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Archives: June 16, 2020

Atlanta mayor makes changes in use of force after Brooks killing

The Great Perlman/Cruz Ass Whooping continues.

"An employer who discriminates against homosexual or transgender employees necessarily...

Capitol Hill Trader Joe's Employees Accuse Store of Retaliating Against Protest Participation

City Enters Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus Over

Jamaica reopened all borders today

New projection puts U.S. COVID-19 deaths at over 200,000 by October

Krouse: Increase in COVID-19 cases was predictable

Special Dog Finds Family Who Loves All His Differences

This is a GREAT DAY for the United States of America.

This guy has been tapped to be the No. 3 civilian at the Pentagon

Steve Sack FTW

AOC: Teachers are paying out of pocket for school supplies, yet police are given extra tanks.

Seb Gorka may get leadership position at VOA

New Poll from Scott Rasmussen and Trump-Friendly Outlet Shows Biden Beating Trump by Whopping 12 Pts

New law requires consent for pelvic exams on unconscious or anesthesized patients

Feeling a tiny glimmer of hope tonight-some music to celebrate

Republicans Defunded The Police We Need

Trump Touted The Economy's COVID Resilience While His Top Aide Dumped His Stocks

Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin Salau found dead in double homicide

Trump threatens Seattle crackdown, calls Gov. Inslee 'a stiff'

How do you put pictures and videos into your post?

Trump rally attendees will have fewer safety measures than high-dollar donors

Still dancing at 106:

Did Ali Velshi make a legal slip up?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Voice of America top officials resign as Trump-appointed CEO takes over international network

Trump Executive Order To Focus On Tracking Misconduct, Nonviolent Interactions

CHAZ unanimously selects John Cleese as their strong and capable new leader.

just because . . .

Joe Biden: My Statement On the Anniversary of DACA

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020.

#8cantwait - Eight policies for cities to adopt regarding policing - This is a call for action!

Federal court strikes down NC's controversial "ag-gag" law

Okay, this is SERIOUS! Who blabbed?

Biological warfare expert explains why you should never get in a Las Vegas pool

Biden just announced he'll hold a virtual fundraiser with President Obama next week

I'm amazed at the Bostock decision, but still amazed that we've even had to fight this crap

Fascinating! INVESTIGATION REPORT on who and how the Twin Cities riots happened.

I just said goodbye to the best cat ever.

Federal court strikes down NC's controversial "ag-gag" law

There's a key way to curb the spread of COVID-19. But no one is talking about it

Hurray For Today's SCOTUS Decision!

This may not be the place to ask for help with my I-phone but I need help.

S2E3 "2nd Swarm Catch Of The Season"

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Movement afoot to replace statue of KKK founder

Robert Larkins, who confronted neighbor stenciling, fired

Body camera video: 6-year-old girl cries, screams for help as Orlando police arrest her at school

Project Lincoln has something BIG coming.......

*Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms coming up on Rachel show.

Nicolle Wallace calls pro-Biden ad 'one of the best I've seen in my career'

Black lawmakers rally behind Engel in primary fight

City of Austin 'Stay Home, Work Safe' order extended to Aug. 15 after surge in hospitalizations

Joe Biden scores best fundraising month ever in May

Barack Obama tweet, just now: Today reminds us that progress might be slow, but it's always possible

What the Pandemic Reveals About the Male Ego

Oklahoma State's star running back Chuba Hubbard calls out coach for wearing T-shirt w/ OAN

John Pavlovitz: "I wish Trump supporters were as afraid of this pandemic as they are of

One story flying under the radar - just how great Biden's fundraising has been.

Trump still touting Chloroquine usage even after the FDA advises major health concerns from taking

Voices that just don't seem to match the faces from which they emerge

Proactiv and Angie's List Are Latest Advertisers to Drop Tucker Carlson's Fox News Show This Week

It Doesn't Work. You won't be hearing about Hydroxycholoroquine ever again

State Senate aide resigns after racial slur video surfaces.

Police -

Any uptick in Tulsa cases I

norah jones - nightingale (live-2002) easily my favorite tune of hers

Donald Trump telling reporters Bolton has "been known not to tell the truth, a lot."

ALL High Schools should be turned into two year colleges, and...

Why are people acting as though we're not in a Pandemic.

Chaz elects a new leader much to Trump's chaigrin

Tucker Carlson breaks the bad news to his viewers: Black Lives Matter is more popular than Trump

A small sample of Mark Knopfler's work

From Daily KOS in May: Holy crap, Trump is on track to lose Georgia

Pence urged governors to echo a misleading claim about infection spikes.

Ted Cruz: Let you and him fight

Ex-cop who shot, killed Rayshard Brooks was previously reprimanded for use of force

Wireless companies report widespread outages across US

Can You Name a Country?

Coronavirus EXPLODES, Mostly in Trump States

Trump to rally for Tuberville in Jeff Sessions' hometown in Senate GOP primary fight

The only things missing from the Tulsa rally will be

NASA lit a fire in space to keep future astronauts safe (video)

I Beat Super Mario Using ONLY a Bass

More Dire Straits. Because it hooked me

Black college athletes

Arizona Nazis that need outing.

*Oregon Governor Kate Brown coming up on Lawrence show.

Little Bethel OH - BLM march and all hell breaks loose.

Trump, "If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any." 100% Gaslighting

Light bulb. Rachel. Steve Bennen. Moscow Mitch.

Grace Slick-Dreams

The Hooters - All You Zombies

Why do SHITLER & BUSHes & such like public cash - we're *chump* change (golf/Secret Service)

Republican congressman who just announced he has the coronavirus refused to wear a face mask

What could/should Biden do to punish Putin

JHC how'd we get here? If you are in a red state, and cases are rising

Barr orders Bureau of Prisons to begin executing federal death-row inmates

Man Found Hanging From A Tree In Houston Days After Similar Instances In L.A.

Biden June 23 fundraiser with...Barack Obama!

Is there a left leaning sports channel on broadcast?

Mike Luckovich

ABC's John Santucci: Amazon just posted a description of Mary Trump's book

Levon - Elton John

Morgan Fairchild. Who knew.

So Trump just ignored the rulings today? I wanted

Bette Midler: 'Are Police Departments Magnets for Sadists the Way the Church is for Pedophiles?

Dogs also can play "If it fits, I sits" :


Authentic Allyship v. Performative Allyship v. White Fragility v. Weaponized White Fragility

Black Lives Matter banner removed at US Embassy in Seoul

A good reminder that there's still a long way to go.

The Stephen Miller/Donald Trump Speech on Race Relations: First Draft

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why Did Rayshard Brooks Have To Lose His Life?

What to do, what to do...

Ilhan Omar's father has died of COVID-19 complications

Massive old gypsum mine sinkhole in South Dakota. Caverners pics are awsome

A violent hailstorm and flooding struck Calgary, Canada, on Saturday.

The Daily Show: 9-1-1 for White People Emergencies

LOL - do you have a cast iron stomach? Day trade in cruise line stock!

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump Struggles at West Point & Celebrates 74th Birthday

how today's SCOTUS ruling does not protect LGBTQ people...

Man shot during demonstration over conquistador statue in New Mexico

Group calling themselves the "New Mexico Civil Guard" shot a protester

The Time It Is Today

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 91:3-10 New International Version

Seth Meyers - Supreme Court Rules on LGBTQ Rights, Police Reform Gains Steam: A Closer Look

Reopening tattoo shops busier than ever

Calls To Remove Controversial Abraham Lincoln Statue In Boston; Race Issues In Boston

NYPD officers get sick after drinking milkshakes in Lower Manhattan

💙 Leading Bronx Democratic Leaders Endorse Eliot Engel for Congress

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki calls black lives matter protesters losers

(Jewish Group) Nashville Holocaust Memorial vandalized with anti-Semitic messages

Nashville Holocaust Memorial vandalized with anti-Semitic messages

(Jewish Group) Persian Jews are coming out of the closet and breaking down long-held taboos

Texas A&M QB: Sul Ross statue must go

Persian Jews are coming out of the closet and breaking down long-held taboos in their community's quote for the day

Albuquerque NM militia aka "Civil Guard" at a protest of a conquistador statue. Shots fired

FLIPPABLE: Radhika Kunnel fpr NV-AD02

Can anyone identify this person in the Lafayette Park walk; is it Trump's body man?

I was upstairs at Eric's, there was a situation...

Push for Removal of Statues in SP Sparks Debate on History 'Blackout'

The Republicans' idea of "minority outreach"

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Supreme Court Outlaws LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination

Brazil's Bolsonaro says military will not remove elected president

Brazil's Bolsonaro says military will not remove elected president

2018: Jon Stewart & Dave Chappelle talk Trump and comedy tour w CNN's Amanpour

Right wing militia nutcase shoots protester in Albuquerque

California has firm handle on coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom says

Message to Beijing: US carriers still rule Indo-Pacific

George Floyd donations blew through all records. 14.2 Million+ & still goin , almost 500000 donors

Georgia Democrats set new primary turnout record, outpacing GOP voters

Trump rally attendees will have fewer safety measures than high-dollar donors

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar's father dies from coronavirus complications

Trump the superspreader?

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar's father dies from coronavirus complications

I drove all night...

Democratic Establishment Rallies To Rescue An Embattled Eliot Engel

Scientists fear Coalition push to deregulate environmental approvals will lead to extinction crisis


Mitch McConnell Gently Tells Trump Why He Can't Fire Neil Gorsuch

tweet of the hour

FTW - Joe Biden Can Run and Drink Water

Tooning Out The News: Trump competes in the 2020 West Point Ramp Stakes

Joe Walsh: "Ignore the fucking polls." work like Biden is down 20 points.

CA prosecutors routinely remove black prospective jurors

Petition aims to remove local Confederate monument in Wichita Falls

Seoul: North Korea blew up liaison office as tensions rise

Publix forbids employees from wearing Black Lives Matter masks at work

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020.

Federal Government Set to Begin Executing Inmates in July

Man arrested for driving drunk hurls racial slurs at black deputies, threatens their lives

Trump announces major US troop cut in 'delinquent' Germany

Rep. Ilhan Omar's father dies due to coronavirus

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/15/20

So has Project Lincoln said what it is

Breakfast Tuesday 16 June 2020

India says three soldiers killed in Ladakh 'face-off' with China

Court: Inability to contain COVID in Miami jail doesn't constitute 'deliberate indifference'

Stephen Colbert - John Dickerson: Founders Envisioned A President Who Embodied Virtue And Restraint

Veteran missing for a month found dead in stairwell at VA hospital

"You are not born racist. You are born into a racist society."

Orange County officials growing worried about rising COVID-19

USVI AG Denise George Levels 'Price-Fixing' Charges Against Generic Drug Companies in Federal Court

NYPD Chief: Shake Shack employees did not try to poison cops.

The Art of her Deal

Marijuana Legalization as Savior of G.E.R.S. Thrown in Doubt at Hearing

Trump Just Fulfilled His Billionaire Pal's Dream

Keir Starmer: Four years ago today our friend Jo Cox was tragically murdered.

SCOTUSblog analysis: Federal employment discrimination law protects gay and transgender employees

Ron Perlman vs. Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz

"Let me mount your motherfucking TV & Im'a do it the right way! I ain't joking!"

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; June 15, 2020

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individuals to Key Administration Posts; June 15, 2020

Building the Movement: America's Youth Celebrate 100 Years of Women's Suffrage; June 15, 2020

Fort Worth PD calls out Tucker Carlson: "inaccurate and is not consistent with the facts"

This sign has so much shade I can't even

Why is trump and McConnell stalling giving the American people direct checks?

Descent is a brilliant ad

DNC launches ad campaign on Trump 'descent' - NBC story with video of ad

President Trump says his family is unified. A niece's book could explode that image.

Inspectors general ask Congress for help in monitoring coronavirus relief payments

Hasidic Jews break into closed Brooklyn playground

ESPN Crawl: Carson To Work With Trump On Kneeling

India says soldiers killed on disputed Himalayan border with China

listening this morning to Obama's (2019) Summer Playlist....

Pence urges governors to parrot Trump's lie that spikes in COVID-19 cases largely caused by increase

Second Michigan poll shows Trump even farther behind, with Biden leading by 16 points

Supreme Court's Landmark LGBTQ Employment Decision Is Even Bigger Than Marriage Equality

"I'm dead serious, does the President of the United States know he is talking to himself?"

Roger Goodell Encourages Teams To Sign Colin Kaepernick, 'I Welcome That'

65-Pound Alligator Snapping Turtle Named 'Lord Fairfax' Found Wandering In Alexandria

OspreyCam offers glimpse Into the lives of iconic birds of prey

Second Michigan poll shows Trump even farther behind, with Biden leading by 16 points

Breaking : NM Polls Biden 53/Trump 39 , Ben Ray Lujn (D) 48% (+14) Mark Ronchetti (R) 34%

Newly published MI Poll : Biden 55, Trump 39

Yeah it just helps OTHER people, so what's the point? Conservatism in a nutshell.

Well this is interesting.... AK01 : Alyse Galvin (I) 43% (+1) Don Young (R-inc) 42%

Breaking New Polls - Florida - Michigan - MI Sen

On this day, June 16, 1960, "Psycho" was released.

New TIPP state polls, Likely Voters: FL Biden +11, MI Biden +13

PPP poll, New Mexico: Biden +14 overall, +46 among Latino voters

It seems like trump is going to be the reason for a leftward shift in America

Atheists Hail Court's LGBTQ Worker Ruling But Warn of Looming Religious Battle

Waiting for Trump to blame rise in COVID cases

Marty Robbins

"The NMCG just gunned down someone in cold blood at a protest outside the Albuquerque Museum"

Trader Joe's accused of punishing Seattle store over Black Lives Matter participation

Study: AZ Heat Deaths Rising, W. An Estimated 900 1980 - 2017 Attributable To Higher Average Temps

Acting (Of Course!) NOAA Chief Violated Agency Ethics Over Trump's Sharpie Shitfit, Agency Rules

UK : 'Major breakthrough' as UK scientists find cheap steroid cuts COVID-19 deaths

Dexamethasone is first life-saving coronavirus drug (BBC)

Trump voter 'These people here are genuine Americans'

Rock books!

Jon Stewart: Police are basically "a border patrol" between two Americas

BunkaBoi is losing it so badly he is retweeting his own tweets ... so sad

BTRTN: Call It By Its Rightful Name... Donald Trump's American Genocide

"Be wary of diplomatic missions to Moscow prior to the Nov elections,"

Dexamethasone is first life-saving coronavirus drug

Tuesday TOONs - "AN EMPLOYER who fires an individual...for being gay or transgender defies the law"

U.S. Retail Sales Rose Record 18% in May

Highly Ominous New Poll for Trump: Nation's Pride is at an All Time Low

BTRTN: Call It By Its Rightful Name... Donald Trump's American Genocide

My wife's jewelry creations...Update June 20th

Happiness is discovering an episode of The Goldbergs I hadn't seen, not the recent series

Chinese officials want Trump to win reelection because he is 'destroying US alliances'

Elite CIA unit that developed hacking tools failed to secure its own systems, allowing massive leak

Jim Carrey's Art Speaks Loud!

Amid calls to defund police, Albuquerque creates an alternative department

Members of Congress took small-business loans -- and the full extent is unknown

In the end progressive will win out

If we stopped testing for cancer there would be very few cases.

My GGG grandfather served both the confederacy and union.

The Rundown: June 16, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 06/10/20

Smol awoo

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1980

Bloomberg: Market Futures Up

What DC Comics Cutting Ties With Diamond Means for the Comics Direct Market

What has the Trump administration done with a half-trillion dollars?

Ten ducklings were found orphaned ...

Our country works so much better when The Supreme Court doesn't play politics.

Since 47 Died In 2013, Seven Major Oil Train Derailments In Canada; In All Cases, Tracks Were Broken

Franklin Graham fumes over SCOTUS ruling:

Florida Judge Refuses To Put Felons' Voting Decision On Hold

Poll: Americans are the unhappiest they've been in 50 years

You raised $1,355.40 on June 15, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

The Many, Many, Many Times Susan Collins Voted To Destroy Earth's Climate, Science, Accountability

Here comes trouble.

Pissing myself laughing at this from the Lincoln Project

Federal judge attacks Warren, defends Confederates, gets schooled by black clerk

CNN down for anyone else?

GOP is quietly purging right-wing members -- to replace them with even more radical politicians

why so many ads under postings?

New York MTA moves forward with ultraviolet pilot for disinfecting full trains

I'm perusing Ron Perlman's twitter spat with Sad Matt and found this HUH? response

GOP's Ron DeSantis 'shooting himself in the foot' on COVID-19 -- and Floridians already regret trusti

Trump Interview with Black Anchor Quickly Goes Bad

Trump Visibly Struggles to Drink Water & Walk

Second Michigan poll shows Trump even farther behind, with Biden leading by 16 points

A puzzling Penzey's spice blend: Pico Fruta

Books by Celebrities

First Monterey Pop Festival happened on this date in 1967

If We All Withdraw from Social Media Venues


Jeff Tiedrich tweet - "Shuffles the Clown"!!!!

American Greatness/TIPP Battleground Poll - FLORIDA

This twitter thread crushes it. This is the definition of receipts

Stephen Colbert: The Newest Zealander Visits PM Jacinda Ardern

EPA's Wheeler Now Trotting From State To State In Effort To Buff Trump's Environmental "Record"

MLB's Rob Manfred 'Not Confident' About Possibility of 2020 Season

Alyse Galvin leads in race for AK-AL House seat

NY-16: Elizabeth Warren to endorse progressive challenger in primary against Eliot Engel

Please remember the name "Paul Whelan" now for future reference later.

Trump forgetting to mention sales still down 7% or so

Donald Trump in Chariots of Spare Tires

Lucky Thompson was born on this date.

New Rolling Stone cover by Kadir Nelson:

Franklin Graham is wrong on all fronts

List of Confederate monuments and memorials / Thousands and thousands of them.

NFL commissioner encourages teams to hire Kaepernick

Warren's outreach to black voters could help VP standing

Americans are the unhappiest they've been in 50 years, poll finds.

Katie Porter endorses Engel challenger Jamaal Bowman

Members of Congress took PPP small-business loans -- and the full extent is unknown

Cartoon: Hater Waiver By Clay Jones -June 16, 2020 9:00 AM

FL sets yet another record with 2700+ new cases yesterday.

Biden with a devastating new ad.

I always thought that Sasha looked more like her Mom, and Malia looked more like her Dad, but...

Harry Enten : On average Biden is doing 9 points better than Clinton in 2016....

Trump's Remarks in Roundtable Discussion on Fighting for America's Seniors

What has the Trump administration done with a half-trillion dollars?

Pathetic Cowards for Trump 2020

Trending on Twitter. "White Blessing", pastor describes "The Blessing of Slavery":

KY-SEN: McConnell's 2014 challenger endorses Charles Booker

I am deeply disappointed that this was not on my apocalypse bingo card

"When all of a sudden a police van pull up" (Linton Kwesi Johnson, 1979)

CREW Requests USPS Records on Mail-in-Voting Plans

White Supremacy rebranding as White Blessings?

Beijing coronavirus outbreak: travel restricted to tackle 'extremely severe' situation

Speed Knowledge Mode (SKM) activated

Elite CIA unit that developed hacking tools failed to secure its own systems, allowing massive leak

Trump nominee Tata tweeted to John Brennan to "pick your poison: firing squad, public hanging,

Democrats seize on protests, pandemic in push to flip statehouses

Partygoers have been packing Arizona bars. Now the state is a coronavirus hot spot

House Democrats to vote next week on DC statehood

GOP state senator's aide resigns after video surfaces of him berating teens with racial slurs

Obama Will Headline June Grassroots Fundraiser for Biden

When you set up your cellphone to take a pix of someone trying to hack it

wow. just wow.

Well, that sucks

When drinking water: the last few centimeters are very difficult

Target makes Juneteenth a company holiday

For all our creative and talented artists on DU

Judge lambasts amendment to rename confederate bases as "madness," gets thoroughly bodied by clerk

Mueller deputy who quit Stone case to testify before House panel

In my Red state there's something interesting and encouraging this year compared to 2016

Southern Indiana Utility company - Vectren - announced plan to go from 78% to 12% coal powered

Airlines ban alcohol on planes in response to Covid-19

Pence falsely claims Oklahoma has 'flattened the curve' ahead of Trump rally

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 16 2020

New Georgia Poll : Biden 48 / Trump 46 and Senate included Ossoff 46/Purdue 45

Is the Trump family destroying Donald's presidency from the inside?

Armed militia member arrested, identified after man was shot at Albuquerque protest

Kind of amazing people are still falling for social media Like-Farming scams in 2020.

Don Juan de Onate statue in Rio Arriba County comes down

Vehicle emissions testing

Flushing a toilet can generate aerosol droplets that carry coronavirus up to three feet.

Everyone, but particularly the young people, should read

Democrats unveil tool to fight voter purges

Nate Silver's updated national polling average has Biden +8.4

Mick Mulvaney dumped as much as $550,000 in stocks the same day Trump assured the public

Texas reports highest number of hospitalized coronavirus patients since outbreak began

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/16/20

The Trump Bump

Black Women Mayors Healing and Leading Their Communities

Once Biden becomes POTUS and we get the Senate

Shitshow coming up

Heads up! Trump Press conference on police reform coming up now.

I want to to live in a world where

Watching MSNBC

Columbus State Community College is going to remove the Columbus statue

Midday warmed cockles (538 aggregate)

Trump to unveil police reform proposals that fall short of what activists have demanded

Columbus State Community College is removing their statue of Columbus.

Trump's Tulsa rally

PPPpoll of Georgia: Biden +2. Ossoff +1.


Here's a new piece.

Members of Congress took small-business loans -- and the full extent is unknown

Woman, 15 friends test positive for coronavirus after night out at Lynch's

Trump plots a political comeback based on the economy. Biden seeks to block him.

hey mr. trump. FUCK YOU

Rep. Ilhan Omar's Father Dies From Complications of Covid-19

What in the hell is DT yappin about? It sounds like his typical line of BS! nt

This sign.

Hey M$Greedia

Watching to see if that sticky combover mess flips all the way over.

Trump just mentioned the magic vanishing coronavirus again. "Even without a vaccine...It just goes a

Van Jones is on CNN giving kudos to trump. I don't fucking believe it.

None of the folks in the rose garden right now are wearing masks or social distancing.

Huge spike in new cases

NY-16: GOP Money Flows Into Super PAC Backing Engel

Rick Wilson says look out below!

Warren Helped Raise $6 Million for Biden

NOT the Captian Kirk I remember !!

Human Trafficking Prosecutions Decline Under Trump Administration

Confidence in Travel Slides With Less Than Half Willing to Fly

Martin Gugino: Fractured Skull/Unable to Walk

Poland, US deny Fort Trump proposal bogged down

Trump : They've come up with the AIDS Vaccine..................err

A Really Fucking Stupid Non-National May Take Leadership Position in Voice of America

Michelle Obama and 6-27-20

Lincoln project ad narrated by Sir David Attenborough

In Bizarre Interview Trump Advisor Denies Systemic Racism Because Whites Voted for Obama

Hummingbird eyes can detect UV, allowing them to see the world in colors that humans can't even imag

Susan Collins is going to have some fretting to do over this dissent from Brett Kavanaugh

Volcano-dwelling beetle inspires new 'passive cooling' material

TRUMP: "Choke holds will be banned unless the officer's life is at risk."

New fossil insect species points to a Canada-Australia land route 50 million years ago

Rollins Band - What's the Matter Man

Stephanie Ruhle calls our her MSNBC producer for saying Trump "stated inaccurately some facts"

Cartoons 6/16/2020

With the stroke of a sharpie, an 8 year old sociopath ends police brutality.

Austria: Man Fined for Farting 'With Full Intent' at Police

Democrats ask Chris Janicek to quit Senate race after 'sexually inappropriate' text message

Here Are the 98 U.S. Cities Where Protesters WereTear-Gassed

Pic Of The Moment: Er... Please Proceed?

This is a good ad. Citing Moscow Mitch's legacy

This stunning Uyghur complex dates from exactly 777 and it was never used -- now, researchers know wh

US attorney announces the gunman who killed two cops in California was part of Boogaloo

20 Indian soldiers killed in first deadly clashes with Chinese troops in 45 years

Biden Holds Small Lead In Georgia

Moscow Mitch looks better with a mask on.

Neil Gorsuch authoring The LGBTQ decision yesterday:

Black Lives Matter Nonfiction Books

Seattle council bans police use of crowd control weapons

Biden Opens Up Huge Lead In Michigan

Trump should sign an executive order banning the virus.

King County gyms, taverns could reopen if state OKs Phase 2 application

The Milky Way's halo might be thousands of times hotter than the sun's surface

A bit of sanity?

Megan McCain is really not OK on "The View" on the today. She's pissy because her governor Chris

'We're thinking landslide': Beyond D.C., GOP officials see Trump on glide path to reelection

McConnell vows to stay on as GOP leader even if Republicans lose Senate

Tucker Carlson Dials Up Fear Factor In Ugly New Attack On Black Lives Matter

Ancient Cambrian shrimp with dozens of dagger legs looked unlike anything alive today

Trump said to be seeking outdoor venue for Tulsa rally, per joemygod !!!

Pence Tells Governors To Share Misleading Facts About Coronavirus Infections: Reports

Trump When You Move On Seattle The Troops Will Join The Protesters - Ya Think Of That?

Suspected gunman identified after man shot at Albuquerque protest

Saying good bye to a good furry friend.

Three Mistakes the Trump Campaign Can Fix

No matter how much you overdo it with serrano peppers in your sandwich,

I moved this here from GD. This is where I should've parked it to begin with

Interesting (as in frightening) article about Kayleigh McEnany's religious crusade

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture

Would Right wing nuts welcome a return to slavery?

Presenting without comment

Don't be fooled by the SC 6-3 LGBTQ decision yesterday...they're Federalists, through and through...

When Rosie met Jim: the anti-racism picture that wasn't

Leading US Retirees 'Like Lambs to the Slaughter,' Trump Labor Dept. Quietly Offers Up 401k Plans to

How Presidents Talk About Deploying the Military in the United States

Brand New Benjamin Tod

Next time you challenge a 50-year-old professor to a shooting challenge....

June 15, 1943: Race riot erupts in Beaumont

Congress Steps Up Pressure as Trump Administration Evades Bailout Oversight

Trump's Remarks at Signing of an Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities

Trump signs executive order on police reform

I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT trump is going to lose in November.

Gay Rights Ruling Complicates Trump Effort to Keep Evangelicals

Market Madness in the Pandemic

Federal Police Arrests Extreme-Right Activist Sara Winter in Investigation into Anti-Democratic Rall

As Congress debates police reform, qualified immunity emerges as key dividing issue

Trump Gets Torched For Praising Non-Existent AIDS Vaccine

Trans-pride flag flies briefly over courthouse in rural Washington, celebrating LGBTQ ruling

Ask Not What President Trump Can Do for You

COOL: Barbra Streisand gave Gianna Floyd some Disney stock:

Comparing National Polls in 2016 and 2020

So is Kim Jong -Un dead or comatose or what????

A week old:Groups Mark New Protests against Brazilian President and Plan Prolonged Mobilization

Barbra Streisand gives Disney stock to George Floyd's 6-year-old daughter


Two Police Unions Spread False Rumor That Shake Shack Workers Intentionally Poisoned Three NYPD Cops

Someone got woke!

Fauci admits no mask order because there weren't enough!

Stock Market and the new C19 steriod

Nancy needs to eviscerate republicans

Trump's latest efforts to sabotage asylum should remind you why he has to go

Google Bans The Federalist from its Ad Platform

Congressman Lloyd Doggett (TX): Capt Trump of the RMS Titanic

A lot of tremendous fake news; that I can tell you

Virginia Gov. Proposes Making Juneteenth a State Holiday

Nobody understands law and order better than Fox News crime experts.

Texas Democrats ask Supreme Court to expand access to mail voting

Obviously, Trump doesn't have a copy editor at his disposal. Nor is he one.

'The dollar is going to fall very, very sharply,' warns prominent Yale economist

Governor Reynolds will issue order on felon voting rights

Some Americans are more likely to socially distance and wear face masks than others -- here's why

January 20, 2021

So, I'm on vacation this week.

The rise of mom-and-pop investors in the stock market will 'end in tears,' warns billionaire

The NAACP on Trump's "police reform" executive order

House to vote on historic D.C. statehood bill next week

So what's the story on masks?

The Strangely Silent NRA

Trump Church Photo May Backfire in Michigan: Campaign Update

For all to hear

Nearly 700 medical providers sign letter urging Governor Ducey to mandate masks in public

'Just What the Doctor Ordered': Bill Would Protect Whistleblowers Who Sound Alarm Over Abuse of Covi

N Korea demolishes de facto embassy with S Korea

Leading US Retirees 'Like Lambs to the Slaughter,' Trump Labor Dept. Quietly Offers Up 401k Plans to

Democrats unveil tool to fight voter purges

OK OK OK I've got it figured out...

William Barr's Very own Whistleblowers

Trump Hammers Cuba While Cuba Cures the Sick Worldwide

West Feliciana Historical Society permanently cancels Audubon Pilgrimage after petition claims festi

The Latest: US death toll in pandemic exceeds one from WWI

Serial Random Attacker Cuffed in Hydrant Head Smash of 92-Year-Old NYC Woman: Cops

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will be actually winning are-

Are Alito and Thomas the worst?

'This Is Mass Murder': Covid-19 Deaths in US Prisons Have Risen by 73% the Past Month

When they say, "ALL Lives Matter"...


Amputee Suing American Airlines for Allegedly Asking Her to 'Hop' Down Aisle

PG&E Pleads Guilty to 84 Counts of Manslaughter in Camp Fire Case

One year ago today and whaddaya know

Brazil is on the brink of a virus catastrophe... example of implementing NO measures to stop spread

AT&T plans to cut thousands of jobs, close stores, company tells union

More Dallas Restaurants Forced to Close Again As Employees Contract COVID-19

McConnell rejects calls to 'scrub out' Confederate statues from Capitol

Trump Praises Scientists, Doctors For An AIDS Vaccine That Doesn't Exist

"The Black Lives Matter Foundation" Raised Millions. It's Not Affiliated With The Black Lives Matter

CIA cyber weapons stolen in historic breach due to 'woefully lax security', internal report says

An entire high school baseball team knelt during the National Anthem to protest police brutality

I received a notice today about returning to the office

The Gatlinburg SkyBridge was shut down after a tourist cracked the glass doing a baseball slide

Texas' New COVID Cases Peak At 2,622; Governor Abbott Says All is Good

Flag of Treason

Western Media Rehabilitate Brazil's Criminal Ex-Justice Minister for Presidential Run

If we did more pregnancy testing, we'd have more babies.

Of course there's racism in Law Enforcement; didn't the FBI

UT Austin president responds to Longhorn football players' demands

'They are babies!' Bystanders plead with Georgia officers as they hold 5 black children at gunpoint

Florida bars and restaurants close just a week after reopening

Coronavirus Cases Surge In Alabama, South Carolina And Oklahoma

Here's why trump declared school choice a civil rights issue at a time about police reform

Florida sees a record 2,783 daily coronavirus cases as state total hits 80,000

2020 CO US Senate Election by US Congressional Districts.

Washington state woman arrested, accused of setting 5 police vehicles ablaze in George Floyd riots

New Scientific Model Estimating Number of CivilizationS in the Milky Way Galaxy

We've Always Had the Money for Medicare for All -- We've Just Given It to Corporations Instead

Putting lipstick on the pig....

Meanwhile, right outside DC... more apocalypse bingo card entries

Tweet of the Day


Watchdogs Say Trump Admin Limiting Oversight of Virus Aid

Opening Up

Speaker Pelosi is a boss

severe Covid19 outbreak in China, Beijing in lockdown, parts of city fenced off

Fucking Mitch McConnell

Welcome to my world.

I think Speaker Pelosi really, really, really wants us to call McConnell "The

Those who control the narrative control the world

Stocks rally worldwide on hopes for coming economic recovery

Republican caught on hot mic complaining about Dem saying corporations get bailouts when people don'

Poll finds diminishing American pride in the Trump era

It really is tragic we don't have a real leader as president during a public health crisis.

Two men charged in slaying of federal courthouse guard in Oakland, California

Two men charged in slaying of federal courthouse guard in Oakland, California

Ethics Committee extends review into Rep. Sanford Bishop's campaign spending

Airman charged in killing of federal officer during George Floyd protests in California

Two Whistleblowers Come Forward And Will Testify Against William Barr

How Trump's petty personal business disputes with Japan in the 80s explain his views on trade.

Tori Amos "Cornflake Girl"

North Carolina Republican calls Black Lives Matter protesters 'ignorant thugs' and 'vermin' -- and sa

"No shirt, no shoes..."

U.S. extends non-essential travel restrictions with Canada, Mexico

U.S. extends non-essential travel restrictions with Canada, Mexico

Ugh! Trump ads all afternoon on The Weather Channel !!

Coronavirus outbreak linked to eastern Oregon church surpasses 200 cases

Please remember hurricane season has begun

Companies Vying to Drill on Blackfeet Land Lose DC Circuit Fight

Two historic pioneer statues torn down on University of Oregon campus

German church reinstates antisemitic 'Jew-sow' sculpture

Embracing the Chaotic Side of Zoom

St. Louis removes Columbus statue, latest monument after racial protests

Some Coronavirus Hot Spots Now Seeing Record Number Of Cases TODAY

McConnell says Democrats' policing bill 'going nowhere' in Senate

06/17 Mike Luckovich-Root Removal

Dump admin filed lawsuit against Bolton alleging breach of contract (book has already shipped)

The man who shot an anti-racism protester in Alburquerque has been identified as a supporter of Pres

The Cruelty and Death is the whole point

Virginia man arrested for brandishing assault weapon at black bikers

Nancy Pelosi attacks 'dangerous' McConnell for saying George Floyd policing bill is 'going nowhere'

Pelosi is looking at forcing House members to wear masks during committee proceedings.

Nebraska Dem Sen. Hopeful just screwed himself with disgraceful comments

My sister had her last pet scan. She was told specifically today she has less than a couple months

Today in find the cat

Trump accuser's lawyers say he undercut his defense in phone call with governors

Wearing face coverings should not be a political football.

Clicked on DU ad for NRA. Looks like they are giving away NRA pocket knife for joining!

I spoke to doctors and people close to Trump this week. We're right to worry about his health

CoronaFest 2020 June 20 in Tulsa Oklahoma

DOJ aims to stop publication of book in new lawsuit against John Bolton

A Change is Gonna Come

Eggs Hatch Into The Most Beautiful Baby Kingfishers

Report: Troy (NY) police find militia manual after arrest of armed men at Black Lives Matter rally

Mark my word - that Tulsa rally will be a disaster

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 16, 2020

Dog Takes Himself To Shelter To Get Rescued

Trump administration takes Keystone XL pipeline dispute to U.S. Supreme Court

Rep Jerry Nadler endorses Eliot Engel for Congress

Stray Dog Looks Completely Different After A Haircut And Bath

Defunding isn't the same thing as abolishing. Proof:

He became someone's treasure

Kid Rock's Nashville bar cited for ignoring reopening rules

Sad Shelter Cat Gets Adopted And Purrs For The First Time

Allison Lundergan Grimes Endorses Charlie Booker for Senate

Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Hey Siri; I'm getting pulled over

Kavanaugh's vote to perpetuate discrimination against the LGBTQ community is a stain on anyone who

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 17 June 2020

My darlings I have to say I am confused in the Spring Contest how...

2020 CO US Senate Election by US Congressional Districts if Romanoff-D is the Democratic nominee.

Steve Sack FTW

TEXAS is NO. 1

John Cleese vs Extremism

The Great Dictator Speech - Charlie Chaplin

Tulsa Officials Plead for Trump to Cancel Rally as Virus Spikes in Oklahoma

Message an hour ago from The Lincoln Project...

Trump sinking in polls - voters tired of his failures and angry tweets

Just in time for Father's Day: The President Trump Express

Top coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says he hasn't talked to Trump in two weeks

John Bolton: Please see the @ACLU statement on my upcoming book release..

Kim May Have More Targets After Blowing Up Korea Liaison Office

I am going to tell you a Trump.

Target and Nike offer Juneteenth as paid holiday, joining other national companies

Is this UC Berkeley history prof's letter real? BLM

Supplier delivered bad steel to Navy for subs, say court documents

If it's about "history", maybe surviving participants in lynching postcards should come forward

Suspect in killing of 2 Bay Area officers tied to right-wing Boogaloo group, prosecutors allege

We just watched Da 5 Bloods. (No spoilers)

Trump's 2020 polls are getting worse. Here's proof.

Stupid Trump Rally Questions


The long awaited Lincoln Project bombshell has dropped

GOP and Democrats at odds over police reform in Congress as pressure for action mounts

Schumer pans Trump executive order on police reform

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will win if 2020 is a Democratic wave election year.

Fight grows in Mississippi over state flag's Confederate emblem

New Biden Campaign video dropped Sunday.

New Lincoln Project ad #TrumpIsNotWell is off the chain!

Henderson and Las Vegas Tennis - new (free) Meetup group

Indonesia Arrests US Fraud Fugitive On Local Sex Charges

What do you think costs Trump the most, his bleached teeth...

As the COVID Threat Ramped Up, Trump Resisted Sounding the Alarm "The Virus" FRONTLINE

Another "Karen" this one in North Carolina.

Tennis in Las Vegas - new (free) Meetup group - Henderson and Las Vegas Tennis


Las Vegas Tennis - new (free) Meetup group - Henderson and Las Vegas Tennis

With robust slate, Florida Democrats look to change numbers in the Capitol

Revolution #1

In honor of World Sea Turtle Day:

Bumper Sticker

Lincoln Project ad is devastating.

A mutation in the novel coronavirus may increase its infectivity

Another racist monument bites the dust.

Sparta aka Mean Kitty has died

Coronavirus Cases Rise Sharply in Prisons Even as They Plateau Nationwide

A cat by any other name is---- a cat

Does anyone else look at the "Karen" (I know that is a loaded term on DU) videos

After enabling Mike Gundy for years, Oklahoma State has earned latest round of mockery

Donald Trump is a liar, a con man and a bully.

Donald Trump has preyed on the American psyche like a demon. At last the exorcism has begun

The Arsonist-in-Chief

Virginia governor to propose Juneteenth as state holiday

Trump trailing in polls because people don't want to admit they support him, former press secretary