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Archives: June 14, 2020

Fux Noise Host Tucker Carlson Loses More Advertisers

Greenfield Leads for Senate In Iowa (leading Sen. Joni Ernst (R))

J.J. Watt makes his position on kneeling and the flag crystal clear

KISS ME GOOD BYE --- Atsu Sakurai (BuckTick)

Sen. Tim Scott rejects key criminal justice proposals by Democrats, setting up Capitol Hill showdown

I AM NO JEDI....Love me some AHSOKA TANO

White Wisconsin lawyer was charged with a hate crime after spitting on a 17-year-old Black protester

Ukraine: Bribe in probe of gas chief; unrelated to Bidens

The Obama to Trump transformation of America: 2014 to 2020

Fox News once again proves they hire stupid people to report the news...

A friend and I are thinking of providing 'scholarships' to attend Jax Impotus Convention 😬

Appeals court appears unlikely to stop Flynn case

Udder Failure: Devin Nunes Can't ID Critics Behind Cow Tweets, So Suit Appears Moot

Opinion: Trump has a surprise for Florida he's hoping to keep secret until after the election

us embassy in seoul displays black live matter banner

Colorado State player, coworker held at gunpoint by man who thought they were 'antifa guys'

I'm sobbing through The Force Awakens....

Accused California Cop Killer Linked To Right-Wing Extremist Boogaloo Movement

AP: White House eyes travel from Mexico as source of virus spike

Caption Time.

Why QAnon supporters are winning congressional primaries

Thousands in Seattle march in silence to honor lives lost, fight against police brutality

Whenever I feel blocked in any creative endeavor

Jeff Sessions is one of the most racist former senators we've had.

Auntie Unfiltered: Black People Can't Save You; We Tryna Save Ourselves

Seattle mayor fires back after Trump threatens to intervene

Some Humans Aint Human

Poland 'invades' Czech Republic in 'misunderstanding'

to Pittsburgh DU'ers

Fox News host corrects Trump on 'looting, shooting' origin

Jared and Ivanka can expect to be 'shunned' by Manhattan after taking part in Trump's 'atrocities'

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will have a net gain of 10 seats.

Interesting Ebay transaction

A letter to family lost to Donald Trump

Arizona Governor Won't Require Mask Use as Coronavirus Cases Spike

L. Chris Stewart.

Police are not in the top 10 dangerous jobs.....

"...You were only waiting for this moment to be free."

Deer injures 3 protesters during New Jersey march

Rally on!

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

Would you want to own a sports team?

Can't Find My Way Home - Bonnie Raitt & Lowell George & John Hammond Jr & Freebo

Would not want to live in Atlanta, CNN crew attacked, camera smashed, I-75 blocked, its gonna burn

So Your Willing To Give Up Your Life For Trump....

It's about time that the country is dispelling the nostalgia for the Old South

Lucinda Williams - Copenhagen

Worries Trump is 'deteriorating rapidly' after video shows him struggling to walk down a ramp: 'They

Nina Simone - Backlash blues

EDITED'Less than 24 hours after a white police officer shot and killed an African-American

Why Do Police 'Shoot To Kill'? Why Aren't They Instructed To....

Poland and U.S. Deny that Fort Trump Proposal is Bogged Down

What is the value of the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone"?

VA-05: Republican nominating convention is a mess.

A Suggestion For The Stone Mountain Confederate Carving....

Birds aren't all singing the same song. They have dialects, too

Anyone here NOT a baby boomer?

Black Lives Matter street mural painted in Denver near Capitol protest site

Interesting and tone deaf response

Boris Johnson drops plans to make gender change easier

Once Upon a Time in the West - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

#TrumpIsNotWell. is trending on twitter

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

Trevor Jones - Promentory - The Last of the Mohicans.

Evidence of additional COVID waves - for awhile, weekend numbers were down

Just practicing for tomorrow.

How 6 Months in China Changed My Life [TIME-LAPSE FILM]

Polish president calls LGBT 'ideology' worse than communism

Biggest COVID 19 new case increase over the previous Saturday since April.

When a White policewoman calls another White woman "Karen", you know Karens are out of control

So the FD can't get to the Wendy's in Atlanta.

What is the point of destroying the Wendy's?

Current top trending HT right now (at 100k tweets and climbing) is #TrumpIsNotWell

There was another police shooting of a 27 yo black man in Atlanta this evening. It's another


60th anniversary of 'Ax Handle Saturday'

Fox News Reported A Reddit Post Quoting 'Monty Python And The Holy Grail' As Real

"The ramp I descended was very long & steep, had no handrail &, most importantly, was very slippery"

U.S. Spread of COVID-19 Maps and Analytics

Why We White People Expect to Comfortable at All Times

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week?

LIVE UPDATES: Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed engulfed in flames

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Joe Biden: America's Policing Problem & Running Against Trump

Heads up, DUers!

Trump had a warm welcome at the Point today...

Tulsa Health Director Wants Trump Rally Postponed

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 16: Star of the Month: Ann Sheridan

Darkness on the Edge of Town Springsteen 1978

John Oliver Shares His Frightening Path to American Citizenship

As Trump looks like Tim Conway walking down a ramp, here is Joe Biden running


Bill Kristol... tweets back at Newt Gringrich

Where are cops trained to shot a man running away?


Atlanta Officer Involved In Shooting Has Been Fired

More retrospect

'Harriet Tubman, an Unsung Naturalist, Used Owl Calls as a Signal

Listen to Louis Armstrong read the Gettysburg Address in 1958

BLM Peaceful march came through my neighborhood.

A word to the street wise. Stop fighting cops.

I despise Trump as much as anyone here, but I am a little insulted by the ragging on...

Majority Think Trump Is Racist

Psychiatrist: Trump's obsession with Joe Scarborough murder conspiracy might be a sign of dementia

60,000 People Participate in Silent March in Seattle 'Let our silence speak volumes'

Poor bootlickers. They lost the only argument they thought they had.

'To Say That She's An Abusive Figure Is An Understatement': At ABC News, Toxicity Thrives

Unfortunately, it's once again time for this reminder:

This song doesn't get heard enough, but

Eight black transit workers got promoted. Thousands of white workers walked off the job.

"The World Has Had Enough" Paris, France 6/13/2020 Protest March

Mutated coronavirus shows significant boost in infectivity

Instead of abolishing the police, why don't we just...

What is happening in America might be its own homebrew version of the Arab Spring

Trump supporters burn Michigan absentee ballot applications

Irony: Trump's West Point Speech Will Soon Be In Both Pro-Trump, AND ANTI-TRUMP Ads.

Trump's Transgender Healthcare Rule Means 'Our Humanity Is Not Equal' - MSNBC

Eric Swalwell's on a roll

#TrumpIsNotWell is top trending topic on Twitter after the president struggled with simple tasks

VA-05: Incumbent Republican Denver Riggleman has lost the nominating convention.

Another Karen? this one wields two hammers

Please make sure you DO NOT share this video of Trump struggling to sip water and walk down a ramp

Who Is Behind Police Unions? NowThis

Scant evidence of antifa shows how sweeping the protests for racial justice have become

Watching Madam Secretary (rerun.)

Thank you, John. (Legend's cover of a Song of Freedom)

Hey Jude / The Beatles 1968

'Trump thought I was a secretary': Fiona Hill on the president, Putin and populism

There's always a tweet

Article helps explain why Tulsa health officials don't want Trump to come...

Tommy voted for Trump, has never voted for a Democrat in his life, but this year he'll be supporting

Disco Inferno ...

Atlanta Police Officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks has been terminated

Rampgate is trending on twitter

I was worried about scrambling tomorrow to finish my Taxes

Molly Tuttle & Lindsay Lou

Imagine / John Lennon

Julie, Julie, Juliie do you love me...Not Bobby Sherman...

Question regarding executive succession. I know I should know this...

Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)

This good article reviews Southern border status and history.

When I was a boy...

JJ Cale. He was better then you remember

Same as it ever was: The shooting of Amadou Diallo

Well, one up side of the Corona Virus shut downs is

Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

One more Tweet of the Day - Obama and Biden vs Trump #rampgate:

Biden - he can run and drink water

Apparently Susan Rice's son is a big supporter of Trump.

Since I've only heard about the water and the ramp...

Police manage to arrest this white killer without killing him

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats will end up with is

Wish we could turn back time...

Trump's attempt at iconic photo created another crisis.

Black police officers straddle both sides during protests

NY-09: New York Times endorses Adem Bunkeddeko against incumbent Yvette Clarke

Statue of Robert E. Lee gets a makeover with Pride Flag and 'BLM' sign

anyone see dateline the playbook

Police Brutality: The U.S.A. vs Hong Kong

Presumptuous white woman tries to stop man from painting Black Lives Matter on his own home

This mazysearch has taken over my computer. I can't even do a search on it

Happy Obama Day!

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2020 is-

Fed investigators largely clear school district in investigation over handcuffed autistic student

Rayshard Brooks bodycam, interacting calmly with cops on his daughter's birthday.

GOP congressman who officiated gay wedding loses primary

Fake Biden Campaign Website Being Run Secretly By Trump Campaign Operative: Report

Happy birthday soldiers today is the U.S. army's birthday

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats win to end up with 60 US Senate seats.

Montana Republican leaders call on governor to cut budget

How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's law and order and misinformation

With his sights now on Senate, Bullock still battling Trump

In Another Land - The Rolling Stones

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Easily Peasily Edition

Lagging census response could cost Montana a second House seat

Trump-Backed Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) *LOSES* to Far-Right Bob Good from Liberty U.

Thousands of protesters in New Zealand take knee outside US consulate

Glacier County superintendent of schools accused of 5th DUI in Great Falls

The level of snark in this tweet is a thing of beauty!!

US coronavirus survivor billed over $1m by hospital

On this day, June 14, 1943, West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette was decided.

If you're going to commission an alt-right nationalist flag, spell your own country's name right

Does golf cart one have a ramp

A Black pastor who called 911 after alleged attack was arrested. The sheriff apologized.

Sign president trumps birthday card... replies are full of

DWI, DWC, DWB, and white privilege

On June 6, 1980, "Urban Cowboy" was released.

Breakfast Sunday 14 June 2020

Italy's Mass Graves Are Opened but COVID Dead Can't Rest in Peace

Roofers held at gunpoint by man who thought they were "ANTIFA"

In case there was any doubt the late Roy Clark (Of "Hee Haw" fame) could play the guitar;

Why Texas schools won't get their $1.2 billion in federal coronavirus aid

Decisions, decisions...

So the question is - how do you have all these violent racist cop shows and movies

Should Police be required to have College Degrees ?

Drunk people frequently show poor judgement.

Atlanta officer fired after fatal shooting of black man

Trump from 2014 about Obama.......

Song of the Day. (For no particular reason)

Butterfly Wings Conceal Hidden Structures That Destroys 'Deadly' Raindrops

For The First Time, Astronomers Watch a Neutron Star Power Up Before an X-Ray Blast

Ancient Roman Board Game Reveals What Games Night Looked Like 1,700 Years Ago

Lord, Build Me A Cabin

The Rapture will happen on January 20, 2021

Another visual comaparison:

June 14 - Happy Birthday Rep. Steny Hoyer (D) MD-5th

You see, change requires more than righteous anger

Campaign Aides Tell Trump His Polls Are Fine

Atlanta police incident

When did the 'Dark Ages of the Universe' end? This rare molecule holds the answer.

Virginia Republican who officiated gay wedding loses nomination for Congress

2020 Has A Good Chance To Claim Title For Warmest Year, Despite 11-Year Solar Minimum

Great white shark stomach study shows surprising supper source

Meet the waxworm, a plastic-eating caterpillar that could solve our waste problem

Under the Mr. Trump!

Inge Lehmann: the Danish scientist who discovered Earth has a solid inner core

Young Republicans Will Save The Environment By . . . . Slowing Down Climate Action. Yes, That's It!

Segregated police forces?

Flamingos Can Be Picky about Company

How rod-shaped particles might distract an out-of-control COVID immune response

Obama Day

Is this how the German people felt right before Hiltler?

Dylann Roof murdered nine African-Americans in that AME church

Sonny Fucking Perdue Visits MT W. Big News - More Logging, More Mining, More Grazing, More Drilling

Synthetic red blood cells mimic natural ones, and have new abilities

Seven Minneapolis police officers resign after George Floyd protests, citing lack of support from ci


Archaeologist Arrested for Faking Staggering Discoveries

What a bunch of complete losers

Doug Jones tell Jeff Sessions to delete his twitter account..

Racism is a public health CRISIS - Please Help!

Viking Age Excavation Could Rewrite the Story of Iceland's Settlement

Instead of sending trump bday cards with Obama references, maybe we ought to flood him with Get Well

Article found while searching for something else, re. BLM in Iceland:

In fear for their safety, 10 SWAT team officers resigned from the Hallandale Beach, FL police dept.

Robert Reich: Trump stokes division with racism and rage - and the American oligarchy purrs

The Emperor of Stones

Hey! You! Yea you! You know what is just as cool and powerful as protesting??

These SF doctors flew to New York to fight the coronavirus -- and they have a warning for us

Trial of journalists to deliver 'existential moment' in Philippines

Senate Iowa Poll Interview. We need to do a lot of heavy lifting to win this.

London protests: More than 100 arrests after violent clashes with police

The Green Girl

GOP struggles to confront racial issues!!!

Trump supporters in Michigan have been burning their absentee ballot applications.


Keisha Lance Bottoms

I prefer a President

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - This Land Is Your Land (live)

Rampgate is now a thing. Complete with videos of the agile Obama.

The Atlanta shooting; I noticed something on the video nobody is talking about.

The important point is to note that the bull is cocooned by a TARP.

Biden has a Difficult choice as President!

There's a tweet for everything. From 2014:


Donald Trump narrated by Sir David Attenborough

The Soldier of Daddy's Fortune should have did the commando crawl down that "steep" ramp

Scenes from my trip to the grocery store this morning......

Trump lashes out after critics highlight unsteady walk down West Point ramp

The most powerful person in the White House not named Donald Trump

Trump's drinking problem on display

For Trump the glass is always half empty.

And you wonder why we're mad?

Words with Friends cheats me

Remaking police departments starts with the recruiting process.

Overtly racist cartoon published in rural MO paper sparks protests

Charles M. Blow on race and the power held by police

Happy Birthday, Mr. pResident!

#ObamaDay #ObamaDayIsJune14th

Hallandale Beach SWAT team steps down, outraged over police chief kneeling with protesters

Why Trump loves the US military - but it doesn't love him back

Rayshard Brooks was killed, not because he posed a deadly threat, but because he pissed off the cop

Why did the woman chief of police in Atlanta resign?

Trump says he will no longer watch US soccer teams after anthem policy change

19 dead in a decade: the small American city where violent police thrive

Why Do People Riot?

Smerconish: Corporate America getting called out on Black Lives Matter

The secret, sonic lives of narwhals - podcast

Happy Obama Day to you!

Doonesbury - Fine! Gimme That!

You raised $248.00 on June 13, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Trump at West Point

I'm off to twitterville edit: #obamadayjune14

Guess Who's Coming Home: Black Fighting Men Recorded Live In Vietnam (1972)

18 dead, 189 hurt as tanker truck explodes on China highway

Blast from the Past, an old article by Mike Royko, NIGHT ENCOUNTER WITH CITY'S FINEST IS WORST KIND

A good dog deserves a good bone

*IF* we win the presidency, the House and the Senate, the first bill to be signed . . . . .

This is what Black Lives Matter...

Biden running mate search zeroes in on group that includes at least four black women

"If only black men were more respectful and compliant, they wouldn't get shot by the police"

We found 85,000 cops who've been investigated for misconduct. Now you can read their records.

Best way for Pres Biden to unite the country: kick the Rs to the curb for at least two years


The walls came tumbling down

England: "... and the police are helpful rather than intimidating."

Barack Obama Day is Donald Trump's birthday? Amazing :)

Word count on GD front page: "cop/police": 18, "vote": 0

Milwaukee Police Commissioner Rips Department's Use Of Tear Gas On Protests

RW minister---social distancing really pushed so govt can track individuals by cell phones!

I am so over Michael Moore. Now he's got that thing retweeting a brietbart article about him

'I felt violated': Police search Maryland house over BB gun in virtual class

Trump tries to explain his slow and unsteady walk down a ramp at West Point

The Rayshard Brooks case is in a grey area that will leave everyone unhappy

There will be 120,000+ Covid 19 deaths in the US before midnight

Stay Put

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 17: History of the Swimsuit

Poll: Biden within striking distance in Arkansas!

I want to buy Yakiniku sauce and have no idea which is the

OK, I've spent the last couple of days redoing this puppy three different times..

Running. Man.

Can you have 2 Macs with the same login?

Donald Trump's Birthday Song

Today is Flag Day

The Grumpy Princess sings a song for Trump: "You're an Asshole"

Biden 2020 - He can run and drink Water:

Watch this contractor immediately get fired when the homeowner sees a confederate flag on his truck.

Owner of High Street Caffe in West Chester, PA appears to be quite racist.

Browns QB Baker Mayfield to kneel during anthem

How about renaming bases for Medal of Honor recipients that were medics. In the fight to save lives.

Our Wildlife Santuary Yard

This is everything.

An appropriate toon for Don the Con's birthday.

Happy President Obama day!! Cheers to someone who can drink water like a human

Love the Palmer Report's response to Trump's excuses about the ramp

Same people who cheered toppling Saddam's statue object to toppling Confederate statues, right?

If government served the most important resources of the working class and money

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick thinks Trump needs to be sent to the glue factory

Are police incentivized financially to escalate situations to violence?

We Need A Real Doctor Team To Do A Real Physical On Trump

Coronavirus rips through Dutch mink farms, triggering culls

Next week's New Yorker cover

(New Ad) Lindsey Graham Loves Joe Biden

The look on her face is so precious

Video clip of Biden running backwards during a parade gets new attention after Trump's ramp waddle

If, as some here are insisting, the cop was justified in shooting Brooks, why was he promptly fired?

Andy Ostroy sends birthday greetings

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 14 2020

If not for COVID, today would have been Sao Paulo Pride

If not for COVID, today would have been Sao Paulo Pride

Awww, the Lincoln Project created a birthday card for Trump

How Indigenous researchers are reclaiming archeology and anthropology

Mind your own business fixes a lot of issues

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 14, 2020?

NEW Sarah Cooper: How to Water

Any defense of the policing status quo that includes the letter 'e' should be ignored

Black candidates and political groups see a surge of support amid US protests

The arena Trump will use for his Tulsa rally had canceled all other events through the end of July

Vaccines that use human fetal cells draw fire

Europe has gone crazy!

Governor Cuomo

Best song I've heard in a long time

This is just too heartbreaking

Okay, so, why was Obama so bad?

As a Black mother-to-be, I'm already full of heartache

Vitamin DEFICIENCIES in poor urban areas and coronavirus

A Rare-Mileage trip on the 'Montana Daylight'

Covid-19 Update

Its Time to Bring Back the "Battle Cry of Freedom"

"My black friends matter": These young students held signs with powerful messages at a kid-friendly

Look at what the American people have allowed to happen to their country for years.

My Solution to Police Corruption

"Former Defense Secretary Gates: 'At least' Trump 'hasn't started any new wars'"

Would the cops have been called if he had been white?

Police departments are not looking for smart cops...

Working Man sung by former coal miners (Men of the Deep)

Body cam footage of Rayshard Brooks' death shows calm, then chaos

I had an epiphany this morning

George Floyd: How far Have African Americans Come Since The 1960s?

Kellyanne's sister from another mister:

Turning the tables on Cops

Love is the Answer

When Mom Drops the Wolf Pups Off with the Babysitter

That cop that shot Rayshard could have easily shot

Chris WALLACE is a wingnut not just a collaborator

Perhaps the Dotard is doing us a favor inadvertantly.

How old were you, when a cop 1st pulled a gun on you? - Charles Blow, CBS Sunday morning

Voting by mail isn't safe?

A non-computer question from the lady who didn't know what an AC Adapter was...

It's Trump's Revolution

France: Thousands Rally In Fresh Paris Protest Against Racism & Police Brutality

Biden 2020: He can run and drink water

Trump birthday song (wait for it) (Twitter Video)

New Order - World

No One's Supposed To Know Much About Seattle's Autonomous Zone

Renaming installations.

While protests continue, Tampa's Trump supporters take the day to celebrate on the bay

Meet Fabio and Gabriel, the Incredible Talking Parakeets

Medical examiners under fire - CBS Sunday Morning

If you're upset by "press 1 for english" or being told "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas"

New video of George Floyd's 'murder' shows cop Tou Thao ignoring bystanders' desperate pleas to save

Thousands join in Sunday prayer and protest in front of the White House

Trump on Saturday told his followers to drop Comcast - an egregious use of his presidential platform

Hey Jude

Family of Atlanta Shooting Victim Disputes Police Account

Anyone have any wireless Bluetooth headphone recommendations?

Trump aides scrambling to hide his 'dumpster fire' poll numbers to keep him from 'flying into a rage

Landlords using harassment, threats to force out tenants during COVID-19

Think Dimwit Don's jealous that no one is probably singing this to him today?

Coronavirus Cases Spike Across Sun Belt as Economy Lurches into Motion

Recreating the "great outdoors" in miniature - CBS Sunday Morning

Fox News caught using misleading digitally altered photos of the Seattle Capitol Hill protest

Trump rally called 'dangerous move' in age of coronavirus

Florida reports 3,400 kids with coronavirus; 10 stricken with severe illness

This tweet didn't age well.

Hundreds join Seahawks wives' 'Bridge to the Future' march across I-90 span

A STORM OF COLOR Time Lapse - Isolated Supercell, tornado, rainbow and lightning storm

A STORM OF COLOR Time Lapse - Isolated Supercell, tornado, rainbow and lightning storm

Grow update...

Thousands join in Sunday prayer and protest in front of the White House

How Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Seized the Moment While Her City Was Protesting - TIME

Lafayette Square clash, still reverberating, becomes an iconic episode in Donald Trump's presidency

Donald's Birthday Gift

Brooklyn museum: everyone who's showed up for Black trans lives today WHOW HUGE CROWD....

I just want to say that

This. Right here. The Texas Secession Statement.

Ground beef sold at Walmart, other stores recalled for possible E. coli contamination

VA-05 moves from 'Likely Republican' to 'Lean Republican'

While cops stand down when white man in combat gear with automatic weapons storm state Capitols

Seattle will transfer Fire Station 6 into a community center for the Central District

I have new babies! A nest near my house has recently hatched.

Evictions expected to spike as coronavirus moratoriums end

Roofing company workers forced onto ground, held at gunpoint by man who thought they were Antifa

Empathy Doesn't Come with Conditions

Pentagon surplus handouts stoke the militarization of US police

Markey lets it rip in 'Massachusetts family fight'

New calls to confront transphobia after murders of two black transgender women

Bodycam footage of Atlanta shooting of Rayshard Brooks

Why have you issued 800K tickets for a venue with a capacity of less than 20K?

Jimi Hendrix, the book of Mathew and Rodney King

Oregon's founders sought a 'white utopia,' a stain of racism that lives on

That's weird. Looks like Youtube is shadowbanning me.

Man charged for trying to drive through protesters in Overton Square[Memphis]

Black men have every reason to fear the police

Trump Rally Tulsa............

Average hours of training required to be a police officer:

It looks like "Water"gate is becoming a serious story...

Military data reveals dangerous reality for black service members and veterans

Comedian Laurie Kilmartin's mother is dying of COVID and wants you to know something

Forget the "slippery" ramp. Trump is ALWAYS walking "downhill". The creature's colossal

Tweet of the Day

It might seem counter intuitive, but I haven't been this hopeful about the future in many years

Cartoons 6/14/2020

Local small farms rally to meet surge in food 'panic buying'

When Will The Oil Companies Start Raising The Price Of Gas....

Trump's most loyal media ally promised a pro-Trump poll. It didn't deliver -- and then pulled story

Just got auto phone polled by Repubs. Hope Trump chokes on all

Kind of a silly question --

Rut by Grawlix. Stream Free or download now.

tweet of the hour... regarding COVID19

"Simple Song of Freedom" - 1969 Tim Hardin & Bobby Darin

Largest union federation in the US demands apology from Mark Zuckerberg over new software feature

Sarah Cooper: How to Lincoln

New Trump rule would redefine who qualifies for refuge in U.S.

Root of the Tree: The Significance, Evolution, and Origins of the Ribosome.

open misogyny

Guess what? White people steal cop's tasers, run from them, even shoot too. But they are still alive

Op-Ed: White evangelicals think Trump is divinely ordained.

Japan, New Zealand march to mourn George Floyd, seek change

Watched Ad Astra last 2 nights. Now we are back to binging Leftovers

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are likely going to win.

Black pastor called 911 after alleged attack. The cops arrested him.

To my white friends, the time for talk has passed. Now is the time for work.

Atlanta called in the national guard. They know how to diffuse the situation.They did the Macarena

I Am The Walrus


I too often have to hold a glass with two hands (because I have..,)

who started the Wendy's fire in Atlanta? arsonist doesn't look black

An entire South Florida SWAT team resigned over criticism from 22-year-old vice mayor

Cultural clash - Washington to vote on sex education

With A Little Help From My Friends

Street Player - Chicago

The dude just isnt well!

It's not that hard

Lindsey Graham Chokes Up Talking About Joe Biden

WashPost: Trump tries to explain his slow and unsteady walk down a ramp at West Point

The celebration of National Troll Trump Day continues... (add your favorites too if you like!!)

Please do not retweet this else you hurt Trump's fragile ego

Happy Obama Appreciation Day. Business Insider: Obama 8th Best President. Trump worst ever

State polls show a clear shift toward Democrats since protests began

Is there a rumor that Trump's campaign website is selling "Trump 2020" sippy cups?

Things that lasted longer than the Confederacy

Down Goes Another Enslaver!

Truman watched attempted assassins have a shootout out his front window. Trump hid in a bunker

Ouch...that's gotta sting..

#ObamaAppreciationDay is the top trending hashtag on twitter

Doing my part to help this go viral. We saw this in church this morning. (Tim Duncan.)

On going back "inside"

New US Sanctions on Mexico over the Vaquita Marina Porpoise Proposed

Cat Cuddles with Birds

Tulsa Health Department Urges Trump To Cancel His Rally

Islamic militants kill at least 60 people in north-east Nigeria

If UPS and FEDEX merge, it would be called FED UP.

Covid 19, WRAL Live Updating maps, graphs

Time to stop arguing on DU whether Rayshard Brooks' shooting was justified

My wife and I were talking about how the stress is effecting us.

Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Bro pulled up to his whole crib missing

Coronavirus: India to use 500 train carriages as wards in Delhi

How to ramp

Legislators to DeSantis: Be fully transparent with COVID-19 data, 'Floridians can handle it'

Just drinking water like a human

Can anyone identify the flowers?

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 31

I watched the entire hour and a half video of the officer shooting

Trump economic adviser Kudlow urges wearing of masks at Tulsa rally

What's Drumpf's the obsession with CHAZ?

U.S. suppressing facts of coronavirus spread in Border Patrol, grocery stores, prisons and nursing h

We, sexual assault survivors, will NEVER forget that there is a predator in the White House

Is the 2020 US Senate Election cycle similar to the 2006 US Senate Election cycle.

Repost "Nina Cried Power"

About that super steep and slippery ramp

Show even a shred of humanity and decency and you're toast in today's Republican Party

Yuja Wang is one of the most fascinating individuals on this planet.

Revisiting self defense laws should be a priority of the Biden administration

My Presidents!

Seneca Village was a 19th-century settlement of mostly African American landowners

Unification Ministry to revoke N. Korean defector groups of corporation status

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 14, 2020

Since we're talking angry white male voters, I thought I'd break out this oldie with some minor edit

Look at this image: BLM supporter carries counter-protester to safety (London)

Ooooh! A whole book about Melania being an unrepentant, fake POS and female version of Trump.

2018:Trump pardoned those that insipred the armed Bundy takeover of federal property.

What is this BUG? It has Angel wings. Like a 1/4 inch airplane

Thousands join in Sunday prayer and protest in front of the White House

Impossible to pick just one @PeteSouza photo of my President.

Black Women with weapons.

Because we could all use a laugh....this made me LOL

Pittie found in the middle of the jungle wagging his tail

Bars in Florida, Texas, and Arizona close after employees tested positive amid spike in new coronavi

Skinny Pittie Found Lying On Top Of Trash

A question about the virus, age, and chronic conditions like diabetes, heart . . . .

Never forget that Republicans fear more people voting. They know its not in their favor

....About Mitch McConnell being a piece of sh*t...important note:

Cat And His Favorite Girl Are Unstoppable

The second reason

This video should air as an ad immediately - powerful assessment of Trump

Are All Cops Racist?: The Daily Show

I'm not sure that Trump should be considered a "national security" president

Aggressive Dog Chained His Entire Life Is Finally Rescued

Rayshard Brooks went from telling Atlanta officer about visiting mother's grave to being fatally sho

Back to the Future 2020

Did the CO Democratic Establishment needed Hickenlooper when they could have settled on-

Funny AOC tweet:


The only question on my poll:

Happy Video...want to smile?...hit link, original post by catbyte. 3min 24 seconds..

Ron Perlman Schools Florida Fratboy Rep. Matt Gaetz on Twitter

This Is How To Change Someone's Mind: 6 Secrets From Research

Sen. Kamala Harris: "Respect and admire when women of color have ambition."

I am missing something about the Brooks case

Great video of David Letterman "apologizing" to Trump in 2012 for calling him a racist

On this blessed Sunday I offer this challenge to trump's religious followers:

Gov. Cuomo & AOC Shut Down Trump's Conspiracy About Elderly Buffalo Protester NowThis

Band of Horses - The Funeral

Have a laugh - young boys and an old lady

When DU was hacked on election night back in 2016, I guess the hacker posted this same video

Obama: Kite Sailing vs Trump: Ballooning

Dave Chappelle Perfectly Describes This Moment In History

Watching a movie I DVR'd called Black Legion, Staring Humphrey Bogart......

While we're on the subject - did anyone notice bunkerboi's lips as he's negotiating that ramp

Racial Justice Groups Flooded With Donations

Suggested: Top News NBC News INGREDIENTS THAT ARE CRITICAL 1:55 / 6:36 'He's A Psychopath': Trump

Trump Barely Leads In Arkansas

Did the Atlanta cops trick Rayshard Brooks into driving while intoxicated?

NYTimes Op-ed warns of a Trump 'vaccine' October Surprise

"First observant Sikh woman graduates from West Point"

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/14/20

A Little Follow Up On That NASCAR Tool

I have to question ABC News tonite.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said Sunday no one is going to defund the police

Abrams: 1.01 million Dems and counting overcame barriers to vote in primary.

The new insult of the day for drumpf is

STOP, please ... stop this cop criminality

I am in the South of France , all the news channels are absolutely tearing Trump apart, practically

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 15 June 2020

The Army is for killing our enemies -- not crowd control: Bush's Defense Department Secretary

A constructive idea-I'll suggest renaming just one base-Ft Rucker Alabama

Four candidates want key Lexington (Ky.) council seat.

Floridians mark Trump's birthday with flotillas, caravans

Amid violations, Cuomo prepared to reverse local re-openings

Officials familiar with Lafayette Square confrontation challenge Trump administration claim

Tapper: Trump standing firm with 'dead, racist losers'

$10k reward for finding the assholes that lit up the Wendy's

Two infected hairstylists were wearing masks. None of their 140 customers, also masked, got COVID-19

Handicapping Joe Biden's pick for VP

I just watched *60 Minutes*--about Tulsa--and I have tears in my eyes...

Authorities investigating 2 separate deaths of Black men found hanging in Southern California

Clyburn says he does not support defunding the police

Over 2,000 new COVID-19 cases in Florida for 2 straight days as more beaches reopen

Old Shanty Cafe building destroyed by fire in Lower Queen Anne

Kudlow says $600 additional unemployment checks will end in July

Trump Made Inaccurate Claims About the Military During His West Point Speech

Cuomo threatens liquor licenses of restaurants, bars if crowds appear

"Own the libs" - Did Trump even succeed at THIS as the US increasingly looks at hard left ideas?

A Running List of Seattle Restaurants Partially Reopening for Dine-in Services

Kudlow Says Economy Recovering, Focus Turns Away From Rescue