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cartoon: Hope for the economy

Jake Tapper finally does his job.

Here's me...

Canadian acrobatic jet crashes in BC amid pandemic show

I love human interest stories with a heart...

Obama and Trump go kitesurfing together!

Republicans have nothing to say about it. It's not their job?

Peru's Civil War Left It Vulnerable to the Pandemic

A gift for my school library in honor of our late reading teacher and library volunteer.

Fired State Department watchdog was looking into whether Pompeo made staffer walk his dog

Something to tap your toe to on a Sunday evening.

Rwanda genocide architect arrested in Paris after 26 years on the run

Judge denies 'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli's 'delusional' request to leave prison to fight coronavirus

Bird and Johnson at BG.

Sixty Minutes-Whistleblower Rick Bright says that in Jan 2020, he repeatedly tried to alert his HHS

Lucky Peterson has passed, according to his life long friend Walter Trout.

Without A Vaccine, Herd Immunity Won't Save Us

When I see somebody in USA gear,

Trump says that the "Russian Probe" was a political crime!

Pre-Soviet Uzbekistan Captured In Perfect Color (11 pics)

European leaders are blunt: A coronavirus vaccine won't come soon enough

"No one has been tougher on Russia than me."

Trump Hijacked the Iconic 'Independence Day' Speech, and Bill Pullman Does Not Approve

Cuomo says no one should be prosecuted for coronavirus deaths in New York

Medical Journal Urges American Voters to Not Re-Elect Trump, Slams Him for Coronavirus Response

White House tensions with CDC spill into public view as top Trump adviser criticizes agency response

Coronavirus: Fed chairman Powell warns downturn 'may last until late 2021'

Trump calls Obama incompetent?

In next phase of pandemic, Trump appears poised to let others take the lead

The French SS, Charlemagne Unit, Battle Of Berlin, 1945 WWII

Want to see some spectator sports?

RW assholes in the plant nursery.

*Prime Miniister's Question on C-Span now,

update,,an asshole helped

1 New Coronavirus Death In Washington Sunday; 145 New Cases

Instead of trying to open as normal, we need to be getting smart how to curtail business in a

Guard Of Dishonor: Belgian hospital staff turn their backs on prime minister

Does Ducey being AZ Governor make Kyrsten Sinema for VP an impossibility?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Thank You Speaker Pelosi. "Veritas, one of San Francisco's biggest landlords, to return a $3.6 milli

Learning to play Madden football on PS4

Obama can win this election for us with out even trying.

Suhyun - Fate ( 인연 )

Whenever I go to worldometers to check the latest numbers I always get Trump pop ups

Do you get Chinese voice mail spam?

Senator Ben Sasse addresses the class of 2020, it's epically bad

Here's the truth

'It eats him alive inside': Trump's latest attack shows endless obsession with Obama

News from Galveston, Texas

so what's the rating for yesterday's grad special with obama added on at the end?

Headed to bed. No big binges. No purging. A little uncomfortable about probably being over on

Harvick wins at Darlington as NASCAR returns to racing

Andrew Scheer, Conservative candidate for PM in Canada, discontinues

John Fugelsang's brilliant response to BLOTUS attacking President Obama's legacy

The Era of Stupid: President Trump's moronic behavior is the defining feature of American life

"Masks help stop the spread of coronavirus - the science is simple..."

Rosanne Cash Wins Prestigious MacDowell Arts Medal

Hey everyone! The DU Photo Group is holding a contest, and you are invited to participate!

How Land Is Used Map

Eric Boehlert Demands Courage From Media -- 'Trump Lies About Obama' Is The Only Headline Here

"Rodham", a book about what if Hillary did not marry Bill

...Who is the fool, and who is the hero?

Chuck Todd Should resign.....

Rosanne Cash Wins Prestigious MacDowell Arts Medal

Ben Sasse (TraitorGOP-Nebraska) commencement speech to 2020 HS seniors. This. Is. Painful.

For all the soon to be no longer ignorant Lounge Lizards

If you have been watching PBS World on Fire

STILL PEDDLING IT: Trump Falsely Claims He Inherited 'Empty' Stockpile

CF Snowbirds plane crash in Kamloops

Trump's firing of State Department watchdog may be 'unlawful,' Pelosi says

Secondhand smoke and vape clouds can help spread covid-19

Pakistan: teenage girls shot dead by relatives over online footage

An actual patriot would put on a damn mask.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver up now on HBO nt

Zimbabwean MDC activists 'abducted and sexually assaulted'

Biden/Abrams town hall replay on now on MSNBC

Afghan power deal hands top military post to man accused of torturing rival

Infections SPIKE in Trump-Voting Areas

I know how trump could really make America great right this minute.

Tough to diagnose game buffering/stuttering problem

Sunset Strip RIP

President Trump What Have You To Say To All Those Americans

Gen. Vincent Brooks, US Army Ret., appears on VoA's Washington Talk re: Korea

"It's not what you are called, but what you answer to" (ER?). And "Nobody can make you

The Guilt - Anomalys

Why do Kangaroos like to drink IPAs?

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine / Cover by Yoyoka & Yoyoka's mom

Please help me remember something. I'm having a hard time finding it again with google.

Looking for flour?

My Baby Just Cares for Me - Nina Simone

Heel Lifts: I'm just putting it out there. Trump says he's 6' 3" but he matches Obama's 6' 1" height

Thousands of Catholic churches received PPP loans: report

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

trump pivots in Covid Blame Game. It's now YOUR fault, America!

Cleveland Dealer Op-Ed: Jim Jordan Is Collaborating In Destruction Of Democracy.

A hidden way that Democrats hope to hold the GOP accountable

San Francisco Bay Blues, Phoebe Snow, Live

Watch Bernie take down Trump's spokesman on ThisWeek

It's 1:30 am, so should I have (poll)

Our Revolution descends into disarray

Tweet of the Morning:

Inspector General's Firing Puts Pompeo's Use of Taxpayer Funds Under Scrutiny

a leaf footed bug from northern California

Biden, Warren team up in new video to surprise supporters with personal calls

TS Arthur, outer bands arrive

Busted: Pentagon Contractors' Report on 'Wuhan Lab' Origins of Virus Is Bogus

This is how we get PRESIDENT BIDEN! Gung Ho! NO FIGHTING. Everyone keeps lifting everybody else til

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus VII: Sports

There is revolution in the air now, but history shows the old order will fight back

US Senate Elections in 2020 that the Democrats are going to win.


The Republicans have morphed into a pack of jackals who want to kill or enslave their self-defined

In case of another COVID-19 like event, consider buying next years supplies this year

☦ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha/OCA COVID-19 Resources

The UK's public health response to covid-19: Too little, too late, too flawed

☦ Eastern Orthodox: Two paragraphs from a website I have recently posted. Be encouraged!


MSNBC montage of clips on Trumps covid-19 response failures is incredible, wow what a disaster!!

'William Barr is not done': experts raise concerns about attorney general's legal reach

Where New Yorkers Moved to Escape Coronavirus

my joints got thrusted

Hong Kong: Lawmakers carried out during parliament mayhem

Coronavirus football: FC Seoul apologises for 'sex dolls' in stands

"South Pacific" movie: one of my all-time favorites

Monday TOONs - Personavirus

If the Titanic sank today

Trump's Remarks After Marine One Arrival; May 17, 2020

Coronavirus: Right-wing anti-lockdown protest hailed by Trump featured disturbing 'hang Fauci' sign

The day is upon me...

Some people say with dotard it's all about "Me, Me, Me", but it's really all about

Brexit: deaths, more deaths ... and no-deal calculations

Breakfast Monday 18 May 2020

Coronavirus Baby Boom

Humpback Whale feeding the Shetlands is the most splendid thing ever

FC Seoul apologise after using sex dolls to fill seats during behind-closed-doors game

Support for trump collapsing with older voters

"Obamagate" in simple terms:

May 18 - Happy Birthday Senator Tom Udall (D) NM

China announces $2 billion in virus help at WHO assembly

CBS hired conspiracy reporter from Fox News, now she's pushing "Obamagate"

Guardian - No Coal Recovery Post-COVID; USEIA - Coal Could Fall To 10% Of US Generation w/i 5 Years

Swing-state Republicans warn Trump's reelection is on shaky ground

Progressives thought they'd overtaken the Democratic Party. Now they're in despair.


Former Senior Oz Government Leaders "Gutted" By Nation's Response: "What Climate Policy?"

Is it still Obama's fault?

Iconic photo of Mount St. Helens and Ford Pinto, May 18, 1980:

Senior CDC offical to Navarro's criticism via CNN

Early data show Moderna Covid-19 vaccine generates immune response

Warren says her brother's coronavirus death 'feels like something that didn't have to happen'

40 Years Ago Today; Mount St Helens erupts, killing Harry Truman (and others)

This Week

Global coronavirus death toll could be 60% higher than reported

Lockdown Protests May Have Spread Virus Widely

Azar blames U.S. death toll on unhealthy minorities.

...Mayor Warns So Paulo Health System is Nearing Collapse

Trump officials deflect blame for US death toll, escalate reopening push

'Love in the Time of Cholera' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

So if Trump and the Republicans steal the election, what's plan B?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/18/20

The Rundown: May 18, 2020

You raised $678.00 on May 17, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Not-So-Brief COVID-19 Update: Monday May 18.

Because Of Course: Shitstain Admin Wants 50% Cuts In FWS Program For Rhino, Tiger Conservation

Chinese Fishing Fleets Not Only Dump Bodies Of Indonesian Workers At Sea, They Fin Sharks As Well

'Trump was basically the buyer and the seller' in almost $1 million of gov. transactions

There'll be no teardrops tonight

Book Burning 2020

Concerned Young Republicans Finally Unveil New Climate Plan!! "Streamlining Regulation"!! Hooray!!

🎶🎵Hams On The Run🎶🎵

trump toady peter navarro blames trump's CDC for testing failure

Just Halfway Through May, And TS Arthur Organizing; Likely Glancing Blow On NC Outer Banks

Sure, you think Trump is bad, but do you know how bad he really is?

Cyclone Amphan Went From Minimal TS To Cat 5 In 48 Hrs; Heading For Bangladesh, E. India

The Coronavirus has revealed many gaps in our knowledge of viral pathogenesis.

Here is another historic example explaining the behavior of Trump voters.

So, Where Is Mike Pence?

Moderna says first-stage study of coronavirus vaccine produced antibodies in subjects

Schwarzenegger has degree from trump university

These people have been educated most look like

Talk about White privilege

SCOTUSblog Monday round-up; May 18, 2020

I can't believe I'm posting The Bulwark, but the article about how trump is weaponizing

Criminal probe launched into downtown L.A. building explosion amid questions about stored oils

Mike Pence: The Worst Case Scenario

Busted: Pentagon Contractors' Report on 'Wuhan Lab' Origins of Virus Is Bogus

trump TV network?? FT

A doggie metaphor - Repuke leadership missing the whole thing about the virus

Eric Trump say his father has been the most popular president ever!

Police footage shows massive Florida block party that ended in violence and arrests.

No good news on JohnnyRingo

5.18 Democracy Movement Commemoration photos May 18, 1980 Gwangju, South Korea

Franklin Roosevelt Put Young People Back to Work. Let's Do It Again.

It's sickening!

A Mount Saint Helens explosion of built up rage is heading towards Trump in this election.

I've had it with MAGAts

Trump targets Susan Collins in tweet-storm demanding she change whistleblower laws after Dr. Bright'

How many I.G.s has Trump and company fired so far? And who were they?

Joe Turner was born on this date.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 - Official Date Announce - Netflix

A few GIFS to amuse

Tweet of the Day

As Far as I Know, Donald J. Trump Is the First President

Jorge Santana has died

Ezra Klein: The president's job is to manage risk. But Trump is the risk.

Why Trump's troubadour turned against him

"The Wrong Missy". Over-the-top screwball comedy!

Midday Music for Millennials -- MovinOnMonday

Dems learn State Dept IG had mostly completed investigation to fast track $8 BILL in arms to Saudis

Hilarious - Cat at vet - 3 stages (anger, confronting reality, "What the hell")

Even passive voter suppression can be effective

A message from Dr. Bill


The Grand Canyon is re-opening, without informing visitors of the Navajo Nation's strict lockdown

More crisis management tips! -by Tom Tomorrow

Pandemic Plus Trumpist Death Cult Plus 'Obamagate' Equals We're Fucked

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'I Must Present a Compelling Case for Keeping the Item in Question'

Immeasurable Travesty. Trump blocking FEMA funeral assistance for CV victims

This is why Trump is back to attacking Obama

So, it appears that the CDC is playing the role of Eric

Super jealous Golden Retriever needs to be part of all hugs

Magats: "In This Together"

Will media outlets please stop running pics of Trump with his disgusting anus-mouth?

Director Frank Capra was born on this date-

NEWS: State Dept. Inspector General Steve Linick was investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's

Taliban suicide bomber kills 9 troops in eastern Afghanistan

OMG! How weak is Donald Trump's sperm?!?!?

Those Who Fail to Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat It

The curious case of South Asia's 'low' coronavirus deaths

Libertarian Elon Musk gladly took billions in government subsidies.

Trump, the idiot, will not be reelected. Here is why in 3 sentences.

It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide.

This is how I see Donald's future ...

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 18 2020

Tropical storm warnings issued for North Carolina as Arthur nears coast

Democrats demand Trump State Department turn over 'secret plan' to slash Social Security amid pandem

New ad from the Lincoln Project

Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey remain fully shut down.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: A key link

Detroit priest goes viral after squirting socially-distanced blessings from a water gun

BUILDING BRIDGES: Postal Union Fights Trump Privatization Plan

Collier Creek Holdings is in talks to acquire Pennsylvania-based snack company Utz Quality Foods

Whoa! Barr comments on the investigation:

Barr says he does not expect Obama/Biden will be investigated by prosecutor reviewing 2016 Russia pr

Gunman behind Pensacola attack is linked to al-Qaida

Trump's latest tweet about coronavirus testing is like a greatest hits of his favorite lies

KKKarl Rove raises his ugly head and accuses Obama of a "political drive by shooting of Trump"

This chart is floating around on facebook.

Exclusive: Congressional LGBTQ Equality PAC endorses Biden

D.C.-area forecast: A cloudy, cool workweek, but not as rainy as once feared.

The Obamagate Scam

"Obamagate" must really be a nothing-burger: "Barr Does Not Expect Probe Into Obama or Biden"

There is no Obama crime

Trump gets ready for his photo-op.......

Florida man dives into Bass Pro Shop fish tank

There was an enjoyable TV show called Room 222.

Without comment

How to Keep Your Glasses Clear When Wearing a Mask

DeWines presser today at 2. What will he do and say about the patio bars

Covid deaths in terms of SEC football stadium sizes

Bloomberg should send money for ads to the Lincoln Project.

Opinion: Trump's purge just got much more corrupt. Here's what's coming next.

I tested negative

May 18, 1980 "The mountain has blown!"

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Admin Blames High COVID-19 Death Toll On Unhealthy Americans, While...

when I see pics of the malevolent Bill Barr, this pops into my head

The vaccine propaganda campaign, fairy tale, bullshit, will be told everyday until the election.

Toledo Area Barbershop Covid Exposure

Stock market exploding up today?

Colt Clarke and the Quarantine kids....check it out!

I'm not going to buy a Tesla

Fired watchdog was investigating Trump administration arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Just a thought...unless Donald is cooking a vaccine up in the White House kitchen,

Mail voting, new machines feature in Pennsylvania primary

Kentucky Garbage Man Hadn't Seen Elderly Woman's Trash Can Out

Anyone got a source for Black Mustard Seeds?

HOW can a woman vote for Trump?

AFL-CIO Sues OSHA to Force Temporary Worker-Safety Standard

If you want to remember what class in the White House looked and sounded like.

The flu has killed 2,200 Michiganders since 2000. Coronavirus topped that in a month.

Trump's Secret New Watchlist Lets His Administration Track Americans Without Needing a Warrant

US lockdown protests may have spread virus widely, cellphone data suggests

Tennessee software exec loses job after meme suggests pay-per-view lynching of Obama: report

Mask story at dental office, today.

Analysis: Republicans who championed inspectors general under Obama stand by as Trump purges them

Supreme Court says victims of al-Qaeda bombings entitled to billions in punitive damages

Do you hate the taste of cilantro?

US death toll tops 90K

Ludwig van Beethoven Romance #2 for Violin & Orchestra

Devastated by the Numbers Trump Goes Crazy with Deflection

James Weaver, who helped bring music to the Smithsonian museums, died after contracting covid-19

James Weaver, who helped bring music to the Smithsonian museums, died after contracting covid-19

So Idiot Baker opens salons next week.

Biden Hammers Eric Trump For Calling The Virus A Hoax

Cellphone data suggests anti lockdown protests may have spread COVID Wildly

Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Early Results

Trump Campaign Announces Launch of 'Truth Over Facts' Investigative Website

Trump played a game of chess against the virus, Checkmate!


'Immune to Evidence': How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread

Take the Red Pill?

Can we explore the option of calling the bilious shitgibbon's bluff?

Trump lashes out after coronavirus whistleblower speaks out on '60 Minutes'

I think they oughta have a big Memorial Day bash at Mar-a-Lago

Dolt45 and FEOTUS (First Escort) host Girl Scouts at White House sans masks.

Want to protect yourself from the virus, remember these three words.

"People Will Die. People Do Die." Wall Street Has Had Enough of the Lockdown

Breaking News on Twitter:

NEW YORKER: This week's cover, "Natural Ability," by Barry Blitt:

Trump now accusing news organisations of illegally smearing him with "illegal" coverage

Commentary: True freedom-lovers wear face masks

CBS hired conspiracy reporter from Fox News, now she's pushing "Obamagate"

Cartoons 5/18/2020

Kamala Harris & Mindy Kaling Cook Masala Dosa

Biden should expand on the message that there will be no pardons

93 Years Ago Today; an anti-tax monster blows up an elementary school - 38 dead

Evergreen Speedway inches toward live racing again

New Tesla Plant

200 Snohomish County protestors rally against COVID order

Is it me, or does Trump seem really scared. He seems more desperate than usual.

Biden, Warren team up in new ad to surprise supporters with personal calls

Louisa VA "the two melon heads" robbed a Sheetz

Venezuela failed raid: US has a history of using mercenaries to undermine other regimes

Karl Rove Apparently Now Advising Trump

DISGRACEFULLY TYPICAL! Karl Rove Dog-Whistles a Tune About Obama's "Political Drive-By Shooting!"

Rep. Jackie Speier dons pajamas to fight lawmakers sleeping in offices

Grimes' Mom Calls Out Elon Musk For 'Blaring' Men's Rights 'Bulls**t On Twitter'

Wisconsin's economy is reopening and it's a hot coronavirus mess. Don't do what we did.

Oil and the Economy; The Economic Case for Renewable Energy.

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individuals to Key Administration Posts; May 18, 2020

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individuals to Key Administration Posts; May 18, 2020

Chris Cillizza with the worst take of the day

Cyrus McQueen on the Inability of One Man Clown Show''s Supporters to Admit His Stupidity

Let's talk about what the founders would do and the Constitution....

Alex Azar Part Of The Most Corrupt Administration Ever Is Complaining About The WHO - Gimmee A Break

Trump calls Romney a 'LOSER' following sharp criticism for firing inspectors general

So The Vice-President Disappears For A Week, And Nobody Says A Thing...

This week: McConnell tees up nominations ahead of Memorial Day

See and avoid... until you (almost) don't 👀

Barr not pursuing Obama/Biden and Met Police not pursuing Reade. It is a GOOD day!

Trump vaccine czar makes $3.4M windfall as firm reports progress on coronavirus shot and stock soars

The bottom line: the cost of a POTUS Fucking up the US response to a pandemic

U.S. lawmakers link Trump's latest IG firing to Saudi arms sales probe

U.S. House panel leader links State Dept. inspector general firing to Saudi arms sale

My 'vote my mail' application arrived in today's post (Michigan)

You missed a spot? Where? Right there, between the eyes. No I didn't, it's just bad lighting. 😂

Pompeo says he didn't know fired inspector general was investigating him

FBI cracked phone of Saudi shooter at Florida naval base, found al Qaeda ties -Barr

Scientists still trying to understand baffling, unpredictable coronavirus

President Trump felt so strongly about snubbing WHO that he ceded the stage to Xi.

New health department data shows where coronavirus rate is highest in Whatcom County

Khruangbin - So We Won't Forget (Official Video)

Another great loss

Man Who Reportedly Advocated Firing Watch🐶 (Who Was Investigating 🐶 Walking) Gets 🐶

Swing-state Republicans warn Trump needs to get the pandemic right -- or else

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 18, 2020

Senior CDC official rebukes White House trade adviser's criticism as tensions escalate

Gov. Whitmer signs order partially opening Upper Michigan & part of Lower Michigan

Opinion: Trump is systematically ripping America to shreds

President Trump to nominate new top prosecutor for the District

New face mask rules, guidelines take effect Monday in Western Washington

Constantly planting the false suggestion "we're doing a fantastic job"

what the world (well, not trump or repubs) is learning is, science is not the news cycle in rate

If WHO failed re Covid-19, grade Don the Criminally Negligent Con

Chris Cornell three years gone today.

Binge watched all episodes of Longmire

They can't give us health care; but they can sure give us TV Drug Ads

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

'Matewan Massacre' a century ago embodied miners' struggles

Meghan McCain: Obama 'Ushered In' the Era of Trump and Our Current Culture War

The pyramid of knowledge

Colombia's most infamous far-right group 'founded by important personalities'

A question about music collaboration.

Grassley demands Trump explain firing of State Department inspector general

Commence Change

Man who called coronavirus 'fake crisis' gets infected, issues warning

I don't know why I love this video so much, lol.

Ken Osmond, 'Leave It to Beaver' star who played Eddie Haskell, dies at 76

Did I really hear Nicolle open her show saying Trump has now reduced himself from the leader of ...

I volunteer Jared for

McConnell taps Rubio as acting chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee

This baby zebra wags her tail when she's reunited with her mom and dad

WOW - Trump revealed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for several weeks,

Nicole just announced that Trump says he's taking Hydroxychloroquine

Mark Lenover - The Girl In The Window

This Cat Needs Mom's Constant Attention

Georgia's coronavirus data made reopening look safe. The numbers were a lie.

In the USA today over 90, 000 dead and 1.4 million infected with COVID. Trump says

Tomandandy - Half Light

"It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall!"

Puppy Abandoned In Middle Of Nowhere Gets Help From Stranger

SadBoots - Sea sick


Trump says he takes hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus infection

I'm wondering if today's weather has increased the value of my home

My BIL of my sister who is DYING started posting all kinds of shit on FB. I swear when she is gon

I got a haircut today

The hits keep coming for my cats.

'Obamagate' or 'Jealousygate?' Trump's maniacal obsession with Obama

Not the Onion: Rubio Tapped to Lead Intelligence Committee

Trump admits he's taking Hydroxychloroquine recreationally

Jeff Tiedrich for the win

Does Hydrochloroquine mix well with Adderall?

"The Chloroquine President"!

Here's Vicky Hartzler's opponent

Side effects of hydroxychloroquine


OMIGOD! News Break. Trump is taking the hydroxychloroquine drug for a week and a half now.

Show me one, just ONE Doctor or Nurse...

Is Idiot heavily invested in Hydroxychloroquine?

(Squee!) Tiniest Baby Elephant Copies Everything His Mom Does

President Tweety is trending...


The shithound has pulled off a classic distraction

Fox news anchor Cavuto stunned by Trump taking hydroxychloroquine: "This will kill you..."

Cavuto on Fox re -Trump taking hydroxychloroquine: "I cannot stress enough. This will kill you."

Trump's Remarks in a Meeting on Opportunity Zones; May 18, 2020

MGM Resorts, Vegas - You can feel the fear and desperation...

As of this week

April Ryan: "coronavirus is more rampant in the White House than the public is being told"

WPost: Editorial Board 5/17/The results are in. Trump's miracle drug-hydroxychloroquine- is useless

They are having a rally

Question: Any separate group here for Documentaries?


Compelling Music Video featuring some homeless children and teenagers surviving in LA, California.

PM Update: Stuck in between two low-pressure systems

Uhm er, uh......

Trump's Secret New Watchlist Lets His Administration Track Americans

"I'd rather have [Pompeo] on the phone with some world leader than have him wash dishes ... "

Well, we've finally come to it--the United States of Jonestown...

Ugh! San Diego magats. Please don't tell me his numbers are growing.

Dead Can Dance - How Fortunate The Man With None

Wow! Breathtaking! 1000s of deer enjoy the Japanese Cherry Blossoms sans people

One of the world's smallest cats chirps like a wee bird, first-ever audio recording reveals

Barr: Obama, Biden not under criminal investigation despite Trump's claims

'US Blockade Off Cuba Amounts To Biological Warfare, NZ Government Must Take A Stand'

Has anybody else been watching "The Great" on Hulu?

I bet a lunch that dotard just thinks he's taking hydroxychloroquine whatever

SIDE EFFECTS: blurred vision, bleeding, confusion, unusual thoughts or behavior, seizures

Feds warn of attacks against towers and techs that maintain them

Baker County Judge Invalidates Oregon Gov. Brown's COVID-19 Emergency Orders

FSU Researcher Detects Unknown Submarine Landslides in Gulf of Mexico

"I'm taking hydroxychloroquine" simply means the Pompeo-Saudi scandal has some real legs to it.

'My Darling Vivian': Johnny Cash's First Wife Profiled In New Documentary

A fourth Crown Castle tower is torched by arsonists in Memphis

Dinesh D'Souza tweets doctored photo...

Maybe Trump thinks chloroquine will prevent him from getting MELANIA?

The President says he wants to fire the inspector general because Pompeo asked him to

I get alerts on my phone. Don't read most of them, but this one. Liar is taking chloroquine.

Coronavirus: WHO 'let pandemic spin out of control', says US

He won't wear a mask, but he'll take a harmful drug.

How would you allocate political donations at this time?

Just got back from Sam's Club in Des Moines

Wow, that thing has really gone off the deep end today...

Family of former green beret's captured in foiled Venezuelan plot speak out about sons involvement

From MoveON: Timeline of Trump's MASSIVE failure in responding to COVID19

Family of former green beret's captured in foiled Venezuelan plot speak out about sons involvement

Scientists Explore Cannabis Extracts as Potential Preventative COVID-19

Marco Rubio named to lead Senate Intelligence Committee

How To Live In A Van With Your Dogs

What are the odds they are giving trump* a placebo, and telling him it's hydroxychloroquine

Why did you tear up Michelle Obama's vegetable garden and tell us to eat more cookies?

California is now offering support to undocumented immigrants, in the first relief fund of its kind

Kemp flunkies get caught manipulating coronovirus data.

Boy, the latenight comedians and SNL gonna have fun with Trump and his imaginary friend Chloroquine?

Economists put a price tag on living whales in Brazil: $82 billion

He is an irresponsible son of the devil

Economists put a price tag on living whales in Brazil: $82 billion

And Your Bird Can Sing.

Guy Discovers Just What His Cat Is Up To While He's Sleeping

Does household oven heat kill viruses/bacteria? This afternoon I'm preparing pizza for supper

Per Johns Hopkins, 90,194 Americans have died from COVID-19 as of this afternoon

Bolsonaro revives a plan to carve a road through one of Brazil's last untouched areas

Bolsonaro revives a plan to carve a road through one of Brazil's last untouched areas

I think this perfectly sums up the world we live in, right now

Seen on FB: "Even on Gilligan's Island, they listened to the scientist, not the "millionaire"

Is Anyone Else Suspicious Of The Fact That Right After Trump Appoints A Vaccine Czar....

Mike Luckovich-Still Awaiting this flyover

Dedication Time

Did Trump say "we are the laughing stock of the world"?

Not as sexy as tRump taking his own medicine, but here's how you can help elect Joe Biden

This may be a little "Hokey".

The Hoarse Whisperer on WTFaux News is NOW saying...

Does anyone know how to track stock buys?

El Salvador Supreme Court orders state of emergency suspended

man takes pill. media goes berserk over non story - fake news run amok.

Not sure I should post this but I'd like to see this woman fired. Take it down

This is what a real President does.

'Matewan': Labor's Fight To Unionize 100 Years Ago, May 19, 1920

A timely ad for legal services:

Rep. Terri Sewell has represented Alabama since 2011. Is she a VP possibility?

Tweet of the night:

Please boycott these fuckers, if you will.


Now if we can just get him to drink bleach.

Here's Trump trying to justify Pompeo's abuse of his office, with a big bowl of sexism on the side.

U.S. fund that supports Sumatran rhino research faces deep cuts under Trump

Why hasn't anyone asked him if he or his family have a vested interest?

Poignant commentary

Trump's Chloroquine revelation was in response to

Stray Dogs Get So Excited To See This Woman Every Day

Opinion: 'Anti-lockdown protesters' are nothing but strikebreakers

Covid-19 thoughts

Just had a thought about MLB re-opening

Schumer on MSNBC, re hydroxychloroquine: "Maybe, he's not really taking it."

Comet SWAN: A brilliant 'icy wanderer' in photos

Physical therapy could protect COVID-19 patients from pneumonia, researchers find

NFL testing new protective facemasks with surgical or N95 material

'I cannot stress this enough: This will kill you.' Fox News host Neil Cavuto was shocked by Trump's

Vice President Duckworth? Maybe...

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