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Tropical Depression One forms off South Florida coast

Quote of the Day

Donors Will Be Able to Give $620K to Support Biden

Rev Jeff Hood, from Denton TX, in hospital with covid, May5. Anyone know present status?

Amash Abandons Run for President

All these young people graduating will vote

The Very Best of Carrie Fisher (aka The 40 Year Roast of Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford)

Five minutes in and this graduation has me in tears.

AURORA - Exist For Love

'Obamagate': Trump pleads with top Republicans to back new theory to help him win election

Spain study: Only 5% immunity 27,000 deaths

Obama Says Coronavirus Has 'Torn Back the Curtain' on Poor Leadership

these kids-Born in the Sept 11 horror

Trailer for The Last Animals - about poaching in Africa

Whoopi Goldberg Confronts Chris Christie on 'The View': Who Are You Willing to 'Sacrifice?'

This evening we are all reminded

WTF? Local NBC broke away from Alicia Keys. Switched to MSNBC and she was still on. Thought it was

Shepard Fairey - Angel of Hope and Strength

Nevada Rep. Horsford acknowledges he had extramarital affair

Coronavirus Deaths Reach 1,000 In Washington

Breaking: Democrats launch joint investigation into firing of State Dept. IG

"Wartime President" Trumpty has now lost more American lives than Korea and Vietnam combined

Check out LeBron's body language; the way he gestures. Very inclusive.

Grossing $350,000 on 1.5 Acres of High Intensity, No-Till Vegetable Production - Neversink Farm

Can China be sued in the US and forced to pay for coronavirus losses? Legal experts say no

When will my President Obama be on? I'm about to change to other programming. n/t

Please pray for our JohnnyRingo

Conspiracies and anti-science 'experts'

Holy fuck! Complete fucking sentences and human decency.

OMG I fucking miss him

Careful With That Axe, Eugene...Live @ Pompeii

Feds Suspect Vast Fraud Network Is Targeting U.S. Unemployment Systems

Well, I'm in tears and he's only been speaking for 3 minutes. n/t

Interesting quote from Jeff Weaver, of all people:

REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You

A Saucerful Of Secrets...Live @ Pompeii

A woman obviously faked that she is a nurse to protest opening the country

Rather amazed

2020 US Senate Election Prediction-Likely scenario 50-50 tie with a Democratic P/VP.

"Every 1% Unemployment Goes Up, 40,000 Die"... 'The Big Short'

Olympia councilmember announces she won't pay rent during the coronavirus pandemic

Mesdames, messieurs, les jeux sont faites, les jeux sont faites

I'm confused. The news reports say the graduation event was for grads...

Question: Is it true about The Trump Escort Agency or was that story planted by Russian bots?

Trump pushes McConnell to embrace 'Obamagate'

Oh my... CNN after the Graduate Together 2020 broadcast:

In Case You Missed It -- Graduate Together 2020

US Donating 200 Ventilators to Russia

Easy by Timbuk3

Is it too early for a tally on viewer #'s for Obama's speech?

The economic development crowd is going about this all wrong

Andy Williams sings Moon River

Protesters outside MA Gov. Baker's home demand he re-open economy

Adopt a grandparent: Young help the old in Bolivian pandemic

No Wonder Trump's Ginning Up Biden Scandals--His Approval Ratings On Coronavirus Are Tanking

Based on my trip out today - we're all gonna die from COVID 19.


Puerto Rico to hold statehood referendum amid disillusion

Roxy Music - More Than This

Honest to god. This a Trump tweet. It is really his. (25th Amendment PLEASE!!)

Puerto Rico to hold statehood referendum amid disillusion

2020 US Senate Races the Democrats are definitely going to win are-

Texas Supreme Court halts counties from issuing mail-in ballots to voters afraid of virus

Out-of-control Coronavirus May Render Brazilians Banned from Entering other Countries

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

Bolsonaro Wanted to Compare Coronavirus Deaths in Brazil and Argentina. The Result Is Terrible for H

*Funny Girl on WETA (Ch. 26) now.

Rind doesn't pay

Brazil has more virus deaths than all region combined

AURORA - The Seed

He lost his prosthetic leg while he was surfing. Weeks later a 13-year-old found it

Exclusive: FBI probes Mexican, European firms over Venezuela oil trading - sources

CNN - 2008 projects Obama to be president elect....

LOL! Trump impersonator/comedian J-L Cauvin: Trump Delivers Commencement Speech for Class of 2020

Why Won't Media Demand Trump's Resignation?

With more coronavirus cases than Spain or Italy, Brazil is world's 4th biggest hotspot

I used to see quite a number of mobil people with supplemental oxygen when out

43 Vintage Photos of New York City in 1975

Georgia organizers respond to voter fraud task force by forming a league of voter empowerment

Argentine paleontologists find a ten-meter-long megaraptor in Patagonia

Argentine paleontologists find a ten-meter-long megaraptor in Patagonia

Trump tweets clip of 'Independence Day' with himself, allies edited in


Who wants to bet we'll see Trump come out with some crappy graduation message?

Popcorn Clouds over Rio de Janeiro

This is the reason why Canada should not open the border anytime soon

Popcorn Clouds over Rio de Janeiro

Terrible and True

A Trip Through The Streets Of Paris, 1927

'Colombia's Policy Towards Venezuela Is Aggressive' Samper Says

Anybody besides me?

Peru says will build hospital in Amazon for COVID-19 patients

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

The Mindbenders - A Groovy Kind Of Love

A billion people live in the slums of the world's megacities--and they're being missed by coronavirus

Firefighters injured, multiple buildings on fire after explosion in downtown L.A.

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Churchill Downs Race 4 Allowance

Classics IV - Stormy

Obama: Doing what feels good, what's convenient, what's easy, that's how little kids think.

It only works if you work it. I am not. I try, but only sometimes. Other times I decide I can't live

"The really dangerous American fascist...

Explosion in LA


My mother keeps asking why can't they do anything to stop Trump?

Maga Chuds Harass Reporter

Twitter responds to Trump posting doctored video of himself as the president in "Independence Day"

Ex-GOP Senator Endorses Biden

Hitting the Books: Uncovering ancient civilizations with a plane and a prayer

Know anyone who had mononucleosis this winter or spring?

Hitting the Books: Uncovering ancient civilizations with a plane and a prayer

Johnny Guitar Watson circa 1959

Again, Trump's two brats show how stupid, spoiled and vicious they are...

Venezuelan Army Captures Another Member of Operation Gedeon

Killeen tattoo parlor joins statewide defiance of governor's mandate

Fake Video! Trump Tweets Creepy 'Independence Day' Spoof Starring Him

Boston - More Than A Feeling

Missouri police officers indicted after video emerges of alleged assault on trans woman

Reality star allegedly spent $1.5M from federal small business program on jewelry, Rolls-Royce

LOL! Tucker Carlson on Paradise PD

To EVERYONE. Change the demand now. RESIGNATION NOW, Trump. NOW.

"Shush... Watching a real president..."

2020 US Senate Races the Democrats will win in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

After President Obama's speech to the entire 2020 High School

OMG. The hazards of conducting an interview from home. 😂😂😂

Federal Inspectors Decry Lack of Transparency on Meat Plant Coronavirus Outbreaks

Johnson and Johnson heir Jamie Johnson's documentary "The one percent"

88rising presents: ASIA RISING FOREVER

Why you should wear facemasks -- for covidiots!

Texas Prepares For Federal Loan For Unemployment, Will Need To Raise Business Taxes

88rising presents: ASIA RISING FOREVER

Lawmaker claims Hitler was not white supremacist after comparing coronavirus measures to Nazi rule

Harrison Ford Breaks Down His Career, from 'Star Wars' to 'Indiana Jones' Vanity Fair

Singer Michael Buble is getting death threats for elbowing his wife

If You Were a Bluebird 🙏🏻

Protesters In Michigan Plan 'Operation Haircut' Demonstration Against Stay-At-Home Order

Same-sex marriage to be legal in Costa Rica as of May 26 - conservatives still trying to block it

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Post here some ideas about reaching more people

Sen. Susan Collins: "I have long been a strong advocate for the Inspectors General."

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy 40 Days of Pascha

So, it's okay to fire Inspector Generals at will, but not okay to unmask General Flynn

FFRF castigates N.M. sheriff for enabling church pandemic misconduct

If Trump was president during WW2, he would have kissed Hitler's ass

I Can't Believe President Obama Did Not Wear A Tie For Graduation Speech

"Imagine being Bill Gates right now....

Pandemic expert: 'Recognize that your leaders have made a terrible decision'

A Real Man A Real Leader A Man With Integrity

Will lie about death toll

Secret Service Signs $179,000 Contract For Golf Carts At Trump Course This Summer

Drowned Paleo-Agulhas Plain was an Eden for Early humans

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Food Insecurity, How Coronavirus is Starving the Nation

Largest ever DMT survey travels to the fringes of psychedelic science

A temple that predates Stonehenge reveals architectural planning may be older than we think

Went to two cemeteries today to visit some loved ones who have passed on.

Polio was almost eradicated. Then came the coronavirus. Then came a threat from President Trump.

Wisconsin business owner bans wearing of masks

Bulls on Parade - Rage Against The Machine / Drum Cover by Yoyoka, 10 year old

We should start seeing the shenanigans Trump's slumber party at Camp David came up with...

I just lost one of my cats, Jeoffry, tonight.

President Whitmore is a hero

Why you should wear facemasks. The pee test.

USA coronavirus miles tonight: US deaths 90,000 plus, cases 1.5M plus

These are the places Covid-19 spreads in the real world, Bloomberg Opinion

Politically motivated prosecutorial malfeaseance in South Korea

smooth hound smith - forever cold (2016-jam in the van) this married couple are kick ass

I can't sleep

Great to see President Obama

One small step for man, one giant step for mankind, 2020 version

I was on a Zoom virtual college grad party 6 hours ago.

Snapshots of human anatomy, locomotion, and behavior from Late Pleistocene footprints at Engare Sero

Alaska lawmaker says Hitler was not white supremacist after comparing coronavirus measures to Nazi r

Why Won't Media Demand Trump's Resignation?

My shit's fucked up!

Eric Trump "Covid 19 will magically disappear after election"

Breakfast Sunday 17 May 2020

President Obama's Commencement Address:p

Please please vote in November

I feel tonight like I've just lost 89,000 family members.

Lynn Shelton death: Marc Maron 'in complete shock' after director and girlfriend suddenly dies

Dan Rather, on Obamagate

China's ambassador to Israel found dead in Tel Aviv home: police

We're gonna look back on the 2010s as a golden age in America

Two Coasts. One Virus. How New York Suffered Nearly 10 Times the Number of Deaths as California.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cuddle Bunnies Edition

Coronavirus has been devastating to the Navajo Nation, and help for a complex fight has been slow

Blue Cross Ordered to Pay $180 Million for Withholding Payments from Hospitals

Phyllis George, pioneering sportscaster and former Miss America, has died

WHO Says Russia Now at Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic

UTSW Researchers: Get Ready for a Larger Second Wave of COVID-19

Chris Hale, D running for TN-4, wins Twitter

I wonder if Trump's kids know

Last night around 10pm, 5-16-20, I noticed some unusual activity on my MY POSTS page.

I got a letter from the Bigly Bigloted Biglydiot!

13 USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors test positive after recovering from Covid-19

♫ "Darlin', give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair" ♫

BBC reporter with a great bit of kindness.

Texas data: 3,000 nursing home residents positive for virus

Don't be Kevin...

May 17 - Happy Birthday Governor Gina Raimondo (D) RI

Some Stones for Breakfast

Some Stones For Breakfast 2

Anyone know of

Major nursing home chain violated federal standards meant to stop spread of disease even after start

Breakfast With The Stones 3

Oh Canada

WaPo Editorial Board: The absurd cynicism of 'Obamagate'

Breakfast With The Stones 4

Some Stones For Breakfast 5

Some Stones For Breakfast 6

Trump administration accused of 'seizing' 50,000 N95 respirators intended for medical workers

Even on Gilligan's Island they listened to the professor.

Some Stones For Breakfast 7

Obama's best line last night was when he subtly called the Con a little kid/ child

The 'Swedish Model' Is a Failure, Not a Panacea

Some Stones For Breakfast 8

a better model for WV? North Dakota businesses dominated the PPP. Their secret weapon? ...

Crisis exposes how America has hollowed out its government

North Dakota dominated the Trump admin's small business loan program. Why? A century's old bank ...

Some Stones For Breakfast 9

Mississippi, Burned. How the poorest, sickest state got left behind by Obamacare.

Ahmaud Arbery: new focus on district attorney's flawed prosecutions of black women

No information. No way off. 100,000 crew members remain in cruise ship limbo for months

Whoopi Goldberg Asks Chris Christie Who He's Willing To Sacrifice To Reopen Economy

Some Stones For Breakfast 10

Eric: The Deep State killed 90,000 just to make Dad look bad.

A pandemic that is made for grifting...

May 15, 1979: Willie Nelson and Charley Pride present Jimmy Carter with a gold record

66 Years Ago Today; Brown vs Board of Education ruling outlaws racial segregation in public schools

Sunday morning news shows

I would love it if an intrepid reporter, preferably a woman

Can they really not see the corruption and the criminality?

11 Los Angeles firefighters hurt while running from blast

Some Stones For Breakfast one imo

I'm all in favor of kids being involved early in political activities...

Hoarders marathon on TV now

Some Stones For Breakfast 12

We didn't flatten the curve, we suppressed the stupid

Remember, correlation does not imply causation.

Some Stones For Breakfast 13

I've invited my journalist friend over this evening...

You raised $1,560.00 on May 16, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Democrats investigating whistleblower claims Pompeo's security picked up Chinese food and his dog

Evidence based reality has a distinct and determined liberal bias

Sunday morning means Belgian waffles with fresh picked strawberries

Trump's Florida voter registration trips ups his Mar-a-Lago plans 😂🤣😂

Bill Pullman Responds to Donald Trump's Altered 'Independence Day' Clip (Exclusive)

Doonsbury - Hold on, sir. Help is on the way

Some Stones For Breakfast 14 with Keith on vocals!

The Space Force - this should be fun to watch

Russia is interfering in our elections again. And Trump supporters are emulating Russian tactics.

Some Stones For Breakfast 15

Why it is worse than they say?

Trump promotes Fox New interview today. Joe Lockhart: Will you be using your head or Bill Pullman's?

Governors eye Medicaid cuts to ease COVID-19 budget pain

Fred Willard's Second City Master Class (March 2020)

How's about some cool Stones covers for the after breakfast smoke?


Obama's Virtual Commencement Speech To Class Of 2020: 7:37

How's about some cool Stones covers for the after breakfast smoke? 2

Reusing protective gear risks exposure to dangerous chemicals, experts warn

How's about some cool Stones covers for the after breakfast smoke? 3

With no leader, commission overseeing virus relief struggles

How's about some cool Stones covers for the after breakfast smoke? 4 Ramones!

Help Me!!! (in screechy falsetto voice from The Fly) I'm trying to do a reset of my son's WIN 10

'Little Fires Everywhere' director Lynn Shelton dies at 54

Lawmaker (Matt Shea) called 'domestic terrorist' won't seek reelection

MMM -- Sunday

The ruling class believes in class struggle. Maybe it's time for the rest of us to think about that

Help Me!!! (in screechy falsetto voice from The Fly) I'm trying to do a reset of my son's WIN 10

Virus hugger MAGAT terrorist sign that sums it up

Central U.S. weather satellite pix looks like a kid's action figure.

"Only when the tide goes out," Warren Buffett observed, "do you discover who's been swimming naked."

'Obama take the wheel'

What are you seeing at the grocery?

Dan Rather: "Maybe we can recalibrate who gets called "pro life"?"

CNN's Tapper uses opening comments to slam Trump for his 'deranged and indecent' smears...

The fake news: The lazy, convenient way Trump voters think.

New MLB pandemic rules (they're hilariously unrealistic)

Eric Trump Claims COVID-19 Will 'Magically' Vanish After Election Day

Things they don't know.

ObamaGate: The entrance to the part of Trump's brain where President Obama lives rent-free.

Can someone help? what do you call someone who makes stained glass?

How about a cool Stones cover for after breakfast?

Coronavirus crisis: Judge orders relocation of homeless people living under Los Angeles freeways

Jake Tapper on Twitter: "Trump and his team are launching an unprecedented smear campaign"

Anyone else having Zoom issues right now?

Viral video of Trump supporters screaming at a reporter is a Rorschach test of America right now

Keep up the Isolating. Really.

Some Wildlife pixs

Sunday morning congregation...

A report from the trenches:

We'll be ready to re-open when bus drivers can tell riders to wear a mask & not get spit upon.

Trump press briefing we'd all like to see

Fred Willard's last skit on Jimmy Kimmel

1962 UK: Ronnie Carroll - Ring A Ding Girl

Please share a favorite quote, saying, proverb...

13 sailors from USS Theodore Roosevelt test positive after recovering

Trump Did Nothing While The Virus Was Spreading For Months After Fire Alarm Warnings

Make It A Felony To Get Within 6 Feet Of Anyone Without Your Face Mask On

Hundreds demand justice for Arbery at Georgia rally

McConnell, just go ahead and call Obama the n-word

Taj Mahal has a birthday today.

Donald Trump has fostered killing in 2 ways..not one.

Jesse Winchester was born on this date-

Phyllis George, pioneering sportscaster and former Miss America, has died

Hikers fight against Trump border wall plan that could destroy monument

New Study Confirms Cats Can't Spread COVID-19, But Would If Given Option

So asshole you want to experiment on us with a drug which could be unsafe or unreliable....FUCK YOU

What happened to America's Mayor?

Pelosi by Molly Ball

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 17, 2020?

A healthy society takes work and costs money.

HHS secretary says Trump's 'Warp Speed' vaccine 'may not be safe and effective but we'll have it'

Is it known whether or not mosquitoes can spread the COVID19 virus?

Three Democratic Presidents:

Very simple, "Trump doesn't give a s**t about anyone but himself. That's it & that's all.

Things could be worse

Arabs, UN Must Move to Swiftly Protect the Status of Palestinian Refugees - Ramzy Baroud

AZAR: The coronavirus results for the US could've been vastly worse


Did Anyone see the May 16 On-line Graduation?

Interview with a COVID-19 survivor - Mickey Z.

Me, when i see dogs:

I haven't been touched in more than 2 months... - Mickey Z.

It must be Sunday, so the nuts jobs get free air time..............

Police officer told homeowner he could contact Ahmaud Arbery shooting suspect for help with potentia

Am I wrong in thinking US debt is racing towards 30Trillion with the current stimulus monies added??

Are Reporters Pushing Back Enough During White House Press Briefings?

The only culprit in the Flynn 'unmasking' scandal is the Trump administration

Trump's point man uses Chuck Todd to con Americans to work.

Erik Satie was born on this date.

Guess what movie turns 40 this week?

2020 US Senate Races that Democrats will win in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

WOW-- Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell, on 60 Minutes

Look Away Dear Child, Look Away!

With the states opening up, I am amazed at the number of people not wearing masks, and

Lloyd's of London Faces Historic Losses from the Pandemic

So a bar in the Short North/Italian Village, college age bar, can't do right, IMO

Scenarios for the next 9 months

How to practice for the 50 yard dash.

On February 5th, Pendejo45 gave his State of the Union Address, here is what has happened since ...

Terrific piece on the fall of Rudy Giuliani

Bill Steffen's cats get feisty during the forecast

Some nice Sunday pickin' for ya!

Ladies and gentlemen---the President of the United States:

Obama takes brilliant swipe at Trump during nationwide commencement address

Watchdog Fired by Trump Was Investigating Pompeo, House Foreign Affairs Chair Says

Treasonous: Barr's letting the 13 Russian nationals & 3 Russian entities Mueller charged just WALK!

Jealous little orange man responds to President

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #3 in E-flat major, Op. 55 "Eroica"

CCuomo:"See how far they had to go to get to the back of that snot locker...aka the Lincoln Tunnel?"

This Pandemic is showing an ugly reality.

Tesla Says Plant Musk Reopened Finally Has County's Approval

Pandemic's painful truth; we don't value elders

Test results released for 13 long-term care facilities

This is . . . Something pretty great

Seeking advice on an interesting problem in this plague time.

Meet the congresswoman poised to tear up Obama's education legacy

Cartoons 5/17/2020

#fatdonnie calling President Obama incompetent

Mount St. Helens 'changed my life,' says Camano filmmaker

Donnie, you will go down in history as the most INCOMPETENT president the US has ever had.

Rep Cohen today said the repukes just mimic what DT does. If DT wore boxers in public

'William Barr is not done': experts raise concerns about attorney general's legal reach

At least 6 countries reimposed lockdown measures as new coronavirus cases flared up again.

He is Certifiably Insane

Is there a run on flour?

China is 'responsible' for take down of U.S. economy: Trump economic adviser

My Jacaranda is in full flower! Behold:

Brilliant Anti- Gaetz Op Ed in Local Conservative paper - Tide turning??

I'm seeing something on FB that is helping me maintain my faith in fellow Michiganders

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 17 2020

a personal note to Pres. Obama,

Eric Trump says coronavirus will 'magically go away' after election

Hey KidCon compare and contrast the Obama handling of the Ebola virus

Various Pets Together In a Beautiful Peaceful Video

Ralph Nader Seems Concerned

Forty years after Mount St. Helens eruption, pandemic sparks public safety parallels

West Bank settlements must be annexed, says Benjamin Netanyahu

Noel Casler said that dotard pissed himself at the CDC in March. Anyone have video

Coronavirus updates: Texas reports single highest daily rate increase of infections

This Is Why Team Trump and Republicans Are Freaking Out

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 19: Wonder Women

Congress nowhere close to a coronavirus deal as unemployment spikes

Mike Pompeo recommended Trump firing of State Department inspector general, White House says

Right-wing illusions and fantasies about "freedom".

Trump's firing of State Department watchdog may be 'unlawful,' Pelosi says

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 20: Asian Americans in Classic Hollywood

The Power of Resistance

Susan Collins is concerned again.

Steve Schmidt destroys Trump:

Bill Clinton polling guru pinpoints surprising states Biden can lock down to derail Trump's re-elect

US military's mystery space plane rockets back into orbit

Washington state officials question bulk shipment of Q-tip style COVID-19 test swabs

Will you need a coronavirus test to fly? Everything we know right now

What kind of brainwashing does this?

Martin Shkreli's Bid for Early Release From Prison Is Rejected

That thing's pathetic response to President Obama's Commencement Speech:

Must Read Financial Times Article: Inside Trump's Coronavirus Meltdown

The U.S. Military Has Been in Space From the Beginning

I can't smoke in a restaurant.... I cannot drive without a seat belt..

So far, no spike in coronavirus in places reopening, U.S. health secretary says

Business owners worry Leavenworth's downtown street closure for social distancing will lead to more

9:45 PM MOONSTRUCK tonight, TCM,

Defenders of the rule of law sound a dire warning about Attorney General Barr

No wonder that thing is having a hissy fit. Obama's ratings were YUGE

Very bad day coming up tomorrow.

Company tied to Trump campaign manager gets PPP loan

House passes $3T new coronavirus stimulus bill: What does it mean?

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 in E Minor, Op. 95 "From the New World"

White House ramps up PR campaign to improve Trump's image

"121 pounds of marijuana, six pounds of THC concentrate, two vials of steroids, a small amt of cocai

Trump's New COVID-19 Czar Holds $10 Million In Vaccine Company Stock Options

Rep. Denver Riggleman Endorsed by Rep. "Gym" Jordan Against Liberty U's Bob Good

Lots of praying going on for Sunday afternoon...

LIVE NOW - Join our Grassroots Strategy Summit with Campaign Manager Jen O'Malley Dillon

Trump's Florida voter registration trips up his Mar-a-Lago plans

George Stephanopoulos was not having Peter Navarro's lies about the Biden family

Seth Abramson thread about bribery receipts.

Did Ben Sasse suddenly switch to vodka? What a lame ass "Commencement Speech." Wow

I live in East TN

Biden campaign responds to Eric trump's silly claim that COVID 19 will disappear

Wisconsin: Images of the Badger State

the low-life sonofabitch in the WH is tweeting lies about the Obama Administration...imagine that?

The orange shitehawk is twitterling again about Obama, just now

Friend of a friend of a friend in Seattle bought a Winnebago for this election.

a couple of thoughts

Karen gets upset because

Why isn't Melania out there

Trump beat the magic virus (Sorry, Peter Yarrow)

State Polls Suggest Biden Has Clear National Lead

Hospital staff did this to greet The Prime Minister of Belgium due to their handling of the pandemic

Elon Musk has taken the red pill

Looking for a Silver Lining - Part 2 - Quarantine Workouts

Well, then, if Melania "doesn't really care"

Loeffler's(puke) campaign hoped for a reset. But senator's stocks came under new scrutiny

If you've truly taken the RED pill, you will vote BLUE. nt

Of course Melania Trump cares!!!

Trump Adviser Says Lockdowns Will Kill More Than Virus

Tweet of the Day

I was a coward yesterday

The best caption yet for this viral video

I wonder,

Ikea shoppers suffer chemical burns after hand sanitizer accidentally replaced with drain cleaner

2020 US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats can win in 2020.

Why the sudden posts about nude trophy wife/handler and what she is, or is not, doing?

Dog Who Was Shaking For Months Finally Wags Her Tail

Dog has the sweetest way of telling his doctor mom he missed her

Canadian Forces Snowbirds jet crashes in Kamloops, B.C.

In the first three years of listening to Red Don's word salads

This cat does every single thing his mom does all day

Pompeo backs away from theory he and Trump were pushing that coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab

FLIPPABLE: Bryce Bennett for MT Sec. of State

Coronavirus begins spiralling out of control in Colombia's major cities

Cats Wouldn't Stop Fighting Over Doll Bed -- So They Each Got One

FLIPPABLE: Natalie Tennant for WV Sec. of State

Room Rater takes on Gums Trump.

Lately Jake Tapper is Screwing the Pooch... Big Time.

Coronavirus: medics turn backs on Belgium's prime minister in silent protest

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 17, 2020

FLIPPABLE: Ronnie Chatterji for NC State Treasurer

Adorable Dog Plays Dead So He Doesn't Have To Leave The Park

Republicans Polled 20 Different Attacks for Trump to Use Against Biden -- None of Them Worked

Better late than never to discover this:

FLIPPABLE: Wayne Goodwin for NC State Insurance Commissioner

Looking for a meme to respond to a rightwinger going after my Congressman on Twitter.

FLIPPABLE: Melissa Romano for MT State Supt. of Education

I didn't write this, but I wish I had!

In today's edition of Goofus Vs Gallant:

FLIPPABLE: Jen Mangrum for NC State Supt. of Education

White House adviser blames CDC for letting 'the country down' with early testing snags

Monty Python and the Holy Grail just started on tv.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Family Surprises Dog With A Pinata Filled With His Favorite Thing

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/17/20

I love being told that I have an irrational fear of a deadly virus...

Tennessee Exec Suggests Pay-Per-View Lynching Of PBO

Police question man, 57, over death of rail worker Belly Mujinga who passed away with coronavirus

Anyone on Duo Lingo, Babel, Rosetta Stone? FREE options

Md. COVID-19 hospitalizations at 3-week low

GA Cooked Covid 19 Chart -By putting dates out of order -Whatever made it look like a downslide

COVID-19 Treatment Update from JAMA

FLIPPABLE: Jenna Wadsworth for NC State Agriculture Commissioner

Trump Calls Maskless Mob Of His Supporters 'Great People' After They Chase And Attack A Reporter

Just got done mowing my lawn...

FLIPPABLE: Jessica Holmes for NC Labor Commissioner

November 3rd be like...

Fun surprise: new to us Swiss Family Robinson film

'I Wish I Could Do Something For You,' My Doctor Said

In filing deadline surprise, controversial state Rep. Matt Shea won't seek reelection

90,140 - well done Don the criminally negligent Con

Scoop: Trump leans toward keeping total cut to WHO funding

SF landlord Veritas responds to Pelosi's demand to return $3.6 million small business loan

Anyone else not get their refund check yet? I turbo taxed my returns on April 2. I am owed over

New Anthem

AstraZeneca Aims for 30 Million U.K. Vaccine Doses by September

I understand NASCAR started live driving on the track today at Darlington

Just got back from the supermarket from a Cleveland suburb 100% of the people

3 Houston Area Parishioners of Catholic Church Test Positive for Covid 19 After Mass Reopened

Man Who Fired Shotgun at 14-Year-Old Black Boy Wants Sentence Tossed

Good Lord...these folks just say it out loud!

Why was Trump being interviewed by NBC during a golf tournament?

Pompeo backs away from theory he and Trump were pushing that coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab

We all have to take a pledge that no matter what the poll numbers say that Biden is ahead

Butthurt, jealous crybaby interrupts PGA to blame Obama for the COVID-19 crisis

reopening is clearly a mistake, but i don't think it will lead to the obvious disaster some think.

Andrea Mitchell is responding to us at DU re factchecking the Con's baseless

Cornbread Casserole.

a friend sent this via skype .

Rhiannon Giddens.

Coronavirus has devastated Moscow. Now it's spreading across Russia's 11 time zones to ill-funded re

trump recently tweeted for his "keyboard warriors" to get to work. There since seems

US Senate Elections in 2020 that the Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Is this a tennis match?

Hey- wasn't the original SomethingGate a GOP thing too?

"Karen" gets upset that a store won't let her shop without a protective facemask.

The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year

Journalist, bodyguard slain in northern Mexico attack

FIRST BLACK VALEDICTORIAN in Princeton University's 274 year history!!

Did you see "NASA" spaceforce rocket today?

I'm going to the grocery store!

FLIP condemns massive surveillance, profiling of local and international journalists by Colombian ar

Dental pain remedies?

Straight-Up Fire' in His Veins: Teen Battles New Covid Syndrome

WTF, is wrong with this statement from Afar?

WA Republican won't seek reelection after investigation says he 'engaged in domestic terrorism.'

What is one of your kitchen/house tools from long ago that you still treasure today?

Violin Concerto Felix Mendelssohn

Praise and push-ups for Brazil's embattled Bolsonaro

Here's a List of Colleges' Plans for Reopening in the Fall

They just can't help themselves.

10 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs

The new MAGA hat

DEVO Releases COVID-19 Friendly Energy Dome Face Shields & Masks

Trump would hate for this to have millions of views.

The sad story of Colombia's Supreme Court judge who only accidentally gets people in legal trouble

Rick Bright story up on 60 Minutes now. nt

A Thinly Veiled Metaphor About America

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 18 May 2020

Further arrests made over botched Venezuelan coup attempt

Deus ex machina is what's gonna do it.

Salvadoran president declares emergency without OK from congress, sparking controversy

Coronavirus: Brazil overtakes Spain and Italy as new cases grow

Chile finance, presidency ministers in quarantine after meeting with infected lawmakers

Coronavirus: Brazil overtakes Spain and Italy as new cases grow

Free cool, music documentaries: Wrecking Crew and Muscle Shoals

Barr Dismantling the Mueller report, one dirty Russian At a time....

Meet the baby orangutans learning to climb trees

Midnight Skyracer

CocaCola is hiding Covid19 infection spreading through their Bottling Plants & Distribution Centers

Noshit mittens....

One at a time. A ray of sunshine from Florida.

Trump throws a fit over Obama calling him out on televised commencement address

Trump Reportedly Upset That He Isn't As Respected as Barack Obama, According to GOP Pundit