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Archives: June 19, 2020

New Fox News poll of registered voters has Biden leading Trump 50 to 38

This might be good. Great Performances on PBS tomorrow night.

How does California plan on enforcing mandatory mask wearing?

Trump renews threat to cut ties with Beijing, a day after high-level U.S.-China talks

Why is the WH refusing to allow any task force doctors to be interviewed on CNN

Senior Trump official Marc Lotter warns people at 'high risk' for coronavirus not to attend rally

Remember that movie, 'The Purge'? Here it is ...

Please don't anyone get too excited about poll leads now. Hillary was very far ahead

Rory Gallagher tribute

B.C. closing Peace Arch park at Canada-U.S. border due to 'significant' number of visitors

The truth about Matt Gaetz' "son"!

Rayshard Brooks: Atlanta officers turn themselves in on charges in Brooks' death

GOP lawmakers tear into John Roberts over DACA ruling

Australian leader says unnamed state increasing cyberattacks

House readies $1.5T 'infrastructure' plan including education, broadband, housing

Good news for those of us in Ohio

New Fox News poll. Will Trump sue?:

San Quentin: outcry after Covid-19 cases at California prison triple in two weeks

In big DACA ruling, Trump's bad faith blew up in his face

ICU beds in short supply across Florida as state struggles with coronavirus spike

Moron45 scrolls thru phone as small business owners tell their pandemic experiences

California orders people to wear masks in most indoor spaces

"Make Sure I Win": John Bolton's Unredacted Book Shows What Trump Was Really Trying to Hide

Edmonds Schools Discusses Removing Police Officers From Campuses

Georgia Senate: Ossoff challenges Perdue to 5 televised debates

Facebook takes down Trump ads with Nazi-like symbol for violating its policy against organized hate

Graphic from CNN on European Union vs US Covid-19 curve

OMG, our old Bowflex!

Tulsa Prepares for Big Crowds for Trump Rally, Juneteenth

Who keeps hiring these administration staffers Trump thinks are so terrible?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 20, 2020 -- The Essentials: Aviators in the Afterlife

Bolton book could cause 'grave' damage to US national security: Top intel officials

Trump's Rallies Confirm Bolton's China Story

Trump retweets fake CNN footage, because...of course

Kentucky AG urges patience amid probe of Taylor's death

SEC commissioner to lawmakers: Lose Confederate emblem from state flag, or lose championship events.

Seems to me Republican Governor's.....

Coronavirus: Covid-denying priest Father Sergei Romanov seizes Russian monastery

Biden Opens Big Lead Nationally (Fox poll hahaha!)

Coronavirus: American Airlines passenger removed for not wearing mask

Munir Bashir, from Mesopotamia, Nakhil

Legislature poised to continue streak of passing bills restricting abortions

Baltimore brothers wrongfully jailed for 24 years get $3.8m

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are favored to win.

Progressive groups boost spending against Engel

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Pence's Remarks to Employees at Casadei Steel Inc. on Opening Up America Again, Sterling Heights, MI

Trump's Remarks During a Roundtable with Governors on the Reopening of America's Small Businesses

Just a beautiful video from The Dodo

Bolton's book title, The Room Where It Happened, is taken from a song by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Now this is a dog's dog:

Kid Rock's Nashville Bar Loses Beer Permit Over COVID Violations

Florida Covid-19 Graphs thru June 24, 2020

As long as you wear a mask?!?

How the Democratic nominee for the 2020 CO US Senate Nominee does in each CO US Cong. Dist.

Cuomo considering a mandatory 14-day quarantine for inbound travelers from high infection states

Oklacovid! (My apologies to Shirley Jones)

Trump administration move could add 'significant risks' to retirement accounts

Cheeses frigging cripes. Have you seen this shit?

Posting links and possibly sharing personal info without realizing it

U.S. Senate votes to confirm McConnell protege to influential appeals court

Matt Gaetz Shouts Down Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond: 'Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?!'

Rio Tinto launches internal review after sacred caves blast

There could be one silver lining to those MF45 supporters who refuse to wear masks and attend

CBS Reporter Paula Reid Asks Trump Question All Journalists Should Ask

Worst ever comidian bomb I've seen. Rolling Thunder Saloon at Odessa, WA. It's a "biker"

Show us your artistic cell phone pics:

Mexico posts record number of new coronavirus infections

Part Of The Declaration As Recited By Rev. Barber On MSNBC Today

Wait... It was 88 Trump ads taken down for using nazi imagery

Millions Of Hydroxychloroquine Pills That Trump Touted For COVID-19 Are Now In Limbo

Air Force Investigates Military Planes That Monitored Protesters

John Bolton Is the Model of a Trump Sellout

Well, it only took me 23 years but...

A Tidal Wave of Bankruptcies Is Coming

Guy Fills His Condo With Rescued Farm Animals

'Deeper Than Racism': Jackson Declares 'Classism' a Public Health Crisis

Jamaal Bowman finds Enes Kanter's political positions something to joke about.

How can Trump sue a network claiming fake polling...

Women's claims of abuse by NYPD join a growing list of protest complaints

Matt Gaetz referring to his "son" as his "helper":

Bolton is still an asshole in my opinion!

Trump team seeks 4th debate with Biden, cites voting by mail

Profiteering Off Publicly Funded COVID Treatments

Gym Jordan craps himself on Twitter

All of these men that won't wear a mask, wondering

trump and pence should be in jail for the enormity of their callous stupidity in not...

Biden says Trump is waving a "white flag" on coronavirus response

Congrats you beautiful dreamers - DACA lives

It's not just that the Covid numbers are hitting record numbers. It's also that the tests are going

Hospital officials warn coronavirus models point to capacity concerns

John Bolton: Ten biggest claims in his Donald Trump book (All in one basket)

State health officer: COVID-19 outbreak in Oxford linked to fraternity parties

Tennessee football and BLM.

Air Force launches an investigation

GOP condemns embattled Mississippi supervisor who won't resign after racists remarks

What is Trump's point with this fake?

Telephone visit with one of my docs.

Klobuchar asked Biden to take her out of VP pool: "It's time to put a woman of color on the ticket."

AMY F***IN KLOBUCHAR!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the lesson here?

Klobuchar just said on Lawrence O'Donnell that Biden should choose a black woman VP

half of Hawaii families could be near or below poverty level by end of year...

A friend of mine just went for a Dental appointment...

The Democratic Nominee for the 2020 CO US Senate Election performance in each CO US Cong. Dist.

Bowman campaign mocks NBA star, Enes Kanter's, Endorsement of Eliot Engel..

Whoever Biden picks as his running mate could very likely be our candidate in 2024

I am calling BS on polls showing Biden way ahead

Mayor Jane Castor announces mandatory mask order for Tampa

Breaking!!! Sen. Amy Klobuchar tells @Lawrence that Biden should choose a woman of color as his VP

Bonus Quote of the Day

Stocks advice

As of today there are 117,770 deaths in the USA. Is this making America Great again?

GOP lawmakers tear into John Roberts over DACA ruling

Weird substitution question

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Bolton Book Bombshells: Trump Is Corrupt and Weird as F**k

Twitter flags Trump tweet featuring fake CNN chyron as 'manipulated media'

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 21, 2020 - Happy Father's Day

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Coronavirus Surges & Beijing Locks Down

Group of Democratic senators to propose making Juneteenth national holiday

My gut says Harris will be (and should be) the VP pick, but she's not without a couple flaws.

It's all but official: Trump is trying to make a COVID-19 vaccine his October surprise

TCM Schedule for Monday June 22, 2020 - Jazz in Film

Twitter Users Pile On Trump After He Asks If Supreme Court Dislikes Him

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Alphonso David - Unpacking SCOTUS's LGBTQ Rights Ruling

I think Klobuchar's announcement wasn't a concession - it was part of a strategic rollout

Young Men Dead - The Black Angels

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, June 19, 2020

An idea to discourage stupidity over masking

Best & sadest tweet I've seen today

Restore Decency to D.C. -- VOTE BIDEN

Seth Meyers - Trump Falsely Suggests Scientists Have Developed AIDS Vaccine - Monologue 6/17/20

Went to Wendy's for the first time in years. You know about "Irish Girl" Diane Jennings? Well, she..

John Bolton is a weasel in a party of weasels

Seth Meyers: Josie Duffy Rice Isn't Wasting Her Time on "All Lives Matter" Posts

Amy Klobuchar withdraws & suggests Biden pick a woman of color for VP. I agree only if ...

I get the feeling we are arriving at the point of no return and it has taken a long time to get here

Fuck you, John Bolton. Your book PROVES you're an asshole.

Val Demings.

Seth Meyers - Bolton Tries to Cash in with Trump Book: A Closer Look

Pelosi announces previous Speakers (served in the Confederacy) portraits removed

It's after midnight and I'm bored, so I'll start another thread about Harris...

NC lawmaker blasts Black Lives Matter, calls protesters 'thugs' and 'vermin'

Texas Democrats ask U.S. Supreme Court to expand mail voting

Russia rips Democrats' bill -- to defend Trump's withdrawal of US troops from Germany

Original 'Juneteenth' order found in the National Archives

Texas Democrats plan to create a voter registration army - via Zoom

Gee hope these Tulsa trumpers

The until-now unknown adopted son

Gov. Cooper says 'strong' people wear face coverings as sign of compassion

Tweet of the Day

Why Credit Cards Are A Scam - Honest Ads

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Dominican sisters commit $46 million to seed new climate solutions funds

Summer is coming around again ...

SCOTUS made a monumental ruling -- and there could be more to come

Democrats Favor Kamala Harris For VP By Wide Margin, Poll Finds

tRump says some Americans wear coronavirus masks 'to signal disapproval of him'

Carly Simon

Wherein Twitter justifies its existence for all time. 😂😂😂

Doctor ordered to pay $7.2 million as part of diet pill scheme in Mississippi

Trever Noah with Kimberly Jones interview:

I would like to know how many Democrats running support Joe Biden.

The Czars - Paint the Moon

George Washington statue toppled in Portland

The Czars - Little Pink House

Woody Guthrie Sees Trump

That Jane from Maine

Legislature approves $39.4B budget early Friday after day of talks

Legislature passes anti-abortion bill after midnight

Ok, I have to thank Donald Trump for something.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/18/20

Stephen Colbert - Sherrilyn Ifill: There Is Bi-Partisan Support For Reforming Qualified Immunity

KY-SEN: Do whatever you want, but this race is a lost cause.

As other states cancel fairs, new coronavirus numbers aren't derailing Missouri plans

Tennessee House GOP moves to make camping outside the Capitol a felony

Rep. John DeBerry, formerly a Democrat, says he is filing to run as an independent

Coronavirus antibodies may disappear 2 to 3 months after people recover, a new study found

New Zealand police shooting: One officer dead and another seriously injured

On Juneteenth, A Celebration Of Black Classical Composers

"Why do you keep hiring people that you believe are wackos and liars?"

Protesters to Police: Get Off Your Knee--Local marchers discourage 'copaganda' viral moments

If Pennywise is a shape shifter, couldn't the Dotard be one of his manifestations? Nt

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats will be winning.

He was supposed to deliver SCOTUS...

BLM Art in downtown Raleigh

It is common curtesy to shut down your phone during a meeting. But not for Trump

Trump says he's heard 'interesting' things about Roswell

Twitter Adds 'Manipulated Media' Warning Label to Trump Tweet

'Brother, nobody can outlie Texas!'

Hey Chick-fil-A!

I don't know if this sign is real or faked, but I like the sentiment.


We are so f*ucked...

Miami Herald editorial: "If you live in Miami and won't wear a mask, you're just an ignorant fool"

It's Friday, Trump had a bad week and probably won't be better next week either?

Andy Slavitt: The White House organized a call with doctors who are members of the Tea Party to tell

"Re-electing Trump will be good for business."

Breakfast Friday 19 June 2020

Trump, Pence use Nazi concentration camp symbol in ads targeting political enemies

Happy Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth

See how a song evolves.

New Evidence on Clinton Administration Negotiations with North Korea

Any Good News? We could all use some.

Rep. Jerry Nadler Touts Record in NY1 Debate as Challengers Demand New Leadership

Have an Android phone? Covid 19 exposure tracking, look under Settings icon, then Google settings

The Soccer Match that Kicked Off Italy's Coronavirus Disaster

Toraja Funeral

Biden seizes on Bolton book to hit Trump's record on China

Congratulations, Malala!

Class, corruption and the contradictions of Brazilian society in new film 'Three Summers'

Conservative advertisements on DU

In honor of Juneteenth, post your favorite civil rights songs here

TUC condemns the assassination attempt on Jose Angel Mena Renteria, Colombian trade union leader

Florida Keys requiring masks until June 2021

John W. Dean III: "Trump is becoming what he hates most, which is being a loser."

With Amy's dropping out must mean Elizabeth will not be considered. Nt

Latin America Is Losing Capacity to Fight Corruption at a Critical Time

The Rundown: June 19, 2020

Friday TOONs - All The Lies In This Book Are Classified!

Some 30-Year Mortgages Now Require Up To 40% Down On Coasts, In Flood Zones; Local Banks Offloading

The origin of Superheroes: Rogue

Supreme Court says it will issue more opinions Monday of next week.

LOCAL UPDATE: The Confederate monument in Decatur comes down

Congress approves controversial bill allowing life imprisonment for child rapist

In honor of Juneteenth, post your favorite civil rights songs here

Bolton's brief in DOJ lawsuit appears to be well written

Far-Right State Sen.: "Vice-Chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus" "NOT for ALL Virginians"

Happy to say JohnnyRingo

GOP Fears Biden's Low-Key Campaign Is Working

June 19 - Happy Birthday Rep. Pete Aguilar (D) CA-31st

COOK POLITICAL Electoral College ratings changes

White man with black kids - George Floyd was my wakeup

June 19 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jim Cooper (D) TN-5th

45 years ago, I graduated high school. And there is a story . . . . .

I'm really not a racist

Biden doesn't need to choose a VP who primarily appeals to the same voters he does

Trump Stares in Silence When Asked Why He Keeps Hiring 'Wackos' and 'Liars'

Chile's health minister resigns as disastrous policies lead to explosion in coronavirus infections a

I'm really not a racist - Twitter version

Wouldn't it be terrible...

Trump looking at his phone during meeting

Face masks as opportunity for Bolivia's indigenous women

I wrote this last year on June 19

The Kids are Alright--a Boomer perspective

So, this happened at our Capitol yesterday:

Louis Jordan and His Tympany 5: ''Juneteenth Jamboree'' (1940)

John Kerry: I'm gonna need a bigger bookshelf for all the tell-alls from former Trump appointees

Mark Hamill trolling Matt Gaetz is the Force

Bolivian journalist takes leave of absence citing government intimidation

Biden Campaign Lags in Hiring Top Staff in Battleground States

The NBA is giving its employees paid time off for Juneteenth

NYT Finally Gets Around to Reporting OAS Fraud Election Claims in Bolivia Were Bogus

Jim Acosta outs another manipulated Trump video as "straight out of 1984"

The Belmont Stakes is tomorrow, the first of the Triple Crown horse races for a switch...

You raised $2,545.00 on June 18, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Air travel during the pandemic: what should I know - and how safe is it?

This racist trope is being passed around by right wingers from OANN.

Florida Man Leads His State to the Morgue: Ron DeSantis is the latest in a long line of Republicans

Giuliani wants an unmoderated Trump-Biden debate where moderator would only "brake them up

Iowa lawmakers pass secret abortion bill in the dead of night

Biden's tweet on climate change and race

No trump, you did not make this popular

Trump found out he's losing to Biden by 12 points in the latest Fox News poll & started Tweeting lik

Presidential Debates - If I could give Biden one piece of advice - Don't do them.

Biden should refuse to negotiate with Giuliani on debates.

The Sad Reality

Twitter Adds 'Manipulated Media' Tag To Trump Tweet About 'Racist Baby'

Tulsa imposes curfew ahead of Trump rally to prevent violent protesting

If You Voted For Trump...

USAGM out with a press release which a staffer has described as "North Korean propaganda" ...

Etsy review helps FBI track down woman who set fire to police cars

Demon Haunted World

What will the Oklahoma Supreme Court decide re the Tulsa rally?

How Trump's 'game-changer' drug is boosting nationalism in Brazil and India

How Trump's 'game-changer' drug is boosting nationalism in Brazil and India

Review of the Tavistock Gender Clinic for Youth: Staff cite concerns

European investors threaten Brazil divestment over deforestation

European investors threaten Brazil divestment over deforestation

Trump says the new Fox News poll (Biden +12) is "phony" and "done by haters"

Investors could be looking at a 'lost decade' in the stock market, biggest hedge fund warns

John Bolton to Judge: Trump Admin Does 'Not Have the Power to Clasp Its Hand' Over My Mouth to Silen

Damn. RIP Ian Holm

Trump's threatening violence against Tulsa protesters

Professor Placed on Leave For Telling Student to 'Anglicize' Her Name

I just filed a complaint with Twitter

The Into The Wild bus took a helo ride

I need my husband to go back to work and never retire...

Trump's latest tweets on DACA

Google has a nice Juneteenth doodle today

Employee asks man to wear mask in store, man punches him

Employee asks man to wear mask in store, man punches him

Schwarzenegger: Anyone making coronavirus masks a 'political issue is an absolute moron'

Harry Enten: Biden's current lead would make this biggest Dem win since LBJ in 1964


AMC won't require guests to wear masks when theaters reopen

So Classy! Trump starts of Juneteenth with a threat to legal first amendment activity:

Trump issues a threat to protesters in Oklahoma

Tony Schwartz: "Trump is now engaged in a maniacal game of whack-a-mole

Alabama state reps. call on governor to expand voting

Great new article on Jeremy Lin

Great new article on Jeremy Lin

Metra says coronavirus will cost it $605 million in lost revenues through 2021

'It will be a much different scene!': Trump threatens protesters who want to show up at his Tulsa ra

A Buffalo police officer says she stopped a fellow cop's chokehold on a black suspect.She was fired

Boeing whistleblower alleges systemic problems with 737 MAX

The "stupid police" are aware that Trump may have said the stupidest thing ever said...

On Jeremy Lin

Real Clear Politics North Carolina polling average

Trump Triggered, EXPLODES Over John Bolton Book

SHOCK: Trump OK'd Concentration Camps, Wants Reporters "Executed"

Trump's only out is divide hate amongst all Americans!

PUBLIC ENEMY - State Of The Union (STFU)

Trump threatens possible violence against protesters outside his Tulsa rally

British actor Ian Holm dies at 88

AS the stock market continues its drive of going up, 38 million unemployed

Trump: Dems "doing totally false advertising... Also, I protect Preexisting C's."

March super spreader event in VT! 3200 fans. How will Tulsa go?

The Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism

Three States Have Not Recognized Juneteenth.

KY-SEN: Booker leads McGrath by 8 points in Kentucky Senate primary

Kamala would demolish Pence in debates!

Just saw this great Biden ad on CNN in Connecticut, not sure if it was a local ad or national:

Daily coronavirus briefing: Fauci warns football 'may not happen' this fall

Does the mention of salisbury steak make you gag?

My friend who has been a Republican

David Corn: John Bolton Provides a Harrowing Portrait of Trump's Surrender to Putin

Lester Flatt was born on this date-

Here's some good news, huge Saharan dust cloud suppressing tropical storm formation

EXCLUSIVE: Trump campaign releases list of pre-approved debate moderators.

GOP fears Biden's low-key campaign is paying off

Coronavirus has come to Trump country

Stacy Abrams. Bright. Always prepared. Clear on the issues.

Catcalling Conservatives be like...

Makes you go "Hmmm" - Gaetz and his "adopted" son

FU Melania - You're a birther. How dare you.

Nazis/Wolfenstein - A young Repuke's grasp of history

Biden debate strategy?

Civil rights groups call for 'pause' on Facebook ads

"This Shouldn't Be Happening": Tulsa Health Officials Despair as the Trump Rally Rolls Into Town

Thoughts on Celebrating Juneteenth

The Suck up interview of ALL TIME!!

Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn is about power

They cancelled Aunt Jemima??? I DONT THANK SO

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 19 2020 Final Day

The day at Saratoga Race track where I felt the electricity run right through my body.

After Trump posts a tweet threatening protesters, "threatening" is trending on Twitter, 100K posts

AP-NORC poll: Majority of Americans support police protests

What a disappointment! I understood that Donald Trump Jr would be on TV with "Trigger",

Juneteenth 2020 -- Are We Free?

Portland: down goes George Washington

Tulsa has just announced a curfew for tonight and tomorrow

Biden campaign rebukes Trump effort to push for more debates

Pic Of The Moment: For Such An Amazing Leader, Trump Sure Makes A Lot Of Terrible Hiring Errors

Arizona official brought women to the US to give birth and charged families to adopt the babies

A 'full 180′: Cuomo considers quarantine for people traveling from Florida to New York

Rayshard Brooks: Officer accused in fatal shooting is moved from a jail

Friday decompression video

'Into the Wild' bus removed from Alaska backcountry

Dust from the Sahara Desert is putting a pause on hurricane activity

Florida sets new coronavirus daily record with more than 3,000 cases

Why should anyone have to pay anything for a coronavirus test? That makes no sense!

Remember? In 2016 many people thought Trump was putting on an act during the campaign.

Mount Lemmon Fire Department 2 2020-06-17

How do you figure out what birthday present to get a loved one ?

3246 new cases for AZ today

Trump Vows to Submit 'Enhanced Papers' After Supreme Court DACA Ruling

U.S. coronavirus cases surge by more than 27,700 in a day as 7-day average jumps 15% from week ago

If you're having a rough day take a minute to watch this little man

Schwarzenegger: Anyone making coronavirus masks a 'political issue is an absolute moron'

Juneteenth Reminds Us To Make America What It Had Never Been

Former chief of staff Mick Mulvaney: Trump 'didn't hire very well'

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock's coronavirus response might just win him a Senate seat

Statues had have enuff shit - They are fightin' back

Man detained after allegedly setting 3 fires on Duck Island

Potpourri for $100...

Fund to help food banks across WA receives $1 million donation from Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

Space Song - Beach House

Piracy Surges in Gulf of Mexico, Prompting U.S. Warning

If any protestor touches THIS statue about the Civil War I'm going to go apeshit

What's with the friggin pith helmet? Going on a safari to the White Highlands of Kenya?

Woohoo! Twitter just suspended British RWNJ Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins)

Kamala Harris February 2019

Lift Every Voice and Sing

Tulsa mayor imposes curfew ahead of Trump's rally

I got a new show today!!!

DeSantis and his merry clip live here

Minnesota Twins remove statue of former owner Calvin Griffith from outside Target Field

This puts yesterday's Oklahoma covid cases in perspective, as 20,000 prepare for Trump rally.

Should someone who melts down over an Egg McMuffin even be a cop?

Breaking: Officer involved in Breonna Taylor shooting to be fired

On June 12, 1776, the Virginia Convention adopted the Virginia Declaration of Rights.

A link to a long story about a very bad cop who got caught, and the City of Chicago

This ad is just stunning......from the DNC no less

Cincinnati Enquirer Op-Ed: Can you support Trump and not be a bigot?

Sign of the times? Power cutoffs to resume in Lake Worth Beach on July 17

OANN poll has Trump ahead by only 3 in NC, so its probably Biden by 6,,,,

Tilopa's Song to Naropa - Mahamudra - "The Ganges Mahamudra" - Kagyu Lineage

Florida sets another single-day coronavirus case record with nearly 4,000 infections

Cook political report ratings changes from today..all moving in our direction.

Covid-19 hits baseball:

Arizona reports more than 3,000 new coronavirus cases, a daily high (3,246)

Wirecard chief executive resigns after 1.9 billion euro hole in the balance sheet discovered

Warren wants to know why Pence rejected U.S. goods in COVID fight

Anyone else not real excited about Tommy Thompson becoming interim uw system president?

Some possible good news about COVID-19 and protests:

Two images worth viewing, saving, and sharing from Twitter:

"Veepstakes" (I hate that term, though) betting odds:

NBC - Trump says 'biggest risk' to re-election is not stopping increased mail-in voting

So what's this Jessica Ditto business?

Any opera lovers out there?

"I know the decision ... will not be a popular one, but it is the right one."

Jack Trice

It is not that Trump is incompetent, childish, unhinged, thin skinned, etc.

Bolton says diplomatic dance with NK was South Korea's creation

Arl. VA county workers remove kid's BLM sidewalk chalk on Juneteenth

Trump says that World War I ended because soldiers got too sick to fight in 1917 pandemic

Malala Yousafzai finishes Oxford University, says now is time for 'Netflix, reading and sleep'

My robo-call blocking service just trash canned a call from the NRCC

National Guard have been activated for Trump rally in Tulsa

No Mr. Bolton, I will not purchase your book.

Emancipation Is Not Freedom

There will be a "New" Silent Majority in November

The Violence That Shaped Our Nation

King County gets approval to move into Phase 2 of reopening

I Hope The Dems & Biden's Campaign Are Ready To Refute.....

The horns of a dilemma

The View from the Tenderloin

Louisville police detective will be fired over Breonna Taylor shooting

Hillary Clinton:Juneteenth is more than a celebration of emancipation. It is a call to continued...

Cartoons 6/19/2020

Before Rally Thoughts

WH press briefing

Trump pulling troops out of Germany

quick turn on msnbc- trump follower wearing a brick wall suit

How are mask requirements any different than no-smoking prohibitions?

Results not expected for days in tight primaries next week

Apple to shut some US stores again due to spike in COVID-19 cases

Don't want political ads in your Facebook or Instagram feed? You'll be able to turn that off

AMC Theatres Reverses Course, Will Require Face Masks Upon Reopening

Screw Matt Gaetz. I feel sorry for Nestor. I don't blame the internet for the reason why.

Name This Band ..🤪 .The replies to naming this musical group are hilarious (tweet)

Tenino helps residents, merchants with wooden money

The crazy MAGAts at Trump rallies often attend multiple rallies in more than one state

Dog Rescued From Drug House Finally Gets To Be A Puppy (Her ears! 😍)

Decline in new US virus deaths may be temporary reprieve

Ivanka is tweeting about Juneteenth, sporting the black fist symbol and all.

Silence from trump regarding anti Asian racism

AP-NORC poll: Trump adds to divisions in an unhappy country

Evangelical Writer: Christians Can Win the Culture Wars By Having More Kids!

Hackers used health care provider's systems to file false unemployment claims

Pelosi should restart an impeachment investigation

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/19/20

Trump says some Americans wearing masks just to show they dislike him

FYI: Conversion therapy network disbanding (Hope for Wholeness)

COVID-19 tracing apps now live in Germany, France, and Italy; U.K. rethinks its plans

Twitter Users Take Eric Trump To The Woodshed For Lame Swipe At Joe Biden

In honor of Juneteenth, the incomparable Solomon Burke: None of Us Are Free-

Unemployment in metro Orlando jumps to 22.6% in May, the worst in Florida

The four countries hardest hit by the coronavirus are all led by authoritarian leaders

Turkey Is Now the Most Dangerous Player in the Middle East

This reminds me of the Terminator movies

As focus turned to coronavirus crisis, insurers pushed for a sneaky rate hike on homeowners

Do you get the feeling this country is turning into

when did that become a game?

AMC Theatres Reverses Course, Will Require Face Masks Upon Reopening

06/21 Mike Luckovich-Keep talking Mr. President

Biden ad - 'You have the power, because We can't afford 4 more years of Trump'

Whitewashed and erased': There's a reason Juneteenth isn't taught in schools, educators say

City considering ideas to allow more drivers to use lower bridge in West Seattle

The Mayor of Tulsa has declared an emergency for the city

Katie Hopkins Permanently Banned From Twitter

No more reunions: Peace Arch Park to temporarily close due to increase in number of visitors

Kid Rock's Big Honky Tonk Steakhouse has beer permit suspended after COVID health order violation

King County Metro to restore 23 bus routes canceled due to COVID-19, add more trips to other routes

Juneteenth marches, rallies planned across Seattle

BREAKING: Navy re-fires Capt. Crozier

Navy upholds firing of carrier captain who warned of coronavirus

How about a laugh?

McEnany:"This President's routinely commemorated Juneteenth" "He said he learned about it this week

There are now ads on some Twitter videos.

Looking for all Trump Administration Employees who Turned Against Trump


Talk about lowlifes, look at the crowd of deplorables you bring in....

The North Face pulls ads from Facebook

"It will be a much different scene!" He's so nakedly fascistic in his threats of violence, it's evil

This is how you handle a MAGAt moron.

Wonkette Today: Iowa Women Set To Wish Trump AND Joni Ernst To The Cornfield

McEnany says she'll attend Trump's Tulsa rally without a mask

Ian Holm, 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Chariots of Fire' star, dead at 88

Is it maybe some sort of primitive (and really crude) male-dominance signalling thing?

Every Atlanta police officer gets $500 bonus from foundation to 'boost morale' as sick-outs continue

Well if it rains in Tulsa tomorrow the way it is raining in OKC right now his precious supporters

On June 19, 1865, in Galveston, TX,

Olive and Mabel news:

John Roberts Is Done Trusting Donald Trump

I Want To Sue Anyone Who Gets Within 6 Feet Of Me Not Wearing A Mask Indoors

Lightening vs Covid

Health experts in other countries are looking at the US with a growing sense of alarm and disbelief

Trump just tweeted that the Tulsa curfew will NOT apply to Trump supporters

SEC, NCAA Threaten to Pull Events From Mississippi if Confederate Emblem Isn't Removed From State Fl

The Twit tweets: ... there will be no curfew tonight or tomorrow for our many supporters attending

Alternative to bees: Soap bubble pollinators

Trump joke.

Political Cartoonist-Michael deAdder draws trump for the Lincoln Project

The 'ring of fire' solar eclipse of 2020 occurs Sunday. Here's how to watch online.

Millions will vote for Trump again. WTF is wrong with these people???

Trump: I love Seniors, but they need to stay out of the way of my soldiers.

The Origin Of THe Term "Hungover"

Kamala Harris in 2006, saying what activists are saying now

Ugh... Joe Rogan:

Bed Bath & Beyond Is Laying Off Hundreds Of Workers And Offshoring Their Jobs

Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects legal bid to stop Trump's Tulsa rally over coronavirus concerns

703 new cases, and all is well in Arkansas

JT Lewis is a so far up Trump's a$$

Navy won't reinstate coronavirus-hit carrier captain, puts admiral's promotion on hold

Please support the National African American Gun Association.

"This is what the world looks like for me. A 12-year-old Black boy."

Europe tells U.S.: we won't back unilateral Iran sanctions snapback

Why the new case against Bill Barr could be a game-changer

Midwesterners: What is a good local news source to follow

So tomorrow is going to be

Without a 'Bubble,' N.F.L. Season Might Not Happen, Fauci Says

Tweet of the Day

Pompeo says way U.S. treats Hong Kong depends on how China does

How to weigh a koala (Twitter)

A Knock, Then Gone: Venezuela Secretly Detains Hundreds to Silence Critics

Good news, I found the ball! (Twitter)

I keep thinking about Roger Federer and the Williams sisters...

OMG, yay: The Moundsville Police Department has added a vehicle to the fleet!

I would just like to take a moment to applaud Senator Klobuchar.

'Wake Up Mitch': BLM Protesters Stage Rally Outside McConnell's KY Home

Another rapper shot and killed this morning in Chicago, it appears

Activist killed after being struck by vehicle during Burlington pig plant protest

Very weird: MAINE will be the hottest location in the eastern U.S. today and Caribou could exceed...

OK Supreme Court will not order Tulsa BOK Center to enforce CDC recommendations

Trump on Roswell: 'I won't talk to you about what I know about it, but it's very interesting'

Tulsa mayor lifts curfew ahead of Trump's rally after call with president

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Port of Oakland shut down by dockworkers in observation of Juneteenth

Get up and dance.

(Jewish Group) 'Hitler Did Nothing Wrong' Graffiti Found on Oregon Bus Stop

(Jewish Group) Meet the Jewish Parents of Superman and Wonder Woman

Indoor gyms can reopen in Michigan on June 25 under federal judge's order

(Jewish Group) Jewish Fashion Brand Owner to Turn Anti-Semitic Graffiti Into Mural

Baby Monkey Saves Baby Chicken

With monuments of racist leaders being removed, what do we do about Trump?

Parent of toddler in 'manipulated' Trump video forces Facebook to remove it

Naperville: Young white girls posting hearts "Black Lives Matter", watch as assholes take them down

WHO warns of 'new and dangerous phase' as coronavirus accelerates; Americas now hardest hit

Coronavirus Task Force Advised Against Trump Rally

Tulsa ER Physician on Trump Rally: "My Oath is to Do No Harm, And to Sit Silently...."

Perry Mason, starting June 21 HBO

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 19, 2020

Dr. Fauci Takes on "Anti-Science" Bias Amid Warnings About Increased Coronavirus Infection Rates

Our love was colour blind... but our families weren't

Coronavirus devastates indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon

As long as we're getting rid of statues of notorious racists, why ignore the bust of

"I think that black women are divine."

I think I understand why Trump doesn't like masks.

Wowl PCCast book series House of Night set in alternate universe of a Tulsa with vampires!

Classic video of a right wing ignorant losing it over a BLM sign

Tulsa curfew eliminated, just now on MSNBC

Trump Releases Ad Claiming Osama Bin Laden 'Endorsed' Biden

Lincoln freed the slaves? Juneteenth started in Texas? That can mean just one thing:

Dump Jr is apparently sending fraudulent fund raising texts.

Brazil to exceed 1 million COVID-19 cases as virus rages

Brazil to exceed 1 million COVID-19 cases as virus rages

Yet another good Biden ad:

Donald Trump has all the moral depth of a thoroughly spoiled 5 year old. One does not

Squirrel finds an interesting place to stash his nut (Twitter)

Juneteenth: 'Black Lives Matter' painted overnight on street in Tulsa's Greenwood District, celebrat

2 Women Jailed for Damaging Yellowstone Feature,They walked into bacterial mats near thermal feature

People getting sick from being weakened from virus--Covered for 'pre-existing conditions'?

It's Hee Haw Friday. Hit it, Roy Clark and Jimmy Henley:

Tulsa motel guard's deadly encounter with guest raises issues of race, private-security oversight

Prom dress with a message

Amazon workers in Chicago angered by 'tokenized' Juneteenth celebration offering chicken and waffles

U.S. Attorney's Office Shuts Down Website Promoting Prostitution and Sex Trafficking, Indicts Owner

Chip Roy's Chief of Staff, Wade Miller, goes Unhinged and Racist on Social Media

For all those wondering

Boston, Wichita, Austin, SanDiegi--people in Tulsa for rally!

Intel Report Warns of Far-Right Extremists

Covid deaths becoming normalized like mass shootings in US:

Kentucky Braces for Possible Voting Problems

My disgust at the ignorance and my anger with the Trump-humping "don't need no

"What cat? I'm some shoes" (Paul Bronks is back on Twitter!)

Today's song is dedicated to "Donny": Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys - Take Me Back To Tulsa

From theWhite House briefingwith press secretary Kayleigh (LOL!)

Need some examples of Chinese deception over the years

Birthday PUPcakes (Twitter)

The manipulated video of the toddlers hugging has been removed

P C Cast book series House of Night set in alternate universe Tulsa where humans and vampires live

Need a politically related laugh? I found this super funny

Wars sell books....

Protesters Wake Up Mitch McConnell With Early Morning Protest At His House

Everyone already knows what trump is going to say tomorrow

White House's Virus Task Force Will No Longer Brief Public

Obama's speech at Selma. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Trump is about to lose his mind...

Trump Support Collapses In Rural America As Biden Gains 21 Points

Judge OKs $58B plan to end PG&E bankruptcy after wildfires

Florida gov blames coronavirus rise on 'overwhelmingly Hispanic' workers

Mitch McConnell explains how he'll kill another COVID-19 stimulus

Powerful Anti Trump Ad.."Decent"-1min- first posted by.:sunonmars,You Tube version, pass on 2 all

Florida gov blames coronavirus rise on 'overwhelmingly Hispanic' workers

Is Trump intentionally inciting violence, publicly,

US mentions stripped from UN resolution inspired by George Floyd killing

Well. This is a kick in the ass.

Have to share this after watching a Trump supporter on MSNBC who has been in line 2 days

What Supreme Court? Trump's HHS pushes LGBT health rollback

PSA: New passport finally arrived.

'It's outrageous': Kentucky voters face confusion as state scrambles to prepare for coronavirus

$5,000 Reward: Locate and Report Exotic Rental Companies Using Odometer Blockers.

"It Came From Cruden Farm" (sci fi with a political twist)


Hey DU lounge. Gonna start begging!

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany, 6/19/2020, #15; June 19, 2020

We need another FOUR pictures to have 30 original picci's for the Spring competition

Holy shit...the US has over 30,000 new coronavirus cases today

There's never been anyone I admire so much that I would risk contracting a serious illness

Coronavirus: Why US is expecting an 'avalanche' of evictions

Wall Street Journal fact checks false claims Mike Pence made in op-ed published in the paper days be

Trump is a troublemaker and would love to see a violent outbreak in Tulsa

Trump Will Host July Fourth Event At The White House Despite...Everything

Twitter, Facebook remove 'racist baby' video posted by Trump

'You Do Not Deserve to Be Here': Florida Man ID'd as DHS Employee Accosts Black Teen and Friends in

Don Trump Jr. ridiculed for 'sad and weird' suck-up interview with his dad

Was the latest condemnation of Capt. Crozier honest or piolitical?

In this latest twist with the Supreme Court, I keep hearing the pundits referring to "the ghost of

Colorado's Progressive Governor and Legislature Just Ended Qualified Immunity for Police Officers

Leaked DHS document undercuts Trump's portrayal of antifa as a deadly nationwide menace

The North Face becomes the first major company to boycott Facebook

This is such a charming video

This isn't a game. It's a pandemic.

Arizona, Texas, Florida again report record-high COVID-19 cases

Republican "Open Up First" Governors in Heated Battle for No. 1

Deadly Heat Is Killing Americans

Putting the squeeze on...

Watch these eggs hatch into the fluffiest baby owls!

One of the most powerful advertisments I have ever seen.

Federal judge appears skeptical of blocking Bolton book release

House Republicans abandon Georgia primary candidate after racist videos emerge

Ann (Richards) on PBS this evening

Everett Transit to resume collecting fares on July 1

Hikers Find A Mama Dog Giving Birth

Trump loyalty purge roils Pentagon

Puppy Found In Duffel Bag Is Pure Joy

Top members of coronavirus task force advised against Trump's Tulsa rally

I'm really not a racist (This is brilliant)

To add to the festivities in Tulsa tomorrow with Trump's rally, I just heard

AMC Theatres Plan Summer Reopening In Seattle; Masks Required

HBO is showing "Watchmen" season 1 marathon.

The moment this horse looks back to say thank you 💙

Fox News Poll: Voters say yes to face masks, no to rallies

Vote by Mail: A State-by-State Guide to Absentee Ballot Voting

Huge elephant breaks up a bird fight

Does anyone here remember "Free to Be... You and Me"?

Guys Adopts Stray Dog He Found Living On The Streets

Get Lucky !! (Daft Punk)

All You Need Is Love

I want to know how many of these soaring numbers of newly infected

People Are Renaming This MAGA Band Whose Cringey Trump Song Went Viral

Should Trump be impeached again?

"Are you a man hater?"

Ron Perlman Offers to Cast Ted Cruz In "Go To Hell, Boy"

Asked repeatedly to say 'Black lives matter,' Mike Pence says 'all lives matter'

Romanoff-D' performance in each CO US Congressional District if he is the Democratic Nominee.

Reelect President Trump or he'll sue you!

Wow, Twitter wasn't fooling around. Expect a meltdown in 5...4...3...2...1...

Tulsa MAGA Rally Goers to Take "Protective KKKool-Aid Shot" As They Enter Building

The first question that should be asked by the media at every White House press conference ...

Why Is the G.O.P. Fighting to Preserve Monuments to Traitors in the Capitol?