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Protested at Capitol Hill Organized Protest today

A perfect campaign idea??

Class 2 US Senate seats during the 2008,2014,and 2020 elections.

Jeff Darcy toon

Assessing Twin Cites Riots - 1,500 buildings damaged or destroyed

The Latest Swing State Polls Look Good For Biden

Officer's first words after shooting Rayshard Brooks twice in the back: "I got him"

Revealed: The Family Member Who Turned on Trump

Beyonce demands justice for Breonna Taylor in open letter to Kentucky attorney general:

30,000 protest in LA today.

Why the Republicans' 2020 strategy is to keep as many people as possible from voting

Ben Carson Defends Atlanta Police Officer Who Killed Rayshard Brooks on 'Fox News Sunday'

Now This

3:36 / 7:14 Comedian Rips Racist Heckler - Steve Hofstetter

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today

Maskless Woman Coughs on Fellow Customer in Argument Over Face Masks in New York Coffeeshop

Melania shows her true feelings:

Trump's worst insult to Americans is that he thinks we're like him

Trump Aides Know His Polls Are Terrible--And Tell Him Otherwise

"Now, every child who walks into their capitol feels welcome."

Finally, a Wedding. It Was About Time

Since we're posting pictures of President Obama

Hakeem Jeffries & the Legendary Aurella Greene Endorse Eliot Engel..

Cat people! Greatest invention evah!

Yale open classes

My favorite picture of Obama

Weak President (ad)

Trump's Niece to Publish Tell-All This Summer

Med Examiner - Brooks shot twice in the back. NAACP lawyers demand charges - murder.

Defund the police? Reform the police? How about do

Why are officials able to resign leadership positions and still stay employed with the same entity?

Mrs. Betty Bowers birthday greeting to Trump


Turns out Lindsay Graham is one Biden's most effective surrogates!

Since we are talking about the Tulsa Massacre, The Osage murders is just as important

326 deaths today, lowest since 3/29/20......


Organizing Classical music CD's

French leader rejects racism but colonial statues to remain

Hurricane Bob Dylan. It keeps happening over and over.

Brad Parscale tweeted they had 800,000 ticket reservations for Tulsa.

Jenna Ellis, one of Pussy-Grabber's attorneys, shows her ASS on CNN.

Queens Borough President?

U.S. corporations are 'virtue signaling' like crazy on race. But actions speak louder than words.

Ex-Defense Chief Joins Call to Rename Bases

Joy Reid's special - Poverty and the Pandemic - starting now

Someone tell me this isn't real.

State Investigating Hospital With Coronavirus Policy That Profiled Pregnant...

I'm free! Just sent all my tax info to my CPA.

John Bolton made a tragic mistake. It's not the one you might think.

So, have been thinking about the movie, "Gone With the Wind"

The trump campaign/republicans are paying people to be at their Tulsa rally - Craigslist ad....

Why the Republicans' 2020 strategy is to keep as many people as possible from voting

Woman apologizes after backlash from confronting homeowner

NO FOG FACE MASK Simple Hack That Really Works

Importance of Teaching About the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot

The years of Drug abuse have taken their health toll

Trump walking down the ramp. Observation: Trump's left leg takes the step and the right

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self

Fox News reports Monty Python as actual news

L. A. Cheezy

Rolling Stone by the greatest rock band ever!

tweet of the hour

covid 19 update.

Begal Shop customer deliberately coughs on another when asked to wear mask.

Alarming CV-19 stats out of Arizona

Let It Roll

Let's get to the root of racial injustice Megan Ming Francis TEDxRainier

How fines and fees perpetuate injustice

I'm A Black Woman With A White Man. These Have Been The Hardest Weeks Of Our Relationship.

All Things Must Pass (With Lyrics)...what a great fuckin tune. Amirite?

Owl Who Couldn't Find His Mate Sets Out To Save Her

The myth Donald Trump is modeling (opinion)

Trophy *wife* retweeted this:

What Is Love

About the videos?. People assuming no one is watching..

More People Will Be Fired in the Pandemic. Let's Talk About It.

Run Of The Mill

Can This Chef Make Froot Loops Fancy? Tasty 813,291 viewsJun 12, 2020 36K 448 SHARE SAVE

At least 7 Minneapolis cops have quit in wake of George Floyd's death

Kyle Weatherman debuts Blue Lives Matter-themed car design at Homestead-Miami

Ohio State Senator: Are "Colored" people not washing hands cause of Bad COVID-19 outcomes

Trump Rally Is the 'Perfect Storm Setup,' for Viral Spread, Disease Expert Says

Tattoo artists offering free service to cover up tattoos of hate symbols


Damn! These #MAGAts sure showed us!!

This powerful image of a Black man carrying a white counter-protester to safety frames a day of chao


Philippine journalist convicted of libel, given 6-year term

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What Should We Do About Police Unions?

Coronavirus cases rise across the country

I hear (from MAGAt media sites) that in a "few months" Republicans are planning an all-out Obamagate

The Playbook (dateline with lester holt)

TGS Stringing our Community Together - Duo Chinoiserie (05/24/20)

Why did they burn Wendy's down? Was the store somehow at fault in Brooks' death?

Irish Girl Watches MISTER ROGERS For The First Time

Who is the most brilliant female Democrat?

Brother George always seems to open the door to Brother Leon...

Clyburn, Schiff endorse Eliot Engel ahead of competitive primary

Disney should not re-theme Splash Mountain.

Time for me to dig deeper into the very soul and beating heart of this community

Black people reacting to Blue-eyed Soul

Care-free days at theme parks giving way to virus safeguards

Trump's Oklahoma campaign chair to plead guilt to child sex trafficking

King Leopold II: Belgium 'Wakes Up' To Its Bloody Colonial Past; Exploitation, Racism, Atrocities

Lindsey Graham Serves Up 50 Frivolous Subpoenas.

Travis County: Rising coronavirus hospitalizations trigger Stage 4 recommendations

Michael Moore worried Trump might postpone election

Let's talk about the look so we can see beyond it

Harry Potter and the Author Who Failed Us

Legal question. Friend paid $2K for a will. Lawyer screwed it up...

Trump's Niece to Publish Tell-All This Summer

All the events in the news

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich calls Cowboys owner Jerry Jones 'hypocritical' for past support of Trump

so what happened to the Trump tapes?

If this doesn't amaze you, then you are confirmed a robot

Atlanta, Wendy's, and the Constitution....

March of the Bees

New Season New Swarm

George Takei on Facebook. Funniest Facebook thread in a long time

Hats off to the Bees

Dallas County reports 302 coronavirus cases, 1 death

O'er the ramp part we watched

Top execs of Dallas-area 'miracle' mineral water company admit to massive fraud

Trump campaign hiring extras for Tulsa rally.

***Breaking: Dow Futures Plunge 700 points As Virus Fears Mount**

Fast-growing mini-forests spring up in Europe to aid climate

Scary but impressive baby has skills!

Haa!! I did that Obama Day thing!

Surprise! San Francisco Racist Lisa Alexander Was Drumpf Supporter & Covid Denier

This is so nasty!

Climate Crisis Weekly: What's your country's environment score?

Reindeer were domesticated much earlier than previously thought, new study suggests

So this is gonna last

SKEMER - Sunseeker

But this one's just so adorable!

Adopted girl and her mother discuss when they first met. Cuteness Overload!

'Black' Africans and the Ancient Greeks

An archeological discovery that continues to puzzle scientists in Peru

Adopted girl and her mother discuss when they first met. Cuteness Overload!

America first! Again!

3D printing brings ancient Yungang Grottoes to world

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Facial Recognition

Trump says he'll cut off funding to states that make it easier to vote

Best Biden ad ever--starring Lindsey Graham!

They are so stupid! Brad Parscale says they have sold 800,000 ticket to IQ45's rally

Ancient Roman dice unearthed in cremation pit in Norway

Valerie June - Shakedown

Nate McMurray is running for the vacant House seat in West NY's 27th District. Please vote & support

Nate McMurray is running for the vacant House seat in West NY's 27th District. Please vote & support

I really need some advice

Hertz, bankrupt by pandemic, puts thousands of cars up for sale

Yes, there's ice on the moon. But it's not the 1st lunar resource we'll use.

'Standard model' of cosmology called into question by new measurements

Science fiction builds mental resiliency in young readers

Scientists locate the first fast radio burst in the Milky Way

New exoplanet system is 'mirror image' of Earth and sun

NASA's New Horizons Sees A Different Night Sky From 4 Billion Miles Away

Researchers Think a K-Hole Might Actually be the Brain Going Offline

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020.

I didn't realize that Washington State is an open carry state. Really surprised me

madeline peyroux - getting some fun out of life (studio-1996) great performance of a great song

California police kill suspect after report of armed man

More talent

Wow, @JoeBiden only down 2 points in deep red Arkansas!

Hope Trump had a nice Obama day

In Peru, thousands of faces at Mass -- none now alive

Is Duque's servitude to financial patrons tanking Colombia's economy?

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Breakfast Monday 15 June 2020

Kudlow calls $600 unemployment checks a 'disincentive,' expects them to stop in July

Che Guevara, Richard Goodwin, and the Almost Peace of 1961

Che Guevara, Richard Goodwin, and the Almost Peace of 1961

Maquiladora workers demand release of labor lawyer arrested in Matamoros, Mexico

Cycling star Uran stunned when farmhand keeps pace on Colombia's back roads

One of the most racist and ignorant twitter threads

The twin values of an indigenous seed bank

SCOTUSblog: Live blog of orders and opinions - Monday, June 15, 2020

Paul Whelan, ex-US marine, jailed in Russia on spying charges

US fighter jet crashes into North Sea

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says state's FBS schools should not expect football capacity to be above 50%

The Lady Bird Special. From a time when the nation's First Lady sought to heal instead of divide

Boris Johnson set to scrap plan to allow for gender self-id

Trump Made Inaccurate Claims About the Military During His West Point Speech

Ted Cruz challenges Ron Perlman to wrestle... Gym Jordan?

The twin values of an indigenous seed bank

Three people with inherited diseases successfully treated with CRISPR

US Air Force fighter jet crashes into sea off the coast of England

The Latest: Interfaith group holds vigil outside St. John's


Spread of Disinformation and the 2020 Election by Donald Trump administration

For many Chileans, U.S. demonstrations spark reminders of impassioned Chile protests

These Kids Are Done Waiting for Change

Aren't newspapers required not to run ads that tell lies?

Exotic fifth state of matter made on the International Space Station

Brain implant lets man with paralysis move and feel with his hand

Politico is just nuts!

The entire universe may once have been spinning all over the place

Trump's niece set to publish tell-all this summer

'We're Thinking Landslide'

Covid-19 death rates twice as high in England's most deprived areas

A friend of mine is a filmmaker:

Surfing on Acid

Ricky Valance passed away

Ultimate Spinach

😜Spring Photo Contest Discussion Thread😜

Dick Dale matters!!!

Any distinguishing marks?

To No One's Surprise, More Coronavirus Outbreaks Are Traced Back to Churches

A suicidal convention

Subsurface vortexes could be behind Saturn's mysterious hexagon

Putting last touches on the Charity auction piece. Should I ink more of it like I did the lettering,

So, will Tulsa be Trump's "Jim Jones moment" or will that be in Jacksonville? nt

'I Got Him,' Said Fired Atlanta Police Officer Immediately After Shooting Rayshard Brooks

June 15 - Happy Birthday Rep. Rick Larsen (D) WA-2nd

Japan to scrap costly land-based U.S. missile defense system

June 15 - Happy Birthday Rep. Adam Smith (D) WA-9th

Brandi Carlile & Friends - "Lovesick Blues"

Why Trump Is Right To Worry About That Glass of Water

13-Year-Old Handcuffed and Arrested for "Jaywalking" in Empty Tulsa Street

Rayshard Brooks police shooting was homicide, says medical examiner

YESTERDAY: President Trump arrives at Joint Base Andrews

New ad-#WeakPresident

The gap between Trump's world and reality is widening. It's disturbing to watch

You raised $3,891.86 on June 14, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link


This is actually on .

There's more to this ski slope than meets the eye

Gift idea for Trump's birthday: a sippy cup with the presidential seal

Don't be fooled into thinking Republicans are split over Trump

@Packers : Enough is enough. It's time for change.............

LOL. #WaterGait

When Trump is removed he will become extremely radioactive.

Health officials in Tulsa are requesting attendees of Trump's rally wear N95 Ku Klux Klan hoods...

You'd figure Trump would hold his rallies in Saint Petersburg Russia instead of the United States

The Rundown: June 12, 2020

Covers it all

Murray Olderman, Award-Winning Sports Cartoonist, Dead at 98

Dennis O'Neil, Batman Writer and Editor, Dead at 81

The Rundown: June 15, 2020

Sorry for no postings on Friday. I needed a mental day off.

President's health---Ike heart attack 1955. LBJ gallbladder surgery 1965

Thoughts about Southern Democrats who became Republicans

New CV19 Cases: Singapore 248, Nigeria 403, Ethiopia 179, Germany 172, S Korea 48, France 407

First lady announces youth art project on women's suffrage

What I cannot process is how the Con tries to sell himself as the law and order president

Happy Birthday Mr. President (it ain't pretty)

Mrs America

Everything is fine -by Tom Tomorrow

Watch this video and tell me black people don't live in a police state in America.

AOC: Oh look, someone took a photo of what my life is like debating Republicans in committee each wk

Why Liberals Are Wrong About Trump

ROF: Republican Lawmakers Say They're Trump's Prisoners With No Free Will

Emissions from 13 dairy firms match those of entire UK, says report

National GE: Biden 49% (+14) Trump 35%

Erroll Garner was born on this date.

The Markets have a case of the Mondays

Waylon Jennings was born on this date.

Harry Nilsson was born on this date-

Payback is a bitch isn't it....The chalk wall neighbor got what she deserved.

India to reimpose lockdown on 15m people in Chennai as new cases surge

BREAKING: Supreme Court won't consider limiting police immunity from civil lawsuits

US Embassy Seoul has received a request from the State Dept; take down the Black Lives Matter banner

Taking a knee should become a tradition at athletic events.

White woman filmed setting fire to Atlanta Wendy's after latest police killing

Biden Blows Past Trump in Small Donations With $16 Million Haul

Supreme Court rules in favor of including Gay orientation in Civil Rights Act!

Cape Verde may send Maduro-linked suspect Alex Saab to US without extradition treaty

JUST IN: US Supreme Court says it will not take up a legal battle over Sanctuary cities

Cape Verde may send Maduro-linked suspect Alex Saab to US without extradition treaty

Dude gotta go!

Lynchings are happening again

In major victory for California, Supreme Court rejects Trump's challenge to state sanctuary law

More Trump administration trans erasure, this time it's HUD

Supreme Court rules existing civil rights law protects gay and lesbian workers

Raymond James fires Robert Larkin after he & LaFace CEO Lisa Alexander confronted man at own home

Biden Blows Past Trump in SMALL Donations With $16 Million Haul

Chalk Wall lady's husband got fired too

Monday TOONs - Everything's Fine

An Epically Bad Week for US Brick-and-Mortar Retailers and Landlords

The gap between Trump's world and reality is widening. It's disturbing to watch

Supreme Court rejects several gun rights cases for next term

x-post from LBN: Supreme Court rules existing civil rights law protects gay and lesbian workers

BREAKING: Supreme Court finds law bars LGBT discrimination in workplace

Anybody with graphic skills out there? If so can you make a MAGA sippy cup?

USSC rejects hearing trumps appeal on sanctuary states.

Embarrassed Wreck-in-Chief Trump calls Biden "weak & shot"

Why are were so afraid of the cops?

He got so floofy!

'We're thinking landslide': GOP officials see Trump on glide path to reelection

Today, respect given.

Love it - What to do with a lap cat when nature calls

A Modest Proposal (RE: Facebook)

Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia

U.S. Forest Service v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association

"And when the bough breaks . . . " . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Ghostbusters Reunion (5th of Josh Gad's Reunited Apart series) premieres on YouTube 12 pm EDT

Tweet of the Day

RCP Last average - Battleground Matchups. Best to worst looking.

Republican Voters Against Trump's YouTube channel keeps adding new videos for you to share

Bill Barr: "Racist. Bully. Fascist."

Nature - Funny stuff

Netanyahu turns to rich friend to fund corruption trial fees

She seems nice.

Hey Loungers I have posted the Spring Photography Competition

Oops! 20,000 Ton Diesel Oil Spill In Siberia Making It Harder For Russia To Sell "Green Bonds"

Black pastor called 911 after alleged attack. The cops arrested him.

Once again, my friend is proven right ... The courts ARE holding

Kitten learns to groom himself

So after Today's SC rulings what do we think the Trump Explosion Defcon level is at the WH

Would anyone like another helping of warm cockles (538 Disapproval/Approval aggregate)

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, On Fox News...

Revealed: The Family Member Who Turned on Trump

"Before I Fall". Well-done teen drama.

McConnell and Trump invested everything in getting judges..

Where are all the supposedly "good" cops?

Breaking : FDA has withdrawn emergency use authorizations for two treatments pushed by Trump

In landmark case, Supreme Court rules LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination

Countries that are starting to welcome tourists back


Sunday at 9/8c on ABC - Martha Raddatz interviews Bolton - No Q off limits.....

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 15 2020

Today's Supreme Court decision reinforces the critical need for a Biden victory this fall.

"Remember the Ladies."

NYU Webinar: "Why Fixing Democracy Is Easier Than You Think"

'Following the death of George Floyd, the police chief for the town of Edmonston,

breaking down the latest on 538 - and this is before the sippy cup and slow rampman incidents

"HELP ME, LET ME OUT!!" - Cops called on innocent man

The Republicans on the supreme court know the people are tired of their bullshit also.

First kiss?

*Warning.....this is a rant*

Finder--where did I go wrong?

So... a meltdown at Kroger today.

Palast: How Trump Will Steal the 2020 Election

This photo

It's amazing how many people were born on this date.

Bernie Sanders is endorsing another challenger for a Democratic Incumbent

SCOTUS decision on Gay Discrimination - 172 pages. 138 pages are Alito's and Kavanaugh's dissents

Sen. Kamala Harris Says "Not Easy" to Get Conviction In George Floyd Killing The View

Both @VOANews Director @abennett and Deputy Director @slsugawara have just resigned.

I am really sick of having to explain why a black man who was shot in the back by a police officer

Trump Claims Media Is "Trying to Covid Shame Us on Our Big Rallies"

Trump has finally lost control of his narrative. Voters are ready to see him canceled.

Fyi - Marcella Season 3 now on Netflix

I am not going to focus on how Trump drinks his water or walk down a ramp.

Zero Tolerance for Trumpers - Rick Wilson

A very simple painting of a fern leaf

A War Against Climate Science, Waged by Washington's Rank and File

The Atlanta shooting; Do cops watch the news?

The Court-Martial of Donald J. Trump

Powerful image just seen on Twitter:

Suburban teacher's social media post sparks outrage,

The Trump presidency is going to go down like the Hindenberg.

Decisions, decisions! The FDA and nearly every medical expert on the planet say that

Some good news

What is this?

U.N. rights body to examine 'systemic' U.S. racism and police brutality

FDA Pulls Authorization for Ineffective Trump-Touted Virus Drug

Oh thank goodness this creep (Brevard Sheriff) has a challenger!

How many people who worked for Trump refused to answer subpoenas?

U.S. senators ask Pentagon if $1 billion in Afghan aid was cut

Dilemma of Desire, Cliteracy, a documentary available online June 21, American Film Institute Docs

This November let us all clean out the mess in the White House

Faith No More - Everything's Ruined

The Supreme Court likely just invalidated Trump's roll back of LGBTQ protections in health care

Irish parties plan to sign coalition deal after 4 months of political deadlock

Rube Goldberg would be pleased.

BREAKING:P FDA pulls emergency use authorization for Hydroxycholorquine for Covid-19

Sportscasters Are Narrating Daily Life Tasks During COVID-19

Iran reins in family planning as population ages

Trump campaign says it will give temperature checks, masks to rally attendees

High Court Green-Lights Pipeline Route Through Appalachian Trail

Anybody else think that "got him!" indicates they would have shot Mr. Brooks even without that tazer

Shouldn't The Arena In Tulsa Where Trump Will Hold His Rally - Have Trump....

Trump's showmanship is now backfiring on him

White House interns from two different administrations...

Trump is holding his first campaign rally in Tulsa this weekend

City Enters Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus Over

I really wonder

Today would be a glorious day at Discussionist

That time when Kamala pressed Kavanaugh on whether he agreed that LGBTQ had right to marry

Ken Paxton is Aiming for Voter Intimidation, Worried About Blue Wave Coming

Ari Melber is hosting MSNBC's 1 pm slot

Barbara Boxer shares a sneak preview of Trump's Tulsa rally speech

Remember this - a kiss on the hand vs. "Oh, well just stand there"

Some thoughts on the proposed cop lesislation.

Blast from the Past

Republicans urge Trump not to terminate relationship with World Health Organization

Trump administration expected to attempt to block John Bolton's book: Sources

That women who confronted a Filipino now wants to open a dialogue

W Kamau Bell - The Department of You Ok?...

Can we feature Sara Cooper at the Convention

Call me crazy, but this Matt Gaetz fellow doesn't strike me as being particularly bright.

Feds charge six eBay employees with cyberststalking couple

The coronavirus outbreak in Arizona is going very badly

6 eBay Executives And Employees Charged With Sending Threats, Bloody Pig Mask To Natick Couple

Freerepublic in state of despair scotus rulings

Trump Attempt to Force Calif. Local Cops to Round Up Immigrants for Feds Fails in SC

Iowa Republicans add last minute voter suppression measures to state budget

Conservatives are losing it over today's ruling

MA Senate race is lit! Markey/Kennedy powerhouse is heating up!

Congressman Tom Rice (R-SC) & two family members test positive for coronavirus

Trump's poll disapproval is almost 55% again (538)

Ezekiel Elliott one of several Cowboys, Texans players to test positive for COVID-19

Horseshoe crabs may be the answer to a safe coronavirus vaccine next year. Here's why.

If Biden wins, I hope he includes this in his victory speech:


Val Demings....

Jefferson comes down in Oregon

Supreme Court declines to hear gun-rights cases


High Court Green-Lights Pipeline Route Through Appalachian Trail

Jon Stewart Is Back to Weigh In (NYT Interview)

Biden's VP nominee list narrows to Warren, Harris, Susan Rice, others

Supreme Court won't hear challenge to California sanctuary law

Policeman's role should be limited to the same role as firemen

More than 100 liberal activists urge Joe Biden to pick Elizabeth Warren as VP in letter

Atlanta police had better options than using lethal force in Rayshard Brooks shooting, experts say

GOP senator defends Trump's Tulsa rally as health official warns it's a 'huge risk factor'

Help name my kitten?

Opinion: Voting Green Party is the same thing as voting for Trump.

Kimberly Jones has an eloquent answer to the question "Why are they looting?" Listen to her

God's a bit testy over the easing of lockdown restrictions in some states.

Light bulb vibrations yield eavesdropping data

Living in Seattle's 'CHOP' zone: Peaceful vibes but noisy at times

Biden and DNC raise $80.8 million in May, with an average online donation of $30.

Supreme Court refuses to hear new challenge to gun restrictions

30 evangelical leaders beg Christians to rethink their support for Trump in new book

it's clear Trump would prefer to follow the Russian model of state media (RT)

Guy Rescues Baby Squirrel And Reunites Him With Mom

Top Voice of America editors resign amid strife with White House, arrival of new Trump-appointed dir

Ted Cruz Just Challenged a 70-Year-Old Man to Fight Another Man

Besa the Donkey Finally Gets to Run

Fux Noise Removes a Digitally Altered Image of Seattle Protests

WH press briefing

Phone tapes: Concerned Minneapolis 911 dispatcher asked police supervisor to respond to George Floyd

Ezekiel Elliott one of several Cowboys, Texans players to test positive for COVID-19

Black Lives Matter demonstrator carries injured white protester to safety in powerful image

Joe Biden raised $81 million in May.

Has Idiot tweeted yet about SCOTUS' decision?

Another Private Jet Company Owned by a Trump Donor Got a Bailout -- This One for $20 Million

Concerned 911 dispatcher asked supervisor to respond to Floyd scene, tapes say

Remembering Snowy: April 2006-June 15, 2020

2nd one today with Trump Slumping 36 and under - Biden 48% - Trump 36%

Biden 48 Trump 36 general election poll from ....Rasmussen!!!

I just started a digital painting course, and here is my first project.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/15/20

No country for Senior citizens? I ask?

Police arrest 21 alleged cult members for flouting Hawaii quarantine

Hundreds march in Fort Worth silent protest after police arrest group leaders

China's new coronavirus outbreak sees Beijing adopt 'wartime' measures...

Catching a 17 ft Python. Everglades FL

Trump Will Sue to Block Bolton's Book

Two Black Men found hanging in California in the last two weeks

Trump supporters will get masks, hand sanitizer, temperature checks at Tulsa rally, campaign boss sa

This article scared me.

There are ramps and there are ramps

Wow! I went to the fox news site, and...

Well, now, Senator Cruz, I see where you're into challenging other men to fight other men. That's

Trump on the CV pandemic just now: "If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any."

Calls Grow to Remove Statue of Lincoln, Freed Black Man in Boston

Calvert County Government is offering a COVID-19 Small Business and Nonprofit Relief

Keisha Lance Bottoms up soon on CNN re Rayshard Brooks case. nt

Swiss women stage scream-in for equality

Something that I just finished today.

A New iOS Shortcut Blurs Faces and Wipes Metadata for Protest Images

Coronavirus updates: 416 new COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, over 12,900 total

Tank & The Bangas plus Friends

How out of step is the Republican Party on gay rights?

Let's all enjoy some "right wing intellectual" schadenfreude Re:SCOTUS

Massive wildfires burn around Arizona, force evacuations

There is no bottom to Trump's ignorance:

Petition demands Dolly Parton statues replace confederate memorials in Tennessee

ANYONE watching the mandalorian?

"If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any."

Top Oklahoma State football player done due to

More black people than white die in police encounters involving tasers: report

New Civiqs #BlackLivesMatter 50-state poll shows dramatic movement nationwide

Prosecutor: Suspect in Las Vegas cop's shooting admitted firing gun to scare protestors.

Seismic shifts on race leave Trump in the dust

Just a heads up: this evening, as your head hits the pillow and you are ready for "sleep that mends

The FDA Just Pulled Chloroquine And Hydroxychloroquine As Coronavirus Treatments

Rally registration...

First, a cheer for equal rights ruling. Next a parallel w choice.

Why is Dominic Cummings still in No 10? Because Vote Leavers never say sorry

Howard Stern Responds to Backlash Over Resurfaced Video of Him in Blackface, Using N-Word

Beyond D.C., GOP officials see Trump on glide path to reelection.

Europe reopens, Beijing outbreak revives need for vigilance

West Hollywood sunday protest pic from Kamala Tweet

Guess I'm Not The ONLY One Concerned About a "Trump Admin." Vaccine

Has Trump given an excuse for the sip of water? Was the glass slippery too?

The Disgrace of Donald Trump

'Peaceful protests got hijacked': Some criminals used George Floyd protests as cover for looting...

Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin Jean-Yves Thibaudet (piano) Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Covid-19 can damage lungs of victims beyond recognition, expert says

Identity protection in The Time of Trump

Trump dismisses uptick in US coronavirus cases and suggests a 'stop' to testing

Summer 1960 MLK spoke in Tulsa. I got to go and hear him! (I was 20, home from college)

Cartoons 6/15/2020

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Yes, and if we stopped testing teenagers for pregnancy

LA Riots 92 (Full Documentary) National Geographic

Dumpus responds to SCOTUS LGBT ruling (clearly no one was willing to tell him what it really means)

Yes! We can eliminate drunk driving too! Just stop testing for sobriety.

Protesters have occupied part of Seattle's Capitol Hill since last week. Here's what it's like

Comedic headline quote from SHITLER deriding BOLTON as "Known Not to Tell the Truth"!1

Harrowing blame game over COVID-19 toll in nursing homes

Trump to hold rally in Sessions's hometown for opponent in Senate runoff

Seattle is a young city with a long history of protests

Ben Shapiro haz a sad (Twitter)

Parents of seven-year-old allegedly maced at Seattle protest speak out against police

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 15, 2020

No justice, no peace: Why Catholic priests are kneeling with George Floyd protesters

Florida protester Oluwatoyin Salau, 19, found dead in Tallahassee after going missing

A question about General Milley

Cuomo Warns He May Reverse Reopenings After New York Gets 25,000 Complaints

Justice Gorsuch fires a torpedo at Trump's re-election

Former Aurora police chief Dan Oates talks about struggles to get rid of bad cops

WHO: We're not seeing a second wave. Coronavirus is spiking because lockdown rules are easing

The fundamental law of cats and surfaces (Twitter video)

How the GOP brought antisemitism from the margins to the White House

John Cleese Jabs At Fox News' Monty Python Ignorance

Chilling New Footage Shows Police Officer Ignoring Pleas To Help George Floyd

13-year-old Texas boy catches nearly 900-pound shark in Port Aransas during offshore trip

ABC News Lands Exclusive With John Bolton About Memoir ...

Texas mayor: Women can't lead prayer at meetings

The revolution is is being broadcast, thanks to cell phones

A simple, easy, and cheap way to keep from losing things in your home, apartment, or where you live.

06/16 Mike Luckovich Some Good news

Autopsy report: Manuel Ellis died in Tacoma police custody due to lack of oxygen, meth contributing

Spoke with Lawyer from Texas Secretary of State Office on mail in voting.

Einstein's core idea about gravity just passed an extreme, whirling test in deep space

The Supreme Court's Landmark LGBTQ Civil Rights Ruling Will Extend Far Beyond Employment Law

Using the idiot's analogy...

Tulsa Newspaper Calls Trump's Rally 'Wrong Time, Wrong Place'

Trump calls it 'inappropriate' for Bolton to write book

N.Y.P.D. Plainclothes Unit Involved in Many Shootings Will Be Disbanded

CONFIRMED: US Open 2020 To Take Place As Per Schedule

US Senate candidate Kobach (R) reports 4 guns stolen from truck

Cat And His Dad Have The Cutest Conversations

Police arrest 21 alleged cult members for flouting Hawaii quarantine

Texas polling. Voter suppression to "landslide"?

So "voter fraud" is caused by Republicans wanting to investigate voter fraud, right?

Feds: Company provided subpar steel for Navy submarine hulls

Having just read what Trump said today about stopping testing, I am suggesting a new acronym:

US Senate candidate Kobach reports 4 guns stolen from truck

Sheriff apologizes to black pastor in Virginia after arrest

Tweet: Chuba Hubbard This is for everyone. Listen closely. #BringChange

Golden State Killer suspect agrees to guilty plea in a deal that spares him death penalty

Here's How John Bolton's Lawyer Just Threw Him Under the Bus


What's coming down the pike from the S.C. won't be as kind as today's ruling

Monument to Spanish conqueror removed in New Mexico

Right Place Wrong Time

NOAA leaders violated agency's scientific integrity policy

The Pusher

Hillary Clinton Backs Eliot Engel, in Her First House Primary Endorsement of 2020

Paul Thomas Saunders - Appointment in Samarra

Fitting Elton John tune for today.

What happens when rats desert a sinking ship?

U.S. Supreme Court rules Texas death row inmate had an ineffective lawyer, orders new review

Thousands Flood the Streets of Brooklyn for Black Trans Lives Matter Demonstration

"TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION TODAY": Trumpers View Supreme Court Rulings as Betrayal.

Trump vs the King of Cool. ;)

Texas Democrats urge Abbott to call special session as details emerge showing Javier Ambler's death

UPDATED: Old cats and breaking hearts

Investigative journalist predicts how Trump will steal the 2020 election

Newsrooms Are in Revolt. The Bosses Are in Their Country Houses.

Trump's response to today's LGBTQ decision by SCOTUS

Top White House official says spikes in coronavirus cases are 'small bumps'

He barges in like he pays the bills!

This is Harvey proudly walking himself back home

September 27, 1966: MLK, Jr

Tulsa is to trump like.....

Competitive US Senate Elections of 2020

This lady saw a dog in the window of an abandoned house -- so of course she went in

Parts of Mid-Atlantic, Southeast may see up to 10 inches of rain

Brave dog conquers...the CAT

Black Pastor accosted by white family. Calls 911. And he is the one arrested. Unbelievable story!

Sir David Attenborough Narrates Donald Trump Waddling Down A Ramp

"Black Legion" ... The entire Black Legion is sentenced to life in prison for Ed's murder in the end

Anonymous Tweets U.S. Hit By Major DDoS Attack on June 15

NYPD cop suspended for pepper spraying group of George Floyd protesters two weeks ago

It's nice to have a friend...

Iowa Poll: Donald Trump leads Joe Biden by 1 point in tight contest for president

Ministry ‎- Stigmata

Todays USSC Decision: Could This be the point of critical mass?

Giant tortoise Diego, a hero to his species, is home

Inspectors general ask Congress for help in monitoring coronavirus relief payments

So you've been in quarantine for 3 months, what have you been up to? Not much.....

'You Can Call Me a Snitch': Worried 911 Dispatcher Called Supervisor During George Floyd's Arrest

Bizarre arguments and bad poll numbers

Perhaps a Little Bit of Buyer's Remorse today, Elmer Gantry?

Weird green glow spotted in atmosphere of Mars

Will COVID-19 prevent voters from getting registered?

MLB letter obtained by The AP says several players and staff have tested positive for Covid-19

Tiny Earless Lamb Loves Running Around The House

Selzer - Iowa Poll Trump 44% (-7) Biden 43 (+2)

Academy delays 2021 Oscars ceremony because of coronavirus

Quiz: Electrification of the Chemical Industry: What's wrong with this picture?

Gorsuch/Roberts appreciation thread.

Heroin - meth - Trump

Texas COVID-19 hospitalizations keep rising, set 1-day high

Unpopular opinions...

Something you don't hear enough about. Viral load reduction due to face masks.

Lara Trump: It was a ramp without steps and he had on leather shoes...