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Need a smile?

The US wants to house missiles in the Pacific. Some allies don't want them.

Bolsonaro supporter desecrates Brazil beach memorial for 40,000 coronavirus victims

These are really hard times for some older people.

Ways to Support Black-Owned Restaurants and Other Food Businesses in Seattle

A Word About the Chaos in the Unemployment Data: Week 12 of the U.S. Labor Market Collapse

Conservative group asks DC mayor for permission to paint their own message on street

"The driver allegedly quitting over NASCAR's Confederate flag ban has raced 0 laps in 2020"

Canadian conservation officer fired for refusing to kill bear cubs wins legal battle

NFL pledges $250M for social justice causes

Quarantined surfers return to Peru's famous waves

Hedge fund manager stands to profit on 'flip' of taxpayer-funded coronavirus drug

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will end up winning.

Group of Minneapolis police officers writes open letter condemning Chauvin, embracing change

Judge: Reopen Puerto Rico school cafeterias or face arrest

Trump Rally Attendees Cannot Sue if They Get Covid-19, Campaign Says

Wild lorikeet and human have close relationship:

Houston Weighs Reimposing Lockdown, Sees 'Precipice of Disaster'

Florida reports highest single-day total of coronavirus cases

WaPo Editorial Board: Trump is spreading a dangerous conspiracy theory about antifa


Highway 190 - Panamint Valley

Biden's war chest swells as donors, many in California, grow increasingly alarmed by Trump

ALWAYS read the fine print.....

Biden releases plan to reopen US economy amid coronavirus

Oklahoma teen's controversial jaywalking arrest under review

Trump plans order on police use of force, promises better training

Coronavirus task force fades from view as Trump White House moves on

Photos! I went to Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone today.

Senate Democrats just got a big break

Republicans breaking from trump like we've never seen.

How to tell if your grandparent has become an antifa agent

Trump warns against 'falsely labeling' people as racists

Clicked on Discussionist on Search Page -and It Took Me to Huge Black Lives Matter Page

Border officials spent emergency humanitarian funds on dirt bikes, dogs and enforcement programs, ac

Former VA pathologist who agency says misdiagnosed 3,000 cases pleads guilty to manslaughter

Hmm. I guess the idea that the virus will go away with warmer weather isn't really panning out

How can the police break in to an elected member of the House of Representatives' office

Watchdog: CBP money meant for food, medical care for migrants was spent on ATVs, dirt bikes

Man charged with poisoning homeless people in California

Trump to require that those attending his rallies agree not to sue them if the contract virus

Racist doctor-legislator fired:

FLIPPABLE: Ajlan Kurdoglu for AZ-HD17

Zoom admits to shutting down activist accounts at the request of the Chinese government

My father in law died today

Albert Memmi, a 'Jewish Arab' Intellectual, Dies at 99

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

The sky over my house in Flint Township, right now

Fencing coach fired after saying 'Lincoln made a mistake' freeing slaves

Hundreds of West Point alumni call out Esper over military's role in protests

06/12 Mike Luckovich - Not Winning !

Ohio Republican accused of racist comments fired as emergency room doctor: report

This is wild. A data scientist, after tweeting about my husband @owasow 's work, was accused of

My anger interferes with my ability to be anti-racist.

Georgia Havoc Raises New Doubts on Pricey Voting Machines

Georgia Havoc Raises New Doubts on Pricey Voting Machines

GOP senator to try to reverse requirement that Pentagon remove Confederate names from bases

Intorducing Myself as my Inbox told me to

Louisville city council unanimously pass 'Breonna's Law' to ban no-knock warrants

How Trump 'catapults the propaganda'

Mayo Clinic unveils new antibody test for COVID-19

Best Seattle Block Party Ever


Arizona's top public health official today says:

Pete Carroll received a call today from a team interested in Colin Kaepernick

Starbucks bans employees from wearing anything in support of Black Lives Matter

Trump to accept Republican nomination in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Fauci up on CBC The National in a bit. Rosie asked him how the 'US is doing" on Covid. nt

Man charged with poisoning homeless people in California

Shits gonna get real II. Saw my cardiologist today. He has daily teleconferences with contemporaries

Nate Silver: Trump net approval (-14.0) now his lowest since the shutdown in January 2019.

GOP Picks Jacksonville, Florida, for Trump Convention Speech

Medina, Bellevue residents accused of massive real estate fraud

1,000 tons of microplastic rains down on National Parks and the wilderness in the western US every y

CNN's Angela Rye: Washington, Jefferson Statues "Need To Come Down"

33 seconds of video you might need right now. 9 year old best friends reunite after 3 months...

Laurie Garrett is on Rachel


End This Ugly Presidency #UglyPresident (new ad)

I have a question about the difference between Amer. and British language

New hope for weight loss, diabetics

'Make Us All Safe. Go Back to Your Bunker' Seattle Mayor Tells Trump

Man charged in deputy ambush scrawled extremist 'Boogaloo' phrases in blood

How the Trump Administration's Negligence Deprived Healthcare Workers of N95 Masks in a Pandemic

LAPD's use of batons, other weapons appears to violate rules, significantly injuring protesters

De Niro is on The Last Word tonight. O'Donnell wants people to say which sociopath

Georgia Was A Mess. Here's What Else We Know About The June 9 Elections.

Is anyone else terrified listening to this...

North Korea says little reason to maintain Kim-Trump ties: KCNA

WA Superintendent expects school to resume in-person in fall

SPD Chief: Decision to leave precinct wasn't hers, claims city 'relented to public pressure'

WHY did Costco stop selling their organic tomato products?

U.S. Treasury's Mnuchin: no plans to speed Harriet Tubman $20 bill despite protests

Finally got out and went to Lowes today. Was very disappointed.

Baseball player reunites with boy who saved his life:

Democrats challenge rule that could toss 'thousands' of Arizona votes

He took a knee on George Floyd's neck for 9 minutes.

"I Can't Do It" Say Some GIs Being Deployed to Quell Uprisings.

In Case You Haven't Heard, the Air Force and DARPA Just had an Accident

FYI: Robert Di Niro will be on Lawrence

Soviet statue graveyard, Tallinn, Estonia

Top Liberty University basketball player is transferring after Jerry Falwell Jr. tweeted blackface

another win from jeff tiedrich

Don Lemon on CNN: Trump "is the birther-in-chief, the shithole-countries-in-chief...

Chicago Cops Hung Out Inside U.S. Rep's Office as Protest Raged.

Trump administration won't say who got $511 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus loans

Trump uses racial slur to condemn renaming of military bases

NFL pledges $250M over 10 years to fight systemic racism

Who else but Trump?

Johnny Rivers: "People Get Ready, There's a Train A Comin"

Top U.S. Swim Coaches Abused Teens, Impregnated Them, Covered It Up for Decades: Lawsuits

DeVos issues rule barring colleges from granting coronavirus relief funds to DACA recipients

West Point grads warn that alumni in Trump administration "betray public faith."

Who says we have to wait until August for the next Covid wave. In Florida, we're in it.

2020 CO US Senate Election- Romanoff-D vs Gardner-R in each CO US Congressional District.

Trump fails to correct GOP consultant who said cable hosts of killing more black people the KKK

Rush says cops lounged in his burglarized campaign office as nearby stores were looted

Who Misinformation ACTUALLY Hurts What Really Happened At Elmhurst Hospital

Trump Administration Refuses To Disclose Which Businesses Received $500 bil In Government Bailouts

LOLGOP's tweet burn of the Week

The History Of Juneteenth And Tulsa As Trump Faces Campaign Rally Backlash NBC Nightly News

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

Has Trump rage tweeted at Milley yet?

Video from Meidas Touch: Trump on Protests, Police, "Like a Knife Cutting Through Butter"

Donald Trump's rhetoric is steadily chasing Indians out of the US--towards Canada

All the statues of sexist men should be toppled

Trump still attacks Kaepernick for taking a knee, but won't attack taking a knee on a man's neck.

WA State Dept. of Agriculture confirms giant hornet found in Bellingham

Official response from CNN General Counsel to @TeamTrump 's letter demanding CNN apologize

Blackstreet: 'Joy'/Lionel Richie: 'Love Will Find A Way'

#UglyPresident is trending on Twitter

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Confederate Symbols Are Coming Down

The Daily Social Distancing Show: "Cops" Is Canceled and "Gone with the Wind" Is Gone

Pete Carroll regrets fact Seahawks didn't sign Colin Kaepernick, says another team is interested in

Trump might go down in history as the last president of the Confederacy

Gen. Milley's apology shows respect for the principles Trump tramples on

The Daily Show: Invade Us, Canada

John Henry and the railroad

Carole King and Ralph Schuckett on piano

End this Ugly President

Border officials spent emergency humanitarian funds on dirt bikes, dogs and enforcement programs

This is why we say "defund the police"


Maddow: "..Apologized For His Appearance In That 'Death Of The Republic' Photo Op." HAH!

Moderna Will Start Testing Its Covid-19 Vaccine on 30,000 People in July

Where do we go from here?

Robert De Niro rips Republicans who are afraid of Trump's tweets: 'There are no second chances -- thi

Want to support Louisville police? You can purchase a custom Louisville Slugger nightstick

Man injured when Portsmouth Confederate statue fell on him is in stable condition

Seth Meyers - Trump Asked Stephen Miller to Write a Speech About Race Relations - Monologue 6/10/20

Michigan storm clouds

Trump Blasts Milley: "This Is Not the Military I Avoided Serving In"

Trump's Grotesque Tulsa Trip

Seth Meyers: Guest Michael Moore on Why Defunding Is Good for the Police

Trump campaign asks supporters to waive COVID-19 liability to attend Tulsa rally

Study: 100% face mask use could crush second, third COVID-19 wave

Reactionaries Are Having a Bad Month

In Texas, President Trump talks reform and says 'we have to dominate the street'

Surprised that Jacksonville or GOP Convention aren't

Seth Meyers - Trump Defends the Confederacy, Complains About Polls: A Closer Look

NC bill passes to expand voting by mail for 2020 elections, heads to Gov. Cooper's desk

Juneteenth should be a national holiday!,

Inside Seattle's 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone' Free of Police, Claimed by Protesters

Boris Johnson letting 'crazy' Dominic Cummings control government, says former aide to PM

A heated debate is taking place in the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" in Seattle as to what next

First sign a crime is going to be committed ...

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, June 12, 2020

Protesters in Portland, Oregon, are attempting to build their own "police-free autonomous zone'"

is it just me or is the infected wart in the White House tweeting fewer

Some split from him, support removing monuments and renaming bases

'Gone With the Wind' Hits No. 1 on Amazon Best-Sellers Chart After HBO Max Drops Movie

Houston's Confederate statues to be removed

TN tatoo artist covers racist tatoos for free

Richmond's monuments used to sell a segregated neighborhood


No baby. Not anymore!

Vos is a racist pig.

Calls for 'public process' to decide fate of Confederate monument at state Capitol (AZ)

Controversy over monuments in St. Augustine (FL)

Can Triad monuments be removed? (NC)

Monuments on Bastrop County property TX)

I'd really like to see the new Tom Hanks movie Greyhound

I wuv you Dad...

Norfolk will remove statue from monument "within 24 hours,"

Asheville, Buncombe leaders support monument removal (NC)

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 14, 2020 - Let's Go for a Run

Pensacola City Council starts countdown to enable removing monument (FL)

Trump praises law enforcement response in Minneapolis, says confronting bigotry will go very easily

TCM Schedule for Monday June 15, 2020 - Jazz in Film

11 Jacksonville monuments, markers coming down

2 North Texas counties to remove monuments

Lounge gardeners, what plant pest (animals?) are these gunk?

Seattle mayor fires back after Trump threatens to intervene

Dallas asks TX Supreme Ct to allow immediate removal of monument

Three minutes of pure Covidiocy.

USC removes name of Rufus Von KleinSmid, a eugenics supporter, from prominent building

Trump's Dallas Fundraiser Hosted by Energy Executive Kelcy Warren

Black leaders call Trump rally plan in Tulsa, Okla. 'a slap in the face'

trump tweets ad for trump properties

Orange County to lift mask requirement and reopen gyms, schools and bars

Ohio GOP state senator fired from ER doctor job after using racist language..

Republican allies of convenience

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump's Back Out, COVID Sex Guidelines & NASCAR Flag Ban

Ironic all Confederate statues are being pulled down and removed during the most racist Presidency.

still photos of the cops lounging in Bobby Rush's office

Chile: Police-Involved In Force Misuse Scandal

Bill to study reparations passes CA Assembly

DACA, LGBT, abortion rulings expected from SCOTUS amid nationwide protests

'Everybody Was Just Astonished': Tenn. Republican's Comments on Slavery Leave His Colleagues Stunned

Cuomo Says New York City's Columbus Statue Should Stay

Distortions and Attempts to Undermine the Cuban Medical Brigades Will Not Succeed

A special message from Antifa. (Colbert show)

Are there going to be a lot of tRump Boat Parades this weekend?

Pointer Sisters...Yes we can

Tooning Out The News: Ghosts of Confederate soldiers have new military base name ideas for Trump

With state elections bill sleight of hand, NC GOP crams VoterID into Voter Safety legislation

'Health, then production': Unions ramp up pressure on Chile copper miner Codelco

Senate Democrats just got a big break

A Meteorite Crater Lake in India Just Mysteriously Changed Colour Overnight

Trump Fails To Mention George Floyd At Event On Race And Police - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Utah's arches continue to whisper their secrets

The swirling rocks of Mars are mesmerizing

National Media Coverage Of Black Lives Matter Had Fallen During The Trump Era -- Until Now

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Scientists In Antarctica Didn't Find A 'Parallel Universe.' Here's What They Did Find


Scientists have turned skin cells into the light-sensing cells of the eye

1977 Peter Frampton

Greg Palast discusses protests in LA, voter suppression, Minneapolis eyewitness interview

Ex-government spokesman(R) pleads guilty to contract fraud in $4M scheme

'Matador' guppies trick predators

8:46 - Dave Chappelle

Who Is Candace Owens? Narrated by Yedoye Travis NowThis

"TRUMBO": 'Hollywood 10,' Noted Writer Blacklisted During the Cold War 'Red Scare'

Robert De Niro: Trump Is 'Worse Than We Could Have Imagined' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Startling Human Embryo Model From Stem Cells Reveals Unseen Stages of Our Development

Mysterious sounds and lights in Lake Weyba bushland have some residents spooked

8:46 - Dave Chappelle

New research unveiled structures deep inside the Earth

Note to GOP

The second time around...

Human Nature

Archaeologists Discovered a Paleolithic Bird Figurine in a Rubbish Heap. Turns Out It's the Oldest 3

A new liquid phase discovered

Arrowhead dating back at least 6,000 years found near Williams Lake, B.C.

Man projects George Floyd's face over Lee monument at night

SC sets another record high in coronavirus cases and it's not because of more testing, DHEC says

Beginning at 5:00 PM on Friday, Maryland will allow

Trump Hates Losers, So Why Is He Refighting the Civil War--on the Losing Side?

A buried ancient Roman city uncovered using radar technology

Biden goes off on Trump inflaming racism - almost drops the f-bomb.

Prehistoric Platform Studied in Saudi Arabia


Temple under Mahanadi

Mining Giant BHP Plans To Destroy At Least Forty 15,000-Year-Old Aboriginal Sites

Archaeologist sinks teeth into understanding cultural identity, interactions in ancient Nile River V

Church Hidden Under Turkish Lake For 1,600 Years Reappears As Water Pollution Clears

Vulgar white Trumpers on boats

George Floyd's uncle calls on South Dakota police department in his hometown to remove ...

"Trump on Thursday solidified his reelection pitch as a bulwark against a cultural transformation"

Astronaut Kathy Sullivan Becomes First Woman to Reach Deepest Part of the Ocean


Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/11/20

A Long Childhood May Be How Crows and Jays Evolved Their Smarts

American Carnage at Lafayette Square

Psychedelic Furs-- Until She Comes

Stephen Colbert - Wesley Lowery: The Public Should Have More Access To Records Of Police Conduct

London Foxes Show Early Signs of Self-Domestication

Extraordinary Marine Animals Trap Microplastics and Carbon Dioxide, Slowing Climate Change

Sea lily fossil studies blossom in Guizhou geopark

What is wrong with Mississippi

Cash from donors big and small is gushing into Biden's campaign

It's like a 24 hour truck stop around here

Koch-backed group launches ad campaign to support four vulnerable GOP senators (Note who's missing).

New Zealand city removes statue of its 'murderous' namesake

Institutionalized racism: a syllabus

Who is your favoutive Philosopher ?

Minnesota to consider pardon for Max Mason in rape case that led to lynchings of three black men

It cost up to $2.6 million a day for the National Guard to deploy in DC

North Korea Asks Why It Should Keep 'Holding Hands' With US Amid Trump Administration's 'Hypocrisy'

Ag. Commissioner Asks Governor To Drop Amendment 4 Appeal, Reform Clemency Board

Breakfast Friday 12 June 2020

On this day, June 12, 1949, Connie B. Gay put on his "Hillbilly Airshow" at the

On this day, June 12, 1950, Bun E. Carlos, of Cheap Trick, was born.

Canadian conservation officer fired for refusing to kill bear cubs wins legal battle

I am an Entrepreneur flop.

Joe Biden Is Currently Projected To Win 331 Electoral Votes (versus Trump's TINY 306 votes in 2016)

How To Disappear Completely

RCMP dashcam video shows officer tackling, punching Chief Allan Adam during arrest

Melania Forced Trump to Renegotiate Prenup

How trump spreads a lie

Friday TOONs - The Mouth Will Rise Again

Just heard Mika say Trump is "out of step" with the American people.

Is Trump trying to provoke interracial violence by holding a rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth?

Band-Aid Adding New Brown And Black Skin Tones

#UglyPresident trends nationwide after Trump was taken to task in viral video


Band-Aid Adding New Brown And Black Skin Tones (what took them so long?)

What else have you got to lose?

Putting money on the table that at West Point tomorrow, Trump will revive

Would you buy a reburbished computer with a 3 year repair policy?

Officer charged with killing George Floyd still eligible for pension worth more than $1 million

Woman seen in racist rant video in Torrance appears in 2nd recording

Morning essay: polishing knobs at FOX and elsewhere:

Meharry Medical College partners with Black churches to increase covid testing

This is the crux of Trumpism and MAGA.

School choice - a remedy for bad cops

Shitstain On Atlantic Marine Monument He Just Eliminated: "A Terrible Thing"

Trump Ended Asylum at the Border Indefinitely. But Apparently That's Not Enough

While you were out in the streets protesting racism, the anti-vaxxers have been busy

George Floyd's Autopsy and the Structural Gaslighting of America

'It is patriotism': Seattle's mayor rebukes Trump for saying 'autonomous zone' protesters are terror

"Assholes In Yachts", Er, "Boaters For A Brighter Future" Firmly In Trump's Corner On Climate Policy

Update on the wren's nest on my balcony.

More than 100 people showed up to this Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting to speak out...

On renaming military bases:

Well, That Was Predictable: "Surprisingly Rapid" Rebound In Carbon Output As Lockdowns End

New model predicts dramatic covid resurgence in Tennessee

Hundreds of West Point alumni call out Esper over military's role in protests

Trump's most loyal media ally, OANN, promised a pro-Trump poll. It didn't deliver

Currently on CNN

You raised $1,195.00 on June 11, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Shaub: Couldn't be clearer Trump decided his only hope of winning is support for white supremacists

Most Americans Want Police Reform But Don't Back 'Defund The Police'

ACLU bake sale this Sunday (June 14, Nashville)

June 12 - Happy Birthday Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D) CA-40th

Treat yourself to this breathtaking Beethoven 'Ode to Joy' flashmob. Hang in there Speaker with t

The first roadblock on the path to dictatorship

After health officer quits, Orange County to lift mask requirement and reopen gyms, schools and bars


#Trump's behavior has brought many down to his stinking swamp level...

And when are they going to address this -??

UPDATE: Had a good day, resting comfortably. My brother collapsed on Sunday.

Why in my opinion removing Gone with the Wind and

About those historical Confederate monuments ...

Countering "All Lives Matter." This worked on one relative.

Trump just tweeted he wants a new, updated RNC platform - "short form, if possible"

Happy 68th birthday, Junior Brown.

Trump Tulsa.......BARTCOP!! If only it were so. Wishful thinking

This was a screenshot I took of Trump's website on April 11, 2020.


'We're going to have a catastrophe': US faces November election fiasco

White nationalist's lawyer wants out of rally violence case

Election Countdown Clock ⏰ (link)

Century after Minnesota lynchings, black man convicted of rape 'because of his race' up for pardon

New Biden ad: Our country is crying out for leadership that Donald Trump can't deliver.

trump is running things with inaction. That means the Pandemic will get much much worse.

New Democratic Coalition ad: End Trump's War on America

US sanctions ICC employees investigating torture, then charges man for torture in Gambia

New Biden ad: Trump's a deer in the headlights, too scared and weak to lead - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Brighten your day - Dogs in cars looking out the window

Trump Blasts Milley: "This Is Not the Military I Avoided Serving In"

Trump: 'We're Dominating the Street With Compassion' When Using 'Force' Against Protesters

Hard Times in the Big Easy

Trump's Remarks During a Roundtable on Transition to Greatness; Dallas, June 12, 2020

Doesn't Joe have campaign advisors?

Quite a turnaround here in Pensacola! (RE: removal of Confederate statue)

Oklahoma City Police release bodycam footage showing arrest of black man who died

Something disturbing trending on Twitter #IStandWithTuckerCarlson

Len Barry has a birthday today.

Interior Prepping To Push Offshore Drilling All Around Florida - But Only After November Elections

So long, New York: pandemic and protests spark new exodus to suburbs

Never A Dull Moment - Tropical Depression Cristobol Made It All The Way Across Lake Superior

Beaver County, PA, nudist park closed till 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic

I told sgt major hang here you survived Ripcord my sarcasm , I'll go inside my dear friend

Losing our values under Trump!

One man's view on how the Confederacy survived the Civil War & is alive & well in the United States.

Kamala Harris: Trump's Tulsa rally is a deliberate 'welcome home party' for white supremacists

Exotic, fifth state of matter created on the space station

RWNJs want retired generals who criticized Trump recalled to active duty, then court-martialed

Guardian UK: We're not all going to be working from home, nor should we. Here's why

Kamala Harris endorses Dave Min for State Senate District 37 to oust anti-vax Moorlach.

Hmm. The Lincoln Project may have something planned for Trump's Tulsa rally

I propose this song as campaign song for Biden/Harris

538 avg now at 40.8

Dining out in Seattle now, it's not the restaurant that's the risk -- it's the other customers

Wow. Walter Shaub on how trashy Donald and Melania Trump are

for those who ate their way thru the lockdown

EU formally accepts UK will NOT seek extension to Brexit transition period.

I just got a question on my Quora feed.

Bubba Wallace Talks About NASCAR Ban On Confederate Flags TODAY

John Cleese Criticizes BBC Decision to Remove 'Fawlty Towers' Episode Over "Racial Slurs"

Take Em Down NOLA pushing to remove Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson Square

King Leopold Ranges renamed by WA Government amid global Black Lives Matter protests

Chick Corea has a birthday today.

Katie and Kamala team up on oversight of the coronavirus corporate bailout


Anti-NASCAR Hypocrisy of Confederate Flag Supporters

Trump: Deer In The Headlights

Traitor BOLTON's book: "Impeachable offenses across full range of (SHITLER's) foreign policy"

Busy busy busy morning.

Universal Orlando's reopening shows challenges ahead for theme parks

Question about Demographics for a city on Wikipedia

When Donald Trump tried to stage a coup: Was June 1 the turning point?

I have a new dream job to share.....

Lebanese government meets after night of raging protests

Author confronts his racial bias against neighbor after seeing small act of kindness

Video from author Don Winslow: "How Trump Spreads A Lie"

It's not too often you see a sandpiper take on a sheep!

Gov. Ducey plans no new restrictions for Arizona as COVID-19 cases rise

Hannity, Trump, Newt, other Repukes - Definition of Sanctity of Marriage

Facebook is a right wing site.

I have a primary care appointment every 3 months for a chronic condition.

Fallacies to avoid when discussing racism and police brutality

Let's think a little before tearing down some statues

The combination of seasonal flu, Covid 19, and no national plan.

Seriously, when can I stop shaving my legs?

Anyone watching "Da 5 Bloods"?

I think the US should keep and actually preserve all confederate monuments.

Dear President Biden, please don't "move on"

I just did a quick estimate. If we average 800 deaths per day through the fall/winter.

Polls suggest Trump campaign is in deep trouble in Michigan

Trump could lose Florida in November because of the state's broken unemployment system: report

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 12 2020

NRA eeriely silent as US government deploys actual jackbooted thugs against citizens.

Trump is a hero to the KKK, neo-Nazis and bigots everywhere

My fear about mail in ballots

Hillary: 'Chart tells an incredible story of the power of Black Lives Matter'

The Trump vaudeville act is going all in on racism.

The Death of a Street Performer, Margaret Holloway, the 'Shakespeare Lady' of New Haven

How to make a REAL hard hitting anti trump ad

A question for Michiganders regarding absentee ballot applications:

Pierce: One of the Most Charitable Acts I Know Is the Effort by South Carolinians to Remove Lindsey

Renaming Military Bases .... SOLVED

The best proof for God so far... is nothing but a wordplay.

Anti-fascist plant sale fundraiser in Baton Rouge this weekend (real anti-fascism in action)...

Child Labor: The Real Cost Of Your Morning Cappuccino

FSTV/Free Speech TV: anyone having trouble

Entire 'Ed Sullivan Show' Catalog Coming To YouTube [Video]

Kacey Musgraves tribute to John Prine

Colbert introduces Brandi Carlile in a BADASS tribute to John Prine

Robert the Bruce statue at Bannockburn defaced by 'BLM' graffiti

Contractor shows up at black family's home with confederate flag...summarily dismissed

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Signs Sweeping Police Reforms Into Law, Says They're 'Long Overdue'

Florida reports record high 1,902 new coronavirus cases, one day after previous record

When Trump is removed, how long will it take for his wife to divorce him.

Britain briefly suspends sending evidence to U.S. law enforcement

Camp Bin Laden

Melania's Art of the Deal

This video almost proves Facebook is in favor of Trump, 5min, 56secs

Arizona reports single-day record 1,654 new coronavirus cases

Bolton Book to Relate Trump Chaos, How Re-Election Drove Policy

Head of Justice Department's criminal division to step down next month


Trumps's Most Loyal Media Ally Promised Pro Trump

Trump pushes fights over racist legacy while much of America moves in a different direction

VoteVets campaign ad: "Camp Bin Laden"

Customs and Border Protection used money meant for food and medicine on dirt bikes and ATVs, says GA

Florida has been fucked for decades. It should be a blue state.

BREAKING: BLM representatives meet with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick tribute to John Prine

Santana sitting in with Tinariwen - Gnaoua Touareg Blues

Senate measure would strip Confederate names from Pentagon facilities

CHAZ, a 'no Cop Co-op': Here's what Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone looks like

Police apologise after officers pull over black couple 'for driving a car'

The Hidden History of African-American Burial Sites in the Antebellum South

Christianity Today calls for churches to pay reparations to black people: "Repentance is not enough"

Kudlow: 'There is no second wave' of coronavirus

Pangolin Released Into Wild Under China's New Protections

The Administration Is Advancing Ocean Exploration; June 12, 2020

Suggest a new name for a military facility currently named after a traitor

Florida Sees Record Rise in COVID-19 Cases, San Antonio Hits 'Second Wave'

deadCenter Film Festival, Oklahoma, Virtual June 11-21, 2020

this is how my day is going... listening to...

Silent marches planned statewide Friday to support Black Lives Matter

So, liberals who peacefully establish an "autonomous zone" without guns or regular police are

Trump on Juneteenth rally: 'Think about it as a celebration'

Anti-Trump Groups Plan Fight If President Loses Election, Refutes Results

It could be argued, Larry Kudlow is the dumbest motherfucker in America.

Kamala Harris Is On Strong Footing in Biden's VP Search

Teacher to NYT - Distance learning was a disaster.

Unemployed workers face new delays and paused payments as states race to stamp out nationwide scam

Michael Bennett: Roger Goodell saying 'black lives matter is almost like a slap in the face'

We should all do something on DU to celebrate when Trump's average approval falls below 40.

Three Headstones in American Military Cemeteries Bear Swastikas

Through a network of monasteries and churches, Otilia Levi helped Jews hide from Nazis during WWII

Please honor the life of Medgar Evers

East Wing rips book saying Melania Trump renegotiated prenup before moving to White House

Live updates: CDC suggests organizers of large gatherings 'strongly encourage' use of face masks

Powerful artwork....

AK-SEN: Alaska Senate Moves to Likely Republican

Theresa Greenfield Wants A Real Conversation With Iowans

Dear America, Pick a Torch

Lone UW president finalist withdraws from consideration

What the actual fuck?

All lives didn't matter in the pandemic

Theresa Greenfield Wants A Real Conversation With Iowans

At last! N.J. county ordered to pay FFRF in church funding case

Meandering 'cutoff low' to bring drenching rains to Southeast or Mid-Atlantic.

NASA's new chief of human spaceflight has a commercial background

MAKE IT STOP! - Trump on Fox: "I think the concept of chokehold sounds so innocent, so perfect."

In interview Trump says Abe Lincoln "did good although it's always questionable... the end result"

Trump Really Is That Phenomenally Stupid - Holding Rally In Place Signifying Race Massacre

A cool thing bees do to defend against wasps

Johnny Marr - Candidate

Since trump is making folks sign a waiver to attend his Klan fest

OAN's ChanelRion flew to Ukraine with Giuliani to meet Putin's kgb thugs/Derkach, Telizhenk

Was NASCAR always a "Southern Thing?"

Florida COVID-19 - Some positive news from the massive numbers of new cases?

Do you think that people who go to Trump rallies (or other events) should pay extra for healthcare?

Trump may have just pissed off Florida and North Carolina.

Mueller Report redactions of Trump-Roger Stone conversations may soon be lifted

Woman seen in racist rant video in Torrance recorded in 2nd, similar confrontation

VoteVets ad about Army base names

Oregon pauses reopening as number of daily infections hits a high

The Real Economic Catastrophe Hasn't Hit Yet. Just Wait For August.

Stamford Hill rabbi named as victim of Stoke Newington stabbing attack

VP Pence drops by a Pennsylvania diner to greet patrons and have lunch.

Trump tweets congratulations to the S.S. for overcoming peaceful protesters

In case you missed it. John Prine tribute on through Sunday

Soledad O'Brien: Happy Loving Day!... Here I am with them in 1966!

Spike Lee - Making History Current with "Da 5 Bloods" The Daily Social Distancing Show

Penguins weigh in at the Saint Louis Zoo

Marchers in Marysville denounce racism in youth-led protest

Lady Antibellum

No, Freddy, you're an INSIDE alligator.

I've been wondering who really won the Civil War

The Ohio Legislator who claimed

Does Trump even know how much he is hated by more than half the country?

Getting through my day with Masses of Mozart.

This is NOT the year!!!!!

Cartoons 6/12/2020

Projected Total: 182,297 deaths by Sep 1; 202,810 deaths by Oct 1, 2020

About Bolton's book... Did you notice Bolton says

State schools chief expects classrooms to reopen this fall

Buskers cover Beatles in NYC subway:

As dentists open, expensive PPE is in short supply

A political cartoon from Morten Morland

"I think the concept of chokeholds sounds so innocent and so perfect."

Microsoft won't sell facial recognition software to police departments

Why are states seeing a sudden increase in coronavirus cases? Experts have more than one answer

Livestreaming protests provides a raw, unfiltered and possibly warped viewpoint

Top 10 Times a Racist Came to a Comedy Show - Steve Hofstetter

Current pet peeve

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/12/20

Experts: Police 'woefully undertrained' in use of force

Jussie Smollett loses bid to have new case dropped on double-jeopardy grounds

Tacoma woman charged for setting Seattle police vehicles on fire during protests

The C.D.C. says the highest-risk gatherings are packed ones that draw people from out of the area

Republican Group Says Trump Just Became The 'Confederacy's Second President'

'Trump thought I was a secretary': Fiona Hill on the president, Putin and populism

Advertisers need to dump FoxNews not just Tucker

Deer In The Headlight Pt 2 Joe Biden For President

Don Lemon: Donald Trump Just Said 'The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard'

Real Clear Politics

Milley or Esper

Arkansas reported 731 new cases today and 5 deaths on this date

Trump's campaign reportedly knew the significance of the Juneteenth Tulsa rally date

trump will falsely claim it was he who saved "millions of lives" Fight trumps Lie. Dr Irwin Redliner

Deer In The Headlight Pt 2 Joe Biden For President

How Trump Spreads a Lie

Trump says "Dominate", Miami PD gives it a try. Personally, I'm glad people fight back.

Trump's stock on

Bolton book claims Trump committed other 'Ukraine-like transgressions'

What's really ironic about the Bolton situation

New Jersey cop charged after bodycam footage shows him using pepper spray on young black men

They wanted to shake things up. They wanted chaos and disorder.

Do We REally Need A Million Soldiers For The Country & ...

Court appears reluctant to order judge to immediately drop criminal case against Michael Flynn

Speaking of auto racing---ever been to a demolition derby? Went to 1 in 80s at an IA county fair

Replacement for Columbus?

Joe Scarborough Rips Donald Trump With Rewrite Of His Rally Coronavirus Waiver

So Idiot wants to "take back" Seattle.

Tom Cotton Accidentally Gives The Washington Monument An Awesome New Name

Tacoma woman charged for allegedly setting Seattle police vehicles on fire during protests

Battling ear worms...

people who argue what the civil war was about (Gus)

Remembering Pulse (4 Years ago today)

Effort to change Juanita High School's 'Rebel' mascot gets new life

Dow rises 300 points, but Wall Street still on pace for its biggest weekly loss in 3 months

06/14 Mike Luckovich: Birthday bunker boy

Ugly: "I think the concept of chokeholds sounds so innocent and so perfect."

Chicago investigating officers 'lounging' during unrest

Trump Suggests Civil War's End Was 'Questionable'

Missile Technology Control Regime: Trump aims to sidestep another arms pact to sell more U.S. drones

George Floyd Toxicology Report: Explained

I want to offer a compromise on US Army base names

This lady was so polite and told the man she couldn't hire him because of his flag

Biden hits Senate Republicans over relief bill: 'They're so damn stupid'

Welcome to Camp Bin Laden

Former campaign staffers team up on $20M voter education initiative

Richmond VA - Lee Monument-pickup trucks, guns, confrontation and 1 arrest

White Nationalist White House Adviser Stephen Miller Reportedly Drafting Trump Speech on Race

So many jumping ship it seems

Did you ever notice that right after a racist shows us exactly who he or she is,

Temperature spike: Earth ties record high heat May reading

Don't get it

BREAKING: DeKalb judge orders Confederate monument to be moved

Tractor pulls---a big deal in IA. One for kids in Story City late 90s

Arnold Schwarzenagger gives Trump some advice

Another republican president and another recession.

? Hard drive failure

Biden's Shortlist for Veep Narrows

Why long lines are a key trick in the GOP's election fraud book

Devin Nunes at 'dead end' in legal battle to expose identity of fake Twitter cow: Lawyer

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 12, 2020

Facebook, Schmacebook...

Sarah Cooper, on Fallon tonight (Fri)

Decatur white supremacist monument to be placed in storage, per DeKalb County judge order

Finally.....lots of toilet paper on shelf

Virus cases rise by 731, governor says; increase a record for state

Quarantine has changed us -- and it's not all bad

You Don't Have to Publish Both Sides When One Side Is Fascism

Luckovich - Birthday Bunker Boy

since the "exercise and fitness" section here on DU isn't very active...

Florida stuck with nearly a million doses of Trump's favorite COVID-19 drug after hospitals won't us

Waiting for Trump to tell Fox end of WWII was 'questionable'...3...2....

Trudeau: police video of aboriginal chief arrest shocking

Pence's Remarks in a Listening Session with Faith and Community Leaders; Pittsburgh, PA, 06-12-2020

SNL alum Jay Pharoah Says He Was Stopped By LAPD, Shares Security Footage Of Officer Kneeling on nec

How much rope will it take to pull down Stone Mountain? Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis.

Transgender Health Protections Reversed By Trump Administration

That racist Dr/St Sen Huffman from Tipp City OH just got

From Pittsburgh to the moon: Local company to deliver NASA moon rover

CHAZ made a pretty BLM street painting

While all the guys with green teeth have their tighty-used-to-be-whiteys in a twist about

Turnout Soared In Georgia Despite Problems

UT-Austin football players demand change

Prison Pipeline statistics

'Narcos planned to frame cops who discovered Colombia's 2018 election fraud plot'

This is The Mighty Zeppelin's world, you're just living in it!

Anyone have a site they use for GPS coordinates? Been down about 16 rabbit holes.

... and maybe Lincoln, but we can't be certain....

Trump heads to West Point amid tension with top military brass

Pandemic deepens economic pain at Trump's company, already suffering from a tarnished brand

Rubio Adds to Viral Freak Out Over Hippie Jugglers Mistaken for Antifa Invaders

Voter turnout soared in Georgia despite massive primary day problems

About KN95 and N95 masks

Fauci coming up on CNN in a few

Wednesday June 10, Palmdale, CA... Young black man hanged from a tree, ruled suicide.

All Right! Biden supports renaming traitor bases!

This Cards Against Humanity Kit From The Beginning Of Donald Trump's Presidency Is Now Resurfacing

Anybody choosing to stop coloring their hair?

57 Years Ago Today; Medgar Evers assassinated in Jackson, MS

U.S. Army Destroys Giant Nazi Swastika, Near Nuremberg, Germany, WWII (1945): 75 Yrs. ago

A red shouldered hawk fledgling has been screaming just outside all afternoon

2020 CO US Senate Election- Diana DeGette-D

You can always trust a lying, criminal asshole to rat out his lying, criminal asshole buddies:

Ivanka Trump plotted to rename the first lady's office the 'First Family's Office'

Five Minneapolis council members propose letting voters decide future of MPD

Rubio Adds to Viral Freak Out Over Hippie Jugglers Mistaken for Antifa Invaders

Help me out here, as a white ally, am I reading too much into this?

Suggestions for new names on the Military Bases?

International Criminal Court condemns U.S. sanctions order

Trump administration revokes transgender health protection

Every person in USA should have access to an N95 Mask

Experts slam Republican bill to strip funds from schools unless they reopen

DEFUND THE POLICE?!? What is this foolishness?!😠

Updated tenants law passed in Argentina

Updated tenants law passed in Argentina

Facebook page that copies President Trump's posts gets flagged for violence

Ag secretary orders environmental rollbacks for Forest Service


Wagon Wheel Flea Market is closing permanently


Two GOP Congressional Candidates Fail to File Correct Paperwork for November Election

8 Trump ads on Facebook that fact-checkers say are full of lies

Latest RW lunatic.... Lee was anti-slavery, just wanted to represent Virginia

Polish president issues campaign pledge to fight 'LGBT ideology'

Bolton to Trump: Game on.

Rafiki, Uganda's rare silverback mountain gorilla, killed by hunters

Nunes's hunt for Twitter cow's identity at 'dead end,' attorney says

Mining firm BHP halts plan to disturb Aboriginal sites after outcry

DEFUND (verb): "Prevent from continuing to receive funds."

Judge orders Seattle to stop using tear gas during protests

Trump's Use of the Military Does Not Create the "Appearance" of Abuse. It Is Abuse.

War-like Gorillas vs. science-based Chimpanzees. We are living in Planet ot the Apes redux.

Republican get so confused

Laugh hard, it's a long ways to the bank

Trump threatens Seattle again this afternoon and Mayor Jenny tells him not to be afraid of democracy

Trump Administration Erases Transgender Civil Rights Protections in Health Care

Oregon Supreme Court Rules Against Churches Challenging COVID-19 Restrictions

Oregon Stops COVID Reopenings: Tight Rules Remain In Multnomah County

LGBTQ Lives Matter TOO

More people come forward saying racist woman targeted them too

Pssssssssssssst! This needs to be an ad

Hairless German Shepherd Puppies Find The Perfect Families

Hi! NEWBIE to DU --- Not to Liberal/Progressive Politics

Derek Chauvin eligible for pension worth more than $1 million

They are killing us, they are killing Trans folks...killing POC...killing 75 yr old white

Who's laughing now? Herm Edwards has Arizona State ascending as Sun Devils make noise in Pac-12

Trump fans can't sue if they contract COVID-19 at rallies...

Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police

Hippies Or Antifa? A Rainbow Bus In Columbus Gets Caught In The Crosshairs

8:46 - Dave Chappelle

This is Elliot, he likes to get in the pool when he thinks his humans aren't watching

it's the second one

Guaranteed smiles.

Trump says he's done more for blacks than anybody, calls Abraham Lincoln's legacy "questionable"