Can we get serious about reform of nominating process?

Article in The Guardian About Iowa Caucus

I demand to see this buddy film!

No caucus, No electoral college! End this crap!!

Remembering - Hilda, the plus size model

How Florida man traffics drugs:

Michael Bloomberg spent the Iowa caucus fiasco in California cooly mocking Trump

Bloomberg hits Trump in ad ahead of State of the Union

Democracy is a messy process - lets go back to how they chose candidates originally....

You raised $1,051.60 on February 3, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

This Is The Buzzy Democratic Firm That Botched The Iowa Caucuses

App Used to Tabulate Votes Is Said to Have Been Inadequately Tested

Iowa results may not be released today.

Wow, stocks are surging today


Yes Marco I Am Tired Of Impeachment Trump Should Just Resign Now

Claudio Bonadio, Argentina's "Ken Starr," dead at 64

Andrea Mitchell just mentioned the Romney Santorum mess in Iowa that DUer John1956PA posted about

Warning from Electronic Frontier Foundation: the formation of a global surveillance police state.

First line of an email from Sanders a half hour ago:

This will probably not be the longest delay of the Iowa results in the past 10 years

BLMAlaska wants to overturn protections for Alaska's Teshekpuk Lake

Has Joe Biden already been swiftboated?

This whole Iowa mess leads me to one word: Russia.

WTF! #MayorCheat trending on Twitter, helped by Bernie supporters including TYT's Jeff Waldorf

Beware The Bots Folks

British Press Boycotts #10 Downing when Boris Johnson Tries Trump Tactic of Excluding Some Press.

New Hampshire, WCVB/UMass Amherst/YouGov Poll: Sanders 25%

Two Million Americans Lost Health Coverage/Access in Trump's First Year

Online Voting? Iowa Demonstrates Its Folly.

Heard While In Line At Starbucks This A.M. About The Iowa Caucus....

I'm not a member of an organized political party.

This guy said what I've been thinking.

Gonna get me a sign---

Uber suspends hundreds of accounts after coronavirus patient takes rides in Mexico

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 43 - Yours in Struggle (with Barbara Smith)

Stormy Weather* is present today here in Albuquerque. I keep my car parked just outside our

"Then why didn't you stay in Mexico?"

Will America see the Acquittal of the Great Prevaricator as "Exoneration" or "Nullification"?

Republican Party Official Quits Saying GOP Is 'Propaganda Shill' for Trump

BREAKING: A "majority" of Iowa caucus results to be released by 5 PM (Eastern)

Biden's rivals in Iowa are starting to release their own caucus results showing him in 'distant 4th

After epic 'nightmare' in Iowa, dem app built by secretive firm Shadow Inc. comes under scrutiny.

IA needs to release all the results at once.

Seth Abramson with a very astute observation on the candidates' responses from last night

Would it be crass to run a betting pool for the date of Trump's stroke?

Twitter says state-backed actors may have accessed users' phone numbers

Mike Bloomberg is 5' 8" in height

First ferry built for Washington state system sells -- again -- for $200K

Hope Change Unite - Stale Words

There may well be an upside to the clusterfuck

Obama brought us hope. And when he was gone, Hell entered

The number of Caucus results that will be released (by 4PM) will be "more than 50%."

The more things change . . .

Former Tampa Mayor Buckhorn Endorses Mike Bloomberg

Cartoons 2/4/2020

Quick question about Bloomberg and what it means to be a Democrat.

Here's a solid prediction: there will be an Iowa Caucus in 2024

Bloomberg seizes more mayoral endorsements

My Nigerian Prince has a new name and country!

First U.S. coronavirus patient released from hospital

Trump Congratulates Wrong State for Chiefs' Super Bowl Win

What If, Future Candidates Refuse To Participate In Iowa Caucuses?

For those who have the stomach to watch the SOTU, may I suggest you have this nearby.

Actual footage of Iowa precinct captain reporting caucus results

Exlcusive video of Iowa precinct captain reporting caucus results

Nevada Dems will NOT use the app Iowa used

This question needs to be asked at the next debate

Why Sanders is The Real Winner in Iowa

I Hope Dick Cheney Wins The Auction Bid.

Hear, hear!

Froma Harrop: Donors shouldn't figure in who's in the running

Tesla is at $913 a share today, 2/4/20

Toxic 'Black Goo' Base Used by US Had Enriched Uranium. More Veterans Report Cancer

BREAKING: Nevada drops Caucus reporting app

The Iowa caucus debacle comes at the worst time for our democracy

Jeff Weaver: Sanders wins with 29.4%

Bloomberg Plans to Double Ad Spending After Iowa Caucus Problem

The Differences Between Warren and Sanders Matter

US military deploys new type of nuclear weapon seen as key to countering Russia

Former Sens. David and Mark Pryor back Biden for president,...Go Joe 😎🎨🦩

Iowa Republicans Reynolds, Grassley, Ernst defend Democratic caucuses

Trump is going to take a crap on America tonight in his SOTU "speech"

Is the Iowa caucus dead? Chaos and no results puts Hawkeye state's status in question

While we were all busy last week he was meeting with

Should we get used to this or do something about it?

Dear IDP, majority of votes is not good enough.

CBP admits it 'made mistakes' detaining Iranian-Americans at border in WA

TV lady just said "trump is experiencing his highest approval ratings ever"

This is a real-life post by an anti-abortion activist. You can't make this shit up.

At least half Iowa results expected by day's end, Dems say

Arizona man facing charges for threatening Adam Schiff

State of the Union prop bets

CNN SOTU luncheon snub

#Trumps EPA readies a present to the coal industry

Buttigieg campaign has released precinct by precinct results

Spanish Mastiff watches 'Puppy Bowl' with extreme enthusiasm

Triumph in DC

IMO If the dems don't do something to fuck with #45 tonight they are

Deutsche Bank execs were aware of Trump's ties to the mob in Atlantic City and New York

Lisa Murkowski Announces She'll Vote To Acquit Trump Even Though He's Guilty

"John Lewis - Get in the Way" airing against SOTU on World Channel tonight at 9PM CST

About that Gallup poll (distribution of Dems vs Traitors)

Toxic Firefighting Foam & Cancer in U.S. Communities: 'Forever Chemicals' PFAS, Teflon

Joe Biden's campaign tries to reassure donors he will win Nevada and South Carolina after Iowa chaos

This week's ad buys...

Mitch signed off on Collins voting for witnesses.

#RepubloFascism to replace democracy on Wednesday

Cuomo scolds Iowa Democratic Party: You had one job

Iowa Caucus, strange game.

Some people have asked how it's possible for candidate's count to go DOWN in the second round in IA

Bernie interview on caucus results

Bernie 2020 releases updated internal #IowaCaucus totals with 60% reporting:

IMHO, the big winner out of Iowa is Mike Bloomberg

I am submitting my first real proposal today and I am freaking out!

What Good Is Partial Results?


Robert Reich on Mike Bloomberg

Trump will expose himself tonight

Trump Allies Push Iowa Caucus Conspiracy Theories as Dems Feud

Rand Paul outs alleged whistleblower despite warning from fellow Republican

Bloomberg: Early-state campaigning less efficient than going to big states & swing states

Best (and funniest!) take on the Iowa Caucus yet!

A bad night for Biden in Iowa is good news for Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Bloomberg

Predict the order of the IA caucus. I'll go first

Is what happened last night in Iowa reflective of how the national Democratic party...


"We're very, very sorry, and it won't happen again..."

Bernie Sanders is 'extremely disappointed' Iowa Democratic Party hasn't released caucus results

Buttigieg campaign released a memo in which it detailed its internal data from last night.

Trump Caught Acting Like Drunk Toddler During National Anthem

Tea Party Republican, Joe Walsh, on #Cult45

I tried. I can not!!!!! continue

An 8-year-old pays off the lunch debt for his entire school by selling key chains

Starting to laugh in the department store: Reminder of the contest for "Repetitions" - number 2

Rand Paul reads alleged whistleblower's name on Senate floor

This is what they call "dirty tricks", or more colorful labels:

Trump team uses Iowa caucus to spread lies about election 'rigging'

Final Result from one of 5 Muslim Community Organization's caucus sites.

Bloomberg's billions stay veiled while funding 2020 campaign

I'm sorry, but I have to chuckle about last night

CNN's John King admits story Biden would try to block IA results release was BS from rival campaigns

I know they meant to do the best they could.. but Jesus that was frustrating.. caucus

Joe Walsh says he no longer has a place in the Republican Party

Dem candidates snipe at each other and Iowa officials as they await results

Trump unleashed: New report says the president wants Bolton criminally investigated

Here's the Shadow Inc. App That Failed in Iowa Last Night

Everybody calm down!

Reason to worry?

Oaths matter

538 - The importance of an Iowa bounce

Last night I had a dream I sat in on a therapy session for Trump.

Dissing on the Outdoors

We have no results from the Iowa caucuses. NO PARTIAL RELEASES!

I make videos on Youtube: PLEASE HELP

Hong Kong reports virus death as workers strike at hospitals

POS Ken Buck invites Eric Okeefe to SOU

Which candidate benefits most from delayed Iowa results?

White House Aide Inspects The President's Adderall Supply Before Tonight's State of the Union

Interesting how betting odds have each state predicted

Who's tuning in tonight to see The State of...

Earth to Iowa, come in Iowa. A preview of the November election.

Andrew Yang gets it.

If then we have angels...

It ain't about lung cancer. It's about the hate and damage to the country LIMBAUGH has done. Updated

Instead of Caucuses, why don't they just do Ranked Choice Voting?

Trump reminds me of the little girl in the movie The Bad Seed.

AT&T is doing exactly what it told Congress it wouldn't do with Time Warner

Ntl Harvard/CAPS Harris poll Biden 31 sanders 20 Bloomberg 13 warren 12

Any Thoughts

The amateurishness of local party organizations is utterly amazing.

Rand Paul just read the alleged whistleblower's name on Senate floor

Booga booga!

Who else thinks tRUMP will use what happened in IA to claim

They are promising the "majority" of votes this afternoon?

Son calls out father's 'racist' comment after 'Why didn't you stay in Mexico?' outburst

Chris Cillizza: The 1 BIG thing Iowa Democrats just don't seem to get

Christian Activist Wants To Sue The NFL Because Their Halftime Show's "Crotch Shots" Endangered His

Blindly crossing a dangerous highway, ignoring all of the on coming danger.

"Calm down-- get a hold of yourself!"

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley announces that she is boycotting tonight's SOTU

AOC: I will not be attending the State of the Union.

Hey! I'm going to a STL Blues game 2 nite

Bloomberg has now increased campaign staff to (checks notes)...2,100 people.

A bad night for Biden in Iowa is good news for Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Bloomberg

Now there's an idea we can all get behind...

Iowa Caucus from an Iowan

Flashback: SOTU 2019

Homophobic Caucus Voter Wants Vote For Buttigieg Back After Finding Out He Is Gay

It's beginning to appear that the problem wasn't with using the App to report results...

'He misled everyone!' Israeli leader fumes at Jared Kushner as Trump's 'peace plan' spirals down the

When I left my car for an oil change, my radio

"I'm worried about the DNC because they are a corrupt organization..."

Democratic Infighting Escalates as Candidates Await Iowa Results

Coronavirus Updates: Cruise pax cannot disembark in Japan / 1st HK death / update on US quarantine

McCaskill just said that

Starting to pay attention to Bloomberg more closely

"I will vote to acquit on Article 1," Sen. Susan Collins announces.

Have you all seen the Trump Super

Why Are President Trump's Poll Numbers Going Up?

Think back to Helsinki. Let's speculate.

Maxine Waters will not attend SOTU

Guernsey making utter idiots of themselves

Dump says SOTU will be "extraordinarily low key"

I'll have to miss the SOTU speech.. bummer..

Question about bcc.

Virologists Find Coronavirus Is 80% The Same as SARS, Which May Help Us Neutralise It

Collins, Murkowski and Alexander will vote to acquit, bipartisan conviction vote hinges on Romney

I may be a minority of one but I think we'd want every one of our Democratic representatives ...

46 Years Ago Today; The Symbionese Liberation Army kidnaps heiress Patty Hearst

A Plan for the Improvement of Spelling in the English Language, By Mark Twain

Republicans are making the argument on the Senate floor that it was all about "corruption"...

The half that still supports Trump think shopping and shooting

CNN - Des Moines, Iowa press conference at 4:50 PM nt

Drum Roll. . . And Susie Collins votes to. . . .

Another Republican official leaving the "cultish" GOP

Susan Collins Will Vote to Acquit Trump

Sen. Cory Booker is tearing it down on the Senate Floor!

Gloves on the floor, the "line" way behind me---let's "comment" on the POS in the White House

Macy's is closing 125 stores and laying off 2,000 employees

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 4, 2020

If Collins votes to "acquit" then we must convict her in November. She needs to pay for this.

This is the kind of thing that drove me nuts about caucuses.

Well at least the Iowa boondoggle is keeping the countdown clock at the bottom right...

Why I think so many Bernie/Warren people (and others) want Single Payer.

IDP about to speak to the press - LINK TO WATCH LIVE

"If they want to make this fun, Iowa Dems should release the caucus results...

Bernie Sanders is the reason Iowa went so wrong and now his supporters are handing Trump ammunition.

Environmental disaster far from the US kills americans. I am so not for nuclear power.

Iowa Caucus fracas akin to ACA Rollout, does not bode well for Med4all.

Iowa Democratic press conference is on ABC.

It appears that the Republicans have all decided to hang together, rather than separately?

Here's A Little Good News (for some of us): in 3 mo. the Rolling Stones are Comin Round Agin

Luckovich-Iowa Caucuses-Ass backwards

There's a new sheriff in town

IOWA Caucus with 62% of the precincts reporting:


IDP reporting 62% of precincts - Sanders leading Buttigieg by 3 pts 1st round, 1 pt second round

Iowa Caucus numbers coming in and I have to say...

Mayor Pete Leads Iowa Delegate Race With 62% Reporting (Daily Beast)

Twitter unveils new rules to tackle deepfakes ahead of the 2020 election

Early returns from Iowa seem to indicate

Kudos to those skipping SOTU

I love these "Often Disappointed, Always Disappointing" t-shirts


Bernie won the first round but Pete kicked ass in the second.

Tweet of the moment: The resume from hell

Iowa Caucus Night Speech, Buttigieg

Great Fugelsang post

Why, why, why do we always consider Murkowski and Collins in

How the US became the center of global kleptocracy

Pete Buttigieg Appreciation Thread

Iowa Still Doesn't Matter.

Collins: Trump has learned a "pretty big lesson" from impeachment and will be "much more cautious"

What's the over/under on Trump blatant lies tonight during the SOTU?

Pete was the candidate most harmed from this cacacaucus debacle.

Some confusion with two sets of numbers. On my TV it showed FINAL over second set of numbers.

More EFF News: The Safeguarding Americans' Private Records Act Builds on Earlier Surveillance Reform

The numbers the Sanders campaign reported earlier were better for Sanders and worse for Biden

Del Shannon Live in Sydney 1989 - the guy rocks out

So much for polls!

Mayor Pete speaking live on CNN

Iowa results at 62% of total

Buttigieg with a narrow lead in Iowa with 62% of results in.

Who lead the pack to drop out of the race?

Film: 'THE DEVIL WE KNOW' DuPont Chemical Coverup: PFAS, Teflon, Featuring Parkersburg, WV Residents

why doesn't the candidate with the most votes have the most delegates?

Every four years I have expressed my preference for rotating regional primareis

Oh yeah....the 2012 REPUBLICAN Iowa caucus

Disney Plus streamer hits nearly 29M subscribers in 3 months

Caucus debacle aside, the change in discourse on who can win should be why we change the order.

Secret Tape of Trump Going Nuts During Super Bowl Natiional Anthem Leaked...

" that your rose is in Bloom..."

300 million dollars.

Film: 'THE DEVIL WE KNOW' DuPont Chemical Coverup: PFAS, Teflon, Featuring Parkersburg, WV Residents

Will there be more results today, or are we back on pause?

Profiles in Ignorance

First lesson of the Iowa meltdown: Don't entrust democracy to the techies

Please everyone remember there are 38% of precincts left to report in Iowa.

Trump to award Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh

How's this for an advantage for women?

How easy it is for some Republicans to turn the other way at the cruel, divisive, unpatriotic,...

I know this is a little small of me..

Has Trump's attacks poisoned the waters for Joe Biden? nt

Trump impeachment: Republican Susan Collins vows to vote for acquittal

Is James Carville ill?


Trump and his people even lied in their Super Bowl ad.

Been to the doctor lately?

I don't understand why Buttigieg isn't the centrist replacement for Biden instead of Bloomberg.


Big plans for tonight

If Iowa had a regular primary, would Bernie be the winner?

Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata" for Old Elephant

its almost HAY FEVER SEASON. day 1 of my new remedy alerts.

Yes, Iowa matters. No, Bloomberg is not a contender.

Trump is cheapening the presidential Medal of Freedom

We've lost another lion

Yeehaaaaa....Al Franken will be on Jimmy Kimmel TONIGHT.

Watch a 135-pound dog become obsessed with a tiny kitten 😍

Biden is in real trouble, finishes a distant fourth in Iowa

Exclusive: Customs and Border Protection Gains an Extra Layer of Secrecy

More "Newz" on the caucus than impeachment-Hilary implicated

I am not watching the SOTU. I'm not even having the DVR alt channel tuned. Fuck Trump's Ratings!

Life is so much better when it revolves around a dog

NEWS: Sanders Campaign Statement on Partial Results from Iowa

Who is giving the Democratic response to the SOTU tonight?

Pre Iowa Numbers NH tracker

Impeach (SFV bagseed) is lasting longer than the trial...

Stupid statement by Senator Claire McCaskill

Tiny kitten CPR 😱 (Warning: intense rescue; but happy ending)

This is hank, most definitely the cutest student i've ever seen

Practicing my head tilts 😍

Friends can come in all shapes and sizes

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivers Democratic Response - LIVE tonight on C-SPAN following #SOTU

Just a friendly reminder that Bloomberg endorsed Susan Collins over Democrat Shenna Bellows

Meet River. Her mom was worried she might forget about her after a 6 month deployment.