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Bill Gates says the world needs WHO 'now more than ever'

Jeopardy fans - spoiler


"...Rich Americans Are Getting Stimulus 'Checks' Averaging $1.7 M."

The TOP fundraiser among ALL Senate candidates (Incumbent and Challenger) is.....

"Operation Gridlock" is in full effect, and by all accounts it looks dumb as hell."

Why a coronavirus vaccine could take way longer than a year

Discussions of What Trump Knew and When He Knew

Frontier Communications drops into Chapter 11 bankruptcy

WHO director calls for unity to fight coronavirus after Trump orders halt to U.S. funding

This will choke you up:

China is undercounting, Florida is undercounting, many deaths aren't being reported as COVID19

Trump's Deadly Search for a Scapegoat

We were the 45th country to impose travel restrictions on China...!

New York nurses union to sue state health department, hospitals over equipment shortages

Donald Trump's 3-Month-Old Tweet About China And The Coronavirus Comes Back To Haunt Him

I blame republicons. They could have spared American lives by removing trump.

Chris Cuomo Gets Some Bad News About His Coronavirus Battle From Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Andrea Bocelli's Easter Sunday Performance Breaks YouTube Record

Biden Claws into Trump for 'Temper Tantrums' Amid Crisis

Does everybody get $1,200? I only received $203.40.

Stop Blaming Black People for Dying of the Coronavirus

What Does 1 Billion Tons Of Ice Look Like? Placed In Central Park, It Looks Like This

FEMA Accused Of Hijacking Protective Gear For First Responders In Massachusetts Town

Barack Obama....Putin's long war against science

Does he run from the podium to avoid Post Office Questions.?

English Bull Terrier is very happy to start the day

Fact check: Trump's WHO charge sheet and how it stacks up

The media needs to ask Dump

Kanye West Just Implied He's Voting for Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election

Seattle's had less rain than San Diego, LA and Las Vegas this month

Brazilian trial for drug touted by Trump halted after 11 patients die on high dose

Two King County council members call for rent, mortgage freeze during COVID-19 pandemic

An Irish sheep herder's response to the barber being shut.

Small-business program intended for quick grants is running weeks behind

Cuomo and Cuomo could be a brother act. Love this video.

US relief checks begin arriving as economic damage piles up

Trump's name on coronavirus stimulus checks could become a 2020 campaign issue

Do you have a favorite Trump joke?

Michigan governor: People were 'absolutely' endangered by anti-lockdown protests

Ok, JMHO, I think Jimmy Fallon is killing the late night shows......

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Stuck in the Middle With You!

'A Crime Against Humanity.' Why Trump's WHO Funding Freeze Benefits Nobody

Gov. Whitmer says Capitol protesters put others at risk, may have worsened pandemic

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker says he's 'given up' on coronavirus help from the Trump administration

Need some info..

We need to start preparing for the November election NOW NOW NOW

Companies juggle Trump tariffs with payroll as recession deepens

History of Obama/Ebola vs Trump/Covid-19

It looks to me like the curves got bent downward slightly but are starting to rise again

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 16 April 2020

For Some On The Right, No Rumor Is Too Outlandish About Michigan Gov

The most dangerous man in America right now isn't Trump.

I'm getting a 20% refund of my auto insurance from AAA

Trump on WI Election Day April 13: Wisconsin, get out and vote NOW for Justice Daniel Kelly. Protect

6 zombie claims about the coronavirus that just won't go away

Number of Michigan's new coronavirus cases and deaths falls again

Seattle to issue $800 grocery vouchers to 1,000 people impacted by COVID-19 outbreak

Accountable action

San Juan Islands officials ask visitors to stay away to slow spread of COVID-19

Think one person can't change the world? Eat a

Problem with supposedly bounced emails I've never sent.

Warren on MSNBC now

The Vietnam Generation is getting fragged from both ends.

I am a terrible person.

Sen.Warren just said she would accept a VP invitation?

Jimmy Carter 'distressed' by Trump halting funding to WHO

Two factors promote the spread of COVID 19: How dense the population is and

"...Trump's Cuts to WHO Aren't About the Coronavirus"

Black vegans change health disparity amid global pandemic

The virus-fighting agency Trump gutted (it's not the WHO)

While US struggles with test shortages, ultrawealthy enclaves arrange community testing

After Anonymous Tip, 17 Bodies Found at Nursing Home Hit by Virus

Just got tis frightening email about voting in Ga.

Meanwhile, Ceasefire in Yemen while trumpers and trumpets try to shut down Lansing Mi...

clothing sales dropped 50%, grocery sales up 26% compared year over year

NJ-After an anonymous tip, 17 bodies were found at a nursing home overwhelmed by the virus.

so we don't need 30K ventilators ASAP after all?

Rachel Maddow to Sen. Warren: "If he asked you to be his running mate, would you say yes?" VIDEO

Trump wants adjourn both the Senate and the House?

Bottom line: Biden needs to pick a woman of color as his VP pick

I'm just going to throw this out there and see what sticks.

The Big Con CANNOT adjourn Congress....

So, how safe are "Drive-In" Church services?

Need information about Epoch Times

Hot spots erupt in farm belt states where governors insist lockdowns aren't needed

Warren talking about her endorsement of Biden on MSNBC tonight (2 minute video clip)

The mayor of Las Vegas is a kook. Just sayin'

April 15, 1865, Death of President Abraham Lincoln; Robt. Todd Lincoln Met Edwin Booth, Actor

Would you like to smile? Feel Good? Feel Happy?, hit link, posted by catbyte in lounge. 5m:22secs

One T-shirt (if this works for you, NO cutting and a whole T-shirt)

History of the corona virus - Sack Cartoon


"Navy May Reinstate Fired Captain to Command of Roosevelt"

Prediction of Metal Organic Frameworks for Vacuum Swing Absorption of Carbon Dioxide.

Hillary Clinton on WHO.. "He should know: violating spending laws got him impeached.

Hot spots erupt in farm belt states where governors insist lockdowns aren't needed

Trump's call with Wall Street didn't go as planned

Tweet of the Day

'He' changed the color of his hair?

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Obama Endorses Biden & Trump Endorses Himself

A conversation between Jackie Robinson and Jack Buck

Lee Konitz, Prolific And Influential Jazz Saxophonist, Dies At 92

Without baseball in St Louis, the Cardinals dug an amazing interview out of the archive-

2020 US Presidential and Senate Election- States Democrats win both, the Presidential or the Senate.

Should I be worried if we have direct deposit but didn't get our stimulus check?

Democratic lawsuit challenging Arizona absentee ballot deadline cites Supreme Court ruling on Wi.

Emergency room doctor, near death with coronavirus, saved after experimental treatment

Looks like maybe New Mexico has peaked in number of new cases/ day. Anyway good analysis here:

Trump threatens to invoke never-used constitutional authority to adjourn Congress and push nominees

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest prez of all?

Fox News: We Report, You Die!

Today cases of covid are doubling every ten days in Canada which is

I just love this graphic I saw today - so I'm sharing it :)

Speaking of Rats...

Just got this from a friend..........

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Attacks The W.H.O. & Kellyanne Can't Count to COVID-19

No words

Agolf Twitler won't wait until May1st to scream mission over

The Daily Social Distancing Show - A Ray of Sunshine: COVID Ghost Cops, Lego's PPE & "Essential" WWE

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo orders all people to wear face coverings in public

Flip the TX House with BETO! Zoom meeting on Sunday, April 19th at 2:45 p.m.

The Daily Show - INCREDIBLE: President Trump Makes Big Breakthrough on Testing

Oklahoma health commissioner's SUV purchase canceled

Protesters rally for NC to reopen

Seth Meyers - Former President Obama Endorses Joe Biden - Monologue - 4/14/20

If Corporations are People, as the Courts Have Decided, then:

Democrats guide to regaining a majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

Support WHO April 18: Star-studded Global Citizen One World Together at Home

Ohio Supreme Court restores voting rights proposal after Republicans split it in four

1964, Shatner and Nimoy!

Seth Meyers - Late Night White House Briefing: President Trump, What Could Get You Out of Office?

Report: Roy Halladay was doing stunts when plane crashed

Democratic Party scores overwhelming victory in S.Korea elections

Impatience with business closings aired at virtual meeting with R.I. leaders

Anybody have any good lines on Project Rasputin and Michael Caputo?

Hot spots erupt in farm belt states where governors insist lockdowns aren't needed

How China's "Bat Woman" Hunted Down Viruses from SARS to the New Coronavirus

Seth Meyers - Trump Repeats Coronavirus Failures in Push to "Reopen" Economy: A Closer Look

Best picture ever taken 😍

*WHUT, The rise and fall of the senator who led a Cold War crusade against communists

PSA: I discovered a neat trick to keep me from touching my face.

Tooning Out The News: New Species Fills President Obama's Pauses

Sarah Kendzior says

Princess to America: You Stay at Home and Quarantine, I'm Exempt.

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic website offers simulation with Jews as cryptocurrency

Eric Clapton & Derek Trucks - Layla

U.S. Department Of Justice Says Houses Of Worship Have No Constitutional Right

Eric Clapton & Derek Trucks - Layla

(Jewish Group) Synagogue torched in northern Russia

26 Reasons John Cornyn Needs to be Voted Out of Texas in 2020

The 1989 SF earthquake, 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and Covid-19 Quarantine

San Francisco's new contact tracing program could help California emerge from isolation

ME-SEN: Sara Gideon Outraises Susan Collins

Really cool graphic (file size?) explaining how privacy-protected contact-tracing app works

Trump's Deadly Search for a Scapegoat

Tin Foil Hat Time once again!

States go their own ways on environmental enforcement during crisis

The Troublesome Tara Reade Story

Who is the Gov of Louisiana?

Collins: Trump uneven on coronavirus

My Top Ten list of places Trump can "re-open" first:

Glazunov and Debussy

Question about #OpenWeStand

Gov. Tom Wolf will veto bill to reopen more Pa. businesses, as top health official warns legislation

Do you know someone in your community?

Reelection prospects darkening

Funniest thread I've read all week, and that's alot of threads.

Gov. Justice: WV should be able to avoid layoffs, program cuts with federal stimulus funds

Restaurants are getting creative during the COVID-19 lock-downs...

tedeschi/trucks - angel from montgomery & sugaree (live from Oakland) released Monday, KILLER!

Trump's Entire Coronavirus Response Is Massive Political Corruption

Companies juggle Trump tariffs with payroll as recession deepens

2 more from Glazunov

W.Va.'s Longview Power Declares Bankruptcy Citing Low Energy Prices, Coronavirus

(Jewish Group) Iranian health ministry holds antisemitic coronavirus cartoon contest

'The trees are my grandparents': the Ecuador tribe trying to save its culture

China, Europe Show Restarting Virus-Hit Economies Not Easy

DeWine called Battelle a game changer. A hospital executive called it a price gouger

fyi - interesting twitter thread on DT adjournment threats for Congress

Well, wouldn't you know? A Trump ignored Federal guidelines!

Coronavirus: Ohio jobless fund to go broke by June without bailout, Husted says

Read this before you raid your 401(k) during coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus: Honda announces furloughs, early retirement program

'Something In The Past': One Way, Jesse Powell

I have found it easy and successful to shop online...

Ohio Sues Chagrin Falls Man for Hoarding, Price Gouging on Thousands of N95 Masks

FDA approves low-cost ventilator

(Jewish Group) Chinese-American groups return a Jewish message of solidarity by providing PPE

Summa Health furloughs 360 employees, citing coronavirus financial impact

(Jewish Group) Meet the challah-tinkering yeast scientist helping pandemic bread bakers get a rise

COVID outbreaks reported at 7 nursing homes, assisted living facilities in Shelby County

Senate Democrats To Trump: You Failed At Managing National Stockpile

Gov. Lee announces free COVID-19 testing for Tennesseans; 2 sites in Tipton, Fayette counties

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/15/20

Protests erupt outside Capitol over Beshear's handling of pandemic, disrupting briefing

Stephen Colbert Talks To Astronaut Jessica Meir LIVE From The International Space Station

Stimulus checks could be delayed for people who used some tax advance services

Enough is enough

South Korea sees the largest turnout in almost 30 years in election held during coronavirus outbreak

Boy, 4, can't start chemotherapy for brain cancer due to coronavirus diagnosis

Coronavirus: South Korea holds elections in masks and clinics

Robberies, carjackings increase since Memphis issued Safer at Home order

As coronavirus rages, gay couple gets spat on & called diseased during trip to supermarket

Texas sanctions judge for displaying rainbow flag in court

the reaction ♥

"I pulled a 1,500-year-old sword out of a lake"

Coronavirus Live Updates: Singapore Sees Record Number of New Cases

Prediction when other countries restart

Joyride: 1986 Theft of a Marine A-4 Skyhawk

US says Iranian vessels 'harassed' American warships in Arabian sea

US says Iranian vessels 'harassed' American warships in Arabian sea

Trump's Propaganda Video May Have Violated the Law

Did anyone hear the question by the FOX reporter to Trump at yesterday's briefing?

Willie Davis, Packers Hall of Famer, Is Dead at 85

Trump whining about Congress holding up his judicial appointments.

3 Reasons Why US is Epicenter for Big Cat Breeding, Trading

Flashfoward another four years. It is unthinkable.

Coronavirus: 668 infected on French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders - Must Read

State repugs vote to over ride governor stay home order

I want President Biden to immediately ground all flights

So the latest I hear from trump cultist

The True Danger of the Trump Campaign's Defamation Lawsuits

Thursday TOONs - Signature Achievement

Breakfast Thursday 16 April 2020

Trump is odd man out as approval ratings soar for world leaders' handling of the coronavirus pandemi

Cops Urge Residents to Wear Pants When Checking Mail 'This is your final warning'

Relying on Science and Politics, Merkel Offers a Cautious Virus Re-entry Plan

Patriotic Quotes

Why are there different looking sites for IRS get my payment?

Appeals court refuses to block Michigan redistricting panel

Trump denied he wanted his name on stimulus checks. Here's how it happened.

'Spectacular' artefacts found as Norway ice-patch melts

WWII veteran, age 99, raises millions for UK health service

Pelosi can essentially ignore the resolution from Senate-starving Trump of the disagreement he needs

Joe & Jill Biden coming up at 8 AM on MORNING JOE.

Trump convenes sports commissioners in hopes of filling stadiums

Working On A Building

Trump convenes sports commissioners in hopes of filling stadiums

Greenland Lost 600 Billion Tons Of Ice In 2019, Aided By Stuck Jet Stream, Clear Weather

Good video on coronavirus

Ivanka Trump, Disregarding Federal Guidelines, Travels to N.J. for Passover

BirthStrike And The Questions It Confronts Moving Slowly Into Mainstream

Takeaways from internal documents on China's virus response

Warren: If Biden asked me to be VP, I would say yes

UK: "...significant element of social distancing might have to remain until a vaccine is available."

Nazi death cult be like...

Navajo Nation extends weekend lockdowns as virus cases rise

Hamptons bicyclist files police report after verbal confrontation with CNN's Chris Cuomo: report

April 16 - Happy Birthday Mayor Sam Liccardo (D) San Jose

W.H.O. Dunnit

Keystone Pipeline Hits Permit Snag Over Environmental Concerns

President Biden.

A check with Trump's signature?

Elizabeth Warren says she would accept being Joe Biden's running mate

Here's a bunch of photos from World War II that prove regulation haircuts don't win wars

Trump Super PAC Tests 'Beijing Biden' Campaign

The confederate flags are a nice touch...

Medical intelligence sleuths tracked, warned of new virus

Medical intelligence sleuths tracked, warned of new virus

We Can Now Expect More & Longer Blackouts - More Violent Weather, Shortage Of Utility Crews (COVID)

U.S. now has 22 million unemployed as economy sinks toward Depression-like scenario

5.2 million new unemployment claims last week

Bald eagles, eaglets found nesting in arms of Arizona cactus

GOP Assholes Already "Attacking" Climate Models Now Turn Their Squirt Guns On Disease Modeling

No 10 claims coronavirus crisis strengthens need for UK to be free of EU regulation after 2020

U.S. races to stock up on dialysis supplies as kidney failure ravages virus patients

Trump Administration Officials Warned Against Halting Funding to WHO, Leaked Memo Shows

Pentagon: $10B cloud contract that snubbed Amazon was legal

I know it's fox but did anyone see Mark Cuban?

Republicans Are Trying to Kick Thousands of Voters Off the Rolls During a Pandemic

'Commander' of New Mexico group that detained migrants near border is sentenced

The Rundown: April 15, 2020

Pageturn: Comics with a Smile

Art of the Week: Week of 4/15/20

Tiger King Comic Book Adaptation In The Works

Happy National Eggs Benedict Day! 😋

Poor immunity or mutations? South Korea investigates 'shrewd' coronavirus as reinfections creep up

At least 5,670 nursing home residents have died from coronavirus

'Bring every ship in': Former Navy secretary says

Lady GaGa speaking about mental illness on Morning Joe.

Putin accepts Trump's offer to ship ventilators to Russia

Calvert County (MARYLAND) tells people when to shop -- by last name and date

Court Rules Photographer Gave Up Exclusive Licensing Rights by Posting on Instagram

The Rude Pundit: The Divine Right of Trumps

Israel's Netanyahu, Gantz miss government deal deadline, deadlock persists

Did I just see that 5,500 senior citizens have died in nursing homes?

With no tourists around, animals at Yosemite are 'having a party'

Elon Musk Promised Ventilators. None of Them Showed Up

Shitstain's Big Business "Reopening" Meeting: CEOs Demand Massive Increase In Testing

United says travel demand "essentially at zero shows no sign of improving in the near term"

Trump says he can adjourn Congress. He's misreading the Constitution.

The media knows darn well that those protest of "stay-ins" was a drumpf

The Silent Republicans

John Bolton's book has been delayed until May due to White House review

Some media outlets need to give Joe Biden 2 hours everyday on tv, just like Trump!

SHOCK: Fox Host ADMITS Conservatives Are Hypocrites

SICK: Trump DELAYING $1200 Checks to Put His Name on Them

David Corn: Adam Schiff: Why We Need a Coronavirus Commission to Investigate What Went Wrong

BBC World News - South Korea election

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 04-15-2020

Trump's 'total authority' boast should've enraged Republicans. Instead they shrugged.

The murder spree continues, death toll numbers be damned!

Thread - price gouging

As a SS recipient my search for gov check shows "Payment Status Unavailable"

Willie Davis, Packers Hall of Famer, Is Dead at 85

Where is Susan Collin's "concern" about dismissing Congress?

Trump loves empty gestures. And he's averse to work.

The news media really needs to have a serious conversation as to why some churches are staying open

If Trump claims to be in charge, when will the press ask him if he is responsible ?

Totally Non-Traditional Saag Paneer (with feta!) Recipe

Stacey Abrams On Voting Rights, COVID-19, And Being Vice President

Trump and the Postal Service

10 California nurses suspended after refusing to treat COVID-19 patients without N95 masks

Nurses Suspended For Refusing To Provide COVID-19 Care Without N95 Mask

New study says Trump has 'dangerously undermined truth' with attacks on news media

Capitalism is dead, long live Corporate Socialism!

"If Crab House fails the government's test, then...."

Philly Fed manufacturing index plunges in April (Lowest since 1980)

Nurses suspended for refusing COVID-19 care without N95 mask

Amy Klobuchar is Joe Biden's most logical pick for vice president

Newsom: California unemployment hours extended; $125M fund for undocumented immigrants

This is great. From Eric Columbus on Twitter:

I'm back from my first 'away from home' outing in a MONTH

Republicans who don't like Trump have no excuses: Endorse Biden

Trump Defends Decision to Sign Stimulus Checks

There's an owl in my neighborhood, I can hear him....

A plea to the media: Why aren't you asking a critical follow-up question?

For those of you who get a physical check. In front of trumps name write FUCK in tiny letters.

Because you can never have too much David Bowie.

Carnival Executives Knew They Had a Virus Problem, But Kept the Party Going

How coronavirus hitched a ride through China

Trump's Lies Are Killing His Supporters as COVID Starts to Sweep Rural America

Why were there protests only in MI? Hmmmmm

Matt@mattduss:Inciting against foreign enemies to distract from their own massive governing failures

A Brief Note On The Term 'Neo-Liberal'....

Some stimulus checks are being sent to the wrong accounts: 'The bank account number is not even clos

WaPo Editorial Board: Liberty University's shameful crackdown on journalists

looking at a few news pics today, did trump change his flavor - orange lemonade to

Received my first enhanced unemployment today...

Remember how in THE DEAD ZONE, Johnny Smith foresaw

Loudmouth kitty:

Cartoon: Total Authority By Clay Jones - April 16, 2020 9:00 AM

Now we know. #orangeface is sending 'his' ventilators to..wait for it..Russia.

The Epicurean paradox

Santa Fe Sculptor Glenna Goodacre Dies

Top Muslim political group backs Biden

Trump "Hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest."

I guess the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.

As coronavirus spreads around the world, so too do the quack cures

Democratic challenger outraises Graham in South Carolina Senate race

Once again, a reminder that China doesn't pay Tariffs

Russia Says It Will Accept Trump's Offer Of Ventilators To Treat Coronavirus

Kyle Larson has rights, but being a NASCAR Cup driver isn't one of them

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/16/20

Liquor stores are "Essential" in Illinois

I got my TRUMP check. Now I know what it feels like to be a lazy dumbocrat. #Trump2020

Nation's Governors Consider Forming Country

GOP governor claims coronavirus not a valid reason to vote by mail

Question regarding stimulus checks. Hubs and I receive social security direct deposit.

E.P.A., Tweaking Its Math, Weakens Controls on Mercury

Hah! Groundhog torments dogs while casually eating his pizza slice!

Lindsey Graham will be on The View this morning. Can't wait to see Whoopi rip into him.

Paycheck Protection Program has run out of money

Henry Mancini was born on this date.

Pro-Trump PAC run by McMahon pledged $18.5 million the same day DeSantis deemed WWE an 'essential

This Republican tactic to act like they care about suicide and drug/alcohol abuse is such bullshit

Las Vegas mayor begging for city to be reopened, looks like they're screwed for good now

Cat joins owner on treadmill for workout session

Farmington, NM, mayor asks Governor to allow businesses to reopen

Herbie Mann was born on this date

When is the next primary? With all the delays and postponements...

Dusty Springfield was born on this date-

Midday Music for Millennials -- MovieMusicThursday

Stefan Grossman has a birthday today.

I've thought of a new insult: "Go mute yourself!" Nt

Government check: Are you a Social Security recipient?

Trailer Promo for "Lest We Forget: Kofi Burbridge"

Remember when Donald Trump Jr compared refugees to poisoned skittles?

Dr. Oz just made the argument that we should reopen schools because *only* 2-3% of kids will die.

Kamala Harris' Plan to Save the Election

Conservative group accuses Trump of thinking he's king

AZGFD spots first documented bald eagle nest in saguaro

Charlie Crist nominates fired Navy captain for Profile in Courage Award

Charlie Chaplin was born on this date-

New unemployment filings are so high only the Great Depression compares

What borders on stupidity? +good read+

Have you noticed people do not trust anything about the stimulus checks because of Trump.

Tan Cologne

2020 Horse Racing - Saudi Cup organisers withhold $20m prize amid doping probe

Kentucky just made it harder to vote during a pandemic

Joe Biden: America is great 'because of immigrants'

The Rolling Stones (England's Newest Hitmakers) was released on this date in 1964

Who Started The Braindead Zombie Hospital Blocking Protest In Michigan Yesterday?

Meet one of the Michigan scumbags that likes to break stay at home orders and infect people.

US has passed 30,000 CoronaVirus Deaths

Nearly all US job gains since 2009 have been wiped out

Governor Cuomo Coronavirus Update April 16 2020

Stolen painting reappears after 23 years, in the same gallery where it was taken

Dear Future President Biden, to rebuild this nation, you will need an architect.

A painting of my studio...

Ivanka just trademarked "Let Them Eat Cake"

I've taken this opportunity to work on my "Beach Body"

2 single mothers denied entry into a Walmart on the same day...

Trump has started a unique civil war; The sane vs insane.

Trump's Coronavirus Claims Collapse When Met by Limits on Powers

From Okanogan County

Rikers & Roosevelt: The uncontrolled experiment on essential workers (and their wards)

City leaders to Trump: help us fight the coronavirus by paying your bills - Center for Public Integr

Medical intelligence sleuths tracked, warned of new virus

I hope Biden has a "Day One" list of tRump EOs to overturn immediately

Glitches prevent $1,200 stimulus checks from reaching millions of Americans

Pic Of The Moment: Thursday Wingnuts: Pandemic Update

Liza and Luciano...New York, New York

My thoughts? The rethuglicon states conveniently have extended until April 30th.

Major glitches with the stimulus check website

Pakistani-American doctor helps promote innovative use of 1 ventilator for up to 7 patients

Quick! What day is it???

Trumps fear of testing will go down in history as the most insane act by any president.

If I wanted a check signed by Donald Trump, I would have become a porn star.

So I sent this Newsweek article & link to a friendly trumpish neighbor.

gop wants to bypass "death panels" and send seniors straight to death

Tomorrow (Friday) is National Bat Appreciation Day.

Need help posting a jpeg from my desktop to DU. Anyone who can give me...

What an actual adult leading government sounds like

NY, LA, DC extend stay at home orders to at least May 15th, CNN breaking news


You raised $6,237.35 on April 15, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Little Donald Rally

Masks will become fashion accessories. A friend made me some out of gorgeous

Carnival Executives Knew They Had a Virus Problem, But Kept the Party Going

Cuomo just extended stay at home order to May 15.

Joe Biden Tears into Donald Trump: "Nothing Is His Fault. Nothing Is His Responsibility"

"Completely bungled response"

Are all of these handmade cloth masks people are making useful?

Co. GOP Leader Compared Stay-at-Home Orders to Nazism

157 Riverside Avenue

I'm going to the store. Need anything?

Steven Van Zandt: On life in New York, Rock Hall Inductions and the future of concerts

'Tremendous Victory' For Wildlife: Federal Judge Invalidates Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

New York and other East Coast states extend shutdown of nonessential businesses to May 15

I was thinking about the navy captain from the Roosevelt this morning

Here's wonderful photo when Mandela and Ali were still alive.

Wonder if Obamas assumed Michigan would be a relatively quiet state for Sasha to attend college?

Tracking the novel coronavirus in the U.S. - search for a county

Orange Buttplug's daily radio show.

Hear coyotes howl in empty San Francisco street as social distancing empties roads

Venerable Ajahn Chah - "Opening the Eye of Dhamma" (Part 1) - Thai Forest Theravada Buddhism

Jethro Tull - Inside

Did Nutjob Really Say This About ALF?

"These people are dead!" (clip from ALIENS, 1986)

Yesterday in Michigan

you almost couldn't design a crisis for which donnie was so ill-equipped to handle

A shout out to some DUers, while I'm thinking about it

If the Republican party was a functional, normal political party, they'd be demanding that Trump...

MSNBC's Brian Williams caricatures the president with a piercing show entry.

Trump is not enough, a pandemic is not enough, economic ruin is not enough.

Trump is the insane version of the Captain of the Titanic.

The nuts are coming out and their gloves are off . . .

Good news from Seattle, I see.

30 thousand plus dead & 22 million plus out work

A Tiny Hospital in Texas Might Help Solve the Mask Shortage

Brian Dennehy, 'Tommy Boy' and 'First Blood' Star, Dies at 81

Looking at social media, the Russian trolls are working aggressively to undermine

From comedian Robert Baril

**Breaking: WH approval ratings crash in Gallup-43%!**

Video: At Virginia Capitol Square, Anti-"Lockdown" Protesters Claim "It's Just a Cold Virus!"

Tweet of the Day

Trump's White House lifted 3,600 masks from the national stockpile for their own use

Health care worker caught in traffic from Lansing MAGA protesters

Republicans Endorse Biden

"Reopening" the USA without CA and NY (and NJ) would be pointless

Two Wisconsin inmates escaped from prison and are on the run, authorities say

The CDCs Guidelines and instructions for DIY face masks.

Information from CNN about stimulus payments...get info about your funds

I wonder if home school parents have added the Pledge of Allegiance

As Trump Bashes China, His Administration Pays Millions to a Consulting Firm Used by the Chinese Gov

Im proud to be part of this: Makers and Crafters are taking action to fill PPE gaps

Washington universities receive $191M in CARES funding, face revenue drops from room and board

Never in my darkest moments after the 2016 election

This is for my cousin Mr. Lebowski, with whom I was speaking about Garage music

'Dr.' Oz thinks it is 'very appetizing' that 2-3% children will die if US schools are opened

Put jobless back to work tracking coronavirus

MMA scumbag (aren't they all) wants guns to "protect" against non-violent criminals.

Grocery Work and the Coronavirus

WWE Hall-of-Fame Ring Announcer Howard Finkel Passes Away

what U.S. reporters should sound like...

Coronavirus: The stunning numbers behind (San Francisco) Bay Area's first month in lockdown

Cartoons 4/16/2020

WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel Dies at Age 69


Jobless rate in Washington increased to 5.1% in March

Watch Gov. Jay Inslee's Wednesday news conference here

Derek Lowe's latest blog post: "More small molecule clinical data against Covid-19"

Two Democrats enter race for Jared Mead's state House seat

White Friend Experiencing First Taste of Feeling Unsafe Going Outside

Trump is working towards a rally

Inslee: We are not close, yet, to lifting restrictions

Care homes to get virus tests leftover by Everett drive-thru

Welsh Nobel Prize climate change scientist dies after contracting coronavirus

If I wanted a check signed by trump,

The anti-Trump coalition is forming. The left and right must join.

Who Do Americans Trust Most On COVID-19?

Trump's Remarks From Downplaying To Blame Shifting Morning Joe MSNBC

Joe Biden knows it's a racist cult:

Midwest Governors Announce Plan to Coordinate on Reopening of Economy

Ivanka Trump broke her own stay-at-home advice and traveled 200 miles from DC to a Trump resort

An appropriate analogy

WI Gov Evers extends "safer at home" orders.....

Maybe I've been stuck in the house too long ....

Life of an American truck driver

Sen Kennedy (R-LA) : 'We Gotta Reopen' Country and Virus 'Is Gonna Spread Faster' When We Do

Devin Nunes Demands Criminal Charges To Distract From Coronavirus

McConnell Dismisses Trump's Call to Adjourn Congress to Make Federal Appointments

What are the chances Pres Biden will retain Ivanka & Jared for their expert advice? 🤔

Maryland county recommends grocery store trips based on shoppers' last name

"It's Better Now Than When Obama Was in Office," Says Kanye West

How an outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt became a defining moment for the U.S. military

New Coronavirus Test Could Produce Results Six Times Faster Than CDC's

Note to any Republicans

Kitsap County - No confirmed COVID-19 cases this week

I've always admired The Nation..

Why Trump is so interested in justice for Bernie

This sums it up, sort of, maybe, or not

Reopening the economy depends on testing. Trump's leaving that up to the states.

PPP: Biden, Cooper and Cunningham lead in North Carolina poll

Why do Ivanka and Jared get a salute?

A widow believed coronavirus killed her husband. It took weeks to learn the truth

So has anyone tried to put a freeze on rent and property taxes?

89 New Coronavirus Cases In Washington; 26 More Dead

While Trump cries about opening up economy-Secret Military Task Force Prepares To Secure Capital

Gold: It was fun while it lasted

Despite Federal Ban, Landlords Are Still Moving to Evict People During the Pandemic

In coronavirus scramble for N95 masks, Trump administration pays premium to third-party vendors

Mariele's Dinner (3 minutes)

At the current rate before the end of this day we will have more deaths

Emergency landing of small plane on highway outside of Montreal...

'It Conjures Up Every Racial Stereotype.' For Black Men, Homemade Masks May Be a Risk All Their Own

I think this accurately sums up the excuses and rationalizations over the years

Small-business rescue program hits limit and is now out of money

Every picture tells a story

Smithfield Foods in South Dakota is now largest coronavirus hot spot in US

One positive thing about the shutdown in CO. donnie bodybags will not be at AFA graduation,

An update on my mom

It's the End of the World Economy as We Know It

Feds look to next chapter for controversial gray wolves

Senators' plan to reopen economy -- testing 'fast, free and everywhere'

On the topic of "hiding deaths"

Ah, the dignity of the cat

Democrats in Key Races Outraise GOP Opponents

Nice potus pic

I never could stand Dr. Oz...

COVID-19 Spread in New York video

Trump's Approval Slides

[WATCH] Governor Newsom's daily presser (12:37 start)

Anyone else having more and more strange dreams these days?

"And, in the end ..."

Should Businesses That Are Open Be Required To Inform Us If They Had Anyone Working For Them That...

The loathsome Susie Q is at it again. . . .

Small business lending program on hold after reaching limit

Cat in a basket

I think it's time we do something revolutionary

Biden proposes federally funded subsidies to keep workers on payrolls

I was thinking about the approximately 2450 deaths we had yesterday from Covid19.

Why Trump must go to prison.

Does Nicolle Wallace start at 3 pm now?

CO-SEN: Hickenlooper outraises Gardner in Q1 in Colorado Senate race

My little hell hole in Mi. managed to stir up 3 more cases

The Twit tweets: Crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from her Twitter account. She wanted everyone to...

CDC: How to make a mask in 45 seconds

Scumbag Con man Pastor - The evil of men

Trump's Approval Rating Collapses To 39% With Independents

(Jewish Group)Virus outbreak in black-Jewish Baltimore neighborhood leads to anti-Semitic blame game

(Jewish Group) Letter from Sao Paolo: Amid coronavirus, Brazilian Jews face rising anti-Semitism

"Trump was acquitted by the Senate on these two counts of impeachment on February 5, 2020..."

Yo Trump - Maine may have less than 1000 verified cases of COVID-19 but w are not ready to reopen

COVID-19's Bigotry Epicenters: Asian And Jewish Americans

If antifa or Muslim Americans blocked ambulances, then somebody would have got shot

China-linked 'Electric Panda' hackers seek U.S. targets, intel agency warns

Senator Burr's Pre-Pandemic Stock Sell-Offs Highly Unusual, Analysis Shows Facebook Twitter Flipb

It comes as no surprise that the gop wants to re-open the economy


(Jewish Group) Mass. man charged w/ attempt to fire bomb a Jewish-sponsored assisted living facility

Harris on if she'd serve as Biden's VP: 'I'd be honored to serve with Joe'

(Jewish Group) Polish leaders block resolution that would have stopped restitution of property lost

Tell me about

Newsom signs executive order giving additional sick leave to food industry workers

Inside Trump's plan to reopen the American economy

A viral video of the horrible death of a covid patient would end all this yammering to end shut down

Anyone have any thoughts for an earth science book for two children age 6 & 7?

Joe Biden's Youtube has 36K subscribers. Let's see how many we can add!

Chase Bank prioritizes LARGE INDEBTED businesses over small businesses for PPP loans

Hot spots erupt in farm belt states where governors insist lockdowns aren't needed

A gay soccer player punched an opponent who called him a "f****t" & then it turned into a brawl

The Southwest is in the midst of the first-ever human-caused megadrought, study finds, ...

graduates asking Obama for a national commencement speech #ObamaCommencement2020

Not the Onion: Thank you, @realDonaldTrump for appointing me to your task force on re-opening...

Great new Joe Biden ad

LA Makes It Much Easier for Restaurants to Get a Permit to Sell Alcohol

Brazil's Bolsonaro fires Health Minister Mandetta after differences over coronavirus response

Reich @RBReich: Surprising no one, United will lay off its workers after receiving a $58 billion

RCP - 35% of Americans think that the country is on the right track

Rapidly approaching 35,000 dead. Michigan has said

Portland nursing home reports 14 coronavirus deaths after state finds slew of violations

Global warming is making western U.S. 'megadrought' the worst in centuries, study says

Most Americans Say Trump Was Too Slow in Initial Response to Coronavirus Threat

Have U.S. conservatives have always been this selfish and heartless?

So what's with the hair?

With the tan suit, even

Some Dude Named Garrett Haake On MSNBC Just Made A Funny

DeWine: We have a plan to start opening Ohio back up starting May 1

Tea Party Pukes Pitifully Plotting Protests Politicizing Pandemic Precautions


25 Million Ballots Could be Lost in Shift to Mail-in Voting

Trump's FEMA awards big N95 mask contract to shady company without medical supply experience

Intellectual Trump supporters turn out in Michigan:

I concede that it is theoretically possible that some of you know "good" Republicans. I don't,

Mark Meadows (allegedly) cried when meeting with Jared Kushner:

On my daily walk I discovered that FEMA is staging ambulances in the neighborhood...

Saw a funny bumper sticker today.

Trying to wrap my head around our death toll

Performing maintenance on cell towers: just as soon as you get used to the heights....

Elections in the Era of COVID-19 How we can vote without killing ourselves -- and ensure every vote

Quarantine Got Me Eating Like

Found a piece on Trump and his mob links with the premise that he might be a CI.

from hating Obama and "owning the libs" to a murder/suicide cult.

Louisiana pastor asks followers to send their stimulus checks to churches instead of buying food

Trump Convenes Members of Congress to Serve on the Opening Up America Again Congressional Group

Michigan health care worker blasts 'idiots' protesting stay-home order

Trump calls on governors with "beautifully low" coronavirus numbers to reopen on May 1

How Connecticut's Chris Murphy, a rising Democratic star, would run the world.

The Bully Boy Cried 'UNCLE'

☦Orthodox: "God is Glorified in His Saints!" ➕Saint Anthony of Padua➕

Douchebag Trump wasted a full week manufacturing drama and accomplished nothing

Reading Between the Lines A paean to the simple pleasures of the book--as text, object and experience

They refuse to accept science, climate change, evolution

Has anyone here ever watched "This Country" on BBC?

Amazing Grace 2020: How a high school wind ensemble is collaborating via distance learning

Stimulus check my ass

Trump got rid of something else Obama did:

American Exceptionalism

With Daffy Duck in the WH, the country is breaking into regional councils for the time being.

Something very easy to do to help the climate and our world. Maybe add your ideas?

Early peek at data on Gilead coronavirus drug suggests patients are responding to treatment

Michelle Obama to lend star power to Biden

Stanley Hudson speaketh:

Come This Fall, Come 2022, Come 2024

With the right wingers staging these social death squad rallies in front of some state capitals

Trump job approval slips 6 points in past month: poll

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Apr. 16, 2020

Governor Evers extends 'safer-at-home' order to late May, schools to stay closed for rest of academi

What is the rationale for preventing people from going to vacation homes?

A Must..Money Heist - on Netflix

Why is there a big discrepancy on reported US deaths?

Based on the prediction/betting markets, Biden is favored to win the following states...

Bolsonaro Competes with Trump to Be the Worst Criminal on the Planet, Says Noam Chomsky

"No One is Above the Law"

Switched at Birth Senator Kennedy and mr. Haney of Green Acres

And here comes today's shitshow

Found Biden and Democratic Party neck gaiters on Etsy

Rush to Vote-by-Mail Could Cost Dems the Election and Puts Millions of Minority Ballots at Risk

Here comes another brag fest...Bullshit by the barrel.

Are all the military academies holding actual graduation ceremonies? And holding them early?

Empty empathy feelings!

"We have the most advanced and robust testing anywhere in the world"

It's another anniversary!

Instead of learning from the 1918 flu pandemic, we're repeating some past mistakes


My 'going out in public' gear...

Blond again, with orange makeup.

Idiocracy where Dr Oz is a WH medical expert

Government Pays Up to Triple The Price for Coronavirus Items

Was watching a movie on my DVR and switched over to regular tv and on my local station

Roger Stone jurors say they fear for their safety and plead for privacy

E.P.A. weakens regulations on the release of mercury and other toxic metals (NYT)

I've seen it snowin' cold in the mountains

Reopening the country will be the biggest failure ever!

"We now have more Americans dead than Hillary had emails. Heckuva of job, Donnie."

It says a LOT, Betsy DeVos doesn't care who dies.

BREAKING: Roger STONE denied new trial by Judge Jackson-ordered to rpt to prison when prob dept says

CBS cut away from the shitshow - ABC & NBC are still on it. (nt)

Democratic super PAC: We will fight Trump in court over ads

Who wrote Pence's remarks about Trump!

How long are they going to keep airing this nonsense?

Pence defers to Trump like a damn geisha girl. Sickening.

Brazil's President Bolsonaro Sacks Coronavirus Health Minister

How do you pronounce OUAA?

Unemployment in Hawaii tops 37% - tourist industry pretty much DOA

WTF "Flu-like illness"???

Trump friend Roger Stone denied new trial by judge

Trump is going to blame the Republican governors when people start to.get sick.

Just in case you missed it

Does anyone have Clark Sisters Albums? Especially In Vain?

Ruth's Chris Steak House receives $20M in coronavirus relief

Remember when?

Clark Sisters. Does anyone have some albums they want to sell?

"You don't want this. Please stay home."

In coronavirus scramble for N95 masks, Trump administration pays premium to third-party vendors

Most Say Trump Too Slow to Address Threat of Virus

1 Rural Indiana Hospital; 25 Beds, 5 ICU Slots, 45 Minutes From Nearest City And Nearly Full

Miami's rich-poor divide is exposed by flawed Covid-19 testing

Tyson, if this is true--your done

Trump's Chloroquine is a Feint! It's Always Been About Remdesivir behind the scenes!

Trump friend Roger Stone denied new trial by judge

Time to start kicking the shit out of this contest. We have 15 submissions and I do not want the...

Sir Patrick Spens

CA 25 (Katie Hill's District) Moves from Lean Democratic To Toss Up

Regarding a homicidal maniac

We could have had our own Merkel, but nooooooooo:

Stanley from The Office ripping Trump a new one

I'm betting that trump has squandered a great opportunity at his rally today, Right?

To many people will go back to the old normal.

"Mr. President, Are You Going To Pardon Your Friend In The Next 2 Weeks?"

When the economy is opened back up, how long before we will see a spike in CV-19 cases?

Social Distancing With Zombies

Bad day?? This will make you laugh 🤣 Most Epic Fails

Dow futures rip 800 points higher amid report Gilead drug showing effectiveness treating coronavirus

To The Greatest Page With All Deliberate Speed

The Trump administration paid a bankrupt company with zero employees $55 million for N95 masks

New Hampshire lawmaker who opposes government aid picked to distribute virus funds

Trump ignores his own coronavirus guidelines to hold photo-op with truckers

Roger Stone denied new trial; gag order lifted

'My 81 year old lifelong republican mom called me tonight, will be voting for @JoeBiden'

Winners each and everyone of them.

You know, what ever happened to tRump's lauded 5-dimensional chess tactics?

Kim Jong Un tribute absence sparks speculation

I still don't get how the R0 reproduction rate of 2.5 will allow any states to open up....

Watching Trump's news conference.....

Have Eric and Don Jr disappeared?

I just don't care.

Trump: "... if we see a hot spot we'll be able to suppress it and wack it ... " yes, he said that.

Choose your Quarantine House:

Police's 'final warning' to Maryland residents, orders them to wear pants while checking mailboxes

Louisiana GOP blocks emergency election plan because it would let 'anybody' vote

I'm confused (again)--if corporations are people, how do they put on their masks?

You mean to tell me that the Trump rally/presser is over!

How many Republican held US Senate seats Democrats need to win to regain control in 2020?

The Sound of Covid19

CPAC's Matt Schlapp taken to task by cartoon characters for his coronavirus 'pandemic payday'

Ear worm

EPA guts rule credited with cleaning up coal-plant toxic air

Red State Governors will grovel and get conned

CPAC's Matt Schlapp taken to task by cartoon characters for his coronavirus 'pandemic payday'

4th time Birx filibusters a question and Trump doesn't allow follow up. This time ...

Imagine the scandal if Obama...

PGA Tour plans to resume in June with (first four) tournaments behind closed doors

How dumb can humans be

Isn't all this Presser talk about reopening just public masturbation?

Wearing a mask I picked up my son's ashes

Will you keep this doctor & other infected HCWs in your thoughts (prayers). He's all alone in the US

Trump says it's 'ridiculous' for the federal government to test people in parking lots --

N.M. Gov. Grisham responds to president's plan to reopen economy

The dumb just get dumber

12 Short years ago, Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt were working to get McCain/Palin elected....

'I smell a rat with orange hair':

'I smell a rat with orange hair': Congresswoman accuses Trump administration of deliberately starvin