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Trump Is Sinking In The Heartland As Gold-Standard Poll Shows Him Tied With Biden In Iowa

Midlands Voices: Universal mask wearing is truly necessary during this health crisis

2020 Daily Trail Markers: Alabama voting restrictions struck down ahead of July Senate runoff

Trump Is Recruiting People From High Covid States To Infect His Rally

This has all but been forgotten

Multiple airlines dropping alcohol on flights

Sometimes it takes longer than others .. but when you get it you get it ..... 🤍🖤

118,741 DEAD. And they cheered the murderous bastard in the rose garden...

Congress Headed Toward Standoff On Police Reform

Ali Velshi To Trump: 'Mr. President, Why Don't You Tell Us The Truth About Your Health?'

How white spirituality, religious or not, allows racism to grow


Jim Carrey's New Cartoon Warns Trump May Try to Defect to Russia Before Election

Trump Campaign Calls on Biden to 'End His Self-Imposed Isolation' and Resume Events In Person

Solving the Mystery of What Became of J.F.K.'s Other Patrol Boat

I'm not sure if this is accurate but if it holds were in a bad place here in Texas. 4,412 new cases

Another racist loses his job: Philadelphia court supervisor

Trump Considers Suing His Niece Over Her Tell-All Book, Saying She Signed an NDA

OK folks - Project Lincoln says add about Trump's health was just a little thunder till TOMORROW !!

Is anyone actually considering going to the gym right now?

Just now, I had a strange conversation about "asses"

BLM needs to reclaim Jesus

Albuquerque shooter Steven Baca attended Trump rally wearing red #MAGA hat

Woman and 15 friends all test positive for coronavirus after night out at Jacksonville Bar

I can no longer listen to Trump talk without hearing Sarah Cooper.

Calling Trump unwell doesn't hurt Trump. It hurts disabled people.

Alcohol & Sleep - A Bad Combination

So IF the great wonder drug saves lives

The idea of a post-policy government is preposterous

2020 CO US Senate Election by each CO US Congressional District if Romanoff-D is the D. Nom.

New Zealand govmt deploys nude 'porn actors' in humorous & effective web safety ad

Lazy cooks cabbage "rolls"

BWHAHAHA: ABC has obtained Trump's own internal poll showing him getting destroyed by Joe Biden

Internal Poll Showed Trump Losing by Wide Margin

"Better covers".....List the remakes you think are better than the original!

AT&T is laying off thousands of workers and shutting down at least 250 stores

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

A husband and wife died of Coronavirus within 30 minutes of each other today.

Hey, that's my dog - Leave it alone

Brazil Posts Record Daily Virus Cases as Disease Spreads Inland

Not in my backyard...nor his or hers. Nevada local impact of new National Defense Authorization Act

Video of Steven Baca throwing people to the ground prior to him shooting the protestor

Study Exposes Russia Disinformation Campaign That Operated In The Shadows For 6 Years

On the road to fire season 2020 in Idaho

Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves legendary gym over mask policy

Confederate flag flying is morphing.

Current Top 5 countries leading the world in new covid-19 cases

FOX is reporting on the new "#TrumpIsNotWell" ad

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats.

Not everyone had the parents I had. Not everyone had the wonderful teachers I had.

Trump is all about the common man. You know, regular dudes who have NDAs with family members

Trump Considers Suing His Niece Over Her Tell-All Book, Saying She Signed an NDA

As meat plants stayed open to feed Americans, exports to China surged

A mean, horrific video, man deliberately knocks down 92 year old, afterwards, she is ok.,,Warning:

Angela Davis: Dems & GOP Tied to Corporate Capitalism, But We Must Vote So Trump Is "Forever Ousted"

Prince George's Co. looks to realign $20M from police budget for public safety facility.

"Man arrested after shooting at deputies outside Spalding County home, cops say"

Pence: There Isn't a Coronavirus 'Second Wave'

Chuck E. Cheese going belly up, and it's not about the virus...

A podcast about the tv show "Cops" that is a must hear...

Pence's Remarks to Winnebago Industries Employees, Forest City, IA

New MeidasTouch video: GOP Cowards (tweet & YouTube video) - They can try to run from Trump...

No-knead rye bread - a flop and a success

Has there ever been such a split between truth and lies in this country? Pence's denial?

Is Covid-19 now being used to kill African Americans

Meanwhile, in Savannah

I hope the Lincoln Project will do a spot regarding the rethug plot to end the USPS

Now three senior DOJ officials quitting in the last week, deep into an election year. ...

Monty Python, Hellboy, & a Conquistador: I Swear I'm Not Making Any of This Shit Up (Ferret/ShowerC)

*Katie Porter will be on Lawrence show later.

Another good recording by Don Caron.

Biden: We need a president who chooses unity over division. Rubin: We need one who isn't nuts.

WTF is going on with NK.. They are massing troops on the SK border

The police abuse of force issue reminds me of the priest child abuse issue.

*Senator Cory Booker on Lawrence show now.

More people, younger people admitted to hospital with COVID-19 [Memphis]

World War 3 is trending again

President Trump must take Florida's potential disasters much more seriously.

Damn :( ... Wife of Rep Andy Barr (R-KY) died unexpectedly

Oklahoma St. Coach Gundy Apologizes For Wearing OAN T-Shirt

Legal expert has fascinating theory to explain the DOJ 'doxxing' John Bolton

The Killers - Caution

The Ramp

The Killers - Land of the Free 2020

and btw

Pelosi makes it official: She is now officially requesting committee chairs enforce House rules and

The Outfield - Your Love

Five years ago today................our nightmare began..............

I have a question that is not comfortable to ask regarding end stage colon cancer

Only 20 more Tuesday's.

San Jose: Public Health Officer Sara Cody receiving threats over her handling of coronavirus

actors needed for rally

Pinnick Gales Pridgen - Hang On, Big Brother

Lincoln Project cuts to the chase. Trump is not well.

Can you think of any sequels better than the original...?

Link? n/t

NY-16: 'We just need a win': The left unites to take down Eliot Engel

Someone please tell me how

Facebook Will Allow Users to Turn Off Political Ads

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Signs Police Reform While Praising the Police

I had to tell a little boy to get away from me today.

A last-minute Republican double-cross on absentee voting in Iowa

France's Far-Right Party, Marine Le Pen's National Front, Convicted of Fraud

Vote OUT the GOP Cowards

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Stacey Abrams - "Our Time Is Now" and Ending Voter Suppression

At-Home Gala: "Va, pensiero"

Trump lied today about some of the victim families he claimed he met with. They weren't there.

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trumpiversary, Paw Patrol Outrage & Pence Sells RVs!

Anyone have recommendations for a good biography of Putin?

The real reason trump is going to Oklahoma on Saturday is a photo op.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Fox News's Law & Order Experts

Remembering "Hearts of Space" ...

Seth Meyers - Trump Struggles with Ramp at West Point - Monologue 6/15/20

Army veteran, arrested at Kansas City protest, says police use of force uncalled for

Malcolm Arnold: 'Four Scottish Dances'

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: The Noetic Jesus Prayer in Many Languages

Chase: $7.5 bil. in home loans past 6 years 1.9% to blacks

NY-15, NY-17: In two deep-blue House seats, moderate N.Y. Democrats are top contenders

Let's go all the way...

Vivaldi Recomposed by Max Richter

Arkansas AG sues TV pastor over virus treatment claims

Trump forgetting what the hell he was speaking about

Villa vs. Sheffield United

Ga. still counting absentee ballots! I have a suggestion for Georgia!!!

Preaching to the Choir

Anyone else getting the feeling COViD-19 is on the verge of defeat or at least becoming more minor?

Supplier delivered bad steel to Navy for subs, say court documents

I'm sure the main cause of this is Hillary's emails

Robots Make Food Deliveries In Fairfax City, Va. During Coronavirus; D.C. Project

NY-15: Ritchie Torres running to become first openly LGBTQ Black person elected to Congress

NY-15: Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. under fire for alleged elections violations

Wow! Thought Alioto (70) and Roberts (65) were younger!

Robots Make Food Deliveries in Fairfax City, Va. During Coronavirus; D.C. Project

Edvard Grieg Wedding Day at Trouldhaugen

Sinema says Ducey doesn't have 'the time or interest' to speak to her about coronavirus pandemic

To donald trump without comment.

Trump Proposes Overruling Supreme Court by Creating Supremer Court

Nurse MAGA says...

Dance All Night...

Why we got drumpf

'Despite Eviction Bans, Local Landlords Are Still Threatening To Kick Out Tenants'

Despite Eviction Bans, Local Landlords Are Still Threatening To Kick Out Tenants (DC- Va- Md Focus)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Civilian Militias, Black Band-Aids, and the NFL's Apology

Mississippi Set To Become The 13th State To Criminalize Fossil Fuel Protests

'Legitimacy Crisis': Hayes Says NYPD Milkshake Incident Reveals Larger Police Issue - All In - MSNBC

How Black Lives Matter Effectively Pushed Trump On Policing Reform - The Beat - MSNBC

Barr's New Mueller Nightmare: Key Prosecutor To Tell All Under Oath - The Beat - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/16/20

Elizabeth Warren to endorse Jamaal Bowman

So Trump signed an Executive Recommendation?

Stephen Colbert - Hasan Minhaj: To Enjoy America's Successes, We Have To Own Its Failures

Columbus City Budget and Police costs in it.

Breakfast Wednesday 17 June 2020

Carol Leavell Barr, wife of Kentucky Congressman Andy Barr, dies in Lexington home

I think I've figured it out.

Is trump going to verbally attack China because they refused to help his re-election?

White House just announced that every person in the world requested a ticket for Trump's rally

PBS Frontline: "The Virus: What Went Wrong" is a must-see

When Trump goes down there will be the largest spontaneous block party the world has ever seen.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will likely to be winning are-

More from the Lincoln Project on the compilation thread - New Videos - #TrumpIsNotWell & Tulsa

Hitler-loving Medellin cartel co-founder Carlos Lehder Rivas goes free in Germany after 30 years in

It's like having a World War as President!

Trump supporter - dying of COVID after Tulsa event will just make him mad he won't be able to vote

HuffPost: Inside The Dangerous Online Fever Swamps Of American Police (message boards)

Illinois Gov Pritzker Makes Voting Day State Holiday Expands Vote By Mail

Have you seen Billy Porter's video song/statement For What it's Worth? Your opinion?

Black hole caught spewing jets into space at nearly the speed of light (video)

So another way of putting it, what President Trump said Obama didn't do, he had done six years ago

Some of the president's opponents fear that he'll refuse to leave the White House if he loses....

Sadiq Khan takes 10% pay cut and urges Boris Johnson to bail out bankrupt councils

Wife of Kentucky Congressman Andy Barr dies suddenly in their home at 39

Supreme Court blocks execution of Texas death-row inmate

Morning Joe covering Boogaloo arrest for

A "Trump Republican" visits local government meeting to give them hell. Hilarity ensues

President Trump's North Korea Summits Gave Kim Jong Un 'de Facto Nuclear State Status,' Ban Ki-moon

Training potential butt partner:

Since Some Republicans Still Refuse to Wear Masks in Congress, Now Nancy Pelosi Is Requiring It

Carlos Lehder: Pablo Escobar's crime partner freed from US jail

Carlos Lehder: Pablo Escobar's crime partner freed from US jail

200,000 COVID-19 deaths in the US...

A Bee C: Scientists translate honeybee queen duets

The man Trump called 'my African American' is leaving the GOP

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will allow users to turn off political ads

Just released: THE LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad - "TULSA"

The blogger who hit back against a hammer-wielding Russian 'assassin'

THE LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad - "Trump is Not Well"

Dallas pilot program seeing great success by pairing officers with social workers for 911 calls

The fact we are the sick men of the West is hardly a surprise

Virginia governor to propose Juneteenth as state holiday

Montgomery City Council votes down mask ordinance, sends doctors out in disgust

Trump Administration Stuck With 66 Million Doses of Near-Unusable Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

Ooops! Models Underestimating CO2 Output From Permafrost By Up To Than 14% - GRL Report

Mike Pence: There Isn't a Coronavirus 'Second Wave'

House Republicans Seethe as Pelosi Orders Mask-Wearing in Committees

So Trump signs an executive order, because he knew McConnell wasn't going to take up a bill.....

Rep. Karen Bass for VP?

Atlanta megachurch pastor faces criticism for suggesting 'white blessing' replace term 'white privil

Federal Appeals Court Dumps Last Oil Claim Located On Sacred Blackfeet Land Near Glacier NP

Irony Bell Clanging As FEMA And Other Federal Officials Praise Puerto Rico Hurricane Preparedness

Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is 'based on a racial stereotype'

Alabama Newspaper Inadvertently Shows What Christian Privilege Looks Like

Joe Scarborough just went OFF on Mark Zuckerberg.

Rubin (WP): Why Democrats have an extraordinary opening (filibuster, reforms, etc)

The next great ad will be one about Mr Law and Order and how

2020 Electoral Map Ratings: Biden Has An Edge Over Trump, With 5 Months To Go

Hampered by the pandemic, Alaska's movement to recall its governor adapts

TX Drillers Burned/Vented $750 Million In NG In 2018 ; 7,000 "Exceptions" Issued By State To Do So

'Of course not': Fauci says he wouldn't attend Trump rallies as coronavirus spreads

Two Factories - Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon

Fayetteville city council passes mask ordinance.

Jeff Masters: COVID Is The Pop Quiz, Climate Is The Final Exam - Yale Climate Connections

Scoop: Republican operatives launch pro-Biden super PAC

Columbus as supremacist? Some with Italian roots reject him

Colorado lawmakers let governor mass-pardon marijuana possession convictions

Have you read Black Like Me - everyone should read it

X-Post from GD (RandySF): Ducey doesn't have "time or interest" to speak to Senator Sinema

SCOTUSblog: Wednesday round-up, June 17, 2020

Pence tries to declare coronavirus over as Trump pushes reopening and campaigning


Most New Yorkers diagnosed with coronavirus aren't sharing contacts with tracers

You raised $1,098.69 on June 16, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

"You know who just gave that to you? The next president of the United States."

Stravinsky was born on this date

Is shaking my head in disbelief considered

The Rundown: June 17, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #91: The Weeks Keep Coming (6/16/2020 Edition)

Former Army secretary backs Biden, citing 'moral leadership'AP NEWS

NY16: Cuomo and Clinton endorse Eliot Engel. Sanders, AOC and Warren endorse Jamaal Bowman

Trump golf club asks Palm Beach County for rent relief

US Air Force sergeant charged in Boogaloo Bois murder

M.C. Escher was born on this date-

Wednesday TOONs - Trump On a Ramp(age)

If you're totally submerged you won't notice the water!

... Louis Farrakhan--a homophobic anti-Semite with ties to Scientology.

Michigan May be a Nightmare for the GOP

Michigan May be a Nightmare for the GOP

If The Supreme Court Lets The Electoral College Vote However It Wants, Will Chaos Ensue?

Who could have guessed; The information age would lead to mass ignorance.

Republican operatives pushing GOP turnout for Biden with new super PAC

Biden's Automated Factchecking Runs Circles Around Trump's Lie War

June 17 - Happy Birthday Rep. Scott Peters (D) CA-52nd

June 17 - Happy Birthday Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) OH-9th

Ingenuity: How the Mars helicopter will fly on another planet

"retrieve and dispose" of existing copies in a manner acceptable to the government

Read today

Clash of protesters puts national spotlight on small southern Ohio town of Bethel

Beijing's new outbreak raises fears for rest of the world

Trump uses 'AIDS vaccine' as proof scientists can develop COVID-19 vaccine

After merger, T-Mobile lays off hundreds of Sprint employees

"I would rather die from coronavirus than wear a damn mask."

Another new poll that has Trump down at 35%, Biden at 48%

Amtrak is ending daily service to hundreds of stations. Blame the coronavirus pandemic, Amtrak says.

Is Trump Trying to Spread Covid-19? Does he start each day wondering what expert advice to ignore n

And now a word from our sponsor ...

When you give a police force military weapons, they are no longer a police force.

So Cute!! Young Republicans Take Bold Action W. New Ad; 2020 GOP Environment Platform Unchanged

Another African American hanging. What is going on?

Late Night Waits for Trump to Finish Descending the Ramp

Mnuchin ordered to give tribes the hundreds of millions in emergency Covid aid he denied them.

Wow ReTHUGs next to Scott are wearing masks


Tim Scott

A new Swedish coronavirus antibody study suggests the herd-immunity strategy isn't working

Frontline: My blood began to boil when they showed this. It reminded me of Trumps massive failure.

How the Supreme Court Is Quietly Enabling Trump


Mississippi Official: Black People 'Dependent' Since Slavery

"Black Lives Matter", Sez Chevron; Then There's Chevron In Ecuador, Nigeria, Black Neighborhoods

New Poll Shows Jamaal Bowman in the Lead for NY 16th Seat

Doctors Urge Arizona Gov. to Reverse Mask Policy as Coronavirus Cases Surge

Cartoon: MAGA Inside You By Clay Jones -June 17, 2020 9:00 AM

US admits flaws as UN human rights body set to debate racism

So rethugs are kicking the can down the road, again,

North Carolina GOP lawmaker urges police to shoot protesters

Black teen found hanged outside suburban Houston school: police

Under Obama, the Justice Department aggressively pursued police reforms. Will it continue

donald trump on the ramp at West Point:

Concrete barriers installed around Lee statue in Virginia

Trump's Favorite Pollster Says He's Losing by 12

HUGE: Supreme Court Bans Discrimination Against LGBT Workers

Time to remember the Freedom Rides that started in the spring of 1961

Pro wrestling shut down by virus after Florida governor deemed it 'essential'

Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is 'based on a racial stereotype'

For Trump regulations, it all comes down to November

Highest-circulation Kentucky newspaper endorses Charles Booker in Senate race

How Trump's missteps undermined the US's recovery from pandemic

A Rough Year for Americans? It's Been A Rough Ten Years!

Eleanor Barr, wife of Kentucky Congressman, dies suddenly aged 39

Is Brazil on the verge of a dictatorship?

We finally have a good, solid example why government should not be run like a business.

Is Brazil on the verge of a dictatorship?

Mexico's Virus Czar Seen Playing a Dangerous Game With Numbers

A tale of cop prejudice with not too bad ending

Important book for the early Civil Rights movement--The Children by David Halberstam (1999)

Watchdogs warn of strain on agencies from pandemic response

Retail Sales by Segment in 12 Hair-Raising Charts: It's a pandemic, so there are problems with data

Former prosecutors write court in support of bail for lawyers accused of throwing molotov cocktail

NY-16: Bowman Leads Engel In New York Primary

How to Topple a Statue Using Science

Netflix's Reed Hastings and Patty Quillin to donate $120M to Black education

Puppies on the sofa, yes or no?

Making golf semi-interesting : Animals on the green


Target raises minimum wage to $15 an hour months before its deadline

Radio's 'Live from Here' canceled amid budget cuts

Trump's Bible Photo Op Caused Instant Drop In Polls

Just a Dump Rump image to pass around if interested

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/17/20

Another ranking of the Presidents

260 workers test positive for COVID-19 at Orlando International Airport

Senate police bill is theater

Federal Executions Set To Resume After Nearly 2-Decade Hiatus

Food bank at St. Stephen's Phoenix and COVID19.

Mars Inc says evaluating changing Uncle Ben's brand image

Freight railroads reinvent the wheel.

Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart at 'risk of an imminent collapse,' Coast Guard says

Pic Of The Moment: How To Tell If Your Political Party Has Turned Into A Cult

5 years later: Remembering the Emanuel 9

'ICUs are full, patients are dying': 3 Alabama counties see largest jump in weekly cases

Inside A Wall Street Tycoon's Plan To Get Americans Off The Highway -- And On His Trains

Calls grow to remove Lincoln Emancipation Memorial in Boston

Russia builds disinfection tunnels for Putin (USA Today)

Patrol Officer breaks down over McDonalds order

'Go Back to Japan': Torrance Police Investigate Hate Crime After Store Finds Threatening Note

My husband pitched in on the police reforms. "Why aren't they doing something for the cops!"

SCotUS might decide the election this month: Electoral College

Sometimes the void screams back

75-Year-Old NY Protester Fractured Skull in Cop Shove, Can't Walk: Lawyer

Some people JUST NEED a good punch to the jaw

Forbes: "Science Reveals The Cannabis Industry's Greatest Lie: You're Buying Weed Wrong"

Another lie - "It's heritage" - The Confed flag

Oh look

I can't fucking stop watching this tik tokkkk

A Mask is a Stupid Hill to Die on, America

This forum is an absolute gold mine. Here's another question.

If COVID-19 has taught us one thing,

"She was always there." A nurse who brightened the hospital ward died alone, stricken by covid.

Impeached tRump golf club in Florida requests rent relief, citing coronavirus impact

FIERCE: White men beating me up for walking with a blm sign (she wasn't taking ANY crap)

COVID-19 modeling site: Michigan one of two states 'on track to contain' virus

Lafayette Square Could Decide the Election

Democrats press IRS over report that it failed to audit high-income non-filers

Trump Pans Criticism of Law Enforcement, Unless It's His (criticism)

Fear of masks by men

This little girl is all of us when we're alone in the car

Why don't we do it in the road?

I'm So Tired of winning....

Two guys out for a jog

Justice Department will reportedly propose limits to online platforms' legal protections

Nooo! Cuomo ending daily briefings on Friday

DeSantis declares FL won't roll back the reopening. Full steam ahead!

New map reveals just how enormous the supergiant star Antares really is

Some positivity!

1 in 5 people may have a health condition that increases their risk of severe COVID-19 says study

OK GOP senator Lankford advises older people, at-risk people not to go to rally. From joemygod

Every GOP senator who attended a news conference today wore a mask

Netflix CEO and Wife Give $120 Million to Historically Black Colleges

6 states report record-high jumps in new coronavirus cases

16 friends test positive for coronavirus after an outing at a Florida bar

My website at Smugmug is live!

Michigan emerged as 'national leader' in COVID-19 mitigation, Gov. Whitmer says

Feds arrest man for alleged role in fire at Minneapolis Police Department precinct

FYI: I found a great site to track Covid-19 by state & county:

UNLV removes Confederate-themed 'rebel' statue in wake of protests against racial injustice

Oh oh, Charles Barkley just said both parties suck....

Justice Dept. Official to Exit, Signaling Third Departure in Recent Days

Get your motor runnin': Sturgis bike rally is on

Judiciary panel lawmakers collide over policing

With the cases of COVID19 rising in almost every state

10 New Coronavirus Deaths, 373 More Cases In Washington

Family of man killed by Lakewood police last month push for officer's removal

Coronavirus has come to Trump country

Canadian Sink Seal

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 17 2020

Richmond police chief resigns after viral footage of police SUV driving into crowd

👍 Lincoln Project Ad - their movement is growing

House to require face masks after Republican who wouldn't wear one tests positive for virus

'Live From Here,' successor to 'Prairie Home Companion,' canceled among drastic cuts at APM, MPR

Pablo Escobar's crime partner freed in US, goes to Berlin

The Lincoln Project - TULSA

Is the cop having a meltdown at McD's a fake?

Judge denies injunction on Trump rally over social-distancing guidelines

Archives On The Air 197: Riding High In Rodeo--Abe Morris Papers

SKETCH - A Riot Cop's Day Off

Has tweety boy been unusually quiet or just not posting anything outrageous enough to be posted?

Where's donald? Has the Lincoln Project caused a brain hemorrhage?


We have entered phase three here in upstate New York. I am worried.

Found on FB

First scorpion of the year this morning

The Cruise Industry Is Donald Trump Personified

Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man

Texas governor blames young people for virus spike after rushing to reopen

UPDATE: Protesters tear down another Confederate statue in Richmond

Dealing With IDES - A Question....

FAA chief acknowledges agency, Boeing made mistakes on 737 MAX

Completely ineffective cat entry deterrent (Twitter)

Moscow Mitch's Confederate Core Surfaces

Arrest warrant filed for man filmed punching BLM protester in Bethel, Ohio

Sid?? Sid??? It's the Belmont Stakes this Sat.

DNA study reveals Ireland's age of 'god-kings'

Blowing bubbles: Soapy spheres pop pollen on fruit trees

Trillions in Stimulus Go Unchecked With Watchdogs Kept Toothless

Europe pushes ahead with 'dune buggy' Mars rover

House Republican leaders condemn GOP candidate who made racist videos

How Elon Musk aims to revolutionise battery technologyMore

So, For My 40,000th Post!

House Republican leaders condemn GOP candidate who made racist videos

They heard George Floyd's call out to his mother as a call to public service

Are there any campaigning in the 5th district?

Trump voters have a severe mental flaw that is not talked about much.

Mike Pence explains how COVID-19 would go away if you would just stop reading the news

Trump's latest top Pentagon pick turns out to be a racist Obama-hating conspiracy theorist

Is this ad what Rick Wilson was teasing yesterday?

House Republican leaders condemn GOP candidate who made racist videos

Conspiracy Theorists Have a Fundamental Cognitive Problem, Say Scientists

Lauded New COVID-19 Treatment Is Promising -- But It's Not a Miracle Cure

U.S. Justice Department proposes rolling back protections for big tech

Why Policing Is Broken

Cartoons 6/17/2020

The book cover Mary Trump chose

To the Republicans always asking "Where will we get the money?" whenever social programs

Jim Bakker sued by second state for selling fake coronavirus cure

Auditor tells Eyman to edit his statement for voter guide

Armed vigilantes under scrutiny after statue protester shot in New Mexico

COVID-19 quarantine center to move from Everett arena

Handsome Johnny

Taxpayers Have a Right to Know Who Is Getting Their Stimulus Money

Tim Scott & Mitch McConnell lecturing Democrats on passing their bill is rich.

Pence tries to declare coronavirus over as Trump pushes reopening and campaigning

80 Percent of People in This Age Group Are Asymptomatic

How -- and When -- Can the Coronavirus Vaccine Become a Reality?

California attorney general announces statewide police reforms

Aussie pup literally makes it impossible for owner to work

DeWine has a presser today

Ron DeSantis, on climbing coronavirus case numbers: 'We're not rolling back.'

GOP Cowardice On Trump Takes Center Stage In Scathing New Supercut

Ohio Gov Mike DeWine has a presser today, 17 June, 2pm, local time

Texas Senators Cruz, Cornyn dismiss notions of systemic racism in police and society

Oops, missed the WH press briefing

Contender for Tweet of the day (from yesterday)....

Just felt an earthquake a short time ago in San Jose. It was situated near Alum Rock. 3.6 magnitude

Anderson Cooper Debunks Trump's Latest Coronavirus Claim With Basic Child Psychology

I'd like to know what companies are demanding masks

Cincinnati Bengals to observe Juneteenth

Senate Passes Major Public Lands Bill

Starving Pittie Is Completely Unrecognizable Now (Traumatic beginning; triumphant ending)

Trump West Palm Beach golf course seeks rent relief to survive coronavirus shutdown

About Trump holding the bible in front of a churh. If 1 in 50 bible lovers are offended, than that

'You have failed me as mayor:' Snohomish mayor under fire for handling of protests

Who could ever vote for this?

Scientists developed a polymer that can deliver oxygen for germination on Mars

US-Canada border closure extended at least to July 21

Trump is Randle McMurphy driving a bus full of lunatics.

The SEC told bankrupt Hertz it has issues with its plan to sell stock, Chairman Jay Clayton says

Constitutional amendment to sue over laws, passes Georgia Legislature

Symphony #6 "Pastoral" Ludwig van Beethoven Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Why aren't Ds loudly laying the 119,000 COVID deaths squarely at tRump's feet? Oops. Biden just did!

Hundreds of Orlando International Airport employees test positive for COVID-19

Alameda Karen

new hot spot in the making...

The Lincoln Project on recent opinion polls

7 Ways 2020 has Exposed America

Most of The Lincoln Project's ad buys are Fox DC: 'Donnie can never escape'

Rare Earth - Big John is My Name

House GOP Leaders Condemn Candidate In Georgia

Trump reversed Obama-era efforts to demilitarize police, now falsely says Obama 'never even tried'

Biden live from Darby, PA

Trump knows he's losing a grip on his base

This needs to be a new Lincoln project ad, tRump endangers meat plant workers, forcing them

Juneteenth Protests Planned in Major Cities

Three reasons why things will not get better for Trump before the election.

Reopen News: NYC to enter Phase 2 on Monday, Governor Cuomo says

Close contact, not fleeting encounters, seen as major Covid-19 culprit

Cop has meltdown after her McMuffin order takes too long -- and she assumes it's being poisoned

Old enough to remember Disney's True Life Adventure movies. One about elk on youtube

Bolton Says House Should Have Investigated Trump for Impeachable Actions Beyond Ukraine

'They're in denial': How Trump's White House is ignoring the pandemic

Just got home from Walgreens.

Biden: "I'm ready on day one. After three years in office, why isn't Donald Trump ready?"

Great speech President Biden!

Trump Nominates Key Adviser For Latin America To Head Regional Bank

Found a portable air conditioner curbside that sells new for 450 but the cord was cut off. Why would

Breaking: AOC finally accepts face-to-face debate challenge for congressional election

Brazil's Bolsonaro says time to end 'abuses' of Supreme Court

Where does one get a real old school monster movie type torch? I have a pitchfork. No

Trump asked China's Xi to help him win reelection, according to Bolton book

Fuck you, Chuckie Toad. Just, Fuck. You! (Post-Biden speech)

Brazil's Bolsonaro says time to end 'abuses' of Supreme Court

Bolton says trump wanted China's help in reelection

Finally! A choice that isn't the lesser of two evils!

Fox News cut away from Trump's speech this afternoon, then aired Biden's complete speech live

The Police Aren't Very Good At Their Main Job: Solving Crimes

Racist woman identified

Trump asked China's Xi to help him win reelection, according to Bolton book

Detroiters salute Boaters for Dotard

Bolton's Revelations - NY Times

VMI black alumni speak out about racism, demand changes amid swell of racial justice protests

I thought about posting something like this to the spring photo contest.

In a major legal setback for President Donald Trump on a high-profile consumer issue,

Did Joyce Vance just give the opinion that there may not be charges in the Brooks case?

Calvert County Department of Human Resources is accepting applications

White House Dismisses COVID-19 Risk At Trump Rally: 'That's Part Of Life'

Washington Post publishes more details from Bolton's book.

Bolton: Trump sought China's help in 2020 election, tried to stop criminal probes...

For Indigenous Zapotec Families, Spinning Becomes a Lifeline

There will be felony murder charges in Rayshard Brooks' death

Atlanta Officers Being Charged

Looks like KellyAnne is having the vestiges of evil surgically removed

Trump 'pleaded' with China's president to buy US agricultural products to help him win the 2020 elec

US police:21 weeks of training, 1004 killed in 2019; Norway police:3 years of training, 4 fatalities

Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and other GOP officials slammed as 'cowards' in new viral clip

Officer Stacey Has Viral Meltdown Over Having To Wait A While For An Egg McMuffin

Brian Williams Did Another Of His Disses Of The Dems Last Night

time for an ad on Bolton's book

Ma Vlast: The Moldau Bedrich Smetana

On this day, June 17, 1943, Barry Manilow was born.

Pleased to note my bank: We're closing early on Friday for Juneteenth.

Just imagine Trump being President at any time between 1933 and 1945.

Masks no longer required in West Wing, McEnany says

Mr Brooks was murdered

Buttigieg on Trump asking Xi for re-election help: Hard to express how breathtakingly bad this is

Officer who shot Rayshard Brooks charged with murder, aggravated assault, other charges

Y'all see that green on the mitten?

Oh hell, this is just rich (WH Press release):

Trump is pro-concentration camp, pro-imprisoning/executing journalists, anti-term limits for himself

Please name three of Trump's advisors or cabinet members who could NOT be indicted

Trivia: Who is the subject in this mug shot?

Fox news criminals blabber on about law and order.

Poland's Duda lands White House invitation

CNN: Trump endorsed Chinese concentration camps for minority Muslims...

(SOUND ON) my heart exploded when she said "love you, mom"

Bolton claims Trump called for 'scumbag' journalists to be 'executed'

I don't think there will be any protests in Atlanta tonight.

Trump signs Uyghur human rights bill on same day Bolton alleges he told Xi to proceed with detention

I don't think the Atlanta DA should give Officer Rolf (sp?) a chance

My husband needs oral surgery and they're asking, but not requiring, their patients

Perhaps, just perhaps there may be MLB this year

24 year oold Roosevelt bridge in Florida is 'risk of an imminent collapse' after a large crack

Curious minds want to know...

Daily Show: Bolton's book already at the top of Republican senators' "Haven't Read It" list

This baby donkey loves when dad brushes his teeth


Kyle Clark nails it again.

Abandoned Little Puppy Makes The Most Beautiful Transformation

Does America "still" have kids in cages??

GB learns to play with kitten

The Uyghur Human Rights act Trump signed today has been on his desk for 3 weeks

And then this cop. Rossford Police officer accused of using police database to contact women resigns

OH NO...Say it ain't so??...The New York Times has a copy of the Bolton Book..

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 17, 2020

Not a praying person, but I'm praying for blistering heat + violent t-storms on Saturday in Tulsa.

****GUARANTEED FRESH**** To The Greatest Page

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-1: Hanging With Mr. Cooper Edition

Bruce Springsteen Blasts Donald Trump's COVID-19 Response: 'Put on a F--king Mask'

It's being reported that ICE Detention Centers (For Profit Prison Camps) are

7A3 - I love all types of Folk Music

Third Confederate Statue Toppled By Protesters In Richmond In Recent Weeks

(LOL) Trump is now 'less desirable than chlamydia' to Michigan swing voters: Ex-GOP strategist

WHY is GoFundMe allowing a RACIST Fundraiser?

The protesters can

Does anyone else listening to snippets from Bolton's book feel the sudden urge for a

Oh noes!1! Susan Collins is concerned...again..about a judge..again

Oxford college backs removal of Cecil Rhodes statue

Donald Trump reacts to Watergait video:

Gov. Greg Abbott won't fight new Bexar County move to require masks in San Antonio area businesses

On June 4, 1953, Jimmy McCulloch was born.

We have had 20 original entries to the Spring Contest in 2 days

Trump & the republicans are promoting more PSD

Does Trump Want to Fight for a Second Term? His Self-Sabotage Worries Aides

Arthur Ashe statue defaced

The mobile phone camera is an absolute game changer when it comes to identifying racism in America

Northam is not flawless but he may well force Americans to answer a very important question

Let's hope the Atlanta DA puts to rest the attempts here to justify the killing of Rayshard Brooks

"CHYNA" From The Lincoln Project aired on CNN today

Dump wants to find and prosecute whoever let it be known that he was in the bunker.

A cool cover of one of my favorite tunes

The Lincoln Project: Chyna

So Is There Anything In The Bolton Book That Could Have....

But but but Tim Scott (R-SC) says we don't have a racism problem in the U.S.

Jack White at Chateau de Fontainebleau I A Take Away Show

Deep psych comedy performance art tribute to Andy Kaufman or dead serious weapons grade stoopid?

****GUARANTEED FRESH**** (REDUX) To The Greatest Page

Clip of Bolton stating Chelsea Manning should get death penalty for disclosing classified info

Bolton's tell all book would have even been better if he testified at the impeachment trial!

Revisiting this from 2019: "Failson Culture" by Molly Jong-Fast

Who wants to play?!

Punishment by Pandemic

I'm curious as to where those 'mountains white with foam' are located. Must ask Deborah Baber

From bunker to prison is a short trip for Trump!

Schiff blasts Bolton for not testifying after release of excerpts

Well, among all the panic, a new life begins, and we are grandparents--again!

I just cracked up both the Amazon & GrubHub delivery guys

great artwork: Rebuild With Biden

officers kicked Rayshard as he lay dying and stood on his shoulders

How much pressure and threats did Brosnan get from the boys in blue? Lawyer says he is not agreeing

Hippy Radical Cannabis Phreaks

Bolton expos makes Trump figure of mockery

He hasn't tweeted today. I wonder why?

Bolton sucks without a doubt. But would the senate have convicted even with his testimony?

Scoreboard! Trump is beating South Korea like a drum: 119,914 to 279

China made @realdonaldtrump roll over like a dog - The Lincoln Project strikes again..

Don't Dems now have a duty

George Floyd's brother calls on United Nations to study police brutality in US

Now that we know what Trump and

Bolton alleges Trump said it'd be 'cool' to invade Venezuela

The Atlanta cop murder...

My, The LincolnProject is busy: "Chyna"

I want to see the exact moment he is infected.

Anyone notice the RIDICULOUS WH response to grifter Bolton's book?

Dallas County reports record 413 new coronavirus cases, 9 deaths

Message from Biden

Just now watching Deadline Whitehouse. It is soo funny hearing Ms. Wallace say shit on air

Press Briefing by Press Kayleigh McEnany; June 17, 2020

Donald Trump would 'absolutely' support Colin Kaepernick's NFL return

Texas coronavirus totals jump due to 1,500 previously excluded state prison infections

"Only A Game, Kind World and Modern Love from WBUR/Boston are ending

Trump Wants to Find, Prosecute Person Who Leaked His Trip to the Bunker: NYT

While the MAGAts are signing their disclaimer for Trump

Coronavirus: Hundreds of abattoir workers test positive in Germany

Trump's Remarks at Announcement of PREVENTS Task Force Roadmap

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 18 June 2020

Something I haven't seen discussed here much; recent FL Polls.

The Password Is: Omnidirectionally.

Tiedrich tweet:

The Rich Have Stopped Spending And That Has Tanked The Economy

Federal judge in Oakland orders financial aid restored to undocumented immigrant students

Nearly 80% of hospitalized coronavirus patients in Atlanta were black, CDC reports

6 states report record-high jumps in coronavirus cases as reopening plans weighed

Pres. Trump was disappointed to see you didn't activate your MID MONTH 5X-MATCH!

A q believer in congress???? Not so fast. Repukes running away from Ms. Marj

National Guard for Trump rally?

Christopher Columbus statue will be removed from California state house

The latest LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Chyna"

Honduran president hospitalized for COVID-19, treated for pneumonia

Honduran president hospitalized for COVID-19, treated for pneumonia

GOP senator who acquitted Trump says Bolton's book doesn't change his mind -- because he believed Tru

Chile tightens lockdowns as country exceeds 200,000 coronavirus cases

Chile tightens lockdowns as country exceeds 200,000 coronavirus cases

NYTimes Book Review of Bolton's book, a snippet

Arizona Hits Record-High Hospital Capacity As Coronavirus Cases Climb

Will Romanoff(D-CO) win the popular vote in CO-6 Congressional District in 2020 CO Senate Race?

Arizona Hits Record-High Hospital Capacity As Coronavirus Cases Climb

QuikTrip temporarily closing some downtown Tulsa stores

Biden's tweet on Bolton

"and then the captain came up to me...big guy...tears in his eyes...and said "sir...thank you for...

Rayshard Brooks was kicked, denied medical care: The stunning allegations against ex-Atlanta police

Just saw this bullshit online - fundraiser for Officer Garrett Rolfe

Covid-19 Is Bad. But It May Not Be the 'Big One'

Some Tennessee lawmakers stop amendment to hide statue of former KKK leader

Philadelphia Eagles not ruling out idea of potentially signing Colin Kaepernick

06/18 Mike Luckovich - Stupidity unmasked

'That 70s Show' actor Danny Masterson charged in 3 alleged rapes

CO state and the national Democratic leadership did not need Hickenlooper to run for the US Senate.

Revive 1960's activist music, needed now