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Archives: May 2, 2020

Thousands of protesters flock to Huntington Beach following state-ordered OC beach closures

Are Covid 19 survivors still contagious?

Sweden had no lockdown but its economy is expected to suffer just as badly as its European neighbors

Protesters in California demanding the state be reopened

Oh Happy May Day

New DBT drop, "quarantine together"

Tell That Truth

Talk to me New Port Beach California........your Mayor is on Fucker Carlson saying his

The White House blocks Fauci from appearing before Congress.

I'm sitting in a Menards parking lot in Princeton, IN

Steve Mnuchin forced to ask heavily-endowed elite prep schools to return loans meant for small busin

Sam Lloyd 'Scrubs' Lawyer Dead at 56

U.S. pushes Mexico to reopen border factories, even as more workers die from COVID-19

As millions are stripped of health coverage amid Covid-19, House Dems unveil bill for emergency

Would Trump try to "sleight of hand" remdesivir with hydroxychloroquine in people's memories?

Ex-Green Beret led failed attempt to oust Venezuela's Maduro

Creationist Ken Ham has his own TV channel now...

No Chris Hayes, we're unhappy that you were sloppy with the reporting not that you ran the story

Pig poops out a pedometer, starts a fire

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020.

My mother in law got her stimulus check!!

36,007 new cases today, 2nd highest day ever.....

Women's soccer claim of unequal pay tossed, can argue travel

Trump destroying America for re-election.

Judge sides with U.S. Soccer in equal pay lawsuit

Trudeau announces Canadian ban on 1,500 types of 'military-style' guns

tRump tweeting that voting by mail is rigged.

Evergreen State Fair in Monroe is cancelled for 2020

Lessons from earlier outbreak helped Everett-based USS Kidd

where has Ali Velshi been?

Canada announces immediate ban on "military-grade" assault weapons

FFRF looks back - posts a video from 40 years ago

Ok, so we can't jail everyone who violates a stay-at-home order and fining people who are

The monthly grocery shop--Part I

A lawyer dressed as the Grim Reaper is haunting Florida beaches to protest their reopening

E. Jean Carroll slams Kayleigh McEnany's dismissal of Trump assault allegations

Saw this on Twitter earlier - MAGATs at the Michigan Capitol with their weapons:

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!! TGIF! Just Another Manic Monday!

Sven Sundgaard fired by KARE 11 for 'ethics violations'

This is a classic piece of music

Smack Down.

New Poll: 75% of Americans Hope Trump and Kim Jong-un Share a Cardiologist

George Carlin told us about the Corona panic years ago

I missed this today but, according to Al Franken, today the stable genius advised we wash our hands

Boy reunited with cat which was lost for 7 months

I heard that a reporter asked Kayleigh

The Info War Over Chloroquine Has Slowed Covid-19 Science

Pac-12 coaches, administrators take pay cuts because of coronavirus pandemic

FCC calls for all carriers to extend their Keep America Connected pledge

Friday Night Movie - The Outsiders (1983)

Who remembers me telling them about me being gang-raped by Trump and Reade?

Tony Allen, Afrobeat's Foundational Drummer, Has Died At Age 79

Cyrus McQueen tweet: The world is still on fire and they're saying it's safe to come back out

Take a guess - Which one led to gun control legislation, which one won't?

Civil Disobedience

Positive and hopeful families of Central New York [photos]

Sending one out to Demitri...

deadspin: Donald Trump is basically advocating for white violence

Brazil is letting COVID-19 run wild with little intervention, and the results are strikingly bad

Paxton Threatens Election Officials With Prosecution

what to do with whey?

My mother waw born in the 1930's . Her sister got Polio and the family home was

Elon Musk says he's 'selling almost all physical possessions' because he's 'devoting myself to Mars

The division is tearing our country apart.

NASA begs spectators for May 27 astronaut launch: Please stay home!

Stocks close lower on Amazon outlook, trade worries

Bremerton to reopen walking trails in city parks next week

Ring of Fire: Johnny Cash

COVID-19: Hispanics twice as likely to die in King County

Texas Transportation Commission ties billions of dollars to I-35 central project

Seattle to close down 11 more miles of streets to cars


Well, We've Arrived at the Point in the Pandemic When Alex Jones Starts Eating Ass. (Ferret/SC)

Whatcom golf courses planning to re-open after nearly 6 weeks of coronavirus closure

Johnny on a Friday

The lawyer who oversaw the vetting of @JB for @Obama tells us: "This kind of complaint.. not just TR

Luckin Coffee: Chinese Coffee Chain's Scandal Renews U.S. Calls for Oversight

Gilead gets emergency FDA authorization for remdesivir to treat coronavirus, Trump says

Inslee announces phases for lifting virus restrictions

Anyone watching Trump's town hall rally tonight?

Alaska School District Votes Out 'Catch-22,' 'Gatsby' and Other Classics

More Johnny

In the early '80's the USDA bought excess dairy products....

Friday Talking Points -- Joe Says It Ain't So

Texas AG Ken Paxton Picked Fight With Colorado County to Help Friend

Ice cream maker Blue Bell to plead guilty, pay $19 million over listeria outbreak

My thoughts about Joe on Morning Joe

The Kids Are Alright. Amazing early Keith Moon drum work

Manchester State Rep faces criticism, calls for resignation after comments against Biden accuser

Dallas Arts District's Pride Block Party canceled

If Dump refuses to debate Biden, should Alec Baldwin as Dump fill in for him?

Republicans: The party of death during COVID-19

This is my last (lol maybe) post on Tara Reade (my truth, the real truth and nothing but the truth)

Trump to nominate retired general to be U.S. ambassador to Ukraine

90 active COVID-19 cases at Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant, bringing total to 171

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Good News: Essential Worker Action Figures & Olympic E-Sports

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Corona Sports Update: Michael Jordan Doc & Gronk's NFL Return

Senate to be back in session. Can't secure enough tests for all 100! I suyre hope some reporter

The Daily Show: Remember When Trump Said Coronavirus Would Disappear in April?

Amazon, Instacart Workers Launch May Day Strike To Protest Treatment During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Danny Meyer - Coronavirus's Impact on the Restaurant Industry

Republican host let loose on her frustration with Trump

Forced Retirement

Jeffrey Sachs on the Catastrophic American Response to the Coronavirus

Seth Meyers - CDC Extends Social Distancing Guidelines to Include Pets - Monologue 4/30/20

The great realization... a poem for these times

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

tRump Accuses New York Of Padding State's Mortality Rate By Including African American Deaths

The Cure - Close To Me

Happy Birthday Willie! Must hear Pearl Jam cover

preparing for transition

I had a thought today, maybe trump paints his face orange but he's really going for gold


Seth Meyers: Guest California Governor Gavin Newsom

Emergency medicine doctor discusses why it is too early to reopen as COVID-19 festers.

Donald tRump can't tell the difference between these. Can you?

The Great Realisation

Joe Cocker killing it with the Mad Dogs & Englishmen

U.S. coronavirus stimulus went to some healthcare providers facing criminal inquiries

What's so funny...?

This should slam the door on whether Reade filed a complaint against Biden at the time

Does anyone else remember the names of their elementary school teachers?

Seasick Steve - Using all the strings on this one

Huge MAGA May Day Rally in Louisville, KY. Huge. Today. MAGA.

I said goddamn! Joe Cocker & The Gap Band

Trump is destroying America

Real Time with Bill Maher. May 1st

My Republican County Executive on today's protestors...

Trump, Kushner, and Hope Hicks Drop In On A Covid Task Force Meeting....

Imbecile - Stupidity

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 5/1/20

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham defends Joe Biden..

'I won't be alive to work' - Las Vegas union wants sick leave, quarantine pay

Remember irradiated foods, how people were afraid of it. I wonder if it will be more widely used now

Well, David Axelrod just put an end to that!

Smacked out Clapton w/Harrison & Brother Leon Killing It!

Top Official Says U.S. Missed Chances to Slow Virus

William Gallo VOA posts photos of Kim Jong-un at Suncheon factory


Brother Aristus said this sounds like Monty Python and stepping on a lego. Thought I'd share.

Have worked out my colors for my next French piece. Don't think I want to cram this into my little

Neil live at Massey Hall '71

Trump Moves to Replace Watchdog Who Identified Critical Medical Shortages

Fellow Jellyfish Fans!

Nasty. The real thing, Hill Country Blues from the best 2 piece band in America

I see Etsy is advertising on MSNBC. glad to see this. I sell stuff there and right now it is

Kim Jong Un appears in public!

The Velvet Underground & Nico - "I'll Be Your Mirror"

Mitch has changed his tune dramatically since 1995

Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

Mississippi governor says he changed his mind on reopening after increase in coronavirus cases

Trump Campaign Orders Red Face Masks

one wonders if IA, SD, NE residents are wising up to their governors' get sick and die strategies

Dr. Lorna Breen: Mental Health Needs Of Heath Care Providers

fun with cellos (8 of them)

CA-25: Clinton endorses Democrat in California special House election

Smells like someone got ripped off...😂

Ohio University to eliminate 140 union positions, leave 49 others vacant

Roll Um Easy

'The woman in the window' protester loses primary race for Ohio Senate

One of the greatest rock singers each....

Ignorant Imbecile Barber In Snohomish Said Inslee Should Listen To Trump Instead Of Being A Dictator

i wonder what percentage of the "open up" protesters are democrats

IRS mistakenly sends stimulus checks to foreign workers

Sum mo Blind Melon

debit card spending up, credit card spending way down

Senate leader Mitch McConnell to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred: 'America needs baseball'

Brutalize me with music...

What do you do with your card after it comes out of the ATM slot?

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Tweet of the Day

Technology used to combat ISIS propaganda enlisted by Democratic group to counter Trump's lies

No Woman No Cry

Coronavirus Pandemic Causing Worst Recession In 100 Years For Houston And Beyond, Texas A&M

Bonus Tweet of the Day

It could take TWO MILLION deaths across the US to reach herd immunity says political scientist at

Houston's LGBTQ Pride Celebration Postponed until the Fall

Nazification of the GOP Is Why There's Serious Discussion of Killing Off The 'Unfit'

The House needs to subpoena John Bolton *NOW*

Why did you choose your username?

Right will try to morph Biden into Trump to level morality field

'Heads we win, tails you lose': how America's rich have turned pandemic into profit


The hubris of the pro-infection protestors

Roads closed into Gallup New Mexico to mitigate 'uninhibited spread of Covid-19'

State panel rejects proposals to even consider reducing inmate population

IRS tells parents still waiting for their $500 stimulus child benefit it won't arrive until next yea

Homeless population at COVID-19 isolation complex triples in two days

Male Seahorse Giving Birth

The Pro Infection Crowd Wants 50 Million Dead Just Like 1918

Gallup, New Mexico is getting hammered by covid19

Gaming Control Board policy for COVID-19 prevention plans outlines changes coming to casino industry

Unemployment claims from Asian Americans have spiked 6,900% in New York. Here's why

Judge rejects conservative group's attempt to block planned all-mail primary

Unemployment is ravaging America. Trump should be worried for November

Gaming businesses permitted to get emergency Federal reserve loans

Stephen Colbert - Opening and Monologue - 5/1/20

Burning Man sues BLM to prevent release of financial records that detail ticket strategy

Mitt Romney proposes a temporary pay raise for essential workers amid coronavirus pandemic

A spoonful of Clorox makes the medicine go down

BBC: Why your health may never be the same after Covid-19

Woman browbeats reporter for wearing a mask at Ohio lockdown protest

Donald Trump goes off the deep end about man who died from ingesting chloroquine

Nevada jobless level nears 20%; extended benefits triggered

Georgia reports nearly 1,000 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours

Breakfast Saturday 2 May 2020

Firefighters/Police more likely to die by Suicide than in line of duty

After Decades of Service, Five Nuns Die as Virus Sweeps Through Convent

File under WTF's wrong with people: Trump hits 49 percent approval rating in Gallup poll (ties high)

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany; May 1, 2020

Station Casinos to make 'significant' staff cuts, delay opening 4 properties

Trump's Remarks in Announcement on Remdesivir

Hawaii moving to 'Phase 2' after flattening curve

Trump's Remarks in a Presidential Recognition Ceremony: Hard Work, Heroism, and Hope

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts

Robert Hyde Republican who claimed to be surveilling Ukrainian Ambassador, Withdraws From House Race

Women detained at CA reopen rally today were at anti-vaccine rally outside NY pediatrician's office

Tara Reade celebrated end of Mueller investigation.

Local Nonprofits Fight to Keep Progressive Issues at the Forefront

WWII newsreel footage from 75 years ago

Judge Orders FCC to Hand Over IP Addresses Linked to Fake Net Neutrality Comments

Axelrod: Obama team fully vetted Biden in 2008 and found no hint of former aide's allegation

I grew up thinking America was the greatest nation in the world....

1500 aerospace workers..

On this day, May 2, 1945, a lot of things were going on in Germany and Italy.

Plaintiffs Ask Court to Prevent Enforcement of Transphobic Idaho Student Athlete Law

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Idaho stay-home order ends, restoration of normal activity begins

Kitten playing bass violin

Born on this day, May 2, 1929: Link Wray

US Navy selects Fincantieri design for next-generation frigate

A Parks and Recreation Special - Full Special

The next line of chic office wear?

Lawsuit seeks to block Idaho coronavirus restrictions, says orders violate religious freedoms

School of juvenile striped eel catfish

Carnegie-Mellon's COVIDcast tool

Businesses to get a vaccination from COVID-liability, employees to get denied for UI-benefits

"Trump America" is the America that some people want?

I hate Illinois Nazis

Any Freepers lurking? If so...ash says Hi bastards

30,000,000 unemployment claims in 6 weeks !

What is your opinion of this cartoon?

Trump and his cult are monsters. We react to monsters in one of two ways:

Trump World: Ohio

Health official says US missed some chances to slow virus

Washington Extends Stay Home Order Through At Least May 31

If vaccine for the virus is developed in the next two or three months, will you take it?

You know you're getting really desperate to see a concert when ...

The oil bankruptcies are just beginning. Here's who could be next

Update at Get My Payment

I asked this woman to respect my space after she was yelling and spitting in my face.

Deadly accurate

Park ranger shoved in lake as he explains coronavirus rules to crowd, Texas video shows

The Republican Election Play Book is Simple

"Republicans"---what will it take to break the spell that Trump and his thugocracy have

How Profit and Incompetence Delayed N95 Masks While People Died at the VA

Did stumpy get to the cdc?

We know there enough blame to go around and rightfully so?

Casa Azul virtual tour - Frida's house

City of Stillwater drops mask requirement after businesses threatened

Small piece of good news... my library is going to offer curb service next week

Why can't Joe Biden just

He Knew. He never read his PDB (Mike Malloy)

Al Jazeera- shows KCNA video of Kim Jong Un

We should refer to Republicans pushing for liability protections from COVID as a "liability vaccine"


Florida's Grim Reaper

2,000 Nissans Parked At Sea For A Week; Lots & Yards Overflowing As Auto Sales Collapse

Open Firearms Carry at "Open" Protests Is Not About Rights.

Give Me Love

'Bolero Juilliard': Inside the Making of a Lockdown Musical Miracle


Why McConnell seems hell-bent on bringing back the Senate to a contagious environment

I found my favorite tweets of the day and it's not even noon yet

Breaking news: Earthquake (5.5) hits Puerto Rico, damages buildings!

NY nursing home reports 98 Covid deaths

Want and Need

More than 120 of Georgia's most popular restaurants announced this week they won't be reopening


Bicycle Underpass Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Berkshire Hathaway Lost $49.7 Billion in First Quarter Stung by Coronavirus

Fearing Political Peril, Republicans Edge Away From Trump on Pandemic Response

Judge rules against womens players in equal pay suit vs. U.S. Soccer Federation

how is everybody doing in quarantine ?

You raised $1,275.86 on May 1, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

This is a thrilling race. Can the blue marble keep the lead?

New addition to "Rules of the Road"

Just another case of sick projection by the right .

Mr. fuck the Constitution #Moscow Mitch wants his baseball back is doing this next week

Wait til you see her as a puppy

A passion for trains, both large and small

Great Lecture: Alan Watts - Veil Of Thoughts [FULL] (WISDOM)

If you want to puke over what NPR has become, listen to this!!

And if Your or I were to say this insanity.....You and I would be locked up.............

What the REOPEN protests are REALLY about

Self rising flour

Has anyone (MSM) brought up the Senate's secret (rethuglicon only) stimulus package

InfoWars Birther Jerome Corsi Accidentally Forwards Drug Scam To Federal Prosecutor

Chris Ware's "Still Life"

The Great Realisation - a poem and video - Make art. Make beauty. Take time.

Ah ha!

Just got stimulus check

Jimmy Kimmel Is Extremely Excited About His Toilet Paper Delivery

Good news out of South Carolina

Auschwitz memorial condemns presence of Nazi slogan at US anti-lockdown rally

Dog+owls Dowls

When do we call them DEPRAVED?

Hillary Clinton: No makeup? No pantsuit? No problem.

After 4 attempts, you might not believe whom arranged our PPP loan

COVID Nightmare: Right-Wingers Demonize Those Who Stay Home

Oh the irony of it all

Blue Angels and Thunderbirds to soar above DC, Baltimore in tribute to essential workers

Link Wray was born on this date-

Just for grins, after doing my shopping at the supermarket this morning,

Oh. Oh good. The upstairs neighbor got a loud cuckoo clock

Richard "Groove' Holmes was born on this date.

Protect Yourself

Coronavirus UK: This man came home from the hospital to die. His son found a way to keep him alive

How Profit & Incompetence delayed N95 masks while people died at the VA

Watch this dog jump into a pool in epic slow motion

Coronavirus strikes nearly 80 Missouri nursing homes

Of Course Laura Ingraham Says Masks Are A Liberal Plot

Lynda Carter: That feeling when you put on a real outfit for the first time in weeks.

CA official suggests letting C19 run its course to "reduce burdens" on social security

The three "R"'s are about more than spelling - have we seen this one?

HRC models the must-have fashion accessory for spring

Midday Music for Millennials -- SaturdayIsh

Joe Biden gets backing of key Latina activist Dolores Huerta

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 2 2020

The action of a number of state "lawmakers" proves that we are endangered by a small minority

Trump, Pence, and Republican leaders live in the covid-19 Green Zone and don't care about us.

Spider With Three Super Powers (BBC Earth)

Turns out letting 'efficient' monopolies control our food supply was a terrible idea

Judge arguing government execute people any way it wants

Time again for another showing of Hinterland Who's Who:

You poked my heart!

What the fuck is wrong with this country?

Any DU Muslims who can answer a question?

US oil giants cut output as Exxon Mobil reports 1st loss in decades

Q2 GDP Forecasts: Probably Around 30% Annual Rate Decline

Trump moves -- on Friday night -- to replace watchdog who revealed his coronavirus failures: report

I heard Douglas County is restricting restaurant openings until May 17.

Has anyone else noticed

It's that simple.

Sieg heil: CA official Ken Turnage II calls for reopening so coronavirus can kill off the old & weak

Amazing pictures from Down Under.

Joy Reid did a great job

Judge Accelerates Process for Unsealing Jeffrey Epstein Docs, Naming Names on 'Rolling Basis'

Michigan militia puts armed protest in the spotlight

I just sort of got into it with a right winger.

Ex-Green Beret led failed attempt to oust Venezuela's Maduro

Pittie Won't Eat His Breakfast Until He Gets A Hug From Dad

Democrats are now favorites to take control of the Senate from Mitch McConnell: Election analyst

From the black humor department.

Three strikes and you are out.

I've been seriously debating as to whether these protests

A Dad joke for his Dad

I heard that the Con's former lawyer Cohen was going to be released early

Trump's national security adviser out of sight in coronavirus response

Someone Projected 'Trump Is Killing Us' Onto a Washington D.C. Building

GOP Strategist: "It's Trump versus the coronavirus and the recovery. Biden is a sideshow."

Fake-Meat Startups Rake in Cash Amid Food Supply Worries

Houston police helicopter crashes. 1 pilot dies, another in critical condition

"It is as bad as it gets in terms of packing the court with political toadies."

Trump Says He Plans to Visit Mount Rushmore for July Fireworks

HHS says 1,000 coronavirus tests will be available as senators return to DC

Today is Saturday, May 2nd

Biden caught on open mike

Trump Says He's in No Rush to Give Money to States Short on Cash

Poop could help stop the pandemic. Really.

2020 strikes again: Tracking the 'Murder Hornet': A Deadly Pest Has Reached North America

US citizens married to immigrants sue after being denied relief

I watched the MSNBC about the flyover in DC this AM

Mitt Romney wet dream

It's just a coincidence, I'm sure.

Angry Protester Goes After Reporter In Wild Rant Over Lockdown In Ohio

Stevie Wonder - You Haven't Done Nothin'

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; May 1, 2020

R.I.P. Scrubs' Sam Lloyd

Dr. Fauci, please be so kind...

As Workers Fall Ill, U.S. Presses Mexico to Keep American-Owned Plants Open

How Profit and Incompetence Delayed N95 Masks While People Died at the VA

Texas coronavirus numbers spike as Republican governor reopens state

Georgia confirms more than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours

Mitch McConnell's Kentucky has been getting federal bailout money for years.

The Right's Gun Routine Falls Flat During the Pandemic

OMG I'm Dying! Amy Schumer Named her kid "Genital Fissure" by Accident!

I got this letter from Trump and I don't even have a bird cage. What's up with that? Anyone that

Our Long Term Adaptation is fact based.

Seattle small business owner in pursuit of PPP loan feels deserted by her bank, and she's not alone

Campaign sign seen

Health official says US missed some chances to slow virus

problem with audio in videoconferencing meetings.

Spokane Sheriff blames property crime uptick on pandemic-related inmate releases, but other criminal

Cartoons 5/2/2020

Price of gas made a heckuva jump...

You can request your absentee ballot for the 7-14 ME Primary Now

Skagit festival can draw 400K tourists. This year? Nearly 0.

Legal Experts Erupt After White House Blocks Anthony Fauci's Coronavirus Testimony

Decadence and Depravity in Louisville, Kentucky

Say whaaaaaaa?

George Conway does have his moments, but I still think he's in cahoots with Kellyanne, playing

A US researcher who worked with a Wuhan lab gives 4 reasons why a coronavirus leak would be unlikely

Only one Tara Reade has hurt is Christine Blasey Ford

Police push homeless out of park after Spokane shelter closure raises controversy and tent city

Rep. Ted Lieu Lays It On The Line For Anti-Lockdown Protesters With Ominous Prediction

COVID-19 'testing blitz' begins in Arizona -

It is too much of a sacrifice to do this while being ordered to stay home.

Tim Eyman and small-business owners sue Gov. Jay Inslee over coronavirus stay-home order, calling it

If flu deaths were counted like COVID-19 deaths, the worst recent flu season evidently killed 15,620

Tucker Carlson Guest Shares Maine Governor's Cellphone Number On the Air

Here we go again!

Dog Can't Stop Smiling When He's With His Guinea Pigs

Looks like msnbc is correcting their coverage.

This is a must read Twitter thread about Tara Reade/Alexandra Tara McCabe/Tara Reade Moulton....

Baby Elephant Reunites With Mom After Getting Stuck In Hole

W. Europe relaxing virus measures, but Russian numbers spike

Found on FB

Tara Reade abruptly canceled the interview -

Moms never give up

Technology once used to combat ISIS propaganda is enlisted to counter Trump's covid disinfo

How Seattle acted fast and shook off coronavirus, while New York descended into chaos

Spike in US deaths and cases flagged as pneumonia suggests even greater COVID-19 impact

Missouri man faces federal arson charges after fire destroys Islamic Center

Post a song that makes you smile!

Couple cancels their Valentine's Day dinner to rescue a trapped dog

PBS to Air ANN Starring Holland Taylor This June

I have only one wish when it comes to the pandemic.

Just Because I'm 90 Doesn't Mean I'm Ready To Die ― Or Disposable

Is Katie Porter, congresswoman from CA, on Biden's VP list?

Here's an interesting (anecdotal) survey:

California city official says COVID-19 should be allowed to 'fix' society by culling elderly

These baby cows have no idea just how good life's about to get

Inslee moves in careful phases: Other governors 'leap over' pandemic

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/2/20

This time the penguins are getting viewed by the flamingos!

World renowned Atlanta pandemic expert being kept from systems she created amid coronavirus crisis

Trump Seeks to Pin Virus Blame on China, Yet Reprisal Is Uncertain

AP Exclusive: Harassment, assault absent in Biden complaint

Never realized how long 4 years feels like

Oklahoma City repeals mask requirement after customers threaten store employees with guns

Look who went to Camp David this weekend?

'Our patients are dropping like flies': 16,000 dead from COVID-19 in U.S. nursing homes

14,637 Coronavirus Cases In Washington; 824 Dead

TX has flipped on

University Of Washington Models Predict 72,433 Total Deaths By August

New Test Shows IHME COVID-19 Death Projections Display Optimism Bias

What does she want? An apology? Money? Sanders as the nominee?

Mily Balakirev - In Bohemia, Overture on Czech Themes (1867; 1905)

With the US having just 4.25% of the world's population but we now have 32% of the known cases in..

U.S. Probes University of Texas Links to Chinese Lab

trump pence 2016/2020:

Where does Our Joe go for his apology?

Senate moving toward Democrats.

"You've entered the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks. Commence silly walking immediately"

How do I block ads? The multiply on all pages - not on DU, though

Just in case: Trump to prep for transition {It is a law} in case he loses

It may have hit my family - UPDATE 2 negative tests - I'm not convinced

Harmonica Hop (Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee)

" Trump likes to talk about the most, the best, the thing that nobody has ever seen." death count...

Auschwitz memorial condemns presence of Nazi slogan at US anti-lockdown rally

Thousands of healthcare workers are laid off or furloughed as coronavirus spreads

Alright, I'm thinking about upgrading to the new iPhone SE...

the deleted tweets

You know that point where in movies the detectives after chasing a false lead...

A real estate riddle: Sale of Westinghouse campus in Cranberry(PA) involved no property

Fearing Political Peril, Republicans Edge Away From Trump on Pandemic Response

I was really surprised...

Anchorage Int'l Airport closed earlier due to bomb threat on Asia-bound cargo plane

The last time the government sought a 'warp speed' vaccine, it was a fiasco

Are Psychedelics Our Most Promising New Treatments for Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction?

You're a little late there, G.W. Bush:

Please stop saying that children are being "home schooled by their parents" during the crisis.

SUVs are left parked on ships off L.A. ports as glut of unsold autos grows

Car dealership owned by Texas Rep. Roger Williams received loan through coronavirus relief fund for

Tennessee 'opened up' on Monday.....

Democrats are slight favorites for Senate control

4 (or 5) countries that have flattened the curve

Follow that money!

When does the 2nd Shutdown begin? Make your predictions.

Question regarding the anti-viral wipes

Tracking the 'Murder Hornet': A Deadly Pest Has Reached North America

Conservative groups advising White House push fast reopening, not testing

CDC director says possible second Covid-19 wave could be worse

Coronavirus gets a promising drug. MAGA world isn't buying it.

YouTube, Facebook split on removal of doctors' viral coronavirus videos

Commander Cody - Everybody's Doin' It Now

I DON'T want one.

Copper market heading for 200,000-300,000 tonne surplus in 2020: Antofagasta chief

Lighter side: Man camps on Disney World island during pandemic, calls it a "tropical paradise"

Internal GOP poll shows GA tossup between Trump and Biden.

I believe that Tennessee is under reporting death statistics

White House economic adviser says additional coronavirus stimulus package might not be necessary

Threadreader of evidence about Tara Reade:

What Is The Wheel Of First-Time Climate Dudes?

Another grim day in Mi. and my little hot spot

How would one actually count deaths from the flu?

I've never read "The Art of the Deal" before, but I can totally believe Steven Webber...

The distributor of Michael Moore's #PlanetoftheHumans is taking the film down due to misinformation

Happy (woulda been) Derby Day

The armed protestors don't help Trump. Even regular conservative folks don't identify with them

Oh, great. What number of the Plagues of Egypt are we on now?!?

Alex Jones Says He's Considering Eating Neighbors If COVID-19 Lockdown Continues

Sacoolas case: Lawyer accuses UK foreign secretary of 'scandalous attempted cover up'

Americana: Twenty Mule Team Canyon Road

What does Putin have on Trump?

Cuomo: Virus death toll has remained "obnoxiously and terrifyingly high"

A Man Drank 1 Bottle Rubbing Alcohol For COVID-19. This Is What Happened To His Brain.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are likely going to win.

67 Days ago Trump said the US was in "very good shape".

To all those gun humpin magats that want to reopen, you first...

We went to a park today in Maryland to get some fresh air and have a picnic... BAD IDEA.

Excess U.S. deaths hit estimated 37,100 in pandemic's early days, far more than previously known

The forest is talking: Trees are essential to our planet's health, but deforestation, drought, pests

The US aid package to Greenland marks a new chapter...

Flashback Quote of the Day

For the first time, I really think we are looking at a minimum of quarter-a-million deaths.

8 New Ways To Enjoy Egg Recipes Cooking Hack

Remember this: 2019: Michigan student says Trump backers recruited him for false rape allegation

So, MENSA has setup a protest in KY

8 New Ways To Enjoy Egg Recipes Cooking Hack

Jeff Tiedrich

Right now in Atlanta. Do these people think COVID isn't real?---pic of National Mall...PACKED....

Weatherman Co-Hosts TV Segment with Cat Betty

"Arbeit macht frei"???

So I'm Watching The Stone Skipping Championship On ESPN Right Now

Pelosi, McConnell decline White House offer of rapid COVID-19 tests

Biden coming up on Rev Al

Bill Gates calls America's Coronavirus Testing Data "Bogus"

How come Gov Whitmer didn't call in the National Guard

66.605 Americans are dead and 1.15 million people have Covid-19

Might be photoshopped

Ask a trivia question about a fictional person, place, thing, TV show, or movie - Part Three

Top economist: US coronavirus response is like 'third world' country

Good article about how we got to where we are, an Oligarchy.

Trump can't resist the role of flamethrower, even in sobering times

Rev Al is showing a great interview with Joe right now.

Mississippi Governor Backtracks on Plan to Reopen

I'm watching Jaws right now

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will be definitely going to win.

A Smidgen Of Good News

Some "Sage" advice

A word from Sen Al Franken

Obama encourages Americans to prepare for a year of 'ripple' effects from coronavirus

This is the REAL TDS:

Surtout vers la fin

The 'Spanish' flu outbreak of 1918 is playing out just like 'reopen' protesters are in 2020: report

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 2, 2020

Goodboi pupper plays Connect 4.

Blackface Obama dance captured at the Reopen Michigan protest in Lansing.

Goodboi pupper plays Connect 4:

"The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump"

Joey Votto Amazing Statistics

Gov. Stitt expands COVID-19 testing access to all Oklahomans

Visceral, upsetting Kurt Eichenwald Twitter thead re: Tara Reade

Some "Sage" advice. (Crosspost)

African Americans account for 80 percent of Georgia coronavirus hospitalizations: study

RE: Tara Reide. Who is this Lucy Moore?

It cannot be OK for Dr Fauci to show up for the ReTHUG led Senate on May 12

Cat Goes Outside for the First Time

Trump reveals he's been spending his time 'closely' monitoring right-wing Twitter commentary

Rep. Porter And Dr. Emanuel Shred Trump's Excuse For Blocking Fauci's Testimony

The new White House spokesblonde - I guess I missed this

Tara should be treated as credible as the man who said he gave Obama a blowie in a limo.

The last time the government sought a 'warp speed' vaccine, it was a fiasco

Candace Owens Suspended From Twitter After Urging People Violate MI Stay-At-Home Order

Hundreds of Georgia's poultry workers have tested positive for COVID-19

Honest Government Ad: Visit Hawai'i!

Tara Reade tells AP Biden complaint did not explicitly detail assault, harassment

Given the details of the allegation against VP Joe Biden, this would not have been the lone incident

Pence Retaliates Against Reporter For Telling The Truth, That Knew He Should Wear A Mask

About the only thing left out of Tara Reade's made up story is this:

Fed. Appeals Court nixes Trump policy of tying grants to enforcement

Who Can It Be Now? - Men At Work ('40s Jazz Cover) ft. Sara Niemietz

Fox's Tucker Carlson Actively Encourages People To Defy Lockdown Orders

Across party lines, 70% of Americans support the option of voting by mail amid coronavirus pandemic

George W. Bush is trending on twitter

Anybody but Trump? President Camacho - The Economy

Joe Biden: On March 6th, Donald Trump said: "Anybody that wants a test can get a test."

Trump will be quite upset with buddy, Boris Johnson!

Does anybody here know what was in the package that the senate RETHUGS worked on behind

Only white people get to do this.

Who is the one person on Cable that Don the Criminally Negligent Con

Tara Reade Cancels Fox Interview

New Gallup poll WTF???!!

W.C. Fields videos on youtube are comfort food for the mind.

They were interviewing a hog farmer on MSNBC recently ...

I mailed a check to IRS mid-April and it hasn't cleared yet

The Scranton sledgehammer came out.

PBS Documentary on 1918 Influenza **must watch** ...history is repeating itself

Cellphone Monitoring Is Spreading With The Coronavirus; Uneasy Tolerance Of Surveillance

Trump "glad" Kim Jong Un still in power

Playing with no-knead bread

Unrolled: important thread about Reade, by Andrew Feinberg--

I wonder how states will handle the decline in taxes they

"Those Were The Days, My Friend" Happy 70th Birthday to Mary Hopkins!!

Florida still lowballing fatality numbers.

What's up with the #FireChrisHayes that is trending

The story of the 1918 flu pandemic

Trump argues he's done more than ending slavery in appeal to black voters

trump attaks Nicole Wallace