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Mitch McConnell Is Lying Shamelessly About Obama, Because What Else Is There to Do?

For an alternate viewpoint, we're joined by a random right-wing nutjob...

Judge invites outside parties to weigh in on Flynn case

Jeff Sessions says his recusal from Russia probe was an attempt to help Trump

Hunk of Chinese Rocket Falls to Earth as Uncontrolled Space Debris

Trump Will Bring Down the GOP with Him

Former Michigan lawmaker Morris Hood III, 'conscience of the Senate,' dies from coronavirus

First tropical storm of hurricane season may develop near Florida, Bahamas by this weekend

FLIPPABLE: John Mannion for NY-SD50

If You Accuse Your Predecessor Of Crime, You Darn Well Specify What That Crime Is Deadline MSNBC

Washington Begins Contact Tracing: Here's How It Will Work

1,371 contact tracers ready assist health departments

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats are going to win.

Another "respect muh authoritah" incident of police brutality

Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Bailed Out Attorney Who Bombed Hypotheticals Test in Religious Liberty Case

6 takeaways from Anthony Fauci's and health officials' testimony

FLIPPABLE: Samra Brouk for NY-SD55


I just received a blackmail e-mail...

California's governor issues new guidelines to reopen parts of the state

FLIPPABLE: Karen Smythe for NY-SD41

Biden blasts McConnell claim about Obama pandemic prep as a 'Bunch of malarkey'

New Threat To Economy - Americans Saving Like It's The '80's

U.S. choir outbreak called 'superspreader event' in report

Democrats unveil $3 trillion aid package

Question for developers re: Zoom-like application

So How far will they ramp up "tt's Obama fault."

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Coronavirus?

Went to Costco today. Everyone wearing masks

Michigan anti-lockdown protesters spread the coronavirus to rural areas where they live

Some Covid-19 survivors face long-term complications

FLIPPABLE: Mike Siderakis for NY-SD02

At Senate Hearing, Government Experts Paint Bleak Picture of the Pandemic

American Gets Most as Biggest Airlines Win Bulk of U.S. Aid

What if trump knows he's lost and just wants to kill as many ungrateful Americans as he can?

GOP split on whether to back Fauci's or Trump's assessment on reopening economy

Congress presses Trump for answers on botched Venezuela 'invasion'

Trump Press Secy on Trump: "He's a Racist"

Infection rates were climbing at Nebraska meatpacking plants. Then health officials stopped reportin

Live results:Wisconsin's 7th Congressional district special election 1st results expected at 9:30ET

Democrat National Committee Passes New Rules That Would Allow Virtual Convention

As Trump urges reopening, thousands getting sick on the job

Opinions Trump's lawyers just made appalling arguments to the Supreme Court

Who is the Democratic house member being primaried who waited too long to demand Rump's taxes?

Homemade Fresh Strawberry Milk & Curry Udon

Texas AG warns cities against enforcing stricter coronavirus restrictions than state

Wisconsin Republicans Block Mandatory Meningitis Vaccine

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Trump Tax Returns Are Coming: SCOTUS Veteran Sees High Court Ruling Against Trump MSNBC

Well, O.K. - If you insist

If I am wrong, and boy do I hope I am, and the SC does the legal and constitutional thing

A little while ago I posted a Japanese band - Wagakki Band

the joy of spring, fresh produce, and time to make delicious things!

And the governor wants to open Iowa back up....

U.S. Supreme Court wary of presidential 'harassment' in Trump finances fight

The Rise In Nitrite Oxidizing Enzymes in Oxygen Depleted Open Ocean, Iron Demand, and the Atmosphere

PDF of pandemic playbook Obama admin gave to il drumpf's guy

Breaking: Hours after SC Supreme Court hears arguments in case to expand absentee voting, law passed

Unforgettable: Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole, Duet

I can't think of a better adjective than Charming

Trump lawyer argues for 'temporary immunity'. Will it work?

Did Anyone Arguing Before The SC Mention That He Certainly Has Enough Time

Still hot on that rabbit's tail. These folks have my attention

How do people manage? How do DUers manage?

Nebraska Primary results update:

A Look Inside the First Family's Residence (video)

Trump's Feeling Is "Why Are We Losing Everywhere"...

This murdered jogger case just keeps getting smellier and smellier

UPDATE 1-Brazil's coronavirus cases pass Germany's as Bolsonaro fights to open gyms

Democrats will NOT be picking up WI-7...

UPDATE 1-Brazil's coronavirus cases pass Germany's as Bolsonaro fights to open gyms

Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent's Stealth Takeover of America

how to ObamaGate -- check this out!

Which came first: The rotten polls or the raving?

I slept all day today. Has anyone else had strange sleeping habits lately?

Whitmer is right, the stay-at-home order is working as cases and deaths plummet

Trump Campaign Official Objects to 'POC Liberal Women' Asking 'Stupid Questions'

Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden surging - leads Trump by 8 after leading by only 2 last week.

my quarantine project: more insect photos

Brazil arrests Argentine dictatorship fugitive on Rio coast

The first rule of "fight club",

Khruangbin - Maria Tambin

One thing I noticed in today's corona virus hearing

POLL: Trump finally dipping to high thirties: Biden 46, Trump 38.

The many forms of Obama-Gate

Did anyone know there was a primary in Nebraska today? Results...

*Neal Katyal coming up on Lawrence show.

I wish we could "encourage" the MSM to devote as much time to the 25 charges of sexual

Obamagate and Other Shitty Fairy Tales (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Family of Guatemalan Woman Shot Dead by U.S. Border Patrol Sues

Family of Guatemalan Woman Shot Dead by U.S. Border Patrol Sues

On tape, Bolsonaro cites protecting his family in push to swap top Rio cop: source

Fact or Fiction.

COVID-19 news: Cases spike in Midwest and South; meat processing counties see large increases

U.S. judge puts Justice Department's move to drop charges against Michael Flynn on hold

Howard Stern hits it out of the park

Trump mentions Tiffany in a Tweet

thanks Dave

What To Make Of Those New Senate Polls That Have Democrats Way Ahead

Where Did Freedom Works Go After Congressional Townhalls Were Shut Down? Easy.

I Just Spent The Most Delightful, Amusing, Heartfelt Two Hours Of My Life.....

What To Do If Your Child Resists Online Learning

More than 6 in 10 Americans do not trust the information about the coronavirus from Trump

Native Americans make up 50% of COVID-19 deaths in New Mexico

I appreciate all of the senators and government officials that opened their homes to us today.

on MSNBC, T. Carlson against Dr. Fauci, Liz Cheney (!) FOR him!!!

Rachel Maddow Crushes Trump's Lawyers For Arguing That He's Too Busy To Be Investigated

This is Epic! Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay Buffalo Springfield Rehearsal 1986

Liberal Redneck strikes again

We Lost CA-25, Katie Hill's Seat

HOW COVID-19 KILLS--I'm a Surgeon--And Why We Can't Save You

How a trip to Honduras shaped one young US Afro Latino voter's identity

Sen. Bill Cassidy, LA. Just listened to him on PBS NEWSHOUR. He piqued my interest..

Too much Facebook

CA-7 goes to the Republicans

Much of the distrust of Donald Trump began when he lied about turning over his tax returns.

On Re-opening

Can't help but wonder what it's going to look like when the debris left by this regime settles.

WOW....Go shove it Barr

I really didn't want to post this. Tears. Lump in throat. Can't speak. 'Afghan attack: babies

Yeah, we know.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Latest in Coronavirus Science

If there really was a "deep state" out to get Trump

Spain's Oldest Woman Survives Coronavirus, Says Humanity Needs 'A New Order'

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the F**k Is "Obamagate"?

Puscifer - Apocalyptical

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why Should You Fill Out the 2020 Census?

UK rail worker dies of coronavirus after being spat at while on duty

Stunning Chen Style Tai Chi: Wuming, Shanghai

The Waking Nightmare of ICU Delirium for COVID-19 Patients

Dream a little

Hyprocisy: If Trump is a King, then Obama was also a King.

My Mom on her trip to New York several months ago...

Trans hair stylist Helle Jae O'Regan murdered in Texas; killer claimed "God sent him"

(Jewish Group) 2019 saw the most anti-Semitic incidents in at least 40 years, ADL says

Seth Meyers - White House Staffers Test Positive for COVID-19 - Monologue 5/11/20

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to co-chair Biden campaign climate task force

Once an absentee/mail in ballot is received

Coronavirus: Archaeologists uncover dozens of historic sites -- while working from home

Pacific Northwest Thunderbird blanket and Tlingit Chilkat blanket

so, the dumpster is flailing at Obamagate? the orange asshole has provoked Hategate in me.

The Sun Is Asleep. Deep 'Solar Minimum' Feared As 2020 Sees Record-Setting 100-Day Slump

Trump's gone too far now... trying to politicize cute puppies!! This will make you so mad!

Are the institutions

Your language brain matters more for learning programming than your math brain

THE BIG STEAMED BUNS from Spirited Away

Seth Meyers: Coronavirus Antibody Test PSA

'Pingers' could save porpoises from fishing nets

THE BIG STEAMED BUNS from Spirited Away

Looks as if Twitler committed voting ironic.

Xiao Long Bao Recipe - How To Make Soup Dumplings!

Late night Jazz from a wonderfully creative woman - Lynne Arriale

Xiao Long Bao Recipe - How To Make Soup Dumplings!

Dogs get difficult when they reach adolescence, just like human teenagers

The BBC4 production of Macbeth is absolutely worth watching

Test Iowa's contractor discouraging some from seeking COVID-19 tests

Saber-toothed anchovies roamed the oceans 45 million years ago

Coronavirus testing per capita: Studies show US is far from the world's leader

Watchdog calls on VA to remove headstones inscribed with swastikas from national military cemetery

Paul Krugman...for Tuesday night Triple card BINGO

Bonus Tweet of the Day

We Used To Know - Jethro Tull

Gov. Kim Reynolds pushes back reopening announcement to Wednesday

Adult skates go one step further than cartilage growth, can repair injured cartilagedffb

Useless US national Covid-19 response sees creative industries fleeing overseas.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Co-Chair Biden Campaign Climate Task Force

New tool helps distinguish the cause of blood clots

Damn Tiffany and the horse he rode in on.

Ancient anchovies were huge and used sabre teeth to eat other fish

After quoting White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett's comment "It is scary to go to work,"

Never Been a Huge Fan of Howard Stern

No Mask for Repugs but

Rejection to Genetically Modified Seeds Grows in Bolivia

Trump adviser Navarro declines invitation to testify before House panel on vaccine official's whistl

Rashad Robinson, Color of Change President discusses COVID-19, Ahmaud Arbery, and POC impact.

Brazil cities lurch to lockdowns amid virus crisis red flags

Brazil cities lurch to lockdowns amid virus crisis red flags


Author Confronts Anti-Lockdown Protesters with Warning for November Election

Tooning Out The News: Superhero wants Obamagate crime specifics

Cautious optimism

Nebraska primary voters avoid polls, shatter mail-in record

Jonathan Pie "Lockdown #6"


How come Trump is never, ever ill?

2 Men Broke Target Employee's Arm After He Asked Shoppers To Wear A Mask: Video

What the...?

Alternate usage of the stimulus payout.

Democratic challengers fight for momentum in muted Iowa Senate primary

Fox Says: 'Put Freedom Before Fear, Herd Immunity's Our Friend,' As Staff Works-From-Home

"The false promise of 'herd immunity' to beat COVID"

Provincetown-Set Hightown Is Queer, Sexy Noir in Exclusive Teaser

Chief Inspector Murphy busted his right back leg again

5 things to know today - that aren't about the virus

Cedar Rapids Custom Fitness owner hit with fine for violating COVID-19 restrictions

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/12/20

Iowa City area hospitals prepared for state's reopening

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020.

Buon-A-Petitti - Italian grandma Gina - with great youtube recipe channel

Midnight Rider - Marc Quiones (ft. Derek Trucks & Oteil Burbridge)

Maryland lays out plan for transitioning students back to in-person learning.

Will Congress send aid to ailing local news outlets?

The X-Files diagnoses our current world

D.C.-area forecast: Spectacular spring weather this afternoon;

In wake of layoffs, Rock Island County considers raises for elected officials

Pritzker says session needed, would consider withholding funds from counties reopening early

What just happened?

California House District #25 Special Election

Wisconsin House District & Special Election

Headup - Speaker Pelosi will be on Morning JoeScum

Smithsonian Creates the First-ever 3D Presidential Portrait [ 2014 ]

Built for a global economy, Dubai now threatened by virus

Broad jump, bobcat-style:

Keep hands & feet inside while vehicle is in motion.

On the bright side they won't have guns, but other than that...

Cop uses mating call on his phone to lure back zoo's escaped peacock

Trump Press Conference

High school football: State champion Refugio may have to play entire schedule on road

Trump's coronavirus mask standoff reveals the dangerous ripples of fragile masculinity

nyt: Kushner, Law Aside, Doesn't Rule Out Delaying 2020 Election

People are starting to ask to buy my work, which they can't because all the

A response to an article by Paul Krugman in NYTimes

Texas Attorney General Warns Some Austin-Travis County COVID-19 Orders Are 'Unlawful'

The special elections in California and Wisconsin are a warning sign to Democrats to get the vote

Wednesday TOONs - Masks, Schmasks

'NOVID': CMU Professor Creates Anonymous Coronavirus Contact Tracing App

Our Teachers go above and beyond once again in these trying times

Despite virus, Pompeo in Israel to talk West Bank annexation

The incompetence has overwhelmed and exasperated many Americans.

Acadia National Park. Not sure where. First 2 page spread.

I see David Gregory is on CNN, and it sure looks to me he is rationalizing the trashing of Dr. Fauci

Federal Report Backs Storing High-Level Nuclear Waste In West Texas

Paul Manafort released to home confinement amid coronavirus concerns.

A new internal GOP poll suggests tight prez, Senate races in Georgia

People are NOT falling for "everything is fine! Reopen" GOP bullshit

Biden wins Nebraska - 77% - Sanders likely gets no delegates from it 13%.

Breakfast Wednesday 13 May 2020

Carthage salon owner facing fine for reopening shop before it was allowed

And the prize for bumper sticker of the week goes to...

The Great White Shark is still off the coast, but let's open the beach!

Tyler bishop signs appeal alleging coronavirus pandemic plot to create world government

It's a circus a Newfie and a chocolate lab

Airbnb Gets Disrupted. Hosts, "Super-Hosts" Try to Survive. Apts in prime locations suddenly.......

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; May 12, 2020

Check out this nifty bit of framing from an NE-Ohio newspaper

Happy 70th Birthday to Stevie Wonder!

Paul Manafort released from prison and will serve the rest of his sentence at home: report

231 year old law should compel Mnuchin to hand over Trump taxes

Fears over Donald Trump, Jr's health after 'sweaty and glassy eyed' appearance on Fox

Well, Well: Study Shows European Oil Majors' Net-Zero Pledges Not Even Close To Enough

Energy Analyst Who Called Out Finances Of Fracking Back In 2009 Says Tar Sands Are "Done"

Obama is secretly filming you!

Back when we had a decent human being as president. (Obama the Baby Whisperer)

Dog Loves To Be Groomed By Her Cat Brother

Some context---I know that I often come off as an erratic and simplistic old man, but

Team Trump Pushes CDC to Revise Down Its COVID Death Counts

Say Her Name. Breonna Taylor of Nashville, killed by cops in her own bed

Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe.

Federal lawsuit filed: Border wall would block last jaguar migration paths

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to co-chair Biden campaign climate task force

We keep hearing about " testing testing testing". Can someone please point me to how this

I'm over CA-25 but we can never let that happen again.

Sunrise series

Surely master strategist Trump wouldn't soft-launch his new slogan without buying the domain name

He understands how to stop the virus, he just does not give a shit about you

Yale Climate Connections - Video Of Meteorologists And Their Responsibility To Report On Warming

i sent this message to some of my meatspace peeps today.

GOP Strategy: The Green New Deal Will Be Like Lockdown But Worse - So Help Us Own The Greentards!

Very important to reach out to your older relatives... even when it's your crazy aunt Jeanine Pirro.

Most Americans Say Federal Government Has Primary Responsibility for COVID-19 Testing

Best laugh of the day

NYT: Why we're obsessed with celebrities bookcases

COVID-19 Cases at One Texas Immigration Detention Center Soared in a Matter of Days. Now, Town Leade

(poll) what new hobby have you started since the lockdown

Red Garland was born on this date.

Red Alert. Losing California and Wisconsin by these margins should be viewed as alarming

The Rundown: May 12, 2020

Webcomics Weekly #86: Post-Martha's Day Edition (5/12/20 edition)

Having a rough week? Watch this little guy make pizza.

New stay home protest planned in Lansing -- and cops, leaders have message for attendees

"I don't hate Donald," Stern said. "I hate you for voting for him, for not having intelligence."

Computer geeks check in! Just got an update from Microsoft on my son's WIN-10 machine.

Joe Louis was born on this date-

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Have You Ever Seen The Rain (CCR cover)

Manafort released to home confinement

#ObamaGate equals Blaming Obama for:

Nature crisis: Moths have 'secret role' as crucial pollinators

Manafort released to home confinement

Happy Birthday to Stevie!

Coronavirus: First Brazil death 'earlier than thought'

Come on Rightwing Media - contact tracing - that's a conspiracy lay-up

Cholera in Texas in 1833, in San Antonio and Goliad, et al (Rx: peyote)

Kushner draws fierce criticism after saying he's 'not sure' he can commit to date for 2020 U.S. elec

For some seniors, virus is shifting their views of Trump

Trump Pushes CDC to Revise Down Its Death Tally

It Feels Like 2008 Again

Dear Uncle Sam

Surely master strategist Trump would not soft-launch new slogan without buying the domain name first

Apparently Trump failed to buy the domain name before he rolled out Transition into Greatness slogan

House Democrats' stimulus bill rolls back $10,000 SALT cap for 2 years

Biden and Sanders announce "Unity Task Force" members

omfg ... Watching Jim Cramer right now compare Pelosi and Powell's credibility to Trumps is sad.

May 13 - Happy Birthday Rep. Joe Neguse (D) CO-2nd

May 13 - Happy Birthday Del. Stacey Plaskett (D) US Virgin Is-at-large

They are unfit for office and the pandemic has done much to highlight how 'special' our leaders are

Yesterdays Senate hearing convinced me Trump will get trounced this November.

Gov. Hutchinson: Cease and desist order to be sent stopping May 15 concert in Fort Smith

GOP Pollster shows Biden edging Trump In Georgia

Mostly concerned about his re-election image, Trump demands the CDC dial down its death counts

Lame Bullshit Artist at Work. Get out of the Cult now, while there's still time!

Questions raised about the legality of Trump's changing his official residence to Florida

Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit

Port of Seattle officer's post about not enforcing stay-home orders goes viral

Trump Abruptly RAGE QUITS Briefing After Historic Implosion

The World is Laughing at Trump, and It's Embarrassing

What if Trump Wins Again?

All the while white privilege be like I am staying home and working on zoom.

Preemptive post

When I stole my signature line from dixiegrrrl back in 2016 I had no idea how many people would die

You raised $698.20 on May 12, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Did I just hear McConnell describe the Democratic proposal as "aspirational"?

Trump's "Base" Is Made up of Deliberately Ignorant People

The "Trump is Winning" Narrative, Debunked WE are the champions, my friends.

De Niro on the BBC

Powell warns of a possible sustained recession from pandemic

Obamagate! Trump is peddling a new fake scandal -- but reality is causing him big problems

Chloroquine smuggled into US to be falsely sold as coronavirus 'cure,' feds say

When the mail in ballots get to Harrisburg...

Hillary this morning: "I can't believe I have to write this sentence, but..."

Historical pixs - 50,000 KKK march on the streets of D.C.

A Karen Goes Berserk at Red Lobster on Mother's Day (YORK, PA)

Obama criticism gets under @GOP's skin--GREAT! I hope it causes a deep continuous ITCH!

Airlines are having trouble enforcing their face mask policies

Oh, ew: Psychiatrist Justin Frank: Trump is "aroused" by conflict with female reporters

Cartoon: Ask China By Clay Jones -May 13, 2020 9:00 AM

Today my mother turns 97.

Grocery prices reach 50-year high amid pandemic

Some sheriffs are refusing to enforce virus safety orders

MMM -- WhatevWednesday

Acting intelligence chief Grenell gave DOJ list of Obama officials who 'unmasked' Michael Flynn

Inside Donald Trump's Mind: "Why are those women reporters"

I Keep Hearing Why Doesn't He Do This Or That With China...

What Zoom meetings remind me of (Twitter)

This dog didn't trust people after he was abandoned in the desert but one woman changed everything

Business idea - huge need - touchless occupancy/vacancy indicator for company restrooms

Fascinating Propaganda poster from WWII

Trump does his own hair and make up as his personal assistants self-isolate.

Target security guard breaks arm during fight with men who allegedly refused to wear face masks

Monoclonal Antibodies in the news

Hey, DU! How would you rank federal/state priorities for the fed/state administration?

Timeline of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the U.S. Response to It

Trump does his own hair and make up as his personal assistants self-isolate.

Vox: We don't have a president, or a plan

We aren't capable as a society of opening the economy safely

Susan Collins achieves Peak Susan Collins

UNICEF: 1.2 Million Children Under The Age Of Five Could Die In 6 Months Amid COVID-19

Rand Paul Says Secret to Social Distancing Is Making Everyone Despise You

Speaking from experience; We as nation better start paying attention to Trumps mental illness.

BREAKING: Trump doubled down on getting rid of the ACA during the pandemic at the Supreme Court.

I'm not able to call up the posted videos.

OPEN our country????? Why hasn't MSM questioned why

GOP senator blocks resolution calling for CDC guidelines to be released

Searchers find wreck of USS Nevada, the WWII battleship that endured bombs, torpedoes and nukes

Fact checker for "Fahrenheit 911" and "Sicko" - "I'm breaking my silence" on new M. Moore film

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update -- May 13 2020

Coronavirus Whistleblower Warns of "Darkest Winter in Modern History" if Response Isn't Improved

Dandelions For the record. Dandelions

I said I was going to re-shoot the cactus flower with a soft box

Ex-RNC Chair Torches McConnell's Claim Obama 'Should've Kept His Mouth Shut'

Is trump karma? During this self-isolation period one has a lot of time to think...

A question about Zoom videoconferencing, Safe Driving Mode

Pic Of The Moment: No Surprise

Theory - Trump is more likely to declare the election invalid than he is to cancel the election

How to properly burn an imbecilic MAGA hat

One more casualty of COVID-19: Live musical performances.

Trump Needs To Be Told In 'TV' Terms/Words - That He Would Understand.....

I feel compelled to ask this question: With all the old folks dying....

Fox News Extends Its Own Work-From-Home Directive, Despite Hosts' On-Air Messaging

Got a call from our trash people over our check I made it out to Anthony fauci

Unveiling 'Warp Speed,' the White House's America-first push for a coronavirus vaccine

ProfessorPlague has the solution to the refuse-to-wear-a-mask idiots!!

New Normal 2.0 for U.S. Economy Looks Awful, Long, Perilous

Senegalese engineering students fight coronavirus with inventions

Born on this day, May 13, 1951: Paul Thompson, drummer for Roxy Music

How far off are we?

Cop Finds A Pit Bull Chained Up In The Rain

April saw the sharpest increase in grocery store prices in nearly 50 years

This man could have walked into Hollywood

Stephen King strikes again. 😂

Baby Trump Confronted with Coronavirus Lies Video - I couldn't stop laughing

Maybe we need a bill that all senators and house members that refuse to mask (safe distancing)

The smartest investment Trump ever made - Rocky Mountain Mike

In regards to people working from home. Questions for those engaged in this.

44% of America is a death cult

They really are that dumb

Howard Stern on DOLT45

The only player to be caught stealing and end a World Series.

What he really thought/meant in his inaugural address

Let's talk about airliner cabin air.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/13/20

Too Slim's new single debut

Jared can't call off an election. But what if Trump declares a state of emergency?

Not all heroes wear capes! 👏👏

AP Exclusive: CDC guidance more restrictive than White House

Now in paperback

What I learned ...

Ezra Klein Podcast: "Why Bernie Sanders lost and how progressives can still win."

How the COVID-19 Bailout Gave Wall Street a No-Lose Casino

Fox News even lies about Dow Jones point drops on live TV!

Elon Misk should just put down his iPhone and take a walk outside. 😂

Kangaroo Paws at Sunset:

No crime is worth the time?

Trump's Attempt To Spin the Coronavirus Crisis Isn't Working

Why the Economic Recovery Will Be More of a 'Swoosh' Than V-Shaped

Just an observation about the SCOTUS hearings yesterday


Homeless get nonprofit help applying for stimulus checks

The Day the Live Concert Returns

Cartoons 5/13/2020

212 workers test positive for coronavirus after mass testing at Tyson pork plant in Madison

Harrop: Believing all women has led to evil before

Polls: Thumbs-up for Pritzker's handling of COVID-19

Tucker Carlson Rages Against Dr. Fauci, Calls Him 'Chief Buffoon'

Interesting Jennifer Rubin piece about the future of Never Trumpers

Kim Reynolds wants people to die!

Greatest increases of COVID deaths projected in Republican states

AOC joins Biden's Climate Policy Panel

Howard Stern Tells Trump Voters What The President Really Thinks Of Them

Miss the WWE tv wrestling matches? How about some Wrestling from

Turkey accuses five nations of forming 'alliance of evil'

Donald Trump Acts Like He's a King

This is one smart pup.

Democrats try to ban Internet shutoffs until pandemic is over

Paul Doubles Down On Dig At Fauci: 'We Have To Take With A Grain Of Salt These Experts'

Stocks decline after Fed's Powell warns of further risks

Every Covid-19 commercial is exactly the same

House Democrats finalize the people's COVID-19 bailout with almost every essential thing

Supreme Court justices fear "chaos" if members of the Electoral College can defy the popular vote

Instacart delivery today, no mask on shopper

GOP Senator John Cornyn Encourages People To Sign Up For Obamacare After Fighting To Repeal It

Places to Avoid & Protect Against Covid 19, CNN: ...whole video is 2 minutes..worth watching

The View's Meghan McCain questions Whitmer's authority after Michigan gov says she fears an outbreak

Warm weather to arrive abruptly in the East this week,

National security lawyer blows apart key Justice Dept argument in dismissing Mike Flynn's charges

Looks like the White House Covid-19 tests are useless.

Buttigieg highlights importance of local officials in first post-campaign endorsements

Biden Defends His Decision To Campaign From Home During Virus Morning Joe MSNBC

Retirement in America is already uncertain. Republicans want to make it worse.

GOP Senators Follow Grenell's Cue On Flynn 'Unmasking,' Ask For Obama Admin Names

Avoid These Places to Protect Yourself From Virus,CNN: 5/13/20 ,7:21, please watch entire video.

Abbott Virus Test Used at White House Faces Accuracy Concern

Unreal Engine 5′s demo is the next-gen graphics showcase you've been waiting for

If I were a biblical person, the coronavirus has had a direct effect on business as an angry

Texas sees 1,000 new coronavirus cases 5 days in a row

Wow. Some photoshop here.

New York City's Ban On Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing Goes Into Effect

Facebook to Pay Massive $52 Million Settlement to Traumatized Content Moderators

Gov. Whitmer: Protesters 'make it likelier' Michigan will continue stay home order

If This 'Doesn't Give You Chills I Don't Know What Will': McConnell Patriot Act Expansion Would Hand

Trump administration cuts funding for coronavirus researcher, jeopardizing possible COVID-19 cure

Why FaceBook pulled the Lincoln Project Ad for Trump. "American Edge"

15 states now investigating child illness possibly linked to coronavirus, Cuomo says

Woman mauled to death by her french bulldog..a little one

Blowup over black woman doing YouTube posts on living English country life


Biden has to fight on 2 fronts.

Watchdog Demands Probe After Energy Secretary Admits WH Pressed Fed to Give Oil Companies Access to

GOP senator: 'I smell the stench of politics' in states trying to stay safe

Audio: Jerry Falwell Mocks Dr. Fauci as "80-Year-Old Egghead Doctor"

Man who painted antigay graffiti on three churches sure hopes he doesn't get deported back to Iran

Another member of the Flu Klux Klan threatens PA Gov. Tom Wolf

Received my stimulus check today

Human rights activist who went on homophobic Facebook rant arrested for assault... again

GOP senator: 'I smell the stench of politics' in states trying to stay safe

Half of church-attending white Protestants think Trump was anointed by God.

Tomi Lahren tried to use Pride to attack lockdown supporters. LGBTQ people weren't having it.

As China hoarded medical supplies, the CIA believes it tried to stop the WHO from sounding alarm

Former GOP Governor.."No One is Above the Law..Christine Whitman - 1min 32 secs

CNN Poll: Biden tops Trump nationwide, but battlegrounds tilt Trump

Biden is going to be on The Last Word

The Real Reason Trump Wants to Reopen the Economy

Bipartisan effort by Wyden and Daines to block government from secret warrantless surveillance fails

Moon and Mars before sunrise May 14

Buttigieg PAC rolls out slate of endorsements

Colombia's health workers unprotected, patients without treatment: watchdogs

Colombia considering guaranteed minimum income as famine looms

MSNBC Contributor Dr Joseph Fair Hospitalized with COVID-19

Instagram Classifies Bolsonaro's Coronavirus Post as Fake News and Hides It

Senate defeats amendment to shield browsing histories in FISA searches

It occurs go me that, cell phone technology being what it is, there is no reason why

South Dakota's governor will allow checkpoints on tribal roads, but not state highways

147,000 projected to die due to COVID-19 by August 4 due to relaxing

New GOP poll shows Trump in big trouble in must-win Georgia

View from this side of the pond.

Armed Anti- Lockdown Protesters Amid Covid-19, Michigan Governor Responds

This GRENELL creep fits right in with Roy COHN, SHITLER, & their Nazi smear techniques

A Message To Americans From The Future: Do Not Let Trump Get Away With This

KANA CHAN TV!! Subchannel will start soon [How to make an original character easily]

George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue

Got tested today.

Tesla, Alameda County reach agreement to continue operations

Just a reminder: Tarzan gave zero fucks about Nazis (violence warning).

What is it with people from other countries liking our president?

What do you make of the categorization of Maine and Massachusetts??

"Everybody's broke darling" Just watched the movie on TCM, pre code

Pence's "Special Envoy" in Foreign Aid Office Sparked an Ethics Complaint Just After He Started

So Paulo State 'Lockdown' Inevitable If Self-Isolation Does Not Rise in the Coming Weeks, Study Sho

13 Ways Chip Roy has Worked Against the People of TX21

Need help from fellow DUers re $1,200.00 stimulus check.

Why is Pence now wearing a mask?

Just because ... murder hornets

Trump's USDA fights court ruling protecting food benefits during pandemic

Lincoln Project announced major television buys, on air in Fort Myers-Naples/ Milwaukee

Executive director of the WHO health emergencies program: new coronavirus may "never go away"

Dow falls for a third-straight day, losing 500 points after Powell's warning

Tesla HR to employees: 'Choose not to work, it may impact your unemployment benefits'

A gene variant partly explains why Peruvians are among the world's shortest people

A gene variant partly explains why Peruvians are among the world's shortest people

Murphy allowing nonessential businesses to reopen for curbside pickup

These men have to look at vile anti-LGBTQ signs every time they walk out the door

Why Israel's Tavor Assault Rifle Is 'Killing It' In Africa And Latin America

Trump is pressuring the CDC to change its death-toll methodology and produce a lower figure, report

From North Dakota here. We usually watch our GOV. daily press conference BUT

Paola Zeledn: "Costa Rica's Government Has Done Everything Possible to Maintain Capitalist Profits"

My grandmother is 97, living in a facility with a COVID-19 outbreak.

Invasive Seaweed Turned Into Fuel and Fertilizer

Invasive Seaweed Turned Into Fuel and Fertilizer

U.S. senators ask Trump spy chief nominee to clarify testimony on torture

Guys, Obamagate is real, and it's really, really bad.

So Joe and Stacy Abrams are on Lawrence tomorrow night together?

Obama-gate is this simple

New US Coronavirus Hotspots Appear In Republican Heartland Areas

Came across an interesting new liberal faith-based group, Vote Common Good.

Cornyn Encourages People to Sign Up for Obamacare

Trump Has Lost the Plot

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-17: Drop It Like Your Blood Clots Edition (#200!)

Michigan: Right Wing Militia Groups To Protest Stay-At-Home Orders

The death toll will be 84,000 before nightfall

Would someone explain to me why both CNN and M$NBComcast repeat what's on Fux so often

Fauci's Days Are Numbered

I have started staying at least 10 feet away from anyone not wearing mask

Biden should do a daily sit down with small biz owners

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 13, 2020

Michigan anti-lockdown protesters spread COVID-19 to rural areas, Whitmer tells Pence

Why did Grenell send The List of FBI Names to Grassley? Look who's on it!?


The worse it gets for drumpf admin

Seniors Flock To Biden As Trump Support Drops By 22 Points

'Trump death clock' NYC Times Square counts coronavirus fatalities blamed on president's Inaction

Biden is smart to bring Bernie and AOC on board

San Francisco Retail Stores, Warehouses, Manufacturers Can Begin Reopening On Monday

Advertisement Still Works After Seventy Years ---

Anti- Lockdown Protests Around The World: US, Berlin, Vancouver, Brazil, Austria, Tel Aviv

Sure, Biden Could Stay Indoors Watching While The Disaster Unfolds Outside. BUT.....

Can President Trump (or Jared Kushner) change Election Day from Nov. 3?

Remember TV show He/She? With Richard Bejamin and Paula Prentiss? IIRC in 70s

There is not one (r)epuglicon party. There is the former GOP and a parasite that has taken over.

One Possibility Why People Doubt The Danger Of The Virus

As Coronavirus Restrictions Lift, Millions in U.S. Are Leaving Home Again

Al Franken: "We're going to win so much you're going to be sick and #TiredOfWinning."

ck4829gate - *I* unmasked Flynn. Deal with it, Qultists and Trump supporters

Trying to show the package contents of an old app on my Mac, but it's showing up as a TextEdit file.

Trump openly criticizing Dr Fauci now

From somebody who has done SIGINT "unmaskings" for NSA & numbers from the Trump years

"I unmasked Flynn", who else unmasked Flynn's corruption. Did you?

Your money or your life. Your money or someone else's life. Your money or your grandmother's life.

So why not build your own mini studio for small subject matter?

Not Acceptable

Jared Kushner clarifies after saying he's 'not sure' he can commit to date for presidential election

MI: GOP Leg. leadership calls off Thursday session, says protest not a factor

Loony Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), doesn't want to "wear a face mask in the shower"

White Male Privilege: SIT DOWN and SHUT UP

Murphy Oil set to close El Dorado headquarters

Cat videos needed for 'Quarantine Cat Film Festival'

The Far- Right Groups And Fringe Conspiracy Theories Driving Anti- Lockdown Protests

Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks Evers' stay-home extension

As reopening takes place, thousands get sick on the job -- Austin sees spike in cases among

Breonna Taylor died but she wasn't target of investigation. Police had 'no-knock' warrant, records s

Supreme Court justices worry about 'chaos' in Electoral College dispute

Cat videos needed for 'Quarantine Cat Film Festival'

Ever hear of Vic DiBitetto? A funny, foul mouthed comedian.

Need election expert to chime in here, what can red states do if democracy means nothing to them and

GOP senators give Democrats' $3T relief bill a cold shoulder


Cascade of endorsements animates Texas' Democratic U.S. Senate runoff upended by coronavirus

D'espairs Ray

Sen. Doug Jones scolds GOP colleagues for not wearing masks

Trouble for Gavin Newsom's $1 billion mask deal: Feds reject safety certification

'We're asking for temporary presidential immunity,' Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow says

Nadler is on Ari - says Barr has been asked to show up on June 9

Free Coronavirus Testing At T-Mobile Park Wednesday And Thursday

Texas Counties 'Disenfranchised Voters' By Closing Too Many Polling Places, Say Advocates

Coronavirus may never go away: WHO

Democrats concede loss of U.S. congressional seat in California special election

Here's Where Donald Trump and Joe Biden Stand in Key 2020 Swing States

McConnell wants to give Barr warrantless access your browser history

Why don't any of the other inmates at Manafort's prison get released?

Judge SULLIVAN appoints retired judge to argue against the govt's motion to dismiss Flynn charges

Abbott just launched a new test that can tell if you've ever had the coronavirus

Experts restore sphinxes in legendary Egypt's Karnak complex

Covid-19 symptoms include blood clots, organ failure

My Republican Friend Called Me today

Sleep Apnea: Is it A risk Factor for COVID Morbity and Mortality?

Railroad Designation Decision Brings Texas One Step Closer To High-Speed Rail

Federal judge mulls contempt charge against Michael Flynn

Swinging doors and more chaos!

Judge Sullivan has appointed amicus curiae to argue against Flynn dismissal

Cuba bets on their biotech industry in the race to treat coronavirus

McConnell's Patriot Act Expansion, Goodbye Freedom

What the hell is the National Democratic Training Committee?

Apparently Red Don is strong-arming the CDC to change the cause of death

Thanks Bernie! NOT!

The IRS put money into my account today, but it's not mine

Waco tattoo shop opens, violating emergency order in protest

People Are Dying, the Economy Is Collapsing and Trump Wants You to Look at This Squirrel

US adds Cuba to blacklist on counterterrorism

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Tony Evers' stay-at-home order that closed businesses, schools

Win the Era Endorsements

Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher's son Beckett dies at 21 (David Crosby was biological father)

Texas meatpacking plant reverses course, will allow state to test workers

Senate Panel Begins Probe Into Hunter Biden

US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats will win.

The 'Trump Death Clock' Shows the Toll of Coronavirus Inaction. It May Be Coming to a City Near You

Roddie Edmonds - A Profile in Courage

Coronavirus: Broadway Actor Nick Cordero Wakes From Coma

OPEC's No.2 Cuts Oil Exports To Asia In Surprise Move

Im guessing those in Wisconsin

MSNBC it's the republicans vs the democrats,

A record number of women have filed to run for House seats in 2020

Bulldog Gets A Special Hole In The Fence So He Can Watch People Pass By

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 14 May 2020


Georgia officials trying to stop large, invasive lizard that eats 'anything they want'

Trump criticizes Fauci's Senate testimony: 'Not an acceptable answer'

O5/14 Mike Luckovich-Monkey Business

In powerful TikTok commentary on Ahmaud Arbery shooting, white man carries TV while running

Tennessee officials: Coronavirus fear doesn't meet criteria to vote by mail

Always enjoy the cartoons that Tansy_Gold adds to his stock market watch

As Trump rushes to reopen, bubble of ignorance separates GOP from rest of Americans

Just was watching MSNBC

Dream a little dream

owner of empty house associated with Arbery shooting might never move in

Devin Nunes: Criminal referrals coming for Mueller team

Gretchen Whitmer needs Secret Service protection.

Woman Lets Her Dogs Out To Play And They Come Home With A New Brother

Emails: Trump nominee involved in shelving CDC virus guide

USDA appeals order blocking purge of SNAP benefits recipients

So, In ONE DAY, We've Gone From Trump/Pence FORCING People To REMOVE Their Masks For Photo-Ops...

Fauci Has Republicans Debating If He's a Pandemic Hero or Villain

Social Security recipients could be in for a rude awakening

As of a couple hours ago.

Michigan State Police regarding tomorrow's dick display (or lack thereof):

If the President Tests Positive for the Virus, What Happens?