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Girl Sings To Rescue Farm Animals To Keep Them Calm

The Parallel Universe of Ivanka Trump, America's Dissociated Princess

The moment this terrified stray dog realizes someone wants to help 💙

2020 CO US Senate Election- Kerry Donovan- state senator from Vail,CO.

June 12th is Loving Day

I got tested yesterday...

Gay Pride Month Tribute

As crises multiply, Trump's Senate allies respond: But her emails!

Gun Grab

The surges of the coronavirus across the nation could force more shutdowns

caption Trump photo

San Francisco police to stop responding to non-criminal calls as part of reforms

Amy Acton, Ohio's embattled health director, resigns amid COVID-19 crisis

Cyclist Meets Family of Skunks

Bonus Quote of the Day

Katie Porter to address who borrowed $500 billion on MSNBC

Trump's Actions Rattle the Military World: 'I Can't Support the Man'

Lay Down Sally

Trump's solution for the coronavirus? Don't talk about it.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Just on 'All In', Chris Hayes: dяump says "None of your business!"

Winners and Losers. There are ALWAYS Winners and Losers.

Please watch to the very end -- you'll thank me if you do.

They had a huge opportunity': People of color on Trump's team reckon with a backlash

A story about Dale Earnhardt and the Confederate flag

McGrath outraises McConnell in leadup to primary

Bwaaa! Since there aren't enough hotel rooms in Jacksonville,

Emails Reveal Chaos as Meatpacking Companies Fought Health Agencies Over COVID-19 Outbreaks in Their

The crumbling casino and hotel of Trump Plaza in Atlantic City is getting torn down

TO ALL DUers: It has become my personal cause to eliminate both Washington and Jefferson

Rachael Maddow is brilliant in her reporting.

Voter turnout soared in Georgia despite massive primary day problems

William Sessions: Former prosecutor, judge and FBI director, dies at 90

Harris county Texas covid-19 threat level at Level 2 Orange

Bolton book claims Trump committed other 'Ukraine-like transgressions'- Sure, Now he tells us

Five-Year-Old South Florida Boy, William Kelly, Hits Hole-In-One At Sunrise Golf Course

Does an Exception Clause in the 13th Amendment Still Permit Slavery?

HHS ... Protecting Civil Rights in Healthcare (official press release misleading title)

Cocaine - J.J. Cale

Trump is engineering an extinction event for the GOP.

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Doubles Down On Racism

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seat will put Democrats back in the majority?

Criminalization that never should have been: Cannabis

Disaster looms for indigenous Amazon tribes as COVID-19 cases multiply

A New Law Named After Breonna Taylor Will Ban No-Knock Warrants

Cross posted from the video forum: Dave Chappelle 8:46

Spike Lee refuses to say Donald Trump's name on 'Da 5 Bloods' press tour,

'A Slap in the Face': Black Veterans on Bases Named for Confederates

What happens with all the leftover money in Trump campaign funds if when he loses

Mayor, police chief respond as CHAZ puts Seattle in national spotlight

Bellevue Pledges To Review Police Use Of Force Policies

Starbucks to allow baristas to wear Black Lives Matter attire and accessories after backlash

Trump says he'll leave White House peacefully if Biden wins

Parscale caught lying about Tulsa rally numbers.

Fears grow of an eviction apocalypse

GA-07: Carolyn Bordeaux on track to avoid a Democratic runoff

Amazon to drop Dukes of Hazzard?

Chicago's police union president says officers who kneel with protesters could be kicked out

A Black Man Was Found Hanging From a Tree--Residents Don't Buy That It Was a Suicide.

His last day in the Senate

Trump says he'll leave office peacefully if he loses in November

Have A Good Time - Elvin Bishop

Rachel Maddow suggesting the republican convention in Florida might have such activities as

Tweet of the Day

A little upset with Queer Eye new season because all the black

The Virus Will Win

27,221 new cases today, most in 3 weeks (28,179 on 5/21) WorldOMeters nt

Trump 2020: Dead Traitors and Dog Whistles (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The Pale Blue Dot

What if the next Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump?

Days before Trump rally in Tulsa, city's Whirlpool plant closes for COVID-19 outbreak

The longest day.........whatcha doing......

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

This Michigan Restaurant Is Using Ghosts to Enforce Social Distancing

Fox News caught by reddit photoshopping the same white kid with a gun into images from Seattle.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that are likely to flip.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Coronavirus Is on the Upswing

Same as it ever was...

Soul II Soul: 'Back To Life'

The Republican congressman who could get booted for officiating a gay wedding

Steve Sack FTW

know any good buddhist jokes?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Guest Spike Lee - Making History Current with "Da 5 Bloods"

Well, Mr. Trump, sir, we're just tickled to death out here in Tulsa that you are

Seth Meyers Celebrates 1,000 Episodes of Late Night

Iceland Declares All Religions Are Mental Disorders "Satire"

Police disciplinary records are largely kept secret in US

Seth Meyers - Trump Travels to Dallas for $10 Million Fundraising Dinner - Monologue 6/11/20

Biden hits Senate Republicans over relief bill: 'They're so damn stupid'

Yay!!! I just got back from my first protest for BLM.

Seth Meyers: Amber Ruffin Shared Her Own Experiences with the Police on TV

*Val Demings will be on Ali Velshi show tomorrow (Sat.) morning.

Maria Yudina plays Bach Concerto in D Minor (Adagio)

Is OAN the Leading Edge of Russian Misinformation?

An entire Manhattan village owned by black people was destroyed to build Central Park

Hope this works Video of National Guard in Atlanta

WE GOT A NEW HOME BY THE BEACH Deep Sea Fishing With My Dad (Catch & Cook) - Ep 216

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

Wild Duck Meets A Dog And Decides They're Best Friends

Space Force on Netflix!

Unemployment benefits: Washington state calls in the National Guard to help with claims

BunkerBoy just tweeted that Tulsa rally is now Sat Jun 20

Trump just tweeted that he's rescheduling the Tulsa rally for June 20th

Trump will go down as the worst Preident ever. Why?

New Damning Ad on Trump's War on America. "I'm a Wartime President"

Ted Cruz needs to call for a cleanup in his aisle ...

Trump is reportedly looking to blame Mexico for new coronavirus spikes in the US

Vanessa Guillen a 20-year-old from Houston has been missing for 50+ days - INFO needed

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/12/20

Donald Trump Jr. vs. Hunter Biden: "Winner take Adderall"

Stores have been locking up products for black people..

Trump changes course and won't hold Tulsa rally on Juneteenth and claims over 200,000 want to attend

Respighi: "Pines of Rome', Symphony of Galicia

1 for Ry

Birds of Chicago -- Real Midnight

My covid antibody test was neg. and I am disappointed.

Fox News Runs Digitally Altered Images in Coverage of Seattle's protests, Capitol Hill . . .

I don't know if anyone wants to see this.. but- WHITE SUPREMACIST WEARING "FLIP FLOPS" HARASSES..

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win to have majority control.

NY Times Endorses Jamaal Bowman for Congress NY-16

Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)

NCAA encourages day off from college sports on election day

Does Rush Limbaugh

Systemic racism does exist in the RCMP.

The Looming Bank Collapse

Watching CNN? 4 Cops Choking Another Person To Death My Gawd How Many Have They Killed?

The mistreatment of our public health officials is unacceptable and needs to stop. Right damn now.

"You Can't Blame It All On One Political Party" Says Chris Cuomo - Bull

tiedrich on the money. again.

TOP-TEN REASONS why Trump should start smoking pot...

America Convulses in Pain, Fed Bails Out the Wealthy

Cocteau Twins

Pandemic deepens economic pain at Trump's company, already suffering from a tarnished brand

america opens up but not everyone goes out to eat on a restaurant patio

The Pyramid of White Supremacy (two versions)

"Thank God for Slavery": The Words of a Florida Democrat. No, Really. Don't Worry, It Gets Worse.

RVAT's AMAZING new Biden Lindsey's own words!

HUD to change transgender rules for single-sex homeless shelters

Sao Paulo cemeteries to dig up graves for coronavirus space

Brazil overtakes UK with world's second-highest Covid-19 death toll

Brazil overtakes UK with world's second-highest Covid-19 death toll

Sarah Cooper - How to Water

Best ad against Trump "written" by Republican who supports him like white on rice

A Cop Shot a 10-Year-Old and Got Qualified Immunity. Tom Brady and 1,400 Other Pro Athletes

Electric Blue AF (Everything Now)

party city cashier loses job after racist rant

Ultra Vivid Scene

The Billionaires Get Trillions And Nurses Can't Even Get PPE - Insane USA

Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like a Bomb

What it's like inside Seattle's CHAZ

Essential backgrounding

VA-05: Republican congressman's gay wedding role draws challenge at parking lot convention

COVID-19 Risk At GOP Convention Shrouded By Florida Data Opacity - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Facebook fires employee who protested inaction on Trump posts

Community leaders plead with mayor to nix Jacksonville's Republican convention

Kansas regulator mulls probe of Evergy's deal with hedge fund Elliott

Doctor: 'Distortion Of Reality' About Coronavirus Is 'Mind-Numbing' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Confederate monument in downtown Huntsville vandalized

If you're ever in a mood to watch a ton of Karen videos......But this one is special

Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) Will Self-Isolate After COVID-19 Exposure

FLIPPABLE: Joybe Barlow for GA-HD151

Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) Will Self-Isolate After COVID-19 Exposure

FLIPPABLE: Sarah Beeson for GA-SD56


Texas athletes: Rename buildings, drop 'The Eyes of Texas'

FLIPPABLE: Rebecca Mitchell for GA-HD106


FLIPPABLE: Marcus Thompson for GA-HD164

I don't think Donald Trump authored the Tweet moving the Tulsa date

FLIPPABLE: Stephen Baughier fpr GA-HD147

FLIPPABLE: Regina Lewis-Ward for GA-HD109

FLIPPABLE: Nakita Hemingway for GA-HD104

FLIPPABLE: Jason Hayes for GA-HD49

Plan to move a Confederate statue to Port Arthur appears stalled

FLIPPABLE: Luisa Wakeman for GA-HD43

With coronavirus cases climbing, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says "no real need" to scale back business

AD: Lindsey Graham Loves Joe Biden

NY-16: Progressive challenger out-raises Engel in months leading up to runoff

VoteVets - Traitor Ad

Armed group protects Confederate statue in Kentucky: 'This is our battle line'

Slugger maker to stop production of nightsticks for Louisville police foundation

Melania Trump was in no rush to move into the White House. That's when she renegotiated her prenup

There is only ONE person in Seattle who has the backbone to be Mayor. Mr. This Is Library

Sand from Omaha Beach used to fill in the letters on their tombstones of the fallen.

Here's the fallacy that's unspoken, re COVID-19:

As the fascists are getting terribly excised it may be time for a sing a long

"Operation Incinerator" Republican Demonstrators burn absentee ballot applications in Michigan

Fox News: Full Of X-crement

We Cannot Stay Silent About George Floyd

Brand New Sarah Cooper - (6:47a) : How to Real Estate

"Sperm is like lending someone less than a Fiver..."

2020 US Senate Elections in US Senate seats the Democrats are going to win in 2020.

A man shot eight people after he was denied entry into a bar in San Antonio, police say

Restaurant Worker Says She Was Fired for Refusing to Wear 'Trump 2020' Mask

The truth, hidden behind deceit and lies, is unrecognizable.

he moved the date to 6/20 do we have him on the run???

Rawstory---Trump pushes Tulsa rally to Saturday . 'Out of respect for Juneteenth'!?!?

Thousands gather for Black Lives Matter rallies in Australia

The Silver Tongued Devil and I

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 .

Breakfast Saturday 13 June 2020

Voter turnout soared in Georgia despite massive primary day problems

Florida SWAT Team Steps Down, Citing 'Political Climate'

Good Day Everyone

George Floyd is not alone. 'I can't breathe' uttered by dozens in fatal police holds across U.S.

Rare quadruplet 'top quarks' created at world's largest atom smasher

Minneapolis police officers pen open letter condemning former officer Derek Chauvin

Judge orders Seattle to stop using tear gas during protests

Tulsa cop Travis Yates quits!!! 'Courts no longer take our word' !! Letter 6-12

Florida fired its coronavirus data scientist. Now she's publishing the statistics on her own.

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 51 to 54 US Senate seats.

Eddie Glaude lumped in Bill Clinton with

Tomorrow is Flag Day in our country

Seattle coronavirus survivor gets a $1.1 million, 181-page hospital bill

Roll Covid-Tide? Alabama COVID-19 Hospitalizations Hit Record High.

Any recs for a good Android cleaning app?

Our friend and attorney just sent us this video of a very racist and extremely disturbed old lady...

142 Days until the USA

Aaand Here We Go - AZ Bighorn Fire @ 6,200 Acres, Growing; AZ Hospitals @ 84% Of Capacity 3 Days Ago

Trump reportedly dismissed protesters by saying they "aren't his voters."

Protest over Mexico police killing of Mexican-American teen

June 13 - Happy Birthday Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) Washington DC-at-large

June 13 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jerry Nadler (D) NY-10th

Police: Assault-style rifles seized near Lee monument

So we shouldn't go after the police for just a few bad cops?

Gov. Don Siegelman being interview RIGHT NOW. Streaming link.

Republicans must say Pineapple (Bill Maher)

Man with links to 'boogaloo' movement indicted in Texas

Black man murdered last night by Atlanta Police at a Wendys for running away from them... FUCK!

Latest from Bill Penzey

Rut Roh - How Many Cops Are Criminals With Insane Superiority Complex Issues

Many Police Departments Have Software That Can Identify People In Crowds

Prank gone wrong:

Miami mom pleads not guilty to drowning son in canal

Four killed, over 50 injured in oil tanker explosion in China (video)

Three weeks after Memorial Day, the coronavirus is surging dangerously in states that opened quickly

Outstanding piece by Sally Jenkins on football, patriotism, racism, and 3 more examples

Seeing how the confederate monuments are taking a hit, I hit upon a new observation:

Karen Protesting Police Brutality:

The language of the Oppressor


Mayor Jenny Durka to #Trump: #Seattle is fine. Don't be so afraid of democracy"

But what about ME?

Stable Genius

this is for you Floyd R.

Help send this viral!

Agriculture secretary directs national forests be used for more mining, oil and gas

Is the Confederacy finally defeated? Is it dead yet?

Video: VLOC Stellar Banner Scuttled Off Brazil

A Children's Black Lives Matter Parade

Dave Chappelle: "8:46"

Anyone see Maher last night?

Texas Nonprofit That Helps Women Pay For Abortions Sues Anti-Abortion Group For Defamation

Officer charged with killing George Floyd still eligible for pension worth more than $1 million

A man shot eight people after he was denied entry into a bar in San Antonio, police say

Caturday: treadmill edition

"Nirvana lasted longer than the Confederacy"

Blues Singer "Lady A" Contemplating Best Recourse to Lady Antebellum's Attempt to Steal Her Name.

RDAG seeks to recover $315 million from Ford Motor Credit

trump's next photo op: Today, featuring 1,100 West Point Graduates

White Racist lady emboldened by the trump Cult.

People Find Puppy, Then Realize He's Not What He Seems

Weekend TOONs - Statue Replacement Program

White People:

West Point live...(graduation 2020)

Are anybody's sinks now running faster?

How Melania Trump blocked Ivanka Trump from encroaching on her domain

Police identify California woman in video of verbal tirade at Asian woman

In honor of Caturday, here's one of my favorite Dodo videos:

Breaking News: Lindsey Graham is still gay.

@StephMillerShow: Holy shit. Watch this. Then...#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

What is your favourite old time word Biden uses? I'll start:

Gov. Lujan Grisham: Breweries Can Re-open Starting Friday

Biden Ad: Donald Trump is too weak to lead & attacks his own people. #EndTrumpsWarOnAmerica

Why are most white NYPD officers so Republican?


Good God in Butter. On MSNBC about 5 minutes ago @ West Point

Trump keeps inflicting harm and discrimination on LGBTQ citizens.

Spectacularly Ethical Young People.

Activists cite tabulation flaw in mail-in ballots in Georgia

Stacey Abrahms on how voter suppression hit her in 2020

SNL Alum Jay Pharoah says cops pulled guns while he was exercising

Trump keeps inflicting harm and discrimination on LGBTQ citizens.

Those West Point graduates have taken an oath

It's weird how all those people who are so insistent THEIR ancestors "never owned slaves"

West Point cadets at their graduation are socially distanced but not wearing masks.

Albuquerque lawmaker pushes bill overhauling rules for police misconduct investigations

9-year-old African American California girl gets email with racial slur, noose image from classmate

Can I help you?

Maximum number of US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are going to win is-

Trump's MySpace

Aaargh! Why must MSNBC insist on airing the orange turd? I turned to CNN to watch Sesame St special

All I can think of is a flabby guy who wimped out of going to vietnam

3rd consecutive record day for positive COVID rates in FL.

How they are inflamming their base

More tests do not produce more COVID-19 cases, they reveal them Craig's Twist

Presidential election poll in SW Pennsylvania...happily shocking...

Does it occur to you we are being played for suckers by big business?

Jebus effin' Krist he's snorting and spewing shit at the same time

New Mexico shells out $2.4M for trial team in Texas water fight

You raised $830.66 on June 12, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Ulysius S Grant

So is he going to start listing his own battles?

Episode of UK sitcom 'Fawlty Towers' pulled over racist slurs

Trump still hasn't totally figured out how to drink water

Now for something entirely different - How they clear rocks out of a field

Episode of UK sitcom 'Fawlty Towers' pulled over racist slurs

What a horrible public speaker this man is.

U.S. Army Unit Was Issued Bayonets to Prep for D.C. Protest Duty

Yes, Donnie. Your birthday was an accident

Activists take aim at statues of Spanish conqueror Juan de Onate

'All of a Sudden It Blows Up': Arkansas' COVID Problem Is Just Getting Started

Very timely. Killed at Home: Legal Battle Reopened over 2011 Police Shooting of black ex marine

At West Point, Trump stresses unity, nation's core values

Firefighters vote Republican too. Why?

So Did The West Point Cadets Give Trump The Silent Treatment?....

Quite possibly the most hilariously awful speech ever!

How matches are made

Culture,heritage, racism, hatred - That Ole' Flag

Climate worst-case scenarios may not go far enough, cloud data shows

Mitch McConnell: We paid for 'sin of slavery' by electing Obama

Trump Is an Abusive Deadbeat Dad, and America Is Sick of It

40 people were displaced after a fire at Encino Terrace, NE ABQ, NM

Beer, Far, Wherever You Are

Truck Drivers Say They Won't Deliver To Cities with Defunded Police Departments

And another Covid complication: diabetes

This Stunning Chart Shows Why Battery Electric Vehicles Win

Nate Silver: National: Biden +7.6

"You can only be one of two things ― a credit to the race or a disgrace to the race.'"

State appears to be slowing reopening process as COVID-19 cases increase

King County Metro will cut bus service 15% due to coronavirus-sparked recession this fall

Found this gem of a protest song & wanted to share it with you: It Isn't Nice

GOOD NEWS! Sea world has re-opened

WATCH: Trump greeted by silence after telling West Point cadets it's his birthday on Sunday

trump at West Point today, all but admitting he won't be reelected: "We will extinguish this plague"

Pissed off neighbor

62-year-old patient missing since May found dead in VA hospital's stairwell

What Happens When You Try to File a Complaint Against a Police Officer

Former Army Secretary Louis Caldera's STUNNING, SCATHING open letter to West Point graduates. WOW!

Sarah Cooper - A ray of sunshine in the darkest of times (Tonight Show interview)

Chicago Cop's family who was sentenced for killing, doesn't know where he is.

Concerning the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square

Yes, it was by accident. You, motherfucker, you were the accident!

COVID Spikes Aren't About Demonstrations or Pool Parties, They're About Trump's Incompetence

This graph summarizes 2020 (so far)

Judge orders Seattle to stop using tear gas during protests

Steve Sack FTW

The foolish American: Many Americans foolishly refuse to recognize this fact about the virus.

Trump Drives Economic Message as Poll Shows He Has Few Strengths

Another invasive Asian giant hornet found in Washington state

CNN's Don Lemon Responds to Dave Chappelle Calling Him Out in George Floyd Special

Another Karen:

Editorial: Ohio GOP lawmakers lacking in empathy, leadership

Suggestion for the CDC

Sociolinguist explains how 'Karen' went from a popular baby name to a stand-in for white entitlement

Trump Boasts That He Has Much Higher TV Ratings Than Lincoln

I am DevinCow has the making of a great Monty Python Skit.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham makes recommendations ahead of special session

Burundi president becomes world's first head of state to die of Covid confirm medics

Faced With Crisis and Re-election, Senate Republicans Blame China

Majority of Americans still concerned over coronavirus as country continues to reopen, survey shows

WT actual F?

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 13 2020

With 2,581 new coronavirus cases, Florida hits a record high for the third day in a row

Rage and Promises Followed Ferguson, but Little Changed

Corporations Now Love 'Black Lives'--But What About Their Own Black Workers?

The majority of Americans have completely had it with Trump. Trump cannot fix that.

Gov. Newsom's election order blocked after Republicans sue over his emergency powers

so the anti-mask side have their own diagram

Anarchists 'takeover' of Seattle: More threats, distortions from Trump

Boulder Co. officials: Recently infected residents with coronavirus reported being at Hill parties

Republicans are going to pay for the "sin of Mitch McConnell" by never holding the presidency

I cannot figure this out because it is completely illogical and insane.

Nirvana lasted longer than the Confederacy.

Compare & contrast: Trump in 2015 vs. Trump at West Point today

I'm a Black American. I Had to Get Out.

Colorado House passes immunization bill

AD: Lindsey Graham Loves Joe Biden

Defund "Republicanist" Police (specifically) by defunding the Republican Drug War

hot off the press.. new Karen.. a CEO Karen

Trump campaign's waiver won't block coronavirus lawsuits: experts

As the American people protest the murder of African Americans, I hope they remember this.

At nearly every turn in Denver, protesters confront a reason to march

And now for a needed timeout:

Joe Biden is winning female voters by a historic margin

French Police Clash With Anti-Racism Activists In Paris

L.A. schools police will return grenade launchers but keep rifles, armored vehicle

"Ulyssius S Grant"

Watch the Nassau county cop slam on the brakes to give them an excuse to beat a protester.

Here's how policing may change under Colorado's police reform bill

The trump era is nearing it's end.

Pence's Remarks to Oberg Industries employees on Opening up America Again; Sarver, PA

What does "Fund the Police" mean? Does it mean they'll still have access to field drug test kits

Trump's Remarks at the 2020 United States Military Academy at West Point Graduation Ceremony

Cartoons 6/13/2020

Ken Buck's Perjury Doo-Doo Deepens

Proclamation on Flag Day and National Flag Week, 2020

Everett ex-cop charged with trying to frame ex's boyfriend

London Protests: Demonstrators Clash With Police

Sweeping racial justice plan blindsides sheriff, prosecutor

June 13 - Happy Birthday Governor Roy Cooper (D) NC

another reason to wear masks: C19 survivor gets 1.1M hospital bill

Taylor Swift Calls for Removal of Monuments That 'Celebrate Racist Historical Figures'

From the US ambassador to South Korea: BLACK LIVES MATTER

Black Lives Matter Protests Around the World: 'George Floyd'

To Check His Boasting, Fox News Host Reminds Trump Lincoln Freed Slaves

Bill Clinton says he's been 'truly awed' by George Floyd protesters: 'You have given new hope'

Aaron Rupar shockingly contrasts trump 2015 vs trump 2020

Vacant casino in Atlantic City to be demolished

I'm voting for Joe Biden to defund the Trump Crime Family.

In the dead of night, Trump Admin tried get a ruling that Pres. and VP can be buried at Arlington

US is not done with the coronavirus pandemic. Harvard expert says we need to shift the blame game

Trump Administration Says It's Not Forcing People Back To Work. Workers Disagree.

Conservatives aren't upset because Seattle is burning. They're terrified because it is not.

ABC News Exec Placed on Leave as Network Investigates Allegations of Racism

Ukraine alleges $5 million bribe over Burisma, no Biden link

Macomber County prosecutor will not authorize charges

Trump may be stuck with awkwardly worded GOP platform

UH OH, Charlotte asks RNC to 'fulfill all' obligations to city after it relocates most of contention

Dog Abandoned At The Vet Gets A Dad Who Deserves Her

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Can't Afford To Pay Legal Fees In 'Unite The Right' Case

Trumpy wanted a kiss..........

Giacomo Puccini Turandot

Pence to Limbaugh: Coronavirus crisis could largely be 'behind us' by early June

Most effective strategy? Run against Republicans or run against Trump?

Meanwhile at West Point

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/13/20

Lovelace Women's Hospital, Albuquerque, secretly screens pregnant Native women for virus, separates

I learned something new today....

What Adderall Antichrist Could Say to Unify the Country

Lindsey Graham cries,"Buttery males"

Calls grow for Minneapolis police union leader's resignation

Whow. I listed to the first 3-4 people that are opposing masks! You REALLY can NOT fix stupid....

Churchill Statue 'May Have To Be Put In Museum', Says Granddaughter

Growing Concern As 14 States See 25% Spike In Coronavirus Cases Amid Reopening

U.S. Embassy in South Korea Unfurls Giant Black Lives Matter Banner

Bill Maher yesterday had Radley Balko taking about... police

Newspaper Guild Calls For Resignation Of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Managers

Trump Compares Himself To Lincoln And Questions Protesters' Motives The 11th Hour MSNBC

He's Got Bone Spurs - Cowboy music, Baby!

Tight polls put GOP on edge in Texas

NY-16: New York Times endorses Engel primary challenger

As someone from New Mexico, I think Michelle Lujan Grisham is a solid choice. I like several others

I'll bet Susan Collins is "concerned."

Georgia's Flawed Software Caused Ballot Tabulation Errors

My brilliant friend's heartbreaking, moving tribute to her mother, who died of COVID-19 2 weeks ago

Brave Baby Monkey Loves Every Minute Of Her New Life

Republicans Are Building An Army Of Jerks To Intimidate Voters In November

Recovering from coronavirus may not be such a struggle for some Colorado downtowns after all

Tulsa Health Officials Urge Caution On Gatherings Just 1 Week Before Trump Rally

A Song about Seattle

What do y'all think of this?

I had this policeman friend who killed a man

trump's 'box of rocks' cognitive decline

Biden's Vice-Presidential Search: Who's on the List and Where It Stands

In general, why do most white men vote Republican?

Rick Wilson's Entry for Tweet of the Day: "The Master Race needs keto."

Where's Elvis when you need him?

GA-07: Bordeaux moves out of runoff danger

How does one pronounce Antifa?

Where there's a will, there's a way

Colorado legislature sends far-reaching police accountability bill to Gov. Jared Polis

We have now passed WW I for the total # of deaths from C-19

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Stirs Culture War Over Churchill Statue

Just for fun - video "Post-Lockdown Church"

Why can't he hold a glass of water?

Lifelong, older white AZ repubs protest and will vote for Biden

Juneteenth: Save the date

Is tRump getting fatter and fatter?

Any ophthalmologists here? Optometrists? I had IOL implant done with catarct

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 32

'Time for a change:' Cherokee Nation removes monuments dedicated to Confederate soldiers

"People are going to end up homeless": Inside lawmakers' failed effort to extend Colorado's eviction

According to worldometer the US deaths from coronavirus have surpassed deaths

Biden: 'Unconscionable' for Trump to roll back LGBTQ protections

Are You Experienced?

Activists Call for Polis to Expand Fight Against Environmental Racism

Neither partisan nor political,

Editorial: Ohio GOP lawmakers lacking in empathy, leadership

Skincare CEO Calls Police on Man of Color for Stenciling 'Black Lives Matter' on His Own Home

Yabu Jennelyn - The Old Days

Secret Service walks back statement that no chemical agents were used on protesters at Lafayette Squ

Tiny Piglet's Whole World Changes When She Meets This Baby Cow (Hankie Alert)

After CSU condemns latest racist, homophobic social media post, students call for change

'He just doesn't get it': has Trump been left behind by America's awakening on racism?

Nirvana lasted longer than the confederacy

Larimer County: Chick-fil-A was on the 'cusp of a major outbreak' of coronavirus

Man sits in the woods patiently for wild deer to approach

Far-Right Groups Push Back as Protesters Rally in Europe

What do people with septic tanks do to prepare a bathroom for visitors in this era?

How To Use White Privilege To Defend Black Bodies

Nina Ahmed wins Dem primary for Auditor General

Police officers stigmatize seeking help for mental-health issues. It could be damaging for the commu

Museum 360: Giants of Florida's Prehistoric Past - June 25

'How the conservative agenda is being born again through Mike Pence' Charisma magazine. 2019

Treasury chief refusing to disclose recipients of virus aid

Will the RNC lurch like a drunkard from city to city? Or will it pass out on Jacksonville's streets?

Well, You Join Me Live - Episode 3

Thank you to Judi Lynn

Biden Holds Huge Lead Among Women

California lawmakers advance reparations bill

'Protesters are gathered in Meridian Hill Park and will be marching

What people miss when comparing 2020 to 2016: Trump didn't really out-perform Romney from 2012.

Seeing more press for Rebekah Jones now (fired FL data "scientist")

bill letting kids in Tennessee miss hour of school a day to go to church heads to governor's desk

West Point speech

Tweet of the Day

Everything Obama did helped you as well as rump supporters..

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Sergei Rachmaninoff

Why are there so many recent videos of white women trying to use their privilege as a weapon?

Trump struggles walking down a ramp. Looks feeble.

Man arrested after holding Colorado State football player, one other, at gunpoint

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats will end up winning is 19

As coronavirus cases spike, officials say NC is in 'first wave,' needs to flatten curve

With tRump going to Jacksonville, I imagine full hazmat suits will be selling out.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 13, 2020

Calls made for Walter Walker statue to be removed

Maria Catena (Mary Chain) from Carmen Consoli:

The agapanthus are blooming! Here's some examples:

Fox News Doctored Photos of Seattle Protest Zone: Report

BREAKING: Atlanta police chief resigns

A letter to Roy. He's the black guy in my pictures.

Shoe lifts anyone? This is interesting:

Secesh Jeff whining about Doug Jones vote to remove traitor

Secret Service now says it did use pepper spray to clear protesters during the Trump church photo op

Furious Trump Wants To FIRE His Terrible Campaign Staff

NY Times Endorsement: "Ms. Ocasio-Cortez may be the most talented young politician in the country."

Beijing shuts food market and goes into 'wartime emergency mode' after spike in COVID-19 cases

Tweet - Rename the bridge for John Lewis:

She's probably concerned.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win to end up with 60 seats is-


Frum on Trump blinking on Tulsa:

When Trump crows about the stock market, how many people that drained their 401k's are happy

How long can they keep ignoring things like this?

Apparently "Discussionist" is no more

It's obviously Obama's fault that Melania isn't there for Trump's bday.

Mitch McConnell: We paid for 'sin of slavery' by electing Obama

Here's the reason trump went to West Point.

Dog Caught On Camera Cuddling With Mom's Clothes When She's Away

Free Republic Nostalgia Thread in the 90s

Is Dump requiring rally attendees to sign a waiver because they are

White Woodlynne Cop Ryan Dubiel Charged After Pepper Spraying a Black Teen Who Was Sitting

Poll: Majority of Americans Think Trump is Racist

Oath Keepers To Ride With Trump Bikers To Liberate Seattle From Antifa

New York is making the U.S.' coronavirus trends look better than they are

Can someone explain to me about the bible thing? A group of peaceful protestors are gassed,

We took SHIT here and elsewhere several times THREE years ago when we called him a traitor...

These SF doctors flew to NY to fight the virus, and have a warning

Facebook Account Copying Trump's Posts Word-for-Word Gets Flagged for Inciting Violence

World War II leaders

A query for (most likely) senior Citizen Kane purists

IA-SEN: Theresa Greenfield leads Joni Ernst in gold standard DM Register poll

World's Leading Vaccine Expert Fact-Checks COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy|STAY CURIOUS #22

Video: Trump has a weird gait, as if he has balancing-issues or something.

Symphony #3 "Eroica" Ludwig van Beethoven Vienna Philharmonic

The choice is clear.

Question for Legal Scholars - Are disclaimers a shield from lawsuits?

Stunning Poll: Majority of Americans Think Trump is Racist and Below Average or FAILURE as President

heh....69-Ban wa onmyō ni ni teru ka na?

'I don't think the world has seen a movement like this'

On ABC News tonight. Uncle Jimmy leaves his family a treasure in the attic.

Trump's campaign reportedly knew the significance of the Juneteenth Tulsa rally date

those guys that mocked Floyd's death, generate an even bigger march today down same road

I'm going to tell you something this Saturday night,

Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods

Trump ads on mobile apps

On NBC Dateline tonight: "The Playbook" - about the Obama Pandemic Playbook that trump ignored.

Here's a close up view of what happened with the National Guard in Atlanta

Kim Jong Un's sister threatens S. Korea with military action

Protesters demand removal of Mahatma Gandhi statue in England

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 55 US Senate seats.

The great toilet-paper panic.

The difference between Black & White policing side by side in video. Guess who's shot dead.

What is different this time?

New PPP law may have made it more about protecting businesses than saving jobs

GA-07: Carolyn Bourdeaux clinches Democratic nomination.

"What we've got here ..."

Smithsonian Museum of African American History & Culture Asks Protesters For Lafayette Square Items

One Big Difference About George Floyd Protests: Many White Faces