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Archives: June 1, 2020

At least we don't have to worry about Hillary's emails

DC Mayor Orders Curfew, Activates DC National Guard

Gov. Walz just said he's turning the Floyd case over to AG Keith Ellison.

Michigan Governor- "We see you, we hear you"

CNN Reporting Trump Had to Hide in Underground Bunker in White House

Bwaahaa! CNN reporting that Trump has been moved to an undisclosed bunker!

Trump Killed Obama's Police Reforms. Now He's Getting What He Asked For.

George Conway just retweeted 31 Joe Lockhart tweets about Trump as a sexual predator

John Harrington (MN Dept of Public Safety Commissioner)

I wonder if we should all

How many depends has jackass shit his way through today?

Pickup truck and cattle trailer plowed through marchers in Tulsa!

Atlanta mayor: 2 police officers fired after body-camera footage showed they used excessive force in

The White House is the Hate House.

If you're worried that the protests will help Trump, relax. Don't assume this is a 1968 situation.

Be on the lookout

Per TMZ, Chauvin on suicide watch

While Trump hides, Biden is out meeting, and listening, to the people of his community.

It looks like someone on Twitter is posting Trump and Epstein civil suits

youtube star, Jake Paul, accused of Scottsdale looting & outraged, he denies

Just got a text alert that the entire Los Angeles county

Pentagon has troops on 4-hour standby to go to Minneapolis if needed

Hillary speaks to the Wellesley class of 2020.

City of Jacksonville, FL under curfew from 8 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday

People are mistaking stimulus payments for junk mail or a scam

Hillary speaks to the Wellesley class of 2020. Cross posted.

At least 16 West Point cadets test COVID-19 positive before grad speech by President Trump

It's extremely difficult for an incumbent to be elected when the country is in chaos

There will never be a possibilty of peace in America

My brother just called from Chicago

Trump Quits the World Health Organization. The Victim Is the United States.

As Protests and Violence Spill Over, Trump Shrinks Back, spent Sunday belittling opponents by tweet

"This is America" Warning it is bad and will probably make you cry

Trump campaign just sent out a fundraising letter calling Obama "Cheatin' Obama"

Confederate statues and monuments become targets in weekend protests

Obama warned him about Flynn, WHO warned him about CV19 & Kapernick warned him about police violence

Va. Declares State Of Emergency, DC Imposes Curfew As Region Enters 3rd Night Of Protests

White House says no Trump public appearances Sunday, ending speculation he'd give television address

Why some police officers stood with protesters

From Eric Garner to George Floyd: Protests reveal how little has changed in 6 years

Big list of live streams FYI

When the going gets tough

Trump hiding in bunker under the WH on 1st day of protests.

"Nervous for his safety, Secret Service agents abruptly rushed the president to the underground bunk

A serious divide exists among Trump advisers over how to address nights of protests and riots in US

Mine! (Puppers.)

Trump briefly taken to underground bunker during Friday's White House protests

for week's after the Rodney King unrest, cops watched the videos and identified looters

An anthem for our time.

NBC News tweet: Trump has no legal authority to designate antifa as a terrorist organization

Fox News, threatened by Media Matters & Sleeping Giants has created a secret new unit to push back

Yours! (Dog and cat.)

Trump's May days: A month of distractions and grievances as nation marks bleak coronavirus milestone

austin takes a knee

Protesters are clashing with police in Montreal, Canada

Almost every city in the country is having mass protests.

OMG! This feels so good!

Volunteers turn out to clean up riot-torn downtown Seattle

So that Twitter fingaz big ass of a coward

Do you think things are going to change?

Floyd Probe Echoes Barr's Oversight of Rodney King Case

Trump is raging.

Michael Jordan releases statement on death of George Floyd

How could things have been handled a few days ago to have prevented today's chaos?

My grandmother said a true gentlemen is at home anywhere and everywhere he goes

We should all be very thankful Biden is our nominee

police and thieves

Anybody watching "Space Force"?

Are you EATING something?

Ferguson Police Take A Knee In Honor Of George Floyd

Biden visiting the site of last night's Wilmington protests.

Heads up from Tom Nichols re Lincoln Project ad coming tomorrow - RELEASED TONIGHT; VIDEO

It would be a shame if #BunkerBitch started trending, wouldn't it?

Az Governor Doug Ducey (R) issues statewide 8pm to 5am curfew. For a week I believe.

Lincoln Project - Watch this before You Compare with Lincoln

Don Lemon just asked Floyd's brother how his conversation with the President went.

Biden will meet with Wilmington community leaders & hold virtual roundtable with mayors tomorrow

There's a raccoon the size of a golden retriever on my front porch

The Brooklyn protestors are now marching to Tillary & Flatbush...

Trump: in his own words:

Woman pleads for looters in Santa Monica to stop, says it helps Trump

Has anyone noticed that Trumps 2020 slogan is from The Purge: Election Year?

Bellevue issues curfew, I-5 closed in Seattle

I hope the police, mayors, governors, AG'S, presidents, who are looking for who's to blame

history tells us what happens to despots when they hide in bunkers at the end.

Gov. Inslee sends another 200 National Guard members to Seattle

The looting is sickening. There's no defense for it. It hurts the cause and takes the focus away

Keith Ellison to Lead Prosecutions In Floyd Case

In 1972 Muhammad Ali spoke eloquently about racial injustices in America. Please watch.

Zombie - Bad Wolves

FAKE PRESIDENT is trending on Twitter

I Think #CowardintheBunker Has a Nice Ring to it Too

Denver Police Seized Assault Rifles from Anti-Government Gun Activists at Friday Night Protest

FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago.

He is losing his mind

BREAKING: Biden meets with protesters in Wilmington

Montreal looters pick up expensive musical instruments

The Con and ReTHUGs looted over $500 billion for their corporate friends

Biden visits site of George Floyd protests in Wilmington

when he gets stuffed into his bunker...does anyone have to sit in there with him?

De Blasio's daughter arrested at Manhattan protest

Extremists Are Using Facebook to Organize for Civil War [Boogaloo]

George Floyd Protests, Live Updates

Now Boston.

thousands more peaceful protests like this than the looters..

They're ok the last days of may, I'll be breathing dry air

22 year old black man killed in Omaha.

Keep safe, DUers. Just curious...some questions about protests - is there one in your city? etc

Is this the start of a Civil War?

I don't get cable

Suspect arrested for Nashville court house arson, vandalism

Silly daddies having fun with their babies:

All of these declarations and admonitions against looting. Looters don't likely read DU

Clunker in the Bunker

George Floyd is America's Mohamed Bouazizi (street vendor who ignited the Arab Spring)

Trump Advisers Split in Response to Protests (because it is always only about him).

Peaceful arrests in Minneapolis.

Trump is going to have to do....something

Jeff Tiedrich....I love this man!

"They're Coming to Take Me Away" backwards

I predict De Blasio will impose a curfew in NYC tomorrow...

Mississippi mayor apologizes for tweets on George Floyd

Unrest devastates a Minneapolis' landmark street of diversity

NYC Mayor De Blasio's daughter arrested at George Floyd protest

More and more his tweets are reduced to grunting out single words or phrases,

Want to end systemic racism?

Lincoln Project -"Flag of Treason."

Lincoln Project-Flag of Treason

I like presidents that don't hide in bunkers

MSNBC host shocked by stats: Black men's death-by-cop greater than winning Scratch-Offs.

FAR LEFT??? Barr threatens to bust 'far-left extremist groups' in Floyd unrest

We just got back from a 'word of mouth' silent vigil at our local Anne Frank memorial.

The social contract we all have made with one another was broken

I am glad that Walz - a former member of the National Guard himself - is our governor.

Trump Hid in Nuclear Bunker While Protesters Besieged the White House

Lafayette Park is on fire.

Livestream of protests in front of White House right now

If we as a nation give the police immunity to kill citizens almost at will, then we cannot be mad...

White House protests have turned violent

Trump Killed Obama's Police Reforms. Now He's Getting What He Asked For.

New Lincoln Project ad has been posted ...

"God, please make today different." people desperate to get through on unemployment line

Trump's on top of the world

The wind is antifa

Tweeting - Sack Cartoon

Only I - Sack Cartoon

Reporter struck in throat with rubber bullet at protests (graphic photo)

Mass Protests Over George Floyd Death Erupt In Chaos, Violence, Destruction Nationwide

**** I heartily endorse this ad****

Change the World

What does "12" mean? I get 1312 but 12?

MSNBC / Gaudi Schwartz / Santa Monica Promenade / Arrests being made / KNEES ON NECKS

MSNBC reporting armored police officers now clearing away WH protesters

There has always been chaos in this country, chaos caused by the rich elite, chaos caused by

Cuomo is doing a great job breaking down the who's who and what they're doing at

#BunkerBitch is trending on Twitter..

I have been quietly trying to make my point about Mr Floyd.

Journalist arrested in Des Moines.

huge militarized SWAT like presence brought into little bitty Santa Ana (Southern CA city)

Trump will host a video teleconference tomorrow w/ governors, law enforcement, national security

"Let it go viral! People are getting it!!"

So I learned how this all got started!

Don't let the confirmation of Michael Flynn's treason get buried in the flood of news.

On Friday, scared for his safety, he was shuttled into a basement bunker as protestors massed.

WH has a huge black plume

Tanker truck drives in to protest crowd in Minneapolis

Trump was all about the economy opening. Then the Floyd Chaos and he just dropped the topic

Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway

Black Protester Shot to Death Outside Omaha Bar

DC Fire Department ignoring blaze at AFL-CIO Headquarters

CNN cameraman hit by police baton at DC protest...

Protesters tearing it up at the White House

Maybe if Lincoln offered to pay Lee to free his slaves...

one world is enough for all of us

A fire's been set in lobby of AFL-CIO building in DC. Conflicting reports on St. John's Church

San Francisco has a curfew 8pm to 5 am

AG Barr orders ANTIFA leaders across the country apprehended

Obama Sings 'Amazing Grace' During Pinckney Eulogy - How to Heal a Nation

Police firing paint/marker on people Saturday on their doorsteps in Minneapolis (?)

Sheriff: 'Thin blue line' flag was raised outside Hamilton County Justice Center

'Grant': 3- Part Series, History Channel, *NEW*

MSNBC reporting that White House staff has been ordered to not come to work tomorrow.

Hillary and every other person with common sense knew Trump would be horrible during crisis

The Stock Market Is Shrugging This Off

This is the reason EVERYONE needs to participate.

What a shitty day

My good friend in St. Paul received this from her n'borhood org. Be vigilant and safe St. Paul!

NYTimes - Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups

Late night worried ramblings

Evidence-based practices for reducing police violence

Truck driver

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

The lights go out at the White House.

I propose that next spring, we help federal workers work on the gardens @ Lafayette Square;

#BunkerBitch on Twitter!

Portland Police officers kneel with protesters this evening (Sunday). Hugs, high fives.

Polk County (Des Moines) Iowa under curfew

AG Keith Ellison to take over case in Floyd killing

13 International protests in solidarity for black Americans

More craziness. A Tiger is loose in Oakland

I miss the days of women protests

A MN state official just confirmed that they have evidence

The cops screwed up in DC

You know Trump is loosing bigly when Ann Coulter is hating on him.

Corporations Will Not Save Us: The Sham of Corporate Social Responsibility

A police chief

The World is a Getto (Seems like it)

Joe Biden Eyes Gradual Return to the Campaign Trail

Trump dismissing advice to tone down rhetoric, address the nation

It's becoming a complete free for all. Cars just

I really appreciate the risks that journalists are taking to show what is happening.

'Let's get this motherf--ker': San Jose officer benched after viral protest comments

De Blasio now says some 'anarchist' protesters are local amid continued defense of NYPD

Fire Breaks Out At Lafayette Park Near White House - MSNBC

It looks like the media are thwarting the MAGA instigators' plans

Minneapolis' Sanford Middle School asked for 85 bags of groceries to feed students.

Sacramento is a war zone!!!

Vote Out Hate powerful ad

Eve Of Destruction

Watching the Epstein doc, Trump might be teflon at this point

Oakland cops are taking a knee with the protesters

I'm irritated by the questions about the looting ....

White House Lighting differences

Dan Rather: I can imagine no other president in my lifetime failing to address the nation in a prime

(Jewish Group) Polish historian Ewa Kurek: Coronavirus is 'Jewfication' of Europe

(Jewish Group) Gal Gadot surprises nurses dressed as Wonder Woman on morning talk show

Uh Oh! 😬 Lights on the White House have been turned off

GOP is blaming Biden for the lack of leadership during this crisis.

Donny Hathaway: The Ghetto (Live)

Live Protest Feeds

George Floyd's death 'no time for incendiary tweets,' Biden says of Trump

So trump's trying to make a point by turning the lights off

Enough is Enough!

What movie would you say we're living in right now?

Here's what rioters/vandals look like...

Serious Question: Has the WH given a reason why they turned the lights off?

our capitol city burns, like something out of a movie

Guardhouse in front of the white house set afire

The leader of the free world hiding from his own a bunker

Hats off to millennials for hitting the streets in protest of killer cops and trump.

Well the important thing is we're not doing it during the playing of the national anthem.

And now there's a car chase in l.a.

PBS: St. Paul mayor Melvin Carter's "challenge to young people of all ages."

Will sites like DU be in trumps rader?

Turning the knee from symbol of protest to weapon of subjugation is too dramatically perfect

This just in from White House.......

What's Going On: Marvin Gaye

Funny isn't it how both GOP and Democratic Presidents in the past several decades...

The White House protest crowd grew quite large:

Another video of a white man in all black instigating violence (Santa Monica, CA)...

CNN: Trump's crazy designation of Antifa as terrorist organization

The Lincoln Project videos compilation updated 1 June 2020 - Flag of Treason

Hamilton Co. (Cincinnati, OH) Sherriff's Dept Raised "thin blue line" Flag

Speaking Of Looting - The Trump Kids Looted Their Charity

Some testing sites for Covid-19 will be closed due to the situation in LA

San Francisco mayor reportedly taunted by white protestors outside her home.

Monday: the GOP/Trump/Putin are going to make the riots a red-state/blue-state thing.

people jumped the barriers protecting the WH earlier. White women protected Black males

Officials: Teen busted with 70 rounds of ammo during protest

Wendy's CEO donated 400K to Trump

'Mr President, don't go hide': China goads US over George Floyd protests

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Voting by Mail

Republicans privately: Trump incapable of meeting the moment, conduct could not be changed

'Disgusted I voted for him'

A month of distractions and grievances

'Stand By Me': Ben E. King

protests in 140 cities since Wednesday: Map

This twitter video makes me sick.....

A lot of Eric Cartmans at the riots

Woman Meets Her Soul Dog On Vacation The Dodo Soulmates

It Is Almost Time To Flee To Russia Donald

two San Diego Banks burned to the ground

Recruitment misses and money woes undermine GOP chances of reclaiming House

who is setting all these fires? Looters grab stuff and run.

U.S. sends Brazil two million doses of hydroxychloroquine, drug touted by Trump

U.S. sends Brazil two million doses of hydroxychloroquine, drug touted by Trump

Trump Administration to Redirect WHO Funding to Evangelist Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse

more curfews than any time since MLK's assassination in 1968

What musical rendition is playing in the head of the police when they are

The Root: Timeline of events that led to the 2020 fed up-rising

Guy smashing up concrete bricks to throw...

some of those Military cadets Trump brought together for graduation are testing positive for C19

Fuck Infowars (setting fires to blame protestors)

Pittsburgh police ID suspect who allegedly incited violence during Saturday's protest

Breakfast Monday 1 June 2020

why was this man arrested?????????

J.R. Smith Recorded Fighting Man Who Allegedly Broke Windshield Amid LA George Floyd Protests

(Jewish Group) Someone just threw a brick through one of the windows of Beth Ahabah Synagogue

Can one of our talented DUers- maybe even Earl G-

Black Americans Message For Democrats: Not Being Trump Is Not Enough: NYT

Senator Kamala Harris as VP: Is it becoming more likely?

Where is the ReTHUG party in this absolute chaos?

"Eve of Destruction"

Towards the end Hitler hid in his bunker, too.

THE Perfect Recipe For A Healthy 20-Minute Dinner

"Where is Joe Biden?" Meeting with protestors. Where is Trump? Trying to start a race war.

Night of destruction across D.C. after protesters clash with police outside White House

How Redlining Built White Wealth, a long and interesting read

Where was Trump when the lights went out? Down in the cellar eating sauerkraut!

If the president comes out of his bunker

Now Trump and Barr's resignations are now in order from protesters, and the American people,

It is morning, and Police are still looking for active looters in NYC and Philadelphia...

Filing charges in George Floyd's death was the easy part. Now comes the hard part.

Monday TOONs - Trump Will Burn Everything Down To Distract

He may not even be in the WH any more.

With Start Of Atlantic Hurricane Season, Penn State Scientists Projecting 20 Named Storms

"American Climate" Video - Michael Faster Than Anyone Imagined, Least Of All This Mexico Beach Man

Kamala Harris was scheduled to do a fundraiser with Biden tomorrow...

Have you noticed that Republicans are weirdly absent from protest-coverage?

Renewable/Efficiency Spending In ARRA In 2009 Did Far Better Than Thought; No Such Plan Now

In the middle of this chaos, tomorrow is Primary Day...

June 1 - Happy Birthday Rep. Lucy McBath (D) GA-6th

German Automakers Demanding Gov. Rebates For Purchases Of Diesel, Gasoline Cars

Outside agitators and young black men were blamed for riots in '68 in which dozens were killed

Black women everywhere:: "DAMM y'all. Do we have to do EVERYTHING?"

Now you know why I did this.

Cops in Brooklyn stopped and racially profiled an FBI agent. Corrected, Old video, not FBI.

40 UK Supermarket Chains, Plus Norway's Wealth Fund, Threaten Bolsonaro W. Boycott Over Amazon Plans

"3022". A sci-fi gem I'd never heard of!

At this point America has an explicitly fascist President

Tim Scott: Trump's 'shooting,' 'vicious dogs' tweets 'are not constructive'

Recruitment and Money Woes Undermine GOP Chances

Canadian Court Finds Hack & Shitstain Advisor Tim Ball Liable For Libel Of Climate Scientist

Trump Refuses Advice to Address Nation

The Enablers Standing Silently By

Biden out in the streets with the people

From The CBC/Canada: some good news... Meet Some Of The First Nations' Health Workers...

Former Guam Archbishop Who Raped Kids Still Gets $1,500 a Month From the Church

This Is A Scary Sign

Minneapolis police chief: All involved officers 'complicit' in George Floyd's death

He's "been putting out the fire with gasoline"

New Zealand:

Bad news for the soyboys

As Virus Toll Preoccupies U.S., Rivals Test Limits of American Influence

The Supreme Court Is About to Make Seismic Rulings on Reproductive Rights

Trump just tweeted again, quoting Kilmeade saying no white "supremests" in protests/riots

How James Enstrom's Hack Work For Big Tobacco Mutated Into EPA's Denial Of PM 2.5 Pollution Risks

The Twit tweets: "I don't see any indication that there were any white supremest groups mixing in."

Collins of Maine has thoughts and concernd

'Every Night Is Friday Night': Home Booze Sales Defy Reopening

German comedy-skit. NSFW.

In Birmingham: Fires, windows shattered at banks, businesses as reporters attacked

The Rundown: May 29, 2020

Announcing the 2020 Summer Comics Binge!

DC Cancels Over 20 Comics From Their Upcoming Schedule

Comics will salute essential workers by hiding symbols in their Sunday strips

Is America Great Again Yet? -by Tom Tomorrow

NYPD Union Doxes Mayor's Daughter on Twitter

A website that seems to help me during all of these bad moments ...

BTRTN: Space, Race, and Sheltering in Place... One Tiny Step Forward, Two Horrifying Steps Back

BTRTN: Space, Race, and Sheltering in Place... One Tiny Step Forward, Two Horrifying Steps Back

Trump just now: Biden's people are "so Radical Left they're working to get anarchists out of jail"

Shocked, Shocked: Sr. Interior Appointee Cited 2X In 6 Months For Serious Ethics Violations

They should have blasted this song to the Whitehouse last night

This is not 1968. Donald Trump is not Richard Nixon.

Two Lawyers Arrested in Molotov Cocktail Attack on Police in Brooklyn

Why Covid-19 Recovery and Reparations are the best BOGO opportunity in all of history.

Atlanta mayor, asked if Trump can deliver a unifying message: He's "capable of reading one."

Former Trump supporter Piers Morgan: Cowardly president fiddles in his bunker while America burns

When other people take a shower, I stick my head through the shower-curtain and lick their bums.

I'll have an OSB Latte...double wood pulp.

Sometimes the most powerful commentary requires no words at all.

And a Baby General shall lead them...

The Human Toll Of Radical Republicans' War On The Post Office

Trump's teleconference at 11 w/governors, law enforcement, nat'l security officials won't be public.

Bird Feeder Brawl

June 2015 vs June 2020

This American carnage stops....oh going to the bunker

US Food Prices Register Historic Increase

Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged

Need help with my IPhone

Isn't it ironic that protests against "police brutality" have exposed the horrors

French unemployment rate falls to lowest since before 2008

This Aired November 2016

Turn out the lights.....WH going dark gif

"America or Trump?"

morning joe BS

Uncle Hugo's Bookstore Burned Down in Riots (Oldest Science Fiction Bookstore in the US)

Socially acceptable white supremacy be like...

George Floyd autopsy results released this afternoon

Where can we get names of arrest lists for the protests??

The White House is already a bunker. The president so feared for his safety he had to hide in a

McEnany: Oval Office address won't stop antifa, action will, Trump's meetings today are about that.

Facebook post from The Ferguson Brewing Company, Ferguson, Missouri

Protesters Attack Confederate Monuments, Topple Statue

For some light relief

Facing Protests Over Use of Force, Police Respond With More Force

Trump Is the Very Model of a Modern Right-Wing President

New coronavirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says

This is a resignation. You're not the President. You've resigned your duties.

Did anybody see and wonder about the picture of the

Cincinnati sheriff deputies replace American flag at the Justice Center with pro-police...

New Trump public land rules will let Alaska hunters kill bear cubs in dens

Native American tribes' pandemic response is hamstrung by many inequities

Cartoon: MAGA Night By Clay Jones -June 1, 2020 9:00 AM

Coronavirus tracked: Charting Sweden's disastrous no-lockdown strategy

When street cops racially profile and handcuff a black FBI agent it's just not a very good look.

My Monday A.M. gift to all DUers - Copy this, enlarge it, tape it to your wall

Mainstream media correspondent fed up, calls out racism live

FOX News if Obama had hid in a bunker and turned the lights out at the White House

Facebook's Zuckerberg faces employee blowback over ruling on Trump comments

NY Times has reconstructed the death of George Floyd. (Very Good Time line video)

Many states scrambling to update hurricane plans for virus

On this date, June 1, in 1927, the NYT reported that Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK rally

Nashville Police have arrested a 25 year man for setting fire to the city's historic courthouse..

Let's Throw THIS In Trump's Face: 4/12/16 - Trump Mocks Eric Garner's Last Words:"I can't breathe"

NEW VIDEO The White House is the Hate House.

I am afraid that Barr/Trump are going to do something to make the situation worse.

Asked abt protests/police brutality, Dump said: "I'm going to win the election easily"

Chris Rock on "bad apple" cops

Q: what's the difference between Hitler and tRump?

Is this a bad time...?

Excited black panther cat reunited with his former keeper

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." --JFK

Disturbance over Yucatan Peninsula has 80% chance of becoming tropical depression over next few days

Martial Law?

Donald Trump, encouraging police academy graduates to engage in police brutality (2017)

I've just moved to favoring Susan Rice as the V.P candidate (from Elizabeth)

Nixon versus Trump

Rumsfeld: Looting is transition to freedom

New Lincoln project ad about the confederate flag and Trump. Good!

"Trump should feel no obligation to speak on unity"

HAPPENING NOW: Joe Biden meets with community leaders in Wilmington, DE, as protests over the death

Houston Chronicle. Front page of the sports section.

Wow. Jared Yates Sexton thread on Trump the fascist leader,

The Lincoln Project wins again. reat ad!

CLUE: Video Evidence - The terrorist sits in the WH!

You raised $1,946.00 on May 31, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

'Things fall apart': the apocalyptic appeal of WB Yeats's The Second Coming

In Huntington Beach, a Geroge Floyd protest deemed unlawful, but stay-at-home protest one month ago

Fox 'News' versus CNN, MSNBC

George Zimmerman Arrested In Atlanta On DUI Charges

Who do you like for 2024 (if there is an election, if we are even alive)?

Governor Abbott, Your Silence is Deafening

So, we need a photo of Trump slumped in his chair in that bunker.

The only thing the conservatives have is to blame all of this on the left.

NYC Mayor de Blasio's daughter arrested during Saturday night protests

One dead in Louisville after police and National Guard 'return fire' on crowd

FAUCI meetings with SHITLER have "dramatically decreased." -- no room in the bunker?!1

R.E.M. - Disturbance At The Heron House (MTV Unplugged)

we need national standards for police training.

Trump/Sessions/Barr DOJ has all but abandoned broad police investigations

E-mail being circulated in South Minneapolis. It's worth reflection.

Donald Trump's lies are so outrageous that now God is calling him out

Yo! Arkansas DUers... Cotton is planning on a 2024 POTUS run, isn't he?

Far workers are dying from Covid 19. Food system in peril.

Tom Cotton just called on Trump to use the Insurrection Act

You can be here

Dallas Police Asked People To Call Out Protesters. People Flooded Their App With K-Pop Instead.

My wife has been in a virtual queue at the Florida DOE's website for over an hour

I put this out with kindness, Campral for alcoholism

BoJo of the UK says NO.

Ear Worm. You have been warned

Brisbane bird, basketball:

Trump is hunkering down like Hitler in the Berlin bunker.

Who watches the weather watchers?

Minneapolis Police Union President Allegedly Wore a "White Power Patch" and Made Racist Remarks

I am the grandmother of another granddaughter today...

Hope Springs Eternal - Even Now

What if a rainstorm dropped all of its water in a single giant drop? (xkcd)

NYPD officer who pointed gun at protestors will have badge taken away

Columbus DUers... Do you think Council Pres Hardin will primary Mayor Ginther?

Convict Kerik says Soros is behind it all.

PRESIDENT OBAMA To ALL Of US: "Let's get to work."

I heard Rostov-on-Don is lovely this time of year, Donald.

The NYC SBA (Police "Union") endorsing the declaration of Antifa as a terrorist organization.

iVotedByMail stickers, Last Week Tonight

Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2019

Good customer service

AP reporter: Trump to governors: 'Most of you are weak,' urges tougher crackdown on violence

Is bromance bad with boog and my wife

Biden meets with black leaders at local church amid unrest

I don't know where this Biden poster came from but I want one!

CBS: Trump to governors: "You have to dominate, if you don't dominate you're wasting your time."

Building of tunnel under White House to Presidential bunker during Truman renovation, 1949-1952

Biden meets with black leaders at local church amid unrest

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 1 2020

JUST IN: @MayorBowser imposes a 7 p.m. curfew across Washington, D.C. for the next two nights.

WaPo's Costa: Governors alarmed by Trump berating them, calling them fools, urging use of force

The 'Vigilante' President

JUST IN: President Trump unloads on the nation's governors on a call, calls on them to step up...

Louisville is getting ready to erupt.

How much are outside interests driving these protests?

is it just me or does anyone feel that the threat of a civil uprising by the right wing nazis...

Meanwhile, Biden is meeting with community leaders at Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, DE this a.m.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Said He Saw A Sign At A Minnesota Protest "Do You Hear Me Now"

Trump never tries to fix anything, except his image.

Is Trump's puppet master, Vladimir Putin, behind social unrest in America?

Biden (POTUS46)to hold virtual roundtable today with mayors of Atlanta, Chicago, LA, St.Paul

JFK Posted without Comment

During D.C. Protests, False Rumors And Doctored Images Go Viral

Thank you Skinner, Elad, and EarlG

Just fucking resign

Trump calls governors 'weak,' urges them to 'dominate' unruly protests

I have inundated my FB with a thread on articles it is white and supremacists/KKK doing the damage

CNN: Trump told governors that Minnesota was "a laughingstock all over the world"

My husband's take on present events:

Just heard on CNN ...

"And what is so rare as a day in June?"

Dallas Police Asked People To Call Out Protesters. People Flooded Their App With K-Pop Instead

trump's approval is now underwater in Utah

Trump should bend over and kiss his own ass goodbye.

During teleconference with governors, Trump once again called for a ban on burning the US flag

We need a new not for profit Facebook

Pic Of The Moment: Fake President vs. Actual President

Mark Zuckerberg Would Have Facebook Broadcast Adolf Hitler's Message If It Would Sell Advertising

Filthy trump told them not to respect the media. The result:

Trump spoke with PUTIN today before he spoke with American governors

Profiles in Perfidy, XX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

CNN just played the audio from trump's governors call.

Friend sent me this about Anonymous ..glad to see them jumping in the game

Trump and Putin spoke today__ Of course they did.

Gov Pritzker confronts Trump during call: "We have to have national leadership in calling for calm."

Tweet from Samuel L. Jackson mocking BunkerBoy's fake bravery

Rise and Rise Again

China Rips Trump for 'Hiding' During Nationwide Protests

2020 - This year's recap won't come fast enough.

I have these two questions-

FRAIDY HOLE - Trump is not hiding in a Bunker, he's hiding in a Fraidy Hole!

Let's not forget The Republicans in congress.

Fort Lauderdale cop suspended after video showed him pushing kneeling woman to ground

Arrest the other three officers already!!!


Going after "Antifa" as a "terrorist organization" is like...

This is a good one!

Donald Trump Will Do Nothing To Solve The Current Crisis If It Pisses Off His Klan Base

I can't think of a better way to spread Covid-19 than to have thousands of 20 something

S. Korea, US clash over how to proceed with joint military exercises

Facebook Employees Stage Virtual Walkout to Protest Trump Posts

Trump, nearly 60 in 2004, saying sex w/18 yo Lindsay Lohan would be great bc she was troubled

ANTIFA is the avowed foe of Nazi's, the KKK, and White Supremacy.

Truck incident was apparently an accident

President Obama: How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change

A new movie pitch: 'President from the Past' based on the movie, 'Blast from the Past'

Here's what I'm returning to the White House today....

Thousands in the UK protest against Floyd murder. As a Brit, now in USA, I have two observations.

High court declines to take up Sanders supporters' lawsuit (from 2016)

A president who hides in bunker has no

Just like Hitler; coward trump hid in his Bunker because of some 20 somethings protesting

Facebook Employees Stage Virtual Walkout to Protest Trump Posts

Lancaster (PA) officials say group of armed, white men infiltrated protests...

Anyone know of a good alternative to teamviewer / remote device access for iPad?

Y'all get your paper towel peanut payment from trump yet?


Demonstration in Dublin Ohio. 😲👀👀😁

You can tell I am an old school American. I am in full Thomas Paine mode.

Rumor: Jake Gardner will be released with NO charges

Fauci says Trump no longer talks much to him or the rest of the coronavirus task force

WHO pushes to keep ties with 'generous' U.S. despite Trump's exit move

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Here's a picture of Anti-Fascists attacking White Supremicists

Today's situation is why Sens Wyden/Daines Survelliance bill should not have failed...

Eric Trump weighs in on "an anarchist mob"... it doesn't go well.

Here is what IL Governor JB Pritzker said to Trump today on the phone call

Cuomo 6/1

I don't get why the other 3 police officers haven't been charged. I watch ID

Calls governors facing unrest 'weak' and 'fools,'

Did some flying today.

Supreme Court Upholds Federal Response to Puerto Rico Debt.

The appropriate response from every Governor to the coward

SHITLER has gone beyond "incitement" of violence to *ordering* it to the governors

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

I'm Changing My Mind About Joe Biden.

Has anyone seen this letter from Minneapolis Police Union leader Bob Kroll?

Who do you think are the white agitators we're seeing at all these protests?

Private bone spurs; berates the nations Governors, from his Underground Bunker

Be on the lookout for this antifa terrorist:

new nickname for the orange one? Arching Bunker

Did MSM Forget That We Still Have An On-Going Pandemic?

Keep Trump on Twitter. Each indefensible tweet is a reminder of the stakes this fall.

I've been pushing thoughts and related explanations for the history-impaired, like this...

Do the Govenors hold any power of a majority to call for resignation/removal?

Trump admires the CONCEPT of authoritarian dictatorships

Thank you Gov. Tim Walz

We expect a hotter-than-average summer in D.C. area after cool April and May.

Gretchen Whitmer responds to Trump's rant by comparing him, unfavorably of course, to Obama

China uses U.S. protests to cry hypocrisy amid Hong Kong standoff

Be on the lookout for this well known anarchist

A-holes at George Floyd's prayer vigil....

Lincoln Project Should Do An Ad On The Secret Talks Between The Traitor

President Cowardly Ly'n Ass

From the files of "Can you believe this shit?"

With Nation Afire, Trump Deflects by Designating Antifa a Terrorist Organization

Trump's bunker retreat crystallizes his AWOL response to George Floyd unrest

New Trump tweet: Anarchists, we see you!

'Let's Get to Work': Obama Pens Essay About Turning Protests Into Real Change

Bloomberg: Are Temperature Checks Just Covid-Prevention Theater?

Lunch, June 1, 2020

Trump recieves medal for his bunker deployment

Mercedes-Benz dealership in Oakland looted with cars destroyed, "EAT THE RICH"

Resources for Those Seeking to Help Anti-Police Brutality Protesters

2 airmen dead after shooting at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota

Officers' actions in Floyd's death not by the book

LISTEN FOR YOURSELF: Daily Beast article with 55-min. audio from Trump's rant to governors today

Bunkering "Like A Bitch"

How to price?

'Benny & Joon': Tribute to June & The Power of Love

Cartoons 6/1/2020

Charles Pierce: Everything is in midair and could go in any direction.

Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, Explained

This defines the Trump Presidency

I hope it's OK to post this here:

Despite widespread economic toll, Americans still favor controlling outbreak over restarting economy

BREAKING: Audio recording of Trump call with Governors

Cleanup efforts begin in Seattle, Bellevue in wake of Sunday protests

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Many Hands Created the Frankenstein Monster Derek Chauvin

Another Word for Antifa

China says U.S. 'addicted to quitting' over plan to withdraw from WHO

Let's be clear: Lawless looters who threaten Americans with violence should be brought to justice.

Trump more determined to visit Maine after governor tells him it might stir up unrest

George Floyd's family to release results of own autopsy

'I need white mamas to come running'

Helpful tip for post-Trump-provoked infiltrator agitator graffiti clean-up

Pompeo signals impending action against ICC for investigating alleged U.S. war crimes

George Floyd's death brings back painful memories for Rockets' Thabo Sefolosha

It Has to Be Said. Another Fascist Leader Hid in a Bunker, Too.

Ebola: Four dead after new outbreak in Congo

Trump's failures of leadership keep compounding

With apologies to Elton John and those with issues about knit pink hats

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Most Americans say Trump is a 'racist' and want him to stop tweeting

This scene from Across the Universe struck me how dark the late 60s were

Just woke up in newzealand reading trumps tweets

Israeli defence chief says he's preparing for consequences of West Bank annexations

Whitmer lifts stay-home order, allows dine-in restaurant service

Bunker Baby not Bunker Boy


"Donald Trump is scum for fueling racist hate and violence in our country." -- Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA)

White bar owner shoots black protestor - no charges!

Trudeau: Russia's return to the G-7 not acceptable

Trump's press secretary says Insurrection Act is one of his "tools" - "That's his prerogative"

75% of frontline workers in New York, the epicenter of coronavirus, are people of color

I Love You, Joe Biden!

Pompeo signals impending action against ICC for investigating alleged U.S. war crimes

WTF! Anti-LGBTQ "Project Pride Fall" during Pride Month?

As incompetent as Trump is, it's hard for me to believe, but ...

Supreme Court rules immigrants who fear torture can appeal deportations in court

Trump's attempt to get Putin back in the G7 is not going so well?

Is trump telling govs to dominate protestors

NY Times report of trump's call with governors. . .

Bar owner alleged to have killed BLM protestor chums w/ Don Jr.

Going to the Beavercreek, OH demonstration

During Ferguson Protests, Trump Blamed The Guy In The White House

For those of you who can stand to listen to the PoS...

Gee, Kentucky! "Hoo-da-thunk" that allowing any head-case with a firearm to strap it on

'Not the acts of allies:' Seattle officials discuss the emotional aftermath of violent protest

White Extremists Terrorize and Loot: 13 Videos of Destruction Black People Will Be Blamed For

Several cadets brought back for graduation at West Point test positive for Covid-19

I am so freaked out by her earrings moreso than the doublespeak...

Bodycam Footage From Fired Atlanta Officers After Arrest Of College Students

Semi driver arrested after rolling into Minneapolis protest

Texas' sales tax haul drops by biggest percentage in a decade, signaling budget crisis

Heard a radio article on AC help

Local governments plead for virus aid as congressional GOP refuses to act

Trump still asking Putin to fix the 2020 elections?

Local governments plead for virus aid as congressional GOP refuses to act

2 officers fired after video shows college students pulled from car, tased

Heard a radio article on AC costs help

From "Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again?" by James Talley

Gov Whitman to Dump: Go back to your bunker and let the real leaders solve our problems.

No new COVID-19 deaths in Washington, but new cases hit highest level in a month

At least one Trumper has said No Mas.

Independent autopsy finds George Floyd's death was homicide caused by asphyxia due to compression

Nostradamus Clinton

I assume bunker boy had his day fucked up by George's brother.

Trudeau of Canada says NO to Russia in G7

GOP senator calls for military deployment on US soil over protests

No charges will be filed against Omaha bar owner who fatally shot protester, Don Kleine says

Tweet of the Day

A message of encouragement from the creator (The Tweet of God)

message from a cop. worth your time.

NBA Coach Greg Popovich calls Trump "a deranged idiot"

Brenden Dilley Is Waiting Until Trump 'Gives Us the Green Light' to Start Gunning Down Protesters.

"The Tesla Conspiracy" In Depth

Family's autopsy says George Floyd was asphyxiated


Mussolini's Secret Bunker: Italian Fascist Dictator's WWII Hideout

The Stock Market is up for the day. Huh?

We have over 105000 dead from COVID, 20%

Nicolle Wallace: "We're being asked not to believe our own eyes."

Death by asphyxiation _ George Floyd

List of top offshorers revealed in Argentina

List of top offshorers revealed in Argentina

Statement from Columbus City Council President Hardin

103-year-old woman celebrates

ANTIFA my ltr

Find Gov Newsom's address to California today.

Just like everything, it's about winning/losing to MF45

Attorney General Barr concocts new lies to undermine absentee voting

The Minneapolis Police Chief Promised Change. He Got a Disaster.

Dan LeBatard, I salute you!!

Told ya...

LISTEN FOR YOURSELF: Trump's 'Unhinged' Rant to Governors on Protests

Curfew Will Be Issued for NYC, Cuomo Says

Republicans - Christine Todd Whitman Has More Balls Then All The Rest Of You Cowards

Trump favors military in charge over 'rioters'

Listen to the audio between Trump and the Governors. Trump you need to "Dominate"

How will trump words effect tonights protests

Protests Spur Surge in Donations, Giving ActBlue Its Biggest Day of the Year

Pence says he supports peaceful protests after attacking them as disrespectful

AFL-CIO Endorses Joe Biden for President

Sharpest increase since 1973: U.S. food prices see historic jump and are likely to stay high

Let. The Motherfucker. Burn.

Listen to the audio between Trump and the Governors. Trump you need to "Dominate"


Those fake tough guys:

Trump, Putin talk G-7 plans

Minneapolis police made 44 people unconscious with neck restraints since 2015

Might contain human remains..

Trump slams governors as 'weak' and demands they 'arrest people'

Vote Out Hate (VIDEO)

Just got my letter from Assface. I wonder who

Want something very cute and sweet for a diversion? Cat opens door for baby.

Sen. Tom Cotton calling for War Crimes now ( no quarter)

"This is what authoritarian leaders I cover in E Europe sound like"

BREAKING: Donald Trump seen leaving his White House bunker for the first time in 3 days.

tiedrich on the money!

Mother Jones on Bob Kroll

So, they took IQ45 to the bunker. Was he alone?

Societies of Peace: Matriarchies Past, Present, and Future

"Bunker Don"

We've wondered who could follow Trump in the GOP? If anyone could be worse...?

Rallies today?

The republican party

There's an old saying: those who do not learn history are condemned to listen

Toadstool's Choice (TheOnion)

Pritzker Blasts Trump 'Rhetoric,' Trump Fires Back On Call

Hundreds gathered in Pittsburgh at East Liberty neighborhood

He needs to resign immediately

Three British teenagers who mocked George Floyd's death in sick online video are arrested on

'Homicide By Asphyxia'


To Mike Pence: I will not waste words or time pretending that I like you or respect you.

Mike Luckovich: Protestors, vandalizers

06/02 Mike Luckovich: Protestors, vandalizers different

Louisville police chief fired after no body camera footage of shooting

A world that protects assholes, becomes full of them?

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 1, 2020

Terrific Sherrilyn Ifill thread on lack of civil rights leadership at 45's DOJ

If someone could work up a fake ad for Trump Brand Turd Polish, I promise I'll make

This David McAtee story is sad as hell. The Louisville police chief got fired.

Trump gave away his game with the word "dominate"

Atlanta Mayor Says Two Police Officers Who Tasered HBCU Couple On Live TV Are Fired

Tear gas in Beavercreek

So Trump's solution to a crisis started by police violence is to let the police be more violent?

The bunker has finished him off

Governors blast Trump: President's rhetoric on George Floyd protests is 'dangerous' and 'making it

His name is David McAtee. He was shot dead last night. Another unarmed black man gunned down.

Biden's in one of the best positions for any challenger since scientific polling began

Cops attempt to arrest FBI agent.

SPD: 57 arrests during Saturday's riots in Seattle

Is anyone seeing this I Can't Breathe commercial on TVLand?

Very chilling PSA on Comedy Central

He was Asphyxiated Not Intoxicated.

I'm completely shocked!! Rush Limbaugh was a guest on this morning's Breakfast Club


A Minneapolis school put out a call for 80 bags of food to feed kids whose nearby grocery stores had

George Will: "No One Should Want Four More Years Of This"

Here's how plants became meat eaters

Steve King's Primary Campaign Closes Under Cloud Of Paranoia

WH advisors talked Trump out of giving a public speech about protests, afraid he would fuck it up.

Ivanka is trolling:

Anonymous just released Trump's SSN

Hey Jude (Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman)

Bill Barr's prosecutors have have-not-conclusively-established-they-have-acted-properly ...

Police in #Waukesha-WI [one of the reddest counties) are kneeling with protesters.

"we are a rudderless ship heading for a major disaster"

Military trucks carrying troops have pulled onto White House grounds

Congo hit by a second, simultaneous Ebola outbreak

If I see a photo posted, on Facebook say,

These Texas GOP State Senators STILL Don't Know That Black Lives Matter

The police-citizen interaction is the only one where no one dares intervene.

Christiane Amanpour interview with Houston Police Chief

Military Police Battalion being deployed to Washington

'Pearls Before Swine' cartoon

Coroner covered up cause of death.

Meghan McCain hammers Trump.

Time for another impeachment?

And we're starting again: "Tear gas fired at protesters in Philadelphia" (CNN)

Several cadets brought back for graduation at West Point test positive for Covid-19

Samantha Bee w- Good Advice: Instead of arresting 4400 people you could have just arrested 4...cops.

China mocks Trump..

Houston Police Chief to trump: If You Don't Have Something Constructive to Say, Keep Your Mouth Shut

This is a republican are waging a war

Just an awful devastating ad using Trump's own words

Protesters need their own police force

Our democracy will be fine. It is as healthy as a democracy can ever be,

Bob Kroll intends to fight for jobs for killer cops in Minneapolis....

Video evidence of the real thugs

Wow, mr. trump - take a look at the "terrorists" in Amsterdam!

George Floyd's manner of death considered a homicide, medical examiner says

Bunker Boy thinks your governor is a chickenshit cause he's not ordering police to open fire

NYC protesters marching from Unions Square to Washington Square

Live on CNN; Military Police being deployed into Lafayette Square (behind Secret Service)

To our international DU-ers: Thank you very much for your love and support!

Trump Admin Officially Declares War on the American People

In saner days, if this happened in Russia or Egypt or other dictatorships, republicans would condemn

Fox News update. Just skipping over there

Protest streams sorted alphabetically and by location

Video shows Jeep hitting protester at Visalia march over death of George Floyd

BREAKING: Hennepin Cty Medical Examiner says George Floyd's death was homicide from being restrained

I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I don't really want to know...

Trump is that fan that watches football on TV, calls into sports radio, yet somehow convinced the...

Welcome to meteorological summer. Today, Monday, is the 1st day.

Oh superman

Gov Charlie Baker (R-MA): "When the country needed was simply nowhere to be found."

Breaking: US official says active duty Army Military Police units at Fort Bragg headed to DC now

Nearly 300,000 same-sex couples have married since gay marriage legalized nationwide

Trump and the repugs are trying to use these protests for political gain.

Nearly 300,000 same-sex couples have married since gay marriage legalized nationwide

'Domestic terrorist actors' could exploit Floyd protests, DHS memo warns

BET founder Robert Johnson calls for $14 trillion of reparations for slavery

I know 3 people who have lost loved ones to Covid-19

Hennepin County Coroner: Manner of death: Homicide

Listen: Here is the leaked audio of Trump's 'unhinged' call with mayors and governors

Cincinnati: Four police officers took a knee to promote solidarity with protesters


Trump to invoke Insurrection Act to use US troops to quash protests.

They don't want peace, they want submission

Woke TV - 9 simultaneous feeds of protests in different cities

Baby Goats and Llama Rush Indoors to be Bottle Fed

So, let me get me get this straight, he dog whistles insurrection

US judge rejects conservative lawyers' challenge to State Bar of Texas fees

POTUS to read a statement. CNN

Trump and Barr about to speechify

A Heads Up: Rose Garden Speech Upcoming!

Fluffy Dog Absolutely Adores His New Kitten Friend

trump to speak

Trump running pie hole in 5 minutes - Rose 🌹 Garden

You Seeing The Amount Of Fucking Military, Cops & Arms??

10 USC 251-254

Tiniest Baby Elephant Copies Everything His Mom Does

There needs to be national certification of law enforcement bodies.

Gregg Popovich: 'The System Has to Change'

Houston police chief on Trump.

Fox News has a guy speaking about reparations

Barr is out there to show "Dominance" at his daddy's order.

Former KQV-AM On-Air Personality Dies

The Story of the Really Weird Night Richard Nixon Hung Out With Hippies at the Lincoln Memorial

AG Barr has come out to inspect security in Lafayette Square...

If Trump Was Really For Law And Order He Would Turn Himself In And Confess To All His Crimes

A historic "perfect storm" in our lifetimes

If Trump gives any orders to harm protestors, he'll be tried in the Hague

Former KQV-AM On-Air Personality Dies

Active duty troops deploying to Washington DC

Why Melania won't join donald in the bunker

Can someone with legal training help me understand this 1st degree theory?

Martial Law

Secret Service and Military Police have advanced to right in front of protesters...

Milky, GB, & Tan update (Hint: Squee!)

Upcoming Drumpt remarks.

Why the why the fuck are the military types moving TOWARD the crowd

BREAKING: Hennepin County examiner now says Floyd's death was a homicide due to being restrained.

He better not do what it looks like he's about to do?

so now the freedom-loving right wingers want to military to come and put us in lockdown


No One Should Want Four More Years of This

Brave Sir Donald to speak at 6:45, outside the White House.

BREAKING: Tear Gas fired on crowd in Washington

Psycho - Red Velvet (In honor of people spamming Dallas PD with K-Pop)

Tropical Storm Amanda kills 17 in El Salvador and Guatemala

George Floyd's death was homicide, county medical examiner rules

10 Anti-Racism Accounts You Should Follow to Stay Informed

Livestreams From Lafayette Square

Tropical Storm Amanda kills 17 in El Salvador and Guatemala

Aoife O'Donovan covering Springsteen's entire Nebraska album

Tear gas fired at peaceful protesters in DC

A warrant was served on lockers of officers involved in Floyd's murder, then building burned down

The Con wants chaos before he speaks

Sarah Cooper Credits 'the Writing' for Her Success

Looks like Minneapolis police wear body cameras.

Washington DC Protest Livestream (Reuters) Getting bad!

Chicago 1968 all over again. Looking like a police riot.

Happening Now


'I Have Never Seen Lafayette Park Like This': D.C. Protest Reporters Say This Weekend Felt Different

Police on horseback now charging the crowd in DC...

What happens if police horses encounter tear gas and gun shots?

Orange Anus is talking.


Message Protesters - focus on the election - save your lives


What exactly is a professional anarchist?

"I am your President of Law & Order"

NHC - Tropical Depression #3 Moving Into Bay Of Campeche; Strenghtening Into TS 6/2 PM

The President of Law and Order (choke) Its Martial Law

JFC, this speech is bad . He's back to calling protestors thugs.

"Including Your Second Amendment Rights"...

Judge: Justice Department reversal in Flynn case 'unusual'

There it is, he will use the military. n/t

Judge: Justice Department reversal in Flynn case 'unusual'

Geralt says it best- ah fuck

Whose plan was it to attack protesters in front of the WH at the exact time Trump is talking peace?

Who talks like this? This motherfucker is crazy!

How is this different---if at all---from martial law? nt

Trump wants the supreme court to consider flag burning laws.


7:00pm Curfew

Those of you who once thought there will be a peaceful

Haven't there been other times Trump has disappeared for a couple days?

Congress, Where are you?

Please clarify: Did Trump just invoke The Insurrection Act?

Upon His Emergence from the White (House) Bunker

The CIC* says our nation is founded on LAW...

He probably thinks this makes him look strong. It just reinforces he's a sniveling coward

Don Lemon: "They wanted to create this moment for the cameras"

Imagine how many more protestors we would have if not for the virus. That has kept

Barr showed up at Lafayette Park in DC, was spotted talking to police

Why the FUCK was that from #BunkerBitch????

President is declaring war on America

I never heard anything about the Lincoln or WWII memorials

RUMP is pushing people to use weapons!

Don Lemon: WAKE UP AMERICA! We are at the cusp of a dictatorship!

Livestream FOX 5 DC, in Washington DC


CNN: "Are we now living in a military state?" Discussion/ thoughts on Insurrection Act

Trump tear-gassed the crowd so he could pull a PR stunt at St John's Episcopal Church...

For the first time in my life, I am actually frightened for America and my family.

Barr: Law enforcement must 'dominate' streets amid protests

Can the House of Reps take some legal action to stop Trump's decision?


I am right now thinking thoughts about friendly fire and unintended consequences...

Walking to the church?! Using military to create political theater for evangelical bootlickers

Trending: #AmericaOrTrump

A fucking photo op


Bunker Boy is calling up the military.

Anyone who has ever thought or said that our military would not carry out orders to fire on

trump is making a campaign commercial as his henchmen teargas lawful protesters

Critics round on No 10 over 'ridiculous' rules for 14-day quarantine

They tear-gassed protesters in order for trump to walk across the street...

During all that ridiculous speechifying, not one bit of care for the root cause of this problem

Critics round on No 10 over 'ridiculous' rules for 14-day quarantine

Just a suggestion, can the legitimate protesters

It's rich hearing about "law and order" from a man with eight colleagues convicted of felonies.

Waterhoses. They have waterhoses. Bull Trump


Trump is walking with heavy guard to St johns church. that is why force was used to move

It would be so great if they locked him out of the church

Tear gassing Americans so he can make a campaign commercial.

When I posted about the Insurrection Act yesterday, I'd hoped I was wrong about the direction


Dubya endorsement on the way?

Toobin just said the law bb is using says it requires

He is Wavy a Bible Around

Anger as local police union chief calls George Floyd a 'violent criminal'

Holding a Bible for the photo op?

Burst into flames! NOW!

18 U.S. Code  875.Interstate communications re: "Gunning down protestors"

I'm having the same sick feelings that I had that morning when I watched the planes fly

So what states will Trump will send in the Military into?

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Trump using a Bible for a PR stunt, a photo op, is blasphemy and sacrilege to any real Christians.

I'm fucking angry as hell about this...

Just freaking pathetic!

WTF was that

The military is not trained to be police

We are closing in on a civil war.

tRump, fuck you and the stupid shit show you just did for photo ops. n/t

now holding a bible for photo 0P

Judge Sullivan says he is not required to 'rubber stamp' DOJ's bid to dismiss Flynn case

He just gave a nazi salute

The silence of the Republican Party is duly noted.


You ain't George Washington and this ain't the Whiskey Rebellion

So basically...he pepper sprayed American people so he could take a photo at a church??

The evil incarnate holding a bible. The devil then smirked and said for this I am libel.

What would they have us do? LAPD chief defends cruiser hitting protestors as officers try to leave

Is it just coincidence that today is

Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn

So he basically said

A heads up to the Lounge

"Protect the Second Amendment"?

Well well..George Floyd's autopsy shows he was killed by asphixia

They are arresting every single Peaceful Protestor in DC!!

I wonder what mcconnell & mccarthy are doing right about now.

They're teargassing peaceful protesters so Trump can have a photo op.


I feel like we've been raped.

Where's pence & mother?

Louisville police chief fired after no body camera footage of shooting

New Michigan poll from Public Policy Polling shows Biden leading Trump 50-44%.

Drumpf just prostituted the Bible.

Rump's using the US military deployments to acclimatise them to operating against US citizens on US

The republicans

Did anybody else see that video of him standing outside the church?

As Trump's smearing of protesters gets worse, Adam Schiff raises a red flag

As Trump's smearing of protesters gets worse, Adam Schiff raises a red flag

Liverpool footballers take a knee

I was taken by an online clothing site.

There are gunshots heard in the background as he drones on.

Tell it, Kamala

Trump holding a bible is like...

The lesser of two evils

Found this funny, but frighteningly accurate meme on the internet.

Trump says invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act, which permits a president to deploy military inside

White House official profanely admits Trump is just tweeting: 'He's not handling anything'

Is it just me or...

Guess what no one is talking about tonight. Covid19 and unemployment. Trump must be pleased.

Ivanka was the only one with a mask. May Corona escort them all back to the White House.

any chance the national guard will be used to protect a state from the federal government?

This is all to much for me to watch!

Trump Breaks Up Peaceful Protest for Photo Op

He uses the language of a sexual predator

Trump says he is mobilizing 'heavily armed' military to stop protests

How does this work?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

These little tests have meaning.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Watch Gov. Jay Inslee's Monday news conference here

Wrapped in a flag and clutching a Bible.

Steve Schmidt: Watching Trump preen in front of St. John's, moments after he threatened to deploy


Dear Jaysus.

Silent thread grieving.

Please tell me the Religious right

I can't watch anymore because I remember how much that thing admired the "strong leadership"

Coming of age in America - Black and White:

amazing how motivated donnie can be when responding to a real crisis

Audio: In 'Unhinged' Call, Trump Tells 'Weak' Governors to 'Dominate' Protesters

How PETA Won Its Messy Fight and Took a Seat at the Table

Joe Lockhart: I've never been so frightened for our country as I am tonight. Trump has to go now.

Biden tonight: "I can't breathe. I can't breathe. The whole nation is having trouble breathing."

Study: Many of Nation's Problems Could Be Solved by Having a President

Facebook Suspends Top Photo Colorist For 'Dangerous' WWII Images

Officers fire tear gas on peaceful protesters to clear the way for Trump's photo op

You young people need to know

I am not a doctor. Most who read this are not doctors. But, we share one bit

We're hurting, we're hurting'-- grief and outrage converge in Minneapolis

Military-style vehicles move onto Pennsylvania Avenue, near White House.

'Unhinged' Trump Demands Mass Arrests, Flag-Burning Laws

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?